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 Arisu Lunacy - [APPROVED, 4-5]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Arisu Lunacy - [APPROVED, 4-5]   Arisu Lunacy - [APPROVED, 4-5] EmptyTue Aug 12, 2014 8:58 pm

Arisu Lunacy - [APPROVED, 4-5] Arisu1_zps6aadf3bb
 photo ArisuLunacy_zps06ee967d.png

Arisu Lunacy - [APPROVED, 4-5] Arisu2_zps6ab68fe9


» Name:
Arisu Lunacy
» Titles:
Other names would be; Yumeko, and Alice
» Age:
Unknown [Appearance of a young adult]
» Gender:
» Height:
153.67cm [5ft and ½ of an inch]
» Affiliation/Rank:

» Shifter Appearance Written:
When she is using her Atma Vatou of concealing people would only see her without any of her demonic features. Some examples would have been her wings or the cat like silts in her eyes as well as their redish tone.

» True Appearance Written:
A petite female would have quickly slide herself within the room, her long silvery hair flowing along the motions she created with each step. With small clicking echoes, her golden heels were the only thing that would have gave away her position, while she made her way towards a near by mirror. Leaning over slightly to get a better look of her face she would have noticed that the moles under each eye still stood out against her pale skin. Like a young teenager the female nervously toyed with her face, placing her small hands against her cheeks before forcing her vermilion coloured lips into a weird puckered expression. Her bright merlot eyes would have shone with excitement before she set out for her big day. Softly after pulling her face away from her mirror her hands collided with her cheeks, as she was trying to pump herself even further. Her short dress would have bounced with the small hopping motion she made as she turned away from the mirror. the thick ruffled material underneath her star night sky dress was a bit short to cover her black panties. but they were barely noticeable underneath the shadow the dress gave off. Before the female gently would tug her black thigh highs further up her legs, she'd had slid her black gloves upon her hands and arms. Lastly her hands would have reached towards the purple ribbon within her dress pocket, using her free hand to pull her hair into a loose ponytail. A day couldn't be better if you don't start it right.


Arisu Lunacy - [APPROVED, 4-5] Arisu3_zps00c741a0

» Personality:
Arisu is known to be very childish, and with that childish attitude comes with her trusting and naivety towards other people. From her childish naivety she tends to be impartial to people’s positions in the world, such as if they are viewed as evil or good. She wouldn’t force someone else’s opinion into her own, which causes her to sometimes trust in the wrong people. Along side with her childish behavior she also adventurous, wanting to explore or venture out into the world is one of the many things she enjoys no matter which dream she consumes adventures are still a thing she would always want to embark in. Out of the many things that makes a child, she also can be super imaginative and impulsive; though, if you call her out on it, she’ll try her best to deny it. Now with her different abilities whatever she eats would give her small personalities changes. Here are the few changes that would occur.

If she were to consume a dream, she would become more optimistic, energetic. Dreams give her more of a positive feeling like someone having a good day, or getting a well rested sleep. Other would view her to be more comfortable to be around, since she would be more friendly sociable and possibly more helping; but with lots of energy, sometimes comes with poor decision making skills. She’ll also become more reckless in other words, wanting to act before thinking about it, in some cases that would get her into trouble.

On the other hand, if she were to consume a nightmare, she’s nearly the opposite. Her views on the world would become much more negative, and her mood would seem more depressing rather than exciting. Depending on the nightmare she would even become more cowardly towards the smallest things, or she would start to feel suffocated and trapped. If she ever finds herself in these situations, Arisu normally would become distant towards her friends and peers. From being showered down by negativity, she’ll also seemed to be more lazy and her appearance would be a tad sullen, but Arisu’s based personality would do anything to help cheer someone up. So eating a nightmare or two for them wouldn’t seem like a big price in the end. and it only would last until she consumes another dream; that also goes for the other way around.

» Likes:
She enjoys, sweets, exploring, sleeping, learning and dreaming.

» Dislikes:
Having nightmares, hurting others, forgetting, being psychologially tied down, loud animals and fighting.


Arisu Lunacy - [APPROVED, 4-5] Arisu2_zps6ab68fe9

How fortunate I was to be born.

“That’s what I say now, but growing up it sure didn't feel that way. Nidhana had gracefully granted me new life, granted me another chance to fill out my goal. My life started rather simple and very anticlimactic; I recalled being blank, and alone when I first opened my eyes. Everything was dim and dirty, the sounds of footsteps and people were heard on the other end of the alleyway. I wanted to call out to someone, but what do I say; I was born without any knowledge of words or speech. After forcing myself up upon my feet, I nearly toppled over the only thing I could hold onto was the near by wall of a bricked building, and upon exiting that dimly lit alley. I collided into young woman, trying to chase after her son, those two were going to be my first family. What compelled this woman to later on take me as her own? I never found out the answer, but it must have been Nidhana’s divine intervention which caused such a thing. Though with staying with my new mother, it must have been more stressful on her, knowing I wasn't able to eat, but dressing myself or feeding myself were things I had to be taught.

The first night, I was finding it rather difficult to fall asleep every night, because while everyone was asleep, small moving pictures would appear over their heads, voices and sounds would come from it. I didn't understand emotions still, even after receiving all this love and attention, I still felt hollowed out, but… After seeing those images, a new feeling sparked within me. That must have been curiosity. The second night, her curiosity grew even further when she reached towards one of the glowing images, the texture was odd to put into word. Just like liquid was thin enough that it would drip off from her finger, but thick enough that it kept its shape leaving no hint of it being ever on her finger. When I looked back to the images it seemed that there was a missing part to it, especially where I put my finger. The third night, my curiosity raised once more, that was the night where I first tasted what the moving pictures, the first taste I ever had was delightful and sweet. Night after night, I would have took more and more of this images until each night I was completely consuming the dreams of my mother and brother. I learned so many things from the dreams, a lot of the things I learned were feelings emotions of pure bliss and happiness. Enjoyment, excitement, surprise, endearment, love, the list goes on, but while being completely absorbed by these new things. I didn't notice my decaying family.

Time passed by way too quickly for me to even tell how long it was on that fateful night. As the child I was I couldn't understand their actions, especially when my mother helped set the house on fire, with both of her children inside of it. I was confused, I couldn't understand what caused them to be like this, I tried to beckon them out of the house. My gut feeling was telling me something was wrong. That night, only I made it out alive, I watched as my first home burned down to the ground. I didn't understand the concept of death yet, nor what sadness even meant. The last thing I remember about that house was me being taken away by different humans, they told me there was nothing they could do, that they wouldn't be coming back out. This was one of the big moment when I questioned my existence. Why was I born?”

Arisu would have leaned back in her seat, letting the pen that was once in her hands drop against the desk. With a small and tired groan she pulled her arms into the air before forcing them back; this motion was only supposed to stretch out her tired muscles in her back and arms before continuing her writing. Speaking was never her cup of tea, but at least she was able to write fluently, maybe another Danava who would find this could learn from her mistakes, or maybe someone else would care enough to read it. but those are only small and simple dreams. Sitting still for a few seconds just to get back to where she was the female would have drawn her attention back to the pen and paper.

“That answer still never came, even when I was approaching my later years, I kept to myself when it came to my next family, mainly it was in fear that they would have noticed the wings that were starting sprout near my tail bone. The family never tried to get close to me though, in fact the family I was in was always different then my last one. My first family at least smile more often than not, but this family never laughed or shared how happy they were with simple gestures. That’s when I learned that the images above their heads were different from the ones that my previous family have had. These dreams were much darker, less colour, they almost had an eerie touch to them. Every night I would have snuck into my new parent’s bedroom to watch these odd things, the look on their face wasn’t content, instead they would have tossed and turn, trying to get away from what was going on in these visions.

That silly curiosity took over once more, these visions were causing happiness, so maybe if I ate them up, they would smile. In the beginning the images tasted so bitter, but a strange and sweet aftertaste; but by the time I would have consumed their whole dream, feelings of dread would start to creep over. Mainly I only felt fear with each nightmare I consumed; but the look on their faces after they woke up, they almost seemed so refreshed. I could have been causing them happiness, I could have been making a positive change; that alone warmed my heart. The first couple of nights weren’t so bad, but as time grew longer the negative feelings would have repetitively piled; feelings of fear were no longer just the problem. Regret, sadness, helplessness, the pleasures of being content were slowly being swallowed whole by the black pit of their worst thoughts.

I couldn’t force myself to eat the dreams of this family as well, I knew it would only cause more harm than not, but what else was I supposed to do? Are demons only made to hurt humans over and over again? Why can’t I be happy with them, why did Nidhana create me in a place where I couldn’t coexist. Negative thoughts only begun to flow in, I couldn’t focus on the pleasures of life anymore, I was slowly sinking into a darker hole. That’s when I choose to run away, even if I wanted to stay with them, I was starting to lose the ability to hide my wings underneath my clothes. They were getting too large and a second pair begun to grow just above the first set.

Near the outskirts of the town there was an abandoned warehouse, there wasn't any bed, no clothes, no food. It wasn't anything close to anything I was used too; but at the same time, it was the most comfortable. I was able to be me, I didn't need to hide what I looked like within here. After spending a few days within this place, my food supply begun to grow; I learned that many people didn't have homes either. Other people have them pretty colourful names; bum, garbage, useless, and poor. No matter what names they were given, I always consider them family, one of the great things about them was that they didn't care what I looked like. I was able to open up to them and tell them about what I was able to do; from them I learned that I was eating dreams and nightmares. Even though it was minimal, the humans allowed me to eat some of their dreams, it would always be a mix between dreams and nightmares, keeping me at a nice and neutral level.

It didn't take very long before all they were able to have were nightmares, I didn't understand why they were having so much. When I asked them all they told me that our home was being demolished, it was going to disappear. I didn't understand why it caused such a hard emotional toll on them; couldn't we just find a new home?With only nightmares to consume, I started to feel depressed again, but this time I felt a bit different. Some days I would find myself dazing in some far off object before slipping into a sleep; when I woke, they would have told me that I was doing odd stuff. We just shook it off as me just sleep walking; there wasn't anything that I could do about it.

Now, I understand what happened, I didn't realize that I lost all the information about negative and nightmarish things. After consuming one too many nightmares without ever neutralizing it, something happened. I still don't have a full understand of what that is since I'm never awake for it; it's like something else did everything for me. After I feel asleep, there wasn't any one left; the walls, the floor, even small splashes of red were even on the ceiling. It looked like someone took some paint and threw it around.

Maybe they are playing hide and seek again! I'm so glad I have great friends like this!


Arisu Lunacy - [APPROVED, 4-5] Arisu5_zpsae2e5267

» Natural Demon Traits:
She has Body manipulation as a natural demon trait as well as the ability to be able to fly. Her body manipulation trait is only limited to being able to tuck away her wings from the views of others, making it easier to blend into crowds, along side with er Vatou of concealing, it is a powerful tool to get by people who would wan to cause harm. Her flying ability is mainly because she hd wings, it allows her to get to place to place within a quicker time, especially since without her different forms she doesn't have much endurance to be able to go long distances without a source of food.


Arisu Lunacy - [APPROVED, 4-5] Arisu6_zpsd5594615

» Origin Name:
Dream and Nightmares.

» Origin Power:
Eating Dreams.

» Origin Abilities:
She is able to consume both dreams and nightmares, though with each dream she eats it gives her very small buffs. When eating a dream she will become more energetic, more positive; while on the other side if she consumes a nightmare she will become emotionally tired, as well as distant. Especially since she is unable to dream herself, if she never eats a dream she will find herself within her Conceptual World, but if she does eat then she’ll find herself having the same dream. This ability was only formed once she fully matured, by have the dream itself she is able to absorb more of the information, allowing her to learn at a quicker pace. Of course she is limited to how many dreams she is able to ingest would only be 6, but since her mental state isn’t as strong as most, emotionally and psychologically she can only handle 3 at the most; and even that is pushing it.

Arisu Lunacy - [APPROVED, 4-5] Arisu7_zps83d7b591

» Conceptual World:
 photo CW_zps0fddafd2.jpg

Arisu Lunacy - [APPROVED, 4-5] Arisu8_zps8bab6aff

» Atma Vatou Name:
Kakusu (The Atma Vatou of Concealing)

» Atma Vatou Appearance:
This Atma vatou takes on a very simple form of just a hair clip, It resembles a black bobby pin with small golden stars hanging off the edge by a thin chain.

» Atma Vatou Abilities:
Kakusu even though it's small doesn't make it super weak, mainly how it works is instead of completely destroying her presence is would copy the nearest presence of a human, or something of less treat. Though because of its size it's focusing most of it's power in doing such a thing that it doesn't protect itself from other touching it. If someone were to remove it, break it or it were to plainly just fall off, then it's abilities would automatically shut down.

» 2nd Atma Vatou Name:
Suimin (The Atma Vatou of Sleep)

» 2nd Atma Vatou Appearance:
Is the black gloves she wears upon her hands.

» 2nd Atma Vatou Abilities:
Suimin is a simple Atma Vatou that merely puts people to sleep, depending on how tired the person was, Suimin using that exhaustion against them, merely keeping them asleep until they are well rested, this provides her a nice way of quickly getting a meal, or a safe way of escape from a combat situation. The way she would use them would to place her hands over the victims eyes after activating Suimin. It has no negative effects on the body either than them collapsing on the floor, but hopefully she'll catch them in time..


Arisu Lunacy - [APPROVED, 4-5] Arisu10_zps85e628b4

» Phyuja Rājya Appearance:
 photo Arisuupgrade_zpsb8bf18a6.jpg  photo Arisuupgrade2_zpscd29a9f0.jpg

» Phyuja Rājya Powers:
Phyuja Rājya Of Dreams: "Dream Ally", "

Phyuja Rājya Of Nightmares: "Nightmarish Enemy"

» Phyuja Rājya Abilities:
Dream Ally is an ability that doesn't put the victim to sleep but it gives them an allusion of her being something positive they would have normally received in dreams. Like an important person that they lost, or something that they yearned to meet. This ability is defensive likes most of the others, causing the victim to normally lower their guard. Even though she doesn't get physical boosts like her nightmare form, her dream form helps her regenerate much faster, letting her take small hits to last. Her endurance is also raised slightly so she can escape from most battle situations. Dream form is only for defensive purposes and is only made if she chooses so, unlike nightmarish form if she consumes too many dreams she does not turn into her dream form by force since dreams don't cause a mental disturbance to her psyche.

Nightmarish Enemy following along the same lines as Dream ally but for the fact that it is something from their darkness nightmares, this causing most victims to be unable to fight them any further or forcing them to get close to her and attack. This ability can be used defensively or even offensively. Especially since they are leaving themselves open to reckless choices that would make it easier to rid of them. Especially within her NIghtmarish form, she is more offensive, her choices don't really want to make her fun away but to deal with the problem at hand. even though she is more aggressive and animistic with her attack abilities as the one previously mentioned helps kill her enemies. Also she gets slightly different physical boosts, such as more strength, even though they are minor they are better then nothing. The cost of her being within he nightmarish form is from her consuming too many nightmares within a short period of time, the price of taking on this form is losing most of the memories that came with the nightmares automatically neutralizing herself out.

» Caṛhā Saṅgalita Appearance:
Depending on which form she started with first, she gets her additional wings for an example. If she was in her Phyuja Rājya form of dreams, she would have four additional angel wings that start on her lower back. The same would go for her Phyuja Rājya form of Nightmares she would have the bat wings instead.

» Caṛhā Saṅgalita Powers:
Additional powers would be "Lucid Dreaming". She would have the same powers as the previous Phyuja Rājya, but they would have longer effects, or a tad more power. Her forms are only made for defensive purposes.

» Caṛhā Saṅgalita Abilities:
Lucid Dreaming: Lucid dreaming is without even putting the victim to sleep she is able to force them into a dream, their actions they do within the dream will be reflected within reality. Lucid dreaming is very close to "Dream Ally" or Nightmarish Enemy" but it isn't just focused on her, but all around the person. This ability shouldn't physically hurt them unless the victim hits themselves or come into contact with something dangerous in the "waking world" The cost of doing an ability like this would require a lot of energy making this ability only for getting away. Since being inside of this form costs so much energy, it's rarely used.


Arisu Lunacy - [APPROVED, 4-5] Arisu11_zpsa3148062

To Find Out about what these skills are for, please READ THIS THREAD before you try doing anything to it. After you have read it, do not feel your skills out until a staff member has graded your thread. We will also do your will sheet for you upon grading your application.

Racial Skills
  • Za Koa Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Demon Magic: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Shadow Movement: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Akuma Kyōdo: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

General Skills
  • Durability: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • General Speed: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner


Arisu Lunacy - [APPROVED, 4-5] Arisu12_zpsc5cd73cb

» Role Play Sample:
Her first night alone.
Arisu must have been aimlessly walking for possibly days, her feet were in pain, her eyes were heavy and starting to close against her will. In fear of her own life she had to find some sort of shelter to fall asleep, dark alleyways and playgrounds were going to be a suitable home for her, especially with her abnormal demon features were growing at a must faster pace. The further she went the more she realized that the buildings and houses were slowly disappearing, apartments turned into small houses, alleyways gotten larger, and the pavement slowly turning into graveled pathways. Even though there were lots of houses that were way too rundown to be livable building stuck out to her the most. This building was one of the largest out of the bunch, many of its windows were broken, and the bricked walls were covered in dried paint. She couldn't tell what the said since the writing was so messy and strange, could they have possibly been over people's names, or even a secret code?

Building up as much courage she could, Arisu hands would have slowly pushed the large metals doors open, a large creaking sound echoed through the building, anything or anyone living inside of it would have known for sure that she was there. Startled and scared, the female would have prepared herself to run away while she counted from ten to one. Silence. Silence was one of the best things for her right now, that must have meant that no one was inside. Slowly and carefully she would have entered into the large room, there wasn't any walls to divide the first floor up, it was a simple tiled room with windows that follow along the walls. The floor was dirty and covered in dirt and garbage, if anything this was a huge change from the houses she used to live in, but some how it felt much safer to have a roof over my head unlike the alleyways.

The room wasn't bright enough for me to see into the dark corners, but it wasn't light enough to really see exactly what was what on the floor. It didn't really matter though to Arisu, this was something she was looking for, a new place to call home. Even though it wasn't the safest as most homes in the city was like, it was perhaps one of the most spacious. After making her decision of claiming this crumbling building as her own she would have went back to the large metal doors, pushing against them once more to close them.
"I guess it's time for a good night sleep."

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Application Checklist
  • Name [X]
  • Appropriate Age [X]
  • Gender [X]
  • Appearance Present [X]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [X]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [X]
  • 10 sentences for personality [X]
  • History is of appropriate length [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [X]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[X]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [X]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [X]

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Adept.
  • Mental Deduction: Beginner.
  • Pain Endurance: Beginner.
  • Focus: Adept.

Comments/Notes: Easy App is Easy.~

Arisu Lunacy - [APPROVED, 4-5] GFHHFG_zpsj1vrrfxz
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Due to an update on the board, I am going to go ahead and move this character into the Approved Danava Demon section to better classify other sub-races of Demons.

Arisu Lunacy - [APPROVED, 4-5] WVMWLOu
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Archived upon request.


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Arisu Lunacy - [APPROVED, 4-5]
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