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Wed Jul 23, 2014 11:12 pm

Genetics & Basic Information

∞ Name: Nemain Calliope
∞ Titles: Segunda Espada, The Crazy Bitch
∞ Race: Arrancar
∞ Age: Roughly 450 years old
∞ Gender: Female
∞ Orientation: Pansexual, Polyamorous
∞ Blood Type: B Negative
∞ D.O.B.: January 15th, 1964
∞ Zodiac: Capricorn
∞ Father: Johnathan Reino (Human father) [Deceased]
∞ Mother: Cassie Reino (Human mother) [Deceased]
∞ Siblings: Nina Reino (Human sister) [Deceased]
∞ Children: None
∞ Allies: Herself, then Shadow Fall, and then No one else. In that order.
∞ Enemies: Any shinigami, vizard, or quincy. Ever. No exceptions. Pure hatred.
∞ Marital Status: Single
∞ Menos Class: Vasto Lorde (JJ Approved)
∞ Aspect of Death: Madness
∞ Rank/Affiliation: Segunda of the Shadow Espada, Affiliated with the Shadow Fall Organization



• Appearance:


To truly get a glimpse at the insanity that is Nemain, one only has to take a single look at her. The first thing one might notice, and in fact the most prominent thing about Nemain, is the full mess of hair atop her head. To start, the front of her hair comes forward and dangles in a single distinct bang, hanging to the right of her face, just below her chin. This bang seems to always be located in this exact style, no matter the circumstance. From there, going back, one would find that the rest of the hair atop her head is pulled back, slicked against her head. This might be normal enough, until one gets to the back of her head. From just below where her hair pulls back, Nemain's hair is split into two braids, each cascading down.. and down.. until they reach her calves. At this point, they're tied off, coming to a point at the end. This hair style is so out of the typical norm that Many people who see her are immediately confused or stunned by the sheer audacity of the style. Beyond the style, another thing that might be seen as a tad off-putting is the color. Nemain's hair is an almost oceanic blue. Not dark enough to be navy, but not bright enough to be baby. Strangely enough, her eyebrows follow this same color. Her eyebrows in particular are almost sharp in appearance, giving her kind of a permanent look of excitement. Even her eyelashes hold themselves to this same coloration and general wackiness of the rest of her hair.


Next in line in the unorthodox description of Nemain is her eyes. One might notice, first and foremost, that she doesn't seem to have pupils of the traditional variety. Instead of the standard small, black circle, Nemain's pupils are actually a deep, opaque red. If one were to look her directly in the eyes for long enough, they might start to notice that her eyes have an almost see-through quality to them. This same property applies to her irises, although the coloration of these are a brighter red, far closer to Fuchsia or Maroon, as opposed to classic red. Besides simply the coloration, there is another thing about Nemain's eyes that could be considered.. off in a way. Within the coloration, one might see movement. Not any sort of typical eye movement, but an almost robotic movement, as if they were projectors from a computer. One might see small silver and white circles dashing and moving erratically throughout her inner-eye. It would be one thing if they had any sort of pattern, but they do this constantly and without any rhyme or reason, moving in a thousand different directions and taking a thousand different possible routes around the inner-eye. They never stop, never slow, and never "tire", per se. All of these elements together give Nemain's eyes the appearance of being like the reticles in rifle sights, or other such targeting devices. The true origin of this is known only to Nemain herself, but it is more than safe to assume that anyone who would make direct eye contact with her would have the definite possibility of being thrown off by her irrational orbs.


Nemain's skin, from top to bottom, is what some would refer to as "white as the driven snow." The entirety of her, every last inch, is pale. This would be odd enough as it is, having someone be as pale as she is from head to foot, but another thing that makes her skin interesting is the lack of any blemish or bodily hair anywhere. If one were to go from her head to her feet, her eyelashes would be the last place one would find any hair on her at all. The distinct lack of moles, freckles, or any other distinctive markings is also an oddity, as not many have the luxury of skin that would otherwise be described as "perfect". While these common abnormalities aren't present on her, Nemain has one thing seemingly unique to her persona, and that is her tattoos. Starting at her right shoulder, and going down the entirety of her right arm, is a series of tattoos varying in design from cloud-like puffs, to seemingly meaningless swirls, to tear-drops, and other curved symbols. The set on her arm stop on the back of her right hand, but from her shoulder down, they also continue down the right side of her torso, going down past her right breast and down her stomach before stopping on her right hip. Why she has these markings is a mystery, but she seems to care a whole lot about them, going berserk if anyone so much as looks at them without her consent.


Nemain's body isn't out of the ordinary, per se, it just falls under a classic case of not judging a book by its cover. Nemain's body is thin, lanky even. Long, slender arms connect to thin shoulders. Her torso has the beginnings of an hourglass shape, but without the curves to properly back up the mold. While her legs and behind have a shapeliness to them due to all of her running and lifting (and being her most inciting feature), her chest is completely flat. While this might bring an aspect of jealousy for some, Nemain simply rolls with it, largely unaffected by her lack of sexual appeal, at least in her opinion, as she would much rather remove parts of other people's bodies as opposed to focusing on her own. Where her face is concerned, her features are relatively sharp, cheekbones, nose, and all, giving an air of intelligence to those who might see her from a distance, or those who have just encountered her. Her soft skin and prominent lips might have some believing that her face has no visible flaws, but they would be wrong. There is one "flaw" that could be almost instantly noticed if she so much as smiles. Nemain has an overbite. Not too prominent of one, to be sure, but enough of one to give any wide smiles from her a joker-esque quality. While some might be disturbed by this, Nemain uses it as part of her "natural charm", biting her bottom lip in the typical enticing way more often than most due to this one trait. What some would see as a flaw, she uses as a strength. However, it is not uncommon for her to get silly with it, either, making strange and ridiculous faces at those around her with her overbite accenting the strangeness factor of whatever face she does decide to make. She is proud of this feature, more than anything.

Bone Appearance, Hollow Hole, & Espada Identification:

The remnants of Nemain's hollow mask might not actually be initially apparent upon first meeting her. While some Espada have extremely obvious remains, such as Ulquiorra's half-helmet, Nemain's is more subtle. Small enough to easily be missed at first glance, Nemain's mask remnant actually takes the shape of a nose piercing (a septum piercing, to be more specific). Said piercing is a ring, a small one at that, that is incomplete. It resembles more of roughly 3/4ths of a circle, leaving an open space right below her septum. On each end of the ring, right before the gap, is a small spike, pointing roughly in the direction of the opposite spike's point, creating an imaginary "x" roughly above Nemain's upper lip. Her hollow hole is another such thing that could very easily be missed. The reasoning for this, though, is the simple fact that Nemain keeps it hidden at almost all times. Nemain's hollow hole is located on the back of her left hand, being roughly the size of a silver dollar. If her hand was facing palm-up, one would observe that the hole is in the direct center of said palm. This is one oddity she doesn't display as prominently as the rest, keeping it covered, by and large, by a glove. The last identifying mark on this list is the placement of her Espada marking. While a great many of the old traditions were thrown out with the old Espada order, the identification of oneself as a member via a tattoo placed somewhere on the body is one that Nemain still participates in. However, the placement of such accents her opinion of the people she faces, more than anything. Nemain's number Two tattoo is located squarely in the middle of her left buttock. She holds no shame in showing this to those who piss her off enough for her to begin ranting or competing where rank is concerned, and holds no self-respect where not displaying suggestive parts of her body is concerned, in this regard.


Nemain's choice of clothing is as strange as anything else about her, displaying not only, essentially, her madness personified into clothing, but also her lack of decency. Starting from the bottom, this time, the very first thing one would find on Nemain is a pair of black combat boots. Without exception, she is always wearing these boots, as no other shoes are "as comfortable" or "as good for stomping on someone's face". Despite how clunky they look, they were designed with this in mind, and are surprisingly extremely light, not hindering Nemain's movement in the slightest. Said boots have a variant of a steel toe, containing an area in the front that Nemain can harden with her own reiatsu to increase the power of her kicks. Moving on from her feet, and going up the leg, one would immediately find the second piece of her attire, the legging. Not two, but just one legging. This thigh-high legging is work on the right leg, and carries a pink and white netting coloration and pattern that pretty much negates the tough appearance of the boots right off the bat. Moving up further still, one would find Nemain's typical choice of bottom-attire. Instead of wearing traditional shorts like a normal person, Nemain typically wears jeans that have had the legs ripped off just below the bottom of the buttocks. This at once shows more than most people would like to, and less than most people would want to see. These blue, plated-jeans are covered, in part, by a black belt that loops through them, only to come down in two thigh-straps on either side. Said belt isn't necessarily made to hold anything, per se, but on the initial belt, between the loops, placed neatly on each of her hips, one would find four large bullets placed side by side into small clips. They hang there seemingly without purpose, as Nemain doesn't carry a gun. Moving up again, one would actually find no clothing at all above the waist until they reach the direct underside of her breasts. Here, one would find another belt, wrapping around her torso and buckling in the front, with another six of the aforementioned bullets on either side. Stemming up from this belt is two coverings. On the left, a black, almost pleated-leather, rising up and over her breast, covering just enough, before reaching roughly where her armpit is. On the right, a pink cloth with two vertical, fuschia stripes traveling down the length of it, traveling the exact same length up her torso. Both coverings are connected to small, gold loops, each connected to another odd, belt-type leather, that goes around her neck before coming back down to connect to the opposite covering. Accessory-wise, there are really only three other noticeable things about Nemain's attire. The first is her necklaces. One of which is a small star on a very short chain, resting on her throat. The other is more of note, and is, in fact, another one of the bullets that adorn her body, hanging from a longer, black rope-like chain, resting between her breasts. The second thing one could notice is an arm-band type attachment to her left bicep. Two black stripes, straight across, with one white stripe in the middle. This is no ordinary band, however, as this is made with a type of blended steel, closer in resemblance to an adamantium, or even sekiseki, as opposed to anything else. The final noteworthy item is her gloves. Nemain is rarely, if ever, seen without these. Black gloves that are not traditionally fingerless but, in fact, have had the fingers cut off. Said gloves each have a small, purple band around the wrist. While the gloves are used mostly just for the aesthetic, it can also be noted that Nemain uses the one on her left hand to cover up her hollow-hole. These gloves are also great for combat usage, as they provide better grip, as well as something in the way of her skin if she were to block something with her hands.

Reiatsu Appearance and Coloration:

Nemain's reiatsu is one of the things that makes her appearance such a unique set of things to behold, as well as what makes her such a wild card in terms of usage. Instead of the traditional, more flowing-types of reiatsu, Nemain's reiatsu is, to be short, as crazy as she is. Once she unleashes the full strength of it, it doesn't follow a specific pattern. It will spark and spaz, traveling every which way on its way into the sky, where it will eventually make a column above her of pure chaos. Said column will seem to have things forming and coming out of it as it fires off, anything from demonic-looking faces to terrifying visions of creatures so horrifying they can't be fully formulated, even by sheer energy itself. This method of intimidation is one used by Nemain often, scaring some potential opponents off before a fight can even begin. Where coloration is concerned, Nemain's is actually a deep, translucent orange. With the same coloration and burning appearance one would find in Magma, Nemain's reiatsu is a sight to behold. The acidic, yellow, jagged edges of her reiatsu usage would be another thing that enhances the resemblance to lava, even. Nemain's reiatsu is directly tied to how invested she is in a battle. If she feels as if she's being bored, played with, or if she's just plain angry, her reiatsu will become darker and darker with each stage of these emotions, signaling her interest petering out. However, if she becomes invested, excited, or joyed in a fight, her reiatsu becomes brighter and brighter with each increase in these levels, becoming invigorated and excited in its patterns and movements, as if it's an extension of Nemain's own person. And, in a way, it is, in this regard, signalling to her opponent exactly where on her mental scale of fight potential they fall. If they disappoint her, they'll know it, but they'll also immediately know if they're going to get the fight of their lives.

Nemain Calliope, Segunda Espada [Approved 0-3++] JinxLeagueofLegends6001633857_zps73737e82
Nemain Calliope, Segunda Espada [Approved 0-3++] JinxLeagueofLegends6001624706_zps26e8f53d
Nemain Calliope, Segunda Espada [Approved 0-3++] JinxLeagueofLegends6001641608_zps68c47df7
Nemain Calliope, Segunda Espada [Approved 0-3++] JinxLeagueofLegendsfull1614857_zps0eb1f6d8




To properly analyze the motivations and personality of Nemain, one must approach it in terms of layers, as opposed to trying to look at her persona in a generality sort of way. She is a complex being, with many different sides, despite her initial appearance as simply a mad woman.

Positive Traits:

Despite all the wrong she does in pursuit of her own goals and motivations, Nemain is not what one might describe as "all bad". She does have some traits about her that others might identify with or, at the very least, not be opposed to. One such trait is her fierce loyalty. While Nemain might fight for her own side above all else, if one actually manages to form an alliance with her, she'll have their back through anything. Any event, storm, shine, or hell that could possible rain down on them will be something that Nemain will attempt with every possible fiber to help them through. This extends past the personal level into a group setting, applying to any organizations she belongs to as well. The primary receiver of this is Shadow Fall, being the one and only organization with which she is truly allied. However, she has been known to throw away any personal prejudices and focus on the true enemy if any organization or specific person(s) ally with Shadow Fall, if only temporarily, to face a bigger threat. Another positive trait about Nemain is her inability to be manipulated, persuaded, or bribed. This could be seen simply as a firm foundation in her own values and beliefs, but it encompasses those who might wish to find loopholes in the things she has established, also. She has no give when it comes to what she will and will not do, and who she will or will not do those things for. Whether it be something as simplistic as combat, or something as intricate and involved as trying to convince another to switch sides, she will refuse every time. She is a creature of stone, and trying to change that, even slightly, can and will be taken as a direct offense to her person, regardless of the motivations or intentions of whomever is unfortunate enough to try and get her to budge on this subject. The final trait that can be accurately described as positive is her sheer force of will. If Nemain sets her mind on something, she will do it. If Nemain sets herself a goal, she will accomplish it. If Nemain decides she wants to kill someone, they're as good as dead. The sheer amount of drive, resolve, and focus she has when it comes to her willpower is monstrous. No matter how convincing a counter-argument may be to her goal, or to her belief, she will keep on doing whatever she was doing previously, refusing to be told otherwise. Going up against strong opponents proves this, as her will to win will often, if not always, surpass her opponent's attempts to dissuade her. Arrogance, in terms of opponents who will tell her what she can and can't do, or what she is or isn't capable of, will only make her angry, and make her drive to win and defeat her opponent even more intense.

Negative Traits:

Moving on to the negative could feasibly create a much longer list, as Nemain holds herself to a certain standard of chaotic bitch when it comes to her general behavior. However, there are three that would be seen as the most prominent above all else. The first is her total disregard for any authority figure outside of the only one she respects, being the Primera of her own organization. No matter how strong they are, how threatening they are, or how swiftly they could end her life, Nemain will refuse to show them even a modicum of respect unless they have one-hundred percent earned it. This flagrant disrespect has been aimed at the Shinigami, the Vizard, the Quincy.. anyone who hasn't done her the kind of service and favor that Shadow Fall has done for her will be insulted, mocked, and criticized. Regardless of their rank, position, or power level, even if it towers above Nemain's own. The only people who can truly earn Nemain's respect are those who can defeat her in a fight without holding back, and those who can push her to her limits. The second negative trait Nemain displays is her lack of tact. No matter the scenario she finds herself in, she will say whatever comes to her mind, as if there is no filter at all between what she thinks and what she says. This has gotten her into plenty of trouble over the years, as her lack of a filter ha led to irritation, anger, and depression of those she's talked to, causing many a battle that could have otherwise easily been avoided. She does not know, per se, that she's being rude, or terrible, but she wouldn't care even if she did. She just tells it how it is, anyone who wishes to respect that, may. Anyone who doesn't wish to respect that can promptly fuck off. The thing that tends to be most infuriating about Nemain's lack of filter is the casualness with which she makes her comments. Whether she be insulting someone's appearance, making fun of someone's name or speaking habits, calling attention to something that another might not have wanted to be noticed, or outright calling someone weak, Nemain's tone will stay such as if she had just stated a fact that cannot be disputed. Such is the reason why so many people attack her after simply speaking to her, believing that she has a know-it-all attitude, when in reality, this is just her typical tone. The final negative trait that one would immediately notice about Nemain is her mile-wide vicious streak, as well as her seeming lack of sanity. Many who lack sanity find themselves without understanding or perhaps confused by their own random meanderings, but Nemain's personality does not support this type of being. Instead, this arrancar could be called crazy not for ignorance, but for how she seems so assured and satisfied with even the most dismal and out there conclusions. The only stipulation is that the conclusion must not conflict with her values. Luckily for Nemain, who dislikes the notion of normality, her sense of values are so distorted that it is not difficult to match up her conclusions to them. Nemain believes her life was stolen and forsaken by whatever supreme being might exist in the universe, and she sees the 'do-gooder' attitude to be a flagrant disregard for reality. Life is hard and death is natural where there is life. Because of this, Nemain kills indiscriminately once she's started and sees any who would not kill to be an insult on the battle field. This viciousness superceeds her normal attitude on occasion and becomes more relevant as one learns of the way she fights. Nemain lives for battle, and enjoys a good fight more than anything. She claims injury and death are nothing but the price one pays for a good fight. This blood-lust can only be explained as its own special brand of insanity, as it is never ending. She is never satisfied with just one fight. She is never satisfied with killing one. Or ten. Or one-hundred. Until every single being, human or spiritual, on the entire planet has been defeated, Nemain will always want another fight, another win, and another kill.

General Mood & Sense of Humor:

Despite Nemain's overall disregard for life and the joy she finds in seeking out and killing those who belong to races or organizations that she takes the most enjoyment out of slaughtering, Nemain's overall mood is that of one who is supremely bored with the universe. "I'm bored now, let's do something else", becomes somewhat of a catchprase for Nemain in nearly any scenario. Whether she's talking, fighting, or even attending a meeting of her fellow Espada, Nemain will start to zone out, drift off, or even fall asleep entirely. Her interest cannot seemingly be peaked by conversation, or even matters that are supposed to be important otherwise. Nemain's interest can be brought about only through battle. And, even then, only through battles that are of particular interest to her specifically. A general fight, a fight against a notably weaker opponent, or a fight in which her opponent had only challenged her for the sake of surpassing her, without the strength to back it up, will only bore her further. However, a fight against someone stronger than her, a fight that means something to her personally, a fight for revenge of any kind on either side, and the likes of those, will most definitely draw her interest, bringing about the full extent of what her power has to offer for the sake of getting the most fun and entertainment out of a fight. Her boredom is a source of irritation for most, bringing about disdain for her disrespectful attitude, especially those opponents who value the honor in battle above all else, or those who see battle as the carnage it really is. It is more than likely that such people will immediately despise Nemain, as her view on battle is that of a lustful and obsessive intention, rather than a condemning one. Despite this, if she does get bored, which she will, very quickly, whoever might be around her will know it. Either from something thrown at them, or harsh words, or some other such jarring method of recognition. To let those around her know that she is dissatisfied with the current situation. In general, her overall mood plays directly into her sense of humor. Nemain finds humor in the small things. Funny faces, funny looking people, bad puns (so long as they're not too bad, or else she will attack simply based on the severity of the pun itself), and the like. She has a child-like sense of enjoyment about such things, bursting into a giggling fit whenever she feels amused about something silly. When it comes to serious humor, however, the one sure-fire thing to get her laughing and/or cackling is, like with anything else about her, a good fight. Seeing an opponent struggle to cling on to life, futilely try and protect themselves, or believe they can actually beat Nemain will send the girl into a variable fit of laughter, causing her actions, attack patterns, and general style of movement to become notably more chaotic and unpredictable as, until she has stopped laughing, her goal becomes solely to show her opponent how wrong they truly are for challenging her at all, much less believing themselves to have a chance at victory, or even a chance at survival, at that. The problem with this is that once she's started, it becomes difficult for her to stop, and her chaotic actions can start to become problematic for her own side as well, as she will not hesitate to destroy anything and anyone in her path once pushed into this state, regardless of what side they might be on, or whether or not they're even part of the fight at all.

Greatest Fear:

Nemain's personality does not allow for much in terms of fear. Her focus is usually, if not entirely, on enjoyment, boredom, laughter, or other such things that could be seen as positives, as they do not hinder her ability to fight, or her judgement, despite how little of that she might seem to possess. However, the sole purpose behind Nemain's sheer willpower and drive to fight, to win, and to kill, is her own abject fear of ever falling prey to the hands of death. She sees death as her biggest and most difficult opponent. Her first and foremost goal, above all else, is to find a way to completely conquer it, as she has no desire to end this life. Ending her life means no more battles, no more fun, no more blood, and she can't handle the idea of that. She has to have her enjoyment. She has to get her kicks. She needs her life to stay exactly where it is so she can continue finding new opponents and new ways to fight and kill, the only two things she sees herself as being any good at. She is so paralyzingly afraid of the possibility of death that she has slipped entirely into denial of it being possible for her to die, herself. If anyone tells her she is going to, she will simply reject any thought of it, telling whomever conveyed that idea to her that they're crazy, and that such a weak thing as death couldn't possibly touch her. This seemingly arrogant attitude is born of the aforementioned denial, slipping into her so completely in a way that is so all-encompassing that she has fully convinced herself of her own inability to die, seeing it as a power of hers, even though no such ability actually exists anywhere in the roster she possesses.

Rage and Misery:

The two emotions one might find it most difficult to elicit in Nemain are those of anger and sadness. Her general attitude seems, in all essence, not to allow for either of these emotions, but it is possible to make her feel one or the other. One is much more simple than the other, in fact. The tough one is to make her sad in any way, shape, or form. Making Nemain sad would seem, in essence, an impossibility, as there is no one she truly cares for in any semblance of that word to use against her, and she isn't phased by the things that make people typically sad, in the traditional sense. However, one can manage to make her upset to the point of entering a state of depression, if one only pushes her to the point where she truly believes she is going to die, or if one does, in fact, inflict a mortal wound on her. Her delusions about her own immortality have led her to value life as the entertainment that it is for her. However, because of her fear of death, if she were to truly be on the precipice of defeat, the full weight of her situation hitting her could cause a grief so intense and all-encompassing that she might even stave off death, just for a few more moments, simply to express that grief before passing. Such is the nature of Nemain's emotions, no matter the source, they seem to have a habit of surfacing just long enough to keep her alive longer than she should be. On that note, the easier of the two emotions to surface is her anger. One only has to refer to a battlefield with any sort of respect or noble intent, assert themselves above her, imply that she will die, or any other sort of statement that would directly conflict or contrast with her own beliefs and ideology. This very simple act, and one easy to do out of habit more than anything, will drive Nemain absolutely up the wall, and leave her a howling mess of unprecedented wrath. While it may be fun to taunt her, beware, as one who brings about her wrath fully accepts responsibility for what comes next. She will focus on you. There will be no other opponents in her mind. No other goals in her thought. Her entire being will hone directly in on you, and for as long as it takes, her only goal will be your absolute and undeniable defeat and death. She will pull no punches. She will want you dead, and she will do anything she can, and anything that she has to, to ensure that happens.

Priorities and Life Philosophy:

When it comes to how Nemain pictures the world around her, she tends to sort her actions in terms of her priorities. She puts herself first, doing things solely for her entertainment and enjoyment above all else, putting "the rule of fun" above anything she might have been ordered to do, or anything she's obligated to do. Second comes Shadow Fall, as her one and only allegiance lies with them. If she has a responsibility or task within the organization, she will perform it to the letter, so long as it aligns with her own interests, of course. After that, she really doesn't have anything as far as priorities go. Beyond herself, and the Shadow Fall, she cares for nothing, and seeks only to have fun, rather than actively search for allies or anything idiotic of that sort. As far as Nemain's philosophy goes, the best description of it could be very easily: "all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy." Nemain values fun and entertainment more than anything else in her love, as it is the easiest and only way to stave off the boredom that she so often feels. Without entertainment, what point is there to living at all? This is true for some, and doubly true for one who believes herself to be immortal. Nemain sees fun as the most important part of anyone's life, including her own. Life is a game to be played, why not enjoy it? If you aren't getting enjoyment out of life, then there is obviously something wrong with the way you're living. At least, that's how Nemain sees it. This is also, incidentally, one of the ways she justifies her killings, both back during her human life, and now. She sees the death of another simply as one who has lost the game, and if she has to be the one to eliminate them in the knockout round, so be it, but somebody has to do it, or else how can the game continue? If not for this philosophy, Nemain probably wouldn't feel remorse about what she's done, but at the very least, she might not be so indiscriminate about it. Perhaps she would be more.. sparing in the sheer amounts of bodies that she piles up.

Goals and Motivations:

Nemain is one of those beings who can be frustratingly hard to pin down. This applies to her personality in general, sure, but most of all, the single most aggravating thing is trying to figure out the "why" of it all. What drives her to do what she does? What keeps her loyal to Shadow Fall? What is her reason for killing as she does? Her primary, and in fact, only motivation for her allegiance with Shadow Fall, is because she sees them, and the demons and arrancar in general, to be the strongest that there is, and the only organization that doesn't employ the vizards, shinigami, or quincy. Not only that, but this is also a product of her loyalty to her Primera, as she sees anyone who can truly earn her respect as someone to stay neutral or allied towards, which is why the only organization that she will never take anarchic or aggressive action toward. Where her killing is concerned, the reasoning for that is also her only goal in this life, or any other. She simply wishes to see the entirety of humanity dead. A charred and decrepit husk of a world, piled high with the corpses of its inhabitants, and her standing atop it all, cackling above the product of her own destructive nature. The intrinsic reasoning behind this goal is widely unknown, even to Nemain herself. All she will tell you, and all she knows personally, is that she desperately needs to see the end of the human race, as it is inferior, incompetent, and ultimately utterly worthless.


Skill Sheet

(Leave the skills alone until the application is approved. You can then go back and add them if you want to)

General Skills

  • Durability: Master
  • General Speed: Advanced
  • Strength: Grand Master
  • Weapon Skill: Advanced

Will Skills

  • Willpower/Determination: Master
  • Mental Deduction: Advanced
  • Pain Endurance: Master
  • Focus: Master

Racial Skills

  • Perquisa: Advanced
  • Sonido: Adept
  • Cero/Bala: Advanced
  • Hierro: Master


Graphics by: Forsaken Crow
Coding by: [THEFROST]

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Thu Jul 24, 2014 3:08 pm

Sealed State

• Sealed Zanpakutô:

Nemain's Zanpakutō is an oddity for a couple of reasons. The first is that, on initial viewing of her, one might actually miss it, as one could easily be looking for a hilt or some kind of tell of a sword or bladed weapon of that nature. However, Nemain's Zanpakutō can actually be seen in the form of a silver, cylindrical like shape, holstered into what looks like a knife pouch on her right hip. While this might seem strange enough in itself, it's when she draws the Zanpakutō that the real oddities start to occur. As she draws the cylinder away from the pouch, an orange glow will start to form at the base of said cylinder as the blade slowly builds inch by inch as she pulls it out (or rapidly, depending on how fast she chooses to draw it) until the completed blade is present. This brings the final reason why her Zanpakutō is odd: it doesn't look like a sword, per se, at all. The appearance of her Zanpakutō is a blade that is edged on multiple sides, and thus, doesn't look like it was made for cutting at all, and appears to be primarily, if not exclusively, a weapon to be used for stabbing attacks. The entirety of the blade, from base to tip, is a light silver, although it's almost never seen, as Nemain refuses to use her Zanpakutō as part of her combat stance unless releasing it, which is another thing that she refuses to do.

Another curious thing about her Zanpakutō is that the metal actually has the ability to receive a certain sensory command from Nemain. Nemain can whistle at a certain frequency and her Zanpakutō will respond, immediately drawing itself from her sheath and responding to whistling commands from then on. She can whistle at certain frequencies and different tunes to command her Zanpakutō to do different things. She can essentially use it as an assisting weapon by this method, keeping her hands free to do other things. She can return it to its sheath, use it to attack an opponent, use it to block an attack, among other things, simply by whistling. This method of sound-based telekinesis isn't something one would often see from an opponent, giving Nemain the element of surprise in most scenarios. The Zanpakutō, when commanded this way, is limited to being able to move only as fast as Nemain's reflexes would allow it, gauging the time it would take between her seeing what she needs to do and whistling the command to do it, so there is a gap that opponents could exploit, in this regard.

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• Racial Abilities:

Oceanic Spiritual Power:

When not controlling or holding back the amount of spiritual energy that she puts out, Nemain's natural reiatsu is on a level that some might consider insane. Her spiritual output is.. enormous, to say the very least. With the potential to level city blocks, uproot trees, and toss any loose objects miles away, it becomes exceedingly difficult to find an opponent to face Nemain who wouldn't be, at the very least, sweating a little from the pressure of her full reiatsu. Weak opponents wouldn't really be able to be near her at all, as her sheer power is enough to send some to their knees, and even cause some to pass out, or otherwise lose some sort of cognitive thought from simply being around her when her full power is being brought to bear. This is primarily, if not completely, because of her complete inability to control the output of her reiatsu, bringing the essence of her sheer power forth from her body into the very air. Because of this, Nemain has been requested, and complies (most of the time), to wear a special sigil on her body, located on her left hip, when she is anywhere near any base or location of Shadow Fall's, that seals away a total of 1/2 of her true strength and ability. When on missions, or perusing the human world, she tends to keep this sigil active, just for the fun of seeing people's egos inflate from seeing a seemingly weaker arrancar walking around. However, she is anything but, and can remove the sigil with a simple drop of her blood on top of it. Even by an Espada's standards, her Reiryoku is absolutely monstrous. Nemain fought on par with Xaver, the former Zero Division Leader, while the seal was still active, even though Xaver had already released his bankai.

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Incalculable Strength:

"There aren't many around who can describe what it feels like t' get hit by Nemain. Simple fact bein' there aren't many around who can survive to tell ya about it. There ain't no pain at first. It's like she hits ye so damn hard ye actually leave yer own body. It's when ye come back that ye feel the pain. An' ye realize yer goin' toe-to-toe with a walkin' earthquake."

--Xaver Chayton von Bréanainn

Nemain possesses a degree of physical strength so off-the-charts that it is, without a doubt, the most frightening aspect about her. Despite her thin frame and small stature, Nemain is a powerhouse of near unfathomable proportions. While some people can say that their abilities are evenly distributed between their strength, speed, spiritual power, etc. This does not apply to Nemain, as the full extent of her considerable power is all funneled in to pure, raw power. The greatest example of this is her strength, even while unreleased. Nemain's sheer brute strength is the reason why she rarely, if even at all, uses her Zanpakutō in combat. To her, it's completely unnecessary, useful only for use of Ressureccion, which she has only released twice to this day, even then.

Nemain's physical strength has allowed her to be one of the few beings that can break the proverbial Sekiseki barriers of the Soul Society. The thing is, though, that unlike some others, who require great technological advancements or huge uses of power to break through these walls, Nemain boasts being able to do it with her bare hands, and with minimal effort. Proof of this has yet to be shown, but anyone who has seen her strength firsthand would easily believe the truth behind this. Nemain defeated and killed Mizore Chikara without use of her ressereccion or even her Zanpakutō in general. She crushed the vizard's skull with one hand. On top of having bested her, Nemain destroyed The Bitter Fall, Mizore's castle, by simply punching at the base until the whole structure toppled. It may seem like an exaggeration, but she really is just that strong. Nemain has fought shinigami, vizards, demons, other arrancar.. and come out on top every time with only one exception... when she battled her Primera. The fight against Rose was one of only two times she had ever released her Zanpakutō, and also one of two times she had ever lost a fight. The other was against Xaver, which ultimately ended in a draw.

Nemain's strength is so predominant that she has fought against weapons of shikai level, bankai level, and above, without so much as drawing her Zanpakutō. She can block bladed attacks, catch weapons, and stop rapidly moving objects with minimal effort and little to no damage to her person. An example of how strong she really is would be such: The New Horizons, a NASA robotic spacecraft that was launched to study Pluto and its moons, had an Earth-relative velocity of about 16.26 km/s or 58,536 km/h (10.1 mps or 36,360 mph) after its last engine shut down. If the shuttle was launched horizontally, across the Earth's surface, Nemain could stand in its path, and stop it using both hands without being moved from her spot even a centimeter. Nemain could put holes in the earth, rip jets out of the air, level buildings, and crush anything from bones to steel with little, if any, effort. She is a being of pure and utter terrifying physical strength.

Nemain possesses the capacity for virtually limitless physical strength. In fact, upon actually measuring her raw potential, it has been stated outright that Nemain's strength is intrinsically limitless, "an infinity" with "no finite element inside". While in an enraged or excited state, adrenaline surges through Nemain's body, magnifying her extraordinary strength significantly above her standard limits. Nemain's immeasurable strength beyond her base strength is directly proportional to her level of rage, excitement, and stress.

Nemain is able to use her highly developed leg muscles to leap great distances. As Nemain becomes enraged or excited, her strength increases considerably, which means she can jump farther than usual. Nemain has transposed 1,000 miles with a single leap, and has jumped on top of Mount Everest, from ground level, in a single leap. On more than one occasion, Nemain has nearly jumped into Earth's orbit. Nemain also shows incredible precision with her ability to aim her jumps and landings. Along with this, Nemain can inhale great quantities of air for several effects. She can expel the air at great speeds to knock down forests, buildings, armed troops, etc.

Highly Perceptive Combatant:

Despite her seeming disregard for any strategy in her fights and her self-admitted aversion to thinking during battle, Nemain is a very insightful fighter, regularly showing more understanding than one would expect. She is adept at adjusting to her opponent's attack patterns and battle methods to better counter them. While she admits to having no sanity or common sense, Nemain is very perceptive, noticing traits in people others would not notice, and seeing what drives a person's actions. She possesses sharp intuition towards incoming danger, as shown by her ability to dodge and avoid Xaver's Gáe Bolg, as well as repeatedly dodge Mizore's repeated attempts to freeze her.

Inhuman/Godlike Durability:

Nemain's massive amount of physical strength also lends itself to a frightening amount of durability, even for someone of her stature and ability. It is extremely difficult to do any damage to her, physically. Even for opponents of considerable skill, one might find it extremely difficult to damage her with any object that is made for physical combat. While spiritual, mental, and elemental abilities are a different ballpark, those with physical abilities will find themselves unable to damage Nemain's body unless they are above 1-1 tier. Abilities with other types besides physical are less difficult to damage her with, but still not easy, as her pure physical prowess allows her to block or deflect a good amount of spiritual attacks without breaking a sweat, or her skin. Nemain has survived tremendous amount of punishment throughout her career. Nemain's skin is impervious to conventional blades, blades based in spiritual nature being among the few things that can actually pierce her skin (if they even get past her hierro). This invulnerability extends to the optic system, seeing as how ordinary bullets, blades, arrows, etc. don't seem to be able to damage her eyes, even upon a direct attack. Nemain is able to withstand high caliber spiritual bullets (including shots from The Olympus Assassin's spiritual assassination weaponry), powerful energy blasts, pressure extremes, falls from orbital heights, maximized heat without blistering or burning, maximized cold without freezing or slowing, and also powerful impacts. Nemain has withstood several times the impact of ground zero nuclear explosions.

This durability extends itself to a total immunity to disease, poison, and psychic control. Nemain is resistant to all known Earth-based diseases and viruses, as well as all forms of poison or toxin that enter her system. Her body will naturally fight and adapt against such toxins at a rate roughly one million times faster than human antibodies, making intoxicating or paralyzing her impossible as with the latter her body will simply fire off nerve endings rapidly as to balance out her body and negate the paralysis unless the opponent's technique is stronger than her will. This technique keeps her pressure points from being used against her as well, as those specific points on her body have added protection to keep from giving any sort of crippling effects where combat usage is concerned. This also lends itself to an immunity against getting drunk, allowing her to drink as much alcohol as she pleases. In many instances, Nemain has demonstrated great psychic resistance as a side-effect of her rage. In normal conditions it is virtually impossible to mentally enslave or affect Nemain. In parallel, this ability also increases with her rage.

Inhuman Stamina:

In order to maintain her physical durability, Nemain needs a lot of energy. Because of this, the amount of energy that her body has is staggeringly high, but not infinite. This stamina allows her to continue in battle, and in general during her day-to-day, for a lot longer than most beings, human or spiritual, before tiring. This has increased further over her years of training, allowing her to continue fighting for three times as long as most would before tiring. Nemain's body counteracts fatigue poisons that build up in her muscles during physical activity. Normally, Nemain is capable of exerting herself at peak physical capacity for several days before fatigue begins to affect her even slightly. However, much like her vast physical strength, Nemain's stamina does increase as she becomes angrier or more excited. In an enraged or excited state, Nemain's stamina has even been described as "almost unlimited".

High Pain Threshold:

Nemain, after conditioning and adapting her body over the years, has found herself with the mentality to be able to ignore high levels of pain. Although it still hurts and she still feels it, the actual pain itself is ignored by Nemain, and eventually recedes to a dull throb in the back of her mind, if even that. In general, the nerve endings that tell Nemain she's feeling pain are mixed with her pleasure sensors, it seems, as when Nemain feels that jolt, it only makes her want to fight harder and longer. Receiving this feeling, Nemain has said, is one of the ways that she knows she is alive, and she welcomes it and rejoices in it.

Purification Resistance:

During her fight with Cirno Iramasha, the Angel of Ice attempted to use a large amount of holy energy to "purify" the madness out of Nemain's being. Due to her immense willpower, Nemain was able to tap into the true depths of the madness within her to a point where it actually manifested in the material world as a small dome around her person where her madness flowed, rejecting and repelling Cirno's attempts to "cleanse" her.

This newfound ability allows Nemain to use the core of her Aspect of Death to reject attempts to purify or cleanse her of her wickedness, or other abilities of this nature that would try and reduce the effectiveness of her based on her aspect or antagonistic nature. Seals of ability that have nothing to do with the opponent's moral alignment can still effect Nemain if used by someone of appropriate strength, but ones that effect the enemy based solely on their status as a hero or villain, good or evil, will not be able to bind this Mad Arrancar.

Pinnacle Hierro (鋼皮(イエロ), iero; Spanish for "Iron", Japanese for "Steel Skin"):

Nemain boasts having one of, if not the, thickest hierro of any arrancar besides her Primera, Rose. She is not entirely wrong about this, as her hierro is a frightening thing to behold for opponents of a lower strength than her own. In fact, one might find that only those with a very high amount of spiritual energy would be able to even cut through her hierro, as her own raw power funneled into her hierro makes for an unprecedentedly tough shell to attempt to cut through. She has worked her hierro to the point where any further increase in its strength would be nearly, if not completely, impossible. She will openly tell anyone she fights that her defense is "perfected", and that her hierro is at its "pinnacle". And this is true, in her own context. She has reached the very peak of potential for herself where her hierro is concerned. Unless she were to receive some sort of augment or unless she were to be possessed by something that would increase her strength, there is no more room for her to grow in this area. An interesting uniqueness of her hierro is that it provides a kind of overall Off! Spray for her body. This repels any energy or ability that would mess with her mind or internal structure without her consent. This negates abilities that would alter her blood, her internal organs, or other such things, with the exception of physical attacks, or things that would make alterations naturally. (Extreme heat heating her up, extreme cold cooling her down, etc.)

Pinnacle Hand-to-Hand Combatant:

Nemain, being one who despises the use of her Zanpakutō, and one who gets the most pleasure in fighting and killing her opponents with her bare hands, has made a point to perfect herself in the art of hand-to-hand combat. She will use just her hands alone in virtually every fight, unless releasing her Zanpakutō is required, which is something she refuses to do unless absolutely necessary to avoid death, or if fighting an opponent with whom she feels she needs to show this power. As a master of hand-to-hand combat, Nemain knows a great variety of moves in multiples schools of the art. Everything from blocks, to flips, to disarms are in her knowledge base when it comes to her fighting prowess in this regard. Nemain is efficient enough in this art to take on and defeat multiple captain-level opponents without so much as touching her Zanpakutō. She can remove weapons from her opponents and attack afterward without her opponents realizing what happened a great majority of the time.

While Nemain is proficient in a large variety of different martial arts styles, her primary style is a mix of Shaolin Kung-Fu and Capoeira. This style combines elements of dance, acrobatics, and powerful moves from different schools and forms. It is known by quick and complex moves, using mainly power, speed, and leverage for a wide variety of kicks, spins, and highly mobile techniques. Her style used in genuine self-defense situations incorporates many sweeps and low moves, whereas when applied in direct-combat versus a serious opponent there is more emphasis on high moves, demonstrations of acrobatics, full cartwheels for evasion, and flips. The attacks in this style are typically done when opportunity arises and are very decisive, like a direct kick in the face or a vital body part, or a strong takedown. Most attacks are made with her legs while using this style, like direct or swirling kicks, leg sweeps, or knee strikes. The head strike is a very important counter-attack move. Elbow strikes, punches and other forms of takedowns complete the main list. The defense is based on the principle of non-resistance, meaning avoiding an attack using evasive moves instead of blocking it, despite how easily she could do so in most cases. Avoidance depends on the direction of the attack and intention of the defender, and can be done standing or with a hand leaning on the floor. When Nemain is serious, a block is only made when an avoidance is not possible. This fighting strategy allows quick and unpredictable counterattacks, the ability to focus on more than one adversary and more easily allows her to face empty-handed an armed adversary. A series of rolls and acrobatics (like the Cartwheels) allows the her to quickly overcome a takedown or a loss of balance, and to position herself around the aggressor in order to lay up for an attack. It is this combination of attacks, defense and mobility which gives Nemain's main style its perceived 'fluidity' and choreography-like style.

Hakuda Techniques:

  • Ikkotsu (一骨, '"Single Bone"'):
    A powerful, one-handed punch strong enough to send some strong opponents flying through buildings.

  • Sōkotsu (双骨, '"Double Bone"'):
    Stronger than Ikkotsu, it is a powerful two-fisted punch that, in one blow, can cause decimating and devastating damage to a weaker opponent.

  • Raiōken (雷王拳, "Thunder King Fist"):
    A Hakuda technique involving a serial of rapid punches strong enough to destroy a portion of Karakura Town.

  • Sandbag Beat (サンドバッグ・ビート, Sandobaggu Bīto):
    A technique where one delivers multiple strikes at an extremely fast pace causing aggravated damage to a target. The technique is powerful enough to not only shatter a Menos Grande's mask but utterly destroy its body.

  • Kazaguruma (風車, "Windmill"):
    A technique where one throws their body up into the air, making a shearing movement with the legs to get one leg in front of the other without holding on to the ground. The move can either be done backwards or sideways. When the move is done with one leg high over the head to deliver a devastating kick to an opponent sending them flying away with tremendous force.

  • Takigoi (滝鯉, "Waterfall Carp"):
    A hakuda technique where one blocks the kicks of another opponent by trapping the opponents one foot against the forearm and blocking the other foot with the combatants foot. The move blocks and traps the opponent who is then open to a an attack from the combatants free hand.

  • Tesshō (鉄掌, "Iron Palm"):
    An open palm strike that can effortlessly shatter a Hollows head to pieces with single strike.

On top of her own combat style and knowledge of basic hakuda techniques, Nemain has also developed a series of techniques, each of which specifically crafted by her for a different purpose during combat. These techniques are divided into five classifications, and the uses and combinations of them vary from battle to battle.

First Class: Kupu
..Is simple and direct, sudden and absolute. It is of simple and direct strategies and tactics, economic and quick action, final and complete solutions. There is no need for complex stepping, diverse techniques, involved tactics and absolutely no need for blocking. Kupu Class relies on Nemain's size, attitude, strength, power and singularity of purpose. Every technique is powerful and final. There are no feints, distraction or strategies. Kupu Class launches directly at the most vulnerable and direct points of the attacker.

Bestia del Sacador
A powerful and solid punch, using the Square Fist shape, to the center of the chest half way mark on the breast bone. This is also know as the re-vibrating technique or life thief. The most similar comparison to this technique in other styles is the Single Bone technique of the shinigami. This punch is intended to be delivered with the entirety of Nemain's strength behind it, and is powerful enough to cause major internal damage to any opponent who lacks the defense and preparation to defend against it or avoid it.

Pie de Tigre
This technique is a strong, but controlled kick that targets the Solar Plexus and is intended to steal the opponent's breath and leave them winded without doing permanent damage. This attack is more for control or suppression as opposed to lethality, and is used only when killing the opponent is not the direction Nemain wishes to take with her assault, or as an introductory move to a combination of moves.

Debil Una de Gato: Jiron
This attack is a very dangerous and painful Palm-Claw combination that is delivered in a round over the top or round-house punch style motion. First, Nemain hits the opponent with the full force of a palm-strike. Immediately afterward, she curls the fingers of the used hand to make a claw of sorts, before raking her fingernails across the skin to cause massive bleeding in opponents who are unprepared. This attack can be used with both hands for even more devastating results.

Debil Una de Gato: Huelga
Similar to the previous technique, this move is an almost straight and direct technique targeting the pectoral muscles. In a flat arc, Nemain will attack with either hand in a direct punch before opening said hand up just before impact, bunching up the muscles before she digs her fingers, nails and all, in to grab and rip at her opponent's torso. This attack is another aimed at massive bleeding damage if not avoided or blocked.

Debil Una de Gato: Agarrar
This attack is meant to be a debilitation more than a killing blow or direct attack. In this technique, Nemain grabs her opponent's wrist (before or after impact) and twists it in such a way as to cause her opponent to try and pull away or twist back to avoid the pain, exposing their throat more easily, which she can then attempt to attack from this stance.

Salvaje Trasero
This move is extremely similar to a traditional Roundhouse kick, but low and hard. Using this, Nemain typically will aim for the side of the knee, a little low, and seek to bounce or even break the knee. In some occasions, she will aim for the thigh for a cork. This attack is not life-threatening, but it is very distracting and even debilitating without any permanent damage or injury to her opponent.

Golpeando Lado
This technique is a very direct and simple move. Nemain, executing this move, will drive her shoulder into her opponent, before turning into the opponent, bringing her opposite side toward them with a powerful punch directly to the ribcage. This move is aimed specifically at breaking ribs, but weaker opponents might find themselves with a punctured lung.

Garra de la Bestia
This technique is a powerful and potentially lethal technique in this class. Nemain throws a punch for an opponent's upper chest, but before impact she will do two things at once: Bend her elbow, and flex open her hand into the aforementioned claw-formation. With this move, Nemain aims for a swift clawing open of the opponent's throat, causing massive bleeding, and possibly unconsciousness or death depending on the opponent. This attack can be blocked or avoided, but if not, the results could be disastrous.

Second Class: Manuk
..Is elegant, a thing of beauty and grace. From this style we have the concept of Dancing as a form of evasive martial arts. Like a gust of wind blowing through a horde of attackers, touching all but not being touched by any. Like water being punched, offering no resistance but after the initial impact back to how it was and where it was. Manuk Class is aloof, above fear and anger. It is of peace and tranquility and then of sudden motion and beauty.

Accrochage Bouche
Using the thumb and two fingers, Nemain delivers a series of quick, precise strikes to the opponent, meaning to bruise and cause discomfort, or hit tendons to cause limited or uncomfortable mobility. This technique is used moreso as an opener than anything else, as it is a quick way to gauge an opponent's combat prowess right off the bat based on their and their body's reaction to this move.

Another claw-type move only this time far more compact. Nemain will use her fingernails in the same two-finger-and-thumb formation as the last attack, aiming to scratch and irritate opponents as well as aiming to cause initial breaks in defensive kidou or hierro to open up for stronger attacks to follow afterward. This attack can cause minor bleeding or discomfort, but rarely any real damage.

Coup Reorientes
This technique is a redirect, not an assault, aimed more for defense purposes as opposed to attacks. Nemain, with this move, aims to redirect or indirect an attackers punching or stabbing technique. Nemain will hook her arm lightly into just behind the fist at the wrist and will direct the opponent's motion with the aim of overbalancing the attacker through their own attack. Whether or not this works, Nemain will then unhook her arm and move on from this move. It is a quick and simple way to avoid damage, and takes virtually no effort, as the opponent is doing all of the work.

Pied Cache
This move is one of the more offensive moves of this class. Using a leaping motion, Nemain will bend a leg and snap the foot outward toward the opponent in a sharp and swift kick. This attack is usually aimed for the opponent's groin, or the side of their knee, but can also be used for an ear, temple or even an opponent's stomach or ribs.

Griffe Greve
This attack is one leaning more toward precision as opposed to power. Nemain will strike out quickly with her index and middle fingers, putting enough power behind them to do damage, but not enough power to slow the technique down with too much preparation. This technique is aimed at vital spots such as an eye, nostril, ear or even an extend arm.

Fer Vol
Using the side of her hand, Nemain will aim to strike at an opponent passing by her or as she passes by them, aiming a swift chop-like motion directly at the throat, or the joints of the arms or knees, aiming for stunning and/or crippling damage depending on where the blow ultimately lands.

Third Class: Ula
..Has two aspects, the Sudden Strikes and the Holding Locks. These two halves of Ula Class seem to contradict, whereby the one requires quick striking hands and feet for precise striking and the other strong arms and body for locking and debilitating. The commonality on which both halves are built, though, is the knowledge of how and where to strike and how and where to grab, lock, and apply pressure. The skill of knowing the body, Nemain's own and the attackers, is the true power of this class, allowing her to know what is best to use and where, and for how long.

Pulso is a very effective, quick, and interesting technique performed supported by an almost flat hand using the center, long finger for delivery to various pressure points on an opponents body. This attack has its basis mainly in speed, as opposed to strength, and aims for vital areas with efficiency.

This move is a grabbing motion, as Nemain will wrap her arm around an opponents to lock and trap an arm at the elbow joint, allowing for follow-up moves to a now exposed torso, neck, and face area should this grab follow through as it is intended to.

A full, circular kick delivered to anywhere on the torso or head of the opponent. This attack has enough weight behind it to knock an opponent off their feet quite easily if they aren't grounded, or held to the ground by an outside force.

Nemain, using this strike, will attempt to duck under an opponent's guard and into extremely close quarters, delivering swift elbow-strikes to both lungs and the stomach if timed correctly. This is aimed to cause internal bleeding and, if completed, can cause significant inward damage to any opponent who suffers it.

A more deadly elbow strike than Sanies. This technique delivers only one blow, but it is aimed directly at an opponent's throat. Unlike other techniques aimed for the throat, this one specifically does not aim to pierce so much as it aims to crush. This attack is meant to virtually demolish the throat, or crush the juggular, leading to either serious damage or an untimely death depending on the force Nemain puts behind it and the strength of her opponent.

An underhanded and often looked-down-upon move, this is a direct jab with the nails of the index and ring finger directly for the juggular vein from behind the opponent, aiming to cause massive bleeding if not more serious conditions. This move is executed from behind, and never from in front of the opponent, as it is meant to signify a betrayal or assassination with its execution. It is by no means an honorable move, but it is an effective and possibly lethal one.

Fourth Class: Mriem
..Is a style of Earth and Fire; powerful explosive techniques based on a solid and deep earth connection. Superior and solid stances, almost impenetrable blocking and jamming Techniques, an iron body, and the force of a lightning strike are required for proper use of this class. When using abilities from this class, Nemain usually intend for knockouts, or ways to quickly end whatever fight she is currently participating in.

This is a forward punch made from a very firm and locked stance, aimed at the opponent's stomach or lower torso. The intent of this punch is to put enough force into the attack to knock the opponent back, at the very least, along with possibly causing vomiting or ruptured internal organs.

This technique is a combo, usually used after creating an opening, or on a weakened opponent. With speed and precision, Nemain will drive three punches to her enemy in the following order. The "game" punch, delivered to the solar plexus, the "set" punch, delivered just a step higher, to the center of the ribcage, and the "match" punch, delivered directly to the opponent's nose in an up-and-forward motion, aiming to break the nose and even cause brain damage, on top of the possibility of being winded or having internal bleeding or broken ribs from the other two punches.

This attack has two stages: the distraction and the follow up. To start, Nemain will use a basic leg sweep as a diversion, making it obvious enough to be dodged, but not obvious enough to be seen instantly as a distraction. Using the momentum from this sweep, Nemain will spin on the ball of the opposite foot, bringing her arm up into a devastating right hook aimed directly at the underside of the opponent's jaw. If the punch connects, Nemain will follow-through by twisting her body into the punch, causing even more damage to the jaw and skull as she spins, eventually coming out of the punch and landing facing her opponent.

This attack starts with Nemain thrusting at her opponent with either arm in a knife-hand method, fingers first, directly to a vital organ or pressure point. Once her fingers make contact, Nemain will then close her fist and shove it forward into the spot with a violent burst of strength and energy. This attack is strong enough, if connected, to completely rupture and shred internal organs up to and including the brain if the opponent does not defend against or block this attack.

From a crouching position, Nemain will use her sonido to rapidly close the distance between her and her opponent, throwing a feint punch for her opponent's stomach before shoving herself hard directly upward off the ground with one foot, bringing the opposite leg's knee up hard directly for the opponent's groin, or jaw, depending on the method in which they blocked and/or dodged. This move can cause large amounts of pain if either area is hit, and can lead to a swift disabling or knockout in most cases of its use.

This is a counter that is used as sort of a fake, but also a very direct strike. When a punch, jab, or other direct attack is thrown toward Nemain, she will begin by blocking with the same arm that the opponent used to attack, throwing it inward to knock the attack away from her. Immediately after doing this, she will bring her elbow inward hard and fast, aiming directly for the ribcage, aiming to crack and break the bone beneath, and possibly even collapse a lung if enough force is delivered.

Using all of her strength, Nemain will attempt to get a grip on her opponent's shoulder. If she manages this, she will attempt to pull them down, hard. If they cannot resist her strength, and are pulled, her opposite fist will come up violently in three direct hits to the face, aiming for either an instant knockout or a very violent kill depending on the opponent. The setup for this technique makes it impractical for common use, but it is extremely dangerous, and should not be taken lightly.

Final Class: Jotosan
..Is a class for finishing off an opponent at the end of a fight, or very swiftly winning a fight right out of the gate. Jotosan is Nemain's most powerful class of attacks, and contains techniques that she only uses against those enemies that have truly earned her attention or ire.

A punch also commonly referred to as "the stone fist". Nemain will throw all of her weight toward an opponent, throwing either fist out in a punch so strong that it will cause the ground beneath her and her opponent to crack and break, creating a huge chasm around them. This attack has the potential to break almost any hierro of a level below her own, and can shatter spiritual barriers with relative ease. It is not often used, as she sheer weight put into it leaves Nemain wide open should she miss or should the opponent actually defend against it.

A truly terrifying blow to those not prepared to dodge or defend against it. The Kilat is an uppercut delivered with Nemain's full strength, pushed against the earth for support as all of her power is directed upward into an inverted-fist, aimed typically for an opponent's stomach or lower jaw. This attack is strong enough to launch a semi-truck or even other characters into low orbit if it/they were tossed into the path of this blow.

The rembulan starts first and foremost as a counter. If an opponent throws a high punch, or strikes toward her head, Nemain will perform a series of actions. The first is blocking the blow with her upper arm. At the exact same time as this, the other arm will move inward, punching at the opponent's jaw. Immediately afterward, the arm that blocked will swing in a hard punch from the other direction, also to the jaw, strong enough to easily dislocate or shatter it. Finally, Nemain will pull her arms back and swiftly push both palms forward directly for her opponent's chest. This finale is strong enough to launch an opponent distances of miles if the combo is finished. The exact maximum distance is yet unknown, but when this technique was used against Xaver, it launched him ten miles. This attack will easily shatter ribs, rupture organs, and cause major internal bleeding, but the combination is hard to complete if she's facing opponents who have even the slightest bit of common sense, making the use of it rare, and usually a one-off.

Another counter-based move; Lahar is approached differently than its predecessor, but the initial approach is the same, requiring a strike or high-punch. Nemain will, this time, dodge in such a way that she is on the outside of her opponent's arm. If effective, she will bring a fist in hard for a low-punch to the side, before immediately bringing the opposite fist in hard from above for a crushing blow directly to the side of the skull. This attack, if executed fully, has the potential to drive her opponent directly into the ground, carrying enough force behind it to put a significant crater in whatever surface is beneath her just from knocking her opponent directly into it. This attack can easily crush her opponent's skull or cause massive brain damage, but like the last attack, it's hard to set up, and is rarely executed.

This attack is more of a grab and/or catch than anything else. Nemain will get in close to her opponent and rapidly thrust her palm forward. If not dodged or blocked, said palm will make direct contact with her opponent's forehead. Now, this strike alone can do enough damage to completely rupture an opponent's skull, but that isn't enough for Nemain. After this strike connects, Nemain will then, if able and if it connects, grab on to her opponent's forehead by curling her fingers in hard and fast, gripping hard before leaning all of her weight and power forward to drive her opponent directly into the ground with roughly the force of a head-on bullet train collision. This attack aims to create massive bodily trauma and more than a few broken bones.

This attack is actually a series of attacks so quick that to an outsider, it would look like only four punches, when in reality it is a combined total of seventy-two. While each individual punch is weaker than her normal blows, the sheer speed and number of these punches can leave an opponent easily dazed, confused, and injured. Once Nemain gets within her opponent's guard, she will unleash the strikes in the following order: The first set of eighteen strikes will be a series of quick jabs to the ribs and stomach, the second set of eighteen strikes will be another quick set of jabs to the upper arms and upper chest, the third set of eighteen strikes is delivered back down to the stomach, but including the groin, the next seventeen strikes will be delivered to the upper chest, jaw, and throat, before the final strike is thrown as a powerful right hook directly for the side of the skull. From an outsider's perspective (unless they have the ability to detect things moving at this level of speed), this will seem as if she threw a punch to the ribs, stomach, right arm, and then the right hook. It is easy to dodge or block, but the sheer number of punches makes it difficult to avoid all of them, as Nemain is more than capable of keeping herself up with an opponent to continue her assault of they attempt to simply run.

This move starts off as what seems like a quick evasion or set-up for a sweep or kick, but the reality hides a much more dangerous secret. Leaning her weight toward an opponent, Nemain will switch her stance suddenly and move into an instant crouching-stance, as if to sweep toward her opponent, but as her leg comes around, it won't go for the sweep as her opponent might predict, but instead come inside of her opponent's guard and end up on the opposite side of Nemain from where it was as her stance will have switched again. After this, Nemain will push against the ground beneath her, hard, driving both fists directly up into her opponent's torso with enough force to completely shatter and break apart some opponents from the inside out, causing their whole body to simultaneously break down if they are a weak opponent, and causing insane amounts of internal trauma and bone/organ damage to any other opponent not at her level or higher. This attack might seem random at first, but if an opponent can predict the final blow and dodge it or defend against it, they might be able to avoid the massive amounts of damage that this attack is intended to cause.

Enhanced Agility and Reflexes:

Because of her training in martial arts, as well as her fluid and dance-like style, Nemain has an extremely high level of agility, allowing her to move and bend on solid ground or mid-air as one would expect a liquid to. She has full control over her body's movement, able to recover from knockbacks, land perfectly on her feet no matter the occasion, and move at seemingly impossible angles with relative ease. Along with her agility come impressively honed reflexes. Nemain's reflexes are sharper than most would expect with her brutal, up-front style, as she is able to dodge, if she desires, a large number of attacks and techniques from bala to gunshots to Zanpakutō attacks. While this skill may get rusty over time, as she tends to prefer blocking or taking attacks as opposed to dodging them, her inherent instinct will always take over in the end to prevent her body from getting too damaged in any occasion.

Adept Swordsman:

While Nemain rarely, if ever, uses her Zanpakutō, she is still rather proficient with it. She has no knowledge of any sword arts or techniques, but will instead use her blade as an extension of her Hakuda, so to speak, incorporating it into her forms and techniques to allow for added lethality on top of her already dangerous strength in this regard. However, it is still extremely rare to see her use any kind of bladed weapon, as such things are unnecessary to her entirely in her opinion.

Adept Sonído User/High Level of Speed:

Nemain's sonido is one of the areas in which she lacks moreso than those who specialize in such things. She can be outstepped by those who have masteries in this area quite easily, and can find herself being outrun, if anything. Despite her lacking in a large amount of sonido proficiency, Nemain is still frighteningly fast. This comes not from any technique or steps, but simply from sheer physical strength. Her legs are strong enough to propel her across the ground with tremendous speed, easily keeping up with Xaver, even in his Bankai state, simply by channeling her strength into pushes off the ground of an extreme magnitude and force.

This technique is widely regarded as a faster, but weaker, variation of a Cero. While that is true, in Nemain's case, she actually uses her Bala more often than she uses her cero. Her bala are generated from her hands, either from her palms or from her knuckles once her hands have been balled into fists. In this way, Nemain will freely add bala into her techniques and moves, increasing their destructive power significantly. Her Bala are a bright blue, much like her hair.


Using this hollow technique, Nemain fires a powerful blast of concentrated spiritual energy at her target. Nemain can fire Cero from her fingers with excessively destructive power. Her Cero can be charged and fired relatively fast, and are a blue as vibrant as her hair instead of red, which is the most common color of a Cero. The force of the blast can send an opponent hurtling long distances, effectively destroying any obstacle in its path at great range. Nemain can fire these from either hand, or any of her fingers. Her Cero is unique in that, if fired using her palms, they'll be more powerful, bigger, and will seem more like a Cero as opposed to anything else. On the flip side, if fired from her fingers, her Cero will be thinner, more beam-like attacks. They will be faster, but slightly weaker, and have a piercing quality to them as opposed to an explosive quality.

One thing that she has up her sleeve tha one might not think is related to her cero technique is the large bullets that adorn her chest piece and belt. Each of these sixteen bullets carries within it the energy of a high-powered cero, not quite at Gran Rey level, but almost to that point. By taking off one of these bullets, Nemain can toss it into the air and punch it at an opponent. Because of her sheer strength, these are launched faster and harder at an opponent, or the area they're standing. Once the bullet collides, it explodes upward and outward with all of the contained force before the energy will slowly dissipate. She can replenish her supply, but only once she's already left a thread.

Gran Rey Cero:

By mixing her own blood with her Cero, Nemain can fire a Cero with much greater attack power and speed, in addition to having a change of color unique to her (turning a deep orange with a red outline along the edges). It is many times more powerful than a normal Cero, disturbing the fabric of space as it travels. Upon release, it spins like a razor as it compresses and decompresses due to the sheer speed and raw power.

Contact Pesquisa:

Nemain has the ability to use Pesquisa. Normally, this arrancar technique sends out a radiating pulse which reacts to sources of Reiatsu within a certain proximity, allowing the user to determine the location of any sensed individuals and gauge how powerful they actually are. However, Nemain's is based solely on contact, and is unique among Pesquisa. Upon fighting an opponent, the more times they trade blows or techniques, the more accurate of a gauge of their reiatsu level and power she can ordain. Against an opponent of her level or higher, this would take Nemain roughly six posts to gauge with spot-on accuracy. Weaker opponents though will take anywhere from one to five posts depending on their strength.

Immense Willpower:

Nemain's broken mentality and excitement toward battle give her an almost feral and animalistic approach to battle, and to facing opponents, even those far stronger than herself. In her opinion, no matter what happens to her, she should keep fighting until every cell of her body has died, or until she is unable to keep functioning physically, simple debilitating her will not be enough, as so long as she can move even slightly, she will keep fighting until the bitter end. This state of her mind makes her impossible to stop. Plain and simple. Break her arm, slice something off, snap her fingers one by one. No matter what you do to her, her willpower and the pure animalistic rage in her every attack keep her fighting, despite the pain, which she'll ignore, or just not feel at all, sometimes even using broken limbs for combat.

Descorrer (解空 (デスコレール), Desukorēru; Spanish for "Drawing Back/Opening", Japanese for "Loosed Void"):

Garganta is how Arrancar move to and from Hueco Mundo. Nemain has the ability to use the technique. It literally tears open the dimensional fabric separating the worlds, revealing a tunnel of whirling, torrential energy that must be focused and solidified to create a discernible pathway.

• Unique Abilities:

Elemental Adaptation:

An ability Nemain has that is unique to her actually stems from her Hierro. Her defense, having reached its pinnacle, adapts a kind of overall-adaptive function when it comes to blocking opponents attacks. Now, this adaptation does not apply to physical attacks, spiritual attacks, or any attacks based solely in energy, but primarily and exclusively elemental attacks.

If an opponent attacks Nemain with an elemental attack, and she takes the damage from it, her Hierro will adapt to this attack, and make it twice as hard for that element to break or damage her Hierro for the remainder of that fight. This applies only to the four primary elements: Water, Fire, Earth, and Air, as well as variants therein (Magma, Ice, etc). However, this is not an all-powerful defense, as, having been stated previously, only attacks of this elemental nature may be adapted to. Even then, only one element may hold the adapted slot at a time. If an opponent controlled fire and water, and attacked Nemain with fire, her Hierro would adapt. However, if, afterward, they attacked her with water, they would find themselves able to attack her as if her hierro was simply there, and didnt have this adaptive quality. Once her hierro has had the one element of adaptation filled, that element will be the only one she will be able to adapt to for the remainder of the thread. Any attacks from any other elements will cause behavior as normal for her hierro, and will not have that added defense against them.

False Form:

Another interesting thing Nemain has the ability to do is to hide her body within a "shell" of sorts, almost like a shinigami's gigai, except a tad more animalistic, almost like an adjuchas form. This form of hers can be seen by powerless humans, and freely interact with them. It also hides as a secondary sealer, completely concealing her spiritual pressure and essentially allowing her a hiding place in case she doesn't want to be found. This is something she rarely uses, but it is useful for if she's trying to be discreet in any way.

Nemain Calliope, Segunda Espada [Approved 0-3++] Q600594785-Copy_zpse9305839
Nemain Calliope, Segunda Espada [Approved 0-3++] Q600737696-Copy_zps1a5e68b5
Nemain Calliope, Segunda Espada [Approved 0-3++] Q600755819-Copy_zps121a3c53
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Nemain Calliope, Segunda Espada [Approved 0-3++] Qfull597292-Copy_zps7f3ea241


Graphics by: Forsaken Crow
Coding by: [THEFROST]

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• Resurrección Name:

Ono Uragirimono (lit. "The King's Traitor", loose: "Betrayer of the Lord")

• Resurrección Release Phrase:

Thrice Repudiate, Ono Uragirimono!

• Release Actions:

To release her Zanpakutō, Nemain is required to have actually unsheathed her Zanpakutō. Nemain will flip her Zanpakutō so that she's holding it in a backhanded style before punching forward, sending out a huge torrent of spiritual energy forward. She will then open her hand, the blade staying mid-air before she speaks the release command with a hand on either side of the blade, clapping her hands together hard as the blade disappears between her hands as a huge column of spiritual pressure covers her entirely and stretches as far up as the eye can see. When it fades, it's revealed that the blade has stretched over her hands into a pair of armored gloves. Her hair has shortened, her outfit has changed, and an orb of red spiritual energy will have appeared between her shoulder-blades, flowing and swirling mid-air behind her.

• Resurrección Appearance:

Nemain Calliope, Segunda Espada [Approved 0-3++] Uryuu.Minene.600.1232237_zpsfqos2bcl
Nemain Calliope, Segunda Espada [Approved 0-3++] Uryuu.Minene.full.1657262_zpsqou0nekv
Nemain Calliope, Segunda Espada [Approved 0-3++] Uryuu.Minene.full.1657269_zps5eq2huvl
Nemain Calliope, Segunda Espada [Approved 0-3++] Uryuu.Minene.full.1657270_zpseucems4z

Nemain Calliope, Segunda Espada [Approved 0-3++] 24745_zps0ef7052a

• Resurrección Abilities:

Cero Oscuras (黒虚閃 (セロ・オスキュラス), sero osukyurasu; Spanish for "Dark Zero", Japanese for "Black Hollow Flash"): a variation of the Cero technique that is far more powerful than an average Cero, with a vast range and massive attack power. This Cero is known to only be available to Espada in their released forms, and is a highly dangerous attack. Nemain's Cero Oscuras is fired from just in front of her neck.

Primum, The Law:
Unlike most Resurrección-type releases, Nemain's release doesn't seem to augment her physical statistics at all. Whether that be because of the sheer power already contained in her unreleased form, or simply because of the nature of her Zanpakutō is unknown. However, the one thing that does drastically increase is her reiatsu output. In Resurrección, Nemain's spiritual output is utterly insane, and easily able to make captain-level opponents or lesser at least nervous, if not more dizzying effects, depending on their level. Beyond this, the armored gloves that her Zanpakutō morphs into in this form adds a force behind each of her hand-to-hand strikes roughly equivalent to a very high-level gran rey cero in an outward explosion from her fists whenever they connect. This is on top of her normal strength level, and thus, extremely potent in combat.

Beyond this, Nemain's release has only one real ability, per se, albeit it is a rather complicated ability on its own. Nemain's Zanpakutō gives her a level of control over gravity itself. However, this level of control is not over all things, over earth's gravity, over her opponent's, or anything like that. Nemain's gravity control envelops only her own person. However, this is a complete control of her own gravity. This isn't a simple control, like a simple on/off switch on her personal field of gravity, but instead more of a universal remote, able to change not only whether or not it's on, but also the force applied to herself, and in what direction it's applied in.

For example, if Nemain had leaped into the air, she could strengthen her natural downward gravitational pull a hundred times over, hitting the ground infinitely harder than anyone would expect of her and creating a large crater as the force of her already significant strength is amplified with pure physics on her side in this endeavor. She can redirect her gravitational pull, flipping it upward and carrying her thusly skyward as naturally as one would fall, except with all of her grace and poise maintained in this state.

With this, not only can she change the direction, but also the force IN that direction. In this way, she could aim her gravitational pull directly at an opponent, increasing the acceleration due to gravity on her own body to rapidly speed her toward an opponent, also exponentially increasing the output of her own force toward her opponent or whatever she ends up colliding with. While she uses any of these abilities, the red orb of energy floating behind her will expand outward into a pair of spiritual wings, colored into a black mixed with a bloody red. These move and give off the appearance of being the things that are propelling her through the air, but this is little more than an illusion, as this ability of hers is the actual propulsion technique, and the wings are, more than anything, just for show.

The maximum acceleration she can gain while using this ability is 16,260 m/s². Calculating her mass of 44.4521 kg times this acceleration equals a total force of 722,791.146 N that she can add onto her normal force to apply directly to an opponent or object upon impact. This ability can be instantaneously used, meaning there is no delay between switches on her gravitational pull. This means that she could nigh instantaneously either stop her gravity entirely and hover in mid-air or switch directions entirely. The reason for this is that Nemain's body will actually have a sort of time-delay on her skin in this form.

If she suddenly stops or changes direction, her body will immediately stop itself or change direction. The force of this action is applied slowly, over time, with a delay of about a second between when it should happen and when it actually happens to her body. This allows her to survive certain physics-defying moves like an instant reversal of motion, but also serves as a bit of a drawback as she will also have a delay of one second on her feeling of any type of pain. Yes, her natural pain resistance and durability are high, but if one were to put her in danger or cause her pain, she would be late in sensing it, allowing for a possible advantage there for her opponents.

Condico, The Alternative:
Nemain's control can be extended if, and only if, she is standing on the ground, and not using this ability on herself. The second she uses her first ability on her own personage, she forfeits this extended control that the second ability gifts her. However, if she forfeits her personal control, she gains the extended. The extended control cannot be used on living things, but can be used on anything from attacks launched at her (so long as they don't have an ability to prevent this, like Xaver's Gáe Bolg) to rubble or buildings or other environmental and man-made things in the area. Essentially, she just transfers her control from herself to the world around her, applying the same rules and forces of gravity and the like to objects in her area. This works for objects a maximum of a hundred yards away from her in any direction, with a maximum capacity of ten objects held within this grasp at one time. This is not an all or nothing ability though, as she does not have to be holding ten, and can have any number in between that and zero of objects underneath this control so long as the rules of no organics and such are obeyed.


Segunda Etapa

"And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy. And it was given unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them: and power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations. And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him, whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world."
--Revelation 13:1

• Segunda Etapa Name:

Ono Uragirimono Ni Taisuru Tenno Ikari (lit. "Heavenly Anger Against The King's Traitor", loose: "Divine Wrath Upon The Lord's Traitor")

• Segunda Etapa Release Actions:

From Resurrección, Nemain will reached a gloved hand up to her throat, making a claw with her hand and leaving it about an inch off of her jugular. With an utterance of "..Punish..", Nemain's spiritual energy will flare up all around her, seeming to warp the very air around her as a dense fog forms over the area. After a moment of this, she will pull her hand away from her throat quickly, a massive explosion rocking the entire battlefield up to 100 yards in radius from her in all directions. In the haze and debris formed from this explosion, Nemain will morph into her Segunda form, her gloves gone, replaced by a purple, flowing, fire-like energy stretching from about three inches around her hands on all sides up to just above her elbows. She will stand up straight, flapping the wings she gains in this form hard as all of the smoke and debris in the area are jettisoned, hard, away from her being and into the surrounding area with enough force to uproot trees in the nearby vicinity, if any, revealing Nemain's Segunda form to her opponent.

• Segunda Etapa Appearance:

Nemain Calliope, Segunda Espada [Approved 0-3++] Morgana_0_zps2a63fe34

• Segunda Etapa Abilities:

Peractio, The Conclusion:
Nemain's Segunda might not look like anything to be frightened of when she first steps out of the smoke and into the light. One wouldn't feel her reiatsu, sense any overwhelming sense of strength or emotion from her, or even detect a hint of her previous excitable nature. However, it is when she takes that first step forward that one would see why they should be afraid. The ground beneath her foot as she takes that step would immediately crack before shattering, creating a massive crater that would look as if there had been an asteroid collision. It would be as if someone had thrown all of their energy into an attack downward into that area.

This is what people would see, and the true terror behind this form. Instead of her abilities being projected outward into something like a weapon, or an outward ability, her "gravity" control is extended at the level of the very ideal of it. Her control over gravity is swapped in this regard, changing to a level control over the idea of "compression". In this way, she can not only maintain the ability from her Resurrección, changing the way that gravity either compresses or decompresses on her being, but she also will naturally compress every single aspect of her sheer, raw power down into the very core of her being.

This takes her galactic spiritual output at this stage, her sheer raw power, her pinnacle hierro, as well as the very energy of her segunda itself, and compresses them down into her being to essentially make her a walking apocalypse. Every step she takes will leave a crater, every punch or kick she throws will hit with the force of several planetary collisions, and have the same outward-explosion force, except multiplied to around oscuras-level strength. She sacrifices every aspect about her personage in this form for a strength an unprecedented level.

Her strength is so magnified in this state that she will be feasibly able to block or deflect even some of the strongest attacks known. She refers to this form as a divine punishment, as this form is only used toward those who have truly earned either her ire or her absolute dedication toward their death. Because of the absolute strength and power contained in this form, there are some serious drawbacks to its use.

The first is that it can only be used safely for a total of ten of her posts. Any longer than that, and Nemain's body will literally start breaking down over the course of five posts, each limb becoming useless in turn, one post each followed by the conclusion. At the end of that fifth post, she will break down completely, and return immediately to a sealed state without any warning whatsoever, all energy ripped from her, and the battle well and truly over.

The second, and more active, drawback is that, because of all her energy focusing into her attack strength, she becomes kind of a glass cannon, in the traditional sense. Her arms and legs have the reinforcement of her sheer strength behind them, allowing her to still block and take hits with those parts of her. However, her torso and head have, essentially, all defenses on them abandoned. She can take significantly less damage on either, and will be vulnerable to attacks if someone can actually manage to get inside her defenses and land a hit in one of these place.

Nobrauktuve, The Exit:
This is a technique that is used for one and only one circumstance: If Nemain has reached the Segunda state, and feels as if the battle has reached a stale point and is left with only one option. To end the battle, one way or another.

If this is the feeling she receives from the battle, Nemain will stop attacking, and take a stance away from her opponent. Upon doing so, all she has to do is to utter the name of this technique, and it will begin. First, her wings will dissolve slowly into a white energy that will flow into the energy already surrounding her arms, turning it a bright white and expanding it slightly. Next, a glow will surround her as all of her energy is drawn from her. All of her hierro, reiatsu, et cetera will flow from her body and into the aforementioned energy. Finally, said energy will flow upward into her right hand, disappearing from her arms as it forms a long sword, far more western than a katana, but smaller than a broadsword.

Said blade is the compressed manifestation of all of Nemain's strength and energy, leaving her completely vulnerable to any attacks while using this technique. However, with a single swing of this blade, the entirety of all of her strength will be released into whatever she hits. Whether or not she hits anything, the complete mass of all of the energy the blade is made up of will cascade outward in a blast four times as fast as a bala, and large enough to overwhelm most cities.

This blast, if not the strike itself, is meant to end the fight either by wiping out the opponent with this blast, as it is strong enough to knock down or blow through most defenses unless the opponent either dodges this attack or has a technique made for this kind of ability, or by simply hitting nothing, as Nemain will be completely robbed of strength and forced back into a sealed state as soon as the blast dissipates.

Nemain Calliope, Segunda Espada [Approved 0-3++] SP_Sword_MDL302_zps1263c5d5


Background Information

• History:

((Warning, shitty and abridged history ahead just for the sake of finishing this app. I'll touch up on it later once i've established this character.))

Nemain was born to a well off family and lived in the lap of luxury as a child. She was raised as any rich girl would be expected to be raised. She was spoiled rotten, given everything her heart desired. She had no worries until that dreaded time of life that all humans go through. Puberty. Once her hormones took hold Nemain was a very troublesome youth. She lived for gossiping and her reputation was either perfect or she would be ready to fight over it. School was her favorite place to be, amongst her many admirers. She was a student of high marks and as such even her teachers looked upon her with smiles.

This was the beginning of a golden era of her life, one that would continue even as she found herself in college. Many of her friends were poorer folk and the girl was giving enough to help them out as long as they didn't cross her. Luckily for them, none did. This gave her a firm start popularity wise in college and those that didn't like her were treated as vermin for they couldn't appreciate her outstanding qualities. For the most part, they assumed that they were jealous.

Well, jealousy has a way of making itself known and this came from a particular group of girls that she had always shunned off and talked lowly of. The girls would aggrivate her at every turn, knowing that her temper would get the better of her. This got her into trouble and eventually she was forced to have conferences with the college councilers so as to avoid more severe punishments. She was getting into fights and disputes too often so they tried to help her work through her issues.

This turn of events only brought the young adult to begin bottling her aggressive tendencies and eventually this led to fewer but far larger disputes. Despite this however, she was able to continue her college career to fruition. She attained a degree in Interior design with a minor in cosmetics. From here, the woman went on to start her own business and she was quite successful for several years. Time moved on and the worst happened, old faces began to crop up.

Many of the girls she had been at odds with went on to get jobs as lawyers and politicians. This was one reason she never really liked them much, they were too logical and prudent for her taste. Well, this came back to bite her in the rear when these women learned of her position in life. They would hire her with outrageous demands which she worked herself to death to achieve and then they would spread rumors about how unsatisfactory the work was. Again, Nemain's temper got her into trouble.

The woman confronted one of her enemies about this in the street and ended up grabbing the woman by the hair and slamming her face into a wall repeatedly. The other woman then took it upon herself to press charges and the interior designer ended up serving a small sentence in jail. Well, this wouldn't have been so bad but jail is not the place to be so careless with one's temper. She would get into fights over and over again and eventually one group of women had had enough. While in the shower they busted her skull into a faucet and continued to kick her until she was a bloody mess. The guards were late to react and she died three days later in the prison hospital.

Her after-life continued to be a rather dreary experience. A woman who had always been the center of attention now had no one to talk to and nothing to do. Depression struck and she wandered for a long time before the chain on her chest finally collapsed. In a horrid display of agony the spirit made the change into a hollow. Her mind taking a swift vacation provided by her now over-whelming instincts. She would eat anything and everything she could, needing more and more after every meal.

Years passed and she evolved gradually, her mind never stirring until she reached that fabled stage of partial awakening. The adjucha evolution. Now a rather ravenous creature, Nemain resembled a human again but now with a twisted look about her. Her hair had grown long and her eyes were filled with perpetual malice. She hunted now, with some mind about her, even more ruthlessly than she had before. It didn't matter if they were strong or weak, healthy or injured, she made them her sustenance.

Another grouping of years passed, food came and went, and she devoured more and more until she had finally reached the Vasto Lorde class, her mind stabilizing more and more. Eventually she got into a bloody battle and left it injured but fed. This was when she had had enough. She had seen other hollows die by having their masks shattered and she tried to end herself by ripping hers apart. The pain was excruciating but she dug and dug at the mask until finally the point had been reached. Her reiatsu engulfed her and she blacked out, only to awake in a different form. She had gained the form of an arrancar.

At first, this was surprising and then she learned to enjoy the greater control and lesser hunger. She once again found herself able to enjoy something beyond eating and her personality got slightly brighter, if not all the more insane, because of it.

She got stronger and stronger over the course of the next few years, taking on anyone and anything that caught her fancy until she came across Rose, the primera espada of Shadow Fall. A challenge quickly turned into a swift defeat at the hands of the Primera, and Nemain had found the one person she truly respected in this or any world, as she had actually had to release her abilities to even stand a chance at living through that fight. Nemain was recruited then into the shadow espada, and her life became infinitely more.. entertaining.

Over the next while, she came up against many difficult opponents. One of her favorites was the battle against Xaver Chayton, the former Captain Commander, which ended in a draw, as Nemain had to release her Zanpakutō against this particular opponent.

Nemain, however, wasn't satisfied, and sought out more of those who would provide her with a challenge to combat.

Eventually, she found the Icy Vizard Queen, Mizore Chikara. However, the vizard was no match for Nemain's raw strength, as Nemain's training had allowed her to easily surpass the vizard. In a fit of pure joy and battlelust, Nemain crushed Mizore's skull, repeatedly, until she was simply pounding chunks of wet bone into the floor of Mizore's castle. Disappointed by this opponent, Nemain decided that the late queen wasn't worth the kingdom she had built, and dismantled the castle with her bare hands, knocking it over entirely after just a few punches.

Now, her main goal is simply to seek out those who might give her a challenge. However, she will continue to serve the Shadow Fall, as her leader continues to be the only person who holds her true respect and loyalty.


Graphics by: Forsaken Crow
Coding by: [THEFROST]

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Extra Info





  • Johnathan Reino (Human father) [Deceased]


  • Cassie Reino (Human mother) [Deceased]




  • Nina Reino (Human sister) [Deceased]







  • Rose Mischevang [Respected as her Primera]








Crazy Bitch (She is called this often)


Trecera Espada (Current)








Graphics by: Forsaken Crow
Coding by: [THEFROST]

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Moved to Old WIP.

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Completed and ready for grading~

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I glutton because of the heart.
I covet because of the heart.
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« Application Checklist »

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  • Name [X]
  • Appropriate Age [X]
  • Gender [X]
  • Appearance Present [X]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [X]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [X]
  • 10 sentences for personality [X]
  • History is of appropriate length [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [X]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[X]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [X]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [X]

« The Willsheet Checklist »

• And Comments/Fixes •

  • Willpower/Determination: Master
  • Mental Deduction: Advanced
  • Pain Endurance: Master
  • Focus: Advanced

  • Comments/Notes: I did say bring your app game, and I must say, it has been brought. I am proud to have this as the 3rd Espada. I feel 0-3++ should fit this character with the amount of work, content and quality that went into it. Not to mention that we are looking for Espada positions to be filled and we need some more powerful candidates for it. With Pockeh's activity as of late, I feel this is a good decision. If there is a problem with this tier, feel free to let me know @ any other staff.

  • Tier: 0-3++

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Fri Jan 30, 2015 12:44 pm
Moving to archives, post in this topic here, in order to have this character restored.
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Sun Apr 12, 2015 11:35 am

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