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Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2422, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.
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Ω-Extra Demon InfoΩ

Part Zero: Demon Name
Part One: Creation
Part Two: Turning & Bonding
Part Three: Death & Killing
Part Four: Characteristics
Part Five: Psychology & Sociology
Part Six: Weaknesses
Part Seven: Strengths

This thread is a further expansion on what the demon body and mind is like. It is going to cover what they are, how they are born, how they are able to turn other races, what happens when a demon dies or kills, the characteristics of body and weaknesses.

The table of contents above will take you directly to each section.

Part 0: Demon Name

Θ Demons: These are often referred to as mythical creatures and are supernatural in nature as a result. They are able to affect both the physical and spiritual world due to their natural disposition towards being enlightened within the metaphysical and spiritual realms. Albeit, there are rare cases where a demon is not spiritually aware or possess any sort of unique power.

Most refer to them as magical beings as their race can have members within them can resemble almost anything that is a supernatural being or legend, from any culture. And thus, due to the fact that there there are thousands of stories of magical beings around the world, and the ninety billion population of demon strong across the known realms, the different types of demons are endless and their sub-races.

However, other races are now beginning to associate them with the enforcers, guardians and rulers of hell due to their kind being able to send spirits into Hell. They also seem to have infused Hell into Demon World for further measure and populate that realm.

Demons also seem to be referred to as: "Youkai", "Oni", "Monsters", "Devils", "Beast" and "Hellions" across other dimensions, cultures and people.

Θ Known Demon Subraces: Danava, Rakshasa and Visera Demonio

Part 1: Creation

Θ Pregnancy: A sizeable portion of the demon population are sexual beings and are still considered living beings. Granted, they are supernatural in nature, they aren't dead in the slightest like Hollow's, Shinigami's or Vizards. Therefore, it is possible for them to conceive a child through sex since they DO have reproductive organs. Unlike humans, however, they have more control over their cycle. Depending on the structure of the demon's body, they can go through a pregnancy over the span of months, or in as little as a few days. Since they are supernatural creatures, and based on the fact more powerful demons can control their body structure, they can have very unsettling births. While some demon's give birth to one, there are some that are able to give birth to litters of tens of dozens depending on their body's characteristics.

Θ Asexual Production: Traditionally, more powerful demon's (say around the 1 or 0 tier mark) are capable of reproducing asexually. However, depending on the type of ability they possess, some less powerful demon's have been noted to asexually produce. This trait in demon occurs because their bodies have grown to a point where they have a more fine-tuned control over their physiology. Therefore, a form of biological manipulation is granted to them that allows demons to reproduce offspring purely from their genes alone. This process can vary greatly depending on the sort of power they have achieved by this point as well. For instance, due to the level of subatomic manipulation over her body that Mana has, she was able to create spawn by dividing herself like a cell into new organic beings. Another illustration of asexual nature in demon's would be if an elemental demon gave birth through element. (Something such as a child being born from their parents fire, for example.) One last illustration, but not limited to, is the fact that some demon's towards the higher spectrum of the 0 tier can create children out of their own energy.

Θ Artificial Creation: Often performed by demon kind, it seems that more knowledgeable and skilled demons are capable of creating "shells" with their occult magic. They will often create the blueprints for a body through mental reinforcement. This isn't as easy as it sounds, however. They will often need to think out intricarte details in the shells design and they'll have to greatly visualize their final concept. This process can take anywhere from days to weeks. Once done, they will utilize their link to Za Koa and mastery over magic to conjure up the shell and then it can be considered an empty shell. From there, they can create artificial consciousness or insert souls into them via "Spirit Swapping" (Scroll Down to Conversion).

Θ Growth From The Land: It is believed that Demon World itself is living. That is because most demon births are traditionally organic in nature OR spawn from another living demon. So, with that being the case, it has been documented by demonkind that their race can be born from the planet dimension itself. There are generally forest, islands, oceans or other types of elemental locations where demons seem to be brought to life. They are often referred to as "Birthing Centers" and in these regions Demons can be produced out of trees, the soil, water, air (rare), fire and so on and so forth until you leave the Birthing Center.

Θ Object Production: Demons have been known to be birthed from objects as well. This phenomenon was documented Japanese folklore. It is stated that after a certain amount of time, ordinary objects can take on a life of their own as a demon. So demons are documented to have been created out of glasses, walls, weapons and almost any any commodity that one can think of. This type of birth is more common in spiritually enhanced areas, but not ones that have a high angel, holy or pure energy within them. So it is rare for this type of birth to occur in places like the Soul Society.

Θ Animal & Insect Death: Animals and insects are often reincarnated as demons when they die. Therefore, demons have been known to come forth from the corpses of animals or bugs. These often take on their characteristics as well.

Θ Sub-Race Creation: The primary sub-races of Danava and Rakasha have their own methods of being produced into the world. Read their guides to understand: Danava, Rakshasa and Visera Demonio

Part 1-A: Newborns

Θ Basic Terminology: Newborns can also be referred to "hatchlings", "crawlers", "doves" or "tadlings". Demon's with higher sensory skills can even feel the presence of newborns in some cases. There is a noticeable scent and energy frequency that newborns often give off that allows for them to know this. The term "imp", "urchin", "cub", "offspring" or "nestling" can be used by the parent to reference their child. While terms like "parent", "creator", "root", "originator" or "guardian" can be used by newborns to refer to their parents or those who they as their mother or father.

Θ Newborn Demons: More often than not, newborn children will often need to consume in large quantities. (Scroll here for more information about feeding) This applies to both demon's who are turned and those who are born through more traditional methods. However, there are exceptions to this rule from time to time. And although some can control this to an extent, a sizeable majority of newborns are often controlled by their primal impulses, desires and emotions. Thus, they can cause serious harm and accidental deaths to others around them if they become too unstable.

This period of "newbirth" can also have a variable rates between demons. Some can go through this process in as little as a few weeks or months, while others may take years, decades or even centuries to milleniums to go through. Demon's mature and grow at differing rates from demon to demon. Thus, the parental figure or "makers" (if they are turned) in a demon's life often attempts to watch over them or place them in the care of someone who can more appropriately deal with their spawn.

A newborn's sense of control is often dependant on other demon's capacity to teach them about their body. This can be performed by telepathy and performing the training on a mental level, while others can have a more hands on approach and train them physically to withstand it. Some makers and parents prefer to outright have their influence smother their child and attempt to either restraint or force this growth. So it can be implied that the parents of demon's can have an influence over the child; but this tends to taper off in their later years and the child holds the equal chance to rebel against them. It is just uncommon for them to do so.

Nevertheless, newborn's can also have a sense of clarity about what it is they need to sustain themselves. There is a superstation around this effect that demon's refer to as a "sixth sense", but their bodies and mind will often lead them towards what it is they need to consume to sustain themselves. For example, a demon who came from a parent who had powers over fire can come to find that they are fueled by this element. They'll be drawn to places wherever there are large gatherings of flames and attempt to consume out of instinct. Meanwhile, those who do not have a "unique" type of hunger will often just find that traditional food may fill their instincts. These often turn out to be ones who can sustain themselves on just their energy alone later in life.

Furthermore, according to Demon World statistics, two-fourths of newborns die during first few years of life without the guidance of their makers, parents or any sort of guardian.

Part 2: Turning & Bonding

Θ Basic Terminology: "Turning" or "converting" are two terms that are often used to describe the process of a demon transforming another race into their own. While terms like "marking" or "influencing" are often used when they place their influence within another demon or a race, but they do not consent to be transformed. "Turner", "Maker", "Master", "Mistress" or "progenitor" are all interchangeable terms to refer to someone who has converted another race. And terms like "progeny", "child" and "turne" can be used to describe the one converted.

Demon's also "mark" and "bond" with their own kind for a variety of reasons; and it seems this term can cover their prodiges as well. Digressing, they'll often use the organic method on their own kind to mark family or loved ones. While some tend to do it out of increasing their odds for survival. In this "influence", similar connections between packs of demon's can be made to form "nest" of demon's who are all bonded together. These can also be referred to as "families", "units", "kin", "packs", "groupings" or "rings" in some cases. A good deal of demons will also often accept someone into their family if they have been marked or converted by another demon who is apart of their clan. Such as if a human had been turned into a demon, or marked with the demon's presence, it is possible for them to be accepted.

Demons who have intense affection for one another, or a romantic interest outside of their race, will often express their level of commitment in "marking" their partner as well. It is also possible for progenys to be marked if a romantic relationship occurs between them and their maker. This is often referred to as their "marriage" and some do not bother with having any sort of ceremony. Those within their "packs" or "families" may feel this change, however. And some demon's may also have a celebratory wedding ceremony, but only because of influence from outside cultures affecting demon world.

Part 2-A: Conversion

Θ Common Rules: Whenever a demon converts another race, it always requires consent from both parties. Additionally, once they become demon, it will be hard for them to convert to any other race after this point. Their soul is forever morphed and even if they were to become something like, say, an Iramasha -- they'd still become the devil variant of it. And even then, there is a high chance for complications or death. The only way for them to break this cycle is if they were killed by a Zanpakutō and reincarnated.

Therefore, the matter of turning others into demon's is often a grave and serious one most demon's and the receiving party weigh heavily. However, there are exceptions to this rule. Select demon's have been known to create progeny out of curiosity or of their own desire. Few have even made a sport of how many kin they could produce from this method as well. And one who has become a demon can also make their own progeny through these methods as well. Only in rare cases will the grandmaker be able to influence the grandprogeny , however.

Additionally, regardless of the fact the race they change is living or nonliving, demons seem to be able to convert them no matter if they are physical or spiritual in nature. Therefore, it can be implied that they hold some capacity of revival because demons are considered a "living" race; albeit they are supernatural and ethereal in their nature. Since in the case of Shinigami, they would once again be brought back to "life" as they'd form a more organic body.

Θ Ritual Turning: One method where demon's are able to convert others into their race is through rituals via demonic magic. First, a bond must be contracted between the race and the demon in question. This can be done verbally or telepathically. Once this has been established, the demon will then prepare the ritual by placing the human under their influence with their energy. After that, they will then utilize their linkto Za Koa to then convert their body into one of their own.

This method is often the safest and most common way to become demon. Although the bonds between maker and progeny seem to be weaker through this method. Additionally, they may see a drop in their power for a duration of time that can range from one week to years depending on the case. This is all dependant on how well their body tolerates becoming a new race through this variation of demonic turning.

Θ Organic Infection: This is often referred to as the most direct and personal method of turning someone. If a demon were to given their blood to a subject, or they were to feast upon their flesh, it is possible for them to create a bond with that person and transform them into a demon. Their entire structure will change and, in some cases, they can retain traits from the demon in question. These can range from their abilities being influenced by their maker, attaining new powers and potentially even inheriting some of their personality traits in some cases due to the immense bond between the two.

Therefore, this type of conversion has a higher chance of complications occurring that can lead to death, but has more benefits to it. Issues that can arise is, but not limited to: a distorted sense of self, a period where they must adjust to their powers and sometimes constant pain for a period of days, weeks or months until their body has adjusted. So there is often hesitance on this method of turning.

Additionally, more powerful demon's have also been noted to be able to perform this with just their energy alone influencing the persons body. This method also appears to be the way how some Visera Demonio can be made.

Θ Spiritual Swapping: More powerful demon's or demon's are capable of ripping or manipulating the spirit from or out of someone. They will then go on to create or transfer them into an organic or synthetic shell and seal their spirit within it. Again, this will require consent from both parties, but this can lead to fairly interesting results. Firstly, they will often lose their former powers, but may or may not retain their tier depending on chance alone. Secondly, this "shell" can be preprogrammed with abilities depending on how educated, experianced or powerful the demon is.

Of course, like most newborns, there will often be a learning curve for this body and it will take a bit of time for the person to adjust to their new body. This method also holds the risk of dying due to the spirit being contorted and changed so violently; along with potentially rejecting the body in question. So most demons are still very much cautious of this method and only those who know what they are doing often try to perform it. They are also unable to go back to their former body without going through a prolonged learning curve as well. This can take anywhere from months to years to recover from; if they can go back at all without lethal complications or damage to their body. Rapid back and forth between bodies WILL kill the subject.

As a final note, it is possible for demon's to perform this on their own kind, but the same risk and rules apply.

Part 2-B: Conversion Effects - Turner & Progeny + Family

Θ Sharing: The bonds that are made when a demon influences another can imply that they are able to insert portions of their power into the host. More often than not, however, consent has to be made upon both parties for this to occur. Although, more powerful demons are able to sometimes force it; as with the bonds Khala Asthavon made with Iriko after their battle and wearing him down to a near-death state. Nevertheless, sometimes sharing is not possible as complications between powers can occur. So it is often only limited, powerwise, to one main host and a secondary member if a person is in a "pack". It is also within the realm of feasibility for the master to accept traits from the person he marked, but only under mutual agreement.

Mentally speaking, it is very possible for them to have their willpower protect those who are marked. Usually, the person with the strongest willpower will often protect those they have marked in order to prevent external mental influences from affecting them. They are also able to freely share knowledge with one another through their connection. Although some demons may have a hard time coping with the experiences infused into their mind and will need their maker to help them adjust to the mass amounts of information that can be transferred. This is often because the demons physiology in general tends to morph as they attain new knowledge.

It is also possible for demons to insert portions of their organic matter or energy into the person they mark. When this occurs, they are known to be able to remotely activate their powers in or around the person to further protect them. Sometimes this can be suppressed by the marked or master if the activation is unwarranted, but the ones who are turned or influenced usually have a harder time doing so if it is against their will. Those with higher willpower also seem to be able to better cope with it as well.

Θ Adverse Effects: On those who are not fully turned into demons, such as a human influenced by a demon, they may see their mentality tampered with to an extent. They may find sudden boost in their intelligence, or becoming more or less emotional than before due to the demons emotional driven persona. Other side effects that can occur are, but not limited to: hallucinations, increased attraction to the person who turned them, augmentation to their body (strength, speed, ability potency etc), intense sexual urges, nocturnal emission (wet dreams), dissociation with their race, better understanding of demons and potential changes in their thought, thinking or personality patterns. Demons also seem to respect or tolerate those who are marked that aren't deeon; as they often do not attack those whom are marked unless provoked. As beings who are marked are even known to have been apart of Shadow Fall's faction.

Θ Desire Pulse: This is a term to describe the effect where a maker, progeny or the entire pack itself are able to pick up on their kin calling out to them. These can be done to arrange meetings with one another, when a turner demands to see their progeny or if one of their own kind is in danger. This implies that demons who are marked also can send a beacon of sorts so that others will get a sense of where they are. Furthermore, a turner will often, by default, be able to have Desire Pulse on the ones they have influenced or converted. However, they can allow for their progeny to scope them out as well with the masters permission. Likewise, nestings of demon's can choose to filter out who has a desire pulse with them. So they can decide to accept or block out certain connections.

Desire Pulse can also be used to exchange any type of memory, emotion, thought or knowledge across a pack. So if a demon within the unit is hurting, they can sense it if the subject in question allows them to. Additionally, between master and progeny, it is possible for the turner send suggestive commands to their "child". They will often have to be direct in the intent they want, verbally of telepathically, and it will be up to the progeny to decide rather or not they'll follow through with it. Those with higher willpower (skill sheet) than their turner will often be able to outright refuse it, while those with lower willpower may be open to it or perform it outright. Those who are more powerful than their maker can also have a better chance at resisting this.

It also possible for some connections between demons to be able to have the functionality to share dreams with one another. Desire Pulse can also seen at a weaker level between parents and their offspring. Although, they can grow out of it, some can choose to make a lifelong bond with their parent. They are also capable of rebelling against them as well; for prodgery or imps. However, these are uncommon because the bonds between them are often very intricate.

Alternatively, Desire Pulse can also be referred to as "Empathic Insight", "Pack Sense" or " Family Sight".

Θ Releasing: Releasing is the term coined when a demon or person connected to their bond breaks away from their mark. This is often considered a very painful thing to endure psychologically for demon and to the person whom bared the mark. That is because a very intense connection is made with those who are bond or bonded; one that almost no other race can begin to comprehend or understand due to the high level of emotions invested within this act of influencing another. Members of the "pack" or "family" can also sense this pain, and be affected by it, but that isn't always case due to conflict of interest or others within the group filtering it out.

Instead, the pain is often most felt hardest by the turner. Therefore, this is often considered a very traumatic event to occur within Demon World and another reason why demons choose who they mark carefully. One way for a bond to be released is if the marked person dies. It is has been known that demons will often become very depressed, enraged or otherwise startled or disturbed when one of their own that is marked is killed. So it can be inferred that the relationships between parents, guardians and turners with their children, progeny or loved ones is something that they often become very territorial or attached to in order to protect both them and their union. Of course, more sinister demons who have lowered or more controlled sense over their emotions tend to have lowered effects by this; but they still are known to acknowledge the leaving.

Moving forward, the second way that a bond can be released is often when the turner, the demon turned, child, family member or person influenced decides that they want out of the connection. It will often take something extreme or a form of intense rebellion for this occur on the ones who have been turned; and even then they are often hesitant to do so. While when the master does it, it can often be because they can no longer manage the person, desire for their children to fend for themselves or otherwise relationships can come to conflicts and this is considered a form of "Breaking up" in some aspects.

No matter the reason, it is possible for a person to break out of this union. When this occurs, both parties will have lingering mental pains and they'll lose their bond with each other. It is still possible for them to speak telepathically, but they are not obliged to yield or respond to the other. And many of the effects associated with bonding tend to fade as well. Family members will often try to console the demon in question and they may also lose their bond with the person whom left as well. It is possible for them all to maintain relationships, but it is often never the same. And thus, it is rare for a person to interchange between groups or packs because it can wear down on a persons psyche often due to how traumatic to impacts effects can have on the mind. Though, there have been cases where reconciliation occurs and they sometimes accept someone back into their pack; but at a somewhat less intensity than the first time.

Part 3: Death

Θ True Death: This is referred to as the event where a spirit, regardless of it being demon in origin or not, is destroyed by a Quincy or someone with in-depth knowledge of how to dispose of the soul.

Θ Killed By Human Or Other Races With No Spiritual Affect: Often times, these races can just turn demon's into wandering spirits due to having no real effect on the soul. So refer to "Wandering Spirits" for what may happen when this occurs.

Θ Killed By Demon: If they are killed by their own kind, then they will be sent back to hell. Some demons with complex knowledge of the soul can perform the True Death. Those who have Death's Energy are more known for this, however. This is because they can corrupt the spirit and eventually decay it outright with their abilities.

Θ Killed By Vizard/Ziamichi/Sub-Race: Often times, when a demon is killed by any variation of these combinations, the possible effects are divided by however many influences are in them. Generally speaking, for something straight forward like Vizard, there is a 50/50 shot of the effects from a demon being killed by a hollow occurring and the effects from a demon being killed by a Shinigami. This is further divided into fractions when you have more elements to a Ziamichi or sub-race. So if you had a Ziamichi who was a human host, possessed a demon host and a shinigami host; then there would be a 1/3 shot of those races effects occurring within the demon upon death.

Θ Killed By Zanpakutō: A few things can happen when a demon is killed by Zanpakutō. One of the first outcomes that can occur is that they will simply be reincarnated as a Human, Shinigami, Quincy or Iramasha. This is because their spirit "purified" in a sense and they are "cleansed" on the soul cycle to start life over from their "tainted" spirit. Another potential result that can occur is that their spirit is still purified, but their soul is sent to the Soul Society as a Plus.

Θ Killed By Death Energy: There are few turn of events taht can happen if they are killed by Death Energy. One result is that they can end up sent to the "666th Layer" of hell and become one with death. By Khala Asthavon, she is said to have created an afterlife where a soul can find true peace after the long venture of travelling through hell. Another possibly, as mentioned with the method of being killed by demon, is that the death energy can taint the soul to the point where it shatters and The True Death occurs.

Θ Killed By Quincy: In cases of being killed by Quincy, most demon spirits will be killed entirely; as par for the course with Quincy. So this is often referred to as the "True Death" and most demons have a respect for Quincy as a result of this. In rare cases, when dealing with demons on the higher spectrum of power, will they require them to pierce into the deepest part of their soul to kill them. This is because they have a spiritual resistance to it and can be sent to hell, reincarnated as any race or turn into a wandering spirit.

Θ Killed by Iramasha: if a demon is killed by a Devil Iramasha, then their soul can be reincarnated or sent straight to hell. In some cases, depending on their knowledge of the soul, they can be subjected to the True Death as well. With Angel Iramasha, they can be purified and either reincarnated as any race outside of Arrancar/Hollow/Demonkind. Or, they can outright be reborn as Iramasha if they wish. Some Angel Iramasha can even send the spirit to heaven. Hybrid Iramashsa have an equal chance for more; leaning towards rather or not their angelic or devil sides are more dominant. So if their angel blood is the dominant, then what applies to the Angel Iramasha applies to the Hybrid. And if the demon blood is the dominant gene, then what applies to demon Iramasha can be applied.

Those without any traits like that, such as Nature Iramasha or General Iramasha, can often just perform the "True Death" on them since their influence can shatter the soul. There is a 2/4 chance of that occurring. The other potential outcome is that they are simply reincarnated.

Θ Killed By Hollow/Arrancar: Often times, when a demon is killed by a hollow or Arrancar, their soul mutates and they are converted to the race of the person who killed them. If they were killed by a hollow, then they'd turn into a hollow. If they were killed by an Arrancar, then their spirit would turn into an Arrancar. This process can take anywhere from a few minutes, to hours, days, weeks, months, years or even decades in some extreme cases. There is a 1/10 chance, however, for a Visera Demonio to be born from this method. This occurs if the infection is able to be stopped at a near perfect half-way point by an external force.

More often than not, however, the conversion process will simply proceed as natural. They'll be birthed into an Arrancar or Hollow and become converted to their race. This transformation can and most often results in the removal of their old powers; but there is a 1/4 chance for them to retain their original tier. 2/4 of the time they are often at half power until they adjust to their body. New Born Demon's killed by Arrancar or Hollow are also significantly weak at birth and are still prone to being killed by them. This has more to do with the fact that they were pushed to the brink of death from the battle or injury itself, however.

Θ Phantom/Wandering Spirit: This is a somewhat rare phenomena, but there is a chance for demons to turn into powerless "spirits" more akin to traditional ghost. They are often called "phantoms" by demons and other races. This is because they lose all of their abilities often and cannot affect the physical world much, but the spiritual realm is within their capacity. Shinigami often try and cleanse phantoms with their Zanpakutō because they are known to try and possess living beings with no spiritual resistance. This is done to reconnect themselves back to this dimension and they can taint a soul this way by hijacking it like a parasite. They'll also have a sixth sense about those with very weak willpower and are more drawn to them than powerful entities. (So they are mostly attracted to NPC's)

Phantoms also look for creatures that are dead or on the verge of death in order to merge with them. So sometimes a Ziamichi can be form if the two spirits form a mutual agreement with one another. If a phantom is able to overpower another's body, then they can transform it to their will. This can either result in a hybrid demon, the phantom will be converted to their race; but with a "demonic" or "satanic" feel to them, or the demon, in rare cases, will be able to revert back to a demonic shell. They may or may not also gain the powers of the host, but they'll often be of a tainted variety. For instance, in my example, if someone had the ability to create fire, then a demon could transform it into a Shadow Fire that decays the land.

Furthermore, these spirits are also capable possessing objects to an extent as well. Occurrences such as making objects levitate, disruption of electronics and even injection into the virtual world is possible for them as basic feats. However, anything like a Zanpakutō isn't possible because they can be considered attached to another active and living spirit. In which case they'd have to find a way to overpower the Shinigami, and by then, they'd often be slain by it. They can also get trapped inside of objects if they aren't careful.

Wandering Spirits can also be sealed by others with the knowledge of how to do so. Sealing them within objects, special dimensions or outright into other people are within the realm of feasibility for instance. Those with a holy affinity can also purge these spirits and put them on the soul cycle to be either reincarnated. The opposite can be said of those with a satanic element and they can be sent back to hell by some demons. Iramasha are usually the ones who perform this.

Any attack that can affect spiritual beings can affect Wandering Spirits as well. So any character who is able to do this can kill a Phantom and potentially perform the "True Death" because their bare soul is exposed without much resistance. There is a 1/4 chances of that happening because they stop existing altogether, and, if killed by a Quincy, this increases to 3/4. In other cases, they can be sent straight to hell or reincarnated.

Phantoms are also capable of being brought back to life by someone who is able to necromance them. Such as those with Death Energy and have a skill of mastery or grand master with it. This is provided, however, their body is still whole. It also implies that the Phantom must still be wandering for this to work. If this method does turn out to be successful, though, there are still complications that can occur with their powers and a period of time where they are more prone to dying over. This is because their spirit must accept their former body once more and harmonize with it. So results will often vary. There is a 1/4 chance that they can retrieve their full power back; but often with issues or requiring a long duration of time for it to gradually return. More often than not they'll be summoned back with half of their power or tier and there is a 2/4 chance of that often. In other cases, they can briefly be allotted life only to die again and there is a 1/4 chance of that occurring as well.

Part 3-A: When Demon's Kill

Θ Hell: After they claimed their dominance over Hell on the Soul Cycle, demons were granted the ability to send those whom they kill into hell. Although, from the religion Khala Asthavon has spread, it has been stated that a good deal of demons do not view it as punishment like other races have. It is described to be a spiritual process to which they will find true salivation at the deepest pits of Hell with Deveta himself in the embodiment of death. Some describe it as "nirvana" and others call it "true release". Those with Death's Energy often end up sending them into the embodiment of death or the higher layers of hell. There are a total of six hundred and sixty six layers in hell. When a demon kills a spirit, it often occurs at random; but most Hell Demon's can send the spirits of who they kill to their layer.

Θ Cycle: In some cases, demons may not always send a spirit to Hell. This is because there may be other factors determining that. Such as if they kill someone who was an Angel, it would most likely result in them being sent back to Heaven. The same thing occurs with those who have pure hearts. This is due to the fact that their role in sending spirits to hell is not absolute, but can occur in some cases.

Θ Conversion: Another option that a demon has is that they can convert a person they kill into becoming one of them at death. However, they often don't have the same type of relationship or effects that turners and progenys have. This process usually corrupts their body, mind and soul after the influence of the demon is spread within them. After this point, they'll lose their powers and become morphed into a newborn demon. They often restart life completely and have their tier reduced back by a whole tier level. (so if they were 0-5, they'd be 1-5. If they were 1-5, they'd be 2-5. etc. 6 tiers would actually see a boost into 5 tier, however.)

Θ True Death: Demon's who have Death Energy, or understand the mechanics of the soul and how to break, do hold the ability to destroy the soul outright. However, there is a stigma about this type of death due to the fact that it is a very permanent solution.

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Fri Aug 22, 2014 6:40 pm

Θ General Appearance Consensus: Demons can vary in the way they appear. Some have humanoid bodies, but with demonic traits to them. Such as having wings, fangs, claws, abnormal height, horns and things of that nature. While others can take on more demonic or supernatural folklore. With the vast population and sub-races of demons, the following similarities in appearance have been made to, but not limited to: fairies, vampires, tengu, nekomata/bakeneko, orcs, zombies, hobgoblins, kappa, inugami, mermaids and so on and so forth. Profusely powerful entities, towards the 0-3 and 0-2 level, have been known to have shredded most of their organs and remain an energized body. Others are capable of becoming semi-fused with their powers or elements in the form of embodiment.

Θ Shifter Appearance: The reason why demon's have the ability to have alternative appearances are varied. One of the first illustrations for their shifter appearance purpose is that sometimes a demon's true form may be too vast to practically be in all of the time. Therefore, those with colossal figures will use a shifter form to suppress their presence before needing to use their true form for combat. In some cases, such as with demon's prior to Mana's Rule, they opted for their shifter appearance because they did not want to startle or scare other races. Sometimes, it is purely an aesthetic conflict due to some demon's not liking their true appearance and thus would prefer to craft their own ideal version of themselves.

Nevertheless, some demon's have more pride to their origins and often do not try to hide it. They let their demonic essence flow boldly and aren't afraid to show it. So the Shifter Appearance in general is something that is optional to demon kind. There are many reasons, explanations and purposes for it; so most demon's draw their own conclusions as to why they do or do not have them. Thus, these appearances have a variety of different meanings throughout demonkind.

Θ True Appearance: A Demons True Appearance is referred to as their original and unaltered appearance. This can often be influenced by a few factors. One of the first is that they can take on traits from their originators. For instance, if one of their parental figures happened to have a genetic trait such as having horns for their true appearance, than the child can their horns as well. Or they had some sort of element for fire, it is possible for features such as eye color, hair and even spiritual energy to be influenced by that and become reddened as another illustration.

Another factor that can induce change in the demons true appearance is there powers. Often times, when a demon grows in strength and begins to understand their power better, it is not uncommon for their appearance to begin shifting as they mature. So if a child had their parents influence with their appearance as a newborn, it is not unheard of for them to lose it and attain their own identity later on in life. While it is also equally heard of for a demons appearance to sometimes remain static or similar throughout their entire life.

Θ Consumption Of Demon Organs/Blood: Most types of material that comes from a demons body, if consumed, tend to have the ability to increase the strength of those who eat it. This is a secret that demons have often kept from most due to a superstition that it would cause other races to hunt them for their bodies. It has the capacity to increase strength by augmenting the body, sharpening the mind, making abilities become more potent and even feats of temporary healing are possible if their blood is drank.

These effects can vary from demon to demon. Often, the more powerful a demon, the more effective positive benefits of this consumption are. However, a being can only ingest so much of a demons essence before they begin to become ill. These effects are: complications with their powers, addiction, and , subsequently, withdrawal symptoms; hallucinations, extreme physiological pain (enough to make them stop fighting even) and a semi-bond to the person they've consumed some if too much is eaten.

Attraction, bonding and even enslavement is possible if a person eats too much of a powerful demons organic parts as well. Death is also possible in some cases due to the body being unable to handle the augmentations; regardless of how powerful a person is. Effects can last anywhere from a few hours to those on 4 or 5 tier, days for those on 3 to 2 tier and weeks for 1 and 0 tiers. It is recommended that a person only eats any part of a demon one to two times a month to avoid becoming addicted.

Demons are also capable of having this effect on themselves, but they most consume higher amounts than those outside of their own race. Therefore, this is where some stem the disapproval, stigma and uneasiness of cannibalism comes from within Demon Kind. There have been packs of demons who have been known to hunt down their own kind and they are often looked down on as scum in society by other demons. Most kingdoms even have it illegal within Demon World, and to an extent, Earth as well within the domains of Shadow Fall's rule.

Interestingly enough, this doesn't seem to apply to demons who willing allow their organs or blood to be ingested by others. Nor does this law apply to disputes between battles or wars that demons wage. Although, there is still very much a negative stigma regardless as it is considered an extreme act, even among demon kind, to eat your own.

Θ Feeding: What demons need to sustain themselves can vary from demon to demon. This is because while demons can eat traditional food like vegetables, candies, dairy and things of that nature; it is often just a secondary source of food. More often than not, the way they find true sustenance it is tethered more towards their power. In the case of Neoveta, a demon who could control energy particles, she finds that when she consumes meat and energy that her body begins to feel satisfied and thrives because of it. Whereas Mana Asthavon, The Danava of Madness and Discord, has to feed on Madness and Lunacy to prolong her existence.

Therefore, it can be inferred that their hunger often comes from their powers. Therefore, judging from body to body, most demons have poor control over this hunger or superb. On the lower end of the spectrum, some let this hunger take over and begin devouring humans; which was a mass case when World War Three started with the amount of Demon-On-Human killings that were reported. Whereas other portions of the demonic population have a great control to the point where they can go years, decades, centuries and even entire millennium's without eating. Few even have the ability to self-sustain themselves by just their energy; but this is rare.

If demon begins to go hungry, than it is possible for them to deal with it a variety of ways. Some demon's tend to become very aggressive, violent and outright homicidal if they do not get their hunger, thirst or urge to feast met. It can begin to cause aches in their body, damage to their internal energies, difficulties utilizing their powers and the potential for coma or death in some extreme cases. They'll often complain of headaches, random pains flaring across their body and further contorting of their mental health.

However, this isn't always the case. Some more powerful or intellectual demon's are capable of maintaining their composure when hungry. For them, it could be just a nagging hungry pain and nothing more. The weaker lot of demon's tend to subcome to the worse effects of this hunger; hence why the former Queen before Mana Asthavon desired to keep their kind separated from other dimensions.

Θ Aging: Demon's often have a profusely long life-span. Even the most run of the mill demon, provided they aren't killed in combat, can live for tens of thousands of centuries without much problem. Additionally, the more powerful they become, the more it is probable that their lifespan is increased. For instance, a demon on par with a seasoned Captain can have a lifespan of hundreds of thousands of years. While one who is considered a Faction Leader Class (think Yamamoto) can live upwards of millions of years or reach semi-immortal status in some cases. When they reach that, provided they aren't sickened or murdered, they can live for as long as they can sustain themselves. But that is rare.

Therefore, the concept of adulthood, childhood and infancy are quite skewed to some demon's. As, physically speaking, demon's are capable of withholding their age at a certain point. This has more to do with their ability to achieve alternative appearances and some whom have more advanced body manipulation capacities. Henceforth, most demon's do not often care for physical appearances more so than mental ones. So most of their growing is done mentally. This can be seen in the growth of emotions, intelligence, understanding of other supernatural creatures and personality changes.

For instance, a demon who was savage, brutal and overall aggressive in his youth holds the capacity to become calm, restrained and more understanding individual as time progresses. In another illustration, a demon who had lacked emotion in their earlier years can grow to achieve new states of emotion in their elder states. Such as with the case of Khala Asthavon, one of the eldest demons. Additionally, their mental growth can also be determined by how they perceive time as well. They can increase their mental capacities, if, for instance, they were stuck within a realm where time moved much slower than normal. So it is inferred, at least to most demon kind, that the eldest demon's are often the wisest due to how their brains develop over time.

However, the potential for mental deterioration also holds true the more a demon grows older. This is because complications of the mind become more problematic due to how much information can change a demon. For instance, going back to Khala Asthavon, her mind had reached the point where she had believed the entirety of existence was but a vessel of her body. She believed that it was sick and the only way to cure it was to make it whole again by killing everything in the universe due and finding salvation in her new afterlife. This was all due to her mind brainwashing itself to cope with her mental trauma. Although some can reach this extreme, it is an example of how far the corruption of the demonic mind can occur if it is not checked.

And while this isn't always the case, the older the demon, the more plausible it becomes to where they have a more controlled sense of their body and powers. This doesn't always translate into a stronger energy, although that is possible in rare cases. It generally means that the full extent of their potential can take time to learn and develop. As demon's age, they become more adept at controlling their abilities. So a one hundred year old demon who has the power of a Captain can have less control, mastery and understanding of their powers when compared to a one thousand year old demon who is at Vice Captain Class. That is why knowledge is often a sought out trait the more a demon grows.

Part 5: Psychology & Sociology

Θ Emotional States: Demons are noted to experience emotions at different frequencies when compared to other more humane races. Their emotions tend to be more amplified and heightened to the point where some races cannot comprehend their actions, motives or intentions at times. While, in the reverse, there is another noticeable portion of demons who seem to have emotions that are far less intense than humans. And that isn't to say that there are demons who have a healthy balance and control over their mentality, but it is to say that these are very noticeable traits in demons.

Due to this emotional disturbance, demons are capable of crafting very acute and diverse personalities. For intense, there are some on the higher emotional spectrum who seem to be capable of extreme compassion, affection and lust. Almost to the point where it can be considered disturbing, unwanted or even downright sadistic depending on how it is perceived by the demon and the person they attach themselves to. While those on the lower end of the spectrum are very capable of lacking feelings of remorse and have no qualms with killing, breaking the law or any actions that would be considered anti-social. Both of these traits also seem to spawn a rather high murder rate among their kind as well if they aren't kept in check by themselves or others.

Their emotions also sometimes seem to be fixated around their powers. This is especially common among those who are Danava. For example, Mana Asthavon says she has felt compelled by her instincts as the Danava of Chaos and Discord to invoke destruction, lunacy and chaos in the world; but also absolve it by being the vessel that drains insanity from others, feeding on carnage and balancing it out by allotting how much chaos is injected into the world. As she stated that she does not wish the destruction of Earth, but needs a certain quota met.

So it can inferred, even in more traditional demons, that conflict in their personalities can sometimes occur with their powers; while some often try to live by the standards that their abilities grant them. Such as elementals often tending to inhabit areas where their element is common, or those who relied more on their physical strengths tend to gravitate towards more jungle or barren areas. They can also often feel semblances of peace, relaxation and comfort when in their element. So it can also be inferred that perhaps discomfort or adverse emotional reactions can occur for something that is the antitheist of their power. While they tend to view those share similarities to their own power in a positive, intrigued or affectionate light.

It can also be determined that perhaps changes in their emotional states and personality may occur if they somehow lost their power. As some demons have been noted as finding their identity in where their strengths, powers and abilities lay. So in some demons, traumatic damage to their psyche has been noted when their powers are otherwise tampered with, damaged or destroyed. Although, this doesn't occur in all demons, it is noticeable enough to be documented.

Θ Demon-On-Demon Killing: When it comes to killing their own kind, there can be varied beliefs on it. One of the first is that demons may believe that it is okay to kill one who shares demonic origins because they have somehow became their enemy, wronged them or otherwise provoked the response. There are others who try to outright make it illegal, immoral and disgusting to kill their own kind. This is a similar fashion to how humans treat themselves when they deal with a murderer. And then there are those who actually have no qualms with killing however many of their own kind as they please. As cannibalism, criminals and murderers all exist within the demon population. So it can be inferred that while demon on demon killing occurs, most often try to avoid it or restrain themselves from killing without justification.

Θ Religion: Some demons have been known to follow the religion of their supposed Demon God. This often deals with releasing spirits to Hell because of their place on the Soul Cycle. They also often find release in death, provided it isn't the True Death. This is because the final layer of hell is suppose to hold Nirvana for those who seek it out and Hell is not often seen as a punishment to many demons; but a transition instead. There have even been some demons who followed "The Shadow Thrones" rule and formed a suicidal cult during their massive assault on the Soul Society. This sacrificed of millions of demons was made to free Deveta from hell, unlock the key to hell, reclaim their position as the rulers of Hell and to infuse Hell back into Demon World.

Therefore, it can be assumed that demons who are apart of this religion often have very powerful faith in their "God". So although non religious demons are unnerved by such killing, it seems to be begrudgingly accepted by Demon World. There have also been the creation of many "churches" or places of worship where they tend to place their loyalties, faith and praise to The Demon God across various locations on Earth and within Demon World; few being seen in Hueco Mundo.

Θ Relationship To Each Other: Demons can have varied relationships with one another. There are some that automatically have a unity with one another due to being one in the same. However, there are others that view themselves separated from the race and do not associate with others. There can be packs of demons that band together, or those that prefer to live life on their own. A noticeable portion of demons often look out for their own. While there are also those that look out for the betterment of their entire race. Some demons are very apathetic towards their race and don't seem to care one way or the other.

For the most part, they seem to listen more to power than anything else with their own. This is shown by how much either acknowledge Shadow Fall as the law of demons or will not recognize its rule, but will try to maintain neutrality if possible to avoid unneeded conflict. Most demeon communities also seem to have virtually no forms of homosexuality, racism among their own sub-races and seem to be able to, more often than not, live almost harmoniously with each other -- as much as realistically possible. There is still crime, war and the sort; but nothing like on Earth.

Θ Relationship To Sugiura: Demons don't seem to interact too much one way or the other with Sugiura. For the most part, they leave them alone and have no real conflict with them. So the majority of demons have a neutral viewpoint on them. This is more than likely due to the fact that they believe the sugiura often keep to themselves and don't bother other dimensions. So there really isn't much knowledge or familiarity for demons to get a real vocal opinion on.

Θ Relationship To Pluses: As far as Pluses go, demons do not appear to have any sort of real conflict with them. However, some have been known to either convert them to their own or send them to hell. This is because some will often try to live up to their place on the Soul Cycle, or do it out of a religious reason for their godling. So it can be inferred that demons may also do this to others they kill.

Θ Familiar Relations: This often refers to whenever s a demon is able to create their own familiar from their power or body. When it comes to demons and their familiars, there can be a varied set of viewpoints on them. There are some demons who will often treat them as slaves, servants and otherwise force them to do their bidding against their will. While there are others who will often treat them as if they are sentient in their own right. There are demons that even treat them as if they are friends, family and even lovers in more bizarre instances.

Θ Relationship To Ziamichi: Demons aren't entirely sure how they feel about Ziamichi. It can be suggested that the feelings on them can be mixed as there isn't a concise opinion among any majority or minority with demons. This is because Ziamichi's in general are a very wide and diverse race with too many complexities to account for. Henceforth, it can also be assumed that relationships with Ziamichis can be a mixture of established relationships demons have with other races. Although, those with demon blood within them are often accepted or tolerated by demons.

Θ Relationship to Iramasha: When it comes to Iramasha, a sizeable portion of demons seem to have a grudge against them. This is because there have been constant conflicts in the past between these two races. Therefore, they can be considered more hostile towards this race. In fact, some seem to dislike Devil Iramasha even more because of their stance with the Angel Iramasha. Some have described this feeling as betrayal; similar to when a demon breaks a bond with one another. Others have a neutral viewpoint of Iramasha, but are more leery of Angel Iramasha out of instinct. Since, after all, they are both each others antithesis and can sicken each other with their demonic and angelic energies. Despite this, though, most demons don't see to pay much attention to Nature Iramasha. This is because they are a rather new sub-race of Iramasha that demons feel are similar to Danava in a way. Therefore, they appear to tolerate them much more than regular Iramasha. And, to a lesser extent, the same can be applied to General Iramasha before they evolve into Angel, Devils or Hybrids.

Θ Relationship To Shinigami & Vizards: When it comes to Shinigami and Demon, the relationship between these races can be varied. Since each of the races seem to be counters to each other, there can be an unspoken hostility between the two. That is because a Zanpakutō can cleanse a Demon if killed, whereas a demon can send a spirit to hell or taint those they kill into becoming them. So while they haven't outright declared a war against Shinigami Kind, many often do not like them and the same can be said of Shinigami. Thus, they'll often either avoid, kill or grudgingly tolerate them depending on the demon in question.

Of course, to prevent another Quincy War, there have been diplomatic talks to at least prevent large-scale wars between the two. Captain Iriko, the current Commander of the Gotei 13, seems to have condoned going directly after the demons. And likewise, the Shadow Throne of Shadow Fall seems to have backed off from her plans to destroy the Gotei 13 and Soul Society after their understanding. However, there are still obvious tensions among both groups and radicals who often kill portions of one anothers population out of retaliation and vengeance.

There are also sects of The Demon Population that feel Shinigami and Demons can coexist if they understand each others differences and similarities. So it is possible for Shinigami and Demons to befriend one another in some cases. Additionally, there are other demons simply don't care one way or the other about them. As there are noticeable portions of the demonic population that seem to fail to see racial barriers and can make up a sizeable portion of demons. Even those within Shadow Fall have often stated that they will not attack the Gotei 13 unless they have assaulted lands they rule over. And Mana Asthavon is said to have adjusted her feeding habits to accommodate them. As causing a mass extinction event within the territories they claim isn't within the Gotei 13's or Shadow Fall's interest.

As for Vizards? Demons are rather perplexed on them. Opinions vary from accepting them due to the hollow blood, to outright considering them apart of the enemy for those who hate Shinigami. While more accepting demons tend to also believe they can exist together as well.

Θ Relationship To Humans, Quincy & Their Subraces: Demons have varying opinions when it comes to humans. For the most part, there is a large segment of the population that believe humans and demons can coexist as equals. This is because they tend to not have too much interest in racism their own societies. In fact, many demons often feel that you are powerful enough to endure living in their realm, than you do have the right to live there. So it can be implied, that to an extent, demons yield more to power than anything else. As they often have disputes more so over territories, cultural differences and differences in strength than anything else.

There are also different segments of the population that find humans fascinating because they have heard so many stories about them, but some demons do not end up leaving Demon World. So there can be an allure to them with all the talk about them. The Demon Queen herself has publicly even addressed the fact that she doesn't look down on humans and often finds them fascinating. So it can be determined that some demons can find humans intriguing because they view them as source of entertainment.

However, there some portions of the demon population that DO believe that they are superior and have a right to rule over humans. This is because they view themselves as one of the eldest races and predate humans. And since their "God" was birthed in their own realm, they do have some claim over it to do as they please. As prior to the civilization of humans, demons did use to be able to freely populate the earth until changes were made with the presence of humans by former rules of Demon King's and Queens over millions of years. Granted, there are other factions within demons that often think these people are just full of it and don't believe in racial superiority.

Nevertheless, others outright just prefer to dominate and rule over humans as slaves or servants due to the conflict in their aggressive personalities. So some have nothing to do with that line of belief and want to do so simply because they can. So there was a counter response, to an extent, where other portions of the demonic population have actually sought to protect humans. These aren't as vocal as the current generation of modern demons, but there are demons try to maintain the balance between the two races.

Despite these few groups, there is also a sizeable majority who don't care about humans in any sort of capacity. This is because demons often tend to change themselves and other races either on their character or power. So some demons even view them as the same type of creatures they are as they don't care for racial barriers.

As far as individual relationships with humans go? They can vary between demon to demon. They can befriend humans if they are able to get past their differences; whereas some will never even consider the thought of it. And demons have been known to mate with humans, so it can be inferred that the capacity to love them is indeed there. Although purist demons, ones who believe in demon purity, may look down on them with scorn. And a similar effect can be seen in human world to an extent by those who are human purist.

Demons also seem to have an odd relationship with Quincy. Due to how extensively they fought against the Soul Society, there seems to be an peculiar form of respect for them. This further compiled on the way they view the true death that Quincy are able to perform and consider them closer to their own kind than any other sub-race of humans. Some have even gone to the extent to either fear or avoid Quincy; while others sometimes outright fight them for the thrill of the challenge.

So it can be implied that Quincy's are the most favored race of humans by far for demons. Even The Demon Queen herself has expressed an interest to maintain neutral to ally-like relationships between demons and the Quincy factions. So demons who often try to start conflict between the races are looked down disfavorably.

Θ Relationship To Arrancar/Hollow: This race is considered the brethren of demons at this point. With the unity of The Hollow and Demon Queen, the impact of their relations seems to have shifted towards being comrades. They can often be seen working alongside each other on Earth, Hueco Mundo, Demon World and even in Hell itself. So demons have a very favorable opinion of Hollow and Arrancar for the most part and feel comfortable around them.

Of course, not all party members between these races have the same feelings. There are portions of both races that feel uneasy about the whole ordeal going on with their supposed unity. Some small minorities in their populations do believe in racial separation. This is because the more aggressive types of each of their races tend to view themselves as superior over the other; similar to the way some portions of the demon population believe they are above humans. So there have been reports of slight tensions, but the majorities of each race seem to accept it.

Part 6: Weaknesses

Θ Lack Of Sleep: Despite the fact that demons can go prolonged periods without sleep, reaching into months or years, they do seem to recover while in hibernated states. Therefore, lack of sleep can lead to a demon feeling: sluggish, fatigued, disorientated, intoxicated, hallucinating, extreme shifts in emotion, body aches and complications with powers from time to time. Demons are also noted to go into hibernation states after a near-death battle to recover for extended periods of time ranging from a full day, to weeks and months or years in some cases. This is because their bodies heal at accelerated or slow rates; depending on their level of power or individual abilities themselves. So it can also be implicit that the more intense a battle, the more rest a demon will often need.

Θ Post Release Trauma: Some demons can often reach a breaking point when their releases are broken. If this occurs in a demon, and it does not happen in all, there have been some that been noted as becoming very suicidal or homicidal. Others tend to appear to lose all interest in life in general and seem like shells for a period of time that can range from a few hours, to days, weeks, months or even years in some cases. There can be personality shifts and general apathy as well during this period. They'll often complain of nightmares, mental pains, extreme depression, increased aggression, increased appetite, decreased or increased amounts of sleep, hallucinations or general lack of energy mentally; rarely physically or spiritual.

Θ Excess Feeding: If a demon happens to feast upon their livelihood in excess amounts, there is damage that can be done to their body. On the lighter end of the spectrum, they can experience effects similar to: intoxication, euphoria, confusion and extreme changes in psychological, emotional or mental states. On the more critical end, it is possible for them to cause long-term damage to their body, complications with their power, further mental damage and the potential for coma or death. So most demons often try to monitor how much they eat so they do not consume too little or too much.

Θ Starvation: As stated in the feeding section, it is possible for some demons to starve to death if they do not get the sustenance they need. However, unlike humans, this takes a much longer period to occur. Demons can often last anywhere from weeks to months without eating their primary source of food. Stronger demons can even last upwards of numerous years to decades without feasting. However, they will become weakened during these states of starvation. They'll see reduction in the potency their abilities, potential changes in personality, regression to more primal aggression in some cases, fainting spells, irritability, lightheadedness, general weakness and the potential for coma or death in extreme cases. This can usually be remedy'd by them eating what they need to eat to give their body nourishment.

Θ Holy Energy: Stemming from anything angelic, holy or sacred in nature; this type of force seems to be able to greatly affect the demons body. This is because demons are traditionally susceptible to divine influence like this as per their lore. Therefore, objects, weapons, magic, abilities, powers or equipment with this type of element behind it tends to cause noticeable harm to a large majority of demons. However, more powerful demons seem to be able to have a greater resistance to this influence; but it will still affect them to some degree. They are also often able to overpower inferior amounts of holy energy.

Some side effects of coming into contact with holy energy for demons are, but not limited to: burning sensations, physiological pain, melting of body parts, paralysis, body pains/aches, vomiting, blindness, deaf, disorientation, confusion, complications with powers/abilities, fainting, coma and death when exposed to it in either prolonged periods OR in weakened states. These effects can occur one at a time, but it is rare for them to occur all at once or for at least not one factor to be included in the effect on their body. It is also equally rare for these side effects to occur all at once.

There are also exceptions to this rule. For example, Danava that are embodiments of holy, spiritual or pure concepts are noted to be able to be unaffected from holy energy. At least, outside of just taking damage from it as if it were the traditional energy blast or cero; or whatever ability the holy energy in question was attached to. And demons that are as or near as old as The Demon God and Goddess seem to be unaffected much by this weakness. Khala Asthavon is said to have even ingested portions of "The Truth", the creator of angels, within herself and bathe herself in his influence within the Garden of Gods. And those with its influence seem to have an even higher resistance; as shown with The Demon Queen and demons who become marked by Khala Asthavon. Although they do not have total immunity from it as Khala and Deveta do; nor is their resistance on par with "holy" Danava.

Θ Exorcism: This often refers to the process of purifying a demon. As stated earlier, it is possible for a demon to become purified by a Zanpakutō when they are killed. So this can imply that other purification type abilities, tools, equipment or powers can have similar effects. If purified, demons can see the potency of their attacks reduced, increased injury to their body and potential psychological changes if the exorcism reaches more advanced stages due to their demon physiology temporarily being changed or altered.

If fully purified, then they will often revert to a human, Iramashsa, Plus or Shinigami. However, full purification often does not occur unless the demon is on the verge of death, weakened or is killed. Additionally, as with holy energy, more powerful demons do have resistance to this. So it is rare for that to occur unless they allow for it to happen. This is often considered a "brutal death" in the sense the demon loses all ties to its family and heritage. As some families are even known to abandon the demon once it is purified; but this isn't always the case.

Nevertheless, Exorcism seems to be the second best weakness to demons. It is also noted to often be used on those possessed by Phantoms.

Θ Deictic Death & Injury: Not all demons have this weakness, but this refers more to demons who become the embodiment of their powers. When it comes to these creatures it is possible for them to suffer injury, complications with their powers, conflict in their psyches or even death if something manages to otherwise refute the belief in their power. For instance, Danava themselves are known to change into different conceptual creatures altogether if they come to a pass in their mentality. This can result in the changing of their powers, the death of their concept or damaging of their abilities.

And although not publicly known, even Deveta and Khala Asthavon seem bound by this. As, in their illustration, the fact that Khala had realized she was violating her own religion had caused a profound change to herself and a heavy amount of damage to her body. To the point where she was unable reform portions of herself for a prolonged period of time; despite having the power to originally perform high-speed regeneration.

So this can infer that demons are susceptible to belief to an extent. Being that demons tend to forge immense bonds with their powers, it can also be implied that those who meet their antithesis or weakness can face more critical damage than normal. For instance, someone who had bounded with the power of fire, but gets attacked by water can become increasingly more prone to power complications, injuries, mental pain and becoming stunned.

However, depending on the differences in strength between the power in question, the stronger a demon becomes, the more resistant they are to this. Such as when Mana Asthavon was able to endure the powers of orders attempting to force her body to comply. In this example, being that she is a chaotic entity, there was far too much madness and disorder for her to be subjugated. In other cases, stalemates can occur with this weakness. As, going back to Mana, order cannot exist without disorder. Thus, it can also be said that demons can try and fight back against this weakness by either proving their stance or becoming strong enough to have a tolerance for it.

Additional notes that can be added is that demons do seem to have personality changes when their powers are attacked, but the extent of it can be vary greatly from demon to demon depending on how attached to it they are. Some may even have no effect when their powers are sealed, while some can become entirely traumatized by it.

Part 7: Strengths

Θ Shadows & Nocturnal Boost: Demons have been noted to be at their strongest whenever they are in the shadows or night. They can see augmentation boost of two times when fighting under any planet or dimensions night, when placed under a moon or within the shadows. These can increase their senses, powers, strength, speed and overall endurance. So most consider fighting demons extremely difficult in these conditions and often avoid trying to combat them at night. And even if they are teleported away from the environment, the effects can linger for upwards of two to three post after they've been removed.

Θ Feeding On Their Element/Primary Source Of Nourishment: Within moderated doses, demons are known to become enhanced, to an extent, by their element. For instance, Mana Asthavon is able to become empowered when she eats ample amounts of Madness, Chaos or Insanity within an area. If too much is consumed, however, complications can occur with powers. These can range from: temporary disuse of their power, becoming damaged spiritually, excessive bleeding, psychological pains and death in rare cases. There is also a limited healing factor, but this often only occurs during the first feeding of the day. So most demons in combat are known to save their feast for later in combat to assist them.

Θ Environmental Advantage: It is not uncommon for demons to have some form of enhancement while within their powers element or nature. For instance, if a demon who had the power to manipulate water were to fight on an ocean they'd naturally be inclined to become more powerful while near that element. However, this doesn't apply to their racials, will power (unless it is connected to it) or general racials. Instead, it just boosts the potency of the power itself and whatever abilities are attached to it. Demons also seem more naturally in tune with the space and land itself when they are within their element.

Θ Hell: It is common knowledge that demons are also considered to be at a peak when they are around elements of Hell. The miasma of hell, energy from it and land masses can give them enhancements with their powers. Therefore, many people attempt to exorcise, purify or otherwise null it with holy energy to try and weaken this advantage they have. Once it is cleansed, the demons will often notice an almost instant drop from their augmentation. Although, those on the 1 and 0 tier side seem to be able to retain for it one or two post. This effects it has on demons explained more in their racial abilities:

Θ Demon World: Due to the miasma and home terrority advantage, demons are presumed to have a further enhancement when they fight within their homeworld. However, this is more along the lines of their magic and powers becoming more potent due to their connection to Za Koa being more direct.So those with magical affinities will often see dramatic gains in their magic, while those who more suited towards physical combat see peak performance in their body with Demon World's miasma. It is also possible for the benefits of Hell to enhance from its original two times increase and evolve into a three or four times increase because of it being infused into Demon WOrld. This fact is also what seems to drive out other races from necessarily invading them. It is often considered insane to fight a demon in their own home world.

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