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Wed May 07, 2014 1:45 am

Himeko Kuchiki[APPROVED 1-2] Shinigamitemplate_zps4e6ba280

The Basics

• Name: Himeko Kuchiki
• Titles: Origami Princess
• Gender: Female
• Appearance Age: 16
• Age: 273
• Affiliation/Rank: Gotei 13, Squad 6 Captain
• Weight: 109
• Height: 5'4"

• Appearance Picture:
Himeko Kuchiki[APPROVED 1-2] Appearannceee_zps79a51637


Himeko is different in comparison to your typical Kuchiki member. While most are dry, blunt, and seemingly emotionless, she insists on being the exact opposite. She tends to keep her spirits up, in addition to keeping things alive and fresh. She often resorts herself to being rather clingy and attached to those she holds conversations with and is real up close and personal type of girl. She has no mind for manners in this fashion, but knows when to turn it on and off. Though, it is often turned to a conflict when she does do so with some of the hotheads that have made their way into the Gotei 13.

Incontrare with her aspirations to change the Kuchiki appearance it once held. That being said, she wishes to distinguish the reputation the Kuchiki hold as a noble and prosperous family due to their name and present herself as a person separate from the clan. She doesn't seek to let her accomplishments be that of just the name "Kuchiki", but far more than that. Thus, she is extremely indifferent to the Kuchiki name, but holds no disrespect or hatred toward the individuals within it, but as the image as a whole. She'd do anything to remove the name, though, it would likely tarnish her career as a Shinigami. Therefore, she refrains from doing so. To preserve her current place within the Gotei 13, despite her mile long list of accomplishments. While she detests the name, she is no fool that removing it would only tarnish her due to the reputation they hold. That alone is reason enough she wishes to change the face of it.

Devotion to duty is something that is of utmost importance to Himeko. She holds herself to great standards and often sees herself as her worst enemy, and rightly so. She has placed herself into situations that are of extreme difficulty in order to keep herself challenged and fine-tuned in all aspects of a Shinigami. Though she has failed on numerous occasions and has cost the Gotei 13 many lives in doing so, she fully understands that each life within the Gotei 13 is meant to end in the Gotei 13. Though it tends to burden her at times, she does not let it alter her mindset when it comes to the work ahead. Each mistake is a lesson learned. Though it is a fool's journey she has chosen to take, she would much rather live the life of a fool. Knowing and experiencing what things have brought her to be who she is and where she is, rather than one that is oblivious to what could come of things. This being said, she takes much pride in her line of work and would give her life in a matter of seconds if it meant the future of Soul Society would continue.

She is not the type to be at the front lines during small quarrels, but will make her presence known often. Being a supportive character for her fellow subordinates she wishes to walk beside them in their journey to becoming greater shinigami, rather than sitting in the nose-bleeds and watching from afar. However, she will never but into a fight out of pride and respect for those she is under. However, she will not let someone fall victim to a slaughter due to their own ill-made decisions. While she wishes to live and learn, that does not mean she would have let herself die in order to learn a lesson. No, there were those that were able to protect her in her journey, and she will provide the same if entirely necessary.

A highly charitable person, Hikome is someone that will do anything there is in order to make the well-being of others greater or equal to that of her own. She has used her family's fortune in order to set up restoration projects within Rukongai that have been damaged and overlooked in repairs. She does not feel as though her wealth and family's reputation is something that she alone should have and wishes to make present others with her families garnishments in her stead. Though her family frowns upon most places she has chosen to restore, she believes that everyone should at least have a home worth living.

Though she is rather loose and giddy at most times, she does tend to fall into emotional downfalls ever so often. It is only natural for this to happen, of course, but she is a bit more sensitive than the average person. Especially one of her standing. During the heat of battle, it is not rare for her to shed tears during a fight. While she understands that death is natural and that she has the power and ability to take it away with her own hands, and it is part of her job, that does not mean that she likes doing so. She often wishes that problems could be solved with verbal exchange instead of clashing metal. It's not rare to see her argue her opponents logic in order to save their life. Though she will still bring justice to them, it does not mean they must die.

When a comrade falls, she becomes almost another person, depending on where they stood in her life. Though, even if it were just one meager member of the Gotei 13, that she had never met, she would still lose herself to her anger and bring their death to be avenged immediately. She has been stopped from doing so, many times due to the situation and has learned to pick her battles in some causes, but she was human at once and she doesn't let that leave her mind for one second.

In and out of battle Himeko holds a great amount of balance when it comes to not only her body but her mind. She is intellectual and precise with most things she commits to and doesn't act out of instinct, though it would seem so at first. She is extremely analytical as she has seen it to be a key aspect of every great Shinigami that has lived. Therefore, she has put a high amount of effort into replicating this aspect and applying it to herself. She has been successful in doing so, but she has been known to be wrong in many occasion. Once again, she was human and wishes to preserve that thought in her mind.


Born as a spirit within one of the more prosperous districts of Rukongai, Himeko was parented to two seemingly well-off parents. The two owned a large chain of stores that were under the protection of Kuchiki forces, for their protection they would offer the family a child of male gender. Though after two prior attempts it seemed as though only females would be the heir to their family. Upon recognizing this, the Kuchiki family immediately released their contract that they held with the family. Knowing that the protection of their life's work was at stake, due to the area in which some of these stores resided, the family begged they give the girls time to grow and see if any of the three would be equitable to their family's lineage. The Kuchiki agreed in doing so and gave them seven years to find the child that could possess worth enough to find their way into the Kuchiki manor.

As the three girls began to grow with one another they lived rather stressful lives, cramming knowledge into the young girls' heads and trying to force their potential out of them; while trying to refine them as dignified individuals all the same. Himeko, though, refused to give into her parents efforts at most times, rebelling to their commands. She could care less about her family's business and often wished they were poor and lived in the lesser parts of Rukongai. During hours at which they were to be studying Himeko would blankly stare at the pages, wishing they would just glide away from her. Though it would never happen. However, her other two sisters seemed to want the most for their family and saw the name of Kuchiki to be something they would do anything for. Himeko couldn't understand the significance in holding a name other than the one that she already had. She just wished to be known as Himeko, what was the point in having a first name to bring you from the others if it was just being held beneath the name that your family carried? It was a concept that she couldn't grasp, and never would.

Whilst the other girls were extraordinary with their studies and their wits, Himeko knew nothing but common sense. However, she held a special aura to her that was far greater than that of her sisters. Her sisters saw it to be stupid and often teased her that she was stupid and had no self motivation, when it was in fact her that was the only one that was self motivated. She didn't require something to be dangled in front of her upon a stick in order for her to move toward it, and so she'd try to exploit these special abilities that she had. It wasn't until one day the girls studied about reiatsu that Himeko actually gained an interest about her studies. She was fascinated by the words that were upon the parchment, the words that spoke to her telling her what she was capable of and what others were able to do with these abilities. She was able to see all types of feats and adventures that spirits similar to herself were granted through doing so. So, she sought out to learn more. Thus, she became interested in the Gotei 13.

After the seven years had elapsed a lead member of the Kuchiki family had brought himself to their doorstep where he would examine and test the girl's knowledge and ability. When it came to the verbal and written tests Himeko struggled immensely, however there was one thing that they were interested in that seemed to slip the mind of her parents: spiritual affinity. The Kuchiki scaled the girl's spiritual capabilities to see if they were to become a part of the guard that provided protection to themselves and those they also held contracts with. Along with them on this examination was none other than Rukia Kuchiki, a Shinigami within the thirteen court guards and a captain at the time. Rukia examined them up and down and asked them to perform simple tasks with their spiritual pressure. The two girls seemed to fail in all attempts at doing so, as for Himeko she performed them with a bit of difficulty. However, she was able to do so at such a young age it seemed to be something that shouldn't be dismissed in the mind of Rukia. Immediately she requested a word with the leaders of the clan and told them that her wits could be adjusted, but the other two girls had near to no ability using their spiritual capabilities. The leaders were hesitant at first, as they saw bringing yet another future shinigami into their household would just seem out of sorts. However, they agreed and selected Himeko in her sisters' stead.

Manor Manners:
It had been official for nearly 20 years now and Himeko had grown a slight amount. Her devotion to her training had slightly dropped, due to her natural wish to rebel against others' words. While she wished to become something greater, she wished to do so in her own name and not her family's. However, she began to see that she was only getting no where fast and decided that she wouldn't pay mind to the training she received, but try to accomplish things on her own.

This stretched out for another 50 or so years. She had learned to adapt to her life as a respectable noble when in front of those that it mattered, but still always stood out from the rest with her quirky personality. They saw her to be unfit for the role as a guard. Soon enough, however, she'd find herself capable of things that were just enough to get her into the Shinigami academy. Thus, that would be the place she would be sent and she had done so on her own, with little to no help in doing so. However, now that she had gained entry to there she'd have to prove a name for herself and her family. She knew without doing so, her family would remove her and send her back off to Rukongai unless someone else had anything to say about it.

Her time in the Shino Academy seemed as though it lasted forever. The lessons were long and boring and she wasn't very good with a weapon at first, but it slowly grew on to her. She was a natural when it came to things like Kido and use of her spiritual pressure, however, hakuda was her weak point. In spars she'd often find herself using low level barriers and restraints in order to gain the advantage in her fighting, but sometimes it was found to not be enough.

Spunky Shinigami:
Himeko placed fourth in her class and was immediately given a seated seat within the eighth division. While it was only the 12th seat she still took high pride in the position she was given. Though now, she had responsibilities and duties that she would have to uphold in doing so. After many trips to other realms and vanquishing many different races of all sorts and placing them back into their life cycle, she had began to grow more suitable as a shinigami. She became more acknowledged of her capabilities and learned that Kido was her main specialty.

Soon, Himeko came to know names that were apparent to that of her family. Though this was near a hundred years after her graduation. To which at this time she had risen to the sixth seat of her division. She had obtained her Shikai through many trials that were set up by Mujūryoku and found that her partner in crime would also become one of her closest friends. That attachment with her Zanpakutō, alone would set her far ahead of the rest that were of the same age as her. She'd soon find herself placed in many endeavors within the real world and be a part of many wars that the Shinigami would fight in this time.

Most recently, she fought within the Australian War, she was able to make her way into one of the many brigades that departed to Earth in order to protect the land. She fought against Vizard and other races that were far superior to her, but was able to prevail through her superb use of Kido and strategy. Thus, as she returned she was offered to take up the honorary position of the Sixth Division's Captain over one of her sister's, Yoko. In doing such, she'd be Kuchiki's representative with the Gotei 13 and the "face" of it all the same. Though she had done all of this herself, she still remained conflicted that it was but her name that got her to where she was today, and she'd do anything she could to separate it from being so.

However, only one problem seemed to hold with her becoming a captain. This was her not obtaining her bankai as of yet. The Kuchiki family provided her the means to obtain it and was able to do so over the course of a few weeks due to her relationship with her Zanpakutō. However, Mujuryoku is still hesitant to reveal everything in her power as Himeko still has much to learn...


- Reiatsu Color: |||||||||||||||||

- Zanpakutô Spirit Name: Mujūryoku

- Zanpakutô Spirit Appearance:
Himeko Kuchiki[APPROVED 1-2] Subeturender28silotienesen-35403020005001_zps43ebd356
Himeko Kuchiki[APPROVED 1-2] 6706_render_konan-1571672b8c_zpsf5e90963

- Inner World:

A white plain covered in mountains and valleys of paper. The paper's color varies in each area of the place giving a biome based theme to each and every area. Creatures inhabit the land, but are origami that have been brought to life. In the middle of this land is a large throne that seems to shoot up far from what the eye can measure. In the chair, sits Mujuryoku. Here she brings the paper that is scattered around her chair and creates creatures for her land, who live by the same rules as those that inhabit Earth and other realms.

- Sealed Zanpakutô Apperance :
Himeko Kuchiki[APPROVED 1-2] Bloody_Katana_of_Hell_zps2ed4356c

- Sealed Zanpakutô Abilities:

- Release: Shred, Mujūryoku

- Shikai Description: The metal of the blade flakes off into millions of small squares of paper to the floor. A small portion of the blade is left, and becomes a small Tanto. The blade itself is a highly durable compressed blade of the remaining spiritual energy that she emits.

- Shikai Abilities:

Paper Creation:
The small pieces of paper that have fallen to the ground become manipulable by Himeko, while her tanto is in hand. Though, movement of her Zanpakutō is not something that must be done in order for the paper to be manipulated. She simply must have a tangible connection with either the tanto or one of the pieces of paper in order to use their abilities, in order for her to speak with her Zanpakutō for prompt commands. If she is disarmed and moved away from the battle, her Zanpakutō will remain in its Shikai state. However, while it just sits idol it will still be draining reiatsu from her, but will be of no use until a connection is made.

These papers are able to be stacked rapidly and imbued with Himeko's own reiatsu in order for her to make proper use of them. The papers have attributes that can make them highly durable, though this will take an extra consumption of Himeko's spiritual pressure in order to do so. She is able to bring the paper to any shape or form, being able to create a dome or a wall at any given moment, and completing such within fractions of a second.

The small pieces of paper move in a similar fashion to Byakuya's Senbonzakura and Rangiku's Haineko, and can be used in both defensive and offensive maneuvers. However the paper that is used with Mujuryoku has different properties than these. While using them as an all out force of strength may not be something that is very adhesive for Mujuryoku's skill set due to the substance being paper. Although, Mujuryoku holds an explosive attribute to it in order to get around this. The explosions are small, but in large numbers they can scale to be extremely vast and high powered.

While the paper is able to be cut, doing so will only add to the arsenal that Himoke already has established. Not only this, but paper being a lightweight material most of the it would move away from the blade instead of being struck upon. When the paper is cut however, the power of the explosion that they are able to produce is also cut in half, but is also just two times half the power. However, elemental abilities seem to be a weakness to her ability and can easily stop, or hinder, the movement of her ability, but cannot prevent them from exploding.

Crumble, Mujūryoku:
The paper spreads out into a 100 foot diameter sphere(a 50 foot radius which would be the max altitude of the attack if on ground) for a last-breathe type move. After it has all spread out it will quickly make its way to the center point or anything within the dome. Sticking itself onto any opponents, as well as allies in the vicinity. Once this has been done the paper will proceed to make their final attack, exploding. While the attack is able to be dodged, there is likely to still be some sort of damage inflicted to the opponent due it being an explosion.

- Bankai Description:
Himeko Kuchiki[APPROVED 1-2] Appearance_zps9f81ef91

She also obtains wings similar to that of Mujuryoku's, made of paper. If in Shikai the paper that she uses as a weapon will come forth to her being latching onto her skin and forming wings behind her back. She obtains a layer of extremely durable paper on herself and the square lines are visually visible from about 10 feet away. Her sword returns to its original size and shape, but is still a compressed form of her reiatsu and is highly durable.

- Bankai Abilities:

Origami Creation:
Using the paper that is within the confines of her wings, she is able to cup her hands to the paper as her spiritual pressure folds it into a creature of her choice. Some of these creations require more that one sheet of paper, and are typically a great deal stronger causing her to have to extort more effort and time into their making. She is able to do this ability with one hand, but still requires focus to the object as her reiatsu pushes the paper around within her hand, and as little movement as possible is required to do such.

Once she created the origami, she is then able to go on and inscribe the origami with lettering through changing the hue and saturation of the paper. Depending on the hue of the writing will determine the color the origami will come to life as. The word that is written upon the origami will determine the attributes of it, whether it be a wood, flesh, or steal, one word will be what the creature is made up of. The next word will be something that is able to summarize what the origami is capable of. This may fall into a multitude of different varieties, though cannot be any sort of over-powered being as her reiatsu cannot stabilize such a creation, reiatsu being an expendable force.

She is also capable of giving the creatures elemental abilities such as the explosions within her shikai state. Though the element must make sense as a wooden tiger isn't going to be able to use fire or water as it will just weigh itself down with the water or destroy itself with the fire. Though as an insulator to electricity it would be best for a wood creature to use electricity, rather than a metal one. As the metal one would likely just magnetize itself as it used the electricity.

Once the origami has been folded and created she can then let it loose to the field where it will slowly morph into an actual living creature. It is able to stay alive through feeding upon more paper that is imbued with Himeko's reiatsu. As she does this, she also reinforces the outer layers of the being if there are an external damages upon it. Though this will result in a higher strain than regularly feeding the creature.

Having multiple creatures upon the battle field requires an exponential amount of extra reiatsu and places a greater strain upon Himeko. However, she can comfortably use three of high power for a duration of 5 posts. Though she is able to create a mass production of creatures in the hundreds for a single post to produce a large scale attack. The strain resulted during this is equivalent to that of the three high powered creatures, but is much more wide spread and used for a high number of enemies.

Stack, Mujūryoku:
Returning back to the roots of her shikai she lets the paper consume her body. The paper continues to layer upon her body until she is a 20 foot tall golem made of highly durable spiritually imbued paper. When in this form she is extremely slow, but is able to attack with great force and strength. As she is struck, the attack simple pushes the paper away for a few moments, but it reforms quickly. In order to actually perform any damage upon Himeko herself, you must hit her center mass. Though the paper there will not simple move away from the strike, but will move with it. Compressing itself into a more durable plate and slowing the attack down as it does so. She will still suffer impact damage from the attacks, but it would take a great deal of power to actually strike through the golem's defensive structure.

Skill Sheet

- Durability: Adept
- General Speed: Advanced
- Strength: Adept
- Weapon Skill: Advanced

-Hakuda: Beginner
-Hoho: Advanced
-Kido: Master
-Zanjutsu: Advanced

-Willpower/Determination: Master
-Mental Deduction: Advanced
-Pain Endurance: Master
-Focus: Master

Base Code by: THEFROST
Graphics and Coding by: CPKallday

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Thu May 15, 2014 1:30 pm
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Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Master
  • Mental Deduction:Advanced
  • Pain Endurance: Master
  • Focus: Master

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