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And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.

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Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2422, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.
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Zendaya Cruor
Queen of the Northern Kingdom

Aceldama Cruor
Queen of the Northern Kingdom

Behind the Name
The Cruor family was never the type to just rely on one culture or origin to name all of their children, this was actually a common practice to everyone in the Sugiuran realms and something she even applied when she named her own children. Since this name was mentioned first; the actual Family name Cruor was originally derived from Latin Origins meaning blood that flows from a wound and gore. Some even say that this name is akin to the word crude, but now a days the name is translated to coagulated blood or more specifically the portion of the blood that forms a clot. With a name like this backing up the Cruor Family it would come to no surprise when Aceldama's name has a meaning with blood as well. Aceldama is a gree variation from the Aramaic; ḥăqēl dĕmā and can be literally translated to Fields of Blood or any place of slaughter. A rather famous use of this name would be within the bible as the field that Judas bought with the money he received after betraying Jesus (Act 1:18, 19). This should come to no surprise the bloody past that Aceldama soon had and some of her more violent actions even up to this point. One could say she fit her name beautifully.

As for Aceldama's Sica Dila; Zendaya, her world has been practically polar opposites to that of Aceldama so it would be to no surprise that her name's meaning and origin would be vastly different from Aceldama's. Within this world Zendaya wasn't given her name until after her parents had learned of their child's origin, this wasn't because they wanted to give an accurate name to their beloved child, but merely because they didn't care to think of something at the time. Rather than being named and loved as a child of their family they wanted her to be named and known by what her origin was, so with an Origin of Temperance her name was something pleasant and uplifting. Zendaya stands for to give thanks originating from Africa and this name doesn't have many uses in popular texts. Even though her family didn't love her enough to give her a proper name like most parents, she was bestowed the privilege to carry the family name, Cruor. Even though these two Family names were exactly same in these two different worlds, the meaning behind them were not the same. While one family focused more of the bloodshed during battles, the other family wished to implant a massaged into the heads of every generation to come; that their name is carried along side their Royal blood. As for Zendaya this message was more of a hateful burden than a helpful reminder, thus explaining her absolute hatred to being labeled with it.

Her Other Names
To many people of this era, Aceldama is known to be the Queen of the Northern Kingdom and to some a bit before that would have known her as the Princess instead. While these two groups were her most popular titles to begin with, they were not her first. Aceldama by her oldest account was known as a notorious serial killer nicknamed the Binge Eater in many different parts of the world. After traveling from city to city across the world Aceldama would wreak havoc on its citizens and leave behind a string of murders all of which were trademarked by her cannibalism. After a string of murders within the Karakura outskirts was she finally put to a stop by someone who later became the father of her children; and she gained her title The Princess of the Northern Kingdom. It should also be noted that Aceldama was originally referred to being the Sugiuran of Gluttony as well that was until she had merged with her Sica Dila, Zendaya and gained her second Origin. This fact however isn't public knowledge to the people of her land and many believe that soon after taking her rightful place as the Queen she had naturally developed into a rare case of "Duo Origins". The only known record of such being the old Western Kingdom's King Kakeru Leonhardt. With her classification of being a 1st generation Symbiote, she gets referred as a 'Duo Origin Symbiote, or the Sugiuran of Gluttony and Temperance.

Much like Aceldama, Zendaya herself was also known within her own kingdom; however unlike Aceldama she wasn't ever known for being the Princess she rightfully is. Zendaya was known by her people as being a bandit that would randomly and indiscriminately attack her own kingdom. This started small at first with small pranks and the most evil deed known to man, vandalism. She spend her time ruining festivities and stealing from the poor and rich alike; she had terrorised her kingdom so much that she gained the title known as The Mischievous Saint. One would normally question, why is a prankster like her called a saint, was she like robin hood and donated her findings to the poor? Did she help other people and punished the wicked? No it was something much like nobel and more simple. Zendaya's guardian beast is an angel, the true irony of the situation caused a ripple of confusion. Though as she matured Zendaya's targets focused solely on thought of noble standing, guards and even distant relatives; she wanted to weed out those who were immoral and find the corrupted nobles, ricker merchants and other members of society who were raising havoc on the poor. By no means was this a noble goal, just the rewards weren't half that bad; but the further she delved into these dark waters the more she became twisted. Murder no longer became a issue for the young Sugiuran and the cute name soon twisted into something more akin to the Angel of Death. Growing past doing this for amusement she went into mercenary work; unknowingly through her mercenary work she was bringing back the moral of the people under her family's suppressive rule. However it was because she was still a Cruor that her family was prepared to remove the problem, thankfully during this time was when she was fleeing from her own country did she found herself within the PH realm.

For her it was strange to not be known by her less appealing names, and even stranger to be called someone else's Sica Dila whatever that meant. However upon learning about her other half through their conflict with each other initially, Zendaya grew more and more comfortable with joining the other before eventually finding peace with Aceldama. Even now Aceldama respect Zendaya and refuses to refer to Temperance as anyone else's origin other than Zendaya herself.

Which Age Do You Prefer?
Age is one of the most difficult thing to calculate for a Sugiuran, it is always a question of do you measure it in humans years or Sugiuran years, and what do you do if your character travels between both. By no means is the Sugiuran timezone the same as the human realm in PH, a year in the Sugiuran realm will feel like the same length as one in the human realm fundamentally one is different than the other. In a human year there are 12 different months was varying different lengths of months in between them making a total of 365.25 days since every 4 years is a leap year. As for the Sugiuran year which is measured between their three moons shifting phases; there are a total of 6 months with a nice number of 30 days for each month. This adds up to a whopping total of 180 days in a year. Not to mention that their time flows at two completely different speeds from one human day to Sugiuran day it would be 2 hours to a day; thus when comparing a Sugiuran year to human days. It would be 1 year to 15 human days.

So while it could be easy to calculate how much a Sugiuran lived for if they purely stayed in their own realm, or in the human realm; it becomes more convoluted and confusing for when they switch around. This brings up the question of do you calculate how many humans years did they live, or how many years did they live.

For Aceldama she would have lived a total of 7 Sugiuran years in her realm before being brought to the human realm, she was brought in during World War 3 (2150) after that she spent the majority of her life if not all of it within the human realm till she met up with another Sugiuran by the name of Kakeru (2415). That's so far 265 humans years; in which up till this point (now) she had lived and stayed within the Sugiuran realms for two more humans years. If you were the type to believe that her age should only be calculated in humans years only she would be a total of 267ish years old. However if you feel like because she's a Sugiuran her age should be calculated in Sugiuran years she would be a total of 6508ish years old, and Lastly if you were the type to believe that the number of years your character personally experienced should determine her age she would be around 321 years old. Hence brings be back to the my last point of how convoluted it is to calculate her age.

For Sugiurans in the first place the number of years that you lived doesn't matter since it barely affect your physical appearance, and the information and knowledge you learn is limited to you as a person. If one was curious on how old a Sugiuran was it would be best to just judge them by their physical appearance. Thus Aceldama would be considered a woman in her mid-twenties and even speaking in Sugiuran terms Aceldama is very uneducated in her own culture and world still. Thus mentally would drop her more towards a young adult maturing slowly but surely. As for Zendaya, she never speaks of how old she actually is, but seeing how her world is supposed to mirror Aceldama's it wouldn't be inconceivable for her to around the same age... depending on which age you wish to choose.

Gender & Sex
If reading the application thus far hasn't made it clear enough both Aceldama and Zendaya consider themselves as Female. This would be the same for sex, no Zendaya isn't a complete inverse that she would be born as male.

Her Sugiuran Origin
Aceldama is current known for being Sugiuran with two different origins; this instead is an extremely and rare occurrence however it wasn't something that was naturally conceived like most of her Kingdom believes. Aceldama was born with only one origin in the infamous seven deadly sins; Gluttony. Gluttony can be classified as either an excess in eating or drinking or even being greedy or excessive in indulging in many things even outside the realm of food. This sort of Origin affect Aceldama on many different levels, the far more noticable and common would be her habits; causing her to eat excessively, but even her personality and abilities have been influenced by this origin.

Now why does she have two of them? There was a major event that shook the lives of many people within the PH realm and the Sugiurans were not excluded from it. Rifts were being created on a multi realm level and with each of these rifts formed crystal; these crystals were the catalyst in which created an exact clone of the dimension itself.. with some changes. Too much people's dismay this world was practically their reversed everything inside of it, this would mean either reversing how the world worked or maybe someone origin, but sometimes it was something much more emotional as having a resident within this reserve world be the embodiment of their dark fears. These residents just mentioned are called Sica Dilas, and at the time each person including Sugiurans were given their own, Aceldama was no exception. Her Sica Dila was Zendaya, the Sugiuran of Temperance and is known to be the opposing virtue to Aceldama's Gluttony, so upon meeting Zendaya Aceldama was given grave choice. To kill her other self as so they didn't take over her life, let them both leave, or perhaps joining forces. After an exhausting fight between the two Aceldama and Zendaya choose the last option and merged their two beings together.

With the addition of another Origin Aceldama had went through many changes psychologically and physically. Starting with simple changes, Aceldama's physical changes were very minor; her hair had taken on a much lighter look with many white streaks flowing through, and some parts of her hair had grown rather irregular such as her bangs on the one side or the wisps on the side of her face. Lastly her darker pupils are now much brighter and seem to be more of bright pink than their deeper purples from before. As for Aceldama's psychological state, it has been completely altered by Zendaya's presence for an example Aceldama has Zendaya's full personality still within herself and would only need to switch over control to let her use it. In addition after merging with Zendaya Aceldama had gotten a majority of her memories as if she had lived them, causing huge strain on what are actually her memories and what are Zendayas. Another point is the slight mutation in personality, this can be found in Zendaya as well but both personalities have slightly seeped into the other; Aceldama who used to be more stoic and less talkative can sometimes now being seen extremely childish under certain situations or even Mischievous. While Zendaya who is the mischievous queen can sometimes be seen as overprotective or even motherly when it comes to other Sgiurans or even Aceldama's children; something she never experienced before in her original realm. Due to these being such minor changes in their original personalities both parties try not to make a big deal out of it, especially since there is nothing they can do to reverse the effects.

As to how the addition of another host within Aceldama's body affect her powers is quite strange, nothing of the abilities she gained through Gluttony has actually been altered in any shape or form. As for Zendaya she only received her abilities naturally as well meaning that they should be able to use both ability naturally, no? That would not be the case, If their origins can be similar to each other or not even related then the strain on one's body wouldn't be as grave when using the other's origin. However Aceldama and Zendaya have two polar opposite origins; Gluttony and Temperance. These two origins constantly clash each other and thus makes it nearly impossible for Aceldama to use the purely Temperance ability. Perhaps at some point in the future they'll be able to find a way to create and learn abilities in which both origins can coexist however a lot of their time and resources had been placed elsewhere. This being said how can Aceldama ever use any of Zendaya's ability? Aceldama and Zendaya have a very similar relationship to that of a Ziamichi however it would more accurate to say a mutated split personality disorder. They would have to metaphorically pass the baton to one another to use the different powers and so whenever they switch their origin their body composition will fit to whatever host best suits it. For this very reason is why Aceldama does through some strange cosmetic changes whenever Zendaya takes control, however these are just natural drawbacks to them merging to begin with.

The Kingdom and Her Affilications
All Sugiurans are known by which kingdom they were born within and for Aceldama that would be the Northern Kingdom, even though she hadn't spent the majority of her life within it's lands she will forever be rooted to them. As for the reason her affiliation and her kingdom were placed within the same category is because Aceldama is aligned with the Sugiurans, primarily her own kingdom. As the Queen she makes it her duty to make sure that her people are kept safe at all times and that she can align herself with others which will do the same.

Currently there aren't any solid alliances that have been made either than what her children have established thus far. Her plan much like most other Sugiurans is to unite all the people across all lands. Even for herself she consider other guardian beasts as Sugiurans; because of this she has not made any plans to destroy the mirrored realm caused by the Black World Arc and continues to guard their world cores.

Duo Origin Personality
Aceldama Cruor: Gluttony

Difficult, stubborn, inflexible, headstrong; these are small words that can describe Acel as a person. This little princess of snow would rather find herself buried away within her kingdom then have to go and deal with people; social gatherings and such as more of a pain than anything. Having to meet people have way is also just a hassle, when people seem a certain way with her she will normally stick with it; but she is a person of 'good nature' and will allow them three tries before giving in. I the princess says no however, don't think she will change her mind, she will fight tooth and nail to keep that opinion where it stands; the same to go with her plans in life. However if someone is capable of being able to pull all the right strings and have her befriend them and like them, she will stay stubborn in staying their friends.

Acel was always childish in her own manner, but after merging with her other self, Zendaya; she becomes a bit more noticeable only to the people she cares about. She's more then willing to let this side out in front of strangers with small actions or in signs of frustration. One of her many actions being that of puffing out her cheeks, or turning her head away from the quickly. If she was by people she cared about she'd move to more showy faces of calling them names, sticking her tongue out at them, or in some causes teasing them.

Not only being a glutton in a physical sense she is also a glutton as a characteristic one, this characteristic is the most important one out of all the rest. Taking eating aside, she also want to have a lot of things and unlike envy which to her is the wanting of possessions she takes them instead. She easily falls into her glutton like personality, making too many friends, too many hobbies, ect ect. There are times when things get too much for her, but if that ever happens she tends to trash everything to do with it. Food of course is never an option for her. When it comes to food, she is a pretty bad glutton, human food, demon food, souls, body parts, you name it; everything is edible to her. The reason for her sudden spike in gluttony was because her parasitic like energy begun to mature. While growing up, the energy it took to affect others around her was so minimal it was just like breathing to her. On the contrary when it finally matured it was taking a constant amount of energy from her for every person near by. That lack of energy caused her to eat more, so her body would store it, and lastly it become an addictive habit, leading to her gluttonous appetite.

With her parasites most people would end up staying with her; this simple thing causes huge distrust to everyone around her. The only people who haven't been affected by her parasites were her sister and her Guardian beasts, as well as her own beast. So with that said everyone around her is nothing more than mindless sheep who are using her presence for their own good. That of course is a good thing for her, since lying and killing them wouldn't make her feel as bad.

This is a mix of two words Yandere and Tsundere. Tsundere is what you would describe her normally, meaning that she'll be harsh and cold towards people that she finds interesting, showing her more shy and lovable side the further their relationship grows. So while she is outwardly intractable, she will find herself stuttering, and shyly blushing towards her lover if they are secluded in a room. If somehow they find a way to catch her of guard near others she will express these bottled up feelings, but this is a rare occasion. The Yandere part is only how vengeful and spiteful she can get if she is ever cheated on, or betrayed by them; she will show slight signs of jealousy or even try to step in the way of other people, but she will never get to the point of murdering another, but the same can't be said to the betrayer.

❅Motherly Love
This is a personality that mainly shows only towards her children, the normally stubborn and hard to work with Acel will show this bubbly and quiet excited face towards her children. She'd be the type to spend as much time with them, bringing them to meetings and events so she wouldn't have to spend time away from them. She'd be there to shower them with kisses and hugs if she'd ever away from them for more then a day, but like what was mentioned before this is a personality trait that is only shown to her children and rare occasions to her loved ones.

Duo Origin Personality
Zendaya Cruor: Temperance

Childish is another way of saying it however unlike Aceldama (Gluttony), Zendaya takes this childish nature of hers full throttle. Her thoughts, actions, and even how she perceives everything is very immature. This creates a huge gap in between Aceldama's more negative personality to this hyper positive one, but this doesn't make her a good person. By using the innocent like personality to her advantage she tries to get into people's head by throwing them off guard. Ditzy and silly only adds more to the confusion when she finally says something serious, with that being said the regular and common bubbly personality has more depth then first perceived.

❅Easily Upset
Even though the main part of their personality is so different it doesn't mean they are polar opposites. Instead it seems that Zendaya can easily be placed in what Aceldama would be missing; this can even mean being her emotional vent. Zendaya is the type to get easily angered for example, making her wrath take over her entire life; the best example of this would be her hate for her own flesh and blood.

The Queen's Past
Chapter One: Time Forgotten

The Sugiura Family had split apart by the time Shimura Sugiura moved herself over to the Northern lands. It was unknown as to her true intentions were in living in nearly uninhabitable circumstances however due to this the future of the Northern Kingdom way born. During the time the others had migrated towards the North, Shimura Sugiura had stowed away into one of the highest mountains in the land creating her own home from on it’s side and during the many years that had passed on Shimura had created that mountain side into a complex fortress. To this day this fortress is known as Shimura's reach, and even though Shimura wasn't the only one who migrated to these lands this fortress was not a home to everyone; instead the other people were forced to inhabit the lands below.

Living in the Northern Kingdom wasn't like how it is now, trying to build a village within these winter wastelands was grueling and barely possible. Many have froze to death from just the cold alone and the nights were even worse. With the addition of finding food people struggled with trying to plant food within frozen soil and the vicious and dangerous terrain and animals that came with hunting. This didn't mean it was impossible however, a family in particular had begun to grow more curious on making technology within the lands far greater and more efficient had later found mineral and material that were resistant to the cold. Step by Step with each new discovery the tiny village within the Northern lands had been growing into a futuristic fortress similar to the one currently. With their main focus on safely obtaining food and having suitable shelters to sleep without the worry of the cold, the people of the North had more time to focus their attention elsewhere. Many had begun to advance towards hunting equipment, clothing items, everything from large to small had been completely altered and evolved to what we know today. Due to this the Northern Kingdom ideals as a whole had shifted to bettering themselves with their own power and with every new invention another was being made to make it better and more efficient. In fact because of the strange timeflow within the Sugiuran realms its been known that the technology is far more advanced than even that of Karakura Town.

During the time of the Northern Land's progression, the people didn't necessarily believe that they needed a king, however after more and more begun to flow towards the fortress this ideal begun to shift. For them to find someone to take over as King wasn't too difficult since there had already been one family working alongside the people from the beginning so by considering them as Royalty wouldn't change the flow of authority they already had. While this family still worked towards bettering the future of its people, the members were known to be stronger hunters; this family's name was the Cruors. The Cruors rather spending their time within the castle walls would be the type to venture out into the winterwaste lands and hunted beasts and animals that wandered nearby thus bringing about their blood meaning name. While they weren't the greatest at their job as leaders, the people were content with the Cruors; they had been favoring the idea of bettering the people to onday fight the Tig-Ani or even take back their long lost world.

Aceldama was the second born child to the current King and Queen of the Northern Kingdom, the seven short years she spent within the castle walls weren't filled with the grief and strife that would follow soon afterwards. Aceldama's older sister Sidera were both forbidden from leaving the castle walls and their parents as to make sure their two daughters were not alone had found them their own guardian beasts. Aceldama being too young to understand took this as just another child, or playmate; one she did not appreciate in the slightest.

The Queen's Past
Chapter Two: Raise in War

If you were to ask Aceldama directly about her history one would have a hard time getting the whole story; this would only make sense because as everyone grows older memories from their childhood slowly break off and become forgotten. Aceldama would be no different from anyone in this case, of course the only memories she’d be able to keep were ones that impacted her life greatly. The earliest memory she could ever uphold were the events in which permanently separated herself from her parents and molded her into the being she is now. Possibly being around 7 years old, Aceldama and the Cruors had departed the Northern Sugiuran Kingdom to seek a much more peaceful life on earth. While at the time Aceldama had never knew of the reason why they needed to do such, currently through updated royal documents she found that this was mainly because her family were threw out of the kingdom. They were trying to change the system and the Sugiuran people’s views i which everyone revolted against something in which has happened many times over the course of different multi-verses.

Nonetheless that only explained why they were within the human realms during such a horrible time. The common expression of being in the wrong place at the wrong time is the only thing someone could explain these ironic events. A royal family trying to escape the wrath of their people only to find themselves thrown into a world that was seconds away before throwing itself into one of the biggest wars known to Earth. While in reality it wasn’t actually seconds before hand and more like a couple of years, but it didn’t really matter much when the attack finally hit. So to those who know nothing of world war iii, this is commonly talked about when the demons finally attacked earth. While it was a different demon at the time leading the attack to this day people are still having a hard time accepting demons as anything but bad, you can say that this multi-verse is rather racist.

Going off track, World War iii was something that the Cruors had to experience first hand and unfortunately they didn’t experience it entirely together. The children of the family were left behind temporarily while the parents went out to see what they can do to help; they thought that their household would be safe, but obviously that wasn’t the case. Frome how Aceldama got separated from the guardian beasts and her sister is still unknown to her, perhaps you can thank that to shock. If anything the sight of pure carnage would have replaced any minor details; if someone would come to understand the Aceldama of now they would think something like this wouldn’t bother the Sugiuran, but it’s different when you are this young. The sight of bodies just scattered all over the place like some some dog ripping apart of a soft toy threw the child into a state of shock. Aceldama couldn't tell, was the person's head that was to her right belong to the arm on her left; how long was she left amongst the bodies?

Not knowing if she should run away or just cry, the child’s emotions went into a frenzy perhaps if she were to scream for help, maybe her parents would come and find her? Taking in that quick gasp for air a larger hand seemed to cup over her mouth; terrified the child didn’t do anything. Who could have it been, someone she knew? And enemy? A hysterical human? No matter who it was the child had to escape the situation, where ever she was is not compromised, but just as she was trying to get the individual away from her a blood curling scream sounded just near their location. Amongst the other sounds of weapons and other screams the child only realized that it was getting closer and closer, was it not over?

Even after being let go the child was so stunned that she didn’t even want to get up anymore, even after seeing what the individual looked like she couldn’t hear anything he was saying. Time seemed to be slowing down, and even this familiar face didn’t bring any solace. It wasn’t before long when he finally pulled her up to her feet and even shorter time before she was forcefully picked up. She could only guess at one point he realized she wasn't registering anything he was saying and pulling her long would only slow them down making it easier for them to be caught. Using what buildings were left over for cover it seemed that he was trying to get to a certain destination, causally kicking the bodies out of his way and ignoring some of the cries of people asking for help.

Their destination seemed to be a cement building that was hit by a bomb, all the walls seem to be crumbling and even the door which practically had no more use was even broken into. Another familiar face was a man sitting outside of the building carefully watching his surroundings before giving them a quick glance and pointing inside. Even though Acedama knew the two, the fact that they were only guardian beasts made her wary, she never did trust them enough before this point so with situations being extremely worse her feelings were getting better. The face she wanted to see were her parents or even her big sister, but she couldn't catch sight of them on the way here; that was until she could hear a voice from the basement.

Out of all the sounds this voice seemed to be her only saving grace; practically trying to force herself out of the male’s arms Aceldama would have bolted down into the basement. A sound of relief escaped the child as it was her sister sitting across the room, her body was littered with splashes and blood and her clothes seemed to be torn, but as far as Acedama could see there were no fatal wounds only putting her more at ease. Running to her sister to give her a tight hug was when she finally asked about her parents, if her sister was fine then that could mean her parents could be as well, but the look on her sister’s face told another story. Without even saying a word the teen just shook her head before looking at the guardian beast that had accompanied Aceldama.

“Thank you.”

Little did Aceldama knew that basements like this were going to be their home for the majority of the war; without any running water the clothes that they all were becoming smelly and stuff from the dry blood and mud. Though there were opportunities to pick up more clothes most of the stuff outside of the basement walls were either destroyed or in the same state to begin with. Food, water and fresh clothes were saving grace to the small family but as time went on even food was becoming more and more scarce. Even with that Sidera would keep adventuring out with one of the guardian beasts and come back with a big smile on her face no matter how little they managed to scavenge.

No place they were in was safe anymore, it was either too close to where battles were taken place, or there were no supplies around which meant his family had to frequently switch from broken house to the next. Due to Aceldama’s young age her abilities had not matured completely till after their third or even fourth house. Because of the people she was around couldn’t be affected she never noticed what her abilities were capable of however she did notice that her body was shutting down way faster than before. Eating had become the main thing on her mind and trying to find enough food to quench her hunger was becoming more and more of a chore. It had gotten to the point in which the child spent the majority of her days just sleeping while she waited for the next batch of food.

The guardian beast that had found her on the first day had never left her side since the beginning and seemed to be growing more and more impatient as time went on. As an adult now Aceldama could somewhat understand his thought process and how it was a desperate attempt, but as a child she had no idea of what was to come. With the lack of supply of normal food and for the fact that they couldn't stay in one place for very long to grow human food was becoming less of an option. The Cruor Sister’s guardian beast were not human in the slightest and neither were the sisters, so for Aceldama’s guardian beat to make the call of eating the killed off humans didn’t mean much like a problem.

So while Aceldama’s sister went out to scavenge, Aceldama’s guardian beast had taken the time to try and find corpses that weren’t decaying to feed to the younger sibling. Just from how much there were outside made feeding the gluttonous child so much easier and even though the bodies outside were slowly declining, Sidera (Aceldama’s sister) never once questioned why that was. Once Aceldama had gained enough strength to be able to stay awake and even fend for herself it was then that she figured out where this new food source was coming from. To say in the least It threw Aceldama into a small panic; in her mind she was still a human in a sense and the fact she was eating her own kind was terrifying. However with her mental state already not being as great as it should be and for the fact that she was indeed still a child being manipulated into thinking this was the only way would be child’s play for her guardian beast. So at first eating her own kind become an act of survival, but as time went on it became natural to the child. It had become so natural to her that keeping it a secret from her sister didn’t seem as important to her, and unknowing if her sister would be willing to participate Aceldama was more or less willing to give up on human food altogether so her sister could eat. It was an eat or be eaten world now and she felt like she was on the top of it.

By the time Rescuers had found Aceldama and her sister, her hungry had already grown to unbelievable heights and with the body count outside eerily being lower than most it was a surprised that the rescuers too never question it.

The Queen's Past
Chapter Three: Aftermath

Soon after being rescued Aceldama and her sister were forced into an orphanage, which only became more of a problem then help. Due to the fact that most of the people who worked in the orphanage weren’t spiritually aware it seemed that Aceldama and her sister were the only ones who noticed the guardian beasts following them around. It also didn’t help that Aceldama and her sister weren’t human to begin with and what should have dawned on the sisters would be for the fact that they didn’t age like the rest of them. With Aceldama being around a decade she had the appearance for a preteen for years now for some reason the Cruor sisters only pushed that aside be forced themselves to believe that they were special in a sense.

So as years passed within that orphanage, many of the children and even the workers grew to fear the sisters; could you have blamed them? If anything they seemed like demons to them, so giving them away as quickly as they could was the only option even if it meant separating the two. A horrible choice on their part however it didn’t affect the workers as much as it would to the sisters. Since Aceldama had no idea what happened to her sister in the next years they would be apart for; she didn’t know if her sister had grew into her powers then, or what they did for that manner.

The Queen's Past
Chapter Four: Megumi

Having stayed away from everyone in the orphanage kept them all safe, but with the family that had adopted her now this wasn’t a choice for them. This family didn’t seem to mind the ghost stories that followed Aceldama infact they thought they were interesting to say in the least. By the way the acted it seemed that lived in an area in which wasn’t affected as greatly during the war, especially since they seemed ignorant by the whole situation. However even if they were ignorant, they still tried their best to understand Aceldama something that made her feel more at ease then anything.

To explain her new living situation she didn’t know which country she was in, however the city seemed to have been working moderately okay. Aceldama’s new family consisted of a mother, father and adoptive sister around her age. They lived in a regular house with three bedrooms, one for Aceldama, her sister Megumi, and her new parents and had no pets. Even with her own room Aceldama didn’t have any belongings to try and fill it in and she found herself sleeping underneath her bed more often than not. She found that sleeping in the bed caused her to feel more anxious than not as spending so much time sleeping on hard surfaces become a habit too early to break.

The family didn’t seem to mind Aceldama’s large eating habits however to be able to upkeep such demands were becoming a struggle for them. She had try to keep her eating down to as low as possible but her body seemed to require more and more food, the endless pit in her stomach didn’t seem to be filling up so during the night she would spend her time hunting down stray animals of any kind. A realization had struck the Sugiuran as it seemed that the more alive the target was the more enemy she seemed to get out of it, making her last alot longer than before. If she was able to keep up the food source in this fashion then perhaps her and this new family could live on happily.

After a year of getting used to this home, Aceldama’s parents were looking into enrolling her into school much like Megumi and seeing how they were similar in age it shouldn't be that much of a problem. Financially they seemed to be doing much better than before and they had even talked about trying to find Sidera to join their family, news that only brought excitement to the child. However without any information to go on where Sidera had been sent too and the orphanage refusing to leak it out it was a dream that had to happen over time; so planning their current children’s futures took priority. High School was incredibly difficult for Aceldama who had not really went into any form of education for the majority of her life, and with rumors about her spreading like wildfire throughout her classmates and school not many people other than her sister Megumi would help.

This would explain why Megumi was the first one showing signs of getting sick. From how much time Aceldama interacted with Megumi it was becoming obvious that she was losing stuff too quickly; Megumi’s vision would start to fail as she needed to purchase and wear glasses more often, and even she was saying that her sense of taste was getting worse. Many of these symptoms that started to pile up on each other were kept only between Aceldama and Megumi as to not stress out her parents too much. Aceldama knew they weren’t going to get better, and she knew deep down they’d get even worse. It had gotten to the point where it wasn’t just megumi any more but even Aceldama adoptive parents were getting strange symptoms, their hearing would slowly get worse or maybe they couldn't even tell if they got hurt or burned.

As Megumi got worse and worse along with her parents, Aceldama’s classmates too were getting worse. People were thinking that it was chemical warfare from the war or even some sort of sickness that was developing, but everyone close to Aceldama were the ones getting sick. With her new family now being unable to keep care of themselves Aceldama did everything in her power to help them but what she was supposed to do when people she cared about slowly breaking down with no real cause.

She was the only one ot getting sick, and with that thought alone it had dawned on her it was because of her that they were getting sick. Maybe if she stays with them for long periods of time they get worse, and with some of the students getting pulled out of school maybe they were getting better. Holding onto that glimmer of hope Aceldama checked on the few classmates and found nothing positive; just like her family their parents told her that they weren’t getting better. In fact they too were getting worse, Aceldama’s presence didn’t matter any more against their health, it was because she was there once that threw them into this state in the first place.

She felt like throwing up why were the things that she finally got ahold of were being ripped away from her again, not once but twice she;s going to lose a family. It didn’t take long before her mother had an accident, she was rushed to the hospital shortly after Aceldama had gotten home. She had said something about losing her balance and fell down the stairs, due to her body being so weak she barely notice the blood that was from her head wound. Her family were going to end up hurting themselves and dying if she didn’t do anything, but with no medical advances in what would be causing this. Aceldama had to sit around and wait till her father became a victim too, this time instead of being hospitalized he was killed on the spot getting to work. He lied about feeling better and lost control of his car, so all what was left was Megumi and Aceldama’s guardian beast in which she’s the only one that can see.

Everyday Aceldama made her to feed her sister, bathe her, dress her however much like her parents Megumi wasn’t taking everything in so well. If Aceldama didn’t spent everyday at home she’d find her sister trying to get to the bathroom herself and nearly hurting herself. It didn’t take long before Megumi finally snapped, if she had to live like this forever she would be better off dead. How could Aceldama debate this? It was going to be a slippery slope downwards after all and no-one has never gotten better, it would be a lie to say that the thought of killing Megumi didn’t exist beforehand. So with Megumi crying for it now, it didn’t make it any easier to this point Aceldama had never killed anyone directly, and she tried thinking of all of the different ways she could kill her peacefully. Using Chemicals seemed to not let them pass very quickly, and drowning them only stresses them out until they finally take a breath in and even then it doesn’t always, stabbing them would be the most painful and Aceldama didn’t have any guns she could use to execute properly. In the end any form of killing someone wasn’t going to be peaceful at all and with the equipment she had on her right now possibly suffocating her in her sleep would be the safest bet. That way Aceldama can quickly escape the city and try to be out of people’s lives forever and if she did affect them some how.. Killing them would be the only way to save them.

To say in the least this had spiral out of control, no matter how much Aceldama tried to avoid people it always seemed that there would be those couple to ended up getting mixed into her mess. Not knowing what to do with the bodies after she was done killing them, Aceldama found that just eating them was the best option. Then it dawned on her perhaps this is how it was supposed to be, killing the weak humans and eating them seemed to be the best food source for her due to the amount of energy that it gave. While infecting more and more people she realized that her ability has been getting much stronger along with her need to feast, and while she couldn’t understand why this was happening her guardian beast refused to give any input in the situation.

She had forgotten how many years of killing it took for her to no longer feel anything towards it, even more how long ago she stopped burying what was left of them. After centuries of her killing anyone who gets into contact with her the female finally stopped caring becoming way more cold and rigid towards humans. Much like she learned in her childhood it’s a Eat or Be Eaten world and the world was her dish which meant he couldn't stick to one place for very long.

Traveling country to country made it much harder for her to seek out her sister or perhaps someone who was immune to her “sickness”. Which in all honesty was much harder than people would think, due to her moving around a lot and only being quick with her dealings Aceldama had successfully stayed away from anything spiritual and if she had met with them by accident she definitely did not notice. Other than the commonly known demons, Aceldama didn’t pay much attention to things such as hollows, spiritually aware humans, shinigami and so forth; infact it wouldn’t be till recently that she would know that they existed.

It wasn’t until she had gotten word that her sister could have been within japan that Aceldama had begun to actually stay within a country for a long period of time. After being apart for so long how was her sister now? Did she look the same, did she gain powers as well? These were questions that weren’t answered until after meeting another individual..

The Queen's Past
Chapter Five: Maybe There's a Chance


The Queen's Past
Chapter Six: The Binge Eater


The Queen's Past
Chapter Seven: Chanced Meeting

❅Chapter Three: Love&Family
RP used:
Please Don't Kill Me Mr. Man
First Days Aren't Supposed to be This Painful
Ahead of Schedule
Before Creation Comes Destruction
A Family Gathering: Operation Discovery
Reunited at Last
Words Between Blood
Uneasy Unrest Unsteadiness in the Western Village
As mentioned before Aceldama had been hunting humans down for a while, however her tactics were slow. She’d infect them leave and then come back later to clean up her mess; this removed her from the area and she could have time to prepair. Sometimes she’d also be the type to human down those who were poor or those without families that could question their sudden disappearance. While she did prefer them to be well fed and you know, cleaner, she wasn’t too picky on getting meals. So when a random stranger from Karakura Slums came up to her what else was she supposed to do, turn them away? She offered some help, some food and infected them; all every simple and easy tasks and while it did throw her off that the individual wasn’t leaving it wasn’t enough to suspect anything dramatic.

However when that same human revealed that he wasn’t someone weak and more over that he was to hunt her down; she regretted not reacting first. This human s she later learned was a Chi human named Sumashuu Sagumi, and how would she know his name first hand. Perhaps it was because he quite pridefully stated that he was so along with being humanity’s avenger. Their meeting only proved to be Aceldama’s biggest weakness as to this point she had never met anyone stronger than herself. It also didn’t help that she couldn’t use her guardian beast in battle as she didn’t know how to.

Thus this planned meeting begun a small game of cat and mouse ultimately ending in Aceldama’s loss; this outcome wasn’t as surprising due to their power level being completely outmatched. While she did threw in a few metaphorical punches of her own; it was nothing to what he didn’t choose to do. Luckily death wasn’t on the list of things Aceldama had to experience and that “humanity’s avenger” wasn’t a reckless killer like herself. Instead she was introduced to rather strange experiments all of which were trying to effect her hunger in some strange way. The first obviously shutting down her power, you couldn't have your kidnapped victim using any unknown abilities. This both served as a safety precaution and the aforementioned experiment.

Even if Aceldama couldn't find a way to escape it seemed to be pretty alright as her sister finally had met up with her. Or in this case, her sister came to her rescue. While Aceldama was itching for another fighter her sister was going for more of a “talk things over” kind of approach, ending with this ridiculous deal of living at the kidnapper’s house. While he seemed to be pretty filthy rich from the mountain house thing, alone; Aceldama could pretty much eat as much as she wanted too. It was like being within a golden cage, constantly under surveillance while dying of boredom. While strange events seemed to stack up on eachother so did her thought process. If she was going to stuck within this place anyways she might as well try to use this as an opportunity to train. While this desire was filled with her embarrassment of losing her first battle; she also wanted to one day she stronger to beat him into a pulp!

Aceldama never got to learn anything concrete but she did learn the important beginner details before another unwanted visitor came about. From what she heard from her sister; this stranger first talked with Sidera before coming to pick the two up. This individual was trying to convey the idea that Aceldama and her sister were never human to begin with and not to mention that they were of royal descent. This didn’t sit well with Aceldama as much as it did for her sister; everyone seemed to be on board of heading over to what her original birth place took place including the human as the excuse of these being his students. Once entering the Sugiuran realms it really started to sink into Aceldama how different she was from human beings and so did the idea of her guardian beast lying to her all these years.

The Queen's Past
Chapter Eight: From Stockholms to a Family

While the relationship between her and Sethos (Aceldama’s Guardian beast) grew further apart so did her comfortability. The idea of being something such as royalty was beginning to eat at the newly made princess as she was worried about the upcoming responsibilities. However through all the negative feelings and confusion, a new emotion was given birth again; and that was the love for another. Though it was a bit different than the love for a family member this one she was both scared of and desiring more than anything. Some would believe that perhaps this is due to stockholmes syndrome which only God would be able to tell at this point, but the relationship between Sagumi and Aceldama only seemed to be strengthening. It wasn’t until there was a new member of royalty being crowned within the Eastern kingdom that Aceldama and Sagumi were able to travel alone and they could express their feelings on a different level...

Much like most things in her life, the time she had spent with Sagmi within the Sugiuran realms had been short lived. Even if he had stayed their for decades it wouldn’ have been enough for the deeply infatuated Aceldama. Sagumi had to return to the Human realm to continue being a teacher as well as humanity’s Avenger while Aceldama had to stay within her own Sugiuran realms trying to catch up on history that she had missed. If there was never a change that Aceldama would have to take over this kingdom she wanted to be as prepared as possible; it also didn’t hurt to try and train by herself with Sethos to rebuild their problem relationship.

While Sagumi was still away there was a multi-verse event that took hold that some would nickname was “The Black Arc”. To summarize The Black Arc this was an event that caused another dimensional rift in every plane of existence that created a mirror image of it. Within these Black Arc are cores in which the rift gains all their powers from, being apart of royal blood Aceldama, her sister as well as the king of the West, Kakeru decided to investigate this strange event in person. What was found in there was something that can be taken in both ways; Sica Dilas. Sica Dila’s can be mirror’s of the original host or even the complete opposite however all of them were supposed to be representations of the darkness of the host’s heart.

With that being said Aceldama’s group was no different; this is where aceldama was able to meet up with her alter ego; Zendaya. Zendaya and Aceldama were able to break off from the rest of the group having their own battle and trade of words. At this time Aceldama was more irritable then usual which could have been connected to her unknown pregnancy. Somehow through an agreement the two were able to stop fighting each other and came to a reasonable solution of merging into each other. Aceldama as mentioned before was unaware of the fact that she was pregnant with her first child during this event and she is still unknown if by merging with her Sica Dila had done anything to damage her child in any way. A far as she could tell it did not. continuing on the Black Arc Event; by the time Aceldama and her other self had merged and returned to the rest of the group; the rest had already finished up their battle leaving only the core left. Aceldama and her sister were able to have a core each and in Aceldama’s case the cores had merged with both of her sacred weapons.

This is when she learned that Zendaya and Aceldama while being one resistance was infact still two different ones. Zendaya still retained her mark that shifted onto Aceldama’s body, as well as her guardian beast and sacred weapon as well. Both Aceldama and Zendaya are capable of using either of their sacred weapons however when it came to guardian beasts due to their lack of connection with the other’s beast they can only merge with the one for now.

It wasn’t long before Aceldama was involved with another event of sorts; while this one was lacking in fighting it was still an event that was important to her kingdom. This was a conference with the Iramasha about how their relationships stand at the moment. His being completely uneventful also opened her eyes to many things about herself and the responsibilities needed. Her sister was late for the event which begun to spark the distrust in her sister’s capabilities of running the kingdom as a queen. However Aceldama didn’t want to voice her opinions about her new found feelings in fear that these mainly belonged to Zendaya rather than herself. Thankfully in the end the relationship with Iramasha’s were renewed and Aceldama was able to return home without any worries.

By the time that Sagumi had finally returned to the Sugiuran realms once more was when Aceldama truly understood the time differences between them both. While a complete 24 hour day could pass for the female it would only be two hours within the human realm. So finally seeing Sagumi after such a long time was a blessing to Aceldama and most likely a huge surprise for the human. Aceldama had already noticed her pregnancy during the peace meeting with the Iramasha and was at the time was becoming larger in other words. Everything in Aceldama’s life seemed to be so fuzzy and joyful; unlike her life on the streets she didn’t have to worry about death or fighting as much. The only time she worried about such things were the rioting of the Western Kingdom without any form of royalty to run it and her sister randomly vanishing.

By the time her sister had completely vanished and Aceldama took over the throne she had already given birth to five beautiful children all in which she was very proud of. It didn’t take very long before all of these were old enough to leave the nest and adventure the world of the human realm. With her children gone Aceldama’s intention had been on her kingdom; trying to catch up with everything that she had lost as well as trying to figure out ways to solve the issues with the rest of the rulers going missing in the other realms. At Aceldama’s current state she wishes more than anything to finally put an end to the riots and see her children once more, but such things need to be worked towards rather than simply wished.


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Aceldama Cruor
Queen of the Northern Kingdom

❅The Fists of Calamity
Since the Black Arc was a main source of Aceldama gaining powers and abilities it shouldn't be a surprise that she gained a sacred weapon when merging with Zendaya. Since Zendaya was a natural close ranged fighter her sacred weapon came to be that of a pair of white gauntlets. Other than their unworldly white colour and golden designs that twist and turn around her elbows hold onto a bright red gem that glows whenever she uses her abilities within the new weapon. At the same time Kakeru was able to retrieve the sword of there verse real. Though strangely enough there was a reaction to both Aceldama's sacred weapon and Zendaya's causing the Black Arc sword to emerge with the two. While they are both inexperienced to use any powers gained from this; it did make it that both Aceldama and Zendaya could use each other weapons with ease. The natural abilities from these gauntlets can be used by both parties as the merging with the sword did not effect these in any sort of way.

The fists of Calimity have a natural passive buff that whoever is wearing them gains both a strength and speed buff of one tier stopping at master. Not to mention the natural ability from sacred weapons of honing their powers through them, these gantlets allow Aceldama to use them however to the same extent as Zendaya. While Aceldama can use them, Zendaya gets a slight power post to her powers when using her gauntlets as they resonate better with her origin Temperance than with Gluttony. If either the two focuses their energy into the gauntlets they can send the gauntlets into an over power state, while in this state he gauntlets become more skin tight and extends back her elbows. It's new sleeker design is supposed to stop any tugging or friction the two can experience making them feel like the weapon is like their skin. However adding to the extension of the gauntlets, while the gauntlet's are in over power they also form a pare of greaves on the female, creating a full set.

If Aceldama is in control with her Gluttony passive than the natural corruption of her origin sin would fill the red gems, creating a chained reaction. Once over power is at it's max a pair of black wings will appear on the females back giving her the ability of flight and access to he Calamity Cross. The temporary speed boost she gets causes her to disappear for a full post, and later if the boosts from earlier made her stop at master she would easily be able to destroy custom type armor, metals and even empowered defenses. After she uses Calamity to destroy someones defenses the gauntlets will shut down due to being over powered for too long and proceed to reboot for another four posts. Calamity fists need to be charged up to four posts to reach this state and can only hold one stack at a time.

For Zendaya Calamity fists' abilities do not change for her however the visuals are much different as the gauntlets would extend up to her shoulders, and her greaves would cover her entire legs. Giving the female much more cover she needs with her style of fighting; another thing that changes is that since her origin is that of a pure one the gem will instead start to turn white. Giving her white wings instead of the black sings Aceldama would have.

Lastly, due to this weapon being in such a close bond with the female it would make it impossible for someone else to take her weapon and use it unless she dies. The weapon while she's still alive would react the same way as someone's Zanpakutō making it either to heavy to hold or returning back to it's rightful owner in the instance they were taken.

Duo Origin Personality
Aceldama Cruor: Gluttony

❅Animalistic Traits
These traits aren’t as noticeable as someone with a pair of cat ears, or maybe even a snake for a tail, however Aceldama doesn’t know what to call these features other than Animalistic Traits. Starting from head to toe, Aceldama doesn’t have regular coloured eyes in the least, this however is because she has a reflective lens much like predators, more commonly known in felines. But this is not all, her eyesight gives her ability to be able to see the different energy signatures of others making it that much easier for her to target and attack someone’s energy signature as well as consume it if need be. Her other common senses such as her vision, sense of taste, and hearing are heightened to the point that she could be able to detect different people and species purely on their smell. Her hearing mainly comes in handy when locating other people as in zoning down onto their breathing or even heartbeats. As for the reason for her sense of taste to be risen is quite obviously attached to her origin of Gluttony, it wouldn’t make sense for her to have a lack of taste if she herself very much like to indulge on different things. However her other senses are that of a normal person, keeping her sense of smell and as well as her touch not making any impact on her fighting style or her daily life.

These however are not what is known amongst Aceldama’s Animalistic like traits, no instead Aceldama is more known for her teeth or in a wider sense her entire digestive system. Just the simple act of eating is entirely different to the Sugiuran than to anyone else, her teeth are much stronger than rocks and even metals; making eating something hard or even tough with complete ease. While her teeth make breaking down larger and harder material, Aceldama has a jaw worth a force stronger than 18,000 newtons causing even crocodiles to cower. Due to the strength of her teeth as well has how the rest of her body is made, she is more than capable of withstanding that force whenever she exerts it. However to be able to drop that strength over and over again would be difficult under a quick succession, if she were to bite rapidly she would only reach a mere 14, 000 newtons. That still being stronger than the average Lion but a couple thousand newtons weaker than the aforementioned crocodile. As mentioned before the inside of her body mainly just for her digestive system is much stronger than the rest of her body, making swallowing glass shards a breeze as cutting her up from the inside out nearly impossible. Which is a good thing as Aceldama life would be pretty short seeing how a broken bone could have killed her if it wasn't the case.

As mentioned before hand Aceldama’s digestive system is pretty much monstrous something in which was granted to her by birth and by her origin, but having just strong jaws and teeth to break things down would be useless if the rest of her system was garbage. Aceldama’s entire digestive system is created to make her eat to her heart's content and fuel her in the most efficient way possible. While this process does take some time her saliva, while being much weaker than her stomach acid, is the reason she can break down any matter into convertible energy, but because it’s weaker than her stomach acid Aceldama only gets a tiny amount of energy before it reaching her stomach. Depending on what she eats, Aceldama will get a certain amount of energy; this is based on how much energy was originally in the object or substance. As an example a rock would have much less energy than that of an apple, however an apple would have less energy than that of a recently dead animal, and non-spiritually aware humans would have less energy than that of a spiritually aware one. The list could go on and on, however this can also be applied to different abilities and powers however to eat someone’s ability is much harder than eating matter. Since for her to eat an ability she’d have to be able to catch it in the first place, if the abilities took on physical form first then she’d be able too however if they were just pure energy constantly then eating it would be super difficult.

Due to her Saliva only being able to break stuff down in small and slow chucks, by the time it reaches her stomach acid, this process should triple or even more since the stomach acid is far more stronger than that of her saliva. After two posts when Aceldama consumes something her would body have completely converted it into usable and convertible energy. This process is not manipulating objects in any way instead it destroys and rebuilds whatever she eats, which is unlike that of her saliva . Poisons, neurotics, even diseases like rabies can be broken down and later converted in her stomach, her saliva only does this process weakly and quickly as she doesn’t get hurt initially. The larger the object the longer it will take to break down, however this is on base to base situations, an example would be her taking a small bite out of an apple. Since it’s so small it wouldn’t take that long for the apple to be broken down and reconverted into energy, so instead of the full two posts it would only take one post of waiting. However if she were to eat the whole apple whole it would most likely take two whole posts before she gains the energy from it. It would also be how tough the object is, if she were to eat something like rocks even if they were pebbles it would most likely take the two posts to get the tiny bit of energy they could give, however if it was a much larger it would start to take three to four posts depending on density and size.

Aceldama can use her energy to give her Stomach acid some more strength since she doesn’t always eat things to just give her energy but to use her abilities on. By adding her energy into her stomach acid she is capable of giving it enough power to match up to whatever she is eating, this can be beneficial when consuming an ability as the energy used to power up her stomach acid is much less than the energy gained from consuming it. However since she is consuming energy to break it down much faster, for it to get into her system would be much harder. Instead of waiting on average two posts to gain her energy it would raise closer to three or four posts; something in which waiting can be beneficial in the long run.

❅Unrefined Strengths
Upon meeting Sagumi, Aceldama has been entrapped an idea of training herself to fight in hand to hand combat, and while with her current knowledge of it she hasn’t gotten very far. She is aware of the basics of an opponent's balance or even how to throw a half decent punch. However she has not reached in any shape or form of the same prowess of some of her children or even Sagumi for that manner. Which can all be chalked up to the simple excuse of keeping care of her children and studying about her own race however that doesn’t mean that Aceldama isn’t physically strong. Her strength is more reliable in that of a physical sense then in something like technique, much like that of Zendaya, Aceldama’s Sica Dila. Zendaya on the other hand, is far more powerful when it comes to physical strength than that of Aceldama; out of the two Zendaya’s strength can be easily distributed throughout her body. While Aceldama only understanding the bare minimum of being strong only has strength in common areas, such as her jaws, arms, legs, and ect. With Zendaya’s overall strength and having much more training and understanding than that of her counterpart, Zendaya is capable of doing strange feats with ease. An example of strange things in which she could do would be using her toes to hold herself up, or uses her fingers to balance her entire body to do strange twists and turns. While this doesn’t connect to physical strength, Zendaya is far more flexible than that of Aceldama only adding to the overall strength previous said, this however is what the two were like when they were separated.

After the Black Arc event, Aceldama was able to gain a slight about of Zendaya’s strength and flexibility while in her Gluttony Origin state, however not that much. If Aceldama would want to gain even further of Zendaya’s natural abilities Aceldama would have to train her body even further, and perhaps even study up on more complex fighting styles. Due to her recent coronation of becoming of the Northern Sugiuran’s Queen she hasn’t had any time to do so, leaving them with their vastly differences in strength and skill in the physical sense. With that being said once Aceldama goes into her Temperance origin state, her body would revert to that of Zendaya seeing how she is more in control of the body. Her natural Flexibility and Strength is that of the same, not gaining or losing what she had before this is because during the Origin switch into temperance, Zendaya keeps her exact fighting style while she still separated. Without her strength and flexibility Zendaya wouldn’t be able to use the same abilities or even fight to the same level as she once did.

❅Mystic Eyes
While this is a trait given to every sugiuran it should be noticed that Aceldama is not exception, but seeing how she isn't one of the older sugiurans she does fall under the category to have the "Limited Causality Perception"
To the untrained eye, this ability almost seems like precognition, but instead of actually seeing the future, the Sugiuran is instead able to “read” a situation and instinctively will map out the most efficient and crucial actions and reactions that need to be taken to reach an optimal result. While it is not that different from how a normal person will calculate and react to a situation, the magnitude to which a Sugiuran is able to perform this action is astronomical. This trait makes the Sugiuran people absolutely devastating combatants due to their cognitive prowess and their planning abilities that draw straight from this capacity for perception in addition to the drastically increased reaction time that comes from this ability.

Duo Origin Personality
Zendaya Cruor: Temperance

❅Violet Twister
This ability cannot be activated by Zendaya since it requires to have Aceldama’s sword to be in it’s original state. This is a near instant activated ability with using the sword as it’s center, the sword will suck in some of the passive leaking energy Aceldama naturally loose while it rapidly begins to twist. The twister will not take on the traditional dirty colour as it has more vivid purples and pure black colourations, because of the speed exceeds that of a traditional Twister reaching over 500mile per hour (nearing 805km/h) it creates immense destruction to the ground and anything entering it. Not only does the sword creates the Twister but it also acts like a powerful vacuum pulling anything within a 50mile (around 100km) radius to be pulled into it’s core. Of course it varies in strength making it much stronger near the core and then weaker along the edges at its full strength near the edges of this twister it could easily pull 10, 000tons into the deadly vacuum the only way to be safe from it’s pull would be to stand on the edges of it’s range or to stand in the eye of the storm. The purpose of the vacuum is to pull things into the violet storm so once someone is sucked into the Twister the pull will only exist to keep it within the strong wind-like energy.

Once you are in the twister the energy acts much like regular wind within a normal storm however it also takes on a much more heavier material since it can be sharp enough to slide through metals and easily flesh. Creatures with Grandmaster durability can easily withstand this ability and people with Master durability can survive this attack with injuries ranging in severity. However anyone with lower durability would have a much harder time keeping limbs together with that being said the same can be applied to armor strength. An example of these working together would be someone with advanced durability but master armor, anything that wasn’t being covered by their armor would face severe damage their armor does protect them much like someone with master durability. Simple analogies are simple.

For when it comes to how long Aceldama can keep this thing up would be up to five posts however she is capable of stopping this storm whenever she feels like. The more famous way of her halting the storm would be to take her sword back once again; this forces to stop it’s spinning and brings it back to it’s normal state. The portion of the energy used to create this Twister does it lost however the majority of it comes back to Aceldama once this ability is finished major drawbacks to this ability is that she is unable to leave the eye of the storm and cannot use any abilities that are required the aid of her sacred weapon till she ends the Twister or five posts have went by.

❅After Effect Sword
An ability that requires Aceldama’s Sacred weapon this ability is something that she cannot end until it is completed nor can her Sacred weapon’s passive can be used during the ability. By adding some of her unique energy into her sacred weapon Aceldama dashes forward with blinding speed attacking with a force so strong it temporarily stuns her target. After the initial attack she follows up with three more powerful blows creating an aftereffect of energy that stays until the last blow was landed. The purple after effects are still as sharp as her regular blow would have been and should be avoided till they disappear.

❅Dimension Seal
Upon activated this ability multiple seals created from her energy will appear in different locations around her enemy. By jumping into one of them Aceldama can slash at her enemy jumping from one seal to another; however they have a slight delay between each attack and the seal will glow brightly before she slashes through it. These are just small tunnels by using her manipulation ability and isn’t ture teleportations as she can only move from one to another in a straight line. She can only jump through the tunnels five times before being dropped above her enemy.

❅Flash Impact
An ability that doesn’t require her sacred weapon Aceldama gives a signal by snapping her fingers. This turns her position the core of a shock wave created with her parasitic energy; this ability is so bright it acts as both a strong blast and a flash grenade. This ability will expand to be the side of her regular AOE passive pushing everything that was once in front of her outwards anything that goes into contact gets hit equally as strong as the first blow in her after effect sword attack meaning that there is a huge chance of paralysing her target temporarily.

The Queen's Past
Will Update Occasionally

❅Parasitic Energy
When Aceldama comes into contact with sentient beings, or in other words other races then her own, this passive ability implants a metaphorical parasite within their energy/reiatsu/whateverthefucktheyuse. For her to make contact with someone it would have been either physical or connected to their energy; however for the energy method to work the energy must be still connected to its main host. I.E. If someone were to use an ability in which shot out a projection of their energy she wouldn’t be able to infect them unless they returned that now tained energy back into their bodies, however if someone were using their reiatsu to cover their weapon, it would still be connected to the host through the weapon meaning she can infect them. However this parasite will not start its spread until after the host has left Aceldama's presence; something in which can be altered through abilities or how infected the host is nonetheless if the host is within the first stage of infection it’s base radius is 100ft. Once the host leaves Aceldama’s presence, the 'parasite' will start to affect the host through their energy, the parasite itself mutating to disguise it as the original host's energy, but if someone with a full understanding of their body and oneself would be able to sense something amidst. Since the parasite is not physical, most physical countermeasures cannot be taken to remove this pest; there are multiple ways of removing it, but the one forsure method would be death in the host. Any other measures can be plausible, but the leave room for small errors, such as sealing off the area in which is infected would leave the host with less energy at their disposal until they unseal it once more; this method doesn’t kill it nor remove it but halts it’s spread to anything further than what was sealed. One can also 'refresh/clean out' one's energy while this being extremely effective gives route to being infected once again, or if the infection has spread so far it can possibly leave some behind to continue the spread once more. Using up one's energy doesn't count as flushing out the infected energy since it takes over the energy in a way that it will come back with the same percentage. It has to be purged with the idea of purging it rather than sheer luck, but if 25% of the host's energy has been taken over, no more or less then 25% will return when they get their energy back.
If the host returns back into Aceldama’s presence it doesn’t stop it’s rate of infecting but it’s at a staggering 1% per post, making it painfully slow, it is however suited to change based on her abilities. With each percent it infects the area of Aceldama's presence will decrease by the same percentage, an example of such would be if the victim has 25% her area would decrease by 25% meaning it would be 75ft instead of the whole 100ft. Now anyone would wonder why would her presence still matter if the spreading still continues. That is because there is an additional effect to this parasite and that is affecting the body physically even though the parasite isn’t physical. By invading the body through their energy the more the host becomes infected the more the host loses their senses. This can range from sense of smell, to sense of touch to even sense of balance; slowly the host will start to notice these changes however they wouldn't have to worry as they are not rapid. They also wouldn’t have to worry if they stayed within Aceldama’s presence; the reason for that is because unlike the spreading parasite if they leave her presence then comes back their sense will temporarily revert to normal. This is why it’s important to keep rack of how far into the infection someone is because the moment they leave her presence, their senses will decline rapidly to catch up to the percentage amount (i.e. Someone with 50% would lose 50% of all their senses after leaving her “aoe”). However if a host allows themselve to be infected 100% then the host cannot be anywhere without loosing everything, meaning they become completely useless at that point; the parasite will no longer want to stay within the host and try to shut it down. Turning their energy/reiatsu against the person and destroying them from their souls and out; ultimately killing them. Once the parasite kills the host it will take all of their life forces and jump from person to person until they can finally get back to Aceldama. The process of the parasite killing a host is about five posts long and anything to slow it down will halt it’s process, meaning using a previous mentioned method of sealing off a part of your energy will halt it killing them but it leaves them open for the countdown to start again once it is unsealed. Another thing that should be mentioned is if someone who reached 100% would never be able to completely remove the parasite but for it to even start again after removing most of it would require Aceldama to physically touch them (i.e. Skin to Skin Only). This entire ability will continuously go on unless if switched out by her second passive, she has no control in who she does or doesn't affect. However while within this ability her energy will continuously leak out unless being countered acted by eating something of equal value, her energy leaking out isn't necessarily safe to those around, but that is only if abilities will cause that effect.

❅Mimic the Others
This is a continuation of Aceldama’s passive ability however because of what it does it has been written separately. How Aceldama is capable of infecting is that she siphones a part of their energy and implants a part of her own, by doing this she does get a bit of their energy. She barely takes any from the individual and they do not come out with less or more energy to start with, however since she is taking a part of it Aceldama can receive some info on the new host. Just from their energy alone she can tell what race the host is from and her parasite energy will mutate to compensate for it. The now mutated energy will give Aceldama some access to dormant abilities corresponding to the race of her opponent; these abilities are only accessible for the duration of the host’s infection period. So if they were to remove the parasite she would then lose the ability to use her once dormant abilities the reason for that is because her energy signature will revert back into it’s original state. Since this dormant abilities are a mixture of her racial energy and the energy of the other race she can’t use them anymore much how a pure shinigami can’t naturally use demon magic/abilities. Now if she were to go up against someone who were of multiple races, (i.e. Crossbreeds) She’d get the abilities of the mixed races; and example would be a vizard demon, she’d get the racial powers of both a vizard and a demon. However this is not the case with Ziamichi spirits unless both of them are in control at the same time, when one of the souls takes host depending on which race they are is what Aceldama can make undormant. If they were to switch over again she’d have to retouch the person to then siphon their energy. This process would have to repeat with each time they switch over however if they switched over the percentage of how much they are infected will not change. With that being said she can only have access to five different racial abilities at a time; if she were to infect someone else she’d then need to switch out one of the races to replace it.

The Queen's Past
Will Update Occasionally

Parasitic Demon Energy
    Shadow Travel
    This ability draws from the Demon's natural flash ability called "Demonic Shadow Movement" however she only shares it's simultaneity in name only. While this does mirror the high speed aspect of the original shadow movement, this one is by far, way faster as it becomes more akin to teleportation. But due to it's speed and possibly strength of this ability it is much more tunneled and limited than a demon's regular shadow movement. After siphoning demonic energy, Aceldama is capable of instantaneously ceasing to exist in her current location before manifesting in the shadow of someone who had become infected by her parasitic passive. For this ability to work the target is require to be casting a shadow, must be affected and since it truly isn't a teleportation she would need a path way to get to them. With that being said if their shadow extended to an area in which she could reach Aceldama could follow that shadow, but she wouldn't be able to go through walls or solid objects. Since this ability is so limited and does require a bit of her energy to use Aceldama does not lose the ability to use her initial flash step.

    My Koa
    Similarly to the Za Koa influence have that on demons, Aceldama gains an ability in which causes her parasitic energy to have an influence on others. To further elaborate Aceldama is capable of projecting her parasitic energy onto the battle field, however depending on it's location the effects will vary. If Aceldama were to project this ability within a location away from her natural AOE passive, then the ability will only be able to remain active for five full posts before requiring a three post refractory period. On the other hand if Aceldama were to keep her influence only within the range of her AOE than she'd have more control over the energy and therefor capable of holding it for seven to eight posts. Much like the other, it's refractory period will also be that of three posts; for what effects will take place while someone is within her influence would double the infection totals from all sources. This can be dealt with her passive, her attacks and other abilities however no-one can go past 100% affection, meaning that if she reaches that point this ability will do no further damage.

    Heartfelt Curse
    Aceldama origin isn't that of an illness but instead of a strong desire that lies within every being, so with this ability she is capable of inflicting someone with the similar 'curses' as her own. This ability only accelerates the targets current existing desire within themselves, meaning that if the target was very hungry Aceldama would be capable of dramatically increasing the urgency of that desire. The same could be sad to someone who is angry in which could cause the target to exaggerate their anger, possibly causing blind rage, so on and so forth. This ability can be activated through eye and physical contact however in both methods there is a cost difference. For eyes eye contact Aceldama would require to sacrifice some of the target's affection percentage, dropping it by 10%, however for physical contact Aceldama doesn't have to reduce her affection percentage as it would be much more difficult.

    Let's Accelerate
    By sacrificing a huge chunk of her energy the female forcefully shuts off her abilities for a couple of posts. She is capable of fighting against them still, using physical attacks, but she wouldn't be able to use simple abilities such as her heartfelt curses or switching to other passives until the time limit is reached. During this time her presence is completely erased meaning that the parasite and the effects of it is in full throttle; because she has to sacrifice her energy like that, the parasite energy is left within the area meaning that the person within the initial vicinity will get a potent dose of her infection. Capable of raising their percentage up to 50% i they stay within the full 100ft of her for both posts, it will stop at 25% from the activation of this ability. This ability cannot be used more than twice within a thread.

    Potent attacks
    Physical attacks are Aceldama's favourite, especially with Sagumi being her teacher, so when she absorbs the energy from a demon, and gains the abilities above her body seems to be coated with a very thin layer of unbreakable energy. This is not a shield, attacks and go through it, but it cannot be ripped from her body, and it is nearly invisible to the eye. She cannot manipulate this energy anymore than it already is and it's main purpose is to give her attacks tiny shots of infections, meaning with each punch she lands or physical hit she does will raise the foe's infection by 1%.

Parasitic Danava Energy
    Act of Cannibalism
    Since Aceldama's origin is that of gluttony when she gains this ability, her mutated Danava energy would then shift towards her gluttonous origin as it's fuel. Act of Cannibalism can only be activated if she takes a bite from herself, normally this can be done by biting a finger off or chewing a chunk out of her arm. The effects of this ability will last for three posts, and her wounds she received to activate it cannot heal. She'd have to wait until the wound heals up once more before she can go ahead and use the ability again. Thankfully she gains regeneration for the wound, but it will take two posts for it to fully heal. Act of Cannibalism forces her passive to go erratic causing the natural passive that she one had to cease existing, to be put more bluntly a part of her passive is normally available for those three posts. The part that becomes inactive is the part ofher passive in which allows her parasite to stop spreading further. The small AOE that gives the user a break from her parasitic attack will stop, meaning that no matter how close they get to Aceldama or how far the parasites will start working at their energy, this also means that depending on how much they are effected their senses will start to decline as well. The reason for this is because by eating herself she is tricking her parasites that she is being consumed, nor or less that she is killing herself. This ability doesn't effect the parasitic growth so it will continue at the same rate it's meant too this also applies to their senses.

    You Are What You Eat
    This ability compliments her digestive passive, and when she eats anything she is capable of converting that materials over onto her body. It's a pretty straightforward ability, but to explain it further, it would be if she act some metal, she can convert that metal into her body and have her hands coated in the metal. She cannot change what it is once she sets it first, so her metals hands will not become metal scissor hands, unless if she ate more metal. This effect only last five posts, meaning she'd have to eat more metal to keep up her metal hands, mention earlier as another example. If she eats a bite out of people she doesn't necessarily gain their flesh as her own. This can be used on materials, and mainly non living objects.

    Let's Eat It In You
    Since she can't gain people's fleshy selves unless if their bodies were made out of metal, ect. She gains another effect after successfully biting into her opponents, based on each mouthful she gets out of someone, Aceldama is capable of injecting a huge dose of her parasitic energy into them, making the parasite go up 10% for every bite she lands. Since her saliva has that natural breakdown it will slow down their healing, but not by much, making people who would instantly heal, take a bit more time to break down her saliva into something passable. However the parasitic energy will only stop at 100% and she cannot proceed any further than this unless unbalanced by another ability, but her saliva slowing down their regeneration will still stay even after they reached their max.

    Wait a second
    This ability is only usable if the person has an affection rate of 40% or more however by sacrificing 20% Aceldama is capable of setting up a chained events of causing her opponents movement to cease for one entire post. However there are certain circumstances that must be met, as stated before they must have at the very least 40% affection level, she must sacrifice 20% of that, and they must be outside of her passive range. Once that person has left range (that range may change depending on how infected the host is) Aceldama using the energy within their system to forcibly freeze their body; turning 'their energy' against them. While nothing else will happen to the person, this does give Aceldama enough time to catch up to them however this ability cannot be used one right after another. Meaning that even if someone had 100% and by math she could use this ability three times in a row that is not the situation in practice. Because of the strain it puts on her parasitic energy she is required to wait an additional 4 posts before being able to use this ability once more.

    Breaking Math
    This ability is gifted to her because of the closeness that Danava have for their concepts as Sugiurans for their origins. This ability doesn't do anything much like an active however it's a very power passive. This allows hr to be able to go past the initial and all knowing law of 100%. The reason for that is because in her Danava mode it allows the parasite to stack upon each other in turn giving her opponents more energy, but more parasites for Aceldama to work with. This can only go to 150% however.

Parasitic Arrancar/Hollow Energy
    Acel's Zanpakutō & Mask
    This ability gained through her parasite ability is special in a sense as it effects her guardians beasts rather than just herself, the moment she siphons the energy of an Arrancar it forces her guardian beats into their Matul Ispiritu state. However the most strangest thing about this is that her guardian beast will merge with her sacred weapon causing them to take on different effects and shapes. The Guardian beasts will merge with their corresponding sacred weapon; meaning Sethos would merge with Aceldama's Godsend sword, and Mastema would merge with Zendaya's Fist's of Calamity.

    Once Sethos merges with Godsend it takes on a much slicker look as it’s normal jagged lok ha been smoothed out. The blade would have been pure black if it wasn’t for the white designs slowly creeping long it’s bladed end; matching the design in Sethos hair. However the dark looking blade is contrasted by the white hilt. The white is mostly the white leather in which covers the majority of the ilt making it rather comfortable to wield; it also has a white and black fox tail attached to the end of the hilt for reasons unknown. Sometimes Aceldama doesn’t understand her own guardian beats and his weird antics.

    Once Mastema merges with Calamity instead of taking on just the fists it takes on a very different look. This is suppose to be like her defenses, having some armor scattered around on her body such as a chest plate, greeves, ect. However its most defining feature would be that of the mask she gains. This mask looks just like the one her guardian beast normally wears however instead of it's metal like look, this takes on a more bone-like structure instead of taking on it's famous white colour though, it's colour is similar to that of her entire armor set, a polished black. The mask falls down past her nose however even though her eyes are cover Aceldama is still able to clearly see the fields around her as if nothing was there.

    As for the abilities she gains from these are similar to if they were separated but instead of using two items she instead has just one. These mixtures would be mainly for visual effects rather than abilities. However by using just one items Aceldama has the ability to use everything each one had solo plus anything they had when working together. Meaning that if there was an ability that required the two swords she can still use it when they are merged together by this passive.

    This is an Accelerator for Aceldama's parasite passive through just a projectile, Aumentar's damage is significantly less than that of an Arrarancar's Cero. However this ability does use way less energy than the Cero mentioned earlier, since it uses way less energy she is capable of using repetitive use it within a short amount of time.

    Dream TV
    Unlike the Garganta Broadcast, which actively transmits an image imposed by the Arrancar itself, Dream TV acts as a form of mind reading. While unable to be used to "scan" an opponent's mind and use the knowledge in any sort of predictive fashion, Dream TV allows Aceldama to read into the deeper, darker, emotional secrets of the victim infected by her Parasitic Energy. In many cases, this manifests as the visions they would see whilst outside her presence, but it can be used to search for deeper repressed memories that she can use to lure people to dinner or launch psychological warfare upon her enemies.

    This ability allows Aceldama to be able to sense the presences of whoever has been affected with her parasitic energy within a radius of 100'.

    Acidic Skin
    Much like regular hollows in which their own flesh burns though who touch it directly; Aceldama has her own version of it. While it does physically damage anyone who tries to touch it; it also quicken the effects of her passive giving another way of implanting her parasites into someone else.

Parasitic Human Energy
    Much like the Geppo itself, this ability replaces her innate Flash Step. Unlike the Geppo however, the Gepporn is not at all silent. Instead, with each step she takes, a loud, concussive emanation of sound waves, causing each step she takes to actively hamper her opponent's ability to move ever so slightly and provides a distraction in the process.

    Universal Food
    Unlike a Chi Human, who can imprint their energy onto objects for a wide array of effects, Aceldama can imprint her mutated Chi Energy onto other creatures. Upon making physical contact with a living creature, Aceldama can forcibly insert her energy into her opponent. She can use this in two ways, the first involves heavily speeding up the rate in which her parasitic energy manifests in her target. The rate at which the parasitic energy will develop would raise it by one day per second she stays in contact with the individual. The second is that she can willfully force the effect her parasitic energy would have upon a victim for a short period of time, but with much more freedom, allowing her to insert whatever image she wants, almost instantly, into the victim's mind, effectively forcing them to experience an entire wave of emotion and experience over an extremely short time period. Due to how quickly the image and experience is inserted and concluded, there is an extremely short and rather impractical window for her to take advantage of the distraction, but she is not especially limited in the vision she wants them to see and experience, making the ability rather useful for mentally exhausting her target.

    Gluttoned Wheel
    Aceldama's version of both the Yin and the Yang Surge lies in the fact that, like her nature implies, heavily gorging on one aspect of the balance. The Gluttoned Wheel is a powerful pulse of gray tinted energy that, when striking a target, destabilizes their energy output. If struck, this inhibits the target's ability to form complex energy constructs, consequently depriving them of all but their racial abilities for five posts. Though since this is a physical attack, Aceldama's duration effect will alter based on the two kills Strength and Durability. If Aceldama's Strength is higher than her opponent's Durability then the effects of Gluttoned Wheel will last an extra post longer, if they are even it will last the full five posts, if their Durability wins however it will drop down to four posts. The Gluttoned Wheel requires a large amount of energy to use however, limiting it to once a thread.

    Like the regular Vindeca, Aceldama can use the Chi energy she's siphoned to heal minor wounds and accelerate her healing factor beyond what a Sugiura is typically capable of. In addition however, she can drain the energy tainted by her parasitic energy from a near by victim and use it as a resource to regenerate beyond the normal Vindeca's capabilities. Regrowing limbs requires a nearby host to have over 50% corruption and reverting a fatal wound requires a host nearby to have over 75% corruption. Using this function will completely remove any corruption from the host used.

    Unlike the regular Tekkai, which provides a function similar to the Arrancar Hiero, the Tekkarn allows Aceldama to further inflict her corruption on to anyone who physically attacks her or in anyway connects her to their energy supply, allowing her to hasten the effects of her parasitic energy upon a host by 1%.

Parasitic Shinigami/Vizard Energy
    Acel's Zanpakutō
    Since Aceldama has two guardian beasts and consensually two different scared weapons, she uses her now mutated energy to shift her first scared weapon; Sethos's demonic like blade, and channels him within it. Since she does this it is in it's now "sealed state" meaning that she cannot do much with it as it's a normal sword, the only difference is that sethos is now involved with the battle and can help guide her in the middle of battle as much as a normal Zanpakutō spirit would.

    Mutated Shunpo
    This will replace her normal Sugiuran flash step as she can use this one much more frequently; without causing so much damage to her internal organs she can use this flash step in a total of ten times before anything will happen to her. How this flash step will work is that she will speed up her body right before going into full speed, the slow build up is what keeps her from damaging herself, but since it's a slow build up it means that other people can react to it much faster. She isn't necessarily limited on where she is able to go as with her energy she can solidify it underneath her feet if she chooses to go up. However she can only go up to 20 mile radius.

    Spiritual Essence
    Unlike many other species, there is not much that Aceldama can pull from a Shinigami. They have very few inherent and unique abilities that rest strictly from their energy(Kido is trained and Zanpakutō come from the soul, and many other Shinigami abilities are technology based rather than energy based.) Instead, as beings of pure Reishi, she manages to develop something else from Shinigami. While she is using energy siphoned from a Shinigami, Aceldama is capable of nearly flawless energy tracking. She is able to bypass all attempts at hiding spiritual pressure and signatures and is able to inherently feel any presence within one kilometer radius of her current location.

    Because she has two Guardian beasts what was once impossible for her as became more of a possibility. Using her Second guardian beasts she is capable of force her down into that of a mask of sorts, it looks exactly like the mask her GB uses regularly. Since wearing this mask it doesn't ruin her vision at all, infact while she is wearing it to doesn't feel or look like anything is different for her. She does get the abilities that a normal shinigami would have however she gets only minor boosts to her speed and strength by one tier, stopping at master.

Parasitic Rakshasa Energy
    Hell Beasts?
    Much like her guardian beasts are now they gain a much more demonic appearance, even though they were fully capable of aiding her in battle before hand. The become more like beasts in this sense, getting rid of the regular sense to gain physical strength instead. They don't completely leave their senses infact a good chunk of it stays intact it's just that their human civilized selves merely become memories in comparison to these beasts now.

    Glutton's rule
    Consume things around her, that's what she wants to do however this doesn't have to be within a physical sense, anything within a 5 metre radius could be absorbed by her leaking energy.

    Demon Soldiers
    Aceldama has five different types of Soldier Demons in which she can summon each with their own small abilities.
    Hysteric Warrior:
    Gelatin Mask:
    Crazy Spin:
    Big Daddy:

    Demon Mages
    Aceldama has five different types of Mage Demons in which she can summon each with their own small abilities.
    Lucky Wacky:
    Vampire Children:
    Twinkle Artist:
    Rage Hat:
    Heart Queen:

    Feast Blood
    Aceldama feeds her sword with her blood to attack her Demon Soldiers and Magicians with it. Attacked Demons have their Strength and Defenses temporarily increased for a couple of posts.

Parasitic Sueki Energy
    Aceldama gains a new flash step like ability in which she shrouds herself in darkness, before appearing within a new area. This is not a teleport, she is moving at high speeds, and the reason she seems to disappear is because she camouflages her presence (energy and all) within the darkness around her. The black shroud she uses for her flash step is pretty much useless during the daytime, unless if she is using this ability within the shade.

    Moonlight's Gift
    While being underneath the moonlight Aceldama's abilities and powers receive a 10% bonus increase while being continuously underneath the light. Even though it doesn't increase the race at which the infect evolves in; the moonlight increases its potency. As a black lash, if Aceldama is within the sunlight, her abilities receive a 10% drop, just like what was said earlier it does not decrease the rate at which the parasite evolves, but the potency of her attacks are weaken.

    Need for a Feast
    If Aceldama is able to get close, and can take a bite from her victim, this ability causes her feasting and added effect of healing her at a quicker pace. depending on the wound will depend on how much she would have to eat from her victim.

    Eye Catcher
    Since most of her new abilities require Aceldama to be within the night, Acel eyes have more than adjusted within the dark atmosphere, but an ability that she can only use once within a battle, this acts like a charm. This charm uses the cloudy view of the shadows to give off appearances of people that the victim once knew, of course it's only temporary, but it's effects can last as long as it takes for the victim to realize it isn't the same person.

    Night Beast
    Physically Aceldama will change, these changes will be soft compared to other forms, but the changes are more towards that of being a beast. Her teeth, nails and senses are much sharper than before even within the sunlight Aceldama, can take her animalistic quality and set them a stage higher than before. Allowing her to see and sniff out things with much more acurious and precision than before.

Parasitic Quincy Energy
    Even though this ability normally used an a teleportation out of battles, Aceldama isn't skilled enough to use the Quincy's regular flash step, she instead uses a variation of their shadow ability. This ability only allows her to move at alarming speeds towards another's shadow, though for her to use it fluently without using too much of her energy; Aceldama would need to attach some of her energy into their shadow. This energy will stay within their shadows until she loses these abilities.

    Spirit Weapon
    Of her siphoned abilities, this is the one most similar to its progenitor. Like the normal Quincy, while she is siphoning the energy of a Quincy, Aceldama is able to use this to generate a bow of energy, the only differentiating feature is that the bow itself is golden rather than blue, fitting her scheme. The bow itself is marginally weaker than its Quincy counterpart, capable of firing damaging arrows that are more than capable of injuring or killing their intended targets. Offsetting the lack of power those attacks have to her Quincy counterparts however, Aceldama is capable of altering her arrows with her Parasitic Energy, granting arrows differing effects at her discretion.

    Parasite Arrow
    Unlike the normal, damaging, spirit arrow, the parasite arrows increase the infection level of whatever they strike by half a percentage point.

    Emotion Arrow
    If she manages to strike a target with an emotion arrow, Aceldama is capable of forcing her victim to feel an emotion, sadness, anger, lust, love, happiness. The ability to overpower or fight through this emotion is dependent on the victim's willpower score.


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