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||SUZU || HEBI ||

{Name at Birth}: Lolya-Báthory = Of the noble Hungarian Báthory family.
{Assumed Name}: Suzu Zumizimu = Little Bell, Drying Water
{Character Name}: Suzu hebi = after marriage she took the last name of her husband.
{Character True Age}: 813 Years Old
{Character Appearance Age}: Six, however, she can change her appearance age at will.
{Character Gender}: Female
{Orientation}: One of many skills and Organizations.
{ old posishions}: Third Circle of shadow-fall and Trecera Espada. gotei 13 captain of 12th division, Shino Academy head master.
Transcended Arrancar.

{Power Sets 1}: Speed. Speed is a vital factor in both the battlefield and the lab. The speed of your body to react, the speed of your mind. Win seconds matter and is the difference in life or death it is speed that with help you prevail and live to see another day. To make the right call in milliseconds, To dodge a speeding bullet. Both are speed.

{Power Sets 2}: Defence. Defence can be many things and easiest ways to say it is the art of protecting yourself. AKA self-preservation. For suzu this takes the form of her Defensive skills. Be that her Hierro/ Durability or any other means she may try to protect herself from harm's way.

{Power Sets 3}: Knowledge. Knowledge is by far the greatest power Suzu has, As well as her ability to process new knowledge. The fact is that with knowledge comes great things for those who are willing to put in the time to learn. Knowing how to fully control your energy. Knowing how to alter it into all other forms of energy. Knowing how the body works. Knowing how to cast a spell and to know how to negate them. Knowing about an arsenal of weapons and never forgetting anything. This is the way of the mad scientist.


•Favorite Color: Crimson red, this is because it brings back happy memories of her consuming people.

•Favorite food: Adjuchas and Shinigami... She may be an Arrancar now, but she still likes to feed on them.

•Favorite flower: Pink and red camellia blossom though the scent is light she still loves them and their beauty.

• Habits: Experimenting on people, she thinks of this as fun. In her own words, "Nothing is better than when I have a living thing cut open, and its heart in my hands still beating."

•Likes: She enjoys walking in the dead of night while most other life makes itself scarce. She also has a fondness for water and enjoys swimming.

•Dislikes: She dislikes sunlight with a passion. In her Familiar days, it caused her a lot of pain.

•Fears: Suzu speaks for herself, "People fear what they don't understand. As someone who seeks out knowledge, fear is only a hindrance.”

•Loyalty: She is Loyal to her research... not so much to people. This comes with few exceptions the beloved people that she sees as family.

•Flaws: She is reckless at times and puts her own life or those of others in danger for what she believes to be the greater good, or even if something interests her.

•Friendly: She can act friendly and likes talking to people.

•Flirt: She is a flirt if she is drinking. Both with blood or alcohol both from a man or woman, it doesn't really matter.

•Sexuality: Bi-curious: But limited to her husband. Even though she might find both body types to be appealing to some degree she has no interest in sex outside her marriage. In fact, she commonly lacks the parts of her mind that are responsible for sexual attraction. This, in turn, makes it impossible for her to feel sexual attraction for anyone at this time no matter what. Hormones or even the strongest aphrodisiac won’t get her going simply because in this time her brain is not capable of feeling sexual desire. She can reform the parts of her mind when needed but is only done with her husband.

• Ethnicity: She doesn't talk about this, But it is clear she is not Japanese, by birth she is Hungarian.

• Occupation: Some will call her a mad scientist, but she does not see what she does the same way as them.

•Elegance: She can act elegant if there is a need for it. After all, people like to get a good feeling from someone... who may be cutting into them later. By acting elegant she can give a good first impression

•Hates: She really hates being called a hollow. She is alright with Arrancar.

•Snapping Point: It takes some button pushing. But when she snaps... run, just RUN.

•Confident: She has a lot of self-confidence. If something looks hopeless to her, she will try her best not to show it and overcome the hopelessness.

•Zodiac: Traditional cancer Traits.Emotional and loving. Intuitive and imaginative. Shrewd and cautious. Protective and sympathetic/On the dark side...Changeable and moody. Overemotional and touchy. Clinging and unable to let go.

• General Personality: She is outgoing and hyperactive. She loves to joke and acts like a kid. She thinks there is no point stressing over small things, so she is a pretty laid-back kind of girl, but can be serious if it's needed. She likes to live a care-free lifestyle. She walks the world looking to see all she can. Her curiosity gets the best of her a lot. She loves to play with people as well.

In the end, Suzu almost seems random and in fact, she sometimes does things with no real foreseeable reason. Such as outrunning a whole senior PE class of boys at KHS. Why would she do this? To irritate the boys from the fact, they could not keep up with the first-year little girl. It is true Suzu is socially awkward and secretive, but she is also highly manipulative women. So even something like this act had an underline reason. By use of a slip and fall, she was, in fact, able to make contact with one of the most powerful beings in the school named zero and even become friendly with him. In short, it's hard to judge Suzu by her actions for the actions she takes almost always paints a misleading picture.




Clothing, Accessories, Garments, Vestments, all these things mean little to Suzu as she changes them often. Some people use the clothing they have as a status symbol such as the white haori of the Gotei 13 captains. Suzu finds the whole idea of this to be completely ludicrous. Let people acknowledge you for whom you are and what you have done, not what manner of cloth is on your back.

Suzu's hair is silver in color and was even this color when she was alive as a human. Most people's hair turns gray with old age and becomes doll as the life seems to be leaving it. But her hair is far from gray as it has a luster to it. Townspeople use to say that it resembles the sine of pure silver coins and that it was no wonder she was picked to be a servant girl to a noble family.

Her skin is lustrous, soft and smooth like silk or velvety to the touch, but it's also scar and blemish free. no signs of an intersection in it at all. The tone of her skin is a pure snowy white as if it had never seen the light of day. Most of her other physical aspects change constantly. Size, shape, length, with age control it should be obvious that what her body's physical proportions change a lot. But one good marker for suzu is her Eyes. One is always a nice cool shade of blue that if you look into it almost instills a sense of calmness into you. The other a lovely ruby red that seems to have a passionate fire burning deep inside it.

Reiatsu Colour: A mix of purple and black. Or some time blue

Reiatsu details: its feel is offsetting more like a vizard than anything to those of Adept Mental Deduction. Yet apparently different from them as well.


Sealed Zanpakutô:
( a sword with a double edged blade. the hand guard is a forked like emblem. the hand guard and hilt are one solid piece. her spiritual pressure determines the strength of the blade same as any other Arrancar/ Shinigami.


Altered Zanpakutô
(Suzu has developed a way to make her Zanpakutô change not unlike shikai. the blade is like a chain sword. its does not get stronger. and at full extent is only 6 meter's long . she can control if the chain links are lose stiff the links as to make them unmoving . how ever she can only do 2 or 3 chain whip attacks before it must return to gather. but attacks done will the blade is stiff don't count. )

{Race Abilities}

•Flight: is capable of flying supernaturally. This can be done in more than one way. be it the normal fixed reishi or forms of magick.

•Enhanced Cero: As an energy blast, it consists of firing a powerful blast of concentrated spiritual energy at the target. Suzu's being able to easily remove a city block from the face of the planet if she puts enough energy into it.

•Enhanced Bala: As all Arrancar already have the ability to fire consecutive Bala blasts at the enemy Suzu also possesses this ability. But Suzu’s is the full strength of a normal cero from a 3-1. This is because all Bala are normally weaker than the user’s cero and Suzu being so strong putting this must energy out is child’s play.

• Broadcasted: Sight: ability to broadcast information of whatever she is currently seeing or things she experienced to other Arrancar, she does this by creating a visual broadcast, similar to a television screen, using individual Garganta portals. She uses this technique to show past events and things she has seen as well as things happening in real time.
Limits: 2 post use with a 5 post cool down, but limitless in Casual Threads.

•Descorrer: a technique used by Espada-level Arrancar and sometimes others, to open a Garganta between the living world and Hueco Mundo

• Enhanced Flesh Hierro: Suzu's Hierro is extremely durable though it appears and feels just as soft as normal skin. Suzu has developed this form of Hierro to keep its strength but unlike some other Hierro that hardens like armor, hers allows for maximum mobility. The way of explaining how this Hierro works is it reacts based off of elasticity. If anything comes in contact with her body rather it physical or energy it puts a force on the Hierro. Such as the explosive force of a cero or the force of something hitting against it. The Hierro than hardens to keep its form from changing or braking. The actual strength of the Hierro is determined by her tier class and Hierro skill level.

{ key guide for Enhanced Flesh Hierro}

•Pesquisa : An Arrancar ability to measure and locate spiritual pressure Pesquisa functions similarly to sonar, through a radiating pulse sent outwards from the user which reacts to sources of reiatsu within a certain proximity, allowing them to determine the location of any sensed individuals and granting them an indication of how powerful they actually are.

•Sonído : The Arrancar equivalent to a Shinigami's Shunpo. While somewhat similar to Hohō in regards to function and speed, Sonído appears to be more instinctual, seemingly requiring no previous knowledge to perform. Suzu has learned away of performing a silent Sonído. she has done this by studying the Shinigami's Shunpo and using what she learned to perfect and tweaked her own Sonído.

•Soul-Body Separation: This technique allows Suzu to forcibly extract a living spirit from others. The soul is still attached by the Chain of Fate and can be saved but if it is broken then the soul can prevent the Encroachment so long as he/she is placed inside a soulless body or animal.

•Grand ray cero: Is a Cero that only Espada are capable of using. It is performed by mixing an Espada's own blood with the Cero. The result is a Cero with a much greater attack power and speed as well as a change of color unique to the Espada. It is also many times more powerful than a normal Cero, capable of disturbing the fabric of space, it also seems to spin like a razor upon release as it compresses and decompresses due to the sheer speed and raw power. It is stated by Ulquiorra that using a Gran Rey Cero is one of two things that are forbidden while inside Las Noches, as it is so overwhelming that it could destroy the fortress.

{Unique Abilities}

•Advanced anatomy: It should go without saying but suzu’s internal anatomy is unlike anything else. Her body's anatomy has changed to be more efficient. Her body having two Hakusui’s and Saketsu’s. Each located under her breast just to the side of where they normally are. One set to the right and one on the left. If one set is taken out her body has the other two that it can fall back on. Her circulatory system is also dubbed to meet her needs for energy constantly flowing thru her vanes. The secondary heart located next to her stomach. Her stomach and intestines both are reduced in size to make room for this all.

•Fragment rebirth: she does not have control over the fragment of her self. they think and act of there own free will for the most part. but when killed if killed there bodys brake down and rejoin her instead of going to the ss or hell. In The event, one is completely destroyed and she can no longer sense them, she can reform them but they will have no memory of what happened to them. she can than reform them later on. the only real power she has that is joins with the fragments is communication thru telepathy.

• Vampirism: this is her favorite ability. This ability works on ether living thing or nonliving. This is when she bites into someone and drinks their blood/Reitsu" from some one’s body. This ability heals her. She is immune to all natural blood diseases and natural pathogens. If the other person skills, however, is blood-related it steal does affect her. If blood is their weapon she can’t drink the blood there using.
{Side note} Healing limits: can only heal/regenerate 1 limb or ¼ of her Energy per fight by using this skill. This is limited to onetime use skill per fight.

•Kidō caster. With the knowledge of Kidō and how it was utilized, she has opened up the world of Kidō to herself. The best way to say how she does this is Suzu has learned to manipulate her own Reiryoku in the same way that the shinigami do to perform the spells. This is greatly made possible by her time in the shino academy in the soul society as she would have become well-versed in the arts of Kidō. therefore making it easy for her to use even as a Arrancar. As every spiritual being has reiryoku "even Arrancar" anyone with the knowledge and training to use it could use Kidō.

• Form sword: Suzu no longer needing a sword to hold her powers does not have one set sword anymore, but she can from reiatsu into a sword to use in a fight. Suzu can make this swords fire cero’s from it or slashes of energy. The sword mainly takes on the appearance of her old sword or its altered form but it is not limited to that. She can just as easily make the sword take on any number of physical forms with her imagination being its limit. But she can only have one sword at a time. Also the swords physical form does not really change its strength or power at all. The only exception to this is if she makes a chain sword and then it gets the added ability of her altered swords form listed above. In the event that she no longer wants the sword, she has made it will dematerialize.

•Hysterical strength: to put it simply there are three kinds of muscles. Red muscles, pink muscles, and white muscles each have their use. But through genetic modification, Suzu has made it so her body only has altered pink muscles. What was the point in her doing this? Strength. By building her muscles to have a lot of small capillaries and mitochondria she has made a muscle that not only can last a long time in continual use but can put out a great amount of force. This all results in her being able to break a 3-inch seki seki stone with her physical Strength. Note this is only an explanation on how she can be so strong and yet have a small body. Her strength will and is still determined by the general skill.

•Highly Perceptive: Suzu has demonstrated an ability to be very detail oriented when it comes to fighting. She notices her opponent's mannerisms and discerns with ease the reasons behind those actions and the weaknesses and strengths of her opponents. She is also able to look at unfamiliar attacks and figure out the way they work just by viewing at least once.

•Rapid mind: This is an Ability made possible by her Highly Perceptive ability and her will skills. By speeding up her brains rate of thinking time looks to be moving slower allowing her to see incoming attacks easily and react to them without mercy. This Ability combined with her General Speed and Sonido can allow her body to move at the same speed that she thinks and by doing this she can avoid attacks easily and find openings to attack her opponent

•Expert Swordsmanship. Suzu does not like to use a sword. But that being said she knows how really well. This has come from a lifetime of training with one,

•Vast Spiritual Power: Her power is so much that even someone at a captain's level ( a 1-4) would have trouble moving in her presence if they did not focus their energy. Her reiryoku is so great it can disrupt energy attacks from enemies and make them so week that it’s not even worth trying to avoid.

•Vast Spiritual Power Energy Disruption and Movement limitations details .

3 tire classics or lower: Energy Disruption 90%, Movement limitations 80%
2 tire classics lower 70%
1 tire classics lower 40%
with in same tire class 20%
higher class Tier 0%

{Scientific Abilities}





Resereccion Name:
(Shi no yoroi) Armor of death

Resereccion Release Phrase/Release Actions: {N/A} by placing her powers back into her own body she does not need to use any release phrase/release actions she can do it by will alone. To onlookers her release looks as if a blue light has covered her body. This flash of blue light will then fade away showing her release form.

Resereccion Appearance:

Resereccion Abilities:
•Wormholes: she can create wormholes to redirect ranged attacks, both physical and energy based, after using this skill she can’t use again for 2 of her own post.
The best way I can think to explain it is its two portals to another spot near them a max of 20 meters away from her body. The ranged attack enters the one she makes in front of herself and comes out somewhere else this skill can only be used 3 times in a fight at max. Only usable on ranged attacks. Living things cannot enter the Wormhole.

•Bilocation: Suzu can break herself apart. Her energy is then divided up between the bodies. This allows her to be in multiple places at the same time. Or more so to fight multiple at the same time if needed.
{Guide for Bilocation} For each time she splits all the bodies’ power will be dropped by 2 tier steps. As well all will receive a - unless her normal tire has a +. The max number of bodies is 4.
Example: let’s say she was a 1-2 tier. If she splits in too two beings she will drop 2 tier steps and receive a - for that tier. ( but if her normal tire is a + it will negate the -) the drop by 2 would make her a 1-4- making her weaker than a normal 1-4 seeing how there was no +.

•Form control: Advanced off her age control Suzu has the choice to take the natural release appearance or keep the form she was in prior. This ability does not add any power to her nor does it weaken her. It merely lets her look like her normal self or the release appearance and uses her powers. (Side note she will still have the blue light cover her body and break away as stated in “Resereccion Release Phrase/Release Actions”. Just her form will not change while doing this action.)

•synesthesia: this is a curse mark that Suzu has developed which can be considered strong or weak and can have negative or positive effects depending on its use and who it's used on. This mark can switch any two skill levels with any other two skill levels the person has on their app. the mark will only go away if suzu dispels it. If she does not dispel it the mark last throughout the thread. But it’s also limited to being casted two times per thread. Suzu also must have physical contact in order to cast it. The effect of synesthesia will wear off after 10 posts( only post by the affected person counts) and the skills that have been switched well go back to normal.

{Example} if someone had a master in strength and an advanced in another skill. She can make the other skill a master and the strength go down to advanced. Why would she do this? It can completely make her opponent rethink their strategy and throw off their normal way of fighting. Seeing how they would not have that strength they normally do. Or she could use it to switch someones pain endurance level with a lower skills level. Making the person less able to take the pain of battle.

How can it help someone? If one of her allies was completely strength based and had no speed she could switch their lesser speed skill with another one of their skills that is at a higher level. This is always risky as it will make someone stronger in one area and weaker in another. Another example is if she could switch someone’s Durability with a higher skills level. So to better defend them self.

•Razor disk: Suzu can make her reiryoku form a saw blade like a metal ring. She can control only 2 at a time using her hands or fingers to guide it. She can make 5 of the blades. A Razor disk is a max of 2foot long and a minimum of 1foot. Max spin speed of 550,000 rpms. That means it spins around more than 10,000 times each second!

•Enhanced Bala machine gun: her ability to fire Rapid consecutive Bala blasts at the enemy with high energy concentration. susu is capable of firing 300 bala's per second. but finds this too costly energy-wise so is rarely done.

•Rapid Cero: she can fire a normal cero without warning. this is from the level of energy flowing thru her body making there no need to charge a normal one.

•Absorption: By placing her hands on something she can break it down to a Particle state and absorb it into her body as pure information. By absorbing she makes a complete copy both of its ability's and full atomic structure, the info is then saved inside her mind. As well the ability's she gets in this method can only be used for reproduction in weapons normally. To place abilities into a living thing will require experimenting on that person if its a player-character. This in combination with her matter ability allows for on the spot reproduction of items and even makes it possible to give the item abilities. drawbacks of the matter ability still apply such as focus/ flaws. A list of all absorbed things will be made

1. Absorption only needs a couple of particles to make the copy of the pure information and that is all it will take in. what that means is that she can't just completely absorb someone else stuff. only a small unnoticeable amount. she also can only do this by placing her hands on it, meaning she will need to be close. In regards to her own items, she can completely absorb them.

2. Experiment on a player must complete all the requirements of Genetic enhancement and infusion to be valid. This has a lot of the key stipulations and drawbacks.

3. Absorption can take in all types of matter particles but it cannot copy full abilities if not from an item/magic. Absorption can only produce the information on someone personal abilities to a small extent. namely, it can take in the atomic structure, what this means is if someone shoot a bala at her and she used Absorption on it all it would tell her is that it is harden reatsu. in a sense, all she gets is what the Ability is made of. not how to use it. or what its effects really are.

•Cero-body: she can fire cero's from many of her body parts. the body parts are as listed. feet, hands/fingers, elbow, knees,

•Matter Manipulation: this is an advanced form of her "Form sword" Suzu can now control matter and subsequently manipulating any form of matter at will. Controlling both the shape and density of it making her able to use any number of weapons. This may include her own body. suzu can easily form matter seemingly out of nothing. But this is not true it's quite simply the formula e=mc2. by the use of nonliving matter around her, she can break it down to the potential energy that it holds and make said potential energy reform into new matter. This new matter being a forged item of some kind. the item can be made to disappear after she is done using it.

Limitations: this cannot be used for energy or a bomb of any kind as the matter is converted to energy and back into matter instantly. So she cannot use the potential energy of the matter in any other way than reforming it to another form of matter. More complex items it will take planning for and time. So she can't just make a deeply intricate gun right off the top of her head. Basic weapons can be made at a whim such as plane swords and things. A list of the complex items she has thought up will be made. As well it takes a lot of mental ability to make a weapon right so if she is ever under any form of mental stress the item could have flaws in its forging making it easily breakable or not function right. Complex items will also have their own limitations and need staff approval before use.

•High-speed flight and movements: Suzu has modified her body where it can move at Speeds on par with any within her skill level. Speed is one of her primary aspects. Moving this fast is almost effortless for her and does not cause her body any more stress than a normal human going thru the daily motions. This is in part due to utilizing the modern day technology like that in the Xeon Hover Car propulsion system and re-engineering it for her own use. Seeing how she cannot go the full 100,000mph it can be assumed that she was not able to fully engineer it properly into her body. But that would be wrong. Suzu has it set up to only go within the limits of what her body can withstand. Going at its full speed would be stressful on her body and could lead to damage or even death quickly. So limits are in place to make such ungodly speed unreachable.

Ethereal Transcendence

{Ethereal Transcendence} Name: chrysalis

{Transcendence actions}: A hole forms in body symbolizing her past as a hollow. This hole can be in her chest or her hand as those are the places it used to be. In the center of the hole, a pitch black energy ball will start to form as she speaks her release phrase. As the ball expands and fills the hole her body is also covered with a black coating. This black coating that once covered her whole body will then flow across her body and take the shape of new apparel and reviling what she truly is.

{Release Phrase}: Discard the pseudo-self and let them tremble in my reality.

{Reiatsu levels}: suzu’s Reiatsu at this point is unlike any of her other forms. It does not have the feel of any known race to it as it is unique to her. Those with advanced mental deduction would feel something that was like a Vizard yet still different. People with master or grandmaster could tell what she is. A being that had broken the boundary between Hollow and Shinigami with a faint hint of a demon. suzu’s reiatsu cannot be felt by anyone 1-2 or lower when in this form and this fact allows those lower to not be effect by her Vast Spiritual Power ability when she is in this form. This allows them to move and attack without feeling its limiting effect on them.

{Spiritual Energy Color}: purple and black

Appearance Photo:

•Inheritance Recall: This form is quite literally suzu calling on all her power. It’s normal for a Arrancar to keep their base/ Previous forms abilities when going into a Release form. With this is a little different. In this form, some of her other old ability are not usable or changed some for the better and others even made weaker.

~Un-usable list: (1)Broadcasted (2) Soul-Body Separation (3)Hasten chamber (4)Genetic enhancement (5)soul forging (6)Form control (7)Bilocation as this is the one true her she cannot split herself or be split to use this form.

Weaker abilities:
~Vast Spiritual Power (can now only affect those 1-1 or better. What this means overall is that as it would affect someone in her own class my 20% like normal the only one that can get affected by 40% is a 1-1. All lower can still move freely. This also removed the possibility of Vast Spiritual Power going over 40%. So that no one can be affected by 70% to 100% making the skill a lot weaker in this form. )

~ Rapid processing: This is the only one of her abilities that changes for the better. Her mental ability to process information speeds up when in this form. This thereby reduces the time needed to analyze and learn something by half. This does not reduce its cooldown or boost its recall limit.

•Sonic blade: This is a production of her force. A wise man was once asked what the best weapon was. The man looked back at the person and said: “it’s not the weapon but the person wielding it that matters.” These words ring true for almost anything in Suzu’s hands can become a deadly weapon. a simple swipe of her hand can generate a blade of air that brakes the sound barrier and has the same cutting power as a sword would. When mixing this power with weapons is where the real danger comes in. for if one was to clash blades with her. Yes, they stopped the physical blade but the sonic one would flow on past. Possibly caching them off guard.

•Energy and force control: Suzu’s power seems to have a level of consciousness of its own. A good example of this is how her energy seems to only damage things she would want it to. This meaning she can fire a cero with more than enough power to blow up everything around her, but after the blast is done only a single tree leaf was destroyed. Everything else is left unharmed by her. Suzu sees no point in destroying the land or things around you and dos not think like other people. Some may brag about how they can shoot a cero that can destroy a skyscraper, suzu would laugh at these people as she can shoot a cero that only destroys what it was supposed to.

•Aura Barrier: This is the energy field her body normally produces and works as her Vast Spiritual Power energy description when in this form. The scale it works on is the same as Vast Spiritual Power’s originally was but no longer affect the whole area. Instead only affect the area immediately around her body. This ability does not stack up with Vast Spiritual Power. So those that are still affected by it cannot be susceptible to this as well.

•Cellular re-creation and bonding: At first glance, one might think she has a rapid healing ability but that is quite simply not true. Suzu using her matter ability re-creates missing cells. She also uses this to move the matter that makes up her own body back together and rebounding it back in its proper place. This resembles rapid healing in appearance and most would be tricked into thinking it is the same. But to see its difference all you need to do is pierce her heart. An act that is deadly to almost all beings, but this does not stop her mind from rebuilding it. The true limits of this power are that as long as she got the energy to use she will keep fighting unless her head is destroyed. For as long as she can think and as long as she gots energy she will just restore her body.

•Mastery of Mysticism: By the Study of divers magics of the world she has a treasure trove of information in her mind in regards to all forms of spells. Rather it is the Shinigami kido, demon magic, or what have you. This plethora of occult knowledge is utilized with her being able to cast even complex spells and thing on the fly, or even getting creative and making new ones up on the spot. But this does not stop there Suzu is foremost a scientist and the true power in this is when she applies it to the other knowledge she has.

One example of this is let’s say Suzu was fighting an electric user, and let’s say this electric user somehow exploded a water tank and flooded the ground. Water does normally amplify electric currents this is true. This would make the whole field there fighting in a death-trap. But with suzu’s scientific knowledge she knows that absolutely pure water, with no impurities, is, in fact, a perfect insulator. Therefore by using her occult knowledge, she can remove all its impurities thereby nullifying the electric via the use of both scientific and magical knowledge together.

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Oorja Aura

Character Name: Ceal Maxwell (Fate Astavon as of current)
Character Type: Non Saca Dila, Seal of Eris Infected.

What Are You Upgrading:

Paradise Lost

Description: Ceal is able to cause sudden and violent change in the world around her by warping pockets of the environment to such a degree that they begin to rapidly decay an area. This is not time decay, like examples such as Barragan, but rather, decay from the sheer level she is able to warp and twist the world around her. In a sense, you could say that this is Ceal's way of reflecting her inner world outward, displaying the decaying state she is in. Whether or not that is true remains to be seen. This ability is typically centered around her with scaling range based on her tier, and her mastery of Oorja Aura. She can also choose to limit these spatial disruptions as small pockets that can be created at predesignated points. These can also be anywhere from a baseball, to the size of a medium building, though, the bigger the structure, the more time it would take. In essence, she is "priming" the area around her for specific, powerful abilities tied to the Black World.

Ability #1: Pull from Oblivion

Description: Raising her hand up, Ceal grips at energy of the black world and pulls it's energies into her plane. Anywhere within the effects of Paradise Lost she can summon a rapidly expanding orb (rate of full expansion: 2 seconds) of void-like energy. This spatial distortion rapidly decays the environment around it in the post it is used. Enemies caught in the blast are rendered susceptible to it's effects, but at a reduced efficacy. The erosion rate of this ability is very high, and is considered a highly dangerous attack.
Combat Effects: Those hit by this attack take moderate levels of erosion damage and are marked for the next [6 - 1 for each opponent durability above Ceal's Oorja Aura mastery], If they are hit again with Pull from Oblivion, they will take drastic erosion damage, it's effects are severe.
Size by tier:

  • Tier 3: 1m ~ 5m
  • Tier 2: 3m ~ 7m
  • Tier 1: 5m ~ 10m
  • Tier 0: 10m ~ 50m

Ability #2: Tainted Love

Description: Ceal is able to use this "inner world projection" to also project her love outward. It is a resonating set of shock waves that expand out in an all encompassing, 360 degree area. These shock waves will crash against any foe, and will especially affect those currently looking at Ceal. She is able to cast out a shock wave about every half second while channeling this ability, to which she is also unable to move due to the stress of the ability.

Those hit by 5 or more waves (subject to skill comparison below) will become captivated, a delusion cast over their mind that shows the world in it's full state of decay, viewing Ceal's tainted and broken inner world. While captivated, one's body is in stasis and can not be damaged by most means. It is as if they exist within a different dimension in this time while their body is immobile. A body can be moved while in stasis, but can not be altered, damaged, or harmed in any way short of very select few types of damage (such as essence damage, and to a degree, Ceal's own ruin magic). The duration in which one remains captive is relative to the caster's skill in both Focus, and Oorja Aura mastery, and the opponents willpower. As such, if Ceal loses enough focus due to excessive distraction, Tainted Love will end.

While captivated, the opponent will likely see delusions of things they've wanted most. People they've loved or love. It is the pinnacle of temptation, complete with elevated sense of awareness, like a lucid dream. Should someone accept, or somehow give into the temptation within Tainted Love, they have a chance to never return, forever lost in their own dream.

Skill Comparison: Oorja Aura Mastery vs Willpower
  • Even: No change.
  • If Willpower is lower than Oorja Aura Mastery: -1 wave for each level (to a minimum of 1
  • If Willpower is Higher: +1 for each level (To a maximum of 8)
  • If Opponent Tier is Higher: +1 For each tier. If more than 2 tiers above, this ability has no effect.


My justification has always been that Ceal has been one of the premier users of not only the Seal of Eris, but of other things within the disposal of the Black World, the Chasm plot, and the like. To call her the poster girl of the Seal of Eris is probably an accurate assumption now, as it has grown to be a large part of how she's shaped and who she is.

Her ever growing closeness to Inami Asthavon is also, I feel, a strong valid point to be made. Being around her, and around Mana, as often as Ceal is could easily jar this, awakening it within Ceal and allowing her to reap the benefits of such negative energies.

At this point. I'm just trying to move forward with her as a more rounded character, giving her the tools I want her have to perform the functions I want her to do. Having another energy source that fits with her theme will help in this regard, as well as finally giving her an ability that ties into the "twisted love" I so often speak of when referencing her.
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Search in: Archive   Topics tagged under 2 on Bleach Platinum Hearts RP [Active] - Page 2 FiwaoqcSubject: Site Newsletter Issue #2    Topics tagged under 2 on Bleach Platinum Hearts RP [Active] - Page 2 EmptyThu May 31, 2018 7:43 pm


I. Topic of the Newsletter

Yooo, new week, new staff meeting, and following it up is of course a new newsletter. Most of the topics we discussed are some quality of life changes to the site mechanics as well as formal decision on subjects brought up in the last newsletter. Though there were a lot things we talked about, the majority of them were brief, so this newsletter will likely be a lot shorter. Largely because the topics will inevitably have their own, brand new threads dedicated to their changes. So, without further ado, let's dive right into it.
II. Site Updates

Platinum Points: That's right, folks--you heard it here first! We're finally transitioning PH into a Pay-to-Play and Pay-To-Win dynamic! Not really, but we did finally come to a decision to be implemented ASAP regarding the revamp on PH's currency. Previously, we had Yen, with Awesome Points as a secondary that in reality acted similarly to a secondary currency with just more focus on IC supplements--mostly upgrades. For the most part, Platinum Points will be following that IC supplement focus more-so than being a global currency.

So how do they work?: Platinum Points operates as a replacement for both Yen and Awesome Points, and beyond that, something similar to an EXP system. The awesome points system code-wise will just be replacing Awesome Points, where they will be manually added, and in turn increase that bar under your avatar and profile information.

How do you earn them?: The easiest method is being awarded PP through activity checks. Since activity checks will become a regular thing, there will always be a stable and cemented method of earning PP. You will be rewarded the points based off the threads you've made and participated in, apps you've created and furthermore finished, events participated in and IC impacts you've made, etc.

Outside of the activity checks, as the primary and sole currency as well as a rewards-based allotment, you can earn points through participating in events (separate from mentioning them in your Activity Checks), completing missions, or even just outright completing a dank thread and submitting it into the Awesome Points board (will be renamed, obv), where staff will go through the threads you've submitted, acknowledge the progressions and character development you've done, and correspondingly award PP.

On top of that, holding positions in organisations is another method, though they won't just be a steady salary like it used to be with Yen. Making missions for your organisation, coordinating plots, and meaningfully acting with that position to create more content and interactions on-site.

What can we use it on?: As the sole currency, Platinum Points can be spent on color changes, buying titles, buying boards--but surprisingly, not equipment. Generally, equipment is obtained either IC, through plots, or having a sensible relation to whatever supplier can offer that equipment to make it reasonable that your characters possess that equipment. Of course, there can be exceptions and certain equipments depending on their scope and application may require Platinum Points, but it'll basically operate off on a case-by-case basis in that instance.

The biggest change will be that submitting power upgrades will also require Platinum Points. When you submit an upgrade thread, normally you include reasons why your character deserves that upgrade, what sort of stuff you're adding onto them, and the threads or proof of basically earning that upgrade. If it gets approved? Then we'll also deduct points from your account equal to the contents of your upgrade. Though it can feel limiting in terms of submitting upgrade applications, one of the reasons is to moderate the amount of upgrade threads going through. This ensures qualitative changes to your character, promotes bulkier upgrades instead of spamming the board with small changes or additions, and most of all emphasize the importance of extensive character development to supplement and justify those upgrades. Especially since those threads are also how you earn Platinum Points to begin with. The work you put in reaps its rewards.

Activity Checks: The discussion we had over activity checks was mostly just coming to formal decisions and better outlining the specifics. Not much has changed from the original plan and information we put out in the last newsletter. You can expect the first mandatory activity check to come out by this weekend, as it'll be the new month by then.

Rewards for the check?: It was already mentioned earlier, but basically the reward comes down to Platinum Points. Since these points also govern over upgrade threads as well, it becomes dramatically easier to offer rewards since the wide variety is all consolidated through one system. Exceptional activity noted in your activity check could potentially garner special rewards outside of PP if a staff member particularly recognises the amount of work you put into the past few months or since the last activity check.

Post Limit for Positions: Those who hold positions need to hold it properly, as sitting in it when another character could potentially hold that position--and the owner of that character expresses interest in utilising that position to do some work with the organisation and really take advantage of its role and fulfill their responsibilities--would be unfair to both them and the organisation as a whole. We're not going to make any excessive demands, but at least some sort of assurance that position holders actually do something with their role.

So basically, we're going to ask that you at least have five posts within those two months with that positioned character, and put it in your activity check post. This first activity check will be exempt from that requirement, and beyond that there will be some exceptions and leniency based on circumstance. Namely, members who hold multiple positions, so maintaining at least five posts with all of them can be difficult and tasking.

Some other exceptions include but aren't limited to: notifying that you'll be going on a sabbatical or have some sort of IRL reason (like going on vacation, troubles, etc.), having positions that either aren't super highly valued or sought after, or having a position that has a lot of other available sister positions at the same level of authority. Since, if there are vacancies, there's no reason you really have to specifically go for an already filled role if your intent is to just offer some activity or plans of your own for the organisation and pushing a site-wide plot forward, so on and so forth.

Basically, if you feel like there's a good reason why you couldn't or shouldn't have had to maintain those 5 posts minimum in the span of two months, just let us know and we'll hash things out and come to a decision.

Memberbase Meeting: Frost already put out a notice for when we're having it, what we plan to do, etc.. This topic is mostly just being mentioned here since it was a topic of discussion during our staff meeting. There are also a few smaller points that would be nice to let you guys know ahead of time, so when the event actually goes down, you'll know what to expect.

Text-Channel: For a limited time, we'll have a new text-channel up on the discord in preparation for the event, where everyone can input their thoughts, concerns, ideas, pretty much anything with the intent of improving the site, staff team, or community as a whole. To make sure the inevitable sidebar conversations and cluttering messages won't override the main points mentioned in the channel, we'll also pin the decisions or responses offered to the suggestions and concerns in the chat.

Voice-Channel: We'll also be hosting a voice call, though it'll be heavily moderated. At most, only one member will be unmuted at a time to avoid clutter in the voice call and have some clarity and order. Please do try to limit or at least condense the amount of stuff you want to convey through the call, as there may be others waiting to get their voice out on some topics. If you have a lot to say in bulk and all at once, it may just be easier to have that all put out all at once in the text-channel.

Transcribing: Staff members will basically transcribe the contents of the call and put it into the text-channel as we go, simplifying what's said to the main points that address the suggestion, question, or outlines the decisions we've come to and responded with. That way, it'll be figuratively written in stone and available for quick and easy reference for people who missed what's been said, so on so forth.

Discord Roles: Frost has already gone ahead and given a Tenure designation, show-casing a member's experience on PH. We also already have roles for people who are in organisations, and now we're going to be adding some other designations that'll point out some things a member has under their belt.

Roles to be expected: We're planning on adding in roles for members with expertise in certain areas, who are recognised by the community to have that experience with these areas. Namely, members who are better at advising or informing people on things like the specific races, organisational activities, or historical expertise. For example, Henrex would be particularly knowledgeable on the Gotei and Shinigami as a whole; Gin would be real good with Arrancar, Kyle with K-World and Rakshasa. There may also be roles that denote a special position a character of yours holds.

The purpose for these roles?: Besides just flexing on these newbs or even veterans on how you're a subject matter expert or have a lot of influence in certain organisations, more than anything it's for people with questions or suggestions, with roles making it easier to find who specifically would be a respected authority on the subject. That way, they can address it towards the people properly relevant to it, and members with that expertise can appropriately answer the people. As, if you were interested in Vastime, but didn't know who the regent authority on Vastime matters was? Or that stupid fuck Morph changed his name again? If you wanted to know about something to do with Iramasha and Frost is unavailable, but that lazy ass S_E goes ahead and changes her name to something else like she does every other week so you have no idea how to mention them because they show up as offline? Well, you get the point. It also serves as an achievement to offer a sense of pride and accomplishment kappa.

Skill Sheets: Likely one of the biggest updates to the site! Earlier in the year following the Mass Archival, we made an update to the Skill Sheets and increased it from five levels to ten levels. Since then, we've decided that ten levels was excessive, though an increase in general was still a great idea, as considering the progress and expansion PH has made, five now seems insufficient.

SO, we've decided to retain two of the new levels: Untrained, and Elite. Untrained, as there wasn't really something that appropriately defined a character entirely lacking in the respective skill with the original skill sheets, and Elite, as having an in-between for the original Master and Grand Master would do well to fill the overwhelming skill gap and once more re-emphasise how rare and powerful Grand Master is.

Other than that, the original skill sheet levels will retain their same proficiency originally denoted (though we're still going to be revamping some of the skill levels, like how Frost had already revamped the General Skills). The racial skill sheets in particular are split up and assigned to different staff members, so if you'd like to ask questions about those skill sheets, please approach the delegated staff members.

    Arrancar Racials: JJ
    Demon Racials: Frost, Shizuo, Dark
    Human Racials: Chi
    Iramasha Racials: Frost (Nature - JJ)
    Quincy Racials: Shizuo
    Shinigami Racials: Henrex (Vizards - JJ)

    General Skills: Frost
    Will Skills: S_E


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Coding In Template By:


Vizard Profile

I. Basic Information

» Name: Hana Kitsuki
» Titles: Lucky,
» Appearance Age: 24
» True Age: 743
» Gender: Female
» Affiliation/Rank: (What Group are they apart of or are they rouge?)

» Appearance Description:

Hana is a slender, tan skinned woman standing at about 5' 4" and weighing in at 104 lbs. For her size, she would be a little on the lighter side of things, not to the point being extremely unhealthy, but it would be advised for her to put on a few extra pounds. She is usually seen wearing glasses, and when working, she will no hesistate to wear a suit and dress formally. When not in formal wear she's often seen in an olive green top with tan slacks. Her hair is long and a deep auburn color, and she usually wears a flower shaped hair clip to keep her hair for in front of her face.

» Appearance Picture:

Topics tagged under 2 on Bleach Platinum Hearts RP [Active] - Page 2 Ahagon.Umiko.full.1999033

I. Personality

» Personality:

Competitive: If it can be wagered, she will go for it. Hana has always been of the competitive type, infact in her ancestry in the world of the living, she was one of the many few who spread the word about Blackjack and it's variations. Upon her entry into the Soul society she would always wager and gamble as if it were a sport. Not wanting anything to be taken from it other than harmless fun. She would wager everything, from candy, to money, to clothes, even going as far as putting deeds to houses on the line and always had the goal of winning each time.

Analytical: Upon the possession of her zanpakuto, she really dove into learning about statistics and probability to make it so that she will win a round against her zanpukuto spirit. Her level of analysis has been taken down to the decimal point as she tries to calculate moves, ages before they even happen to ensure her own victory. This level of analysis was then taken out of the context of gambling, as she began to do this in combat, in classes, in conversations, and with many of her friendships. There were times where it felt like she would run through a whole life scenario with one person just based on them saying 'Hi',to her, enough so, that she ended many friendships and started new ones before even giving them a shot to get off the ground.

Hard To Break Focus: When she gets a subject to study, or something catches her eye her mind will only lock on figuring out everything about that issue and solving it instantly. Humorous example of this being that there are times where she maybe reading an unprecedentedly long book and rather than putting it down to do other tasks, she will read primarily as she brushes her teeth goes to the bathroom, and occasionally if the book kept her up all night, she will forget to dress herself.

Easily Embarrassed: Hana is very shrewd about herself and her body. She usually hates her Shikai not for what it does, not for how it looks, but simply because it removes a

» Likes: Competition, Reading, Bunnies (She's really happy her inner hollow is one), Solitude

» Dislikes: Staying Still,

I. Natural Abilities

» Natural Abilities: (What kind of skills or abilities does your character have naturally? This can span from above average strength, to a large amount of skill in swordsmanship.)

I. Racial Abilities

» Racial Abilities: (You can put any customized racial skills/abilities/techniques in here. These can range from shunpo, kido, zanjutsu and anything else you want to add. Feel free to skip it if you don't want to fill it out.)

I. Sealed Zanpakutō

» Zanpakutō Name: ハイローラー --Hairōrā (High Roller) ((Often called 'Hai' by Hana))

» Zanpakutō Spirit Appearance:

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» Zanpakutō Spirit Personality:

Enigmatic: He usually leaves too much for the imagination in terms of his interactions with Hana. He hides a lot of the answers to his questions in proverbs or demonstrations, and often gets annoyed or reluctant if after this display, Hana still doesn't understand him, or at least attempt to understand.

Firm: When he has the chance to speak with Hana, he comes off as being direct with how he answers Hana. Usually he only answers in Yes or No situations, nd rather than giving the explanation as to why It will often end in his proverbial phrases followed by silence.

Regal: The above attitudes are usually left up to this trait. Because of his dress and his environment, he always looks at himself higher than Hana, often questioning as to why he's even tied to Hana in the first place. He becomes annoyed easily by how simple Hana is in comparison to her cries of being that of a hard-worker to him. He never sees her as worthy mentally to wield her, although physically she seems more than ready.

» Inner World:
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The spirit's inner world is described to that of a casino setting mixed in with the confined space of a high scale hotel room. The world itself introduces itself as a starry night. Upon entering the world itself, Hana's attire also changes to match the formality of the room, usually donning a black sequinned dress of varying styles every time she enters. Hana usually begins the "entry" of the room outdoors in front of a room labelled as "VIP", while velvet roping keeps her in line. When the spirit wants to see her, the doors open to a center lit room.

The room itself is decorated with small couches and single cushioned seats; the frames being black, white for the cushions, and a deep mahogany red pillow resting on each cushion. Towards the back of the room, Hairora is usually standing, either mixing drinks or shuffling a deck of cards to keep himself busy.

» Sealed Zanpakutō Appearance:

Topics tagged under 2 on Bleach Platinum Hearts RP [Active] - Page 2 Bloody-black-panther-katana

» Sealed Zanpakutô Powers:


When this ability is activated, she pushes the opponent backwards, and as she does multiple pillars spawn to barricade the enemy's path. When they hit these pillars they will rebound into more and more, eventually becoming an infinite cycle of bounding back and forth in a maze of her reiastu. At the end of it all, there is a pocket that, should the enemy land in, their highest stats will be cloned from them and given to Hana for a brief time.

I. Shikai

» Shikai Release Phrase: May the Odds be Ever in your Favor

» Shikai Release Actions: Hana flips her sword upside down, and holds it arm length in front of her. As she says the phrase, she pulls the handle into her direction, while aiming the blade's tip at the enemy. This action is to mimic if a person where to pull a lever for a slot machine.

» Shikai Appearance:

Outfit Description
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» Shikai Abilities:

Stacked Chips:

When Hana release her shikai, there will be a stack of poker chips that float over the enemy's head as well as her own. There will be 6 types of chips, all based in different colors and reflect the statistical prowess of her enemy. Red chips will represent pain endurance, white chips will represent weapon skill, blue chips represent speed, green chips represent healing powers, orange chips represent strength, and black chips representing durability.

Within her shikai, she also gains six small daggers, each holding true to their respective color above. Whe the blades come in contact with an opponent the dagger of the corresponding color will shorten the chip pile above them, decreasing the effectiveness of that stat for the enemy. However it will be not forgotten, instead it will be stored in a pouch that neither of them have access to until utilizing her next ability.

The number of slashes in a certain area will be based on tier, and will take down the specific skill by one rank. (Meaning from Advanced level speed, after X slashes they will be brought to Experienced Speed. For regeneration the more posts the blood lingers onto the blades the chips will stack automatically. Using the same model for slashes at X posts a chip will be stored.)

Tier 6: 1

Tier 5: 2

Tier 4: 3

Tier 3: 4

Tier 2: 6

Tier 1: 8

Tier 0: 10

Cash In:

(( t!choose Red | Green | Black ))

When this ability is used, a roulette wheel is spun behind her. If it lands on Red, she will gain all of the stats, if it lands on black, the opponent will get their stats back, If it lands on green both people will gain the lost stats. When she gains the stats it will be accumulative, meaning that if she effectively stole two ranks worth of speed, she would gain those two ranks of speed in addition to her stats. When she consumes the stats in this way, the opponent will not recover from into immediately and will have to wait X amount of turns depending on tier. When it lands on black, she will not gain the stats, but the opponent will have their stats immediately returned to those prior to he attacks. If it lands on green, the opponent will gain their original states, however Hana will also gain the effectiveness of those stats as well.

Lotto Crit: (Hollow Variation of "Cash In"))

(( t!choose Shoes | Heart | Diamonds | Bandage | Arms | Swords | Bells | X used 5 times ))

Instead of the stats being pre-determined, a stat will be chosen at random, that she can apply to herself from the opponent's skill set. The amount of symbols that are shown for a specific stat determines the severity of that stat that is being taken, up to a cap of Elite (unless she or her opponent has Master or above, which will then be taken into consideration from that point.) Because of the "chance" of this, the reward from her is that when 3 or more of these symbols stack with each other, the opponent now looses stats from the highlighted

In total their are 8 symbols, each spread over 5 columns. Those Symbols are:

Shoes of Mercury for Speed
Heart for Healing
Diamond for Durablity
Bandages for Pain Endurance
Flexing Arm for Strength
Crossing Swords for Weapon skill
Bell for All Base Stats Boosted
X for no stat boosts.

Ante Up:

When she activates this ability she could make the chips go directly to her at their current state, or can bet double of nothing on the next marking. Rather than it being a roulette wheel, both herself and the enemy will have a glowing mark based on their last point of contact. If that point is hit the winner will receive double the potency of the stats consumed for 3 turns.

House Rules (Passive):

When her shikai is released and she uses her cero, rather than having 6 chances of getting a unique effect to her cero, her chances are altered to only rolling between 1-3. This makes it so that she has a higher chance to utilize her kido techniques in comparison to her Hollow abilities. In addition to the chance of having more kido at her disposal, the effects are also doubled, so long as it is kido. So if she rolled a 1, the

I. Bankai

» Bankai Name: ハイローラーのラッキーテーブル -- Hairōrā no rakkītēburu (High Roller's Lucky Table)

» Bankai Release Phrase:

The House Always Wins...

» Bankai Appearance:

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» Bankai Abilities:

((Before getting into this, this ability utilizes the knowledge of playing cards to use this effectively. To make sure the results are not skewed in any way, below are the commands that I will be placing in the #botstuff channel on discord to have cards selected for myself and the opponent. The order will always go Opponent -> Myself -> Opponent -> Myself. If there are multiple people that are under the effects, the opponent's will always go first, and it will be decided amongst them, who would like to have the first card, and the rotation would follow suit to that order. There will be no duplicates during this, and to prove that as well, I will have a list of cards that will be shown on a Google Docs page that I will screen capture, highlighting the cards that have been chosen and can not be chosen again after every card that was "drawn" in this way. If there are any other intricacies that would like to be discussed I am open to making this concept as openly fair as possible.))

t!choose 2 | 3 | 4| 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | Jack | Queen | King | Ace
t!choose Hearts | Diamonds | Clubs | Spades


Upon Hana's release, a large black box forms around herself and the opponent, as the room slowly fills with lights and sounds to replicate that of a contemporary High Stakes poker room. The room itself nullifies all abilities, forcing the opponent to only rely on their base stats of weapon skill, strength, durability and speed. Melee based zanjutsu skills will be able to be utilized, however ranged abilities will be taken away in the box instantaneously. In addition to this room, she gains a deck of throwing cards on her hip that glow an array of red and black, similar to the aura of Ichigo's Getsuga Tensho. With this unique deck, she throws these "cards" at her opponent (throwing daggers, with talismans on the tail end of them), where if two land onto the opponent, it will begin a game of Texas Hold'em poker.

Once the two cards land on the enemy, she draws two cards for herself, and she projects the number and the suit in the same red-black aura mixture above her opponent's head. If the knives do not land on their target after 2* posts, the game will be terminated, however the stat absorption and debuffs will still apply with the corresponding cards. Additionally, directly attacking Hana while she is in her Bankai form, will automatically force the next two cards on her opponent, regardless of whether they want to play or not.

When the cards are shown above each other's head, there will be four stages of progression that occur. During the game, both parties succumb to the effects of their respective cards unless they call for certain abilities to be utilized. Upon the two cards being projected, there will be a "prep phase" where the opponent can choose the conditions they would like to apply to the game. Those conditions will be listed under "Other Abilities". Before getting into the stages, the passives that are applied to the cards are as follows:

Passives Within Hold'em

Suited For Battle:

The cards themselves hold powerful effects within them, one of the effects pertains to the suit of the cards themselves. When the cards are dealt, the aura analyzes the suit of the card, and works in unison with the number indicated on the card to reduce the effects of one of the opponent's statistics. The suits target the following:

Diamonds: Durablity

Hearts: Speed

Clubs: Weapon Skill

Spades: Strength


The cards themselves hold powerful effects within them, the other of the effects pertains to the number listed on the cards themselves. When working in unison with the suit, the number determines the severity of the amount of a statistic is drained. The numbers start from 2 and escalate in power up until 10. From there, the face cards will automatically apply the effects of a card if it were a 10, as well as applies a unique effect based on the face card that is utilized. Aces are rare and because of it they have the unique power of bring whatever statistic that the suit of the card provided down to a beginner level regardless of how much of a boost they have in a certain stat.

2- 10: These cards will continually add a descending multipler to the specific level of a skill to a max of 10 on that singular stat. For example, if an Elite Speed character was given the 10 of Hearts. It would be Elite -10x "-" Or "Adept Level Speed" for the duration that they hold those cards. Meaning:

2 of hearts = "Elite -"
3 of hearts = "Elite --",
4 of hearts = "Experienced ++"

Jack: The effect of the "10 of X suit" will apply randomly to either Hana herself, or to the opponent.

Queen: The wielder of this card will have the option of choosing a stat to place the -10 on regardless of the suit that the Queen is supposed to represent.

King: Not only will the -10 apply to the suit that the card is to represent, but they are also allowed to choose another stat that can be effected by this -10 as well.

Ace: Will automatically bring the stat of the card's suit to beginner until "The Winnings" stage is completed.

The Stages of Hold'em

Stage 1: The Deal:

This is the first stage of her Bankai, this stage reveals three cards that hover behind Hana, and directly above her "Hand Counter", which is obscured to the other player. At this point, players are allowed to use Hana's ability "Place Your Bets", as well as revealing their cards if they chose the option of "Face Down" before the Deal. It's at this point that the opponent can also start matching their cards to see if they have a chance to get a higher hand in comparison to her.

Stage 2: The Flop:

This is the second stage, where she draws a fourth card onto the original 3 that were revealed. At this stage, the card that is revealed will apply its corresponding status effect to all participants in the Bankai. The option to use "Place Your Bets" is available for use as well as the ability to reveal if the opponent selected "Face Down" as an option.

Stage 3: The River:

The third stage of the card reveals. Nothing changes stat wise as this is the final call for bets to be placed, as cards are matched and pitted against one another. The only thing that can be done is placing a final bet with "Place your Bets". At this point if the cards were "Face Down", they are revealed and the effects for said cards are applied for this turn.

Stage 4: The Winnings:

The final stage of her Bankai's effects. This analyzes the hands that are in play and finds which one has the highest probability of winning, as well as matches any pairing to determine victories in that sense. The winning hands are as followed, from least impactful to most impactful:

>Highest Card:

As the lowest possible way a win can occur, the only possible benefit would be to remove the status effects brought upon the player. Essentially if a win occurs in this stage, nothing happens. If a loss occurs in this stage, nothing happens.

>Two of a Kind:

When this effect occurs, it takes the two numbers in the pair and adds them together as a status effect, regardless of whether or not Hana is in Bankai, for the duration of the battle against her. This status effect adds numbers until the stat's minuses would begin reducing the tier to a minimum of beginner level, to which then, upon hitting beginner, the negatives will represent the number of turns that status effect will be applied.

For example, if the pair was of two 10's, the accumulative minuses would be 20, however if the opponent only had enough room to have 12 minuses attached to that specific stat before it went lower than beginner, the additional 8 minues would be paired off and added as a duration to how long they would hold onto that beginner stat. So not only would they have Beginner speed for example, but they would have beginner speed for 4 turns additional to the status effect.

This effect happens to the enemy if Hana wins the round with this hand, or to herself if the enemy wins with this hand.

>Three of a Kind:

The same effects that would occur with "Two of a kind", but now for a 3 number accumulation, up to a maximum of 30. Also like the above mentioned, any lingering minuses would be added together in threes and added to the turn. ((since the status effects for most would be guaranteed with this number))
So with the aforementioned example. If 12 minuses brought someone to beginner, they would have an additional 18 minuses left behind. Those would then be added together in groups of three, meaning they would be at a beginner speed for 6 turns.


A straight is having the cards count in numerical order regardless of their suit, therefore this hand will take all of the cards that contributed to the straight and subtract from each stat based on the stat. Unlike the other hands that have a turn duration to them, this one will not. As the number of minuses additively would not be enough to be to subtract for larger than a full level.

For example if the lay out was :
5 of Hearts
6 of Diamonds
7 of Hearts
8 of Clubs
9 of Spades

It would add up the two hearts, putting 12 minuses onto their speed stat, 6 minuses onto their Durability (diamonds), 8 minuses on their weapon skill (clubs) and 9 minuses onto their strength (clubs).


A flush occurs when all of the cards are of the same suit, and the numbers are not regarded. Because of this, when this type of hand wins it will take the additive total of all of the numbers for that stat and deduct accordingly. Compared to most had that only subtract by one minus, this will subtract by two minuses, since with a flush all of the cards must be of the same suit in no particular fashion.

For example if the lay out was

King of Hearts
3 of Hearts
6 of Hearts
2 of Hearts
9 of Hearts

It would add the total number of minuses from this set which would be 30 (King = 10 + 3 +6 + 2 +9) and then multiply that by 2. So in total 60 minuses would go towards their speed stat. Plus the bonus of having a King, which would put an additional 10 minuses on the stat of the winner's choosing.

>Full House:

Being a three of a kind on one half and two of a kind in the other half, this set takes the accumulation of both suit and subtracts from their respective stats. Simply put, this is a combination of the effects of Two of a kind, and three of a kind.

For example if the lay out was:

2 of clubs
7 of clubs
10 of clubs
Jack of Hearts
5 of Hearts

It would add up the total of minuses from clubs with would be 19 minuses, and the total number of minuses in hearts, which would be 15 and applies the stat bonuses respectively to their skills. With the exception of Jack having the chance to add to another skill regardless of its suit.

>Four of a Kind:

Similar to the effects of "Two of Kind" and "Three of A Kind" only now the extra minuses are added in groups of 4. Meaning 5, 7, 10, King of clubs, would add collectively to 32. Using the previous example of the opponent needing 12 minuses before going to beginner, there would a remainder of 20 minuses left. Those minuses are then added in groups of 4's, so they would be stuck at a beginners level of weapon skill for 5 turns.
>Straight Flush:

Not only are the cards in the same suit with this, but they are also in numerical order. Because of this the number will subtract by two as well as having the duration of the debuff begin at the ending number of the numerical straight. Therefore if the straight was 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, rather than using the minuses to determine a duration, it will automatically set the duration at 10.

>Royal Flush:

Because the Flush would be of face cards, each one adds 10 minuses to any stat of a persons choosing. The Ace also allows for one stat to be permanently locked to beginner for the duration of the battle.

Other Abilities

Place Your Bets:

Throughout the duration of the battle in Bankai, a player is allowed to wager the amount of "minuses" they currently have to relieve themselves of the severity of their status effects, with the draw back being that if they were to lose the hand to her, not only would they receive the negative status effects of the previous "minuses" gained, but also they would have to deal with the stacked effects of the winning hand as well. This step is entirely optional, and unlike "Face Down", this can happen at anytime, as many times as the opponent wants, and also as many minuses as they want to relieve themselves of. The main caveat to this choice however, is that betting can not be taken back once one is placed,
For a bet to be placed, there must be a minimum of 2 minuses

Check: The "neutral" standing. By calling this name, the opponent agrees to not adding any more bets to their current pile of minuses.

Call: The "equal" standing. By calling this name, the opponent or Hana herself agrees to equate their bets with the opponents. There is also the option to decline the increase in wages which is discussed in the next term.

Fold: The "retreat". By calling this name, either Hana or the opponent, sacrifice their hand to receive a lesser punishment for their abilities. When a fold is called, they do not receive the status effects of a winning hand, but rather the duration of their card's status effects increase based on the amount of minuses that were collectively wagered between the opponent and Hana. The number of minuses is then divided by two, to determine the duration of said status effects.

Raise: The "aggressive" standing. By calling this name, either the opponent or Hana sacrifice more of their current minuses, in hopes that their hand will win out, and they will not gain the negative status effects that are entailed.

All- In: The "hyper-aggressive" Standing. Rather than gettig rid of their minuses, they take as many minuses as they can through all of their skills, and then use those minuses collectively as their lump sum of a wager. More or less, they are making all of their skills beginner level on purpose because they have confidence in the fact that they will win the hand, as well as in 'The Winnings" stage. Contrary to the other stages, if the opponent or Hana choose to "Fold" to duck out of this burden, the game will reset, and no status effects from the betting or cards would be applied for another 2 turns as she gathers her "cards" and shuffles them.

Face Down:

When the Bankai is released, Hana offers her opponent the chance to have their card's faced down. When this occurs, the opponent will not have knowledge of their cards until it is requested that they would like to reveal their cards, or by default on the third stage of her Bankai. The benefits to this flip, is that the status effects that are given by the cards will not be applied to the opponent who is undergoing the effects. With this effect in place, Hana's cards are also not revealed to the enemy, but as the dealer she actively knows what cards are had. Since there was the option placed to have the cards faced down however, both the opponent as well as herself are immune to the status effects of their cards until they are revealed through the opponent's consent, or on "The River". Cards can not be constantly flipped back and forth, once the choice of the cards to be a revealed is in effect, the status effects will not stop until the winnings are dealt.
Poker Face: (Only can be used when her mask is on)

This gives her the ability to see the opponent's cards, regardless of whether they are face down or not, and allows her to choose the effects that the opponent can be succumbed by. The benefit of this being, that if the effects are paid attention to enough, it is possible for the opponent to know one of their cards that is in their hand. Which in turn, could cause them to bet lower or higher based on their assumptions.

** "House Rules" is still in effect during this release as well**

I. Inner Hollow/Mask

» Inner Hollow Name: Engimono, えんぎもの (Good Luck Charm)

» Inner Hollow Description:

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» Inner Hollow Personality:

» Inner Hollow Powers:

» Hollow Mask Appearance:

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» Vizard Powers: (What benefits does your character get from transforming into their mask state?)

Luck Mode:

When she dons her mask, she will generate a meter on her hip that indicates her amount of 'luck' that her hollow bestowed to her. The meter will begin at 95% and will deplete it's way down to 5% over time. Every turn that passes the meter will lose 5% of it's effectiveness. Additionally casting abilities will deplete 25% of the meter, and taking the force of abilities will deplete 15%.

The luck is her ability to nullify incoming attacks by means of dodging, increasing durability, or otherwise destroying the attack itself and leaving her unharmed in the process. Likewise if she attacks with this passive on, her abilities will hit regardless of movement, durability, speed or other means of nullifying her attacks. 95% is nigh certainty that an attack will hit, or the possibility of her dodging an attack would be extremely likely will avoid the next incoming attack, but this meter depletes fast by doing so in this way. If she were to fire 4 attacks only 2 of them would have the chance of being able to hit, as the closer she gets to 5, the opposite effects apply, where now her attacks will miss or be very easy to dodge.

The recharge rate on this ability is similar to that of her mask, in that if the mask is taken off before reaching "5%" or a lesser number than her odds could allow, the meter will begin to recharge. The meter recharges by 10% for every post that passes. Meaning that if she reached "50%" and then removed her mask, she would need to wait 5 posts before her luck meter is at "95%" again. Regardless of whether or not she waits, she could still put the mask on when she is in her "recharging" state but again, for each turn that she waits to put the mask on it would only add "10%", meaning if she wanted to keep it a constant percentage, so long as she has the energy to do so, she could put on and take off her mask to keep the percentage balanced at a specific number.

Cero del Azar (Lucky Cero):

Rather than a regular cero that is fired from the hands, her's forms into the shape of a six sided die. When it gets to about the size of a baseball the die is dropped in front of her. When the die gets to her feet it freezes in place and reveals a number. Which ever number faces upwards will be the effect that occurs with her cero. The effect will not be regulated to only Cero based powers, as this can also reference some of Hana's kido. The list of effects are as follows

One: The die bounces upwards to eye level and the flashes, replicating Kido #2: Shibireiyubi at the opponent. The effect may last shorter or longer depending on tier, but generally a post must past before the effect wears off. The effect being complete immobilization of the body without doing any physical damage and still having a conscious mindset

Two: The die cracks in two and fire upwards at the enemy's direction. The split of the cero in this way will make it weaker from one shot, but if hit by both shots will deal the damage of a normal cero.

Three: The die falls flat as the three dots on the die begin to glow. The glow then fires upward as three bullets from Hadō #3 Piercing shot. The effect is supposed to pierce the body, but because it's split into three the penetration is not there, although the damage still is.

Four: The Cero will not be an aimed laser, but instead be an area of effect blast that will occur at the location of the die's landing point. The radius this will cover will be the range of about half of a city block worth of destruction.

Five: The die sits still and then spins rapidly. When it does a green sheet forms on one side, and the followed with another until four sheets total are formed, over each one of the dots for the corners. In the center is where Hana is teleported before a fifth wall slams over top, completely sealing her inside with a protective barrier. This skill is her variation of the techique of Bakudo #7 Protective Boulder

Six: The die floats upwards to being at shoulder level of Hana, and then ejects Bala Cero from the six dots on this die firing towards the opponent as if it were a turret. It ejects six Bala cero at a time in bursts of six, for a total of 36 bala in a single turn. Place that over two turns, and there will be a total of 72 bala cero that will be fired towards the opponent.

I. Resurrección

[NOTE: This form is for 0-3 and up. Refer to the racial specs for more information]

» Resurrección Release Phrase: Press Your Luck

» Resurrección Appearance:

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» Resurrección Abilities: (When a character ascends to this state, they at their peak power. Please state what kind of powers that your Vizard obtains when ascending to this form.)

Fatal Coin:

Hana crushes her blade in her hand and turns it into a coin. As the blade is being crushed, time slows down temporarily at the effect that she want's to negate the chance of. When she flips the coin, she flips it from her left hand, having it flip over top of her head and land in her open palm right hand. If the coin lands on tails, the effect is immediately treated as if the ability or attack was used, however all of the damage and effects the attack would cause are nullified, additionally time is reset a few second to when the attack was originally being fires. However, if the coin lands on heads, the attack will proceed in a normal fashion. She still has the ability to dodge if she were far enough away from it's effects, or she has the reaction time to block it. From the role-play stand point, i will flip the coin using Tatsumaki bot on discord, for both players to see.

Weighted Dice: (Passive)

When in her ressureccion, rather than having 1-6 to select through, the inner hollow inside of her messes with the die so that the only possibilities to roll would be 4 and above. In addition to that, the effects will double because of it, since there is more of a possibility for her to utilize Hollow abilities. Therefore, the area of effect blast from rolling a four would be increased a city block rather than halved, and there will be 72 bala firing per turn if she rolls a six, rather than 36. So across two turns 144 bala cero would be fired. This ability only happens if she uses Cero with her mask on, and will not be able to use this until her Cero comes off of cooldown.

Other Resources

I. PhantomTech

» PhantomTech: QuantumBrain

» Phantom Tech Abilities:

Probability Calculator:

Having a zanpukuto based on Casinos and Casino games, the true effective way she realized she could keep up with it, was to count cards and possibilities of gaining certain effects based on chance rather than gambling in hopes to get the outcomes she desires.

» Phantom Tech Powers:

Future Simulator:

She figured out how to calculate this through battle, running hypothetical situations in her head in matters of seconds to determine the outcome of certain attacks that would be utilized in battle, from herself and from her enemy. By the time she blinks, she is capable of thinking of 346 possible fight situations at one time and determine which would be the best outcome for attack and defense.

Quantum Phasing:

Because of her acute ability to process probability and quantum mechanics and compute them faster than 1+1= 2, she can apply her mechanics onto her physical form, causing her to have the ability to phase through solid objects. This is a very limited use ability as the amount of time need to do this, reduces the chance to do this by roughly 30% of it's effectiveness each time.

How this is done is through the mechanic known as Quantum Tunneling. Through a large series of calculations, Hana factors herself not as a being, but as a Probability and wills her body to have a close enough chance that she could be "found" on the other side of an object.

I. Skill Sheet


Additional Note: The skill sheets, as of Saturday, February 10, 2018, have had small additions. There are new skills, and Master has been renamed to "Elite". Furthermore, Master is now the bridge in-between Elite and Grand Master. For more information, and the rest of the skill sheets, READ THIS THREAD


General Skills
  • Durability: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Trained/Beginner/Untrained
  • General Speed: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Strength: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Weapon Skill: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained

Shinigami Skills
  • Hoho: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Kidō: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Zanjutsu: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Hakuda: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained

Vizard Skills
  • Power Augmentation Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Cero: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Mask Protection:: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Hollow Control: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained

Hollow Skills
  • Acid Skill: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Garganta : Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Cero/Bala: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Regeneration: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Mental Deduction: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Pain Endurance: Elite/Advanced//Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Focus: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained

I. Roleplay Sample

» Role Play Sample: (Show us what you got by posting a sample of how you role play. Any previous thread or new material is accepted!)

Topics tagged under 2 on Bleach Platinum Hearts RP [Active] - Page 2 WEc5VW2Topic: Nize Split [APPROVED, 2-2++; Arrancar]
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Search in: Approved Arrancar & Hollow   Topics tagged under 2 on Bleach Platinum Hearts RP [Active] - Page 2 FiwaoqcSubject: Nize Split [APPROVED, 2-2++; Arrancar]    Topics tagged under 2 on Bleach Platinum Hearts RP [Active] - Page 2 EmptySun Mar 25, 2018 9:41 am

Enter The Arrancar

- Name: Nize Split
- Titles: Former Trece Espada
- Gender: Male
- Appearance Age: 21
- Age: Around 100 years, though, the precise age is unknown.
- Affiliation/Rank: Hueco Mundo/Ex-Espada

- Appearance Description: After the extensive rehabilitation Nize went through to stabilize his corroding body and soul, in result he gained even better control of reishi his body was built from. What once was his spiritual pressure morphing into clothing, is now hair length, eye color facial features and such. Unlike demons, he can't stray too far away from his base form and these changes are almost all just purely cosmetic, with exception of pair of blue, simple energy wings he sprouts time to time. Additionally, he has very little control over this aspect of himself, mostly changing when his mood does. The boys height varies from 5'7, when calm, to 5'11 in rage. His Hollow hole is always located at the spot, where Nize's bellybutton should be.

Calm: At those moments, when not feeling threatened for his life or blind by anger and rage, Nize looks nothing, but almost casual. The black hair lays short and flat, with no other color in-between them. Eyes purple in good lightning and black, if there is too much shadows around. The male's face being lean and with almost no fat, there is still almost no sharp edges, everything being almost smooth and feminine like. His clothing changes as need arises, it being mostly casual. The color pallet is also black and white, with few specs of color here and there. The remains of the boy's Hollow mask, stumps of once been horns, are hidden well in the big mess of his hair.

Combat: When feeling like fighting, to protect himself or destroy someone else, Nize's slack and relaxed posture tenses, his clothing changing to light, easy to move armor. It has small bags, slots and mechanical pockets, seemingly built in the boy's body. While the armor alters depending on Nize's needs, the unchanging detail are small jets, that release a pair of blue energy wings, when needed. In form they seem the resemble those of a bat. His skin is still almost snow white, but in this form the black hair has grown tad bit longer, with blue highlights here and there. His irises has turned into mechanical-like, spreading through the whole eyeball and glowing in electricity blue color.

Rage:When, in short, Nize looses his shit the appearance changes yet again. His hair grows shoulders length, red mixing with the black. Face features becomes so much sharper, the whites of eyes turning black, with red in the center. His clothing is more casual and less battle oriented, with a black coat almost dragging on the ground. Black, bat-like energy wings flutter behind him and the Arrancar's once broken horns are then reformed, long and pointy. His fingers assume sharp, monster-like form.



He is Nize by name, but personality of this individual had changed like summer to winter. The bubbly attitude to life had somehow changed, becoming more tame. It seems like the boys child-like view to everything new has matured, though not by a lot. The Arrancar is definitely less trusting and more hateful. While now he is much harder to anger, his anger burns for longer time and it is much thought through anger, rather then blind animalistic one.

At most of times everyone will find the young Arrancar in somewhat constant state of alert. While it may seem that he is calm and not bother by anyone, in reality Nize never loosens up. Not being sure what he himself feels mostly, makes the Arrancar really suspicious around others. If it is someone stronger than him this person may hunt the boy down at any given moment. If those are creatures weaker than him, they won't be above stabbing him in the back. Because for now most of males decisions are made by the computer part of his brain, they say it's smartest to be on edge constantly. He will still be nice, or at least try to, and would try to not jump into conclusions. The Arrancar will have a peaceful conversation with you over tea and be the curious, mischievous thing he is. Only...A bit paranoid and lock down maybe.

Though when alone or in a place he deems safe the boy finally relaxes. Relaxed Nize is almost like how the original was 4 years ago. Curious over the limit, caring and sweet. He will laugh a lot, pull out some pranks and in these moments he throws out all his reservations and allow the full range of what he feels. Even if it isn't a lot in given moment. One thing that has maybe changed, is in fact, while he doesn't quite remember Lust, some of the Saca Dilla's personality traits had passed to the Arrancar, making him a bit more flirty and not even close to how innocent the Arrancar was just few years ago. Playing pranks and couple of dirty tricks here and there won't be below him and would even seem quite fun to do.

When Nize gets angry is when one can see there is little left from the mind and soul everyone knew before the stabilization procedure. Usually, when he got really angry, Nize would turn into nothing more than a mindless Hallow. Ready to slaughter any and everyone. Afterwards, when he would manage to chill, the boy would feel terribly guilty and there it ended. That's not the case anymore. In the heat of the moment, yes, some of the quirks had stayed. For a moment his world turns red and the Arrancar can see only his enemy. Not even the emotionless device in his brains can't help to cool off. But once this passes Nize is not even close to forgive or forget. There is also no shame, remembering the anger outbursts. And if the person in question is still alive, that called upon this anger? Well, you can say that he will not mind spending some resources and energy in having a closure. One he prefers.

The Birth:
What Nize was as a Human. Heck, what was even his name then, have been lost who knows how long time ago. His story would really begin with a small Dummy Hollow being absorbed and melting together with a unstable piece of Vasto Lorde. You see, at that time in Hueco Mundo there was an Hollow who had acquired the highest pedestal of Hollow evolution. The only minus was...That thing was an anomaly. There wasn't a single mind overtaking the Gillian and making it hunt. No. In that place there was larger then life desire to feed. It took place instead of a dominant mind. And such it fed.

It fed until becoming a Adjucha. Still a Gillian sized being, all mouths and tentacles, thousands of masks pouring out of it's body, but never truly leaving. The beast had consumed a lot, grew larger then life and did nothing but destroy what it could see. But what the being didn't sense is, while the collective mind was still hungry, the now Vasto Lorde's body couldn't take anymore. And in one moment it fell apart. The once huge being split in dozens of lager, semi-sentient pieces. Here is where Nize comes in.

A foolish Dummy Hollow, wandering too close to an white piece of flesh and tentacles, and getting snatched by it. Even falling apart the collective hunger was still there and like parasites these pieces tried to latch on anything they could. Only this time it was one mind, that was stronger then the rest. A jump happened and what was once a Dummy Hollow was now Adjucha. Really confused, lost Adjucha, but Adjucha he was. Something similar happened to the rest of the pieces, but it doesn't pay big role at the given moment.

Being in his new form took some time to get used to, but he had it plenty. The Adjucha learned to hunt and hide, when becoming a prey. He was small and fast, both useful in the white desert. He hunted, when the hunger demanded and explored at the same time. The usual Hollows obsession with food and power was easily pushed aside by the Hollows child-like curiosity for the world. And then he learned it was possible to travel between worlds.

Earth realm was amazing. Beautiful and vibrant, it made the petite Adjuchas hole fill up with joy. He loved it there. From the greens of the forests to blues of the sea. It was true love, you can say. And it lasted shortly for Shinigamies are assholes and almost killed the poor thing. He was traumatized for weeks, not leaving his small cave even for food. After getting over it the Hollow swore to never leave Hueco Mundo ever again. Monsters should stay where monsters lived.

It was a chance encounter, saving Arrancar, Shadow Fraccione, from mechanical being, once a Hollow. Maybe it was the creatures ridiculous fox size or big, wide eyes, but after the battle this Arrancar stayed. He stayed, talked and petted him. Pets were the best thing ever. And he gave him a name. One thing the Adjucha had almost forgotten he had a need for. But now he was Nize.

You can say it was his best and worst time as a Hollow. Both became close friends, him and Bi, and there were so many walks, talks and pets. Nize really liked pets. When Bi had a mission, that took days to do, the Adjucha felt lonely. His hunger was getting worse as of lately and it was harder to ignore the voice telling to eat non-stop. Nize didn't want to be one of those things out there. And Bi helped with that. To mute the voices and make him happy. To make the Hollow feel more than a monster. The Arrancar helped Nize to learn how to love Hueco Mundo. How to love the Hollows around. An thaught, if he wanted something, he needed to go for it. And it seemed Nize wasn't the only one to go for this suggestion.

It should be one of the regular meetings with Bi, but turned into tragedy. Nize felt fine that day, but once his eyes lay on his best friend something broke the small Hollows mind, took over his limbs and a monster was set loose on the defenseless Arrancar. Nize never learned why he didn't run. Why he didn't fight back. But he knew that those were his fangs that ripped and shredded the Arrancars body, devouring him completely. Bi was no more.

Since then the hunger returned time to time, taking Nize over as a puppet, going on a devouring spree and leaving the Adjucha to feel used. Feel like a abomination. It went to the point he couldn't take it anymore. He wanted them out. The voices of hundreds, the ever commanding hunger. How week and defenseless he was to all this. A mask was pulled and freedom sought. A mask was pulled and freedom given. Here Nize ended as a Hollow. There he started as Arrancar.

Joining The Espada:
Nize took his sweet-ass time adjusting. Being Arrancar was so different and so, so much better. No voices, no hunger and thumbs. He loved thumbs and how useful they were. Nize started to live in his small cave again, just modifying it a little. He was able to do that thanks to new-found power. Power to push and shape Reishi in different ways. Slowly a small cave became a bigger one. Then it turned into a house. And then again Nize started to venture into Earth Realm. This time it was different, he was maybe a bit more careful and such his visits turned out safe. In them the boy learned more about world, situation with Hueco Mundo vs Everyone Else and picked up an surprising interest in science. Or more like...How he could use his powers in creating things mixed with machines and gadgets Nize found here and there.

The small cave slowly turned bigger and bigger, changing from that to improvised lab. Nothing fancy or high tech, but enough for Nize to experiment with his ideas. It had taken a bit of hard work and reducing some of the intruding Hollows into their prime form of Reishi and learning just how they are made, but result was that the Arrancar learned how to create Hollows on his own from the Reishi whole Hueco Mundo was made off. Such he created Bi, a jackal-type Hollow in memory of his old friend, and Rem. Both joyful and loyal creatures with bubbly personalities. Nize wasn't sure from where the personalities came, but his guess was that it had to do something from the fact, that he himself was made of numerous souls. The greatest creation then, though, was The Hollow Tree. Replica to the one Queen of Hueco Mundo resided in, but unlike the seemingly dead appearance of the original, he created a cute little sapling with red flesh and little, grabby roots. The creation process was boosted through some power enhancing drugs one could find being sold here and there.

This sapling quickly grew and over-grew around the whole lab, becoming it. This fact made Nize concerned, because he had no idea how the ruling government would react with all this, but no one came with blazing guns and burning lasers, so safe the boy was for the time being. Already good few years in being an Arrancar, when he was visited by another of his kind. A nasty mind reader, who decided to poke his brain for kicks or something. You can imagine it didn't get well with him and it seemed, that this little mind intrusion awoke someone in Nizes head he long hoped wasn't there.

Soon after that happened the next unfortunate event. Gappy Spirits, little beings made from Hollows DNA, Nizes powers and some primitive technology escaped his lab and spread all across Hueco Mundo. These little things fed from Reishi and made concentrated one in their bodies. Their original goal was to exist just so he could acquire this valuable substance without extra hassle, but their escaped made Nize realize beings made for one goal doesn't mean they won't have more than one goal. Gappy Spirits started to rapidly evolve and grow, changing and multiplying faster then Nize could catch up. He understood the cleaning process would be impossible alone. On top one of the biggest nests were located somewhere inside New Las Noches walls. At that moment Nize realized he truly fucked up. Joining Shadow Fall it was.

Shadow Fall/Espada/Rose:
Was joining the organization only way how to solve his predicament. Maybe not. But Nize didn't so much. Upon joining the demonic forces of Shadow Fall to his surprises the boy wasn't thrown in some large group of soldiers, but rather into the once famous Espada. Rose Mischevang, a strong hearted leader and in his thoughts the strongest of Arrancar race. This girl was as caring, as brutal. Without doubts, exactly what Hueco Mundo needed at that point.

It didn't take long for the Fraccione get very attached to his boss, though she didn't like him thinking of her like that, and this attachment made him want to grow and prove to be of a use to Hueco Mundo. Scouting missions, as well, as battle ones. Training in range, while sharpening his mind in the lab. Rose had a lot to share and he was willing to learn.

Probably, a note worthy meeting was running into a lunatic, by Nize's thoughts, which later turned out to be Sunshine Asthavon, one of Royal's of the leading demon family. o say the meeting was hell would be a understatement. The thing was...A lot of things. He attacked him, they fought, but it was a battle between a mouse and god. Nothing good could come from that. Nize came back with few scars and puzzled mind. But he got over it.

Sadly the Arrancar couldn't stay a Fraccione forever and at some point attained the rank of Espada. With the responsibility this title brought you can say the boy was more then stressed. Nize took his job seriously and tried to better the life of Hueco Mundo, in the same time trying to better himself. His knowledge about how to create Hollows and Arrancars alike had grown even further, both Bi and Rem being fully formed Arrancars and his fateful Fracciones. The Hollow Tree he created all those years ago had taken a growth spurt as well and broke out of the ground, hovering above even the tallest of Gillians. Her name was The Tree of Life and Birth.

And of course no one can forget to mention the experiments he did to himself in goals to achieve further evolution. Different items were fused with his flesh, such as the Hollow Ring, that allowed to control lesser members of his species, to the famous Dues Ex engine. This was probably one of the most risky of his experiments, as he took the device apart and altered it into a skin-thin body suit. It was then replaced with Nize's own skin and fused with his Zanpakuto and all the energy it contained. The result was that he lost his Ressureccion form, gained increased power and made his body highly unstable.

The Black World Arc:
The Black World breaking through and releasing hell all around meant people from both sides were forced to act. Nize was sent to explore Black Hueco Mundo and it was something. Like home, but different. Less friendly, definitely. The boys wandering led to the place where one would find his home. Though, in that place it was a tower of sin. If succubus Arrancars were anything to go by.

If he thought this mission may be hard, he had really no idea. The miasma of Black World effected the male terribly. It brought out what was hidden in a person and brought back an animalistic hunger Nize knew too well. Only this time, for one reason or another, this hunger had more sentience, a personality. And dam, he was a asshole.

The possession didn't last long, letting Nize proceed with his own will. More bloodshed, killed Arrancars and probably a broken rib or two, but the top of the tower was reached, where Nize was met by the most strangest creature. His Saca Dilla. The opposite of what he was. Basically a giant perv. That didn't mean he wasn't strong. With the same power level as Nize, but with no injuries and focus on durability and strength, rather then speed and ranged attacks, the Saca Dilla beat the shit out of him. It was, though, only to make a point across, that Nize is still too weak to achieve his dream. They dream.

Once that was made clear, the Saca Dilla fused with Nize and became something of a parasite, the Arrancar being a host. The creatures name was Lust now and they became quick friends and combat companions. Though...He had the habit of saying the strangest things quite often. A lot penetration jokes Nize didn't get, as Lust weapon was a hammer. He was sure you can't penetrate people with a hammer. You need a sword for that.

The Break and Nize 2.0:
As months passed one another Nize grew quieter and quieter. His growth in power made the altered body more and more unstable, where it was on verge of self-destruction. Only the presence of Lust and daily medical treatments kept him from blowing up. He tried to avoid people, burrowing in his work like never before. Nize's ultimate goal was to populate Hueco Mundo, as well, as make it a safer environment for all living there.

At that time The Tree of Life and Birth had evolved to be able give birth to Hollows and Arrancars without it's creators power. It served as a home for hundreds after hundreds and was Splits lab, home and friend.

The last straw was when, after a terribly taxing day, Nize went to rest, waking up to a burning village he himself had created. Everyone destroyed, he didn't have a single doubt it was his own doing. Or rather, the beasts inside himself doing. As his body was splitting, Hunger had greater control over the Arrancars actions. It was time for drastic measures.

"Project Soul Drive" was probably one of Roses most impressive inventions and in theory it should help Nize return stability in his messed up body. Additionally, he had created a re-building chamber inside The Tree, where his body would be reduced to pure Reishi and then re-built anew like it was before all this mess. In theory. Saying the truth, Split had no idea what would happen, if he went in there, as there was 90% chance his physical make-up won't be possible to repeat. On top of that the Deus Ex had also became unstable and it wasn't clear, if it will be possible to remove it. And on top of that there was also Source, Hunger's given name, that had developed it's own soul and Nize wasn't sure, if Soul Drive will be able to hold that thing off. Lust promised to help, but his own existence was a question mark. In total, a lot of uncertainties and not enough time.

The plan was put in motion, Soul Drive inserted and pod entered. Everyone was given the warning to not come close, in case of explosion. Just in case. And the world didn't see the Arrancar for a whole year. For a year Nize Split was gone, the creatures he created left to be taken care by his Fracciones. The pod opened and he stepped out. But now Nize Split was only his name. A name memories supplied, but that was all. The personality was lost. The Nize everyone knew was lost. Because the rebuild was far from perfect. It had broken the Arrancar apart, but didn't put him together like it should. Reminder, his birth wasn't like most Hollows. And such the creature now was what it should be then. The strongest soul, that controlled the others. But being lost in a sea of souls for so long ended this soul with no memories or emotions of it's own. Just "Project Soul Drive" in his head and memories from another person. No feelings attached. And that made the soul confused. Lost. That made this soul to become Nize.

But this Nize had no intentions continuing what the previous one was doing. The computer in his head told it was pointless and at that moment there was no feeling to follow. He needed a vacation. Somewhere no one would think of looking. And while there probably could be dozens of options, the first one to come in mind was Karakura. Such, a Gigai was needed. Fake personality and documents. The computerized brain and no sense of guilt made it simple to forge. In the enemies base he will be safe.

» Equipment:

» Item Name: Vitamin C+
» Item Type: Created by Nize and works on those with Hollow genes in them.

» Used For: Healing

» Item Description: The fruit of Nize's hard work and understanding of Hollow's genetics, one pill is in the size of a small button. Silver in appearance and sweet on the tongue, once ingested it activates High-Speed Regeneration locked in Hollow's DNA and grants it to he person in question.

Vitamin C+ works for three posts, granting High-Speed Regeneration of Advanced level. Similar to coffee or energy drinks, the users energy reserves are reduced by a huge chunk. One pill may be ingested for Tier 3 and one additional pill for each major tier up for the drug not to make extra strain to the body. Between intakes there must be 2 post cool-down at least. By surpassing the recommended intake one may experience incomplete healing, disfigured regrown limbs and such. After taking two pills pass the recommended limit they won't work anymore, even going so far as to damage the body. Those with already active High-Speed Regeneration will experience an level boost in it for the drugs duration.

» Obtained From: The pills comes in batches of ten and are kept in Nize's right arm's upper compartment.


» Item Name: Project SOUL(drive)
» Item Type: Rose Mischevang

» Used For: Multi-Purpose

» Item Description: Full description
» Obtained From: Being Roses Fraccione and knowing her for many years, as well, as showing large interest in self-modification, had gotten quite a few interesting devices for Nize. Project "Soul Drive" was one of them, given in hopes of stabilizing the dire situation in his body.


» Item Name: Advanced Gigai
» Item Type: Support

» Used For: Multi-Purpose

» Item Description: Created for purpose to be able to walk safely around in Karakura. Upon deciding that he needed time to understand himself, literately, Nize took the standart Gigai used by Arrancars and modified it so it could serve the purpose he had in mind.

The main focus has been set, so, while being inside this doll, his spiritual presence is completely changed from Arrancars to Human Ziamichi with inner Hollow. The goal for that is to be able safely walk in Karakura, without prying eyes. There is, of course, risk of meeting those with detection abilities of Master and above and, if truly focusing on the Gigai, they may feel what hides inside it.

Besides this, the Gigai allows Nize to use his racial Hollow abilities that doesn't involve turning his body parts into devices or producing any from his body. Also, they are capped till Elite level power-wise. He has also access to Project "Soul Drive", but it's benefits are limited to maximum of 15%. As last point, the Gigai has a tier limit of 2-1. Meaning, if Nize is higher tier then this, his energy will be cut to the maximum Gigai level.


» Obtained From: The new soul taking Nize's place is confused. It has only the previous owners memories, but realization, that it's not him in the same time. And because of that he wants now to get some downtime and try finding himself. Nize back then was very fond of Earth Realm and he had huge interest in Karakura, so, with no other real stop points there, the Arrancar decided he will hide as a Human in Karakura for some time. Such, an effective Gigai was needed.


» Item Name: Mark of The Hollow Prince
» Item Type: Accessory

» Used For: Crowd-control

» Item Description: Created long ago, when starting to reach new highs in his power, Nize altered the standard Mark of Hollow to something more. The original item was meant for Shadow Fall units to be able control the weak, wild Hollows of Hueco Mundo, so they wouldn't bother them, while conducting their tasks in the said land.

But Nize saw much more potential back then. By spending more then a fortune, he bought immense amount of concentrated Reishi and using his abilities of it's manipulation, coupled with few clones of himself, fused the small item with little bit of his very own Hollow essence. By then spending additional time working on the item, using his own abilities, as well, as some Espada resources, object worth of it's name was created.

Similar to the original item, with it Nize can control Hollows[NPC only] with Willpower of Adept and weaker in radius of few hundred feet. The radius can be boosted by feeding energy to the ring. Creations made by Nize can be control with no regards to their location or Willpower. And while the item generally just gives a command, which the targets will try to fulfill to the best of their capabilities, if Nize wishes, he can take complete control of any of his own creations, using his own mental abilities, but their physical ones, as well, as powers. Lastly, Nize can use the Mark of Hollow Prince to mentally communicate with other Arrancars and Hollows as calling through phone in the before mentioned radius. Those, who has at least Adept Mental Deduction or Willpower can hang up on Nize easily.

Visually the mark looks like a white bone ring with a broken imp mask in the middle and two black gems in each side. Because part of the ring is Nize himself, for those without Nize inside them this ring works as the base it was built from.

» Obtained From: Crafting post and Old inventory

» Racial Abilities:
Disclaimer: While Nize has constant access to all his techniques mentioned down below, I have separated them in "moods", as his fighting tactic changes slightly. Universal, as the name states, are techniques he uses constantly.

Universal Techniques

  • Project "Soul Drive"; Nize's Use - This device, safely inserted in Nize's body, was what everyone hoped to be the answer to his problems. In some ways it was, even if the persona, no, soul of this Arrancar doesn't exist anymore.

    Now he uses this device quite a lot and had altered few things to fit his own needs. Mostly it is the focus set on boosting his battle techniques and speed. It lessens the effect on the man's strength or durability, but it would be a lie, saying he sees them as a big asset in battle.

    The other big alteration is more of a upgrade to the nano-bots in his body. Similar to Nize him-self, they have been changed from fully mechanical beings to half organic, microscopical Hollow-parasites with mechanical brain. Without this, their other big change is that they have been fused and became part of Nize's Zanpakutô, as it has been combined with Project "Soul Drive". That in turned gives each micro-Hollow similar powers of Reishi manipulation.

    Being parasites, in some way even viruses and the Arrancar is toying with the idea as of late, they can change themselves into different organic substances. This ability for now is used, so Nize can heal his injuries and regenerate body parts, if needed. Or create new ones, if time and patients is given. He can quickly add something new as well, but it would waste extra energy and there is the risk of the body part being created crippled and flawed.

  • Racial Focus; Cero/Sonido - Glass cannon is definitely what he is known for, aside from his ability to create. Nize had spent good amount time to perfect and develop his existing Cero techniques, as well, as create new ones. And because his tactics mostly involves range fighting, need for speed and keep his distance was mandatory.

  • Presencia Hambrienta - Nize's spiritual pressure very well represents both the hunger he has been born from, as well, as one of the deadly sin's, Greed. Black in color, once his spiritual presence connects with anything made of Reishi, the object bursts into black flames, eating it away, as fire would do with flammable things. Like real fire these flames would then jump from object to object and can cause quite a wildfire in areas with a lot of Reishi. Nize can toggle this on and off when emotionally calm, but has no control over these flames and such they can easily turn against him, as well, as others. The most effective way to dose them is with high-pressure spiritual presence.

  • Cero Volcánico - Longer charging cero attack and harder to precisely control, Nize releases multiple beams of cero from the surface he is connected with. Depending if the surface has high Reishi concentration or not, this attack can be both high taxing, in case Nize has to use purely only his energy, to low cost, if the surface itself has Reishi to burn. Performing this technique forces the Arrancar to be rotted to a spot for the period of Cero Volcánico. Those with sensing ability of Adept and up can also easily feel places, that will erupt once the needed energy had gathered there.

  • Gran Rey Cero - Cero one masters, when becoming Espada, Nize was not exception. This attack has long charging time, but compensates with massive destructive force, that even distorts space around it. No surprise it was forbidden to use it in Las Noches, when Aizen ruled and still it would be unwise to use such attacks inside buildings. Most likely then not, one will destroy the building in such way.

    Usually, loosing the Espadas title would mean Nize loosing the ability to perform such attack, but with mastery of Cero as high, as he had, the Arrancar had no problems replicating the technique on his own. And such, it didn't go anywhere.

  • Cero Armas - As the name state, this ability allows Nize to form a weapon of choice from Cero he generates. The Arrancar generates power usually used for Gran Rey Cero and then compresses it in the desired form, mostly it being a sword in Combat Mode and staff in Rage Mode. It is also possible to turn them into explosive projectiles, though, they are hard to aim and carry immense recoil. Without activated "Soul Drive" or Ressurecion it is most likely Nize will get pushed backwards, when launching the attack. It is obvious this is more taxing technique, compared to the most, and such rarely used for projectile attacks.

  • Cero Planeta - One of the longest to charge, Nize had actually used this attack once, fighting the terrifying Sunshine Asthavon. More of a finishing move, he gathers energy on par with Ulquiorras Lanza del Relámpago in palm of his hand and pushes it into a ball, size of a marble. This cero's movement speed is almost none, making him to deliver the sphere to his target. It means Nize also gets caught by the destructive force of this explosion, from which he barely got out alive last time. And since then the male had gotten much more powerful.

  • Rebotar - Nize's combination of Cero and Sonido, this move ignites under Arrancars feet, giving a speed boost just before using Sonido. Depending on how large boost of speed he wants, Nize can use more or less of his energy. It can go from giving just a minor edge to going twice or even three times faster then before. Prolonged use of this ability, though, can cause physical strain to his legs.

  • Sonido Enchantment - Nize learned how to apply his Sonido to most of other techniques, reducing the time in which they are executed or increasing their speed. That can make for quite a nasty surprise for his foe, who thought Gran Rey Cero is slow charging attack. Of course, the slower attack is originally, the more taxing it gets to boost it. Mainly Nize uses this to fire Cero's at even faster speed then before.

  • Wings - Without the fact, that they make it possible for Nize to easily maneuver through out the air, the energy formed wings also give a slight boost to the males general speed. It's nothing much, but anything is good, when one needs to stay out of melee combat as much, as possible.

Combat Mode

  • Cero Huevos - Legacy left from Saca Dilla Lust, these are balls, containers, made from Hierro and filled with Gran Ray Cero. The most simple use of them is loading in a cannon and fired at the enemy. Only after hitting the target they will explode, releasing the devastating energy one the victim. More complicated use of this ability would be dropping them as a mine. Nize can then detonate these balls to explode whenever in the next 5 posts. Otherwise they will do on their own after the before mentioned time. In the same time he can control 1 ball per Mental Deduction level after Advanced, plus one additional per Cero skill level after Advanced.

  • Cero Llover - Small shoulder gun, controlled by the computer in Nize's brain, forms on his shoulder and fires half-strength Balas, compressed in size of a bullet. Because they are so small, but with decent energy, the pressure on enemies defense is much bigger then a regular Cero or Bala. While one bullet would not cause too big of a problem, leaving a small, but deep, burned hole in a persons body, it is the sheer amount fired at the same time what is the main point. Because of the reduced energy cost and small, compact size, Nize can fire hailstorm of these in rapid succession, making swish cheese out of the enemy.

    The gun itself is locked on the enemies spiritual readings and can operate freely without Nizes orders, but such it can also be easily confused by changing it and such. If the Arrancar takes active control over his weapon, tho', it may become a different story. Constant usage of this weapon for more then 3 posts will overheat the weapon and make it go into a cooldown of 5 posts.

  • Cero Disparar - Each hand summons a black, mechanical lazer gun. The fire slightly smaller Balas, though, not as small, as Cero Llover, then regular at the enemy in rapid speed. It is quite similar how Coyote Stark used his two guns. If wished, Nize can also easily produce Cero's from them, of course in slower speed then Balas.

  • Cero Cañón - It is a giant cannon, which forms, when Nize puts both of his hands together. It gathers Reishi from surrounding area, and, if can't, Nize, and fires blast close to Gran Rey Cero. It can be fired once a post, with two post cooldown. If though, pushed, Nize can fire a second blast post afterwards, but then the gun is useless for the next 4 posts.

  • Speed Enhancing Absorber - In places with high Reishi consistence Nize can turn his feet into roller-skate, connecting with the Reishi around, absorbing it and creating a concentrated version. That is then used to boost his speed, while there is wild Reishi to absorb and use. The speed boost is on par with Nize's current Sonido, such, a good way to utilize his surrounding, if there is any Reishi available. He gets the most of it in places, like, Hueco Mundo and Soul Society.

  • El Goliat - As much, as Nize doesn't like to do it, sometimes close combat is the only option. And he isn't big fan of it. Because of that El Goliat was created. After the command is given, millions of Nano-bots leave the males body, and together with his Reishi manipulation ability, craft a heavy black robot over him. The suit is around three meters tall and massive. Multiple Cero cannons are built in, as well as smaller Bala machine guns and few Cero Llover. The suit has heavy strength enhancers, boosting anything below to Advanced and Advanced to Elite, as well, as durability on par of Elite. The downside is that his movements drop to "untrained" and after 7 posts, the duration of this machine form, he will be reduced to close exhausted.

  • Cero Atrapar - Five black metal rods are released from Nize's arm, encasing the enemy in a pentagon shape. White, Cero type energy then is produced, connecting with the target in the middle. The said targets energy flow is then being tried to block. Depending on the difference between Nize's tier and his target, the enemy may be left completely paralyzed and unable to move for duration of a post to just be a bit slowed down, while in the trap. Larger the territory to cover, more energy this device will take.

Rage Mode

  • Estar Furioso - As mentioned before, while raging Nize doesn't go all beast-like anymore. Though, if in battle, he starts to consume more of any possible power sources available, fueling all his techniques with this burning anger. It takes more energy, but in return gives increased firepower as well. Project "Soul Drive" helps in micromanaging this process.

  • Cero Anilla - Nize creates a ring of eight cero balls, each in size of a snowball. These balls locks on the targets Reiatsu signature and follows it. The goal is to surround the target, making him/her be in the middle of these eight balls(radius 1 meter and less). When he/she is there, a black energy collar appears around the targets neck. Then it will work like a magnet for Nize's Cero-type attacks, attracting them to the wearer for the next 3 posts. This collar can be broken off with strength Advance and up, but, if done so, it will explode with the strength of Adept Cero.

  • La Esclavitud - Seven tendrils of black Cero energy forms behind Nize, taking form of long, whip-like imp tails. They have Advance Strength, each move on it's own and radiate heat on par with with Advance level Cero. Each tail can stretch around 15 feet in radius, with the speed matching of user's Sonido level. The default duration of such technique is 3 posts with 5 post cooldown. If Nize wishes to boost the Cero strength the tendrils were created from, each skill level would reduce the duration for one post, but no lower then one and he can't surpass his own Cero skill level. Though, if in place with high concentration of Reishi, such as Heuco Mundo, the duration for the tendrils is boosted by 2 posts and cooldown reduced by one. Additionally, each Cero skill level pass Advanced grants Nize additional post of duration.

  • Cero La Negro Sol - Four(Six in Ressureccion) black balls of Cero energy form around Nize. Each holds the juice of a Gran Rey Cero and such, take their time to charge. When done, they will follow the Arrancar, being additional mediums, from where he can release his Cero's, as well, as other techniques. Each sphere can release 10 Cero's or 1 Gran Ray and the radius he has control over them is 100 feet per Cero skill level pass Advanced.

  • Arco Rojo - Technique created from watching and studying Quincies, once Nize was quite fascinated with the fact that his unique ability is in some ways similar to their racial one. Such, he was then, around a year ago, adamant on learning to form something of a Quincy bow, but using Cero for basis. He was successful, though, soon afterwards the stabilization procedure came.

    Now it is probably the main technique he uses in his Rage Mode. His focal point is the middle of palm, from which a black and red Cero energy emerges and forms into a unstable looking energy bow. From this bow then he produces arrows in different strengths and densities, depending on the need.

» Zanpakutô Name: Conejito Tímido

» Zanpakutô Appearance: Originally a sword, it had experienced multiple alteration in spam of few years. Now, at this point, the Zanpakuto is a fusion with Project "Soul Drive" inside his brain. Part of it can be seen as small clouds of black leaving Nize's body and then returning into it. They are the microscopic Hollows mentioned before, but a bit more unique, each being a part from the Arrancars Zanpakuto and such holding more power than a regular one. Not to mention the fact they are also gaining the boost Nize receives from Project "Soul Drive".

» Unique Power: The previous Nize couldn't tell anyone, what was his sin and why his powers were as they were and this Nize isn't any bit wiser in that aspect. He has a theory, that while alive he may had control problems in some way, but this didn't help that much.

Nize's unique power is Reishi manipulation. Reishi is small particles, building blocks from which worlds are even built from. His home, Heuco Mundo is made from it, as well, as Soul Society. It's from what souls are made and Nize has the ability to use these building blocks himself. At start they were small things. A wall. Kettle. Furniture and simple stuff. But as time went off and understanding about his power and Reishi as a matter grew, his power in controlling it grew as well.

First souls he created were weak Dummy Hollows, that were dismantled right away. It was then practiced, as souls were probably the most complicated Reishi creations from them all. Nize doesn't know from exactly where their personalities and minds come from, but he has a suspicion it could be related with the fact, that all Reiatsu on very basics is the same and such, it knows how to be anything. The limit is how much the creator understands about the object he is making. What else was learned, if he created a being before, dismantled it and wanted to create the same creature again, it will be the same being with the memories from the previous time it was created. Few of Arrancar's Fracciones were born through such method.

After joining the Espada and shooting through ranks, his control over Reishi around him had sky-rocketed as well. He can build the most complex structures, given time, understanding and material. Crafting a huge city, like Karakura and such would probably create a heavy mental burden on his mind, though, with "Soul Drive" in his brain this limit had been pushed even further. He can create beings independent from himself, though, once done that, he can't take back the control of them existing or not. The process of cutting off usually makes the created being feeling power-less for days while they build up their own energy supplies.

In battle this ability can be used in building obstacles, energy shields and decoys, though, it takes much more energy then a regular, polished technique would. This is why Nize doesn't use his ability in battles that much. Also, souls created on the fly can be a maximum of 4-3 and with a limited quantity which can be dependent on his release form at the time.

Other part of this power, while connected with Reishi manipulation, is probably more related from the beast Nize was part of once. Reishi absorption. He can turn it in it's purest form and absorb it for additional energy. Any real benefits come only in places, where the concentration of it is really high, as Soul Society or Hueco Mundo. Big supernatural battle fields will do too. But it will also come with the drawback of Nize's environment deteriorating, falling apart and being absorbed by the male. When just becoming an Arrancar he couldn't control it, making owning items an impossible feet.

» Resereccion Name: Diabillo

» Resereccion Release Phrase: Dance!

» Release Actions: There is no specific action, but once the release phrase had been spoken his body turns into black smoke, shortly reforming into his new form.

» Resereccion Appearance:
Topics tagged under 2 on Bleach Platinum Hearts RP [Active] - Page 2 Res_Small

» Resereccion Abilities:
  • Echar - Activates only once upon entering Resereccion. Ten small, black balls of Reiatsu sprout from Nize's body and into the ground, Gillians breaking out from those spots few seconds later. While they won't attack Nize, no one else is sure to be safe, as these Gillians will act, as any Gillian would. This can be substituted with a swarm of hundreds of weaker Hollows.

  • Master of Reiatsu - When entering Resereccion all Arrancars aspects are boosted. That includes his unique ability to control, absorb and manipulate with Reiatsu. The range has also greatly increased, with the additional fact of being able to create more complicated objects on the fly.

    His Reiatsu absorbation rate has also grown quite a bit, but becoming also a lot harder to control. It can cause quite a problem in realms, where items and building, not talking about land itself, are built from the substance.

  • Cero Pentagrama - From the staff in Nize's hand five black energy balls appear and swirl around it. Soon after, an immensive large and strong version of Cero is released, causing huge damage to everything below Advanced durability. He can manipulate the power put behind this, even being capable to make Bala version of the same attack.

  • Cero Vincula - By stabbing his staff in the ground Nize can produce black Cero chains, binding anyone in 200 feet radius. Not only they are really durable and restrain movement, these chains also slow down the energy flow in once body, shortly making them incapable to perform any energy-type attacks. Those with Strength of Elite and up can break through. If during the next post they can't, though, the chains will explode in large, high damage blast. This can bind hundreds of smaller enemies or few larger ones. And if it doesn't completely bind them, then at least slow down by few notches for a short duration.

  • Cero Sol; Event Power - Nize creates a giant ball of black Cero in the sky, that for the next three posts will try pulling in everything and everyone in 3000 feet radius. Land, buildings and such will be pulled in and reduced into nothing by the intense energy in the sphere. People without exceptional means to defend against it would likely be put out of commission. If made from Reiatsu, they will feed the thing, growing it in size and extending it's life spam, but not more then extra 3 posts. Those with Tier one major step higher then Nize's will be able to keep their ground with almost no problems. Others with the same power will keep steady, feeling strain in their muscles, but those going even below that will find it hard and maybe even impossible to not be dragged towards the giant orb in the sky. This is once per thread move, after which he will be incapable to activate any of his powers.

  • lluvia de Fuego - Black smoke leaves the Arrancar's body and fills the nearby sky in few hundred feet radius and constant rain of Balas start to fall down, causing small explosions everywhere for the next post. This can be used once per 5 posts.

  • Torretas Enmascaradas - Dozens of small balls of darkness leave his body and fuse with different, large surfaces. From them human-size tentacles sprout with Hollow masks on them, shooting enhanced Balas at everyone Nize had deemed as enemy. They disappear once the surface, from which they have been sprouted is disturbed or when they are cut down. While the Arrancar can make new ones each two posts, such use of this ability will strain the males energy reserves much faster. In default he can control 10 turrets, +1 per Mental Deduction level pass Experienced. While equipped with Mark of Hollow Prince, he gains additional 5 turrets.

Hazard Level
  • Overall: A-rank
  • Power: A-rank
  • Influence: B-rank
  • Resources: A-rank

General Skills
  • Durability: Adept
  • General Speed: Adept
  • Strength: Advanced
  • Martial Skill: Advanced

Racial Skills
  • Perquisa: Beginner
  • Sonido: Advanced
  • Cero/Bala: Master
  • Hierro: Adept

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced
  • Mental Deduction: Elite
  • Focus: Adept

» Roleplay Sample: The Tree of Life and Birth was brim with activity as always. Hollows, Arrancars and different mixes in between were running up and down inside the huge Hollow being, even if their master had now been absent for more then a year. The Tree did it's job NIze had left and it felt happy about it. Yes, maybe lonely sometimes, but surely happy. And today you could almost feel the happiness brimming out from the Hollow plant. Today everyone was ushered twice as hard to complete everything at time. To tidy up and adjust. Today was the day, when stabilization process finishes and Nize returns to his children.

And such, away from all the life and deep in the heart chamber of the Tree, where Nize had made his lab and where a huge Hollow mask hung over a computer of biological mass, quiet "beep" sound left from a human size meet flower, it's petals slowly opening and revealing mechanical egg, filled with bright blue smoke from concentrated Reishi leftovers. This egg then also opened, the smoke quickly leaving into the empty space and disappearing almost at the same time. The Tree didn't want Nize's lab to be foggy. And wildly coughing the white-skinned, black haired boy appeared and slowly stumbled out of the pod. His legs were shaking and lungs tried to grab for air, Reishi, anything, just to remember how to work again. Red plant-like tendrils of red flesh tried to go around the male to support him, but once they touched him, black flames left his body to smoulder the plant and made it retreat.

Once his lung got used to functioning and body got used to the feeling of being something more then a blob of Reishi, Nize slowly opened his eyes. His body posture was tense and mechanical veins pulsed quickly on his black hands. There was no emotions on Split's face or in his blue, mechanical eyes. And the reason for that was, he felt no emotions. No, he felt a bit tense probably. Maybe. He knew , that this place was unfamiliar. Definitely new. But in the same time he had hundreds of memories revolved around it. Hundreds of memories involving emotions towards the place for who he felt nothing at the moment. He knew where he was, even knowing he was here the first time.

Calm women's voice suddenly spoke, almost scaring the male, but again, only almost. It was like his mind had also forgotten how to register emotions. "Master Nize, welcome back! The last analysis reported your body had safely achieved stable condition, similar to how it was with your original Arrancar body. Though, they there are some odd readings, which weren't in our data-base. How are you feeling?" The last sentence was spoken even softer, lovingly tone, creating questions in his mind, that were answered almost instantly by flood of memories. Memories of small sapling. Small, red, grabbing even smaller Dummy-Hollows, draining them out of their life force. A mask, similar to the one over the computer, hanging on the top branch as some sort of fruit. Then there followed many memories, where he was taking care of the meaty thing, watching as it grew and became something amazing. And in those memories he remembers fondness. Fondness towards the Tree of Life and Birth. Little T. He felt nothing now.

And such, with the same blank face expression on his face the male, it seemed his name will be Nize, replied, "Feeling perfectly fine, thank you! Though, I'm afraid I'm not the person that stepped in the pod. It seems..." New memories. No, more like information. Facts and numbers. Statistics. There was a computer with screens and modules, and interfaces in front of his eyes, laying out facts. So, he was an Arrancar. So...This time this Nize person didn't win in the battle of control. But this information exchange happened so fast, no one noticed the pause. "The reforging process also restarted the soul battle for dominance. I guess my soul won."

"Bullshit!!!" Loud, hoarse voice left the pod and another person stepped out. Instantly Nize's mind gave him a name to the face, Lust, and memories corresponding to him. His conclusion was the guy had problems with his libido. But now it seemed he could have even greater issues at hand. The platinum haired male seemed highly unstable, spurting out from his body black and red Reishi, barely being able to move or stand. But he did move and was stumbling in Nize's direction. "You now step back in that pod, so that fucking excuse of cactus can bring back NIZE!!!" He yelled out the last word, as small, blue Cero shoot through his chest like butter.

Uninterested, Nize gazed as the shocked blond disappeared in green flakes of energy. He really didn't have any time for nuisances at the moment and from the memories he had of the male, he was just that. "Alright! Now, I have some preparations to do. No one should bother me. Is that understood?" A pause. Just for a moment. Then the Tree spoke, "Yes, Master Nize."

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Old app #1
Old app #2
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Lex Prailius

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I. Equipment

» Equipment:




Lex's Vehicles






L-B Model Vehicles

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The Gotei:

Topics tagged under 2 on Bleach Platinum Hearts RP [Active] - Page 2 Latest?cb=20101224112155&path-prefix=en

The Onmitsukidō

"If your comrade is being defeated, you should see it as an opportunity. Rather than standing in the way, you should stab the enemy in the back. And if the enemy is so far above your level that you cannot even manage that... then you should let your comrade die. That is the way of the Onmitsukidō."

Who are the Onmitsukidō?: The Onmitsukidō are a sub-division located within the Gotei 13 focusing on three main areas of expertise: covert operations, assassination and special personnel. The Onmitsukido undergo a manner of different stealth based missions on behalf of the Gotei, not only handling assassinations and similar contracts, but handling "special" individuals who prove a threat to the Gotei. This means not normal situations, if someone is fighting and making issues that is typically the front line's duty. Rather, the Onmitsukido attempt to quell more unstable situations. Such as someone losing control of a power and needing to be swiftly killed or knocked out before they can react. For this reason they also handle highly important arrests.

While the 5th divison is heavily focused on stealth and can carry out similar missions, the Onmitsukido are a much more elite and deadly force which go where others shouldn't, or won't, go.

Where are They: Seireitei, they have a bunch of institutes linked with Gotei controlled locations on Earth and allied areas.

Why Join: Contribution of skills towards a noble cause. Learn to walk in shadow and kill as swiftly as possible. The Onmitsukido can provide a plethora of resources for aspiring Shinigami, Vizards and Ziamichi who wish to train themselves in the arts of assassination. If you wish for a serious environment, where the battleground is a tool to mask your presence and you use whatever means necessary to achieve victory, the Onmitsukido is for you.

You can also be a member of the Onmitsukido as well as other positions in the Gotei. As they are a sub division, many people have other responsibilities while remaining a member.



Seireitei, 5th division HQ: Closely linked with the stealth forces of the Gotei, the Onmitsukido uses many of the 5th divisions quarter as a main base of operations. Among a group of buildings and built into the side of a waterfall, the Onmitsukido have their main base of operations within a cave like den constantly guarded with highly skilled assassins.

Allied territory:Outside of the Seireitei, the meeting points for Onmitsukido are within a bunch of allied territories. In places such as Karakura or Vastime, they have a bunch of hidden locations among forests and wildlife. Built into the sides of mountains, hidden underground within the dense forest of Karakura, typically only Onmitsukido members are capable of recognizing and knowing the locations. For one to find a headquarters, other than accidentally stumbling across one, is to solve and follow a set of riddles first given to members upon joining. The locations themselves are marked with a broken tanto knife piercing through the middle of the Onmitsukido logo.

Enemy territory: When Onmitsukido members are in enemy territory, there are no set locations in which they can meet. When a meeting is needed, a location is marked in each operatives scouting zone - an trail of Onmitsukido logos etched into the environment with arrows leading them around the city. Following these signs which are set out by operatives, members in enemy zones can quickly meet up and have makeshift headquarters wherever they need.

Available resources

Plethora of different weapons and technology available
Funding from Gotei
Aid from other divisions
Shinigami based equipment

Home: If you serve within the Onmitsukido, you are guaranteed a home away from home. If for any reason you find yourself out of a place to live, or simply wish to escape or live within your working quarters, all members are welcomed within any of the locations they have a base.

Level of Authority: All Onmitsukido are considered on a 'level of authority', even the lowest ranked members can act similarly to a police force in which they can enforce a law or perform certain tasks. When outranked they can have their authority challenged, but there is a level of trust and authority put into these members. Should someone abuse this, the leaders of the Onmitsukido are capable of revoking individuals of such authority - either suspending or removing them from the Onmitsukido all together.


There are three main branches within the Onmitsukido, many of which are filled by members of the 5th division as the two are closely linked.

Leader of the Onmituskido

The Executive Militia
Leader: Suì-Fēng (0-3+)

  • Trainee #1:
  • Trainee #2:

Seated #1: Henrex Astillon [0-5]
Seated #2:
Seated #3:
Seated #4:
Seated #5:

Rank Details: The Executive Militia carries out missions that involve combat. They specialize in the unarmed combat technique known as Hakuda and is able to operate silently and in secrecy. Their main duty is to carry out missions requiring the use of force. The typical uniform is an all-black ninja styled outfit.

The Patrol Corps

  • Trainee #1:
  • Trainee #2:

Seated #1:
Seated #2:
Seated #3:
Seated #4:
Seated #5:

Rank Details: The second branch of the Onmitsukidō. Intelligence gathering within the Seireitei. Their appearances are unknown in order to preserve confidentiality. They are assigned to locations all across the glove, gathering intelligence on uprisings or enemy targets.

The Detention Unit

  • Trainee #1:
  • Trainee #2:

Seated #1:
Seated #2:
Seated #3:
Seated #4:
Seated #5:

Rank Details: The third branch of the Onmitsukidō. The Detention Unit is responsible for the imprisonment and supervision of all criminals within the Seireitei. They also have another duty known as Special Detention, which concerns those who joined the Gotei but were judged to be a danger to their fellow Shinigami. They investigate, apprehend, and keep these individuals sealed away from the rest of Soul Society within the Special Underground Detention Facility, aka. the Nest of Maggots. This was the unit responsible for sealing Aizen in the Winter War.


How To Join: Simply apply to the position you wish. While new recruits, even skilled ones, go through rigerous training with the Onmitsukido to understand their ways. For RP purposes, this can be skipped and apply for a position you wish - but your character will have gone through all their trainings required.

Onmitsukido Template

❂ OATH ❂
"Every distraction an opportunity. Every hesitation a kill. Swift but deadly. Graceful but relentless. Show no mercy, for you shall receive none."

❂ Name: (What Is Your Character's Name?)
❂ Application Link: (Please post at least a WIP before applying.)

❂ Talent: (What talent does your character have? It doesn't matter if you aren't some super powerful character. These can be their intelligence, speical skills or anything your character does that can be made useful to a team.)

❂ Reason: (Why do you want to join the Onmitsukido?)

[b][u]Omnitsukido Template[/b][/u]

[center][b]❂ OATH ❂[/b]
[i]"Every distraction an opportunity. Every hesitation a kill. Swift but deadly. Graceful but relentless. Show no mercy, for you shall receive none."[/i]
[b]❂ Name:[/b] (What Is Your Character's Name?)
[b]❂ Application Link:[/b] (Please post at least a WIP before applying.)

[b]❂ Talent:[/b] (What talent does your character have? It doesn't matter if you aren't some super powerful character. These can be their intelligence, speical skills or anything your character does that can be made useful to a team.)

[b]❂ Reason:[/b] (Why do you want to join the Omnitsukido?)

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Horus Sariel

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Finish Date: May 15th.

Post #1: Added three abilities( to Oromis's app, specifically Aether Arma stuff. 190 Words.


Post #2: May 8th; Added residence & frequent locations to Oromis's app. 139 words


Post #3: May 10th: Added physical appearance(written) to Oromis's app. 238 Words

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PhantomTech: Henrex does have a PhantomTech brain, installed shortly after becoming a Shinigami, which is currently installed in both of his eyes, allowing him to see a special interface which shows the date, time, location, and an advanced-looking UI of what he is currently scanning. When he falls asleep, his Cyberbrain turns itself off, as when he wakes up, it turns on. He can also simply say a mental command to turn it off and on.

Phantom Tech Abilities:

Night Vision: Due to Henrex being able to manipulate darkness, made a module in his PhantomTech which allows him to see through darkness, giving him a big advantage with his Zanpakutō and certain combat situations. The occurs by using his spiritual energy to enhance his eyesight's weak areas, and it acts like a thermal sight on a gun, with not only lets him see people in the dark, but also their heat signature. The heat signature view is able to be toggled on and off.

Shadow Camouflage: Henrex can use a type of special addon that allows Henrex to blend in with the shadows, almost becoming the shadows itself. His Cyberbrain does this by bending the light around him and reflecting it, making him seem completely invisible.

Heat Sensor (Cyberbrain Add-on): There's a phrase that Henrex heard once. You can't hide from the Eagle Eye. What does this mean exactly? This means if Henrex can't see you....perhaps his Heat Sensor will. This is exactly what the name entails. It sends out three individual pulses of energy from Henrex's Cyberbrain, which scans and locates all heat signatures in the area. Granted, the pulses has a limit of 40 yards, but it is very useful for tracking someone down in close range who is hiding. Each pulse is released on it's own, and each one is released with one pulse per post. One three pulses have been released, the Heat Sensor will go on cooldown. This will have a three to five post cooldown. The pulses that release will scan and highlight the heat signatures in the 40 yard radius for a single post, then they would begin to fade.

Emotion Inhibitor (Cyberbrain Add-on): This custom order, would, as the name entails, inhibit Henrex's emotions. However, this would only be in use whenever his emotions are wild and out of control. This device would send a single dose of Xinstrax. This is a anti-depressant that has been known to ease extreme emotion. This dose is strong enough to calm Henrex down when either his emotions are out of control, or when he loses control of the Demon Blood within him, which is whenever his anger or his bloodlust becomes immense. This would activate automatically upon these requirements met. However, if the device bugs, it could inject a larger amount of it, causing Henrex to be rendered emotionless for a few hours, and if any larger of a dose were to be delivered, it could knock Henrex out or possibly kill him.

Phantom Tech Powers:

Extreme Processing Speed: Henrex’s Cyberbrain is capable of extreme high processing, making him able to asses a situation quickly and more efficiently. He also is able to scan people, certain objects, and equipment, registering them into his database. He does this by locking onto a target and scanning things about them. If he hasn't seen them before, his Cyberbrain will not be able to get anything, and it will start scanning them, via through speech. It will scan info in their speech, such as them saying who they are, saying what they do, etc.

Functioning Denreishinki: Henrex’s Cyberbrain is capable of acting like a Denreishinki, alerting him where hollows are, allowing him to communicate with other Shinigami, and so he can send reports to Soul Society when he needs to. He mainly does this by installing the software normally implanted on a phone, into his Cyberbrain. He can edit the options on it via mentally, and even change the ringtone.

» Denreishinki

» Gokon Tekko

» Access To The Hero Network:

» Gigai

» Cybermind Purchases #1

» Cybermind Purchases #2

» Jou-no-Chi: The Blade Of Order

» Access To The GRID

» The Nemesis Rune

» Kunai

» Shuriken

» Blowdarts

» Kusarigama

» Fukiya (Blowdart Tube)

» Makibishi

» Metsubushi [Effects Only Last One Post]

» Ninjato

» Kaginawa

» Wooden Water Spiders

» Cassiel's Confinement

» The Garb of Tsukuyomi

» Deep Blood

» [url=][/url]



» Zen:

App Links:

» Hayden Desmond:

App Links:

» Kuro Okami:

App Links:

» Arianda Vael:

App Links:

» Cirno Iramasha:

App Links:

» Shadin Yuudeshi:

App Links:

» Ichika Yuudeshi:

App Link:

» Mana Asthavon:

App Links:






The Sugiurans:


The Iramasha:



Gotei Reformed:

Shadow Fall:


The Yuudeshi Family:

Vastime Nation:

The Vanguard:








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Search in: Approved Shinigami   Topics tagged under 2 on Bleach Platinum Hearts RP [Active] - Page 2 FiwaoqcSubject: Leviathan Shihōin [Revamp][Approved, 4-3]    Topics tagged under 2 on Bleach Platinum Hearts RP [Active] - Page 2 EmptyWed Mar 15, 2017 5:29 pm

Quote :

Sorry, but this isn't happening. Someone who is 75 is nowhere close to being able to be the head of a clan. Not to mention that Yoruichi is alive and well, and is the current Head of the Shihoins on PH. Please remove this, and any references to him becoming Head in the app.

Quote :
Imperfect Shunko

Alright, this is something that needs to be struck out. This character will not be able to have enough power, nor enough mastery over Hakuda and Kido in order to create a Shunko. This is usually something that 0 tiers have, since they usually have both the mastery and the energy levels to do this. So, use the HTML commands to do this.

Quote :
Osiris's Gift

There isn't -too- much wrong with this. However, I would like to see a note saying that higher level character will be able to get around this.

Quote :

Ok, I understand that you want two Zanpakuto, and that is perfectly fine. But, this is something that is usually not able to be obtained until high tier (around 0 tier). To give you examples, I'll put two characters who have more than one Zanpakuto.

Character #1: Tsubasa Unabara [Two Zanpakutos]
Character #2: Zeda Yuudeshi [Three Zanpakutos]

Also, I will put a link to the racial specs, and a quote from there.


Race Specs

I would like you to refer to those when constructing the powers for your Zanpakutos. But, for now I would like to see the second Zanpakuto crosses out with the [strike] HTML command.

One those are fixed, this should be ready to go with a tier and will skills.

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