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 Breathe -- And Dream [Russia] [Open To Anyone]

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[Play posting music while reading this, please]

Artist: Slowdive - Song: Dagger - Wordcount: 1901

Winter -- a brutal, frigid and harsh environment to endure. All that the eye can see is nothing but snow, ice and the visible coldness of the bone-chilling air. It is often referred to as the season of death in times where such luxuries as modern utilities like heating, electricity and gas were hard to come by. The trees die, the weather takes a turn for the worse and there is nothing but an endless sprawl of dead landscape to view for miles on end. This holds especially true for the barren forestland of Siberia's frozen tundra. Not many spirits dare to venture this far out into the outlands of this horrid land, yet here is where one Shinigami found herself being pulled towards.

As the winter winds and snow whipped like a hurricane in the barren white scenery around her, this purple haired Shinigami continued to trudge her way to the top of a hill-top peak that overlooked nearly all over the forestland below its depths. Despite the sub-zero temperatures, this woman wore nothing but a dress with purple trimmings on its top. On her arms, she adorned two black sleeves with four large rings that were indigo in color and had been attached to her wrist and upper arms on both sides. Upon her legs were thigh-high boots that were as black as the night itself; with the same purple trim being seen around the top edges of her boots as her top. Lastly, and most importantly, this woman seemed to wear a purple blind-fold around her face and had a bizarre red marking on her forehead.

Under normal conditions, such a lightly dressed person would have died hours ago in this rancid weather. However, this woman was already dead. Centuries old, in fact. The body in which she inhabited did not bend to the decrypt claws of old man winter. Therefore, despite her skin being as icy as the wintry air around her, the shinigami persisted and kept drudging on. Each step she took, the crunching of snow echoed in the distance and the closer she brought herself -- to her ultimate end.

Shivering not from the frigid atmosphere her, but from this finale arriving faster with each waking moment, chills were sent down the Shinigami's body and she gripped her shoulders. With tears running down and out of her facial mask, nostalgic memories of yesterday ran coursing through this woman's mind. At the start of her life, the carefree smile of a newborn baby burned into her head. The bond and warmth of a sibling, mother and father at the bed of their royal manor; this sight was perhaps one of the few moments this woman's life where happiness was had, even if she could not understand what it was as a mere infant.

For the Umeko Family were a once wealthy and influential family in the Soul Society whom bred assassins. Battle was a hot commodity in those days and they sought to profit as much as they could from the art of the blade. While others within this clan were chosen to live in the lap of luxury, others were bred since birth to become the steel-edge that forged the family's riches, power and comfort of living. Thus, the dawning of The Silent Killer known as Usagi Umeko had came to be.

Usagi was born into a family with a mother, a father and a following twin named Serenity Umeko. Not too long after her birth, it was decided by their clan that Usagi would be brought up to be a killer and Serenity would be their royal and carefree daughter. So, day in and day out Usagi knew nothing but the art of combat. Savage beatings to endure her fragile body to the burning pain of combat, forced teachings of the way of the weapon and being thrusted away from her parents and family to fend for herself in the wild; these were many of the bitter memories that the Shinigami remembered of her childhood.

It was all nothing but grim, dull and painful memories that never stopped. Pain that translated itself into The Umeko mastering the art of stealth, harnessing the power of her Zanpakutō from a young age and being bred to become the perfect Squad 2 Slave. Being whisked away in the middle of the night without a single goodbye from her family, the child spent decades upon decades of her life killing, killing and killing for the sake of keeping her parents and clan content, happy and wealthy through the fruits of her forced labor.

Many days went by where Usagi had little to no food to eat, yet they still wanted more and more from her. They were greedy, they were lazy and the demands never stopped. Not even her own sister seemed to be aware of what was occurring with her sibling, or perhaps she just didn't care. Yet, that smile of hers seemed to make it worth it, right? That is what Usagi thought to herself slaughtering target after target for years on end. The essence of their life fluid is what granted that happiness for her twin to live in the light and not endure the kind of hell The Silent Killer saw throughout her lifetime.

Yet, there came a point where Usagi needed to consider her own needs and wants. Years and years of this stress weighed down on her body, yes, but the mind went further astray long before that. The Umeko had no desire to butcher these unfortunate souls, nor did she have a yearning to put herself in harms way for this farce of a family. After an incident where an Espada almost claimed her life, The Silent Killer learned how much others had cared for her when no one but her squadmates checked on her recovery. And even then, that was but to ensure their tool was able to be resuscitated back to prime health to kill once more.

It was in those dark hours where she decided that enough was enough. On one dark eve, Usagi bid ado to the Soul Society, The Umeko Family and her fellow sibling. Where she would go? Usagi never cared. Anywhere was better than the life she led. It didn't matter if she was branded as a betrayer, a deserter or fugitive of the Thirteen Court Squads; all The Silent Killer yearned for -- was freedom from her prison.

And so, she'd wander the four corners of the Earth for centuries on end looking for the serenity, that peace and solitude from her isolation. Living from forest land to forest land, Usagi endured centuries of life as a hermit. Only chiming back into society when the very existence of the planet was at stake during times of war; akin to the battles waged for Ender, The Soul Kings War and World War Three itself. Yet, through the constant strife of the planet, The Silent Killer could not fathom a reason to exist in this brutal existence anymore.

Staring into the shining glare of the morning sun, the darkness of the skyline soon lifted, but the murky depths of her heart still felt the pangs of grief, loss and anguish for the shadows of yesteryear. The past few centuries -- had been rough. Time after time she tried to settle, war found her. Whether it be demons, hollows, bandits or those looking to take advantage of this chaotic state of the world; war was becoming constant in this world that was once peaceful. Day in day out, the blade of her Zanpakutō brought forth traumatizing memories of the life she once led whenever a soul was lost to her cold-steel.

Among these thoughts and others, she came to the conclusion that things would never go back to the way they were. For even in its prime peak, there was always strife. It is the very thing that gave essence to her life, after all. So why, why bother struggling in a world that will never bring forth a single motorcrom of enduring happiness? It was insanity -- and Usagi was anything but insane. Repeating the same results over and over would be deranged, so this sadness, this sorrow and this pain is what brought her to this icy forest-top.

It is in this spot -- where she'd claim her own life. Having made amends with all that she has done, the ultimate symbolism of release and atonement could be attained through self-murder. It is what she deserved for the countless lives she had taken, and it was the only exit she knew from this morbid world. There was fear of what was to come, as Usagi was not certain what would occur to her soul. Yet, that fear was nothing in comparison to the ache and suffering of living another day on this planet. Maybe she'd be reincarnated into a better person, perhaps sent into this Nirvana within Hell the demons preached on about or maybe -- she'd be nothing. It didn't matter. All that matter was taking away this deep-rooted pain and making things right for the lives whom she took.

Streaming like a never-ending flow of heartache, hushed tears dripped from behind that mask of The Silent Killer. Wearing a smile upon feeling the warmth of the sun against her skin, Usagi understood that this would be the perfect moment to lay claim to her life. Henceforth, in one blur thought of the mind, she materialized her Zanpakutō within her hands. It came across as a pair of long iron nails fastened to opposite ends a single chain; the likes of which Usagi gripped on to for dear life. Or in this case, dear death.

"Goodbye Master. I am sorry I could do nothing for you...."

The voice of a distressed child soon echoed in the area with a soft cry. Yet, Usagi would pay it no heed. Her Zanpakutō understood that her mind was made up and nothing could save her from this fate.

Thus, in one swift motion, Usagi teared the rigid steel into her tender flesh and severed her carotid. Blood spewed everywhere, as there was no turning back now. This crimson essence of life tattered the once clear snow and made it the burial grounds for The Shinigami's last moments. There was no pain, but The Silent Killer's body grew frozen and she soon began choking on her own fluids. Behind the mask that The Umeko wore, her eyes grew dimmer and she soon fell hard into the snowy cold floors of the earth beneath her feet.

Intermixed between the freezing depths of the ice and the infinite warmth of her blood, The Shinigami felt as she were sinking into deep, deep waters. An overwhelming sensation of peace flowed into her body, despite how gruesome the scene may appear to an outsider's eye. Gurgling on her last breaths, more tears came streaming down the fading woman's face as she reached her right hand out towards the sky.

"Sayōnara....may the next life...bring us both happiness....I am sorry, Serenity....."

Muttering in between spurts of blood, soon the eyes of Usagi grew dull and her head hit the pavement with a soft thud. If left untreated, these wounds would surely kill her within minutes. Bringing forth the end of The Silent Killer under the dawning of a serene sunrise into deaths warm arms.

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Breathe -- And Dream [Russia] [Open To Anyone]   Breathe -- And Dream [Russia] [Open To Anyone] EmptyMon Jan 12, 2015 5:40 pm

Breathe -- And Dream [Russia] [Open To Anyone] Cbe779c3-a8df-4440-a525-046e47d97fc4_zps2bbe6503
Ikari Iramasha
The Royal Angel Iramasha Leader

    Russia was a very cold place for people, and to die here would be a tragedy for most people, but for Usagi, it seemed like that was her wish, but at he same time, someone who was watching people, Ikari Iramasha, felt a pang of sadness when he'd look at her fallen form after she had silt her throat in an iconic and suicidal way. It was beautiful and saddening to him. A slow large tear formed under both of his eyes. For one moment Ikari he felt that pain in a sense, wanting to die, and be reborn, but he was given a shot at life, but now being that he was an angelic influence on the world, and he couldn't bear to see this sight that was happening before him. He had one result in his heart and soul now. He had to save her from herself, and at the same time help her mend the wounds in her heart and soul. He felt actually quite terrible watching this sight, and the movement of the angel would seem more akin to a fallen angel to taunt, but he wasn't in fact his motion was to help and heal her. Ikari began the descent down into the absolutely cold air of Russia with many questions in his mind, but at the same time he had answers that were clearly logical, but at the same time there was emotional ties to them. The question that was bothering him was Why, why would someone do something like this to themselves. Why would you think death was better than life? These questions were racking his mind currently.

    Ikari once he had landed by her and the bloodied snow where the woman that was nearly dead was currently he didn't sense any other presences, and it seemed she was very close to her own end as it were, as he'd focus his heart, energy, and mind into this. He began to pour large amounts of his energy, Chaos Healing Energy, and heat around the woman to do three main things the first was to raise her temperature so that her veins wouldn't collapse when the energy that was restoring her body filling it with the "blood" It needed wouldn't destroy her. Also at the same time it would make sure she could speak and function a bit. The Chaos Healing energy would target the wound and the destroyed corroded artery. This would make sure she could have fresh blood pumping, and was replenishing things that she needed like energy and satisfying temporarily her, it wasn't a solution her food issues it was more of a way to stem it off for the time being. The final thing of his energy was to also make sure she could respond to him and tell her side of things, and if she really wanted to die, he wished that she didn't he would then do it himself, so he could restart her cycle himself to ensure that she didn't follow an end that would be unsavory for her. As his energy escaped his body, his Guardian beast placed his own energy into Ikari's body so that he wouldn't succumb to things as well. For a moment he'd speak softly as he'd keep the area heated enough to allow her to slowly recover. "What happened... why would you let yourself die? You have so much to live for... Who hurt you, what made you break... please don't lie to me... I've seen something like this before." As the skies and the air around them would stop as he was locking the air and weather around them to be almost secluded away from any other bystander that wasn't able to pick them up spiritually at the least. His eyes showed deep concern and sadness in fact there was slight tears slipping from the angel's eyes. It was something he couldn't hold back anymore, it reminded him of his past, and it was painful to him. His heart began to hurt more and more. As one hand slipped to his chest. The questions were mostly rhetorical at best until she was ready to speak. "I'm...Ikari Murakami... What's your name.. and your story...miss?" He'd say with a wavering beat and a soft placed sadness in his tone as well. The images of his friends and family being dead riddled his mind again as well as the guilt he felt. He hadn't felt this way in ages and yet.. he wanted to save them and not destroy them, so this was a huge progressive moment for him. He wanted to heal her wounds... He wanted to help her... He wanted to save her from herself... Could he do it?

    His heart raced, his eyes were full of tears, his breathing shaky and erratic, and at the same time he was composed, logical and trying to do what he could to keep her alive, it he had to pump more energy into her he would. He wanted to keep her alive long enough to know the truth. He wanted to tell her it was okay. He wanted to hug her, and do everything to prevent her dying, his mind was saying 'please fight, please allow me to help you at least this once... Don't give up... I believe in you... please...' The words were getting louder and louder as he waited to see her reactions... In his mind the past was strong and it was beginning to play like a record over and over again. in a sense he was watching this scene again with the poor Usagi-chan... She seemed like a good person in his eyes, maybe a bit misguided but who isn't. For that one moment Ikari projected his past to her, without thinking, because his emotions were racing through him. These emotions couldn't of been stopped now. They hurt, and yet he wanted to help her so badly. She didn't look like anyone in his past specifically, but her situation reminded him about himself and his father. The regrets he had, and more importantly the unexpressed one of his father made him want her to live more than anything at the moment, but logically she had tried to commit suicide so the feelings of wanting to die was clearly stronger than her feelings for life, and that made him feel worse, but he wouldn't let his feelings take too much hold of him than they were already. He wanted to truly help her, but how much he could help was limited on how much she would accept from him, and he knew this so he had to keep his shirt on. However his eyes would allow her to see what he was thinking by projecting them if she cared to see. He was formerly a ninja trained in magic, weaponry, and had a strange curse where he had amazing perception and could manipulate magic with his eyes, but there was a curse of anger, hate, destruction, and suicide in a sense. Ikari was powerful, but weak. He was a strong fighter, and a dedicated ninja to his people, but his emotions were powerful speaking volumes of how much he had cared for his people, his land was soon enough destroyed by warring ninjas, but before he could save anyone, he had to watch something, his family, his mother died boring him, and that wasn't something he could prevent, but his father committed suicide in front of him for the fact he couldn't save his own comrades when the time came, he killed himself washed because of the guilt he had. Ikari nearly did the same thing by the time he was a high level stronger ninja, and yet... he was saved by his "mother" who at this current moment had disappered, but this woman needed his help now and he was going to give what he could. If she wanted to die.. he would do it himself... He would be the one to send her then. He wasn't sure if he was in time, that was up to fate and at the same time her own will, but hopefully he was in time.

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Ice. Admittedly, it was a lot better than the scorching heat, in the eyes of many. The "many" in this case being Hakai Chikara, a former leader of an organization known as The Monsuta. He had recently left their company to explore a new life, to get away from that negativity that plagued the walls of that settlement, and the anger of the people whom resided within them. Having spent most of his life filled with that very anger, sadness and suicidal tendencies, he could understand why people may seek such a settlement, he just hoped, like himself, they could overcome and see past the facade of destruction the Monsuta promoted - especially with someone like Tora Lionus at the helm. Those type of thoughts were better suited to men of power, however. Right now, Hakai was a lone and old warrior. He had spent the past half year roaming around Earth specifically, occasionally travelling to all the realms. Basically, Hakai was soul searching. Looking for a piece of mind that would hopefully come.

Russia was a deadly place during the winter, the cold air cracked through the mountain tops like a sword striking skin. If one weren't careful, they could even freeze to death covered completely in fur clothing. It was arguably the coldest point on the Earth, during the winter. Situated within the slightly warmer confinements of a tavern, The Nomad was surrounded by the chatter of humans of all ethnicity - Japanese, Russian and English men surrounding him on all sides. It was common people would seek work outside of their home countries, or would need to travel to places such as the Russian mountains during winter and go about their jobs. Although noisy surrounding the Nomad, all was silent in his mind. His attire was rather suited to this weather, covered from head to toe and even shrouded in a red cape with a black, body-fitting under garment. Many thoughts raced through his mind, he wasn't even paying any heed to people talking around him. As he sat at the taverns bar, both hands were placed at the bottom of his chin, eyes falling in and out of focus of the alcohol that lined the back wall of the bar.

Shake... crackle... shake...crackle... Noises rang through his head. He looked around for a moment, mind finally coming tuned in with the surroundings again and his ears filled with the chatter of humans surrounding him. Again, noises rang through his body and felt a crackling through his ability to spiritual sense others energy signatures. Shake... crackle... shake...crackle... The noises echoing in his head weren't a normal thing when it came to sensing spiritual flow or detecting essence of energy when used, rather this only echoed in his mind when the flow of reiatsu was of incredible force. Nobody around him seemed bothered, as they could not sense it. Hastily rushing from his chair, he dashed outside and covered his mouth with the scarf-like cape that ran around his upper body. The energy being released was not that far away, in fact the crackling and shaking of the air allowed him to guess it was within a few kilometres. Normally, such an energy signature wouldn't even make him flinch. So why did he suddenly rush outside to locate it?

Within moments, Hakai faded from mountain top to mountain top, dashing between glacial fissures of snow built upon the Russian landscape, using the technique shunpo to survey entire areas within seconds. Eventually, he stopped. He had come to a flying stop and parted snow between his feet, before his eyes finally adjusted and took in the gravity of what he was witnessing. A trail of blood leaked down into the snow, melted portions of red-tinged water from the heat of blood melting the snow. The trail exceeded a few metres, and at it's centre was the energy he felt. The reason he decided to follow this energy signature wasn't because it was strong, or perhaps somehow unique. Hakai followed the energy because it was filled with despair. His eyes fell upon a woman and a man, blood seeping out from her throat, the man guiding her and using whatever magic he could to help her. He was so dead set on finding the source of this energy that the Nomad hadn't even paid attention to the fact that the weather simply... stopped. It wasn't rushing with wind, nor the cold whip of Russian crushing over them. He believed this was what he felt, and the emotional pain wasn't only from the woman lying on the ground gurgling on her own blood, but from the man saving her.

"..." As he went to speak, nothing could escape his mouth. He wasn't thrown off by gorey scenes, nor was he one to weep if people were in physical pain. This, to him, felt different. With a deep and raspy undertone, Hakai spoke. "W-...What happened?" He spoke softly as he lent down beside the male whom had tears strolling down his face, both of them covered in either blood or tears. Hakai was worried, more or less. He didn't know these people, nor did he understand their anguish right now, but there was one thing he promised himself. To help those whom have struggled the same struggles as himself, and he felt that same thing from this woman. "Here..." Guiding his hands down unto the body of the woman, he closed his eyes for a moment before a thin line of white smoke began to seep and dance so elegantly around his hand. Slowly, it reached down to the slice in which was being healed by the Iramasha beside him.

The smoke would choke-hold any disease or infection that might aim to get into the wound, basically destroying any harmful bacteria that could make the situation worse. This took immense concentration from the behalf of Hakai, as even the slightest miscalculation and this smoke could slice into her skin and create a new wound. He was basically using the smoke on a microscopic level, deleting harmful bacteria. If it was anyone but Hakai doing such a feat, it is likely they'd have killed her already. As this smoke slowly caressed the outside of the wound, Hakai would look at her body, drenched now in her own blood but also very void of clothing, something which was surprising given the weather. Even for a shinigami, it must have been cold. Perhaps... she was that ready to die that she really didn't care, in the end.

"You said your name was Ikari, right? I'm... That doesn't matter. Chaos Energy will only help her so much, are you sure you can help her? I... don't know who she is, but she reminds me of something. Both of you do. I will help you in whatever way you need." His red piercing eyes now shifted to the woman, looking at her from head to toe among the red snow. "Please... Live... I don't know what you've experienced, nor the life you've been leading... but please... I will help you live. I refuse to let someone die. If I can survive, then so can you..." His hand was now placed onto the top of her purple hair, a look of worry shrouding his entire face. She couldn't stay here. Chaos Energy would only help her so much.


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Breathe -- And Dream [Russia] [Open To Anyone]
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