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 Nicole Hiroshima [Approved Quincy 0-5]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Nicole Hiroshima [Approved Quincy 0-5]   Nicole Hiroshima [Approved Quincy 0-5] EmptySun Apr 13, 2014 10:36 pm

Nicole Hiroshima [Approved Quincy 0-5] Image7194_zps90aba4e2

Nicole Hiroshima [Approved Quincy 0-5] Image7195_zpsa25520b2

Nicole Hiroshima [Approved Quincy 0-5] 2vcyoaw
- Name: Nicole Hiroshima
- Titles: The Quincy Ninja, Stealth Shadow Assassin
- Gender: Female
- Appearance Age: 21 Years Old
- Age: 880 Years Old
- Bloodline: Pure Quincy
- Affiliation/Rank: Formerly Hiroshima Clan(Former Security Officer), Currently Unaffiliated

- Appearance Picture:

- Appearance Description: Nicole Hiroshima looks like an quincy teenager for the most part but an attractive female of the Hiroshima clan. She is known to have pitch black and back-length hair because the sheer love and honor for ninjas and samurai kind, Nicole sometimes keeps it tied within a bun with her bangs loose. The Hiroshima Quincy is known to have brown eyes; she may have soft skin but to her ninja skills the quincy is known to have a slim-muscular body. As previously stated, Nicole loves ninjas so much that she seen wearing an a ninja attire mostly wearing ninja clothing of an black and dark color. She known as have on a ninja soldier uniform which is covered by a thick layer of black armor Of the ninja uniform, Nicole wears a black fingerless gloves with some forearm protectors which are lined with some spikes upon the gloves. She's seen wearing black ninja pants and black style ninja foot-boots, yet sometimes the quincy ninja is seen wearing a hooded sweater attached with her clothing. Nicole keeps her face hidden during stealth and assassination missions which of course the quincy ninja wears a mask which is red and white. The mask has well decorated with half of yin signature upon the forehead of the mask to keep her face hidden well so nobody could recognize her.

After a few battles, Nicole Hiroshima lost her arm during war with remaining Hiroshima clan members and the Iramasha clan. She had an medical procedure done to remaining part of her arm replacing it completely mechanical auto-mail. The metal of the auto-mail is gray, it has shoulder attachments are shielded by what appears to be a steel variation of knight's plate armor. It combined with a spike strip around the hand also with a sword weapon which can extending from the elbow the sword is sharp itself for cutting and slashing purposes.


Nicole Hiroshima [Approved Quincy 0-5] 2r2atk5
- Personality: Nicole is known to have an calm and steady personality around her family and friends always trying to find solutions to improve herself into a better quincy almost like a human. Protecting her family is something that she takes seriously taking much more a ninja personality hopes to deal with the situation quickly and taking out the threat. Sometimes Nicole is particularly observant, taking into consideration even the smallest details of her surroundings in order to better understand and deal with challenges and, despite her lofty position, is not above using fast tricks or new tactics to ensure her own survival. Being singularly ambitious, Nicole also has a remarkably tenacious will that allows her to overcome virtually insurmountable obstacles and accept in-human quincy burdens for the sake of her ultimate goal. Nicole has considerable pride that will not stand for having her quincy heritage insulted or contemned by her enemies, but she is also capable of shelving his pride if it becomes something that will stand in the way of her objective. In her teens, Nicole was always curious about her father's legend about her being the True Quincy for his former Hiroshima clan always a dream to be something great in life or in the future. Through adulthood, Nicole took on a very serious role being no-nonsense & cunning shinobi ninja in her father's image trying to impress her family. After being trained, Nicole has inherited the way of the shinobi into her having the dark desire wanting to fight worthy opponents and knows that her fate is to win or die in battle. Throughout time, Nicole started becoming more confident in her shinobi abilities enjoying the thrill of fighting against strong & powerful opponents.

She does like the fact that she start a normal life even though the Hiroshima clan likes for her to stick with her family and her clan being much of an bodyguard. When she uses her well known ninjutsu skills in battle it almost like the quincy takes a new personality for herself forgetting that she is a quincy taking much of her human skills in battle. Yet the quincy ninja had a hatred for someone a former Hiroshima member, Eric Zarathos the former Kade Hiroshima who has brought eternal shame to her clan. In her mind, Nicole hates traitors and that they need to be executed to make the clan or any group pure once again. She thinks that Eric is much an eternal and deadly threat hearing much of his evil past that the demon is much a monster that can't be destroy. Her true desire is to defeat the Hiroshima traitor and finally restore the legacy of peace of what her clan stood for also fighting alongside the forces for good. She wants to use her quincy powers to help people not like the quincy clan like the Vandenreich that wants to control and perhaps rule each section of the world even the spiritual world.

She believes that a quincy has a special talent which they're good or an expert at which is good thing at times really that talent could help in a great hard battle. During quiet moments, Nicole is shown to have a fondness for reading books. She is quiet and prefers swords over guns, since he considers firearms unworthy of a "true warrior". Her quietness is not due to a lack of self confidence however; it is because she never shows fear over anything. Nicole can be serious when the situation calls for it, but she still maintains a fairly calm demeanor during such situations and is never without a taunt. Her greatest dislike is seeing people getting hurt by a stronger force something about doesn't seem right at all as she willing to help in a time of need.

» Likes: Her most remarkable ability is her will to succeed, pushing herself beyond her limitations, and never giving up even when the odds are stacked against her

» Dislikes: She hates cheaters and human cheating with other people. What she hates the most is seeing her friends getting hurt or loved ones dying.


Nicole Hiroshima [Approved Quincy 0-5] 20ruycy
- Background: Nicole Hiroshima is one of the remaining members of the fallen Hiroshima clan yet there have been secrets among the demon clan which have been kept hidden. The demon clan elder had made some deals with some quincies to help them win some of the demon wars because of the onslaught of many victories in battle. Tyros Hiroshima made a deal with a high ranked quincy warrior but still the private talks were kept secret the whole clan didn't know why quincies were among the clan. Also many of wars won were also due to he fact that the clan many resources at the time and a demon witch once known as a powerful iramasha who knew a lot of witchcraft. The quincies also did their part for the clan, Tyros Hiroshima managed to members of the quincy race hidden hopeful it wouldn't bring trouble to the demon clan. Jago and Hinata Hiroshima were known to be the strongest quincy also known to be deadly assassin but it was later found out they're criminals. Jago had demons believing that him and his wife Hinata were demon ninjas within disguise but it was all a ruse to keep their identities a secret to demons. The two had to train themselves into many ninja techniques and also throughout the years, Jago helped train demons in the ninja arts. Only reason for this was for soldiers to learn new skills and help them upon the battlefield after many wars the Hiroshima clan was known to be the superior clan at the time. Their were only two clans that stood against them the Grendel Clan and AberKilla clan known to be the deadliest clans of the demon world. Nicole was born three years after the Hiroshima clan won the demon wars within the demon world obtaining bloodshed and victory from the other demon clan. Jago trained the child many quincy techniques but the child seemed to be self trained in combat the child seemed to be born with the quincy knowledge and power. Hinata was convinced her daughter was the chosen one of their quincy legacy talked about as Nicole's father trained her constantly into becoming a quincy warrior at a young age. Jago thought if his daughter was the new child of legend, he wanted to train the boy to make him a true master of his quincy abilities so the child could become something of a dark savior to the Hiroshima clan. Even though, Nicole was becoming a grand hero with great power will always come with greater responsibility of the quincy code of ethics.

Quincy Ninja Hero Arc
Years later, Nicole started living separate lives as human and also as a quincy ninja it was hard to juggle them both but things were looking up. Nicole's dad was talking to people called themselves shinigami and their mission to help take down evil threats as well as the Iramasha clan talking about their goals of peace but she talked about a very big and growing problem. Their was a bounty on assassin that was killing shinigami to victim's claims their saying it was Hitler related really an insane individual who had an joy of killing spritual beings. This person showed their identity during a violent hostage situation it was an insane Sugiura who seemed like using guns her name was SIndel Masada her hatred of the shinigami race was televised. Sindel was going to blow a shinigami's brains out on national television this was a deadly situation and the quincy was sent to deal with this shinigami killer. The Soul society sent their best shinigami after the killer but the shinigami was a very tough time dealing with the killer because of her unique Sugiura skills. Nicole made it to the television station hoping to see this shinigami in action but the two teamed up against the killer using a sneak attack to gain the upper hand on the killer. Sindel's Sugiura style nearly killed on of her 30 hostages but Nicole was able to block it completely after a heated battle, Sindel aimed at Nicole firing her magical gun. The magic bullet ricochet off a few things as the ninja ducked out of the way as the bullet was coming back at SIndel's location hitting her in the eye. The murderer was wounded giving both the shinigami and ninja time to act as Nicole used one of her attacks and the shinigami attacked with shikai defeating the assassin. Even thought they defeated SIndel Masada the bitch was still alive this could mean she might have immortality or something of that nature it was decided that she would be taken to Maggot's Nest. A squad arrived on the scene to take the criminal away finding out that this Sugiura was a twisted and sadastic individual who joy of killing was endless. Before Sindel was being taken away she wanted to know the hero's name the sonuvabitch who defeated her but she wasn't going to tell her. Hoping that little mystery keeps the killer up at night......or not.

Sindel Masada was taken to the Soul society still this was first time she joined with another race. Maybe the Soul society was helpful to human race after all, Nicole thought the shinigami race could be trusted but only time would tell if she could trust them fully.

Final Confrontations Arc
Nobody knew what happen to Kade Hiroshima; Some rumors came up about him and his stepsister being killed by an unknown demon. Unknown to Nicole, Hagokumo Masada killed Kade Hiroshima and his stepsister and thus the demon wizard took over his life. The real Kade Hiroshima was dead; Hagokumo was causing destruction everywhere the Hiroshima clan wanted Kade arrested for his crimes. Jago and Nicole thought they could handle the situation themselves and bring the killer into justice maybe the demon could answer for his crimes. Nicole wanted to handle this killer herself. Hagokumo was on a killing rampage and Nicole tried fighting the demon all alone which prove to be a big mistake the demon was stronger then expected. The two fought a long hard battle until the demon resorted to some deadly tricks which led to him slicing off Nicole's arm. She couldn't believe it the person she respected as Kade Hiroshima the legendary hero of her clan was now a stone cold killer it really broke her heart. Hagokumo was about to deliver the final blow until her father steps in and attack the demon hard which the demon escaped within the darkness but the damage was done. Jago couldn't believe it but Kade was a traitor which also shock the foundation of the Hiroshima clan but Tyros thought Kade's actions were not his own. Anger and Revenge were brewing inside the quincy ninja, Nicole lost her arm and also her pride as a quincy she still wanted to fight. Through cyber technology, Nicole damaged arm was replaced and the process was painful but she wanted to make the traitor pay for his crimes. However, Tyros was secretly met by the witch's council telling him that the Kade Hiroshima that Nicole fought was a fake and in fact his hero was dead but Tyros was devastated over the news. The quincy within the Hiroshima clan marked Kade Hiroshima for death; Jago wanted to make Kade pay for what he did to his daughter.

Years later, Hagokumo had killed a few iramasha soldiers for sport then finally the demon killer was confronted by Nicole's father the kill order was given. Yet again, Jago fought the demon the two engaged into a deadly conflict as Nicole overhears at her home where her father was and rushed over the scene but she was too late. Hagokumo and his minion had dealt a punishing blow to Jago's head and NIcole was angry the traitor had killed her father and then she charged. In the heat of rage, Nicole broke the middle ring of her quincy glove in which unleashed her leiz stil powers at that moment she fired a powerful blast blowing off Hagokumo's arm. Nicole was about fire again in which she fires another blast for her bow that destroys Hagokumo's minion also it allows the demon wizard to escape within the demon world. In a trail of tears, Nicole couldn't believe what happen her father was gone and it was a hurting pain what was she going to tell her mother. At that moment, Nicole lost her powers....

Hinata Hiroshima was shock over the news.......Nicole told her mother what happen the demon clan decided at the council meeting that Kade Hiroshima committed betrayal among the clan. Hinata decided to restore her daughter's power hoping her daughter would avenge her husband's death teaching her daughter many other quincy abilities. The training lasted for a few years

Hope Arc
The new arm was great and all but still it hurts perhaps maybe she should have asked the mech scientists to find ways to stop the pain. When the new arm fused with the quincy it still leave a burning sensation that enter through her body but it still there. The burning sense of pain slowly went away months later, Nicole started adjusting in the demon world even though she ran in conflict as demons were trying to gain control different sections of the demon world. Siren Magorona was one of those demons her bird ruthlessness was shown each time in battle killing a hateful enemy and gaining their demon things and property. Siren wanted to become the ruler of this world but someone was always in her way, a rouge demon who thought fighting was wrong he just wanted peace among demons and wanted to give them their own free will. The rouge demon's name was Grendel Hiroshima, Another heroic demon in the demon world trying to preserve the natural balance in the demon world and in earth's realm. Grendel formed his own team of justice fill with half demons and regular demons that would serve his good dream the team would do certain tasks into keeping the peace. The Grendel Corporation was formed and Grendel joined the group finally she met the boss of the organization they both started talking about the future. Nicole had certain things that she thought were good but the boss wanted to a whole lot more, She wonder if her new boss could actually bring this form of peace. The Grendel Corporation wage war with any outsiders abusing demons their greatest battle was with the Iramasha Clan over some food and weapons. Grendel actually defeated Slayvon Iramasha in a great battle chopping off his head but still they may have won the battle but the war wasn't over. The Grendel Corp. was getting stronger more demons started to join with the organization and the other demons and other races didn't like it. The tragic fate came when a high ranked member was killed by a demon but sooner or later bad things started happening and Grendel Hiroshima was losing fate in his work for peace.
Nicole Hiroshima [Approved Quincy 0-5] Ogcrnl
The greatest loss came when Grendel's girlfriend an human woman was killed by an demon ziamichi which caused Grendel to loose control. Still, Nicole tried helping Grendel Hiroshima and the corporation members as best she could but slowly was the organization was coming to an great end. The battles against the Grendel Corporation were shocking many of the members were dying in battle but still many battles were won and lost. Then the final battle between Grendel Hiroshima and an Unknown One was one of most greatest battles in the demon world which lasted for many years. Sadly, Grendel Hiroshima was defeated from one of Unknown's attacks but many of the organization members were still alive. The Hiroshima Clan took and even greater hit......Kade Hiroshima was a fake someone had been impersonating him and tarnishing the hero's good name. Tyros was killed which led to the end of the Hiroshima clan the whole clan disbanded when the leader died. Nicole was hurt over the news returning home hoping to start her life over again but news came to her that she was got angry over. It wasn't Kade Hiroshima who killed her father......She's had the bastard's name and blood sample on file and finally found who it was.

End of an Fake Era Arc
Nicole was angry and pure of rage finding out the truth; Eric Zarathos was the real Kade Hiroshima and the person that she fought was a fake. Her mind was blown finding out the real Kade was dead for a long time the legendary hero was actually murdered along with her stepsister. Nicole found out many other secrets about Kade's life that were given to the clan that he helped the Soul society for many years the legendary hero was very busy. But what happen to him, Nicole thought something else must have happen to the hero because something must have drove him to evil but she knew who murdered her family. Nicole was know a well trained quincy also trained within the ninja arts trying to become a stronger quincy like her father once was hopefully to become better then her father's quincy abilities. The person responsible for killing her family that was identified as the demon wizard known as Hagokumo Masada one of the deadliest demons in known demon history destroying lives. She wanted to confront and end this killer's life but as she was preparing herself she found out someone had already taken the killer out already to her it seemed like her revenge was taken away from her. Nicole Hiroshima wanted the glory for herself but some demons were talking about restoring Hagokumo back to life to overthrow some Asthavon clan, she wouldn't allow it. After trailing the demons, Nicole found out that Hagokumo was being resurrected by demon priests until the quincy ninja stopped the ceremony the demon wizard was broken but revived. She started to use his bankai powers which proved to be a big mistake, Nicole grabbed a device and it started sealing the demon's bankai powers the quncy actually had his Zanpakutō and he couldn't believe it. In rage, Nicole attacks Hagokumo unleashing a deadly fury of arrows at the demon wizard the demon was powerless to stop her now. Syn manages to escape the ceremony, Hagokumo was dying once again the ceremony was a failure as the quincy ninja walks over to him as the demon wizard wonders who killed him. Haku thought Hakura wanted revenge but this was someone else who life he destroyed Nicole Hiroshima removed her mask and demanded to know why Hagokumo impersonated Kade Hiroshima. A dying Hagokumo finally revealed the shocking truth, Kade was a thorn in someone's side and they wanted him dead it was a job to him. Hagokumo then told Nicole about the deadly power within Kade and his brother Alex telling her if they ever become one they could destroy every iramasha on earth. Hagokumo had no choice in the matter someone powerful approach him about the bounty on Kade's head from an unknown source or the demon wizard would have been executed. Before Hagokumo told her more about Kade's life and what happen to him....

Nicole couldn't believe this but she had heard enough finally delivering the death blow killing Hagokumo with his stolen Zanpakutō. The demon last words what that finally he could die in some peace of knowing that an avenger finally killed him the quincy ninja left the scene. Nicole Hiroshima had finally killed Hagokumo Masada the man responsible for killing her father but knowing the truth the quincy ninja has one more obstacle. Eric Zarathos the man once known as Kade Hiroshima now known as the Mad One that monster needed to be stopped and she vows to stop him and help aid those who wanted to put an end to that demon. But she can't blame him for being so angry and vengeful everything that was done to him maybe this was why the mad demons were extinct from the demon world. She swore to her fallen clan that Kade Hiroshima must be stopped no matter what the cost...


- Human Skills: Enhanced Strength: Being a Hiroshima clan member, Nicolee possesses a great remarkable high amount of strength for a pure quincy. This power actually develop throughout the years, She is able use strength with her ginto abilities combined with her ninja skills to have a deadly combo effect. Nicole was capable of lifting a steel beam that had fallen on him with little effort. Nicole can effortlessly throw another person a half a block away with only one arm. She sometimes believes "the weak die and the strong survive". Also with her physical enhanced strength, Nicole's muscles increasing her punches, uppercuts and kicks when in combat. With her strength, Nicole can deliver major damage to enemy or enemies when putting her determination in it. She maybe able to break medium and perhaps strong Kidō abilities with a swing of her gauntlet punches or kicks.

She still can be hurt by other stronger Zanpakutō attacks and other stronger attacks depending on the enemy's power.

Enhanced Speed/Enhanced Agility: Nicole has shown that he can move much more quickly, She had train with her pure quincy speed on numerous occasions when she's fighting or training. She seen better results in the speed department due her training using both her speed and reflexes within a battle throughout his years. Nicole has been improving it through her battles and her trainings making her a better fighter. Also, She has another unique ability that also very trapeze artists and trained acrobats used in the circus. Her enhanced leaping, jumping and flipping abilities can dodge enemy's attacks or get away in the nick of time being more enemies come her way.

Expert Ninja Combat Skills: Trained by Instructors, Nicole Hiroshima was trained to fight and condition to become a good hand to hand combatant through her battles and her training missions. She is deadly lethal using punches and kicks being highly unpredictable in a fight using speed and reflexes to take on or kill her opponents. The pure blooded quincy does using her full strength in her punches to let her enemies know who there dealing with. Also, Nicole has a great skills and mastery in using guns, swords[mainly katanas], kunais, explosives and ninja stars. From her years of training, Nicole began the use of different weapons besides her quincy ones giving her the edge in batte. Nicole doesn't like it but when the situation comes the quincy had been known of using her steele schneider as a sword in combat against enemies. Nicole is skilled & trained enough to even hold her own against stronger fighters for short amounts of time.

Markmenship: Nicole was gifted with this ability at a very young age hitting targets with true pinpoint accuracy and complete silent when attacking foes with regular arrows or spiritual arrows. With her marksmenship, Nicole can actually use her ninja skills with different weapons when she doesn't want to use her quincy powers or her Zanpakutō attacking with small kunais, darts, ninja stars and spears. Using both focus and timing, Nicole can hit targets quick and fast combined with her quincy speed. With her steady hand, Nicole uses her Zanpakutō for timed slashes but the timing must be right when using this otherwise it can fail. When using her gifted skill, She actually calms her mind completely drowning such even many distractions from her mind but only his target. Nicole's eye pupils are turned into focused-like eyes. Her only focus it target of which his arrow is going to hit. Nicole Hiroshima has showed supreme accuracy, able to kill Hollows, Arrancar and enemies instantly using one to many arrows.

Spiritual Awareness: As a Qunicy, Nicole can sense hollows and other spiritual beings at a significant distance. During intense battles, Nicole spiritual awareness quickly improved with her training and killing of hollows the quincy started seeing other beings as well through her many adventures. However, Stronger beings maybe troublesome possible leaving wide open for attack and really this could get her killed. Sometimes, Nicole wishes she had cybernetic implants inside her body so this won't become a problem. In short, Nicole's spiritual awareness is something of an average quincy the quincy ninja hopes to become a quincy master and learn this power even better.


Nicole Hiroshima [Approved Quincy 0-5] Jj1on9
- Quincy Items: Gintō (銀筒, Silver tubes): Gintō are small liquid-filled capsules that store spiritual energy, and are used by the Quincy for spell casting in the same way that Shinigami use Kidō. Like Kidō, they are activated by calling out various commands.

- Quincy Cross: An unique designed quincy bangle; A exquisite bangle showcasing Fleur de lis motifs with oval bead border detailing. Accented with Celtic patterns and simple scroll work, this sterling silver and 18 Karrat yellow gold piece. This Quincy Bangle is an artifact designed to mimic a Quincy's natural powers. It works by drawing in reishi from the environment, much like a Quincy does regularly. It can only be used properly by those who are already adept at forming and directing reishi into his body. Only those that have achieved the powers of a Quincy may possess it. Standard equipment for any Quincy, the Quincy Cross acts as the focus for a Quincy bow.

- Seele Schneider: The Seele Schneider is a thin sword that can be fired similarly to an arrow. It's much longer than a standard arrow and functions something like a chainsaw: the reishi of its blade vibrate at ultra-high frequencies, loosening the molecular bonds between any spirit matter it cuts so that the Quincy user may easily absorb the freed reishi. Nicole hates using it but it does help him increase in spiritual power reasons that he hates the weapon because she truly believes it a judgement killed. Truthfully a mecriless piece of metal used by quincys still unless it a dangerous situation, she doesn't use it that much.

- Sanrei Glove: This is a powerful Quincy artifact that can increase a Quincy's power exponentially, but requires a dangerous and exhausting type of resistance training by wearing it for a week while constantly firing spiritual arrows to master. The glove works by scattering the reishi in the surrounding area, making it much harder to form a working bow. Nicole's Sanrei Glove has something of a black color and vice versa color to an regular quincy white glove.

- Licht Regen: First more Reishi than usual are stored inside the bow, before the Quincy uses Hirenkyaku to get over the enemy, and release a barrage of arrows at once. The number of Arrows depends on the kind of bow used. Nicole first learned the technique which she failed miserably only shooting about two hundred arrows by a large amounts of reishi and manipulating it. She trained constantly with the technique until she finally got it right which took months to do

- Bankai Sealing Device:

[b]- Other Skills:
Reiryoku Absorption & Manipulation: Nicole Hiroshima is an Hiroshima child of legend which his clan talked about after her birth. She was shown to have an abnormal amount of spiritual power which disappear over the years in time. Growing up, Nicole would train and face off against stronger every time getting more high reishi count because her reishi manipulation was much faster than a regular quincy. Now Nicole can generate air molecules actually transforming then in pure reishi. In dire emergencies, She would things from buildings and certain items to regain her power but this only happens when the enemy had the upper hand. Or the other things would be she is a very dangerous situation. Even with her sanrei glove training, Nicole would draw very strong/fast spiritual arrows that wouldn't drain him at all.

Reishi Control: Much like original powers that are different to each and every Quincy. For example one has the power to change form and gain the ability and appearance to fight his target, while other that can change his appearance, but only is able to copy his target memory and personalty. One own control over reishi can also account for how many arrows they can fire at once, as well how much Reishi they can use at once, also controls there use of Hirenkyaku. Nicole has a good skill with throwing her arrows with her quincy powers. She can quickly generate spiritual arrows with her reishi power. After finally mastering her power, Nicole can shoot many arrows consecutively at a high speed.

Shadows: Using "Shadows", A Quincy can disappear and use a form of teleportation that allows them to quickly leave a place, reappearing almost instantly in another. However, this skill was thought to be limited to those of the old style Quincy. However Modern age Quincy are known to be able to perform this. Nicole can only this power only four times in battle because to hard reishi power that it drains from her body so she rarely uses t.

Heilig Pfeil (Holy Arrows): It is basically the same as an average arrow, but if the arrows are shot continuously they will eventually injure the wielders hands. The arrows can be created by collecting Reishi, absorbing Reiryoku from an opponent or gathering spirit energy, giving the Quincy many ways to form their bow and arrow. The power of the arrows vary in power and size, while some arrows are more powerful than others, for every quincy it is different, and normally comes down to skill, since the total amount of Arrow’s fired also showcases the amount of skill, while those who use only a few arrows at a time have more of a impact than others. Depending on what one spirit weapon is, the Arrow shape can change, as if one was a blade, then the arrows fired would appear as blades.

Hirenkyaku: An advanced Quincy moving technique. It allows for high speed movements by riding on the flow of reishi created below the user's feet. To perform the technique, the user gathers spiritual particles under their feet and rides them to the desired location. Like the air-walking skill displayed by most Arrancar and Shinigami, it can also be used to hover or fly for long distances. Hirenkyaku enables Quincies to keep up with, and overpower faster opponents depending on the user's skill. The use of this technique aided Uryū as he defeated a seated Shinigami officer, a Números Arrancar, and even a Privaron Espada in combat. However, there is apparently more use for the technique than simply moving quickly. Upon entering Hueco Mundo through the Garganta, Ichigo Kurosaki and Chad noticed that Uryū apparently had a platform of reishi under his feet. Ichigo and Sado had trouble controlling their reiatsu on the path they were given, while he used an instance of Hirenkyaku in order to make his own individual platform.

Blut(血装 (ブルート): This is an advanced Quincy technique that grants one inhuman defensive and offensive capabilities. By making reishi flow directly into their blood vessels, a user of this technique is able to drastically increase their attack and defense power. However, despite the significant danger this potentially presents to one's opponents, Blut possesses one major flaw in that the independent forms of the technique for attack and defense operate using two different reishi systems, meaning they cannot be employed simultaneously or else they suffer all their veins bursting at once, killing them instantly. However some are able to use both at once but not for short periods of time, as they start to burst their veins.

Blut Vene(静血装 (ブルート・ヴェーネ): The defensive form of Blut that grants the user inhuman durability, represented by a faint pattern tracing the veins beneath the surface of their skin, which is only visible on the afflicted area when struck. If consciously kept at full power, even attacks delivered by a Shinigami's Bankai can potentially be negated completely. However, despite the considerable defense afforded by this technique, it seemingly isn't absolute and can be torn using sufficient power. As overtime the defense shall be worn down due to the nature of Blut Vene. This massive defense also has time limits, depending on the level of skill with this, it can vary to short periods of time, to lengthy amount, but they need periods of rest which can be risky if they are fighting a foe that can attack rapidly.

Blut Arterie(動血装 (ブルート・アルテリエ): The offensive form of Blut that grants the user inhuman attack power. This technique is the only thing capable of ensuring that a Quincy's attacks are able to significantly damage a Bankai-wielding Shinigami. One notable use of this is applying it towards physical attacks as well as coating it on there own arrows to increase the damage output to that of a Bankai wielding captain. This is a vary powerful skill that shouldn't be taken lightly .

Ransotengai(乱装天傀): An unique technique of an quincy which actually Nicole calls an ultimate but limited time healing technique. Where user to control their body parts using strings of quincy energy controlled by their brain, forming lines or strings out of countless reishi. By using this technique, the user can control their body as one would a puppet, allowing them to move freely despite paralysis, broken limbs, or any other force that would impede normal movement. Nicole would actually to mend her broken bones together when she could be healed by doctors when coming back hurt or completely beaten in a battle.

Nicole Hiroshima [Approved Quincy 0-5] Image4039-1

- Zanpakutô Spirit Name: Kijo Kyoukan
- Zanpakutô Bankai Release Name: Bankai Saishuu Joufu Kijo Kyoukan

- Reiatsu Color: Light Blue with black lightning trials within the reiatsu

Nicole Hiroshima [Approved Quincy 0-5] 35laow8

Zanpakutô Spirit Appearance: Kijo bears an uncanny resemblance to a half human/half demon princess. She has shoulder-length blonde hair, green eyes, pale skin, pink lips, small freckles and a blue ribbon on her right side of her head. She wears an elegant white dress with long leather brown and white boots, a brown shirt and gloves. Overall, her outfits seem to follow a chained-heart theme as angel costume have several (real or stylized) chains as well as stylized hearts on it. This becomes most obvious with her armlet, which shows a heart in a birdcage, surrounded by chains. Due to Hagokumo's deal with Krel, Kijo has changed greatly. Her appearance is pretty much the same as her regular form's - with much darker colors of black with red and without her accessories, like her hairpin. She also has a deformed right arm, much like a deformed demon's yet to a lesser extent but with a glowing eye on her forearm, and her eyes have black scleras and yellowish orange irises. Her second outfit is just a black and blue with yellow colors palette swap of the first outfit but her deformed right has a darker red color.

Nicole Hiroshima [Approved Quincy 0-5] 2zh2qvn

Inner World: Kijo's inner world is a dark black forest dimensional nexus like setting with a castle bleeding of red blood. A burning & bloody down castle dimension that takes place on a half circle ledge with broken walls surrounding but with only one area to ring out the enemies. It appears that the background soldiers from the Ancient Citadel stage have invaded the castle while they struggle another monster and it appears that flying dragons surround the skies of the dimension as well. However, the forest almost looks a shadow realm because everything including the rocks are dip in pitch black color.

Sealed Zanpakutô Apperance : A regular katana, with a simple double cross guard, which is a simple open frame, much like a eight-pane window. It has a gold/silver fusion guard with lavender hilt-wrapping and white/red sheath.

Bankai Description:

Bankai Abilities: Enhanced Volcanic Flame Durability: An unique ability when the sword glows burning red as spiritual pressure is formed give it a super volcanic flame power for flame attacks for bankai. Yet it also used to give it defense against the natural enemies of fire which are ice or water. But too many powerful ice/water attacks can weaken the attack power of the bankai.

Enhanced Enkouyari(Super Flame Spear): Krel places his Zanpakutō in front of him in a horizontal position as the tip of his Zanpakutō starts generating a sphere of fire after the required sum of energy is generated into the sphere transforms into a long spear homing onto the enemy , Krel point his zanpakutō at the enemy the flame spear charges towards his opponent. The spear explodes leaving an massive explosion which with enough power can disable a person the giant flames of the explosion actually attack the nervous system and burning a enemy's flesh. It can leave a great high amount of damage depending of the strength of the volcanic flames it can completely burn a person or leave a deadly violent flame burn which can be healed. However the drawback is the attack can be stopped with a high ranked level attacks like bankai and other stronger yet powerful attacks like Hadō, higher bakudo & stronger gran ry cero attack. Yet the technique has a flaw if the spear is destroyed then the attack is worthless meaning, Krel will have to do it all over again.
Volcanic Flame Damage
5-5 to 2-1 Tier/Damage: The power of the attacks can does extreme and immense damage to an enemy even completely destroying body parts, completely burning the skin depending of the enemy's defenses, weaken attacks, breaking things on impact. The power can be able to greatly hurt and enemy depending on the situation it can kill.
1-5 to 1-1 Tier/Damage: It can blocked but enemies will still feel 70% percent but they would feel nearly half of the damaging effects of the attack wounding/hurting some organs even some body parts maybe broken or burned.
0-5 to 0-1 Tier/Damage: The attack can be blocked completely or an enemy can feel 50% percent of the attack wounding a organ or burned half a body part. Depending on a enemy's speed power the attack can dodged completely.

Enhanced Chishio Enkou Tensho(Super Blood Flame Piercer): The blood flame version of the Getsuga Tensho; At the instant of the slash, Kijo Kyoukan Zanpakutō , absorbing Krel's spirital pressure, releases the highly pure condensed spiritual energy at the tip of the blade, magnifying the slash attack, which flies forward. This super slash takes the form of a red crescent moon or the shape of a wave. The Chishio Enkou Tenshō is a powerful technique with great force, capable of creating large-scale damage and destruction. The power of the Chishio Enkou Tensho is 60% stronger then the Enhanced Getsuga Tensho. Krel has used this technique in several different manners, such as striking the ground to create an omnidirectional blast to knock away incoming attacks or slashing at the ground to upturn it and crush everything in its path. A single strike from it can disperse an entire rainstorm leaving just rainfall of blood once the attack is done.


Nicole Hiroshima [Approved Quincy 0-5] 20iur0i
- Type: Energized Spiritual-Bow
- Appearance: A Energized reishi bow is a flexible arc that shoots aerodynamic projectiles (arrows or quarrels, sometimes stones) by means of elastic energy. Essentially, the bow is a form of spring powered by a string or cord. As this string is drawn, energy is stored in the flexible limbs of the bow; the energy is transferred to the reishi arrow/regular arrow when the string is released, projecting it much farther than a weapon could be thrown. The light-weight and compact 29 1/4" axle-to-axle length is perfect for Nicole when she's hunting & killing in her quincy nature. From the long trainings of the Sanrei glove, Nicole can actually shoot high speed arrows. Total that she can shoot is 1,600 arrows for her hard trainings.
- Reishi Color: Dark Blue


Nicole Hiroshima [Approved Quincy 0-5] 11hw7qh
- Name: Ritchig Kriegswirren-Pferd
- Appearance: Within her Ritchig Kriegswirren-Pferd form, Nicole looks a little tall somewhat of slender teenager but having the same height of her normal state. She is known to have both blue eyes and short length blue hair which is a little parted on the side; Nicole is seen having black/dark blue quincy-ized high collared halter top. The quincy ninja is also seen wearing a black corset with two pairs of pure white laces and pitch black shorts. Upon her halter top, Nicole wearing two pink straps intersecting over her chest. Upon Nicole's arms the quincy ninja has on pure white bell sleeves also wearing finger-less tan gloves. Nicole Hiroshima also wears a small, segmented piece of armor on each of her upper arms. She wears black stockings reaching about halfway up her thighs, leaving a small area of bare skin. There are two strips of blue cloth draped over each of her hips, along with a smaller, white strip of cloth tied around her waist and draped in the same manner. Nicole's silver boots are pointed and armored, with a sharp "hook" on the outer side of each.

- Abilities: Immense Spiritual Pressure: Even though it little in beginning, Nicole been training with her new vollstandig powers into hoping to create new powers to deal with hollow and new enemies. Through her training, Nicole has a super high amount of spiritual pressure when engaging enemies or training with her powers because the quincy learn from her mother. A way to condense the spiritual to remake it and allow it grow every time whenever she wins or loses a fight this energy within her get stronger allowing him to create new powers. She commonly uses spiritual energy to augment the strength of her attacks. During her hard training in energy with her clan, Nicole finally proven to be a quincy assassin to be reckon with hoping to use her power against any threats coming her way or to her friends.

Complete Reishi Dominance: With her new power, Nicole has complete control with her reishi and absorb things at a higher pace and produce reishi energy from it. She have been known to do many times with her times from absorbing the trees, sand, rocks, and even the buildings in Hueco Mundo or Soul Society, as well as most energy attacks. From this, Nicole is able to create stronger attack powers examples hitting enemies with stronger arrows or puttting more power into strength and attacking with it. One more example of it is using her reishi to try to heal wounds that are extremely painful for her to heal.

Ragnarok Spirit Weapon: She can produce a spirit weapon made entirely of reishi from the gauntlet on her right wrist. She can use this weapon for both melee attacks and to fire their quincy arrows. However, Nicole's spiritual weapon is change from a bow into a unique key sword called Ragnarok. The Ragnarok's guard is circular and somewhat jagged around its edges. The upper half of the guard is black, the center is grey, and the bottom of it is white. The handle is a featureless, grey rod. The shaft of the spiritual key weapon is thin and navy blue in coloration, except for the tip, which is silver. The base of the shaft also sports two diamond-shaped bumps. The Ragnarok's teeth are comprised by a rectangular frame lined with four short, blunt spikes. This frame and the spikes are all navy blue. The teeth also have three silver pieces bent at right angles; two on the inside corners of the frame and one on the inside center of one side. The spiritual key weapon links and token resemble water drops.
Ragnarok Unique Ability
Feuer Hieb: An unique ability when Ragnarok, it glows burning blue as spiritual pressure is formed give it a reishi flame power for flame attacks for Ragnarok. Yet it also used to give it defense against the natural enemies of fire which are ice or water. But too many powerful ice/water attacks can weaken the attack power of the Ragnarok.
Vorführen Bla-Sen: Nicole's spiritual sword to start glowing as it will start to absorbed blue reishi flame particles circling around it charging up for an attack. Nicole get into a fighting stance as his energy from the Ragnarok as then her sword will start pulsating. Nicole draw her Ragnarok like he was getting ready to slash an enemy drawing it weapon pointing at the enemy. The blade will shoot out a blue reishi energy projectile which is designed to hurt enemies and block certain attacks. The energy reishi blade projectile is shaped almost like a large triangle with bladed spikes. Nicole has noticed the projectile attack can handle the power of bankai or other higher ranked abilities.

Enhanced Spiritual Awareness: As a Vollstandig Qunicy, Nicole can sense hollows and other spiritual beings at a significant an greater distances. During intense battles, Nicole spiritual awareness quickly augmented with her trainings and the quincy started seeing other stronger beings as well. Her sense skill allows the quincy ninja to sense a new threat in an area before either shinigami, other quincys and enemies was able to sense its arrival. Nicole was also able to tell the direction it was in. Nicole's awareness is greatly improved while in this state helping him detect enemies and how powerful the enemies are to aid her in battles.

Ransotengai(乱装天傀): An unique technique of an quincy which actually Nicole calls an ultimate but limited time healing technique. Where user to control their body parts using strings of quincy energy controlled by their brain, forming lines or strings out of countless reishi. By using this technique, the user can control their body as one would a puppet, allowing them to move freely despite paralysis, broken limbs, or any other force that would impede normal movement. Nicole would actually to mend her broken bones together when she could be healed by doctors when coming back hurt or completely beaten in a battle.

Immense Strength: From her quincy years, Nicole Hiroshima has inherited much of his pure strong vollstandig strength when unlocking the form. Nicole's physical strength is greatly augmented to a high vast level. It had something to from all her assassinations and missions she would do for her clan but she trained when she was a quincy child also trained within the Hiroshima clan base. Nicole was able to block some powerful attacks from an other stronger quincys or an shinigami like bankai or Resurrección based attacks with her bare hands. To be perfectly honest, Nicole Hiroshima doesn't really know how stronger her Vollstandig form is using countless times in battle.

True Speed/Quick Reflexes: Unlike her normal state, Nicole's speed and reflexes have been greatly augmented to the point where the quincy warrior can move faster. Yet her agility and reflexes to dodge oncoming attacks that have do her harm. Nicole is shown to used her quick speeds along with her reflexes to gain the upper hand on a enemy or find ways to outsmart their combat strategy. Nicole has become fast enough to outrun her own energy attacks, allowing her to strike and enhance them or launch simultaneous attacks. Nicole can keep up with a shinigami's shunpo speed, iramasha's spped or enemy's race speed yet the quincy ninja gets a quadruple increase in speed within this state. She can actually match a captain's shunpo or espada's soindo speed, vizard's speed or ziamichi's speed depending on the enemy's speed.

Enhanced damage and defense output: Much like Blut Vene and Blut Arterie, The Quincy in this form have their powers at their very peek, so this factor varies on the Quincy in question

Master Blue Flame Manipulation: From accepting her new powers, Nicole has been given unique ability from her vollstandig powers which she can enhance even augment attacks with blue flame energy giving much more powerful & deadly effect. Initially this was uncontrollable, but after enhancing it by some training. Nicole can mostly control this flame power creating powerful attacks and powerful defenses from her powers for quincy attacks and quincy defenses with her controlled blue flame powers. She can also teleport with this power combining both shadows and flame power creating a blue portal and leave into another dimension/place of her choosing when creating the portal. The quincy can create wings for herself giving her the ability to fly but her wings can be damaged quite easily from other energy and elemental attacks. This can be also used some healing which can be combined ransotengai for much of an greater healing effect that can heal faster then ransotengai. When using the blue flame power she can fire blue generated arrows or complete energy blasts from her spiritual weapon firing at twice of normal speed of a quincy arrow. She also can create blue flame shurikens creating them either large or small depending by her blue flame power throwing them at three times the normal speed of a quincy arrow firing. For defenses, Nicole can create an energy blue flame shield or an energy block barrier from her power.Also Nicole's controlled blue flame attacks can be defeated or counter by a stronger defense or strong energy barrier depending on the strength and defensive power of that enemy. However, Nicole's defensive powers can be weaken if her controlled blue flame defenses are damaged by other stronger elemental attacks by her opponents depending on their attack strength.



Nicole Hiroshima [Approved Quincy 0-5] 2cqd91h

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Master
  • Mental Deduction: Advanced
  • Pain Endurance: Advanced
  • Focus: Master

General Skills
  • Durability: Advanced
  • General Speed: Master
  • Strength: Advanced
  • Weapon Skill: Advanced

Racial Skills
  • Marksmanship: Master
  • Blut: Advanced
  • Hirenkyaku: Advanced
  • Bankai: Master
  • Reiryoku Absorption & Manipulation: Master

Nicole Hiroshima [Approved Quincy 0-5] 2rc9zf5

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Application Checklist
  • Name [X]
  • Appropriate Age [X]
  • Gender [X]
  • Appearance Present [X]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [X]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [X]
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  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [X]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[X]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [X]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [X]

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Master
  • Mental Deduction:Advanced
  • Pain Endurance: Advanced
  • Focus: Master

Comments/Notes: I had an admin check the Volstandig and will be posting it here, whatever results Kyle comes to the conclusion of. I will be striking out the Voldstandig, your character will need to earn it in a thread I have come to an agreement with Kyle on this if anyone has an issue discuss it with myself or him.
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