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The Gia Front & Galene Seas

The Gia Front is the first zone that many will encounter in The Iramasha Realm. Since the world itself is flat, The Gia Front encompasses a majority of the planet. This is because the forest goes in a full 360 rotation across the planet and you have to travel through these out lands in order to reach the main cities. Though, it is worth noting that towards the edges of The Gia Front is another section called "Galene Seas".

[Note: Out of The Galene Seas, the name "Galene" is a Greek name meaning "calm seas." In mythology, this is the name of a sea nymph and goddess of calm seas.]

This is an important sub-zone of The Gia Front because of the fact you'll find many different underwater societies, isle regions and sky cities which levitate over The Galene Seas. Additionally, if you continue to further go out to sea, you'll even get to see a dynamic view of the cosmos itself. As the waters keep flowing until you reach the edge of the planet and they fall off into space. From there, the water is broken down, converted into Aether and cycles around the rotating mass to redistribute Aether throughout The Iramasha Realm.

Now, as for the forestland of The Gia Front, there are many sights to behold as you venture deeper into the world. One will see trees that expand for hundreds, if not, thousands of meters in the air. While mountains with snowy peaks, summer tops and fall summits will extend to similar lengths. There will also be multiple small and big sized chunks of floating land that various Iramasha inhabit. And, in the skies themselves, there will be three red moons that can be seen at all times, while two large suns will be seen during the day time. They can vary in color from white, red or orange on any given day.

Within the Gia Front, both at land and at sea, there is a heavy amount of wild life found as well. It isn't uncommon to find dragons, Pegasuses, giant phoenixes and other types of mythical creatures roaming these lands. In fact, The Iramasha are constantly discovering new species within The Gia Front and it isn't rare to see those form The Nature Shaman's and Hybrid Association attempting to undercover new species.
Achim Square: Nature Iramasha Home, Lake Iosias
210A Fool's Sense o...
Wed Sep 13, 2017 9:46 pm
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Salome Square [Prime Nation]

[Note Salome is a Greek form of Hebrew Shelomiyth, meaning "peaceful." This country was called that in hopes of making it a central nation of the Iramasha Realm where all races could co-exist following The Divide.]

Salome Square is considered to be the central hub of the Iramasha Realm. The reason for this is because it has equal amounts of Devil Iramasha, Angel Iramasha, Nature Iramasha, Hybrid's, General Iramasha AND other foreign races which are permitted to live in this country. It is roughly three times the size of Russia and has nearly every type of terrain one can imagine. From sandy beaches filled with tropical buildings, to forest-like cities, concrete jungles, mass floating cities and everything else in between. It's even where Earth itself got some of the ideas to rebuild their structures like this following the 3rd World War based on the Iramasha's influence in the effort to repair the planet.

Digressing, you can find a HEAVY presence of Iramasha Military in this nation because of the fact this is where their headquarters is. You can also find the central hub for The Iramasha Union in Salome Square as well. So many high ranking political officials, military agents and royal often live or come through this country. It also where a high number of the Iramasha's Military bases and storage centers are located as well. There are an endless supply of businesses, homes and things to do in most cities located within Salome Square. There is never a dull moment.

And, since it is the melting pot of Iramasha World, there are subtle tensions from the sub-races which join this region. However, the Iramasha Military usually suppresses this information in order to avoid any sort of civil war. There have been minor conflicts which have stemmed from Devil Iramasha attacking Angel Iramasha, or hybrid's being targeted for their organs in hopes of using them to attain new power. Meanwhile, The Iramasha Union has been focused on maintaining it's control and attempting to dispatch any sort of minority group that attempts to attack them or go against them for the greater good of their kind. As they do not wish to return to the way things were before The Dividing War occurred.

So there is a supposed dark side to this country, but many only see the light of it and wish for that to remain for as long as possible.
16Just a Cough
Thu Dec 26, 2019 7:11 pm
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The Sotiria Nation

[Note: Sotiria is the Feminine form of Greek Sotiris, meaning "salvation." They named this nation that because of the fact it seems to be the central hub for most Iramasha which do not come from a sub-race]

This is one of the major clusters of Iramasha population in their realm. It is a nation that is roughly two times larger than Northern America. Therefore, it is rather easy to get lost venturing through these lands. However, it is essentially the base of operations for many General Iramasha. There are still sub-races of other Iramasha that live here, but hundreds of millions of Iramasha call this nation their home. In the Sotiria Nation, they make up 60% of the population, while Angel Iramasha make up 15%, Devil Iramasha 15%, Hybrid Iramasha 9% and Nature Iramasha make up 1%.

Although, that is not counting other races which have found their way to this nation. As there are some humans, Quincy and shinigami that call this place their home. Most of them are able to attain citizenship through The Iramasha Union and getting approval from them. It's much rarer to see a demon or Arrancar here because of the fact their races are met with heavy prejudice and often only The Royal Devil Company takes them in.

With that said, the Sotiria Nation has a great variety of different stone-based structures. As the architecture is a mixture of ancient-Greece architecture mixed with plenty of plant life and semblances of technology. In most cities there are teleportation stations which allow Iramasha to travel between different stores, districts, towns, cities and so on within the Sotiria Nation and make travelling easier. If not, many people get around either by their own supernatural ability, riding atop the mythical creatures of The Iramasha Realm and sometimes by aerial craft which are powered by the worlds Aether.
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The Royal Devil Company [Devil Iramasha Nation]

The Royal Devil Company is considered to be one of the major nations within The Iramasha Realm. It is comparable in size to Russia and most of their cities are stationed around colossal mountains which can extend from a few hundred meters in the air, to tens of thousands of meter in the air. There are also many villages on the forest lands below and a plethora of sky cities which populate The Royal Devil Company's land.

It is not uncommon to see them running military drills in this region as well. As The Royal Devil Company likes to flex the strength of their faction. So, because of this aggressive nature, this nation is known for it's highest crime and violence rate as Devil Iramasha are known to be tempered and feisty. It is why they've even allowed some of the more darker creatures of the world such as Arrancar, Hollows and Demons into their ranks if they go through the proper procedure via The Iramasha Union to register their citizenship with The Royal Devil Company.

This is also known as the hottest nation within The Iramasha Realm as well. The Royal Devil Company's nation can go through wild heat extremes, droughts and so on without the proper Aether Weather control. As, many Iramasha are known to manipulate the atmosphere and climate in order to better adjust their environments. Granted, many of them enjoy it as it makes enduring their world a lot harsher for other races. It's why they give praise to the sun in some parts of the nation because of the fact their suns shine the brightest in this nation and they consider themselves very blessed with the strength they have.
12This Isn't The E...
Sun Oct 16, 2016 4:07 am
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The Angel Society [Angel Iramasha Nation]

The Angel Society is considered to be another primary nation within The Iramasha Realm. It is equal in size to a country two times the size of India. Much of it's architecture is crafted with the most holy of aether. Therefore, much of it looks like a picture out of heaven itself and feels like it to. As many travelers and citizens who are apart of this realm are constantly under a tranquil haze. The Holy Aether which makes up this nation seeks to soothe illness, ease mental tensions and help relax the body so that they can live in harmony.

It is why there are many holy temples, churches and places of meditation. The Holy Aether and Aether found within The Angel Society is some of the most pure, pristine and prime sources of Aether available within The Iramasha Realm. Therefore, they worship it greatly and thank the gods for their holy powers by trying to live to a high moral standard and live their lives as proper angel's should. Helping the innocent, providing for the poor, defending the weak and other similar sentiments are shared among most Angel's.

So, it is for this reason they often don't look too favorably upon those that deviate upon this. They can tolerate and accept them, but some prefer to banish and expunge Angel's that move from the norm. It is why there are often separate districts that house different types of "Fallen Angel's" and those that steer from this type of thinking. As there is a divide among Angel Iramasha that believe they do not have to uphold themselves to such standards and seek to make their opinions known. So there is underlined tension within The Angel Society because of this.
439Shining Light In...
Wed Jan 16, 2019 4:09 am
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The Hybrid Association [Hyrid Iramasha Nation]

The Hybrid Association is the biggest cluster of Hybrid Iramasha in the Iramasha Realm. Their terrority, however, seems relatively smaller when compared to some of the other main nations. The Hybrid Association takes up a space similar in size to America. The terrain it covers is mostly rocky, hilly and filled with tons of mountains. Therefore, the environment is rough; but there is how the Hybrid Iramasha appear to like it.

The architecture of this space also appears to take on a more traditional edo style feel. There are many sorts of different temple based cities scattered about the moutains and they are all kept in the most pristine of conditions. And this is because most Hybrids are very selective in who they let in their doors in fears of being hunted as well. So, their military is often considered to be watching you at all times from how diligent they are in their duties.

The Hybrid Association is also considered to be one of the coldest climates in the Iramasha Realm; as the temperature seems to be similar to that of Russia's winter more often than not. Of course, that isn't to say there isn't Aether Altered zones where the climate and weather is adjusted for those who aren't a fan of the bitter cold. For the most part, however, most Hybrid's seem to stick together and have a strong sense of unity based on their breed. So, from this, most of the inner workings of this society are rather unknown to most.

Most Hybrid Iramasha keep to themselves and are often on a "need to know" bases from how most of their attitudes are. So, many feel the atmosphere of the people are just as cold as the weather around the Hybrid Association. Therefore, one must be careful when venturing to these lands and always keep their eyes open in this land of bitter frost.
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