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Pulpit rock



  • Name Of Character: Mana Asthavon
  • Link To Character Profile:

  • Reasons For Upgrading: Currently, I'm doing a major update on Mana's app. As a result, I'm going over some of the battles she has endured over the past year or two. When it came to the energy she possessed, I figured I'd get this little project out of the way. I feel it gives her a greater sense of power, but more balanced out so she isn't constantly throwing around her Zero, First and Second cycles without a care in the world. It brings a much more powerful meaning of strength and drawbacks to the attention of her body. Therefore, take that into consideration while reviewing this.

    What Are You Upgrading:

    x Cataclysmic Energy & Reaitsu: To say that Mana has a large energy statement is perhaps one of the greatest understatements of the millenium. Throughout some of her more critical and serious fights, she has displayed an absurd amount of both energy and spiritual pressure. In her all our wars against multiple opponents whom themselves could be considered supernatural beings who had the capacity to change the tides of a battlefield against many a powerful army, Mana has showcased that her levels can have far reaching effects. For example, during her battle in Madness City, quite possibly the peaking of this force, Mana was able to push herself to the greatest extents of her power yet. This sense of energy and reiatsu manifested itself in reshaping the likes of Antarctica when clashing against the Titanic-Forces of Truth's life force; a being on par with The Soul King and Touketsu himself, Colin Washi's Bankai and Mask, the devoured Kanda Yuu's reserves and all of the other major players who were taking place in that larger-than life battle in that city.

    It's reach, depth and force was even able to be felt throughout different corners of the globe when reaching that point. As she showcased the capacity to even sustain four to five different clones whom on par with organization leaders of different factions; albeit that it had long-lasting effects in causing her great instability, critical strain to her body and decaying of her psyche. This sense of Calamitous Force also showed enough reach to cover a large portion of Antracita; going onward to even have it's grasp reach into the outer atmosphere of Earth and produce a series of four wings and four crosses that could be observed from The Moon and multiple other countries. Therefore, with just some of these examples, Mana has shown to have otherworldly energy reserves bestowed upon her.

    As it's even possible for her to maintain her composure after unleashing massive burst of energy that was capable of annihilating ten miles of Demon World; albeit there was a steady drop from Mana's overall reiatsu and her immense pain suppression was in effect, which certainly plays into a fact of increasing her stamina with these absurd levels of reiatsu and energy. Though, in light of that, it can also be her biggest down fall. This is because when her mind goes overboard, Mana has been noted to produce a variety of overwhelming attacks or abilities that can eventually tire her out after constant use. It's a similar effect to someone who cannot feel pain. One may be able to ignore this bodily function, but when a critical function in your body is in great harm, one may not be able to sense it. In the case of The Demonesses mindset, this same concept can be applied.

    To give an example, in Malaysia, Mana seemed to produce enough spiritual pressure and energy to cover the entity of the Capital City of that nation. However, due to her unstable state of being, she went FAR overboard and could not tell when she was doing too much. This eventually left to the malfunctions of her powers; for at point during that war, she could not regenerate based on the fact her energy was too unstable to summon this prowess and the fact that The Queen critically strained her body to the point where it was rejecting any further attempts to push it's capacities to the limit. More than that, it resulted in major damage to her psyche for a long duration of time; nearly lasting a year from her encounter within Madness City in September of 2412, to Ashlei's love and comfort causing a critical shift in her psyche within August 2413.

    With that said, it's reasonable to believe that most of Mana's powers or abilities can also be affected by mindstate, strain and abuse. As she realized, that after some of these battles she had endured, there had to be a breaking point to herself and The Demon knew she was steadily reaching the tipping scale. Ergo, she had produced a system to otherwise keep this balance in check.

    Enter The Grievous Cycle

    After taking in properties of Feraki's spiritual energy in the form of a kiss, her body seemed to use a form of external shifting in order to conjure up a self-checking procedure. To prevent the kind of insanity which took place through 2412, The Queen constructed a seal within herself called "The Cycle of Grievous." It's based in phases of five through zero; descending in order from five in terms of weakest to stronger. As the 5th Phase of The Cycle of Grievous is known as her base state, while Phase 1 Of The Grievous Circle is comparable to the prowess she possessed within Madness City. Though, still, it's possible to reach a Negative Phase of The Grievous Cycle if she were to unleash something akin to her KQM State.

    Which only serves to drive home the point of this seal altogether: Mana's power has became so great that her body is beginning have complications controlling it and containing it. Ergo, with the Grievous Cycle, a series of internal shifts were developed to limit her actual strength and potential. While other beings often choose to have alterations or augmentations that serve to increase their power, Mana uses these fluctuations within herself to control and contain her power. The Queen has stated that upon transcending past the fourth phase on the Grievous Cycle is where she begins to have harder time controlling herself and her power due to the immensity of it's current strength. Therefore, it's necessary to understand where her strength lays in each Phase of this cycle.

    • Phase Five: This can be considered her base state. It's very easy for her to control the amount of energy in this state and leads to little complications usually. The Queen has referred to this cycle of being comparable to how she was prior to 2410. Although was immensely strong even then, it was comparable to most other 0-2's at the time; which results to her being able to harness her abilities with great ease, despite being at a lower level. Even her base form shouldn't be understated; as it's what allowed her to keep control over Demon World after consuming the previous Demon Queen. Making her still among the top 1% of fighters in the Earthly realm.

    • Phase Four: Phase Four Of The Cycle of Grievous is where she begins to get a little more serious. Nearly doubling herself in energy from Phase Five, this state seems to be comparable to how she was when taking part in the Battle for London; in which she was able to fight against dual faction leaders and the likes of Clarie-Clixx on an impressive level, while still having energy leftover to take over the Capital City and assume possession of Europe. Often times, she doesn't need to ascend past Phase Four. It gives the optimal amount of boost in power, without the absurd strain of her lower cycles. In order to activate this cycle, Mana must simply say vocally or mentally: "Grievous Cycle Of Ideal: Unlock."

    • Phase Three: No one has truly seen this level of power from Mana before. As it's in an inbetween state of being inferior to the critical amassment of strength that she showcased in Malaysia, while still being superior to the volume of energy which she produced during her battle of London. Ergo, The Demon Queen has spent less time in this stage of The Grievous Cycle than any of her higher or lower states. Which further adds to the fact, in Mana's mind, that leads her to believe even only in her Fourth Phase, she is more than enough energy and power to have a high chance of trampling over most fighters that she could possibly come across. Therefore, the extents to which this Phase is capable of is not known, but she assumes it to have the effects of strain on her body begin to come into effect; but at a far more tolerable level than her first or second phase. To release it, Mana must simply say: "Grievous Cycle Of Unknown: Awaken"

    • Phase Two [EVENT ONLY OR PERMISSION ONLY]: It's at this point where things tend to become quite volatile in any battle Mana fights where she unleashes Phase Two of the Grievous Cycle. On par with the potency, strength and volume of energy she produced during her war for Malaysia; this is arguably a very peak form for The Demon Queen to ascend to and one that can end a large number of battles she encounters if she feels she has to go this far. All injuries taken in other cycles are healed, however, because this state is where meltdowns tend to occur and her body adjust itself to be in prime health when beginning. Based upon what Mana said, she feels this power can truffle over any sort of army that comes her way; even one comprised of supernatural beings. As, according to her, the only ones who have ever given Mana pain in this form are Hanako Yadomoru's Final Release and "it". For even with Cero's Tesla's birth in this fight, the newly ascended power which Mana released easily dwarfed it.

    Though, with that said, this state of being also has a large sum of instabilities, complications and drawbacks to it. One of the first being that Mana often BURNS through absurd amounts of energy. This is to say, that her power IS great, but so is the consumption it takes to sustain being that it's such an ungodly place. Therefore, there are many injuries which can occur to herself in light of this. One of the first is that if she doesn't pay attention to how much force she is using, Mana's abilities can fail in this state. For when she passed herself too far in the battle for Malaysia, during a period of time in that war, The Queen noticed that she could not regenerate some of her appendages or limbs for a duration of time; eventually losing them. Additionally, this caused severe amounts of pain throughout her body; enough for her to cry out in pain because of how much she abused it. However, if enough willpower is summoned, she will attempt to phase through; at the expense of lowering her overall health; which brings her closer to defeat in most cases more than anything. For the less health and energy she has, the more limited her body shifting becomes and when she comes easier to kill.

    To activate this state, Mana most simply say this: "Grievous Cycle of Extension, Release!"

    Phase One [EVENT ONLY]: This is, arguably, one of Mana's most recognizable states. The difference between all of her previous progressions and this one is quite dramatic. To give a demonstration of just how much, it was in this release of power that Mana's reiatsu and energy could be felt as far away as the moon at peak moments during her critical war against Truth and his allies. Going on to have her energy collapse the boundaries of stability within the core of Madness City and spread throughout the entirety of that country; going on to leaving long-lasting scars against the Earth where this city once stood. She has even stated herself that this Phase is comparable to Ender's Full Power during his final battle. Ergo, this state of strength is enough to put her in the leagues of 0-1- for a duration of time; alternating upwards of 0-1 during more heated moments in the battle to conserve energy. So much like the transformation before it, t. all injuries taken in her previous state are healed, for the side effects of this ascension to power are immense.

    At Phase One, this is nearly the peak of Mana's potential and the maximum amount of power her body can output on it's own. Which means that great complexities can occur within her body. One of the first things to note during this battle is that The Demon Queen had started going to this level of prowess was akin to nearly losing her sanity. It was this battle that alerted her course in life; for her psyche was heavily damaged for a year following it. Thus, we can conclude that some form of psychological injury can occur as a consequence of going this far.

    Though, Mana has also theorized if she were to ascend to that level of power again, that effect may be lowered from her new-found resolve from her gathering with Ashlei Clixx; but it may very still cause great enough strife in her psyche to not stay in this form for long. Furthermore, the energy taxation becomes so great; sometimes she needs to release large sums of energy to prevent herself from combusting. As the reason she produced multiple clones on par with many different 0-2's is because if she didn't, it was going to cause immense damage to herself. As it was a double edge sword: these capacities were great, but it drained away so much energy and caused devastating strain to her body.

    So with that, she isn't able to sustain the 0-1 state for too long before the injuries set-in, her body begins to breakdown and eventually the output of energy lowers until she is forced to regress back to a earlier cycle. As the instabilities from her previous form also double in strength and serve to inflict pain throughout her being until she gives out.

    In order to release this state, Mana must simply say this: "Grievous Cycle of Peak, Rise!"

    • Phase Zero [EVENT ONLY]: Although not officially used, there IS a Phase Zero. This is utilized when Mana merges her consciousness with Touketsu and essentially reaches 0-1+ for a short duration of time. Despite not being unveiled yet, The Demon Queen has stated that this practically form would be enough to end everything; for it is on par the likes of a Shinigami's Shikokai release of a Catastrophic scale. There is no telling, from positive or negative, what this state will be; but when released, it will be otherworldly. For more information on it, read the KQM Merge lower down in the app.

  • Any Extra Notes:

    In regards to Phase Two, that is recommended for an event, but CAN be used for a serious thread. Such as in one where Mana is up against a forembile opponent and deems them worthy of seeing this form. The most likely time this would occur is if she were fighting another 0-2++

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After reading all of the information involved in this, I'll also give my approval.
2/2 Admin Approvals.


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