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 Nero “Senorn“ Iramasha [APPROVED, 0-4+, ANGEL]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Nero “Senorn“ Iramasha [APPROVED, 0-4+, ANGEL]   Nero “Senorn“ Iramasha [APPROVED, 0-4+, ANGEL] EmptySat Nov 20, 2010 11:03 pm

[I R A M A S H A]

Nero “Senorn“ Iramasha [APPROVED, 0-4+, ANGEL] Clan_Symbols


Name: Nero “Senorn“ Iramasha
Age: 9,867
Gender: Male


Personality: Senorn is very proud of his own power, but possesses no physical signs of arrogance or overconfidence. He is also one of the most proficient combatants in the gaurdains, and maintains a level of honor and integrity when engaging in battle. Nonetheless, he was seen to be quite respectful, particularly to the fallen and the dead. Perhaps as a consequence of his old age, Senorn seems to enjoy sitting down and taking his time with things, especially when telling stories. As a warrior of great strength, Senorn believed firmly in that the way of the Iramashai is resolute acceptance of death. He also believed that one can only be strong when one has someone they wish to protect, and that any power gained through other motives are mere trivial increases. True strength comes from inside, which was the way he abided by all his life. He is a complex person with some rather difficult to understand views.

Becoming a member of the Guardians, the loyal and dedicated Senorn possesses a dry sense of humor and sarcastic wit.

Senorn is kindhearted, compassionate and patient almost to a fault. He most often acts out of protective selflessness for his loved ones, new friends and sometimes toward even his enemies. Despite being a very powerful shinigami and thus capable of great violence, Senorn retains a childlike purity in the face of all his encountered horrors. He a very charismatic and charming person and can be quite eloquent if he feels like it. He is a man who cares deeply about the people who trust and support him and goes to great lengths to ensure their safety and well-being, even at the risk of his own. Having being blessed with considerable power,Senorn considers himself a protector to those without and acts accordingly, earning the staunch loyalty of his most trusted companions.

On occasions he can be quite an altruist, as he is quick to defend other people and take action if his friends are harmed; he also holds the belief that no matter what a person is like, they should never be prejudiced or exterminated simply because of who they are. This often causes him to befriend and defend the wrongfully feared and persecuted. Because of his unbiased and protective attitude, he is quick in making friends and allies with the most unlikely of individuals, such as street thugs and thieves.

Intellectually, Senorn possesses a genius level intellect. He is also very sharp-witted, being able to figure out the foe powers and gauge there power levels only after one of there attacks, he is an honor-bound man, and when he feels indebted to someone, he will go out of his way to repay that debt, even if this goes against his own personal best interest.

Perhaps one of Senorn less shown traits is his seriousness, which appears briefly during his speeches and interactions with others and seldom effects him, though some occurrences has led him to hold his serious persona for extended periods. While more times than not he demonstrates a goofy and joking nature, not to mention a degree of laziness in his posture and facial features, Senorn can be serious when the situation calls for it; and when he does, even other's would wisely steps back and moves out of his way.

Senorn rarely shows a serious side unless circumstances occur to warrant a degree of seriousness; such as when Ultimos interrupted his battle with Rihiku.. It should be noted that when Senorn becomes serious, the change in personality is quite pronounced. He becomes more focused, his spiritual energy more sharp, while at the same time maintaining a degree of calm authority that serves to unnerve those he encounters. He is also generally quieter, and strangely, more observant to subtle details.

However, like everyone, Senorn has shown himself to have a darker side that manifests itself during times of difficulty and annoyance, though even more so during battle. Where he isn't afraid to torture his foes without a second thought, while he keeps honor, it should be noted, he isn't afraid to use dirty tactics, and downplay his own powers, often calling them useless, and fitting for a old man such as himself. He likes to work in groups, and work his powers in with his ally's as shown with Yoko and Shirou, instead of himself fighting fully due to his old age. He mixed attack's in with there's to increase there overall effect, allowing them to push Rihiku into bankai and be on equal ground even with Ultimos was there. But as Yoko pushed herself beyond her limits and nearly killed herself, he played more defense to keep harm away from them. Even thou he let's his team do most of the work, he shall back them up hard, when needed.

Senorn has demonstrated an ability to be very detail oriented when it comes to fighting. He notices his opponent's mannerisms and discerns with ease the reasons behind those actions and the weaknesses and strengths of his opponents. He even noticed Ultmios weakness of water, by covering up his attacks above a frozen lake. And noted how fast Rihiku was, and how to counter it not to long after it was released.

Senorn seems always serene and apathetic towards other people, even when he is actually deeply conflicted. He is also extremely calm, even in battle, and is very seldom surprised by even the most drastic of actions.
Senorn strongly believes in law and order. As a former member of one of the guardians and as a first generations Iramasha, he always works hard for a peaceful society. He feels that if someone in his position does not follow the rules as a good example, then no one will follow them. He believes that to maintain the order, all law-breakers must be punished, even if that goes against his own wishes.

After being nearly killed by the Kokuryuteshi, Senorn is fearful for everyone life, he learnt what Enfonse knew before he was killed. And after what happened to London, Senorn holds a hate for all of the Kokuryuteshi, and there ally's, but he wont hold this hate if they noticed there mistakes. Senorn took more of a dark avenger role, working in the shadows after faking his death. Senorn still holds a lot of his traits, but now isn't afraid to hold back.


Part 1
Senorn was one of the first generations Iramasha's. While unskilled he worked hard towards his goals. He battled many demons when he was young. Normally seeking peaceful methods. They fought and battled, they lost many people, he served and protected humans from the demon's. Over time Senorn grew sick of fighting, wanting peace, overcoming their difference's. When the Iramasha island where formed, the Iramasha where born. Peace something he wanted was at long last formed. After reach generations, new forms where created, Senorn gained his own Angel form, as a Elder, and his Golden Angel form when still apart the guardians.

Part 2
The other Elders of The Iramasha Clan had realized that for a long time that Touketsu was plotting against the Soul Society and Earth and would need a way to control his power. If The Demon King's claims were infact true, he would have the power to control to death and that simply could not be allowed to set foot in their world. Therefore, they had all came to a decision long ago that Raiden's son, Ketsu Iramasha, would be the vessel in which they could at least contain Touketsu for a time being and eventually control his so called "control" over death. In reality, though, Ketsu was just a Gennie pig to them. Senorn was unaware of the other Elders plans, thought this would of led to more stable peace.

Past 3

One day after Ketsu became the main head of the demon clan, he caught wind, of a mass assault on Ketsu life. The attack led, by Ketsu own mother, as Senorn rushed to the area. But he was to late. Due to extreme mentally, emotional and physical stress, Ketsu Iramasha had snapped and Touketsu swiftly took control over his mind, body and soul. Thus, he commanded Ketsu to go out and kill thousands of Iramasha's with his extreme body. There was so much power radiating from Ketsu at the time that he looked like pure night at the peak of his powers. He was only put to a stop after the combined efforts of Halo, Hana and Ryou Iramasha by use of Chaos Soul on him. After that Ketsu left the clan and wasn't seen again until the year 2007. Senorn tried to keep tabs on Ketsu since then, to help him, to redeem his other elders,

Part 4

As Senorn kept getting older, his body was getting weaker over time, he wasn't as powerful as he should be, but he was powerful enough to hold his own, his powers becoming more suited to work into groups. in 2008
Ender an age old demon created from the negatice emotions of all beings thanks to the help of Touketsu. He fought again everyone of every faction. This war was intense and extremly rough. He was testing everyone to see what Karakura could do.

When all Iramasha's Demon, Angel and master gems were together, Ender was able to release the power of a demon and merge with another power and reveal it's final form. Enders army took over the Gotei 13 for a short while. The discovery of other worlds was suspected durring the Ender arc, and was fueled on the arrival of Edward and Noah/Eve. Humans became awarent of unknown beings from the battles.
Senorn during this time, helped those on the Iramasha side, by sending them aid, when need, and was mostly busy doing paper work.

Part 5

Senorn till now has been doing paper work, when he came to the human world for the first time, he ran into a Shinigami known as Yoko, and another being known Shirou. There they fought Rihiku and ultmios both of the espada guards. They defeated them after a long hard battle, while Senorn body was to weak for direct combat,m he stayed and used his powers to support his ally's. After this, he returned home, finding something amiss. His home had been broken into some of his old gems of his past, missing, and then it happened a large blast, believing it ended the life of Senorn, but really was one of his clones made from the lovers. Senorn hid from his assassins well, now that everyone seems to think he has died. He been hiding within special areas all over the place to hide his reaitsu, and help others in need when it calls


Seishin Buki Name: Senorn Seishin are broken into two names, for there different use's, they can all exist at once, making Requiem seem like another power, they hold two different powers and use's. Requiem is based around attack and defense at once, while Āsukattā is for support and buff use.

Base mode: Requiem

Sword mode Āsukattā

Seishin Buki Appearance:

Requiem: Requiem takes the form of countless, of dust sized blades, that always stays around Senorn, in groups it takes form as a icy mist, which is why it mix's well with Deep Freeze. making an tricky combo.

Āsukattā: Āsukattā is special that he can carry a sealed powered version when using Requiem.Āsukattā takes the form of a standard sized katana with a cyan handle and sheath. The guard has two curved extensions from its long sides, with a line going through both sides to give it an eye-like appearance. It can fuse with Requiem giving it laser like blade instead, and the handle changing to a dark gold color,with an more royal guard.

Seishin Buki Abilities:

Requiem: Senorn can control the countless, of dust sized blades, that always stays around Senorn, in groups it takes form as a icy mist, up to the range of a half mile, he can attack and defend at once, The froce behind the blade's are small, but the speed alone near bala level speed's, in group's, Senorn can create wall's of Requiem, they are thick enough to block the force behind Rihiku strikes, and then Ultmios strikes, while its good to block physical attacks, they are best to defend energy attack's, almost nulled any sort of energy based attacks that hit the wall's, however it can't block forever, so normally after one attack the wall's return to there dust like state. The blades can expand dramatically in size. Imbuing these sphere forms, in this fashion serves to greatly enhance their destructive potential to the extent that they can easily destroy concrete structures, subsequently obliterating the impaled object with a substantial resultant explosion and if needed increase the number of spheres to make more explosions. Senorn mostly this by coating himself with the "Requiem" energy alone, increasing his strength and speed greatly. He can coat his other attacks or elements in it. as of lately after training, Senorn can now cast his ally's with Requiem to enhance there attack's.

Āsukattā: Āsukattā holds the power over manipulation of the energy in the air into its blade and used for many types of attacks or to increase damage or cutting power into the attack itself. And Also it holds the power of the Major Arcane for support/attack's


Master Swordsmanship Specialist: He appears to be very efficient in swordsmanship, being able to fight on-par with a full-powered Bankai users at best and even slice through some Bankai's attacks. He is capable of using his speed for near flawless precision and to inflict lethal attacks without much effort. Senorn prefers to wield his sword with his right hand, leaving the other hand free though it usually remains hanging. He is quite adept at blocking while his offense is capable of great precision. Senorn fighting style also involves evasion and attacking an opponent either in the front or back using the element of surprise to overwhelm them.

"Sheathed Blade Style Techniques"
(帯刀技 Taitouwazahō)

Dai Ni: Rekkujin (第二烈空刃, "The Second: "Intense Empty Blade"):
This Advance Technique enabling its use while his sword is held within its scabbard. This attack is unique from others within the same style because Senorn draws his blade to execute the attack. Senorn Unsheathes his Sword, slashing with his sword rapidly in all directions, creating a rush of strikes with such speed that wind accompanies each slash to deal additional damage. After completing the Technique, he returns the sword to its sheath, allowing him to continue within the sheathed blade style without requiring a Style Shift Making the Movement Seamless.

Dai San: Zankuujin Mujinshou (斬空刃無塵衝, "The Third: "Slash Sky Blade Negative Ash Rush")
When this Technique is used, Senorn thrusts his sheathed sword into his foes, slashes them into the air, kicks them back to the ground, then kicks them once more knocking them back. After, he charges towards the enemies, then unleashes his sword from its scabbard, forming thousands of slashes while Senorn cuts three times before Returning his Sword to his Sheathe; Even If Some of the Attacks Miss the target, Senorn Will continue with the Assault with Light Flash to Keep up.

"Drawn Blade Burst Style Techniques"
(抜刀術 Battoujutsuhō)

Senmaioroshi (千枚卸, "Thousand-Page Wholesale"):
A technique where multiple blade movements take place so fast that they can literally shred a target into pieces. Senorn normally aims at the pressure points of the body at a rapid rate.

Number One: Nadegiri (撫で斬り, "The First: Killing Stroke"):
This basic technique allows for a precision cut of extreme force and speed, it can casually slice through large, multi-story high opponents protected by steel skin. The opponent can be killed with one swift slash so precise, that they aren't even aware of until after it has taken place. This is Senorn surprise attack, in blade combat.

Number Four: Kamishini (神キラー, "God Killer" or "Cutting down God with a Single Slash"):
By swinging the sword across, Senorn can make a sweeping motion that cuts everything within 4 m of the user. The force behind this technique is great enough to defeat even Adjuchas-level Hollow with little effort. Senorn is winded after this, and left open for a short while.

Number Six: Gyaku Karasu (逆烏, Reverse Raven):
Senorn uses Light flash to quickly get behindhis opponent and then quickly doing a reverse spin trying to hit their opponent with the back edge of the sword, slicing into them with an accurate and rapid slash.

Number Seven: Tsubame Gaeshi (燕返し, "Swallow Reversal" or "Turning Swallow Cut"):
A technique that mimics the motion of a swallow's tail during flight as observed. This cut was reputedly so quick and precise that it could strike down a bird in mid-flight. There are no direct descriptions of the technique. Hence, the "Turning Swallow Cut" has been reconstructed as a technique involving striking downward from above and then instantly striking again in an upward motion from below. The strike's second phase could be from below toward the rear and then upward at an angle, like an eagle climbing again after swooping down on its prey.

Overwhelming Spiritual Power: The spiritual energy and pressure of immense spiritual power is significantly increased further upon entering his Angel or Golden Angel forms. Just his presence in those stage is so devastating that he shatters the air around him making cracks around where he stands. When using Angel or Golden Angel form Senorn reiatsu takes the shape of several blue and white reiatsu wisps surrounding his body.

High Speed specialist- Able to use speed to his favor in battle in such still it seems to mimic soul reapers flash step in terms of style. And is the most deadly thing about him is the fact is not only how is he going to attack but when.

Light Flash - His very own version of flash steps, these use strong light instead of Reiatsu-bursts to move at high speeds for short distances, very similliar to Shunpo. Generally, it doesn't make any sounds, though. The only exception is for when Senorn stands on the ground, as it melt's the surface on which she is standing. This is fast enough to make Senorn appear to teleport around.

Immense Strength: Having lost the majority of his strength to old age, Senorn still has immense physical abilities. His strength is such that he can make a foe as large as a Menos Grande with only one punch, catch strikes from other's using only his bare-hands and reel them in for an attack with little effort. This strength also serves as a potent defense While Senorn has exhibited what many would consider super strength even by Iramasha standards, he noted that he can't keep this up for long, and gets weaker over the course of a battle.

Enhanced Reflexes- Senorn has developed his reflexes to the point that he no longer has to think about dodging attacks, as his muscles instinctively react to incoming danger. This is mainly due to his body being very old and is worried about his self. They are not as great as his speed but there just good enough to dodge some attacks from high-speed users.

Fōringu-shi- Compacting the absolute extent of his capabilities in this area into an excessively dense yet abnormally fragile form, Senorn' specialized and distinctive variant of Chaos control enables him to materialize various constructs reminiscent of extant swords, possessing an incomprehensibly sharp edge around the entirety of their exterior contours. The exact dimensions of the resultant blades conform to what Senorn believes the present circumstances necessitate, meaning that the fabricated weapon can even extend to obscene lengths if so required, seemingly without consequence to the ease at which they can be manipulated due to their composition literally acting as an extension of Senorn himself. However, despite whatever incarnation the blade (or potentially blades) ultimately adopts, its indivertibly razor-sharp edge means that it is capable of slicing through the majority of materials effortlessly. Initially Senorn can required an appropriate medium with which to conduct his ability through, ranging from small knives to a larger katana but eventually this was deemed unnecessary as his powers had progressed to such an extent that he could simply generate the articles in question from the palms of his hands. In spite of the tremendous offensive capabilities of this respective technique, the swords remain relatively delicate and can be shattered almost instantaneously if struck unexpectedly. Occasionally Senorn chooses not to solidify his chaos energy, preferring to instead project the aura and thus conduct the subsequent cut with a simple motion of his fingers or arms but this utilization is usually reserved only when opposing a particularly weak or defenseless adversary Purifying is still in effect. With these powers he can perform theses attacks

  • Bishamon-Mura - Through the process of withdrawing his Seishin Buki from its respective scabbard, before rapidly performing a swift cut and replacing the blade in a single controlled motion, Senorn is able to materialize hundreds of sharpened swords that seemingly levitate above a specific predetermined location in a 1.5 mile raids. These blades emit a distinctive and intimidating howling sound upon generation but despite the evident danger they possess from being suspended precariously above the intended victims, both of these qualities serve only to belie the techniques true nature. The attack's actual threat lies within its fragility, which results in the production of numerous razor-sharp shards that descend downwards when disturbed by the adversaries' Sprit pressure , subsequently mincing the enemy with bala like rain

  • Bishamon-Tsubute - Utilizing a combination of a knife-like medium and either a simplistic thrusting or slashing motion, Senorn is capable of momentarily fabricating the tip of solidified blade at a precise distance away from his actual destination, in order to penetrate or slice an intended target. The entirety of this process is completed in a mere moment, resulting in the individual steps involved in this technique becoming virtually indistinguishable to the majority of observers until the actual cut has occurred, leaving little opportunity for the intended victim to evade successfully. Makes a sound of hollow as it made.

  • Ashura Kai - By generating and subsequently storing a collective entity of chaos energy, comprised from an innumerable quantity of minute vibrating particles, Senorn is capable of containing an immense amount of friction between his two hands in a distinctive visible aura. Projecting this resultant atmosphere both forward and outward with a swift swing of his arms, the intense heat produced by the violent vibrations disperses in almost explosive manner, instantaneously incinerating the majority of objects in the immediate vicinity of the attack's trajectory. The sound is that of a c minor. Stronger tiers are ineffective by this.

Holy- This holy element, gives him the power, to make spiritual light, which can in turn enhance his own body, objects, solidify, or, produce light. The emit lighted intense enough to incinerate objects around it, and turn water into steam. This most commonly seen when he uses the light, in a form of a roar that can force most foes back in blinding light and heat, he can form compressed forms of light, into strong lasers to that of the sun coming down, if given time. Senorn able to create limitless amounts of light. Senorn/Ally can become invisible to the naked eye, by surrounding him or with light. Or create a large area of light around opponents, disrupting their visual perceptions, causing confusion and decreasing their chance to fight back against attack.Causes a multitude of twinkling lights to appear, which then form together around an opponent, creating a huge sphere which engulfs everything within a significant radius. Anyone within that radius will potentially get caught in it. Immediately following that, the sphere collapses in on itself, using the compressed light to crush everything within it. A strong enough spiritual pressure can push back and destroy this power, even then, the chances of killing with the dome of life are low, due to the energy need to create it.

Deep Freeze - Senorn other chaos control with his element ability allows him to generate substantial quantities of ice from the surrounding atmosphere and then subsequently manipulate this frigid substance into seemingly whatever form he chooses, almost immediately after the ice's initial production. In this manner he is able to quickly form a great variety of ice structures that are suitable for a diverse range of purposes, no matter if the nature of these circumstances demand offensive or defensive uses. However, all the objects that he fabricates share one similar trait in that they freeze almost any surface they may come into contact with, covering it in a thick layer of ice that remains for extended periods. This also includes the immediate environment but rather than hamper Senorn this aspect actually serves to benefit him, as the frozen climate supports and increases the advantageous features of any latter techniques, while disadvantaging his opponent further as they suffer from the harmful effects of the sub-zero conditions. Purifying effect is still active in this.
[*]Ice Guns: The preferred manifestation of Senorn powers, it takes the form of a pair of small pistols. These guns are capable of firing bullets made of requiem that can cover their intended target in a layer of thick ice for 2 post, suitably restraining their movements for subsequent attacks. When the temperature of the immediate environment decreases enough, the bullets fired from these 'ice guns' become able to freeze huge areas in even denser ice with each individual shot.

[*]Ice Skates: To accommodate for the change in environment that his other attacks create, Senorn regularly converts his shoes into ice skates, by forming blades of ice on his soles. Can be used as a weapon

[*]Condensed Ice Spheres: Senorn is able to materialize condensed spheres of ice that are surrounded by numerous sharp protrusions, which when thrown grow rapidly in size in order to protect him from most forms of attacks, while simultaneously freezing them and the surrounding area. This move was strong enough to completely negate the effects of a very powerful fire attacks but shatter afterwards into snow like dust

[*]Ice Spears: Senorn most daunting form of offense with Deep Freeze occurs in the creation of incredibly sharp throwing spears, composed entirely from a single fragment of dense ice. These 'javelins' are so durable that when employed they can penetrate and retain their shape with ease through three consecutive blocks wroth of buildings. They shatter with stronger attacks hit them or defense, can be fired from Ice Guns.

[*]Ice Amour: As the surrounding climate begins its inevitable decline in temperature due to the nature of Senorn techniques, the power levels of his abilities continue to increase to the point that armor composed from ice begins to form. These collections of ice are initially most prominent on the lower portion of his arms and entire back but these formations soon progress to the rest of his body as the fight drags on. Takes 12 post to start this and 5 post to finish this when his power starts

Shockwave punches - Senorn is also capable of further concentrating a large quantity of his particular variant of chaos energy into the lower portion of one of his arms, subsequently projecting it outward in the form of a volatile shot emanating from the respective fist, which violently explodes when it establishes contact with an exterior object, causing massive damage, its range is that of a shot gun 35 feet.

Dirty deed- Senorn is also capable of further concentrating a large quantity of this particular variant of Choas energy into various playing cards and metallic coins, or any random object he can get his hands on. Which he conceals about his person. Imbuing these respective items in this fashion, serves to greatly enhance their destructive potential to the extent that they can easily pierce reinforced concrete structures, subsequently obliterating the impaled object with a substantial resultant explosion. Senorn typically employs his respective items such knifes, only when undertaking the most devastating of actions, instead reserving the cards, or coins. when non-lethal attacks are deemed necessary as the insertion of these articles into a victim's body both impairs and disrupts the intended target's movements, effectively paralyzing them without causing significant collateral damage. However; Senorn highest and most powerful skill actually utilizes the remainder of the item's in his possession, saturating them with enough Chaos energy that it begins to distort their very shape, which leads to numerous consecutive immense blasts when initiating contact after dispersal. Senorn states, he can coat them in Requiem energy as well, to make the blast even stronger, but shall only need to do this when needed.

Burst Infused Chains - Senorn is also capable of further extending a large quantity of this particular variant of Chaos energy over the entire length of a pair of chain like constructs, composed from numerous interlocking diamond links that he wields in a similar manner to dual whips.He keeps these hidden in his jacket. Imbuing these respective items in this fashion, serves to not only greatly enhance their tensile strength to the extent that they can even withstand the intense heat generated by "The Sun" flames, but also considerably increase their destructive capabilities and the ease at which they can be manipulated. The length of the chains are up to 15 meters,Senorn is able to make the path of the chains normally in what are unthinkable ways,

Chaos Moves:

Chaos Sync - All Iramasha's have this ability. Chaos Sync is how all the Iramasha's are in tune with one another. They can share visuals in battle, energy, information and various other things by using this technique. To activate it all you have to do is say "Chaos Sync and it will instantly link you up to their network.

Chaos Control- can also be used to control the flow of time around a certain area, Senorn use it to speed himself up even more so , when done to his requiem it beings it vast range and adds to a whole new type of level on it.

Chaos Blast-This is the Iramasha's own version of the cero. It is a blast of either angel, demon or both (when used by hybrids) that is gathered from inside of their body and shot out in a massive wave or sphere. When used in a wave, it's faster, but not as strong. When used as a sphere, it is much stronger, but slower. Another thing to note is that when a Angel Iramasha uses Chaos Blast the blast is typically white or blue, while when a demon fires it the blast is typically black or bright red. If your a hybrid, it's both. However, some Iramasha's have customized their own Chaos Blast's to fit their needs. Senorn own version is blue center with a green and blue outline

Chaos Restore: An Iramasha with Advanced or Master control over Chaos Energy can replace a limb or non-vital organ with ease. For Advanced it takes one post; for Master's it's almost instant. You can only use this move three times in a thread if you are advanced with a cool down of 3 post, and six times if you are a master with a cool down of two post. If you try to go over that limit there is chance something can go wrong.

Chaos Orb: A technique that uses a ball made from Chaos Energy to track a particular individual anywhere they are. There are a few restrictions about the person that is subjected to pursuit. The user must know that person's reitsu's pattern. If someone can be targeted for pursuit, they maybe very far away, the orb will be able to confirm their position.

Chaos Vortex: Chaos Vortex is a restraining Chaos Move mostly. It starts by the user summoning up a large amount of Chaos Energy for one post. After a one post charging period, a vortex that can be of any color appears above the user's opponent. Once there, a large beam of light, that can also be any color, shoots from the center of the vortex and encases the opponent within it. From there, the walls will soon begin to become extremely heated to the point to where if you even touch them your hand can possibly melt and there will also be lightening surrounding the walls to detour people from escaping. After the walls come down, the gravity inside of the vortex will be becomne five times stronger then Earth's gravity and will most likely cause the opponent to fall face first into the ground. It can also make it difficult to use any other kind of energy besides Chaos Energy due to the sheer amount of Chaos Energy that's slamming down on the user. Not to mention that the gravity can eventually begin to tear you apart if you are severely weakened or on a two, three, four or five tier.

The only way to counter this is to either shoot some type of strong energy into the vortex to disrupt it, place a defensive Kidō around you until the vortex is gone, use Chaos Control to teleport yourself out of the Vortex or place your own barrier around you or raise your reitsu if you are stronger then the user.

The Vortex can also only be up for a maximum of three post by a master, two post by advanced and one post by Adept. But when the vortex is about to disappear, all the energy it collected will explode and cause a massive explosion. If the user is not careful, they can also get caught up in this blast.

The drawbacks to using this power, though, is that you can only use it three times per thread. So, after you use it once you cannot use it for another five post no matter who you are. It can also cause moderate exhaustion for three post after it's summoned and can slow you down for one post.

Chaos Web: The move takes a lot of concentration. It creates an invisible web of chaos energy. When an opponent is trapped in this web their speed is drastically decreased as well as slowly decreasing the amount of reiatsu the opponent has.

Chaos Javelin: The user focuses chaos energy into his palms and forms it into a lance like weapon and hurls it at his enemy. The power and destructive speed of the lance is defining. Upon impact to an area or person the attack destroys a large area.

Ash-Shzyh Qdās Is a mighty purplish-blue Chaos blast covered in white static discharge, fired by Senorn in his Angel and golden angel form. It is formed from Senorn hand, and fired as a ball, for a stronger effect When it impacts, it is capable of large-scale damage; it create an vortex of chaos energy that tears most impacted matter apart. He is able to change the direction of this attack during firing, making it extremely difficult to avoid. Most stronger tiers can suffer broken bones and lower tiers can face deadly wounds. Can fire up to three. cool down for one blast is 1 post, for all three it takes 3 post.

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Angel Form Appearance: This is the first stage into the Angelic Process for the Angel half of the Iramasha Clan. When they enter this form they usually have glowing white hair down to their shoulders, two glowing wings on their back, dark blue or glowing white eyes and a white aura surrounding their body. Once this form is achieved their speed, stamina, attack strength, defense and agility increase by 50x's.

Senorn has a rather simple change in appearance, his eyes, change to a gold-ish tint. Gaining lang hair to his middle back, and two wing's.

Angel Form Abilities:

Kai- This technique makes a circle of energy, before firing blasts of green light from its center in a cage-like formation. Each blast is weaker than a bala, and is meant to overwhelm the target at a quick rate, if one of the blast hits, it creates the feeling of numbness for a single post in that area, so if one arm was hit, they wont be able to feel the area which the arm was hit.

Energy Blast: Senorn can gather vast amount of light, and deep freeze, using chaos energy to keep the two elements stable, a blast of white angel like energy, that fires forth, and starts to freeze, and use holy propitious to cause massive damage, Senorn can fire these instantly in golden angel form, noted to be fast as a quick cero, and stronger than one as well. In angel form Senorn has to charge for 1 post, and a cooldown of one post to fire again.

Kings Judgement- A fearsome attack, by letting deep freeze and chaos energy cover either arm, and then aiming at his target, fire can then fire a gigantic beam of the two forming a spiritual energy that on impact resuls in a truly enormous explosion in the shape of a giant cross. Senorn has to wait 3 post to fire this move, And wait another 4 post in order to use it again.

Gravity manipulation- This element is a by product of the Angel form of Senorn, allowing him to repel or attract objects or people. However, it could not perform these techniques in rapid succession, leaving him vulnerable for a short period of time after each use. This period of time between usages varied from five seconds to several minutes, depending upon the force of the repulsion or attraction that Senorn had used. this is seen in all forms.

Golden Angel Form Appearance:

Golden Angel form is a more advanced level of Angel Form. When they enter this form they usually have gold glowing hair that goes down to their upper to mid back, red or gold glowing eyes, depending on Iramasha the Iramasha their face can look more mature, they have four golden glowing wings on their back and they have a golden aura with hints of red surrounding their bodies. When they've mastered this form it can make them up to 75x's stronger then before. Also, another thing to note is that in Golden Angel Form the user can make his alias stronger for the length of time he is in this state. However, it only applies if they are within 3 miles of the user. If not, the effects will wear off in 5 post.

Nero “Senorn“ Iramasha [APPROVED, 0-4+, ANGEL] Cervello_of_Light

Golden Angel Abilities:

Keeps Angel forms powers, and all other abilities.

Third Dimensional Cutter- the ability to cut through the entirety of the third dimension. Whatever comes into contact with the slashes will be cut as well. His control over the location and shape of the cuts makes his utilization of the dimensional distortion considerably more effective then a surgeon. There are limits to this, while said cuts are powerful, they can't be thicker than wire, and only be sharp as a sword, while it can bypass defense, it is noted, it is see able, easily avoidable. And most of all, these cuts can't move, and even Senorn would be damage by them. He can only make a total of 120 cuts at a time, if he mad more than that the cuts are reset back to before this power is used, he creates 5 cuts at a time with this power.

Pillar of Fate - Senorn strongest move and most fearsome for in this form, create energy peacock tail feathers made form his wings, as projectiles to throw at opponents in order to smash and pierce his opponents. The speed of the projectiles is noted to be very quick, about as fast as if he were using flash step, and their penetration power is noted to easily pierce the Hierro of Espada. The size is quite small-about the size of coin. Should be noted however he has to summon his wings.

There is a variant allows Senorn to create a small scale version of Pillar of Fate. he uses this attack to cause a series of projectiles to shoot upwards from the ground to pierce his target. Yet another variant of the he, instead condenses his spiritual power into the form of an spear. This form of attack allows him greatly flexibility in dealing with aerial opponents.

Custom Form Appearance- A form that Senorn used to uses that increase his speed and physical power but lacks defense. follows a rather unique blend of cyborg and samurai. He wears semi-heavy white armor and a muscular body suit with a large collar and the traditional hakama present, ballooning pants common in samurai. His long blonde hair is tied at the mane. All armored sections feature fully-functional navy eyes with slit pupils. These eyes are not as much of an intimidation as much as the mask he wears; a completely white, two horned helmet with no features or visor, appearing to have no face at all, a feature that paralyzes even the stoic.

Custom Form Abilities:

In This form, even Requiem is disable, he only keeps the gravity control from angel form.

The armor gives the Senorn incredible strength and endurance. It does this by allowing its users to bypass the natural subconscious limits that prevent them from injuring themselves when using their full strength. It can temporarily fix injuries by binding bleeding wounds, reinforcing broken bones, and fixing dislocated joints. It does this by piercing the flesh from within the armor with thin barbs and spikes if required

The Ability of this form is very simple, and that is the concept of "Energy Absorption". It is a barrier style used to absorb energy attack's to strengthen himself. The armor will begin absorbing a almost unlimited amount of energy attack's.It can even redirect the number of energy attack's that was fired to Senorn himself. While he is safe from the damage, he is still be able to be hit by physical means, and elemental attack's. the second power is simple, and that is to use all of the collected energy into one conjoined attack, the power vary's on how many attack's were absorbed and stored within the armor, making a small-scale energy attack completely useless to be re-fired. The Single Attack , is fired from Senorn blade, and is similar to an energy wave in the manner of gathering spiritual energy into the blade, and slashing down on the opponent in the designated area. Sending the energy forward.

This form takes less power than golden angel but places more stress on his body, making this far more risky to use.


Roleplay Sample:
{Zefonse Kaizme}
Nero “Senorn“ Iramasha [APPROVED, 0-4+, ANGEL] Image1

In no time, everything will come under our fangs, for they exist solely for the Hollows to feast on. What Zefonse desire most is the rule of nothing. Falling into the valleys of time long since past, these fangs of there's are not to be reckoned with. Skill and power, a Double-Action Now, who is next to become his next foe? He will aim to exceed all of God’s power, and achieve the pleasant miracle of erasing life and death, the perfect world devoid of all life that damages the world. There are just too many unnecessary things…a world appropriate just for itself is near his hands.Whether is it victory, or loss, there is no meaning to it. Winning is only defined as beating and living another day, losing is dying or the unskilled. But they both had no meaning, they only words to make people feel better.

Exploding glass and steel, was all the sound the city can make, as it stood it final few seconds. This place was no more a safe haven, now that the God of battle appeared, and was fighting. And that wasn't even the start of thing's. Zefonse stood there barely any movement since his last attack. Just standing there as if lost in thought. But this was a trick in its own, making it seem like his attacks slow him down to throw Yuri off. The hour has come tonight, the final hour shall soon pass, but when is unknown, even to a master fighter. These things that Zefonse himself feels about fighting, he views it as a way to each his goals, to test people, no more holding back. Zefonse looked around moving ever so slightly. The place looked like a bomb went off, any souls here would of been killed and turned into hollows, such a cruel fate. The roars of the hollows that notice the high energy levels, seem to scream in death as they tried to enter here. By the time they walked in they turned into energy broken down and killed into nothing, only to be reborn into something new, another hollows elsewhere.

There was a feeling inside Zefonse this whole time, it was something he kept locked up, this madness, his timeless rage. The long life of fighting has indeed took its toll on Zefonse mind, and ideals. If one where to see the madness trapped inside Zefonse, they would be afraid. No matter how mindless one is, the feeling of death, rage, lonesomeness all mixed into one, feeling. Zefonse eyes hidden by the armor he was now wearing, looked so sad if one can look past his shell he uses now. Moving ever so slight;y back to Yuri, he never kept his "eyes" off him, meaning he been using a basic move for the Arrancar, known as Pesquisa, the Arrancar equivalent of the Shinigami ability to sense Spiritual Pressure. It functions very similarly to sonar.

He "watched" Yuri out moved his attack, impressive, normally the speed of such a attack would scare anyone. The Wall of Blue Flames, Zefonse took note of its power. It was strong enough to block his weakest attack, and fast enough to appear to block all of them, strong, fast, useful defense, Zefonse shall bypass it soon. Taking more notes. Zefonse knew Yuri had to do some dodging, when Zefonse went into this form. Yuri used his shunpo to appear about feet to the left of his own flame wall as he then Flew with high speeds towards Zefonse; Holding his Zanpakuto Behind himself with his Left hand, The Tip of the Blade was dragged around the ground as those flames ran all over his blade. His flight was impressive. Zefonse knew what he was going to do. "Well, Let's see what you got Cero Espada!" Was Yuri getting cocky? No he might be playing it smarter, somethings to beat the strong you have to go in and rush them.

Appearing on Zefonse's Right Flank as Yuri Flies past swiftly. Simultaneously Swinging his Longsword in a diagonal slash towards his Right kidney. Zefonse used ever so slightly movement, to dodge it, leaning to the left, making him dodge it by a hair breath. Appearing Behind Zefonse with Yuri was going to swing towards his Back with a Horizontal Slash that was directed towards the Middle of his Spinal column. Zefonse bend his legs and jumped forward in time to dodge that. Smart move, trying to attack his blind sides, but with the way works it shall be hard to land a hit. Yuri appeared again front of Zefonse Directly, His Posture very low as he appeared. Yuri swings his zanpakuto two more times from the Left to the Right- The Left slash going towards his waist, While the second slash was aimed upward at His Armpit. This was going to be tricky, He was to low to really dodge, Zefonse quickly moved his claws on his arms in front of the strikes. Making sparks fly, those where parts of his body, but they where hit by the flame covered sword. The flames seemed to slowed them down as we. Yuri tried to use four hits, only two hits made it, but they hit non fatal areas, only the backside of his claws.

Zefonse looked at Yuri. Who was now on the ground. His wounds on his face where healed. Zefonse moved his arms in front of him as if to examine the claws. The claws moved on there own, like scissors, they moved slowly however, like they where fallen off. Zefonse moved his head slightly to Yuri blue flame. Zefonse figured out the flames effected now. These Flames are making the atoms stop moving if on contact with the Flames, and his claws where drastically slower. Zefonse however aimed claws at Yuri. And the claws where fired off at him, they where like bullets, in truth however they where really broken off, and new ones appeared in there place, unaffected by the flames. the ones fired at Yuri where aimed at his center of gravity, but this was really meant to be dodged. Zefonse new claws moved at such a fast rate, they seemed to be not moving at all.

Zefonse then sided side to the left and then vanished, as if he was a afterimage born from insane speed. Zefonse appeared from behind Yuri, The movement is so fast that Yuri may not be able to tell whether he was attacked from the front or the back. The attacks that followed were all the same. Zefonse had space-time energy around his arms, however it is unnoticeable , the energy was in the lower portion of one of his arms, subsequently projecting it outward in the form of a volatile shot emanating from the respective fist akin to a shotgun, which violently explodes when it establishes contact with an exterior object. Before he fired each shot, he never fired one from behind. He really appeared in front of Yuri, doing a lot of punches,sixteen in total, in rapid fire, the first four punches went to Yuri right, while at the same time the other four came in on Yuri left. The next eight punches however went towards Yuri midsection, by another rapid fire combo, even hit or miss he fired off the energy in each punch. making the area around them mainly the ground gain violent holes born from these attacks.

however besides the attack he mixed with the punches which was known as Concussive Blasts. Zefonse also had his second of three passive power, that happens after every "hit",creates a powerful explosion on contact with the thing "hit" this was known Roza ruptura. These had a delay if he impacted anything with a physical attack. Normally 20 seconds after a hit it shall go off. It is Zefonse most commonly used power, due to the nature of it, this does have limits however, if a spirtual being is cut, they shall get hit by a blast and be more wounded, and in the case of hitting a Zanpakutô, it shall stay in one piece, but getting hit many times, well cause the Zanpakutô to snap, this aslo depend the person level of power as well.

The night was going by fast, the cero espada was just getting warmed up, it was a good thing that hardly anyone was left in this city. Tragic as it may be, it is needed to reach his goal. Zefonse only wish there’s a better way out of this, but there’s no better way out. no chance to escape. He followed Heroism because he was promised the world shall be saved. So Zefonse himself became the villein to fight, where everyone has to defeat. This is just start of things. Zefonse following words seemed very dark and true.

"Can you feel the screams? Can you see the cities fall? From the depths of death they call your name. Can you feel the cries of those who died?"

Zefonse tone, the feeling of never ending torment, every going, he took those feelings of those around him as well, gathering them into a single form. A single drive, to become the one who shall end every battle. However the never ending battle continues. Until all destructive forces are defeated. This was the crazed destroyer, the God of battle, the one and only Zefonse. Can this Captain take everything Zefonse can throw out so far. The fight only just began. Zefonse wanted to see this man resolve his will, his reasoning to see what was stronger in this fight. How shall fate turn.

Zefonse stood there ready to attack or defend at once, why was the captain so unwilling to give up so far. He wondered what shall happen from this point on. Zefonse seemed to be ready for another attack. But he never moved. But a attack was formed. Shadow Lance,, Zefonse creates a condensed sphere made from his powers and releases it, relying on the indiscriminate targeting of "Pesquisa" to track down the opponents spiritual energy. Because the sphere is small, it gains enormous speed but loses a lot of power, but is still powerful enough to go thought a human or another arrcanar body. He can move the ball in any direction, or stop it. When the small black sphere is tracking spiritual energy, it moves extremely quickly and leaves a trail of itself along its path that can be used to slice opponents by turning the sphere. This trail makes the Dimensional Rift resemble a lance made from shadow, hence the name. Zefonse had it stay around him, and ready to strike out if Yuri got to close to him, if Yuri got near. This attack shall fly out and attack him and track him down for a short while. To by time for Zefonse next attack.


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Class: Angel

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Approved. 0-4+ If anyone disagrees come to me personally. '_'


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Moved to Approved Iramasha; tier seconded.

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Archiving This


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