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 Frankenstein Iramasha (3-1)

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Frankenstein Iramasha (3-1)   Frankenstein Iramasha (3-1) EmptyFri Oct 18, 2013 2:54 am

• Name: Frankenstein Iramasha
• Age: 472
• Gender: Male
• Appearance:
Frankenstein Iramasha (3-1) Noblesse__rai_and_frankenstein_by_camellia029-d5c5qlv

(The one to the right)
• Branch/Position:None yet

• Race: Devil Iramasha

Frankenstein Iramasha (3-1) Image4489-1

• Personality:

To those he believes deserve his respect he gives it to, but that doesn't mean all authorities he respect just those he deems to be worthy of respect.

Silently Rage Filled Speech-
Though at regular times Frankenstein is calm and collected when something displeases him like his personal items being destroyed or made in less that pristine condition his speech comes with an evil and rage filled aura that gives a sense of fear

Frankenstein uses not only trickery but any means necessary to finish or complete a mission. Whether it is antagonizing a target, setting a trap or using a situation to his advantage he has an amazing ability to turn situations in his favor with it.

Psychotically Excitable
Frankenstein cannot turn away from a fight. When something or someone intrigues him he becomes a tad bit psychotic. He'll torture, experiment or just kill when it suits him best. The rush of the battle just drives him farther into a scary state that is comparable to being drunk on an adrenaline rush.

An interesting sense of Honor
Though Frankenstein can be dangerous and unpredictable when it comes to his clan and those who he deems his comrades he will let no harm befall them. He will die before those in his care do.

Experimenting new Fighting styles, torture techniques and powers
Killing Evil beings
His home and belongings

Hollows, Arrancar, Demons etc
Iramasha's enemies
Skipping out on fights

Frankenstein Iramasha (3-1) Image4491-1

• Background:

Frankenstein was born from two pure blooded Devil Iramasha. They raised him to kill. He was trained most of each day. He only found joy in his personal belongings and when he actually got to kill. He worked extremely hard to obtain what he had so when something or someone would dirty a belonging of his or break it he would snap and nearly kill them. One day while practicing practical uses of his chaos energy in battle against demons he came across one that was stronger than anything he had ever even imagined. He should ran and he should have hid, but as that demon stared into his eye he could do nothing. Right as the demon was about to strike Frankenstein's father jumped in front of the attack taking it for his son. Watching his father in disbelief his father dropped to his knees with a massive lethal injury to his back and said to Frankenstein

"Kill those who deserve to die, but always protect those you love."

His Father was slowly fading into death and just as Frankenstein was about to die something snapped in him. He laid his father down on the ground and using chaos energy surrounding his hand and struck through this demons throat killing it with a psychotic smile on. He then felt it for the first time. The thrill of the fight.

His father was alive, but wasn't the same for a while so he left and began his own exploits

The beginning of Frankenestein's Journey

Frankenstein first built his home in a secluded area where he could train. He made the decision to exclude himself from the main part of the clan, for the reason of he would do whatever it took to feel that thrill and to become stronger. He knew what he was going to do make be seen as foolish so he decided to do it alone.

First he had no idea what to do. He knew what he was, but he had know idea what his power was. He would spend days accumulating Chaos energy in order to experiment with it. For some reason though none of his attempts brought any results. So one day he though it over and knew that if he were to feel that feeling again he may be able to find his true strength.

So one day he decided to go to the demon world. He went to a place where he knew there was weaker demons and decided to do his best to find his true strength. The first demon he came across was so weak that he barely put any effort into killing it. So he kept going and going killing those who he would find, but unfortunately for him he was beginning to be noticed. He was tracking a small group of Demons when he was ambushed by a stronger demon and a huge group of weak demons.

"I've heard you've been killing off weaker demons. A runt like you doesn't deserve my attention but i'm here never the less. So I am going to make you suffer for days at a time and when I finally get bored of you I will end your life. How does that sound runt?"

For the first time sense he was attacked with his father he felt that genuine fear. That powerlessness that he could do nothing and that he would die. As moments of silence passed the stronger looked upon the "runt" and decided his first torture would be here. He took his claws and started carving into Frankenstein and just as he was about to give he felt that life or death excitement. Frankenstein's hands began to give off darkness and as the stronger demon looked and him with a curious look a spear made of darkness shot straight through the back of the stronger demons neck. With blood dripping down the spear it disappeared as the demon was now dead. Two more spears impaled the demons that were holding Frankenstein then he just went on a absolute massacre with a psychotic smile upon his face. Once all of the demons were destroyed he looked upon his hands covered in blood and darkness knew now what his true power was. For over 300 years he continued to train at his secluded home and venture to the demon world in order to become stronger. The only thing he like as much as training was his possessions. His home began as a simple hut but grew to be a mansion over the years filled with training facilities, a labratory, sleeping quarters and many other things which were all perfect and clean. One day though he decided it was time to rejoin the main part of the Iramasha Clan, but he wasn't going to without a "present".

The Manifestation of Darkness

Over the time that he was training he knew that as he used his darkness it would be of great cost to him unless others were drained. He learned this from a few extremely close encounters early on, but he learned how to fix it as time went by. He knew from his years of exploits in the demon world that there was one demon who held great power. One who had hundreds of demons under his command. He had tortured a demon directly under his command to find where he lived and after a disgusting amount of torture he found it. With the demon he was looking for at the center of the compound Frankenstein decided to kill as much as possible and to do that he knew he was going to have to "knock" loudly. He raised his hand to the two giant doors and with outer and inner chaos energy he blew a giant hole into them.

At first the response was laughable as he easily killed and let his darkness feed upon the first dozen demons then the real challenge came. As he got deeper into the compound he was met with stronger, larger and faster demons. All of them backed up by a huge force of weaker demons. For hours Frankenstein slaughtered those before him taking a few major injuries like punctured stomach and nearly dismembered arm but he was able to regenerate those two as time went by. Finally bathed in blood and couldn't be happier he opened the door to the demon he was searching for. But when he arrived he realized that this demon had strength like he had never faced before. So he used a power he had never had to use before. Frankenstein's form then began to change. Short black horns grew from his skull and his darkness fully covered each one of his arms this was his demonic release.

"So you are the one who has killed my minions. It's pathetic that they were weak enough to be destroyed by the likes of you. I shouldn't even have to worry about you but because you came this far I will use you as momentary entertainment"

The demon raised his arm and shot a massive blast at Frankenstein. He then smiled and rose his hand shooting off a Chaos blast infused with darkness that over came the demons blast and nearly hit the demon.

" You had this power the entire time? Why didn't you use it?"

Frankenstein with a subtle smile look and the demon and said

"That isn't something trash like you needs to know."

The demon was extremely self-righteous so this insult sent him into a rage that caused him to let out all of his power. He then charged Frankenstein and on the way Frankenstein used dozens of darkness spears and made the demon into Swiss Cheese. At the end he laid before Frankstein. Frankenstein then walked over to the throne which the demon had been sitting on and sat on it watching the demon die. As he did a ball of black and red light appeared before them. When he was a child he was only told about this once. The Seishen Buki that you receive once you have reached your demon release. So he accepted it and was came out was a giant terrifying spear infused with the same power as he used. Then with a smile Frankenstein knew exactly what to do he walked over to the near dead demon and stabbed the spear into the demon as it completely consumed the demons soul. Frankenstein smiled and returned home. After a two weeks of regeneration of chaos energy and regeneration of body he took his best suit and left to rejoin the Iramasha clan.

Frankenstein Iramasha (3-1) Image4495-1

• Seishin Buki Name:

Dark Spear

• Seishin Buki Appearance:
Frankenstein Iramasha (3-1) Franken_with_dark_spear

• Seishin Buki Abilities:

Dark Impalement

Using his strength and added on speed by propulsion from his darkness energy he throws his spear with insane speeds and deadly accuracy and hits his target through the torso. From there the spear begin to feed on the energy of whom ever it impales.

Dark Tendrils

These tendrils come from the Dark Spear and are use to puncture and trap targets along with doing a smaller amount of constant feeding upon the targets energy

Frankenstein Iramasha (3-1) Image4494-1

• Powers:

General Speed

Frankenstein's speed even without chaos warp is monstrous. One of the biggest things about training alone and going and learning how to fight by himself he had to learn very quickly that if he did not have the speed to make to first move he would die. Especially when fighting with groups. Frankenstein would do insanely dangerous physical training in order to make sure his speed was getting faster. He would often visit the demon world and spend time doing nothing but evading pursuers and their attacks. He did this to heighten his reaction times and his overall ability to move. He became so fast that coming up against a group of demons it would take only a couple seconds and he would be on the other side of the corpses of the group.

Chaos Energy

Because of the insane amount of Chaos energy it takes to sustain his power Frankenstein spent a lot of time learning how to control his inner and the outer chaos energy. When he went into the Demon world before hand he would store a large amount of inner chaos energy and each time he was able to store more and more. While in the demon world to take out the large groups he would fight in order to become stronger he learned quickly that inner chaos energy was not enough. From when he was child he knew about chaos energy and the basics so he applied that and it grew at an alarming rate. He came to the point where he could quickly siphon outer chaos energy into his attack in order to give them a huge power up.

Mental Deduction

From situations when he was younger and on especially when he was weaker he had to use strategy more than power in order to beat bigger groups or stronger opponents. When he faced a stronger opponent he would look for weaknesses and exploit them and and if he couldn't find any he'd make one. When he went up against large groups he would use things like panic, anger, confusion to his advantage. He would also take his surrounding into account making sure that if there was a way that they could be of help he would use them.


Frankenstein's chaos energy manifests itself as a parasitic and tangible darkness. This power is a power that is extremely dangerous. It could be thought of and seen as an extremely dark energy that Frankenstein is able to manipulate and generate. It comes with a dark and evil aura that strikes fear to the heart of those he uses it against. This darkness also feeds upon energy. When Frankenstein kills or attacks his enemy he frequently uses them as sources to feed his darkness. Though a drawback is if he is unable to feed the darkness with energy from his enemies it will attempt to consume Frankenstein himself and drain away his energy. It can be thought of as a standing debt and if others don't pay it he will.

Parasitic Properties:

When Frankenstein uses his darkness power if he lands an attack he is able to drain energy upon the severity of the damage that the attack had made. For example if it were to scratch a cheek it would absorb virtually nothing, but if an attack like being impaled were to happen it would feed upon a larger amount of energy. The Parasitic properties of this also makes regeneration extremely slow and if at lower level unable to for long amounts of time. For stronger regeneration it hinders a large amount of regeneration for 1 post for moderate regeneration it takes 3 posts and for basic regeneration it takes 4 posts. This includes if it clashes with an energy attack, barrier or anything else it could absorb energy from it'll eat away at it like a disease and try to consume it entirely. Though when facing an attack it can be overpowered by stronger blasts or attack it mostly consumes/slows down weaker- a small amount stronger attacks.

Darkness Manipulation and Generation

Frankenstein manipulates his darkness into many long and close range uses. For example one of his favorite long range uses is to form it into sharpened spears which he levitates mid-air and he ether rains them down up his enemies or shoots them into his targets from in front of him. Some of his uses are more creative than others but what all of them have in common is they are formed into static objects like spears. A close range usage he has is he covers hands half way down his forearms and sharpens the tips of his fingers and uses them to stab or slash. The common style he uses when he manipulates his darkness close combat is he uses it to enhance is hand to hand combat.

Frankenstein Iramasha (3-1) Frank_vs_Rael.2

• Chaos Control:

Chaos Restore

Rank: Advanced/Master

Who Can Use It: Everyone in the Iramasha Clan

An Iramasha with Advanced or Master control over Chaos Energy can replace a limb or non-vital organ with ease. For Advanced it takes one post; for Master's it's almost instant. You can only use this move three times in a thread if you are advanced with a cool down of 3 post, and six times if you are a master with a cool down of two post. If you try to go over that limit there is chance something can go wrong.

Chaos Vortex

Rank: Adept, Advanced or Master

Who Can Use It: Anyone can learn it if you have the skills

Chaos Vortex is a restraining Chaos Move mostly. It starts by the user summoning up a large amount of Chaos Energy for one post. After a one post charging period, a vortex that can be of any color appears above the user's opponent. Once there, a large beam of light, that can also be any color, shoots from the center of the vortex and encases the opponent within it. From there, the walls will soon begin to become extremely heated to the point to where if you even touch them your hand can possibly melt and there will also be lightening surrounding the walls to detour people from escaping. After the walls come down, the gravity inside of the vortex will be becomne five times stronger then Earth's gravity and will most likely cause the opponent to fall face first into the ground. It can also make it difficult to use any other kind of energy besides Chaos Energy due to the sheer amount of Chaos Energy that's slamming down on the user. Not to mention that the gravity can eventually begin to tear you apart if you are severely weakened or on a two, three, four or five tier.

The only way to counter this is to either shoot some type of strong energy into the vortex to disrupt it, place a defensive kido around you until the vortex is gone, use Chaos Control to teleport yourself out of the Vortex or place your own barrier around you or raise your reitsu if you are stronger then the user.

The Vortex can also only be up for a maximum of three post by a master, two post by advanced and one post by Adept. But when the vortex is about to disappear, all the energy it collected will explode and cause a massive explosion. If the user is not careful, they can also get caught up in this blast.

The drawbacks to using this power, though, is that you can only use it three times per thread. So, after you use it once you cannot use it for another five post no matter who you are. It can also cause moderate exhaustion for three post after it's summoned and can slow you down for one post

Chaos Blast (Also Known as Ranmyaku Blast

This is the Iramasha's own version of the cero. It is a blast of either angel, demon or both (when used by hybrids) that is gathered from inside of their body and shot out in a massive wave or sphere. When used in a wave, it's faster, but not as strong. When used as a sphere, it is much stronger, but slower. Another thing to note is that when a Angel Iramasha uses Chaos Blast the blast is typically white or blue, while when a demon fires it the blast is typically black or bright red. If your a hybrid, it's both. However, some Iramasha's have customized their own Chaos Blast's to fit their needs.

Chaos Barrier

Chaos Barrier is a move you perform by summoning up Chaos Energy, placing a wall or sphere of energy around your body and sealing yourself inside your own world for up to three post. Nothing can get in OR out of this world. Which means you cannot attack while within it, nor can you be attacked. Also, if you stay in here for too long and you are not a master or Advanced you will eventually begin to erase yourself. Master's and Advanced can to, but this usually happens after five post after the recommended three post length. Also, after the recommended three post length, it can also be damaged by other attack's and eventually bought down.

Frankenstein Iramasha (3-1) Image4496-1

•Demonic Release stage One Appearance:
The first the that changes about Frankenstein is his arms are covered in darkness up to the top of his shoulder blades. The next thing is short black horns form at the top of his skull. His aura also changes in this situation. It becomes more terrifying and he personally grows in bloodlust and psychosis.

• Angelic Release/Demonic Release/Hybrid Stage One Abilities:

-Enhanced Speed
He becomes even faster than before being able to move large distances very quickly and also having an increased reaction speed that allows him to attack and react more quickly that before.

Before he wasn't weak but his strength was just average. In this state his strength increases almost an entire level.

• Hell Evolution State: (Same as before. Simply state how they look upon ascending into this form)

• Hell Evolution State Two Abilities: (Same as before. Simply state what they gain from this form)

• Class Title: The Devil of Darkness

• Class Traits:

Piercing Vision

Being so close to darkness it doesn't hinder him so in any darkness Frankenstein has the ability to see perfectly

Resilience to Darkness

Frankenstein has a resilience to powers of a dark nature

• Skills:


General Skills
  • Durability: Beginner
  • General Speed:Adept
  • Strength: Adept
  • Weapon Skill:Beginner

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination:Adept
  • Mental Deduction: Beginner
  • Pain Endurance: Beginner
  • Focus:Advanced

Racial Skills
  • Chaos Energy Skill: Adept
  • Chaos Warp: Adept
  • Chaos Fighting Style: Beginner
  • Gem Creation: Beginner
  • Race Control: Adept

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Application Checklist[/center]
  • Name [X]
  • Appropriate Age [X]
  • Gender [X]
  • Appearance Present [X]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [X]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [X]
  • 10 sentences for personality [X]
  • History is of appropriate length [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [X]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[X]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [X]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [X]

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Adept
  • Mental Deduction: Beginner
  • Pain Endurance: Beginner
  • Focus: Advanced

Tier: 3-1


Frankenstein Iramasha (3-1) XZGpCF2
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Frankenstein Iramasha (3-1)
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