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Wed Aug 14, 2013 4:00 pm
The air here was cold and there was little light as it was always night in this endless desert they call hueco mundo. But this was home to the entire hollow race including Suzu. In a place like this time almost seems to stand still, though this may just be an illusion casted by its eternal night and its never changing sands.

Suzu was here just relaxing for now as this place was quite soothing to her to say the least. So much has gone on and she had got the thing she wanted most in the world, but was that enough? Hell no it wasn't! She needs a new experiment, another goal to strive for. It would never be good enough she will never be satisfied. Her hunger for knowledge and pushing the boundaries will never subside. So it was here amongst the timeless sand that Suzu was lost in thought on what she should work on next. Suzu in her child like state lightly kicked at the sand wile pondering on this. “hmm what to do what to do…” her little body swaying back and forth from side to side as another thought popped in her head, “I .. Wonder what my beloved is up to right now..” giggling a little she would return to her initial train of thought.
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Wed Aug 14, 2013 4:28 pm
A sickly green portal appeared, shimmering in the air. From within its depths a female came forth, her pink hair unusually messy. Her brown eyes looked at her surroundings for a second before her knees collapsed, her body falling to the ground. She managed to land on her back somehow, taking deep breaths as she did. Eyes half closed, she looked around, a look of relief coming over her face as she spotted suzu. The index finger on her left hand twitched slightly as her telepathy rolled in to suzu’s mind, her only method of communication.

“Ah… is that you Miss Suzu? Seems… I am lucky. Need… help… please…”

It was obvious from her telepathy that something was wrong. It was weak at some points, like it had been destabilized somehow. In all her years, Kor-tatha had used her telepathy instead of speech. Never before had it there been any trouble with it, something was definitely wrong here. Suddenly, her arm jerked upwards, as if reaching up for something. Kor-tatha quickly ended the telepathic communication, but not before Suzu would be able to understand that she was in a lot of pain. Well, that’s what it would feel like anyway. Despite this, there was not a single injury to be found anywhere on Kor-tatha’s body, not even something as minor as a paper cut. After a while, Kor-tatha’s arm sagged to the ground, and she lay there, taking great big gulps of air before opening her telepathy once more.

“S-sorry, something has happened to me. Need to deal with it now, this is bad. Can you help me? Please, I can’t hold on much longer, but I’m not sure I’m right. Please Suzu, you’re the only one I trust to help me with this, please…”

Kor-tatha looked in to Suzu’s eyes, begging for her to help. While usually she avoided other beings like the plague, today she had actually sought out someone. She didn’t have much of a choice here, had she dealt with things earlier maybe, but it was too late now. She needed help, and needed it now.

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