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The Arrival and the Reunion [Isane/Ijara/Roderich][OPEN RP] Empty The Arrival and the Reunion [Isane/Ijara/Roderich][OPEN RP]

Tue Jul 07, 2015 6:07 pm

Shiro Sagisu - Turkish Delight / Word Count: not too much

"Aaah, it's no good! This was the worst idea ever >.<" Isane exclaimed as she and Ijara marched towards the North Rukongai Gate. The sun burned down on them relentlessly, and even though a soaked band was wrapped around her head, the bottle of rum yesterday started taking its toll immediatly after she woke up. Much to her chagrin, not even Kaido or the ever potent tomato juice could cure this hangover - the only thing it achieved was an even worse nausea since she didn't really like tomatoes to begin with.

"It feels like someone groping my stomach...I think I'm going to throw up" she said. Not the first time during her journey. Until now, everything seemed rather fine with her, despite the constant meowling. But it didn't change the fact that she really wasn't in shape to meet any superiors or even subordinates for that matter. And then there was the most pressing question obviously: did Ijara tell the truth or was it just an elaborate ruse after all? Not that it would be all too far fetched from that weird old hag, but in any case, things seemed to be rather normal for now.

"Urm...doesn't really look different. If you've been pulling my leg all this time..." she said, before stepping forward to close in on the gate.

"This is 4th Division Vice Captain Isane Kotetsu, requesting admission."

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