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 Trapped, the Flower of Innocence [[CLOSED NEVIAH THREAD]]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Trapped, the Flower of Innocence [[CLOSED NEVIAH THREAD]]   Trapped, the Flower of Innocence [[CLOSED NEVIAH THREAD]] EmptySat Aug 23, 2014 5:33 am

Song Name: Unravel - Artist: Ling Tosite Sigure - Word Count: 9958




'How did this happen... Why me? Why?!"

A barren wasteland lay before a maiden, draped in torn and dirtied clothes as she kept herself in silence. The hollow wind would blow around her, but not dare come in contact with the being that was trapped within her own world. As she laid on her back, face to the sky, her eyes were shut and nothing could be read from the emotionless woman who appeared in a trance. Before her, laying at her feet, were three blades stabbed into the ground. Two were Wakizashis, one was made of a crystal clear glass that was as sharp and durable as diamonds, and the other was a natural style without a guard and engraved into the blade stated "Non-Existent". In between the two Wakizashi, there was one that was a standard Katana, and had a beautiful red ribbon coming from the bottom of the handle. All three blades, facing towards the girl with torn and dirty white clothing, as she laid there in solitary. The world around her was dead, and there was nothing to come from it as the world held nothing but forgotten Memories, and happened to be the home of a race that was never meant to exist. It was none other, than the Valley of Screams.

Not a moment would pass too long in this dead silence, before it was broken with a loud explosion. The Girl wasn't even phased, as she continued to lay on the ground in solitude. Coming from the explosions, emerged 5000 blanks, ready to take down the lone girl that was trapped within their world. It was believed that there were two beings that were capable of controlling the Blank hordes, but both of those individuals were gone, leaving no one to control them, let alone the one female that happened to be stuck in there with all of them. They ceased to hesitate, as Blanks were just mindless peons used for energy. They didn't understand strategy or anything of the sort, their only mission was to kill as a horde. As they all closed in on the single location of the girl, she proceeded to stand up, eyes still closed and not even attempting to grab the blades before her as a means of defense. Instead, she took a simple stance that made her body appear sturdy. She was becoming one with the ground she stood upon and adapting to the fact she was surrounded by five thousand blanks that wanted to dismantle her very being and use it for reasons she did not know. All this girl knew, was that she had to survive. The Memories of the ones before her were now within her mind, and from that information, she had to survive using any methods possible.


Bellowing out a loud yell, the woman released a burst of energy that was comparable to the Former Memory Rosary of Life, Ceon Clixx-Kimura, as she proceeded to throw her fist to the ground and cause a huge explosion. The Blank attacking force seemed to have disappeared just as fast as they appeared as when the smoke cleared, all that stood was the girl in the tattered and dirtied clothing. Breathing softly, in and out, she kept her head down as the surge of memories continued to course through her mind. The Memories of her Mother, Father, and Aunt once again and even their final moments. Moments that would forever be locked within her mind that she cannot ever disband. As the smoke settled and the debris made it’s place upon the barren wasteland that is the Valley of Screams, the three bladed weapons remained untouched within the ground as the girl turned her head to get a glimpse at all three. A slight sense of distrust and hatred could be felt as she look onto them, almost wishing she had never seen or touched any of the three cursed weapons that only wished to be a part of her. Slowly turning to face them, she stood firm, fists to her side as she kept her eyes hidden under her bangs. She wanted to bellow out in anger and yell her frustration at the inanimate objects, but before even remotely having the opportunity to vent her anger, a sinister voice entered her mind to interrupt her train of thought…

”Aww, Poor little Neviah~ Has Innocence forsaken you once again?”

Quickly looking up to no longer hide her eyes from sight, the dirty and forsaken girl, Neviah Clixx-Kimura, Memory Rosary of Innocence and Daughter of Ceon Clixx-Kimura and Senna Clixx-Kimura, was now looking upon a reflection of herself standing just beyond the three bladed weapons within the ground before her. Neviah’s expression of anger took over as her fists tightened to actually break the skin within the palms of her hands, forcing the young maidens blood to pour down and stain herself with more than just dirt and sweat. The Mirrored Neviah before her had hair as black as the empty cosmos overseeing the Terran planet and eyes a very dark forest green. She was the opposite of the Neviah most everyone knew, and she was the Dark Ego known as Malice that hides within Neviah’s mind. Neviah has always tried to keep Malice from taking over, as Malice has taken over once before in her fight against Unohana, but after experiencing the pain that was involved with the Ego’s, Neviah tried her best from submitting to the power that is Malice. So instead of letting into Malice, Neviah was instead having psychotic breakdowns from being alone for so long, and while also being malnourished, she was hallucinating that her Ego had manifested and was now before her.

The Dark Ego, Malice was just smiling as she wore the same clothing as Neviah, and was even all torn and dirtied, however her skin was still as white and pure, as if never touched. Her black hair flowed just like the Innocence Neviah’s white hair, and the two stared each other down. The Dark Neviah smiling while the Light Neviah trying to steady her emotions, knowing that if she was to give in, Malice will take control.

”You’re stuck here because you’ve decided to go against Blood Queen. You know exactly what you are, the history of the Gods, and yet you still think the path you choose is the right one? Your Mother and Father are dead now, and that leaves only you and your little cousin. OH! But don’t worry, I’m sure Blood Queen will take her into her power soon enou--”

Before the Neviah of Malice could finish her verbal attack on the mentally disgruntled Innocence Neviah, the Light Neviah leaped from her position to grab two of the blades within the ground, Kaizaken and Serenity/Insidious, the two Wakizashi, and proceeded to thrust them at the Malice Neviah with the blades aiming for her torso. The Light Neviah had a light stream of tears flowing down her cheeks as her eyes showed the intent to kill, a passage of the Dark Arts that was given to her by her Father. The land appeared as if it was going to hit, but the two Wakizashi instead collided with another bladed weapon, as the Light Neviah looked at her opponent now holding a dagger that appeared just like Blood Queen’s dagger. The Dark Neviah managed to parry both the blades with just one dagger, the very Dagger that was not even supposed to be within the Valley. How was it possible that a hallucination that was Neviah’s Malice would be holding the very weapon that rivaled the power of Mirokumaru? Simple, this was all a hallucination to begin with. But instead of hearing the cries from Kaizaken, Insidious, Serenity, or Mirokumaru to snap out of the hallucination, Neviah ended up falling to her Emotions, with the desire to kill the Malice within her. The Malice was something she couldn’t live without sadly, as it was the Ego, and the Ego was a part that made up the Memory Rosaries. Even though Neviah wanted to kill off the darkness within her heart, she had to understand that the Rosaries had a dark side that conformed to the Darkness of Blood Queen, while the other side was the light that supports Mirokumaru.

Quickly reacting from the parry, Neviah twisted her torso, creating momentum and quickly attempting a slash across the Dark Neviah’s mid section. Of course, since Neviah was holding Kaizaken, her speed was now off the charts, meaning that she would be remarkably faster, seeing as Blood Queen was more about power than speed. Of course, the attack connected, and the torso of the Dark Neviah was slashed in half. Thinking it was over for a moment, the Innocence Neviah looked to catch a glimpse of the expression beholding the Malice Neviah, and to her surprise, it was a dark and daunting smile. This obviously wasn’t the first time that Malice attempted to persuade and manipulate the Innocent version of Neviah. This was actually her 37th attempt in the past 4 Months. Neviah originally fought back with words and non-violent ways, but eventually she got fed up with the bullshit, and straight assassinated the Dark Neviah every time she appeared, not wanting to hear a single word from the Malice that dwelled within her mind.

”You really are foolish Innocence. You’re just like Benki and Insidious. Just traitors running from your fate…”

And before the torso of the Dark Neviah landed on the ground before her, the hallucination exploded, forcing the Light Neviah to lunge back in her defense, and before her was another army of Blanks, ready for their assault on the exhausted girl.


No words left the lips of the girl as she threw the blades of Serenity and Insidious, as well as Kaizaken back into the ground next to Mirokumaru. She proceeded to take a martial stance to fight off the Blanks, almost wanting no help from the Gods within the Blades to get herself free of the curse she was born in. She was angry with them for withholding so much information about the origins of the Rosaries, why they were even brought into existence, any why her Mother and Father had to die. She wanted them to disappear, and from that anger, she turned it into power, as she let it out and launched another assault upon the attacking Blank Forces.

She showed no mercy, attacking head on, and ripping them in half with just her hands. Removing limbs and even using one to beat another one with, Neviah was being merciless, as if giving into the Malice within her slowly just to vent the anger within her heart for the truth slowly being revealed. It wasn’t fair, it wasn’t fair at all as to why Neviah had to be all that was left, and how the powers of those before her had to be bestowed upon her. It all wasn’t fair and Neviah never wanted these powers. She never wanted to lose those closest to her heart just to gain the two other gods of power bestowed to the Memory Rosaries. Neviah just wanted to go home, have something to eat for once, and to rest. She wanted to see Yui-chan, Unohana, Eliah, Uncle Radioactive, and her Mother and Father again, but to her knowledge, she was stuck in the Valley forever while Blood Queen proceeded one step closer to the child of Claire Clixx to take her in, and abuse her to destroy existence. Like a mouse trapped within a cage till it died Neviah was stuck, but she wouldn’t give up that easily.

From Neviah’s time in the Valley, she had to retrieve all three of the Zanpaktou herself, and as she did, she adapted to their power, and learned more about her origin. She learned that the Valley was something great once before, and that she also had more family out there. Neviah’s transition into this new Neviah took place over the 6 Months she spent in the Valley.




Six Months ago, she was pulled from her home in the Soul Society and dropped off into the Valley and instantly attacked by the Blanks without warning. Proceeding to defend herself and liberate herself from the assaulting force, Neviah stood alone in the Valley confused as to where she was and why she was even there. Upon defending herself for 40 minutes of her entrance into the Valley, Neviah finished off the first wave of Blanks and then proceeded to slowly crumble under her own despair. She was alone within the Valley, as she had no Serenity or Insidious to guide her, and she was alone without help. She couldn’t even control dimensions, thus she was stuck within the Valley without even knowing how to survive without food or water. Of course, the water part wasn’t hard since Neviah knew how to control the Aura of the Shamans after all, thus she could create water at any point needed, but the food part she didn’t know what to do. Taking a moment to concentrate on her surroundings, Neviah discovered that the Valley had plenty of Reshi pockets spread out within the Valley. Of course, being a Medical expert first, Neviah would be able to perform Kido to turn some of the reshi into nourishment for her body, thus allowing her sustainment, but it won’t last forever, thus Neviah had to ration off whatever she could collect.

Within Neviah’s first 3 days within the Valley, Neviah didn’t know if she would ever be saved. She traveled the Valley alone, exploring the landscape, trying to gain some sort of understanding of where she was, while occasionally fighting off the attacking forces of Blanks. While traveling, trying to gather herself and her situation, she began to hear a voice. The voice was familiar, but broken. It sounded like Serenity was calling out to her, and she needed to find her! Neviah needed to find Serenity and Insidious in hopes that they might understand what is going on and Neviah could perhaps get some clarity into the situation she is in. As Neviah explored deeper into the Valley, she could hear Serenities cries for her becoming clearer as she approached in the correct direction. After exploring roughly 8 miles of land in search of Serenities cries, Neviah finally spotted a glass like blade buried slightly underground. Yelling out Serenities name, Neviah hurried over to the buried weapon and the second she touched the covered Wakizashi, she was instantly taken from the Valley of Screams and taken into the world of her Zanpaktou. Standing atop the water and looking into the two worlds, Neviah was in a state of shock. The side of Serenity that represents life and supposed to bloom with peace was now a dreaded wasteland, whereas Insidious’ side of death and decay was now just black. It was as if there was instability and the balance of their world was taken from them. It would explain why Neviah could only her Serenities voice instead of both her and Insidious. It was as if Insidious has taken over, but Insidious wasn’t even there. Where was Insidious?

”Serenity, what happened? Where is Insidious?”

Serenity was in the middle of her destroyed world, crying in sadness as she didn’t know what to do, but Neviah had a feeling that Serenity knew what was going on, so Neviah patiently waited for Serenity to calm down in which to convey her information. After a moment to collect herself, Serenity didn’t spill much, but enough to understand that something deeper was going on with why Neviah was trapped within the Valley.

”Insidious is gone. I cannot tell you why, but it’s part reason as to why we’re stuck here. B-before I can say more, we must find Kaizaken and Mirokumaru!”

When Serenity told Neviah to find Kaizaken and Mirokumaru, Neviah was confused. Those two were the weapons of her Mother and Father. Why would she need to find them? Aren’t they with her family instead? Neviah asked Serenity to clarify, but Serenity instead booted Neviah from their world of disarray and back into the Valley. Neviah stared at her glass Wakizashi in confusion of what was going on, but perhaps if Neviah does find Kaizaken and Mirokumaru, she will learn more of what is going on.

For the next week, Neviah searched for Kaizaken and Mirokumaru, while fighting off blanks and sustaining herself with Reshi packets around the valley, and producing water to survive with. It was harsh, but she was hanging in there and keeping herself alive through this challenge. After the week has passed, Neviah began to hear a voice. It had to be Kaizaken since it sounded male, but it was broken. From the voice, Neviah had to determine she was going in roughly the right direction, but she had to continue her search for the Wakizashi that says “Non-Existent” on its blade. Finally after searching for a while, Neviah spotted the weapon lodged into the side of a trench. Making her way to the Wakizashi that belonged to her Father, she was confused as to why Kaizaken was alone. Where was her father Ceon, and why weren’t they together? Perhaps she should just retrieve the blade and bring it to her Father? That seemed like a wonderful idea to Neviah as she wall jumped to the Blade, but the second her hand touched the weapon, a sudden burst of Lightning shot down from the sky above and collided with Neviah. The second it made contact, time stopped and Neviah was suddenly filled with the same energy reserves as her Father, receiving an immeasurable amount of pure energy. Taken from the Valley, Neviah was now within Kaizaken’s realm, surrounded by clouds that were no longer Golden, but instead Black. Neviah was in the fetal position within the dark clouds in extreme pain from trying to sustain the bursts of energy, as it felt like she was going to explode from the amount alone. She didn’t understand why she was getting this energy, but over head, Kaizaken watched and observed her reaction to the power she had just taken within her. What made the pain worse for Neviah was the sudden adoption of Memories she was not expecting. Neviah knows that she holds within her some of her Mother and Father’s Memories, especially after their last rebirth they all had to endure, but right now, it felt like Neviah was taking in all of her Father’s memories all of a sudden.

After an hour of suffering, and refusing to give in to the overwhelming power that was now within her, Neviah managed to bring herself to sustainment and calm herself. Proceeding to stand to look up at Kaizaken, she had so many questions to ask him, upon why Kaizaken wasn’t with Ceon, as well as why she had received his power and Memories, but before Neviah could ask any questions, Kaizaken bellowed out in a deep voice that made the clouds shake from just the tone alone.

”No questions, child of Ceon. You now behold my strength within you. For now, you need to find Mirokumaru. Once you find her, all your questions will be answered…”

And from there, Neviah was booted from Kaizaken’s world and back into the Valley. Neviah stood at the bottom of the trench where she originally spotted Kaizaken, with the blade now in hand. Neviah was starting to get frustrated with these little orders. She wasn’t being told anything, nor was getting any help at all from the problems she faces. All she knows is, she adopted all of her Father’s memories now with some blank spots, and she now had the power of Kaizaken within her. Closing her eyes to focus, Neviah began to dwell within the memories she adopted from her Father inside her mind. She was able to see many of his memories, but some things were blacked out. For example, there were no memories for the past week and a half, which wouldn’t explain if Ceon was in the Valley with her or not. Either way, it would seem that Neviah had no other choice but to find Mirokumaru and attempt to finish putting all the pieces of the puzzle together.

Now with the power of Kaizaken, Neviah realized she had her Father’s speed which was unremarkable. Proceeding to search for Mirokumaru with all her power she had obtained, Neviah used the quickness to now cover more land with less time. Not only that, but the amount of energy was so immense that Neviah could go without rations for a while in which to continue her survival! For the proceeding weeks, Neviah continued to search for Mirokumaru and try to piece together what exactly was going on. Neviah allowed herself rest from time to time, as well as time to clean herself when needed with Aura of the Shamans, all in between the constant assaults from the endless Blank forces. Through time, Neviah was learning to adapt between Kaizaken and Serenity, since Insidious wasn’t part of her Zanpaktou, which confused her, but Neviah was managing with what she had. She had all of Kaizaken’s powers unlocked right from the get go, and was able to go Shikai and even Bankai. After a while, Neviah finally decided to speed the search for Mirokumaru by using Disperse from Kaizaken to send clones of herself in different directions in which to find Mirokumaru. After 2 days of searching, Neviah was finally able to hear Mirokumaru’s voice, and she headed in the direction of the last piece of her puzzle.

Finally coming up to a rock with Mirokumaru lodged into it, Neviah was cautious to even approach the blade. Did she even want to know the truth? Did she want to risk even adopting the powers of Mirokumaru, since she was sure the same would happen just like Kaizaken did to her. If that happened, would it mean that her parents are probably dead and she just took their powers in? Neviah was reluctant to touch the blade due to the fear of possibly learning something she didn’t want to hear, but knowing she has no other choice, Neviah gently touched the handle of Mirokumaru, bracing herself for what was to come, and then it did. The Memories from her Mother began to enter her mind, just as billions upon billions of grains of sand appeared and began to circle around Neviah as her eyes filled with the cycles of life and what they contain. Life, death, all that is and will ever be began to fill her mind, as she was instantly taken from the Valley, and dropped into a world of infinite nothingness. It was white all around, and there was nothing but an infinite amount of sand grains floating in a never ending cycle with water and air surrounding them. At one end of the never ending sand cycles stood the very priestess Mirokumaru accompanied by Kaizaken, completely overtowering the entire world with his gigantic size. To the left of Mirokumaru was Serenity, and it was as if all three of them were there to begin with and the Zanpaktou’s that Neviah had picked up were just fragments of their true being. In the center of the never ending cycle, between Mirokumaru and Neviah, was a girl with black hair and she was chained up on her knees. She was silent with her eyes closed, and it was none other than Insidious, Neviah’s other Zanpaktou spirit.


Before Neviah could call out to Insidious, Mirokumaru lifted her fan in which to silence Neviah and stop her from proceeding further. Neviah looked at Mirokumaru in confusion, hoping to understand exactly what was going on here, but before Neviah could request an answer, Mirokumaru already spoke up.

”I know you’re confused child. Please bare patience with us, and all will be answered soon. I promise you this, Neviah Clixx-Kimura, that you will understand why your parents are no more…”

”... N… No more?”

Neviah was in a state of shock. She stared at Mirokumaru in confusion, not understanding what she meant by “No more” and she wanted answers. Were they just dead for a temporary time? Or were they literally no more? Neviah wanted to know, and she began to shake. Serenity, wasting no time, hurried over to the side of her friend to comfort her and take her in. Serenity held close to Neviah as she looked in despair over at Mirokumaru, almost showing the expression of demand, but once again Mirokumaru held her composure.

”Go ahead Insidious. Tell Neviah-chan why she is locked in the Valley of Screams with the rest of us…”

Neviah looked down at Insidious in confusion. What did Insidious have to do with this? Why was Insidious chained up and not even bothering to look at Neviah? Why did Mirokumaru mean by locking Neviah into the Valley? What did Mirokumaru mean by her parents being no more? By this time, Neviah couldn’t take it anymore. The memories of her Father, and now her Mother will not end till she got the answers she wanted, and she wanted them now. No more games.


Yelled Neviah with a commanding scream. Tears were beginning to roll down her cheeks as despair was slowly settling in. Mirokumaru looked over at Neviah without surprise, knowing that if the child isn’t calm, her ego might take over, and that is something none of them want. Mirokumaru had no choice but to reveal the truth to Neviah at this point, and tell her everything. Why she was trapped, who did it, what a Rosary is, the origin of the Valley, and last but not least, the War of the Garden of Eden. That’s when Mirokumaru dropped the hardest thing Neviah would ever hear in her life.

”... Neviah… Ceon Clixx-Kimura, and Senna Clixx-Kumura. Even Claire Clixx are no more. I’m sorry, but they are gone forever…”




”W… What do you mean? What… What do you mean they’re no more?”

As Neviah began to cry harder, going through the shock of the news that her parents are no more, she walked closer and closer to Mirokumaru, walking straight past Insidious while Serenity stayed where she was, hiding her tears. Kaizaken stayed above everything, looking down and staying out of what was now in Mirokumaru’s control. Neviah took one step after another, reaching out to Mirokumaru, wanting to know why. Why are her parents gone? The ones that brought life to her and raised her are no more, and she didn’t understand. Why are they all giving her their power? It didn’t make sense. Just as Neviah was within reach of Mirokumaru and reached out to her, Mirokumaru lifted her arm and closed her fan, and the tip of the fan was put into contact with Neviah’s forehead as suddenly, memories filled Neviah’s mind of the past. This past was far beyond even the last generation of Memory Rosaries, but of a time before time itself. It was in a beautiful land that was surrounded by Flowers and was brimming with life on every corner of its scape. The world was alight with spirits and joy as it would seem this was the origin of another world.

”What you’re seeing is our old home, the Garden of Eden. Today it is known as the Valley of Screams, but back in our time, it was the Garden. Home to Gods and Spirits of all kinds. It was our home for many years till she lost her mind…”

Just then, images of Blood Queen appeared as she started to wreak havoc throughout the Garden and with her legion of dark Gods and Spirits, she waged war upon the Garden and against Mirokumaru. Mirokumaru with the help of Kaizaken, Benkei, Serenity, and many others, fought against Blood Queen and her legion to defend their home, only to have it destroyed. Forced with no hand left, Mirokumaru merged the Garden of Eden with Reality and forced the spirits and Gods to become one with the Living Realms in which to preserve their lives. Because of this, Zanpaktou were created and thus, Memory Rosaries were also created by accident from a chain reaction of conflict between the Gods of the Garden of Eden. While Memory Rosaries will still disprove the theory of Gods and whatnot since they defy existence due to their malfunction, they were created on accident from a flaw between the merging of the Garden to Reality. Hence, a Rosary is made from a soul that cannot properly transition between the Living Realm to the Soul Society and become one with the former Garden of Eden.

It was when Mirokumaru and Kaizaken saw possible suitors to their cause, and enlisted the help of Senna Clixx-Kimura and Ceon Clixx-Kimura to help fight for their cause. At the same time though, Blood Queen also did the same with Claire Clixx, in which to also enter the stage and fight for her cause as well. But while these Rosaries had unspeakable power and the capabilities to even destroy existence, they were with a time limit to their powers. As seen by Neviah, their incomplete souls had a time limit due to the instabilities of their existence, and thus when time was up, they would be erased forever, and never even touch the Death realms and so on. Instead, they would become fragments of memories, and live on in their legacies. So because of that time Limit, they were taken from their immortal bodies and transitioned into Memories and spread between the souls they affected to remain for the rest of eternity. Any history of their bodies or marks would be removed due to Mirokumaru’s cycles, but only their memories will live on.

”As you see, that is the general history behind the Memory Rosary, as well as the Gods of Reality you know of today. But that doesn’t answer why you’re here, does it?”

Then the images of Insidious entered Neviah’s mind next. It showed Blood Queen with 4 maidens surrounding her. One was Benkei, Nakami Yui’s Zanpaktou spirit, and the other one Neviah recognized was Insidious, her Dark side Zanpaktou spirit. In the war that waged, Benkei switched sides to fight alongside Kaizaken and Mirokumaru, but Insidious stayed with Blood Queen since their personalities matched. Insidious fought against Serenity many times, even though they were sisters, and they played at times, but during the time of war, Insidious wanted to hurt people. She wanted to cause and inflict pain, while Serenity was all about taking that pain and protecting others. Of course, post war when Serenity and Insidious were forced to merge into one weapon to survive, they weren’t happy about it, but at the last conflict between the Rosaries, where Ceon and Senna reverted to their negative egos, Blood Queen did something to Insidious, since Insidious used to be a Maiden of Blood Queen, she was able to “Change” her. What happened was Blood Queen planted a mind control into Insidious so when the time was up for the 1st Generation, Insidious would open the Valley and lock them all inside of it. As a chain reaction, Mirokumaru and Kaizaken would have been sent to the Valley either way to select a new suitor, as for Blood Queen, but Blood Queen was planning a new target since Claire’s pregnancy, her daughter Kagami. Blood Queen wanted Kagami since she’d be capable of countering Mirokumaru’s power and with that power at her fingertips with her power of Existence Control, she would become unstoppable. There was one variable though, and that was Neviah. Neviah was a trump card that Blood Queen couldn’t risk, thus she sent Insidious to lock them all within the Valley for Eternity from the inside. And since no one else has access to the Valley, Neviah would never be able to escape.

”So you see child, it is Insidious that locked us all here for eternity. Without a key from the outside, you will never be able to see the real light of day anymore, and Blood Queen is one step closer taking Claire’s child and destroying their fabric of existence to recreate it to what she wishes.”

Mirokumaru removed her fan from Neviah’s forehead and Neviah proceeded to drop to her knees, trying to gather her thoughts from what just happened. Mirokumaru walked around Neviah and approached Insidious from behind and stood behind her, looking down on the chained up spirit before her of Discord. Mirokumaru wanted to throw her into the unstable collapse of Eternity, but wouldn’t dare do so without allowing Neviah to speak her words first. Neviah was the host for Insidious’ power, and without her last words, Neviah might not get the fill of revenge she desires…

”You’re welcome to take whatever revenge out on Insidious as you desire before I rid us of her. So go ahead child, and take your pain out on this one here…”

But what Neviah didn’t know was that this was actually a test. A test from Mirokumaru to measure her emotions and mentality to see what would Neviah do at a time like this. Neviah turned and hid her face with her hair as she approached Insidious from behind, pushing past Mirokumaru to drop to her knees, and take Insidious into her grasp, and gently hug her from behind. The shock of everything stuck everyone hard, that even Insidious revealed her face that the tears that were flowing from her face the entire time. Insidious was honestly expecting Neviah to hurt her, and to be punished, since Insidious did a terrible thing. Insidious loves Neviah and in reality would never dare wish to harm Neviah, so they had to understand that she was manipulated by Blood Queen, otherwise she wouldn’t even consider it.

”It’s okay Insidious… I understand, and I know you. You and I are one after all, are we not?”

Looking down on the two girls hugging, Mirokumaru proceeded to smile and remove the chains that locked Insidious into place from a cycle lock. Mirokumaru wanted to know what Neviah would do when confronted with the one that locked her within the Valley, and since Neviah decided to spare Insidious, Mirokumaru couldn’t help but agree. Mirokumaru knew that Insidious was manipulated, since Insidious wouldn’t dare harm Neviah. Serenity was smiling as she ran over to hug her sister Insidious and Neviah and take them in with her angel wings as if to comfort the two girls all joined together as one. Mirokumaru and Kaizaken just gave them a moment to gather themselves and the fact that now, all 5 of them are stuck within the hell that is the former Garden of Eden together. Even if Mirokumaru was to reverse their cycles, time stands still within the Valley, and thus she cannot really do much to get them out of there. So for the time being, they were left with just trying to stay alive within their hell, the Valley of Screams.

”Come Neviah. We must train and work together to survive this hell we are stuck in. As of now, you hold the power of Serenity, Insidious, Kaizaken and myself. You need to learn how to adapt to all of us now, otherwise if we do manage to survive and get back to the realm of Reality, we won’t survive long.”

Mirokumaru was expecting Neviah to cooperate, but instead Neviah already knew how to utilize their powers well enough from the memories that were taken in by her Mother and Father. Instead Neviah was quite angry with Kaizaken and Mirokumaru, as well as Serenity and Insidious from hiding all this information from her. Neviah wanted to know it from the beginning as to understand better as to what is going on, but instead she has to survive to realize that her Mother, Father, and Aunt are no more, and now that there is a child out there with Claire’s power to be taken over by Blood Queen. This made Neviah all angry and a tad emotional with the information all coming in at once, which lead Neviah to actually stand up and look at all 4 of the spirits and say the following with a bit of a stern tone…

”No… I already know of all your powers and what you all are capable of. I will survive this valley alone, without any of your help. You all took my Mother and Father, and destroyed their souls in which to better your own goals. The way I see it, you all are selfish and don’t even care about the fact that my Mother and Father are gone. I don’t need you, and so I’m done with you all. Serenity, Insidious, I’m happy to see you both well, but I cannot be around any of you all right now. I’m sorry…”

And with that, Neviah excited Mirokumaru’s world, and stepped back into the Valley of Screams. The three blades laid in order with the Wakizashi on the outside, and Mirokumaru in the center while Neviah looked out to see an amassing Blank assault once again. Neviah had the power of her Mother and Father now, and she will use their power without the Zanpaktou to survive this. Neviah was upset with Mirokumaru, Kaizaken, and the Two for not telling her the truth from the get go, and what’s worse is now that Neviah understands she has a niece.




For about 5 months, Neviah trained herself, and fought to survive the relentless and never ending Blank Assaults while within the Valley. She used her mind, body, and soul to survive as long as she could, all while ignoring help from the Zanpaktou that wished to be with her. Neviah was angry with Mirokumaru, Kaizaken, Serenity, and Insidious for lying to her and her Parents upon what they were. Neviah believed she was a real soul with just a curse, but it would seem it went deeper than that. Apparently Senna was pregnant with Neviah in their real lives before they were murdered, and when the souls of Senna, Ceon, and Claire were taken to the Soul Society, their souls were hijacked and changed against their will. Their souls were kept to 0.0001% of their original form, while the rest of their being became a physical manifestation of their memories and the memories of the gods that inhabit them. The Ego was established to either support Blood Queen with the Negative Ego, and the Positive to support Mirokumaru. Neviah wasn’t planned on even existing, but since her DNA was already created by the time Senna had transitioned, she was already set on being created, as was her cousin Kagami. Matter of fact, the creation of Neviah and Kagami wasn’t even planned and ended up becoming a trump card, hence why Kaizaken wanted Serenity and Insidious for Neviah, since they were perfect for her, and Blood Queen wanted the child of Kin Iramasha and Claire Clixx, Kagami Iramasha-Clixx. All of it was kept secret, which led to the deletion of her loved family, and what was worse, was that their final moments constantly replayed within her mind, whenever she didn’t want it to.

She remembers the last moment of her Mother and Father so well, as they were just cooking dinner within their home on Earth, on the base of Mt Fuji where they chose to live peaceful lives away from war, only to be called into duty whenever they were really needed. Ceon was done establishing and trying to contact others to ensure the peace and stability of the Realm, while Senna was cooking dinner. As Ceon went to go outside and look at the stars, he began to feel funny and didn’t understand why he felt odd. Then, while he was trying to figure out what was happening, he heard a scream from Senna. Opening the door and looking inside, Ceon saw his wife in utter shock, as her right arm was slowly disappearing and piece by piece was lighting up, to float away into the sky like sand particles. Ceon tried to move towards his wife to understand what was going on, but couldn’t move for some reason as his legs were becoming pure plasma, and no longer withheld within him, behind his skin. The plasma was diminishing as his energy reserves were beginning to disappear and leave his body.


Ceon cried out to Senna as he tried to reach out to her, and Senna did the same, calling out to Ceon and reaching for him as their bodies were slowly drifting into nothingness. Neither of them understood what was going on, but for some reason felt it was their last moments. Reaching for one another, they managed to grasp one another in the center of their home. Ceon took Senna into his chest as she proceeded to cry, and a single tear left Ceon’s eyes. They didn’t understand what was happening, but they had a feeling that they weren’t going to last much longer, and that this was their final moment to exist.

”W… What’s going to happen to us Ceon? Do you… Do you think Neviah will be okay?”

Ceon didn’t know how to answer honestly. He didn’t really know what to say to her in the end, as he didn’t know if everything would be okay, this was new to all of the Rosaries, but he didn’t want his last moments with his beloved to be a sad one. So he calmed himself, and tried to hold Senna as tight as he could as the energy he withheld kept seeping from his body.

”I don’t know Senna… I… I’m sure Neviah will be okay. We’ve raised her as best we could, and she’s become such a strong young girl. We can say that we’re proud to be her parents…”

Nodding while gripping onto Ceon as hard as she could, Senna tried to withhold herself from fully breaking down within her husbands arms. Instead, she looked up at him, and into his blue eyes she loved so much. Ceon did the same, looking down to her with his focus on the tan eyes that were so deep and beautiful that he has been attracted to for over 1200 years. Silently saying I love you to one another, they planted their lips onto one another for a brisk moment, till their bodies eventually became nothing, and disappeared forever. The Memories soon went to black, telling Neviah that it was their last memory, and it angered Neviah. Why didn’t Kaizaken or Mirokumaru tell them what was going on, or warn them? Wasn’t Senna supposed to have true sight on all Cycles? If she did, then why couldn’t she see that their time was almost up? All these questions stayed within the mind of the angry girl as she proceeded to vent all her frustration, despair, and anger on every Blank that appeared before her. She ruthlessly tore them apart, showing no mercy as she ripped through the Blank Assaults for Months. The same was said for Claire’s last moments as well, as they rang within her mind. The one thing Neviah didn’t know however, was if Kagami would have seen Claire’s last moments. Considering that Neviah had some, but not all of Claire’s last moments, it most likely meant that Kagami was still too young to completely take in the amount of memories that Claire withheld, thus Neviah was temporarily holding onto some of them. What sucked however, was that Neviah was holding the most vital and painful one, her last moment in existence.

”Kagami-chan! I picked out a wonderful onesie for you! Oh, you’ll be so adorable in it!!”

Said a very chipper and proud Claire as she happily pranced around the babies room as the infant Kagami cheered and laughed at her Mother’s happiness. Claire was so happy and excited to know she got to have one thing of happiness in her life, considering what Ashlei was going through, Claire wasn’t sure if she could really Mother her anymore. But everything was okay, since Claire finally got to have a child with the man she loved, even if she feared him while she was sane. Her sanity returned since removing Blood Queen from her, which allowed her to think clearly and sustain herself well, and what was even better was that she felt like she had a family. With Kin-sama, Sing, Ashlei, and Kagami, Claire felt complete for the first time in her life. The only part missing was her Brother, Sister-In-Law, and Niece. Without them, it didn’t seem full, and Claire wished that Kin wouldn’t be a tyrant anymore, just so they could all be a happy family together, but due to Ceon’s stubbornness, he will always see Kin as an enemy and that was why Claire would be unable to merge the families. But the thought always did occur to Claire to perhaps take Kagami and run to Ceon for sanctuary from Kin if he ever did go on a warpath again, but till then, Claire will happily try to live a life of joy and Hope with her new child.

As the night drew ever closer, Claire picked up her child and nuzzled her close, enjoying the warmth and the love that was shared between a Mother and child, as she was always jealous for Senna to experience it before her. But the wait was worth it, as this love was pure, and it was beautiful in every aspect. She held her close as they stood near the window and overlooked the land of the Kokuryuteshi realm. Of course, Claire’s church was in sight, but none dared enter it, since it was the home of the Insane Claire’s massacres. It was where she would sacrifice all living beings for Despair in the name of Blood Queen. It was indeed a dark time in her life, as she recalled the one time where she almost submitted to pure despair and imploded on herself from being away from Kin for so long. When Kin returned, it was proof that Claire, sane or insane, loved that man, and even though she would run from him in fear, she really loved every part of him in hopes that they would live in peace someday together.

As Claire held Kagami in her bosom and dwelled on the moments that took her to this time, she suddenly realized she was beginning to feel weird. Deciding to not risk dropping the child, Claire returned Kagami to her crib where she set her down softly and looked down upon her sweet and pure face with a smile. After her child was set down however, that was when it hit Claire. Her heart slowed beating and it was a pain she couldn’t bear. The beat was going slower, as blood started to flow from her eyes and ears. It wasn’t gushing, but a small stream was beginning to flow as Claire didn’t understand the pain she was going through! Was Blood Queen behind this somehow? That’s impossible since Blood Queen was trapped within the chamber that Kin kept her in to keep Claire safe from her influence, so what was happening to Claire?

Slumping over the cribs side, Claire tried to hold herself together as it felt as though she was slowly falling apart from the inside out. With all her strength she tried to keep herself in sight of Kagami, because for some reason, she felt as though this was a last moment she would ever experience. She wanted to hold the image of Kagami in her mind as long as possible, and not dare let it go. If the image of Kagami left her mind, it would hurt her more than the pain she was in now, as the Mother didn’t ever want to let go of her child.

”L… Listen to M-Momma sweet child. I love you so much, but I think this is my last moment. I don’t know why now, but Momma is going to go away… For a long t-time…”

Reaching down with the strength she had left, slumped over the side of the crib, as her feet slowly began to turn into blood and disappear, she reached to gently graze the side of her fingers across the soft and pure cheeks of her child Kagami. Tears began to flow from her eyes as she looked upon something she never believed she would be allowed to have as a Memory Rosary. Sure, Ashlei was a child to her too, but Kagami was something she actually created and never believed she could. It was something remarkable to her, and Claire could never let go the idea that she actually got to have a real child!

”B-Be strong for Momma. D-Do what you th… Think is right Kagami-chan. Whatever you choose… I… I will always… Be… Be with you…”

The words were harder and harder to speak, as now her waist was turning to blood and disappearing from the realm of existence. It was so hard to speak, but Claire had to say these words to her child. She had to say them, otherwise, what will Kagami’s last memory of her Mother be? One of her in pain and suffering from deletion, or perhaps a final message, one she can take with her and use to her life ahead…

”I’ve… Made a lot of mistakes in my life. I love Kin, Ashlei, Sing and you with all my heart, and I would never trade anything for having you all in my life. I just wish… I wish… I could see my Brother and Sister again. I miss them… Please Kagami… Be happy, live… live a life you choose… Please… F… For M… Momma…”

As those words escaped her lips, a drop of blood fell from her face onto the forehead of the baby below her in confusion of why her Momma was in pain, but just as Kagami let out a cry for her Mother disappearing before her, it was already too late. Claire was now gone, and the baby was alone in her crib, crying out in loneliness for her Mother. But sadly, while Neviah wanted to know more of what happened from that point, Claire’s Memories end there, and everything goes black, thus ending Neviah’s understanding of Claire’s last moments.

All these moments infuriated her more and more, and the thoughts that MIrokumaru, Blood Queen, and Kaizaken brought them into this just fueled her rage that she used against the never ending Blank Army. As she continued her attacks, her own well being was forgotten from time to time, as she would carelessly take an attack from Blanks that would cut her open or leave a mark, just so that way Neviah could feel alive and know she wasn’t dead just yet. The anger coursing through her veins wouldn’t let her settle down either, so for months on end, she would do nothing but fight, fight, and fight. The downside was that she was refusing to rest, and that due to malnourishment, her body was failing to develop from these constant battles, and thus she was beginning to starve and get thinner as time went on. She can’t last like this forever, so here’s hoping that at some point, she would be able to escape the Valley, but till then, she just keeps on fighting.




Now while most would normally give up and just give into the death that creeps ever closer every day, Neviah refused to. She knew that she had one last remaining family member out there, and she had to reach out and save them someday, and somehow. Blood Queen is getting closer and closer to taking over Kagami’s mind, and potentially controlling the child to use as her tool to retake the realm, and remake her Garden of Eden at the expense of Existence alone. This was something that Neviah couldn’t allow, but even though she was angry with Mirokumaru, Kaizaken, and Insidious/Serenity, she knew she couldn’t remain mad at them forever. She had to understand their full strengths and her potential with them. She isn’t her Mother or Father, thus controlling Kaizaken and Mirokumaru will be different from how her family controlled them. So due to that understanding, Neviah had to forgive the gods within the blades that she was forced to adopt. Neviah approached the blade between the two Wakizashi that belonged to Mirokumaru, and gently touched it to enter the world shared by the 4 gods. As she entered, she appeared bloodied, filthy, and starving. Serenity hurried over to Neviah’s side as to help her, but Neviah denied the help. Mirokumaru looked over to Neviah, understanding that while she was acting like a child for the past months in her emotions, she understood she was a living soul, and emotions are something that all young women must deal with.

”Lets get this straight. I’m only helping you guys because I don’t want to know that my only family left is going to be taken over by that bitch Blood Queen. Do we have a deal?”

Mirokumaru looked over to Neviah and just nodded, as if accepting the terms, and silently apologizing. Kaizaken as well, who was floating overhead within the Infinite Realm provided by Mirokumaru seemed to smile a little from understanding how much Neviah had grown. He was there when she was born and but a child, but now she’s become her own adult, and her parents would be so proud. Serenity and Insidious even let out a smile as well, excited to work with their beloved Neviah once again, now that she’s managed to get the steam out of her system, and more importantly, not falling to Malice when it tried to take advantage of her weakened state. Neviah had already taken in the power surge from Kaizaken, as well as the cycles of life from Mirokumaru, so all she had to do was unleash the power within the blades to control the powers within her grasp. A white flash of light appeared within the realm of the Infinite Cycles, and emerging from the realm of Mirokumaru was almost a whole new Neviah. Yes, she was still bloodied, filthy, and starved, but she had a new mental state on everything, understanding that she was now the remaining legacy of her Mother and Father, and thus she had to carry on their mission. As well as for her Aunt Claire’s sake, Neviah had to remove Kagami from her world of danger in which to protect her from the ever lurking power that will attempt to take her over, just like Claire suffered.

Once again, the Blanks appeared, but their force was different this time. They appeared like the Wraiths that Claire used to control, and the numbers of them were in the millions, while billions on top of billions of Blanks were surrounding the Wraiths. They appeared to be on a last leg, as they sent out the Blanks that were manifested from Nightmares and Despair that Claire had discovered. They were stronger than the average Blank when they attacked, able to change their shape into a weapon of any sort and had good speed with power, but they were still no match for Neviah. Numbers like this meant they were going to try to rush her, and just overwhelm her with numbers, but the girl against the Horde of Endless Minions remained calm. Neviah for some reason, wasn’t afraid anymore. The sensation of fear was not a part of her anymore, and she felt as though she could take on the world with the powers and memories of her family behind her, thus she will use the wisdom passed onto her, and transform the Realm of Existence to something greater. She will preserve it from any force willing to cause harm, and take control. She will become the Sentry and Avenger of Existence, and every soul within it’s realm. And with that, Neviah summoned the powers of Kaizaken, Mirokumaru, and Serenity/Insidious, and fought off the Wraiths and Blanks.

To her, there was one last member of her family out there, and she had to survive. Because even if her chance of survival was .0001%, she will attempt it to save any last remaining member of family she has left. So she continued to kill all the Blanks that attempted to attack her, all the Blanks would fall, even though the number of Blanks rivaled an infinite amount, Neviah would never give up, even if it was the end for her, she will continue to survive just to see one more day. The raw power of Kaizaken and his Hurricane was tremendous as it cut down Blanks and Wraiths left and right, all while Mirokumaru locked thousands within time cycles and prevented them from moving. Insidious and Serenity worked hand in hand to ensure Neviah had the energy to survive and fight, all while killing tremendous amounts of the enemy all around. Neviah was even able to adapt to the Bankai’s of each stage, even the stage two that was passed onto her from Serenity and Insidious. What really surprised Neviah was that she was even able to adapt and learn some powers that her Mother and Father were never allowed access to, for example, Kaizaken’s Monsoon and Eye of the Storm. Neviah even learned an ability from Mirokumaru, but she was instructed to NEVER use it unless it was a last resort, and that was the Unwinding Cycle. The power of the Unwinding Cycle is so unpredictable, that Mirokumaru would be unable to repair the damage that she even causes from that ability. Finally, Neviah’s Stage Two Bankai from Serenity and Insidious, where the two Goddess become one with her, tripling her stats, and giving her phenomenal physical strength and speed. Her weighted spiked balls at the end of her stage one become gauntlets, and her Soul Chain becomes attached to her wrist, protecting her from all sorts of special attacks. From all that Neviah had obtained and learned, she even gained two new passives, one was Nature’s Blessing, and the other was Cycle Sight, both of which helped her keep her defenses up, and allowing her to take minimal damage. Due to the new abilities and adapting to the powers bestowed upon her she was unstoppable, and she will fight till every last one has fallen in the end.

After one last month of fighting for her survival, the Blanks finally fell, and their power was released back into the Valley of Screams. The Endless army had stopped, and their energy was returned, but instead of creating more Blanks, something else happened. Sitting in the middle of an endless field of flowers, was Neviah as she sat in silence meditating with the three blades of the Gods from the Garden of Eden remained surrounding her. They hovered around her while she stayed silent and remained composed in the field of infinite flowers. The Blanks that were ended, their power was slowly restoring the Valley with its former power, turning it into a Memory of what the Garden of Eden used to look like before the war ever occurred. As Neviah sat in the middle of this beautiful image of what the Garden of Eden used to appear like, she released some words from her lips, in a soft whisper…

”Please… Someone release me from this prison…”

Neviah, after 6 months of fighting and surviving with barely any nourishment or rest, finally collapsed under the strain of her body, and passed out. The silent wind blew, as the flowers danced in the calming blow of the Valley’s breezes. The blades of Mirokumaru, Kaizaken, Serenity, and Insidious continued to float around, circling Neviah’s unconscious body, as if protecting her from anything left that might come. Hopefully, she will someday escape this prison of Memories and Nightmares...

Trapped, the Flower of Innocence [[CLOSED NEVIAH THREAD]] VKxUnpt

Neviah Clixx-Kimura
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Time continued to progress while the white girl laid in the bed of flowers that stretched for miles. The three blades floated around her, and she was finally resting from months of tireless battle against an endless enemy, but for some reason it wasn't over. Nothing was ever over when it involved the Valley of Screams, and the trials of the Rosary of the Soul wouldn't be over just yet. She was about to face her harshest enemy yet, and to her own dismay, it was actually going to be herself and her curse. As she continued to lay there by herself, feeling the dead land below her start to calm and bring any hostility, she felt weird. For even the most tamed and trained mind cannot handle isolation for so long, and Neviah just passed her 8 month mark. For some reason, the voices from the blades have stopped, and she could no longer hear Mirokumaru, Kaizaken, or even Serenity and Insidious.

Neviah opened her eyes and looked at the floating blades that were surrounding her and was curious as to why she couldn't hear them anymore. Was everything okay on their ends, or were they perhaps too busy trying to think of a way to leave the Valley? Neviah looked at her now fragile body, realizing that being malnourished for so long has left her body clinging to it's every essential nutrient to survive. This was indeed a nightmare, especially for one of the medical field like Neviah. She won't be able to survive past a year if this keeps up, thus she has to make it out eventually if she's to survive...

"You're not going to escape, you know that, right sweetheart?"

Suddenly the world around Neviah froze up. It went dark as the chill and tinge of fear began to ring from her head to her feet. The voice she just heard was one she hasn't heard since the day she witnessed her parents fall to their negative egos. It was the voice of someone that not only helped cause this entire mess that she was in, but someone who she has proclaimed to be an enemy since she discovered she was a Rosary. Neviah, turning her head slowly, from the corner of her eye she caught sight of her. She was standing there in the bed of flowers, but the flowers were changing. Neviah made them all appear as the white lily, a favorite kind of flower to her, but they were all becoming red anemone flowers, the kind that shows hopelessness. They were beginning to spread like a disease within the flowers that surrounded the Valley of Screams now, and Neviah's heart rate began to rise as she witnessed none other than the very woman Blood Queen stand there with a deadly smile down upon her. Neviah knew she had no chance, and she had to move. She had to run. If this really was Blood Queen, why didn't she have a host and how was she able to be here? What was going on? Neviah's heart rate began to race faster and faster, afraid of what might happen if Neviah falls here. Would Blood Queen then be successful in her escapade in that she cannot be stopped now? Now that Mirokumaru cannot stop the Blood Queen's tyrannical supremacy, she'd destroy existence and then reshape it to return the Garden into her own wasteland. So many lives would be lost! Her little cousin would be toyed with, and soon be used as a puppet to her despair and chaotic ambitions!

Feeling the blood rush all around her body, Neviah couldn't move due to her lack of energy. She tried to crawl away, but she was too tired. Blood Queen began to laugh at the pathetic sight before her of the girl attempting to claw away to safety, it was pathetic! Instead, Blood Queen just took one step after another, approaching the brittle girl in white who was trying to claw away from the ever growing threat. The flowers continue to change like a wild fire, changing from a white piece of innocence to a red symbol of hopelessness. Neviah reached up for the floating blades, trying to reach them, but for some reason she couldn't muster the strength to grasp them. Instead, as she got close to grabbing onto Kaizaken, in hopes that by using him the energy reserves he requires would kick in and she could run, but she was stopped. A hand reached out and firmly grasped her wrist from progressing to the tool that would save her. Neviah looked at the hand that was attached to the body of a spirit she hasn't seen in ages. It was Benkei, the Spirit of Kakine Yuudeshi, and former Maiden of the Blood Queen.

"B... Benkei?"

Why was Benkei here? Thought Neviah as she looked in horror of the Spirit now taking on the garments of the Blood Queen. Did she manage to gather all her Maidens again? That should be impossible since Insidious refused to return to her just a while ago, so how is Benkei here and why is she stopping Neviah from trying to save herself?

The sinister laugh could be heard from the approaching footsteps behind her, as Neviah's heart rate picked up even more, close to dangerous levels now that she could sense the Blood Queen getting closer and closer. Neviah tried to struggle against Benkei's grip, but then she was grabbed by another set of hands, holding her other wrist and refraining her from moving. Neviah quickly snapped her neck to see who the other perpetrator was, and her heart sank when she looked in despair at the fact it was Sekkyoku, the Zanpaktou spirit of Shadin Yuudeshi. How was that even possible? How was the Zanpaktou Spirit of Shadin Yuudeshi aligned with Blood Queen and how was she a maiden of the Garden? Neviah never knew the truth, but Sekkyoku was also a Maiden of the Blood Queen, and she was killed during the war and was reborn after the Garden merged with the Living realms. There she stood, eyes sharp as ever, but once again aligned with the evil that helped destroy the Garden of Eden. Quickly, Benkei and Sekkyoku snapped and forced Neviah to turn around and face the approaching Blood Queen now. Neviah watched in fear as the sinister smile of the woman of Despair, Destruction, Sorrow, and even End approached the Rosary of Innocence and the Soul. Neviah tried her best to fight the grip of the two Maidens holding her still while the Blood Queen approached. With each step, a tinge of pain stuck Neviah's heart, as the thoughts of failing already, before she could even escape the Valley began to flow through her mind. Her Malice slowly growing from Neviah's despair and thoughts of failure before she could even escape the Valley itself.

As Blood Queen stepped closer and closer to Neviah, she could feel the grip from Benkei and Sekkyoku get tighter on her wrists, making it feel like her brittle bones were going to break. From behind Blood Queen stepped two other Maidens. Their faces hidden though for the cowls they wore hid their faces, but Blood Queen stopped, allowing the two Maidens to reveal themselves to the remaining Rosary before them. Neviah's heart sank, when one of them were revealed to be Insidious, her very own Zanpaktou Spirit. Neviah thought she was in the right for protecting her own Spirit from Mirokumaru banishing her, and hoped that Insidious was on her side, but instead it would seem she was a minion for Blood Queen all along. At that moment, Neviah had given up. She had given up any sort of hope and fight left in her as she just saw the very friend she relied on that was part of her team, betray her for the last time. As Neviah stopped fighting, and eased the muscles in her body to accept whatever came her, she began to hear a laugh come from the last hooded Maiden beside Blood Queen. Neviah's dull and hopeless expression looked at the last hooded Maiden, expecting to see one that would just be a heartless as the other three, but it didn't matter anymore. Blood Queen had won. She not only killed off the three original Memory Rosaries, but she was about to end one of the last hopes for Kagami before she even had a chance to escape.

"I told you, you were foolish, Purity..."

Confusion raced through the mind of Neviah, as revealed from the last Maiden, was actually Neviah herself. This Neviah, was actually her Ego, Malice and Neviah had to fight her off many times during her survival within the Valley. Neviah had always bested her, using her skills and wisdom to overcome, but being isolated with poor survival conditions has weakened Neviah's willpower to that of a twig, and all Malice had to do was wait for the right time to snap that twig that was called hope.

"What you see is real, Purity. This is what will happen to you. You will be weak when your Purity runs out and are no longer within reach of Kaizaken or Mirokumaru. Blood Queen will re-establish her Maidens, and soon destroy existence to reshape it to its previous glory, the Garden of Eden..."

Malice stepped around Blood Queen, towards Neviah while she continued to talk to the broken girl in shambles and being held against her will.

"It's cute how you tried to make your own Garden. Kinda makes you think you'd want to revive it as well, hmm? Well, to do so requires this Existence to break. To shatter and fall apart, giving back the amount of energy that went into it, back into the Garden to replenish it's power. You see? Blood Queen is just trying to bring the Garden of Eden back! It's not that bad!"

Neviah couldn't even look Malice in the eyes really. She was so tired, and whats worse was that she was also scared. She was scared to think of what could even remotely happen right now if she was killed by Blood Queen. The thoughts of Kagami being controlled and taking over the realms of existence were too painful for her to bare. The thoughts of Blood Queen destroying everything and pretty much leaving her to fail in accomplishing the mission passed onto her from her family hurt too much. She didn't want to think about it, but Malice could sense that Neviah's mind was wandering and that she was getting scared. Malice decided to get Neviah to focus on her, and stop being distracted. Malice felt insulted that Neviah wouldn't look at her, so she reached down, grabbing her chin and forcing her face to look at her.

"Look at me Purity... I don't like how you're ignoring me. It's disrespectful..."

Neviah refused, and while her face was being forced to look at her, Neviah averted her eyes to look in another direction, as to not look into the eyes of the one who could take over her body. Neviah didn't want to look at Malice, and while a part of her wanted to cry, she really couldn't due to her dehydration. She was so tired that it felt like she couldn't do anything except press Malice's patience. That that is exactly what Neviah did, as Malice was beginning to grow frustrated with her persistent attempt of disrespect. Malice, not playing any games anymore, looked over to Sekkyoku who was holding Neviah's right arm and nodded. Sekkyoku, showing no hesitation, or mercy at all, gripped hard on Neviah's wrist, and snapped her Radius, the bones in the forearm. The crack could be heard from all over as Neviah tried to let out a shriek in pain, but due to the pain and her exhaustion, no sound could escape her lips. The snap was so clear in its sound as Sekkyoku now held a flimsy arm. Malice expected Neviah to now pay attention, as the tears that Neviah had been searching for finally came and started pouring from her eyes. Neviah's legs were squirming, wanting to be free and shake off the intense pain she was suffering now.

"It doesn't have to be this hard Purity! It is actually so simple, you suffer because you fight what is unstoppable. Blood Queen has power, and she has everything planned out. She's going to retrieve all her power from her Maidens, unite with Ender, use Kagami's power and destroy Existence with the Magnum of Existence and remake everything the right way. I don't understan--"

Neviah was still not looking Malice in the eyes, and she was getting fed up. Not even nodding over to Benkei, Malice straight punched Neviah's left arm, and snapped that one as well, breaking the bone directly in the center. Both arms broken now, the pain was almost unbearable. Neviah was gasping for air, practically begging in her mind to just let the pain stop. A part of her just wanted to die, and let it all end. No one deserves this suffering as she had just sustained! The memories of her Mother being tortured by Vizards, of Claire being experimented on, and Ceon being used by Veral's experiments entered her mind for a moment, and how they survived. All three had a trial, where they were bound against their wills and were toyed with. Their bodies damaged and minds tampered with. They somehow survived, but Neviah didn't want this. She didn't deserve this, she didn't ask for anything that was being forced on her plate. Yet for some reason, she now has to deal with what has happened, including the two broken arms.

"I grow tired of your disrespect Purity. Blood Queen is here, and you'll be respectful in her presence. Any more disrespect... Well... I know what to do next... I'll break your purity..."

As Malice stated that, She slowly shifted Neviah's legs apart. Neviah's heart began to race faster and faster. The pain and everything was too much, but now to be a potential rape victim meant that they weren't there to talk to Neviah in the first place. They wanted to break her. They wanted to break the body and mind of the Rosary of the Soul, and that Neviah had no way to fight back. Neviah shot her attention to Malice, nothing but fear in her eyes as she couldn't believe what Malice was proposing. Neviah squirmed once again, wanting to get away, but Malice grabbed her ankles, preventing any more movement, and letting out a small giggle as Blood Queen approached. A blood thirsty smile on her face as Sekkyoku, Insidious, and Benkei now started smiling as well, as if desiring the torture and pain of Neviah.

"P... Please... No.... No..."

Neviah tried fighting harder and harder, but she couldn't with two broken arms and no energy to even fight back to begin with. Neviah felt as thought there was nothing she could do as they pressed closer and closer to her, she quickly closed her eyes, wanting it all to go away. She wanted it to all be gone and disappear. As Neviah closed her eyes, suddenly the giggles and haunting laughter of Blood Queen and her maidens disappeared, as silence took over. Nothing could be heard, but a ghastly howl of the wind that echoed through the Valley. As Neviah opened her eyes, she could see two silhouettes. One was of a beautiful woman with long red hair, and the other was of a man with white hair. Not even realizing in, Neviah suddenly felt a soft hum enter her ears, as it sounded like a song that her mother would quietly sing to herself. Neviah didn't understand what was going on, but accepted the embrace of security and safety coming from the woman that was humming the song into her ears. The pain in her arms felt as though they were disappearing, and she could feel her arms returning to normal, and to top it off, she also felt as if her body was getting energy somehow, and wasn't decaying. Turning her body, Neviah nuzzled her head into the waist of the woman embracing her, and wrapped her arms around her waist, as if not wanting to let go. Neviah didn't want to look and perhaps shake the potential, but Neviah wanted to believe that the woman she was embracing was her Mother, Senna. She also wanted to believe the man and woman that fought off Blood Queen and the Maidens to be her Aunt Claire and Father Ceon, but Neviah didn't want to open her eyes. She didn't want them to disappear, and she didn't want them to go.

"Momma... Daddy... Please don't go.... Please..."

Neviah didn't realize it, but everything she just experience was actually a dream. The fact that she was isolated from people for so long, she turned her negative ego into its own being, and fought against the fear of turning bad, while also at the same time, falling to her own mind. In reality, Mirokumaru, Insidious, Serenity, and Kaizaken couldn't see what was going on, and they worried when they sensed Neviah's rising heart rates, as well as her screaming and crying. Even though everything didn't happen in reality, Neviah's mind made it all seem so real to her, thus the Spirits within the Zanpaktou materialized and attempted to keep Neviah stable. Serenity embraced Neviah while Mirokumaru locked her cycle from progressing down a worse path. Kaizaken cooled the area by letting the wind blow, and Insidious ensured that there would be no interruptions for them trying to keep Neviah safe. What they didn't know as well, was that the memories locked within Neviah's mind protected Neviah from herself. Ceon, Senna, and Claire appeared within her mind and protected her from falling from her own ego, ensuring that their remaining kin, keeps safe, for they know if Neviah fell to Malice, there would be terrible consequences. If Malice took over, then there would be nothing that any of the Garden Spirits could do to fight back till Purity returns. That is just one downside to being a Spirit to a Rosary, in that when the ego takes over, the spirit cannot fight against it. Once the jobs of Ceon, Senna, and Claire were done, they reverted back into Neviah's memories, to await their next moment to save her.

"It's me Neviah... Serenity... I'm sorry, but your Mother and Father aren't here..."

Slowly opening her eyes, as the tears fell from her eyes, Neviah looked to see that she was indeed in the embrace of Serenity and watched over by Mirokumaru and Kaizaken. She turned to see Insidious, and while Neviah felt a tad uncomfortable, she could sense no threat from her, thus making her believe it was all a dream. What scared Neviah was that the dream felt so real, and that she felt as though she was about to be tortured and put through so much pain she wouldn't be able to bare. For everything to be just a dream was almost too surreal and Neviah didn't want to believe she was really victim to an illusion put on by her own Ego. But that is something the Ego does, a side of the Rosary developed by the Blood Queen to bring the fall of Existence. With that in mind, Neviah knew she had to break out of the Valley as soon as possible. If the attacks on Neviah's mind are getting that severe, then it's only a matter of time before her cousin becomes a victim as well, and Neviah had to protect her from Blood Queen's influence.

"I'm sorry if I scared you all... But we need to get out of here. Blood Queen is going to move soon... I can feel it..."

Insidious, thinking on her toes, quickly reunited with the group, in an attempt to right the wrong she has caused by locking Neviah within the Valley in the first place.

"Neviah, I have an idea. We might be locked in here from the inside, but the outside is still unlocked. If we are able to reach someone from the outside, perhaps they can reach us and get us out of here!"

Mirokumaru entered thought for a moment, pondering on if it was possible or not to even happen. Kaizaken, Serenity, and Neviah all awaited in silence to Mirokumaru, as she would know if it was possible or not. The fact that Insidious provided such wealthy information on the outside of the Valley being unlocked was indeed a key piece in their salvation. If Neviah can indeed reach out to any being, and provide them the link, all they would need to do is tare a hole in space, and use the link provided by Neviah as a guide to channel that tare right to the Valley. Normally the Valley is unreachable for all except Rosaries, but with Neviah being the catalyst and guide, she can perhaps reach out and get someone to save them!

"It is indeed possible Insidious. Neviah, what I want you to do is concentrate to the best of your ability. Concentrate and think of someone with the right amount of power to break a hole into space, and to channel that power to you to break us free. Can you do that?"

Neviah looked at Mirokumaru with hope filled eyes, as she had no other choice. Any more time within the Valley could mean the death of her through her mind, or even from starvation and malnutrition. She had to reach out to someone and get free, but who? Neviah didn't know very many people with insane energy reserves, but there had to be someone. That is when it hit her. Her Father's best friend, the Beast from Russia that nearly ended the Quincies centuries ago. He was someone who was known to have more power than her Father, and if she can reach him, he can do it. Another thought was her friend from the 11th Division, the Captain who was so sweet to her. Her ability to create mass, and destroy skyscrapers. She would also be suitable for the task. Additionally, another good selection would be her Vice Captain from the 10th Division. If she alone cannot satisfy the requirement, then her Vice Captain can gather the needed individuals to reach through, whoever it may be. Either way, anyone of those would satisfy her freedom, and it was something she was willing to attempt.

Smiling and nodding to all the Garden Spirits within her presence, she got ready as she sat up straight and prayed heavily, clearing her mind and thoughts from anything. Mirokumaru, Kaizaken, Serenity, and Insidious withdrew to their respective blade hosts, as they awaited Neviah's success. It was all down to Neviah now, as she cleared her mind. She pictured the man within her mind, and focused as hard as she could, wanting to hear him once again. Before, she feared him, but now he's her only salvation.

Neviah cried out, in hopes he would hear...

"Radioactive!! Ibiki!! Yui-chan!! Anyone, help me please! I beg of you!!"

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Neviah Clixx-Kimura
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Song Name: Requiem Inori - Artist: Trinity Blood OST - Word Count: 6860




Time seemed to drag on at this point. Nothing could be heard as the pure maiden kept upon her knees, sitting straight, praying and focusing as hard as she could in hopes that she would be saved. She focused as hard as she could, but for some reason, it was almost like she couldn't be heard. As she continued to tone her focus towards the one who she believed would save her, time continued to go by as the desperate girl's sense of hopelessness began to settle in. As she attempted to retain focus, Neviah couldn't stop the potential thoughts that were beginning to take place within her mind. What if he was distracted and couldn't hear her? What if he could hear her and didn't know how to respond? Or, worst case, what if he didn't care? That last thought took hold as Neviah couldn't shake the potential of it meaning to her. What if the man she believed her Uncle could hear her, but didn't care enough to respond? Would that mean she was just denied and forced to die? Would it mean that there was no one left for her and she was left with the only choice to die and suffer at the hand of Blood Queen for eternity?

As the thought took over her mind, Neviah could feel her focus slipping and fading away as tears came to her eyes. Small sobs of regret began to take hold as her stance for prayer soon became an appearance of collapsing. Falling to one side, her body came in contact with the ground as for the past 20 minutes, the feeling of loneliness took over once again, and she felt the overwhelming sense of despair take hold. The echos within her mind wouldn't stop, as they continued to ring over and over again about the chance that Radioactive didn't even obey her call. The rings began to become echos of her own voice as it repeated over and over, as the salty tears fell from her eyes, and Neviah fell into the fetal position while upon to desolate ground of the Valley's floor. Why would no one respond to her? Why would no one hear her cries or try to save her? Why was Neviah left to such a fate as death like this? Neviah cannot be reborn like the generation before her, as that the only time Neviah temporarily faced displacement was due to her parents taking care of her and holding onto her during their time, as Neviah was reshaped into a Memory Scion, a Trinity of the Rosaries, and that was her only one. Neviah cannot be reborn anymore, and now she was faced with this lonely fate to withstand alone. She was left with nothing but emptiness, and sadness crippling her already broken heart. The friends and family left to her, have all but disappeared now.

If this was Neviah's only path, why not just end it now and stop suffering like she is now?

The spirits of the Garden didn't come from their blades just yet, as they couldn't come to understand why she had given up so easily. Why was Neviah giving up communication already, and not continuing in her attempt to reach out? The Spirits stayed silent within their hosted blades, awaiting the actions of the Rosary before them, watching her and wondering what she was thinking and going to attempt next. What was to be attempted, none of them foresaw.

Neviah proceeded to sit up and reach beside her, grabbing the glass blade that was hers, the see through Wakizashi. This was known as the honor blade to the Samurai of old, and would be used to commit Seppuku, the highest form of honor for a Samurai to be given, allowing them to take their own lives at the sake of their masters, or to not give their enemies the satisfaction of taking their lives instead. Turning the weapon inwards, the blade now facing Neviah's own chest, she held the weapon outward, as the blade ever so gently came in contact with her chest. Neviah held it there for but a moment, as the tears continued to flow from her eyes, thinking about what this meant. In a way, this was Neviah's opportunity to take part of the ritual known as Seppuku, as she would take her own life to end her suffering. She wouldn't allow Blood Queen to take her life, and she would take it instead, saving any dignity that hasn't been taken away already. Besides, the pain within her wrists were still there from potentially being raped by her own ego of Malice, that she couldn't stop the fear and pain she had taken in. It hurt so much to think she was so alone, and that after being within the Valley for Seven Months now, and the fact she has been alone with no food or water, having to beg the element of water for some sort of hydration was hard enough, since the only sustaining Water Elemental within the Valley was practically dead as is. For sustainment, Neviah used loose reshi and energy from the dispersed Blanks to create something to eat from a survival kido. If she could just press the blade right into her chest, it would pierce the heart, and end her painful living, thus bringing an end to all of this. She could finally rest in death, and no longer have to suffer as she does...

She pressed slightly, as the blade began to pierce the pure skin of the maiden, causing a small cut to take, and blood to begin appearing around the open wound. The cries and sobs of Neviah became louder, as she knew she couldn't turn from this decision, and it was getting harder and harder to commit.

As shock took over, Mirokumaru, Kaizaken, Serenity and Insidious reappeared from their domains and held a pose that appeared like they wanted to lunge themselves at Neviah, but didn't dare move. Kaizaken in his sprite form, as his Dragon form was so huge that he could accidentally hit Neviah while she held the blade, forcing her hand. Mirokumaru, Insidious, and Serenity all stood frozen, not knowing how to deal with a situation like this. The expressions of them all looked as though they couldn't believe what Neviah was attempting, and they had to hold still before she would shove the pure blade into her chest and end it all. The sounds of the crying girl was the only thing heard as all 4 Spirits didn't know how to respond. Ceon, nor Claire or even Senna have attempted Suicide in the past, but have willingly allowed Death to take them if it meant a greater purpose. Sadly for Neviah there was no greater purpose, only one that would end the line, and allow Blood Queen her chance at success to receive no resistance. The Spirits didn't know what to attempt in which to stop the depressed girl from ending everything. How do they calm her down and stop her from committing the pact to seal her fate?

As the blade slowly crept harder into her chest, allowing blood to now slowly, drip, Neviah cried harder, not even feeling the pain that was coming from the weapon in her hands. What was more painful was the thoughts running through her mind, rushing and forcing its way around, telling her she was alone and useless, and that she will never be free ever again. That those who she believed were close to her are now turning a deaf ear to her cries, and allowing her to suffer. Knowing that she couldn't feel the pain of the blade, Neviah believed that Death had to be her sweet release from such sorrow, and that this was her only path from here. It must be done, and finally, all her endearing pain can be put to an end.

Knowing that Neviah was about to attempt her final try at ending her own life, the Spirits had to act fast. Within the split second of Neviah attempting to thrust the blade into her, cutting through the heart that beat very lightly, they lunged themselves at Neviah in an attempt to stop her before it was too late. Kaizaken was the fastest of them, but he was in his Sprite form when he reached Neviah, so he couldn't make much impact, however Insidious was a quick second. Insidious grabbed the blade that was her own domain, and gripped it as hard as she could from the end of the blade leading to the guard in which to stop Neviah's motion. Her hand was cut, leading Insidious to bleed as well, and Serenity reached Neviah next, pushing her over into Mirokumaru, as Mirokumaru's hands came in contact with Neviah's head. As soon as it did, a huge rush of Memories flowed through Neviah's mind, from her own Fathers, Mothers, and Aunts, to even her own. The Memories of meeting Unohana Retsu, and being raised by her, to even meeting her first real friend Konomi. From there, the introductions and joining of Eliah and Nakami to Neviah appeared next. Of course her battles from there as a Vice Captain, and saving all the lives within the 4th Division rushed in a mere second. Then the 10th Division came to mind as she was then shown once again her time as the Captain of said Division. Meeting Krystia, as well as her journeys to Earth in which to meet her family, as well as Radioactive flew right through her mind. All this, happening in less than a second was such a shock to Neviah by accident that the rush of memories were released, and Neviah was then pushed into a stage only one Rosary before her had attained...

Memory Release




A girl crying in rain from the death of her best friend, to quietly brushing the hair of another girl to get to know her better. Accidentally getting drunk off just a smell of alcohol and passing out in the Barracks of another Captain all by mistake, and even hiding behind her own Father from the sight of a massive man beast around 5 times her size standing before her, these were all memories that resided within the body of Neviah Clixx-Kimura. They were her own Memories, and not ones that were adopted from the generation before her. The Memories of her fighting her own Foster Mother and slipping into Malice, as well as saving the life of someone so precious to her, that eventually became her Vice Captain. The bonds and journey that Neviah had traveled was indeed a beautiful and fruit filled one, but it was not over yet. Neviah's life was just beginning, and her Memories etched out a story that wasn't even half complete.

The sudden burst of energy from Neviah entering a forced Memory Release state pushed the Spirits back about 80 feet, as the force was so powerful they couldn't believe what had just happened. Kaizaken, switching from Sprite to Dragon form gazed in awe at Neviah attaining a form that only one before her had ever reached. In all the power that the Rosaries were granted, it was not only rare, but nearly impossible to reach such a state, and Neviah did it by accident. Floating on her back, Neviah appeared motionless and unconscious as her body glowed a hue of golden auras. Her body was nothing more than pure white energy of the Spirits as it flowed around in and around her body, enveloping the girl in the power that matched Demi-Gods.

"K... Kaizaken... Is that...?"

Asked Mirokumaru in shock that such a being actually did it. She asked Kaizaken since he was the only spirit to actually witness the power of the Release first hand, as Neviah's father, Ceon Clixx-Kimura was the only one to reach such a feat. Even Insidious and Serenity have never seen it before, as they didn't know how to unlock it, or what it even really was, but as Neviah was best suited to the two Spirits, they felt a weird transition from the immobile girl in a new ascended state. They felt as though some sort of ability was granted from her becoming more in synergy with them. It was as if Neviah was one step closer to being a Garden Spirit herself, and defying the bounds and laws that made her a member of the Reality she was born in. They felt as though they could also hear her thoughts within the suspended state of Memory Release, as their bonds connected them deeper than friendship. From what they believed they could hear, it sounded as if Neviah was screaming in pain. That due to the nature of her frail body, that she was being forced to continuously strain herself and scream in agony, but the actual being before them made no sound at all.

"Yes... That is Memory Release. She has attained it on accident I believe, but she is more in tune to being a Spirit herself in that form. It's almost as if she is one of us now, instead of a being from the other realm..."

Analyzing what Neviah had done, Mirokumaru tried to take in what Neviah was in that state. She felt as though she could sync with Neviah much better herself, but wasn't sure as to why. This was all so new to Mirokumaru, and Kaizaken was the only one experienced in this. Kaizaken was there the one and only time Ceon attained Memory Release during the Omnitsukido invasion, and Ceon had to protect his previous Vice-Captain using a desperate force, as his Memories took over, and his heart was pierced, causing him to unleash the Memory Release. While in that state, Ceon's speed was never before noticed, as well as his power nearly quadrupled from his current state. His power was off the charts, and he wiped out an entire Vizard battalion alone from the Omnitsukido Forrest on the outskirts of the Rukongai. Since that day, Ceon never entered the Memory Release ever again, and tried to forget what he had done. Kaizaken never understood why Ceon would try to ignore such a power, but perhaps now that he's tied to Neviah, Kaizaken can now discover the truth behind the power that is the Memory Release. What was the reason that Ceon never wanted to reveal his power to those before him ever again? Why did he never use it when he fell to his ego of Destruction before, and did it have some sort of strain on his mind? Ceon's power was unreal, as though he was Kaizaken himself within Reality due to his affinity with the God of Storms alone, that perhaps the two ended up sharing a body at that point. If that was true however, how would it work with Neviah? How can 3 powers, let alone 4 spirits utilize the power of a single soul in which to channel their greatest strengths? Fact was, it would take more time and practice of this power to be fully understood.

Little to the knowledge of the Spirits, from the small hole that was opened up from the inside of the Valley of Screams, the power that Neviah had attained managed to leak out into Reality. The flowing Memories of those that touched Neviah's own soul began to spill like a fountain. Located at the former home of her parents, Ceon and Senna near Mt Fuji, there was a bright speck of light that flashed, flooding memories out to the Reality that Neviah was from. Those who have touched Neviah's heart would have a sudden feeling of calling to them, as if they were being called out to by a familiar voice. This included Eliah Tsundora, Nakami Yui, Krystia Kallen, Unohana Retsu, Shadin Yuudeshi, Radioactive, Ibiki Suika, Tsubasa Unabara, and even Kagami Iramasha-Clixx could feel as though a voice was calling out to her, one she wouldn't recognize. The voice that called out with the familiar tone was none other than Neviah's own sadness and her pain, calling out through the use of her Memories to no longer be alone. She needed someone to end her sadness and loneliness, and she couldn't take it any longer. Even those who weren't directly attached to Neviah would be able to feel an unknown pulsing tick of energy in Japan, as it might raise question as to what is going on, but from behind the broken barrier of a dimension that even Blood Queen wasn't expecting, the Released girl inside of her prison was trying to break free. This was their chance, and now with Neviah accidentally breaking the chains that held her down, the Spirits and the Rosary had the chance to be free.

Noticing this, Mirokumaru shouted out to Insidious with hope that her hunch was right.


Turning her attention from the brightly glowing girl ahead of her, Insidious quickly looked over to where Neviah had once been focusing to her best in which to reach out and create a link towards anyone who would be willing to hear and noticed something. A Crack, and even though it was small, it was the beginning of something. It was the start to freedom, and this was their chance to break free from the prison that Blood Queen had found them punishable for. Responding in kind to Mirokumaru, trying to speak over the loudly pulsating power of Neviah, Insidious responded.


Serenity feeling hopeful for the chance to be free and see Neviah prosper once again, Serenity tried to call out to Neviah in which to calm her down, but there was no response. Even Kaizaken and Mirokumaru who were distracted by the thought of freedom turned to realize that Neviah wasn't responding. Worry came over them, as they became too focused on Neviah not only reaching Memory Release seconds after attempting suicide, but that their escape was possible, they forgot to look back to Neviah herself and see if she was okay. Sadly enough, they didn't realize that being in this form required a tremendous amount of energy, and that Neviah had been malnourished and underweight for months on end now. This was extremely dangerous to her, and the amount of strain and pain that has now been put onto the girl physically was pushing her limits. Serenity quietly called out to Neviah, as she was thinking of Neviah first in this entire event.

"Ne.. Neviah?"

It stopped. The white glowing light and golden hues of Neviah disappeared, returning the girl to who she was before. Her body still thin and appearing fragile as before, as well as a cut on her chest that would take shape to a scar from the wound she inflicted upon herself moments before. Falling to the hard and cold ground with a loud thud, there was no reaction or sound from Neviah at all. Silence befell the Valley once again, as worry and concern filled the hearts of the Spirits from this rush of activity they couldn't comprehend happening in such a short window of time. The girl contemplates suicide, nearly accomplishes said task to accidentally attain Memory Release, and now she appears out of it unresponsive. Serenity was the first to reach Neviah and place her fingers on her neck reaching for a pulse. That was when she realized it...

She was dying...





Shouted Serenity as she knew what was happening. Neviah's heart rate was too light to pump blood to her entire body, as well as it wasn't having a regular beat. From the obvious symptoms of Hypoglycemia that Neviah had attained months ago from malnutrition and being unable to properly survive within the desolate and dead wasteland that is the Valley of Screams, it was finally taking a toll on her body. Due to the added stress of what she had endured between attacks from never ending Blank forces, to even her own ego of Malice attempting to rape her, and finally herself attempting suicide, the emotions Neviah was fighting was too much for her. What made it so bad was that it was targeting her where it hurt most, her heart. What made matters worse was that Cardiogenic shock is mostly irreversible and most often fatal. From this, it was known that if she didn't attain any sort of medical treatment soon, Neviah would indeed die.

Rushing over, the remaining three spirits came to Neviah's side as her eyes appeared to be empty, as though her own soul was no longer within the body of the damaged girl. It was as though she had already given up, and that she was just accepting the cold embrace of death to just take her at this point, allowing her body to seize up, and convulse. Her body would spasm and shake as the seizures took over, refusing to give Neviah control of her own body anymore. Serenity looked down in complete disarray as she didn't know what to do. She had no energy in which to create Feathers and heal her, but if they didn't want to be healed, then the Feathers would be worthless anyways. Mirokumaru cannot reverse her cycle, as a cycle is indefinite and cannot be changed. Kaizaken cannot spark her heart, as the electricity would most likely damage her brain and muscles, and Insidious has no healing or qualities that can be used in this moment either.

Doing all that she knew how to do, Serenity placed Neviah's head on her lap, in which to give her the only comfort she knew how, as her wings reached high to block out the sun over head. Feeling completely useless, Serenity began to sob and weep, not knowing how to save the one she's watched from from a timid and meek girl, to a strong and confident woman. She felt as though she was watching a being just slip away, and that there was nothing she could do. All she could do at this point was give Neviah comfort in which to hope that her death isn't any more painful than it already is. Each second ticked in the world surrounding their minds as they watched helplessly, to the girl slipping away ever so slowly.

Mirokumaru was starting to panic, not knowing how to handle such a situation. Her and Kaizaken have been so calm for thousands of years alone, but to watch the child of their previous hosts come to a situation like this was unbelievable. Mirokumaru was a Goddess, the Goddess of Cycles and Time, and one of the Creators of the Garden, and even she was useless in a situation like this. She didn't know what to do as hopelessness took over, and the nightmarish thoughts of Mirokumaru becoming a Reaper once again for the only soul she wanted to protect began to scare her. Kaizaken fell to a shock of despair, not knowing how to respond either. He made a promise to Ceon a long time ago too, that if they needed to, they would protect Neviah with all their combined strength, and now looking down at the child from above, even he felt helpless to aid in his previous hosts promise.

Small struggles to breathe could be heard from the mouth of Neviah as drool poured down the side of her lips now, entering what was believed to be the final moments of which the girl would know of this world. No other there felt any more guilty than Insidious herself. The girl was supposed to indeed be the dark side of Neviah's soul, more attuned to Malice, but she grew attached to Neviah as a whole that she never wanted to see her in pain. Together, Serenity and Insidious held a strong bond with Neviah and the thought that Neviah's death was her fault took over. Insidious couldn't stand the thought of Blood Queen winning. That she had beaten her, and would aim for her fellow Maidens next, hurting them like she did Insidious. The fact she was the one that locked them inside of the Valley was what hurt, and now knowing that Neviah's death was her fault, she almost couldn't hold it in anymore. Serenity was weeping, falling slave to her emotions as Neviah laid on her lap nearly gone. Mirokumaru and Kaizaken too were completely struck numb, not knowing what to do, but Insidious wouldn't allow that. She will not become the one that killed Neviah, and for each second that Neviah still breaths, there is still a chance for her to live. Insidious will not waste this chance, and she will do everything in her power to see that Neviah sees not only her friends, but the light of day in Reality once again. A tear falling from her cheek, Insidious ran over to the crack that was created by accident and proceeded to inhale deeply, then proceeded to shout as loud as she could for all to hear, with the intentions of shaking reality itself with her plea.





It's cold...

Is this... Really it?

It ends here, huh.

Well, at least it doesn't hurt anymore...

As the four spirits watched the life of the girl who was supposed to help them survive fade away, they felt nearly useless in what they could potentially do. Kaizaken unable to bring the spark of life to someone so fragile, as Serenity and Insidious unable due to their limited capabilities, and all that was left was the thoughts of what could come from the Goddess of their Universe. Mirokumaru, the Goddess of Souls and Time, one of the two who established existence and everything the Spirits within the Garden know and love. Was it really impossible for her to do anything? Was she really going to watch, as Neviah dies, and that would leave Mirokumaru, Kaizaken, Insidious, and Serenity locked within the Valley of Screams till Blood Queen saw fit? No one even knows when that would be. What made matters worse was that Mirokumaru knew of the pain of loss, and that she kept a promise with Senna, Mother of Neviah, to ensure she would remain safe. And yet before her, that very girl she wished to keep safe was slowly fading away. What made matters worse was that for months, Miro had to watch as Neviah slowly withered more and more, failing to attain any food or proper nutrition, as well as failing to be saved. She suffered the attacks of being a Memory Rosary. There was so much suffering with the child, and yet there was no sign of hope in sight. She attempted to take her own life, and when Miro saved her, she accidentally pulled the trigger setting her into Memory Release, and the burst of energy caused so much damage to her body that there was nothing left for her but death.

Was this really the only option?

Mirokumaru has been around since the beginning of Existence. She and her sister Archa were the ones that created their existence after all, so she knew all there ever was and will be. Thus while Kaizaken, Serenity, and Insidious might not know what is next, Miro knew of the only option that was left for them to do. This was of course, something she had to be sure in, because if she performed the final act, there would be no going back. However, given the circumstances, and the only options before her, Miro knew what she must do, and therefore, she had to take action before it was too late.

"Kaizaken. Take the Maidens from Neviah and get back."

Kaizaken returned to his form of the Dragon, the size of 30 miles in length and so large it's unbelievable that he was a being alone. He looked over to Mirokumaru, being taken from his focus of despair of the potential loss of Neviah before him to not understand what Mirokumaru was going to attempt. Of course Kaizaken didn't know what was coming, but maybe she was going to fix Neviah and save her? Not wanting to question his Goddess, and to save Neviah no matter what, Kaizaken complied.

"Insidious, Serenity! Miro has a plan! Get back from Neviah quickly, before it's too late!"

Insidious and Serenity looked over to Kaizaken with hope in their eyes. Insidious already felt the worse, as she felt it was all her fault in the first place as to why Neviah was dying, so without a second of hesitation, she quickly darted to Kaizaken's side. Serenity on the other hand, who was close to Neviah all the time was a tad hesitant, but she understood. Giving a kiss to Neviah's forehead as she seized, she gently let Neviah's head down from her lap, and paced to where Insidious and Kaizaken awaited to see what Miro was going to do. Mirokumaru of course hid her expressions well, and only she knew what she was going to do, but Kaizaken and the girls didn't understand the actions of what was about to happen. They just wanted Neviah to live no matter what, and Mirokumaru was going to grant that wish.

As her last action.

Miro stepped forward, and as she approached the unresponsive young woman, a bunch of crests started to appear. The Crest of Time and Souls, the crests that were imbued upon Miro's fans took place on the left and right side of Neviah, as if making a path for Miro to walk. The desolate land that was the Valley of Screams began to twist and contort slightly, causing the Maidens to become curious of what's going on, but Kaizaken then knew what was happening. Kaizaken, the Titan of Storms who was closest with Mirokumaru, knew what she was capable of, and recalled a time when he spoke with Miro back in the Garden of Eden, and asked her a question in private in regards of their mortality. Miro responded with as long as there is time, they will not cease, but a time might come, when the ultimate sacrifice is needed to continue time. Kaizaken recalled, and then knew what was happening.


Yelled Kaizaken as he bolted from his location to appear before Miro, hoving between her and Neviah. Secretly, Kaizaken loved Mirokumaru, and the thought of what she was about to do was too insane for what he thought was possible.

"You... You can't be serious. Are you seriously going to do what I think you're doing?!"

Kaizaken wanted an answer as to why Miro was doing what she was doing, but Miro kept her head down. She didn't show her face as her bangs covered her face, but she held still as clocks began to appear and tick all around Mirokumaru, Kaizaken, and Neviah. Kaizaken had entered the ritual area by stopping Mirokumaru, and thus the time began to etch onto him as well.

”I know we need to save Neviah somehow, but is this really right? You don’t understand what you’re about to do, do you?”

And with that, Mirokumaru looked up with tears falling from her eyes, showing the signs of Alpha and Omega in each eye. It was the first time since the fall of the Garden that Kaizaken had seen those symbols in her eyes, which proved that he was right in his assumption of what she was going to do. Kaizaken didn’t know what to say to his Goddess who was crying, but Mirokumaru knew what to say.

”Then what Kaizaken? The child dies, and we remain here till Archa decides to let us out? We have no choice at this point. She might be young, and she might be inexperienced in her wisdom, but I have no doubt in my heart, after getting to see her family, as well as her try to survive here that she has passed the trial. She will ascend, and it’ll be up to you and the Maidens to ensure she walks the right path of Time and Souls…”

And with that, Kaizaken who had forgotten that he was within Mirokumaru’s boundary, as the clocks began to tick upon his very scales. With the swift flick of her wrist, Kaizaken was flung from the ritual circle and landed behind Serenity and Insidious. Serenity and Insidious were confused as to what just happened as the colossal Dragon was flung behind them by their Goddess of Time and Souls. Serenity screamed out to her Goddess Mirokumaru, as she was becoming surrounded by more and more ticking clocks, confused as to what she was going to do.


Insidious stayed quiet, not understanding, but feeling concerned as well for the actions that Mirokumaru was indeed taking. The Goddess simply looked back and smiled as she then turned her full attention towards the dying girl, Neviah.

”She’s going to sacrifice herself…”

Turning to look at him shocked, the two Maidens Serenity and Insidious looked at Kaizaken confused with despair written all over their faces. They couldn’t believe an action for an immortal being was possible. Their expressions asked why, and Kaizaken felt he knew, but he didn’t understand why, so he began to explain while Mirokumaru finally reached Neviah’s near lifeless body.

”There is nothing we can do here for Neviah. Her heart is shutting down and none of us are capable of saving her, especially since if Mirokumaru was to reverse Neviah’s cycle, it would just go back to what Neviah is suffering right now. And since Neviah is a Rosary, she can’t simply remove her soul and preserve it till she got a new body for her since the soul would break down over time, thus Mirokumaru sees only one option left. And that is to turn Neviah into a Goddess. In other words, she’s going to eliminate herself from existence, and make Neviah the new Goddess of Time and Souls…”

Serenity and Insidious looked back at Mirokumaru, not understanding, but watching as the ritual that has never before been witnessed take place. The clocks surrounding Neviah slowly began to stop ticking while the still clocks around Mirokumaru began to tick slowly, and then pick up speed, like the time on the clocks were forever stopped, but then started ticking so fast that time was becoming unstable. The sands of time appeared and began to spin around the ritual circle at a rapid pace, almost imitating a sand storm with a tornado like sand torrent in the center. Serenity and Insidious had to step further back because of the power being displayed by the sands of time swirling around Mirokumaru and Neviah. From inside the storming sands of time, Mirokumaru was kneeled down towards Neviah’s lifeless body that was proceeding to float. Mirokumaru began to speak to Neviah, as the clocks around them fluctuating on their ticking.

”I’m so sorry you had to deal with these troubles Neviah. The pain of living as a Rosary, and having to be in the middle of the conflict between Archa and I. I never wanted this to happen, and I’m so sorry. Thus I’m going to take responsibility and give you a second chance. I wont be around to guide you anymore, but you’ll have infinite wisdom behind you at all times Neviah. As well, you’ll have the memories of your Mother and Father to help you at all times...

A tear began to flow down Mirokumaru’s face as she was beginning to realize what was going to happen. She wasn’t just going to die, she was going to cease to exist, as God’s simply don’t die, they disappear. Miro knew she was going to be gone, but she’s been around for a very long time. Archa and her have been around since the beginning of everything. They created Space and Time, and everything along with it. They got to experience an eternity of lifetimes, and even experience loss, but now, it was Mirokumaru’s time to move on. She was going to pass on being the Alpha and Omega to Neviah now, and make her the Goddess of Time and Souls, between being the Preserver or the Reaper. Mirokumaru just hopes that Neviah remains as pure as she’s always been and holds integrity first, and listens to Kaizaken and the others, so she may lead the Spirits home to live in peace, and protect them from the Blood Queen, bringing Archa back with her instead. But this was all hopes, and Mirokumaru was taking a HUGE gamble in doing so, but with the promise she left to Senna to ensure the safety of her child, Miro saw no other option.

As sobs and sadness began to come from her voice, she continued to speak to Neviah as her appearance slowly started to change. Starting from her feet, she began to deteriorate and turn to the very sands of time that flowed around them.

[color=violet]”I won’t be around to guide you anymore N-Neviah. So listen carefully to those around you. A-And… And… Make sure you do your best in everything you do now, you hear me? There are spirits who are going to rely on you, and everyone is going to look to you now in how they move forward. I’ll only be here in the sands of time, so use your wisdom and intelligence to take actions right, and make sure you do what is right, not only for yourself as a Goddess, but for the Spirits of the Garden of Eden…”

Mirokumaru could feel like the emotions of Senna were beginning to take hold, as she felt like even she was a mother to the dying girl before her she was trying to save. But she knew it was the right thing to do, and now, it was her time. It was now up to Neviah in which to take over as the Goddess of the Garden of Eden, and to save the Spirits that inhabit it. Together with the help of the Titans an Maidens, she should be able to free Blood Queen and return her to Archa, and help them on their journey home.

Finally, leaning down to Neviah as the clocks surrounding her reached a halting stop, Mirokumaru leaned in, and gently kissed her forehead. Closing her eyes, Mirokumaru whispered goodbye as the remaining parts of her body became sand, and flowed off the the rest of the sands of time.

The storm continued to spin while Serenity and Insidious looked from the outside along with Kaizaken, but all three could feel everything change. As they looked upon the infinite grains of sand, they noticed it beginning to change color, as the brown and tan colors of the sand that reflected the very shades of Mirokumaru and Senna’s eye colors began to shift to hues of silver and blue, as if the sands became diamonds instead. The three spirits outside of the monsoon of time didn’t understand what that meant, but as the storm came to a close, the diamonds slowly stopped and began to just stagnate within the air and float, as at the center of the ritual circle that Mirokumaru created laid a girl in rest. Her attire had changed completely, and her aura was completely different. Originally the location of a Goddess and a dying girl, now just a Goddess remained, but not the same one who originally entered.

Without hesitation, Serenity was the first to move as she began to dart towards the girl who laid on the bare ground, surrounded by an infinite amount of small diamonds. Insidious tried to grab her, not knowing if was safe or not to approach the new Goddess yet, but Serenity was too fast and determined to see if Neviah was still safe. Even Kaizaken wasn’t sure, but he didn’t want to be sure. Mirokumaru, his Goddess had just disappeared forever, and she trusted everything in the hands of a girl who wasn’t fully mature. Additionally, Neviah had just gone through some of the hardest times of her life, and could be in need of some serious medical analysis on her mental state, and yet Mirokumaru just went and made her a God. He wasn’t sure, but with Serenity, he should ensure that everything went fine as well.

Reaching Neviah first, Serenity came to her knees before Neviah and looked at her carefully. She was beautiful, with her white hair longer than it was, her body matured, and wearing a beautiful outfit garnished in gold and white. Not only that, but she had 6 long and eloquent wings spanning from her back as she laid on the ground. Softly touching her, Serenity shook her, while quietly whispering her name, as if to wake Neviah up from a somber slumber.

While Serenity proceeded to shake Neviah, eager to wake her and ensure she was safe and alright, Neviah remained in a deep slumber as if she was caught up in a dream. This dream however, felt so real, as she felt she was beginning to see the beginning of existence happen before her.

Trapped, the Flower of Innocence [[CLOSED NEVIAH THREAD]] VKxUnpt

Neviah Clixx-Kimura
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Song Name: Requiem Inori - Artist: Trinity Blood OST - Word Count: 9238




There was nothingness. Everything was black except for three lights. One was a white light, warm and soothing, while the other light was a dark gray, comforting to look upon, and trusting to approach. The last light was like a black light, reflecting off the two lights that surrounded it, the white and gray. As the white and gray lights rotated around the black one at an extremely fast pace, a sudden explosion occurred, and from it, an existence was created. This existence was displayed by a blue sky with white clouds, and a shallow world of blue waters that could be stood upon, reflecting the sky above. It seemed to stretch on for eternity, as if it was never ending, but from the source of the explosion stood two beautiful women. One with short white hair and strands of white hair that flowed down to her midsection. She was wearing a beautiful white dress and had 6 wings that stretched far beyond any normal individuals reach. She had tan eyes, as the left showed the sign of Alpha within her iris and her right showed the sign of omega within the same area. The other woman wore a gown type dress with wings that seemed to float behind her instead to her back. Her long white hair went down to her knees while each eye was different in that her left eye was black with a white iris, and her right eye was white with a black iris. These two were the Goddesses of the realm to be made, as the one with Alpha and Omega was known as Mirokumaru, a Goddess of time and Souls, and the other was known as Archa, Goddess of Space and Creation. Floating between the two was a black and silver orb that remained between the two, as it was known as the Source. It was the heart of the very existence upon what they just created, and was the very soul of the world they were going to share together.

Mirokumaru summoned what looked like fans to her hands, as she began to make time flow within their world that surrounded them, as Archa summoned three orbs that constantly changed colors, and she began to solidify the space around them, ensuring their existence was going to remain stable now that the two Goddesses have taken shape and form. Archa, making another dimension connected to the main one, hid the Source within it to remain safe from whatever would come from time as it went on, and Mirokumaru hid the newly made dimension from time, harboring it from any enemies that would look to go after the Source to harm their realm. The two Goddesses smiled at eachother, now with a new task at hand. To create the spirits that would inhabit their world and then create civilization as well as define the very realm in which they have decided to create. Archa, creating the shell of the beings that would become harbord by souls that Mirokumaru create would go out and shape the very world they just made. Starting with what they called Titans, Archa gave shapes to four Titans. One a long and powerful Golden Dragon that would control the elements and give shape to the land, as well as the natural ecosystem which would harbor the lives of the Spirits to inhabit it. The next was a colossal land beast that would provide evolution and development to the land and masses surrounding it. After that, there needed to be a Titan to uphold the law and natural order passed down from the Goddesses that would ensure the peace is kept, so Archa made a woman in the image of herself with the capabilities to wield a sword and hold a divine intervention, as well as a male Titan that would uphold and discover new ways of survival by using intelligence and practice to test the laws of the universe made by Archa. With that, the four Titans were given shape, and with near unlimited power at their fingertips, Miro provided them each souls that would be capable of wielding that power appropriately.

Thus, the four Titans, Kaizaken, Demyan, Themis, and Malek were created. Archa and Miro passed onto them the laws of their universe, and allowed them to get to work on creating the world they shall inhabit. Using Malek’s intelligence, the Titans decided to not create space or a planet, but instead just simply inhabit the very realm they stood upon already with its endless source of water, and to develop land above it. Kaizaken agreeing and Demyanlending a hand, the two created a landmass with an ecosystem to inhabit the thousand of spirits that would take refuge there. From there, Mirokumaru shot thousands of souls into the land that was created, allowing the souls to take whatever shape they desired, and to become spirits of the world that surrounded them. Spirits of the mountains, trees, rivers, lakes, and so forth took shape and began their discovery of the world while Themis began to create laws for the Spirits to survive peacefully.

Of course, Miro and Archa decided that would be all hey would do to shape the world around them, and thus they needed to retire from there as to not intervene anymore in the universe's development. Thus Archa created a large temple in which would house the two Goddesses together, but they were not done creating yet. The Goddesses realized they would need a failsafe for if anything happened to them, of if the Titans got too out of hand, these new spirits would be able to act quickly and take care of things. Of course they each individually wouldn’t contain the power of a titan, but if they work together, they could hold the power of one of the Goddesses instead. Thus, Archa and Miro agreed to create their Maidens. These Maiden’s would work mainly at the Temple to act as guards and advisors of the land to the Goddesses, as well as to help all spirits who wish to speak with the Goddesses, as the Maidens would hold a very important task ahead.

Five Maidens were created by Archa, One who creates, one who develops, one that destroys, one that brings a mind, and one that heals and protects. These Maidens were each then given a name and allowed to develop in the land that was created by the Titans to allow them to be free and gain a mind of their own. These Maidens were Sekkyoku, the Mind of God, Benkei, the Gift from God, Nanashi, the Will of God, Insidious, the Wrath of God, and Serenity, the Grace from God. Benkei and Sekkyoku were sent together off towards the mountains to develop with the Titan of Evolution to allow their development to come from the Titan of Evolution, while Insidious and Serenity were sent with Themis to learn the Laws, and when it is appropriate to act in accordance of the law. Lastly, Nanashi was sent with Malek in which to develop her mind, and adapt will her abilities to understand willpower and networking.

And with that, the Garden of Eden, was created and inhabited. Closing the doors to all but the Maidens, the two Goddesses who were tired from using their power to create, took rest and sealed themselves away for 1000 years.

Finally after the 1000 years, the Garden of Eden had developed extremely well. The spirits of the land had established a society, and economy using the guidance from Malek and Nanashi, while Demyan, with the help of Benkei and Sekkyoku worked together on the lands development and evolution. Themis, using Serenity and Insidious to kept the peace through the land, ensuring that everything stayed lawful, and Kaizaken ensured that the elements remained stable through their universe. For many years the Spirits of the realm grew, and developed. Intelligence was spread from one to another. Emotions were discovered, and on top of sciences, philosophy was also being discovered. Even between the Maidens and the Titans, special relationships were being established. Malek and Themis made a loving relationship together, as Malek’s deep and intelligent mind was attractive to Themis, and she was beautiful in his eyes. Serenity and Insidious acted like Sisters, and even though they were, theirs was closer than most. Nanashi became a bit of a loaner, while Demyan and Kaizaken established a rivalry from comparing their power and capabilities. But of course, their Goddess were going to return soon, and that was a day to be celebrated.

All the spirits within the land ended up realizing that the Temple Doors would soon open, and thus all spirits within the realm wanted to celebrate the return of their loving Goddess back to the world they all love and share. Of course since death is not a law of the land, all spirits that were created from day one were still there to that day, and procreation was enable within that very universe meaning that the population grew exponentially, from a couple thousand souls, to nearly three hundred thousand. This growth of course went unchecked, and soon, the Goddesses were going to have to pay for it.

As the doors opened to reveal the awakening of the Goddesses Mirokumaru and Archa, a dark energy was felt, which caused a bit of an uneasy stir within the entire Garden of Eden. Slowly emerging from the Temple’s depths was not Archa or Mirokumaru, but instead a different kind of woman that none of the spirits were expecting. Emerging was a woman with long white hair, and eyes of a dark tan looking onto the crowds. She looked like Mirokumaru, but felt different, as all 5 Maidens and 4 Titans were feeling uneasy from this woman who just appeared.

”W.. Who is that?”

Asked Insidious as she looked on the unknown white haired woman that emerged from the Temple. Themis responded, unknowing who or what she was, but soon, their answer was received, as the sands of time began to appear around the ominous figure, and from the sands, emerged a scythe. That was when Malek knew exactly who it was, and what was going to happen.


Unknowing to what “Death” was, the Titans quickly had all spirits flee while all 5 Maidens prepared to fight the unknown Goddess of Death before them. Nanashi, from her training, connected the minds of the Titans and Maidens together to communicate while Malek quickly shared his understanding of what “Death” was.

”From my Intelligence, death is an option of natural occurrence that means the soul expires and the physical form deteriorates. Our Goddess Mirokumaru didn’t want to allow expiration, and since the Garden is now overpopulated, it forced Balance to take hold and thus our Goddess Mirokumaru has become Death to reap the Spirits that live.”

All the Titans and Maiden’s couldn’t believe what they were just told, as it sounded completely farfetched and unbelievable, but Malek was never wrong when it came to intelligence, so he had to be right. As the Spirits fled the Temple, the Maidens understood it was their responsibility to handle the Goddesses when things got out of check, but they didn’t know how to do such a thing. How do they fight a Goddess of Death? Of course, none of them were prepared, because that Goddess of Death, also controls time. Before any of the Maidens or Titans could prepare, Death Moved. The Reaper disappeared, and reappeared before the fleeing Spirits, and with a single swipe of her Scythe, sliced through nearly four hundred spirits with a single swing. Their souls, being taken from their physical forms, forcing the physical body to turn to sand and join the sands of time, the souls were absorbed into the scythe and taken into the Reaper’s body.

In complete shock, the Titans and Maiden’s knew not what they were dealing with. They could only look, as this Goddess of Death just wiped out a chunk of Spirits with a single swing. Insidious has a short temper of course, and she was the first to act.


She summoned her two circular blades, the Scars of Eternity, and lunched at the Reaper. With a simple lift of an arm, the Reaper lifted her Scythe, and blocked the approaching attack with minimal effort. The Titans tried to stop Insidious, not knowing what she was capable of, but to their surprise, Insidious’ blades were actually holding against the Omega Scythe that the Reaper wielded, meaning that the Scars of Eternity were pieces of that very Scythe that Mirokumaru had gifted to her at their creation. With that in mind, the Maidens and Titans knew they stood a chance. Besides, it was their job to protect and ensure the development of the Realm, but they can’t do it alone. With their power combined they would have to work together to stop the rampaging Goddess. Kaizaken, Demyan, Malek, Themis, Insidious, Sekkyoku, Nanashi, Benkei, and Serenity all prepared and engaged the Goddess of Death.

Blades clashed, and explosions were made when the Nine powerful beings fought to protect the realm from the single powered Goddess that challenged them, but as the Spirits feared and watched the giant battle take place, they noticed one thing. The Goddess of Death was winning. She kept dodging all powerful attacks using her power of Time, and would simply block attacks and not strike back, as she would appear before innocent Spirits below, wiping them out with a single swing of her Scythe. The Titans and Maidens were beginning to lose faith in their power, watching their Goddess wipe out spirits left and right, Demyan was the first to become hopeless in their fight against the Reaper. The others thought he had given up, but instead something worse began to happen to the giant beast who was becoming hopeless to the cause. His colors began to darken, and his powers change. He was beginning to change from a Titan of Evolution, and was succumbing to the shift in Balance, as he was turning into the Titan of Breakdown, Rurik. Before the change happened though, another challenger appeared onto the Battlefield. This challenger was forgotten, as the chaos that was caused by the Reaper made all inhabitants of the Garden forget about this individual, as Archa had made her appearance.

”My apologies, my Spirits. Forgive me, as when Mirokumaru was beginning to change, I had not know what was happening. I watched my Sister become this Monster, and she suppressed me in time, unable to protect you all from her wrath. Her and I were ignorant to this potentially happening, thus it is our shared responsibility for this happening. Therefore, I ask that together, Titans and Maidens… Aid me in returning my Sister to me.”

The Titans understood, as Demyan was able to calm himself, and the Maidens obliged, as they were all given the Blessing of the Realm by Archa herself, allowing them to officially fight on par with the Reaper that was antagonizing their Universe. Insidious with her blades that was able to rival that of the Omega Scythe of the Reaper, Serenity to protect any attacks from the Reaper, Sekkyoku and Benkei to create protection for the innocent Spirits that were collateral of the battle, Nanashi keeping the minds of all those involved connected, and then the Titans using their extreme powers to launch attacks on the Reaper, with the help of Archa’s blessing. Archa was even in the battle as well, using her elemental orbs, attached to her wings in which to get right in the face of the Reaper. It didn’t take long however, for the Titans and Maidens to realized they still cannot handle Death. Malek was studying the fight, attempting to strategize against her, but due to her use of time, being able to stop and reactivate it at will caused a huge problem for those trying to protect the spirits that lived there. He quickly spoke to Archa, informing her that this battle was pointless, that they cannot hold the Reaper still long enough to suppress her. Due to this, Archa knew what she had to do.

Ordering the Titans and Maidens to fall back, Archa stepped forward. The power of the Goddess was unbelievable to the Spirits who were still onlooking the battle taking place, but she acted quickly as a Goddess of the Realm, quickly locking herself and the Reaper in another dimension, not attached to the one that the Garden of Eden stood. The Reaper was a wielder of Time and Souls, but Archa controlled the Realm and Laws, thus she could do something the Reaper couldn’t, and that was to take the two to a realm outside of their own. This of course, won't last long, as a Goddess equal in her strength can break it over time if the two were to clash there, as well as the Goddesses cannot be gone from the Garden for too long, otherwise it would grow unstable and collapse, thus Archa had to act quick.

”Sister… I understand the irresponsibility caused by us, but I will stop you, and return you to me. That way we can correct our ways, and return peace to this realm… Now, forgive me…”

Thus, before the Reaper could respond, Archa quickly shifted the laws of balance that took place between the Reaper and herself, and caused a change to happen within both of them. The laws of their realm stated there must always be balance, and the Source obliged with the Law of Balance, allowing them to create Existence in general from that Law, thus they had to obey it, and if they did not there would be consequences. This change that Archa made, shifted the requirements of Balance, and forced Archa and Miro to oblige by them now, as some of the Darkness that lived within Miro from the imbalance of souls not being regulated now shifted to Archa, causing her to take a dash of the darkness within her as well. This omnipotent power was so extraordinary that Archa had to do it in a realm that was capable of holding those two only, and not in the Garden, as all the Spirits would become affected as well. Of course the Titans had to follow that same law of Balance, but the Maidens and Spirits were immune to such a Balance due to their individual strengths.

From this, the Reaper began to become suppressed, and form started to change from her, as she reverted from Death, back to Mirokmaru. Feeling relieved, Archa quickly went to her sister to aid her. Miro didn’t understand what just happened, but felt overflowed with souls for some reason, as well as her Sands of Time had grown. Archa took time to explain to Miro what had happened, and the activities that just happened. Miro was shocked to believe something like that had happened, and when the two returned to the Garden, Miro looked on to the destruction and sorrows she had caused, bringing fear and sadness to their realm. The Maidens and Titans were relieved to see Miro return to normal, but fearful of her changing again. Mirokumaru and Archa knew something had to change, especially with the Spirits to ensure she wouldn’t be forced to become the Reaper once again.

Starting off, Archa started by making the realm grow larger, allowing it to hold many more inhabitants than before, so it would remain stable in its harbor of Spirits. Once Archa had completed that, Mirokumaru did something that most didn’t know she was capable of, as she began to alter Reality using the light of the Seventh Dawn to change the outcomes of what had happened. The Garden of Eden began to change from time, going back to its peaceful moment, and the souls and physical bodies of those that were taken were returned to the land, showing that while the Goddess are merciful, they are indeed beyond the scope of comprehensible power. Additionally, Mirokumaru did something with all souls of the Spirits, causing a Generational recycling process. When Spirits procreate, their souls will survive for five generations, and on the sixth, the oldest living spirits will enter a recycle process and enter a Well of Souls, to become reborn by Mirokumaru to ensure stability of the realm. The souls will not be altered, and remain the same, as to ensure that Death is still not something that happens, but simply allows souls to rest and reconstitute themselves. Finally, the Goddesses understood now that they should remain within the realm, now to not only keep each other in check, but allow the Maidens and Titans to keep tabs on them to ensure the safety of their realm.

This was the end, of the Grim Reaper, but another great conflict was going to soon take place.

After Two million years of peace and development, the Spirits, Maidens, Titans, and Goddesses grew with one another as the relationships between the inhabitants of the Garden of Eden began to grow together and develop further, but without the notice of the spirits, some realized he Goddesses slowly drifted apart. Mirokumaru remained in a capital city of Spirits that lived in a natural ecosystem that thrived off Nature. This City was actually the Capital of 7 Major Garden Layers that floated above the skies as the Fifth through Seventh were above the clouds. The 7th layer most prestigious layer was known as Alexandria. The City was simple in how it just consisted of the Goddess Temple and nature surrounding it. Opposite from this Capital City however was a whole other type of ecosystem, as another Temple was made, and this one surrounded by Mountains that flowed hot magma and decay surrounding it. It held no official title, but some within called it Pandemonium. This was home to who many believed to still be Archa, but none had seen Archa in centuries, so they believed her to be resting. The Titans and Maidens split off as well, some staying with Mirokumaru, and others going off with Archa when she left to monitor another side of the Garden of Eden. Malek and Demyan went with Archa, being followed by Nanshi, Insidious, and Benkei. Kaizaken and Themis stayed with Mirokumaru, while Serenity and Sekkyoku stayed as well.

Everything within the Garden of Eden was staying stable for the longest time, till Archa emerged from her Temple, and the near Spirits soon realized that Archa had been gone for a very long time. The Maidens and Titans went to the Temple to welcome Archa from her rest, but instead emerged someone else. The Memories of the event with Reaper soon came to the minds of the Maidens and Titans, remembering the chaos and destruction that the Reaper brought upon them. This woman of red hair, and red eyes looked devilishly at the Maidens and Titans before her. The Titans quickly prepared to act in defense while the Maidens would go to Mirokumaru for help, but of course, this woman didn’t have that. Touching the forms of the Titans before her, they began to change and divert while the Maidens watched their masters change. Demyan became the Titan of Breakdown known as Rurik, while Malek changed from the Titan of Intelligence to the Titan of Insanity known as Aryain. Benkei, Nanashi, and Insidious knew they were powerless without the other two Maidens to help them fight off this new Goddess before them, but they stopped quickly before any defense could have been made, as the woman in red simply smiled and told them to take a seat. The Maidens knew they were outmatched against this woman in red, especially now since the Titans that raised and taught them were now under her control.

Sending the Titans out to the land to do their task of breaking everything down, and spreading insanity, the woman in red sat with her Maidens and began to speak to them.

”Hello Girls. Long time no see! It’s been quite a while, hasn’t it?”

Insidious, being the brash one, spoke quickly and without respect in her tone.

”What do you want? Who are you and what have you done to Archa?”

The woman in red simply smiled and responded, taking no offense to the message or tone that was just spoken to her.

”Why, I am Archa! You see girls, you all know that Balance must be upheld in our Realm, just like what happened when Miro became Death, I must change to ensure Peace. The Titans are made the same way as us, thus they are needed to ensure the balance as well. Do you understand? Thus, as the Maidens, it is now your duty to follow and oblige to the needs of our Realm, is it not?”

With words of persuasion, the three Maidens couldn’t help but agree with what she had said, so they all bowed their heads in agreement to the woman in red, as she grinned at the obedient girls before her.

The Maidens responded to their Goddess, bowing before her.

”Yes Archa.
”Yes Archa.
”Yes Archa.

The woman in red looking upon the Maidens, and responded to them.

”No… Call me, Blood Queen…”

And with that, the reign of Blood Queen began, on the other side of the realm that was the Garden of Eden.




Years went by without communication between the Goddesses, causing Mirokumaru to worry of her Sister. She felt her presence however, so felt it not necessary to worry, but couldn’t help but feel off. From the other side of the realm, there were no voices, and a feeling of disconnect surrounded Miro as she remained in the Capital Temple with Sekkyoku and Serenity. Additionally, she had Kaizaken and Themis by her side to continue their monitoring of the realm on the side that Miro commanded and overwatched. The silence from the other end however couldn’t go on too long, otherwise Miro would continue to worry, but of course, Blood Queen didn’t want Miro to know. If Miro knew, she would react to stop the encroaching darkness upon their realm that the Blood Queen’s chaotic side wished to reap. Not only that, but Demyan and Malek had already transformed into Rurik and Aryan, as they brought despair upon the very spirits that resided near the dark temple of Blood Queen. additionally, since Archa is the Goddess of realms and existence, she was able to easily shroud her kingdom to ensure the secrecy of her operation, but alas, it wasn’t going to last long, as there was a mole within her midst that was planning something.

As Blood Queen tortured innocent Spirits and made rivers of red course from her Temple, there was something off about the Maidens that served the Blood Queen. Insidious embraced her violent side fully, aiding in the killing and slaughtering with Rurik, while Nanashi became obsessed with the minds of everything around her, following suit with Aryian, breaking the minds of those that surrounded them and causing others to break, but there was one Maiden who just didn’t fit, and that was the Maiden of Redistribution, Benkei. She served under Demyan, but watching her Master take to violence and act completely opposite from his natural objectives was heartbreaking to her. Watching the Spirits fall one by one, but their souls remain to not inform Miro was depressing to participate in, as she would watch her sisters lash out, and one of her very Goddesses lead this crusade of Madness. Something needed to happen, and if Mirokumaru and the rest of them weren’t going to come, then she had to take action into her own hands.

Benkei was planning something to attempt to stop this madness, but she had to be careful. She is sadly overshadowed by the power of the Titans, let alone one of the Goddesses, and she would have two of her five sisters to deal with as well. As Benkei walked the halls, trying to plan something, she felt an odd stinging sensation in her head, as if someone or something was trying to get in. Quickly clearing her thoughts, Benkei turned to see Nanash emerge from the entrance to a hallway with a displeased look on her face.

”My my Benkei. I had a feeling you weren’t pleased here. You looked as if you were planning something, so I wanted to poke around your head a little to see what you were planning, but you cleared your mind quick. Planning to run away?”

Benkei just responded in kind with a tone that was not surprised that the Will of God would attempt to sense her mind of what was going on. Her master was Malek, the Titan of Intelligence, but when reverted to Yang, he is Aryian, the Titan of Insanity. It would make sense that Nanashi observe everyone on the inside and out.

”I’ve no idea what you mean Nanashi. I’m just minding my own business, and do not mind the like of you tinkering in my mind. A bit rude to pry into a sister's secrets, is it not?”

Nanashi just kept her displeased expression with Benkei, as she loved Blood Queen very much, and worshiped her Goddess faithfully, so to take suspicion in the Maiden that didn’t seem nearly as Faithful was of course the right course of action to her, but it was nothing more than a gut feeling that Nanashi had in which to bring question to Benkei, thus for her to be guilty of anything already would be incorrect. Nanashi didn’t respond, but instead removed the link she attempted to establish with Benkei and turned, walking down the hall she revealed herself in, returning to her duties of aiding Aryian.

Taking a sigh of relief, Benkei knew she had to act quickly, therefore, she was going to move that night.

One night while Blood Queen bathed in a tub of crimson, she quietly embraced the screams that surrounded her Temple of Despair as a knock came at the chamber door. With the single flick of a finger, the large double doors opened into the black and white checkered marble flooring, allowing who was outside the doors to enter. Entering quietly was none other than Benkei, the Maiden who was the Gift from God. Blood Queen was surprised to see Benkei, as she was never so enthused upon the activities that they all performed while near the Black Temple.

”Bennnkei! What a lovely surprise! What can I do for you sweety?”

Asked the living Devil as she rubbed the blood on her skin, continuing to bathe as if Benkei being there didn’t matter. Benkei was nervous, but she knew what she had to do. She was prepared, and even if it meant the end of her life, she had to try. Even though her connection is cut off on the outside, as long as she can reach outside of the current boundary, she should be able to reach Mirokumaru, Themis, or maybe even Sekkyoku. The only thing she feared more than being killed, was Rurik, and the things he could do to her if he caught her. But this was all the more reason to not fail. Thus, she began…

”A-Arc-- I mean. Lady Goddess. When we Maidens were made, we were given a purpose to help the Goddesses retain Order from Chaos.”

This caught the Blood Queen’s attention, as she carefully observed as she listened to Benkei state words that she was taking as offensive. She sat up, giving Benkei her undivided attention, as she flicked her wrist under the blood liquid, out of sight from Benkei to send a message to the Titans that monitored her realm. Blood Queen, was now on guard as Benkei continued.

”And as a Maiden… I will do my DUTY!”

That was the moment, everything fell apart.

Benkei lifted her power to Blood Queen, her power of Redistribution. Now normally, the powers of a Maiden can’t alter or mimic the powers of their creator without a blessing, but Benkei was prepared. What Blood Queen wasn’t prepared for was that Benkei used her power on Nanashi before she met with Blood Queen. Nanashi didn’t realize it, but when she confronted Benkei, she copied two of her abilities, Data Interception and Possibility Contradiction. Benkei started by redirecting Data Interception from Nanashi in which to intercept all forms of data that Nanashi might have attempted to gain off Benkei for this outrageous attempt, or to even notice her abilities had been copied. Then, Benkei copied Possibility Contradiction, an ability that questions improbability and shifts it into the user's favor. What this means is that, while it wasn’t impossible for Benkei to redirect one of Blood Queen’s abilities, it was almost improbable, but now that wasn’t the case. Now since Blood Queen wasn’t able to gain a complete read on Benkei, since her guard was down, she didn’t think to activate Radar to read on Benkei’s abilities, she instead sent a message to the Titan’s to come to her, which was of course intercepted by Benkei, thanks to Data Interception.

Quickly activating Possibility Contradiction, a Data Crystal of blue appeared behind Benkei and behind Blood Queen, altering the zones of probability within them, now making it more probable that Benkei to attempt what she was going to do. Knowing that the Blood Queen, Archa, is the Goddess of Space and Existence, she can create anything she desires if she wished, and thus, she’ll need an ability that’ll allow her to counter anything that the Blood Queen creates, and removes anything that’ll potentially get in her way. Blood Queen stood quickly to respond to Benkei’s attack, but Benkei was already successful. Benkei had managed to copy an ability from a Goddess without a Blessing, as Benkei had successfully taken Blood Queen’s Anti-Matter powers. Letting go of Data Interception and Possibility Contradiction, Benkei implanted the Anti-Matter powers into herself, compounded with Redirection, and was now ready to begin her escape.


Enraged, Blood Queen’s wrath was just invited by the actions of Benkei. Entering with a sense of urgency, Nanashi entered the bathing area to see Blood Queen standing in a rage before Benkei as she just realized that Benkei had done something. Taking no time to wait, Benkei ran as quickly as she could, using the speed she had trained herself in for decades with Demyan and Sekkyoku to get to the outer barrier. Nanashi tried to stop her, but Nanashi wasn’t the fastest of the Maiden’s and she fell behind as Blood Queen’s wrath had began. As Benkei managed to break out from the Temple, leaving Nanashi in the dust, she felt as though everything was going smoothly. Perhaps too smoothly? Of course, not long after breaking out of the Temple of the Blood Queen and running down the mountainside with lava pouring on either side of her, she heard a loud roar, which was from the very being she had hoped to not cross. Rurik, the Titan of Breakdown was emerging from the very lava that poured from the mountainsides and was looking to confront Benkei as she attempted to escape. Benkei had to get away from Rurik, because of his abilities of Breakdown, he can deconstruct anything in its reverse order of construction, essentially halting evolution. It would seem that Blood Queen’s call to her Titan’s have gotten out, and if Rurik is there, then that would mean that Aryian is close by as well. If Aryian shows up, Benkei will surely lose, and that’ll be game over. Benkei will be deconstructed and her soul will become trapped for sure!

”I’m sorry Master…”

Silently said Benkei, as she put her new powers of Antimatter into effect by quickly deleting the space that Rurik was taking up to come out of the lava, halting his movement. Rurik let out a large roar as his movement was halted, and Benkei took that opportunity to run. She had to get outside of the zone, so she would be able to reach out to Mirokumaru, but that attempt alone was going to be difficult with the Goddess herself now on her trail. Benkei decided to gun it, because even if she is killed, as long as she gets the message to Mirokumaru or even the other Titans or Maidens, everything should be fine from there.

Back within the chambers of the Blood Queen, Nanashi watched as the former Goddess Archa boiled over with hatred. Nanashi’s fear began to rise as she watched the anger from the Blood Queen shift from a scown, to a sinister grin that would make anyone shake. The Blood Queen stood as she watched from the back of her mind as Benkei ran to escape the barrier that eluded them from the ever watchful eye of Mirokumaru. She knew what was going to come, as Mirokumaru might be able to see the cycles of all, including their time, but she’s become weak and fearful of her own abilities. As they’ve witnessed before with the coming of Death, she came to restrain herself from using her full power, and tried to hide herself as so she wouldn’t bring harm to anyone else, but there was another thing to take into account. It was that when Mirokumaru becomes the Reaper and brings Death, she is out of her own state of mind, and only focuses on her capabilities as Death, whereas Blood Queen is free from restraint and causes as much chaos as she desires. With this in mind, Blood Queen knew that a war was coming, only difference is that Mirokumaru will fall, and she will become the true God of the realm.

Looking at Nanashi’s fearful expression, Blood Queen stepped out from the crimson bath and approached the young Maiden in the nude. Nanashi was so scared she couldn’t move, but as Blood Queen placed her hand gently on the Maiden’s soft face, a sense of calmness came over her, as Insidious entered the room with a grin as sinister as Blood Queen’s.

”Have no fear Nanashi. One of your sisters has decided to betray her God, but it’s okay. A war is coming, and this war will decide everything… Best prepare~”

Hearing the words War only inspired Insidious, as her previous master Themis spoke of war back in her days of training long ago. About how many would test their strength on the fields of battle, and how many would die in cold blood for the prosperity of others. This was the type of thing Insidious yearned for, and Nanashi as well was going to get some work out of it, as the girl enjoyed the challenge of hacking into networks, and the minds of others. This was her chance to go all out and not hold back. With that in mind, both Maiden’s rallied around the Blood Queen, as the crimson liquids from the bath became animated and turned into a satin type ballroom dress to cover the Blood Queen for the coming show.

As Benkei continued to run towards the edge of the barrier to escape the confines of her imprisonment, she noticed the Rurik stopped taking chase, and that Aryian was nowhere in sight. What was going on? Was the Blood Queen planning something? Either way, that was not her concern, her main task was to escape that Hell, and reveal to Mirokumaru what was going on. She got closer and closer to the border that split the two regions apart, and with each step, a sign of hope would wash over her worry of potential backlash. With each step, she inched her way closer and closer to changing the lives of many tortured and blackened spirits who were wronged by the actions of the Blood Queen, and with their hope in her hands, she finally crossed the border, and passed through the illusionary barrier that shielded the wrongdoings of their realm. The second that Benkei crossed the line, she shot out a distress call through method of telepathy to all maidens who would hear her cry for help, hoping that Sekkyoku or Serenity would hear. Thankfully, both of them heard, and given their talents and capabilities, they both appeared before Benkei using two different methods. Sekkyoku, being the Mind of God, has gifted the general capabilities like Archa, to a lesser degree. She can create practically anything within her imagination in which to place into their reality, thus to fabricate a portal to teleport herself isn’t difficult at all. Now to locate Benkei for that portal would normally be difficult, but thankfully, Serenity was there. Serenity has an affinity with the souls of all living beings, a piece of Mirokumaru’s capabilities. Due to this, she can lock onto any living soul she hears a cry from, and instantly teleport to their location, mainly to defend them with her impenetrable shield. Because of this, Sekkyoku was able to follow right to Benkei’s location.

As Sekkyoku and Serenity arrived, they could see Benkei had gone through some trouble. Not only did she look like she was in distress, but something was different about her, as Benkei went over to Sekkyoku and quickly embraced her, even reaching over and bringing Serenity into the hug as well.

”Oh my. Sekk… It’s good to see you. You as well Serenity.”

As Benkei took comfort in seeing her sisters once again, she felt as though everything was finally going to be okay. But of course, she wasn’t done yet, she had more she needed to do from the tyranny of the coming Blood Queen. As Benkei broke off the embrace from both Sekkyoku and Serenity, her expression went from relief, to that of concern and determination as she looked at them both with a stern expression. The looks on Sekkyoku and Serenity both showed confusion and worry as they awaited for Benkei to inform them of the emergency.

”Sisters, we’ve an emergency. As you might remember the horrors of the Reaper, the same curse has fallen upon Archa, and she’s coming!”

A sudden expression of fear befell upon Sekkyoku and Serenity as Serenity spared no expense to lock onto Mirokumaru’s soul and quickly open a gate to return all three Maidens to her to report the oncoming danger.

”We must hurry! Quickly!”

Benkei was the first to enter Serenity’s gate, as she wanted to get out of their location quickly. Serenity left the gate open for Sekkyoku, as she went in after Benkei, and finally Serenity as she shut the gate behind her. What the girls didn’t know was that as they headed back to Alexandria, the 7th Garden, they were watched by Aryian, the Titan of Insanity. His smirk was as wide as ever, as his haunting black eyes gleamed with delight of potentially running into the Titan’s of Alexandria, Kaizaken, and his former love Themis. The thought of shutting her down and driving her mad was delicious to Aryian as he dreamed of leading her suffering, but of course, he wasn’t there to simply spy on the girls, he was there to use his power of intellect to hone in on the location of where Serenity’s gate was taking them as to report to Blood Queen for transport to Alexandria. Aryian was a mysterious Titan, as his capabilities were never gauged by the Maidens or other Titans, he always just used simple and low level abilities, but the Goddesses knew his scope of ability. Aryian wasn’t one for mass destruction, he was one for mass chaos. With his sinister laugh, he disappeared from the area, ready to report to the Blood Queen.




Appearing within the Temple of Mirokumaru, Benkei was in awe with the beauty and simplicity of the construction. The air was fresh, with a gentle breeze and the sounds of the birds outside were wonderful, as it felt like a paradise compared to where Benkei spent the last many years. As Serenity and Sekkyoku led Benkei to the Goddesses chamber, they passed by many powerful and prestigious Spirits of the Garden of Eden that have grown and watched over many elements of the Realm. There was the Spirit of the Stars who resided within the 7th Garden, as she was a beautiful white spirit that watched over the billions of spirits that lit the stars in the night. There was also the Spirit of Beauty and Grace there within the Temple of Mirokumaru, and Benkei was surprised to see so many spirits in one place, but felt welcome, as if they belonged. Of course Benkei knew of the tier system of their realm, knowing that the Goddesses are the infallible beings, with Titans below them, and then the Maidens, and the Spirits had their own system. The rare and powerful Spirits usually stayed close to the Goddesses or Titans, depending on their role within their ecosystem.

Finally approaching a large white door, Sekkyoku gently pushed it aside, as though it had no weight, but the door obviously appeared as if it weighed over hundreds of pounds. Inside was a very open area surrounded by windows on all sides, allowing the open air to flow in. Kaizaken was partially wrapped around the windows, allowing his head to peek in, while a beautiful Goddess with white hair was having her hair braided by Themis on a small chair before her. Opening her tan eyes to see Benkei appear before her. Of course, Mirokumaru was overjoyed to see Benkei, as she hasn’t seen Archa, or her Titans or the Maidens of hers in ages. Mirokumaru was worried, but to see Benkei made her very happy. The sense of joy was quickly extinguished however, as the expression on Benkei, Serenity, and Sekkyoku’s face showed nothing of joy, but instead sadness and fear.

”Goddess… We have a serious issue.”

Without wasting a moment, MIrokumaru activated her cycle sight and looked into Benkei’s history to be thrown into a sense of shock. Between watching her Sister fall to her dark side, as well as see the Titans fall with her into some sort of Alter form, and even have two of her three Maidens play along. This was terrible, and it instantly reminded Mirokumaru of the terrors of the Reaper. Themis and Kaizaken looked at Mirokumaru in question, not knowing what she had just seen, but it worried them no less to see their Goddess express worry. To them, there was nothing to fear with the power of the Goddesses, since they were the beginning, middle and end of everything of their realm. If there was something out of their power, then that meant serious business. Mirokumaru summoned her two fans, and with a simple flick of her wrist, her blessing was distributed to Themis and Kaizaken, sharing the knowledge that she just took in from observing Benkei, allowing them to understand what she had just seen, as well as what Benkei experienced.

”Goddess, I remember when we had to face your form of Death. It was indeed powerful, but with all our combined effort, and your Sister, we were able to quell the beast within you. If Lady Archa has fallen under the same spell, then with the same combined strength, I’m sure we can stop her!”

Themis was trying to calm Mirokumaru from what she was fearing would come, but before the Goddess could prepare her realm for what was to come, and come up with a plan, Chaos had already taken place. The light from outside began to become dark, as Kaizaken turned to look from within Mirokumaru’s chamber, to wonder what had happened to the clouds. Seeing as Kaizaken controlled the elements, he did not order any of the Spirits to change the clouds or weather, so there had to be an outside influence. Of course, there was, as the clouds began to swirl, opening a gateway of Darkness, and from it, many devilish spirits began to appear, as a tunnel from Pandemonium to Alexandria had been opened, and Blood Queen’s strike began.

Without hesitation, Kaizaken quickly went to stop the oncoming forces as one of the most Powerful Titans, and since they were entering from a gate in the clouds, they wouldn’t be prepared for the lightning that Kaizaken could muster. Themis decided this was her time as well, as Serenity followed Themis, leaving Benkei and Sekkyoku with Mirokumaru. Mirokumaru walked over to a window, with Benkei and Sekkyoku beside her to watch the oncoming chaos.

Spirits from all 7 Gardens heard the call of Themis, the Titan of Law and Order, and began their mobilization to defend their home, or to take shelter from the coming attacks from above. Of course Themis went to stand by Kaizaken in the air as the oncoming demon spirits from Pandemonium came to ensue chaos within Alexandria, but one thing they didn’t prepare for, was that the main gate was a distraction. From the First Garden on the lowest Level, Rurik was there destroying the layer, and separating the Gardens, making it harder for Spirits to seek harbor and safety from the coming attack. Getting word of Rurik’s flank, Kaizaken was the first to respond, since he was a rival to Demyan, hearing that Rurik was released angered Kaizaken, as he wanted to deal with him alone. This of course, was warning for Themis, since if Demyan has become Rurik, then that would mean her love Malek had also changed, and became Aryian. Showing no fear, Themis awaited for him to come, as she knew he would. Chaos and disorder came to the 7 Gardens within Eden, as Mirokumaru watched from her window, not understanding the reason for this scene of violence, as she watched her spirits, and the Spirits of Pandemonium fall to one another in a scene of brutal war. Mirokumaru wanted to stop this, but being a Goddess, she and Archa believed they had no place to interfere with the affairs of lower beings, thus she had to stay out of it, but what is the use of being honorable, when the other side isn’t play fair?

As Sekkyoku and Benkei watched from inside of Mirokumaru’s chambers, watching the ever ensuing conflict occur from inside, a scare came to the mind of Benkei, as she could sense another being nearby, but couldn’t lock onto their location for some reason. Unease overwhelmed her and Sekkyoku as they knew something was coming, but they just didn’t know what it was, or where it was coming from. Just before they could react however, Mirokumaru already knew. It was Aryian, as he appeared from invisibility and attempted a strike against Mirokumaru, but before his strike could connect, Themis appeared between them with her sword drawn and blocking the strike from Aryian’s dagger. Benkei and Sekkyoku were startled when Aryian’s attack was stopped by Themis, for even more surprised that Mirokumaru didn’t bother to move an inch from her location, she just kept looking outside, watching the chaos occur. It was as if she knew what was going to happen, and didn’t fear the oncoming strike.

”Themis, I trust you… Be weary of the oncoming challenge…”

The message was clear to Themis, as for her to do what she needed, but be warned of the capabilities that Aryian can perform. With this in mind, Themis knew she was fighting a shell of the man she loved, but she would hold honor before her personal feelings, and ensure that nothing befalls her Goddess. With a speedy and powerful lunge of her blade, she thrusted Aryian out of the chambers of Mirokumaru, and Aryian went flying with a smile on his face, as his plan wasn’t to strike down Mirokumaru, but instead distract her cyclesight onto herself of the oncoming danger, and not the nearby danger of one of the other individuals nearby. When Aryian was sent flying from the chamber of Mirokumaru, he changed his trajectory of travel, to bring Themis to him, as the moment that Themis followed Aryian’s travel, even she didn’t see what was coming. From beyond the darkness of the sky above, a figure unrecognizable performed the unthinkable. Due to Mirokumaru’s distraction of the battles happening outside, and keeping the cycle sight upon the fight outside, she wasn’t paying attention to what was about to happen right before her.


A sudden sense of horror hit Mirokumaru’s sense, as she looked over to see something she never wished to witness while within her sane self, as she watched Sekkyoku, in terror, begin to shift into dust. Sekkyoku looked at Mirokumaru, her Goddess, as if hoping she would help her, since she was the Mind of God, she could create to her heart's content, but to create something that was beyond her scope of power in the realm of existence that would stop such a thing from happening was unknowing to her. Benkei watched in shock, as a fellow Maiden who was so close, and like a sister to her, was turning to dust and becoming nothing before her eyes. As Benkei screamed in horror, Mirokumaru was quick to react.


As Sekkyoku reached her hand out, hoping that Mirokumaru could somehow stop what was happening, Mirokumaru quickly threw her hand out to Sekkyoku, and when contact was made, the rest of her physical body manifested into dust and dispersed, leaving no trace behind of one of the 5 Maidens; however, left was a beautiful glowing orb floating in the space where Sekkyoku once stood.This orb was the soul that belonged to the Maiden known as Sekkyoku. Gently caressing it, Mirokumaru took the soul that belonged to Sekkyoku and merged it into her body, protecting it from any attackers that would do harm to the most sacred and vital piece of any spirit within the Garden of Eden. As Mirokumaru took comfort in knowing Sekkyoku is now safe within her, her mood changed quickly, as she knew what ability that was, and where it came from. A sinister laugh could be heard, as from the giant hole in the roof of Mirokumaru’s chambers revealed the culprit.

”Despair… Now you see what you’ve caused Benkei, and the seed that you have planted will now grow in the blood. This is a crime at which you shall pay for beyond the price of your life, and I, Blood Queen, will ensure it is paid in full…”

Floating downward, Archa revealed herself before Benkei, Mirokumaru, and the pile of dust she had just created. Revealing herself, she appeared different from when Mirokumaru had last seen her, as she was now endowed in a black dress, that caressed her features and the skirt was cut mid way up her thighs for mobility. Her hair was as red as blood, and two black demon horns extended out of her skull. Benkei started to shake, as she was not only afraid from seeing Archa again, but from what just happened to Sekkyoku, would that happen to her as well? Mirokumaru on the other hand, was not moving as she held the gentle soul of her maiden to her chest, satisfied that she managed to save her, and that she would remain safe as long as Mirokumaru breathed.

As Archa’s feet touched the flood before Miro and Benkei, Miro turned to face her equal, and as their eyes met, Archa could see a different light within Miro’s eyes. Instead of the light warmth that Miro emits from her eyes, it was now a look of vengeance. The iris of Miro’s eyes changed, as the symbol of Omega entered, and signified Miro’s intention of ending the life of the one before her. Archa smiled, as she knew what was about to begin.

Trapped, the Flower of Innocence [[CLOSED NEVIAH THREAD]] VKxUnpt

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Song Name: Ultima - Artist: Final Fantasy XIV OST - Word Count: 6652




What is a Soul? How does it belong in its environment, and what is its meaning? Well, that is a mystery within Eden that was meant to be solved by the host. When Mirokumaru creates a new soul, it is developed and nurtured from a flower. Once the soul has blossomed from the budding flower, it then seeks its host. The host then accepts the soul, and it begins its transformation to evolve into the being it becomes on its journey through life. Some souls developed faster than others, like the Spirit of the Stars. The very powerful Spirit of the Stars from Eden developed within hours of the soul binding with the host, and lit up the sky in a brilliant light of beauty and wonder. Other spirits, like the Spirit of the Great Peaks took millennia to develop. But when he was fully developed, he was a towering spirit that overlooked the western end of Eden, ensuring that with the snow turning into water in warm weather, the spirits below would have their thirsts quenched. It was a process that one would find in their lives, but in doing so, would find it fulfilling to know why they exist. For the souls that never found a host, they would linger in the air and watch as the world of Eden grew to become a world of peace, beauty, and experience.

But sometimes, good things must come to an end.

War. War was a thing that took lives, destroyed the land, and broke the spirits of many. It pitted those who onced loved, against each other, and tore souls apart. The Great War within Eden only lasted 11 months, as the fighting never stopped, and continued endlessly for that time. Great and powerful spirits rose to the cause of either protecting their homeland, or submitting to the madness of the Blood Queen, seeking domination over the realm of Eden. On Mirokumaru’s side, was the Titans Kaizaken and Themis, as well as the Maidens Serenity and Benkei. On the side of the Blood Queen was the Titans Aryan and Rurik, as well as the Maidens Insidious and Nanashi. Sekkyoku being the major casualty between the top tier of the spirits, it fueled Mirokumaru’s rage. Some of the notable spirits that took sides were the Spirit of the Stars and Moon siding with Mirokumaru, and the Spirit of the Sun, Oceans, and Magic sided with Blood Queen. In terms of numbers, Mirokumaru was losing due to the Madness of Blood Queen being stronger than she could have expected, claiming more and more spirits by the days, and leading Mirokumaru’s forces shrinking. Mirokumaru knew that if the war continued that she would lose, and what made matters worse is that the spirits that she loved so much would end up being tortured and mutilated by Blood Queen herself. It was something that Mirokumaru could not risk, as it is her duty as a Goddess to not only ensure balance, but to ensure peace with the Souls of Eden.

In the Months of the War, the casualties grew, leading the Themis having to pit herself against the one she loved. Putting aside her feelings to ensure the lives of those around her, and to seek the Justice she is so enveloped in, she drove her blade into the once known Titan Malek, who now goes by Aryian. It was believed that a piece of Malek came back during their bout and allowed Themis to drive her blade into her loved one, but something changed that day when she killed her beloved. Mirokumaru could feel it within the soul of the Titan who swore fealty to her, in that she allowed the chaos of War to consume her, and she too shifted. No longer a Titan of Justice, Themis became Aries, and welcomed the War around her to consume her thirst for Chaos. This lead to Mirokumaru losing yet another supporter to her defense to the chaos of war and madness of Blood Queen. It was almost as if Aryian knew that Themis would become Aries if she struck him down, allowing Blood Queen to attain another advantage during the War.

He was indeed a Titan of Intelligence, one beyond capability of any other.

Rurik and Kaizaken fought many times in their nearly endless battle lasting over 8 of the 11 months. The regeneration capabilities by both Titans were incredible, leading their fight to come down to whoever was stronger in terms of raw power, and sadly, they were on equal footing. The Rage of Kaizaken was unparalleled, it felt he was on the border of becoming Bahamut, but Rurik's Fury was just as potent as Kaizaken’s Rage. Of course the Spirits that were allied with both Titans fought alongside of them, like the Spirits of Fire, Water, and Earth worked with Kaizaken, whereas the Spirits of Degeneration, Decomposition, and Restoration aided Rurik. As their fights began, it seemed as though Kaizaken was losing to Rurik, as Rurik's capability of Devolving his surroundings brought the power of the Spirits surrounding him down, but thankfully with Kaizaken’s hurricane and Omega Circles, he was able to fend off the collateral from Rurik affecting those seeking sanctuary. It led Kaizaken in the end falling to Rurik however, since Kaizaken was not only fighting against Rurik, but he was trying to protect those who were unable to protect themselves. Kaizaken was captured and kept from freedom under Blood Queen’s power within the center of her power and meant Mirokumaru being down 2 Titans to Blood Queen having the remaining Titans.

The Maidens were another story though, as Benkei was able to take down Nanashi, however Serenity and Insidious were evenly matched, leaving the final head count towards the ending of the War with Blood Queen having 2 Titans, 1 Maiden, and roughly 2 Million Spirits under her influence. Mirokumaru had no Titans, 2 Maidens, and about 800 Thousand Spirits. It was obvious, Mirokumaru was going to lose, and it lead to Mirokumaru pulling her trump card in the end, where she activated Eden Reset, throwing their world into a time lapse, rewinding everything back to the beginning. Mirokumaru was attempting to reverse the time within Eden to when her and Archa separated to perhaps speculate to what began the entire War, and stop it from ever happening. Sadly, Blood Queen knew that Mirokmaru would attempt this, thus she had taken precautions before hand. Sealing their entire realm into an alternate dimension, Blood Queen actually waited for Mirokumaru to attempt such a stunt, as when Miro took off into the gates of time, standing before her was none other than her twisted sister. Mirokumaru knew that in the current war that she had lost. There was no other action she could have taken, thus she had to attempt to use time to her benefit, but even Blood Queen thought of that and set up a trap.

”You’ve lost Miro… You have no other choice but to submit and give into the Madness Sister. Or would you like to continue your fruitless defenses? I mean, I’m okay with taking more and more from you, including that very soul of Sekkyoku that you protect within you. But you can make it so much easier and just give in~”

Of course Mirokumaru didn’t give into the taunts by her Sister.

This was the final battle.

None of the spirits from Eden ever saw what happened, but for the two Goddesses, but when the trap activated, Mirokumaru was taken to an Alternative Existence, created by Blood Queen. This alternate reality that Blood Queen had created was a temporary reality that made Mirokumaru appear at the despair of her actions. As though nearly 8 million of the spirits that inhabited Eden were lost because of her actions, and that the last remaining spirits served under Blood Queen, giving full fealty to the one Goddess. The Titans and Maidens that served under Mirokumaru were turned, and in this reality, they gave into madness, hunting down the surviving Goddess, as she ran from the nightmarish hell that Blood Queen had created. Miro had no choice but to run and hide for a majority duration of the reality, as she didn’t want to give into potentially harming her former allies and friends, especially since Miro believed this trap wasn’t set to harm Miro, but instead break her reasoning, and enable her to fall to become Reaper. Mirokumaru figured that this would be the extent of her trap, as Blood Queen enjoyed more to toy with the minds of her prey with Aryian, but since Aryian was dead from Themis, she was becoming weak in her ability of strategy, as Blood Queen had made a major mistake. She expected Mirokumaru to run from Blood Queen, but instead Miro was running right to her.

Since Miro’s descent into Reaper, Mirokumaru had been studying herself, and her position as a Goddess. With that journey into herself, she had made the discovery of a form of balance, that allowed her to take on the positive and negative aspects of her soul. The abilities to stop, break, and manipulate time, as well as the abilities with the Soul to create or end it, whereas Blood Queen had only learned to utilize the strengths of her current aspect. Blood Queen was fully capable to create realms of dimensions and create forms of existence, but she was more adept of handling their destruction within her current form. Between the two, it’s more fair to say that Blood Queen has grasped the abilities of her negative soul, whereas Mirokumaru has attained balance, and with that, is able to use her skills from all aspects of her soul.

Due to this, Mirokumaru had learned of her advantage, noticing that the realms that Blood Queen had fabricated were weaker, and lacking in creativity that her old self Archa was more natural for. With this, Miro knew that she could break the realms, given her ability to “End” with her Omega Scythe that was possessed during her time as Reaper. Mirokumaru told herself she wouldn’t dare use the scythe again, after learning of the deadly capabilities of the weapon, and how many souls she had ended from wielding such a powerful artifact, but she had no choice anymore. Using the Sands of Time around her, Miro crafted the Omega Scythe once more, bringing surprise to Blood Queen, as she lunged at Blood Queen, bringing a strike to end her very soul from remaining within the very bounds of Time. Blood Queen dodged, but Miro wasn’t aiming entirely for Blood Queen, as the strike was actually at the weakest point of the reality they were co-existing in, since Blood Queen was weak in terms of creation at this time, and by breaking the weakest layer in their reality, Mirokumaru broke the fake existence that Blood Queen had set..

Surprised and shocked of the fact that Mirokumaru broke the fake reality that she had gambled so much on, Blood Queen felt cornered. Mirokumaru was stronger than her for some reason, and she didn’t understand how. On closer observation, Blood Queen came to realize two things, and it was that not only was Mirokumaru in a perfect state of balance, allowing her fully grasp of her capabilities as a Goddess, but also in that every soul that swore to Mirokumaru and fell in battle, was being sheltered and protected within Mirokuarmu’s soul, aiding her capability to fight. Refusing to give into loss, Blood Queen did something that not even Mirokumaru’s cycle sight would have predicted, as when the reality that Miro and Blood Queen were trapped in, they were both taken to the secret dimension of the Source, the heart and soul of their very existence. Not expecting to arrive there, Miro was too late in the moment of shock, as Blood Queen darted for the very orb known as the source.

”Heheha, your loss Miro. This farce ends here, and you’ll damn yourself for the remainder of your pathetic existence for bringing us here~”

Mirokumaru didn’t realize it, but Miro and Archa hid the source in a realm of time and existence that was out of reach of either one of them, as only both could arrive there together. The fake reality trap that Blood Queen had developed was actually the first layer that protected the Source, and when Mirokumaru cut the weakest part of that existence with the Omega Scythe, end ended everything attached to it, including the special time realm that surrounded it, dropping both of them off at the sources front door.

Miro attempted to run after Blood Queen to stop her from contacting the Source, but it was too late. Taking her pitchfork, Blood Queen dived and stabbed it directly into the Source, bringing about the beginning of the end for Eden. The land began to twist and contort, breaking its very beauty, leading to a cataclysmic type of appearance, and leaving the surviving Spirits lost, and unknown to what was going on. The remaining Titans and Maidens, along with the remaining spirits had no understanding of what was going on, and Miro ran from the room of the source to return to Eden. Mirokumaru knew that every surviving soul would be eradicated if they weren’t protected from what was about to come, thus Mirokumaru let out her true power as a Goddess, and began to archive every soul existing on Eden as it broke and fell apart. The spirits, the maidens, and the titans were all separated from their bodies, as their souls were taken to Mirokumaru for sanctuary from their reality collapsing. There was one problem however, and it was that Kaizaken was unable to be saved, and Mirokumaru realized this when she held all the maidens and only 3 remaining Titans.

As Miro searched high and low for Kaizaken’s soul, Blood Queen remained at the location of the Source, watching it break and dissolve under her power. It made her feel truly above all power and beings, like a true Goddess should. She however did have one final idea, as she took the remainder of the Source that had yet to dissolve under her power, about a half remaining, and held it in her hands. She then used her greatest power as a Goddess of space, and tore open a hole in the very fabric of their outer reality, revealing a whole new world. This new reality was going to be the world she would next conquer, and before she could step through, Mirokumaru had returned to the realm of the Source with every known existing soul kept within her for sanctuary, and Kaizaken right behind her. Mirokumaru managed to find and free Kaizaken before Blood Queen had attempted to make her grand escape, and as Blood Queen jumped through the hole between realities, Mirokumaru and Kaizaken followed before the realm closed and became the Valley of Screams. The bodies of all the living spirits had reverted and became blanks, giving into the deprived power of the Valley and becoming one with their desolate reality.

As Miro, Blood Queen, and Kaizaken entered this new reality, Blood Queen attempted to attack her followers, and struck Mirokumaru as she entered the new world, causing a large quantity of the souls she was trying to protect to fall from her protection, falling to the unknown world before them, but they didn’t fall directly down. No, instead all the souls that were lost from Mirokumaru strayed off into different directions to find a host they found not only suitable, but fit their personalities each. Kaizaken went to tend to Miro as she recovered from the sneak attack by Blood Queen, and the Queen disappeared to somewhere that the two remaining souls did not know.

Stuck in a world they did not know or understand, Mirokumaru and Kaizaken were now lost with the millions of souls that remain protected by Mirokumaru, and now an unknown amount lost within this lost realm as well. Fact remained that Blood Queen had captured and possession of their Source, ran off to a place they do not know, and as beings not belonging in this reality, they needed to find a host as soon as possible.




The night of an unknown year in Japan was where the events of a new note in history took place. The screams of a woman in pain could be heard all through the house as that woman appeared to be giving birth to a child. Outside of the room a small girl only 3 years of age and a mother with a small baby boy in her arms accompanied by an old man stood waiting. The old man was the Mayor of the town, and grandfather of the child to be born in the other room. The mother was husband of the doctor in the other room helping give birth to the newborn. Finally, as the screams stopped, the cries of a child was heard. This child was the last of the 3 legends known a few centuries later as the Memory Rosaries. The child born was known as Senna Kimura. Her mother's name was Tomaya Kimura and the father was known as a legendary Samurai known as Elandor Kimura. The mayor of the town and grandfather to Senna was also the father of Tomaya and named Gandou Kimura. The doctor in the room and his family outside was known as the Clixx family. The father was named Ishurashi Clixx, a legendary doctor around the land in medicines and health, and his wife was Ushia Clixx, his assistant Nurse and mother of two wonderful children. The 3 year old girl is known as Claire Clixx and their son still a baby in the arms of his mother was Ceon Clixx.

Gandou Kimura was a five foot, three inch man about sixty-seven years of age, and had no hair with brown eyes. He led the town, and kept them safe with the help of his twenty-six year old son-in-law Elandor. Elandor stood at six feet flat and was a legendary samurai. His power with the blade was very well known, and he led the dojo in the town. His style with the blade made him well renown and famous with all fighters around town. No one could miss him as he had long black hair that went down to his waist in a ponytail and always wore a black samurai outfit. His wife was a very loving, yet mysterious woman, whose respect was hardly ever earned. Tomaya had purple hair and tan eyes, and was twenty two years old standing at about 4 feet and 11 inches. This woman was also a famous individual, yet only within the town, as she was a master of the dark arts. Her husband was a master of Samurai, as she was master of ninja arts. The only ones whom had her respect was her husband, father, and the Clixx family. The Clixx family earned Tomaya and her family's respect after their care for them for so long kept them healthy and alive. The family under the Kimura's was strong and sturdy, as for Senna, she could have been brought up very admirably...

The Clixx family was one with all smiles however, and a peaceful one. The father Ishurashi Clixx, became a doctor and worked his life to save others no matter the cause or effect. He didn't care what happened, he only wished to save lives and grant others a second chance. He was twenty nine years old and had short red hair and brown eyes standing at six feet three inches. His dreams of saving lives was one shared with his loving wife Ushia Clixx. She was twenty four years old with long white hair and blue eyes standing at five feet one inch. She was a nurse for her husband's work, but her bigger job was being a mother to her two small children, Claire and Ceon. Claire was the older sister being two and a half years older than Ceon, her younger brother. Claire had long red hair and blue eyes. She was a cheerful young girl, and very loving to her mother and family. The small brother Ceon Clixx, was very quiet. He never cried at birth and made very few noises. His connection with his mother was a close one as Ushia loved to hold him all the time. Ceon had white hair and blue eyes, and his affinity to everything around him was apparent as his senses were very strong. Overall, the Clixx family and Kimura family were tied together, and shared a stunning fate after the birth of these three children.

After Senna's third birthday, her parents were called into combat. It would seem that the fourth feudal war was beginning, and a nearby empire was fighting to keep in power needed soldiers. Senna's parents, being very skilled in combat were needed and they answered the call with their subordinates. Together the parents of Senna kissed their daughter as they made their way into the battlefield together, and left their daughter in the hands of the Clixx family. In this time, Ceon and Senna got to know each other very well, and became very close friends. Claire being five years of age loved playing with Senna and Ceon together as they grew a bond in the times of war. Not long after Senna's parents left, injured people began to travel into the town, and the Clixx family took them in to care for them. They helped all soldiers they saw passing as Ceon's and Claire's parents only wanted to save those who wished for a second chance. The injured flowed through as the war carried for years. Senna's parents sent letters of their travels in war, and Senna patiently awaited for them to come back. Finally at age 8 for Ceon and Senna, 10 for Claire, there was word that the empire that protected the town was under fire and a lot of damage, while the current emperor lost his life. The Mayor did his best to keep his citizens under check as there was much damage had been done.

Finally, a Feudal Lord walked through town as he noticed soldiers of his enemies being cared for. This was unacceptable and he would not tolerate this kind of action. The Lord looked around demanding the names of the ones who were healing his enemies. He threatened the lives of the entire town if he did not get the names, and of course they revealed themselves. Ishurashi stood forward as he accepted responsibility. Ushia being the very loving wife she was, wasn't going to let her husband stand alone in a time like this. Ushia looked towards the town Mayor as she knew what was going on. Ceon and Claire stood by the Mayor as they looked down seeing their parents confront the Lord. Finally, before the eyes of the children, they watched as their parents were stuck down and killed. Claire screamed in cries of despair as Ceon stood in silence. Did his parents really die for speaking? Ceon thus led himself into a world of silence, as he refused to speak. It lead him, due to the traumatic events, to forget his own voice, and thus, never speak. Senna also seeing this beside Ceon kept close to him, wishing to relieve his pain. Little did Senna know that far away, her parents were killed together in the same town while fighting the war. Senna got word of it and also fell to the despairs of war.

From the losses of war, the three children now orphaned were taken in by the Mayor, Senna's Grandfather, and raised to be strong individuals. Years went by as by the age 16 for Ceon, 15 for Senna, and 18 for Claire, the children looked to be of age, and on a path. Ceon was in the dojo of Senna's parents learning the Samurai and Ninja arts together, as Senna learned to be a caretaker for Ceon as he would always come home pain stricken and sore. Claire was a waitress at a nearby restaurant as she worked very well, and she was known as the most beautiful girl in the land. The bond of the 3 grew stronger and stronger as they worked together to do what they believed was what their parents wished. Not longer after Senna's 16th birthday, Ceon and Senna realized their love for each other and became very close. It was as if the time of war was behind them and they could move on from their ruined past, but of course it was all about to catch them sooner than they expected.

It was realized one day after the two were playing in the woods, that they were more in love than others expected. When the two were alone one night eating dinner, their hands touched and their smiles lit the room. They ended up laying together in the main room of the house and stayed together the entire night. The next morning, Claire entered the house to see her brother asleep against a wall and Senna was laying against him. Claire and the Mayor then pestered the two and gave them a hard time, but Ceon and Senna stood adamantly with a smile while holding hands, proving that they loved each other and were willing to fight any challenge. The Mayor, in place of Senna’s parents, accepted the joining of the two and thus the love of Ceon and Senna had begun. That night at a nearby creek, Senna and Ceon were together, but in a shock of the night, Ceon spoke to Senna saying what he thought of her. It was the first time he spoke since childhood, remembering his voice and how he had lost it. He was not used to speaking however, and was reluctant to speak to anyone other than Senna, and how he appreciated her for being near him for so long. Senna was awed that he had even spoken, and every time he said her name, she smiled in bliss. That night, the two shared the bed together to sleep, in innocence.

The next morning, Senna got up early to cook the two breakfast, and Ceon stayed in bed. Finally after Ceon awoke, he joined Senna downstairs, but something happened. Ceon was stricken by Senna's sudden flow of lust and the two went back to their room where they made the union of true lovers. Ceon and Senna shared hands after that as the two knew from there on, they would be together forever. Ceon had left Senna to go to the dojo's for the day and assist in training and work. Ceon was the assistant sensei for being the top in class in both town dojo's and he even taught street kids basic self defense for not being able to afford the classes. Ceon was a master of ninja arts as well as samurai combat. In the day he was top of the class, and at night, he was never seen as he pulled off perfected assassination techniques. The former masters of the dojo's were none other than Senna's parents and after the war took them, their assistants took over the dojo's while in time Ceon eventually became top student. Ceon won many battles, and when it came to dojo battles, he was undefeated against other students. Senna was a caretaker as she always tended to Ceon's wounds and kept the house clean at all times. Claire paid for a lot with her job as a waitress and it seemed like they were doing wonderful.

One day while Ceon was out at the dojo, Senna left the house to meet up with her love and join him for a walk home with food. She ran to Ceon outside the dojo as he was getting ready to return home and as she confronted him, his smile was wider than the horizon itself. Ceon noticed how Senna wished to have a picnic and Ceon openly joined her, as the two went to their favorite place in the land. It was a field with large grass that was overlooked by the Mount Fuji. The orange sky looked down upon the two as they shared a meal in silence. One last time, the two made passionate love where they stayed and thus marked the place that would be known by the two for all eternity.

It was at this time that Mirokumaru and Kaizaken were taken into this realm by the gateway that Blood Queen had opened up. From here, Mirokumaru had lost most of the spirits she kept within her for protection, and Kaizaken had aided in her recovery, as Blood Queen took off to somewhere the two did not know. The spirits that Mirokumaru had lost were beginning to attune to inanimate objects of the reality they had entered, thus to manage their survival, but Mirokumaru had another idea. Mirokumaru could not allow herself to be attuned to some random inanimate object, for as a Goddess, she could potentially become damaged and harmed and thus, lose all the souls she is protecting in collateral. With this, Mirokumaru and Kaizaken went in search of living beings they would deem worthy of their attention, as Mirokumaru planned on taking the normal souls of ones she would choose, and alter them to harbor herself and Kaizaken, giving them protection till they can return to Eden. This was when Mirokumaru and Kaizaken spotted two young souls at the base of Mount Fuji, and decided to observe them.

After a few hours, the two walked home under the night sky, but didn't expect what happened next. Suddenly Ceon read the intent to kill by another being. Throwing Senna down, and blocking a large attack, Ceon read a bloodthirsty motive by another and quickly retaliated. At that moment, Ceon fought off and killed 3 thugs, till he noticed Senna was grabbed by another and being treated very rudely as they touched her in places that enraged Ceon. Ceon quickly jumped one of the men stabbing them numerous times ultimately killing them. Ceon managed to save Senna, but due to his carelessness, Ceon forgot about one of the attackers and was stuck, knocking him 7 feet out and breaking his ribs. Ceon was about to be killed, when then Senna saved him by putting a blade through the attackers back side. Senna had stained her hands with the blood of another for her love, which angered Ceon, in that Senna had taken a life, thus he went to calm her mind. Suddenly many more enemies appeared and spotted their dead allies near Senna and Ceon. They were about to kill Ceon and Senna, when suddenly Claire appeared staring down the men with an angered look. Claire proceeded to whistle, as men from all over the district came and chased off the soldiers that were there to avenge their comrades. Claire then had Ceon and Senna taken home to be cleaned up and cared for. Their experiences were too harsh for their minds, and Claire was upset to think they were revealed to this kind of world.

A week later, Ceon went out and immediately he was met by the clouds overhead. The dark gray clouds told Ceon to be weary of this day, as it was going to be one of threat and it told Ceon to be cautious. Little did Ceon know, but he was being communicated to by Kaizaken, but of course he couldn’t realize this at the time. Ceon was slow that day as his ribs were broken and he was still recovering from the damage. Using an umbrella and walking stick, Ceon slowly walked through the market on the far side of town, as he wished to find something the western civilization called an 'engagement ring'. He heard that a ring like that was meant to tie the lives of two together for a long time. Ceon walked as he came across a shop with trade goods from the western world and he was inspired to buy one of the rings he had seen there previously, believing it was perfect. It was a silver ring and had a special rock on it, as in the shade it flashed purple like Senna's hair, but in the light it shined a red, green, and blue hue. This color stuck Ceon and he paid using his savings from a VERY long time to purchase this amazing ring. Sadly enough, on the way home, something terrible was happening. The shops and restaurants were closing quickly as people ran into their houses in fear. Ceon then noticed an old man run by, as he yelled to Ceon saying "Get out of here now! The Warlord is back!". With no hesitation, Ceon dropped the umbrella and fought the pain in his side to hurry home. He had to get his Sister and Beloved to safety and get them out of danger immediately! Ceon limped and finally returned to see his house broken into. Ceon's heart beat quickly as he didn't know what to do at this moment. Tossing his walking stick aside, Ceon ran through the door to see the mayor dead at the ground with blood surrounding his body. Where was Senna and Claire!? It was at this time that the blood lust, and internal killer of Ceon Clixx has come forth.

Ceon killed the first guard at the door, decapitating him and keeping his head. Ceon was going to give hell to all of those that invaded his home. Throwing the head of the man he killed into his room as a distraction, Ceon proceeded to kill one of the other men in the room. He noticed Claire and Senna in there as fear had taken their hearts. The were raped by the foot soldiers that invaded their home and killed their Grandfather, and at first they felt they were saved, till they noticed a blade stick through Ceon's chest. Ceon looked back as it was the one who killed his parents and started this whole war, the Warlord of the nearby Kingdom. Ceon tried to slit his throat by moving forward out of his blade to twist as quickly as possible, using a kunai in his hand to deliver the final blow, but he missed grazing his enemies cheek. Ceon then laid on the ground unable to move as his broken ribs and stab wound was just too much to bare. Ceon was lifted before Claire and Senna, as the feudal lord stuck his sword through Ceon's heart killing him. Ceon fell to a pool of his own blood as the ring he had bought for Senna fell by Senna's feet. The last words that escaped Ceon's mouth were "I love you...". Claire ridden by rage, attempted to attack the Warlord, but he swatted her away without effort, knocking her out against the wall and breaking her neck. He then ordered the house to be burnt down, as Senna laid next to Ceon, accepting the flames to take her body and end her life to follow behind Ceon and stay with him.

It was at this time, that Mirokumaru and Kaizaken went in. As the souls of Ceon and Senna proceeded to walk the path towards Soul Society, Ceon looked off the beaten path to see that the path was above the stormclouds. The rolling thunder and roar of nature's fury spoke to Ceon, as instead of walking the path to the Soul Society, he instead fell into the clouds, and was taken in by Kaizaken. The same happened to Senna, as strong winds ended up taking her soul before it could take the path to Soul Society and taken into Mirokumaru’s hands. At this time, Mirokumaru and Kaizaken apologized as the broke and destroyed the natural souls of Ceon and Senna, refabricating them to be a hybrid of their broken memories, and of Eden’s soul type. Due to this, the placement their souls had on reality was altered, and thus the natural histories of Ceon and Senna were destroyed, turning them into Memory Rosaries, and removing any trace of their existence in the natural world.

What Mirokumaru and Kaizaken didn’t know however, was that Blood Queen was watching what they were up to, and managed to pick up the last piece of the puzzle, doing the same to Claire as her body was taken by the flames of her home. This allowed Blood Queen, Mirokumaru, and Kaizaken to survive within the souls of these beings, and thus entered them into a world they would have never expected, as Claire became a tyrant, killing millions for no reason. Ceon became one of the most famous Shinigami in history, performing many heroic deeds, and saving many souls, while Senna gave birth to their legacy, and ensured her wellbeing to become a good natured soul, Neviah Clixx-Kimura.

Many events happened at the hands of the Rosaries. Between Ceon as a 0 Division Leader, training such famous individuals as Zin and Shadin Yuudeshi, and entering such legendary bouts with Radioactive. He was notorious as one that could never be read, and a remarkable assassin with deadly accuracy, but those who were close to him knew his real strengths. His rage, added on top of his shaman like abilities to wield the elements and his physical strength made him a top level hand to hand combat user. His skills with Kaizaken even adapted so well that he was able to take advantage of the broken soul he had from Eden, and become an anomaly by activating the Memory Release.

Claire on the other hand, was seen as a face of evil. She began with a declaration on Soul Society, attacking it herself, and bringing it to the brink of destruction with her powers of Blood Queen. She was thankfully stopped at the hands of Senna and Mirokumaru, thus forcing Claire’s retreat. This however, was what Senna and Ceon did not want, as Claire then became introduced to the one known as Kin Iramasha, a Warlord that would accept Claire, and enter her into the most blood stained path possible. While under Kin’s rule, Claire had managed to kill many innocents, spilling their blood for her amusement or her Masters. She even was notorious for having the capability of destroying existence itself, but never pulling the trigger, as her Master’s ambition was greater than her own. She also accomplished the tasks of killing Iori Sugiura, and breaking Midori Sugiura, and leading to Midori’s death. Claire soon became one of the most feared beings in the history of the realms existence.

Senna on the other hand, did her best to remain hidden and by her husband's side. She was pivotal in the stopping of Claire’s first attack, and was there to support Ceon in his times of need. This included when raising their child together after her second rebirth, and to see that Neviah grows to be a fine woman. Additionally, she aided in Ceon’s judgements and actions, to oversee that he doesn’t become too reckless, and acted as his mind in times where he would lose control. She even helped in a time when he was attempting to gather the Realm’s strongest heroes to protect their Existence in time of need. It came to her and Ceon’s realization that the rise of power was unstable, and thus there were too many that when together could see to the end of their very world. This group that they gathered was to be called the Order of the White Lotus, but sadly, before it could fully be established, Ceon and Senna together fell to their curse, and ceased to exist. This lead Neviah without learning much from her own Mother, and to fall to the curse as well, ended up in the Valley of Screams, to now become something much greater than her previous Generation...

Trapped, the Flower of Innocence [[CLOSED NEVIAH THREAD]] VKxUnpt

Neviah Clixx-Kimura
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“Wake child…”

Within the darkness of her mind, Neviah saw nothing but grains of sand traveling upwards. As her consciousness came to, she was in a world of her own, looking around in a sea of endless darkness, caressed by specks of light surrounding her body. The specks of light seemed to come from her chest, and swirl around her from top to bottom, then proceeding to flow above her in a spiral type motion. Looking up, Neviah’s tan eyes observed and analyzed the small specs of sand change from brownish hues, to that of beauty, almost taking the shape and hues of diamonds as they seemed to have endlessly floated above her in an infinite stream. Going through Neviah’s mind as she watched the specks of sand turn to diamonds floating onward, was why was this happening? Last thing she remembers was attempting to drive her own blade through her own heart, only to end up in a dream that involved Mirokumaru, Blood Queen, and many other spirits. It was a dream of a reality and world she never recognized, till it showed her own Mother and Father in their stolen youth. As Neviah continued to watch the streams of light swirl, she heard voices from an source unknown to her. It was echoing around her, saying her name and asking her to wake up, but to her, she was already awake. She was awake, and observing what she did not know as the Sands of Time, evolving. The Sands of Time were what surrounded and blessed Mirokumaru and her abilities of time manipulation, as well as allowed her to craft tools from. They were imperative to Mirokumaru’s arsenal, but as Mirokumaru had just transferred her divine soul to Neviah, not only healing her, but turning her into something much greater than she was before as a Legacy of the Rosaries. The Sands, now harnessing the origin of a soul from not only Eden, but also the current Reality they’re surviving in, were evolving into something Neviah would soon call the Diamond Dust. A stronger and more dangerous time tool than when Mirokumaru was wielding it, as when Miro used the Sands, she only used it as a form of defense, as well as used them strictly to keep time's flow constant. Neviah on the other hand, wouldn’t have to use so much of her Diamond Dust, as the reality they’re currently in has its own time mechanism to allow it to flow. Instead Neviah’s Diamond dust would spread out like white blood cells into reality, and make changes to the areas of degree that Neviah aims to perform, and the remaining Diamond Dust would be of Neviah’s use for any situation she would deem worthy.

While Neviah continued to watch the streams of infinite, she started to become curious on what had happened, and if she was really dead. Was her consciousness fading into blackness forever, and these specks just pieces of her fading away? If that was the case, the specs would have disappeared, but to Neviah’s observation, as the specs flowed upward to transform from sand into diamonds, they then proceeded to create some sort of atmosphere, as the darkness that engulfed Neviah was being pushed back by the expanding infinite. Due to the sheer amount of Diamond Dust that was seen, Neviah had to assume that all this had been going on for a while, as nearly half the world that Neviah saw was enveloped by the ever growing minerals of time. At the rate in which the dust had been surrounding Neviah’s mind, it was assumed she had been dreaming for nearly a week now.

The voices continued to call…

”Neviah… You’ve been like this for a while… If you ever wake up… Please be okay…”


Neviah pondered upon the thought of what she just heard, recognizing the voice, but unable to pin the source of the sounds. She recognized the voice coming from a spirit she was close to, and had recently interacted with, but was unable to see them anywhere in her field of vision. Additionally, what did they mean by be okay? Neviah believed she had stuck her heart with her wakizashi, and that she should have been dead. If she was to be okay, does that mean that the spirits outside attempted to save her body? Was her heart still beating?

As the dust continued to surround Neviah’s empty world, she figured it might as well be time to find out what was really going on. Was she dead, or was she really still alive, and if so, how?

Opening her eyes, Neviah looked up to see a world familiar to her, as if she spent the last 2 years trapped within it, but with some differences. For some reason, as she looked up, she could see things that naturally didn’t belong in a world she remembers existing in, but couldn’t recognize what they were. As she slowly sat up, she was met with a small gasp, turning her head to see someone she recognized very well sitting before her. It was Insidious, the very spirit that had been with Neviah nearly her entire life. The look of shock and disbelief was on her face as Neviah had one of exhaustion and confusion. Was Insidious okay? It was like she was seeing a ghost. Before Neviah could even speak, Insidious bellowed out.


Leaning back a little in surprise, Neviah didn’t know how to react to such a shout. Why was she so shocked and why was it needed to yell so loudly?

Insidious crawled over to Neviah’s side as two other spirits approached in haste. Insidious laid her hand on Neviah’s forehead, as Serenity, one of the other spirits, arrived as well to quickly place her hand on Neviah’s wrist. Insidious was inspecting Neviah’s temperature while Serenity was checking for the pulse. The last spirit, Kaizaken, watched in caution, as he was carefully observing the girl that just woke from her slumber.

Coming to the conclusion that Neviah was okay, Serenity began to sob up as she embraced her dearest friend in her arms. Insidious on the other hand let out a large sigh of relief as she stood up and approached Kaizaken in his mode of suspicion.

”She seems to be okay. Her heart rate is normal and her temperature is level”

Said Insidious, but as she got close to Kaizaken, she was able to see that he was not taking this lightly. Mirokumaru was gone, and it wasn’t that she simply inserted herself into Neviah’s soul to protect her, no. This was something far greater. Kaizaken knew what Mirokumaru had done, as she transferred her divinity entirely to Neviah, ensuring her survival, and her existence. It was something Kaizaken was unsure of, as Neviah was immature and emotionally unstable. Was it wise to place such omnipotent powers in the hands of one so out of touch? Insidious had a feeling she knew what Kaizaken was thinking, as she turned to face her sister Serenity and Neviah, unsure as well as what was to come next for them, and for the child they wished to protect so dearly. What was Kaizaken going to do about their current situation.

Neviah just stared blankly into the distance, as if lost and confused at what was going on. She didn’t feel hungry like she was, nor was she feeling sore and broken like before either. Instead she felt fine, and for some reason, Serenity was hanging off her crying her heart out. As Neviah stared off into the distance, it was as though she looked through Kaizaken and Insidious looking back at her, as she was more interested in the things she had never seen before. For example, the giant gears that were suspended in the air and looked to be the size of small moons, just floating there. What were they, and what was their means? Was this something that had always been there, or were they just put there while Neviah was sleeping? What were they made of, and was Neviah the only one able to see them? Were they something that other spirits could see perhaps, or was she delusional and just seeing things?

As Neviah stared off into the distance, Kaizaken knew what his job was now. He had mended the mind of her Father, and trained him to ensure he becomes one of the strongest beings in their time, but it was now hers. He had to ensure that the will of Mirokumaru did not fall in the wrong hands, and led to their inevitable downfall. Kaizaken would have to oversee Neviah, and ensure that her powers and will are good, and now stand for Eden.

She is now a Goddess of Eden, and her job is the Spirits of Eden.

Kaizaken proceeded forward towards Neviah, snapping Neviah out of her blank stare, to now look onto the enormous golden dragon. He shined brightly, but what Neviah could also see was something else. It was like she was staring not at him, but his soul that flowed throughout the entirety of his body. It was like a circuit of energy flowing from his soul to fuel his bodies movement and thoughts. Neviah wasn’t sure how she was seeing what she was seeing, but she gave her attention to Kaizaken as he floated before her, while still under the grasp of Serenity’s thankful state.

”Neviah… Your life is no longer your own…”

Neviah tilted her head slightly, not understanding the message that was just passed onto her. Serenity let loose her hold on Neviah as she even looked over at Kaizaken, curious on what he was meaning. Of course Insidious knew what Kaizaken was going to say, so she just crossed her arms, curious on how Neviah was going to take the reality of what was about to be presented to her.

Standing up now, Neviah stood before Kaizaken, not yet realizing her change in appearance. Her 6 beautiful wings spread out wide, stretching out completely as the diamond dust that protected her body began to flow. Neviah’s tan eyes sparkled as she looked at Kaizaken in an expressionless manner, unknowing what he meant, as well as unknowing to what he was about to say.

”... I will give my life to serve you, but now you must accept the responsibility given to you, Goddess of Time and Souls…. Goddess of Eden…”

When Kaizaken finished his words, it clicked with Neviah, as the diamond dust began to flow, and the large gears that Neviah saw in the distance began to move. Neviah didn’t realize it, but while she was asleep, time was held still, and the environment didn’t change. Kaizaken, Serenity, and Insidious were of course free from the time halt as it was not aimed at them, but now that Neviah had become aware, and in control of herself, time returned to the Valley, and began to turn the gears once again. Neviah didn’t know how, but she realized that now, she is a Goddess of Time and Souls.




”I’m… W… What?”

Neviah spoke for the first time in a while, and almost couldn’t recognize her own voice. It had changed, and sounded a tad more mature than when she last spoke. Not only that, but the stagnant fear that always hung on her tongue, causing Neviah to stutter was no longer there as well.

Finally recognizing the beautiful feathers behind her, she looked to see her very own wings. Not just two, but instead 6 of them attached to her back. Additionally she noticed the white garments she was wearing, and the gold accessories that lined her body. She had grown a few more centimeters, as well as her body developed as well, as it developed to her most prime state, and suspended itself there. Neviah was at her peak of human development at that point, and thus she would remain there for the remainder of time itself.

Her hair also grew a bit, as previously it extended to just beyond her shoulders, but now caressed her mid back. It was something Neviah used to have as a child, but when she joined the Shinigami Academy at such a young age, she tried her best to keep her hair no longer than shoulder length, but this familiar length was not too much for her to bare. Other features of Neviah that changed unknowing to her, were her eyes. Within the centers of her iris’ there were two symbols. In the left eye, was the Greek symbol for Alpha, and in her right was the Greek symbol for Omega, both of which were gray and would be obvious to anyone close enough to look within her eyes. Neviah’s back still had the crest of the Rosary imbued into her skin, but was partially obstructed by her newly obtained wings. What Neviah did not know as well, was that her body would remain in this form forever, as her internal time had stopped. It was something Mirokumaru knew as the Eternal Body, something that would remain unchanged and unaltered outside of the physical realm, showing a sort of proof of their divine spirits.

As she looked at Kaizaken, still unknowing to how she can see his soul and the flow of his spirit throughout his body, she gazzed at him, hanging off his words, curious by what he meant to her being a Goddess now. Before to what Neviah understood, she was just a Legacy of the Memory Rosaries, stuck within a curse that was never ending, and full of pain. She had been trapped within the Valley for so long, she wanted to end her own life and tried. But for some reason unknowing to Neviah, she was somehow a Goddess now? How was any off that possible?

”... What do you… Mean by that Kaizaken?”

Neviah continued to speak with her voice pretty monotone. She had no emotion in the words she spoke, as the message continued its direction towards the giant Dragon before her. Just what was he insinuating by how her life was no longer her own? What did he mean by saying she was a Goddess of Time and Soul? Wasn’t that Mirokur--

That’s when Neviah realized it. She saw the two Maiden spirits that had been by her side her whole life, as well as the giant Dragon Titan that was part of her Father, but she did not see the Goddess that stood beside her Mother for so long. She was absent in this awakening of Neviah and her odd new appearance.

”W… Where is Mirokumaru?”

Letting out a sigh, Kaizaken looked at Neviah with sincerity, as he spoke his next words carefully, as to not alarm or upset Neviah, in hopes that she wouldn’t lose control of herself.

”... She gave her soul to you Neviah. Mirokumaru is no more, as you are now the Divine Spirit of Time and Souls. You are now a Goddess of Eden, Neviah. She did it to save your life, after your attempt to take it.”

What did he mean by that? Why would Mirokumaru save her life? What did he mean that her life was no longer her own? All Neviah ever wanted was control in her life. She wanted to be something more than just a Legacy, counted on due to her parents shadows. She didn’t want to be a weapon, she wanted to live a life of peace and simplicity with those she loved and honored. She someday wanted to get married and have a child, she wanted to be a Mother once she could dominate her fear of men, in hopes of someday allowing that child to have everything she never had. But when Neviah was locked away into the Valley with no way out, Neviah saw only one option, and that was to take her own life. To end her suffering and allow her freedom from her imprisonment. Thus, she made her own choice, and from what Kaizaken is saying, Mirokumaru took it upon herself to steal that choice from her. She thus bound Neviah’s hands behind her back, and is now forcing her to live a life of eternity. Does this mean that Neviah is now meant to suffer for the rest of existence now as punishment for some reason? What right did Mirokumaru have to force Neviah to live?

Proceeding to look down, covering her eyes behind the bangs of her hair, Neviah clinched her fists, as Serenity could feel the emotion slowly rise within Neviah. She could sense frustration and grief, for why someone would dare risk their life for her, something Neviah once understood before driving her own blade into her chest.

Neviah needed to be quelled before she does harm to others, and herself.

”Nevi, I understand you may be upset. But Mirokumaru made this choice for a reason. Your Mother and Father wanted you to live. They needed you to follow in their footsteps to ensure chaos doesn’t reign over the innocent. Please Nevi, Und--”


As Neviah shouted in rage, the world around them began to shake, as the giant gears in the distance began to slow, as if time was once again about to enter a stop. The land began to shift, and the wind raged as the Diamond Dust began to gather and swirl around Neviah in her fit.


Insidious was not ready for the fury that was budding within Neviah to be released, as she had seen these types of reactions before from the Goddesses of Eden. She’s seen the fury of Mirokumaru bloom into the one they called the Reaper, as well as Archa evolving into the Blood Queen. It was something that Insidious hoped to never see Neviah submit to, thus she, and the others had to act as best as possible in which to now allow Neviah to fall to such levels. Jumping in front of Neviah, with her sister Serenity in tow, both Serenity and Insidious reached for Neviah as their hands glowed a white light. They were using their soul touch to connect with Neviah, as they made contact. Shocked, Neviah looked forward to stare at the two twin Maidens, as their touch to Neviah’s divine soul was cold. What did it mean for their touch to be cold on Neviah to where it would be so chilling?

”It’s cold isn’t it, Neviah? This is our soul with yours. Of course you’ve never felt it, but what we’re trying to say is, we need you. Until we have our own existence again, our souls will be cold. We cannot exist without you, Neviah…”

The sincerity within the eyes of Insidious and Serenity spoke to Neviah on another level, as she was still upset, but started to come to terms on the level of despairity that they were trying to bring to Neviah’s attention. They were reliant on Mirokumaru for everything upon their freedom and individuality. They were all robbed of their ability to be free souls and spirits by Blood Queen and her tyranny, thus Mirokumaru took it upon herself to ensure the best for her spirits, but she had to pass the baton to Neviah. Neviah was not only a soul of both the current realm and Eden, but she was capable of so much more than Mirokumaru could have anticipated. Her deep sincerity and innocence fueled her ambitions of integrity, and Mirokumaru felt that being with Senna for so long, she adopted her mother-like tendencies, wanting to bring relief to Neviah and her suffering.

But it was not enough to Neviah. Granted they were problems for them, it was no longer Neviah’s concern.

Neviah’s hands glowed as she moved them into the Insidious and Serenity, caressing their souls as well, she enabled their glow and empowered them, giving them a gift. Neviah implanted a piece of her normal soul, the one that was from the realm they currently live, into Serenity and Insidious. The twins were surprised, as a warm feeling began to envelop them, not knowing fully what Neviah had just done. Even Neviah didn’t fully understand how she did what she just did, but she told herself to do it, and it happened. Was this the potential behind the power of being a Goddess?

Moving away from Serenity and Insidious, Neviah then approached Kaizaken, as his expression was the same, as if unfazed by Neviah’s momentary outburst. She reached into him as well, and Kaizaken did not fight it. To him, she might be the child of Ceon, and one he felt father-like to, but she was also now his Goddess. She was the Goddess of Time and Souls, and thus, he is now under her command.

Performing the same ritual that she did for the Maiden Twins, Neviah implanted a piece of her soul into Kaizaken as well, giving him a piece of freedom and ability to exist as his own being within the realm they currently survive in. Now giving them that form of independence, Neviah spoke to the three she just gave a new potential of life to.

”It’s not your home, or your complete freedom, but it is independence. It’s the ability to make your own choices and live your own lives, but from here, it is not my concern.”

The words she spoke came to a shock to Insidious and Serenity, as well as Kaizaken, but Kaizaken had a feeling she’d act like this. She didn’t wish to accept the responsibilities of Mirokumaru, and wanted to be free herself of the curse and reliability behind being a Goddess. Neviah didn’t understand what it meant to be free anymore, now that she was robbed of her own choices. She didn’t understand what was life anymore, especially after viewing the birth and death of many souls in her dreams, including her own family. Additionally, she wanted to know what those gears were in the distance. Did they only exist in the Valley, or did they exist in reality as well? What was their purpose, and what impact did she have on them?

As the wind blew, Neviah continued her stare down on Kaizaken, adamant on her beliefs in that from now onward, it was not her responsibility to see to the sanctuary of the Spirits of Eden. Instead she wanted to know more of herself, and her potential as a Goddess. Was it something that would be overbearing, or would it be something she wouldn’t expect? Neviah’s held an expressionless appearance, as she broke her stare down with the Titan of the Elements, and simply flicking her wrists. As she did, a gate appeared before Neviah, as it was a time gate that Mirokumaru was able to summon when traveling time itself. Neviah opened the gate to the timeline they were currently living in, but in the neighboring realm of Reality back home. This was their passage free of the Valley and this was Neviah’s way to freedom from her 2 year imprisonment within the Valley. She spoke one last time to the 3 spirits behind her, as she looked onward into the gate that would grant them their freedom.

”Do as you wish from here. I will embark on a journey, as I want to not only understand more about my new self, but decide for myself what I will do with this power. What is life, what is freedom, and what will my powers be used to enforce. This is my choice, since my last one was robbed from me.”

Stepping through the gate, Serenity, Insidious, and Kaizaken did not dare attempt to stop her, but instead followed, as they too wished for their freedom, but also wished to see how Neviah would develop as a Goddess.




The fresh air, the sounds of life, and the beautiful world in which Neviah was born into returned to her. Stepping out from the gate that she had produced in the Valley, she set her feet on the ground of Japan, at the southern base of Mt Fuji. She had seen this setting before, as it was where her parents had built their house and lived before their souls expired from being abominations modified by Mirokumaru and Kaizaken. Turning to look, Neviah noticed she was actually right in front of the very house she was just thinking about. She looked at it, as it appeared it had burnt down, since Senna was cooking before her soul disappeared, thus the fire ran rampant and consumed the home that Neviah once believed her own as well. It was now nothing more than ashes and memories for those who were familiar with what it once was.

As Kaizaken, Serenity and Insidious also emerged from the gate to return to the reality they were familiar with for the past few hundred years, the couldn’t help but notice Neviah looking at the charred remains of her old home on Earth. They didn’t know what to say to the girl who had gained everything, and lost everything all in the same instance. Her family, her life, even her purpose were lost in gaining the power of eternity itself. Kaizaken didn’t wish to see the house that he shared with Miro, Senna, and Ceon in the state it was in, thus he took respect to Neviah’s words in how she was going to journey and learn for herself. Thus, he was the first to separate and flew into the skies above to become one with the earth's nature. From that position, he would be best able to hide himself, but also be able to watch over Neviah from the entire scope of the planet. Wherever she would need aid, if she would call his name, he will be there in a flash. He would give whatever the child of Ceon demanded, but for now, what she needed was to be alone.

Serenity and Insidious didn’t know what to do with themselves, so chose to watch and wait to see what Neviah does in her current position of looking to the home that was gone.

”... Tadaima…”

Neviah said in a quiet and soft voice, as if speaking to her parents to inform them she has finally returned home from her imprisonment. As a being of Japanese descent, it was only fitting that she spoke her native language to the only two that would understand her, in her eyes at least. Neviah didn’t know what else to say, so she felt that was all that should have been said. She kept to herself, not really knowing what to think about what was done. Her parents were doomed before they were even allowed to live. If Neviah even thinks about it, their lives were robbed from them at the age of 16, and from there, they were never given a chance at life itself. Ceon was always fighting, and Senna was always trying to survive. Instead of having the chance of waking up on an average morning, to just go about one’s peace was something even they weren’t allowed to share, thus it was taken from them, and they were removed from existence. Their liberties were never their own, and thus, Neviah looked harshly at the broken remnants of what was once a home for two, and her eyes began to change once again. Serenity and Insidious watched as Neviah’s glared at the destruction before her, and the wind began to encircle them.

Neviah’s eyes changed, as behind the beautiful tan hues that were stamped by a sign of Alpha and Omega, what seemed like a clock within the tan of her eyes appeared and the seconds hand of the clock rotated in a counterclockwise fashion, as Neviah watched before her in a projection of the house be free of the fire, when it was inhabited by Ceon and Senna, and when others would visit their home. She watched even to the time when Ceon was building it, as to Senna and Ceon, this place was special to them, and they wanted to be immortalized under the gaze of the mountain that created their nation sized island home. Neviah watched in an instant, of the house when it was inhabited, to even before it existed, and when her eyes returned to normal, the house was still in its charred remains. What Neviah doesn’t fully comprehend was that she used an ability called Cycle Sight. It allows Neviah to see the future or the past of whatever she targets within the scope of her sight. It allows her to see everything experienced, and to be experienced on the current plane within the multiverse, and with better tuning of Cycle Sight, she can even see what other multiverses are capable within that scope of time, allowing her an opportunity to change an outcome. This was indeed an extremely powerful ability, but one that Neviah was not on a journey to discover. Instead, this was something she would use as a tool for discovery, and to better understand the capabilities or people and objects around her journey.

This was now going to be Neviah’s mission. What is the meaning of life anymore, and what is the dream of those trapped within this farce of a reality. Are the lives of those created by the Gods just meant to be tools, used and abused for their amusement, or are there other reasons behind this circus show they call a once in a lifetime experience? What is it people fight for in the end? Will they fail, just to end up like Neviah’s own mother and father, left defeated and become forgotten, null of existence? In a way, Senna and Ceon ended up like their own parents, defeated and killed at the hands of one that is not their own, and submitted into nothingness, to be forgotten, and never remembered.

If this is what life is like, then Neviah will not aid the Spirits of Eden. Instead she will aim to fight the Gods of the current realm, and make a change, to see that the ability to live is not just held in the hands of the powerful. That those who are with power, do not simply abuse the rights of life in general. She will see to ensure that this world is liberated, and when all is said and done, she will then leave and re-create Eden for the spirits that do not belong in this world. But if she finds out that the Gods have no reason to fight, and simply sit back to watch those in power abuse their gifts, then Neviah will too watch, and see what their destinies are. Will Good triumph evil? Or will Chaos consume order?

Needless to say, Neviah is leaving the destiny of the Spirits of Eden, and the current realm of reality in the hands of those who inhabit it. She will learn to control and improve her powers as a Goddess, and use it to make her own choices, for the first real time in her life. Neviah Clixx-Kimura is no more. Now, the souls of Eden, and the souls of the current realm will see a new Neviah emerge, as the Goddess of Time and Souls.

Trapped, the Flower of Innocence [[CLOSED NEVIAH THREAD]] VKxUnpt

Neviah Clixx-Kimura
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And thus, the once trapped Flower, has now bloomed and reemerged into the world. Neviah returns!

2 years and 41,872 words later, I'm good...

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Trapped, the Flower of Innocence [[CLOSED NEVIAH THREAD]] VKxUnpt

Neviah Clixx-Kimura
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Trapped, the Flower of Innocence [[CLOSED NEVIAH THREAD]]
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