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 Kagami Kuderu [Vizard] [APPROVED, 0-5+]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Kagami Kuderu [Vizard] [APPROVED, 0-5+]   Kagami Kuderu [Vizard] [APPROVED, 0-5+] EmptyMon Feb 09, 2015 1:53 pm

Kagami Kuderu [Vizard] [APPROVED, 0-5+] Image4108

Kagami Kuderu [Vizard] [APPROVED, 0-5+] Image4109-1

» Name: Kagami Kuderu
» Titles:Weirdo, Bookworm, Pervert, Lusty one, Moron, Femme boy
» Appearance Age: 20
» True Age: 268
» Gender: Male
Affiliation/Rank: Monsuta

» Appearance Description: From just seeing him Kagami certainly doesn't look like any sort of threat or enemy that would seemingly be any sort of difficulty. Standing at 5'9 the rather effeminate creature seems to look as if he would be able to be blown away by a stiff wind considering his lack of defined muscle or anything more than the skin on his bones with his rather pale complexion the bespeckled man tends to look more like a weakling than any sort of warrior. This sort of appearance along with his rather youthful but especially effeminate face seems to have people believe that he is a girl... Something that Kagami himself finds baffling as he seems to view all men to be more or less as masculine as him which could clearly be nothing more further from the truth as due to his face consisting of wide orange eyes, dark pink hair and seemingly innocent features if anyone were to look at him it would most certainly be viewed that Kagami was a woman, though the way to determine such as thing would be the most obvious course of action which in Kagami's eyes would be the best course.

Speaking of his eyes he is never without his glasses anywhere he goes, this is mostly due to his vision being 20/200 and makes his effectively blind without them. With these glasses Kagami takes extremely good care of them making sure that there is no damage to them and cleaning them so there are no spots or dirt on them keeping them as pristine as possible. This is entirely opposing his actually outfit as he tends to have his outfit being rather loose on his body allowing for comfort but also revealing most of his upper shoulders which due to many mistaking him as a woman seems rather risque but as usually he does not see any issue. Moreover he does not see any issue with removing his clothing when he is in the company of people or in along as he does not see any issue with men or women seeing his body. Though he does not seem himself as feminine he does tend to use his face as his selling point even striking poses in order to prove that he's good looking though in his eyes its due to him being naturally handsome and not someone who is akin to a girl.

One of the most prominent things that he tends to carry around with him is his Zanpakutō as well as some sort of book or multitude of books that can vary from any sort of genre, though for some odd reason he tends to carry around a large assortment of erotic fiction along with his personal favourite books, this in his own words is due to the genre "Having a wide base of emotions and archetypes I'm not use to in real life" However even with this explanation many could see him as simply being perverted though if he was told so he would not accept it. This is mainly due to him being extremely hard to read as his facial expression seems to hold the same rather innocent and unaware look, though he does try to use more expressive mannerisms they tend to be stolen from others that he knows so he simply uses them as a template for his own before returning to his usual way rather abruptly and comically.

» Appearance Picture:


Kagami Kuderu [Vizard] [APPROVED, 0-5+] Image4110-1

» Personality:
When it comes down to it Kagami acts as if the world around him does not seem to apply, he seems to be the outsider looking in always viewing the situation before almost always getting the wrong idea or saying something that could be considered rude or out of context hurtful. This is mainly due to him being rather cold or unemotional if people were to come up to Kagami his face would not show any sort of happiness or anger if they were friend or foe. This is includes when he speaks to them as well as his voice pattern would not change even if he was furious with a person it would only be different if he was emulating someone else anger with the person making him seem to be almost doll like or completely emotionless putting many off him as he seems to be entirely without any sort of normal emotional pattern or action as he seems to take things literally in the face of questioning or adversity. For example if someone was to claim a bounty on the head of someone that Kagami knew he would simply give the person he head that they were searching for... The body in this case wouldn't be an issue. Due to his rather blank delivery Kagami tends to not understand the mood in a room and will usually say the wrong thing at the wrong time whether it be ousting someone's love for another or looking at people to notice if there was anything wrong with them. This is usually why he emulates people as he seems to parrot their emotions in hopes that he can understand why they are acting in such a way though it seems that this leads to it being more insulting and comedic than making him more relatable to anyone.

Though this tends to put him at odds with many of his peers there is also another issue with him that tends to take up more space than him dealing with issues such not being understood and that is his rather uncoordinated nature. To be completely honest the changed Shinigami is an airhead in all terms of the word, he constantly forgets things and people have said to him and treats those that he does know who should hold high respect in his eyes with little more than a slight nod and most likely and awkward apology for why he hadn't done that thing that they had told him to do.... Whatever it was, he was reading so he wouldn't know.... This tendency to not seemingly care for others feelings or at least not put them above his own makes him rather hard to deal with especially when Kagami is asked to do something for someone else as he would most likely put someone else in danger for the sake of his own curiosity and make others uncomfortable so he could see how they would react to certain stimuli.

With this it could be said that the effeminate man is a researcher at heart, he never tends to have too much stock into something unless he himself is going to get something out of it, this could be a simple response or an action that he was expecting to occur because of his doing something or acting against someone to see their result. This makes it so he would do anything even to his own allies for the sake of having his curiosity be resolved even if it meant using his powers on them or if they were put in mortal danger Kagami would prefer to see their emotional response and actions when put under such stress rather than help, though due to his rather unpredictable nature he may choose to aid them simply to see another response... For Kagami it is all for the sake of research that undertakings are had.

One of the most notable things that come from Kagami is his seeming love of literature, the man will read anything that he can get his hands on, no matter what the content he tends to read practically anything from fiction to nonfiction, this tends to grant the bishie a vast array of knowledge in many areas, though even if he knows where a pop culture reference comes from he may not actually understand the context and why it should be used. Though this also makes it quite awkward when he tends to use his knowledge to explain something to someone and usually misunderstand the situation and gives out poor advice that may or may not have come from a self help book...

Something else that is noticeable with the attitude that Kagami exhibits is his lack of distinguishing between the two sexes and the notion of sex at all. For the most part Kagami simply sees men and women as humans and finds nothing they do sexual or otherwise noteworthy unless it has taken his interest, this means he will take off his clothes or be unfazed when another is naked or in a compromising position in his presence as he simply does not view it to be that interesting. Moreover though he does not care he does have extensive knowledge in such things and tends to be rather graphic in the detail of sexual activity or how a person is attracted to another, due to others telling him to understand the passion beyond the basic understand Kagami tends to read erotic fiction as it seems to help him understand the 'flags' that arise when people are secretly in a relationship or are too open about it.

In conclusion it seems that for the mutated Shinigami understanding the life and emotions of others is the most important thing, to understand the things that he himself seems to not is extremely important and in order to do so he will fight and experiment with others in order to find out the secrets behind people's personas, even if that means harming or hurting people emotionally for the sake of his sating his curiosity.

Unique Powers

Impressive Strength: Along with his endurance Kagami is well known for his superior strength in comparison to his body type, which all things considered makes him seems rather unfit for any heavy lifting while in fact he is able to lift up to more than 20 tonnes with seemingly no physical strain shown on his face. His close range combat is just as dangerous as his long range fighting in most cases due to the power he exhibits with him being able to remove an enemies head with simply his hand chopping through it. Though his power has been amplified by his Hollow inhabiting him of course as he was not this strong while he was a normal Shinigami but to the extent that it has grown his strength it seems that the power of the Hollow inside him is ungodly considering its rather unexpected nature.

Expert Marksman: Though he tends to prefer more defensive roles Kagami has been trained to be deathly accurate with his shots due to his sword not taking a usual form when it enters its Shikai allowing him to shoot an enemy from distance of at least 1000 meters with his accuracy becoming weaker as it gets to the point of the distance being a mile. While his skills may not be as impressive as other archers his blade allows him to use his blades as both a sword and a long range weapon for a style of shooting that allows him to surprise his enemy even from afar tending to aim for the legs or arms is also his speciality looking to weaken or limit his opponents quickly so he can effect them in different ways later.

Unnatural Speed: Focusing on his speed and precision Kagami is known for his incredible swiftness being able to catch up to enemies quickly and easily the masked Shinigami's speed combined with Shunpo makes him an opponent who is not easily predicted along with his unusual style that already is meant to confuse and be unnatural to deal with in terms of fighting with any enemy. This also aids in him having the power to move freely and quickly around an area being able to find targets and spread more confusion that he can with his power or sword's ability or being able to communicate long distance commands or messages to all those within the range of his weapon's effect or in distance for his speed. Not many can deal with his speed along with his rather deceptive strength if he moves forward and cuts through them with it, as such he has found himself less specializing with a skill or power and chosen to keep himself as a jack of all trades in his physical attributes being supported by his hollow's infectious strength.

Enhanced Mind: A gift perhaps received from his constant time reading and studying books and skimming over all the knowledge that he could get a hold of Kagami has a tendency to play out a battlefield situation in his mind while also retaining all the memories and items that have been recorded to him with perfect accuracy. Finding key points of contention and objectives to be covered the Spirit can act accordingly predicting the moves of the opponent as if it was something that he had already seen seeming that he can almost predict the future of things, though it is only his logical stand point that makes him like this. This along with his rather Uncomfortable persona seems to play to his mad genius effect as his constant streams of knowledge or tactical updates make him a counter to even some of the most creative minds. These strategies as previously said though has him play decoy or defense on most of them acting as a sacrifice or a lure to claim victory. Though this approach may seem foolhardy his wishes to find out what it means to sacrifice for the greater good of his allies seems to go above the common sense in terms of his wants and needs.....

Kagami Kuderu [Vizard] [APPROVED, 0-5+] Image4113-1

» Zanpakutō Name: Suiri Sakka

» Zanpakutō Spirit Appearance:


» Zanpakutō Spirit Personality:
When it comes to his blade Kagami and his spirit seem to be rather different, for the most part while he is hard to read and extremely straight faced his spirit tends to hold her heart on her sleeve, almost immediately upon entering her inner world she will begin to hug and poke at the effeminate man with questioning and asking why he had not been talking to her or helping her. This in comparison to the seemingly emotionless Kagami makes her rather unlike her master, though they do have one thing in common and that is their love and need for knowledge that comes from books and tomes. Though he is rather calm when reading things Suiri tends to be rather adamant to learn new things and becomes ecstatic when Kagami gives her new information or when she herself finds something to read that had not been given to her by her owner. This search for knowledge tends to put the two in unison as the spirit has the aim to gain knowledge even from people, including her owner while on the other side Kagami if he wishes to draw power from her he takes to persuading or in this case bribing his spirit in order to gain some favor with her. Though this relationship seems to be based on deception and winning favor with another Suiri seems to be rather enamored with her owner though she does count him as a 'Femme Boy' though apparently he is just her type so she doesn't mind his personality issues or being bribed to give him more power.

Moreover Suiri is also extremely perverted, for the sake of her master she seems to hold all the knowledge that he seems to overlook in a normal erotic book... Though her nature does not seem to be noticed by her master as he is not someone who is even sure what would technically be 'sexy' or considered to be erotic in one sense and not the other. This makes it so Suiri tends to try to educate her master in understanding what sort of things would be good to do or not to do in social situations, though the likelihood of him retaining the information and using it correctly is still slim at best. She also tries to make advances on her master to try and make him understand the proper situation to act the way he does... However she still does not get that her master is for all intents and purposes almost asexual in a way and only understand sex and does not care for it unless he needs to making it all the harder for his spirit to help him be more normal for the sake of those around him.

» Inner World: For the world it wasn't hard to imagine that the world Suiri takes space up in was a giant library filled with mass of books and tomes that equate to the mass that both the owner and master of the world have both read and written in their time in the world. This mass of knowledge seems to be entirely infinite though for Kagami the area tends to shift to the place where he needs to be in order to find what he wants in the world, whether it be a book or the spirit inside his blade, though that creature tends to keep herself in the erotic novel section more often than not enjoying something that he was reading upon being given the recommendation by another...Though he makes the entire world a library he has been willing to change the scenery of the area in order to try to establish a emotional response for himself... Though it has yet to truly do anything for him...

Sealed Zanpakutō Appearance:

» Release Phrase: Time to Inspire, Suiri Sakka...

» Shikai Appearance:

» Shikai Abilities:

Type Shot One: Tsundere Blast: In terms of his Shikai Kagami is extremely different in the fact that his blade turn into two seeming bow like objects, though this seems to be reminiscent of a Quincy the blades themselves are the light that come from the bow like appendages that seem to come from his hands as he invokes his Shikai... The power that comes from these weapons however are in themselves similar as the effeminate Shinigami shoots small amounts of the blade energy towards his opponent akin to an arrow. This type of shot in Kagami's words is "an attack similar to a situation in a light novel series with the main heroine's persona" The shot of energy that the weapon launches seems to badger the opponent constantly only to slow down and act hesitant around the enemy before it launches itself into the body of the opponent.

The special effect that seems to come from this attack is seemingly the longer the attack is avoided the worse the damage seems to accumulate, this seems to connect the idea that love story of someone who is Tsundere is more effective if they extend it for the most effect. This puts this attack at a disadvantage however if the enemy lets themselves get hit immediately the attack would hold almost no effect for the story would be completely worthless and too short... With an attack being in the combat for only one turn the enemy could simply tank the hit as it would only explode slightly on their body, on the other hand if the attack were to extend to about 3 turns or longer the damage would in turn extend to cause more and more damage with the final strike at ten posts or above causing damage above that of a Cero.

Type Shot Two: Kuudere Hovering: Once more in line with his previous attack Kagami uses a shot with his blade, this time it is consider as "The power of a best friend or a strong silent type that keeps the series and the protagonist on the straight on and narrow... Or at least entertains with flat delivery and dialogue...." This power is much like the actual owner of the power as it seems to be rather inquisitive only to badger the opponent with speed and constant attacks or touching... This makes it so the attack while not as explosive as his prior attack is harder to avoid and along with the previous attack the longer it keeps going the more the power evolves, in this case the actual shot expands and grows to an excessive deal being as large as a pin in the first post which can expand to a full energy wave with similar speed to the first form of the shot but more destructive power overall.

Type Shot Three: Yandere Cover: The final form of shot attacks that Kagami forms in his shikai which is considered the most dangerous of all. "Something that is akin to a monster stalking the protagonist of our story... He is both protected from others but hunted down by this attack, it keeps the story interesting if the opponent is being hunted and injured by something that is completely enamored with him..." Upon firing this shot the shot will constantly follow the enemy much like shot type one, however unlike that form the attack will actually begin to attack others that get into the vicinity of the opponent rather than attack the enemy outright. Though this make the shot more defensive it is also a timed result, if the bolt remains on the person then after 5 posts the bolt will pierce through the opponent and explode with extreme force, moreover if the attack continues then the amount of people who it had struck other than the intended target then the damage grows even greater causing widespread damage to all those around.

Read: This is considered the main power of Kagami's blade. Upon summoning his Shikai the Shinigami can pierce the opponent with normal shots or the shots from the Types one, two or three, if a person does get hit by one of his shots then the true form of Kagami's power is revealed. Upon being hit the shot will connect back to the full body of one of the arc blades and upon them doing so, information will flood the mind of the feminine Shinigami to the point that he will be left without movement for a few moments, this is the power of 'Read' as when the shot returns to the full arc the information it has been taking from the enemy is received back to the main body, Kagami. Skills, experience and memories of the current combat are received into his mind, though he does gain knowledge of how a power works and the usual 'tells' of a power's starting up or notable energy pattern that begins when the opponent starts their move. Though he can tell what is coming this does not mean he can dodge move instinctively or simply deflect the move, though he does have extensive knowledge of a move most people do not make it a point to find out how to dodge their attacks so it puts him at a disadvantage if he is not physically capable of moving out of the way of the enemy's moves.

Moreover this skill allows him to take on the memories of anything that the shot hits on its way too and from the target, every bolt, crevasse and girder all connect to his mind when the shot of energy returns, this gives him an advantage when he needs to give out a game plan to those around him as his spacial awareness becomes almost infinite for how many shots he fires. The main use of this power is support however as he can give out the power to retain the memories of an attack or a person to another, though when he does so he cannot retrieve it from them afterwards meaning he would have to regain the memories from the person again in combat. Though this support role does not only mean he can give the memory to others, when an attack is fired or used at him the shot if it has been retrieved will release itself from the arc and explode itself upon the attack finalizing. This can in some cases diminish the attack's destructive force as it is being met with a similar situation as a mirror, however while he can use this power for those whose attack power is maybe lower than his the effect is lessened considerably when it comes up against a character that is higher tier than Kagami.

» Bankai Appearance:

Releasing his two blades, the two forms seem to dissipate instead being replaced by a grand illusion of a dark abyss filled with mangled things and ungodly sights, most of which coincide with the user's own psyche, this nightmare vision tends to have more effect if Kagami has use the Read skill on the person as he has a better understanding of what they are scared of or at least what would work against them.

» Bankai Abilities:

Final Type Shot: Harem Wave: The final form of the shot attacks that Kagami releases, in this case the two arcs of light that made up his weapon seem to reappear on his arms for a moment before releasing themselves from their positions and then take up position over him. This is proceeded by a mass wave of shots falling from the sky where the two blades of light seemed to take position. Over a thousand small shards that were formed from the arc blades beam down on the opponent with explosive force. This power giving a large spread area of effect can be devestating, however the effeminate warrior can only use it once when he activates his Bankai as he does not have the power to use it more than once, moreover in his own words. "Series do not have more than one harem... Besides the notion of a harem encompasses all things so only one grouping should suffice..."

While this attack can be used in the form of attack it may also use his or his allies defense. This comes from the splitting up of the shards being made into 5 collective orbs, these orbs circle anyone who is in them and upon an aggressor coming close they will swarm and explode outwards at the opponent to the defense of the target. However the defense has a large weakness that only Kagami knows of, once three posts occur the orbs will engulf their target if they have not been used in defense already making the protection a double edged sword for those in the know.

Rewrite: One of the key changes to Kagami's power is his use of Read, in his Bankai the power changes to that of the skill, Rewrite. In this form the power is no longer the power to take memories from certain things and people in the area, however in now the power is that within a 500 meter radius around him Kagami can 'Rewrite' the name of anything that he can touch within his hands. Though this seems to be rather unimpressive seemingly upon the rewriting of something the thing that was changed either takes on the form or position of the thing that originally has said name. This can occur on either person or inanimate objects, however while in the case of the objects the actual writing does change the thing into what it was now written as for people the actual way it changes them is not so simple. In the case of people, the effect is a illusion, though they seemingly take on the form or characteristics of something it is in fact a grand illusion within the space were Kagami stands, the power while seemingly a fake is forced upon the victim and any damage taken even in the illusion is real due to the mind of the victim making it real. This power while strong does have limits however, upon the activation many will be able to note the change if they have powerful mental fortitude, moreover they can try to negate the effect of the rewrite if they have enough will to force it away.

With this another limitation is that the rewrite must have the same amount of letters in its new name for the power to work, ice cannot be turned into water due to it having to many letters, though it can be turned into something like cut, which would cause a large gash to appear on the person or item that is holding or near the ice. If the thing in question has more than one name or a long name the rewrite can manipulate the letters of the name in any form it wishes not needing to stick to the position of the writing if the word is 6 letters or more. This power is also limited with its uses, in the area Kagami can only use it at most 4 times in succession, he would have to remove a rewrite if he were to continue with the usages. Moreover once a creature leaves the area that is in effect of the power Kagami's power would lose effect and they could move and act as they usually do in their normal form. The power also has a time limit of an hour at best before the power falters and returns the person to their original form.

This move also acts as a support aid, when an ally is in the area Kagami could rewrite and injuries or wounds as healed... Though the wounds will only stop hurting and bleeding as their minds will simply believe that they do not exist. The power can also allows someone to go beyond their normal limits with Kagami writing them stronger. Though they are not inherently stronger there body will force out more power for the usage of the 'victim' of the rewrite, though this maybe at their own peril as their body with it extending itself in order to draw out more power will begin to break down which could only be healed by Kagami for a short time, and in the case of using Rewrite to heal people after they've gotten stronger the masked Shinigami finds it unnecessary to use the power as they could just get stronger so there body would listen to them anyways....

Great Tale: Happy Endings: The move that Kagami considers. "In layman's terms my most enjoyable attack of all." This attack coincides with Rewrite in where the area of effect is engulfed with a dreamy mist only to reveal a new and bright area that coincides with the victims wishes. Like a dream the victim may not remember how they got their though with mental conditioning they can keep there mind in the right place and avoid being drawn into the power. With this power the victim is drawn into there happiest state or in what there dreams for the future are, they then are held within the area until they can break out, though if the illusion is not sold to them they will see 'cracks' in the world that show the truth of the scene. Though this is a easy way out the scene looks to give the victim a sense of euphoria and by doing so make them want to stay and avoid leaving for the sake of their own happiness. However if they were to do that then Kagami being unaffected by his own illusion can manipulate them in a way he sees fit.

Great Tale: Bad End: This form of the attack is the opposite of the move that was thrown out at the user previously, in this state the world takes on the form of a horrid and monstrous part of the victim's past or terrors that they still hold, the person would take on the appearance or position that they had when previously in this state of mind. Though of course they can break out of this in the same way as they could with the previous power this move is meant to break the person's psyche by repeating the scenes or terrors that they have over in dilated time with a few moments seeming like 30 minutes in the grand illusion. This move can also be connected to the Happy Endings form of the power to add greater effect when a person's greatest happiness is taken away from them....

Great Tale: Epic Battle: With this power Kagami sneakily uses the illusion to encompass the area when the user and victim is in combat, now with any damage taken or the more injures procured the victim and Kagami will notice the cracks in the world beginning to form, this is the illusion of the battle that the two or more users had just fought in was nothing more than that, however the physical damage occurred in the illusion can occur in a form of 'Phantom Pain' on the victim. But it can also occur on Kagami as well due to the both of them being put under the illusion, though the release of the illusion is much the same as the other forms the hints of it are less pronounced until one or more of the affected are injured in the illusion then it becomes more pronounced for everyone.


Kagami Kuderu [Vizard] [APPROVED, 0-5+] Image4116-1

» Inner Hollow Description:

» Inner Hollow Personality:
The creature that resides in the Shinigami does not seem to be the monster that most would view the masked monsters to be, in this case it seems to be afraid of almost anything that the Shinigami does, even with its rather massive form the creature still seems to be akin to a young impressionable child that is afraid of its own shadow, the monster seems to only be capable of slight comments such as being scared or noting something that the host it inhabits. Though it seems to be afraid of almost everything it does have some power within, raging around when fearful can cause it to destroy most anything in its way with the help of Kagami being the only thing that can seemingly calm it with the massive monster. It seems to have a good connection with the host that it has connected itself with, this being shown with Kagami reading to the creature when it asks it of him making it more passive as time progresses though its constant fear of all that seems to surround it in the make believe world does not seems to help with it keeping itself calm...

» Inner Hollow Powers: Nothing in terms that Kagami doesn't gain with his mask other than the natural buffs that come with putting the mask of the hollow on as any Vizard gains, though the extreme strength of the hollow has manifested itself in the Shinigami's body allowing him to be much stronger than his lithe form would normal suggest
» Hollow Mask Appearance:


Kagami Kuderu [Vizard] [APPROVED, 0-5+] Image4117-1

» Vizard Powers:

Enhanced Speed:
Kagami seems to gain a great boost in his already significant speed while Hollowfied. Though this boost is only slight as the power of that the Hollow inside him seems to be giving him a bonus almost constantly putting him at full power only when he puts his mask on

Enhanced Strength:
Kagami's physical strength is also amplified by at least a half of his normal form The exact multiplier is unknown, as he isn't a true melee combatant but his already impressive strength makes it so the boost is only something that people could only note if they have already dealt with his power previously .

Cooky Cero:
Kagami like all vizard, is able to fire ceros. His materializes from his hands when he chooses to use them,, and is significantly smaller than your average cero making it look more akin to a Bala. However, this is due to the unnatural way the power launches itself at the enemy and others, when fired the dark pink energy seems to bounce around and seemingly has no sense of direction. This chaotic style of attack is almost impossible to predict as even Kagami does not know where the blast will land as he tends to use it to coincide with his own powers to force the enemy into a corner.

Kagami Kuderu [Vizard] [APPROVED, 0-5+] Image4118-1

» Resurrección Appearance: (What does your character look like when they transform into their Resurrección state?

» Resurrección Abilities: (When a character ascends to this state, they at their peak power. As such, you will need to post at least 5 paragraph's describing their powers.)


Kagami Kuderu [Vizard] [APPROVED, 0-5+] Image4112-1

» Background:
Chapter One: Beginnings and Endings are the best to find out first...
Born in a day and age of higher technology Kagami being born to a rather normal family, he ate when he was given food and seemed to grow as a respectable youth however as he grew up to the age of about 2 or 3 he seemed to have a rather unnatural aura and sense of self that such a young child shouldn't have... His emotions seemed stunted to the point of being seemingly cold and distant to everyone around him whether it be his parents or the toys that they gave him, nothing seemed to give out a emotional response no matter how hard they tried. Hospitals and psychiatric wards tended to be rather depressing places, they never had the happiness of somewhere like an amusement park or the nature of a forest that could simply be ignored with a book or simply using the time to find something more interesting like what type of heat would a leaf or pile of leaves combust under or the dynamics of a ride while it was in full motion, looking out from the bench that was near to it while also noting the people's enjoyment of the ride through facial expressions.... Back to medical stuff, Kagami was forced to enter such places almost constantly under the advice of his worried mother and overprotective father... Being an only son and not right in the head seemed to make them rather flustered for his situation...

Tests were done and he was considered to be 'special' in the way that no wants to be, though many tried to show him the emotive patterns that people in the real world were use to he would simply copy them but not use them in the way that they had, he seemed to act like a parrot between the doctors and himself... This was his life, though he was a smart boy whose life wouldn't be entirely difficult with his constant curiosity and natural intelligence probably keeping himself grounded he would still be burdened by the fact that he was not suppose to be normal and he never would be... The only thing he had in life that he could rely on was the stories, the things that he could relate to as they had been given to him in the written word... Books were not escapism for him, they were his manuals for how to deal with people in the most logical way possible. This in his own eyes seemed to be the best course of action, but learning and taking everything from books to heart made the rather unusual and effeminate boy seem ever further away from the normality that usually was connected to the everyday life of normal humans, he would seemingly play tricks on people, even his parents that separated him even further when in truth he wished it to connect him closer to them but that simply wasn't the case...

He grew older not being 'normal' in any sense of the word with even his academics being both astounding and confusing with his attention being the key to his actually doing well in most things. By the time high school rolled around however he was use to being seemingly what most books described as 'bullied' or at least in the most contextual way it seemed to be what was closest to the truth. Some made him wear women's clothing into school, though he didn't see the issue and dressed like it for the whole day as he didn't find his uniform anymore restrictive as either a male or female attire though the fact he seemingly made a convincing girl seemed to confuse many people. The world beyond school was more of the same that had plagued him for most of his life, he would read or test a new theory in order to sate his curiosity but something was still missing for him that just didn't fit... It was the thing that seemed to plague him more than any question or point of interest that made him seemingly as grumpy as he got...

When he graduated another student seemed to take his life... For everyone else the act was a surprising and wasteful loss of life, Kagami did not take anything more from it than it cause a wave of emotion among everyone except him... He didn't know the person and he could not allow himself to lie in front of all those who seemed to be deeply hurt by the tragedy though he himself found it intriguing... If someone who he didn't know was expected to have everyone feel sorry for him then could it not work in the same way for him? The test wasn't exactly something that could be repeated... Though he was hoping that his understanding of things would let him see those who cared for him and their reactions at what he was about to do, as he climbed the stairs of the tall building he was hoping the height of the building that he had chosen was enough to drop him to terminal velocity, though if it didn't then he would still have a similar result on what would happen if he injured himself and what people actually cared about him. He reached out to the edge that breached the gap between air and ground thinking that, with his beginning he didn't have much choice in his decisions... But for the ending he could at least get an interesting conclusion from it.

Chapter Two: The sequel to life seem more interesting....

Though he expected two general results, one would be that his existence would simply be erased and that the niggling question annoying him would no longer effect him. The other was that he would be some sort of spirit or ghost that would be able to see what people thought of his actions... The latter seemingly applied but it did not work entirely in the way that he expected. He found himself in a new area that was entirely different to the actual position he would have landed on... this area seemed to be akin to the feudal japan that he had read of in history books, it was an interesting development for sure, he had learned what happens after death so now he was sure that he would find something more interesting to do. Time passed and years went where he was left alone or avoided by the people in the Rukongai, his actions against many seemed to make him more like a plague than another spirit living in harmony. He did keep the attention of one group however, his spiritual signature irradiated out of the Rukongai like a massive mark on a radar, many would begin to run if he came near them as he did not seemingly hide his notable energy to the point that others would feel ill around him. The Shinigami needed to keep his energy and actions of studying and experimenting on people under control, they gave him a chance to work under the Gotei with the almost guarantee that he would be a part of the twelfth squad for research purposes where he could test to his hearts content... Deliberating wasn't hard he didn't have any other purpose and in this case at least he would be doing something more interesting than simply reading the literature that could be found the area of the Soul Society.

The training wasn't exactly hard, given the task of completing his work in four years the effeminate Shinigami preferred to complete his progress in three in order to get to more researching done as well as being prepared to start his work in the Seireitei where he could get more benefit from understanding and prepping different stimuli for others. Entry wasn't hard into his squad, he was much like everyone else in the group, a mad scientist who preferred people to be more like books that could be read rather than actual things that needed care and attention. Looking through the history of the Society was still one of the things that the Shinigami found extremely entertaining in his own way, though he did go to the human world every so often to procure more literature for both him and his blade's entertainment. The life he had seemed to be rather good for him, he was a respected member of a squad meant for research over all things abnormal in the worlds, but as it seemed the more he read into the history of the previous wars and events that occurred within the early 2000's he would note the many trials and tribulations that seemed to plague the people of the time, but one item seemed to gain his curiosity more than anything else... The mutation of Shinigami and Hollow, the hybrids that were neither but both in their own way.... The Vizards.

It was an interesting development... What sort of creature would be made if they had both souls inside each other... Experimentation of such a thing seemed to be highly forbidden but in the eyes of Kagami nothing that mattered was against the rules, and what he wanted always mattered. Secret experimentation began with the needed materials, hollows that could be integrated into a soul of a Shinigami, or at least something that could infect people with a similar effect... He made such a concoction while under wraps, the procuring of Shinigami was a different issue... Taking some subjects for the Maggots Nest started to become suspicious and it did not procure any sort of interesting result.. The hollow that seemed to occur from the failure did not form properly or would overtake the Shinigami and simply needed extermination. The setbacks only made his curiosity grow further and further into darker depths, he wondered what it would mean to turn into such a mutation of the normal form of a soul but unless he had a proper form of integration he could not test on himself or he would be unable to continue...

Then the penny dropped... It was to be expected when he would blow off his duties to do what he found interesting, upon entering his labs the sight would be a mix of monstrous and unnatural, bodies with half formed masks and unnaturally formed bodies were strewn along the ground as if they still held some purpose in this grand game though the jig was up Kagami was sure that it wouldn't be all for nothing, he had the perfect test subject for his last test before he would be taken away, in retrospect taking members of his own squad for experimentation is what probably caused this to speed up... But the results of the tests was a Hollow that seemed to be unlike any other... It seemed to grow as the failures where thrown in too it, the growth seemed to not coincide with its intelligence however, the creature seemed frantic and childlike in its fear of the creatures that surrounded it on a day to day basis. The only thing it had outside the constant undertaking of killing and monsters was Kagami, it seemed to be pacified by him talking to it or when he read aloud his current novella or book... The constant care of the strange creature seemed to give the Shinigami more purpose, the final experiment seemed to give him the most enjoyment than any test he could do on anyone else, it needed him and in turn he could use it for purposes so it was a harmonic situation.

The door to its cage opened as the security forces ran in to deal with the mad genius, the lithe man walked into the cage and seemed to be enjoying the creatures company, suddenly something unlike anything that could be seen in nature occurred. The scene was akin to snails mating, the creatures combined together with the larger creature seemingly shrinking into the body of the other... When the horrific process ended the only thing left on the body of the 'Shinigami' was a mark for where the Hollow seemed to hold its soul was left... The connection and assimilation was complete, cutting through the guards it seemed the Hollow's own strength inhabited the body of the Spirit, intrigued he had wished that he could have stayed longer to test on his new powers but he had to go all things considered.... He was a criminal in the name of science, he would have to make himself scarce in order for him to continuing on.... Well living...

Chapter Three: Life as a felon and a reader....

Having been forced out of his natural home and into the human world Kagami was unsure of what to do next, anyone he had known was either dead or wanted to kill him... It was a big issue for sure but as he was now the Shinigami was more.... Whole.... Ironic considering but it was what was inside that counted and inside him was a monster that seemed to rely on him to be a guide in the dark world that the two now inhabited. It seemed that his luck was only going down, without any sort of aid he expected that he would soon be taken in by the Shinigami or killed by some other sort of monster that had a taste for Shinigami/Hollow hybrid... It all seemed hopeless, then he was encounter by those within a group similar to him. They were a part of a group known as the Monsuta, after beating them down he asked them what they were exactly... It seemed that the group was what he wanted to be around in this day and age... Left with no other alternative he would decide that it would be for the best to go and join these masked villains with his intention being that he could find something interesting to do or person to test with when he needed to.

While in the process of integrating with the group he seemed to understand the control of his blade and the mask that he could not call upon. The mutation allowed him to be more than what he was before, though he never smiled he felt it would be the appropriate time when he felt such accomplishment, he had been living as a outsider, he still was one no matter what happened but he had decided that while he did wish to understand more about people he did not need to become like them, understanding is what could help him become closer while all the while he could keep his distance and keep them at the distance. With his books and all the time he had in the world Kagami was a madman looking into the world and wondering how people worked and whether or not they didn't mind if he could take some samples of their bodies as it would certainly help understand how they worked....


Kagami Kuderu [Vizard] [APPROVED, 0-5+] Image4115-1

» PhatomTech:

» Phantom Tech Abilities:

» Phantom Tech Powers:

Kagami Kuderu [Vizard] [APPROVED, 0-5+] Image4111-1

General Skills
  • Durability: Adept
  • General Speed: Advanced
  • Strength: Master
  • Weapon Skill: Advanced

Racial Skills
  • Hoho: Master
  • Cero/Bala/Kidō: Adept
  • Zanjutsu: Advanced
  • Hakuda: Advanced

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced.
  • Mental Deduction: Advanced.
  • Pain Endurance: Master.
  • Focus: Master.


Kagami Kuderu [Vizard] [APPROVED, 0-5+] Image4114-1

» Role Play Sample: (This is to test where your level of role playing is at. Please paste or create an example how you role play if this is your first app on the site. If this is not your first APPROVED app, then please remove this section of the app.)

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Application Checklist
  • Name [X]
  • Appropriate Age [X]
  • Gender [X]
  • Appearance Present [X]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [X]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [X]
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  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [X]

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced.
  • Mental Deduction: Advanced.
  • Pain Endurance: Master.
  • Focus: Master.

Comments/Notes: Nice App don't abuse the powers, otherwise I will be mad and deny ya.~
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