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And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.
Bleach Platinum Hearts RP
Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2416, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.

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Senkoumei Tikoto [Approved 2-4] Image3712

- Name: Senkoumei Tikoto
- Titles: Giant of the Quincy, Titan Eater, Shield of the Quincy, Blitz Boy
- Gender: Male
- Age: 19
- Bloodline: Pure-Breed
- Affiliation/Rank: Vandenreich

- Appearance Description: Standing at 6'10 Senkoumei is abnormally tall for his age, his height as well as his lanky appearance makes the teen quite a sight to behold. For the most part he keeps his shoulder length purple hair left hanging down so much so that his bangs can cover his eyes make him seem even more monstrous than his size would indicate. While he does usually keeps his hair like this he tends in difficult or stressful situation to tie his hair up so as to keep it from interfering. Though he is a Quincy Senkoumei is not known for wearing much of a uniform and instead usually wears informal shirts and jeans though when prompted he can wear such formal dress his size makes him seem unnatural in the clothes.

Due to his height the Quincy is usually mistaken for being quite menacing and unapproachable as such his presence is quite notable for those even without spiritual awareness to sense his spiritual pressure, those without would simply notice him due to his size and uncanny natural aura that goes along with it.

- Appearance Picture:

- Personality:

You gonna eat that?: The titanic Quincy is well known for his almost unending appetite his appearance is usually met with some sort of crunch or rustling from the bottom of a bag of chips. Its due to this rather abnormal food drive that Senkoumei had been seen stealing food from others as well as consuming huge amounts of his supplies without any thought of rationing.

It is not like his supplies are lacking though, as Senkoumei has a plethora of snacks and foodstuffs usually on his person. It is due to this appetite that when he is without food or dealing with some sort of long winded battle he tends to get angry or uncomfortable as he does not wish to be without his favourite snacks for long. Though he is well known for having many foodstuffs on him Senkoumei is not known for sharing and becomes angry when someone asks him for some of his food as he expects people to get their own or have some food that he can take from them.

You guys are such a hassle: For the most part Senkoumei is not very excitable and will usually be argumentative and unwelcoming to having to do work, the only people who Senkoumei will accept to do work for will usually be those that are stronger than him such as the Emperor. Due to this negative outlook on any sort of work ethic he tends to simply overpower and eliminate his opponents tending to look for a one shot kill situation but will tend to leave them when they can no longer pose a threat, usually this will be when the enemies are in a heaping wreck of their own broken bodies.

As his work ethic moves into his life he tends to hate doing any busy work for those that ask of him, he is not known for doing a good job in terms of the work that he tends to do anyway as in some cases he will break or ruin the item or legwork that someone gives to him and his retort to any sort negativity or disapproval will be boredom or complaining at the fact he was not expected to do a good job so their expectations were highly exaggerated.

Fine then its time to play: This side of Senkoumei tends to only appear when he is fighting with someone who tends to be over excitable or acts out on their emotions and especially when he comes across someone who is so happy to stand up and fight after he has put them down once. In that case Senkoumei tends to show a side of childish immaturity and sadistic anger, he will not be satisfied until a enemy is broken and coming upon the realization that if they could not beat him with their strength before then they could not now.

This side has the Quincy tending to make games out of sadistic or horrific events and acting unruly if his opponent keeps trying to go on. This will only go on for a while though as if the person he finds tends to not stop even when it seems foolish Senkoumei will either leave due to irritation or crush the enemy with the full extent of his power wanting to show the full extent of his power along with the stupidity they had by continuing on and getting themselves killed.

I could crush you if you like?: Though seemingly rather sadistic the large Quincy means this in rather a joking manner and tends to act quite aggressive or intimidating towards his allies and former friends though he will tend to act quite jokingly and make excuses on the notion of 'kidding around' for his own entertainment after making such jokes or threats for normal people he will act nice to a person unless they chose to be offended or attack him out of his manner of speaking.

Though he tends to be quite nice towards his friends barring the first encounter when they beat him at something or act uppity for his actions towards someone or something he will tend to get angry and begin attack or breaking inanimate objects around him, this can also lead to him being rather despondent and simply quitting while he is doing something or giving up and leaving others to their own devices only helping them when he sees they are in danger only looking to help them to avoid someone dying on his watch.

I'm here to guard you go attack: Though he has enough power to fight Senkoumei tends to take a defensive role in battles when he is twined with another leaving them up to fighting and he will act as a guard for them, in this regard he is quite good at his job making it so no one under his care will be too harmed and if they are he will be sure to deal with the enemies that hurt them with revenge in mind and twice over in terms of pain and suffering.

As a guardian of sorts Senkoumei will be sure to guard anyone who he has been asked to though he will usually do a better job when the person is assigned to him by a superior or someone who he actually respects, which tend to be his superiors... While guarding he will still keep his lacks attitude but he will take damage that could result serious harm to himself even for those that he has found annoy him simply because he was expected to be their shield and he will perform as such.

- Likes: Candy, Fried Tofu, Free samples, Quiet people, Tall girls (But not as tall as him...)

- Dislikes: Those that try to hard, Stoic types, Being forced to do the petty jobs, obnoxiously loud people.


Senkoumei Tikoto [Approved 2-4] Image3715-1

- Human Skills:

Intense Endurance: For his age as well as his skill set the teen's abnormal endurance is near enough uncanny having the power to absorb inhuman amounts of damage for this reason the Quincy is well versed in protection and defensive tactics looking to outlast his opponents rather than destroy them outright. It is believed however that the energy and sheer endurance he shows is linked to the amount of foodstuffs that he has consumed as the energy they have burn exceedingly quickly for the Quincy making it likely that while he is without nourishment his natural endurance is weakened by at least half making him as sturdy as any spiritually aware creature.

Natural Athlete: Being naturally gifted at sport from a young age such as basketball, football and others Senkoumei is capable of many feats of athleticism that most would find hard to copy. His build as large and lanky makes his reach in terms of close quarters quite wide along for him to be in a safe distance using his huge wingspan to his advantage. However though he is naturally gifted his enthusiasm for such sports is lacking and though he can outdo most in terms of sheer power and height those that are gifted through hard work and time taken to get to such a level will most likely outdo Senkoumei in such endeavours.

Impressive Strength: Along with his endurance Senkoumei is well known for his superior strength in comparison to most Quincies being able to lift up to near half a ton with strain his close range combat is just as dangerous as his long range fighting in most cases due to the power he exhibits however due to his age and his body not being capable of such feat easily he can damage his body through the attacks he makes.

Expert Marksman: Though he tends to prefer more defensive roles Senkoumei has been trained to be deathly accurate with his bow allowing him to shoot an enemy from distance of at least 1000 meters with his accuracy becoming weaker as it gets to the point of the distance being a mile. While his skills may not be as impressive as other archers his quick-draw style of shooting allows him to surprise his enemy even from afar tending to aim for the legs or arms is also his speciality looking to destroy his opponents quickly.

Blitz Gottes Brechen (Lightning God's Burst): A special strength that Senkoumei was born with having a natural affinity to electricity also means that the Quincy can manipulate his own spiritual pressure and the gathered reishi around him to gather an electrical current around his body. This power improves the Quincy's lacking speed and enforces his body and his arrows with electricity causing lasting burns and damage to those in the way of harm. This power, while powerful only lasts for 3 posts and cannot be used in the same thread twice.

Blitz Gottes's Streik (Lightning God's Strike): Empowering Senkoumei's right arm or through extension his bow the power of this form is amplified into a single point whether through his arm or his arrow. The attack drains the Blitz Gottes Brechen but in return can act out massive devastation to the surrounding area having a blast radius of at least a mile in the direction of the arrow or arm that uses the move leaving anything in its wake a charred mess as if a lightning bolt had struck it head on. The move once performed leaves Senkoumei weakened and he must rest for at least 2 turns before being back to full strength.

Senkoumei Tikoto [Approved 2-4] Image3716-1

- Quincy Skills:

Heilig Pfeil (Holy Arrows): The primary attack used by Quincy. It is basically the same as an average arrow, but if the arrows are shot continuously they will eventually injure the wielders hands. The arrows can be created by collecting Reishi, absorbing Reiryoku from an opponent or gathering spirit energy, giving the Quincy many ways to form their bow and arrow. The power of the arrows vary in power and size, while some arrows are more powerful than others, for every quincy it is different, and normally comes down to skill, since the total amount of Arrow’s fired also showcases the amount of skill, while those who use only a few arrows at a time have more of a impact than others. Depending on what one spirit weapon is, the Arrow shape can change, as if one was a blade, then the arrows fired would appear as blades. For Senkoumei even though he is using a bow type his body has is sturdy enough to make multiple attack with many types of arrows though his tendency is to use larger and more accurate arrows to finish a target quickly rather than a burst spread.

Reishi Control: Much like original powers that are different to each and every Quincy. For example one has the power to change form and gain the ability and appearance to fight his target, while other that can change his appearance, but only is able to copy his target memory and personalty. One own control over reishi can also account for how many arrows they can fire at once, as well how much Reishi they can use at once, also controls there use of Hirenkyaku. The more powerful a Quincy is in this trait, the more powerful there arrows and ability are. Original powers created from reishi control are known as "Zet to". Ziamchi Quincy lost the use of "Zetto". Though he is skilled at making larger and powerful arrows Senkoumei is not that skilled with other such Reishi skills and instead focuses on the concentration of his arrow rather than the quantity.

Path Control: When Uryū fought Cirucci Sanderwicci in Las Noches, he was able to curve his arrows' path after firing them, putting stress on the former Espada. This effectively makes the Quincy's Heilig Pfeil miniature heat-seeking missiles, but instead of locking on to heat, they target whatever enemy they have. It is unknown how long Uryū can control the arrow's path, or if there is a limit to how many can be under his control. So far he has only fired 3 simultaneously using this method. This also is affected by reishi control and marksmanship, the stronger one skill with it, than the longer they can stay on target, even when fighting those with high speed. Senkoumei is well-versed in the use of path control using it to have his larger arrows bend to make their bulk more effective than rather just being shot in a straight line.

Ransōtengai: This is a high level technique that allows the user to control their body parts using strings of spirit energy controlled by their brain, forming lines or strings out of countless spiritrons. By using this technique, the user can control their body as one would a puppet, allowing them to move freely despite paralysis, broken limbs, or any other force that would impede normal movement. It was originally created to allow elderly Quincy to fight effectively. Though his stamina and durability is quite high Senkoumei has learned to use this technique to keep his body moving even when he is injured so as to protect others.

Blut (血装 (ブルート), burūto; German for "Blood", Japanese for "Blood Guise") is an advanced Quincy technique that grants one inhuman defensive and offensive capabilities.By making reishi flow directly into their blood vessels, a user of this technique is able to drastically increase their attack and defense power. However, despite the significant danger this potentially presents to one's opponents, Blut possesses one major flaw in that the independent forms of the technique for attack and defense operate using two different reishi systems, meaning they cannot be employed simultaneously or else they suffer all their veins bursting at once, killing them instantly. However some are able to use both at once but not for short periods of time, as they start to burst their veins. This is a pure blood Quincy ability, Quincys that are fused with a Ziamchi are unable to use this.

Blut Vene (静血装 (ブルート・ヴェーネ), burūto vēne; German for "Blood Vein", Japanese for "Stilled Blood Guise") The defensive form of Blut that grants the user inhuman durability, represented by a faint pattern tracing the veins beneath the surface of their skin, which is only visible on the afflicted area when struck. If consciously kept at full power, even attacks delivered by a Shinigami's Bankai can potentially be negated completely. However, despite the considerable defense afforded by this technique, it seemingly isn't absolute and can be torn using sufficient power. As overtime the defense shall be worn down due to the nature of Blut Vene. This massive defense also has time limits, depending on the level of skill with this, it can vary to short periods of time, to lengthy amount, but they need periods of rest which can be risky if they are fighting a foe that can attack rapidly. Senkoumei has looked to perfect his use of this style of Blut to the point that he has forsaken the other form for sheer defensive power as such his skill with the use of this form is exceptional.

- Quincy Items:
Hollow Bait: This item is a small, coin-shaped disk that attracts Hollows when crushed. When used by Uryū, the bait, in combination with Ichigo's powerful spiritual pressure, was able to draw a Gillian-class Menos out of Hueco Mundo.

Ginto Skills

Heizen (聖噬 [ハイゼン], haizen; German for "Heating", Japanese for "Sacred Bite") Heizen instantly gouges and purges whatever is enclosed in the space within the four tossed gintōs. It is tremendously effective even against Menos Grandes. This technique creates a transparent, rectangular beam of energy from the silver tubes which then slices through the opponent. It is activated by the command: "Feel the wrath of battle and accept this sacred chalice - Heizen!"(大気の戦陣を杯に受けよ)

Gritz(五架縛 [グリツ], gurittsu; Japanese for "Five Rack Ties"): A film of Reishi emitted from a thrown Ginto surrounds the enemy. This technique forms a man-sized pentagonal Quincy cross which envelops its target. It is activated by the command: "A silver rod strikes the five-fingered stone bed - Gritz!" (銀鞭下りて五手石床に堕つ)

Wolke (緑杯 [ヴォルコル], vorukōru; German for "Cloud", Japanese for "Green Cup"): Cushioning the impact of a fall with Reiryoku contained inside a Ginto. This technique uses a silver tube to create a large blast. It is activated by the command: "Tilt the goblet to the west - Wolke!" (盃よ西方に傾け)

- Quincy Cross: Senkoumei's Quincy cross takes the shape of a small shield that holds a cross within one side being black the other being white. The bangle can be held in the hand with little to no effort and Senkoumei tends to have it as a necklace but has been known to tie it to the jeans or trousers that he is wearing for easier use. The chain strangely is purple mostly out of the user's own hairstyle and it being his fourth favourite color.


Senkoumei Tikoto [Approved 2-4] Image3717-1

- Type: Bow
- Appearance:
- Reishi Color: Purple with a black outline

Unique skills:

Reishi Consuming: Much like the power of Seele Schneider Senkoumei's bow has the natural ability to consume the reishi that it touches. This makes its shield like shape doubly important as its defensive capabilities make it so many reishi or spirtual based attack such as Kidō or Cero are cut down and absorbed into the bow itself, this grant the user the power to take the reishi gathered and throw it back onto the enemy. This skill can be subverted if the power in play is too massive for the bow to contain e.g.Gran Rey Cero No.70 Kidō upwards Etc. This power allows Senkoumei to be a defensive blocker for his allies while also wearing down the opponent while only re-empowering himself with their spiritual energy allowing for a near enough perfect give and take defence unless the opponent uses full-contact Zanjutsu where the shield still acts as it would to defend but not to take any Reishi, the ability can however break down spiritual weapons made up fo Reishi such as a Quincy's bows, arrows or spirtual weapons but only partially as the reishi is still under the doiminance of another.

Senkoumei Tikoto [Approved 2-4] Image7212_zps86e0713d


- Name: (What is your Vollständig's name?)
- Appearance: (What does your Vollständig look like?)
- Abilities: (What does your Vollständig do?)

Senkoumei Tikoto [Approved 2-4] Image3718-1

- Background: Born into a pure-bred Quincy family Senkoumei was known to be quite a nuisance even as a child, though quite bright or at least witty towards his parent from a young age his strange evolution made it so for the most part his little understanding of controlling his spiritual pressure had him destroying or breaking the appliances and electrical items given to him. Noting his power and his rather unbelievable growth his parents began to teach the would-be Quincy to be of use to the Vandenreich at a later date. Though he was uncaring for the training at first, his skill excelled as he began to grow at the age of 14 he was quite proficient with his weapon though his skill was mostly based through powerful single arrows as he felt that the amount of arrows would never outdo the killing potential of one. The training was soon to be intermingled with school as Senkoumei threatened to refuse training if he was not allowed to go to school as a typical student. Relenting due to both their son's very serious wishes as well as his staggering growth from youth to his teens Senkoumei began to make the adjustment to school life. However the form of schooling he had was not to his tastes, though he was not the best intellectual his size and strength allowed him to excel at sports. It was here that he grew to hate those that would not stay down as he was known for crushing opponent teams with sheer strength and anger. Soon enough though middle school and high school went by and as time passed Senkoumei mixed his Quincy training with his emerging life as a student coming out of school at age 17 he was already 6'10 and a specimen of near enough titanic terror.

Upon getting to 18 he was approached by the Vandenreich for his services, he was at first not to excited about being called up simply viewing his powers and training as a way to keep him from being in trouble at a later date or perhaps to just sate his food bills with spirit energy. Though he was not to ecstatic about having to work with Quincies as well as having to do work for such an organization Senkoumei found himself being given missions to destroy enemies that appeared to be a threat to the emerging Vandenreich as he finished these missions dutifully he began to make effort to learn the control of Blut, he felt that learning to improve his strength was unneeded so he abandoned the skill of improving attack and instead focused on the defensive control of his blood. With this he began to learn the swing of the Vandenreich's orders quickly, it wasn't until a fateful encounter with some Shinigami that lead to a quick change in the teen. Upon a standard mission a cadre of Shinigami appeared and attacked the Quincies due to their harmful effect on the balance of the worlds. The attack wiped out the squad of 10 down to 1, after watching his allies die Senkoumei promised that the Shinigami would pay double the anguish of the quincies they had killed. The giant had for the first time used the Blitz Gottes Brechen and after the Shinigami had noticed the change the massacre was beginning. 7 or so Shinigami corpses later and Senkoumei was walking from the scene unfazed by the death around him simply seeing his debt to those who had died paid now he could go about his wishes.

It was there however that made the Quincy change, though he was not above destroying enemies he was only doing it for the Vandenreich and he felt no enjoyment out of it. His attitude and his manner of acting around those who were assigning him jobs and mission became much more complacent and his powers took on the form they had on a mission to protect a small caravan from attack. The cross he had been given changed on the mission it now having a shield covering it, this began the use of the name the 'Shield of the Quincy' as a title for the giant that looked to protect the Vandenreich only due to his family ties as well as their tendency to feed him well. Though he is still used for his protective powers and his seeming good work at protection Senkoumei is loyal to the Vandenreich simply due to the fact the Emperor is strong, his admiration of that strength was the only thing that kept him from doing what he wanted when he wanted and even now though he was a protector his choice of mission would change if he was asked by those with power within the organization. Power and strength was what bought you the Titan's loyalty that and a few choice snacks would give you the power Senkoumei Tikoto to command for his loyalty was to the Quincy and the Vandenreich, but for how long the respect he held the power of those above him would keep him from doing as he wished was still yet to be seen...


Senkoumei Tikoto [Approved 2-4] Image3719-1

- Durability: Advanced
- General Speed: Beginner
- Strength: Adept
- Weapon Skill: Adept

- Marksmanship: Adept
- Blut:Advanced
- Hirenkyaku: Beginner
- Reiryoku Absorption & Manipulation: Adept

- Willpower/Determination: Advanced
- Mental Deduction: Adept
- Pain Endurance: Advanced
- Focus: Beginner


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Application Checklist
  • Name [X]
  • Appropriate Age [X]
  • Gender [X]
  • Appearance Present [X]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [X]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [X]
  • 10 sentences for personality [X]
  • History is of appropriate length [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [X]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[X]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [X]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [X]

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced
  • Mental Deduction: Adept
  • Pain Endurance: Advanced
  • Focus: Beginner

Comments/Notes: good job. i don't see anything wrong and as there is no bankai or volstandig i can approve this with no qualms
Tier: 2-4


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Moving to inactive characters.

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