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Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2416, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.
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Iramasha Profile

Rasuca Desăvârşit Hebi (Rade; 0-5--) Image8677_zpsfe801e3e

I. Basic Information

• Name: Rasuca Desăvârşit Hebi
• Nickname: Rade, Ras, Hebi Junior, Junior.
• Age: 3 years
• Gender: Male
• Appearance:


As a child, Rade is notable for his pure white hair and large eyes. With small, nimble fingers and a wiry physique, he only weighs about 23 pounds even at the age of four. His hair curls around towards the right hand side, and he typically wears loose fitting white collared shirts with pajama pants. His eyes are wide and black in color. His mouth and nose are both fairly small for his age. While he is not very tall, his arms are lanky enough to scratch the other side of his head without having to stretch.


As a teenager and young adult, Rasuca's appearance does not change dramatically. He maintains his curly hair, though it is thinner and in more strands laong his face. He keeps his white button down shirts with their collars and his pajama pants. However, he is much taller than before, standing up at nearly six feet tall. His overall posture is always casual and unperturbed, and his nose and mouth are now a proper size. His teeth are pure white, and his mannerisms are always extremely relaxed. Any tension that is obtained by his form rapidly dissipates. His eyes have gained the beautiful blue of his mother's right eye, though they are significantly darker blue. He has rather small hands, but the fingers are nimble and are accompanied by lean muscle that covers around the entirety of his body.

• Branch/Position: Hebi Laboratories, Heir to the Lab.

• Race: Arrancar Iramasha

Rasuca Desăvârşit Hebi (Rade; 0-5--) Image3786-1

• Personality:

Unwilling to Give Up
Rade has a hard time with letting things go or giving things up. When he has decided that something is his or that he wants something, it can be very hard to dissuade him from his path. The only ones who can do so easily are his parents, simply due to how well he listens to them and trusts them. Outside of them, a very, very strong logical or emotional argument must be made to cause him to abandon his purpose. This nature could also be viewed as extraordinarily stubborn.

Deeply Trusting
On his deepest level, Rasuca is an affectionate person. He has been raised to trust those people who he can depend on deeply by his parents. Obviously, he is not stupid; he will not simply trust anyone that he comes across. However, for those who he has deduced to be worthy of his trust, he will do everything in his power to give aid. For those whom he deeply trusts, he is a source of support, for humor, love, and affection.

Love for Parents
Rade's parents have been a major influence on his life, and as a result he sincerely cares for them. He will not abide by any insults to his heritage, and nothing will make him quite as inflamed as a 'your mother' joke. Alternately, he understands that having loving parents like his own is not the case for every child, and therefore attempts to be sympathetic to those who have not been as fortunate as he to have such wonderful parents whom they could trust totally and completely with their entire lives until the day when one of them dies of purely non-aggressive causes.

Lover of Sensations
Rasuca loves experiences and new sensations, as well as the feeling of olds ones. Even emotions such as dislike and hate are ones that he enjoys feeling, as he does not get to feel them very often and they entice the full spectrum of his emotional ability. Therefore, he spends most of his leisure time doing things. He spends it playing games, having spars, exploring more about himself. He is intensely curious about everything in the world, and wants to form as many opinions as he possibly can about the world he lives in.

Intense Curiosity
This intense curiosity is an integral part of what makes him who he is. As a child, he was taught that curiosity was the driving force behind nearly everything. He still views this axiom as true, and as a result has a highly inquisitive nature. While he may sometimes vocalize his curiosities, more likely than not he will simply casually observe from as many angles as possible, acquiring as much information as he can about what he is curious in so that he will retain that information for later.

Because of his strong curiousity, he also very much adores playing 'games'. Most of his games are one that he comes up with himself, and when implemented into combat are used as the 'terms of engagement'. In this way he is quite a bit like his crazy 'Aunt' Mana, as the both of them enjoying making life more fun.

'Doctored' Perceptions
Because of the house that he has grown up in, there are certain things which he does not view as most people would. For example, he views most ordinary humans as little more than animals; while they might be interesting to talk to, they are in the end only the sum of their parts in his mind. The source of this is the environment which he is raised in; that is how things are in the Doctor's lab. There are many other aspects that contribute to his slightly 'altered' perceptions as well, such as the stories that his father would tell him about his 'adventures' and 'research' throughout the realms.

Appreciation for Temperament
He admires people who can keep their heads cool even in certain circumstances. While this can lead to slightly deranged actions, such as irritating a good friend just to see their willpower, more often then not this is a sign of his faith in the other person. The one at the very top of this list of being able to maintain their temper is his own father, who he views as a paragon of the ability to keep his head cool and out of the idea of insanity for such a long time, even under arduous conditions.

Relaxed Disposition

Overall, his mannerism would be described as 'relaxed'. While he is not in an excited state, he tends to laze around, casually perusing his private projects or taking care of chores or errands for his parents so that he can better understand the world around him. Therefore, his speech may be slightly slow, but all of his words are crisp and his intents are clear. While he may be very relaxed on the outside, the inside is much different. His mind is constantly active, constantly turning things over and observing them, much like his father tends to do. This is where he spends the majority of his focus as well as burning most of the calories that his body ingests.

Rasuca Desăvârşit Hebi (Rade; 0-5--) Image3788-1

• Background:

The Conception of Perfection
The being known as Rasuca (Rah-soo-sa) was created in the year 2414, in August of that year. He is the first born son of the Corrupted Angel Iramasha Doctor, Kabuto Hebi, and the Transcended Arrancar Suzu (Mizumuzi) Hebi. His name means [Serpent of Perfection], and the desire of his parents coincides with that ideal. He himself has been developed with the ideal that he would be the most powerful culmination of the 'love' between the Doctor and his Wife.

As such, he has only come into the world fairly recently. Therefore, this history section shall serve as an account of the medical record of the child, including the things which the Doctor and Suzu have done in order to alter or change him.

In reality, they have done nothing more than provide nutrients. They may have been super nutrients which would put most steroids to shame, but they were entirely natural. To put it another way, they 'nurtured' the child to the absolute limit.

The important aspect of the enhancers he was given was the sheer amount of 'potential' capacity that he was given. A large amount of the doses involved a special combination of the Doctor's own Satanic Energies that would normally have been impossible to share with another being taken in by its body. This is how it has gained the Transcended Unique Energy, as well as the capacity to pick up his father's Madness Wavelength at any distance.

Furthermore, his mother's own blood greatly reinforced his physical abilities. His strength, speed, and toughness all come from his mother, as well as the unique circumstances that she could drive her body to in certain times. These peculiar transformations have lead to the unique Zanpakutō which he carries, which was developed by the Doctor through another kind of 'enhancer'.

Other medical applications have made his body resistant, nigh-immune to most forms of disease. They also increased his mental capacity for transmuting and accepting information. In addition, they regulated his body's own sensitivity ranges, allowing him to regulate his five senses to both super and sub human levels.

Another unique component that was utilized was a kind of 'stabilizer' that the Doctor developed. This stabilizer would meld with the child's own developing 'eyes', using materials and components from the flesh of both the Doctor and Suzu's unique eyes, allowing for the child to develop both at a level even greater than either of its parents.

Finally was the insertion of a kind of chemical which the Doctor developed known only as 'Concept Realization Substance'. This special substance would react with the internal machinations of the child's body, allowing for the nearest 'concept' it symbolized to begin to realize itself. In this case was the ideal of being united with its mother through her womb, enabling the ideals of Evolution and Symbiosis to its very conceptual nature.

Perhaps the most physical alteration the Doctor made was to the umbilical cord of his wife. The canges that were made infused the Doctor and Suzu's blood into something that would coat around the entirety of it, allowing the nutrients that it would give the child everything it could desire or need to create the perfect development imaginable.

The Doctor considered his child to be the most significant biogenetics project he has ever had a hand in, and as a result made sure to go over each and every aspect of it in painstaking detail with his wife… usually in bed before the beginning of the day's work, spending quality time.

The Young Man
Throughout his childhood, Rasuca encountered several interesting things. Every Christmas he has gotten to spend around his loving family, even if his father gets home extremely late on Christmas Eve. His family even gained a new member: a peculiar skeleton called Sonny. Sonny and Rasuca have bonded a great deal, and he sees the skeleton almost like a second father, even though he understands just a bit the relationship between his guardian and his father.

The most major event that happened to the young man was his encounter with Khala Asthavon, the Heart of Deveta. During that encounter, the young man was inflicted with a powerful 'curse', which is represented by the corded eyeball that is now attached to Rade's body. He feels neutral about this attachment, but he has become used to its presence, having 'adapted' to handling the curse.

He even found the time to make two friends. One was just a human boy, who Rasuca lost track of soon afterwards. The other was a young woman called Yasuko, and Rasuca hopes to become even better friends with her.

I. Aether Armament

• Aether Armament Name:: Conceptual Body

• Aether Armament Appearance:
His Aether Armament is an intrinsic part of his body. Instead of taking the form of a weapon, it takes the form of a part how Rasuca's body functions. For most arrancar, it is what would be regarded as the 'ability to manipulate reishi'. In Rasuca's case, this is a bit more literal. It literally comes down 'manipulation of spirit', as in his very being. It allows for the user to embody certain 'concepts', and manipulate the form of their being through those concepts.

• Aether Armament Abilities:

Natural Concepts

Essentially, Rasuca's Aether Armament allows for him to translate what would ordinarily be his Aether Class of Evolution and his Subclass of Adaptation.

Evolution and Adaptation
Rasuca's base concept is that of 'evolution'. While at the beginning of his life he was simply two cells joined together, he was birthed as a child with arms and legs. With the Doctor's serpentine genetics being included in his body as well, he has gained the animalistic reproductive ideal of 'evolution'. This means that his body is able to 'develop' ways to deal with certain situations that increase his 'quality' of life.

For example, unlike the Doctor, he may grow to have an active interest in the affairs of others, and instead of having an inferiority complex, he may simply be what others might consider to be an affable, kind person. On the other hand, if the environment that he joins would allow for him to perform better by being mean-spirited and cruel, then he will act like that instead. The important factor of this evolution is the requirement of 'knowledge'. This is more than a simple observation performed by Rasuca or what a person would develop into; it is influenced by his own spiritual energy and abilities.

He must be aware, either on a mental or physical level, of what the problem is. Second, he must be somewhat aware on some level what would improve it. From there, his various energies and abilities will work to create the required 'tool' to deal with the situation at hand. While he does not automatically have the 'toolkit' to deal with every situation, he does [theoretically] have the capacity to deal with 'any' situation [eventually] through the use of his Evolution concept.

Spiral Energy and Manipulation
Due to the aspect of his father's Snake like attributes, and relating to his Evolution attribute, the being Rasuca has access to a unique form of energy known as 'spiral' energy. This energy is converted from his own stores of Aether energy, and it is unique in how it is generated. This spiral energy may be better described as the desire to 'survive'. However, it is more than this. It is the desire to 'continually improve'. As such, the 'Spiral Energy' he wields is one that builds along with both his own knowledge and his own willpower.

The main ways for him to gather the ability to wield Spiral Energy is to gain it from interacting with others. While he gains the ability to wield a small amount from his evolutions and simply breathing and living, experiencing the willpowers and desires of others around him allows him to wield even more. This is similar to saying that the more time he spends around other people, the more he is able to wield.

The gathering of spiral energy and the evolution that accompanies it allows for the Child to continually develop, as the nature of Spiral Energy is to never have 'enough' of itself. This means that as the child reaches past its point of maximum energy with the gathered energy, its well of power will only increase, though the amount of Spiral Energy required to increase it is extremely high compared to what will actually be stored in that space immediately following its creation.

Furthermore, he is able to 'manipulate' spiral energy. This works as a series of vectors in a field around his own body. Anything that he comes into contact with, he is able to cause to 'rotate', to 'spiral' around in any direction he chooses. As far as this ability goes, the more time that he spends developing it the more potent of direct vector control it will become. After all, all things move 'radially' through the application of Torque, so to master this would even allow for him to use the ideal of the 'air' around his body as the 'lever arm', which could lead to him creating spirals even away from his own body.

A more common application of this, however, would be something like a continually spiraling presence around his body that attempts to send any projectiles which approach him flying away, or using his own hands as drills to hit into an opponent…

Or to simply spin his father around several times on that wheeled chair that he is so fond of.

Symbiosis and Parasitism

His third concept is that of symbiosis and being a parasite. His mother is literally a vampiric Arrancar, while his father makes his living by using other people, both as a vampire and otherwise. However, the ideal of how his father attempts to work with others, the union between his father and mother, and the method of his own conception all lead towards the ideal of the concept of Symbiosis.

This Symbiosis is a peculiar trait. In its most basic form, it means that Rasuca is able to break down the cells of his own body and meld them with those of another being's, or do something similra with his spiritual energy and their own.

For example, he is able to instantly become a 'Fusion Character' with another person simply by embracing them. Naturally, this is more complex than it appears on the surface, but that will be expounded upon below.

A more practical application is using his own energy to become an overriding 'part' of an atack that an ally has created. From there, he is able to employ things such as his spiral energy or other techniques to it, increasing its overall potency and ability.

As for physical, he may use his symbiosis to temporarily (or permanently, if allowed) gain the powers ,abilities, or concepts of another. On the other hand, he can also share the aspects, abilities ,and powers of himself with another. This technique, too, has its own limitations, but those limitations do not hinder the unique nature of his 'symbiosis'.

The final aspect that he has which he is able to employ is 'parasitism'. This parasitism works very similar to his symbiosis. However, it is done as a part of force. For example, he could 'force' a piece of his own psyche within a defeated opponent, allowing for him to observe them and perhaps eventually have them become a 'part' of himself.

Another use may be to 'corrupt' or become a part of something such as a barrier. This parasitism allows for him to drain energy from structures of reishi, chaos energy, and most other kinds of energy other than those he cannot access such as Nature. This can also allow him to turn those constructs under his own will, gain control over them and using them to his own ends, if it is possible for him to do so.

Water and Flame Wielder
The final concept which he wields is the triple nature of his 'elemental' aspects. From his Father, he has gained the idea of Flames, of Blazing Winds and Scorched Earths. From his Mother, he has gained the fluidity and potency of liquids, of water, the ability to become cold as ice, or as evasive as steam. This is to say that he can manipulate and utilize both of these energies, turning his own energies into them and using them in different ways with varying techniques should he develop them.

The third element he maintains is Lightning. This aspect is gained through the 'power' of Flame being mixed with the 'Solidity' of water. He is able to generate an electric field around his body, as well as manipulate, summon, and cast lightning bolts and other electronic developments, such as employing a railgun or similar electronic conceptual weapon.

• Seishin Buki Name: The Master of Transmutation

• Seishin Buki Appearance:
In either of Rasuca's palms is a peculiar circle, inscribed with a triangle. Within his right palm are the images of a snake coiled around a bat. Within the left palm, there are dozens of small scribbles that when closely examined appear to be characters of some ancient script that run around the circle and inside the triangle that is inscribed within it.

In reality, these are the Seishin Buki of Rasuca. The circles go all the way inside of his skin, connecting with the bones of his wrist and arm. This means that these symbols are directly connected to everything having to do with both of his arms. He is able to make these particular symbols appear or disappear at whim. Each of these strange symbols can be used and activated separately or in conjunction with one another.

• Seishin Buki Abilities:

[The Progeny of Creators] Conjunction Art: Transmutation of Elements
By pressing both of the palms together and activating them, Rasuca creates a combined loop within his own body, within his realm of 'control'. From here, by pressing his palms down onto a surface, either palm, he is able to 'disperse' the resulting energy into that object. In this way, he can influence the compositions of things around him. A good example of this would be to press his hand down into a pile of sand, transmuting the elements into iron and drawing out a spear to be used against his opponent. Another example would be to snap his fingers and use his flame creation to generate a spark, before pointing his hand outwards and causing for the air before him to be 'transmuted' into the flames, causing a terrific outwards explosion which he can control through the energy he is using to manipulate the elements.

The Left Hand: The Victortrix
Named by the Doctor, Kabuto Hebi, the Victortrix is formed from the memories and bonds created by the Doctor himself. While it was formed naturally within Rasuca's body, to say it was influenced by the Doctor and Suzu would be exactly correct. As a result, the abilities granted from Victortrix are extremely varied, but it is important to remember that only one of these traits can be accessed at any given time. Now, he can switch nearly instantaneously between the various states, but only by opening up further 'Victortrix' on his body is he able to access multiple at once.

[Omnipotent Motivator] Finger Adaptation: Shatter Point
Rote_Memory: The lady known as Nozomi once blasted the Doctor's mind into near-oblivion with this ability, breaking his consciousness into tiny pieces which she later had to reforge, to much exultation as the Doctor's mind had to reforge itself, as if starting up a planet-sized machine.

Practical_Effect: When this ability is activated, two alterations happen. The first is that a small blue strand of hair appears on Rasuca's head, stretching out from right above his right eye. Out of his right eye, he is able to see small 'points' on various objects. On the pointer fingers on each hand, he also gains a small blue marking just below the nail, which dimly glows. By pressing these fingers into the glowing 'points', usually only the size of the finger itself, a kind of 'shattering' occurs. This ability can only be used on inanimate objects, but it will be able to work on most objects. By applying pressure to those locations, it causes the object to visibly explode into a variety of different pieces, scattering outwards in every possible direction with a significant amount of force. The less 'organized' or 'strong' the structure of something is, the fewer shatter points that it has and the easier it is to cause shattering. For the hardest objects, he may have to hold his finger in that position for up to five seconds before it will finally erupt. Finally, this ability cannot be used on large structures, such as buildings, although it may be used on parts of them, up to five meters of radius.

[The Thread Monstrosity] Multiple Victortrix
Rote_Memory: This ability comes from the second conflict that the Doctor had with Akisame of the Nature Iramasha. In this confrontation, the Doctor created several different statues of himself before dashing them all to pieces.

Practical_Effect: With this ability, Rasuca is able to convert a substantial amount of his energy into creating another Victortrix along his left arm, up his neck and finally onto his forehead. These are all practically identical to the one on his left arm, with one major difference. Each one that is added uses up twice the amount to maintain it as the last. This means that to make a third would take up four times as much energy for that one plus the original amounts going into the first and second, making up for seven parts of energy. Once a fourth is added, that makes for fifteen times the original amount of energy that it was using.

[The Thread Monstrosity] Second Heartbeat
Rote_Memory: This ability comes from the very first encounter that the Doctor had with Akisame Hoshi, in which the Doctor was forced to retreat upon discovering just what kind of monstrosity he was up against with how many lives that it had, even having to split himself in half and abandon half of his body in order to survive.

Practical_Effect: When this ability is used, the Victortrix on Rasuca's left hand dramatically explodes, rendering his entire left arm useless for the remainder of the thread. However, what this does is create another 'life' for Rasuca to have. This means that if he would be truly slain, killed, or otherwise cause for his body to die, instead he does not. This means that he will still sustain the damage, but where the critical wound was maintained, whatever was necessary to continue living will be instantaneously replenished in that moment, leading to him still being alive after having 'died'. However, nothing can cure his arm for the rest of that thread, even replacing it, as the spiritual connection to that arm as well as his physical understanding of having an arm there are both totally gone.

[The Reaper of Life] Shadow-Healing Fingers
Rote_Memory: This memory is from the being known as Yako Grim. Yako is a memory of the Akatsuki, as well as being a fellow Cross Commander of the Doctor. The Doctor has an Edotensei version of Yako, and even used it in his battle against Nozomi. The primary ability of that creation is to manipulate 'shadows' to his benefit.

Practical_Effect: The ability that is granted through the Victortrix is a dark 'glow' that appears on his hand. In this state ,he is able to 'heal' through the shadows that his fingers are over. Naturally, this uses up his energy to use, but due to the very small area that each finger occupies, it means that the healing upon each individual inch of injury will be healed very well. If he were to drag his finger over a two-inch deep wound, for example, the flesh would totally recover after a few moments of dragging the finger along its entire surface. Obviously, this is limited, and to move extremely fast while using it would greatly diminish its overall effectiveness.

[The Wolf of the West] Marksman's Eye
Rote_Memory: This memory is of the time that Shizou Heiwajima got within an extremely difficult battle with Coyote Starrk. Throughout this battle, Starrk used an impressive extent of his power, blowing away miles of desert with the sheer amount of destruction that was created. In the wake of this destruction, the Doctor recovered Shizou's broken and battered body that was nearly killed. In the process, he collected a piece of Starrk's DNA that was left behind by the battle.

Practical_Effect: When this is activated, a peculiar 'gossamer' appears around Rasuca's pointer, middle, and ring fingers on his left hand. When placed over his eyes and stretched out, they produce a peculiar 'nexus' with his eyesight. In this way, his thoughts communicate with the gossamer by 'questioning' it. The automatic 'question' that is asked is 'what the target's are'. These mean all the projectiles within Rasuca's sight, as well as any persons defined as opponents. He can also make targets out of things once looking through the gossamer. In addition, he can ask 'questions' about the way to make certain 'movements' that will result in his 'result' being most effectively achieved, such as how fast he should fire a bolt of lightning from his right hand. It is merely a visual aid, nothing more, but it should be noted that it uses up energy so long as it is invoked.

[The Berserker Assistant] Berserker's Grip
Rote_Memory: This memory is of the time that the Doctor found Shizou Heiwajima lying on the brink of death, before watching him die before his very eyes. In the midst of all this, the Doctor emerged, and in admiration for the grip to life that Shizou had maintained, he resurrected the young man, as well as granting him his freedom. From then on, the Heiwajima male lived with the Doctor at his laboratory, and is one of the only people that the Doctor can actually call his 'friend'.

Practical_Effect: Invoking the Berserker's Grip creates an extremely strong amount of energy around the fingers of Rasuca's left hand. Once gripped onto something, they are nearly impossible to remove, and it is often much easier to sever Rasuca's arm than to try to pry the fingers off. This is due to the fact that the very elemental make-up of his left arm changes, becoming a hyper-dense amount of pure energy that is solidified against itself. From his hand, this amount of density gradually decreases before finally stopping at his shoulder. So, while it may be easier to chop of the arm than the fingers, it is still incredibly difficult. In addition, the grip itself is strong enough to crack through most substances and barriers, but the grip itself can only be used 'once'. The energy around the grip makes friction 'absolutely maximum', meaning that the static force constant between the material being touched and Rasuca's left hand becomes an extraordinarily high number despite what the material he is gripping onto. This includes air and water; once he has gripped it, the fact of the friction being manipulated results in his hand becoming unable to be moved from that spot for all intents and purposes. The major drawback to this ability is that once used, Rasuca is 'stuck' there for a post. He cannot physically dislodge his arm until the invocation leaves his hand.

[The Child of Satan] Power Sealing
Rote_Memory: This memory was from the time that the Doctor abducted Rin Okamura, the Child of Satan who seals his power within a peculiar blade. In the memory, he fought against the Doctor's Edotensei Suzu, eventually having his arm blown off instead of being defeated, causing a rather large uproar and impressing the Doctor with his determination.

Practical_Effect: With this ability, Rasuca is able to 'seal' away his own powers and abilities within his left ahnd. This means that he becomes, in effect, completely powerless. This is very helpful in circumstances where there are those who would not trust him either due to his family ties or knowledge of his various abilities. This means that he seals away all of his powers and supernatural abilities within his left hand, leaving only his natural statistics and state of being, which he already regards as enough to deal with most situations. Of course, this includes the Victortrix and Progenitrix as well, though it does not cause his Zanpakutō to dematerialize, simply removing its ability to transform or change. This state is represented by a long series of tattoos that go far up his left arm, shining in a variety of colors. From here, the only supernatural thing which Rasuca can do which originates from his own body is release his abilities back into his own body, which they will do so that they are exactly as they were before.

[The Madam Serpentess] Racial Compatability
Rote_Memory: Upon first waking up from the Doctor's surgery on her body to grant her more brain capacity and bodily abilities, Amy Heiwajima took the cells of the Doctor and the Edotensei of his wife Suzu to create sperm cells in order to bare the children of both of these scientists, causing two children to be born. The Doctor had to immediately surgically remove one so that it would not die, whereas the one from Suzu remained in Amy's body.

Practical_Effect: In all practicality, this is really a passive ability which stems from Rasuca's left hand. By invoking this, he becomes for the next twenty four hours able to reproduce with any other being which reproduces sexually.

[The Artificial Dragon] Bird of Hermes
Rote_Memory: This memory is from the creation of a miniature dragon with the intelligence of a human that the Doctor created in order to attempt to resurrect this ancient race that was long thought to have been killed. The Doctor back-tracked his own DNA make-up in order to find the tie between his spiritual energy and the the serpent that was forced to crawl upon the earth on its belly.

Practical_Effect: With this ability, Rasuca is able to cause for his left arm to develop feathers all along its length. By shaking this arm in this state, the feathers produce their own updraft, carrying Rasuca effortlessly into the air. From here, he can fly around in any directio nhe desires by using his left hand as the starting point for the invocation of bursts of wind that are manipulated by Rasuca's feathers. When the invocation ends, the feathers molt and fall off his arm, signifying his loss of this 'natural' flight.

[The Cultured Aegis] Shields of the Spirit
Rote_Memory: Zane Fenrier serves as a member of K-World's crosses, the same as the Doctor. As such, he has observed this young man for an extended period of time, 'stalking' him. The memories gained through this 'stalking' comprises the availability of this memory.

Practical_Effect: Invoking this particular aspect causes for his left hand to 'project' plates made out of pure Spiritual Energy. These 'plates' can be broken just like any other spiritual energy, although they do have one special quality, and that is the ability to rapidly 'stack' them, allowing for their reinforcement to multiply as a result of this manipulate of the shields. However, once they are broken, they are totally shattered, the energy lost. It is important to note that the shields are not necessarily 'affiliated' with Rasuca and that changing the invocation of the Victortrix will not cause for them to disperse after their creation. In fact, they will only begin to naturally deteriorate once a thread has been ended, making them a 'permanent' fixture after creation.

[The Demonic Businessman] Crystal of Greed
Rote_Memory: The Doctor is addicted to gold, and one of his primary providers of new stock is the man known as Reigen. In addition to gold, he also receives other various supplies that he himself is unable to obtain to be able to further perform his research into various fields. This working relationship has created many memories for the Doctor.

Practical_Effect: This ability creates a watch that forms around Rasuca's left wrist, with the accurate time displayed. However, more than this, it also allows for Rasuca to 'sense' nearby 'greed'. This means that he can feel when someone 'wants' something intensely, and that intensity is also gauged. While this ability is only effective up to 100 meters and diminishes in effectiveness the farther away the detection, it can still sense some small amount up to that distance.

It also has one other ability. The 'crystal' within the watch is able to drop down, creating a line with a crystal attached. This 'crystal' can be manipulated by Rasuca's mind, allowing for it to be moved. It can move as fast as Rasuca can, but it can only reach up to one hundred meters. The crystal is as sharp as his Zanpakutō, as is the string. The durability of the string is also the same as his Zanpakutō. Interestingly, if the face of the watch is shattered, he is automatically knocked out of this invocation for the rest of the thread, making it unavailable for use.

[The Nightmarish Priest] Talisman of Masochism
Rote_Memory: Justin Washi produced the wedding ceremony for the Doctor and his Wife, as well as being a member of the organization the Akatsuki along with the Doctor. He is an individual that the Doctor has known for a very long time, and as a result the two have a personal relationship.

Practical_Effect: Invoking the Talisman creates exactly what it says, a Talisman in Rasuca's left hand. From here, the talisman is placed around his neck or held around the wrist of his left hand. After this point, the talisman's effect begins to activate. Any pain that Rasuca would experience is maximized and transformed into 'pleasure'. This means that something like losing an arm would become an overwhelmingly pleasing experience, likely enough for Rasuca to be knocked unconscious. Even getting a cut would release a terrific amount of endorphins within his spirit, granting it a sense of 'joy'. This allows for him to withstand more 'pain', if he can remain aware of his own senses through the new sensation. However, the drawback is that he can no longer feel his body's natural warning systems of 'pain', meaning that he becomes highly dependent on his senses to understand how much damage he has undergone. The talisman is as durable as Rasuca's Zanpakutō, but can be broken. If so, it will be unable to be recreated for the rest of the thread and the effect will immediately dissipate. Meanwhile, if Rasuca invokes into something else, the talisman becomes 'stuck' in its current position until the end of the thread. Rasuca is literally unable to remove it under his own will.

[The Experimental Angel] Angelic Vocal Chorus
Rote_Memory: The woman known as Amelia that the Doctor originally gave the experiment that was to produce a being very similar to himself, an Angel Iramasha that had been Corrupted from the influence of a Serpent. From there, the two of them formed an extremely close bond, nearly romantic in some aspects, until the day that she disappeared. From then on, the Doctor thought himself lost until the day that he abducted Suzu, but it is unknown if his heart every truly recovered.

Practical_Effect: This ability causes for the link from Rasuca's left arm to reach all the way into his vocal chords, and this ability causes for his voice to be 'listened' to. This means that when he speaks, those who could hear his voice now feel the communication through their 'sixth sense', meaning that they hera what he is saying directly with their souls, making blocking out what he says extremely difficult. Furthermore, with those beings who have not developed themselves spiritually, his voice seems to become much more persuasive, presenting its logic directly to their mind in what most would consider an 'unbiased' view. While he is not manipulating them or controlling them, it does make the target much more susceptible to influence from his words.

[The Maroon Maiden of Dreams] Fantasy Radar
Rote_Memory: The Doctor and Suzu captured Rachel Dare, the Girl of Dreams, in the Soul Society. From there, the Doctor marked her with his curse mark, creating a relationship with her and studying her through this connection to try to understand 'dreams' better.

Practical_Effect: When this ability is invoked, a ring appears around each of Rasuca's fingers on his left hand. These rings consistently cause a pink glow to spread throughout Rasuca's hand. From here, whenever he touches a sleeping person, he is able to view within their 'psyche' and observe their 'dreams', if they are having any. Furthermore, he is able to create a 'projection' with these rings that forms like a screen made out of bright pink energy, before creating what looks like a screen that 'projects' what Rasuca wills. Normally, this will be directly what the person he is observing is dreaming, allowing it to be directly viewed by someone else. However, when Rasuca sleeps, this trait of the Victortrix can be randomly invoked, causing his own dreams to be projected when he has them without him being any the wiser. Furthermore, the Rings fade just as soon as the invocation ends, as well as its effects dispersing. More often then not, this is invoked so that Rasuca can use the projection screen to create something other than another person's 'dreams', in order to help him explain something with a visual aid.

[The Lady of Madness and Chaos] Disordered Vision
Rote_Memory: The Doctor has a personal relationship with Mana Asthavon, but this particular one stems from the encounter that he held with her over the woman Claire Clixx. In this conflict, the Doctor lost all semblance of reason, completely losing his mind to madness and trying to get Mana to remove herself before causing a catastrophic conflict. The final result was Nozomi Sumashuu knocking him out from behind, removing all consciousness from his body and rendering him useless. Since that experience, the Doctor has been considered a 'friend' to the Asthavon household, even sending gifts during the holiday season and maintaining good relations with the members of Shadowfall.

Practical_Effect: When Rasuca invokes this trait, both of his eyes become completely black. In addition, the contortions of his jaw changes, forcing him to smile extremely widely so long as it remains invoked. The effect of this is the ability to sense 'Chaos' and 'Madness'. While this is induced, areas that are filled with 'Chaotic' elements will appear to Rasuca's vision as being green, with the more green indicating more chaos. Those places with totally illogical 'Madness', on the other hand, show up red, and the more bright it is the more madness that is seen. For example, when Rasuca looks up at the Doctor with these eyes, he sees an extremely bright red aura surrounding around his father's body, extremely bright even in his neutral state. The more capable of chaos or madness something is that Rasuca can see, the wider the 'aura' will be, and the more they are performing that chaos or madness, the brighter the aura will be all around.

[The Eclipse Warrior] Dealer of Light
Rote_Memory: This memory comes from when the Doctor fought against the being known as Haru in the Madness City. In this battle, the Doctor emerged victorious and received an Edotensei version of the being known as Haru for his trouble.

Practical_Effect: When this is activated, a black glove forms around Rasuca's left hand. From here, he is able to 'project' or 'take away' light. This means that his energy becomes able to form as light, or suppress the formation of light. Therefore, he can produce a large burst like a light at any time, which can be strong enough to even cause momentary blindness. On the other hand, he can also 'steal' all the lights in an area around him by holding the hand up in the air, causing the glove itself to glow bright as a result. The light that is taken away will be removed until the end of the thread, and it can be extracted from anything that produces 'natural' light, such as flame or sunlight in a given area. If he removes sunlight, the general area within 100 meters of Rasuca's body becomes dimmer, although the more light he takes from the larger of an area, the more energy it uses to remove that light. Once the invocation is finished, the glove disperses, though the light does not return in the area for another post. To be specific, he can remove light from specific sources, or many simultaneously.

[The Doppelganger's Shadow] Eyes of Mimicry
Rote_Memory: The Doctor knew a man named Itachi through his participation of the Akatsuki. When he was slain, the Doctor recovered his corpse, and specifically his eyes, using them as tools for research in how to eventually be able to wield the Rinnegan. As a result ,the Doctor's relationship and memories are more closely linked to the eyes themselves rather than the person who formerly wielded them.

Practical_Effect: Once invoked, Rasuca's eyes automatically change into becoming a bright red, filled with three black dots. These eyes have the unique ability of being able to analyze three 'aspects' when an ability is used against Rasuca. If the ability uses a power source that Rasuca has access to, then he is able to 'observe' how that ability was created. This means that he is able to see the spiritual, mental , and physical components which entered into the creation of the ability. Taking it one step further, as long as the eyes are invoked, he can immediately 'copy' those techniques which he has observed using his own stocks of energy. However, he only has one post in which he may reproduce the created ability, and he cannot use the ability if the invocation is cancelled.

[The Woodsman of Bones] Eternal Weapon of Calcium
Rote_Memory: The Doctor was an associate of Kimmimaro, one of Nagato's experiments and an experiment of the Akatsuki. He was drastically murdered, having his very concept destroyed. However… the Doctor still knew him, which meant that he could enter within the Rote_Memory system of the Victortrix.

Practical_Effect: This ability is more like an 'instantaneous' activation. When it is performed, 'bone' is created from Rasuca's body, causing for it to instantaneously exit from his body, allowing for him to manipulate it in any way possible. A normal activation would be something like pointing his left hand forwards with his fist out, shooting out bullets made out of his reinforced bones that stemmed from his knuckles. Another application would be to draw out the bone in his arm, leaving a wound in his hand but resulting in a sharp blade of bone appearing in his hand, meaning that he can almost always create for himself some form of weapon as long as he does not mind breaching his own flesh to gain it. The most dramatic application of this effect is a technique known as the 'Bone Forest', where Rasuca thrusts his hand into the ground and creates a massive amount of bones that rise up out of the ground in the area, skewering everything in its immediate vicinity and attempting to stab any targets multiple times. This obviously uses up a terrific amount of energy, meaning that it cannot be used more than one time per thread.

[The Fatestitcher Puppeteer] Red String of Fate
Rote_Memory: This memory comes from the day that Shishome's house was destroyed. There, the Doctor met with her Sister, Lilium, and in offered his services to essentially destroy Shisome's life through hypnosis.

Practical_Effect: By invoking this, particular strings appear from Rasuca's hand, before spreading across his body. Once this is used, these strings made of his own special blend of energy wrap around each and every muscle, ligament, and otherwise 'part' of the man's body. As a result, he becomes able to now manipulate each and every single bit of his own body down to the nano-meter, able to flex it and move it in any way he desires. Of course, this could lead to some painful outcomes if he moves wrong or in an anatomically impossible direction, but while doing so will harm him it can allow him to manipulate his body in new ways. More often, he uses this ability to allow for limbs which can no longer function to be used, or to temporarily re-bind a body part that has been lost and cannot be replenished very easily.

[The Ice Witch] Body Freezing
Rote_Memory: The Doctor's battle in New York City caused him to come into conflict with the Nature Iramasha known as Anarchy. She was an ice user who could freeze Manhattan Bay and yet was defeated by the Doctor himself. That was the last time that the Doctor saw her, but her memory still lingers in his mind.

Practical_Effect: When this is activated, time seems to 'stop' inside of Rasuca's mind. In reality, this is because his mind has been rapidly accelerated to such absolutely absurd amounts that it feels like everything has become frozen. This will continue to increase his mental processing speed until he could look at the current state of things for an entire post, which can consume a huge amount of energy even though it is done in literally something much smaller than a moment. Within that instant of time, Rasuca is able to totally observe and think about everything that is happening around him within his senses, make calculations, deduce strategies, anything. However, the use of this ability means that his arm will be burned out for the next post ,and he will be unable of activating the Victortrix for a post afterwards ,as well as channel other kinds of spiritual manipulation through his left arm. The ability ends after the time limit is exceeded or Rasuca exits from the invocation.

[The Warrior-King] Hand of Violations
Rote_Memory: In Austrailia, the Doctor came into direct confrontation with the man known as Zefonse Kaizme. At that time, the two of them agreed to destroy the being known as Claire Clixx however they could, viewing her as a blight upon their world.

Practical_Effect: As far as this ability goes, the primary effect is that the invocation causes the entire hand to erupt into energies of black, red, and blue. From here, the hand gains the ability to 'pass' through other energies. This means that the hand attempts to 'ignore' the existences of things such as barriers and walls, pushing through up to the shoulder itself. From here, the arm is now 'within' those energy constructs, or has reached the other side of them. Naturally, if there is a damaging aspect to the barrier, it will harm Rasuca to be so close, and if he presses up to the shoulder he could be very, very badly damaged, but it does allow for him to reach in things even including his father's War-Time Barrier. When the invocation is cancelled, the Victortrix is unable to be activated for the rest of the thread.

[The Cursed Angel] Artificial Strangulation
Rote_Memory: The body of Prodigy was recovered by the Doctor, Kabuto Hebi, resulting in her Edofication. From there, she has served as one of the Doctor's weapons and he has called on her whenever he required an energy-intense amount of muscle. Her special ability, it seems to the Doctor, is dying.

Primary_Effect: Once invoked, Rasuca's heart stops. Furthermore, all bloodflow within his body stops. Finally, his soul is poured within the mark on his left hand, to the point where it can no longer even be detected. At this point, he becomes truly 'dead'. Even destroying his body any further will cause no reaction, and he can be viewed as a corpse. After two posts, however, the spirit from his hand races back into his body, reviving him to how he was before he was placed back into the hand, but then his entire arm dies as it does when he uses Second Heartbeat. In addition, he must become accustomed to his own body, which makes it so that he can barely move at all after its activation.

[The Afro Samurai] Ambient Energy Absorption
Rote_Memory: The Doctor worked with Redd Tsueken as a result of the Shinigami joining the Akatsuki. He provided the Doctor with assistant duties in his attempts to gather up the corpses of various prophets from the Scriptures.

Practical_Effect: Once activated, a terrific vortex appears around Rasuca's left arm. Everything which could be considered 'ambient' energy with the area is instantly absorbed within that arm, everything from spiritual to other kinds. If the energies can be used by Rasuca's own body, they are purified and absorbed by the miniature hurricane around his hand. If they cannot, they are used to grind up spiral energy around his hand before having that new pure energy sent through his body, before dissipating the excess energy. It should be noted that this ability has a two post cooldown, and usually ends with everything in the area ceasing its movements for a single moment. It cannot absorb energy attacks, as they have a spiritual direction behind them, but can absorb things like reishi and the vibrations created on the ground from walking on it. If there is not 'intent' behind the energies in the area, it will begin to manipulate them.

[The Cybertronic Primera] Switchback
Rote_Memory: This memory was from the time that the Doctor Kabuto Hebi fought in Austrailia alongside Nozomi Sumashuu and Rose Mischevang. At that time, he spoke with Rose Mischevang while she attempted to keep a multitude of enemies at bay. At that time, a small bond was formed between the two of them, one which the Doctor surprisingly treasures at is one of the times that he can think of where his words brought calm to another person's heart.

Practical_Effect: When this ability is activated, a series of electronic circuits courses through the left side of Rasuca's body. At this point, his entire 'body' changes. For a single post, his body switches to how it 'was' in the post before, except for his left arm. This means that a kind of 'copy' of his body is molded from his current status using his energy and the data that has been saved within the arm. However, it is important to note that any damage that he retains while having switched back will come back onto his regular body afterwards. Furthermore, if damage is dealt to something that would be unable to be damaged, random damage appears along his vital organs instead. Furthermore, once he switches back from this, the circuits that cover his left arm go out rapidly, and his arm becomes as useless as when using Second Heartbeat. Furthermore, he is unable of accessing either the Progenitrix or Victortrix for the rest of the thread after this activation has occurred.

[The Hybrid Cerberus] Howlpack Detection

Rote_Memory: The Doctor, Kabuto Hebi, met Koichi in the moment when he freed Shizou from the chains of death. At that moment he observed a man who commanded a vast force, with many weapons at his disposal… and also many relationships. In that moment, he witnessed for the first time the power that relationships could have within other people's lives.

Practical_Effect: Once activated, earrings appear on the left side of his head, three crystalline objects that point downwards from along his ear. Once this is activated, it remains for the rest of the current thread and is unable to be disabled. From here, Rasuca is able to see 'leylines' of relationships that are related to himself. The best way to explain this would be to say that if someone like Amy were disguising herself in the same room as he was wearing these earrings, he would see through her disguise and see her for who she truly was. This only provides 'detection', nothing more. Another benefit is that he is able to sense his mother and father no matter where they have gone, even across different dimensions. He is also able to sense the Doctor's other progeny, including Victor II, at all times, though not across dimensions. By 'related', this means those that his parents have formed very specific bonds with and left a lasting effect on, such as the curse mark or having applied to Suzu for a power upgrade.

[The Streaming Fists] The Smallest Blade

Rote_Memory: In the Break-In Event, the Doctor came into direct conflict with the man known as Sagumi. In their conflict the roaring Doctor slammed both of their bodies against different walls and fought directly with the man, and was impressed by his determination and upright standing.

Practical_Effect: Once this ability becomes activated, Rasuca's left pinky changes color, becoming a roaring red .From here, it gains the same amount of durability and sharpness as his Zanpakutō, though it is not able to cut himself. In addition, a red band appears around his other four fingers on his left hand, acting like a 'guard' of sorts with a durability of his Zanpakutō as well. From here, he is able to use the pinky as he would a sword, although it is most useful as a parrying device against armed opponents. It can also be helpful for sneak attacks if it is used in that way, and even as emergency defense against smaller objects that Rasuca's eyes can observe.

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[The Ultimate Victor] Left Arm Maximum Art: The Six Paths of Pain
Rote_Memory: The Doctor's father, 'Victor', otherwise known as Nagato, with the third alias of Pain. This man was an extraordinarily powerful arrancar, one of the strongest of his day. However, the Doctor would ultimately kill him. Why he slayed the man he called 'father' could have a variety of complex reasoning, but at the end of the day… the Doctor simply decided that the man needed to die, to be executed, to be eliminated. From his death, the Doctor recovered the Rinnegan eyes and the Six Paths of Pain, well, four of them at least. He was the Doctor's greatest friend, as well as his father, and yet he was surpassed by the Doctor himself. It took the maximum amount of his resources and the lives of all of his selves at the time, but he managed to kill him. That massive observation of his father's power was burned into the Doctor's mind.

Practical_Effect: Grandfather's Gift

This effect, this invocation is a transformation of Rasuca's body. It is his 'left arm''s release, causing it to go into the maximum state possible. When it comes to the left arm, energy consumption is everything. Once invoked, the Six Paths will constantly drain Rasuca of an immense amount of his energy, consuming enough energy to decimate several city blocks simply by keeping it active for a post. However, for this terrific energy consumption, there is a return.

The Victortrix: Revised
Upon releasing this invocation, Rasuca's entire left arm turns to a black color for a moment, before dispersing as it is replaced by the symbols of the Victoritrix, with a single word inscribed over all of them. "Ultimó". From here, the symbols all change, becoming inscribed with the many rings of the Rinnegan and changing to have a purplish background as the eyes themselves maintain. From here, the left side of Rasuca's head changes. Through the left side of his nostrils, a series of small black bars appear, as well as a piercing through the left side of his lip and through his left ear. Finally, around his neck appears a black necklace with several magatama and other black beads.

Each of these Victortrix is operating at maximum efficiency, enabling the effects of Multiple Victortrix. In total, there are now Six Victortrix on Rasuca's body. One on his hand, one on the outside of his lower arm, one on the outside and one on the inside of the flesh of the arm between the elbow and shoulder, one on the top of the shoulder itself, and the sixth appearing between his eyes on his forehead. In this form, the Multiple Victortrix ability is completely disabled. Everything else, however, works fine. Finally, the abilities that would destroy the Victortrix normally and disable his arm will only disable two of the Victortrix, causing the 'eyes' to close and vanish. Upon all of the eyes closing, the Maximum Art will fade,

Ancestral Art: Summoning
While in this state, he can perform 'transmutations' just as before, but each of his transmutations will have a bit more 'oomph'. In addition, he gains the ability to gain access to up to four of the Doctor's Edotensei. Each of the Edotensei rules apply, and he is unable to control those with a higher tier than himself. However, this does not count for the leftover Paths of Pain; these, Rasuca may access at any time and use as his one, as he can only have up to one summoned at a time. Should the Maximum Art fade, they will fall like puppets that have had their strings attached, before vanishing in a cloud of smoke.

Personality Reconfiguration: The Godfather
A major drawback of the Maximum Art is that once it is invoked, Rasuca will retain no memories at all of what happens for the time that it is active. This is because of the fact that the memories of his ancestor flow into his mind, as well as the ancestor's personality. While his personality does not 'change', exactly, Rasuca gains an 'awareness' that he is now himself and yet not. He is able to acknowledge this, and the personality that his been captured and bound to his body understands this as well. Therefore, when he speaks, he speaks as Rasuca, but his knowledge has now been influenced by another. In addition, his spiritual signature changes intensely to that of the Arrancar whose ancestry he is recalling, which is enabled from his trait as an Arrancar Iramasha.

The Right Hand: The Progenitrix
While the hands can be used in conjunction with one another to manipulate the outer world, using them individually allows for a variety of unique 'abilities' to be accessed, in a way similar to how Rasuca accesses the 'adaptations' that he has taken into his body. However, within each of the hands are memories from 'before' his time, in other words, they are powers which manifested from the result of being born to his parents.

With his right hand he contains the ancestral 'memories' of the abilities of his parents, Doctor Kabuto Hebi and Suzu Hebi. For the most part, these abilities only affect his own hands, wrists, or arm, but they can vary as well. Most of his father's abilities relate to those which emerged with his own Seishin Buki, and the memories gained from his mother tend to deal with the results of her 'experimentations' on herself.

[Being a Spawner] Summoning Totemic Familiars
Through this mark on his palm, Rasuca is able to summon forth snakes and cobras of all varieties. These beings are created through Chaos Energy and produced outwards through Spiral Energy. Each is a living snake that is brought forth, and each obeys the will of Rasuca. It should be noted that they are living creatures, and if not killed can go on to live in whatever environment that they are dropped in. In addition, Rasuca is able to perform a kind of 'bio-enhancement' to the snakes themselves, such as creating one with a flaming body using his flame creation in such a way that it does not kill the snake itself. Obviously, only his own 'abilities' can be used this way, and he cannot imbue his symbiosis traits with them.

[Surgical Strings] The Ties That Bind
By pressing this right hand against a surface, Rasuca is able to pour out 'spiritual threads' to pour along that surface through the use of his spiritual energy. By using this ability, he can coat something in his spiritual energy by hitting it with his right hand. Furthermore, the energy will then spread out, before clinging tightly to any surface that it could touch when Rasuca wills for it to, but not before. Otherwise, the energy waits atop the surface in a microscropic filament that needs to be dispersed to be removed. The final application of this ability is 'binding', where Rasuca thrusts his hand into a targets body and uses the entirety of his spirit and mental energies to internally 'bind' that person's body in on themselves. While in this state, he cannot even move his physical body, but it does usually bind the target completely. If they manage to break out of it, then he himself is also freed of that strain. It does not actually use up his energy to maintain this, but is more like a rope being kept taut.

[Being an Escape Pod] Horrific Escape
Through the use of his right hand, Rasuca is able to 'dodge' attacks once per thread in a special manner. By the use of this ability, by thrusting his palm outwards, his spirit is thrust inside the crest on his right hand, before being ejected out the other side. As a result, his body is pushed through a tiny space as he is literally turned backwards. While 'backwards', his entire body becomes… strange. His hands, feet, and head point towards his back, and his body moves the same as normal. To return to normal, he must perform this escape once more, though once he has done so he is unable to do it again for the rest of the thread.

[Being a Laser] Chou Makou
By opening his mouth wide, Rasuca is able to summon a substantial amount of energy into his mouth, as if he were a dragon preparing to breath fire. By expulsing this energy, he can fire it outwards with a great amount of force. This aspect has several variations as well; he can use this ability to create small destructive spheres of power in rapid succession, create a gigantic sphere of energy before firing it, or even create a concentrated beam with the ability to 'cut' through materials.

[Being a Snapper] Poison Ejection
Rasuca's canines have the same property as Hebi's do. They are truthfully hollow. Through the activation of this ability, Rasuca can extract poisons of spiritual, physical, or mental nature from his body. This process does take time, and cannot be used instantaneously to remove all of the poison; if used so briefly it will only remove the most immediate symptoms and not the core of the poison itself. The other aspect which 'goes along' with this effect is his ability to internally 'focus' poisons and other substances that enter his body, which can take some time to achieve but can definitely help with extraction.

[Earth Pass] Mineral Inquisition
By placing his hands over a material and given a certain amount of time [about half a post], Rade is able to determine what that material is composed of. The material could be stone, dirt, or even flesh or spiritual armor. Once complete, he receives a mental list of what the object is made up of on an atomic level, as well as the focus of any spiritual energies within that material. It does not tell him its weakness; simply what it is constructed out of.

[Satanic Uniqueness] ????

[Snake Cloak] Snake Eyes
By invoking his Eyes, Rasuca gains the ability to see through all but the most powerful illusions. This means that his eyes gain the same property that lies within the Doctor's cloak's eyes. The activation of this effect is able to be viewed, however. It turns the users eyes totally yellow, causing them to bug out slightly as they examine their surroundings. That is the only ocular benefit it confers, but it can be used at a rapid speed.

[Languages] Comprehension
Just as his Father can speak any language, Rasuca can understand any language. Through listening to sound waves, he is able to make out the 'intent' of the speaker. Therefore, his comprehension is not always perfect. However, it does provide far more comprehension than he would have otherwise when dealing with persons of different languages. It also allows for him to hear 'the harmony of nature', something his father never could. He is able to hear the biomantic waves of his environment itself, although he must choose to listen to it before it can be processed through his mind.

[Vampirism] Sadistic View of Blood
Gained from Suzu, this trait makes it actually euphoric for Rasuca to ingest the blood of others. Therefore, it causes him to see this trait as one of something like a hobby or game, something done between friends. It gives him a strong rush of joy with an undercurrent of pleasure whenever he ingests the blood of another as a result.

Rasuca Desăvârşit Hebi (Rade; 0-5--) Image3792-1

• Natural Abilities:

Transcended Arrancar's Hierro
The Hierro that he wears is a combination of the unique aspects of both his father and mother's flesh. While on the one hand, it has the capacity to be extraordinarily durable, it also has the ability to 'detach' at his will. It can survive perfectly fine in dense climates such as space or at the bottom of the ocean. It can stand extreme temperatures of both heat and cold, thanks to his affiliation with both elements as well as the experimentation of his father. It is able to be removed or 'peeled off', at will.

Finally, it has the ability to regenerate at a medium speed. Essentially, the regeneration of his body uses up Spiral Energy, and he is able to store his own extra spiral-energy created hierro flesh on his body in the form of tattoos and other such markings. While this ability may be called 'tattoo generation', it is an employment of his Spiral Generation as well as the Seal techniques of his Father.

'Perfect' Fluid Body
From the flexibility of his father and the 'perfect' figure maintained by his mother, Rasuca's body is naturally absurdly flexible. He is able to stick his entire body between his legs by leaning his back backwards ,and can strech nearly every part of his body in any direction he desires. In addition, the figure that he has gained from his mother means that he will never gain a blemish on his body, and therefore anything placed on there is there of his own will, whether it be a scar or tattoo. His body will not collect fat, and will instead convert the 'matter' into more Spiral energy for the rest of his body to use. In addition, he has the ability to use his Symbiosis to pass this trait along to others in order to cure physical 'deformities' or otherwise unwanted blemishes or pieces of their body. However, this aspect cannot change the basic 'nature' of their body, so it cannot do something such as removing an arm. It can, however, remove Rasuca's own limbs at his discretion.

Cero and Bala
From his mother, he has the ability to both store and use reiatsu and reishi. Also from his mother, he has the ability to create and fire Cero. While he has the capacity to fire even Gran Rey and Oscuras, they would be weaker than a regular Arrancar's of the same level. As such, it is ture that he can use both his Symbiosis and Spiral Energies in order to alter the Cero that he creates ,allowing form them to become either as strong, or perhaps even stronger than the Cero or Bala used by another.

Technique Creation and Adaptaion
Stemming from his concepts of Evolution and Adaptation, as well as Symbiosis and Spiral Energy, Rasuca is able to rapidly develop techniques based off of those used by others, as well as any other inspiration that comes to his mind. His Father performs similar experiments, though he cannot do it with his own body and instead relies on other tools. Rasuca's own mind allows for him to work out fairly quickly how to replicate or use something else as inspiration for the creation of a new move or technique or ability. While obviously the amount of time it takes to develop something is proportional to the difficulty in producing and acting upon it, the Child also is like its father in that it refuses to give up once it has gained hold of an idea, meaning that it is likely it will eventually be worked out to a usable state.

Potent Senses
The male's ability to sense his surroundings is very high. His ears are able to hear whispering or heartbeats of other creatures up to one thousand meters in any direction should he choose to focus hard enough on it. His eyes are possessed by the Rinnegan, but even without them his reaction times and ability to notice particular details are very high. His sense of touch is able to identify the consistency of a material, as well as the density and gaps between what constructs it, simply by coming into contact with it. In addition, he can 'feel' through other objects as if they were extensions of his own body, even able to feel aspects like heat or roughness depending on what he desires. His sense of taste and smell are strong enough to be able to identify people simply from the unique 'odors' that they emit from their bodies, as well as having the ability to sense spiritual energy on a very deep level. The Doctor's invisibility, for example, is unable to hide from his nose, though he still cannot make out exactly where his father is or what he is doing, simply his estimated location.

Eidetic Memory
Stemming from his Mother, Rusaca has a perfect memory. He can remember every sensation that he has come across with perfect detail. He can memorize entire stories and methods of doing things effortlessly, and can never forget things which he comes across. He can remember sights, smells, tastes, feelings, and even sounds perfectly, so long as he was able to sense them.

Increased Brainpower
While the power of his mind may not be like the Doctor's, it is powerful in a different manner. While the Doctor's was artificially expanded, his own mind has been grown to be able to naturally be increased in strength. The true power behind it is not the endless routes and possibilities that can be swimming within it simultaneously, but the sheer amount of force with which it is able to work. He has the ability to focus on something so intensely that to the world around him it will seem as if time has frozen until he has resolved a problem. This aids in his Evolution Aspect, as well as in aiding him in building Spiral Energy.

• Talents:

Extensive Medical Knowledge
Although he may have no skill in administering it, the Child is a master of injuries and medicines for every kind of race that has been studied by the Doctor. This is, of course, due to tutelage from that selfsame father. He contains all of the Doctor's medical knowledge, and can reference it at any time, even if he does not have his Ancestor's skill. He also has a very detailed knowledge of poisons, as well as poisonous substances and their origins. This also covers things such as therapy techniques and exercises for recovery. He also knows how to turn off the sensation of pain within his own body, although this is something he does not do much.

Blade Wielder
He has undergone training in both the Scythe and the Sword, as well as his bare fists, learning from both his parents as well as the various persons that reside with their family. As a result, he is a competent bladesman, and while not a master by any accounts, even as a young child he is able to compete in swordsmanship with a lower seat of the Gotei 13 Divisions.

Understanding of Important Figures
Thanks to his Father, Rasuca is quite knowledgeable when it comes to various persons across the different dimensions. However, his perception of them and their stories will often be just a little bit misconstrued. This is mostly due to the fact that the Doctor's habit of giving 'names' to others are the same names that he uses when speaking of them with Rusaca. As a result, there can be times when he will finally make a connection between a story and someone that he meets, which can lead to some rather… awkward situations if people realize who the 'storyteller' must have been.

Mystical Palm Technique
Taught by his father, Rasuca is a master of the Mystical Palm Style, the same used and invented by his father. This technique focuses entirely on knowledge of the opponent's anatomy, 'studying' them in the midst of combat. Once enough is known, it begins using strikes that are less direct and more chaotic looking that traditional martial arts styles. However, due to where the targets are and the precise nature of the strikes, it can hurt proportionately more than a typical Martial Arts style.

• Powers:

The Rinnegan
While its form of the Rinnegan is not as powerful as its Father's, it retains the same abilities of being able to see through materials, see through a slowed down perception of time, view materials as if they were up close from a very, very far distance. In addition, it also retains the capacity of three hundred and sixty degree vision, able to see in every direction at once. Finally, these eyes allow for him to communicate with his Father, but only when both have their eyes on at full power.

He also wields a Zanpakutō in the shape of a scythe. However, this is no ordinary scythe. This scythe has the ability to transform. Its transofrmatoin changes it into two smaller scythes, and the final transformation they can go through allows for them to be used as pistols, firing bullets of Reiatsu as well as Spiral Energy.

The Zanpakutō, while it maintains no spirit, does have a unique ability. The ability is to 'teleport' its user . Essentially, the technology of the Doctor was used in relation with his own Stomach's peculiar capacities. This allows for the space that it cuts through to become 'reference' points.

Now, when in the Scythe form, this reference point can reach outwards as far as the slash reaches, allowing for Rasuca to teleport multile times and attach or strike from several different angles in rapid succession. The chain mode allows for the tips of the chains themselves to identify the 'exit' point of the warp, and only one at a time may be created or prepared for use. Finally, the pistols, instead of hitting a target, can create the 'exit' point instead. These pistols can have up to three different 'exit' points set up simultaneously, allowing for the boy to escape in a pinch.

However, the pistol's teleportation and the chained scythes can only be used once per post. The standard scythe can be used as many times as desired in a post. However, the scythe's warp points only appear one at a time, and each one dissipates after only a few moments. They do not carry over from one post to the next.

As for how it works, the scythe creates a 'reference' point at the place of contact. Then, it redirects 'itself' to where Rasuca would be holding it when it is triggered, causing it to emit a puff of red smoke as itself and its owner vanish into thin air and have their energy and thus body reemerge from the point of reference. This can only occur if enough space for Rasuca to occupy is open around that point. If even a bug is in the way, he will be unable to teleport.

Ability to Commune with the Deceased
Gained as a Descendent of the Bearer of the Undertaker, the ability to Commune with the Dead means exactly what it says: Rasuca can speak with spirits. Now, these 'spirits' are truly the 'Spiral Energy Footprint' created when a person has died. This same footprint is what is accessed by the Doctor to create his Edotensei, and is present within each person's DNA. This means, that if Rasuca obtains a part of a person's DNA, he can begin a conversation with the person as they were when they were separated from their genetic material.

This means, for example, that if he were to pick up a lock of Prodigy's hair, he would be able to speak and communicate with the true Prodigy, before she reached her death. However, this speaking does not allow for him to gain access to anything the dead would not wish shared. The dead do not realize that they are deceased, and act as NPCs in this case. Obviously, if speaking to another player's deceased character, it requires their permission to work, and the NPC must be roleplayed by his controller or the original owner of the character. He also cannot commune with persons who have deceased but are still 'alive' in some other fashion.

Manipulation of Water
The ability to manipulate Water in its natural state, uninfluenced, is a trait which he naturally possesses. He can cause the water to move in any direction he chooses simply by exerting his own will over it. If he uses his energy as the guidance, it becomes more potent, with the ability to spread out to become a much larger amount of water than it was previously. In addition, he is able to force the water to ascend it extremely high speeds , able to act like a blade cutting or a hammer slamming down on a target. He is unable to manipulate water within the air or the wind, but he can lower the temperature around his own body rapidly, or increase it.

Coiling Effect
By placing his hand on a surface, Rusaca is able to create the feeling of a 'spring constant'. This means that by touching something, he is able to generate the same kind of force as if a spring had just been released from a state of stretching. This allows for him to perform extraordinarily high jumps, as well as disturb energy attacks by releasing the coiling force as pure Spiral Energy, warping the incoming attack and even sending it flying in another direction if not dispersed altogether. As for mundane objects, this allows for him to do things such as punch a rock and generate enough focused force that the air is burned in the wake of the stone. This ability is generated through Spiral Energy, and is a part of its manipulation. He can also use this 'coiling' effect on his own limbs such as in the example of his legs, and when used with his arms allows for him to turn his own arms into things acting as gigantic 'springs' that send whatever they come into contact with flying. He can even adapt this ability to different parts of his body, enabling to perform techniques such as sending someone who attempts to attack his back flying.

Naturally, this does not prevent him from being hit. It largely does not negate the forces that are flying at him, as the coil goes 'around' those forces. It can be defensive if utilized before the target makes contact with his skin, but that kind of 'spring' can easily be shattered by an excess of force due to being unable to adapt it with the force that is coming into contact with his body, utilizing 'Adaptation'.

Lightning Generation
From his hands and feet, Rusaca is able to produce electricity in a very similar way to how the Doctor creates Spirit Shock. However, Rusaca's generated electricity is true electircity, Elemental Electricity. While created from energy sources such as Spiral Energy and reishi, able to be generated like a cero, it is in fact real electricity that is being manipulated by Rusaca's mind. His body can aid him in directing the electricity, causing it to become more powerful and increasing in speed.

He can create electricity from any point on his body, and is able to resist his own lightning up to ninety percent of his full power. This means that by firing his strongest attacks of lightning, he could harm himself.

His most common application of this technique is the creation of pure lightning bolts being cast on his enemies, as well as the creation of electromagnetic fields to help him keep track of opponents during their movements. Finally, he enjoys creating random 'railguns' with this ability, using it to create light shows of various colors in the sky for his own entertainment and the entertainment of others.

Flame Generation and Manipulation
IN the same manner which he creates Elemental Lightning, Rusaca is able to generate Flames. These flames are able to spread rapidly, and are in fact spiritual in nature. This allows for Rusaca to control them far better than normal flames would be able to do, but as a result he has no ability to manipulate flames other than the ones he creates. He can create waves of flame that act as wind, fill the ground with his flames by inserting it along the earth below his feet, or simply turn it into a ball or spear of flame and use it to burn the opponent. It acts just as normal flames would, able to become yellow or even blue with intensity.

Water Generation and Manipulation
His third element is Water. He can create this water from is own body, creating a sphere of pure water from his body without much effort. From here ,he is able to freeze the water, as well as make it extraordinarily hot steam.

His water is Elemental Water, and he can manipulate regular water just as effortlessly as his own water. His own water, however, he can increase in mass rather easily, and can create extremely potent bullets made out of ice and regular water which can stab into its targets using Spiral Energy, as well as being able to create drills made out of ice.

Bind with Another
By using this ability, Rusaca is able to literally place his own cells within the body of another. What this means is that he is able to pass on his own physical signature into that of another, similar to how the Doctor creates his snake seal. However, the actions performed by Rusaca have two destinations unlike the seal. The first is that the passed on cells act as an independent 'organ', becoming a brief growth on the target's body that they themselves do not support and which only helps them for a brief time before breaking away and being consumed by their body in the form of proteins. The other possibility is that it is instead absorbed as a part of the body, becoming a part of the true organ and reproducing along with its natural cells. This means that the abilities or other traits that it confers to the target become permanent.

Those abilities which Rusaca passes onto another through this method are utilized through the host's own Spiral Energy. The more Spiral Energy they generate, the stronger those aspects will become. Their own powers are not a part of this symbiotic transplant, and the power source of 'desire' that is Spiral Energy is used instead, using that to accomplish the user's will. For the effect to become permanent, both the host and Rusaca must wish it, and Rusaca must physically create another 'symbiosis' effect that caues it t opermanently join with their body.

Taking in Another
The second aspect of Symbiosis, as well as one relating to Evolution, Adaptation, and Parasitism is the act of taking in the cells or abilities of another. Now, this works much less smoothly than the Giving of the Symbiosis. When Rusaca takes in the power or aiblity or trait of another, it must reside within his body for quite some time before it becomes an actual part of him, meaning that it will not truly take effect until the current thread has ended, and the more complex the aspect is, the further longer that it will require to complete its joining with the male. When it finally finishes, it is at the very weakest level that it can possibly be, meaning that the male must develop it for it to have any effect at all. However, there are only two ways for the male to Take In from another. The first is to be given it upon request, which will require the consumption of some significant amount of genetic material. The second method is to clear the 'challenge' of overpowering them, allowing for him to take the aspect for himself. 'Taking' forcibly another aspect means that it will take a sufficient amount of time for it to take effect, meaning that this generally only done for Rusaca's future.

Energy Attack Symbiosis
By emitting 'Spiral Energy' over an Energy attack or construct, Rusaca is able to attempt to 'influence' it with his own willpower the same way that he controls his own elemental abilities. Basically, he is not 'dominating' the flow, but conforming it to work with him instead, 'harmonizing' it. This causes it to come under his 'control', although a battle of wills can occur between himself and the original creator of the original construct. However, it can prove very difficult for Rasuca to take total control over another aspect of energy that is being focused upon by another person. Usually, he can only redirect such things away from himself.

Perfecta Sangre
This aspect is a piece of Rasuca that has developed from the vampirism of his mother and father. Essentially, his very 'blood' contains the aspects of Spiral Energy. This means that by taking in the energy, the blood of another, he is able to use the Spiral Energy within it and harmonize it with his own body, growing stronger, as well as having the ability to summon a Speak_With_Dead moment from that point onward should that person die or become deceased. Furthermore, it works the other way around as well. His bodily fluids can be extremely recuperative, with his saliva being able to instantly heal flesh wounds and even close gap-sized ones. Drinking his blood can even cause a high amount of regeneration to occur.

Spiral Acceptance
One of the principal aspects of Rasuca's person is the access to 'spiral energy', the 'energy of evolution'. Essentially, this means that his body has the ability to use 'spirals' as energy sources. Just as his father has the ability to absorb Madness in some aspects, so too does he have the ability to materially absorb the concept of "spiraling" around him and use it as a source of energy, refilling his own stocks. Essentially, any energy attack that spirals he can draw the spiral energy out of. Now, this would not reduce the power of the attack, but instead give Rasuca a bonus by absorbing this energy. He can also absorb this energy from the 'ambitions' of other people. When people around him are filled with what could be called 'hope', 'desire', or 'ambition', he is able to absorb energy around their presence. Now, the amount would depend on the kind of person, and it is not possible for him to absorb his own spiral energy, instead using the energy of others. Finally, he is able to absorb within only a ten meter radius of his own body, but his rate of absorption is extremely high.

Bodily Evolution
Rasuca has the ability to 'manipulate' his homeostatis. Just as a snake is cold blooded, his own body is able to manipulate itself in order to 'survive'. It does this primarily through the expenditure of Spiral energy to change the 'nature' of different parts of his body. Such as changing his skin to be able to withstand extremely hot or extremely cold temperatures by having it become a different kind of substance layered over several times with extremely durable plates of energy-reinforced flesh.

The more severe a change, the longer that it take to be able to develop. For the first post or two after he has entered into a new climate or area, his body will begin to adapt to it. After five posts, he will be able to live as comfortably there as physically possible, and any positive adaptations that his body has taken in will become a permanent part of him.

For example, were he to enter Hell, his body would begin to accustom itself to the Hell Zone. Within this state, he would be damaged by it for a while as his body studied the new material, before changing the make up of his spirit to be able to survive within it, and even gain the same kind of benefit as the Hell Demons. However, it would take some time for this to full develop, and it is likely that he would be greatly weakened while it was developing.

There are a few areas where this does not work. Deep Space, hostile planets, Black/Dark Holes, Heaven and the Chaos Dimension - overly hostile areas such as this - cannot simply be 'adapted' to, even by trying to warm up to them or make repeated small trips.

• Chaos Moves:

Chaotic Energy Tools
Just as the man that his father is cloned from is able to create a variety of tools serving as ninja implements and his actual father can summon up various tools using his seals, Rasuca takes this process a step farther. By focusing his mind, he can cause his chaos energy to form into a 'solid' state, taking on the traits of a material which he has memorized the composition of, such as iron or steel.

From here, the item is formed into a duplicate of what is in his mind. Whether it is a pair of scissors, a knife, several knives, a blade, an axe, a set of screws or nails, it is able to be created from his Chaos Energy's construction. If the Chaos Energy is given permission to remain, it will become a permanent fixture, mimicking the original object which it is a duplicate of and continuing to exist. Otherwise, it transforms back into Chaos Energy, which means it either goes back into Rasuca's body or explodes tumultuously.

It also means that as a child, puzzles are extremely easy as he can simply create the piece that he wishes be made to fit where he desires. Perhaps not the correct way of doing things, but it is his way.

Chaos Spiral Manifestation
Perhaps it would be best to say that these are the 'creations' that are able to be spawned from Rasuca's spiral energy. These attacks are super-intense, and have the ability to be super-massive drills, depending on how much energy he puts into them. These spirals rotate as fast as Rasuca is able to will them to and has the Spiral Energy to perform, and they have several different functions

Function One: Weapon
These drills are able to be used as weapons, rotating at high speeds and able to be formed from any part of his body. When they are used in this manner, the materials that make up the drill form out of Chaos Energy, making them highly resistant to damage. In fact, for one of them to break is something which would shock Rasuca to the point of being stunned for a moment.

Function Two: Portals
These Drills also serve the ability of going 'beyond'. This is at their maximum rotation, and at this point they open something very similar to a 'garganta'. However, in reality, these are microscopic wormholes that are being opened and maintained by the Spiral Energy. Rasuca is able to slip his body into wormholes that are large enough to fit him, but those size of wormholes are unable to be created instantly. It is far more likely for him to open a wormholes using this ability and then stick the drill or another body part through them. The wormholes only last until the end of the post, and constructs without any spiral energy at all are unable to enter them.

Function Three: Mount
The final use of these drills may not be intuitively obvious. The drills are able to be used as a mount. Rotating rapidly like a top, Rasuca is able to form one with his legs and stand on it, causing him to rotate about rapidly. While in this state, he can either conform to his top's spinning or simply remain on top of it. In addition, in this state his mind forms a mental 'link' with the top that is strong enough to cause it to move in the direction of his thoughts, so that he can even move it around when he has fallen off or is no longer on top of it. Finally, this projection can be used to have the user fall into the middle of the top, cutting them off from sight from their physical senses from the rest of the world, but providing a layer of spiraling protection around their bodies.

Chaos Luminos: This is a move used solely by Kabuto; normally. However, Dr. Hebi has discovered it with his energy as well.. and then gave it to Rasuca. He bends his purple energy into a ring shape, firing it at an opponent, a ray of purple light surrounding his hand at its base. The ray then splits in half, going around the opponent, swelling up in size as it leaves Rasuca's hand, getting up to 2 feet in radius around the opponent. Then, from there, they explode violently, attempting to damage the opponent from within.

Chaos Raze: Rasuca simply points out his outstretched hand, firing a blast of chaos energy from the hand. It shoots out, exploding as it hits something.

Chaos Cards: Rasuca can also create small 'card' shaped objects like his father, using Chaos Energy. He can infuse the cards with energy, throwing them at his opponents, the energy causing them to shoot out and slice through the air at high speeds. When they reach an opponent, they explode in a large area, up to 10 feet in radius.

Name: Chaos Link
Description: Chaos Link is a technique where advanced and master users of Chaos Energy can enter someone's mind in order to read their memories and past experiences. They can also share their memories with the person they linked with. However, the link can only happen if the other person accepts. There is no way to perform Chaos Link against someone's will.
Rank: Advanced and Master.
Character: All Iramasha's with enough Chaos Energy can.
Notes: Adept can use Chaos Link, but will only be able to read recent memories and experiences.

Also is in possession of the basic ones, such as Chaos Warp.

Rasuca Desăvârşit Hebi (Rade; 0-5--) Image3794-1
• Awakened Evolution: Regal Divinity State Appearance:
When entering into this, his one and only transformation, Rasuca's body undergoes a rather intense change. His typical body remains exactly the same, but all of his additional markings and garments completely vanish. Appearing all over his body appear several dozen tattoos, flowing around him in the shape of snakes and bats, before finally a crescent-moon like crest of pure light appears on his forehead, his eyes also becoming infused with light as his hair elongates down to his waist, gaining several spikes all the way down.

• Awakened Evolution: Regal Divinity State Abilities:
[Current Unknown: Will be written and graded when the state is used.]

Rasuca Desăvârşit Hebi (Rade; 0-5--) Image3789-1

• Class Title: Arrancar of Family

• Class Traits: UNKNOWN

• Skills:


General Skills
  • Durability: Advanced
  • General Speed: Advanced
  • Strength: Advanced
  • Weapon Skill: Master

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Master
  • Mental Deduction: Advanced
  • Pain Endurance: Advanced
  • Focus: Advanced

Racial Skills
  • Chaos Energy Skill: Master
  • Chaos Warp: Advanced
  • Chaos Fighting Style: Advanced
  • Gem Creation: Beginner

  • Perquisa: Advanced
  • Sonido: Advanced
  • Cero/Bala: Master
  • Hierro: Advanced


Ten-Year Cannon
This is the only piece of equipment which Rade keeps on his person. This is a small watch that he carries around. When the button on the top of the watch is triggered, it changes into a kind of 'pod', completely enveloping his body in a cannon-shaped object. Then, the cannon fires, and out of its top emerges Rasuca, advanced ten years in the future. The only thing is, this 'age change' can only last for a maximum of four posts, and once expired, is unusable for the rest of the thread. In addition, if the cannon is fired any amount of times after that, it cuts off the remaining time by a full post.

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Believe nothing, no matter where you read it or who has said it, not even if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.
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Believe nothing, no matter where you read it or who has said it, not even if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.
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  • Name [O]
  • Appropriate Age [O]
  • Gender [O]
  • Appearance Present [O]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [O]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [O]
  • 10 sentences for personality [O]
  • History is of appropriate length [O]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [O]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [O]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [O]

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Master
  • Mental Deduction: Advanced
  • Pain Endurance: Advanced
  • Focus: Advanced

Comments/Notes: Congratzi! I welcome Rasuca into the world of the living, it's a crazy one. Enjoy the roleplaying!
Tier: 0-5--

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