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Artist: N/A - Song: N/A - Word Count: 1723

A drop of immortality, an unfettered body, an undying life that can never terminate one's life. Such power is what many desires to achieve and receive, and such capability of not being able to die would be a dream come true for those who wish to walk the battlefield unscathed of any major wounds. Typically, most beings are semi-immortal, free of aging and diseases that would haunt a mortal's life until the day they die, but rarely, there would be beings that seemingly has the given immortality to not being able to die, not because they have some ridiculous regeneration ability to prevent them from doing so, but immortals are capable of reincarnating themselves as long as their soul is alive, as if their physical body and organs do not matter anymore in their existence, as long as their soul still pumps energy to retain its existence or have multiple of souls, death doesn't seem to matter to them anymore, whether to age or to be diseased of sickness, they can indefinitely reincarnate themselves as long as existence allows it. This is the power of a true God with an omnipotent capabilities, and many would dream to achieve power that rivals to that of a God's, and they would imagine the first step of becoming a 'God' would be achieving immortality, but that was a grave mistake. The first step? It was to achieve enormous, almost apocalyptic level of energy before being able to convert such power into immortality in order to contain, otherwise, it would only run rampant and outright reject their existence. It was that tough to achieve immortality, however, not impossible. Ye', many would dream of such power to lurk within their blood and pass that capability to their descendants, but few, or some that achieved it? Well, not all of them had a fairy tale 'good ending' in that journey, even a person that is within that group, had it well for her own humanity and 'mortal love'.

Fluttering leaves of the forest, trees standing tall on its structure, nature was such a beauty, even for the current age of war and fighting over land with superpowers, there is not once a shred of pain and blood ever scratched the barks of the trees, only the soil that would be tainted by the footsteps of hollows that ever lurked the forest and to be decapitated by shinigamis, or any spiritual beings that seek fight to boil their own blood. Yet, only cracks of the fallen branches would be heard by each footstep when a certain person is moving across the forest between an 'army' of trees that makes up the forest. It was not a matter of comfort or not in this forest, but the beauty and age that rots it down, only to have its children grow tall and big on its place. Aging and death would only make things beautiful again, like an endless cycle that clocks over and over again. Nature alone had attracted the attentions of a person, not a hollow which takes this forest as a refuge to shelter themselves from detection since this place seems to be able to block electromagnetic signals, even satellites from seeing any hostiles unless a huge amount of spiritual energy is poured right out of it to attract attention or enough destruction is caused to be out in the open view. Well, whose attention is attracted to the nature? A certain girl, no taller than 4 feet tall, giving a distinctive appearance that make her appear as a child below the age of 12 or so due to her short height and small, thin stature that can easily have others depict her as a weak child. Not only just that, having her appearance concealed under a classic, brown hood and a tattered cloak that sways behind her to cover just about her entire body would only shroud more mystery on how she looked like, but nevertheless, the person behind the curtains of that hooded figure is no one else but Zwei Yuki, a half-german and half-japanese name, known as 'Second Snow' when combined together, and considering her name, most would most likely thought of her as the 'second daughter' in her family, though, she does not have any so-called 'family' to be with.

Every step she takes was graceful, no traces of anger, or stomping, delicate little step of hers would only crack the fallen branches of dying trees, and falling leaves. Yes, Zwei Yuki, also known as the Imperfect God, due to her immortality and when she attacked Chile? It was no wonder that she had beginning to earn that title since then to prove of her power of not being able to die with a mere decapitation, making her basically quite a powerful force to be reckoned with as she is known to be a one woman army capable of wage a war against an army all by herself and go through with it. Her power, is, however, still unknown, but well known to be a potential candidate akin to that of a Demon Lord's. Being apart of the Monsuta, she.. differs herself from the rest of those around her, not too cruel, and not too nice either, that she sees herself akin to a Demi-God, capable of ruling herself over those with a finite lifespan, and would kill anyone that opposes those she sides with or harm those that she considers as allies, but even so, she'd cut apart anyone that stands in her way, but to only a small extent, as she rather fond of having her opponents play by her strings and become her set of entertainment, hence, fairly cocky on her own since she has a rather infinite lifespan and can reincarnate as long as her soul lives through major ordeals and destruction. For someone as 'cruel' as her to appear in the Karakura Forest would be ironic, is it? Well, being immortal of her own, she has an envy for those with finite lifespans, being able to die of disease, to die of aging, to die of just mere decapitation or trivial things like blood loss. Herself? She is incapable of such death, not permitting her to even die that way because of how her powers and body would react to it, those of mortals that can age and die with their loved ones would only tear her humanity apart. She may seem like a cold-blooded being, but very rarely, those who knew her enough, would understand that she is like a different being, person that none can ever understand, shrouded of mystery for someone who can live her life without worry of death ever reaping her away. Mind? Consciousness? She can divide herself without the worry of being mentally harmed or even stripped of her existence, for an immortal being to be everywhere, this is why she arrived in this forest, to envy the mortal life, while disgusted by her own, but to not have her former 'human self' to take on such a weak aspect, Zwei shrouds herself with cruelty and darkness, making her well-known as the 'Imperfect God'.

It wasn't a matter of being an immortal or not, even when granted with it, she was never satisfied with what she had. Like some damsel in distress, she wouldn't mind being slaughtered out of her misery if it were to happen one day, to end her insanity that way. Keeping her chaos energy at a minimum level, together with a cloak to keep her appearance hidden from sight? It is unlikely that she can be easily spotted for someone who has quite the control over her own energy to tune it down as low as she can, enough to call her below-average tier in contrast to an unseated shinigami, but all comes down to experience and skill rather than gauging how much energy she has to do the work to end things quickly. All has she left visible is her feet and her bare lips to the brimming sun that strikes the forest, leaving gaping holes of light where it isn't blocked by the trees. Everything seemed so perfect, and calm, and yet, something strange began to happen across the forest. It.. began shaking, like an earthquake, with each stomp, a flock of birds flapped away in fear, some animals that are still around and alive would begin evacuate the area due to the stomp, as if there is a threat beginning to build up within the forest, and that threat is none other than an oversized hollow and a demon who had no other business to work on than begin to cause damage. Their spiritual energy is so weak and wild that even an amateur could feel its presence, however, not trying to reveal her presence so easily, she would begin to retreat as well before she would be caught ever so easily, until she found herself cornered. Usually, mortals like these would be an easy task to handle, hence hand-to-hand combat was enough to deal with them. Taking only a couple of steps, a punch would shatter one of their masks to pieces, and an upward kick would have enough strength to cleanly slice them in half using the compressed air that she collected from the momentum of the air when she swings her legs upwards. Despite having a small body, she packs more punch than any other above-average superhuman can hope for to achieve. But that isn't a problem, as the actual problem is that she finds it surprising that with some kind of magical coincidence, that when she arrived here, numbers of hollows begin to spike, while rogue demons seem to climb rapidly in numbers as well, though it wasn't a surprise that they take refuge here and had their numbers increase day by day, but hell, this is some spiky jump for their numbers to climb so fast. Ain't that a surprise, eh? It isn't easy to keep the low profile either from the public's eye, since the Monsuta is rather famous for being the enemy of almost every protag organization on Earth and Soul Society, she could be easily detected as one of them ever since she began her attack on Chile. Things are getting rough, for someone who can take on an army alone.

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This was absolutely insane. Just because his former Captain was... on the unorthodox side of anything possible it didn't mean that he had to do something like this. There was a massive spike it hollow activity noted in the Karakura Forest and because of his former position he was being sent to deal with it. Even when the only reason that he was a Lieutenant was because of his Captain's unorthodox ideals and behavior this may have been over the top. He almost died just trying to be trained by him, but now he might actually do so. Eban for the longest time never found courage in anything, but now that he had finally found it somewhere deep within himself, well only after near death prodding, but now he was being sent in all different kinds of overly insane missions. So long so that his Captain even moved Divisions. Doing things that he deemed odd, crazy and almost torture in some situations. Being coddled by his brothers nearly his entire life he never really had to deal with trouble until he went out to prove himself. Unlike the aggressive and physical nature of his brothers his specialties laid in the spirit and mind, but when he was confronted with tough situations it seemed like he always failed. The only place he coudl turn was his Captain and it was the choice that change his life.

Staring at a large double door of Japanese architecture his Zanpakutō was sheathed horizontally at his lower back. His classic shinigami attire was brand new because his last mission had afforded him some wounds that destroyed his original one. He was smaller in stature with a slim and athletic build and was around 5 foot 9 inches tall. He had shaggy red hair that was a few inches long and not in any way brushed particularly. He had pale white skin and small amounts of scars up and down his arms from misfire with his Kido practice. His sleeves were rolled up to his shoulders and besides that his attire was classic shinigami attire. With his dull and lightly red eyes colored eyes he activate the pathway onto the human world. One that his teacher would take and as the doors opened he stepped right through and when he did he found himself extremely high in the air over the karakura forest

With a deadened but freaked out expression he looked down as he began to free fall. With the wind blasting through his hair and his eyes watering he thought to himself

"Why would he take this route. It's like he purposely sent me through here just to test me."

When he continued to think about everything it sounded like one of his overly insane tests. Something he detested. Though he had grown to live with. He knew how to sustain himself and fly in this world so this'd be no problem, but he just thought of it as something that was over the top.

His fear was both being overwhelmed by some sort of courage and dying at the same time from over done experience that led him to always be in situations alike to this one. His robes flapping in the wind he swung his feet towards the ground and brang himself to a stop around a trees length from the ground. He wasn't informed much on what was happening only that the area had experienced an influx in activity. That must have only meant a few he thought. Closing his eyes he silenced himself and attempted to extend his reach and sense in a circular pattern around him, but what he sensed was immediately made his eyes snap open and to attention. This forest was already to the point where they should've sent a clean up team to take care of it, and they sent him. How wonderful was this.

He landed onto the ground and though he wasn't very strong in many sense of the word he'd have to complete his assignment by any means necessary. The biggest threat in the area was a giant hollow right across the way. A slight bit of courage began to well up inside him because he was confident in his teachers training, but he knew he was a long ways from being strong enough to take all of them on. So he'd do his best to get the biggest and send in a crew after him so they could finish it off. With a light nervous sweat upon his brow he began to flash step in the direction of the giant hollow. Sensing two weaker hollows on the way , but what made him stop in his steps was that a few of the hollows who had grouped up disappeared. Which meant one they were either stronger than he originally believed or two were destroyed. If it was number one he'd have to be extremely careful and if it wasn't someone else was here that he had no intel on. It was dangerous because now the human world had been filled with much more than just hollows and humans. He could have run into anyone or anything, but in order to assess the situation he had to find out what was happening. If he didn't then the team he was going to send after might be put in danger So with the large presence left by the other hollow in mind he had to go and check it out.

With sweat down his brow he sped towards the area where the hollows had disappeared. Without knowing who or what was there he didn't have the skills to exactly hide himself well but it would have to do. With his right hand on the hilt on the Zanpakutō on his lower back he unwillingly raced towards and unsettling danger
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