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Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2416, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.

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Bleach Platinum Hearts RP
Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2416, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.
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Despair and madness. Empty Despair and madness.

Thu Jul 25, 2013 1:47 pm

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[purple=Signature Claire]

“..Why was it me.. Why did I have to be picked out of all the people you could have chosen, I who was beginning to get my life in order.. ?... Tell me why that you had to pick me DAMNIT !?!”

Nero/Magnolia, was mumbling to the voice in her head, she had just ran, to god knows where.. from a bad situation, slowly the Steeped Fringe of her despair, it spoke to her .. taunting her with the whispers of madness.. the whispers of despair, It was so sickening to her it couldn’t be helped by her . . it was bringing her closer to the fringe of chaos, the past few weeks, she had slowly been holding on to the fringe of madness, holding on and trying to keep herself sane. But still the chunks of sanity they had been holding themselves in check by tenacious glue, the glue of her resolve, a resolve that was slowly broken, she knew she had no home.. the rinyu .. they couldn’t see her like this, the general of the sea, in such a state , it would cause a drop in morale, but she had to do something about this soon, if not. . Well everything would go south.

And then there was the voice in her head, the signature of Claire which had for the past few months been whispering the sweet discords of madness into her ears, like sweet nectar based on lies. Like the deceptively sweet honey that lures someone into a killer bee’s nest to be stung so many times they would be sent to the hereafter. This voice was the main driving force behind her untimely and quick descent into madness, the feeling which was coming off, the destabilization it all was coming harder.. and the waves had begun as of late to be harder to suppress, they had grown unbearable. The tremors the urges to eat.. to rip to kill, to destroy the world and plunge it back into the madness from which it had been born out of. Right now that little devil in her head, the agent of despair, the rosary of despair and her eternal tormentor Claire, was going on a small rant.. murmuring destructive words in her ear.. tingeing her into the pits of despair.. altering memories..

“..Little.. kitty, little doll. . . Why do you keep resisting just submit. There is no path other than the despair that engulfs you.. You live like a worm hiding in the ground, when you could be up here with me in the skies that are tainted black. Do you think you pitiful child can outlast me, can outwit me you with your meager skill and weak will? If anything you should just submit.. I will ease your descent into madness, you little weak child. Who will come for you, who cares about you I mean seriously you are nothing, important to no one. You are weak, a scared little child that runs away with shit in her pants, its laughable it makes me cry with bitter sweet tears of elation!

You feel like, waiting for the inevitable will make things easier on you child? You that cannot be loved, you that was a mistake, it makes me want to piss myself in amusement! You are like a dog that doesn’t know when to stay down, even after the owner has beaten you to near death. You are like the child, who keeps looking for her mother, even though you know she is dead. You are like a chicken running around with your head cut off. Weak, extremely weak, yet you lie to yourself, You lie about your emotions, your feelings.. little girl. You think that everything would be okay, that you will get through this? Don’t make me laugh, you little cry-baby all you have done is cry, and skirt the issue, it makes me sick, yet I love it. Fight me, feed me your despair, that sweet candy that I crave woman.

Feed me, entertain me, I am merely a residue in your head, something that is here to fuck with you, to taint you into the pits of my despair, To make you mine. It hardly matters to me if you live, but it matters to me if you die. Because I may be a illusion little child but, I still don’t want the fun to end, so.. Give me amusement, submit or resist, either way I will be here.. laughing my ass off at the path you have ahead you little shit-stain. You are just an ant in the mind of so many, so why do you struggle you are worthless, unable to protect. Unable to even survive on your own, I bet Damien.. has forsaken you too.. . You are worthless, you are a no body. Why would he be interested in you? Come on its making me writhe in laughter over here.. you are a weak.. little.. No..body.. you can’t.. protect.. not how you are.. so submit I will show you power..i will make you strong.. little shit-stain.. all you have to do?.. Its very simple.. you just have to let yourself fall into the darkness… Into the sky..”..

Magnolia was standing there.. listening to each breath as her heart had been beating.. the pain was impossibly magnificent, the signature was admiring her handy work, as magnolia pulled out her blade.. and slowly as it came from her neck didn’t look at anything.. no she just looked at the sky.. slowly as if in a trance she slowly had brought the blade forward and pointed it at her neck, slowly she punctured it into the surface, as the blade continued through the silver gleaming, wet with red blood it had punched clean through her neck, one side to the other, yet as normal she didn’t die. . . She should have expected as much but it was for naught.

Slowly her eyes dulled by the recent loss of blood had looked slowly up at the sky, memories seeming to burn her eyes registering blood in the sky.. wait .. Blood? Was something going on here, that she should have known about before-hand? Why was the sky bleeding, why was it bleeding, the thought of the sky bleeding it amused her in the bottom of her stomach, as she was listening to each word the voice in her head, the messenger of sadness, what she had to say, what she said.. how she said it.. but she seemed to look elsewhere up at the sky, taking a step forward her hand pointed at the sky, listening to claire’s words.. Thinking dismally. “Damien” . What Claire said about that individual it seemed to strike something feral and weak inside her.

That strike, it was all it took, the dismal cords of insanity.. of despair so absolute that it could be felt like a rancid fog, it all was saturating the air, as she was spitting up blood, the blade still in her neck momentarily forgotten. She just could hear Claires laughter in her Mind, it was sickening as Claire.. continued to speak..

“..I struck a nerve finally shit-head? Little girl you thought that he was yours for eternity, he couldn’t even grasp what eternity means shit-stain let alone What it means to love.. you UTTER MORON.!AHAHAHA!”

Magnolia just listened to those words and felt her mind shut down, her lips moving, not enough to see but enough to issue two words in the monotone voice that rarely could be heard unless she was beyond anger beyond human emotion. That was the point when shit really hit the fan, because she falling to her knee’s had looked down her hair it all hid her gaze, her rage.. it all was hidden as she had two word that came from her mouth.

“..Shut up “

As this was said energy destructive energy, was expanding from her body rising directly up from her person the ground reacted suddenly with fissures, the light red like a hollows, but corrupt from the person that plagued her within, was rising rapidly, eventually enough that the ground itself collapsed inwards and began rising up, her mouth in a frown, as she began slowly twitching, a dam was about to be broken, and the signature within knew it so, to get the maximum kick out of this predicament Signature Claire leaned in and said in the sweetest voice she could, the one thing she knew that could Rile magnolia up. And those words where?

“ Burn in hell.. with your guilty mother”

That was it, nothing else, but it had the intended effect, as in reality magnolia’s mouth opened as she screamed a scream of rage, of pain, or despair. Mostly a Scream of utter despair of which the likes in magnitude could barely be comprehended not the river or a flow, but the ocean, magnitude depth, clarity. Overwhelming depth, and enormous continuation when it gets going, it just is hard to stop. That scream it was loud enough to be heard for a mile around at least it sounded like a demon, like a fiend , but energy was expanding out still, rising to her full energy, it was more than enough to generate a thundercloud in the mile radius at least, electric generation, lightning raining down, rocks shattering and exploding in random intervals, as her spiritual pressure, itself was deadly, and uncontrolled like this? It was a situation of pure catastrophic proportions while she sat there on her knee’s , her mouth open and eyes hidden beneath her hair. And the ground… it would never be the same again.

Despair and madness. LzZCuy7
Despair and madness. BtXe12b
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Despair and madness. Empty Re: Despair and madness.

Fri Jul 26, 2013 11:04 am

See the fear. Know the fear. Hold the fear. Acknowledge the fear. Run from the fear. Hide from the fear. Because the fear would catch you, and finally ripping out your heart to see if there is any FEAR concealed within.

The thought had caught him again, guiding him to a place where he had never seen, heard or known, but the fact can be accepted that he is in the Demon World for no right nor wrong reasons. Most demons may be quite surprised for a human to be entering this sort of area wihout acknowledging any required techniques nor abilities to be entering this sort of endangered area where he could put himself into danger, but the more surprising thing is, no demons attacked him on his walk. "Something's iffy here. I wouldn't mind if it is someone is here, but i wouldn't give a fuck at the same time. Unless they are interesting enough, of course. But LIKE HELL I HAVE TIME TO SPEND IN THIS FUCKING DAMNED PLACE WHERE I DO NOT KNOW WHERE I AM IN!"

The red-headed male had scratched his hair upwards, and never had any memory or knowledge of coming here to begin with. What he knew is that he could feel an overwhelming amount of energy within this huge space of realm due to the large quantity of demons residing in this area, which even the man himself, can't handle the pressure given by this place. He was pissed enough with this place due to its pressure, but the screams began to shriek across the air, which finally had snapped the human male. "Son of a bitch.. LEARN TO READ THE FUCKING MOOD, BITCH!!!"

Stomping the ground with a huge force and anger, cracks begin to lengthen wide up and long enough to create debrises and massive cracks along the way, spiking up like a spear and rising like a sheild. The shockwave would be enough to attract, at least, nearby beings through the sound he made and the earthquake that he shook with his stomp. Nevertheless, he expected attention from this area, as he is pissed enough to be staying in this shit-hole. Why the fuck is he here, anyways?

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