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Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2416, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.
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Yozora Shinsui [Approved: 2-4+] Empty Yozora Shinsui [Approved: 2-4+]

Mon Feb 24, 2014 5:51 pm
Yozora Shinsui [Approved: 2-4+] Image4034

Yozora Shinsui [Approved: 2-4+] Image4035-1

• Name: Yozora Shinsui
• Titles: Yoz, Mister Gloomy Looking, Knight of the Goddess
• Gender: Male
• Appearance Age: 19
• Age: 447
• Affiliation/Rank: Gotei 13

• Appearance Description:

The appearance of the Spirit seems to give off a sense of gloom and sometimes perhaps seems to give off an air of perhaps unapproachable force. However though the youthful looking Spirit may seem quite dark in his look the truth of his appearance goes beyond the first look that one would get from him. For the man's natural complexion he seems to look more European in his skin pigmentation, and perhaps paler than those in his family. However much like his other family members his hair has an ebony coloring to it with a black mane that seems quite well grown. Seemingly inherited from his father Yozora's hair also seems to have a tint of blue in certain lights making it stand out a bit more from its usually dark color.

His hair for the most part seems to be stylized at the ends and curved to seem more gelled in place. Though most do not believe him Yozora claims that he does not use any product in his hair and that it is naturally set to form in such a way. Though it seems rather unlikely the fact that the hair has a natural look to it that seems to deny any sort of gel or product that would otherwise have it in such a way. The length of the Shinigami's hair is notably shorter than his family though the bangs that he has cover a large portion of his face giving off the gloomy look that seems to plague the otherwise strapping lad. His eyes are a notable point also, having what seems to be crystal blue eyes that seem to shine in the dark Yozora has quite the piercing stare upon meeting with someone.

Along with this it is not too hard to see that Yozora is not a ugly Shinigami. Most would probably say that he was quite comely looking however like any creature he can suffer from blemishes and in most cases the most common affect that seems to befall him is having dark rings around his eyes due to lack of sleep or bloodshot eyes due to a long night out around with friends. Besides the physical appearance of the male it is important to note his clothing which seems to differ in the day to day activities of the Shinigami. Not particularly finding the Shinigami Shohaksuho comfortable or efficient Yozora tends to wear a mix of darker looking clothing such as shirts or jackets yet tends to find greater comfort in 3/4 length shorts that the usual full trousers or jeans.

Along with the plethora of clothing choices the Spirit has he tends to have quite heavy duty boots as his main footwear so as to not wear them out and to protect his footing and footwork from damage by otherwise underhanded tactics. More than just his casual wear the many affect that he wears along with them are noticeable, such thing like his glove which he only removes during times of relative peace is used to cover his sword hand to keep a greater grip on his blade. Though he does not tend to have much use for it Yozora does have quite a nice suit that he tends to use when he is at special occasions and will wear it out with friends. While he would not admit it Yozora does seemingly have a complex about his height. At only 5'9 though he is not small by any means he finds that being shorter than his father is an annoyance to him. While he stands at that height he weighs in at about 145lbs most of which is lean muscle and while his body may seem quite weak looking in comparison to others he is not one to be taken lightly by any means.

• Appearance Picture:
Yozora Shinsui [Approved: 2-4+] Noctis_lucis_caelum_by_khclay-d6m8ug9

Yozora Shinsui [Approved: 2-4+] Image4036-1

• Personality:

Not So Gloomy after all...: Though his appearance at first glance would pin the Shinigami as some sort of negative and gloomy individual this is not the case. Yozora for the most part will not be the voice of dissension unless it is absolutely needed and around other he is known to crack a joke or make a witty retort to those that are more outspoken than he. Though he is still quite soft spoken the young looking man does have quite the sense of humor and will act much like anyone who looks his age in the human world. He tends to go along with friends and others to events and act quite down to earth with anyone he meets, this allows the Spirit to usually get the respect or at least the admiration of people quickly due to a rather genuine personality. However he can grow angry when someone takes advantage of his friends or his family to the point that he will stop at nothing to end the said person with quick and righteous anger...

Wanderer: Due to his rather rambunctious nature Yozora has quite the wanderlust. It seems to come from his curiosity of all things in the worlds beyond the Seireitei, as such he tends to flit around from place to place very rarely staying in one area without having a key point of interest or being summoned to it by someone he can trust or is in danger. Due to this trait of wandering however Yozora tends to leave himself in a position where he is late for most affairs and meetings which can tend to anger or disappoint people though in most cases for those that know him they will expect the spirit to be at least half an hour late for a meeting even if he leave for it early. The only occurrences that seem to have him not wander off if is his father forbids movement to far out of the Seireitei, this tends to not stop him though and he ends up usually found with friends in the Rukongai not due to disrespect to his father but more acting on his own interests.

Idle hands: Not one to be without something to do Yozora tends to be on the move and doing something with every part of his day. Whether it be training, reading or even helping out around the family home the Shinigami tends to act as if every movement was his last doing as much as he can with time spare. This can even connect with a habit he has, he tends to chew gum while not doing much else if only to keep himself from getting to much into his head and to calm himself in times of greater stress.

Nonchalant is my middle name: While he tends to act more of a down to earth person Yozora can have a tendency to be rather nonchalant to those he is either not use to being around or having been around for a long time in his life. This makes it so he will tend to either act not interested in a person or be a bit distant when they ask a specific question, though most of the cool act that he likes to portray is just that, an act that he uses to keep himself from being too eager and perhaps come off as odd to those who do not know him as well however once he has got to use to a person's company Yozora will tend to drop the facade of distance and be more forthcoming though his cool act will most likely still seem apparent to those that he has been around for more than a few hours.

Nobility: While his natural style is a lot more like an average person Yozora does seemingly have an air of a nobleman about him. With each step he seems to move with a purpose and a weight that even on his down time is notable. This extends into his way of acting, he tends to refrain from fighting against women or those younger than him and tends to look to protect such people when they are in distress. This however can come off in some cases as arrogance due to his dislike of fighting women seems an old way of thinking though it tends to come from his home life more than anything. He does not mind combat with his sister Izanami mostly due to his feeling that she's less female as than rebel without a cause... His noble style also mixes into his combat as he has a tendency to fight rather honorably not looking for the easy way out and not fighting an enemy without a weapon. This again seems more of an older outlook at things but the Spirit tends to view defeating someone not at there best as no victory at all.

Combatant: While in the heat of combat Yozora tends to look for the quickest solution and finish to a fight. This can go from outmaneuvering and destroying the enemies defenses quickly to simply using brute force to scare them into submission. Not a particular fan of long combat or bring suffering on others if they don't deserve it the Shinigami can be viewed as a bit sentimental in this regard being unwilling to kill unless necessary. However under such sentimentality is someone who choose not to be taken lightly, if one where to attack his friends in place of him Yozora would have no trouble returning the favor with a vengeance and at a hundred fold what the first transgression was...

Loyalty: To those that make themselves an ally of the Shinsui they should know that Yozora will be a concerned and strong friend for them. He will act to protect his fiends and remain loyal to them even if they are being persecuted and wronged. Nothing is quite as important to the young man than loyalty, he feels that if he cannot protect those that trust him he has no right to use the power he has for any other reason. However even when those he knows break his trust he will still look to salvage them from their own betrayal, it seems that his love for people he holds to heart goes beyond petty things such as vengeance to the point that he'll bring them back to the fold even if they wish not to.

He may have a slight problem...: When it comes to going and enjoying time with friends Yozora tends to drink.... This can be a problem in some respects mostly due to the fact that he goes hard on the booze quite quickly as he cannot feel anything much otherwise. This leads him and his group to usually getting rowdy or loud, though he tends to keep some semblance of order within the chaos but his personality shift a bit becoming naturally more cocky and overconfident in his abilities. Once having recovered he tends to claim that he may believe the things he say when drunk but would never say them for fear of reprisal from others as well as to keep some semblance of a cool exterior.

Shyness: Those he tends to be rather calm and collected Yozora has a shy streak when it comes to women. For the most part he can speak with his sister and others but when he meets someone who he is attracted to he will move into his nonchalant form turning his back from them and usually stammering in some circumstances. It maybe that he is a hopeless romantic or he is just idiotic with women but when he is around one he tends to be a lot less in control of the situation than he is most of the time as such he can be taken advantage of or something could be misconstrued quickly.

Natural Leadership: Being quite the orator Yozora has been known as a strong leader in situations of dire consequence. He can push people further and will almost always be at the forefront of the battle when he leads men into the fighting. He will always be sure to protect those under his charge as well he takes each loss as a personal one and will make sure that the enemy takes tenfold in response, as a strong leader he has grown into a respectably strong strategist not want to rush in and lose lives he aim to protect those that are under him the best he can so he will use plans that puts himself in danger or will leave the enemy unable to harm others. It is with this focus on protection that makes the Spirit quite popular with those he is leading and his approachable persona aids it that respect also.

Artistic: While not a habit he tends to allow regularly Yozora is quite the accomplished painter in respects to his family. There is not a time that he thinks of something to doodle or write on a piece of paper that ends up being a full blown artistic piece by the end. When he does put brush to canvas the outcome tends to be quite an interesting piece using visions that Yozora himself takes from his own mind very rarely using a point of reference in any of his pieces. The art itself can be quite breathtaking having sprawling cityscapes to wide fields of untamed greenery. Though the undertone of the style he tends to draw gives off a darker edge Yozora's talent is apparent to those who sees such efforts though he tends to only paint or draw when he has a large amount of time on his hands as he does not like starting something and not being able to finish it in one fell swoop.

Respectful: As a member of the Shinsui family Yozora tends to act with a respectful nature most of the time, he tends to be rather courteous to those he has only met and tends to have a lot of respect for the superiors in the Gotei 13. He also has quite a bit of respect for his father, though he tends not to show it with as many words still calling him his 'old man' around others he does not tend to enjoy disappointing his father but acts freely and not to his father's letter as though he may respect him he does not feel that he should be bound by rules so strictly applied and to gain the respect of others he feels that he must be his own man and not use his heritage as a crutch for his life.

• Likes: Drinking, Painting, Reading literature, New Locations, His family, Women (To a shy percentage) Dumplings, Spicy Noodles, Noble opponents.

• Dislikes: Cooking, Prolonged combat, Aggressive people , Effects of Drinking, Pushy people, Prolonged Training, Injured Comrades, Not finishing something once he has started.

Yozora Shinsui [Approved: 2-4+] Image4038-1

• History:

The sight of a grand city in darkness made the moon shine seemingly brighter in comparison. The shadowy alleyways of the dark city seemed to pour out with unnatural shadow, the chaos seemingly behind it being held back by nothing seen but seemingly and invisible force that looked to protect the empty streets of the forgotten town. As the grandest tower formed in the strange city gazed down on the streets one soul seemed to occupy the lonely city, a young man whose silence seemed to echo outwards into the eternal blackness encroaching the state that he sat comfortably in. The Spirit seemed to rest his head on his hand in an ornate chair waiting for the end of this world. However a source of light grew greater from above, the blue light mixed with the ebony hair of the young man as he opened his eyes to the disturbance. Standing without saying a word the man walked to the large doors of the tower, as they swung open without force behind them he saw the streets littered with strange beings. Humanoid in size but seemingly lifeless in presentation the youthful young man looked on as the force in front of him began to raise their arms against him.

A short sight came from his mouth, he looked down to them as he made no attempt to retalitate yet. The tension from the stare down seemed palpable until one in the crowd of inhuman creatures made a move. Taking what seemed to be a gun of sorts from its hand it aimed and began firing erratic bolts towards the staircase the young man walked down. As they grew closer to the Spirit's body the air would be notably filled with shards of a crystalline substance, the shots would bounce off an unseen force until the man reached a level where the sight of a sigil behind him would be clear. Shining in blue the ethereal circle would release a blade for the man to take, tearing it out with a gloved hand the young man looked to the ever growing populace of strange mannequin soldiers raising the blade the sigil broke away revealing the sight of many more weapons and blades to the point of being innumerable the blade in the young Spirit's hand vibrated with readied anticipation and as the man swung down the blade all weapons in response flung themselves in a storm of death towards the faceless and unnatural army below...

Waking up in a daze the young lad seemingly faced a similar dream, he had this occurrence every few night now.... As a son of the Shinsui family he had wondered what could possible be made out of the dreams that he was experiencing...

Yozora was born into the Shinsui family under Izanagi, his father being a member of the Zero Division had little in the way of free time for his children so even growing up the young boy had little in the way of parentage than the servants that were in the manor that the clan resided in. However while most would grow rather petulant or grow to have a negative personality from such raising Yozora took his father's absence less to heart than his siblings and other clan members. In fact while around the serving staff Yozora seemed to act helpful and courteous of his own free will, the boy was still quite young yet those who seemingly worked under his father's direction saw him as more like one of their own a honest boy with little in the way of pomp and circumstance to help his fellow man. Though in most cases when he was found acting out of order by his teachers or more stern servants he would be reprimanded the youngling didn't have much interest in not being a regular lad and even as his father returned every so often to the manor his son would notably be aiding the serving staff in dealing with his return rather than meeting his father for a visit.

Not only did the boy have a good relations with those in the manor he also found time to go out of his way to find exits to the manor so he could go and enjoy himself with more kids that were his age around the Rukongai. Though he was originally shunned for the most part due to his heritage by some of the less fortunate kids his persona and general likable air granted him friendship that helped in his growth throughout his youth being more friendly and less inclined to violence than others in his clan... One day as he reentered the manor Yozora's attention was brought to the grand entrance that was seemingly packed with aid and even his father... Rushing to the forefront of the crowd the young boy saw his sister, badly wounded by something not natural. It had been from her leaving the grounds were she was attack by a hollow, only their father had saved her from being made a meal. Upon the event Izanagi sealed all exits and kept all of the clan in the manor for safety, it was a longing time for Yozora who had feared that his own freedom might have made it dangerous for his sister to leave the grounds, it was not his responsibility but it didn't stop him thinking it was.

As he had not seen either of his family members for a few days Yozora went to investigate his father's location. Upon hearing a gathering of members of the clan as well as a swirling mass of power that seemed alien to the boy Yozora quickly made his way to find what seemed to be a ritual occurring. Hiding in the shadows the young Spirit watched as his father implanted a beast inside his sister's soul, the event seemed to cause much power to surge into Izanami's body. As the event ended the success was celebrated by those who were there as not only had it most likely aided in the girl's recovery but also made her stronger for it. All celebrated but one, the boy in the shadows upon the gathering of all the energy to create the Guardian Beast noted a strange sensation in the air around him. As he looked around he began to see crystalline shards floating within the air making it harder to breath around the strange power.... For what it was worth, the boy seemingly did not note that the power was his own...

As the years began to pass Yozora was brought to train to claim a position in the Gotei 13. The training was tough at first, the boy was not normally use to such strenuous exercise and he was slow to learn in the beginning. The one thing that he seemingly did have skill in was the art of Kido, his usage with it allowed him some recognition even at a young age being able to launch spells at a quick rate. Though sword training was not his forte at the beginning, the boy had trouble keeping up with trainers as his footwork was not well implemented nor that focused. It took nearly 20 years for him to get a good grasp of swordplay, but he was not the best at it. It was a long and arduous process but his strength with a blade was reasonable at best, it was here that he began wearing a glove on his weapon hand as it made his swordsmanship just a bit better in terms of control and release. Upon having time to use a real blade Yozora worked tirelessly aiming to gain a greater grasp of swordsmanship while also keeping up with his training of spells looking to create a balance between the two were sword and spell could be one.

Still as the boy grew to be a man he dreamed the same similar dream... Awaking now a confused young man he stared up to the night sky as he did every time he had the same dream, however unlike the times beforehand he did something quite unlike he had before, he took a canvas and a mix of paints that he could gather up from storerooms and many other areas in the manor, and he began to paint. When day broke those who entered his chamber would see a large canvas covered with a large cityscape, the swirling dark chaos below the surface of the large building seemed to give off a dramatic and unique artistic flair. It was here that Yozora found his new hobby in between his training, drawing without reference he would make displays unlike those that would usually be seen in the Seireitei.

As the day of his training soon ended grew ever closer Yozora was met with a new blade, this would be his Zanpakutō the weapon of a Shinigami and the object that would reflect in his soul. Keeping it with him the young Spirit took his time to adjust to the katana, however he noted that as he practiced with it for days on end more of the crystalline force that he had met in his childhood would rise from the aether and into the forefront of his vision. The strange substance would deplete if the would-be Shinigami tried to touch it, and though he met with others from the Rukongai and those recruits in the Shino Academy none could note the existence of the strange energy that was seemingly given form in the youth's eyes. It was a mystery that piqued his curiosity, as he climbed to the more darker areas of his mind looking for an answer to the strange appearance of the energy Yozora was met with as he tried to reenter the manor, not the home he was use to....

The dark alley was nowhere that Yozora had been before it was rife with an uneasy feeling, as if the world around it would fall apart at the seams if the Spirit did not tread carefully. Noting the familiar feeling the Shinigami found himself walking to an area that's familiarity was not lost on him. The large blue sigil glowed in the darkness of the tower's shadow, none of the views seen by the man before were here now though only time would tell if the peace was permanent. As he moved closer to the seal the dark city seemed to stir with shadows of the same mannequin-like creatures filling in the world as they grew closer to the Spirit's location. Not want to be met by such odd monsters with only a katana the youth moved quickly to the seal, only to be bounced back by the energy released. It seemed that the capaciousness of the power within his blade wanted to have the man take this challenge head on. The creatures grew ever closer to the Soul's position, some grew gun-like appendages like previously and took shots at the direction of the man.

Trying to guard with the Zanpakutō turned to a folly, the numerous attacks of the enemy proved that a katana would not aid in the Shinsui's continued living. It all grew to a fearful halt as the blade of the katana broke as shot rang into metal. The strength of the attack pushed the man back into the seal that held him for a moment, it seemed to taunt him for such weakness in the sight of adversity. As he rose Yozora looked to the encroaching enemy and raised his shattered blade in defiance, if he was to expire here he would know why and not lie down without taking a few of his enemy with him... It seemed this was what the strange seal wished, the seal shone brightly as the creatures below looked in fear and cowered for what was to come. Looking at the bright light behind the seal gave way to the sight of an almost ethereal being... The creature seemed to look as if it was a woman, but it mournful and crystallized appearance made it seem more than that, held in what seemed like almost a casket, the creature did not move but created a seal behind the back of the Spirit. For a moment the Shinigami was met with shock, then an invigorating sense of energy rocked his body, noting the seal behind his back the young man reach out his hand and to his elation a blade appeared to his call from the sigil.

The weapon much unlike his Zanpakutō seemed to be more of a blade in its own but with its appearance the creatures that entered the scene fled without a moments notice as if the light of the sigil seemed to give off a fearful sight. As Yozora looked on he turned to see the creature and the larger sigil gone from sight but now the moon seemingly held greater light in the sky illuminating the tower's entrance. Climbing the stairs the young man noted the appearance of the crystalline substance, but here it was given form, it took the shape of many ethereal weapons from lances to greatswords. Looking to the entrance, the Spirit saw it open without aid and noticed the grand ornate chair within the chamber. As he walked closer to the chamber, light began to reach his eyes until it covered all around him.....

Yozora then found himself in more familiar territory, his family home but now it was night while it had been mid-afternoon when he made his return, as the servants came towards him they noted his prolonged absence was greater than his usually lateness, but that was not the only thing they saw. The blade he carried was not a Zanpakutō but a ornate weapon quite unlike the usually katana found with normal Shinigami. As the servants looked to the boy as he looked to the weapon in his hands and seemingly folded it away to comfortably have it fit on his side they question what the weapon was as he made his way into the manor. The moon in the sky hung brightly as the Spirit turned to those around him simply giving them the answer they were looking for. "A gift from the goddess..." With the words spoken the Shinigami made his way back into his family's estate not knowing what else was waiting for him now that this hidden power had been revealed...

Soon after the rather unnatural event the Shinsui found himself in the position of joining the Gotei 13, not one to miss an opportunity as well as to make his own name for himself Yozora has lept at the chance to join the ranks of the Shinigami not wanting to rely on his father's position and to work his own way up to better and stronger heights. Though not entirely experience with his power the youthful and talented Spirit has begun to act on his own path with the power gifted to him by his Zanpakutō ever pushing him forward...

• Relationships:

Izanagi Shinsui: The father of Yozora for the most part the young man has a deep respect for his father's work and position. As a child he was less inclined to rely on his father returning as such in adulthood he has not relied on his father's position nor his experience in many things. In Yozora's eyes it is important for him to make his own way in life and to not rely on others, such things he feels would make him ill-fit to protect anyone. These feelings of independence can at some time equate to being rebellious towards his father but in the end Yozora understands that his word is law while in the Shinsui compound and he will follow it while he can. Though considering he tends to wander away from the manor most times it is at times difficult to make the young Shinigami do as his father wishes...

Izanami Shinsui: Yozora's younger sister, as siblings go the two tend to have a rather messy relationship... Yozora for the most part loves his sister like any family member however her tendency to attack her family members on sight and her rather aggressive and selfish attitude tends to put the two at odds. Due to this Yozora tends to avoid her if only to protect others around them since she tends to try and attack him and anyone else she finds on sight. It is due to this temperament that Yozora has made efforts to curb some of her attitude mostly by making sure that she does not start attacking people when out of sight of their father. Though he may seem distant it is mostly in order to protect his sister from herself so as to not become an outcast from those around her. Yozora tends to also shorten her name to 'Nami' for his own convenience as when he was younger he found her and their father's name so similar that it is only a matter of time before he messed it up.

Yozora Shinsui [Approved: 2-4+] Image4039-1

• Reiatsu Color: Turquoise

• Zanpakutô Spirit Name: Diva

• Zanpakutô Spirit Appearance:

Yozora Shinsui [Approved: 2-4+] Etro

The appearance of Yozora's Zanpakutō spirit is quite an oddity. The ethereal being seems almost divine in its nature, but with its appearance comes a somber and saddening look of seemingly something not of this world almost trapped in what seems to be a crystalline coffin. Inside the inner world of the Zanpakutō Diva is very rarely seen, when it makes its appearance the creature tends to come with a feeling of relief before it arrives. It does not seem to speak to Yozora only looking down upon him and relaying information through some sort of symbiotic bond. Once its work is done or if it wishes to see the Shinigami it will dissipate quickly leaving the Spirit to his own devices in the world it creates.

• Inner World:

Yozora Shinsui [Approved: 2-4+] Ff_3_

The dark and seemingly chaotic city that makes up Yozora's inner world is a dangerous place from the outset. As the moon hangs high in the sky the dark corners of the city seem to fade in and out with unnatural energy, chaos from within the deep recesses of the soul... With each moment Yozora stays in the inner world he finds himself drawn to the large tower in the center of the world with two giant skyscrapers connecting it, it is quite notable as the centerpiece for the strange world. What is more pressing however is the strange creatures that make the populace of the world, mannequin-like the strange monsters seems to wish harm upon the owner of the Inner World though their frequency seems to depend on the power that Yozora is looking to obtain. Though the city seems all but abandoned with each victory and goal achieved light seems to sprout out of the city streets acting as a record of success in the Spirit's mind.

• Sealed Zanpakutô Appearance :

Yozora Shinsui [Approved: 2-4+] Noctis-render

While in his inner world the appearance of Yozora's Zanpakutō changed from the usual look of a Katana into more of a longsword in appearance. This change gave his Zanpakutō a more regal yet strangely futuristic look about it. Though this look does give off a strange appearance in terms of aesthetics for a Shinigami Yozora finds the look and feel of the weapon to be more appealing than the previous form it took as a Katana. The weapon also seems to act with convenience for the Shinigami as when he looks to sheathe it the weapon the blade retracts and shortens so he can fit it neatly on his side.

• Sealed Zanpakutô Abilities:

Blade Change: The power of the Zanpakutō while it is sealed is quite a strange one. Upon his wishes Yozora can summon a large sigil behind himself, this sigil acts as a link between the ethereal plane of his Inner World and the real one. Upon the Sigil forming Yozora may throw his weapon into it and receive another of three weapons from the seal the three being a selection of a rapier, a greatsword, and a segmented lance. This power allows for Yozora to change his movement and power of his blows with the change of each of the weapons grants him a different style and advantage in combat. However the weakness that comes with this power is that Yozora is not entirely train extremely well with all of these weapons as such he can only use them with moderate skill in comparison to his blade which he has gained greater skill with.

Seal of Weapons
Yozora Shinsui [Approved: 2-4+] Noctis_XII

Yozora Shinsui [Approved: 2-4+] 316tThrSvkL._SS500_
Yozora Shinsui [Approved: 2-4+] Jeannie__s_greatsword_by_Satoh
Yozora Shinsui [Approved: 2-4+] FFXIII_Dragoon_Lance

• Release: I am at your call Diva!

• Shikai Description:

Yozora Shinsui [Approved: 2-4+] Noctis_and_his_weapons_by_Angelhawk_MCMLXXXI

Upon the release of the Zanpakutō the seal of weapons appears behind Yozora by placing his blade into the seal it suddenly shatters. Though it may seem that the release has backfired it is here that the crystalline shards that make up the weapons begin to form, suddenly ethereal weapons of all types begin to take shape an form around Yozora until suddenly they will shoot out and take position over him in a dome like form. Numbering at about 15 each weapon is individual and different in size, composition and strength. With each weapon Yozora is capable of making any of them his primary weapon while the rest of them drop to the ground stabbing into the ground below waiting for their master to make a move for them. Each weapon seems to have a telekinetic bond to Yozora as such when he calls to them they will take their best efforts to reach him from any position.

• Shikai Abilities:

Army of One: With the entrance of these new weapons Yozora gains the ability to fight multiple foes at once. This is achieved through the seemed telekinetic link that each weapon has towards their user, with this power Yozora is capable of making each weapon act independently of his own hand. Not only can they be used on the offense it is possible for them to be used in a defensive position throwing themselves around their owner and making a shield of ethereal metal to block out most damage. This form of combat has negatives however, though the weapons can fight independently they are only acting to attack the enemy in front of them as such they cannot react well to clever tactics and unnatural strength from the opponent. Moreover the weapons while not in Yozora's hand are not that sturdy, this makes it so that if the opponent ha enough strength they can shatter the weapon that is attacking them giving it at least two posts before it can reform again. Another weakness is the unfamiliarity with all of the types of weapons, Yozora can handle blades and lances with some skill but his main sword is his strongest suit and the weight and power of the many weapons can cause him to be at a disadvantage. Also one of the weapons that appears with the release is a firearm similar to a shotgun in appearance. This weapon is very rarely used by the Shinigami as he has no experience with guns and would most likely miss if used by hand as such it acts of its own accord as a ranged weapon most of the time. Each weapon can move at a pace of 500 meters away from the Shinigami's body, once they move away from this range they begin to dissipate and before long disappear though the further away they are from the main body the easier they are to break as well.

Right of Way: Along with the connection that he shares with his weapons Yozora is also capable of 'warping' to the location of one of the weapons turning it into his main weapon in the process. This power acts as a mix of shunpo and natural speed allowing to Yozora to move at breakneck speeds in order to control a battlefield as he wished. It does come with a disadvantage however, continued use makes him extremely tired and weakens the connection he has with all of the weapons leading them to be shattered easily. Along with that he can be intercepted on the way to one of the weapons leading to him being stuck in the grasp of an enemy without a weapon and likely in danger of an attack without much defense. Along with this the teleporting technique can only be used three time in a thread before needing a cooldown of two posts per shift.

Gift of the Goddess (Passive): Along with the defense that comes from his weaponry the slight blue aura that glows within the Spirit actually acts as a defense in itself. This glowing aura becomes what seems to be glowing blue strands of energy that pass through and around the Shinigami. These strands act as a defense that block and limit movement in and around Yozora's body allowing for a either a complete stop from damage on his person or a moment to move away from harm before it comes crashing down on him. This power cannot be used while warping to a weapon and with continued reliance of the power weakens the Shinigami's stores of Reiatsu leaving him at a disadvantage on the offensive.
• Bankai Description: (You may fill out your Bankai Description, but unless you get staff permission, you may not use your Bankai right off the bat. There are expectations, however.)

• Bankai Abilities: (You may fill out your Bankai Powers, but unless you get staff permission, you may not use your Bankai right off the bat. There are expectations, however.)

• Natural Abilities:

Staggering Spiritual Pressure: While still getting use to his power Yozora has, since youth, had a large spiritual signature. His energy is notable for those with powerful awareness as crystalline shards that take up place in the air as he makes his way around the battlefield. Though not nearly as impressive as his father's power his spiritual pressure is enough that his Reiatsu is clearly visible when he wishes to release it and it may also cause damage to the nearby area eating away at the ground below and cracking glass and weak objects along his path. However though he has this strength Yozora tends to not like using it unless he has to as he finds causing damage around himself to be a unfortunate trait.

Advanced Swordsmanship: Though not entirely a master of weaponry Yozora's experience with his power makes it so he has greater control and style with not only his sword but with most all forms of weapons. From spears to daggers he has at least a tentative skill with most any weapon he can find. This experience is however beaten out by true mastery of a single weapon as though he is a jack-of-all-trades in this regard it is also true that even with a blade his skill though advanced is lacking in comparison to other Shinigami in the world.

Unnatural Speed: Focusing on his speed and precision Yozora is known for his incredible swiftness being able to eliminate opponents quickly and easily the Spirit's speed combined with Shunpo makes him an opponent who is not easily predicted. With this along with the warping power of his Shikai Yozora can move from place to place on a battlefield. This also aids in him having the power to move freely and quickly around an area being able to find targets or being able to communicate long distance commands or messages to all those within the range of his weapons or in distance for his speed. Not many can deal with the speedy Shinigami as such he has found himself as more specialized in speed than in skill with a weapon or strength through bulk and damage.

Strategic Mind: A gift perhaps received from his father Yozora has a tendency to play out a battlefield situation in his mind. Finding key points of contention and objectives to be covered the Spirit can act accordingly predicting the moves of the opponent as if it was a chess match. This along with his rather magnetic persona allows him to act as a leader in a situation where there is none. These strategies as previously said though has him play decoy or defense on most of them acting as a sacrificial king to claim victory. Though this approach may seem foolhardy his skills as a tactician are nonetheless proven.

Enhanced Strength: As many with a large amount of Spiritual Pressure Yozora has amplified his strength as such that now, he is capable of lifting object a large amount above his own weight with little to no trouble. This acts to make it easier for him to battle with the many weapons summoned from his Shikai each having different weights and differentials as well as granting him power to fight against larger and more physically imposing enemies without being disadvantaged. Though due to this power taking up energy from his Reiatsu Yozora tends to use it only when he is without a weapon as it weakens his bond with his own blade's power.

Quickfire Kido: As a user of Shinigami spells Yozora is known for his quick release of the attacks in comparison to others in the Seireitei. Though naturally not as powerful as a full incantation and charged shot of a Kido Yozora tends to empower one hand with Hadō #33 Sokatsui. With this empowered shot the Spirit releases the magic with force and speed, more than that he can release a large number of the smaller fireballs at once leading to the enemy being encroached by the number of attacks coming from all sides. While that attack tends to be the main focus Yozora can changed to Hadō #4 Byakurai for a more precision based attack using his fingers to blast the lightning like attack outwards allowing for combinations in close combat and a long range alternative. This form of Kido is an aim by Yozora to combined sword and spells together allowing for a more balanced combat form so as to keep himself protected in all areas of combat.

Hakuda Adept: Though not expertly versed in all forms of battle, being trained from an early age has allowed Yozora to fight with a journeyman's knowledge of the unarmed forms of combat of the Shinigami. Though he is still better equipped with a blade the Spirit can fight hand to hand if needs be, this tends to occur if he is caught in between switching weapons as such he tends to use moves that constrict the opponents movements or stop them from getting close so he can then attack once more at full power.

Yozora Shinsui [Approved: 2-4+] Image4041-1

• PhatomTech:N/A
• Phantom Tech Abilities: N/A
• Phantom Tech Powers:N/A


Yozora Shinsui [Approved: 2-4+] Image4037-1

General Skills
  • Durability: Adept
  • General Speed: Advanced
  • Strength: Adept
  • Weapon Skill: Adept

Racial Skills
  • Hoho:Adept
  • Kidō: Advanced
  • Zanjutsu: Adept
  • Hakuda: Adept

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Adept
  • Mental Deduction: Advanced
  • Pain Endurance: Beginner
  • Focus: Advanced


Yozora Shinsui [Approved: 2-4+] Image4040-1-1

• Roleplay Sample: N/A

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Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Adept
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  • Pain Endurance: Beginner
  • Focus: Advanced


    [b][center][u]Will Skills[/u][/b][/center]
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    [*][b]Mental Deduction:[/b] Advanced
    [*][b]Pain Endurance:[/b] Beginner
    [*][b]Focus:[/b] Advanced


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