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Thu Nov 28, 2013 5:29 pm
Beast Sugiura Teiru Hateshinai


Name: Teiru Hateshinai (テイル 果てし無い Lit. Tails Without End)
True Age: 777
Gender: Male

General Appearance

Animalistic Traits: Being a beast Sugiura, his body is almost completely fused with the traits of that beast. His long, silver hair, the numerous tails that extend out of his spine, the large, claw-like, sharp claws on his fingers, the fangs in his mouth, his eyes that are able to become slits, his massive ears with fur coming out of them, and his mannerisms and ways of moving around are all symbolic of a feline or canine, but most of all like a fox. He is a Kitsune, in essence.
Appearance Age: 18-20
Height: 5' 5''
Weight: 135 lbs.

Personality Analysis

He is a very faithful person. He believes that those who have faith in something are truly blessed, because they have a certainty in their lives that will nto change. However, at the same time, he looks down on those with weak faith or a lack of faith in anything around them, to the point where he will occasionally scold the former and pity the latter. His own views of faith are that God watches over all from somewhere, and either stays in heaven because he is afraid of what he has created or because he is awaiting for those souls freed from the Soul Cycle to join him. However, he doesn't really talk about this philosophy with anyone else.

Teiru knows that he has committed sins. He has no delusions about his past; he has sinned, and he knows that he will someday have to sin again. He feels guilt from his sins, which pile up in a part of his mind, but he normally is able to ignore them. This is where the beginning of his being a Beast Sugiura starts, in the fact of his mind being mentally unsound. While the sins are locked up within his mind, they are all being recorded forever within him, and relate to one of his abilities, which is why if he never 'sins' he will not be able to use it.

He is a very friendly person, but an extremely loyal friend. He cares for his friends, to the point where he says that he loves them. However, his definition of love isn't like that of most. To him, 'loving' another person is to will their good, plain and simple. The one who is a person's life partner is the one who they wish the good of more than anyone else, and will do anything, absolutely anything, for the good of that person.

However, he does live by a broken code of chivalry. He will not stand for a female being abused by her spouse in any way, but at the same time he will not put up with any female abusing their spouse either.. Both he will act against in a way that stops the one causing the abuse, though in the manner that he stops them could be called something other than beneficial, as it this is an example of one of the things that make him enter into a Bond Rage.

He is a simple living person. To him, the ideal house is one with a place to sleep, a place to eat, food present, and a spouse to love and be loved by. To him, those are all the essentials that a person needs in this life. Such an unambitious view is one of the reasons why he is so lax most of the time, and is difficult normally to stir to action or to react to something. However, perhaps the cruelest facet of his existence is that his wish for a simple lifestyle is one of the only ones that will never be able to be granted for as long as he is alive.

Sometimes on purpose, sometimes not, he is a deceptive person. He enjoys messing with people ever so slightly, not in any way that will typically cause great harm to befall them, but just enough that they are irritated. To him, it is one of the ways that he shows his affection for others, so he doesn't try to mess with those who he is not on good terms with. In addition, a person who picks up on this trait can get a good idea of what Teiru thinks of other people by how much he messes with the person when he's interacting with them in conversation. This trait also plays into keeping most of his secrets hidden away from others, in addition to other things that he would rather not be revealed like his powers. Sometimes, this goes as far as deceiving himself as to not trigger what's within him.

However, due to all of his conflicts, there is still one unique nature within Teiru. He cannot deny himself the pleasure of being around women. Due to his slight insanity, he may decide that he likes a particular person quite a bit randomly, and do everything he can to get to know them. This includes pouring adoration over them and having them come to appreciate the softness of his tails. He has a bit of a problem with his lust, but is very gentlemanly and suave in getting what he desires. In his belief, you have succeeded in greatly becoming a part of someone 'when they see you in their dreams'.

He is absolutely terrible in the regard of teasing. This is the other thing that shows his affection towards others, and he does it frequently in conversation with harmless remarks towards them. His favorite methods of teasing involve poking in nerve places, wagging his fingers at others, imitating them in a macaw voice, reading too much into their relationships, and poking them with his tails.

Lost The Soul
Ever since he killed his wife, his village, and every one of his friends in becoming a Beast Sugiura, Teiru has believed that he has sold his soul, or that it is at least lost. This is the reason why he is unable to have even a simple dream; he believes that he does not even have an existence to be allowed happiness such as that. Quite simply, he does not feel forgiven for what he has done. This is a core part of himself; it is because of this that he does not normally get into honest relationships with others, will often decline pleasurable things, and is a vegetarian.

He holds great burdens within himself, as he has many sins that he believes he will never be able to atone for. It is because of this that he doesn't normally allow himself to get close to other people, as he believes that it will just result in negative things for them. He is almost completely unable to believe that there could be someone who would put up with a being like him at the level of 'love', in his regard. As such, the burden of his 'sins' is that he is truly lonely, as he believes that there can be no one who wishes his good, including himself.

However, as much as he believes that he does not deserve happiness or for others to wish his good, he wants to atone. He wants to resolve for what he has done in the past, and this is the reason why he is alive. He hopes that one day there will actually be someone who will will his good, the betterment of himself. However, he doesn't see that being in the near future, and therefore is not hoping too much for it at this point.

His dream is to be accepted, plain and simple. The connections of his own that he has torn off from those that he loved, he wants to have returned to him. His dream is to love himself, to wish for his own good, his own betterment. For that, however, someone else has to care about him first, and has to forgive him for everything he has done, after they have learned every one of his secrets.

Teiru does not talk about himself willingly. It is extraordinarily difficult for him to talk about himself or his past, and he has many, many secrets that he holds deep within himself, from others and in the case of a few even from himself. The secrets that he has from others are below.

1. He killed his wife on their wedding night, and is a complete virgin.
2. He followed this with the slaying of his best friend for being told that it was all his fault.
3. He accepted the contract of his Guardian Beast because the beast threatened to raze his village.
4. He himself razed his village.
5. He killed every single person within it.
6. He ate his wife's heart to forever remind himself of his sins.
7. He grows tails for the amount of 'sins' that he believes that he has committed.
8. He doesn't actually trust any single person other than himself, no matter what he says contrary to this.
9. Meat is his favorite food.
10. Any time he sees a happy living being, he cuts his palm with his nails as punishment for the sin in his mind of cutting them open and destroying their happiness.

The secrets that he holds from himself, truths about himself that he has blocked out, are as follows.
1. That night, the Guardian Beast had been his wife.
2. He didn't kill everyone in the village; he let go a young boy and girl, when he saw the reflection of what he was doing in their eyes.
3. His dearest desire is to make his own life end.
4. His best friend had been with his wife ever since he had been courting her.
5. The village had been planning his execution after his wedding night for having married the woman that the village elder's son had been courting.
6. The real reason why he doesn't get close to anyone isn't for their safety, it's for his own.
7. He has no reason to live.
8. The only reason he is walking this earth is to find the boy and girl.
9. His number of tails, his amount of power, are based on his 'sins'.
10. He was formerly a Knight Sugiura.

Natural  Abilities


Divine Tail Art - Mugen of Tails
Theoretically, Teiru has an infinite number of tails that he is able to use. This is because of how the tails are generated. They are generated by his body when his mind reads that he believes that he has committed a sin, an offense against 'love'. This means that he believes he has performed a completely unjust act, one that must be atoned for to ever be removed. However, because he has never felt forgiven since the day he became a Beast Sugiura, he has never lost a tail outside of combat. Out of the base of his spine he is able to produce (Place outside of his body) up to seventy seven tails, though the manipulation of all of those is really hard for him. Nine is where he has the greatest amount of effectiveness, and he is able to manipulate up to twenty with a massive amount of strain on his mind. Using too many tails makes him have to manipulate them in waves instead of individually.

Divine Tail Art - Tail Manipulation
His tails work based on a simple property, his own mind. His mind is able to manipulate his tails like an extra arm or limbs. This means that he can use his tails to make things like chairs or tables, or even something like a cage or a wall. Finally, he feels pain from any damage that the tails take, again as if they were another limb of his.

Divine Tail Art - Eternal Witness
Teiru has the unique ability to see the Guardian Beasts of any other Sugiura. This means that when he looks at them, he sees them, and he sees a manifestation of the Guardian Beast within them spawned around their body, formed out of the energy that their bodies give off. This means that if they don't give off any energy, he can't see anything, but also that he can somewhat determine whether or not someone has a Guardian Beast, in addition to being able to slightly guess at its origin.

Mind Alteration - Bond Rage
He has a unique state, known as Bond Rage. This state is when he turns into an absolute level of his true nature as a Beast Sugiura, his unstable mind coming out. This is triggered by one thing, and that is the witnessing of unforgiven sins of another towards their relationships. This means that if he came across a man abusing his wife, he would attack the man, no matter who he was, instinctively.

However, there is something more than this. If he succeeds in his Bond Rage, removing the person's relationship with the other person, then the Bond Rage triggers something within him. He replaces himself in the status of that relationship, giving the 'love' that the other was supposed to. This means that if he removed a woman's husband, he would think himself as her spouse as a result. If he drove out a man's wife, he would think himself the man's best friend. The same is true of a man or woman's best friend; he would think of himself as their closest person. This is part of his actual insanity. Even if he Bond Rages, for example, and thinks himself the spouse of many women, he will normally not be bothered by it. This is because as soon as someone rejects him in that position three times, or mentions how he removed the other person from them three times, he will lose the idea that he himself belongs in that relationship. That is how the Bond Rage functions.


The only magic that he has is the conjuring and manipulation of air-borne flames that he calls Wisps. These flames are not difficult at all to conjure, which is why he is able to still conjure them after becoming a Beast Sugiura. They just take the pouring in of the user's energy, before emitting it from the body. This can form in the method of a wisp of flame, a flamethrower, a bomb of flame, etc. The flame is medium hot, and burns most material objects, as well as spiritual. Finally, the flame does not burn him.

Sacred Weapon:

Divine Tail Art - Tail of Kami
The tails that come out of Teiru's spine are not normal tails by any definition. For one thing, they are able to extend themselves, up to three hundred feet away from his body. In addition, they are infinitely flexible, meaning that they can be stretched in any way or manner, even completely spiral upon themselves, meaning that they can easily be manipulated by himself. In addition, the tails are decently durable, each being about the hardness of steel. Each one comes out of a tiny connection to his spine, each of the connections to his body as hard as diamond, which then stretch out, using the energy connected to the body to form the tails and manipulate them, and as they are a passive creation, once they are created they no longer take up energy. The tails are also extraordinarily soft and, in a term, 'fluffy', in addition to being rather warm.

Other Weapons:

Katana of the Nine

The Katana of the Nine is a sword that is exactly as it seems; a sword. A 'magic' sword, but a sword. The ability of this magic sword is that it literally is able to clone itself into sets of nine. The first set of nine is triggered by the wielder's unconscious desire for it to split. However, every nine after that takes a massive amount of spiritual energy, and each new split takes nine times as much as the last one. In addition, the Katana of the Nine is unaffected by Wisps spawned by Will-o'-the-Wisp, and even attracts them to itself, meaning that it can become a flame blade at any time.

Guardian Beast

Origin: Thrashing Tails

Beast Joushou
Joushou Appearance:

Once he enters into Joushou, the only noticeable difference is that out of his body, a pelt forms around him. It is the skin of the animal above, with its head revealing to be the source of the massive animal ears on his head, and the rest of it resting on his back, with its tails mixing in with his own.

Divine Tail Art: Tail Manipulation
While in Joushou, his ability to manipulate his tails increases, and each post he spawns a new tail. He becomes able to manipulate up to twenty seven of the tails without much effort, and when stretched is able to use up to forty of them.

Tail Augmentation - Speed
When in this form, his tails increase in speed by three to four times, meaning that they are able to move much faster than before, though this can also make it more difficult to control at times. Overall, this is helpful for him to deal with multiple opponents or very fast ones, as the tails are still able to shape themselves as he chooses for them to.

Tail Augmentation - Strength
In addition, the tails are more than doubled in their raw force and ability to exert force, being able to lift most people by themselves and projecting enough force to start dealing damages to buildings and other structures around him.

Mind Alteration - Disability
The more that he enters into his forms, the more of his hidden secrets become revealed to him, causing for him to become more and more mentally unstable. He will forget these after the forms have been sealed, but the revelations of them turn him into a more and more unstable fighter, making him more and more dangerous but less and less focused as fights go on.

Divine Tail Art - Familiar Summon
In addition, he is able to remove his tails, changing them into Will-o'-the-Wisp structures. However, these structures are intensely durable, being very hard to wound as well as being very fast. They are useful in that their teeth and claws are both very sharp and able to be used with great force. They are able to act independently or dependently of Teiru's will, and will always act in his best interest. When  he ceases to be in a form, the familiars return to being tails, their energy returning to his body and re-establishing themselves with the connector on the base of his spine.

Beast Zenou
Zenou Appearance:

Upon entering Zenou, the only change that happens to his body from Joushou is that he develops a mask on his face. Now, he can choose to place this mask on or off, but at the moment placing the mask on his face does not change anything.

Zenou Abilities:

General Stat Boost
When he enters into Zenou, his general stats raise, his strength, speed, and durability all increasing, in addition to his mental capacity and the amount of energy that he has available at his disposal.

Divine Tail Art: Tail Manipulation
At the moment, this is the absolute greatest level of tail manipulation that Teiru has achieved. While in this state, he can manipulate all of his tails comfortably, and has only mild mental strain for doing it for extended periods of time. In addition, the augmentations that he received in his Joushou form all increase as well, meaning that the tails increase in further in speed and strength. Finally,he can now produce outside of his body upwards of two hundred tails at one time.

Mind Alteration - Complete Descent
When he enters into Zenou, his mind becomes completely open with itself once more, remembering the tragedy that it has gone through during its life, the true causes of what has happened to it, and the lack of any semblence of sanity within him. The mask symbolizes this change in his personality, and he becomes a rage-filled beast, completely unable to distinguish from friends and foes. Once again, he remembers nothing once out of his form, but does not have the state of Bond Rage activated, meaning that he will attack indiscriminately at everything around him.

Divine Tail Art: Lack of Love
While in this form, he completely and utterly understands all of his 'sins'. However, since it becomes revealed that he actually has committed no offenses against 'love' himself, the body is unable to cope. This means that instead of losing all of his tails completely,k he produces over twenty of them during each of his posts, showing that the true source of the tails isn't the number of his 'sins', but rather his number of delusions that he believes he has broken. This means that he gains a virtually unlimited amount of tails, and also has the mindset to use them.

Divine Tail Art: Teiru's Inferno
This technique is the use of the Will-o'-the-Wisps with his tails, literally generating the flames on his tails of all places. This means that all of his tails are able to become alight in flame, and he is able to manipulate them in any way. He can activate this ability at any time, which allows for supreme combos to be achieved by him.

Beast Kyuu Kyou

Kyuu Kyou Appearance:
Kyuu Kyou Abilities: The final stage of a Sugiura's power. This is 100% of their power, and their soul. Their abilities are increased substantially, and most of the time Kyuu Kyou is forbidden to be released. Few have mastered it, for it is so taxing to release it. It is manifested as the true form of one's soul.

Past & Roleplay Sample

Character Background:

The Birth

Teiru was born a Knight-Type Sugiura with fox-like characteristics within a strange village at the edge of the border of the South. The village was ruled by the elder, who held dominion like a dictator over the Guardian Beast using Sugiura of the village. From childhood, Teiru was ranked the lowest of village's children, because he would not choose a Guardian Beast. He depended totally on himself, learning a brand of Fire magic that went against his heritage, and was even exiled away from his parents at an early age, meaning that he never knew who they were.

However, Teiru had two friends. One was the son of the village elder, and the other was a girl named Amaya. He got along great with the both of them, although he always dreaded the day when they would find the Guardian Beasts that they were searching for and leave him behind. He did believe that he would still be able to see them and greet them as he pleased, although he didn't know for certain how that would work out.

The Courting

The time came and went when Amaya and his friend received their Guardian Beasts. The day before Amaya was to receive hers, Teiru had confessed that he held feelings for her and that he wanted to love her. When she asked him what he meant by love, he completely and totally explained. She was so taken aback by what he told her that she allowed for him to court her, something that filled him with a massive amount of pride.

For a time, at the very least, he was happy. He lived a simple lifestyle, even though the rest of the village seemed to not like their union much. However, because they had removed him from his parents, there wasn't anyone who could remove their blessing from their union. At last, he bound himself to her, and the two of them became married.

The Choice

However, the night of their honeymoon, he realized that there was something wrong. His wife was shaking, and as he began to realize what the problem was, he found his Blade, the Katana of the Nina, slit within his chest, tears streaming down his wife's face. He could only look up at her, seeing the pain in her eyes as he saw the Guardian Beast she held within her screaming out, chains covering its body.

He heard its peak to him, even with the nine blades impaling his body, reaching outa hand and placing it on his wife's cheek. ...Please... HE begged of the spirit, tears streaming down both of the couple's faces, not understanding in the slightest what was occurring, feeling his wife's tails reaching around his throat, strangling him, losing his ability to speak and breathe, even as a massive amount of flame spurned from his body, reaching out down the tails as the chains binding the beast suddenly erupted into flames, burning them away completely.

He suddenly opened his eyes wide, understanding everything as mental link emerged between him and the beast. The beast asked for Teiru to accept him, and Tieru agreed. It was his last day as a Knight Sugiura, and the last day that he was ever truly himself, as the Beast Sugiura was formed.

As he embraced the beast, its memories flowed into him. Memories of the joy of the girl, of the elder approaching her, of the chains binding around it, controlling her through it. Nights with his friend, the elder's only child, nights that began the madness that was beginning to consume his mind. When he opened his eyes again, he looked to see his wife, impaled on all nine Blades of the Nine, completely dead.

The Destruction

He was stirred into a rage, instantly entering the state of his Zenou. IN his massive fury he went straight to his friend, his rage complete. He could see the Guardian Beast within his friend, seeing that it was completely unbound, his mind filled with nothing but rage as he released his newfound power on his friend, who had not been expecting such massive destruction, massive tails that were covered in inferno smashing into him and burning his body alive, as Teiru went on an absolute rampage, the bodies of the villagers resulting as they attempted to stop him from reaching the elder.

There were only two children in the village at the time, who had not yet received their Guardian Beasts,a nd were unaffected by the elder Finally, He reached his task, who merely looked at him like he was an outcast. At this point, his mind had lost all recognition of basic facts of his life, but that look drove him into a fury like no other. The elder realized suddenly that this man before him did not have a Guardian Beast; he had become one with it.

The tail of Inferno captured him, completely surrounding his body as dozens of the tail tips point at the male, twisting themselves into a massive amount of spears, his hand reaching up and taking off his mask, the blood stains that covered his body showing as he looked at the elder, his right eye twitching as the tails shot downwards, impaling the elder completely as they were lit into flame, burning the elders corpse and destroying him absolutely completely, removing him from the plain of existence.

The Wandering

He wept. He wept for days. He wept until he felt like he would never weep again. His mind was wounded, destroyed from the fusion with the Beast. It developed locks on his own consciousness, locking away most of his insanity and allowing for him tobe mostly normal, though there were some things that he could never prevent. As such, he took up wandering, completely unaware of anything he could, or would do. He had lost all ideals, all desires from his body; he felt like he had lost all rights he had ever had to have anything good.

Roleplay Sample: Wave your tails in the air like you just don't care~

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Upon request, I'm going to go ahead and archive this character. RIP

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