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 Eien Gekido, The Wrathful Berserker [APPROVED, 1-5++]

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Eien Gekido, The Wrathful Berserker [APPROVED, 1-5++] Image4084

Eien Gekido, The Wrathful Berserker [APPROVED, 1-5++] Image4085-1


» Name: Eien Gekido
» Titles: Wrathful Berserker, Hellhound, The Demon Executioner
» Age: 3946 Looks to be in his mid-thirties
» Gender: Male
» Affiliation/Rank:Rogue

» Shifter Appearance Written:

From the outset Eien's appearance is that of someone seemingly born on the battlefield, his body shows the brunt of his status as a wandering monster hellbent on a crusade. This is seen with his scars and wounds that even with the power of a demon's regeneration have not healed even when in his shifter form and with just those it would be impressive to behold but this demonic entity is more than just the cuts and wounds he has suffered throughout his time living in and out of the constant fighting. Looking quite old for even someone that should only appear in his early-30s Eien stands 6'3 and holds himself as if his body was made from iron with his skin and muscle unmoving and as if the all a sword or shot towards him would do would merely flicker away into the distance upon coming in contact. Though he carries himself in such a way others could take his appearance to show that as a demon he is use to being ripped apart and losing, and though the first may be true the wounds that Eien has suffered do not seem as signs of disgrace but instead a sign of the sheer amount of fighting that he has committed during his lengthy time in the universe.

This makes his appearance seem unnatural as his body can only be seen with the injuries clear on his face and arms while the rest is covered in a dark armor from head to toe. This metal which has no sheen nor seems to be some sort of protection in the world that a demon could live in but its unnatural darkness radiates the killing intent of something truly monstrous, it takes all of Eien's time to hold back all of the will that the armor exudes and as he does not remove it it seems as if the suit itself is almost grafted to the Demon's skin as a true reminder for what he truly is.Crossing this armor is an array of weapons that aid in his combat against all type of enemies, throwing knives, monstrous cutting tools and all manner of items meant to either injure or slow prey for one last crushing blow. Though not particularly ugly Eien's face has been marred by time spent in combat and even moreso his left eye is completely useless in this state with this the man never opens it due to the eye itself being completely skewered. As disadvantageous as this is the wrathful beast still fights in combat as if he has two eyes with his senses sharpened by the weakness he had foreseen. What is more apparent is the loss of his right arm, the limb is completely mechanical some that was grafted for him by another whose name he forgot either on purpose or simply through the time he spent killing, though it is mechanical it can move to mount items on it and seems to integrate into the man's armor and move as if a normal arm in time of greater distress.

Constant combat has taken an effect on the taciturn stalwart as can be seen, his hair has change from a clear jet-black to having a sheer white strike through it due to the continued stress and shock of battle. The appearance of such a man would not be uncommon in the human world in the middle ages but his existence in the demon world as a near human looking man is something that seems completely bizarre some could and have mistook this black swordsman for a human and in the end they understood that underneath it was a clever disguise that not even Eien knew was one, looking harmless and innocent only to reveal a dark monster within is one thing, but to appear as a dark knight and to reveal a greater depth of carnage.... Something of that ilk that can only be born from the truest hatred, wrath and endless rage.

» Shifter Appearance Picture:

» True Appearance Written:

Rage has many forms, tantrums, outbursts, screams of anguish and sorrow, and in all of these cases it could be said that wrath is an ugly emotion... In this case the true appearance of the berserker is just that, both terrifyingly beautiful and gruesomely disgusting this form of armor and monster evokes feelings from both sides sometimes in equal parts. The black armor that enveloped the demon beforehand grows greater, in this case it covers all of him and turns him into a true black knight. What makes him different from those in the fairy tales however is the helm that covers Eien's face, in some ways it is his face as the armor almost swallows the normal looking head of the man to take its place in a gruesome and vicious display. This helm is akin to a wolf to some but in the 'owner's' opinion it is a hound, a rough and vicious helm that seems to roar and move as if the armor itself has taken life of its own. This is also slightly true, the armor that the man used in his shifter form and his true appearance are one and the same...

Upon becoming its true self the armor seems to engulf the areas that are left uncovered and engorge itself on the body of the demon that it wears. As it becomes the 'man's' skin it breaks outwards to become even more vicious looking as protection, removing any item that Eien was carrying for the sake of itself. The creature that this turns causes Eien to turn into does not seem to even see with his eyes instead glowing 'eyes' appear from the helm and take the place of his, this monster though at first is simply a knight turns into something much worse as the feelings of dread and death radiate from its full form. This Hellhound cannibalizes its own normal form and appears as a dreaded knight forming shadows to make a cloak that eat away at the very ground around it, though this thing appears in the form and depiction of a man in the end it is not it may walk on two feet but it is an 'it' not a 'he'.

When this thing is birthed from its own rage the blood of the body below leaks into the metal and seems to make a crimson hue to the armor only for the few moments as it screams out in a unholy chorus that would cause a hollow's scream seems as a small dog yapping. Upon its 'calming' down the creature seems docile for a moment but this a lull of security as in truth the monster exist to simply rip, tear and crush it has no face more than its armored helm and as such it does not have any speech or more than what would seemingly help it roar. Its armor has no opening, it has become the skin of the creature as if it was meant to be a hound made of some sort of demonic metal but if something was to pierce or break something underneath it still bleeds and it still seems as if the demon known as Eien is below, but upon a broken bone or a piercing wound all that could be seen is the armor adjusting or resetting the body with the cracking and grotesque noises from below being amplified. The armor needs something in the shape of a human to work properly and brutalize efficiently as such it seems to provide Eien with some aid, by making any wound hold itself together by stabbing its metal into his body, helping to set a bone or cut the flow or blood, even if Eien's body runs out of blood or seemingly dies the armor will force his body to move and in a form of what could be seen as mercy seemingly keeps his body and soul partially alive as it makes its move.

Bestial in its movement when it finds a target, though it runs on two feet the limbs of the armor only stay attached due to the armor, it uses all its strength to make sure the thing it is going for is dead and will keep dying so long as it is awake and not being held back by others or till it finds something else to skewer. This beast is the most primal form of rage that seems to appear, it has no goal other than causing its own brand of carnage and wants nothing more than to cause others pain, its hatred and rage is not aimed it is entirely universal, nothing that could be called ally is in its periphery and as this beast rages once it begins to tire the armor subsides and reveals the form below seemingly kept together by the armor that was being used as a mix of a pin-cushion, ragdoll and puppet all in one for a creature that seems to relish in the deepest form of wrath, anger against all of existence....

» True Appearance Picture:

Eien Gekido, The Wrathful Berserker [APPROVED, 1-5++] Image4086-1

» Personality:

Some monsters are nurtured into doing heinous acts, it is what causes them to be monsters... Others choose to take life due to their nature telling them it is the right thing to do... For Eien his reasoning for killing and fighting is nothing as grand as that he is evil by nature or was grown into a killing machine, in the end he is who he is because wrath defines him and though he is not proud of this fact he does not see it as a burden or cross anymore than anything else that could be found in his long life. As a normal or at least close to normal demon, Eien does not display what most would see as a demonic nature. He does not find anything appealing in taking souls from others and does not see humanity or any other races as his enemy. In fact this avatar of rage only sees one thing to be his natural enemy, demonkind itself... The man's wrath is not something that could be quenched from his own self loathing, he assuredly hates himself but this does not stop him from what he needs to do... Kill every last demon that would step in his path and sate the growing rage with the blood that it so desperately desires. Men are normally capable of being reasoned with, in this case Eien can be but he does not take kindly to demons trying to make deals he hates that his kind is the way they are and in that same way makes him what he is.

Though his anger seems endless Eien can be calmed to the point of taciturn solemness he will talk and acts cordial to those he can but underneath he knows that such is not his true nature it is a persona that is being put on so to not be entirely shunned, for if he was shunned by all then the creature lurking within would have to make a lengthier hunt for someone to rip into. The beast.... Eien is what could be seen as wrath in the form of a man, though his aim is to cut someone down underneath lies reason to keep him from going truly berserk.... But the creature below this has no tether to humanity or even to thinking more than to make everything that is not it dead or mutilated. Hellhound, the thing that Eien claims is his curse, this creature is the shadow in the minds of many, the things that some call the Id, its what keeps humans alive in times of distress but within this Demon it is entirely unhinged. Though not truly capable of speech, it is in its own way capable of talking to Eien, it whispers in his sleep and makes comments to him in hazy glimpses, sometimes it take on the true form of a hound to mock the demon for not giving into what is his true nature... For what it is the inner rage of the being is eloquent when it wants to be, hoping that it will be unleashed for its own time in the sun as it knows that all the blood in the universe cannot stop it from howling at the moon.

It is hate, it is rage and anger and all the things that people choose to either inhibit or use to strengthen themselves, but it hates all things, even itself but this all encompassing wrath does not wish to eat itself just yet as it knows others deserve it more now as it looks on from the eyes of Eien. Though Eien claims it to be his curse it is convinced of the opposite... He is the intruder someone who cuts down demons in a vain attempt at being at peace, to be at peace in a bloodbath is a contradiction the truth of the matter is that Eien is simply what is needed to make people believe that the hound can be trusted.... Then it will gorge on the fools entrails for such a mistake of identity. Its feelings are apparent to Eien, he knows that his true form takes the shape of that beast but he does not accept that he is doomed to such a fate and rages against it with all his might as he continues on. His rage is clear but within it lies a sardonic sense of humor, though he is a warrior seemingly dragged through the dirt in terms of combat he will still taunt make quips at the expense of his enemy he is not overconfident in any regard, such things would lead to him letting his guard down and letting the hound off the leash perhaps only for a few seconds which would be all the time needed....

Love and friendship are things that seem to belong to others, Eien is not someone who gets a happy ending, over 3000 years of murder and crushing under foot the monsters of the demon world proved that no good deed gets rewarded, it is not madness that envelops him with such thoughts however, not even rage as one would expect but instead simply acceptance. He knows that the world is not a fair place and that he was not born with any special privilege, his own state would prove that he simply acts due to the fact that he wishes to find something beyond the rage that makes him move forward, even though he walks on the corpses of many and crushes skulls underneath he does not falter his mind is clear on one thing and that is sating the darkness that becomes his being, he is no hero... Demons can only imitate true heroism to the point of parody in the same way Shinigami and humans try to exemplify the craft, Eien is a killer and though he knows that makes him nothing but a killer he at least tries to focus his killing intent towards other demons in hoping to do some good while sating the dark desires within.

Such a thing seems impossible, to the hound it most certainly is... What could the thing resembling a morality do to it, there was nothing that he could build that it couldn't destroy with sheer force, there was nothing that he could rage at that it wasn't feeding him through its own will.... There was nothing that he could love or cherish that it could not simply cannibalize in front of him with his own hands.... It has no want to be friends or become an important person to someone, when it comes down to it such a creature only needs to die for it and they have served there purpose. Killing only for entertainment, even mutilating and goring to express the anger it exhibits, for those encountering Eien when he is in his true form there is no reasoning or talking to him, begging and fighting back only act as irritating resistance... The hound is rage and the pit it builds itself upon is deeper than even madness because it is not madness overcoming the man, it is man's true nature giving in to its natural urges.... Its only a matter of time and patience...

Though being a monster is obvious to him in the end Eien wants to find his own purpose beyond the rage and wrath that consumes his being, it has been over 3000 years and though he is sardonic, injured and tired he still has no choice but to continue on a crusade of combat and blood to keep his composure from the monster that makes up the rest of him as well as to find something that could be his own, the world is a big place and his never ending rage and wrath will be unleashed on any demon in his way or be used as a shield for those that he wishes to protect from other and in his own way protect from him as well.

Wrath is an ugly emotion, but with it a purpose can be found, in the end a creature whose only choice is wrath can only walk a path drawn in blood and bones. It is losing ones self or choosing to fight with hate and rage aimed at a target, that is Eien's life a berserker on the edge of the inner darkness with the abyss of a beast below, and the beast is staring right back at him...

» Likes: Combat, Dried meat, Quiet areas, Quiet people, Humans for all there flaws....

» Dislikes: Demons, Shinigami, Himself, Loud obnoxious people, The form of his true self, Practically anything that is not a part of his like column....

Eien Gekido, The Wrathful Berserker [APPROVED, 1-5++] Image4087-1

» History:
Part One: The Golden Age
Blood and death is a constant in the demon world, its not something that the world is unused too it has always been a place where the strong survive and the weak are eaten. This is almost always true even with the scene that birthed the being of wrath... A single withered tree, the branches being nurtured only by the still blood that laid along the ground as it sucked up the nutrients from the life force of the creatures that were hung along its branches. Demons are not usually creatures that kill with such aged methods it tends to be more of a brutal and gruesome death for those that have lost in combat or simply were just to weak to stop the strong from having their way with them. Battles raged all over the plains of the Chaya nation but this scene of grotesque peace was left unhindered as only the noises of a sobbing babe seemed to be clear in the area. Most demons would not need to grow from infancy to full adulthood, but Eien's start was much more humble than those of most demons of his ilk. Those associated with rage and wrath would appear as a giant monstrosity to put fear into the hearts of their enemies, but in the end the beginnings of a person's anger and wrath start with the wailing of a child needing attention and to take from others to survive. What seemed to be the naked human babe under the dying tree surrounded by corpses and blood, in this place only meant for the powerful and bloodthirsty the youngling was sustained on the blood surrounding the dirty ground.

Aging similarly to a normal human Eien was able to sustain himself seemingly through sheer will in a impossible situation, if he had needed to eat the only thing around would have been the rotting bodies of those who fell in combat but even as a wild creature even he understood that there was no need to eat the dead, especially when they would only cause illness from how long they had been dead. Stalking the Chaya nation were things that would temper even the most stalwart warrior, as a child that seemed to have stumbled onto the world of demons pack of creatures had found their way to try and take the boy for a meal. What they met was not a child, nor did it have the strength of a child feral demons would be ripped apart with their alphas bodies being turned to mush by the fists of what seemed to be a naked human boy, even from a young age Eien's body was covered in cuts and scars with nothing more than his reflexes and rage keeping him alive out in a world built for the strong. Though feral monsters were the commonplace enemies others with greater mind to fight also appeared, these demons raided and murder any small habitats that others created to take resources and gain power for their own. One such hamlet was raided in same fashion as all the others but upon seeing the housing nothing but pulverized corpses could be found in each and every house until the last one that seemed to contain what was left of the weak demons gathering defenses, not for the raid but for what had appeared before this party had got here...

Inside the large hut there was only one thing that appear out of the ordinary a naked human child, looking towards the other living things the boy pounced once more. The combat left more scars and bruises however the raiding party was successful in dropping the creature in the skin of a human after losing more than 1/3 of the men that had come to pillage. Most would simply think they would kill the thing they had found there but in the Chaya nation such a strong beast would make a grand guard dog, at least that is what the leader of the party had in mind. Carken, a demon more attune to murder and killing than anything else he made this party to simply ransack and kill as it was all that was worth doing to prove his and the others strength. He took the boy in chains to their base of operations, a cave in one of the mountains gathered around the nation, days turned into months and years, it was a uphill battle to turn a child that acted like an animal into a controlled weapon, but Carken and Eien gained a rapport through seemingly a similar enjoyment of killing and dried meat as it was all the bandits had that was worth eating. Carken first taught Eien sensibilities like not to kill anything that was in front of him, that lesson along took more than three years before it started to have effect... Next was speech saying names and words was normal as it was something that seemed to be normal for a 'human' to be able to do. After making the boy seem almost civilized Carken taught him only how to throw his strength into what mattered to him, as such he gave Eien the knowledge of how to fight.

At this point the boy was a mascot or aid for all those who joined the raiding parties he was simply know as the 'pup' or Carken's dog and was seen as more of a slave than anything worthwhile as a warrior. He was taken out to raid and only looked to be about 10 or 11 when people first saw him as he walked along the dusty plains towards some sort of village or hamlet meant to guard from the natural horrors of the Chaya nation. Along with him people would see a sword more than a head taller than the boy being dragged along the floor, only wearing rags the boy seemed like a survivor of some sort of battle, but in truth he was the preemptive strike for the raids, a child was something that seemed to be harmless but as Eien cut through three or four men at once with the blade he held rusting from the blood that it soaked in almost constantly it was clear that the ruse of innocence was all it was, Eien was in no way innocent. When he fought he was rewarded and when he killed he was the happiest he could be, now it was not even to survive the boy seemed to find joy in the anger and anguish of those that he could cut down as if they were paper dolls surrounding him. Carken noted the boy's unnatural killing intent, it was something that was both empowering and fearful... A child having such power and the will to kill would only create a excellent murderer.

Years passed and Eien looked no older than 13, his aging seemed to stall as he reached puberty in the way humans did, Carken's band grew smaller in these years, either death or injury stopped the strong being able to call themselves such. Even Carken lost a leg and could not heal, it seemed the demon that took it was ungodly and cause the mark of dishonor to stay with the leader of the raiders forever. Eien only had his leader to trust in the world but as the time went on the demon looked at the child with disdain, though the boy was covered in scars such a humiliation had never occurred but he was simply becoming stronger while Carken was a cripple and took weak to truly fight and kill anymore. Then the night began, it was the longest night of Eien's life, the darkness that covered the world was deeper than usually, lying down in the darkness with only his thoughts left the boy rather uncomfortable, he was always filled with something... Below.... It seemed to want to burst out but Eien knew, if it did he would never be the same... He wouldn't be him anymore... A noise! It shook the boy out of thought to see a large arm coming towards him with the intent to harm! He moved to dodge, but he was still gaining composure and was held down and being choked by the strong arms of a dark adversary... "You....You're the reason.... All your fault" The voice was too familiar, and it filled Eien's gut with senses of fear and betrayal. "Carken...." The name squeaked out of the boy's throat as the man's maddened face came into clarity he would kill the source of his problems the boy that acted as the jinx on his life.

"HE wAnTS To HuRt YoU..... RiP ThE WeAKlING ApArT...."A voice from below moved the boy to action, the blade he carried was always by his side he rested on it for balance and now it was in the neck of the man who had aided the boy in surviving the harshness of the world. "GOODGOODGOODGOODGOODKILLKILLKILLKILLKILLKILLKILLKILLKILLKILLKILLKILLKILLKILLKKILL....." The sounds from within were too loud to stop now the boy's vision blackened the blotches of blood falling from above and his mind giving into the beast below.... In the end he did not awaken until a week later, with the corpses of those he once called allies turned inside out or made into grotesque piles on the floor not recognizable in any sense of the word.... The boy walked away in a daze, he was unsure what caused there deaths, and why he was left alone but he was sure that he did not wish to be there if it was too return... Solitude became the boy's position as he became more a man by the years, his living one the Chaya nation turned him into a man larger than a normal human with muscle prominent over his scarred body. So many years spent in solitude the only thing that aided his loneliness was fighting the many demons that scattered the wastelands. It was a somber existence but one that seemed to fit such a creature as he, it was combat and blood and wandering it seemed to be fine in his eyes.

Part Two: Eclipsed

All it was however was to run from the beast that hunted him after all those years, it seemed to grow closer then move away when he was not looking, it was always in the corner of his eye, something bigger than a dog... More like a massive beast that was out of place even in the world of demons, it kept following him and gave the man no time to rest only to run... Such days where the pit of his stomach felt such fear of what lurked beyond his vision Eien found himself near a small hamlet as such that he would be use to destroy for raiding parties, but now he had no reason to... In the end he only killed because it was what was asked of him and because he needed to survive but now a place to hide from the monster gaining on him was something more pressing. His blade had fallen into disrepair, rusted and weak it was now smaller than the man himself, it seemed that such a blade was only a weak defense... He was weak only swinging a stick like the child he still practically was. He dropped the blade as he fell down in the middle of the township as those in the street seemed to look down on him or walk around him he lost consciousness.

He was aided by some doctor or healer of some sort, Daes his name was, the man claimed to be a master of demon spells to heal or hurt and simply aided the man because he seemed to be in need of aid. This was a confusing idea to Eien why would he help someone so willingly. "The strong are the ones who can help and protect others...." These words rung through the injured demon, he never thought more than just swinging a blade and being useful to others... Strength was always an ambiguous concept to him... But now it seemed to make more sense. Days passed as Eien stayed in the homestead of Daes, the man had a son rather simply called Des. The boy was abrasive and loud, he annoyed the injured Eien to no end especially as he kept calling the man 'no name' or 'leech'. Still they held a rivalry that seemed to make even the young boy and older man feel more attune to each other than those around them. These days of peace were brief but they were the lull before the storm that Eien wished he never had to experience again...

Raiding never stopped in the Chaya nation, it just stopped for Eien... Those who enjoyed killing the weak always came to have fun with those who wanted to live peacefully in a world of war and fighting. The night of such a raid Daes was the first to die, he tried to get others to retreat only to be trampled by the true form of a demon, he didn't even get a chance for last words... Life was cheap like that.... Eien stood in defense, he killed many of the monsters in his way, but the last stand made it too difficult to fight, they held the boy in their clutches.... They had Eien surrender.... broke his limbs and stabbed where his heart would be as a human.... His body was cut up and trampled on, it was the closest to death the man had felt.... His head was forced over to seeing the Des the only thing he could count as a friend or ally in his life being ripped apart and crushed under foot of a grotesque demon.... "YoU WAnT To KiLL THEm DOITDOITDOITDOITDOITDOITDOITDOITDOITDOITDOITDODOITDOIT" Words from before seemed to burrow into his head.... He saw the beast again its appearance of a monstrous hound, it was something from the very reaches of the abyss it appeared with an almost jovial grin as it sniffed over the body of the boy now only a mess of body parts... "LeT ME In...." The voice that he heard... it came from the creature... This time he accepted not due to his life was in danger but because the monstrous rage from within was too hard to contain...

Reports of what occurred next seemed to fall into legend, in the first case it was the first sight of what demons would call a 'Hellhound' some claimed it was a black swordsman of vengeance though these held truth no true findings could be given as all those in the township did not survive the night.... The last few moments of the night flowed into Eien's mind before he fell to sleep and they haunted his dream state... The beast walked down on the people of the town. It was bearing its fangs on them. "NO NOT THEM!" Eien looked to stop the monster with a knife alone it did not stop him as he aimed for its eye looking to take it down in one blow. "ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" The scream did not come from the beast, blood fell from the eyes of the man... "B-b-bb-but how?" The creature walked through Eien as if he was not there. "NO IdEA??? SLeEP ThEN ThE EyE WiLL Be MaDE TO worK" A sudden shift and now the man was not staring at the hound but at the people with blood still rushing into his eyes, more pain occurred as darts of metal pierced his eye and forced it to open... A howl of pain and joy was heard as the last of the town was mutilated and devoured....

The only sense that he could feel was a warm embrace that darkness provides, it was a feeling that he did not wish to escape from as the world above seemed to have nothing but pain and monsters such as the one that.... He was..... years and years passed, in the Chaya nation no one who is weak can survive for long, the strong survive and rule... But in the age that passed like a dream a monster above all appeared in the forefront of demonkind, it held no loyalty those that spoke at it found their bodies torn apart before they could finish the sentence, It was a ravager that held the body of a man and the mind of a beast. The strong held rule but for the hound strength was irrelevant armies and hordes could come to it they would all be devoured... This was not for a reason, vengeance needs a target and the creature killed anything even those that tried to aid on its quest for bloodshed, its hatred was all encompassing and nothing stopped this beast in a hide of armor stabbing it only caused you to be in range of its own blade... This weapon... It was nothing like a normal blade upon the creature appearing the sword had apparently ripped itself out of the chest of the beast. This sword could barely be called a sword, it was more akin to a slab of metal taller and almost as wide as the creature holding it the monster had no trouble swinging such a weapon through tens of thousands of beasts and demons with no trouble, the blood feeding the weapon rather than hindering it... The strong rule but the hound devours all.....

The ever growing darkness that comforted Eien had held him for what seemed like an eternity... He never thought of leaving it as he felt nothing from the outside, he was a shadow with nothing but thoughts. But something changed so suddenly he could not help it. Pain, it was something he thought he had become numb to in the world that he had been inhabiting but it rushed back as light hit his eyes and blinded him for a moment his remaining eye seemingly only returning to normal after what was an eternity in the dark. He lay on the ground, bodies as far as he could see from his one eye, all that he had was the weapon in his hands something that seemed to feel light in his hand yet would surely be intensely heavy from sight, the weapon was one thing... But the armor was another... It held tight onto the man's body, taking over the torn clothes from below and holding them onto his body it held more weight than it should have unlike the blade... It was what kept the two from separating and from Eien escaping the was within and now it slept but that could only be for so long...

Part Three: Retribution

500 Years.... That how much he could estimate from those that surrounded the demon world how long he had been asleep, but his body made more than a impact the Chaya nation was even better known for the strong demons though only due to them avoiding his worse half well enough to keep themselves alive. His wandering after his sleep had him go through all the demon world... He did not want to have anyone around him, it only made it easier for him to slip up and cause more harm to others... His body had aged considerably while in the armor, he was only what would seem like a older looking teen when he first entered it but now his hair held a white streak through it the stress from his body being destroyed and repaired over and over seemed that his appearance was more like an man reaching his 30s something that showed how long he had been asleep and how much damage he had taken with the monster within taking control. Even with his want of solitude monsters kept finding him somehow.... It was as if the stench of death exude from his skin as beasts and feral demons once again looked to feast on him but even with all his injuries and 500 years of sleep he still kept the edge of a killer about him, he lost an eye and for a time it lead to him being at a disadvantage but upon seeing enemies take the initiative on the weakness allowed him to kill them for thinking he was weak because he had lost an eye...

Years spent killing demons dragged on and on... It was almost for a time an endless loop... If he wasn't sure that hell was real and that it existed somewhere in the first place he thought that his time spent in exile was the truest form of hell a person could go through... It was a time spent in near constant combat, he executed demons of all kinds left and right before finding one that could take his blade and seemingly hold it back... It was in the form of a female from what he could tell it was small but it could hold his sword with nothing more than its hands and injure him as if he was nothing but a ragdoll "A monster like you or me is cannot leave a battle like this without the other dying..." Her somber voice rung out to him it seemed to be filled with pity or something of that ilk. "I am not.... A monster...." The words felt hollow as he said them to himself and her. "Monsters.... I AM A MONSTER OF MONSTERS!" The roar of rage and wrath pushed his arm and blade forward, he did not need the monster inside him to aid in his fight he was fine on his own, he was a hated monster and he would destroy those that resembled him even if it meant this demon in the guise of a innocent... The fight raged for days the creature had changed to its true form, a massive gnarl of teeth and looked akin to a mountain more than a monster. It held the man in its teeth his arm crushed and leaving him dangling.... The sound of wet blood and squishing noises were loud enough for even the great beast to hear, its opponent had one arm free and a sword held firm... But he did not cut into its teeth or near its mouth for his arm to be released instead the man had the sword take a clean swing right through his own useless arm. Still bleeding heavily the man was released and forced his body forward into the chest of the beast stabbing with one arm the body of the creature and forcing his sword to pull the creatures chest open to reveal the grotesque organs and other living beings inside. The roar from the ungodly creature shook the heavens it fell and revealed the innocent form it started with... "W-what i-i-is your name monster?" The man was asked the question as he stood above with one arm raised and sword in hand he had never had a true name before... He had never needed anything close to one nor did he want one in particular. She looked at him with sad eyes. "A name will make you more than a monster... It is what separates you from the beast inside and the man standing here..." coughing up blood the woman gave out a name to him "Eien..... A nation uses a word to mean everlasting.... Gekido is what will last forever in you..." She smiled slightly as he man stared above... "Please-- Remember my na---" The blade cut deep into the body that was left on the ground. "You've rambled on enough.... Go to somewhere I don't have to hear you...." The final breath left the woman's body and the last word was never said... "Eien Gekido.... Stupid name but I suppose if I need a name I'm not clever enough to think for one myself...." He turned from the battlefield broken and battered... With nothing but the hound as a companion and a threat...

"YoU SHoULd ReSt...." The creature tried to lure him into sleep, was almost tempting. "Go eat shit you damned dog......I'm not letting you off your leash...." They walked into the distance bleeding and barely alive but with something that separated the two of them and gave Eien something akin to humanity... Decades... Centuries for a demon they were years going by like seconds Eien was what he had always been, a shadow... An urban legend that demons felt could not exist the evidence of him existing however was quite substantial.... A cloaked figure a man with an weapon greater than his own size in armor blacker than night demons killed by their own kind, and in some cases monsters ripped apart in the same way that the monster that stalked the Chaya nation years ago use to present to others... The last time that Eien felt anything interesting was 400 years before, but he was in no mood for Shinigami and he wandered through all the worlds he could with nothing but his sword and tools of the demon killing trade on him time passed as it always does and time reached Eien as he reached over 3900. "This world is so loud... Finding demons to kill is getting repetitive after almost 4000 years...." The demon world had gained monarchies and gods in the time he had been alive he had never found them to be more than loudmouths or wonderful speechmakers for the fodder that would soon be at the edge of his blade even with the opening of hell itself Eien found only more enemies to combat... The things that kept pissing him off only grew with time, perhaps this was the curse of his rage he was to act as he felt with wrath fueling his sword swing... In the end time can no longer tell what will occur to the berserker only he can cut through the path in the dark made up of bodies... It was made for him and he does not fear its conclusion nor anything that lies ahead...

Eien Gekido, The Wrathful Berserker [APPROVED, 1-5++] Image4091

» Natural Abilities:

Ungodly Strength: Eien since he was young has had power beyond his age, even more so now he has power that is unheard of even within the demon race, perhaps due to his wrathful nature his strength has grown but this cannot be exclusive as his body contains more strength of over 3000 years of experience and combat. This makes even his unarmed blows incredibly powerful the force behind them can make even the air pressure of the fist seems like an intense Bala shot in comparison. Through his time in the Demon world he has to combat enemies much larger than him and also has used weapons that tend to outsize him for most of his life as such Eien's strength in holding out against others is intense as he has fought waves of larger enemies and overpowered them on his own with only his blade. This strength is only empowered with his rage building, his attacks hit heavier as he forces more of his rage into his blows his weapon takes this and uses it to crush normal opponents and even powerful adversaries can be put off guard by the speed and intensity of the strikes that the berserker throws at them...

Even more impressive is the power that is released when he is in his true form. As he is naturally trying his best with his attacks Eien tends to fight with all of his might however the power he gains from his body no longer being his own is that of a suicidal ravager... The beast does not care for the body within it and as such it forces all the might that it can from the body even at the cost of the health of Eien, this strength however is something that only a creature intent with its own destruction could afford, there is no holding back and almost no escape from the damage caused. Eien's power is only a fraction that his true form can inflict at the cost of his body, the berserking monster uses this crushing power to do as it sees fit, to destroy until the enemy is no longer capable of resisting, then mutilating more, and then killing anything else surrounding it with the unnatural wrath that makes up its entire being.

Berserker Stamina: A normal warrior is capable of combating enemies for as long as possible with there limit being only what can keep them standing, Eien's wrath fuels his body with the power to stand from wounds that would usually otherwise prove fatal with his body moving on instinct and keeping itself up through sheer force of will and hatred for the thing that put it down in the first place. This stamina is not everlasting as his name suggest though, his body does have a breaking point as all creatures do and even with the wrath inside burning brightly a creature can only do so much if its body has been ripped to shreds. Continued damage affects him in and out of combat but it becomes less apparent in the fight as he raises his blade to combat his opponents over and over till he simply cannot. His propensity for damage is extremely high as stated, he can take wounds on his body that would leave most creatures dead, though his healing is not naturally good his willpower allows him to fight without worrying about the damage for a time though this may only lead to a greater loss of health if he forces the injuries to worsen.

In his true form the berserking armor is nothing more than an ungodly creature that will not stop unless it is wiped clean from the earth, breaking bones will not deter it stabbing and beating it will only risk the creature being close enough to strike out at the opponent. It can be held down with trappings but these will only hold for as long as the creature is surprised by them, it will not mind if its body is left mangled from a escape, it will look to repair its body within a few minutes and continue on the fight or simply continue the fight as it goes to repair itself finding no trouble in trying to kill and repair all at the same time, the two birds, one stone method at its finest...

Combat Master: Years of fighting and killing have taken there toll on Eien but they have also granted him much greater experience than most if not any fighter living, under constant threat of death Eien's sword skills and hand-to-hand combat has been tempered to weather any storm. Though he has no formal training in either style it is his sheer strength that he relies upon in combat and as such does not find any need to train a formal style as he is sure he can fight fine without the need to out do his enemies with swordplay. These years of experience have also made him a powerful judge of skill and as a swordsman he can naturally tell a person's move when its going to occur, whether or not he can actually move fast enough to defend however is a different story. Moreover he has fought enemies of all types of sizes and powers mostly he has had to fight those naturally stronger than him only for his rage to engulf there power and cause their downfall, he has gained an almost sixth sense about his opponents and can tell usually if they are stronger than there appearance lets on this helps him as it tends to dispense with the weakness of battling a new enemy as he can gauge there own experience with his own to tell their strength apart from others.

Hellish Spiritual Pressure: Though he is not inherently negative Eien's spiritual pressure can easily be seen as such when he is forced to release it, The appearance of his energy seems to coincide with his rage as the dark smoke that his power takes the form of appears overhead as a dark shadow of the Hellhound using the rage that is currently being exhibited to cause even more rage to grow outwards from the demon's body. His pressure takes the same position as his strength, when angered his power grows and grows as his wrath goes beyond limit. In this case the power is normally not serious at the beginning however upon continued berserking rushes Eien could fall into an excess of spiritual pressure which corresponds with his will and lashes out to cut and crush his enemy all with the demonic grip of Hellhound get closer and closer to the surface.

Affinity For Hell: If a Demon ever gets the chance to foot into hell or has the skill level and power to summon it's presence on the battlefield, they can potentially increase their power by five times just by having it around them. In some instances, in fact, Demon's can even rise one tier level if enough consumes them for the duration of the thread they are in. This is due to the fact that there is a large amount of hellish energy within that place for Demon's to thrive on and it's filled with many hidden elements that were designed to overcharge a Demon in times of crisis. But, in addition to that, the presence of hell augments not only their power abilities but the inherent and magical abilities of said demon; giving improved versions of their abilities or completely new ones altogether.

» Unique Abilities:
The Berserker: The truest form of Eien's power, in a way it is Eien and the darker inner half that he calls Hellhound. The unnatural armor that covers the demon upon him giving into Hellhound it is the true form of Eien but also grants him the strength to do much more than while in his shifter form. For one the strength boost is naturally noticeable but more so than that, this form constantly engorges itself on its own rage, it is empowered by the rage and hatred that forms within Eien's gut and as such it continues to become stronger the longer a battle lasts, this can force most people into finishing such a creature quickly however this is not easy as continued damage only leads to greater anger and in turn makes the creature stronger causing a loop of wrath to feed the berserker within the armor. However this comes at a price, the wrathful monster lack any sort of defense other than the armor itself as such being clever and strong will whittle away the power of the creature and put a thinking opponent at the advantage.

But expecting simple damage to be all that is needed is folly, the armor keeps the body within alive at all costs, even if it is a small tethering to the mortal coil the body is forced to move as the soul and mind within are forced down to protect them from certain death. Upon a wound or an injury occurring within or outside the body the armor will 'repair' the damage as quickly as it can, this does not mean that it intends to heal Eien it simply makes it so the body can continue on. The metal that it seems to be forged from is a malleable one, as such it can move from injury to injury and usually forcing its way into the body causing the wounds to shut or the bones to set most of the time stabbing itself into the body like a bunch of scalpels. Upon being released this method does more harm than good Eien is worse off than he would usually be after fighting and cannot continue if the armor is fought off with an opponent's pure strength making the power a constant double edged sword that weakens the wielder but empowers them with the wrath within.

This monster also gains power beyond normal means while in the fight also, the style of combat it takes is bestial and does not focus on weak points or positioning simply taking an opponent down with sheer strength as it is clear that Eien himself cannot control himself in this form it also runs the risk of being entirely capable of hurting friend or foe, no one in the eyes of the Hellhound is safe and as such to go into this form tends to be done when there is no one around protecting others from the outburst of wrath. This form can last only up to six turns of writing posts however, Eien's natural hatred for Hellhound causes the power to be unstable and will force the creature's mind out of the forefront of the Demon's body and give him control of his now battered and broken body waiting for it to heal naturally...

Oblivion: The blade of the Demon is in fact his own wrath turned into a sword capable of damage and acts as Eien's main combat weapon.
Oblivion Image
As a weapon it comes from Eien's own body, the first time it formed was when his true form released itself and had the blade come out from the torso of the monster. This blade is more a slab of metal that a true sword, it seems to have no weight to it when held by Eien but other can feel the rather great weight that the blade is meant to possess however Eien can take the blade from others as it fades into darkness and reappears in the hand of its original owner. This blade holds the blood and pain of all it has killed, keeping the anguish fresh in the mind of anyone who it cuts into with the pain of those it has previously slaughtered. The blade itself is in a form of flux as well, it is material yet also immaterial allowing it to cut through most things without issue only things such as hierro and enhanced defenses act to halt the weapon's effect. Monstrous as this 7-foot blade is it is a greatsword and as such is not particularly a weapon of finesse even with its owner swinging it around. The blade itself seems to learn from the injuries of an opponent granting its wielder the power to identify and exploit the weakness of his enemy to greater effect.

Eien Gekido, The Wrathful Berserker [APPROVED, 1-5++] Image4088-1

» Note: Feel free to change "Adjustable State Appearance" to any title you'd like for your Demon's Stages.

» Adjustable State Appearance:

Berserker State

Hellhound State

» Adjustable State Benefits:

Devour (Hellhound Only):The creature begins to cannibalize its opponent looking for the meat that it can find on its body and ripping apart feeding itself with the bodies of its enemies. This gruesome skill seems to be granting the creature a sick pleasure as it looks to eat the opponent in order to sate its own horrific hunger as well as make its other half fall further into despair, this move does not naturally grant anything more to the creature other than supposed sustenance and seems to be more akin to its animalistic nature than what it retains while in the form of the armored berserker that it and Eien become in his true form.

Eien Gekido, The Wrathful Berserker [APPROVED, 1-5++] Image4089-1

To Find Out about what these skills are for, please READ THIS THREAD before you try doing anything to it. After you have read it, do not feel your skills out until a staff member has graded your thread. We will also do your will sheet for you upon grading your application.

Racial Skills
  • Za Koa Skill: Advanced
  • Demon Magic: Beginner
  • Shadow Movement: Adept
  • Akuma Kyōdo: Advanced

General Skills
  • Durability: Advanced
  • General Speed: Adept
  • Strength: Advanced
  • Weapon Skill: Advanced

Willpower/Determination: Master
Mental Deduction: Advanced
Pain Endurance: Master
Focus: Master


Eien Gekido, The Wrathful Berserker [APPROVED, 1-5++] Image4090

» Role Play Sample:N/A

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• Let's Get Down To Business •

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  • Comments/Notes: Good quality app. I'll give it a fair tier.

  • Tier: 1-5++

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