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Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2416, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.
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Sat Aug 24, 2013 12:44 pm

Artist: Accel World OST - Song: Hallucination - Word Count: 2124
With the air of destruction all around them on this very chaotic day, it seems things were becoming more complex as this spectacle that the Quincy-Hybrid began was attracting the eyes of many different, and very powerful eyes. Through her advanced tracking methods, there was already the signal of three new powerful signatures approaching the vicinity within the city.

Being that there was a catastrophic event like this occurring inside of the city limits, The Primera Espada knew very well that these people were certainly coming to fight. Henceforth, thanks to a variety of various machines observing the city due in part to some of it's technological upgrades over the few centuries, Rose was able to utilize her cybermind in order to bypass the security systems put in place to lock-out wood-be hackers to get visuals on some of these new targets entering within the vicinity. Before the likes of the first major superpower, Zefonse Kaizme, had showed up, Rose already identified whom he was.

Apparently this guy was the supposed figurehead of some organization known as The Rinyūaru; a faction of people who desired to simply unify all races, factions and different oppositions under one banner to end all of this senseless war occurring throughout the different realms. Taking this information into account, the threat-level Rose assigned to him was going to be reflected as an Unknown. There was a strong chance that this male would not react in a hostile manner in regards to his organization's goal.

This assumption could be made based on the fact there was no aggression from him at the moment and that the overall setup of this attack that was taking place at the moment made the likes of Cero as the aggressor. Yet, with every person that enters, the chances for them to change their colors could very well occur as well. So with that air of caution being taken into consideration, Rose would not drop her guard around the likes of him and would keep a close watch for any sudden movements from Zefonse's body in light of this fact; for that was simply the world in which the two fought in.

"I suppose you are right, Zefonse Kaizme. He chose a very unwise plan. Did this moron expect that attacking the homeland of Arrancar and Hollow would succeed? Surely he must be out of his livid mind to fall under such a delusion. This redneck, retard inbred asshole of a Quincy has another thing coming if he truly believes that his half-baked plan to overthrow this city will ever work." Getting more agitated by the second at this turn of events transpiring, The Primera Espada than took note of The Male Arrancar taking a quick glance into her eye.

"Eh, I don't care much for ranks or any of that business. I'm just here to protect my sister, defend our homeland and make good on the promise I kept to my family so many years ago. While I will keep the interest of Shadow Fall in mind, I bare most of my will to Ashlei Clixx. Just remember I am the Primera Espada of the Shadow Espada: Rose Mischevang." Before she could speak any further, however, Rose clicked her teeth in an irritated manner as she detected another dense power signature entering Thanatos Centro. It could only mean trouble, at this point, with how volatile things were becoming.

Meaning that the instant the barrier within the city had been tampered with, the alert systems within The Royal Mischevang's Cybermind went off like alarm systems. Switching to a visual observation of the likes of the new intruder, from the information gathered with her extreme processing capacity, The Primera Espada soon discovered that the likes of Nagato Tengan, former Shadow Fall Royal, had been going on the attack within the city against the likes of Arrancar and Hollow's gathering around his power. Those weren't of major concern to Rose herself, being that they were comprised of civilians, but it could also be assumed that this guy could attack any side based on the fact she already deduced with his speed that he was most certainly going to deal with the likes of Cero's Clone. Ergo, with a wave of her hand, she simply canceled out the tendril and redirected that energy back towards her in order to better endure herself for this possible lengthy battle ahead of The Feisty Arrancar.

Following that action which she recorded, a moderate level of Danger was placed around the entrance of Nagato as a result of this and Rose was ready, calculating and analyzing everything needed to take him out, disarm him and prepare for combat if he should prove to be violent with her. With her intense cybernetic augmentations performed throughout her body, there weren't many who could keep up with how fast her mind moved; yet alone some of the nasty operations done to bolster her Arrancar nature. So when the male started speaking out loud, The Royal Mischevang could only laugh loudly at his attempt to disregard the battle occurring at the moment. "Alright, what the hell do we have here? Some asshole with a superiority-complex? Look, if you came here because a petty squabble with your friend over here, take that tea-party somewhere else. Otherwise, I won't hesitate to rip you to pieces once I'm done with this dysfunctional excuse for a Quincy." Cracking her neck, before she got started with her rampage against the likes of Cero, another fighter emerged within the city limits; causing Rose to let out an irritated sigh.

"What. a. fucking. ordeal." By the time the likes of Demonica had arrived on the field, Rose wasn't in the mood for pleasantries. "Are you blind to what is occurring here? This is war. The idiot has scattered multiple copies of himself throughout the city and attempted to just blow it up if it weren't for my craft little device. Now either you are going to fuck off with the useless information, or you are going to be of some use and put yourself to work. Either way, I'm taking this guy OUT!" With her agitation beginning to peak, Rose released a strong push of energy from within herself which caused the area around them to brighten with color and the overall aura of the vicinity in which all of these powerful creatures were to become heavy, dense and extremely hot with the pulsation of The Primera Espada's spiritual energy beginning to rise and increase in volume.

'Fighting this bastard is going to be tough because I'm not sure what the other two's actions are going to be. I need to ensure that those individuals don't go on the offensive against myself while my back is turned; or at least be prepared wipe their ugly mugs off the face of the Earth if such an event occurs.' With those thoughts in mind, a very provoked facial expression emerging her face; as the sudden shift within Rose's body was a scene that she definitely was preparing for a tense battle.


"That goes for everyone here, if anyone gets in my way of tearing this asshole's face in two, I'll be sure to rip you apart as well. I don't care if you have a desire to help me, or observe the sight of me kicking this guy's ass; I'm more than fine with that. But oppose me or Ashlei Mischevang and I'll make you regret it." Now with a large sum of bioelectricity being released from her body, The Royal Arrancar's brain went to work. 'If it's just this guy by himself, I shouldn't have any problems terminating the threat and this short lived war won't be able to progress further. Once I'm able to take him out, I'll then access if Nagato is worth taking out and if those two have any ill-intent for this city. It's gonna be a long day.' While she was consciously thinking that on the surface of her mind, at the same time, her cyberbrain was already giving her the possible assessments on what Cero's plan of attack would be. Being that he was a sound user, there was certainly going to be more burst of similar Audiokinesis abilities taking place on this battlefield. Therefore, she had a certain plan in mind to deal with it.

Being that sound often requires a way to travel, one of the most logical approaches to this problem is to simply lock on to that medium and tamper with it. Ergo, when the first sound wave was produced by the likes of Cero's horn, the first step The Primera Espada took was soundproofing her ears by creating two pieces of small reishi from her reiatsu in order to prevent any damage to her sense of hearing. From there, with how much spiritual energy she was generating overall, it was but child's play to produce a void of air with her control over reiatsu.

Consuming all of air around them at an extremely rapid pace, Rose moved her hands outward in a horizontal motion in order to release a massive implosion meant to negate and stop the first wave of sound from having an effect on her or anyone within the area. Should this move be allowed to transpire, Rose then felt another fluctuation occurring inside of her opponent. Paying witness to his bow, she knew just what was going to happen next and prepared herself correctly.

Now placing her arms in an "X" shape, she condensed the sphere of reiatsu around her into a denser state of being. Collecting the accumulated energy from the Shadow Fall allies within the city to further augment it, there was a strong chance that the arrows would most likely not penetrate Rose; or, at the very least, it would damage the barrier and then serve to destroy it; but leave The Primera Espada, for the most part, unharmed.

Meanwhile, if all went well, the shield was also meant to siphon off the energy from the blast; disrupting itself into a tangible source of power by filtering out Cero's influence of it and then serving to empower the very thing he was trying to destroy: the barrier across the city. Which meant, when he fired off that cero towards the barrier; Rose was already on top of it. Directing the properties of this shield towards the vicinity of that energy blast, she hoped that with her intense speed, this tendril of the barriers attributes could envelop the cero-based attack and attempt to encase it within it's contents. Should that work, like a snake, Rose's counter against Cero's energy attack was meant to defuse the destructive fuel raging within it, neutralize it and either have the tendril be destroyed or filter out Cero's influence and send it towards either Rose herself or the barrier in order to keep this fight up.

"If that's the best you got, Quincy, you are going to have a hard time collecting your supposed claim of causing a revolution in this city. I'm going to make sure you end up face first in the dirt begging for my mercy!" In a flash, Rose was gone. In a matter of milliseconds, due to the shortened distance between the two, she collected enough kinetic energy to level this entire section of the city; but condensed with precise accuracy to only harm Cero's body. Directing the impact force of it, should it make contact with him, throughout every square inch of his body in order to bring his health down, cause immense injury to him and possibly even disrupt the flow of spiritual energy to make it harder for him to summon attacks. The Quincy may even find some blood vomiting from out of his mouth as a result of this hard punch. Not giving him room to recover, Rose would attempt to deliver another similar punch to his face, a dense kick to his right flank and then headbutt him in the neck in order to pile up the injuries and hopefully send him flying into the ground to make a good-sized carter.

Taking a swift stance, the reiatsu around Rose only intensified; turning into a very spiked and reddened burst of power radiating all throughout The Primera Espada's body as more bioelectricity was released from her body. She was ready to defend or go entirely on the offense at a single moments notice. Rather it be from a surprise attack from Cero, the likes of Zefonse changing his stance or that moron Nagato making a move; Rose was ready for anything and she was hellbent on keeping her promise to matter the cost. So with these sentiments in the mind, the war was only just beginning...

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Thu Aug 29, 2013 11:34 pm
War. War never changes. The Romans waged war to gather slaves and wealth. Spain built an empire from its lust for gold and territory. Hitler shaped a battered Germany into an economic superpower. But war never changes. Since the dawn of humankind, when our ancestors first discovered the killing power of rock and bone, blood has been spilled in the name of everything: from God to justice to simple, psychotic rage. War will never change, with prides on the line. Much like now this young Quincy wanted to place his pride on the line, a noble idea, if it wasn't such a waste of youth and skill. The words and actions the young Quincy stated were quite strong, but would Zefonse really protect this place? The Will to do what must be done, and the conviction to do it for the sake of others. Sounds like they go hand in hand. Zefonse wouldn't get involved in the fight he would however protect this place, his fellow Arrcanar, they finally had a place to live out in peace, even if they serve under Shadow Fall. Those who do not understand true pain can never understand true peace.

Zefonse was about to reply to Cero words when he sensed something familiar nearing by... this feeling. But before he could think on who this feeling belongs to, the sudden beacon of reiatsu confirmed it. One could say this beacon of reiatsu was ungodly, showing in that short burst it wiped out countless number of Arrcanar , the aura given off by such a short burst must of felt like the moon crashing down upon them crushing them instantly. Yes everything about that signal gave everything that Zefonse needed to confirm, the power, the texture, and the sense of awe.... Nagato makes his appearance. To think a few years ago Zefonse “killed” him however he didn’t fell for such a trick the body didn’t add up to the feats Nagato was capable of. The being that escaped death, by cheating it, went into hiding, and gather stronger more powerful followers. Slowly turning his head to the side, to face Nagato who appeared twenty or so meters from him. Those eyes.... one of the more notable traits of Nagato where his eyes.. just what did they see? Zefonse had read the reports and data known of Nagato appearances lately, as well of those a few years ago. However Nagato like himself might of not shown his real abilities to anyone. So many factors to account for, so many unknowns to guess upon. Hearing Nagato words, that indifference towards life. Zefonse merely stared into Nagato eyes those unnatural eyes of pale purple and several circles.

Zefonse has the natural visual capability to capture greater light, resulting in the eye becoming a powerful visual receptor. This gives the eye a greater ability to "discriminate" objects, as in it can distinguish objects from greater distances. As well this also gives the eye the ability to visualize more "frames" per second, thus an enhanced ability to distinguish motion and react to it

While a human eye can distinguish around 10 million colors, Zefonse can distinguish more colors along the electromagnetic spectrum, due to its ability to capture far more light. This assists the eye in visualizing objects from far away distances (Distances where normal eyes would be unable to distinguish the object from the horizon), and distinguish movement, making it easier to read the motions of a target and react accordingly. This is not to say the eyes necessarily "predict" the motion of the target, but rather because each frame of motion is being captured with such accuracy, the eyes assist in reacting to motion in the present. Thus making it go perfectly with his other gifts. Strange on how near their eyesight was even if Zefonse did not know of Nagato eyesight skill.

When Cero and started to fight, one could say the world around him became colorless and sound died around him while he stared at Nagato. Right now there ideals clashed too much, yet they were alike to much alike, maybe much more than they wanted to admit. Before words were spoken, Zefonse had a small time to think upon this meeting, maybe this was fate after all. Or was it a Curse of Hatred between the two Arrcanar. The only colors in front of Zefonse right now where that of Nagatos, even with Rose and Cero fighting, to him they weren’t even there, just still moving pictures while his focus was upon Nagato, and with a voice that demands even the gods with respect.

“ Tengan Nagato, are you really here or another one of your petty puppets you used to hide? Regardless, I came here to witness this so called perfect city for Hollow and Arrcanar. To judge it firsthand. This battle between the children is of no concern of mine .”

Zefonse turned fully to face Nagato, yet he still had no signs of attack upon him, this kind of stance showed no openings, no weakness, it was as if he stood upon the heavens itself. However highly trained warriors would of took notice that this stance is dangerous to get nearby, thanks to Zefonse Seikūken a combat method that involves controlling the entire radius within one's arm length, creating a spherical shield around oneself. It can be used for offence and defence. Weapon users such as Zefonse can extend the range to several feet around them with the additional length of their weapons, allowing them to defend even at mid-range. More experienced fighters can even extend the range with minimal lengths by using air pressure. However, a Seikuken with a larger radius is not necessarily better, Besides having a larger radius, having a Seikuken with a very small radius can also be useful too. Shown how right now by Zefonse keeping his arms crossed an ingenious move because it makes him able to attack while at the same time using the small Seikuken to defend. The Seikūken can only be erected with a calm mind (i.e. jumping around or moving will make it difficult). if one is not calm, however Zefonse made such a skill as an instinct. One does not need to be trained in the art of Seikuken in order to use it, as everyone has it they just don’t refer it as such, its much like how people sense oncoming danger and react with perfect timing to defend themselves, and attack at once.

But before Zefonse could say anymore somthing entered his radius, a group of Arrcanar that were all ready to jump upon Zefonse and attack him, believing him to be wide open. Afterall it's only natural towards their kind to kill the strong to increase their own personal power, and people like Zefonse and Nagato would be highly suitable targets to kill and devour to get stronger. This group was no more than five decently powerful Arrcanar. In that split second they entered Zefonse radius, with no sign of any kind of movement, there bodies were torn to shreds and destroyed, they died before they knew they were dead. Just how did Zefonse kill them, even with Seikuken there had to be at least some movement coming from him to do that kind of damage.. Out of everyone here, only two beings could of witness it, Nagato and Rose. What happen in that second was the formation of a quick burst of Reiatsu, much like a blade exploding outwards slicing and shredding the Arrcanar into nothing, yet the reiatsu didn’t come from Zefonse himself, but the air itself. This action could shed light upon some of Zefonse skills, if he was able to perform such an attack without lifting a finger it would only rise his threat level to unreal levels. But in time his skills shall unfold and be explained.

Even if it seemed Zefonse wasn’t noticing Rose and Cero fight, it should be noted he never once looked down upon them, he knew they were powerful, and Rose seemed capable of defending the city and attacking at once, he would let Cero battle out his personal beliefs till he dies or runs away. But the second they attack him, he shall attack back without any indifference towards them. He respected their skills and powers to much to look down upon such skillful beings. Now let fate unfold

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Mon Sep 09, 2013 5:51 pm
Posting because gin's departure.

Word Count:1213
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As Demonica watched the one who was known throughout shadow fall as none other than the primera Espada, well she was certainly kept entertained by her methods, Although for a girl of Roses Caliber she did have quite the unique attitude, a mix of shut the fuck up and let me drive, and if you remind me again I will make your face look like your asshole. So Yes The Primera Espada was spunky, spontaneous and a little fire ball that was just about spewing her mouth off at light speed with insults and jibes but mostly it seemed to all be well founded, and if not valid points, but ones that certainly never seemed to stray far from the truth ever. So while the girl talked a lot of shit? From at least what demonica could see, well she both had the power, and the means plus the valid points to back up the shit that she was constantly spewing from her mouth, so to be honest? She didn’t really care what rose said, or did she could sense the power in her sealed state, that of course was why demonica liked her sealed state so much, it gave her “Clarity”

Even after all those actions and flurry of insults though rose seemed to have after a few minor actions well did something like “Siphoning” Energy from the vicinity, or at least demonica felt the elusive tug of an energy drain skill and by using her knowledge of the Environment, traced it back to the given origin, which was Rose, So it wasn’t a problem just yet, in a round-about way it made sense, and amused her, yes, Demonica cracked a smile a large twisted and rather fucked up smile before she had done two things, the first being of course, by utilizing her demon barrier, and what every demon naturally had, which is of course some level of bodily manipulation, well she focused on the aspect of her blades sharpness, and fused it with the interior layering and some muscles. By doing so of course, well she had done something kind of like what you would consider a general “Reinforcement” Of her Weapons, however she also did this so that she could be set up incase shit went south while she was about to involve herself in the following actions, she was just about to undertake in the first place .

The First Action, was as rose was siphoning energy Demonica well, decided to send a surge her way, by increasing the energy drain by a rather large margin, she would have given rose a over exuberant surge in energy that would constitute around ½ of her general energy reserves, so in essence, because it means general she would be getting an over abundance of energy. Which of course after that was done, the next thing demonica did was by sitting down she had waited patiently, looking at the current fight with some boredom , looking at the combatants that had been fighting currently , with little interest. But her voice did raise up, at the girl because, just because she was in a good mood didn’t mean that Demonica had forgiven the little chibi hotheaded Girl , rather she just was saying a few words a friendly reminder as to only a slight amount of things, however each thing did have some meaning and some purpose , so she was of course about to begin doing something rather large, which would take time and energy to pull off which was precisely why she exhaled and then let her thoughts be known.

“You Chibi Red Head with the Shit For Language Condition, Just because your strong does not mean you should be talking like that, I admit I may have been slow but, we are allies to some degree, which is also why I will not accept a loss, not because I’m your superior but because if you lose then it will make me look bad as well, as you see if I’m sitting out here and not helping , that means I expect you to win, more like I know you can win, red head girl, so as much as it makes me pissed and annoyed I will sit here because I know how it feels to want to take something into your own hands, so I have two things here plain and simple to tell you, First off ,Do not fucking lose this fight, because I will not help you, And Second: When you beat him, let’s take him back for some interrogation, I mean he was foolish enough to attack this place, so sensibly we should make him suffer for it, plain and simple. “

With those words having left her mouth entirely, well demonica just sat there and let out a huge yawn, and slid her eyes closed, she was using this time to intensively investigate the environment focusing on that of course would have taken her whole attention off the fight itself partially, so expecting of course the opponent to loose, by roses hand, was the only reason of course that she was taking such actions in the first place. So while the battles raged over head she sat and watched, to see kind of in a vague interest, just what the hell, no scratch that, just what would actually happen in this thrilling bout.

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