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Tue Oct 14, 2014 10:36 pm

Iriko Crow
The Dragon of the North, Seiryuu
"....Ah... thank you..."

The male stated as he looked up, a hungry look in his eyes as he looked at the small pair of children who had brought him food. However, the hungry look was gently replaced by a small smile, before looking back at them. In their faces, he could see the same expression; but it was one of resignation, rather. As he looked at their thin bodies, eh realized this was possibly the only food they had seen in quite a while... and that they were going to give it to him.

"Ah... I have an allergy.... why don't you have it, after all?" He lied as he held the bowl back outwards, before holding the child's arm with his other hand, placing the bowl in it. "Take care of it, it's precious." The male stated as the dirty blue cloak around his body drifted in the wind, the demonic-like appendages of his body seeming to make him almost normal in this strange place within China.

He was a Shinigami, certainly, but the demonic appearance of his body could not be denied either. His ears, his hands, his slender legs, the muscles of his body... none of it was natural. "...Hold tight to the things you're given... Until you find hte one who truly needs them." He informed them as he stood back up again, before turning his back to them, looking solemnly up at the clouds before pointing out a hand, a strange web of red and blue markings extending from it before launching violently into the air, before changing, etching across the sky in a beautiful chorus of expressions, with the male looking back for a moment at the children's faces, their expressions bright...

The next time they finally looked down to see the man, they saw nothing but... a spring. It was strange; nothing had released water for generations of the children's peasant families, living on the border of China as they did.

...Ah well... guess I shall keep searching.

The male thought to himself as he continued making his journey, the footsteps of the Shinigami dashing through the sky as his own existence seemed to become negligent, as if he blended in with the very starlight around his body, cascading over the Chinese sky...

And he gradually came back into focus once more, sitting outside wearing a beggars cloak, sitting on a dark corner of a street. ...People love, lust, hate, feel sorrow... Why do we fight like this? The male thought to himself as people of all races performed their business around him. Blonde hair, blue hair, white hair, brown hair, red hair.... all of them were beings, all just the same. ... Can I ever face him? Can i ever defeat him? how many are left? What can I do to fight? What can I do to prevent sorrow from entering into the lives of these people...?

And in that moment, the male remembered the view of Antartica. The destruction, the desolation, the carnage wrought. ...He didn't harm any innocents...? He has no idea... The male thought as his staff stabbed into a piece of paper drifting in the wind, reading the headline before letting it go just as he found it, watching it drift helplessly into the wind once again. ...What about them...? He wondered to himself as he looked at the civilians going back and forth, taking a pipe out from his shirt pocket as bubbles began idly floating up it.

..And what kind of Leader am I supposed to be, anyway...? Can I do it? Do I need to? What can I learn... from viewing this man, who has held his position for infintesmilly longer?

"Urgh..." The male let out a groan as his lower lip quivered, his hands wrapping around his body as tears unbidden flowed down from his mismatched eyes, dripping down onto the ground. ...Why does such pain exist...? I still have the ability to feel such sorrow, tragedy... these tears show my capacity. It's more than that. It is disgust. it is rage. What is it rage at? The male wondered to himself before looking at a lone young man, staring into a screen as he passed by...

But the male saw more than that. He saw the soul behind it, the one who craved the true contact behind that screen, the one who did not wish to be wandering this cold street in the night by himself, who wished to be next to another in a warm place. "..." And still, he was silent. Because as pitiful as the young man was, he still could not recognize his own loneliness. And silently, the male vanished once more into the darkness, his body reappearing high in the sky once more, looking down.

"....I feel rage... because of the forgotten." The male muttered to himself as he closed a fist around the pipe in his hand, looking ahead as he leaned forwards, his breath coming out in a puff of smoke. "How many lives do you have to ruin? Why do you only resort to brute force? What hte hell did the Soul King ever do to you? What made you so?" The male asked space, but knew he would be unable to receive the answers he desired from it.

So then, i twas decided. He had a visit he had to make, no matter what. And how to get there... was his next stop..

Finally, his form appeared in front of a gate outside of Beijing, his right hand reaching out as he looked at the barrier in front of himself that guarded the city. "You keep others out, because you are afraid... I'm disgusted, sick and tired of seeing them. IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM, ROAR ABOUT IT!" The male himself roared as the gigantic symbols appeared around the Captain Commander's body, the terrific fireballs coursing forwards as they slammed into the side of the capital's defenses.

And it took notice, even as the beams of responding fire went off at him, his body coursed into the sky, a bright trail of pure energy left in his wake as he opened his cloak wide, throwing it out around him as his Shinigami's uniform was left beneath, his hands crossing above his head. "I am Iriko Puzyri-Teimei Crow.

The Siereitei and the Soul Society are at the weakest point they have been in generations. If you think us weak, attack. If you think yourselves superior, attack. However, the time for that has come and gone. I am the Captain Commander, Iriko Crow. The Central Forty-Six has been dismantled and destroyed. The Maggot's Nest ceases to be. Tsubasa Unabara is no longer holding the reins of fate.

But I am not holding them either. WORLD, LEND ME YOUR EARS!!"

The voice of the male cried, even as he began releasing pulsating waves of pure energy, far beyond that of a normal Shinigami, a strange pair of horns beginning to come out of his head as a massive bubble appeared around his body, before popping and shattering along where the attacks were beginning to occur.

"The Kokuryuteshi, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!"

The male roared, even as he began batting away the ensuing attacks with his bare hands, the amount of energy being released enough to cause buildings on the ground to begin swaying, before looking directly at the city. "Ask yourselves that. You think yourselves safe within your own dimension, do you not? But do not forget... You are nothing more than a pale imitation of the Soul Society, sitting in a hollow pocket of the universe. I have no opponent, and for that I am sorry. But that is only because my opponent would keep himself from my presence. I am going to the place where the Xiaolin once practiced the way of peace without weapons. Come, let us finish this."

The male let out, before the body of the male began glowing blue, the image being transmitted to every person within China as his right eye began to glow a dark yellow. "Should I be defeated, Soul Society will lose its last leg to stand on. If you think any other fitting for the task, that shall be your envoy, but should you perform as such...

Then I shall take no negative action."
The voice of the male cascaded among all those listening, as his gaze softened, a blow to his side creating a massive gash in his body as blood began to spew. "I want to believe that I am mistaken, and you are not a hypocritical lot. But I also want to understand why I am fighting. I will not lead or maintain enemies or alliances that are not mine. I refuse to be bound by the past or merely accept it. But I am a Poet; should I be defeated, then my record shall precede me for generations to come, and I can assure thta peace shall NEVER come to this planet.

So come, martyr me if you would. Or prove that you deserve to stand on your throne, judge the worth of others, cause sorrow to all their family, their friends...Maybe I'm not right. But the people here are not any more evil than those of Karakura or the Seireitei. But I refuse to harm them as you have harmed those of the Vandenreich, of those who knew them."

And at last, the male's rant finished, bleeding from nearly every orifice on his body as a golden light began pouring from the wounds, beginning to blind out the connection he had created as his body became covered in a resplendent light, before finally he and the bubble he left behind vanished...

And at last, the male found himself sitting on the footsteps of the ruined temple, his chin on his hands.

Core Elements Devised by Aivee

Believe nothing, no matter where you read it or who has said it, not even if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.
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