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 Desmond Irich (WIP)

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The Ziamichi Template

Basic Information


» Name: Desmond Irich
» Titles:
» Race: Human/Abyss Demon
» Age: 24
» Gender: Male
» Affiliation/Rank:

» Appearance Written: Desmond Irich, best known as BladeRunner, is a 6-7 foot Fused Human, fused with an Abyss Demon. His size seems to be unbearable for any considering they have to fight him, but his size matches with his strength in a perfect way. While he is strong, he does have speed but prefers the timing to it, only because he thinks that he will rush without knowing.

Desmond’s hair is pure white when he was born. Of course, many had questioned why his hair was not grey, but the reason behind it was his powers. The powers he possessed had chemically changed his hair through energy, but that wasn’t the only thing that had changed, the pupils in his eyes.

Desmond’s eyes (or pupils) changed color based upon the emotion he was in, for example: If he were angry, they would change into glowing neon red. The chemical. and biological change of events; making him the first Living/Dead Hybrid to have ever been born from the womb.

As a young adult, Desmond wears a pair of black jeans, along with a white shirt and white and black Nike shoes. He wears a pure black hooded robe, trying to conceal himself form actual public appearance. When he was born, he was born with the number, '0-6,' on his left shoulder, which didn't make sense to those who cared for him.

They supposed it was a birthmark of some sort, not wanted their new child being in the hands of scientists and doctors. They needed to hide his power as well, so, they would have him wear these amulets all of the time.

In his combat mode, Desmond Irich wears a deep blue armor, much of that resembling the ancient Abyss Walker well known as Artorias of the Abyss. Although he doesn’t know much about his ancestral past; but the armor is more fitted to his size and weight; as well as muscle tone. In a secondary combat gear, he wears left arm armor and his right arm shoulder plate. He wears a pair of brownish-grey baggy pants that are held up by a tied up belt around the waist, while he wears a sleeveless white robe to go with the look. (Pretty much what my avatar looks like)

» Appearance Picture:


Abyss Armor:


Personality Section

» Personality: Desmond Irich, best known as BladeRunner or sometimes referred to as the FrostBite, is a Human/Demon, but yet he doesn’t want any involvement in the conflicts of the other beings he calls enemy. BladeRunner's body is more adaptable to battle and newer powers soon to be discovered, and he is by far the most hunted out of all of the other beings, being known to take on anyone. He can be seen by the regular humans, and can interact with them as he keeps his true power hidden, afraid of anyone finding out the truth of what he is.

Although it isn’t mandatory, BladeRunner hunts other Hollows as well as Shinigami and other beings, believing that there is no balance between the opposing societies. The reason for his hunting for Soul Society is that he sees them as an enemy, which they would go corrupt at any time just to take over the mortal world.

BladeRunner is a good young man, but his misunderstandings in the two opposing races has brought them to work together at times just to fight him. He never goes without a good fight, but if BladeRunner knows he can defeat his enemies with ease then he believes they must gain more power to fight him.

BladeRunner is known to being able to control several elements as well as blade techniques and different forms. He can summon the Mimic Demons (Or Hollow’s) whose power is empty and fueled with nothing but darkness and corruption of man. Blade isn’t bad, nor is he a hero; he is more Anti-Hero than anything else, not taking sides unless necessary.

His eyes are always a glowing neon color, and they change in the mood he is in, for example, if he is happy, his eyes turn neon green, but is caught in battle, he goes into a more focused mode and his eyes turn into a neon yellow (or gold).

Throughout the years, Desmond had gave up his love in order to become more stronger, but when he discovered his Abyssal powers, his emotion began to drain due to his despair, regret, and his uncontrollable and unstable emotions, such as insanity, hatred, and sadness. He gave into darkness, and has no chance to get his soul back.

But, there is a way for him to be the young warrior he once was, honorable, loyal, and friendly. There are five Shadow Hearts that must be collected and sacrificed in BladeRunner’s presence, or it will not work. Those Hearts will let him control and pursue the darkness he craves, but this will create a newer soul as well, filled with the emotions before he was ever born a Hybrid.

BladeRunner’s young age makes his body more acceptable to emotions, new power, and training. Although he is young, like what was mentioned before, he has angered many Shinigami and Hollow before, and is widely targeted even by some of the most dangerous of the two. The attempt to rectify the two species will be near to impossible, but he believes it can be done.

BladeRunner has traveled the world, looking for others just like him and not just Hollow or Shinigami. He is misunderstood as an enemy to any and all that crosses his path, and they have a debt to pay, death. He doesn’t care what happens to the humans, as long as he doesn’t benefit from them in any way.
BladeRunner is one of the most dangerous warriors to come across, and the most rare opponent above all else.


Background Section

» History: Born 1997, Blade Runner or Desmond Irich was born with the mark of the Destroyer of Worlds, or Vengeance the 5th Horseman. He was born with three souls within his own, his ancestors from youngest to eldest, Artorias of the Abyss, Vengeance the Fifth Horseman, and lastly the feared Nightmare Realm. Yet, those three souls devoured each other, since there was such a small body, they could not coexist, and so, Nightmare Realm had devoured the other two, becoming stronger inna spiritual sense. Yet this did not give his possessed the ability to devour other souls at all.

Desmond grew up in a foster home, where he was treated like an outcast, but the caretaker had treated like he was her son.
At age 6, Desmond began dreaming his ancestor’s lives as if he were they; the caretaker had seen this before and would have to kill him before Desmond could fully develop into the last Hybrid. She had taken him to the basement where the other chosen destroyers went to be sacrificed. The caretaker had hit Desmond on the back of the head with a hammer, but something was off about it. The lights were flickering and the room began to get colder. Desmond rose up as he flicked his hand towards the caretaker. A large bolt of lightening struck her head as it exploded on contact. This was the beginning of his powers, learning how to control electricity.

At age 8, he was left wandering the streets, finding money and work. It was hard trying to live off of that, but he did what any other homeless person would do, some of the time. He began his own training discovering that he could control lightening as well as darkness, but this darkness was very different. It was darker and more powerful, which was very odd.

It was interesting to him, because every once in a while his four birthmarks would glow a dark red and purple. At age 11, in a fight against six water and flame elemental bandits Desmond was easily beat up, but didn’t go down so well. When one of the bandits grabbed him by the arm, the arm of the bandit exploded as Desmond’s right eye glow neon blue and his left became forever neon green.

He used the water and turned it to ice, to slice up the remaining bandits and had discovered how to use ice and water energy. As 3 more years had passed with nothing but training, Desmond became more and more stronger. With his skill and powers, nothing really stood in Desmond's way, aside form being arrogant and violent, he seemed to like traveling the world more then anything else.

At age 15, he met a girl who was homeless. Her name was Alexas, a 14 year old whose family was abusive and cruel. They treated her like an outcast only because she knew how to control hell fire. Desmond took her under his wing, making sure she was well taken care of. A connection between the two could be seen as Desmond and Alexas lived with each other longer. At age 17, Desmond began teaching Alexas how to control her power as he saw she didn’t know very much of it. As they lived together they soon began going on dates and so on so forth.

On May first 2014, a group of flame bandits surrounded the mansion and destroyed it as Desmond and them had fought. They had already captured Alexas and were waiting as priest and his entire church arrive to the scene. Desmond killed five of the bandits but lost and was captured. While Desmond was chained by shadow-forged material, the priest who kept calling her, “Witch” or, “Demon,” Desmond was forced to watch as this “holy” man beat Alexas. Hours had past and Desmond suffered less injuries than what his girlfriend had endured, the priest pulled out a pistol and shot through the chest, and Desmond through the head.

Desmond’s head had regenerated, and he came back to life as the Zealots Heart began to form in his chest, replacing his original Hollow hole and making Desmond whole. He broke the shadow forge chains, which were close to impossible and killed everyone using ice.

Desmond buried Alexas in his backyard, creating a tombstone and everything that acquires a funeral. For ten years Desmond had mourned for Alexas, he would barely eat, drink he would not do anything.

As years went by, Desmond took a small walk through the forest of light. He fell into a hole, which would take him to a huge glowing underground pond. He walked towards the pond, seeing his own reflection; Desmond took a sip before fainting. He fell into the pond and drowned.

Sixteen years later, Desmond awoke next to the same pond, except it was nothing but blood instead of water. He found his way out sooner or later, discovering he was sixteen once more.

Another month had passed and Desmond trained harder than before, he would need it since there were others sort of like him, maybe even stronger.

Desmond sees the world as 'a dead end' keeping those who want to move on from their life. He thinks of the humans as 'weak prey' due to their mortality and physiology. Although he can't have any emotion for the weak mortals, he takes grant that they have the ability to adapt to a dark world only he can truly see…


The Host's Powers


The Spirit's Basic Information

» The Spirit's Name: Nightmare Realm
» The Spirit's Race: Nightmare Reaper (Demon)
» The Spirit's Gender: Male
» The Spirit's Age: Unknown

» The Spirit's Written Appearance: Nightmare Realm is a pale skin Abyss Demon whose eyes are a blood red, his canine teeth becoming fangs and having medium-heavy muscular build, that resembling to a Vampire Lord. He has a six-pack and his arms are very muscular as well, he is a deadly athlete whose speed and strength have been unmatched thus far.

He has wrappings around his body, which was soon converted into armor around his mid section of the body, his right chest and shoulder creeping up to around his neck and covering his mouth.

He has the same wrappings/armor around his left forearm and hand, as well as his entire right arm. The armor itself is very flexible, fitting the demon very well still showing his abs and muscles to intimidate enemies, as well as his size.

At height, Nightmare Realm is 7’6, not including the black boots he wears. His clothing that he wears around his waist and that covers his legs will be able to wrap around his legs to look like baggy pants, which are very tight at the waist, they also wrap around the black boots.

In his full form, he has pure black wings that extend from his back which can turn into blades, his hair is pure black, replacing the original bodies white hair, the hair length instantly grows to around the mid section of the back, and the fingers are extended to a steel-hardened points, which can pierce through almost any form of armor and stabbing, and or ripping and cutting and slicing.

» The Spirit's Pictured Appearance:


The Spirit's Personality Section

» The Spirit's Personality:
NMR: Nightmare Realm, by far the strongest and fastest of the three souls, he is more superior than anything else, making him a very dangerous opponent, but he does have his weaknesses.

Common- NMR is very silent, not having to deal with any mortals most times, he can split from Desmond’s body, becoming a separate individual when needed, or rather when he wanted. He spends most times near very many animals, especially wolves, to which he has taken a liking. Being the last of the Nightmare Clan, not just that, but the last Nightmare Demon, most ancient and powerful opponents seek him out to destroy him, only because they fear that he would reap their souls.

Nightmare realm does associate with only those he can trust, which is a very rare occasion. He hurts, not from pain, but suffering knowing that he is the last of his kind, having no true friends beside Desmond, he will continue to be a spirit guide for him… on occasion.

Fighting- Nightmare Realm enjoys tormenting his opponents with the Nightmare Energy, and Dead Energy, he can manipulate the two to bring their worst nightmares to life. He loves killing people that dare challenge them, having the well-known ability to devour souls; he gets stronger from it, as well as the body he possesses.

Nightmare Realm is cruel, monstrous, and is not afraid of any opponent at all, yet, he has one soft spot, the memory of his wife. This is the one flaw he has, is someone were to try and tell him of his own wife, he will grow mentally insane, which in return he will lose his focus and strength, and willpower and determination easily.

He has a psychic connection with his host’s energy, allowing him to raise his speed and strength however he wants. He has learned teleportation, which in return helps him win battles against slow and fast moving opponents, if he can get the timing of their attacking down perfectly, he can counter with teleportation attacks.

One of the many things NMR loves to do is play’ hide and seek.’ He can hide in even the smallest shadow and wait for his prey to come around, that way it would be easier, he can send and manipulate energy through shadows by touching him, but yet, he cannot do it if he has not made contact with the shadows.

The Spirit's Background Section

» The Spirit's History:
Nightmare Realm: Growing up on a farm, Nightmare Realm was not originally a Nightmare Demon, or part of the Nightmare Clan. His original name was Genji Night, inheriting the Night Farm and its land; he has been growing his own twenty-mile orchard and had hired many people of various kinds to help pick the fruits of labor. He was well known for being one the best producers in fruit and farming, which also made plenty of competition. Genji was happy with his life, and money, but the most valuable thing he had was a wife and a daughter. He had it all in his own mind, until on fateful evening that is.

Genji’s reputation had grown across the seas and land and skies as many people from around came to see the orchard, even attracting the ‘holy’ kind of people. After the Irich Foundation Invasion had failed, the group known as ‘Gods Purge’ had walked the earth since before Jesus Christ, and they would cleanse those with the supernatural powers, even if their name is spelled a certain way they would consider them a ‘Demon.’

Once they had arrived, they had begun their invasion plan by setting the house the entire orchard ablaze one evening, trying to draw the family out.
They tortured the family, starting with the daughter swiftly; they then threw the wife and daughter into a circle full of oil, and lit it ablaze. Genji was too weak, yet, he struggled as he watched his life burn away. He began to renounce God, saying that he will use the power of darkness to bring back his family, to bring down the Heavens themselves.

Genji’s soul was then noticed by a group of rare demons, and they made him an offer from his own head, that he would become a demon of darkness and fear and terror. He agreed to this, and after his death he would become one of them, and thus, it had begun. He began to transform, his skin turning pale, his scars leaking not blood, but darkness in its purest form.

His canine teeth grew into fangs, his fingers coming into steel-hardened points, his clothed dissolving into a black armor that covered his mid section all the way around, and traveled from there to his chest, and from his right side of the chest and around his neck and then around his mouth.

Tattoos on his left chest formed as his whole right arm became covered in the same armor, his left forearm to his hand doing the same, his eyes turned red and his hair grew long and black. A clothing of some sort grew around his waist and covered his legs to his feet, but it wrapped itself around his legs to look like baggy pants tightened at the waist.

The sun had set, and the universe he was in grew darker and darker, as the transformation was completed, he broke free of his chains and went on a killing spree, forming a scythe as he that day became known as a Nightmare Reaper. After that day, he continued to reap the souls of many, eventually he brought down the heavens of his universe, as well as its hell as well.

Genji was himself no more, devouring every soul he had by the trillions, and far beyond that, he became the ultimate demon, one of the Nightmare Clan Leaders, Nightmare Realm. Many beings from other realms had heard of this and went to the new Nightmare Universe, where they would face the Nightmare Demon that had roamed the universe for thousands and millions of years upon arrival.

They had failed, but, at the same time they succeeded in defeating the demon, but they had lost his soul. The soul traveled through many universes, looking for a host to control, until one was found. Desmond Irich had lost everything, but his attention was drawn to the Nightmare Demons soul.

From that day, they had made a contract, and Nightmare Realm had become whole once more. Throughout their journeys together, NMR had discovered that the Horseman of Vengeance had made a contract with the boy as well, but Desmond’s mother made the contract before she had died of birth, she would put the Horseman’s into the boy himself, which in return would become Desmond’s spirit guide, as well as NMR.

The Spirit's Powers


» Ziamichi Spirit Powers:


Ziamichi Powers

» Unique Traits: Heavy Impact

» Forms: Physical, the user can attack using this as a power attack, slicing a five story building in half with no problem.

» Drawbacks: The user gains recoil damage if the hit is not successful and overall

» Control:seven

» Unique Traits: Energy Track/Sense

» Forms: Mental, Spiritual. The user can track the opponents or allies energy by concentrating on the entire area around them.

» Drawbacks: N/A

» Control: eight

» Unique Traits: Energy Reserves

» Forms: Spiritual. The user can trap energy in him/herself and keep for a large amount of time, whether they would be storing it for work for the day or a fight, they can use when its needed, and slowly it can rebuild up to 100% (Every one of the users turns in battle will gain him 3 points of energy.)

» Drawbacks: N/A

» Control:Five

The Host's Skills

NOTE: Ziamichi's will have three to four skill sheets possibly. One for general skills, one for racial skills, one for the host's skill and possibly one for the spirit's skills if they are a different race.

Click here for skill sheet
Ziamichi General

» Ziamichi Host Class: (Ranging from E to the weakest and A to the strongest; With S being a special class of Ziamichi's. Don't do anything to this section, as staff will determine how strong your Ziamichi Class is from tier once approved. And yes, the Host can sometimes be stronger then the spirit.)

» Ziamichi Spirit Class: (Ranging from E to the weakest and A to the strongest; With S being a special class of Ziamichi's. Don't do anything to this section, as staff will determine how strong your Ziamichi Class is from tier once approved.)

0 Tier is allowed 1 Master, 2 Advanced for each section
1 Tier is allowed 2 Advanced for each section
2 Tier is allowed 1 Advanced, 2 Adept for each section
3 Tier is allowed 1 Adept for each section
4 Tier and below only get beginner.

General Skills For Host
• Durability: Master
• General Speed: Advanced
• Strength: Master
• Weapon Skill: Advanced

Ziamichi Skills For Host
• Skill Of Ziamichi Powers: Advanced
• Control Over Spirit: Advanced
• Seal Strength: Advanced
• Sync-Rate: Master

Will Skills For Host
• Willpower/Determination: Advanced
• Mental Deduction: Advanced
• Pain Endurance: Adept
• Focus: Advanced

The Spirit's Skills

General Skills For Spirit
• Durability: Advanced
• General Speed: Adept
• Strength: Advanced
• Weapon Skill: Advanced

Will Skills For Spirit
Willpower/Determination: Master
Mental Deduction: Master
Pain Endurance: Master
• Focus: Advanced

Role Play Sample

» Role Play Sample: “In the brink of light, beyond the death of life, becomes a warrior of Balance and King of the Abyss. He who walks in the shadow of the light and the path of the darkness, will he who controls this power become an inescapable path… a destiny that bonds a stranger to others, to form not only a band of Freelancers, but a Family who will be ever so stronger than that of the Shinigami and Hollow combined. I, I am Arrancar, but I have grown old and wise to know that my time and power is at an end. This is the last letter I write, the last scripture before the others hunt me for my power, and for my head. I leave this letter to whom ever it so concerns, for any Shinigami that receives this message, I have also a warning. There is great darkness that will arise within your Plains, a darkness greater than anything else. Your Precious realm will fall apart, but you must prepare for what will come, please, hear me out in this time Extinction and age of Vanquish, for I have the final key that can defeat this force. This Key is known as the Oracle of Light, an object long forgotten by our gods, it can defeat any darkness, but I fear that any Hollow is looking for such a power; it is split into five Heart Pieces. Find the heart pieces, and form the Oracle, but you must collect all five in order to do so. Give the Oracle to a warrior who is worthy, and not foolish. But, I fear that another power of darkness has arisen, a power of Corruption, one that will be an all known ruler whose power cannot be met.
Goodbye forever, and hopefully, I shall see you in another time.”
Garronale Reclunus.

“Well, do you think that this is, a trick?” A Shinigami said as she finished reading the note, “I mean, if this was written by an Arrancar I don’t think it would be wise to follow this on.” The woman had grey hair; she wore a blue outfit, her sheath of her weapon tied around her waist, yet, she seemed very young.

Another sighed; it was a man this time. He wore a black outfit, yet, he didn’t seem to be young, and rather he seemed to have the look of war upon his face, the scars stretching out upon his cheeks. He didn’t seem to have a weapon, “You would think that this would be a threat, yet this guy is telling us to prepare? How pathetic of him, he’s probably calling a bluff.”

“Meh, what about the Council? Can’t we tell them of this news?” The woman asked back, trying to see what the man would say.

“Yeah, but knowing the Head Master, he would just throw the message away, hell, he would never take it into consideration.”

The woman began to think as she looked over the letter once more, “Should we tell anyone? Perhaps our squad?”

“Yeah, let ‘em know what we found out, understood?”

The woman saluted, “Yes sir!” She took off, but not before bumping into another man. He had pure white hair, glowing green eyes that immediately changed to a glowing neon blue eyes. He wore a robe that covered his whole body, two others looking just like him standing behind.

“Oops! Sorry sir, I’ll be on my way!” The woman said innocently and happily as she rushed to the other room.

“You really need a different assistant,” The first one said as he sat down, “Orkino, it has been some time.”

“Same to you Chrome, how long have you been gone for now?”

“Five months, and still we have not found the Hollow who penetrated Soul Society.” Chrome said as he leaned back, the other two taking a chair and sitting, “It is getting very agitating at this point, and every time we find him, it would seem he beats us at everything.”

Orkino laughed, “He seems to be very powerful, he knows how to hide the pressure he exerts as well.”

“You know of him?” One of the other three asked, this was Garanal, “When did you last make contact with him?”

“One month ago, and I must say, he’s pretty skilled. This guy knows what the hell we are capable as, of course, Soul Reapers, we should know how to operate around this guy, yet, we can’t even seem to lay a scratch on him. Its safe to say that he won’t come back, hopefully. “ Orkino said as he poured himself a glass of water

Chrome looked to Garanal, then his other companion, Geshiine. He groaned as he moved his right arm from the robe, revealing a mechanical limb. It was an arm, but… different. His fingers were pointed to where they would puncture any skin by the touch, the silver shone from the lighting in the room, illuminating dark corners.

Geshiine pulled out both arms, revealing that both were the same as metal, a thin, long and slender blade connecting to each shoulder. Garanal did the same, revealing his left arm, these limbs looked to have been molded into them though, as weird as it may have looked.

“So, I’m guessing your wanting to kill the guy?” Orkino asked as he rubbed the back of his head, “’Cause I ain’t seen him since, and from the looks of it, you seem to be set on looking for him.”

Geshiine couldn’t bother but let out a psychotic laugh, laughing and looking up in plain air, it was like he went mad.

Chrome then spoke, “Geshiine is mentally insane, while Garanal has issues with containing power and being a smart ass, and I am based too much on being noble. But we have strengths that no one else has…”

Orkino had a questionable look on his face, “Oh, and what’s that?”

Chrome held his arm out, his palm facing Orkino, “We have the power to take, and create,” A wicked smile stretched across the cyborgs face as a small metal spear extended from the palm in a blink of an eye. The spear went through Orkino’s chest as high voltages of electricity went into the man, shocking him and burning him to death.

Once the Shinigami was finished with, Chrome turned to Geshiine, “Kill the rest of the squadron, no trace that we were here, and be sure to find any form of evidence of the man we were hunting.”

Geshiine left the room in a hurry, Garanal walking up to Chrome with an expression of worry, “Brother, are you sure it was a right judgment to have killed him?”

Screams from the main room could be heard, but all went dead silent ten seconds later, “We must destroy any trace that we were here. Burn the place to the ground; we must make no mistakes now. Our footsteps will lead Soul Society to ruin, as well as the Hollow home. “

Geshiine grabbed a lantern and threw it down on the ground, from which ripped apart bodies lied. The barracks were lit like a sun, “No one could have survived this.”

Chrome looked down, seeing a trail of blood that disappeared into a wall, a portal had closed itself before he could get a glimpse of who exactly could have escaped, “Yet you are wrong again Brother,” he turned to the fire, the turned away, walking from the burning building, “We must find out whoever escaped from us, and we must end their existence at once.”

-Back in the Kanto Region-

It was nighttime, the air was clear; the moon was full and orange. On the outskirts of a city, in a suburban five story home, not including the two basements, lived a young man of the age of eighteen. Recently he had been cooking food, but it would seem it was gone, dishes washed, and the counters wiped off.

This young man had no shirt on, revealing the golf ball sized hole in his chest and his perfect masculine abs. He had pure white hair and glowing neon green eyes; he had on a pair of baggy sweatpants, a white thin cloth used as a belt keeping them up. Tattoos ran up and down his spine and both arms, each one connected another.

This was Desmond Irich, the sixth Espada Arrancar. He was a different type of Hollow though, not one created from some force. Desmond was the first Living Hollow, one born from the womb at the time of his death, along side his Shinigami brother, Austin Irich. But this is now.

He laid on the couch reading a magazine, four symbolic tattoos on his right arm representing each of four elements that he could control, the muscle flexing and shifting back and forth as he flipped through a page he finished. Desmond was not too keen on fighting, nor is he ever really. He has always been a negotiator, and of course a peacekeeper, which struck the other Hollow confused.

Desmond was a peaceful, yet very young Arrancar, one who has honed most of his skills and mastered how to control his elemental and hollow powers. He lived on his own, not really having anyone to care for, he took care of himself, not a day passed by though that he missed some of his older companions that had died on their journeys.

Desmond was known as a lost warrior, one of the few Hollow or Shinigami who posses a balanced power, from which they can give and take, destroy and create. Desmond was kind of a Shinigami, he watched over the humans, making sure any Hollow that hunted them would be punished. The Hollow’s were weak compared to the Arrancar though, making it easy prey for this fellow. What he did not realize was that his life was going to change in a completely different way, one way that would make man insane, fearful, and dreaded.

A woman stumbled in the dark streets, people looking at her like she was crazy. She had severe wounds, yet, what was shocking was ever since she had made contact with the three individuals, odd enough she could interact and be seen and heard from by the living, or, the humans rather.

Several men followed her into an ally; they wore leather jackets and had chains connected to their pants. They had tattoos of the sort on their arms; some even the faces were covered in tattoos. One of the gang members blocked the end of the ally, pinning the woman between the two walls.

One of the men grabbed the woman by the throat, and slammed her against the wall. She screamed, one of the gangers slapping her face to stop her, “Shut up, or we’ll make it a slow one.” He chuckled evilly as the others gathered ever so closer.

Desmond sensed the energy from the scream, and yet, he was miles away from the large city. He quickly ran outside, summoning his armor on and his Demon Sword, Ragnorock.

“Shit, another one?” The sword said in an agitated voice, “I though I was on vacation!”

And like that, Desmond was gone with the demonic weapon, using his speed and Hollow abilities to get to the trouble that took place. He wanted action, although, the presence he felt was weak, but slightly stronger than those attacking it. Was it a Quincy? There was only one way to find out!

The next gang member grabbed out a pocket knife and stabbed the woman in the stomach, causing her to slump to the ground as her strength left her, and she was stuck with ten of these brutes. One of them gave her a rough kiss, pinning her down to the ground.

“Hehe, oh we’re gonna have some fun!” He said wickedly, but then he heard a noise behind him.

He turned to see… well, his friends just on stand by, but they were staring in the man’s direction, as if they had seen a ghost. The man turned, only to see a towering figure, of deep blue armor, staring down upon him.

The man quickly got up, stumbling back as the figure took a step forward. From the shadows, the figure summoned a huge, black sword of wicked pressure and energy. It was as long as a truck; its width being as thin as a regular katana, but its approximate height at the base of the blade was the height of a textbook.

The ganger said, “Who the hell are you? This isn’t any of your business, so piss- “ Was the last thing he said before in a blink of an eye, he had a thin, truck sized long sword going through his throat.

The others reacted in a savage manner, grabbing their baseball bats and their knives and their chains, and from on they charged in a wicked violence to kill the figure for he had slain their leader, and they wanted blood now.

Not even close to a split second, the figure sliced through one of the gangers heads, and then coming back to stab another in the spine. Two dropped dead, there were seven to go still, and at this point, the figure was just using his plain speed.

Some of the gangers tried running, only to have large spikes of shadows impaled through their bodies from the ground up, reaching to the roofs of apartments and other buildings. Two more left, and they seemed more determined to bring down this figure, but yet, the figure could only laugh as he cocked his head up.

The two attacked, one of them having a combat knife, the other having a spiked chain with a blade at the end of it. At the same time they had strike, the figure disappeared into the shadows, causing them to miss and bump into each other. They were back to back now, the lights in the streets and ally way breaking as complete darkness filled the area, dead silence and shadows danced in the pale moonlight.

One of them was grabbed by the throat and was choked to death, yet, the figure made sure he made no noise but the drop of his chains. The figure then disappeared as the other ganger turned, only to see his dead friend. He began getting hysterical as he screamed, but none heard him as he continued, and he failed.

The man made a run for it, the figure staying to the shadows as the man sprinted, but tall spikes blocked his path. The figure rose from the darkness upon the ground, as if it were a shadow itself, the man turning in time to see what was going on. The figure looked down, its helmet covering its expression, if the man had seen its true face, he would be ever more so frightened.

The woman watched as the figure ripped the man apart slowly, every hit the man gave from his own limb came a sinister laugh from the creature, every voice filling the monsters head with joy and thought as it took pleasure in torturing the man. The woman however, was almost dead, her blood leaving her body as she lay on the ground. Moments passed as her eyes closed and closed, her blood creating a small puddle, the figure standing over her like a giant ready to devour its lamb. The woman fell asleep from the lack of energy, strength, and her lack of blood.

Desmond sighed as his blade transformed into a cartoon sword, about the size of a forearm. It floated in the air as cartoon arms came out of nowhere, connecting to the blade as Desmond picked up the woman.

“Now hold on a moment!” The sword said as the shadow spikes dissipated into thin air, the dead bodies falling onto the ground, “We’re not taking her home are we!?”

“It would seem like the responsible thing to do, correct?” Desmond asked in response towards the sword.

“Well I mean that I would be a good thing,” The sword turned to the woman, “Damn she’s a fox! Look at that rack!!!”

Desmond then disappeared in the shadows along with this stranger, the sword returning to the shadows as well, “So like, what are we gonna do to her?” The sword asked in a purvey voice.

“We must heal her, in about three minutes you must switch to your human form and get he medical kit out, and the crystals as well.”

The sword was shocked, “Oh come on man! I’m on vacation, not some healing duty!”

“You will do as I say, I can cancel your damned vacation if you wish to continue this babbling.” Desmond said seriously as he held the woman closely, careful not to let her slip out of his hands.

“Fine,” The sword said, “But still, she has Shinigami energy, you think it’s a good idea to keep her? What if she attacks?”

“She’ll e too weak to do so. Besides, I saved her life-“

“We, we saved her life. Don’t forget, I get souls from you killing anything and anyone.” The interrupted.

The two arrived at the house, the sword turning into a slender, well-dressed man. He wore a tuxedo with a top hat, and slick black shoes. He had a cane and seemed to be of the age of fifty, although his voice seemed to be slightly younger, “You get the girl to a couch or something and I can get the medical kit.”

“Yeah, that’s what I told you to do.” Desmond said as he opened the door, revealing the living room. He rushed to lay the girl on the couch, grabbing extra towels to cover her wound, and from getting any blood on the couch.

Desmond felt a presence though. It was Shinigami, but something was dark about it, “Ragnorock, stay with the girl and heal her. My job is not yet finished.”

He left out the door and concentrated on where the presence was. One mile, and heading towards the house swiftly, it seemed to have been in a hurry. Desmond floated into the air and went in pursuit.

Few minutes have passed, now there were three of them. Desmond got in the way and swift yelled, “Benkai!”

A Bluish and black beam shot from his extended arm, and from his palm. The presence immediately stopped in a light speed, revealing three robed men. They had on Shinigami robes, hoods came over their heads, and Desmond was still in his armor.

“Why are you in the human world?” Desmond asked loudly and slightly aggressively, not to really intimidate them, but to get their attention furthermore.

One of the men narrowed his eyes on the blue armored man, scanning his energy. He found something odd though, this blue man had Shinigami, Human, and Hollow energy combined at the same time, creating some form of balanced out power.

“My apologies, we are looking for a woman, a Shinigami to be exact. She has been badly injured and would like to help her. Now if you don’t mind-“ The man tried leaving and so did the other two, but their path was blocked by the blue figure.

“I do not think you should be here,” Desmond started, smirking under his helmet, “Besides, if your Soul Reapers I believe you should get going, from what I know, your not of any Shinigami I have seen. Your energy is strange, never seen anything like it before.”

“You can… see our energy?” The second man asked. The third was growling, giving a confirming look that this armored figure was the enemy,

“Yes I can. I suggest you leave; you have no business here. There is no Hollow in the human world for you.” Desmond had his suspicions up, he could only see their eyes, and strangely, they looked exactly like his own. They could change different glowing colors when a mood was being changed.

The first man chuckled, “Kill him.”

Like that, in a flash the other two were charging, yet, their speed was superior compared to Desmond’s. Desmond saw that they pulled out swords; the big man pulling out two heavily built katana’s while the smaller more agile one pulled out a large long sword.

The first one swung, using half of his strength to swing his large blade. Desmond dodged it, but swiftly blocking two of the other swords. He struggled for a moment, but as the smaller man charge from behind, Desmond used some spiritual pressure to knock the bigger man away. He charged at the smaller man, creating a pure black katana from the shadows, both blades would collide creating a very strong gust of wind.

The larger man charge once more, this time though he was more faster, and Desmond did not have time to dodge this attack. Instead, he parried the attack, kicking the smaller individual in the jaw as he shot two beams of blue and lack at both of them.

One barely dodged the attack in time, the other one blocked in it, burning and revealing his mechanical arms and body. This man wore some form of a combat gear; his entire body was encased in black leather, metal padded armor. He had his arms uncovered, small cloth hanging form his body that had originally been the robe. The strangest feature he had about him was that he had pure white hair, his glowing yellow eyes swiftly changing to neon red, and his canine teeth were sharpened to a point. He was very masculine, very big, Desmond was going to have a hard time beating this guy.

The second man pulled his robe off, revealing a man in a thin sweater that opened in the middle, revealing his chest. His left arm was the exact mechanical form as the big guys, except it seemed to have words in different tongues. He was more skinnier, making him look more like a small fry, but this would help with speed instead of strength. He had the fame features that the other man did as well, the same features Desmond had.

Their arms glowed, the big opponents arms glowing a yellow while the other opponents left arm glowed a bright blue. They fired a beam that was fast, too fast to dodge, too fast to block or parry. Desmond was hit, and he came crashing into the ground in clear plains of grass, creating a small crater.

Desmond slowly arose form the ground, his helmet was highly damaged as well as other parts of his armor. He took the helmet off, revealing his pure white hair and his glowing neon red eyes. The armor of his arms fell off at his command, they were useless to him, and he needs some free weight. He then commanded the torso, waist, and the leg armor to come off, and thus they did so, falling and disappearing into the shadows.

What was left was a man in a pure black outfit. He wore a black shirt, black jeans, black Nike shoes, and necklaces and bracelets to finish up the look. His three opponents landed, the one with the one metal arm looking shocked, “He’s… he’s one of us!”

The main opponent revealed himself as he pulled his robe off, revealing a man in some strange outfit. He wore a black tore up scarf around his neck that covered his mouth. He wore metal gauntlets that looked to be originally bone, and came up to the elbows as a long sword. He had baggy black pants on, but what held them was a black belt that had a skull in the middle, yet, in some fashion the pants seemed to be leather as well. He had a chest armor that did really cover anything, but they connected to shoulder armor. He had a mechanical right arm, which completed these three as a team of some sort; he had to have been the leader.

“I see he is the same, but was he raised the same?” The main man asked his companion, “It does not seem like it.”

“But he is the whole, none of us were ever whole!” The second pointed out.

“What is your name stranger?” The main opponent asked loudly, yet calmly all at once.

“Why should I give it to someone who wants me dead?” Desmond asked in response to counter this mans question. He wanted answers, and he will get them.

“My apologies, we are hunting a rouge Shinigami, we thought you might have been affiliated with her.”

“Brother, look,” The second said pointed to Desmond’s chest. The wind blew in Desmond’s face, revealing a dent in the middle of his chest where his shirt covered, “Show us your hole.”

Desmond caught the aggression coming from this mans energy, “Why should I?”

“It would be wise to do so, Hollow.” The main opponent said, as he waved a thin katana in Desmond’s direction.

The shirt fell apart at the color, falling into pieces as nothing covered Desmond’s chest, revealing his Hollow Hole. Desmond’s Espada number began to glow in affirmation that he was getting angered at this point.

‘So he isn’t whole, what a shame. Yet, his power is remarkable, no Arrancar, not even an Espada has been able to withstand Geshiine and Garanal’s Light Blast. His energy was a mix of a Shinigami, Human, and Arrancar’s soul, could he be…’ The main opponent thoughts were going through, he was trying to figure out why this boy’s energy was so different from the other Espada’s they have fought before.

“I’ll ask again, what is your name?” The main opponent asked, but this time he was more aggressive about it.

“BladeRunner.” Desmond said with confidence.

“You mean you’re the one to have broken in the Soul Society and stole something, and you lived to tell the tale?” The second one asked, trying to figure the boy out as well, “Then why do they call you BladeRunner?”

“That’s enough Geshiine,” The main opponent said looking at Desmond, “Your real name, if you may?”

Desmond sighed, “Desmond Irich.”

Shock and silence went through the two opponents; the third one was looking at butterflies. They couldn’t think straight as silence covered the fields, the soft gentle wind pushing the grass ever so slightly.

‘He… he is one of us? I thought the rest of us were dead!?’ The main opponent thought as he stood still, Desmond growing more and more impatient.

“Well, now that you know of my name, how’s about yours Paves?” Desmond asked in a rude and smartass tone.

The man chuckled, “Do forgive me,” He then cleared his throat, his left hand trembling, “My name… is Chromelon Irich.”

Desmond stumbled back, “Ex-excuse me? You’re just fucking with me!”

“Negative, it had been so long, yet, I don’t think we have met. We are…” Chrome looked to the other two, “We are your older brothers, Desmond.”

“Then prove it! Looks and names don’t prove shit either, so you better come up with something else!” Desmond was pissed, yet, he was so confused, and thoughts and guesses began to overload his mind.

“When you were born, you were given a mark, the mark of Corruption.” Chromes said as he revealed his left arm, showing his mark. It had twisted thorns sticking out of a skulls eyes and mouth, and they surrounded the forehead of the skull, for it had an ancient symbol of a sort.

Desmond gripped his fists, knowing that as the same mark he had as well, ‘this is impossible! If they are my brothers, why show up now, where were they from the start!?’

The Ziamichi Template

Basic Information


» Name: (What is their name?)
» Titles: (Does your character have any sort of special title rank, nickname or alias?)
» Race: (What is the race of your host? Human, Shinigami, Demon etc?)

Last edited by ♚Lιlιтн on Tue Jun 30, 2015 1:59 pm; edited 10 times in total (Reason for editing : It needs the WIP tag if it's work in progress, add the "finished" when done editting it.)
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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Desmond Irich (WIP)   Desmond Irich (WIP) EmptyTue Jan 20, 2015 6:08 pm

i will say this first. you need to explain by what you mean in your meantion of hybrid i had no idea what you were talking about when you meantioned this and i only guessed that your character's base race was human. so i have no idea what a hybrid is.

Your history had me competely confused i am unsure what i am reading.

also please expand on your abilities as the manipulation was way to short to understand how it can work and how this can be used from this character.

also expand on your characters powers more so one has a understanding of them know what they do and how they operate.

also please do not fill out the will and skill sheet until the app is checked and has been graded. an app checker will give you your tier and Will Sheet. while you determine your skill sheet from your tier
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Subject Post 3PostSubject: Re: Desmond Irich (WIP)   Desmond Irich (WIP) EmptyWed Jan 21, 2015 8:10 am

The history, I will do what I can with that but not much. I understand if its long and might be confusing but it's the best I can give, I am not going to start over on it.

As for the 'Hybrid' part I can explain that in the app.

Character Powers I have no problem with, but question: Are they like attacks or not?

Will and Skill sheet, I can fix that lol.

Thank you, I will get to work.
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Subject Post 4PostSubject: Re: Desmond Irich (WIP)   Desmond Irich (WIP) EmptyTue Feb 03, 2015 11:52 am

Moved to wip


Desmond Irich (WIP) XZGpCF2
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Subject Post 5PostSubject: Re: Desmond Irich (WIP)   Desmond Irich (WIP) EmptySun May 03, 2015 6:44 am

BladeRunner wrote:

Character Powers I have no problem with, but question: Are they like attacks or not?

I'm not sure what you are trying to ask right now, but from what I can guess.. I feel like you are asking if should I describe them when using in an attack, or attacking. The answer is sorta. We want to know HOW your power works, it's like with fire magic. Someone can just write on their app saying:
"___ can summon fire to do their bidding."
That's great and all, but we have no idea where it even comes from, who knows this person can even be farting out these powers, I don't know it wasn't written. Also depending on where it comes from there will be limitations. We just want to know the extent of the powers in a way.

"___ can summon fireballs by taking bits of their energy and converting the energy into the fire itself. Even though ___ can use fireballs their distance can't extend past a 30 mile radius and spread 10 miles after that. There isn't any other magical properties to the fireballs that will do extended or worsening damage to the person if in contact with the fireballs, though from the weight and impact of being hit by one can cause a normal individual to lose their balance. Unfortunately just like fire if someone were to cut out the oxygen within the area the fires would deem useless, as well if they were smothered, or soaked by a large source of water. Since these fireballs are taking bits of ___'s energy, they cannot use this ability in quick sessions in worry of depleting their resources."

If you wanted something a bit different then a regular fireball, then of course you'd add on to that, but I only choose something small like a normal one to give an example. I hoped this helped with your question.


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Is this App Ready for Check?
I don't see any WIP in the app title so I can only assume that it is ready for check, if not may you reply to be within this month to tell if it is or isn't.

Desmond Irich (WIP) Image
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Subject Post 6PostSubject: Re: Desmond Irich (WIP)   Desmond Irich (WIP) EmptyTue May 05, 2015 6:57 pm

hey, I'm back and all, and I will be working on some stuff here. I have done too much work and will be taking some of it out of here, hopefully I don't screw myself and anyone else. I will tell you once I am finished this time.
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Subject Post 7PostSubject: Re: Desmond Irich (WIP)   Desmond Irich (WIP) EmptyTue May 05, 2015 8:52 pm

BladeRunner wrote:
well-known ability to devour souls; he gets stronger from it, as well as the body he possesses.

Nope. It says in the PH Rules that you cannot get stronger by eating other characters.

We covered not having powers listed in one's personality.

We covered the organization of the Ziamichi Spirit's Powers.

Removed a repeated section of the template.

This Sword wrote:
The Sword of the Abyss is its own separate soul, having the ability to generate darkness and corruption and is summoned when its possessor needs it. The Demon Sword itself can speak to about anyone, except for regular humans, thus will help with camouflaging it as a ‘show’ sword. Of course; the sword can change into its human form as well as a defensive and offensive demon form, this would be named Ragnorock.

Please, give this sword its own section outside of your character's appearance and explain it's abilities in detail.

Weird New Races? wrote:
, fused with an Abyss Demon, a Nightmare Angel, and a Horseman.

Please specify where Nightmare Angel and Horseman came from. I would recommend identifying them with one of the current demon subraces.

World's strongest Man, huh? wrote:
she was able to lift five times the amount the worlds strongest man could, she was also known for strength. Desmond trained her with his own skills, and learned that she could control hell fire and holy water.

Considering the'world's strongest man' can currently punch holes through the earth's crust, would recommend definitely rewording this bit.

Also you may want to consider having her made as an NPC.

Again? wrote:
Desmond discovered the ability to control corruption and his darkness got ever so stronger, turning it into Abyss Power, allowing the ability to summon the individual Demons known as Mimics. The creatures are the size of cars, their blade like tentacles are used for weapons as well as their claws and open jaws. They can shoot balls of molten energy, and their travel rate can reach to about 55 mph. Their body is covered from tooth to claw with blade like armor that can only be pierced by some of the strongest weapons.

Again, really would recommend putting this information in a powers section, as that's where it belongs and can be properly found.

Random Gods are Random wrote:
He fought the god of madness and had freed the slaves.

This and the piece about the Corruption God being his father- we really only have three 'divine beings' on the site. They would have to be specified as demons or Iramasha who were acting like gods. Look up Justin Washi for a good reference of this, as he has a similar case with the 'God' of sadism Jashin.

That's all I have for now. Most of it is good, there are just some glaring things that need moved or taken care of.


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Subject Post 8PostSubject: Re: Desmond Irich (WIP)   Desmond Irich (WIP) EmptyWed May 13, 2015 11:02 pm

So I fixed those things that you have listed just so you know.
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Subject Post 9PostSubject: Re: Desmond Irich (WIP)   Desmond Irich (WIP) EmptyFri May 15, 2015 11:29 am

Application Checklist
  • Name [-]
  • Appropriate Age [-]
  • Gender [-]
  • Appearance Present [-]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [-]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [-]
  • 10 sentences for personality [-]
  • History is of appropriate length [-]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [-]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [-]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [-]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[-]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [-]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [-]

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Mental Deduction: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Pain Endurance: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Focus: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner


Hello BladeRunner, I'll be looking over your app today.

First off, I noticed that the you put nothing for the spirit's powers, to explain this is for power that specifically the spirit has to utilize, notably want to make sure, you want to go through with that or not. I will also add here, that it is a mix up of the host and spirit's powers that determine

Secondly, Remove all of the Master, Advanceds, Adepts, and Beginners from your skill sheets. Those are determined by the Tier that is given to you, unless you request and give reason as to why they should be much higher than what they can be.
Will skills are determined by me, the grader of the app, so those will also need to be removed anyway.

Thirdly, your set up of ziamachi power, all of your abilities etc, should be described under "Unique traits"
- Forms are your releases
- Control is overall control of the host over the ziamachi spirit
- Drawbacks is the disadvantages of using the powers that are under ziamachi powers.

Pm when you fix this or if you have any question.
You may also post here when this is finished.
I shall move this to the pending board now.

Tier: To Be Determined.

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Subject Post 10PostSubject: Re: Desmond Irich (WIP)   Desmond Irich (WIP) EmptyFri May 22, 2015 12:56 pm

Desmond Irich (WIP) Image8717_zpsrh1btrb8


Based on the fact that there hasn't been a response from the creator of this character in about a week, I'm going to go ahead and move this profile back into the WIP section. Once the creator makes his response, I'll go ahead and have it re-reviewed.

Desmond Irich (WIP) WVMWLOu
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Desmond Irich (WIP)
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