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[Hybrid] Sunshine Asthavon, the Raksha'sa of DESPAIR [APPROVED, 0-2] Empty [Hybrid] Sunshine Asthavon, the Raksha'sa of DESPAIR [APPROVED, 0-2]

Sun Sep 21, 2014 10:30 pm


» Name: Sunshine Kiritsugu-Odysseus Asthavon
» Titles: Head Priest of Deveta, Khala's Aide, The Darkest Light, Evil Angel.
» Age: Looks between ages 17-24, true age is unknown. (Speculated to be somewhere within the 4,000-5,000 range.)
» Gender: Male
» Affiliation/Rank: High Priest of Shadowfall

» Shifter Appearance Written: Sunshine's typical appearance, especially when making public appearances and acting in his official capacities as a 'priest', is the most stereotypical priest get-up one could think of. His body is adorned in a Habit, a garment worn by priests. He wears a yamaka on his head, which has short blonde hair. His entire body lacks any kind of blemish or scarring, and he wears black dress shoes with ankle socks on his feet. Finally, he is always wearing a pair of headphones in the shape of a skull, which are consistently blasting music or doxology into his head of some kind. His frame is extremely lean, and his frame is that of a man in his young to mid twenties.

» Shifter Appearance Picture:

» Pure Appearance Written: This concealed appearance is the one he wears while outside the demon world. The only flesh that can be seen on this entire garment in his eyes and sightline; everything else is hidden from view. A small amount of shadowed hair can be seen beneath the headband and cowl he wears on his head. He wears a scarf around his throat, and a full body suit, like a ninja would wear, beneath that. Around his arms and legs bandages cover his entire form. He wears sandals on his feet and gloves around both hands. Finally, he carries five staves on his back at all times, sticking up in an assortment of designs behind him as he walks like a travelling monk.

However, if the mask is removed, it is revealed that his face is nothing like his shifter or true appearances. Indeed, this appearance is one unique to the male known as Sunshine Asthavon; it is his Pure appearance. This form has short blue hair, blue eyelashes, and a strange tattoo under the right eye, like a magic seal. The rest of his face is smaller, and his frame is overall smaller. His fingers have extremely long nails, as if they were claws; he has the maximum amount of muscle available to contain on the frame of a human. His ears are pointed, and both eyes shine gold when revealed to light when the mask is taken off. There is a particular person he looks identical too, which is why he will do anything he can to prevent this form from being revealed.

» Pure Appearance Picture:

» True Appearance Written:
The true appearance of Sunshine is an appearance that is at once totally at peace and totally in chaos. His hair is splayed all over the place; his strands reaching over a foot away from his head. The pale color of his hair is like paper, and his eyes are of a similar color. The spirals that appear within them stand out significantly when he focuses, making them even more intense when eh does so. His eyebrows are short lines above his eyes, which are pointed at the ends like a raven's. His ears and neck are normal, for a human. The most peculiar thing about his entire body, and especially in his face, are shadows. Shadows appear around his mouth, under his nose, and around his eyes in an almost... creepy fashion.

The garments which cover the rest of his body are not what one would expect on a demon. Around his body he wears a green hodie which goes down past his waist, the drawstrings coming down from either side of his head. All along the hoodie are read marks and patterns, almost as if made out of blood. The hoodie has pockets on either side, and can be zipped, though it rarely is. His body's shape is that of a young man, just coming out of his teens. Underneath his hoodie he wears a white undershirt, marked by what looks like two hooks, one coming down from his throat and the other up from his pelvis, entwining the hooks together around his stomach. Around his legs he wears a simple pair of jeans, and around his feet he wears gym shoes. Now, he may come into his shifter form with less clothing than this, but never more. This getup makes it so that only his hands, throat, and head may be seen properly; both shoulders and most of his arms are totally covered, and you cannot see his legs. Finally, a chain sticks out from the middle beltloop of his jeans, attaching to the bottom of his hoodie.

» True Appearance Picture::



» Personality:

At his root, this man is a kind soul, an aid to the unfortunate and a bright smile whenever one is needed. He is a kind man, whose presence often feels instead like that of a calm boy. When he is within other realms, people merely assume he is a priest of a slightly off-color religious sect. He is fairly good at deceiving and manipulating people to his goals, though he often does not go out of his way to do so.

Sunshine loves nothing in this world more than Pressure, the feeling of being oppressed. While this may be an off-shoot of masochism, in reality it is simply that Despair triggers whenever he is placed in this state. Whenever he feels despair washing ove rhim, he begins to clutch at his body, holding himself and maintaining a strange smile. He has an extremely awkward ability of being able to put other people into awkward positions, forcing them to face their inner darkness in many cases. The ability for him to put this pressure on someone is usually a sign that the person who is being targeted does not truly have a satisfied psyche - in other words, they lack satisfaction in their life and are not at peace with themselves. Another possible way to look at this is that Sunshine is able to call forth the negative energy within a person.

Despair is the thing which Sunshine requires to survive. He directly loves despair more than anything, because he believes that being able to come out of despair after one has gone into it is an essential part of growth. Again, Sunshine is not a bad person, or even bad natured, in any way, shape, or form. He holds no malicious intents towards anyone; even if he decides that he has to kill someone, he is not doing it because he hates them. It is intensely difficult to truly anger him, and there is only one person whom he actually feels general animosity towards.

Furthermore, a large part of the male's personality is that he is a fanatic. He is absolutely fascinated with and worships Khala Asthavonn, believing her way and words to be the correct ones, no matter what zloric determines or what the possible consequences could be. He supports her in aboslutely everything she does, every decision… except of rones which could possibly harm her. Seeing her be harmed mentally is the one thing he cannot stand, and people who are able to do that are the ones who can actually gain animosity from him. He accepts all of Khala's teachings as true and proselytizes them. His main goal in life is to drive others into despair and then show them the hope that Khala grants them, allowing for them to assumedly live better lives.

Consumer of Mental Energy
Another way to explain his mannerisms is that he loves to drain the positive energy of people. Now, this does not mean that he enjoys destabilizing people who are satisfied with their lives. On the contrary, he is only after that happiness which he views as 'loose', as being worthless, that is tied to despair tightly. He therefore seems as if he is promoting despair, but rather he believes he is simply taking in what he views as 'excess' happiness. So he would never state that he spreads negative energy or particularly makes other people sad; rather, he takes away what he views as fake happiness, and as that is his core belief in life, this makes him happy to a disturbing extent.

Racial Dispositions
The male has a strange, unexplained dislike towards the Shinigami, without ever explaining how or why. The most apparent cause seems to be that the way the exorcise souls is contrary to how Khala would prefer it to be done, but his reasons, if analyzed actually seem to be personal in nature. On the other hand, he loves demons, has a generally positive view on Arrancar, quite likes humans, and also seems to like the idea of Angels just as much as Demons.

Fractured Psyche
At the end of the day, the male's psyche should be recognizd as being fractured. His beliefs and his actions often do not comply with one another; he may say one thing and mean something totally else. He himself is often reduced to a quivering, happiness-draining mess, disturbing the mental prowess of those around him. Indeed, he suffers from a strange form of madness, but it is a madness held in the form of beliefs, not founded in stress. As such, it cannot be manipulated or recognized by madness-based beings ,and he himself does not have any particular desire to see things going 'mad' or otherwise insane.

He has a strong dislike against revealing his body outside of the Demon World. Whenever he appears anywhere else, he seems to have a blue hair, his entire body totally concealed beneath a series of bandages and other fabric, with a metal headband and cap on the top of his head, a cloak covering his entire body. IF the garment is removed or tampered with, he will become annoyed, and in such cases will not use certain moves and techniques.

Sin Seer
He has a very powerful aptitude of observation and collection of information, having researched several of the most important individuals of several of the different organizations which align the universe. As a result and knowledge of their backstory, he is very adept at picking at other people's weak spots, using his own special aptitude to attempt to drain them of positive energy. He is also quite good at finding out things in the middle of conflict through inquiring questions and observations. Giving him any kind of information is generally ill-advised due to how good he is at turning it against the giver in a way that harms them even worse than before.

Slight Hat Obsession
The male has a condition which he refers to as ZUN - in demon language, that's an abbreviation for Hat Obsession Disorder. Essentially, he greatly admires hats, and respects automatically people who wear them more than people who don't. He also views the hat as one of the most important pinnacles of his faith, which is why he always wearing a cowl, hoodie, or yamaka. This obsession also has a slight effect of taking the form of one of his abilities, but he has a difficult time drawing despair towards those who habitually wear hats or other kinds of head garments such as ribbons in their hair.

Blessed Belief
Sunshine does not have overconfidence in himself, he is not arrogant. However, he finds it amusing to hear that others wish him bodily harm, for he believes that his divine purpose is blessed, that none can stop him from his goals, and that he is being defended by those he worships in order to complete his final goal in life. Part of this comes from the fact that he believes his prayers are almost always answered, and due to how some of his abilities work, this is partly true, which is what has spurned this belief in him. A large part of Sunshine's existence is that he does not understand how most of his abilities work. He believes they are simply gifts from the divine, and that in order to complete his purpose he must make use of them.

Attention Lover
Sunshine loves being the center of attention more than anything else in his life. No matter what happens, he loves being given attention and adoration from the people around him. This plays a large role in his capacity of a priest; anyone who is willing to give him that attention he will pay special attention to, and he is quite good at telling when people are honestly awestruck or interested and just pretending. However, even this noticing is slightly vain - he still quite likes being observed, even if it is false.

Sunshine has a habit of painting himself out to be the victim. Whenever something bad happens in a relationship between himself and them, he sees it almost entirely as the other parties fault, believing he had little or no actual fault. However, if he believes he and only he is the one at fault, then he will just not to that person any longer, distancing himself as far away as possible from them and the issue.

The male has a fluent streak of sarcasm. While this would be difficult to pick up in his sermons and public talks, in daily life he obviously making wordplays, sarcastic over and understatements, as well as innuendos. Innuendos seem to be his particular favorite of all; perhaps it has to do something with his concept, but that's just the way it is.

Sunshine is a playful being on the whole. He has a seemingly positive nature that would rather see others enjoying themselves than doing nothing. He doesn't see this as conflicting with his ideals of despair; after all, someone can be enjoying themselves in their despair, just as he frequently does.

Fault Locators
Sunshine has an interesting tendency of observation. He is very adept at locating another person's deepest inner or mental weakness. This he enjoys exploiting through the use of comments, influencing through despair, as well as trying to use it to get what he wants. He believes he himself has limited flaws; that they are finite, and there are indeed some flaws that he does not recognize himself as having that he can very easily find in others.

Instinctual Dislike
There are some people that Sunshine believes he will just instinctively dislike. No matter what other people think or how they actually act, towards these people Sunshine will have an irrational near-hatred, disrespecting or ignoring them in general and refusing to participate with them in activities of various kinds.

Fierce Loyalty
Sunshine does have true loyalty towards those who mark themselves as his allies and his friends. Towards them, he will do whatever is needed or possible, and due to his general lack of inhibitions, is willing to even suffer extraordinarily illogical pains for them. He also has a habit of disregarding logic when it comes to his friends, supporting them even when it makes no sense to do so. On the other hand, there are times where he will see the reason, and can be just as cold to them as he thinks will cause them to improve. He actually would prefer to see people he knows and loves suffer, going back to his despair and what some might call an 'inherited' form of how he views love; he thinks the other person must suffer in order to improve.

Conflict and Abuse
Sunshine is extremely adept at taking on both conflict and abuse. Even if he is abused, he has a mental block towards it to the point where if he is not fighting back against it, he barely feels pain. In addition, he can be involved in conflicts on a social, mental, and physical level and feel no stress from them whatsoever; he is very good at weathering the storm of political distress and chaos.

Sunshine does have a bad habit, when he feels down or isn't getting what he wants, to harm himself and attempt to get attention for himself that way. While he isn't proud of it, he knows it is a sure-fire way to make those who he believes care about him to give him attention, and he relishes in it.

Worry Inducer
Sunshine is also extremely good at making other people worry. Whether he makes them worry about their future, about what he is doing, about his locations or other actions - one never quite knows what it is that Sunshine is up to or is doing. He could be acting totally without limit or attempting to finally end his life once and for all, and if you are out of contact with him for an extended period of time, the pressure he puts on the people around him make it seem likely that something terrible has in fact happened. Generally, however, these fears will not come to pass; but the relationships that Sunshine creates will often create these kinds of feelings.

People Owner and Polyamorous

Sunshine also has a habit of enjoying… inserting himself into other people. Mentally, this refers to him establishing an extraordinarily strong bond with another person, making himself an integral part of their life, nearly 'addicting' them with himself. To put it another way, Sunshine does not receive these emotions in return. While he wishes to 'own' others, to protect them against all the dangers of the world, to keep them in Khala's Nirvana, he knows that even if they were to give that to him that they would not actually have a place inside of him or his heart. When it comes to relationships, Sunshine would be called polyamorous, simply due to the fact that he has not actually found one person whom he actually believes he can form a 'true love' with. If he ever found that person, however, while he would still seem polyamorous he would only trust his 'heart' with that one person.

Favorite Lines:
"Won't you forgive me?"
"Did you regret not knowing?"
"I can see your sins..."


» History

The story of Sunshine is, to say the least, complicated. It is a tale which begins in the future, travels to the distant past, and then eventually reaches the current present. It is a tale which involves a goddess, a poet, a Doctor, a Lady of the Night, a Demon, and a Family being destroyed. This is the tale of Sunshine - Kiritsugu - Odysseus - Ashthavon - Crow, a man who has discarded his true name and was unknown in his own time. It is the tale of a man raised by a God, tortured and damaged truly beyond repair. This is the tale of a man of Despair, of Copulation, of Body, Mind, and Succession. This is the story of a Missionary, a Leader, and an Evil Angel.

~ Conception ~
Our story begins in future of a world with the possibility of our own. It was the 'true path', the current result; if nothing in the past was to be changed, it is what the world would become. For the interests of this History, it will cover specifically the story that will be changed as a result of its own existence; to put it simply, it is a story which is the past of this man who is the only one who it happened to, being the only current object who has experienced its existence.

In this timeline, our subject is born. However, the true story of his birth is not what happened during ,but rather before it. He is the single child of Iriko Crow and Khala Ashtavon, produced through intercourse. In this time, Iriko had accepted Khala completely, without doubt on his path; after being mentaly broken by the events of the Soul Society's War, the Demon and Shinigami became closely interlinked. Their child would be the first between a Shinigami and Demon, and even further Iriko's first-born child. Having joined their 'religion'himself, the Poet had changed significantly from the self known today. When he discovered that Khala was, well, with his child, he himself felt filled with joy. However, there was one being who was not.

His Ziamichi Spirit, Seirei Rukon. Seirei had discovered who he truly was; he knew he was a piece of the Soul King, and accepted his role in assisting Iriko in maintaining the Soul Cycle and the Order. However, the possibility of this child scared Seirei beyond all else. It filled him with a terrifying despair; the offspring of a Godling and a man infused with a Godling. He was terrified that the child would be unable to be controlled, particularly if the concepts of the two great beings were combined.

The aspects of propagating Chaos, Independence; and Order combined into one would create a homogenous being, who more likely than not would be able to turn every plane of existence to his will, drawing even Order under his beliefs and resulting in a monstrous civiliation that Seirei never wanted to come to pass. This stress, this worry, infected the Zanpakutō spirits mind; he attempted to tell Iriko, repeatedly, to have it aborted.

However, Iriko would not hear of aborting the child. While on the one hand, he was still Iriko Crow; he was equally worried about the fact that this child could exist. However, on the other hand, he would not punish the child; he refused to harm an innocent life like that. As a result, he could not bring himself to do anything about these emotions. Khala was well aware of them due to the bond which practically made the two of them feel as if they were one being, the aspects of the Heart and the Poet being their only defining lines between one another.

So this madness within Seirei's mind grew, and the hope that he could stop this being coming into existence began to struggle harder and harder as the days, weeks, and months passed. With a small contingency of demons now living within Seireitei and a village of Atarashii that had been demolished moved within Demon World, the racial boundaries between the two seemed to be lowering even farther than anyone could have anticipated.

Finally, the day of the birth was at hand; the baby was delivered by the most profession Doctor in the land, who had volunteered his services while vacationing in Demon World with his wife for what he called 'old business'. The entire dimension was filled with a strange charge; as if the coming of this child would cause something amazing to occur. The Doctor himself kept a small log of its happenings, though it was never found.

From this point, the child was born, and Iriko held his first-born son for the first time above the Goddess. However, as he held the child, he could feel stirrings within it - and as he felt those stirrings, a strange being appeared behind the child, along with a strange hat that appeared to grow out of the child's head.

In that instant, Seirei within Iriko snapped, attempting to force his host to kill the child. Iriko adamantly refused, the willpower he maintained fighting off even Seirei as he dropped the child, having it fall back onto its mother as he stumbled backwards, half of his body going forwards as half of it went backwards, his entire form shining a bright blue for a moment before his shaken eyes stirred, the smallest smile on his lips as his eyes came to a close, seeing Khala and their child in his final moment the blue surorunded his form, drawing him into a strange black space as the male vanished from existence.

The consequence of the shocked mother would be felt throughout every plane of existence. The absolute rage that emerged covered the child, and in that instant it changed from a Raksha'sa of Assumption to that of Despair; from unbridled hope to the belief that God could not forgive. As seconds wore by, Hell became consumed with fire, the Raksha'sa even beginning to burn up from the Surpassing Law ripping away their ability to exist.

It spilled over into Demon World, the entire dimension becoming razed by hellfire, nearly all its inhabitants burning as they attempted to escape. The carnage would be horrific; but the pure pulsating of Danava, influenced by his Heart, demanded suffering to match his own.

It poured next into Hueco Mundo, laying it to a similar waste; and from there, the Soul Society suffered a similar fate, Iramasha Island becoming covered in darkness as K-World's destiny was snuffed out as well. Finally, the hellflares came down onto Earth, and while they did not obliterate everything, terrible winds destroyed every structure, tidal patterns destroyed most of those beings who could not defend themselves, and eventually the Earth was left as a desolate wasteland, covered in a dark, pulsating sky.

* * *

~ Admonition Angel ~
Khala clutched her child all the while, weeping in anger and sorrow. After a solid day, the child finally let out a noise to its mother, holding up a hand and gently stroking her cheek. As she looked down at it, the child smiled back at her, causing for her to change the name he was to be given. Originally he was to be christened Kiritsugu Odysseus Crow-Ashvaton, but she felt that was not who he was. So his first name became Sunshine, for he was her Sunshine.

The first years were… not pleasant for the Hybrid. Constantly abused when his mother entered fits of insanity, he never blamed her for her actions; rather, he blamed either himself for having done something wrong, or his mysterious father who his mother only ever praised. To him, his father was his mother's only flaw; to him, Iriko was the true failure in this whole scheme. He never understood the sacrifice his father performed, or appreciated it.

However, he did become the Final Raksha'sa, the Raksha'sa of despair. Onto his body as a small child Danava, in a fit of rage from his heart, inflicted scars, attempting to break the boy's soul as his father's had once been shattered. However, these scars warped, changing… And instead, they became markings of a strange nature, infused with a strange blue glow. It was at this that Danava experienced the tiniest sensation of acceptance, as in those marks he saw that the boy must still have had a purpose for this world filled with desolation.

So it was that he continued to torture the boy, forcing out the potential of his Hell Beast, and then his Shinigami abilities. He completely neglected his traits as a Danava of Copulation; while Sunshine held that due to being created through Copulation with the Demon God, he could never act on it.

However, despite all this pain and suffering… Danava and Khala were the only beings the male ever knew. He only knew he was being worked for something; and for this, he was happier than anything else. He became essentially an addicted fanatic; to him, the beings could not do anything wrong. They could not make a mistake, and they could not possibly do anything wrong. The universe being screwed was his father's fault; the pain they suffered, it was because of his father!

The pain, he blamed on his father. The suffering, he blamed on his father. The credit for his gifts, to his mother. The discovery of Gira, Danava. The discovery of Kenzan, his mother. For Kenzan was a Zanpakutō that he did not understand; while Gira he began to get to know very well.

Gira was originally an Angel who attempted t fight Touketsu, believing herself to be the most powerful Angel of all. However, Touketsu devoured her instead, and she joined the souls within his body. Over time, her very essence became corrupted, and she began viewing herself as 'the perfect being'. When her consciousness, inside of Khala, discovered that Sunshine was being born, she decided to infuse herself within the boy. So it was that the identity of his 'body' Zanpakutō from his mother was gained, and the power of corruption introduced into his soul.

The other spirit, Kenzan, was much different. Sunshine only accomplished his bankai a single time before he was forced to leave their dwelling for the first time of his young life. Only three years old, he had been forced out. Those three years, to this day, he remembers as only a single word: Pain. And yet, those years trained how to access his spirits directly into his body; he could even feel the connections to Yawgmoth and Nyahmyuraah, though he could access neither, and for fear of more pain did not inform his 'parents' about them.

The Anthology of the demons and his mind were perfectly crafted by Danava, and yet he would never understand what his Zanpakutō spirit of the 'mind' was, from his father. A broken male, covered in a blue cloak, his hair turned stark-white, and his right arm reduced to nothing more than that of a skeleton. A dead look adorning his face, and what looked like charred horns laying across the back of his head. A flickering blue aura encompassed him, and yet Sunshine could perceive nothing by it, even with his sharpened senses.

This being contained the ability which Danava cherished so greatly; the ability to manipulate Time itself, to cause for reality to temporarily 'freeze'. Or more specifically, to cause Sunshine's body to enter 'Frozen Time', to view the world from four dimensions. This was 'Frozen Time', and it was what Sunshine was instructed to do.

When being forced out of his house, Sunshine had four 'directives' burned into his brain, to the point where they stick out an influence every single thought that goes through his mind of each and every day. "1. You Shall Venture to the Past and Grow until Khala Reveals Herself." "2. You Shall Head her Cult until she Appears, And once she Does, you Shall Sire a Child from a Shinigami or a Demon." "3. You shall Not Harm Iriko Puzyri-Teimei Crow or Inhibit Him." "4. You Shall Not Bare Children until The Coming of Khala."

These four directives burned into his mind, the male traveled mindlessly, following the directive to the point between each aspect of each universe. Before this point, however, a strange figure appeared before him, a red cloak hiding the figure's face. It was the first being other than his parents that Sunshine had ever seen, and as he attempted to examine him, he discovered something about the figure that was… the same as Sunshine. A Corrupted Angel.

The figure silently reached behind itself, before removing five staves, handing them to the male wordlessly. Sunshine felt compelled to take them, but felt strange at the same time, like an evil shiver traced down his spine as he took them almost outside of his own will. It was from here that the male watched as the being entered the eye of the storm.

As he began to leave, he felt a fifth directive entering his mind. "You Shall Fight.. Him… In the Past." And as he looked, his bankai beginning to release, the male's hood slowly lowered from his face. When time began to freeze, he saw the expression of a man smiling, seeming as if he was at peace for the first time in a very, very long time. It was an aged face, strange creases wrinkled from seeming age, but more like decay, sticking out.

And that was the final image Sunshine viewed as he felt his Bankai beginning to take hold of the space around his body, gripping it like iron as it gripped the very fabric of the universe; it gripped the universe's "gravity"… it gripped 'Destiny'.

Power without limit poured out form his body, gigantic amounts of pure power flowed out, covering each of the realms as the male's latent energy emerged. The five spirits that warden-ed over his body: Yawgmoth, Gira, Nyahmyuraah, Kenzan, and 'Death' - observed him like wardens to a gate as the total sum of their power was pressed fully into service… the grip on reality becoming firm…..

Sunshine gripped it, and the matter of time itself came under his hands. Naturally, he would have to throw the universe forwards; only by going to the point of no return would he eventually reach the track where the story began once again. The power for this action came from Yawgmoth, whose entire being was filled with the energy of Danava's despair from how his universe had resulted.

Without hesitation, Sunshine began driving the dimensions forwards, watching the person before him fading away into nothingness as time began to pass rapidly, his eyes looking up into the sky as he beheld each of the dimensions. Gradually, their pieces began to fade; finally, at the end of it all, he viewed Danava looking back at him with two other beings, one of whom eh could somehow sense was the Soul King. He did not recognize the third, but he saw the three of them staring at one another…

And then they began to fade away. And as they faded ,the male saw that his power was beginning to run out. Yawgmoth was becoming drained, and the male began to panic. He had not yet reached the event horizon; if he failed to reach that point, that would be the end of it. He was in a place without even reality holding it together, the creators of the order having left some millenia ago.

And then, one of the staves on his back began to glow. And without warning, the male felt his scarred and bloody mind beginning to grow calm, a strange whiteness overtaking his white irises as it felt like flames were growing form his back side. His mouth began to open and he began to laugh; he could feel it. Something was taking the potential madness from around him, and turning it into pure energy. This energy supplicated his own, and he continued travelling forwards, meditating on the abilities that he was manipulating, as he continued going forwards mercilessly….

And he saw the three figures appear once again. Danava, then Touketsu, experienced the power of omnipotence, his consciousness shattering; The Truth, creating everything as far as could be observed. And finally the Soul King, reordering everything. He felt strange upon witnessing the Soul King; it was as if he knew that being, and at the same time did not.

So great was the amount of madness within his mind that was turned into raw energy that he reemerged several hundreds of thousands of years into the creation of the world. When he emerged from the calamity point, there was no one waiting for him. There was no one there; the male was alone. Truly alone.

~ Angelic Overseer ~

As a young demon ,he began to develop under the primal demonic system he came across. While he was toiling for thousands of years, building up his power and creating a bunch of contacts along the way. Over time, his biggest accomplishment in this primal era was gaining entrance into Hell as a Raksha'sa. Being given an extremely lesser layer, he began to form political contracts with those even far above him. His Raksha'sa powers were at their peak during this time, due to the training from Danava.

However, there was something different in this time period. Ever since he had arrived in this timeline, he could not speak to Kenzan. Each of the staves he had been given he discovered could channel his energy, and energy of different types for each of the staves. However, Kenzan would not answer him any longer; he could not even get the usual grunts or groans that were customary of how that eponymous being communicated. All he could get to come out was the Stand, with its blue skin and flowing black hair. It was mostly this Stand which protected him in the early days, beating back any opposition with a massive amount of pure force, with great rapidity.

Being that he was essentially a scout for the layers, his realm manipulation was always poor. Instead, he went and interviewed persons who could possibly become Raksha'sa. The usage of his Death's energy became apparent during this time, and he began developing his crazed view of Danava and Khala being a kind of religion, constantly stating that Khala would someday come onto the earth. Such 'faith' created his special relationship with his Death's Energy, allowing for him to experiment with its use, allowing him to perform necromancy even early in his life.

It was during this period of relative youth that he met the person who would allow for him to understand his true nature as a Danava; this was Sasha, the Raksha'sa of Lust. She was able to discern past his many layers of façades at the extraordinarily sexual being underneath, the one he had never been able to discover himself. As a result, she made a contract with him; to discover why he held this possible weakness… and in exchange, he would aid Sasha in going as high up in Hell's Layers as possible.

Sunshine, after a period of consideration, accepted this proposal. Upon the completion of this contract, Sunshine realized that he was the Danava of Copulation, Sasha gained many ranks increased within Hell's Layers, and Nyahmyuraah released what might be equated to thousands of years of sexual frustration. To this day, the Hell Layer of Sixty-Nine is inhabited by Sunshine… because no one else could survive in the mess left behind.

In any case, he continued to exist from there. Throughout his research, he discovered a variety of applications for his Danava, and with its assistance began to finally espouse the religion that he had held deep within him. He spoke of a savior of the Demon race and those in Hell who would someday arrive, and gradually began to expose others to this belief, compleating them into his service, learning more and more about himself…

That is, until he met a certain individual.

This male held a hood like a snake's eyes, and his eyes were naught but yellow slits. Sunshine had felt compelled to go venture towards the outskirts of Demon World, where he found this male and the strangest sight he had ever experienced. His followers were being crucified, one after the other, on terrific crosses made out of pure magma, encased with air pressure.

Standing in front of them was that male, his eyes still staring straight at Sunshine as he did so, tilting his head as if curiously. They exchanged words briefly, and Sunshine realized that he could not influence this male. In response, the male looked back at him…

And so he attacked, violently. He had never experienced rage before, but there it was. There was a male who was so filled with despair that there was absolutely no hope left; he was like a void to Sunshine, who sought to confuse this male's hope. However, there was nothing there, and with a terrific cry he rapidly accelerated the facets of his power that were available, rapidly trying to crush the male…

And was left with that red cloak slamming straight into his face… along with a strange cube. Without any warning, the cube exploded outwards, rapidly expanding as something within it triggered, and Sunshine was unable to feel any part of his body any longer. It was as if he no longer existed in body; and he stood there, his very facets nothing more than dust…

The male who had triggered the terrific act of eradication went to examine the results. However, what should have been left as nothing but dust… was a strange, goopy gray substance. With a look of confusion, he rapidly retreated backwards, staring straight at the glob as it slowly began to come back together, reforming and leaving the individual male standing there, looking at Dr. Hebi with a peculiar look on his face…

And then he felt the will to kill. It strangled him as Sunshine began to approach, his body stunned. Sunshine's intent to eliminate brought forth blades from every part of his body, before rapidly his right leg shot out ,extending as it shot behind the male's head as it literally stretched outwards. Finally, a pole slammed between the two, holding the male's head in a guillotine as Sunshine stared him down…

And he saw it begin flying directly towards him. He was locked in place, and he grit his teeth before his right hand plunged into his side, drawing blood as he gasped, his body splitting into two separate parts. He pushed the new separate part which contained the snake sticking out of his stomach away… and the one being pushed out witnessed as his other half had its head removed, falling off to the floor.

He lay there for a moment, gritting his teeth as Sunshine approached. Sunshine stared down at his prey, briefly tilting his head… before the male vanished into thin air.

Sunshine thought this a strange encounter, to be certain, but wasted no time in receiving assistance to take down his old colleagues. They were properly buried, and he performed the rites of burial himself. In each of their coffins he laid down his wishes, as well as a curse on the man and anyone who helped him. The only problem was that the curses could not take effect; after all, he did not know the male's name.

Time would pass…

~ Luminarch Ascension ~

Time began to pass, until the day that Sunshine could feel it in the air. He could feel that she - his Goddess - would come soon. Rapidly, his cult began to grow far larger than it ever had before. The Asthavon family name he had taken for so long had begun to take prevalence within Demon World, and even though he would not specify whom he was spawned from to earn that name, he apparently maintained the blood required to maintain it.

When she was brought into this world, he began to spread the cult rapidly. It was easier than ever to accept that she was the true goddess given her origins, and finally he felt that his role in this world was coming towards completion.

However, something strange then occurred. Someone got in his way. Someone who was jealous that he was taking all of what 'it' considered 'it's' property. This person's name was Asmodeus… The Danava of Lust.

However, the Evil Angel would not simply allow for Asmodeus to gain more pawns. After all, Asmo viewed itself as the perfect being ,and had no need for such a thing as religion or to look up to Khala. Therefore, Sunshine found her presence insufferable, and unable to tolerate it, he began to hunt her down.

So it was that he began to steal her sexual energy. Grasping onto her and refusing to release her body, he devoured who she was into himself. Finally, he began to nip at her soul, once she had been sucked dry and doomed to despair. The soul came out, and it seemed to flow into him, as if meeting into a slot in his body that had been left open. As a result, he felt… strange, but felt a purpose, and existence, that he never held before. For the first time, what he was doing satisfied him.

Finally, he took his position as Head Priest to Khala, and swore his loyalty to her. He thought the matter with her to be settled, totally, and forever; but it would prove that there was someone who would not simply allow for that being to be erased from existence, taken into Sunshine's soul.

So it was that the male known as Doctor Kabuto Hebi confronted this being once more. Sunshine was significantly more prepared than he had been the last time; having reached what he could… remember as being the pinnacle of his power, he maintained the power of summoning his Stand, using Mind Sculpting, activating the abilities of the Sin of Despair, his prowess as the Danava of Copulation, and even held access to his Bankai once more. He felt that there was nothing which could stop him, and truly felt that he was at the height of his power…

But this male would prove to be the most difficult challenge that Sunshine would face. From the very beginning, it became clear that the two men were not the same…

~ Immortal Angel ~
Without stopping, the two delved into combat, Sunshine for the pride of those who had been slain by this male and the Doctor for the ally he had lost once more, as well as the intolerance towards the strange religion that this male espoused.

So it was that they would become embattled. Sunshine began his attacks furiously, allowing the pure power within him to erupt from deep inside. However, the Doctor was prepared for this, and in a flash of color a terrific scythe slashed straight through Sunshine's energy…

And the blade cleaved through Sunshine's body. However, even as it struck him, a strange feeling coursed through his body. Rapidly throwing himself back, ti just barely cut past the garment he was wearing ,and even so… it totally destroyed his inner organs, leaving him coughing up blood.

He was beyond confused on why he could be pierced like this, and it became clear to him as the male in front of him began to attack, striking down Sunshine's familiars one after the other. With a tumultuous cry, he slowly began to shift, and without warning transformed into his Death's Energy's Berserker State.

To which the Doctor responded with his own form of instability; but the difference between their strengths would be palpable. With the rapid spread of his influence, the male's strange scythe moved just as quickly, erasing it as it appeared over and over again. Sunshine was left totally shocked by this; but even more so by the fact that he could not seem to get his hands on the male to execute him.

He was moving far faster than Sunshine, and it appeared he had even lost his fear. There was no longer any emotion covering the male, and for the very first time in his life… Sunshine felt fear. He truly did, even as he executed an attack which would level the scenery around their bodies for miles…

To which the male replied with a cringing body with a bolt straight through its skull, made out of pure energy, resisting the damage as it clutched its head as if concerned. And instead… the male was there.. In front of Sunshine… and as his scythe came down towards the male's head…

His body scattered. He could not allow for himself to be finished off like this, so his body cut off his head, severing it from his body before ducking around, his body vanishing as he turned about…

However, the male gave chase, and with each step that Sunshine took he was right there behind him. His head reformed, and he finally pulled his own scythe from out of his spine, reinforcing it with the power of Despair as he swung around, the two scythes meeting one another over the plains that his attack had created. However, the Doctor's relentless assault, along with the face of pure madness that he gave Sunshine, made the male finally let out a whimper in fear, praying as hard as he could to Khala, to life… to Death.

And then, a terrific wash of pure energy slammed into the male, throwing him far off of Sunshine as he went flying away. Rapidly and furiously cutting at the energy fast enough to turn an entire scyscraper into swiss cheese, the energy was merely displaced, and finally he came to a stop…

But Sunshine was long gone…

As he regained consciousness, on a soft bed, he realized where he was.. In Sasha's layer once again. Gripping his head, he looked at his materials and realized; he had lost one of the staves. He didn't think it that important; he no longer used them, but still, I twas odd that one had gone missing. Could he have taken one with him and simply forgotten…? Ah, it mattered not. He was simply satisfied that he would still be able to exist in this time…

~ Twilight Angel ~

Finally, the time had come; the time when Sunshine's father had returned to the Soul Society. It was at this point that Sunshine began to grow truly serious, beginning to conduct rites to join the cult daily. The level of his 'process' grew to the point where if he did not perform it at least once a day, he felt as if he were beginning to die.

And then, it happened. Khala reappeared in the Soul Society, and the res tof Demon World began to attack. Sunshine, on the other hand, began to bide his time, selecting those who would enter into the territories ravaged by demons ,and begin to act on the pledge he had sworn far in the future to be completed in the present…

And now, Khala was home… And his father… Was… Here…



» Dāgī Tvacā Name: Celestial Flesh

» Dāgī Tvacā Appearance:
This lesh is what makes Sunshine so frustrating to deal with in an actual battle. THe flesh itself is not considered to hold a consistent shape; indeed, it is much closer to that of a demons who sacrifices their defenses in order to regenerate. As such, his skin is very firm around his body, and when released causes several phrases in the demon language to be shown on and around his flesh, even on his tongue. When activated, these texts begin to glow, but on a day-to-day basis are difficult to discern unless one is directly up close. Indeed, the only places they are not present are on his hands and face, though there is one particular one on his tongue.

» Dāgī Tvacā Release Appearance:
When activated, each one of the texts that covers the male's body begin glowing a strange purple and golden color, shining through darkness and burning away any clothing preventing them from being seen. Furthermore, strange orb-like objects begin trailing out of the male's skin, before finally a solid, round eye-looking like shape appears from him, bound around his body by a series of cords, ice-blue in color.

» Dāgī Tvacā Powers:
Each and every one of the texts covering the male's body activates a different effect or ability. the only skill that the entire skin has is a passive one known as Deusborn.

Quite simply, it is extraodinarily difficult to completely kill Sunshine. It may not be overly difficult to defeat him, but to remove him entirely would require removing every trace of his energy, as his body will eventually reform itself so long as there is even a trace amount remaining. The other ability this passive effect grants is an immunity towards existence-nullifying attacks; due to the semi-divine nature of his existence, removing his existence also requires removing the existence of the space around him, which would require hundreds if not thousands of individual cells being targeted to have them become removed.

"The Heart Continues to Beat"
The first 'curse' laid on his body, this aspect of his Celestial Flesh is located in demon across his chest, directly over his heart. When touched, a massive amount of regeneration energy, pure proteins and other cell-restoring concepts flow out of the male's body towards a target. This can be called an extremely powerful healing method, as it can restore a person's physical body and defenses from next to nothing to full in a post. However, it does not transmit any energy whatsoever, and also can only be used one time after the Celestial Mantle has been activated.

"The Poet's Breathe, Stopped By A Child"
On the left side of his torso, over his lungs, is yet another demonic inscription. This one creates a blade of pure wind to appear within Sunshine's hands for two posts. The unique nature of this blade is that it is not an offense weapon; it is unable to deal any direct damage or harm a living being directly. On the other hand, it focuses all of its intent and purpose into 'pushing aside' anything which would come near it. This means that if it were used to parry, it would attempt to blast away with a massive amount of force the other weapon. In most cases, this would lead to the opponent's weapon being blown far away, or otherwise knocking them back. The force this attack releases should not be disregared; for it is like Sunshine's entire reserves of energy blowing into the object that it touches. This technique lasts for up to two posts before the energy fueling it fades, and it is made unusable for the rest of the thread.

"The Womb, Birth of One and Death of Another."
On Sunshine's stomach are engraved these words, and this aspect of his skin is what he pershaps regards as the most important. After all, this line is what allows for him to create a unique kind of Soul Link to another person. This ability has the capability of converting another person into a Demon, if they desire it, with the sin of Despair guiding them. However, this will only occur if the target truly wishes this. If they have any doubt within their mind, the effect will not trigger and instead they will become locked in a nightmare of despair, living in their worst plane possibly imagined. However, this is its only practical application, and one who does not accept it it has no effect on other than perhaps beginning the corruption of the Sin of Despair, though this is only possible if the target is a sorrowful person by nature. The other aspect of this ability is that it almost always leads to the conversion of a person into the Cult of Khala, meaning that one way to join the cult is to have this ability used on the convert's body. As such, it also converts all the teachings of Khala, Deveta, and the religion of the Demons into the targets mind. Note: Must have owner's permission to use on another character.

"The North Dragon, Extinguished By Sunlight"
The final marking on his chest, these words are displayed between his upper stomach and in the middle of his torso. When this ability is activated, a strange presence of pure energy flows up the throat of Sunshine, causing his mouth to open wide. When the breath exits, an absolutely gigantic amount of Elemental Ice leaves his body, changing the space in front of his body into pure ice and covering it over in winter's foggy freeze. This ice is the temperature of absolute zero, and can be very difficult to break out if one gets caught in it. Finally, the most exceptional part of it is its terrific range, extending out for a mile in front of the male. However, the downside of this ability is that the ice will begin to crack before finally absolutely shattering after a post has passed, and in that time Sunshine's abilities are greatly reduced due a kind of lethargy overcoming him, as if his own senses are beginning to freeze and slow down, making time seem as if it is passing much slower than it normally would. This ability is also only able to be used once per thread.

"The Heart Shall Tear the Throat and Kill."
At the back of his throat are these words, enscribed plainly for all to see. When this ability is invoked, the male's throat bursts open, black blood beginning to pour forth before the Corruption of Hell's Influence begins pouring out as well, escaping at an extraordinarily rapid pace for an entire post. In this time, Sunshine is able to move from where he is standing, and the corruption of Hell burns anything it comes into contact with. This addition will remain until it is dispersed by another force, as the Hell is surprisingly resilient. Sunshine's own body is totally immune to this, but the loss of his blood will also make him woozy and feel uncoordinated the post after this ability is used. However, being within Hell's Miasma after using this seal will empower him with as if he were a normal Raksha'sa or Demon. This ability also prevents him from gaining any benefit from these things until he has broken the seal, as if having to let out an infestation of flies from his body before being able to eat normal food. Finally, this ability can also only be used once per thread, but shines a dull black on the back of his neck after it has been used.

"The Spine of a Reaper Exposes Itself."
Interestingly, this line of text is located at the top of Sunshine's spine. When activated, it causes his own spine to slide up out of his body before being replaced rapidly by the way his body works, before a golden blade extends out from the top of his removed spine, before it molds itself into a pure-white staff... and then it creates a hand guard on the bottom. After this point, the scythe blade slides forwards, befoer snapping otuwards again rapidly and creating a second blade from its own tip, shaped just like itself. Then, it folds over, creating a blade that looks like a sword and a scythe combined into one. This blade's special ability is that while it can be used as an extremely high-level weapon, extremely durable and resilient to damage while maintaining a high level of sharpness, it also has the ability to perform almost executioner-like actions by snapping the two blades together in a slotted fashion that cuts whatever it comes into contact with dozens of times in the space of a few moments. He is only able to create one of these weapons per post, and finally, it is very easy for him to lose it; the Spinal Scythe has the nature of being unable to be telepathically manipulated, meaning if he loses it he is unable to obtain it again for the rest of the thread.

"Fear the Base, For It is Unstable"
Located at the bottom of the male's spine, the release of this seal causes a black and gold tail of pure energy to extend out of the male's backside, before raising straight up into the air. When this is triggered, an absolutely massive output of energy is released from the male's body, freezing him in place. As it does so, this energy violently distorts the very air around them, causing an amount of force equal to being in the epicenter of fierce tectonic movement to happen all around the user's body, resulting in even a person's brain to feel like it is being jarred around, not to mention the amount their body is moved and shaken simply from everything else being shaken. When used on the ground, the effects of this action can be felt from miles away, and can even cause tectonic plates directly below the user to shift slightly as a result. This technique is primarily useful in distorting the actions of battling groups or conflicting peoples, as it makes movement for a brief time next to impossible, as even it's user is unable to move for the post it is used and one after that due to being the epicenter of such massive amounts of torque and movement.

"The Lowest Shall Be Raised Highest, But Its Form Is Changed."
These words are located along the back of the male's pelvis, making them easy to see when he turns around. This seal's activation causes for a wave of what seems like pure neutrality, pure natural state to leave the male's body. This wave of 'naturality' cleanses away anything around the male's body that is not the absolute environment, cleansing two feet around himself as well as within his own body. As a result, attacks, supernatural attacks, and abilities outside the male's body are typically dispelled, either pushed away or neutralized. For example, if someone with elemental claws were attacking him and he released this ability, the claws would seem as if they flowed behind the user for a moment before being dispersed due to the tearing of the connection, letting a normal hand impact Sunshine's body. This does not effect such things as transformations or status changes on other people around his body, but only things that would be produced outside in the space around him. This ability can only be used one time per thread, and as such Sunshine must be very mindful of when he chooses to activate it.

"A High Pillar of Beliefs to Rise, High Into the Air."
On his right shoulder, such words are inscribed in the flowing text that goes around his body. When activated, this line causes the male's body to fly at supernatural speeds straight upwards in the blink of an eye, far surpassing the calculation of such things as Mach, but it has a price. In exchange for this use, the male's right arm and leg are torn off, and he is unable to use any abilities of these limbs as they are unable to regenerate for the rest of the thread. In addition, pieces of his face begin to fall off as well from this absolutely terrifically massive movement, which can put him outside of the range of almost any attack in exchange for that arm and leg. This ability can only be used once per thread, and it is very rare that he will use it before an opponent attempts to reveal their ultimate trump card against him.

"A High Pillar of Philosophy, to View the Folly of Man."
On the left shoulder, alternating the Pillar of Faith, is the inscription of the Pillar of Philosophy. When activated, any mental effects which have been triggered within or without Sunshine's body, including his own unique form of madness and suffering, are dispelled for a single post. He still retains his basic motivations and desires, but becomes unable to think out of clear rationale and utter mental clarity for a time of two posts. He becomes much more calm, collected, and able to focus on whatever the task in front of him is. For some reason, he quite likes this mark, and is able to use it up to twice per post, due to the fact that he has inscribed another one of them on his body by self-harming himself permanently, making the movements of his left arm less effective than they would be otherwise due to a decreased reaction time but allowing for both to be used in a single thread.

"Revealed From His Base, The Dragon's Fury."
On the male's left leg, this strange inscription can be found. When this strange mark, shaped like a being with wings and a roaring maw, is activated, a amssive amount of dark and gold energy swarms around the male's body. Around his arms and legs, golden scales made out of pure energy appear and it looks almost as if he has limbs like a dragon that form. Around the bottom of his mouth and around his throat also appear the maw of what appears to be a dragon. While these extensions of his Celestial Mantle are active, the male gains a terrific boost in his durability, speed, and pure strength for a period of two posts. However, his abilities to observe and also to speak intelligible words are dramatically decreased, which greatly limits his ability to spread despair. Due to the extra limbs this form provides, it is almost used as a last resource of the male, as while in this form he loses the ability to do anything more than what the dragon form offers him, leaving him with only physical attacks and defenses, though he does have one special attack like a cero that creates a whirling cone of Hellfire that pours from his mouth, violently scorching and scoring anything that it comes into contact with. This ability is only usable once per thread, although it is rarely used by the male unless he is driven into dire circumstances and feels there is something he must accomplish. For some reason, he also holds this mark quite dear, and as a result tends to protect his left leg almost irrationally.

"Revealed From Her Base, the Heart's Pain."
This mark is located on the male's right leg. When this ability is activated, Sunshine is thrown into an absolute state of pure unconsciousness. His ability to feel anything is completely drained away, and his body begins to act totally and completely towards fixing any damages that have been dealt to his form. While this is active, he may be harmed, but most damage will be instantly replenished, almost as if he has entered a state of statis. However, the downside is that this form lasts for over a week, meaning that once it is triggered Sunshine is forced to exit the thread. In addition, due to it being located on his right leg, he must choose if he wants to escape violently from something during a fight, or attempt to confirm that he can continue for another day. Overall, this ability can only e used once in a thread, and also has the unique property that it is unable to be activated by any other person, meaning that even if Sunshine's body or mind are taken control of, he cannot be forced to activate this, as it is an activation of his opinion and not rationale.

"Destruction And Creation: A Piercing Cycle."
Located below his waist and locaetd in roughly the middle of the front of the male's pelvis, this mark holds two effects. The first is that allows for Sunshine to relight one of the marks on his body, meaning that he is able to use them again. However, the downside is that the cost to activate it requires him to seal two of his other statements, making it a costly decision to determine whether or not the male desperately needs access to one of his resources once again. The other thing is that this ability must be activated while the male is not in stasis, meaning that he cannot activate anything once more while he is stasis.

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Finally, the text spiraling around the male's tongue which no one has ever read. As a result, the ability of this tongue is no one but Sunshine himself, and even he does not know what it's true ability is. However, it's true ability is that for oen post, it allows for the user to fully resist the effects of a being or the effects of a being which one could be considered as 'divine'. This means that that being, the effects of that being, and the actions they could make against Sunshine, for one post, and only one post, are totally negated. Or rather, they simply pass through the male without effecting him, as if he was never there for them to act on. This also means that for a post, he becomes invisible to these beings or the observation of them. However, while this seal is activated, Sunshine is also unable to activate any of his other abilities, meaning that while he has a body, he cannot do anything else. This ability can only be used once per thread, or twice at most using the Creation clause.



» Natural Abilities:

Eyes of the Poet
The male Sunshine has a unique property to his eyes that come from his heritage. By looking at another person, specifically a demon, he is able to see in them all bonds that that demon has made with others, what family they belong to, and what those families desire to do through that demon. As such, when he looks at his cult, he becomes intoxicated due to the fact that in addition to themselves, he sees what likes an infinite number of them flowing eternally outwards away from himself, all supporting one another.

Intelligence of Buddha
Sunshine is actually extraordinarily intelligent. His ability to see through situations, work out problems, and think in a logical manner were a large factor in his ascension to High Priest. However, his intelligence goes deeper than this. The way he speaks is almost... poetic at times. He has been known to be able to compose literature, though he prefers writing Gospels more than anything else, as well as testaments and using poetic language to express his faith and beliefs. Where a person could grow as a poet or a monk in regards to their oration, he has clearly become a man of faith.

Speed of a Skipping Stone
His body's actual speed is quite impressive. Able to reach running speeds that allow him to cover great distances in mere moments, the level of DE working within his skin is apparent as it helps boost his speeds high above an average demon's. Furthermore, he is able to react and deal with this speed, being able to engage in high-speed combat when called for it, or more likely, be able to attend various meetings to keep up with his duties as High Priest.

Unfathomable Power Well
Sunshine has never even approached the bottom of his well of power before. The actual spiritual energy that his body contains seems near-infinite to the casual observer, and while this is not true, it is true that there are times when he simply is not able to put out as much as he would like to, and there are other times when it does not occur to him that he could be using the absolutely massive amount of energy stored within his being. Part of this comes down to his belief that he should only use his power if he has to; if he could just take a hit instead, he will take the hit and come back from it just the same.

Kido Manipulation
One of the most outstanding abilities he possesses, and one of the ones that no one else knows he is able to perform, is his ability to create kido. He can create Hadō, Bakudo, and Bubaru, although he does not know any actual Bubaru techniques until he has been taught them. He learned these through his own research and torture of Shinigami in years past. The fact that he has the capability to perform such actions is the part that he has chosen to hide from the world, and he will only use it if he has decided he must kill his enemy or if there is no one nearby who could witness it and correlate it to him.

In addition to Shadow Movement, Sunshine also possesses the ability to use Shunpo. This he uses rather frequently, and due to generations of experience is able to travel quite vast amounts of space in a single step. His skill is not in the rapid use of his Shunpo, but in distances. Furthermore, if ever asked about it, he will cover and say that it is simply high-speed movement that he learned by copying the Shinigami, and that he regards it as more effective than Shadow Movement because it is as effective with or without any other extenuating circumstances.

Zanjutsu Master
His ability with a sword is perhaps his single greatest technical skill on offense. This is why most of his weapons are sword-based, or involve the blade in some way. Swordsmanship is his principal method of doing actual combat, as he likes to believe he is a knight of some kind, almost like a young child's dream that stayed with them after they reached adulthood.

Hakuda Master
However, when called into actual martial art combat, his natural aptitude excels that of his dreamed ones. His true gifts are within the martial arts, having a very good center of balance, rapid focus towards several points of interest, and a body which responds on the instant of command; his flexibility is insane, and his body is always in tip-top condition in just the right places to allow for perfect movements against most opponents who would engage him in close combat.

Weapon of the Gods
Perhaps the most interesting part of Sunshine's body is that he has a strange type of blade which exudes from his pure abilities as a demon. He is able to produce raw blades from any point of his body, or convert his body parts into blades. He is also able to shoot his body parts as blades at an opponent, or remodel himself completely into forming a guillotine around an opponent. He has the ability to shape-shift as made apparent by these abilities, but he only uses the guillotine as a way to 'properly' deal with people who he views as heretics, who deserve to die.

Boondock Saint
As a result, he views himself as a kind of judge, jury, and executioner for those whom he views would be against his religion or beliefs. He also attempts to destroy those who would be against the establishment of Shadowfall, and has many skills that would be better suited to an assassin. Many people will take him off guard by his homely appearance until he slowly begins to reveal his true abilities, and indeed they may not know his true power until their neck is stuck between two blades, the two coming down to sever their necks in twain.



» Sin/Deveta/Unique Abilities:

Sin of Despair
Sunshine's Sin as a Raksha'sa is that he is a Raksha'sa of Despair. In his case, he views Despair as being the belief that one has committed a crime so great that 'not even God could forgive'. This is regarded as a sin, because if God is truly all powerful, then it is impossible to perform a sin which is not in their power to forgive. This is the kind of sin that Sunshine is the embodiment of, and for himself, it is absolutely, one hudnred percent true. He earnestly believes that his God will never forgive him for killing their mate.

Despair Inducement
Sunshine's Despair is able to be physically assaulted against other people. The more despair that he is feeling, or he feels in the nearby area, the more he can manipulate, turning it into a literal energy source. When he forms this energy source, it has the abilities of plain reishi, meaning that it can be formed into constructs or even blasts. The greatest difference is that the Despair Energy will leave a kind of negative feeling in the air around after it has passed, and any negative thoughts within or nearby the energy will feel themselves being amplified. This means that if the targeted person has any regrets in this life, the despair brings it to their mind, and the more the energy infects them and the air around them, the more it seems as if they are still living the time(s) which they cannot forgive themselves for.

Despair Intake
Sunshine is also able to consume pure despair. This means that if people around him or people he is fighting ar efeeling despair, he can convert this into raw energy and absorb it. Now, in this case, however, it is not actually the despair that he is consuming. Rather, it is the essence of possible happiness around the person feeling despair. Despair propagates from the absence of happiness, after all, so it is really these 'uncertain good feelings' which one could describe as hope which Sunshine is eating. So while he can consume more then more in despair a person is, the consumption makes it more difficult for the target to come out of despair, instead of elevating their mood or making it directly worse. A person whom Sunshine has taken from also is easier to see through with Despair Vision.

Despair Vision
Despair Vision is Sunshine's ability to look into a person's worst regrets and fears. This is a direct power that reads the psyche, mental state of a person. This means that those who have mental guards or abilities which prevent manipulation of their minds will be resistant to his observations, making what seems like the 'picture' murkier. What this experience is like is as if a movie is flowing Sunshine's mind in an instant, informing him of all the things he is capable of observing. The only problem with this ability is that he is only able to use it on up to two people per thread; as once the two are defined, he will keep attempting to read them and see what they despair of. In addition, the closer he comes to finding out what they actually despair, the more clear the picture becomes, as if they are keys that begin unlocking the true picture that is slowly being developed against a resistant mind. Finally, the more in despair a person is, the more they are influenced by the Sin of Despair's abilities as well as the damage they take from the attacks produced by it. Finally, against simple minds Sunshine can see all of their greatest regrets, and proceed to manipulating them however he desires.

Despair Manipulation
Finally, Sunshine has the ability to directly 'feed' someone despair. The most powerful effect he can produce with his direct affiliation with Despair, the use of directly inflicting someone with a 'root' of despair. He can only attempt to fire two mental 'roots' into a person per thread. This means that he can perform a mental attack against them where he 'plants' a reason that they should be despairing, directly creating a kind of despair, or fear, within their psyche - while it may begin extraordinarily small and can be resisted by the person's regular will abilities and their mental resistance, it has the ability to be grown by Sunshine's abilities.



» Naraka Jānavara name: Yawgmoth

» Naraka Jānavara Personality:

Yawgmoth's greatest desire is to have control, or dominion, over absolutely everything. To dominate things is his main purpose, and to influence whatever he wants at any time. This dominion is dark and filled with desire; Yawgmoth holds no shame towards it, as it has a total dark position on life, filled with only the desire to control absolutely everything, to make everything but itself suffer.

Yawgmoth is the highest level of sadistic. The thought of a thousand babies being cut in front of their mothers, and then the mothers cut in front of their husbands, before their husbands are forced to painfully burn to death, nothing gives him greater joy than these thoughts. It loves chaos and terror, anything which defies order or any space where he would be lower than another. He considers himself the highest being imaginable, and is filled to the brim with pride.

Yawgmoth is capable of extraordinary anger. When someone wrongs him, he will do whatever he possibly CAN to hurt them, their loved ones, as well as their enemies, just to ensure there is nothing that they can cling to still in this life before being dragged down into the abyss of nothingness known as darkness, waste, and hell. He becomes angered over the smallest offenses as well, such as questioning his divinity. The one exception to this is Sunshine, and this is because he must obey Sunshine without question.

The being Yawgmoth is extraordinarily envious of almost all other beings, especially free and free-thinking ones. Due to his powerful bond to Sunshine, he lacks even free thought being bonded to the Danava of One Flesh. He is envious of his controller most of all, and his deepest desire, were he allowed to realize it existed, is to take over his Raksha'sa's body and control it for himself, becoming the ultimate ruler of absolutely everything in his vision.

Yawgmoth is a very solitary being. He feels exiled within Sunshine, and scorns company of any kind other than that which he feels could help him. As a result, he is extraordinarily manipulative when he can see a bonus from other things, and the biggest thing he gives Sunshine is this eye for manipulation and talent. He helps him find the weak points of ones he can manipulate by viewing them from a plane of total coldness without emotion, and proposes those who would help their cause the most.


Yawgmoth has a deep hatred for literally everything in the entire universe except for Deveta, the god that he and Sunshine worship. Absolutely everything else draws his utmost despise and wishing evil upon. He does not understand the concepts of love or friendship, only unshakable devotion. He even hates himself for his 'ugly form ' as he calls it, and lately has taken up using the form that Sunshine ate long ago, which he finds to be much more… accommodating, and as a result has ended up communicating overall much more.

» Naraka Jānavara Appearance:

True Appearance Description:
Yawgmoth's True Appearance is that of an absolutely unholy specter. With wings that literally have dead, rotting biomass dripping off of them, to the drake-like skeleton that defense his body, to the gigantic clawed-fingers he maintains, he is an eldritch abomination. His face is that of a skull adorned with a headdress with spikes on it; his body below his chest is a gigantic spine, with vertebrae sticking out like massive spikes.

His arms are several feet long, ending in large fingers larger than a man's body. His total body size rivals that of a sky scraper, and he is accompanied with a nexus of skulls and dust, as well as other objects of death. Around the dead biomass on his wings are black feathers which ooze an eerie green glow. Finally, his eyes are a pitch-black, glowing a single point of sharp green with an undying hatred.

One Flesh Appearance Description:
The One Flesh appearance takes the form of a young woman, not yet the age of twenty…. Whom only the word 'voluptuous' will properly describe. Her proportions are perfect and there is not a single flaw or speck of a flaw on her body. Her blonde hair extends down her back perfectly straight; she wears light make-up and has bright blue eyes. Her eyebrows are barely present, and her face is shaped perfectly. Her body maintains an hourglass figure with a large chest and wide hips. Her legs are long and slender, ending in small feet.

While typically unadorned by clothing, it does have the ability to put on any of the garments within Sunshine's Conceptual World. In the depths of the blue eyes, a single green point sticks out in the iris. IN the hair itself is a butterfly hairpin; but instead of a blue one with wings, it is instead green and decaying wings. The back is perfectly straight and without mark, except for a strange green glow that emerges from the spine itself. Finally, the base of the stomach holds a strange circle, like one would see in a horror movie or in a demonic rite.

The most common garments that the One Flesh Appearance wears is a pure-black blazer on top of a dark green skirt. That's the most clothing it will have on at any one time; and only when required to by Sunshine, which is rare. Otherwise, it wears a skin-tight latex-like suit made out of the Oil of Becoming One, or nothing at all. It also has some other… traits that appear without garments on, but these shall remained unexplored at the present time.

» Merged with Rakshasa?:
While it is true that Yawgmoth contains a large amount of power, it is also true that this power is not coming from Sunshine. Yawgmoth is like a battery separate from Sunshine; Sunshine can store power within Yawgmoth and when they merge, Sunshine gains access to another powersource, although doing so will cause him to take on far more of Yawgmoth's potential personality traits as well as a more general 'dark' feeling coming over his being. Yawgmoth is special in that it has the capacity to store as much energy as Sunshine can provide for him; but at the same time, Sunshine must actually have enough power, and Yawgmoth reduces by about half all the energy that comes into his body in the transit between the two bodies.

When it comes to the 'merging', it is important to note that the abilities produced by Yawgmoth become more potent the more Sunshine links his physical body with his Hell Beast. To increase the intensity of these abilities, he needs to begin to shift into an appearance that looks more like Yawgmoth's One Flesh Appearance. For a more detailed description of how this appearance adoption works, look up the Nyamur Atma Vatou. However, the more he becomes like Yawgmoth, the more of Yawgmoth's personality traits begin bleeding into Sunshine, making him far more dominant, oppressive, and filled with envy and desire. Finally, he can begin to take on the aspects of Yawgmoth's true appearance and begin bleeding it into his One Flesh appearance, creating a demonic-looking woman whose garments are wiped into nothingness by the Oil of One Flesh beginning to exude from each pore on his body. He also retains his manhood in this form, becoming a hermaphrodite as he transforms into Yawgmoth.

In the case of events, he may even go all the way into Yawgmoth's appearance, taking on the form of his Hell Beast. While this drives out the abilities of every other form, it spawns a creature with the raw power to level city blocks at a single thought, leaving absolutely massive trails of pure destruction in its wake, losing the ability to think past its immediate goal. It can be turned off by Sunshine as well, but due to the manipulation of his desires, it may take a higher power for him to actually be stopped while in this form.

» Naraka Jānavara Abilities:

Oil of Becoming One
The single greatest concept possessed by Yawgmoth, the Oil of Becoming one is a black substance that can emit from any place on Sunshine's body where bodily fluids could be present. However, these only will form when Sunshine wills it, and not randomly. An overview is required to properly understand the oil; what it does is it corrupts a person's 'soul' and 'body'. This means that it makes them more like Yawgmoth, more like Sunshine. It changes the very natural feeling of their bodies, altering them into something almost like a demonic hybrid, but not actually changing their race. It perfects the afflicted person's body to a state of physical perfection and beauty. However, there is more to the substance than that. It also makes the pesrons'body feel correct in certain actions and beliefs that coincide with Yawgmoth's and Sunshine's. Basically, this oil stains a person's body, and through their body, their 'soul', which is something even deeper that one's mind. However, the oil will not work or have any effect unless very specific conditions have been met.

This substance forms rom any point of Sunshine's body that could produce bodily fluid, such as sweat, saliva, waste, or sexual fluid. It has an extraordinarily smooth, almost rubbery surface, and when it touches a person's body it feels warm and yet cool to the touch. Overall, it feels very smooth, but it sticks once it has been place don like slime. In addition, the oil will begin to move after it has been placed onto a person, and a single drop will eventually alter every part of their body. However, the Oil has different levels of effectiveness, depending on where it emerges from. A light coating of it won't have much effect, but from his saliva or places other than his sweat or pores on his skin, it will produce a much more intense overall effect.

What is this effect, you might ask? Well, the first effect happens the first time a person's body is exposed, or 'infected' with the oil. From here, their body and even their 'soul' becomes influenced by its presence. It alters the body to gain almost demon-like traits, as well as 'transform' the afflicted person in a way deemed by their controller to make them more like 'Sunshine'. Really, this means that their body and 'soul' (meaning abilities they possesses) are able to be altered and changed. While this can mean a power-up for some, it can also mean a kind of 'unholy' effect on their body, which can disable some abilities. Usually, however, this is similar to a Demon's Bond taking physical form on the target, changing them from the inside out. Once the oil has affected a person in this way, they can never rescind from it, unless they have their very soul wiped away. An example of this would be Doctor Hebi's Spirit Shock. While it can reduce the soul to near-nothing, if it is restored past that point of near-oblivion, the spirit will be restored. This effect culminates once the liquid's influence has reached the actual physical mind. Upon reaching this point, it changes the very way the brain's chemical responses act, and from that point onwards induces a major amount of euphoria for thoughts which coincide with Sunshine's goals or for his well being and create a major amount of reservation and dislike toward any beliefs or thoughts that could lead to his or his goal/religion's harm.

There is a second effect to this 'oil of becoming one' . Due to the fact that its essence is to be found in copulation and despair, its place on a person's body automatically creates a network of intense nerves wherever it comes into contact with for a brief time. This creates an entire web of pure pleasure as the oil stirs the pleasure center of the brain directly through contact with any nerves on the skin or on the inside of a person. Each amount of the oil and as it spreads temporarily increases the pleasure threshold of the person it touches, and in addition every spot it touches sends to the brain a signal as if they absolute most potent erotic response imaginable has been received. The first drop of this oil on a person it can effect will take them into total bliss; their thoughts may be scattered up to an entire post before they regain their composure and can think coherently once more once it has begun to alter their threshold.

It is important to note that this oil cannot be used offensively or on a person who does not truly with their mind and reason desire it. The oil addicts a person's soul and body to its influence; but without the cooperation of the mind, it has no effect whatsoever. It must be accepted by the host before it can infect; otherwise it just burns away. This requires them to trust the oil totally to not harm them, as well as accept with full knowledge what it will do to them. Finally, they must not only accept this reality, but actually desire it, and they must desire it out of despair for their current lives, wishing for it to make them 'transcend' who they currently are. It has very little effect against demons; rather, it makes them more amenable to Sunshine and his religion, although on some it will seem as if it does not have the first effect whatsoever, and only the second, which can work on a person no matter how many times they have experienced the oil previously.

Finally, the nature of the Oil of Becoming One is that those who have been infected have the ability to produce the oil out of their saliva and sexual fluids. The oil they contain is not as potent, but it does retain all the same effects, abilities, and restrictions as Sunshine's. These abilities are unable to be adapted or altered in any way, shape, or form; but they are able to be utilized in exactly the same way if the conclusions are met. They can also use it for pleasure, due to the second effect it contains.

Massive Raw Energy
Yawgmoth has the ability to contain an absolutely gigantic amount of raw energy, to the point where the limit of the threshold begins to reach a state without limit. However, the only thing is that Yawgmoth himself cannot take direct energy from Sunshine in order to fill up these reserves, or Sunshine would die. As such, Yawgmoth is more like a battery; he will take in as much energy as Sunshine has to give him, and will store it for later use. This means that the longer that Yawgmoth goes without using any energy, the more absolutely massive amount of raw energy it has to use and allow for Sunshine to use, keeping him charged with energy.

Summoning of Hell's Miasma
Yawgmoth is able to produce a large amount of Hell's Miasma from his presence, and allows for Sunshine to do this as well. He can also create a special kind of 'diluted hell space' which creates a place which acts like a watered down level of hell; it does not have adverse effects for those present within it, but it does allow for those with an Affinity for Hell and Raksha'sa nearby to receive a small boost in almost all of their raw abilities.

Despair is Joy, Love, Life, and Death
The final ability of Yawgmoth is a passive one. It rules that if a person near Sunshine accepts their despair… they are filled with a sense of joy and elation. This feeling will likely make them feel sick; but they will feel calm and at ease when they have accepted it. This means that they will be stuck at that level of despair and unable to rise back up, and likely lose a lot of fighting spirit or will to harm or kill Sunshine, but it is a possible outcome. This is up to the owner of the character to decide when or if this effect should or can occur, but once it does it can even cause mental cracks to appear within a person, possibly leading to insanity unless Sunshine calms them down again by calming their despair and just leaving them in a state of bliss.



» Tukaṛā Saitāna Name: My God.

» Tukaṛā Saitāna Appearance:

» Tukaṛā Saitāna Powers:


» Naraka Janavara Tukaṛā Saitāna Appearance:

» Naraka Janavara Tukaṛā Saitāna Abilities:
"Do Not Seek Farther into the Darkness... Or You Will Know Misery.. Eternal."


[Hybrid] Sunshine Asthavon, the Raksha'sa of DESPAIR [APPROVED, 0-2] Image5421-1

» Origin Name: Copulation

» Origin Power:
Copulation, or sexual intercourse, to Sunshine represents the action of 'two becoming one flesh'. In this way, his abilities and concept direct towards the idea of making another person be more like him. This means that his concept refers to the joining of sexual intercourse itself. In addition, the closer towards that point that Sunshine feels that he is reaching, the more intense his abilities become, and the more overall power and reiatsu is available at his disposal.

» Origin Abilities:

Increased Pleasure Threshold
Sunshine's body is able to withstand an incredible amount of pure pleasure, allowing for his body to experience far beyond what a normal person's could. However, there is something more thant his as well. If Sunshine defines another person as a partner in such actions, that person or persons will receive this bonus threshold as well, allowing them to experience something far beyond what the normal pleasure centers of the mind could imagine. This makes fainting from intercourse or other related activities feel impossible, as well as increasing the amount of endurance in certain actions of those who are affected by it.

Sexual Energy Generation
Through acts of a sexual nature, Sunshine's body is capable of creating pure 'sexual' energy. In addition, any partners he has will create this energy as well, as well as those within a ten mile radius. What this means is that Sunshine can literally devour sexual tension after passing it back and forth between himself and a partner(s) to receive a large boost of energy. This boost of energy allows him to action even further, creating more and more energy the longer that it goes on. In addition, it increases Sunshine's ability to continue as the Danava of Copulation, so his own endurance is theoretically infinite depending on his partner. As a result, he must make sure that he does not get caught up in mindless actions for time unending, which can be a problem at times.

Sexual Energy Communication
Sunshine is also able to physically insert the sexual energy which he can create, infusing another person with raw sexual energy, if they will accept it. This means they have to be willing to take it to receive it, and he cannot force it on them. However, it does mean that he is able to possibly excite them by manipulating Sexual energy around himself. Any person who is even half-awakened sexually or has the ability to feel sexual pleasure will feel somewhat excited simply by being within a mile near his body. The weaker willed a being is, the more they are influenced by this. It can get so bad that sometimes as he strolls down a demon street, mass orgies are left in his wake as demons lose control of themselves, increasing the overall sexual energy in the area due to his presence allowing for it to communicated, as it allows any being to share their sexual energy with another through the action of copulation.

Dependency on Intercourse
However, Sunshine's concept has a significant drawback. If Sunshine does not have intercourse at least once per day, as in consummating himself with a female - even if it is his Eternal Partner - he will begin to age rapidly, energy rapidly leaving his body as it attempts to sustain his fading form. If he goes a week without any sexual content, he will decay into nothingness. Therefore, making it impossible for him to have sex is indeed a feasible way of killing him.

[Hybrid] Sunshine Asthavon, the Raksha'sa of DESPAIR [APPROVED, 0-2] Image5425-1

» Conceptual World:
Sunshine's conceptual world is the same as that inhabited by his Hell Beast and Zanpakutō. However, it creates the objects within the space. A smug heat permeates throughout the world, and pink clouds of intense aphrodisiac float effortlessly around the entire space. Additionally, there are many ropes and other bindings littered around the space, seeming to fall from the ceiling, as well as a variety of other different kinds of clothing and other garments.

» Rilīja Attributes:
Releasing the Garments
Sunshine is able to summon forth any of the various garments and… objects within his Conceptual World, as well as being able to adorn another person with the objects and clothing if they allow for him too. This is more a social ability than anything else, although it does allow Sunshine access to an extremely vast wardrobe as it comprises all manners and levels of clothing.

The Heat
Summoning forth a powerful Aphrodisiac, this substance, when breathed, acts as a powerful stimulant. It directly targets the pleasure centers of the brain, causing for a large amount of dopa-mine to be released, approaching near addiction-levels in large doses. While this can be resisted or simply not breathed into a person's mouth, it ca also slowly effect people within it due to being absorbed into their body if they do not have a defense against this. In addition, it lasts for up to a post after each incidence in which it is taken in, and the gas can be continually produced with Sunshine's internal world to cover a 10 km area total for up to three posts, as an example of the total amount of substance within this space.
» Eternal Partner Name: Nyamyuraah Samāgama (Intercourse: समागम)

» Eternal Partner Appearance:

Physical perfection. Whether male, female, or something in between, it is impossible to deny the perfect beauty of this creature. With a pair of cat's ears atop her head adorned with earrings, to her shoulder length brown hair, her perfect eyelashes, thin eyebrows, and ruby eyes - the perfect mouth, and small nose, with just the smallest hint of blush around the cheeks...Around her throat there is a small black choker, and around her neck and front of her torso there is only a golden ring, tipped with jewels. Her breasts are covered by pieces of cloth adorned wit a golden ring, showing off the black cords tat allow her body to be adorned in any way. Between her breasts is a golden insignia, from which flows down two more cords that end in a golden ruby.

From there, the cords stretch downwards around a white garment that lies around her maidenhood, while the cords rise around her perfectly toned muscles on her stomach and around her waist to hold it up in the back. They also wrap around the upper parts of her thighs, just below her pelvis. Around her legs she has two golden bands which flow their material with one another in the form of a clasp, with more red rubies. Around each foot she has short-heeled golden foot wrappings wit a curved up toe. Around each arm she has a jade band rimmed with gold which extends into a black glove that extends up to her wrist before concentrating onto her middle finger, where a golden ring wraps round the cloth. Around her arms she has golden arm bands, inscribed with markings.

Each muscle of her body is perfectly toned, without any blemish whatsoever. Light shines of of the soft, pliable skin, with hips perfect for coupling and C cup breasts that seem perfect from every visible aspect. Her stride and grace can only be described as sensual; her assets are prominent in how she moves, as if se is enjoying herself simply by walking. A kind of permanent redness is just below her eyes, which are always open wide and inviting. Meanwhile, the garments from the back are not much different than the front; the necklace, choker, and ruby are all present.

However, just above her backside is an eye of Nefriti, staring upwards from behind her. In addition, one can see from the back that the garment she wears around her core is merely two strips of cloth that form one piece at her front, with a flowing piece of clothing descending from her front. Her body frame is on the thin side, but with a healthy amount of weight to it that allows for both the muscles and the effects of the human physiology to be seen. In a statement, her appearance is one of sensual perfection.

[Hybrid] Sunshine Asthavon, the Raksha'sa of DESPAIR [APPROVED, 0-2] 47506b111_zps6d20f975

» Eternal Partner Personality: MATURE CONTENT WARNING

Nyahmyur is best described as 'attractive'. Her mannerisms, the way she walks, talks, and acts; all are geared towards drawing in others and causing for them to trust her. This makes her an extraordinarily amiable person, but at the same time is the result of a façade, as due to this trait she may lie or perform false actions in order to attract others.

She is very cat-like; the ears and tail on her body represent the animal-like virility that she maintains at all times. She has the ability to purr and make other noises that a cat could make, as well as adopting several of their mannerisms such as enjoying rubbing her face on things which she regards as hers. This is another aspect of her cat-like nature; she has a bad habit of trying to 'possess' things and people, and she does not particularly like sharing unless it is with her other 'possessions'.

Nyahmyur is extraordinarily vain; compliments to her personality her body, her clothing, or her work all causes her to view a person more favorably. Due to being a relatively simple-minded person, she does not mind being courted in the slightest, and is herself a master at appealing to the vanity of others. This also makes her quite proudful; if her appearance or worth is insulted, she will do anything, absolutely anything, with a passion, to right the insult made against herself. However she does love and reward attention in kind; and one of the first things someone will learn from her is that when they please her she will… 'please' them.

Nyahmyur is capable of love, but her 'love' is two sided. The first love, the one she shows to most people she likes, who know her outer being, is just like the common conception of love: caring, working for their benefit, lavishing them with attention and adoration at every opportunity. However, the second side of this 'love' is for tshoe whom she cares about the most deeply, and has forged a very special relationship with. This love is present for Sunshine, as well as his followers. It is a love that believes that only through harm can a person grow, and that through hardship and damage a person can be made to be improved far beyond their typical capabilities. This can lead to some rather sinister decisions at times, but at the end of the day she believes that her actions are done for their benefit; but, to her, the truest love… is suffering for another, to have to cry for help from the one who loves you.

It is simply unable to be denied that Nyahmyur is a being of lust. She wants Sunshine to succeed in everything he does, as well as bring lots of what she refers to as 'tasty morsels' for her to 'devour', which essentially equates to her having intercourse with them and gaining energy from them. She believes that the more people she performs copulation with, the stronger she will become in the end due to their concept; and this belief often bleeds over into Sunshine, which can hamper her and his own judgments due to this lust for power, as well as for desires of the flesh.

On the whole, Nyahmyur is a bit of a bubbly person. On the outside, she is very outgoing, very friendly, and very attentive; she rarely shows deep thoughts, and prefers physical action over outwards mental activity. This often makes it appear to others like she does not think much past satisfying her origins and needs, but this is also a façade. She is actually extraordinarily intelligent, and while her base desires may be similar to one whose mind is more fuzzy than sharp, the way her mental processes work and her depths of thought themselves are proficient in accomplishing her desires.

Nyahmyur is largely simply a happy being. She is a positive force, who does not actually wish direct harm on any living creature so long as they do not wrong her. She is in an eternal good mood, as if she constantly has a skip in her step or is having the greatest day imaginable. And to her, that is what life is; her happiness is due to her outlook on life that it can do nothing but get better. She also wishes to share this happiness with people due to her concept of copulation, and as a result of this seeks its fulfillment even more than she would otherwise.

Due to her origin, she has a mental trait related to how her abilities work, and this crosses over to Sunshine as well. She is very, very, very easily aroused. Furthermore, her arousal rapidly and suddenly multiplies, seemingly without end; her pleasure threshold is limitless. This means that even the slighest reference, touch, image, or action can potentially cause her to become active, and some things cause an instantaneous climax.

More than anything, Nyahmyur despises being outshone. She hates seeing things she believes to be hers given to another, and while she is often quite good at hiding this jealousy, it is always there, right beneath the surface. It takes quite a lot for her to decide that she 'wants' someone, but once she does, she does not mind that person being given affection by people she views as 'hers'. She enjoys thinking of people as property for her to sate the lust of and to sate her own, and as a result can become very envious if she believes that they are going behind her back or keeping something important from her. She can become even violent, trying to guilt or otherwise force the other party to give her the attention she craves once again. While she has the ability to be extraordinarily happy, she also has the ability to tap into an incalculable amount of rage if she is triggered (in a bad way).

Likes: Sex, politics, sex, feeling beautiful, attention.

Dislikes: Not having sex, abstinence, being called ugly, being outshone.

» Eternal Partner Powers:

"Mature" Abilities:

[Hybrid] Sunshine Asthavon, the Raksha'sa of DESPAIR [APPROVED, 0-2] Image5423-1

» Atma Vatou Name: Nyamur, Aspect of Copulation

» Atma Vatou Appearance:
The Appearance of Sunshine's Atma Vatou is actually a kind of 'spirit' around his body. Just on the edges of a person's vision, it will feel as if they can see Nyamyuraah, the sensual movements and the perfect appearance, as if Sunshine is reflecting that, as well as her peculiarly attractive aura. It is more of channeling than anything else, and it also causes for Sunshine's skin to become a perfect golden tan while being directly invoked, as well as brown streaks beginning to flow out of his hair and allowing for his ears to be able to shift between human and hers.

In addition, it is interesting to note that while in this form, Sunshine can take on the 'appearance' of Nyamyuraah more and more to increase the intensity of the Atma Vatou's effects. All of the effects are able to be activated without any alterations to himself, but the effects will be minor. By changing his skin tone and allowing the shape of his ears to change, this increases in intensity, though still not very much. Then, he can add a special kind of 'clothing' to his body, his own garments shifting out for spiritual, shining, translucent versions of Nyamyuraah's own garments. However, the more he does so, the more the connection with Nyamyuraah increases as well, increasing his own state of arousal. Finally, his own proportions can be changed, adopting the figure of her body before finally gaining her face, reaching the maximum intensity of these abilities, though also finding it very difficult to concentrate on anything other than satisfying the heat with the target(s).

» Atma Vatou Abilities:

"Mature" Abilities:
Copulative Call
From the male's throat, he is able to emit a special kind of noise. This noise spreads out in every direction, and any being that hears it, or any body that it comes into contact with, will feel its effects. The arousal of those who hear the noise will increase substantially, attempting to influence their body in the process, meaning it can be resisted if defenses prevent it from effecting their body. However, it also effects the mind as well. It draws and tries to imply the being who hears it to answer it in reply. In addition, the more aroused a person is, the more likely they are to answer its call.

This answer is the active trait of the ability. IF a person answers, their mind and body becomes overwhelmed by an intense surge of arousal, as if this call came from an extraordinarily potent being. It overloads the answerer's entire body with pleasure, likely crippling their mental focus for up to an entire post, as well as making it very difficult for them to continue fighting afterwards due to the fact that it acts almost like a mark in their mind for the rest of their thread, telling them that they should not keep fighting Sunshine but should seek pleasure instead.

Copulative Coffee
Sunshine, through channeling Nyamur, is able to conjure out a very... special drink. It looks, feels, and tastes exactly like the most perfect heated beverage the taster can imagine. However, its actual effects are much different. Just like coffee, its purpose is to 'wake up' the drinker. However, Sunshine's special coffee, produced through processes that he claims is a trade secret, instead wake up the nerves within a person's body. This greatly increases a person's natural sensitivities, including Sunshine's. It also helps cure numbness or the effects of becoming shell-shocked. While this does have practical applications, the drawback is the sense of arousal that goes through the person's body all the time the coffee is being digested. For roughly three posts, they will feel a bothersome amount of arousal, perhaps not enough to make them lose focus, but certainly enough to be noticed.

Copulative Breath
Sunshine's breath has a bonus added from Nyamur as well. The very breath he emits is an aphrodisiac; while in his normal breathing, this is only enough to excite the nerves anywhere along a persons body, even in a place such as an elbow, it has the ability to be increased as well. By placing a large amount of energy into this ability, he is able to draw forth a dark pink fog, which washes over everything in the area. This stimulates any nerves it comes into contact with, and after a person breathes it in for a post, it begins to effect their nervous system itself. If it is not dispelled in this time, it will remain there inside the person, beginning to use their nervous system to reproduce itself 'inside' of them, leading to their body feeling as if the breath is constantly moving over it. Finally, if Sunshine breathes on a person with this effect on them, it increases the arousal to the limit in an instant; but at the same time, the addition of the Breath within them increases their natural threshold to merely be totally overwhelmed by it.

Copulative Kiss
Sunshine's lips, tongue, and teeth are totally coated in the strange energy by-product of Nyamur's sexual energy. Therefore, whenever he kisses a person on the lips, this by-product enters directly into their system. It begins to warp their perceptions of the world around them, as once in the system it will begin crafting certain illusions from their mind, in addition to increasing the production of dopamine and whatever other pleasure sensors are within a person's mind. In addition, this material entering alters the nerves within a person's mind, crafting temporary ones to roughly double the amount of pleasure-receptors within their mind if allowed to go to its fully extent. Naturally, this substance can be resisted like any other material, and it is not particularly resistant to dispersal.

Copulative Lick
This same substance has an effect against a person's flesh, as well. Any spot touched by this substance, either through Sunshine directly touching their body with the effected areas, or by using saliva on his fingers, will begin to experience this effect. On the outer nerves of a person's body, it makes it feel as if the touch or contact is happening somewhere else on the person's body. This is a status effect, not an illusion; it directly attempts to stimulate that area both physically and through the target's perception, if it is not resisted. It's important to onte that Sunshine does not actually touch the place, and even the place is not determined by his own will, but rather is determined by the person's own 'focus'. The place where they are focusing on the least, or trying to divert the most attention away from, will receive this feeling of contact instead. This is not a consistent passive effect, either. Sunshine is able to activate it any time he wills and is capable of doing so, which can lead to strange feelings of contact moving around a person's body at seemingly random intervals.

Copulative Marking
This is a development of the substance which lines Sunshine's lips. If a person is 'contaminated' by the products it creates, through his lips, on their flesh, or in their mind or nervous system, it can create a kind of 'engine' of sexual energy within the person. This is a kind of ability gained, which allows for them to use a weakened version of the traits Sunshine has on his lips. Additionally, it is important to note that while htey cannot use any sexual energy they develop, they gain the ability to gather those of others, and Sunshine is able to gather any they collect by being near them. This is referred to as his 'marking', as they gain a piece of his danava's ability in the process, which refers back to it being the concept of "one flesh". Indeed, the final peculiar part of this trait is that Sunshine can consume parts of their body to heal himself, but more than that consume the parts and gain any raw energy within those parts. This does require the receivers consent, as well as the character owner's.

Copulative Nails/Claws
Spawning claws which look like Nyamurs ,these are the spiritual weapon granted due to his Danava concept. However, it should be noticed that the ability of these claws is not to heal, but to refresh and to energize. These claws heal nearly any wounds that they are placed upon, through recrafting the flesh around it and forming it to its original state, minus any energy that had been lost. Additionally, the more damaged a person's flesh is, the more intense the 'side effect' of these claws become.

The use of these claws on flesh causes pure pleasure, followed by a sense of need and arousal, to flow through the targets body. Now, this effect grows more and more intense the larger the injury is that is being healed. For example, restoring an arm of a 1 tier would make them unable to move or continue fighting due to the crippling effect of the pleasure on their body. However, for light injuries, it proves to be a quite effective healing method; and on bare flesh it sends intense pleasurable tingles throughout a person's nervous system, unless it is resisted in some manner.

Copulative Wavelength
While Sunshine does not give off a 'biometric' signal through his danava expressing his desire to mate, he instead has a special kind of 'wavelength'. Those he has Marked, as well as those who have experienced the Oil of Becoming One or have a Brood Hat all are able to directly feel this wavelength and interact with it. This is Sunshine's non-defined method of communicating with those he considers to be a part of his 'religion', Khalism. Through the Wavelength, he is able to absorb sexual energy from his marked persons, no matter the distance; is able to trigger effects on their body and transmit sexual energy back to them, manipulate their state of arousal, communicate thoughts, and other mental communications.

However, it is important to note that this is not the wavelength's only ability. All around Sunshine's body, this wavelength attempts to distort the mental processes of those near Sunshine passively. Those who feel stressed or wish to escape, those who are in despair, will have strange thoughts that if experienced while asleep would generally be considered a 'wet dream '. This is also a part of the strange wakes that Sunshine can occasionally leave places; especially those with many peasants seem to have an increased fertility rate after he has passed through.

Copulative Mirror
One of Nyamur's activated abilities, this creates a direct vision of a target in front of Sunshine's own body. This reflection puts on display a person's deepest fetishes directly to them, displaying 'truth' in a kind of way. Sunshine himself is unable to view the reflection of the mirror, but seeing it will generally pull at a person's deepest inhibitions as it shows their deepest desires. The results of the mirror are determined by the character's owner, and due to being an 'illusion' of sorts it is not effected by rational laws or states of physics.

Copulative Vision of Fetishes
Much like his ability to see into the despairs of others, Sunshine is able to attempt to perceive the sexual preferences and desires of others. The more resistant to mental activities a person's mind is, the less that Sunshine will be able to gather about them. However, the more aroused or pleasured, or even excited, another person becomes, the more that Sunshine is able to perceive about them.

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- Reiatsu Color: Sunshine's reiatsu color is a strange mix of bright and dark crimsons and reds, with a neutral to dark undercurrent of blue streaming all around it.

- Inner World:
The Inner World of Sunshine is a hellish place. This is due to the fact that Yawgmoth, Gira, and Kenzan all take residence here. Along the earth is a silent pool, rimmed with scarlet flowers. Up in the air, there is a blue moon, constantly edged with red as if preventing a lunar eclipse. On the edges are whispering of madness and strange carvings of terrible human events which have occurred or seem to will come to pass. Finally, this place has no shadows; except for the moon, which casts a terrific shadow over the entire inner world.

- Zanpakutô Spirit Name: Gira Māsṭara (Fallen Master - गिर मास्टर)

- Zanpakutô Spirit Appearance:

Sunshine's primary zanpaktou is known as the Gira Māsṭara, or simply "Gira". Perhaps the most striking feature of this Zanpakutō is her age; she is able to fluctuate it at will, and therefore can appear as a young child all the way up to an adult. Another noticeable fact is her love of reds and whites; usually adorned in a dress, whites lay beneath strong red pieces of fabric, striking out as if pointing themselves out as much as possible.

Her face is an illustration of beauty. Her eyes are a bright purple/red, she has a small nose and small mouth. She lacks any blemishes or flaws of the skin, and her eyebrows are pencil thin. Her hair is a moonlight gray, seeming well tended and brushed while at the same time seeming wild due to its disorderly nature. Her bangs can go over her eyes, but usually her hair length does not go much farther down past her shoulders.

Finally, there is her hat. A piece of cloth that has had a pure-red ribbon wrapped around it to create a kind of structure, the cloth itself is rather stiff and as a result can be worn on one's head like a hat, while at the same time is able to be quickly or effortlessly removed. It is also able to grow or shrink with the rest of Gira's body, along with the rest of her clothing. Her frame is generally wiry, and her proportions aren't much to brag about, but she does have them.

- Sealed Zanpakutô Apperance :

The sealed Zanpakutō holds the form of a hat, which is able to shape-shift at the will of the user. While in his Pure Appearance, it takes the form of a cloak on top of his head. While in his Shifter Appearance, it takes the form of the yamaka atop his head. While in his True Appearance, it holds the appearance of the hood on the back of his hoodie, but also within the end strands of his hair.

- Sealed Zanpakutô Abilities:

Dangerous Allure
Gira's strongest passive ability is that it whoever wears her will naturally send off subconscious signals from their body. These signals, when perceived by beings with a conscious and subconscious, will feel inadvertently drawn or attracted to the person whose body is displaying these signals. They will be drawn to observe that person from as close a distance as possible, the parts of their brain which control attraction and interest being directly stimulated by this biometric signal as well when they observe the wearer. The more intense the user's aura and overall capacity for energy, the stronger this attraction will become. Resisting it, therefore, is dependent on the effected's will to do so, their Willpower. However, those with extraordinarily high Focus will find it harder to resist due to their intense ability to examine what their attention is on, and the more the user is observed, the stronger the pull becomes. It is important to note that the user can turn this ability on or off like a light switch, in case they wish to pass unnoticed.

In Sunshine's case, his attraction will be extraordinarily powerful to those without a strong will, who would be mentally and physically attracted to him. Those with a decent or regular amount of willpower would find him difficult to ignore or put out of their minds while he is around, and those with strong willpower will still generally feel compelled to give him their notice. Only those with extraordinarily powerful willpower can completely ignore him while he is nearby.

Gira has the ability to recreate itself as a kind of 'clone', creating another hat with all the same abilities as the Sealed Zanpakutō state of Sunshine. However, it is not a Zanpakutō but an item, which is constantly linked to Sunshine's own, with all the same abilities. In addition, these created hats have the additional ability of being able to communicate directly with the body of the host, attempting to reinforce Sunshine's beliefs and loyalty to him to their very body and soul. However, it is up to the person to accept the hat; if they do not, then it will have no effect, burning away into nothingness upon being placed on another's head. However, like a Zanpakutō, it feels impossibly heavy to a person who is not it's owner if they attempt to pick it up, making removing it extraordinarily difficult for anyone but the person themselves.

Flesh Buds
The hat itself has an ability which relates directly to Sunshine. This ability is that it transforms the user's hair into very specific strands, allowing for it to elongate past what it would normally be. On the ends of these strands, the hair wraps around, creating a firm point. This point is designed to be inserted into a person's forehead, drilling down directly into their brain. From there, the firm rod disperses into several tentacles, lining up with their mind. From here, the lines of the Flesh Bud directly attempts to manipulate the person's thought processes, limiting certain inhibitions and attempting to instill a kind of loyalty towards Sunshine Asthavon. As a result, they are more susceptible to things which Sunshine tells or commands them, but following these orders is not an absolute. Strong willed persons can resist them, but actually removing the Flesh Bud is highly unadvised as even direct surgery will lead to the Flesh Bud attempting to infect the operator with its tentacles and damaging the person's mind if they move at all during extraction.

However, owner permission is required for this Flesh Bud to be inserted, and generally speaking only someone whose defenses have been lowered or near defeated will be susceptible to the extraordinarily sharp point being able to actually pierce through to their mind.

Fangs and Blood Consumption
The wielder of Gira has the ability to restore their own energy, increase their longevity through cellular regeneration, and improve the quality of their senses through the ingestation of blood and flesh of other beings. This is quite potent, as well, as the more energy the being of the ingested blood has, the more powerful the effects of the consumption. However, this ability is unique in that it must occur directly from the source; the alteration of the blood will only occur if the user's fangs are inserted into the being themselves and drawing the blood forth.

Thought Signals/Inhibition
Finally, Gira's user has the ability to transmit direct mental signals to other people. This works once again through that biometric system the user's body is constantly gives off. In addition, Gira can communicate with any other person wearing one of her, instantly transmitting messages across distances and dimensions with ease.

However, this biometric signal has another attribute. Within the range of the system, plain telepathic communication is blocked. This means that telepathic communication without the ability to be intensified or reinforced is denied by the biometric signal. This only works on signals directly from one mind to another, and on signals that must actually do some form of travelling instead of just randomly appearing in the other's mind. This makes it work like a dampener of sorts, to put it plainly.

- Release: Mold Their Bodies, Gira Mastara!

- Shikai Description: While in Shikai, black wings grow out of Sunshine's back, his total muscle mass increases, as well as the overall 'perfection' appearance of his body. In addition, the hat atop his head begins to shine, and a red haze beings to emit from around his body.

However, that is not the only possible change. While he may have Shikai released with other states, just as with his Hell Beast and Eternal Partner, aspects of his Zanpakutō have the ability to 'bleed' over into his actual body, increasing the power and overall intensity of the male's Shinigami powers. However, unlike the others, the concept of his Zanpakutō bleeds over into him. His mouth sports vampiric fangs, his hair straightens and becomes a lustrous blonde, his body's size increases, and his clothing slowly changes. Strange belts ending with stars extend from his legs, a golden jacket appears around his body, and a band with the heart in its center appears on his forehead. His eyes also change, transforming into a shining blood red.

- Shikai Abilities:

Blood Sense
While in this form, Sunshine gains traits that are closer to a vampire than anything else. The first of these is the ability to sense 'life', or a being's 'soul'. Specifically, this is made most obvious through their blood; his ability of Blood Sense is a passive one that reads the energy of the blood of beings around him. This enables him to view the types of energy present within their blood; telling him when they are preparing certain attacks, for example, or even factual things such as their race. In addition, he views the blood as a whole, meaning that he can also tell when a person's pulse beings to rise or fall, which can indicate a change in their emotions. However, this ability is able to be disabled if Sunshine has a person's blood actually placed on his person or a large concentration of it is sprayed onto his person, as the sense is unable to go past a thick layer itself and will focus on that accumulated mass of blood.

Truly Deadly Allure
While in this form, Sunshine's appearance encourages an extraordinarily unusual response. Where people would normally experience fear or hatred, his presence in this form inflicts a feeling of 'peace' on the people around him. This kind of calm is what one would expect from Holy energy or something similar. His presence calms a person's heart rate, encourages their muscles to relax, and makes thinking seem as if it takes even more effort than one would think normal. Now, this can be resisted, and those who stop mental effects will be immune to the effect of this 'biorhythm'. The only time this effect is triggered is when someone looks directly at him, and is more intense if one looks into his eyes. This means that someone can prevent the ability simply from not making eye contact, or not looking directly at his body, looking at his feet or the space where he is travelling to in order to avoid its effects, if they truly need to. Its effects are not overbearing, but they are noticeable in general.

In this state, Sunshine gains the direct aspects of 'vampirism'. That is, he ingests blood orally in order to sustain himself. Now, it is of interest to note that this includes his own blood as well; it is not uncommon for him to bite his own wrist and draw blood out to continue fighting. This is because the ingestion of blood itself is what causes the energy of this form to be unlocked, and the intensity of it to increase. However, the blood that Sunshine ingests never goes past his mouth; and this is the danger in drinking his own blood. Should he drink more blood that a Shinigami requires to sustain themselves, he will begin suffering from anemia and die if he takes much more. However, his energy he gains by drinking his own blood is only enough to keep fighting 'normally'. Only by ingesting the blood of another person will his 'intense' level of abilities show themselves.

The ability of his 'vampirism' works on intent. If the intent of the person he drew the blood from was for him to drink it, such as someone offering themselves to him for power, then it will be exponentially more powerful; a single mouthful would generate the energy to wipe out a city block. However, blood gained by those who did not will it, while stronger than Sunshine's own blood, will not release as much energy. In addition, the more difficult the blood was to draw, the more powerful it will be. For example, against someone who has a tough defense but low attacking ability, he would release a large amount of energy; but someone with an intense amount of energy and low defenses would give him a paltry amount in comparison. Drinking his own blood merely sustains this form; he must drink at least once a post, or he will begin to lose consciousness due to his body being unable to work with his energy.

How exactly doe sthis process work? Due to the fact that he is not exactly a Shinigami, it must draw its energy resources from his demonic side. However, the Shinigami aspect does not naturally wish to accept this transfer. The usage of the blood, therefore, displays Sunshine's intent to do battle or otherwise put the blood to a productive use of some kind ;I tis not being used simply for waste as characterizes a demon. Therefore, the blood shows the dreadful purpose that Sunshine is attempting to achieve; and as such his Shinigami nature will allow for the Demonic energy to be converted for its use, as well as allow for him to maintain his existence as a warped hybrid.

In other words, if he is simply a hybrid to say he is a hybrid, he can't be a hybrid.

Unholy Blasts
The energy that is used in this form is the opposite of 'holy' energy. It is critically damaging and acts with particular ferocity towards those of a Shinigami or Iramasha nature, Angel Iramasha most of all. Against actual Angels it deals intense amounts of damage. This energy is defined by its extraordinarily dense nature. The energy is not easy to 'disperse'; doing so requires intense effort from the one who is willing for it to disperse. Also, it does not dissipate after use into nothing; it stays around, for up to two posts after it is first created. Finally, the nature in which it is used is like that of other attacks of spirit based beings; in gigantic wave or beam attacks, bullet-like shots, as well as bursts in different shapes and sizes. It can be easily manipulated by Sunshine, but is extraordinarily difficult for other persons who do not have a connection with Gira to access.

Fallen Heartbeat
This form also causes a strange effect to occur on Sunshine's own heart. So long as he is maintaining this state, his heartbeat sounds like shattering glass, and all around his body forms a strange eyball, attached aroun dhyim with 'cord-like ' appendages, like a bead on a string. The eye is about two inches in radius, and has a lid that can open and close. The higher that Sunshine's heartbeat rises, the closer it becomes the fully opening. There are only two things which cause Sunshine's heartbeat to accelerate in this state: 'devotion' and 'blood'. Devotion refers to everything from rites with his followers to praying. Blood refers to the ingestation of blood; but it should be noted that to access this form with his own blood would take five whole posts of him drinking nothing but his own blood and performing no energy attacks in order to stockpile that much energy.

Bodily Desire Manipulation
The final aspect of this form, and its principal 'manipulation', is bodily desire. It can attempt to manipulate what a being's physical form desires. Whether it makes a person hungry, thirsty, cold, desire company, or even itch, the scalars of what the body can desire are what his Shikai manipulates. In extreme cases where it is not resisted by any form of defenses or resisted by a person's willpower, it could cause someone to starve on a full stomach by convincing the body that it cannot sustain itself any longer, it requires food so desperately. The other end of that is that he could disable someone's hunger or tirst, allowing for them to act at their highest level of focus by removing their bodily desires and preventing them from getting in one's way.

Now, this ability is resisted by two factors: Physical defense and willpower. For someone who desires to resist these desires, their direct effect begins to decrease. They will still have an effect, but the manipulations will be relatively minor to the point where they can be ignored. Skill levels in Mental Deduction, Focus, and Willpower/Determination determine this factor. The second factor is physical defense. Those with a defense higher than Sunshine's ability to manipulate will be unaffected by it, like a message being denied by a chat service. This means that the more energy Sunshine has at his disposal, the more likely it is that his manipulations will go over the 'wall' of a person's physical defenses. This is also what makes it generally difficult for him to use his ability, as he considers this form to be very energy-hungry. The very attempt to reach over that wall requires that much energy, and as a result it can seem as if Sunshine goes from nearly exploding with energy to merely standing in place in an instant.

- Bankai Description: While i n his Bankai, the hat removes all of the other clothing on Sunshine's body, before creating a large network of the eyeballs attached to cords around his form, each pressed up against his body. In addition, his flesh is always shining, and his eyes begin transcending through colors rapidly.

It should be noted that his Bankai can only be activated through the full opening of the eye that hovers around his body before this time.

- Bankai Abilities:

Attraction of Flesh
While in this form, the Truly Deadly Allure evolves and merges with the Manipulation of Bodily Desire. While in his Bankai, looking at his person invokes a desire within a person's body to be 'near' him, to 'listen' to what he says, to 'experience' him, as awkward as that may sound. In addition, while in this form, the effect becomes much harder to resist. It does not change a person's 'will' towards him, but can introduce possible flaws into their fighting by making them more reckless in their interactions.

Lover of Sunlight
While in this form, Sunshine absolutely adores Sunlight. The presence of a Sun on the battlefield interacts intensely with this form… by acting as its power source. The presence of sunlight causes Sunshine's body to continually absorb this energy, making it seem as if a cloud of darkness surrounds a sphere of light around his body as he sucks the energy out of the light around him. The amount he absorbs is significant; after a single post, he gains about as much as he would taking a long draw from someone who offered themselves access to their blood.

However, it is important to note that this is 'immediate' energy. He must use it while in his Bankai, or it disperses afterwards, as he turns the area around him into a 'battery' for this accumulated energy. That is the accumulated light that surrounds his form like he is a lantern; it is this form shining.

Biomass Conversion
He is able to consume flesh while in this state to grant an effect much greater than vampirism or sunlight. While the same philosophies of giving it up versus having it taken apply, the total amount of energy is equivalent to a large amount of blood. A person's arm is enough to revitalize him, energy-wise, as it releases an absolutely terrific amount of energy. The only exception is in the mass of blood of those who are 'bystanders', or whom Sunshine merely consumes as food. If they are regarded as little more than food, than it would have a similar effect as drinking his own blood; the weakest level. He does not need to eat once per post, and he also loses his requirement of drinking once per post.

Master of Flesh
While in this form, his 'manipulation of desires' becomes much more powerful. In regards to those without any kind of spiritual resistance or have no powerful will of their own (IE NPCs), they generally will begin acting as if there are strings attached to their body, as if they are being manipulated like a puppet and their bodies begin obeying Sunshine's will. This even applies to those who are possibly fighting against him; however, their moves will be incredibly 'janky' and unable to move with any precision whatsoever, turning them into a stumbling mob that can functionally accomplish very little. IT does not allow access to any of the being's abilities, and they gain no additional physical bonuses; in fact, they generally become much weaker as a result of this manipulation due to the lack of true control.

However, this aspect combined with his DE Necromancy does cause a large increase in the functionality of his resurrected 'basic' corpses. They begin moving more like soldiers or a private army; while they cannot use tools, they are able to perform close-combat with a moderate efficiency, enough that a large number of them would likely become bothersome to someone who is skilled at fighting.

Desire of the Flesh Expert
Due to the intensity of the increase of his Desire of Flesh manipulation, the intensity of effect he can inflict on another person increases quite a bit. However, the true benefit of this form and where it truly advances is in the energy cost. Now, resisting the desire becomes substantially harder, even for those who could totally suppress the weaker version. In addition, the amount of energy required to surpass defenses is still the same; but in this case, it does not use up as much actual energy, using a much more manageable amount to manipulate a desire.

- Zanpakutô Spirit Name: Kenzan Kowareta Seishin

- Zanpakutô Spirit Appearance:

- Sealed Zanpakutô Apperance :
In his sealed state, Kanzen takes the form of a strange insignia somewhere on Sunshine's body. Generally speaking, this is the tattoo's under his right eye, but they also appear in other places around his body, mostly in the actual ink markings of the words that are what makes up his Celestial Flesh; while the Celestial Flesh utilizes them, Kanzen is also present within them.

It also can take the appearance of a 'figure' behind Sunshine's body, much more buff than his own. It has arms, legs, and is generally humanoid in appearance, and has the ability to be summoned out or placed back in at will.

- Sealed Zanpakutô Abilities:

The Stand
While the true power of Kenzan has been sealed harder than the strongest pickle jar lid, it has retained its 'presence' ability in a kind of spirit that can materialize itself behind Sunshine. This presence has the appearance of a human, and while it is visible to those who have spiritual awareness, it can also fade away into nothingness around Sunshine's body. It is unable to extend its range past five feet of his own body, and while it has little defenses, its offensive output is immense, containing the strength to cause the earth to gently rumble with its punches. Finally, its speed is where its true 'aspect' lies, as well as the only ability that the Stand itself grants its owner. It should also be noted that attacking the Stand is the same as attacking Sunshine's 'soul'; damage dealt to it cannot be healed like his normal regeneration, and due to the fact that it is where the bulk of his sealed strength comes from, attacking it is a highly viable option in a battle against the male.

The Stand allows for Sunshine to make the world 'stop', for just an instant. Now, this is not enough time within 'frozen' time for Sunshine to do anything, but it is enough for him to be able to observe. He can see within this frozen time, and use it to adjust himself to a situation which may be dangerous to him if he was caught unawares. He can only use this ability once per post, and his Stand must be revealed during that post for him to be able to use it.

Mental Manipulator
Sunshine's Kenzan Zanpakutō has to deal with 'mental order '. This means that it focuses on performing actions such as creating illusions or changing what a person is able to sense, examining their mental state, attempting to influence their mental state, and even in extreme cases 'manipulating' the structure and ordering of their mind and more specifically their memories.

Illusion Creation
The aspect of his illusions draws on Kenzan's ability to 'reorder' the experiences that a person feels. For objects other than sight, this does mean that it can be resisted by the person's own bodily resistances; for sight, they typically would require something that prevents illusions to be able to stop it. Essentially, this ability creates visuals that a person is able to see, and while the illusions have no real power, they are able to be seen, heard, maintain a scent, and have a texture. He is even able to replicate heat and cold up to two hundred degrees in either direction when it comes to his illusions, but if it is resisted it is practically useless. Finally, it should be noted that Sunshine's illusions are target-based. He can only perform illusions to one person at a time, and is unable to totally change the appearance of the world around them, instead removing or introducing objects. He could not try to make the Earth invisible for a human, for example, because he cannot conceal that much optic mass.

Mental Examination
By placing his hands against a person's head, he is able to 'examine' their 'mental structure'. This means that he sees a person broken down into something like a 'file system'. Now, it is necessary for him to have either broken through any resistances to even begin this process, but it is important to note that he cannot actively perform any other actions than viewing unless he has been given explicit permission from the target. Examples of how this is structured is that he looks into a person's 'Memories' directory. More important memories would come up as large files with many sub-directories, while minor ones the person feels are significant would appear as straight up memory 'files'. He is able to examine these memories, although it takes real world time to be able to do so, as well as navigate through a person's mental 'directory'.

However, there is another aspect to this as well; a person who he does this to is able to see back into his own mind and experience his memories if they should place their hands on his own head or face. This is the largest reason why Sunshine rarely performs this technique, as he considers his past to be something no mortal eyes should (or even have a right) to see.

Mental Rearrangement
The next level of the abilities that Kenzan grants is the ability to 'manipulate' these files. Now, there are three basic functions that Sunshine can perform in a person's 'mental directory'. He can 'delete' items, whole directories, though this will be much more difficult depending on how inset the file is into who a person is, as well as taking the longest amount of time out of any of the functions. Again, he is not able to do this to a person unless they have given him explicit permission to tool around in their mind. The next ability is known as 'editing'. This means that he is able to look into who a person is, and as if their mind is manuscript, add in lines or remove them to 'change' the facts of a person's mental state, 'reordering' it. For example, if he wrote into someone's mind "Cannot attack Sunshine Asthavon", that person would find that they cannot summon any mental energy to attack Sunshine. They could not directly focus or will this action to occur, for it is embedded within their beliefs to not perform this action. The final 'function' that Sunshine is able to perform to a person's mind is 'adding'. He is able to insert 'false' memories and 'false' allegiances; what it comes down to is that he allows for the mind to recall memories which were not actually experienced, as well as feel a sense of loyalty towards things which were not originally there or have a found reason to exist. These are able to be ignored, but they can also be difficult to disprove. Once again, he cannot perform this unless the person obliges to the explicit permission for their addition. The process of editing someone's mind requires total trust; if there is any doubt at all, Sunshine will be shut out of being able to edit due to the lack of complete faith.

Mind Sculpting
The only 'named' technique that Sunshine has for Kenzan's abilities, 'Mind Sculpting' is the process he has taken time to directly practiced to perform it as easily as possible. The "Mind Sculpt" begins by Sunshine having established a perfectly trusting relationship with another person. From here, he enters their mind, examining it. Then, he begins the rearrangement. It follows a template of actions; the first being the removal of 'old loyalties'. Mind Sculpt is a focused removal of those things which would be against Sunshine or the Khalists; basically, it helps turn a person into a perfect convert. While they may be able to still recall the memories of their old allegiance, they will find that they rather dislike doing so, and will find faults in the reasons for beneficial things in their past. This sets up a resistance within them towards their past, and makes it far more difficult for them to trust their original organization or allies they once maintained. The Mind Sculpt also has another effect; it cuts out Sunshine's ability to access their mind directly ever again. This includes examination, as well as being able to be effected by his illusions. This is due to the intended 'Lasting Effect' that is put in with the Mind Sculpt. It adds in a 'anti-reformation' clause which is designed to make it very difficult for a person's mental state to be altered after it is inserted. This is what makes it different than Kenzan's other abilities, and why it will not work unless the character's owner gives permission, as well as the character themselves.

Time Stop
While this ability has been sealed due to Sunshine's presence in the current era, with the reappearance of Khala herself the ability has begun to bleed back into the abilities that his Stand grants him. This ability allows for Sunshine to cause time to 'stop', and enables for him to move in the frozen time. Now, within this frozen 'time', he is only able to move for about four seconds; additionally, It is possible to see him within this frozen time if a person is extraordinarily fast, as well as allows for about a second of movement if one's speed is astronomical. However, this stoppage of time can only be performed once every two posts, and after it's use Sunshine cannot 'look' around in frozen time for those two posts it takes for it to become available once again. However, he can also stop time for a second once every post in the true form of this ability, and while he can only 'look' with it currently, in its true form he can move around for about a second once per post.

Unstable Singularity Movement
Sunshine exists in the current time as a result of this Zanpakutō. By placing his body at a very particular 'singularity' point in the future, a point where the varied dimensions of the universe came together, he was able to use his Stand's 'Time Stop' ability to cause time to stop upon that instant. At that moment, a tunnel-like structure appeared, generated by his Zanpakutō. By walking through it, time accelerated beyond all control, before like a tape it repeated itself once again.

However, Sunshine could not control the ability, and instead of reappearing at the moment when he was about to be born, he ended up in the current timeline several thousands of years in the past. In addition, this ability cannot be used again due to the fact that Sunshine cannot effect this timeline's Singularity point, and the one he used to enter here cannot be traveled back through.

As a result, when Sunshine is born in the current timeline, this Sunshine will cease to exist, either becoming degraded into nothingness, destroyed, or becoming a presence that is unable to effect existence around it in the slightest, like a shadow.

- Release: Heaven and Earth, I Have Broken it All: Kenzan Seishin.

- Shikai Description: N/A

- Shikai Abilities: N/A

- Bankai Description: N/A

[strike]- Bankai Abilities: N/A


Death's Energy

DE Class: 1st Class

DE Powers:

Prayer of Death
The Death Energy of the male principally works through what he calls 'prayers' to Lord Death. In reality, these prayers are being sent to his own DE Field, making a check to see if he has enough power to perform the desired action. If so, then his DE field will respond, almost as if performing a 'miracle'. This is why Sunshine refers to these actions as 'miracles', and therefore believes himself to be blessed by Lord Death in order to carry out his will.

Death's Force
Death's Force is typically when Sunshine makes a prayer for a particular physical action to be undertaken, such as a massive well of power to be dropped on an enemy. In this case, his DE Field would respond, spawning DE Force above the target before manipulating it in a way that spirals down, attempting to obliterate, dismantle, and destroy everything as it descends down onto the target. Furthermore, the DE Force can do other things as well, such as manipulate elements near Sunshine's body in order to have them attack a target, or just create cero-like blasts on his wish.

Death's Field
The Death Field of Sunshine is a strange thing. It has been incorporated flawlessly with his Tainted Skin, his Celestial Flesh. The DE FIeld is the only thing on the outside of the Celestial Mantle while it is inactive, meaning that Sunshine is able to use its abilities even while most of it is sealed away. When it is brought forth, however, it is what forms the shining marks that are on all the text around his body, and the more of them that are shining, the more powerful his overall DE is. Furthermore, Sunshine's DE Field has a peculiar effect on people in the general vicinity while it is active. It reminds them of their mistakes and their failures. While near it, they are subtly reminded, though not directly, of thinsg they have done wrong, of things which spawn negative emotions to them.

Death's Barrier
Sunshine does not actually have access to a death's barrier on himself. Instead, he has a special relationship with Death Energy in this case. He is able to perform a prayer directly to Death, and if Death answers that prayer, then the Death Field of another person that Sunshine targets will end up being rapidly expanded and increased in durability. This means that the target will gain an extremely durable barrier around their body, but only as long as Sunshine keeps his focus on his prayer. This can lead to a very powerful barrier while Sunshine is acting as a support type, but if interrupted causes him to greatly lose his focus, becoming disoriented and making it very difficult for him to perform this stance again for three posts.

Perhaps this would be better stated as imperfect immortality. Yes, it is possible for him to be killed. However, his body will never age beyond what he desires it to, and his body will always be in the absolutely top condition. On the other hand, it is still possible for him to be killed if someone absolutely defeats him, and completely cleans away his presence. So while he does not have perfect immortality, this semi-immortality helps contribute to the effect of his Celestial Flesh, providing another source of energy for his body to keep recreating itself.

All aspects of the power of Breakdown have found themselves flowing into the aspect of Sunshine's aspect of Sin, Despair. As a result, it edits slightly how his despair sin works; he is able to produce it outwards, and this is how he creates the field, as will be discussed below in the appropriate section.

Demonic Necromancy
The single greatest power that Sunshine maintains after the usage of the Barrier, is his capability of necromancy. His necromancy has the strength to recreate a person of Sunshine's own tier level and keep them going for two of his own posts while allowing him to fight normally. Those that are directly beneath he can keep for a considerably long time, and those considerably weaker he can maintain for quite a long time. The special thing with his necromancy, however, is that it is mixed with his Celestial Flesh, which means that the corpses that he revives will begin having their wounds slowly healed and their flesh slowly restored. The downside is, any energy they have lost cannot be restored by anything other than the Death Energy that Sunshine uses to influence their recreation.

DE Merge Appearance:

Sunshine's DE Merge actually takes the form of his Spinal Scythe being created. When Sunshine enters into DE Merge, his stanima is increased the most. This is able to be likened to a moderate combat form. He becomes an adept to expert level combatant while this is activated, and the Spinal Scythe's blade begins glowing dark and black. Meanwhile, his body's blades begin flowing out, also becoming covered in this black substance, which is his Sin of Despair's influence.

His Death's energy also begins taking on the color white in this state, and finally his body gains small clusters of Death Energy forming on it. As for his actual appearance, his hair becomes more 'spiky', and his robes generally switch out to something a bit more combat-practical, though also slightly showy.

DE Merge Powers:
Messenger of Death
While in this state, Sunshine begins to actually desire to defeat his opponents, wishing to draw their blood, becoming totally and utterly sadistic. He loves the sound of screams, and unlike before when he preferred tragedy, now he prefers the shock value of pain and depression. What this state truly does, power wise, is lower his general inhibitions, allowing himself to be swayed by the spiritual nature of Death's Energy and attempting to make it more plentiful. This state can lead to his comrades even being killed if they are not careful.

Berserk State Appearance:
While in the berserk state, Sunshine's appearance totally and completely changes.

A helm like that of a night develops on his head, but it is twisted, as if improper. His habit is still on, but it rapidly expands to accommodate the extra legs that rapidly sprout from his body, slamming into the ground. Furthermore, a gigantic guillotine shoots out of the back of his body, the sound of metal on metal accompanying each movement. Furthermore, each of his arms now is covered in blades, and pure Death Energy pours out of one side of his body, rising upwards into the sky in an never-ending stream.

Berserk Enhancements:
While in this form, every aspect of Sunshine's performance is terrifically increased. In addition, his body begins to exude Hell's Influence as well as DE Breakdown, every other aspect of his abilities and powers completely shut away. All dead bodies he can manipulate near him will rise up from the dead to aid him in his purpose, and DE Barriers will appear around himself and each of those he raises once more. Finally, pure DE Energy flows from his body outwards like an ocean, attempting to corrode or attack anything it comes into contact with.

Berserk Details:
In this form, Sunshine's mind becomes totally cracked and fractured. He begins acting on the last perceived mental state of Khala, Deveta, and Death, acting however he believes they would want him to act and using that as his absolute and prime directive. He becomes, generally, a massive killing machine, and when the things around him begin to die, blades will slide off his body and form metal legs that use the corpses to fuel themselves and attack the opponent even further, a gigantic necromantic monster.

He will only be triggered into his Berserk form if he goes too long without eating any hope, or otherwise seeing a person in despair who could escape it. In essence, this is his body's natural survival mechanism, attempting to create shock-value despair and consume that in order to continue living. It takes roughly a month without any food before he enters this form, and when he does, he will likely forget that anything happened and simply believe that those who have been massacred have been blessed to be able to go on ahead of him to Nirvana.



Rakshasa Skills
  • Dāgī Tvacā Skill: Master
  • Naraka Jānavara Control: Advanced
  • Astitva Ki Barhata: Master
  • Reality Warping: Beginner

Naraka Jānavara Skills
  • Demon Magic Skill: Master
  • Rebirth Skill: Beginner
  • Za Koa Skill: Master
  • Akuma Kyōdo: Beginner

Demon Skills
  • Za Koa Skill: Master
  • Demon Magic: Master
  • Shadow Movement: Master
  • Akuma Kyōdo: Beginner

DE Control
  • Semi-Immortal Capacity: Master
  • Breakdown Skill: Adept
  • Necromancy Strength: Master
  • DE Barrier: Master

General Skills
  • Durability: Beginner
  • General Speed: Master
  • Strength: Advanced
  • Weapon Skill: Master

Racial Skills
  • Hoho: Master
  • Kidō: Beginner
  • Zanjutsu: Master
  • Hakuda: Advanced



» Role Play Sample:(Show us what you got by posting a sample of how you role play. Any previous thread or new material is accepted!)

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I'm going to put this in unchecked in order to review certain issues with Race and how certain races interact with one another. As a Rakshasa characters can't have multiple races within them save for being a Ziamichi. With that being said, I'll be back with issues and requests depending on what happens via Staff speaks.


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I'm moving this to WIP until the situation is handled. I'll still allow him to be RP'd, however, since the power themselves are ok, but the race situation is a bit mixed up. I'll ask Kyle for his input to speed things along.

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[adm]Alright, after talking with JJ/Nami, we've agreed that this won't be a Hell Demon app. However, he will retain his rights over his layer of Hell in relationship to Khala's position with Hell as it's Empress. So this will be a rare exception of a non-hell demon taking over a layer. Additionally, Sunshine will most likely be converted to a Ziamichi app and most of his powers will be transferred. [/adm]

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What's going on with this? Archive or update?

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[mod]Yo! Mind telling me what's going on here with this App? If you're editing it in a different are, like word, then I get it, but, I would like some news on what's going on with this app. Get back to me within the next three days by replying here or dming me on discord, please and thank you, or this will be archived.[/mod]
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[mod]Wellp, due to lack of a response, and those three days being up, I am moving this app to the archives. Please contact me, or staff in general, to get this app moved back if you want it to be moved back.[/mod]
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