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And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.

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Bleach Platinum Hearts RP
Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2422, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.
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Wed Aug 19, 2015 4:27 pm


ENTER Liu Xinshen


» Name: Liú Xīnshén (流 头脑, Flow Mind) was a name Liu had given herself. Instead of going with the general tradition of Hindu names like some of the more elder Guardians of Hell, Liu decided the Chinese Language was more of an interesting catch and nicked a name from that as a result. Figuratively, she just considered it freeing herself from that cycle.

However, in truth, it goes a bit deeper than that. This name was bestowed upon her because of the fact it takes reference to the doctrine of Tao and De from the philosophy of Taoism. As this doctrine has been described as being flow of the universe, it tethers into the construct of Liu's liberating powers and her oneness with the free flowing nature of existence.

» Age: Liu is approximately 269 years old. Which is precisely how long the rule of the current Demon Empire has been in order within Demon World. This makes her one of the youngest Rakshasa's within Hell according to Liu. Although, presently, she is not entirely aware of the specific age of all other Narakaha. So, this is purely speculation on her part.

» Gender: Female (Obviously)

» Species: Liu is a Hell Demon that resides over the 2nd Dimension of Hell. She is also a reflection of the current regime of the Demon World based on the fact this is where most demon's usually end up in the Hell's many dimensions. She represents the boundless and unrestricted reign the current generation of Demon's have been raised under and her powers reflect that embodiment of freed nature.

» Appearance: One of this first features that stands out in Liu's appearance is that she has crimson red eyes. This is a common theme in her appearance as this color set is intermixed with her hair which is black in color, but has white and fiery-red highlights around various and constantly changing spots on her head. She also has a pair of small horns that pop out of her head and blend in with her hair that extends downwards to her shoulders. They can change in color from white to, a light blue color and sometimes black in some occasions. Some people have even commented on watching the colors of her hair and horns swirl around in mid-conversation before; giving her a peculiar look if Liu decides to let these attributes of her appearance have free-flow and move fluidly across her head. Additionally, it appears that Liu is to be able to control the extension of her hair as she can shorten or increase the length of it.

Furthermore, the physique of Liu is rather petite. Standing at five foot two and weighing no more than one hundred ten pounds, The Hell Guardian has an agile build going on. Preferring swiftness over being weighed down by mounds of fat, The Demoness is quiet flat-chested as well. Her stomach is quite lean and solid; as are most of the muscles across her frame. She also has razor-like teeth that mend well with her demonic appearance, though she is able to retract or extend them at will. The same concept applies to her fingertips as well, as she prefers to keep them at an average length and constantly paint her finger and toenails in assortments of black or red dyes; sometimes placing white arrows in them.

The structure of Liu's face also appears to be oriental in appearance if she were to be compared to one of the ethincy's of the human race. As well, the complexation of Liu's skin also seems to be alabaster in color. However, like other parts of her body, they to can change in tone. Somedays, Liu has a rich and milk pigment to her skin. While, on others, she has been noted as being as pale in color as a ghost. Liu simply believes her body is constantly flowing around these cycles of colors and is free to do as it pleases in terms of the constant shifting. Others can even feel -- a liquid like sensation when touching her skin for the first time before Liu adjust to the persons touch. This feeling is akin to placing your hand in a body of water and this further supports Liu's theory.

When it comes to her attire, usually Liu can be seen wearing a white dress that begins in a white hue that ends in a gray, red and black spade pattern at the edges of her dress; appearing as if they were arrowing pointing up and down judging from the perspective a person views it. This dress is also wrapped around her waistline with an upside-down blue bow; though sometimes it can morph in color from blue to, to red, to black and so forth. She also wears a pair of wooden sandals with purple straps in them. And, again, these to can easily shift in color at any given whim of The Demoness's. Lastly, usually there are some assortments of bracelets on any of her arms that are gold in color. It's worth noting that most of her clothing has been noted as being spiritually enhanced so it doesn't easily burn off in combat.


» Occupation/Affiliation: Currently, Liu has two heavy positions. One of the first is that she is the Guardian of The Second Layer of Hell. What this means is that she has justriation over The Underworld, which is what that portion of Hell is referred to. Under this job she is able to morph the realm to whatever shape or form she wishes, but opted not to as she simply observes and let's the land evolve on it's own. Presently, she is most likely the second least experianced Hell Guardian due to how lax her rule really is and lack of real laws in it.

The second occupation that Liu seems to hold is one in Shadow Fall as the Number Two Banshee. Being that most Banshee's are allowed free reign to do as they please under the rule of the Shadow Fall Thrones, it only made sense that she'd join anyway. After all, her body is a construct of The Demon World and it was too much for her to try out for being an actual Royal. Therefore, she took what was natural and decided to roll with it to see where fate would take her on this journey in SHadow Fall.

There are also rumors within Demon World that perhaps Liu is one of Mana Asthavon's spawn and has a position in the Asthavon Family based on the fact she was a representation of her rule. However, Liu has neither confirmed or denied this. Simply choosing to brush away from the question outright.

» Residence: Presently, Liu's official home is within The Underworld and it is dubbed "The Temple Of Sinners". This is because all those who enter Liu's layer of Hell usually come through the check-in station at this expansive mansion. It is roughly the size of a small planet itself and it is located near the edge of The Underworld and serves as the first spot where many of The Underworld's residents arrive for the first time in her Hell. Her familiar, Nizhaun, has numerous duplicates of herself reaching into the tens of millions that help manage and process the copious amounts of residents that enter into it.

They pass judgement on souls and determine if they should stay in her Hell, be released to different layers of Hell, become reincarnated as another spirit or sent back to their body if it wasn't their time to die yet. Usually, a replica of Liu or Liu herself can be found underneath the Temple of Sinners. It is where many records of Hell are stored, information about the surface world is observed and where Liu or her clone can overview the judgement of souls. Although, for the most part, Liu appears to simply shrug off this duty in favor of just letting them run among her realm by default

» Frequent Locations: Primarily, you can find Liu in most spots within Demon World or Hell. This is due to the fact that this is native home to her and she's been roaming these lands for quite some time trying to soak up the different experiences within these worlds. However, that doesn't mean she is restricted or exclusive to them. In fact, with Shadow Fall's continued interest in Earth and the war Khala waged against the Soul Society, Liu seems rather intrigued in what the other dimensions have to offer. She's always heard of her servants and inhabitants of hell talking about the surface world, so it's become of more attraction to explore it.


» Lax Nature & Potential For More:Liu is a pretty relaxed individual when compared to the more serious minded residents of Hell and her own demonic race in general. She often tries to not take things too seriously at times. This is because it just makes things in life over complicated, stressful and pretty boring. Liu wants to enjoy life as much as possible with little to no boredom. As a result -- this often leads to her shrugging off responsibilities when it comes to managing the Second Circle of Hell. But yet, at the same time, she'll make a fall-back plan in order to cover-up her laziness from others. One example is that she is not fond of tedious task. Trying to process, judge and otherwise review all of the complicated list, documents and reports with many of the tens, if not, hundreds of millions of spirits that come into her realm monthly is viable illustration of this at work.

To make work easier, she devised a system where herself and her Hell Beast were mass-produced in order to carry out judgements. In this way, Liu could slack off all she wants with no issues. And either Nizhaun, her Hell Beast, would take care of any conflicts within The Temple of Sinners. If she failed? The replicas of Nizhaun may finish the task. If that didn't work? The Hell Reapers that The Hell Demoness has started to recently hire to help her enforce these wills of Hell. If all else doesn't pan out, she placed a final overseer in the form of her own cloned replica.

And while she is no "hidden" genius or anything cliche like that, Liu does have slightly above average intelligence for a Demon. Nizhaun believes that if Liu just applied herself more often she could very well enlighten herself and expand her mind to be a more fearsome Hell Demon. Often times, when Liu starts to sit down and try to do a complex task, she has noticed that she can perform them, but her mind starts to hurt. In going through this process? She grows increasingly more displeased with these task if they bore her. A hard example of this is when it comes to trying to pass judgement on a sample size of just few million souls in The Temple Of Sinners. Liu commented that her mind started to ache a bit. This is because the vast repetitiveness of the job was quite -- dull. And since it was so uninteresting, she didn't want to continue doing that complicated task. As, in her own words, it had been because it was "soul draining".

However, when a topic is able to hold the interest of The Demoness, she may stop at nothing in order to broaden her perspective. The apathy is broken, her mind is in full gear and she'll attempt to decipher all there is to know about the subject. An illustration of this commitment would be when Liu discovered the art of dancing. Liu analyzed all of the steps it took to become a proficient dancer. By watching how the best moves and shakers bodies flow, she took hints from their body's movement. Following that up with a bit of mental work, she studied their written books that gave advice on how to fluidly move one's body. This caused her to put in place that knowledge into practice and experiment on flow.

Hence, through trial and error, she did her best effort to diligently brush up on her dance skills. Until one day she became quite the skilled dancer through observation, studying and dedication. It all paid off, to her, when Liu's dance skills had become quite commendable in nature. This is why Nizhaun, and subconsciously, even Liu herself, believes if she had a harder work ethic that her layer of Hell would work more efficiently. Thus, their rank as Hell Demon's would go up and Liu herself may be stronger or wiser. Provided -- the subject amused her. However, as Nizhaun herself stated, it's going to take dedication and Liu is lazily taking her time studying the world. Liu is quite knowledgeable, yes, but in the end it could be so much more if not for this lethargy and lack of interest.

» Introspective: Liu is someone who has spent a rather high amount of her history in solitude, isolation and meditation. Therefore, it is safe to assume that during these times of self-reflection that she attained a rather high sense of introspection. More often than not, Liu is always contemplating the changes within herself, the alteration of her body and the world which her powers reflect. For The Underworld is always on the back of Liu's mind because it is apart of herself.

And after many years of skillful contemplation, Liu has attained a strong sense of calmness about herself during the times that she has control over her yin and yang selves. She is always mindful of her emotions, thought patterns and is always analyzing every fiber of her body for evolution and change. It is what helped to cultivate her powers thus far and is considered to be a rather large part of Liu's persona. Without it, Liu believes she surely would have lost herself to the chaos of her mind long ago instead of finding harmony and allowing it to co-exist with her.

» Observer: At times Liu can be considered rather curious. This, like her former trait of introspection, is because of her repressed and recluse history. After being sealed in Hell for so many years and having nothing but knowledge to ruminate over, it's only natural that Liu would hold a strong curiosity for the world outside of it's walls. So she is often very interested in observing how each realm works, how people work and just keeping a very keen eye on things. It helps her to grow as a person, learn from others mistakes, adjust herself and indulge a bit in her voyeurism about life.

» Talkative: Liu is noted as being quite the talkative demon by most of her other peers within Hell and Demon World alike. Friend or foe, lover or enemy, angel or demon; she'll strike up a conversation with anyone for the sake conversation. In doing so Liu has found that it can lead to quite the interesting occurrences happening. If you chat it up with people from all walks of life, you'll discover more about yourself, the world you live in and gain a better understanding of life in general. Even if it results in disappointment, mistrust or someone you just plain hate being added to the ranks of your life's experiences -- it still was something to take away. If there weren't any risk associated with extending your heart out to others -- then what point would there be in trying to grasp a relationship in the first place? It would be a hollow victory and nothing more to The Hell Demon. So through her gift of gab, she goes through the motions of chit-chat to find these people that are doors to her own progression.

This makes her quite the friendly demoness as a result. More chummy than many of her demonic counterparts -- that is for sure! Some say she talks to much, others say she is far too friendly; but Liu feels alright with this aspect of herself because it opens the door of more exploration to be found. It's why through all of this social experience she's ingested, Liu can be quite the charismatic indivdual. She exudes confidence, breathes in positivity and never stutters or strays away from her words. When has something important to say, she will not speak over the person, but rather speak her words with conviction. She stands tall and steady in her stance, keeping her body grounded like a rock even when faced with the unknown. In this way, others can be drawn to Liu like a magnet as she gives in what she gets back. She knows how to make a person feel special, show them their own worth and in turn -- the world gives her a wealth of experience. This is why she engages in others, keeps herself immensely versatile in many social situations and puts it all out for their people to see and feel.

It is why Liu rarely ever tells a lie, as to be charamstic requires one to be honest. Nobody likes a sheep; a person who sucks up to another and are afraid to give honest opinions. So Liu tries to think, but not spend all of that time in her mind. The delicate balance between being too bold and too inward is a game that is constantly played within the Hell Demon's mind. And while she isn't too fond of offending people, as she tends to stick to her guns and give her viewpoint without making someone feel horrid about themselves if possible. By being this keenly in touch with the emotions of herself and others, Liu feels she has nothing to fear but fear itself. She is not afraid to feel fear, to experience the fiery rage of anger, the stabbing piercing of pain, the numb sensation of sadness, the soaring heights of elation and the expansion of her own emotional spectrum is one she takes great pleasure in immersing herself in. Laughing, smiling, frowning, crying; all are equal faces to show to the world and she wears them with great pride in herself.

» Creative Mind: Liu has quite the interest in the creative arts and culture. Things like the performing arts, films, visual arts, music or writing come to mind. In these subjects? The Hell Demon's mind grows quite stimulated and thus finds great pleasure in indulging in the arts. This is most likely because of her liberated state of being. Liu just assumes that her mind is more an abstract work of art then something hard in logic. It would explain at times why she tends to avoid the objective versus the subjective as well. Nevertheless, her interest runs deep with them.

During her free time, for example, Liu is known to brainstorm with Nizhaun. Together? They like to make catalogs of books about their life's experiences. Usually they'll write about the people they meet, the nutty circumstances they live through as overseers of hell and the things they learn in the process. Although, they also like to mesh together their own worlds and dabble into a bit of non-fiction at times as well. Thus, the overall style of Liu and Nizhaun's tends to be quite actiony, expressive and introspective. They make quite the pair of collaborative writers. Each of them spread their tales throughout Demon World and Hell in a series of adventure-themed titles.

Outside of writing, other things that Liu finds interesting when it comes to the creative arts is going to different sorts of festivals, museums or shows. To her? It's always interesting to see how other cultures live their lives on their free time. It's amusing to see how different people may think, to see what conclusions they come to or what comes of their traditions. And to better understand them, The Demoness took it a step further. Liu decided of her own will to begin learning the otherworldly languages of Demon World. It took a few decades, but Liu considers herself to be quite understanding of the many languages used in Hell and Demon World. Simultaneously, Liu was also trying to understand other human languages. The human tongue is quite the common language throughout the known realms, so Liu has made herself fluent in English, Chinese and Japanese. Most of the other languages in the world, however, are very spotty for her.

Nevertheless, on the subject of human's, they have greatly entertained Liu over the years. Based on the legends she heard of them, Liu actually respects them more than her demonic counterparts. Watching the progression of that race is quite charming to her. To believe a baractivc civilization turn itself into a cultivated and advanced society is baffling to her. It is one of the main reasons Liu finds humans pretty interesting to explore. In her mind? For a bunch of hairless apes, they sure managed to make a place for themselves in the world. It's why she hopes to visit the surface world soon. This is so that she can get a taste of this nature herself. Li wants to do this in order to gain her own personal experiences with these creatures. Rather than judging them based what she has seen or read in a book or documentary, it's more beneficial to gain her own viewpoint. So Earth is of great attraction to the little devil girl.

Like a song pulling on the strings of a persons heart, Liu finds herself captivated by it. Thus, on the note of music? Liu's genre library is very large. Underneath The Temple of Spirits, Liu has an expansive collection of music to listen to. Everything ranging from experimental, rock, metal, electronica, folk, ambient, blues and anything else you can name off may very well live there. Liu estimates that her musical library most likely expands to the hundreds of thousands. Meaning -- she generally has something new to listen to everyday. By making her musical center so vast, that keeps her interest going in experiencing new forms of music. She is a centuries old demon, so Liu assumes she'll have all the time in the world for it. Many demon's live to be tens of thousands of years old, so Liu wants to digest the different sounds of music there is in the universe in that time. Liu even estimates there are some genres she hasn't even comprehended, yet are deeper in that list.

Plus, to further expand the universe of music, Liu has even taken up to learning various instruments. She finds herself being somewhat proficient when it comes to tools like the keyboard, saxaphone or even forming melodies with her mind. However, she finds the experience of taking up the guitar and letting her voice flow out to the world to be FAR more enjoyable. Thus she is MUCH more gifted with the guitar and her singing voice. This is because she is able to pour out her heart, soul and emotions into the lyrics and tunes that she is able to produce with her creative mind. Specifically, Liu specializes in metal and progressive metal tracks; but isn't limited to them.

Overall, if there is something to do with creativity, Liu will generally find herself less bored with it. This, in turn, causes the demon to attempt to throw her mind to work. Breaking the shackles of her sloth-like nature, she'll mesh out wonderful projects for the world to indulge in.

» Amusement Seeker: If there is one thing that Liu doesn't like to be -- it's being bored. Boredom is most likely the bane of Liu's existence and she has gone through great lengths to avoid it at times. For instance, if Liu was in a conversation with someone and she started to lose interest in the topic they were talking about? Well -- she'd straight up just leave them sitting in the dust after mid-sentence and seek to find amusement somewhere else. Liu is known for having quite the short attention span for task, people, battles and anything else in life that she just doesn't find interesting. This aspect of her personality is also why The Demoness believes this is one factor in why she finds exploration and the creative arts so entertaining. Stimulation of her mind is very important.

If she were left to her own devices and there wasn't anything intriguing in sight -- she'd make something happen. An example of this would be that she is often known for randomly utilizing her powers to see "what would happen" if various constructs, people or objects in her environment were "liberated" by her powers. One such incident would be when she made use of her "liberation" based powers and dissolved gravity around a lake. "Freeing" the law of gravity from the liquid embodiment, she'd keep track of the fluid's journey into space and document what would happen to it through Nizhaun's assistance. Everything from how far it went into space, what objects it encountered and how long before it was ultimately destroyed or found a new planet to call home.

So as a person can tell, it's very imperative that Liu reframes from being disinterested in things. It can lead bouts of laziness, feats of fancy and crazed incidents for all those around her at worse. This has often even made it difficult for her to befriend most in Hell. This is because most often know her as The Ruler of The Underworld and thus they usually have the same story of pleading with her to escape. Hearing this day in and day after so many centuries had made her grow dull of the inhabitants there. Never once did someone just say they wanted to hang out with her, show the demoness a little trick or at the very least provide an amusing tale. It's always the same story of begging, threatening or trying to manipulate their way back to the surface world and it grows tedious to deal with.

Which is why when she finds someone interesting among the crowds of dull spirits -- Liu will often reward them for curing her boredom. Give Liu something to be passionate about and she may try to befriend, shower them with gifts or often try to do favors for them. That's just her way of giving back to the universe for livening her "spirit" and saving it from the "Death of boredom". You put in what you give in is what Liu assumes and she wants to give a lot. Everything she does is nearly for the sake of spitting boredom.

» Night Terrors: Liu is known to have many sorts of night terrors when she lies her head down to sleep. Nizhaun is usually there to comfort her when these outburst occur. When trying to care for her master, she has told Liu these worrying things. One thing that bothered The Hell Beast was her tears. Nizhaun noticed Liu may commonly begin to sob in her sleep. It then snowballs into mutter out for "mother" and "Father. From there it morphs and her body starts tremble, shake and quiver while in slumber.

Sometimes, she'll even wake up in a hot sweat. As if something terrible had just happened. Akin to being stabbed in the heart, a great sense of dread oozes into Liu. Then, like a cloud of smoke, it dissipates. And when it is absolved? She'll feel incredibly saddened before her mind gradually shifts back to her usual persona. Being that Liu assumes she has no parents, The Demoness and Nizhaun both just chalk it up to their mind playing tricks with Liu. As to them? They assume they were simply created from the ashes of hell.

However, the truth behind the matter is that parts of Soca's subconscious thoughts are still within Liu. These damaged and shattered fragments come to the surface during slumber when Liu's mind isn't active. And like a bad loop, they constantly replay those terrifying and sorrow filled last moments at night. Those haunting minutes of the former Demon's life are deeply rooted. And thus, cause Liu to undergo these strange night terrors.



Active Years: This portion of Liu's history takes place from the year 2146 to the year 2154

"Life and death are one thread, the same line viewed from different sides." - Lao Tzu

What were the early years like? Well, they were a rather peaceful time for the little demon child. Being born and raised in a small village within the outlands of the Central Demon Nation, Liu, formerly named "Soca Atma" (Meaning Wondering Soul in Hindu), Soca was a rather content child. She was birthed into the care of two cautious parent: the mother went by the name "Dara", while the father was named "Daya". With the two of them together? Fear and compassion was brought into the world. The origins of Dara often tied into worry in the Hindu language, while Daya was revered as the art of kindness. It is under this structure that the two kept Soca quite the sheltered child during her upbringing. They taught her how to read, write, talk and all the early development a child goes through. But -- rarely would they let her experience the world.

Keeping her imprisoned in quite the bubble, Soca was left to always observe the world from inside a steel cage. The only warmth she understood in this life was the safety, protection and terror implanted within her heart from mother and father. While Soca was quite fond of her parents and felt extremely dependent on them for her survival, she often wanted to just -- explore. Yet -- her parents described Demon World as a murderous placed. One where a spirit can be easily turned into a slave, kidnapped into the abyss and or left on the side of the road as a corpse. They scolded her when she tried to leave their ever-increasing compound of a house. Beating her and then telling the child it was for her own good, placing barriers to prevent her from wandering from the property and forcing her into solitary confinement left quite the impression on the child.

During this time, she was left with nothing to do but reflect inward on herself or outward towards the world. Always observing the scenery from a distance; this was a striking memory in Soca's mind as she could only witness life from afar. As the years progressed, Daya and Dara started to increasingly take their will to live up their powers attributes more as their personalities became further intermixed. Out of worried concern for their daughter, their home soon reflected an actual prison meant to block out the world. With only them and their offspring -- this was suppose to create the perfect sanctuary -- but nothing in life is that safe. Especially not in a place like demon world.

While Soca grew increasingly withdrawn into herself, she was left with no choice but to explore the inner confines of her mind and spirit. In doing so -- something was triggered. After going into a catatonic state to detach herself from this reality, a lever was pulled within The Demoness's blood. Unknown to the parents at the time, the blood within Dara's family lineage had tendency to produce the potential for Rakshasa's to be born every few centuries. Well, being that it had been unannounced for so many years, the atavism of the Hell Demon had awakened within Soca -- and this had been no random or freak accident.

Deep within the pits of hell, The Demon Queen known as Mana Asthavon was called to deal with the dilemma of the former Hell Guardian of the 2nd Layer of Hades dying off. Being that most Rakshasa's from the second layer of Hell reflected the current state of Demon World, the former Hell Guardian known as "Mazabuta Hoga" (Strong Will in Hindu) needed a successor from the Capital Country. The problem was -- this race was an anomaly. Out of the tens of billions of demon's that are born, not even one percent of them are able to be suitable candidates to be Hell Guardians. Therefore, they spent many years searching for a trace of Rakshasa blood within the Mainland -- until they found it inside of Soca at the age of eight.

In this lucid state of mind Soca was placed under by her parents upbringing, a mental connection was placed between Mazabuta and Soca due to her consciousness being so unhinged at the time. In doing so, Mazabuta, reluctantly, disclosed the location her location to the new regime in charge of Demon World. Due to the fact that the ramifications of NOT having a Hell Guardian for this dimension of Hell were worse than ruining the life of an innocent child, Mazabuta was forced with the morale dilemma of saving unforetold lives versus a single life.

If there was no one else to take the throne of the 2nd Guardian, then the very fabric of Hell would be destabilized. If allowed to take full coarse, then Hell itself risked imploding and causing a spatial distortion throughout the known realms that would cause a catastrophic event the likes of which no soul had ever seen. Thus...Soca was a suitable sacrifice as a last testament to the former Queen's will. It is what she would have wanted to keep the order of things and she would live true to that order to the very last breathe taken from Mazabuta while her body was still a separate entity.

Thus, there was no going back for the then Sinfall. Orders were received, guns loaded and the organized the military of the Central Capital went to apprehend Soca from her parents. They destroyed the very dome that Dara and Daya had spent so much time constructing rather easily. Of course there was resistance from the two, as they fought hundreds of thousands of demon's for many hours. Yet -- their strength was not infinite. After falling prey to the might of The Demon Queen, Soca's mother and father were beheaded by The Queen.

And in that time? Soca was helpless to stop. Being held within a mental embrace of Mazabuta, the distressed child tried crying out to her parents with all of her might, but even in it's dying the state, the former Hell Guardian proved too much for her to escape. Thus, she was rendered helpless to do anything else but watch as her body laid stiff on the floor; but mind filled with the burning sorrow of a frightened child.

Once the deed was done, Mana had sent for the 665th Rakshasa to instate the child as one of the Hell Guardians promptly and burn down the place post-haste. Pleading, Soca said she wanted to be rid of this outcome. Yes, she screamed out in her head to be freed of this trauma and have another chance at life. This wasn't happening, it couldn't happen and the impact of the real world outside of those walls couldn't be the truth.

So, as Mazabuta heard the child's pleas, the final act of her life would be to infuse the the will of herself into Soca. If the child yearned for freedom from these memories? That was the wish which would be granted. All eight years of her life would be eradicated, but the foundation of a new persona was laid out. The will of Mazabuta would keep a steady mental health for the newborn Rakshasa, the fear of her mother turned into the bridge meant to absolve the world's harshness and allow her to be carefree and the strength stemmed from compassion out of her father birthed quite the understanding and patient person. Together with the lust for freedom, the introspection of self and curious wonder of the world developed by Soca: the psyche of Liu Xīnshén would be founded on the crux of this terrible tragedy.

And so, as Ravan gave superstition of the 2nd Layer of Hell to Soca, the instant they arrived back into The Underworld -- Liu was born. Taking knowledge of the Chinese Language from leftover memories of Mazabuta, the nameless Rakasha arose from the dirt of Hell and uttered out her name to the heavens: "Liu...Xīnshén ....Flow....Mind"

Chapter Two: Development

Active Years: This portion of Liu's history takes place from the year 2146 to the year 2154

"We mold clay into a pot,
but it is the emptiness inside
that makes the vessel useful."

— Laozi Tao Te Ching 11

These days were considered to be filled with unforetold bliss by the likes of Liu Touano. There wasn't much worry because the paternal figure of Ravan was usually there to keep her in check and in order. This is because he was the primary person responsible for allowing her to grow into the woman she was today. She loved this man as a father because he taught her many of the basic aspects of herself that she needed in order to thrive in this world of monsters, beasts and damned souls.

One of the first lessons the creator of Hell Demon's bestowed upon Liu was her Aspect of Death. The very first day that these two were brought to her realm, the father of Rakshasa informed her that she would represent the current regime of Demon World. It would forever be her curse and burden to weigh the pressure of it's existence upon her shoulders. For, as The 2nd Hell Demon of Hell, it was her duty and task to become the crux and core of Demon World to hold it together so as to not repeat the incident which spurred her birth.

In spite of that, being the youthful spirit she was, Liu was rather happy to take this challenge on in all of her naivety. In that moment, the child assumed that if she was designed for such a purpose, the satanic gods above must've given her the strength and fortitude to deal with such a strain, right? Of course. That is what she had to believe to keep herself sane. So, with a smile across her face, the child of Demon World accepted her eternal task without the slightest of hesitation.

And, in response to such a conviction, Ravan understood that it was best to indulge Liu into the deeper aspects of her existence. As, further beyond the veil of that aspect, her embodiment of the current regime induced within her a sense of freedom. Freedom that could seek to liberate her to the highest of highs, or condemn her to the lowest of lows. For her ultimate aspect of death was dubbed as "Choice". Every decision and path a person takes leads them to liberation -- or confinement -- upon one's death. There is no in between in this world of slaves and freed spirits.

Of course, she never quite understood what he meant by that at the time, but she knew she wanted to achieve the former. The unsuspecting child of Liu simply knew nothing of the road it would take her upon. Of course, even if she did know, there still was no going back. So since Ravan understood this as fact, he took it upon himself to at least transcribe the path in which her powers would take. That is to say: The Father of Hell Demon's gave his child numerous runes to study if she wanted to achieve the true enlightenment which her power could provide.

In these runes that he bestowed upon her were knowledge that could lead to the development of her Tainted Skin, the awakening of her unique abilities, the taming of Death's Energy and the inevitable growth of Liu's other sides: her hell beast -- and her Tukaṛā Saitāna. He then explained to her that depending on the choices she took, the paths she made and experiences she endured; her powers, the path of demon world and her layer of Hell would be influenced by them. Since she was The Hell Beast of liberation, this was her choice to lead both herself and the world in which she was shackled to into a new era alongside the Mad Queen's regime to keep it hooked and harmonized on the enslavement of her body and spirit.

Infused with this knowledge, Liu dared to set forth on the path towards being the Liberating Overseer of Demon World and The Underworld. For it was obvious that The Demon Queen could not provide balance and harmony for her kingdom, so it was up to the spirit of Liu to help keep that overflowing sentiment of freedom in these lands. But, more importantly, she only wanted to make her perceived "father" happy with these goals.

Even if Ravan was not the most talkative of beings, the distance he placed from most beings only drew her closer because she wanted him to acknowledge her. All she wanted to do was be a good little girl in order to make her maker happy, pleased and proud of her. For, if she had that, there could be nothing but bliss and content in her heart. So, as she was swung at the hip of her papa's leg, she'd dare to embark this life of the accursed and damned.

Ergo, when time allotted, The Ruler of The Hell Verse would lead this child through the different verses of Hades in order to help the child view what potential kingdoms she could create. This was to give Liu experience, broaden her mind and give a viewpoint into what sort of world that she could create. While, for her, she was simply just happy to explore the unknowns of the universe with her papa. There was nothing more pleasing than that because she felt safe and secure with him.

More than that, she loved it whenever he took the time out of his busy schedules to teach her the ways of a demon. Everything from unlocking the basics of her prowess as a Rakshasa, to further trying to unhinge the construct of her Liberation Flux from within. This period was a time of development and growth within Liu that she is quite fond of. However, they still needed to deal with the elephant in the room: and that was her kingdom. All the while, during these ventures, it was placed into a stasis state of being until Liu herself was ready to manage on her own with Ravan having nurtured the seed of The Demon Queen's stabilizing vessel.

Thus, towards the end of this era, Ravan felt he was ready to cut the ties of his child and plot her into place where she belonged: her own world.

The Eruption Of Uncertainty & Malice

Active Years: This portion of Liu's history takes place from March in the year 2191 to June the year 2228

“Disaster, has its roots in happiness,
and happiness, lurks in disaster.
Who knows when this cycle will end?”

– Tao Te Ching quotes Verse 58

The Underworld was a barren and strict place when it came under the leadership of Liu. This is because the former owner of this realm had kept a rigid and stiff regime that cast the inhabitants of hell into the darkest of shadows. As, under the iron fist of the former Demon Queen's rule, did she enforce the strictest of policies to be enforced. So, when the youthful figure of Liu came into the picture, she sought to give her followers a choice: the path of freedom, or the road of imprisonment.

Therefore, although she was a newborn Hell Beast, the dimension in which she ruled heard this call and broke the shackles of limitation upon her subjects. The residents of her layer of hell were free to do as they pleased, so long as they did it within the boundaries of her realm. She believed, at the time, that it was the correct decision to make. As, it was clear that the previous lead of restriction and constraint was rubbish, so she wanted to choose the path of absolute freedom and ignore the need for balance; despite a gentle voice nagging at her conciseness which spoke otherwise.

If she was The Hell Beast of Liberation, then she thought she had best represent the alignment and allow total freedom over her world. Hence, following that, she saw fit to make her Temple of Sinners and make a place for her and the realm of sinners to call home. It took many weeks, if not, months to create; but she eventually established this planet-sized mansion in order to house those who wished to receive a home and a place to indulge in absolute liberation. Free housing, unlimited food and waves of security were some of the amenities that she provided.

While Ravan advised against being so loose and flimsy with her rules, Liu honestly thought she was providing the best solution to the problem of hell's instability. If everyone could just feel the rays of liberation and freedom flowing through their bodies, there would no longer be any sort of stiff troubles or problems. It was a pure thought, but even the most best of intentions can lead a spirit and people straight down the path of absolute hell.

Thus, as her first mistake, she soon learned that this was not the correct solution. As, sooner, rather than later, did her kingdom start falling apart at the seams. There were many factions fighting for power, others feeling oppressed from those with strength, resources were becoming scarce and a new wave of tension overfilled the depths of Hell. It jarred, tore and bled at the strings of Liu's heart. Since, during this period, her childish mind couldn't understand why her creation was failing. She had invested the seeds of pure intent into her land, so why was it not working?

Was there too much liberation? Could such a thing even exist? Why couldn't her plan just work? Was there something with herself? Was she the reason to blame? Just why? She couldn't understand, she wanted to understand and it left her entirely heart broken and dismayed.

To compound on issues further, the girl was pushed further into the corner as the strongest residents of Hell began to surround, chase and come after her in order to kill her, take her power and feed off the corpse of The Hell Demon to attain her powers and rule over Hell for themselves. So as she was chased all throughout the dimension of The Second Layer of Hell, Liu tried her best to evade this fate as she never really desired to fight. The girl never wanted to use her powers as a demons since she just wanted to have fun, explore and learn about the world of freedom; she never wanted to resort to force or aggression to pull out her desires.

Yet, even with all of these hopes, they still could not come to reality and she was trapped. It was terrifying, crippling and all consuming as her psyche was pushed further and further towards the edge. Not a hand from her father came, nor a supporter from the world she tried to make a home; she was utterly and entirely abandoned to cope with these complications of her domain on her own. As, from the perception of Ravan, she needed to learn this lesson in order to become an effective and self-sufficient Hell Demon.

Therefore, under these intense circumstances, the yang within her heart was restricted and the voice of negativity seeped into her brain. It whispered sweet echoes of letting go of her kindness, absolving her false positive persona and giving in to the devil that she truly was. As, to rule over these lands took a rigid and sadistic fist. No soul such as hers could achieve that, for these spirits would only break her down into a puddle of abysmal nothingness.

So, to liberate herself from that, the unrestricted essence of vengeance, hurt and horror which lay so suppressed within the heart of Liu dared to bring itself to the surface. It would morph herself into a messenger of wrath and invoke her mind's inner sorrow at the burden she was birthed with. After all, she reflected that of demon world, so why not bled it's true colors into this world of hell? SHE WAS IT'S ESSENCE!

Ergo -- she gave in.

She resisted it for as long as she could, but there simply wasn't anything left in her to fight. Not a single soul by her side. Not an ounce of fight left. Only abhorrent shades of fear, anguish and failure surrounded the shattered remains of her once untainted psyche. Therefore, from those ruins arose a true devil and one who would act as her enraged mask to help this Rakshasa cope with the world she was forced into.

One who could be vicious, strong and unyielding to the ways of the wicked existence which grasped at the throat of Liu. Therefore, the core of her tainted skin was born and The Hell Demon decayed into an era of depravity and sin under the guise of "Míngjiè Zìyóu"; Hades liberation. However, there would be anything but freedom that for those who served under this Yang of Liu's heart. For what she craved was to punish the world for how much it took away from her.

All of the years her soul was sacrificed, the life she once led and the spirits whom she once were; there was so much blood spilled and gone to make this work. And, despite these efforts, the hell verse itself wanted her dead and she would give them a taste of their own medicine to make them rue the day that her life ever came to be. That is what her irrational heart desired and that is the desire which would be materialized in the world around them.

Thus, without any further regret, the newly liberated Liu inverted herself and brought about the yang within herself to rule over Hell. Countless lives were broken, shattered and destroyed by the cut-throat tactics of Liu's new persona. The blood of many endless rebels were slaughtered, the power of those who sought to take hers away were promptly dismantled and the sheer grip of control and fear induced in the realm was stifling.

Of course, this did not mean she won every battle out there, but even when losing -- Liu never went down without leaving a scar. She'd always take a limb, an organ, your energy or whatever else her frantic claws could scar and mark upon you. The Tainted Skin of Liu poisoned her mind, influenced her powers and dared to break the fires of a true demon to life under the guise of her pain. So, as time went on, this world reflected that and it became a truly hellish place to live.

Yet, to Liu, this universe only had itself to blame. Such a cruel thing should have never been created to begin with. With the prowess at her hand, she would dare to even defile the divine creators of this realm if she could become powerful enough. So, through this progression of time, the greatest leaps in power would be had by Liu for this singular purpose. No one, not even the universe itself, would put her through that pain again. She became cold, brutal and cut-throat in order to empower herself, seek new levels of energy and push her body to the brink with every training session and battle which occurred during this period of radical contempt and hate.

The days were drowned in red, her body was like a fire and the world around her was a frigid monster doing its damndest to consume her, break her and turn her into food for the beast whom lived within it's domain. But, through her demented resolve, she would snap, shatter and do her best to obliterate anything which dared to encroach upon the four walls of her heart. This bitterness, malice and utter loathing of the world was what kept her going through this period. Everyone was a potential target and she treated the world as her enemy out of need and in alignment with her origins.

But, despite that, no one spirit could ever hold a rage for eternity -- could they?

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ENTER Liu Xīnshén


Chapter Four: Isolation & Companionship

Active Years: This portion of Liu's history takes place from June in the year 2229 to September the year 2303

"In a state of complete concentration, when the light first arises, make sure to hold on to it and never let it go. First of all, it will be red, after a long time it will change to be white, later again it will be green, and then it will pervade all of you completely. When you further persist in guarding the One, there will be nothing within that would not be brilliantly illuminated, and the hundred diseases will be driven out." - (tr. Kohn 1989b:140)

There was a great disharmony that set ablaze Liu's heart during the many decades where she adorned the mask as The Underworld's savage ruler. The realm was maintained by an iron fist, an atmosphere of fear and all lived under the boot of her oppressive regime of unstable punishment and hatred. However, as with all cycles, it could not last forever.

Throughout the years that the strife and yang built up within Liu's spirit; the same gentle voice which advised against the creation of Liu's haphazardly made kingdom started to form and take root once more within her inner world. For this serene soul morphed itself into becoming the inverse of liberation: subjugation and restriction. And, from this construct, it sought to contain and quarantine the infection of untamed yang within the essence of Liu's being. In doing so she believed she could bring back the placid persona of Liu's former self to the forefront of conciseness.

Thus, her silent restoration of liberation began on the eve of a night where the mind of Liu's Tainted Skin rested in slumber. With her defenses lowered, the Hell Beast leaped forth into action and began infusing her powers over constriction upon the mind of her master. Of course, it did serve to alert the angered savage, but this was a risk she was willing to take. For with all of the energy she gathered over the decades, she was determined imprison, suppress and control this unhinged self so that her master could once again see the rays of life.

Hence, for many days, The Hell Demon struggled for control. Her body ached with the utmost of pain, the mind was taken to the depths of insanity and their spirit was set with a stellar fire which sought to consume them both. Yet, in the end, there was no way for The Tainted Skin to keep her claim upon Liu and she was ultimately repressed in the end. Yet, even with that being the case, she vowed to always be there, always linger and be a constant reminder of what this world truly was and what Liu represented.

Ignoring this, the spirit of the newly formed Hell Beast cared not and sealed her away in the recesses of Liu's mind. In doing so, she restored the liberation of her master and Liu was once again born.

Chapter 4.5: Seclusion

If you can be aligned and be tranquil,
Only then can you be stable.
With a stable mind at your core,
With the eyes and ears acute and clear,
And with the four limbs firm and fixed,
You can thereby make a lodging place for the vital essence.
The vital essence: it is the essence of the vital energy.
When the vital energy is guided, it [the vital essence] is generated,
But when it is generated, there is thought,
When there is thought, there is knowledge,
But when there is knowledge, then you must stop.
Whenever the forms of the mind have excessive knowledge,
You lose your vitality.
- (tr. Roth 1999:60)

Following the aftermath of her Tainted Skin falling out of her grasp, Liu decided to let Nizhuan do as she pleased with the 2nd Layer of Hell. She had to be honest with herself and realize that she was in no condition to do much of anything for her people or kingdom. Therefore, weakened and tired, Liu decided to regain her strength mentally and spiritually within the highest peaks of The Palace of Sinners. It is there where she requested a plethora of books which contained knowledge of most known races, worlds, fictional literature, art design, writing, philosophy and other intellectual wonders of the creative, knowledgeable and practical minds.

It is in this time that a great sense of introspective self was cultivated and she could begin to sense a greater appreciation for her rich inner world. In turn, her powers responded and she was noted as having a great harmony within herself during this period. This is because she would lose herself in the music, the arts and the worlds of other authors writings in order to better expand the horizons of her own prospective and mind. It was quite fascinating to see the realms other lived in, the universes they created with their minds and the mechanics of how their supernatural existence tied in altogether.

In the meantime, Nizhuan was able to otherwise manage The Underworld of her own accord. There were a vast army of replicas of herself that she utilized in order to manager affairs in this layer of Hell. So instead of having one person worked bare to the bone, Nizhuan sought to bring balance in the form of giving her master assistance and time away from the strains of the world. In this way, she could then enforce her own order and help to restore the equilibrium of their section of Hades.

All seemed to be on the up and up when everything was put into prospective. However, these were all the building blocks that Liu needed in order to achieve a greater sense of awareness about her own being. For as she stumbled upon the most sacred and ancient of Daoist meditation, the inner universe within The Hell Demon could be awakened.

Chapter Five: Submersion & Alteration

Active Years: This portion of Liu's history takes place from February in the year 2303 to May in the year 2340

Realizing the True One, the original unity and primordial oneness of all, meant placing oneself at the center of the universe, identifying one's physical organs with constellations in the stars. The practice led to control over all the forces of nature and beyond, especially over demons and evil forces. - (Kohn 1993:197)

Early visualization meditation. This is one of the key elements which helped Liu unlocked her own inner goddess and awaken to the world within herself and the world around her. By infusing these constructs into her demonic magic, Liu used the meditative art of Baopuzi in order to achieve true enlightenment of her true being. As she was able to ascend past the layers of her mind, body and spirit in order to become aware to the essence of death itself which lurked in the murky depths of hell.

Thus, through these lengthy meditative sessions which lasted for months on end, she began to observe and learn the true nature of the world of decay and fatality. One of the first notions which were inscribed into her being from these lessons was the fact that there was an Ultimate Choice in Death. Every action which a person made led towards the sum of them having a peaceful, chaotic or utterly neutral afterlife. As all of these decisions inevitably lead to a spirit dying under the bondage of slavery, or the frightening boundlessness of freedom. Neither of which were right or wrong in the eyes of the universe.

Henceforth, with this knowledge and perceptive gained, Liu found herself in the middle point between freedom and liberation. Her mind, body and essence were meant to be the the equilibrium amidst these forces. The purpose for Nizhuan's being was to bring about the half of subjugation and restriction in the universe to allow for a solid foundation of self. She was the driving force which helped grounded and rooted Liu in reality. While the liberation of Liu's Yin and Yang were the constructs of freedom which allowed one to place themselves in the center of the universe and flow with it. A rather common practice of the Doctrine of Tao and Te which spawn from Taoism.

Then, together, Liu learned that both herself and her Hell Beast each symbolized The Ultimate Choice of Death. Upon acknowledging this truth of existence, the body of Liu then called for Nizhaun to return to her side for the next phase of her transformative period. There were still many replicas of her Hell Beast managing hell, but the original Nizhuan was noted as missing for many years as they sought to perfect and unlock the mysteries behind their incomplete Tukaṛā Saitāna. As all of the visualization meditation Liu underwent in her seclusion broke these chains and allowed for them to unleash this pinnacle of Hell Demon strength.

And in their conjoined could they then achieve the final piece of death itself. For with the formation of that lone wing in their release form did they then receive their mark of the beast from the embodiment of death. As they understood the ultimate end of the universe through entropy, and that this form was just an extension of that concept coming whole. Hence the reason why they understood the full capacities of their release state after many years of self-reflection, meditative training and inner exploration of their inward world.

When this long session of submersion and bonding was complete, the two separated once more with a great understanding of one another, themselves and the being they would ultimately call "Xuǎnzé". This was their fourth persona of choice and death. Following this piece of themselves being unlocked, Liu then felt a great need to finally break herself out of the abyss of her reclusive retreat and once again face the world she was destined to oversee as it's Liberating Observer.

Chapter Six: Acceptance

Active Years: This portion of Liu's history takes place from May in the year 2340 to August in the year 2416

"Now Wang Qiao and Chi Songzi exhaled and inhaled, spitting out the old and internalizing the new. They cast off form and abandoned wisdom; they embraced simplicity and returned to genuineness; in roaming with the mysterious and subtle above, they penetrated to the clouds and Heaven." - (tr. Major et al. 2010:414)

Liu had finally accepted her place in the world around this time and saw fit to begin paving the way for a new revolution of hell. She was able to use her power with the proper grasp, control and knowledge from her deep reclusive escape and retain her rank as Ruler of The Underworld. During this time she expanded the boundaries of The Second Layer of Hell quite a bit and implemented a balance of liberation and control within her society. She allowed for her citizens to have the ability to freely roam hell, but if they should act of line? Well, Nizhuan would surely see to it their stay would be unenjoyable.

However, she grew to desire something more than this. Liu wanted to explore the surface world and begin this new chapter of her life strong. Therefore, after a few years of overseeing hell, Liu decided that she would ultimately phase through the boundaries between The Underworld and The Demon Realm as she saw fit. As never, until this point, was she able to see these worlds see read about it, dreamed of and visualized in her mind since she served her former life as a non-hell demon.

Therefore, with Nizhuan at her side, the two of them would explore and travel across the vast world that their species called home. They journeyed through many cultures, discovered many exotic lands, encountered harsh battles and ultimately had the experience of a life time as they spent many years wanting to embrace their kind in this wild existence they lived in. It is where Liu started to break the shackles of her own reclusiveness and found her zest for life once again as she met many interesting demons, underwent many new experiences and ultimately evolved further as a person because of these physical, spiritual and mental growths.

However, it wasn't long until the echoes of the worlds wild wars landed on Liu's doorstep. As, at some point or another, both Liu and Nizhaun got wind of what the then Sin Fall was up to through an agent of Sin Fall tracking them down in the out lands of the Sirsa Nation. After receiving word from their "mother" that she missed them, an invitation to join the organization was bestowed upon these Hell Demons.

Now, while she was enjoying herself quite well and good, it would be rather interesting to mix things up and throw herself in with the hellish cluster of combat that was spiraling around the globe at the time. More importantly, if she didn't like her position there, Liu always understood she could just leave at any time. As she never envisioned herself one too attached to anything and could leave and phase through things as she saw fit. Therefore, because this would be a new experience, Liu decided that she would take them up on that offer and decide to join their ranks; if only as someone who served The Queen only as her rank as The Second Banshee of the now Shadow Fall.

Thus, most days she spends her time enjoying lazing around hell, fighting rad battles for Shadow Fall and otherwise enjoying life. For the moments, things aren't too awful and she has accepted her lot in life.


Ravan Vespara: If there ever was a father, this would be it. Ravan holds a strong place in Liu's heart because he helped her to become a proper Hell Demon and taught her so many wonderful things during much of her infancy. And, because of this attachment, she loves him greatly and just wants to make him as happy as she can be. The thought of making him angry or sad just utterly repulses and worries her. As, for him, she wants to be nothing but a good little girl and make her father pleased.

Thus, whenever Liu is around Ravan she will often be ecstatic, giddy and very filled with energy because of this strong attraction. It's almost as if she reverts back to being a little kid when in his presence. Even her own Hell Beast seems to attune herself to this energy and become more chipper than usual when Ravan is near. As, after all, Liu's Hell Beast is nothing but an extension of herself; so it would be wise to assume they both have a strong love for him like any pair of good daughters would.

Mana Asthavon: If there were ever a mother that Liu would have, then this demoness would be it. This single demon is responsible for giving birth to her current self and the rule of her empire brought forth everything set into motion in her life. And given that demons possess strong bonds towards their creators, there is a strong part of Liu which seems to otherwise tolerate her exist. However, there is also another part which is conflicted about how to feel about her mother. It is cold, distant and otherwise prefers to avoid her because her Yang self absolutely detest her for setting up the circumstances in her life.

In fact, if she ever let her yang go, it would seek to beat and crush The Demon Queen if she ever found herself in the sights of this beast. This is because a sub-conscious part of herself still remembers the lives of Daya, Dara, Soca and Mazabuta. It will never forgive her for taking the lives of her parents, reaping the essence of her former self and killing the former Demon Queen and the previous Hell Guardian of the 2nd layer. The only thing that keeps it in check is this very fickle bond that they possess and the control Liu has over her prowess.

Katana Broadshield: She's the head of The Banshee Force and one of the elder sisters in the Asthavon family. So, naturally, Liu does have a form of respect for her. Granted, she thinks she is about as stiff as board at the same time to. Therefore, her plan of action for Katana is to really just get her to loosen up. Even if she is suppose to be the living embodiment of a weapon, some demons take their origins a bit too seriously and lose themselves in the process of trying to live up to some absurd standard. Such is the case with Katana and Liu only cares as a sister trying to look out for her family.

Neoveta Asthavon: The Princess of Demon World is one that more than likely needs to be liberated from her own sorrows, wrath and confusion of self. Although they have not interacted too heavily, Liu was able to sense a great deal of disharmony in her heart. Ones that would more than likely swallow her whole if she did nothing to prevent it. Therefore, as an older sister, Liu seems more concerned than anything else about Neoveta. Out of most of the other Asthavons, this one did not deserve the lot in her life that she received since birth.

Mifune Soan: There is a sense of camaraderie had from working on the same team as one another. So, going along that logic, Liu seems to hold a rather fair view of the lone human to be strong enough to hold his own against a bunch of bloodthirsty demons and hollows and still retain his essence. It's quite the bizarre thing to see such a creature apart of The Banshee force. Therefore, it can be presumed that Liu holds a relative amount of interest towards him because of this fact.

Hiriko Stravinsky Rügen: This is yet another demon whom is apart of The Banshee Force of Shadow Fall. Though, what sets her apart from the others is the fact that she holds a great interest in the fact that she is a Hell Demon. Liu honestly hasn't had much interaction with most other Hell Demons because of the fact they often keep to themselves or their own circles. So to see another freely roaming about like herself is rather amusing to say the least. So, she wants to try and grab her attention more and make a fellow satanic friend out of this ally in arms.

Sasha Zinoviya: Much like Hiriko, Liu holds a similar interest in wanting to get to know Sasha better due to the fact that she to is a Hell Demon whom works among Shadow Fall. It really was quite bizarre to know that any Hell Demon, besides Ravan himself, had much of a desire to roam the surface world. So she is curious into prodding into her head and poking around to see what lead up to her wanting to leave her own circle of hell.

Kiriel Asthavon: Strong. That's what Liu believes this brother to be. From what she has seen of Kiriel, Liu seems to believe he has a rather firm aura around him and she likes that about him. Big brothers are suppose to be large and bold, and she hopes that he stays with this dynamic aura as it is what serves to fuel this interest in him. Though, outside of his strength, she still has a general interest as family because of the pact mentality of demons are just that overpowering.

Saiko Mori: Sad. That's all that Liu can perceive from this sisters aura. There is an extreme amount of melancholy which resides in the soul of Saiko Mori and Liu certainly feels a lot of nasty energy from her because of it. While she tries to comfort and spend time with Saiko, it doesn't seem to change much from her general gloomy atmosphere. Which, to Liu, is tragic. As she seems enslaved by her own mind and it it slowly crippling every facet of her life. She wants to help as a sister, but she isn't quite sure where to go with this relationship. All she can do is just be there.

Sunshine Asthavon: Sexually liberated. Those two words describe Sunshine the best to Liu. He seems like a fellow that will mate with anything with a nice pair of legs and it's morbidly amusing to hear of his grand lustful tales. Granted, there isn't anything wrong with that to Liu. They are demons: so each of them are creatures of sin. How they wish to carry that out is their business and she will continue to support him as a brother until he does something to otherwise make her stop supporting him.

Silvia Asthavon: Hateful! That's all Liu can sense from this sister, anyway. While she seems to be lovey-dovy with her sisters, there seems to be an extreme amount of distaste for the male speices in general. Which, to Liu, was bizarre. She isn't quite sure how someone can detest the other gender that much. It's enough for her to almost feel concerned with how stable Silvia is around males. So, she often keeps a close watch on Silvia to make sure she doesn't explode or anything. This sister is most worrisome.

Inami Asthavon: Very -- energetic. That's one way to put Inami according to Liu. She seems to be all over the place and she isn't quite sure where she'll fall next. So, much like a lot of the Asthavon, Inami is extremely eccentric. Though, she seems rather kind and friendly, so Liu doesn't mind it much. Just as long as she doesn't get stab-happy around her, she is relatively fine with Inami and wouldn't mind spending more time with her.

Relationship To The Asthavon Family: As far as her relationship with the Asthavon Family is concerned, she is relatively alright with them. She isn't necessarily too close to them, but she doesn't oppose them or anything like that. More so, she just keeps in contact out of her kinship in regards to Mana being her defacto creator and maker based on the elements her embodiment take after. Thus, she has a neutral stance on them for the time being and does consider herself part Asthavon.

Relationship to Shadow Fall: Again, this was just another favor to her mother. She doesn't really care much about Shadow Fall, but if it'll make her happy? Whatever. If anything, she sees it as a chance to explore her people even more so in regards to them working towards a singular goal. As it allowed for her to meet and work with quite a few interesting characters over time. So, the position of Banshee was perfect as she mostly only listened to the absolute leaders of Shadow Fall and nothing else. Perfect to do as she pleases~

Relationship To Her Familiars: Liu seems to otherwise consider her familiars as their own independent creations. Much like her Hell Beast Nizhuan Zhōuqí, the loose persona of Liu would rather just see them run amok themselves and see what happens when they use their path in life for their own gain. Ergo, from this information, she can be considered as quite friendly and chatty with her own creations. As, more than anything else, they seem to grow bonds and she considers them her friends.

Relationship To The Citizens Of The 2nd Layer Of Hell: For the most part, Liu seems to just observe most of the people she rules over in the 2nd layer of Hell. The reason for this is because she can be considered as a relatively distant figure to these people. As, she doesn't often discipline them much apart from when things become too chaotic or disruptive. Such as if there was some unruly power destroying things or something to that effect. This can be due in part to her own laziness, but has more so to do with the fact that Liu seems more interested in the judgement and transferal process than anything else. Everything after that is unimportant.

Relationship To Humans: For the most part, Liu believes humans to be fascinating creatures. She has read many books written by human and demon alike on the species. For the most part, they seem to have so much potential that she wishes to learn more about them and interact with them on a more up close and personal level. Thus, she can be considered relatively non-hostile to them.

Relationship To Quincy: With Quincy, Liu views them as just another further extension of humankind. However, this add-on seems more unruly than the regular type of humans whom utilize Chi and constructs such as those. These leave a more negative hole in the universe and are akin to blackholes because of the way they eradicate the soul to her knowledge. Therefore, she doesn't have much of an interest in them and may try to otherwise shoo them away due to their corrosive effects on the spirit. However, that's only if they become hostile. If they aren't, she'll just avoid them outright as she doesn't want much to do with them.

Relationship To Angels: When it comes to Angel's Liu is rather -- hesitant -- to meet them. This isn't due to the fact that she hates them, but more so to do with them being polar opposites. Based on the fact that they can cancel each other out, there is a relative reluctance to want to interact with them. Angel's are uncomfortable with Hell Demon's, Hell Demon's are uncomfortable with Angel. It is perhaps the circle of life and it makes her nerves quite uneasy when she is around them. It's akin to having bugs crawl within your body and simply give you the heeby-jeebies.

Relationship To Shinigami/Vizards: When it comes to any form of Shinigami, Liu considers them to be kin in terms of dealing with the different cycles of death. They are the yin, the demons are the yang. So it makes sense that they would exist alongside the demons. Therefore, she likes the study and gather input from Shinigami to see how they deal with their day to day lives as soul reapers. So, relatively, it can be assumed that she is friendly to Shinigami until given a reason to become hostile.

And, as far as Vizards are concerned, that's an even more fascinating creation. The reason being is because it takes constructs of a monster and infuses them into a human-style reaper. Thus, they carry the burden of two worlds and the struggle they must endure is no doubt enormous. Hence, the tales of their lives must be rich in experience and strength and she is very curious about them. Ergo, for Vizards as well, Liu can be considered a friendly person unless they prove to be too aggressive for her taste.

Relationship To Demons: As far as it comes to terms with regular demons? Liu is quite alright with them. She considers them to be rather chaotic in nature, more so then even some hell demon's, but she surmises that is what makes them interesting. They've certainly made a ruckus on the surface world and she intends to investigate more incidents with ground level demons as well.

Then, when it comes to Danava's, Liu recognizes them as rather mystic and cosmic in nature. She holds them in high regard because of how intricate and complex their beings can be. Since, after all, most take after different types of concept and elements of the universe itself. Therefore, they always have an interesting story to tell more often than not.

Lastly, when it comes to her own kind, Liu honestly doesn't know as much. This is because most other Hell Demon's don't tend to interact with one another much from what she notices. So, her plan of action is to eventually begin exploring other layers of Hell and see what her own kind is more like up close and personal. So, there is room to grow in most of these relationships.

Relationship To Hollows: She considers hollows to be lost and tormented souls. Unable to go to puragtory, hell, heaven or reincarnation; they are mutated spirits who life has tainted and they are transform to mindless beast. It's a sad thing to be transformed into a hollow because their soul is forged by the agony of their former lives. Therefore, she almost feels a duty to try and send these spirits back to Hell where they belong to better help them find solace in the after life or try and offer them a way out through Míngjiè Tōngdào [Scroll Down to Hell Abilities]

Relationship To Arrancar: Just like hollows, Liu considers Arrancar to be the more advanced version of the anguish hollows endure. However, unlike hollows, they appear to be a cluster of spirits infused into one body. Taking on eons of torment, Arrancar's are truly sad stories to behold for Liu and she wishes them the best of luck on their conquest. If nothing else, they at least have intelligence and cognitive function. Which, unlike the majority of hollows, cannot be said.

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ENTER Liu Xīnshén

Liu Xīnshén - Overseer Of The Underworld [#2 Hell Guardian] [Approved, 0-2/0-2+; Rakshasa] [0-4++; Hell Beast] JCRrxmK


Sin/Deveta/Unique Abilities:

Liberation Flux:Among Hell Demon's, the portion of death which Liu deception is rather bizarre. Liberation Flux is often considered to be one thing: freedom. Although most see Death as the end all of things, the Aspect of Death in which Liu represents deals with the freeing of the soul. For without a body to entrap the spirit in, a person is granted the ultimate form of liberation by being free'd into Hell and being granted a limitless body. Death can be the freedom from pain for others, the liberation of enlighten for some or the salvation of their religion for many.

Furthermore, this origin is further tethered into her dominion over the Underworld as apart of Mana's own liberation of Demonkind over the years. From how The Asthavon Family has morphed Demon World, their rule can be considered as loosening up and liberating demons from their once resective and withheld existence under the rule of their former Queen of Demons. Thus, Liberation Flux also represents the embodiment of her persona as a Hell Demon as the figurehead for this movement that had occurred throughout the centuries within Demon World following Mana Asthavon's rule to power.

No matter how you splice it, however, Liu firmly holds the belief that Death is considered a release of freedom and that is what her power enforces. Liberation Flux's power allows Liu to absolve the attachments on a given object, the space within the environment around her and even on sentient beings to an extent. This process is done by summoning small to vast quantities of energy from within herself. And then, by using that as a medium, Liu can invoke a wide array of effects on herself or the world around her based on her knowledge of how the world works.

For example, Liu can simulate zero gravity within a perimeter of two hundred meters with relative ease by absolving the construct of "Gravity" at the cost of diminishing some of her energy reserves. It can often be noted as going into effect, when on the offensive or defensive, because there will usually be a red glow emitting from herself or the energy in question. Thus, in this illustration of her ability, a reddened glow may have flashed over the area before gradually fading off to mark the summoning of this power.

Additionally, most of the effects given from Liberation Flux can be considered as temporary in nature; unless a high volume of energy was put into the attack. So, in this case, the zero gravity effect within the two hundred meter range could more than likely last for two to three post before it fizzled out. This is because the more power she puts into Liberation Flux, the more potent the effect will become. It also means that the range in which this power works can be anywhere from close to long ranged combat depending on how far, wide or massive she can contort, shape or send her energy in.

Granted, she prefers to fight close to mid-range because it is less taxing on her. This is due to the fact that making too many complex or massive functions with Liberation Flux can be exhausting on her mind and body. This is because she also needs to mentally make the calculations needed to ensure Liberation Flux is put into application correctly. Which is why it can also be limited to her knowledge of the world, endurance of her body to endure its gargantuan potential and how long she can tolerate the focus to make her estimates for Liberation Flux.

More than that, she often only tries to use 2-4 functions of Liberation Flux per post to further keep her body in a stable state. This is because performing too many judgements at once with Liberation Flux can cause Liu to crash out, deactivate the power and become unable to use the power for two to four post if she goes overboard. It can also be somewhat harder to use as her health is brought down over the fight; as the injuries inflicted on her at that point may interfere with her attention on crafting accurate computations with her ability. So they may lower in potency or overall become dangerous and unstable to use for both herself and the opponent.

As when Liu is in full and complete health, Liberation Flux often does not affect her. However, due to the fact that this power takes a mass amount of discipline, energy and attention to keep in check; the more her body becomes damaged during the fight, the higher the chance of Liberation Flux backfiring on Liu becomes. For instance, going back to the Zero Gravity Illustration once more, if she were in a critically injured state; there is a good chance the power could backfire, enforce Zero Gravity on the space around Liu's body and potentially send her flinging into an attack; or possibly straight into orbit to be crushed by a space rock or the sun itself if she failed to regain control.

So there are risks associated with this fearsome ability. So it is up to Liu to find a balance between it all and manage the capacities in which Liberation Flux holds within its grasp. Since with great power comes great responsibility as a wise man once said.

With all of these facts on the table, more applications of this power can be listed below:


» Detached Durability: [PASSIVE DEFENSE] Liberating Flux is constantly emitting itself within or around Liu in some form or fashion. So, throughout the years, her body has adjusted and gained a unique ability from it. Right off the bat, Liu's body is capable of cushioning the effects of most attacks; if not outright stopping if them should they not prove durable enough to bypass her power. Why is this? Liu has marked her body in numerous seals associated with Liberation Flux that hold the constructs of physical and metaphysical based offensives within their memory. These seals take energy from Za Koa and can go into effect to, say, reduce the potency of damage from a straight-forward punch by absolving portions of its kinetic energy in half; depending on the difference in strength between the forces. Or, against a magical attack, Liu is capable of reducing the potency of a spell by detaching the volume of energy associated with the incantation in question to either weaken it or outright overpower it if the difference in power is great.

What's more, since Liberating Flux tends to influence the environment around her or within her, it is possible for most attacks that are generated from Liu to have this same type of durability. Liu's body will produce microscopic seals to be infused into her attacks and they'll naturally have this defense to heighten the chances of her assaults making their mark and not being destroyed, negated or dispelled easily by other opponents. This same type of defense, by association, can also apply to any sort of equipment or weapon Liu has within the perimeters of Liberation Flux's power. Even going as far as to place Detached Durability on her allies if she so sees fit.


World Flux: This is often considered the crux of Liberation Flux. This deals in the offensive application of that this power has. Thus, the manipulation of the environment around Liu comes into play at this point. Before we get into the nitty gritty, some rules have to be established first. Hence, the range in which this ability has influence is often around a range which can encompass Liu's body, all the way to expanding to roughly a mile in intense situations. Second, most of the limitations up until this point still apply to World Flux from the Liberation Flux power. (Please scroll up)

Now, having established that, World Flux utilizes Liu's demonic energy and harnesses it as a medium to induce her concept upon the world. With each sacrifice of energy she gives, the more she can influence the world around her. For example: with a small volume of energy, Liu can produce an effect that results in the cutting power of a swords slash being dissolved to the point of it being no more effective than a stab given by a butter knife. Or, in terms of something more devilish, Liu could attempt to engulf a body part such as her hand in the aura of Liberation Flux. This would produce a red miasma, that, if touched, could induce corrosive effects. Such as if she tapped the amount and tried to dissolve the flesh and bone around them.

On the more complex end, the diffusing effects of Liu's power could result in tampering of more intricate bounds. A demonstration of this could be the production of a special demonic spell which could otherwise evaporate the potential of an opponent. So, say she wanted to target their defenses. Liu would then direct the energies of Liberation Flux to their defensive attributes and attempt to vaporize them until they are dissipated to the air in the form of a white mist. Or, she could attempt to deplete the amount of oxygen within a one hundred meter radius in order to choke an opponent to death.

Having said that, this isn't something that can be used on a whim. Since, as stated before, Liu needs to be direct and as assured as possible that her abilities will work on the opponent. Otherwise, she will be wasting mental resources, her supply of energy and the 2-4 alterations of Liberation Flux is she is allotted per post. And due to the fact that this is a heavy power, that would be rather unwise to otherwise utilize needlessly. It is also possible to visibly see the energy as it often leaves some kind of crimson red aura in its wake. So, the foe could begin to tell what areas are or aren't effected if they see it enough times.

  • Term Flux: This is a sub-ability and almost represents a form of technique for World Flux. What Term Flux does is rather simple: it applies a direct means of application for World Flux in the form of incantation. Therefore, whatever Liu is able to discern with her mind or eye she could form a means of demonic magic to cause an effect on it through Term Flux. An instance of this occurring would be that if she were able to perceive a powerful barrier, Liu could otherwise attempt to dissolve by spouting something like this: "Term Flux: Dissolve That Barrier" After uttering those words, in this scenario the energies of World Flux would become active and the opponent would see something akin to a blood red light beginning to devour their shield.

    Though, it should be noted Liu must also accurately gauge the energy output of the opponent's ability, barrier, or otherwise, and provide higher output to dissolve it successfully.

    However, this to has its limitations. For instance, there is the possibility that the opponent could turn the tides on Liu by using wordplay against her. An example of this is if she had ended up getting an attribute wrong from the element, the opponent could correct her and reduce or negate its effects depending on the situation. Such as if she attempted to reduce demonic energy of a persons attack, only to find out they were using pure negative energy to empower it and thus they could avoid it.

    Another limitation associated with this power is that she hags to clearly state the effect out loud for this instance of World Flux to be activated. Therefore, she loses the element of surprise as opposed to the alternative method of activating this ability in World Flux. As there may be situations where calling out your attack just simply isn't ideal. Imagine if there were many intricate complexities to an attack and how fast you'd probably have to speak them. It can get pretty mind-numbing.

    And, lastly, that comes to a final point: she has to be as precise as possible when dealing with words. As, just like the constant wish trope goes, one slip up could result in something backfiring or being used against her. Thus, she needs to word things carefully or she could end sucking up a ton of un-needed power or disrupting she should not have.


Ascension Burst: This is a rather unique form of defense. By evaporating the dimensional layers of the space occupying her energy that is influenced by Liberation Flux, Liu is capable of creating a unique form of protection that absolves most types of energy from the objects it touches into a higher dimension. For instance, one way Liu would utilize this technique is that she could produce a burst of red light that would take the shape of wall that is ten meters tall and ten meters wide. From there, she would mentally command the layer to move and attempt to suck attacks ranging from the physical, spiritual and magical levels into this ascended plane of existence. In the process, she is capable of releasing the constructs of energy associated with these attacks.

So if a cero happened to be in the way if this defense, they may find it being dissolving into thin air if this light touches it when it comes to energized constructs. Granted, if its full effect isn't realized, there is usually at least a great chance of it being weakened by weakening the volume of energy behind the attack. Or, in another illustration, if a hand-to-hand fighter attempted creating a heavy hitting blow against Liu, she could attempt to form a barrier around her body in order to dissipate the kinetic force behind the opponents strike to render it negated; or at least lessened in impact against her. Much of the same could even spoken of against mental attacks of the mind; as it is possible for ascension burst to operate on the metaphysical level and break the connection between Liu and the person attacking her psyche.

In circumstances where the opponent maintains prolonged contact, or she keeps Ascension Burst active on some portion of their body, Liu is even capable of draining the life from the opponent. This is because it will eventually melt away a persons life energy (spiritual being or not) and begin to disperse the persons very body over a duration of time equal to one to five post. In general, a person who is stronger than Liu or on par with her strength she'll have a harder time dissipating their energy; so they'll often suffer effects associated with general weakness, fatigue, bodily pain and overall lowering of their health or fainting over that duration. Whereas, if someone was weaker than her, the odds are more tipped in her favor of accelerating these attributes and causing critical to life threatening effects on her opponent. Boosting with each tier and sub-tier the person is lower than Liu on.

The primary limitation of this ability, however, is that she often switches her entire fighting style, in terms of Liberation Flux's functions, to a defensive state when this occurs. So it is possible for her to utilize an offensive demon spell at the same time because that is a natural demon affinity, but she'd be unable to utilize any attribute of Liberation Flux that was not passive. Additionally, as with all heavy moves, it will also generally take up a decent sum of energy to utilize hardcore feats of this power. And, in general, it has most of the drawbacks associated with Liberation Flux's power outlined earlier.


Flux Discharge: This can be described as the process of Liu releasing the limitations of her body. Liberation Flux's nature is to otherwise release and free various constructs through Liu's energy being utilized as a medium to enforce these effects. So, it stands to reason that Liu does have the capacity to govern the same effects on her body. By turning its power inward toward herself, Liu can direct her energy through a series of channeled pathways marked with specialized seals in her body to augment her potential. Henceforth, Flux Discharge was devised as a means to enhance her bodily attributes.

Most of the Discharge States will last anywhere from one to six post depending on how intensive the augmentation is, the volume of energy put behind it and how much Liu can endure the strain of her potential being bolstered to such high levels. And, following these states, there can be anywhere from a 1-6 post cooldown for each different function of Flux Discharge. Furthermore, in order not to burden herself, Liu broke this power off into different functions to both her physical and metaphysical abilities. Listed below are the different techniques that are associated with Flux Discharge.

Flux Discharge - Inner Body Release: For instance, with the seals tethered together around her muscles, Liu can inject her energy into them and release the capacity of her physical limitations in order to augment her strength to higher levels. This can lead to her speed , stamina and strength being augmented because her body's restrictions were otherwise free'd by Liberation Flux's nature to release constructs and allowing her a greater natural power. So, it can also be assumed that any organ influenced by Inner Body Release can be bolstered as well. Leading to her general senses, reaction time, cogntive functions and other internal tasks of the body being able to be augmented by Inner Body Release.

Generally, this augmentation can last anywhere from one post to fifteen post. The least intensive the volume of energy is, the longer this augmentation can generally last. This is because there comes a certain point before Liu's body is unable to deal with the strain of Liberation Flux's enhancement prowess. As, at its max, it is capable of boosting Liu's strength, durability and speed by one skill level for three to six post depending on the quantities of energy used; but it will leave her sorely drained, somewhat injured and unable to use Inner Body Release for eight post following. The damage done to her body can be related anywhere to broken bones, ruptured organs, internal bleeding, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, temporary blindness, coma and even death is this ability is abused and taken too far.

Additionally, when taken to the extreme, Liu's body itself can also be noted as going through outward changes. When there is a slight augmentation done to herself, Liu will generate a faint red glow around her body. The more she increases the volume of energy needed to utilize Inner Release, the more intense this aura will become until its almost flame like. When pressed to a more moderate area, bursts of red bio-electricity will spark around her body; which, in itself, can be used as a means of offensive and defensive measures. Finally, when in her extreme and peak states, she'll often have her skin begin to turn red and many sorts of veins will bulge around her body; with a secondary outer flare of white energy on the edges of her spiritual aura.

Flux Discharge - Outer Body Release: Now, as one might assume, Outer Release deals with augmentations of the external caliber. Therefore, the primary focus here deals more with enriching the qualities of Liu's energy itself at the cost of lowering the quantity of it. In other words, when Flux Discharge shifts to Outer Release, the potency of Liberty Flux is greatly heightened. Which is why, in general, she often likes to utilize both inner and outer release for the best effect. It can increase the strength of her attacks, the durability of her abilities related to energy, burden the range of her offensive and defensive capacities and overall make her more of a headache to deal with when it comes to the art of metaphysical battle.

Granted, this still comes with similar bodily side effects as Inner Release. And, it comes with a new drawback of causing internal conflict with Liu's mind. She has described suffering massive cluster headaches that tamper with her mental focus when pushing herself too hard with Outer Release. This, in turn, forces her to ease up on the augmentations or outright cease them all together. And, much like Inner Release, Flux Discharge can last anywhere from one to fifteen post depending on how extensive the volume of energy is with its summoning. Outer Release also has the same cooldown function as Inner Release does as well.

Flux Discharge - Mystic Liberation: What is Mystic Liberation? Mystic Liberation is the more mental aspect of Flux Discharge. Essentially, it helps to otherwise clear up varying mental fogs within Liu's mind during combat (or even social) in order to help bring wonderful ideas to the table. It is broken up into: Desire Release, Focal Release, Sting Release and Acumen Release. These represent determination, focus, pain tolerance and intelligence all with their own unique elements to bring to the table. Therefore, their abilities will be listed below in order to better understand how each different attribute is used in thread:

Mystic Liberation - Desire Release: Desire Release focuses primarily on releasing the utmost of Liu's willpower, resolve and determination. Therefore, when this internal gate is unrestricted, Liu can possess high amounts of will that can result in her pushing the abilities of her body and powers to the sheer max of their limits and beyond. This is because the supernatural conditioning of her body will have responded to her desires and internally feed off that determination as a secondary source of power. As a result, she can lessen cooldowns, extend duration's of forms and double the potency of most of her attacks by two times.

With something this potent, however, there are always drawbacks and limitations. One of the first is that this is often only kept up for around three to six post before it most be deactivated with a three post cool down. Additionally, this can eventually begin to place mental strained if used constantly and repetitively utilized in the effort to push pass her limits. It would be similar to having a massive cluster headache overwhelm every part of your body. And lastly, this ability is relatively hard to perform when her energy reserves are low because her body won't enough resources to perform this feat without nasty side effects akin to broken bones, vomiting, dizziness and so on.

Mystic Liberation - Sting Release: Sting Release is centered more so around the pain tolerance of Liu. Henceforth, after this mental gate is released, the threshold for pain that Liu can tolerate will often go above one skill level for a duration of five to seven post. Sting Release cannot raise Liu's pain tolerance to Master of she's passively at Elite, or to Grand Master if she's passively at Master. However, she will generally be superior to anyone else of the same level of pain tolerance whilst utilising Sting Release.

Additionally, Liu's body will absorb the mental energy from her mind, convert it into a tangible source of power and utilize it as a supporting source of energy to invoke these changes within her body. So, this source of power also acts as a buffing of her durability to an extent since she can take much more of a beating than before. Leading to greater endurance when it comes to a battle as it will be harder to produce stopping power that takes her down.

But, alas, there are always limitations to such abilities. Much like Desire Release, it has a set time limit in which its effects can last. So, to repeat, that limit is five to seven post. Adding on to that, the more mental energy she draws, the more depleted her brain can become. This can then lead to increased mental strain in terms of the resources being pulled for her other abilities, difficulty concentrating and so on. Lastly, the biggest drawback is that the pain suppression becomes so intense that she may or may not notice any major blows done to her. For example, she can be walking around with a gaping hole in her stomach, but the adrenaline and pain masking can otherwise make her ignore it until the duration this ability is active expires.

Mystic Liberation - Focal Release: Coming down to Focal Release, this mental gate represents her calmness and focus in combat or in social settings. Thus, when this is unrestricted, the attention to detail and thought become abnormally complex for the hell demon. Her mind slows, body becomes synchronizes and she achieves pure placidity. Everything is balanced and right in the world and she can focus beyond what the mind can see.

Henceforth, the abilities that come with Focal Release are often those of utter stillness and reserve in even the most chaotic and distracting of situations. Liu's concentrate reaches peak levels and her powers respond by becoming increasingly more intricate, complex and well designed than before. Her tactics become harder to follow, train of thought becomes more abstract and she enters into a whole new zone of battle.

Although, as you know, something like this wouldn't come without its fair share of faults. One of the first is that it will often take up huge sums of mental energy from the girl. When this occurs, after the ability deactivates, her mind will become dulled and she'll suffer a headache if abused too often. Furthermore, it is an active period of five to ten post before it deactivates for at least five post or so. And lastly, a nauseating feeling will mull about her body and make her feel sick. This sensation would be similar to studying for twelve hours straight with no breaks and feeling ill because of the intense amount of mental energy you put into the task of research.

Mystic Liberation - Acumen Release: Finally, you have the Acumen Release. This release focuses more so on her capacity to learn new things. Therefore, when this is active, Liu has a strong knack to pick up on subtle things in her environment. She can have an increase in deduction in order to better analyze attacks, observe attack patterns and otherwise come up with better methods to further evolve her powers. As during this state is when more experimental capacities of her abilities can be unlocked. Many of her ideas, calculation, reasoning, analytical and memory reach their peak and she is essentially in her A-Game of thought.

Nonetheless, this still suffers the same drawbacks as her other abilities of Mystic Liberation. One of the first is that it often takes away mental energy. So, when the ability deactivates, her mind will often face a form of mental blurring and become sluggish in terms of thought. Additionally, this burst lasts anywhere from five to eleven post before needing a six post cool down before being used again. Lastly, after coming down, Liu will feel a sense of dread as she doesn't like entering into that realm of deep thought too often because it unveils too much about herself. As in, she discovers portions of her persona and memories long last that disturb and unnerve her. Hence, she usually saves this ability if she needs to outsmart an opponent at all cost.

Flux Discharge - Unified Release: This enhancement technique of Flux Discharge isn't based around augmenting Liu's own strength as it focuses on bolstering the potential of others around her. If Liu is able to influence a body that falls under Liberation Flux's grip while in Unified Release, does hold the power to begin enhancing their overall energy potency, bodily traits and overall mental capacity. Granted, the quality of it drops to an extent the more allies she influences with it, but they'll generally notice anywhere from a twenty to seventy percent boost depending on the volume of energy used from Liu, the number of people that are under her influence and the amount of attention Liu can give them. These augmented states can last anywhere from one to ten post based around the same constraints and limitations as Flux Discharge and Liberation Flux as well; much of the same being applied to their cooldown as well.


» Unshackled Speed: Strength, power and elasticity are some of the common traits of the muscles within Liu's body. No matter what tier she lands on, her body would be naturally inclined to lean towards being a swift, agile and nimble opponent. Primarily, however, the gluteus, quadriceps and hamstring muscles are the ones which are the most ridiculously enhanced. And together with her strong abdominal core, the essence of Liu's body is designed for sprints. This allows for superb and high paced movement in short burst. While some foes may be able to outrun Liu in the long-run when it comes to endurance, Liu's speed is more geared towards intense burst of velocity.

Without any supernatural augmentations or buffs, this Hell Demon is perfectly able to keep up with shunpo, soindo and even limited burst of Chaos Warp in terms of comparing how fast paced her explosions of speed can become. Therefore, she uses this to her advantage because she is a relatively hard foe to otherwise catch when she begins to intermix this element with her other racial and supernatural powers. Additionally, this also isn't to say she is terrible at keeping her speed up for long duration's, but to say she is primarily talented in short-distance running. This is primarily because the amount of oxygen that Liu requires is little to none in sustaining the momentum. She simply cannot go at her absurdly fast speeds for long-distance or she'll simply burn her body out and face injury.

» Loosened Stamina: The body of Liu Asthavon is highly resistant to fatigue due to it's embodiment's nature. Due to the fact that her hell based powers are constructed around the element of liberation, this has taken a more literal approach in freeing her of tiredness and weariness in combat. The toxins and strain which otherwise induce weakness and dullness are heavily restricted away from this Hell Demon. Therefore, the stamina associated with Liu's body is one that seems to never tire out.

However, this doesn't necessarily mean consequences are something she doesn't have to worry about. The reason for that is because she has to carefully pick which types of attacks she decides to synchronize with this boundless vigor. For example, she can decide to go ahead and spam highly empowered magical spells back to back with no problem. But, that does not mean she is excluded from the drawbacks and side effects of using such attacks. These can be akin to backlashes that break bones, cause internal injury, induce mental fatigue or otherwise suck energy out of the demon's body.

Therefore, while it is hard to tire her out, this doesn't equal to it being a non-stop spamfest. Hence, she often tries to make sure the assaults she harmonizes with her stamina are ones that don't have wicked bad side effects. Things such as energy attacks, non-stop barrages of physical assaults or magic based attacks with little side effects are the ones she tends to try and abuse the most. Outside of that, heavier techniques are often saved when something can't be helped or if she wants to throw her power around a bit against a foe who is relatively strong.

» Body Liberation: Much akin to her concept, Liu's body is one that is anatomically liberated. What does this exactly mean? Well, physically, Liu can otherwise survive with most of her limbs, organs and bones otherwise detached away from her body. Sure, if it's forced by an opponent, it'll hurt like hell. However, if done of her own will, it doesn't necessarily hurt too bad. For example, if an opponent was to stab her off guard and cut off her hand -- it would induce a high amount of pain upon her. While, on the flip side, if Liu had time to anticipate this body modification, she could nullify the agony and detach it painlessly.

Essentially, she takes after her mother in this regard because Mana Asthavon otherwise has a loose physiology. Though, unlike her, it is possible to kill Liu if you are able to otherwise destroy her brain. That is the core of her body and she will be slain once that is damaged or obliterated. Furthermore, each body part that is otherwise detached from her shell also takes a bit of energy to perform. So, if she were to disassociate her right arm, that would take a bit of demonic energy away from her. Eventually, when her bodies energy runs out, this ability lessens to a great deal and it is harder to come back from injury.

» Unrestricted Essence: Being that her element is that of unrestricted nature, it goes without saying that her body has a resistance against anything that would impose restrictions or limitations upon her. Therefore, she has a form of natural protection when it comes abilities, seals or spells that would attempt to otherwise cut-off, reduce or cap her potential, powers or body. This doesn't mean that these types of methods won't work on Liu, but it means their effectiveness is highly lowered.

To illustrate this point, one could attempt to seal off Liu's power with a mystic type of kido. On it's own response would the natural conditioning of Liu's body then otherwise reject this influence upon its being. It acts as a fundamental law of existence itself and requires little effort on Liu's part to perform. Thus, often upon contact, Unrestricted Essence nulify will most of these types of attacks upon her being. This then leads to them becoming reduced by eighty to ninety five percent in the process.

It even goes as far as to apply to such things as poisons that attempt to otherwise dissolve her body's potential. Liu can be damaged, poisoned and so on; but it's effects cannot be geared towards restraining her capacities. Case and point: one can slip a poison inside of Liu's body that causes vomiting, nausea, dizziness, body cramps and so on. However, if a poison attempts to paralyze her, limit her mobility or reduce the effectiveness of her attacks? It simply would be heavily reduced in its potency or not work at all.

Therefore, it isn't too wise to utilize seals upon Liu's body as her element acts as a counteractive force to those sorts of concepts in combat.


Fādòng Móshù (发动魔术):: Fādòng Móshù roughly means "Unleashed Magic" in the English language. So, as you can infer from the title, it suggests that Liu has a relatively unrestricted access to demon magic. As, for Liu, the link to Za Koa is like breathing for the Hell Demon. The reason for this is because part of her embodiment is tethered to Demon World. So it would only make sense that her level of attuning to the stream of demonic magic is rather high. Therefore, she can summon it at a moments notice as if she were moving a limb or blinking her eyes. This then allows Liu to surprise her opponents in moments through rather swift and sudden magic based combat.

Her Za Koa influence can spread for miles on end because her body acts like an energy magnet. Being that she is a product of Demon World, it is only natural that its energy would come flying towards her like a moth attracted to a flame. Henceforth, Liu can store large amounts of Za Koa Energy both internally and externally within and around her. For instance, she can have an entire mile radius on tap for a means of tertiary energy resources. While, within herself, a high volume of Za Koa energy can be quickly summoned at a moments notice.

From the perception of Liu, she just thinks of Za Koa as another extension of her body that she can feel in the air. And, through constant meditation, does it simply come natural to her. Add to the fact that her maker's genes are inclined towards being enriched in the art of demon magic and you have a perfect thunderstorm.

So, primarily, she needs to do her research into spells and make sure she doesn't use anything too back-breaking at once. The reason for that is that while has such free access to the flow of demon magic within and around herself, that doesn't bar her from consequence. Such as summoning three powerful demon spells at once, but finding out most of them had drawbacks which zapped away her strength, scarified her sanity, induced injury to her body, forced mental strain and so on and so forth.

Wàiliú Bào (外流爆): In English this translates to the phrase "Outflow Burst". Essentially, this is Liu's modified version of "Shadow Movement" for demons. Instead of traditionally travelling through darkness, the embodiment of this Hell Creature's body allows her to transport herself via the "flow of the universe". This seems to take on a trait associated with the Chinese philosophy and religion of"Tao" in the fact that they believe it is the essence of existence. And, when tethered together with Liu's additional concept of liberation and unrestricted nature, these two constructs went hand and hand in awakening this capacity within her.

Now, with that out of the way, we can describe the primary usage of Wàiliú Bào. When putting herself in a focused and meditative state, Liu can feel the stream of life force that the universe has around her through means extrasensory capacity. She often refers to this as her "third eye". This third eye allows her a form of astral projection in order to survey the vicinity around her upwards for a few hundred meters, all the way into different dimensions.

Once she has viewed the destination she wishes to travel to through this third eye, Liu is able to channel into the life force of that region in order to create a connection of sorts. This connection is her tethering the volumes of energy within herself to the world and creating a linear path for her to follow. Depending on how intensive the infusion is, these paths can forge into teleporation for non-combat threads, to dangerous levels of fast-paced movement in combat that are hard to follow.

To give an example: Liu could face serious injury if she were about to be stabbed her flank side. Therefore, she'd tap into Wàiliú Bào within a moments notice to produce a path to make her move ten feet to the right. Without needing to move her body, Liu would be guided by the miasma of the universe and evade the attack at the cost of burning through her energy and taxing her inner mental fuel. In this time, a silver mist of light would appear below her this is to otherwise signify it's activation and the path it took. It will then dissipate when she has finished her movement.

These can be applied externally to attacks and opponents as well. As another illustration: one of Liu's energized attacks could be on the verge of colliding with a cero. With the activation of Wàiliú Bào, she could produce one of these universal flows to be induced upon the object. By creating a universal stream to guide the blast to the earth and then behind the blast, she'd produce a path for it to rapidly duck the blast and then proceed on with its original course at irregular speeds and movements.

With that said, the primary limitations of this is the fact that it takes focus. She needs to be precise and time these moves correctly. Otherwise, they can backfire and she can end up causing injury to herself, take the ill-correct path or otherwise end in a bad circumstance. So, let's say she hastily performs Wàiliú Bào with little to no thought. This could lead her to go slamming straight into an opponents attack despite her instinct wanting to dodge it due to the improper mental process it took to achieve said movement.

Or, if she lacked the proper energy to perform the movement, it would otherwise perform the technique still, but at the cost of most likely injuring her legs in some form or another. Ergo, she needs to exude caution when activating this move. She can use it multiple times per post as wheel, but she tries not to as it can get tiresome when repeated over and over. It is comparable to running numerous sprints over and over and over again in rapid succession and can tire her out physically to prevent her from abusing it.

  • Yǔzhòu Yùnshū (宇宙运输): Translated into english, Yǔzhòu Yùnshū simply means "universal transport". This is considered a sub-ability of Wàiliú Bào and is primarily used to travel in between different nations, realms and dimensions for Liu. It is a means of teleport and is not often used in thread. Essentially, by tapping into her third eye, Liu can once again summon her astral form and attempt to locate a place she wishes to travel to. Once that path as been found, she'll sacrifice bits of her energy in order to create a wormhole through her energy and travel the waves of the cosmos to reach that destination. Granted, if there is a barrier or something in the way, she may either have to attempt to destroy it or be relocated to the second closest destination she can get without being blocked by said shield.


Dìyù Shūhū (地狱疏忽): Diyu Shūhū means "Hell Oversight" in the English tongue. So, as one might expect, it implies she has some form of control over Hades. Thus, this one is a bit more straightforward in terms of usage. Liu has sovereignty over the second layer of hell which is otherwise referred to as "The Underworld". While within this realm, Liu has heavy amount of influence on the world around her. Due to the fact that she is dubbed The 2nd Layer Guardian, it naturally comes with the terrority. Therefore, below are some of the ways in which she uses this power in order to alter her piece of Hell.

Míngjiè Tōngdào (冥界通道): Otherwise meaning "Hades Passage" in English, this ability deals more with the spirit aspect of her capacities as a Hell Guardian. Being that she is a Hell Demon, it is possible for her to judge souls and determine whether or not they belong in Hell, Heaven, Hueco Mundo, or Soul Society. Which, in it of itself, is rather odd. Most other demon's of Hell often are only limited to condemning souls to Hell, but it seems Liu is more fond of giving each spirit a chance to plead their case to her many familiars for a chance to determine the fate of their eternal life. So, even when she kills, she offers a wide variety of outcomes for her foe to choose from in terms of picking their afterlife.

This ability seems to stem more so from her "Free-Flowing" concept. She believes that the path of the soul is no loose thing and shouldn't be constricted to just one road. Stemming from her passages read about Taoism, Liu took a page out of its many mystical chapters and applied it to her lordship. This Hell Demon took Tao as the perceptive knowing of "life" that of which cannot be grasped full-heartedly. Many consider it to be just a concept, but as with all things based around demons, concepts can turn into realities. Thus, she put its practices into motion and turned it into an actual living experience of one's everyday being. Therefore, her powers seemed to awaken this profound notion within her natural Rakshasa capacities and modified them as a result of trying to better suit her ideals.

Gǎibiàn Fēng (改变风): Known as Alter Winds in English, Gaibian Feng is an ability that otherwise allows Liu to modify the world within the 2nd Realm of Hell. As such, she can easily induce feats such as environmental manipulation. Illustrations of this can include her adjusting to the weather for miles on end to her suiting, altering the very laws which compromise her dimension and otherwise being able to manipulate a large variety of constructs within her home. Of course each shift takes a bit of energy out of her when it comes to the mental calculations needed to make these estimated changes. However, the vast resources of Hell make this a much more simplistic for her that it is relatively easy for Liu to induce revisions.

Now, it should be stated that most of these transformations are often used outside of combat or passively in a social settings. Most illustrations of this revolve around Liu creating means of clean-cut wormholes throughout the Underworld for easy travel, moderating the flow of energy to ensure the balance of Hell is kept or simply using it for her amusement to kill time. If used in combat, the energy enters an active state and becomes more focused. For example, she can attempt to shut off the flow of external energy around an opponent in order to constrict and bind them to Hell. Or, in another scenario, she can attempt to use the chains of hell to restrict their spirit to this realm.

When it comes to battle mode, there is often a limit of 2-4 usages of Gaibian Feng per post and she needs to ensure they are properly managed. Otherwise, she can end up losing control or not allowing her effects to materialize. For example, in terms of the energy reduction, if she does not focus on said area well enough, she can actually end up removing needless power from herself and de-buff her body in the process. Hence, she attempts to keep this energy blackout within small radius's rather than applying it to all of her Hell Layer. Something akin to a few dozen meters or so.

Secondly, the more complex the adjustments, the further the energy is taxed within Liu. Now, Liu can indeed use the high volume of energy within hell as a secondary power source to greatly bolster the potency of this ability. However, each command still takes a bit of natural energy from herself and it can eventually tire her out after too heavy a usage. Therefore, she cannot endlessly throw around such powers without at least putting some careful thought and planning into them.

Dìyù Fù quán (地狱赋权): Meaning "Hades Empowerment" in English, Dìyù Fù quán revolves around the ability of Hell Demon's becoming enhanced and augmented by the essence of Hell. Unlike most other demon's, Liu doesn't use this function to give her more energy per say. Instead, she focuses more so on utilizing it so that her potential is tripled. If Liu had the functionality to lift two hundred pounds? She could now lift six hundred pounds. If Liu's top speed was twenty miles per hour? Now it could be sixty miles per hour while under Hell's influence. Thus, one can think of this as a performance booster to get the most out of her abilities while within Hell.

Outside of that, however, her quantity of energy doesn't change much. So she'd still need to otherwise monitor and watch how she uses her bodies abilities, powers and talents. But, their base potential, maximum and limits are otherwise broadened to make it less of a burden to use her strengths while within the depths of Hell. Making this quite the nifty boost to have indeed.

Chéngxíng Gòuzào (成型构造): Chéngxíng Gòuzào roughly translates to "Forming Construct" within the English language. And, as the ability implies, it seems that Liu otherwise has the limited capacity to forge various elements within the depths of Hell. Mostly, though, these designs are focused around the creation of material things. An illustration of this is being put in practical usage would be something akin to Liu utilizing this ability to create masses of land. This is relatively important because Hell is an ever expanding place with the high volume of spirits that are processed within its depths.

Or, in another example, Liu would use it to create housing materials to otherwise host the ceaseless numbers of The Underworld's inhabitants. This can be shown by the fact "The Palace Of Sinners" is a colossal floating castle that is roughly the size of a planet itself. That station is used to check-in new souls to hell and otherwise deem if they should stay within The Underworld, pass on to Heaven, move to the Soul Society or whatever else have you. Digressing, it should be more clear what this inventing ability is used for.

It isn't too heavily used in combat, but it does have the potential to be. So, with that said, in a fight Liu would most likely use it to construct simple earth elements. Things such as generating large chunks of wood, producing fire through the embers of Hell, summoning massive chunks of Hades Earth upon the opponent and so on. These are relatively simplistic to make because these are constructs that come naturally to her when in relation to the nature of Hell itself.

Additionally, most of its limits are done mentally and through energy sacrifice. Since you cannot make something out of nothing, the cost of this ability often comes at the expense of the user. Either through mental strain, depleting of her bodies natural energy resources or both in some cases. Furthermore, the large-scale creation abilities are often not practical in combat. The Palace of Sinners took roughly three days to devise and another three days to stabilize. So an opponent isn't going to sit around and wait for that to happen, obviously.

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ENTER Liu Xīnshén

Liu Xīnshén - Overseer Of The Underworld [#2 Hell Guardian] [Approved, 0-2/0-2+; Rakshasa] [0-4++; Hell Beast] JCRrxmK


» Dāgī Tvacā Name: Míngjiè Zìyóu is the name of Liu's Dāgī Tvacā release. It otherwise translates into "Hades Freedom" because it correlates with Liu releasing the attributes of Hell into her body. In turn, with her embodiment, she is capable of releasing her Dagi Tvaca wherever there is a miasma or portion of Hell unleashed into the world. And due to her general nature of dissolving boundaries through her liberating attributes, this led to her having a peculiar Dāgī Tvacā which allowed her to unbound it in most dimensions. Hence the name "Hades Freedom".

However, it goes a bit deeper than just that. One can consider the surface Liu the embodiment of her inner yin. The positive nature in which she exudes while in base is considered to be relatively tame when compared to some of the more ruthless creatures of hell and demon world. Yet, once that yin is released with the assistance of her Liberation Flux, the wavelength of her soul becomes inversed and transformed into yang. So, in another context, this Tainted Skin attunes itself to Liu's own destructive energies being given a yang embodiment to call their own.

And, in turn, it mirrors the calamitous amounts of devastation, viciousness and wicked nature that is brim within the world Liu reflects. While, at the same time, echoing the chains of suppression Liu has submerged herself in since birth. Whereas her waking mind is allowed absolute freedom, the inner vengeance locked away within her subconscious is unrestricted in Tainted Skin and allowed to enact it's rage upon the world it was forced to emulate. This is essentially the ultimate meaning behind this name and the purpose behind most of the abilities one will see written for it below.

» Dāgī Tvacā Appearance:The appearance of Liu's Dāgī Tvacā is sealed within her horns. By cracking them with her hands, she is able to unrestricted the essence of hell that brews within her and bring out her true demonic nature. It is why even when it is restricted, more often than not, most people are able to sense a very foul presence cloaked within those horns of hers. In fact, if one were try to attack, they may find that it is more durable than most other parts of Liu's body due to the immense concretion of satanic energies sealed within it. As they are akin to a grand master's durability in that one spot of her body. Hence, as a utility, they make for pretty nifty weapons in combat if push comes to shove.

» Dāgī Tvacā Release Appearance: Whenever Liu unbounds Míngjiè Zìyóu from herself, the demonic features of her body become more pronounced and exaggerated. One of the first noticeable shifts that can occur is the fact her hair may sometimes extend to absurd growths. This excess hair growth has the potential become so long in length that it falls off her behind. Secondly, the horns on top of her head can become longer, thicker and sharper than before; changing hues in between dull white, shadow black and crimson red at times with many demonic runes undoubtedly covering her.

Thirdly, more often than not, a change in her eyes can occur. Pupils can thin, arrow-like symbols can cycle around in her eyes or they can become outright devoured by the flames of hell itself. Either way it goes, some sort of morph in her eyes will be induced whenever this tainted skin is released from her skin. This is meant to loosely reference her devilish eyes opening to the world around her. As with the releasing of Dāgī Tvacā, a Hell Demon's true essence more often than not is awakened.

The next phase one may notice is that her teeth can become as menacing as a sharks with all of their pointed ends and sharpened fangs. Moving down to her hands, Liu's fingertips can become as pointed as a grizzly bears with twenty times the striking force no doubt. Much of the same can be said for the tips of her toes as well; as she loses all need for any footwear at this point. Other observations to note in her appearance is that various types of tribal markings can appear across her body; akin to looking similar to tattoos or demonic seals. These blackened markings can even reach the point of totally consuming her skin and transforming into blotches of darkness, or shades of total blood when her demon energy is fired up.

In fact, this satanic influence becomes so potent that even the edges of her clothing burn with the embers of hell. As on the ends of her dress, hair, finger tips and even her eyes; Liu's body is protected by the demonic blessings of The Underworld's flame. So one can also assume that the body of The Hell Demon is hot to the touch and filled with vigor. Hence, her demonic energy shines with a bright scarlet flare. One powerful enough to begin corrupting the world around her by infusing different particles of hell into it and converting it into her domain if she does not maintain a good grip on it. As with each step she takes, the ground beneath her feet can become blackened, reddened and contorted to become twisted, demonic and filled with satanic atmosphere to release more of hell's influence into the world Liu.

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» Dāgī Tvacā Persona

Demonic Ruthlessness: While her tainted skin is released, Liu becomes a cut-throat individual. She will do any and everything in order to accomplish her goals, achieve victory in a fight or attain whatever it is she desires. Murder, destruction, deceit, lying, manipulation; whatever it takes to obtain the glory -- she will spare no expense. It is why Liu is weary of transforming into this state to begin because this tainted persona is rather hard to keep in control. Due to the heavy influence of hell overflowing within her body, this creates a stark contrast to whom she is while in her base states. Many have even compared her to The Demon Queen with her rich, prime and unrestrained her chaotic nature can become while in this form. So perhaps the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree.

Undeniable Confidence: She is in the state of absolute demonic being. The powers of hell, heaven and the universe itself is at the tips of her fingers. So while in this state of pure strength and empowerment, there isn't a damn thing that Liu believes is too much for her. Sure, there is a rational part of her brain that keeps her from entirely becoming consumed by this grandiose thinking; but the overwhelming majority of her is brim with unstoppable boldness. After all, when you have the embodiment of hell and demon kind rushing through your veins at full force, it would be hard to resist the temptation of power and not fall under the belief you are capable of great things. So she makes no god damn apologies for anything she does while under the influence of her true essence.

Competitive: Out-do -- her? Hell no. While in her tainted skin state, Liu is a rather ambitious and competing being. If someone tries to outperform her, she'll punch back with twice the force and put them in their place. The reason for this is because her demonic blood will not allow another being to so easily outclass her. This stems from her hatred for the world, the grand belief in her own abilities and the adrenaline coursing through her veins at full force. There are too many factors within this unrestrained persona to not be competitive.

So if an opponent thinks they got the edge on her? Go ahead: fucking bring it. She'll take it on, match it or outright break the scales of talent to put the gap between her and her foe. Even if it means turning her body to ash, breaking her spirit in two and shattering all of reality; whatever it takes to come out on top -- she'll do it. It is why not even defeat phases her, as she sees it as just another tool to further awaken her to her potential and crush her opponent that much harder when they meet again. There is no stopping the blood of this demon, dammit.

Loud And Vulgar: While in her Míngjiè Zìyóu state, the quiet, calm nature of Liu seems to be absolved and her entire persona becomes loud and chaotic. The voice of the Hell Demon is always in a state of energized craze; always shouting, yelling or cursing at something or someone. And, at the same time, she becomes rather aggressive and doesn't hold anything back -- combat wise or socially. If she sees a weakness? She'll call it out and abuse it. If she believes your talking bullshit? She'll call your shit and promptly shove her boot up your behind to snuff it out. In this way, she gets business done and loves every second of it. As, at the end of the day, demon's are known for being hostile beings and she takes the role of the aggressor quite well in this state.

Her Against The World: Bounds become nothing, perception becomes narrow and the anger within grows potent. Yes, while in this form, Liu feels as if she has no allies and only enemies. So it becomes natural that she leans on her strength and uses it as a means to fight all that wishes to bring ill upon her. Hence, while her tainted skin is active, there are times where this Hell Demon believes it is all the fractions of souls against the wide, endless universe itself. It brings about a sense of coldness within her being and serves to turn her quite bitter, combative and helps to corrode the sense of empathy, kindness and love she sh ares while un-influenced by the power of hell. After all, what point is there to it when all it does is make her a target to be preyed upon? Fuck that noise. If the world is her enemy, she'll soon have it's face in the mud and her claws burrowed into its neck.

Selfish To The Core: With her ruthless nature also comes a sense of selfishness. Seeing how the world cares little for her, the yang within her heart firmly believes that she should take and plunder from the world as she sees fit. After all, no one would hold any restraint in doing so against her, so why should see? Ergo, from this distorted view of the world, a sense of high self-regard is born. Her needs, her wants, her desires and her dreams are put far above the needs of other. She will devour, consume, destroy, take and pillage until her hearts desires is fulfilled with little to no regard for others. Since, after all, the world is a cruel place and she's just as cruel as those whom inhabit it.

Satanic High: Power, power, power, power AND MORE POWER. It's hard not to feel such a rush when you have the embodiment of entire dimension rushing through your blood. So while released, this ascension seems to make her state of mind entirely a reddening blur. Her heart rate is always moving at a million miles pure second, the endrophins within the demonic creatures mind fill her with unbelievable jubilation and it is almost akin to being high off of hellish drug. It blinds away all that serves to bring down The Hell Demon, and helps bring out the pure glee within in order to make her being filled with overflowing, delusional happiness. As the more she taps into this power, the further her mind becomes devoured in its own misconceptions to paint the reality she sees in a richer paint, oversell the positive traits she has and consume her within her own false fantasies to help her endure the weight of the world.

Lack Of Regard For Anything: Everything in the world just serves to piss Liu off in this state. So, there is a lack of empathy and understanding at times when she is under the influence of her tainted skin. Henceforth, she is prone to destructive fits of anger and rage. Obliterating entire cities, annihilating seas of lives and turning her inner hate outward in the form of carnage. This is but an expression of her loathing for the world, but it only occurs during the utmost of stress during her mind. Otherwise this is at trait that is subtly shown in her ruthless and cutthroat tactics to achieve her goals. If she cannot achieve them, then she'll do the next best thing and induce annihilation and go down swinging. For if she cannot have it, then neither can anyone else.

However, at that point as well, Nizhuan may jump in due to the fact this is not a healthy personality trait and even Liu's base persona may attempt and restrain this self-destructive behavior. For she will even butcher herself if it means properly expressing her contempt for whatever obstructed her goal and to rid herself of any further stress; even if it means a permanent release in death. It's also worth mentioning that she can be reasoned with in this state, but only by those SHE perceives as having good intentions and is a spirit worth listening to and sparring. If she fails to see that, then the rampage may proceed until she has exhausted herself back into a submissive state of mind.

If one gets right down to it, they could almost say that this lack of regard almost stems from the reflection of herself. As Liu doesn't even hold her own life to much value at times during the release of her tainted skin. Of course, this seems counteractive to her selfishness, but there are periods of time where she simply holds no care for her own life because of the futility of the struggle which occurs within her head and takes place in the world she was meant to embody and reflect.

Sucker For Kindness: If you can take her at her ugliest, and still find a way to accept this beast, then there is a chance that the tainted skin of Liu may accept you. Of course this may be counteractive to her persona, but she still seems to seek out a warmth she's never known and she seeks to find that in the kindness of others. Hence, if a foe is able to connect to her even when she is deluded and blinded by her own power, then there is a possibility she will become attached and bonded to them. It would almost turn into a form of affection, but Liu would never speak such words openly. And this is provided there is even someone in this existence that can endure the monster she is in this form.

However, there are still elements of paranoia, mistrust and lack of openness to maul through in order to reach this point. So these factors may otherwise delay or corrupt this process within her persona. Furthermore, there is still a good chance in her mind that whatever person could endure it would be turned away by this viciousness; so she almost consciously proceeds with these decisions anyway because there isn't much hope of that happening. So, in a self-masochist way, she places herself in this predicament of isolation and destruction because of the broken thought process she has indulged herself within while released.

Fear Of Kindness: This may be in contrast to her subconscious desire for a yin, but as the yang of Liu's persona, there is a hesitance and rejection of the light. Positive actions, kindness, acceptance and understanding are some things traits that she has an extremely hard time coping with when in her tainted skin state. It makes her body cringe, soul hiss with uneasiness and mind flare up with uncomfortableness. To have the embrace of another soul attempt to console her is akin to feeling as if you were dipped in boiling hot lava.

Therefore, this makes it even more difficult to sometimes connect with the hell demon at times. Hence, there are times where even Liu questions if she really desires this yin to her life or not. Discarding help left and right, there seems to be a self-destructive process repeating itself even in this aspect of her persona. And, at times, it's even capable of leaking out into her base persona if not kept under check.

A Vessel For Hate: Subconsciously, this is loosely the form of Liu's suppressed hate. There are many things that are negative, irritating, dull, disappointing or outright hurtful and painful that exist in this world and that have hurt her. However, while uninfluenced by Hell, she attempts to turn a cheery eye to it and face it with child-like wonder and acceptance. But, when the skin of her true self comes out, this transforms itself into a boiling hatred for this existence and those within it who wish to act as soldiers of adversity, glum and negativity. So, the hostility while in this state is attributed to her unconscious loathing, hostility and extreme dislike for the world she was born into. Feelings that are greatly repressed in her natural state, but due to the origin of her abilities, are unleashed for full display in her Míngjiè Zìyóu.

Only Out Of Need: More than anything else, this form appears to be a reflection of not only her negative chi, but also a mirroring of the world itself. It is said that she is the embodiment of the current state of Demon World, so it only stands to wonder why her nature would become so ruthless and unchained. She represents the savagery in the world, the viciousness and outright inhuman traits in man, demon and angel alike. So when she adorns this mask of a persona, she is only epitomizing the spirits of the world and adorning a proper form to cope with that. As, at the end of the day, Míngjiè Zìyóu is there to otherwise give her the proper tools needed to endure such a grim world. It transforms her into the proper state of mind to deal with its dark creatures by becoming darker, stronger and more vicious than the beast whom hunt her with the power of hell at her fingertips.

Dāgī Tvacā Powers

Dìyù Běnzhí (地狱地狱): Dìyù Běnzhí simply translates into "Hell's Essence". The reason why it takes this name is because Liu is metaphorically, physically and mentally taking on the embodiment of her layer of hell and the world it inhabits. Then, with the nature of her liberating powers, she releases it from its boundaries and unlocks a dark portion of her soul's capacities. In turn, Liu is then able to harness the power of hell in a more correct and proper manner. Hence why she is one of the few Rakshasa Demons whom has the potential to release their Tainted Skin outside of hell. Thanks to her Liberation Flux capacity, she bypass that boundary and unlock this form wherever a portion of Hell's influence, miasma or land can be imported into.

Therefore, as you'll see in the applications below, you can begin to deduce how she reaps this wonderful power for her own satanic gain.

Dìyù Běnzhí's Offensive Abilities:

Huǐhuài (毁坏): Destruction. Pure and simple. That is the nature of offense that Dìyù Běnzhí possesses. Being that she is the representation of the inner yang within Liu's heart, this rage has boiled over and attained a power akin to manipulation of destructive attributes. When tethered into the chaotic and unstable state of the world, it only makes sense that she would enact the carnage and devastation it's residents inflict upon it on the daily base in such a cathartic ability.

Therefore, her demonic energy materializes these effects and it is used as a satanic medium in order to invoke her destructive will upon the world around her. By sacrificing this source of energy, Liu is able to attack the essence of metaphysical and physical creations in order to deconstruct the bounds which hold them together. Whenever this ability is summoned, a sense of calamitous and unsteady intent can be felt in the air. Along with that, a crimson or black aura is often occupied in order to make sure the opponent can also visibly see what is coming their way.

Should this illumination of carnage manage to hit them, an attack, object or anything else in its way; then it will act as a disintegration and attempt to tear apart elements and substances that keep these targets together. For instance, if Liu attempted to use Huǐhuài on an energy blast, it would try and either destroy it outright by breaking away the energy in it to destabilize and disintegrate it. Or, if it unable to totally destroy something, she would deconstruct it enough in order to try and weaken it in some way or another.

Therefore, for something this potent, obvious limits are put in place that Liu has to adhere to. One of the first is that it has a range of up to one thousand meters. Additionally, it's most potent when constrained to a one to two hundred meter radius because of the additional resources that may be needed in order to cover a wide area of effect. Furthermore, she is also limited to using 1-4 actions with this ability per post . If she goes above two actions, then she may need a two post cool down or she can exchange more of her health lowering for equivalent exchange.

And, on the note of strain, this often often requires a sense of concentration and focus in order to properly construct and aim this ability. If she rushes it, or gets sloppy, then it is possible to backfire on her by means of the attack imploding on Liu. Finally, above all else, this requires physical or metaphysical contact of some kind. In other words, Liu needs to mark her intended target with this destructive energy in order for it to have some kind of effect. She can create the mental formulas needed in order to induce the effects through her demonic energy as a medium, but it still needs to make contact before it goes into full motion.

Dìyù Běnzhí's Defensive Abilities:

Shuāng Céng (双层):What is Shuang Ceng? It simply means: "Double Layer" in English. This trait reflects the second layer of hell that Liu represents. Given that she is the Rakshasa of the second circle of hell, her body seems to mirror this with her durability while tainted skin is in effect. Internally, and externally, there two layers of defense that make up a total of four layers each. The reason for this is because the number two was applied to both the defenses around her body and within it.

Hence, to begin, we'll start with the two layers of external defense. So, across Liu's body, is a faint crimson glow can be seen engulfing her from time to time. This represents an exoskeleton defense that is generated from the high volumes of satanic energy being produced from her embodiment of hell itself. This makes it to where most attacks that occur on the surface need twice the strength in order to have a full to moderate effect on Liu's body itself. These two layers of external defense serve to absorb and take the impact from most attacks. In this way, the outside layers of Shuāng Céng will take the brunt of most attacks for Liu. Making it to where she'll often only receive 1/4 of the attack if the shock waves manage to bypass the first two layers.

Which, at that point, is where the two internal layers of defense would arise. Through her satanic enhancements, all of Liu's internal organs, bones, blood and so on are augmented and made two times stronger in order to deal with more taxing foes. This means that even if an attack is able to pierce past the first external layer of Shuang Ceng, it can still be minimized by half with the potency of internal defense that this ability has within as it feast off her hellish embodiment.

Thus, as a real combat example, Shuāng Céng will be used against something like a straight-forward cero blast shot off by someone of equal tier. The first two layers of Shuāng Céng are capable of absorbing 1/5 each; totaling to 2/5. Then, the internal defenses are able to consume anything that pierces pass that and add the total absorbed impact to 4/5. In the most IDEAL (keyword here; ideal does not always equal to reality) situation, she would only receive 1/5 of the attack or outright negate if she could overwhelm it with her defenses.

This, in turn, turns her into foe that can take quite the amount of abuse when Tainted Skin is released. Therefore, it is sometimes recommended to have an assault that is truly crippling or rapid in succession to make critical blows to her. As, in the end, this is meant to show how dynamic and powerful thousands of years of hell embodiment is. She is ascending into her true demonic essence and this form is suppose to bring out the most ruthless and brutal of her capacities.

Dìyù Běnzhí's Enhancements Abilities:

Èyì Xiāofèi (恶意消费): The meaning behind this ability roughly stands for "Malice Consumption". Hostile intent, negative influence, corruption, lies, deceit, taint and all the wonderfully hateful elements that compromise the spirits of this universe and the underworld are mere plates of food for Liu to consume as she so fits. Therefore, this stands to initially give her a 1.5 to three times augmentation boost when it comes to her spiritual, physical and mental functionalities. And this is on top of any currently active buffs associated with her release forms.

However, once she has had her fill, if she decides to overindulge, that can lead to her gaining too much power and becoming ill from it. This can lead to disturbed senses, vomiting, bones aching and eventually de-forming back into her original state if this is abused too much. Therefore, this is something she needs to activate and choose wisely when to activate. The buffs from Èyì Xiāofèi will often last anywhere from 3-6 post; with a two to four post cooldown depending on the extensive use of it. She'll also need to be within at least a one hundred meter radius of the event in question in order to become empowered from it. Although, this can be bridged if she spreads her influence via her demonic energy.

Furthermore, the way this ability works is similar to a sonar scan. Liu's embodiment will send pulse waves throughout the area and search for any corruption to otherwise send back into Liu. From there, once the acquired materials have been sorted, they will send a reverse way back into Liu and begin the process of transforming these negative, metaphysical particles in the air into a tangible power boost for Liu to use as she sees fit.

And, to note, it doesn't automatically tell her if someone is lying or being deceitful; as Liu cannot read minds or anything like that. The ability in question only works because there is negativity in most spirits and there is always trace particles to consume; even in the most "pure" of beings. As it works off the principle of yin and yang; one cannot exist without the other and neither can a spirit be totally yin, or totally yang.

Dìyù Běnzhí's Summoning And Creation Abilities:

Dìyù Luǎn (地狱卵): Diyu Luan's purpose translates into the phrase "Hell Spawn" because this is a familiar based ability. If she is the overseer and embodiment of the 2nd layer of hell, then it stands to reason that the powers that lay within Liu would allow her to produce and create her own minions from the miasma of hell itself. Therefore, through her mental command, she can create various types of living and non-living constructs from these satanic influences.

In order to better understand how Diyu Luan is utilized, an illustration of this ability in practice is needed. More often than not, Liu will be able to tap into her natural connection to the essence of Hell itself. During his process, chunks of her mental and demonic energy can be taken away in order to compensate for the price it takes to produce these spawn and constructs. From there, Liu needs to envision something within her power to create to be produced into the world.

So, in a combative situation, Liu could undoubtedly spawn and create many types of hellish weaponry. For instance, while in the middle of combat, Liu could attempt to envision a pair of chains within her mind that constrict the opponent. From that thought process, the plane of Hell itself will listen to her calls and forge satanic weaponry that can bind and constrict supernatural and spiritual beings. From there, once the price has been paid, she can generate them through a summoning and harness these tools for combat.

When it comes to the familiar portion of Diyu Luan, though, things get a bit more complex. She is able to create legions of basic minions to summon to the field with standard abilities. As an example of this, she can easily produce something akin to a dragon body forged from the fires of hell. By locking it to the opponent's spiritual energy signature, she can then sick him and try to seal the foe to that spot by binding it around the dragon's body.

However, more complex and powerful beings cannot be done in thread. Such as her attempting to create something with 3/4 of the power she has. [These either need to be listed in the app or made into NPC's] These simply take too much time and is impractical in combat. Therefore, she often tries to stick to concepts that either a duration of time to where they active, weapons, enhancements or other things within her power similar to that.

As more often than not, if the weapon or familiar is not saved and imprinted into the world, most of the time they will simply disappear within a few post or after the thread is concluded. This is because it takes a more definite will and energy in order to keep their existence tethered to this world. Otherwise, they simply disappear back to Hell and she has to repeat the process. Furthermore, this ability often has 2-4 actions that can be utilized per post. It will also generally have a 1-2 post cool down before it can be used again as well.

Fǔlàn Yǐngxiǎng (腐烂影响): What does Fǔlàn Yǐngxiǎng stand for? Easy: Rotting Essence. Rotting Essence is a passive effect of Dìyù Běnzhí and it takes on the notion that every bit of this world is slowly corrupting, tainting and killing a persons sense of self, spirit and eventually -- body. Thus, Liu's demonic aura steadily eats away at an opponent until nothing is left of their willpower, physical strength and spiritual might.

Initially, they will become very ill and feels as if their life force is being drained right out of them. This can lead to decreased durability, lowered strength, lower willpower and so on. If they do not re-position themselves, take the proper safety precautions to engage in combat with Liu or otherwise recklessly charge at her; this will more than likely lead to a negative outcome for the opponent. So they at least have a one hundred meter radius to flee from in order to entirely escape the effects of her Rotting Essence.

Now these may vary based on tier, mental skills and other elements in combat; but a basic outline can be given below

NPC's: These are referring to characters that are in the background. More often than not, Liu can easily take out a good chunk of canon fodder rather easily with Fǔlàn Yǐngxiǎng and decrease the populations of many villages, towns and cities through this method if amplified enough. However, this is under the condition that the assumed terrority is not guarded, protected or shielded in some way. If there is some sort of counter measure to her power, then the death toll can be eased.

5 to 6 Tier: More often than not, these characters can fall prey to the effects of Fǔlàn Yǐngxiǎng within the same post or the next post after. It will allow them a chance to at least flee once the presence is detected. It is NOT wise for these characters to stay longer than a post near Liu. As their health can generally be cut down by as much as 50-70% in the first post alone. Escape is HIGHLY recommended.

4 Tier: This is where more resistance can often be had. It would take somewhere between two to three post before they would fully fall to Fǔlàn Yǐngxiǎng. In the meantime, they would more than likely tact on a bit of damage to their mental, physical and spiritual being the longer they stay around Liu. If they exceed three post without any precautions, mental resistance or keeping their distance; then it is more than expected that they may die. Overall, their health will be broken down by 25-33% a post without proper treatment.

3 Tier: These characters will have a better footing against the effects of Liu's Rotting Essence. It is estimated that it would take a period of four to five post before they'd fall to Fǔlàn Yǐngxiǎng's effects. Thus, in between time, they would be expected to take proper counter measures against Liu, flee the area or do something to better equip themselves against her. Otherwise, they will die the longer they keep themselves around Liu and their body, spirit and mind will eventually crumble. The longer you stay around doing nothing, the more you welcome the doors of death. Hence, for each post without proper adjustments, the character will see a 15-20% dip in their health, powers, mental capacities and so on.

2 Tier: At this point, many characters will see a much better performance against Liu. For, once they reach two tier, the time it would take for Rotting Essence to gut them out would be around six to eight post without any proper adjustments. Therefore, it is advised that two tier characters and up fight Liu while she is in her released states. However, if they do nothing, then again, they leave themselves open to being killed by her passive aura. Ergo, they stand to lose 8 to 12% of their health, powers, defenses, mental functions and so on and so forth throughout the course of these post.

1 Tier: These characters can often last much longer against the effects of Rotting Essence. It is assumed that one tier characters will be able to withstand for around nine to eleven post before they would fell prey to the ultimate end of Fǔlàn Yǐngxiǎng. Therefore, they'll be losing health at roughly 7 to 10% a post without proper precautions. However, even these characters can hold them off given the potency of powers around this range. It will be hard, but it is manageable.

0 Tier: These characters have the greatest defense against Fǔlàn Yǐngxiǎng. 0 tier characters will often be able to endure Fǔlàn Yǐngxiǎng for around to twelve to fourteen post constantly before being broken down. In general, they could see their overall health, durability, mental functionality and things of that nature being broken down by roughly 8% per post. So, it stands to reason they could figure out the picture within the first most more often than not. At least given the capacities most foes of this caliber are capable of.

Huánjìng Làngfèi (环境浪费): This is a quick technique associated with Fǔlàn Yǐngxiǎng. Essentially, it applies the effects of Rotting Essence, but the environment itself. So Liu can begin decaying most life within the area itself rather quickly. Animal life, trees, spiritual particles, weather, objects; most anything that comes into contact with her aura can be diluted and reduced to absolute death. Unprotected items can be destroyed as quickly as one or two post; while guarded equipment and environments will be played out over a few post or so. These depend on factors relating to power, tier, defenses and so on and so forth.


DE Class: N/A

DE Powers

DE Racials: Liu does possess most of the racials listed here:

Sǐwáng Héxīn (Death's Core): Within the center of Liu's inner being is a cluster of death's energy which helps to fuel her DE abilities. However, it also serves as third source of energy that she can tap into. As, alongside her demon and hell energy, Liu can also utilize the prowess of Death's Energy to empower herself. Therefore, this makes her a rather durable foe when it comes to the art of energized combat. For with these three streams of power coursing through er, Liu has the knack to last and endure many prolonged battles, unleash flurries of attacks and deal with the brunt of releasing heavy and daunting abilities.

Xùnsù Shōufèi (Swift Charge): One of the special abilities about Liu's Semi-Immortality trait is the fact that her energy is capable of rapidly restoring itself back to or near peak energy levels. Speed plays a strong role in a lot of Liu's abilities, so it isn't necessarily a surprise that her energy would go along for the ride as well. It constantly feasts off the elements of death, taint and decay in the world in order to devour that power, break it down and turn it into usable energy for Liu. These can come from the essence of hell itself, the outer energy of Za Koa or scenes of mass murder and destruction; but regardless, she is capable of ingesting energy from these three sources in order to recharge herself.

Granted, this does have some limits. One of the first is that is rather unlikely she'd be able to re-charge herself to 100% during a fight as there are simply too many variables, things are constantly moving and the situation is always changing. Add to the fact that injuries and damage can pile up and that just becomes plain unrealistic. Therefore, it is usually able to restore her, at a max, of 75% of her overall energy regardless of what form she takes. However, this comes with the stipulation that she should have at least 25% of her overall energy in order for this to be effective. If it dips below that during a fight, then she will only be able to charge back up to 35-40%. If it dips below 15%, then it will only be able to charge back up to 20% and it becomes unusable around 10%.

Additionally, it takes time for this energy to eventually come back. For example: if she were at 50% during a fight and this ability kicked in, then she would receive 5-10% of this energy back depending on how healthy her overall body was at the time. As, if it is damaged, then it makes this recovery more difficult. Which leads into another point: if her body is stressed, it won't matter if she has energy, she'll be too weakened in order to use it. For example, if she had unleashed a ton of magic spells prior to this ability activating, that strain would still be placed on her body and this energy wouldn't be of use because her body would be too stressed in order to perform regeneration or magic.

Wēidiāo Shuāibiàn (Withering Decay): Life is the drawn out process of decaying and coming to an end. So, to embody that, Wēidiāo Shuāibiàn grants Liu the ability to accelerate the process of aging and decay. In order to call upon this ability, though, it has to be strictly used with her Death Energy and cannot be fueled by her Hell or Demon energy. This is because it taps into the primordial essence of her DE Force in order to summon a rich and potent ability of death.

Additionally, in order for the effects of Liu's ability to work, it must make physical contact with whatever object or person Liu is trying to harm. Therefore, in order to give the opponent a chance to understand what is coming at them, the energy that is used with this ability will often be a deep shade of black with hints of red intermixed within it. This energy will either cover Liu's body, or she can choose to send it in waves of energy to try and hit the opponent. Either way, this energy needs to hit the opponent or object in order for the effect to go into play.

So, with that said, the way Liu utilizes Wēidiāo Shuāibiàn can vary. For non-living objects Liu can otherwise accelerate the rate of age OR decay in or around them. Thus, for example, she can touch an armor made out of metal and have it turn to rust if the potency of her DE Force is strong enough to make the durability crumble. Or, she can have droplets of her DE Force extent outward, decay the oxygen within a ten meter radius and create a zone of suffocation to choke out opponents.

Though, for spiritual objects, it may differ. An instance of this occurring would be if someone attempted to strike Liu with their Zanpukto. If she were able to grab hold of it in this scenario, and have this ability activated prior to touching it, then she could corrode and decay it to the point of dissolving it's durability and striking power. However, after a thread or two, it would naturally come back to it's original form. This is because unless she outright kills them, or aims to do something permanent, most of these effects will revert objects with a strong bond to their owner back to normal at some point if it is not broken or destroyed.

The same can almost be said of other unnatural, supernatural or physical attacks. To get a better understanding of this, imagine if one were to used a spell to try and seal Liu off by containing her within a barrier sealed off from the world. In this example, Liu could unleash Wēidiāo Shuāibiàn in order to dissolve a specific spot in the barrier in to decay it enough to break free. Or, if someone shot a form of magic which otherwise induced an event akin to kinetic manipulation, she could unleash a wave of her DE Force through this ability and attempt to corrode the speed to the point of being inert.

Now, when it comes to people, Liu's ability can have a variety of effects. Therefore, the best way to display that fact is through real world examples. Ergo, more often than not, Liu will attempt to accelerate the rate of decay on a person as opposed to their age. So, if she were to grab hold of their arm, Liu could potentially begin to dissolve the skin, muscle and bone until nothing was left. This can be varied based on how strong their durability is, how LONG Liu is able to grab hold and the amount of times she targeted the spot. As the longer she hits that spot, or the more she hits that spot, the greater the effect will become until they rot.

If you just get hit once, but she failed to put a high volume of death energy into it? Then chances are the opponent will most likely have a bit of energy leave them and they'll have some of their skin burned. If she goes all out and puts a dense amount of DE Force behind it? Then there is a chance it can begin to melt through multiple layers of the body and damage organs and the like.

With all of that said, this does have more limitations. One of the first is that it can eat up energy as this is a rather extensive ability. Along with that, she needs to be in total control of it or it can backfire against her. This can lead to herself gaining injuries, her energy becoming unstable or harming allies if she isn't careful. Additionally, Liu often only sticks to 2-3 actions with this ability per post when it is active.

Dìyù Zhàohuàn (地狱召唤): What does Dìyù Zhàohuàn equate to? Dìyù Zhàohuàn means "Hell Summon" when converted into the English language. So one can imagine what this ability does just by referring to the meaning of the name. It is meant to be a loose reference to Taoism's understanding of death itself for the physical body. It is said that religious Taoism holds the belief that the body is filled with spirits and monsters. When one is deceased, many are often meant to prescribe a number of rituals in order to protect these decayed bodies from being possessed from other spirits and monsters. As, when the spirit leaves the body, there is not much protecting them; so it either weakens and dies or becomes ill.

Ergo, one can imagine Liu's Hell Alter serving as the beast and possessing these vessels for her own benefit. Therefore, Dìyù Zhàohuàn allows Liu access to the bodies of those long since deceased within The Second Layer of Hell. This means that prior to a creatures death, the empty carcass they left behind when their spirit was transferred into The Underworld is capable of being utilized to do Liu's bidding when this ability is used. (I.E. a human dies, comes to the 2nd layer and the physical body they left behind can be replicated by Hell to use as a living dead vessel) And going in line with this belief, more often than not, the bodies of these creatures will be anywhere from 10-30% weaker than their originals because of the general rotting of death. Hence, Liu reserves near full restoration for only the greatest of champions revived.

(Also, before getting too in-depth into this ability, it's also worth mentioning that she cannot automatically do this for PC characters that are deceased. I have to receive permission or Liu has to kill them herself in order for it to work. I will also use this ability to create personal NPC's for her )

Now having said that, this is typically used in order to create her own personal army to use as she sees fit. For instance, the most basic illustration of this ability would be her forging a horde of thousands of Hell Summons ranging within the tier range of lower four tier to mid three tiers. Usually they'll be empowered by the essence of hell and have a bit of resistance and durability to them, but the more powerful ones are either the spirits she personally crafts or souls of long since deceased warriors.

There are also a few ways in order to bring out this effect. One of the first is that she can harness the power of Za Koa itself in order to fuel this army. In this example, it would take a fair bit of Liu's energy away from her body, but in return she would feel less strain in managing the numerous agents of Hell. So the sacrifice here would be her demonic power. An alternative way of summoning these creatures could be through the use of an external source of power; such as her utilizing the prowess of The Demi-Network in order to serve as a medium to induce these creatures into existence. However, in exchange, this can gradually wear down on the resources of said tool or begin place strain on Liu's body if the numbers get to excessive.

Additionally, in terms of further limitations, there is often a set limit of creatures she can have active in the field. This number is usually in alignment with the threat she perceives. If there is an army of foes heading her way, then Liu can summon roughly a number equal to that, or 10-20% more than it. This is to otherwise keep the balance in the world and prevent overcrowding. And, on that note of number based limitations , it is against her creed to harness this power against a single opponent because that would be an abuse of her power. However, if she is faced with multiple opponents, clones or anything of the sort; these beliefs go out the window and she is able to use it with impunity.

DE Control
  • Semi-Immortal Capacity:
  • Breakdown Skill:
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  • DE Barrier:

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ENTER Nizhuan Zhouqi

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» Gender: Female

» Name: Nìzhuǎn Zhōuqí (逆转周期) is the name of Liu's Hell Beast. It roughly translates to "Reverse Cycle" in Chinese because she is the polar opposite of her originators embodiment. Where Liu is loose? Nìzhuǎn is firm. Where she is free? Nìzhuǎn is restricted. So the name was befitting such an element.

Yet, it still goes a bit deeper than that. While many believe yin and yang are total opposites, they are, in truth, the same. Therefore, the embodiment of Nizhuan is considered to be an extension of Liu's yin as opposed to her Tainted Skin's yang. As at the end of the day, these two beings are one in the same and Nizhuan represents the choice of subjugation and slavery that comes with free will and choice.

» Age: Physically speaking? Nizhuan is appropriately 187 years old. (As of 2416) Spiritually speaking? Nizhuan is the same age as Liu. This is because she has always existed within herself, but did not become unlocked until the critical crisis of her yang forced her to materialize. As, to restate: before Nizhuan and Liu are one in the same being.

» Appearance: The appearance of Nizhuan is one that is somewhat peculiar. She seems to have lavender shaded hair that is cut to quite a short length. Along with that, Nizhuan's eyes also appear to take on a hue of amethyst intermixed with a slight brownish color. Though, at times, they can take on a more crimson color when the miasma of hell influences her body. So one can say that her spiritual energy can often have varied tinges of plum, crimson and penny to it whenever she begins to tap deeper into her inner demon energy.

Moving past that, her height stands at about four foot seven and weight around eighty pounds or so. This gives her a rather petite and child like appearance given her body type. So, it is also safe to say that her bust size is relatively non-existent. But, more importantly, she is capable of shifting her height and adjusting it so that she can be only a few inches tall or so at times. This is because she can often be seen using herself as a miniature companion to Liu at times when she wishes to travel in her clothing.

Furthermore, the light-brown skin across Nizhuan's body is also baby soft when it pertains to her youthful exterior. Touching it is akin to feeling as if you were hugging a stuffed pillow in terms of how tender it is. Additionally, the scent that comes from The Hell Beast's demonic energy seems to radiate an aroma that is akin to sweet fruits such as strawberries and fresh cut apple slices. So the more close contact you get to Nizhuan, the more it feels as if you are hugging something so gingerly and gentle.

Which further then transfer to the way in which her voice carries out. Even though she speaks with quite a fast accent, it still comes off as considerably friendly and delightful at times. Likewise, this giddy feature transfer into her body language and she is often seen with a bouncy sort of movement. Her aura simply oozes with playfulness at times. So much so that she can sometimes even be seen pointing and smiling at everything whenever her mind enters into a tizzy.

Digressing, as far as her design is concerned, Nizhuan often wears a pink kimino which has a pin-stripe patterns woven into it along with having flowers and a black obi intermixed. She also seems to wear a black bowl across her head which has a similar flower-patterned border stitched across it as well. Adding on to this, The Hell Beast is often shown carrying a sewing needle and occasionally, in her left, a golden mallet with green and amber abstract designs. And, lastly, Nizhuan seems to have a dislike for footwear and often prefers to simply walk around barefoot whenever possible.



» Personality: Nizhuan's pattern of speech can be described as quite peculiar. The reason for this is because she often uses simple sentences and very quick patterns of speech to speak. One can almost describe it as an oriental accent speaking English. You can often hear her saying something such as "Yes, yes" or "no, no" when asked a question of sorts. Or, when dealing with more complex conversations, she'll say something along the lines: "Yes, yes. I see, I see. Very interesting. Notes taken. Fascinating indeed."So most who engage in conversation with Nizhuan are often taken back by her simplistic tone of speech.

Another interesting aspect of her persona is that she is very fascinated on taking notes of whatever captures her curiosity. It can be anything from the environment she is in, the people around her, objects near her or anything under the sun; if it sparks an interest with The Hell Beast's brain, she'll jot down any form of notes about the subject ion question. It is even said that her collection of observations even spans enough material and content to equal every book written by mankind; all due in part to her ability to duplicate herself throughout the 2nd Layer of Hell and sync her mind to her familiars.

It all ties over to her busy and focus driven work ethic. Seeing how her creator, Liu Xīnshén , is often very lazy about managing The Underworld; Nizhuan seeks to take the pressure from her daily life and utilize their satanic powers to keep a strict watch over their domain. This Hell Beast will work tirelessly until every law is upheld, every bit of knowledge is recorded and all of the task that are required of them as Hell Demons is accomplished; even if she must do them without the assistance of her creator. That is the extent of not only her disciplined work ethic, but loyalty and ultimately naivety.

Nizhuan is considered to be a rather gentle and placid soul according to Liu. This is because she does not often seek to begin fights or conflicts without a proper reason. If anything, she prefers to live life in a way that avoids such things. However, that is a delusional way of thinking and because of it she will not hesitate to engage in confrontations if need be. Nizhuan will often nag at Liu to take her responsibilities as a Hell Demon and Agent of Shadow Fall more seriously. For if Nizhuan is going to do something, she is going to do something right! This hell demon does not like doing anything with a halfhearted effort and prefers to put her best foot forward when going forth with whatever task she is given.

So, one can also infer that she is quite the energetic and pepper being. There are very few times where Nizhuan isn't coursing with the utmost of intense energy. She is usually running around, staying busy, keeping focused and throwing her rays of jovial vitality every which way but right. It is why Liu is rather fond of her because she seems to totally be the contrast to her own lethargic energy. It is almost enough to make her envious because of the fact Nizhuan is like an energizer bunny nearly.

Granted, she is still a demon, and when she feels her laws are violated this demeanor can become more stern and rigid. While she won't break down and start a psychotic rage over it, Nizhuan will often feel a great sense of anger and distaste for someone attempting to dismantle any sort of laws, governance or order she or Liu herself attempted to create. And, with her being a Hell Beast no less, she will most of her satanic abilities to subjugate and subdue the threat. Thus, she will often lose her cheery and child-like atmosphere and put on a stoic, blank and uncaring persona when put into dangerous circumstances. Her voice will mature, while her usage of words will become more complex and it will seem as if she transformed into an entirely different person.

For in truth, Nizhuan visualizes herself as becoming the chains of slavery and seeks to enslave all those in her grasp. As during this period of critical thought, Nizhuan become quite fixated on living up to her power and becoming that of a master. She will seek to tame and control all those within her reach until her assignment is done. Liu has even referred to her being an outright monster when she zones out into these states and doesn't often consider it a true part of her nature. As, more than anything else, this savagery is often brought out because of a need rather than an intended desire.

And this all stems back to the extremes to which Nizhuan will go to achieve whatever it is she needs to do. For when her mind gets taken for a ready, it is often hard for her to come back down. She can find herself getting lost in the chores of her work and ignore all other concerns until the task is done. This is her commitment to order and it is one she takes rather earnestly despite her childish appearances. For without her subjugation, there will be nothing left to give Liu, hell and demon world itself a proper foundation to stand upon. So she is willing to do whatever it takes to adhere to her purpose in existence.


» Merged with Rakshasa: For the time being, there is a noticeable amount of Liu's power that lays within Nizhuan's body. This allows her to easily influence and enforce order within The 2nd Layer of Hell and greatly developed her power below.

Chéngfǎ [Only In Hell]: Short for "multiplication", this ability is one that is rather simple and easy follow. While it may be applied to a grand scale, Nizhaun is capable of creating hundreds of thousands, if not, millions of replicas of herself in order to deal with the processing, monitoring and enforcement of The 2nd Layer of Hell's balancing order. Now, these do not equal to a plethora of super powered beings running amok.

These creatures are independent of Liu and Nizhaun's own energy for a few factors. The first is because of the fact they feed off the miasma of hell itself in order to help sustain their individual power. The second factor is based around the fact that most Hell Demon's have a strong form of existence control of their layers of hell; so both Liu and Nizhaun had willed these replicas of themselves into life in order to help ease the burden of trying to manage their layer of hell. Thirdly, and most importantly, they can also take energy from the source of Za Koa all around them in order to carry out their strength.

Therefore, one can almost consider this their "hell army" of sorts because they have a variety of different tiers among their ranks. The bulk of which are around 4 and 3 tier level because of the fact these are easier to produce. There is the potential for more powerful ones to lurk among their ranks, but they usually reserve them for troublesome souls. Additionally, it's also worth noting that this army is mostly restricted to hell and demon world because of the fact it would not be very feasible to transport them into different realms due to how these creatures feast off the miasma of hell. Only the strongest among them are capable of travelling between realms and even then it is often only to recapture spirits attempting to escape hell or fighting against something which disturbs the balance of hell.

Number Of Replicas By Tier

4 Tier: 1,000,000
3 Tier: 100,000
2 Tier: 100
1 Tier: 6
0 Tier: 3

Naraka Jānavara Abilities

» Subjugating Constriction: This is most likely one of strongest powers in her arsenal. It essentially gives her the ability to control limit's, restrictions and anything that otherwise confines tangible and some intangible things. An example of how this special ability is used is that Nizhuan can often control the flow of reitsu, spirit energy and particles from an oncoming energy attack like a cero or a Chaos Blast in order to restrict the momentum it generates, confine the cero within a restricted area and then have the attack implode on itself in order to avoid taking damage from it, limiting the special effects it may have if it were a custom cero and bounding it from ever touching her. What's more, though, she is even able to effect opponents on a physical level. However, in order to do this, she most often be within a close vicinity or, more likely then not, have some sort of direct physical touch with the target in question in order to begin using her restraining powers on them.

So, she either has the option of transferring this power into solid objects such as chains, swords, knives, daggers or anything like that by simply touching them and granting them her power for short periods of time; being consciously aware of her decision. Then, once this transference takes place, they will not need to rely on any sort of spiritual, demon or anything that would otherwise be called energy. Instead, it would simply transform into a natural force in the universe such as gravity, oxygen and fire until it's short duration is expired. However, it is possible for her to use energy if she desires in order to strengthens it's effect, increase the duration in which the object has her power and have her powers reach on a deeper level. In any case, once this transference is complete, if the object is able to make some sort of contact, the person will be in for a whirlwind of effects even if it touched something external such as their skin or a mere cut on their body from being grazed.

One of the first effects from this physical contact is that she can compress a person's skin to the point where it restricts the flow of blood inside of a person's body. This may cause many types of clotting throughout their body; possibly even being very lethal if there was clotting in the brain or heart of the target. Another possible effect that could occur is that she can constrict the person's body so tightly that it can effectively crush organs under the sheer pressure of this depending on how strong Nizhuan's grip on them is. However, if she doesn't want to effect their body, it is possible for her to simply have her power travel across the opponents body in order to effectively constrict the flow of energy around them; such as reaitsu or reishi in order to lower the attack damage when they release any sort of attack from their body. Moreover, going back to her second method to effect someone, if she is able to make direct contact herself; Nizhuan can also prove to be a great hand-to-hand combatant.

You see, by applying this force to her body, if Nizhuan is able to make a direct hit on someone it can sometimes cause many types of different adverse effects. One of the first examples being that if she is able to strike someone's heart with her fist, she can possibly induce cardiac arrest or a heart attack by her punch transferring Subjugating Constriction into the persons body through the pores in their skin or by overwhelming them with raw force. If this occurs, then she is then able to apply it's laws, effects and abilities on them in order to restrict the rate in which an opponents heart either beats, create some sort of force in order to compress the heart until it possibly explodes or keep repeating this until the person is sent into a shock from massive damage to their heart. It often depends on how much force she put into the attack, how strong her health is, how much stronger the opponent is then her and many other types of different factors that come into battle.

Therefore, by that demonstration, it can safely be assured that she can cause those same effects to occur on different parts of the body. Rather it be limbs in order to limit their overall movement or speed, the location of a person's kidney in order to make more damage or cause kidney failure, the brain if she is able to get close enough in order to cause bleeding inside of it or clotting to kill an opponent, a person's eye to blind them for periods of time by constricting their vision and many, many other types of reactions that can happen. Now, everything up until now has simply been external physical contact. Thus, the primary focus at this point would be how she inflicts this internally on to a person of her pleasing. The first method would be the transference of her power into a natural force and infusing it into an object, or she can attempt to have her own claws or fangs reach into an opponent in order to effect them internally. It's also possible for her to simply create particles of her own energy to try and see if it's feasible to cleverly sneak this force into their body.

No matter how the method if done, nevertheless, once it's inside of a person there are many types of different possibilities that can occur with this power. The first being that she can bind organs in order to eventually make them burst, crafting a compression type of technique to possibly crush the opponent from the inside out or she can simply restrict the flow of blood in a person to stop many types of abilities that rely on blood. Obviously, there can be more possibilities depending on how she applies with her other abilities, but these are just the basic effects on a physical level. Now, on a spiritual or supernatural level, it's even possible for her to temporarily negate powers by restricting access once her force infiltrates the flow of energy, reiatsu or whatever else the opponent uses in order to call upon their powers; rather it be natural or not.

Once this occurs, depending on how she goes about it, she can then constrict defenses of an opponent to make them ore susceptible to being damaged, limit their speed in order to make them a walking target, possibly stop the flow of energy altogether inside of them to make them powerless until her release is either lifted or forced out of her control. There can be more applications then this, but these are simply her preferred methods more often then not. It is worth noting, however, that her physical constriction isn't absolute. There are many possible things that can occur when she attempts to make this change occur in opponents. In some cases, they can use their energy to try and out power this force to either limit the amount of damage done or stop it altogether from effecting them; depending on the power gap between Nizhuan and her opponent. Additionally, when Nizhuan performs this technique in this manner, it can be quite draining on her own body to the point where this ability begins to effect her and she may be forced to release the opponent too soon.

This means that, at least on this physical level, Nizhuan's control over them can be countered or released. Furthermore, depending on the type of special ability the opponent themselves have, there can be many other further complications for Nizhuan. Since the world is filled with many supernatural beings, there is no telling what she can encounter once she decides to go inside of a person's body. Therefore, the opponent can fight back depending on what type of internal power they have. And since there are so many possibilities, it's impossible to list them all. It simply varies from person to person; as no one warrior is made the same as the other. Thus, she needs to be careful in choosing her target, weighing the consequences of performing this technique on them and many other factors that need to be taken into account before trying to effect them on a internal level as it isn't as easy as just waving her hand and having them rendered powerless before her knees.

Above all, Nizhuan's Subjugating Constriction is a rather powerful ability even if it doesn't choose to inflict damage to a person's body. Switching gears, Nizhuan we'll go back to her tangible control of things. More examples of how she could use it is that it's very possible for her to constrict the amount of light around her body in order to make her invisible, it's likely that she can even limit the amount of damage on her body by simply restricting the amount of impact force and overall damage that occurs to her; making Nizhuan's defense extremely high, she can easily limit the amount of energy that comes from her body to make her very undetectable. It's even possible to effect the environmental around her by limiting the amount of oxygen in an area, transforming into a "void" by restricting light, sound, smell and even some energies to make it seem as if she has trapped the opponent in an endless pit. Morever, another note worth mentioning, when combined with her demon magic, it's very easy for her to conjure up different types of seals in order to weaken an opponent overtime or one in foul swoop.

So, judging by even these short examples, it proves there are many types of different methods, techniques and ways this power can be used depending on how skilled Nizhuan is at using. But, like with all great powers, it comes with a great cost. It's already been stated that she can be constricted herself if pushed too power, some opponents can overpower her technique and many types of different internal problems can arise depending on her target. Well, this ability is also very taxing on her body at times. Varying from how much effort she puts into this power, it can sometimes leave her panting, sweating and otherwise showing signs of serious fatigue going on within her body. And, since this power requires her to be focused, this can sometimes cause Subjugating Constriction's effects to be weakened. So, it's reasonable to assume that if she was caught off guard, sometimes it can even be stopped or delayed if she has to focus on something else or something shocks her too much.

Though, it is possible some variations of Subjugating Constriction can be used automatically or without Nizhuan's conscious awareness. This mostly applies to passive things like cloaking herself or having her power effect the environment around her in subtle ways. But, for more direct attack's or effects, it's fair game. It may even be plausible that even those secondary effects can be voided if enough damage is inflicted on her body. And, on that note, the more energy that is lost or drained from this technique, the harder it most likely becomes to use it. Therefore, it's best used when she is in peak physical condition with loads of energy to spare. Making it a primary ability to be used; falling back on her secondary or racial powers when she is far too damaged to make use of this power, for offensive means, at least. Overall, this a signature move that Nizhuan has and one that should be used with the utmost caution and consideration.


Mìfēng Nàijiǔ lì (Sealed Durability): Nizhuan is more or less built like a tank. Each every and ounce of her body is heavily fortified and made immensely dense in order to cope with the daunting enemies she may encounter within hell. Everything down to her skin, bones, organs and all that makes up the shell of her body. In fact, even if you draw blood, that blood will more than likely be so inflamed with power that it can burn straight through others defenses if they are not careful.

If one were to make a physical attack against Nizhuan's punch, they might even feel like they are punching a platinum wall and find their own hand being damaged in the process of hitting her. Hence, it is not wise to underestimate her durability because of this fact. Her ability is quite capable of absorbing a plethora of abuse and will not tire out easily when utilized alongside her abilities and equipment. To drain Nizhuan and wear her out is essentially a very difficult and tiring task.

Shōusuō Zuìxíng (Constricting Offense): The striking power of Nizhuan is one that seeks to constrict and bind her opponent. Therefore, every time a physical hit is made, the opponent will often feel as if their muscles, tendons, organs, bones and blood are even steadily made harder and harder to use. This is because the influence of her power converts into a natural force that constrains the body parts she is able to touch. Therefore, she can easily cause the lungs to become tightened and make it hard to breathe, she can make it immensely hard for the opponent to move by restricting movement of their muscles and other similar feats.

In fact, her whole body becomes a weapon that can tackle both physical and supernatural problems. For instance, it would be possible for her to rip apart an entire cero with her bare hands if push comes to shove. Or she could chop straight through a barrier with her brute strength in some cases. As while Liu is weaker physically, Nizhuan makes up for that by being a tank and something of a force to be trifled with in her own right. The primary thing Nizhuan has to watch out for is tiring herself out. As, like any fighter, she can wear her body down after exhausting it enough times.

Mìfēng Běnzhí (Sealed Essence): This is merely a resistance against seals. This stems more so from her subjugation ability and allows Nizhuan to a great defiance against anything that would attempt to constrict or restrain the flow of her energy. She is capable of nullifying upwards of 25 to 50% of a seals strength against her. Numbers that can potentially go up based on how strong the mastery of the seal is and the power invested within it. So it is often not wise to try and suppress her power. As, more often than not, she will attempt to break and retaliate against them.


Chuí De Huīfù (Mallet Of Restoring): One touch of this mallet is able to restore anything back to it's prime and original state. If one had not noticed, the bulk of Liu's powers are stated as always returning that which it effects back to normal. This is because everything comes in cycles and Nizhuan is the enforcer of that cycle. Therefore, Chuí De Huīfù embodies that in the form of a weapon.

It's primary purpose is to act as a mass reset against otherworldly powers and to subject them to this form of restoration. It will seek to annihilate any natural, supernatural or unorthodox or all annihilating ability, power, equipment or effect. That means it can undo the reactions of reality distorting powers, supernatural powers can be returned to a neutralized state, it can obliterate contradictions and essentially form as a mass negating tool.

So, because of this, it can even be considered a form of healing as well. Since, when applied to living beings, it can restore injuries and energy back to normal. At least, up until a certain point. The reason for this is because it is mostly limited to the energy capacities of Nizhuan or Liu. For example: they could not simply do something as absurd as restore the earth back to it's primordial age because of the fact they lack any sort of power to do that. Nor could they stop the power of a supernova or anything like that.

Instead, how it is often used is described in this illustration: imagine there is an attack that defies all the laws of reality and seeks to overstep in the form of a magical spell. If Nizhuan is able to summon her weapon, sacrifice her energy into it and directly hit it with her mallet; she'd be able to potentially negate it and restore back to nothingness. In another example if there was a energy blast heading towards her way, she could potentially use the mallet to restore the energy back to zero and negate the attack. And, if used a person, she could attempt to heal them upwards of what her energy is capable of healing. These can range from repairing damaged seals, mending broken bones, breaking them back from the cusp of death and other similar feats.

Now, it's worth mentioning that these effects are not absolute. However, even saying that, the potency of the mallet is strong because of the fact so much concentrated and subjugating energy is constrained into a single object. So, because of that, Nizhuan CANNOT use this ability through her own body. Therefore, this creates another stipulation: everything must be done through the mallet and she cannot use this ability as a free-form. I.E. having the effects simply travel in the air via her energy. Furthermore, each action with the mallet takes away energy from her, and while it has it's own miniature core to make this process easier, Nizhuan still must mentally activate it and feed it some of her energy. Which, in battle, can be taxing and drain you over time.

Therefore, she does not seek to use this weapon unless it cannot be helped.

Zhǔtí Zhēn (Subjugating Needle): The inducement of defeat is what this needle performs. When a force is defeated, it must often submit themselves to the powers that be. Ergo, when Nizhuan uses this needle, it seeks to enforce her subjugation upon the world around her. Therefore, one can consider this a limited form of causality manipulation. This is because the object is designed to induce higher probability of failures or losses upon events. These can range from physical, mental or spiritual as long as the possibility to lose can occur.

An example of this would be if Nizhuan was fighting against an opponent with a stronger physical strength than her own. If she were to strike with Zhǔtí Zhēn, then the next time they come to blows, a freak accident could occur within their body which rips the muscle and makes them weaker than Nizhuan; giving her the needed time to overpower them and strike them down. If Nizhuan were to strike the air around her, she could then induce a series of events which could cause an energy attack to implode and harm the opponent as opposed to harming her based on injecting a form of instability in the air from her causality. As, she could cause an event to occur where the balance of energy within the blast is disrupted and explodes before harming her.

With that said, the primary drawback with this is the fact that each action takes energy in order to induce. Every time Nizhuan activates the weapon, a small bit of her energy goes into achieving its effects and can wear down after a while. Additionally, this ability has a reach of one hundred meters and cannot influence causality pass that. Furthermore, if the weapon itself is attacked, the potency of it's abilities can be lowered just like anything else that becomes worn out. This can then make it rather unstable to use and Nizhuan will most likely opt out of using the ability.

Thus, because of that, the object is also a fearsome weapon in it's own right even without it's special ability. The reason for this is due to the fact that it is an enhanced spiritual weapon and is akin to a shinigami's own zanpukto. Therefore, Nizhuan has been known as using it's immense sharpness in order to pierce through many layers of defense in order to harm an opponent. It's primary attribute is penetration and seeks to bypass through most types of resistances against it's being due to the fact it has a high amount of demonic energy sealed within it's tiny embodiment. So it can be an extension of Nizhuan's power if she so wishes.

Mìfēng Wǎn (Sealing Bowl): While the bowl that is seen atop of Nizhuan's head may seem a bit goofy, there is a solid purpose for it being there. This object is considered to be a shield of sorts. The reason being is because Mìfēng Wǎn is infused with a dense cluster of demonic, death and hell energies in order to make a greatly enchanted and enhanced piece of equipment. Therefore, it is often just as durable as Nizhuan herself; if not a bit more due to the fact that it is non-living and only requires specialized energy to restore itself.

Therefore, Nizhuan often uses this in order to defend herself against attacks. It can take quite the beating and can save her if she is able to accurately respond in time to the threat. For example, it can outright deflect or negate magical attacks that strike it. Or, it can tank the brunt of daunting physical attacks that come into contact with it. It can even tank some of the most powerful cero's known to Arrancarkind and still maintain it's structure. As, it is not unlikely that it could bare the brunt of a grand ray cero to avoid having Nizhuan take that damage head first.

However, like anything else, it has a breaking point. After enough abuse it's durability will eventually lessen, the satanic energy within the shield will dissolve itself and at some point it will crack and break. When this happens, Nizhuan will either cease using it and call it away. Or, she will keep using the weakened shield until it breaks and reform it after the thread is over with. So, it can be assumed that it needs upkeep after taking too much abuse.

Also, it is worth noting that there IS a second bowl that can be summoned and she will often seal herself within both bowls is she cannot evade an attack. This is meant to greatly bolster her defenses and she often will not attack while she is within both bowls. To get an illustration of how it works, view the image below:

Liu Xīnshén - Overseer Of The Underworld [#2 Hell Guardian] [Approved, 0-2/0-2+; Rakshasa] [0-4++; Hell Beast] 294px-Th145Shinmyoumaru

Mìfēng Liányīqún (Sealing Dress): The garments that Nizhuan adorns aren't simply just to look cute and adorable. Most of the clothing that The Hell Beast wears has been enchanted and woven together by her powers. As such, they give her a further augmented defense against most types of attacks. This is because they are capable of reducing the damage done by acting as an armor that is capable of absorbing the impact of most supernatural, physical and otherworldly attacks made against her being.

Therefore, in order to properly understand how potent this armor is, one has to break it up into different categorizes of attacks. It is worthwhile to note that these effective rates can vary depending on how much damage the armor has taken. As, like any armor, it can be worn down overtime. Though, it can be restored and enhanced by demonic energy if Nizhuan wishes. It merely becomes an issue of having enough resources to repair it or make it stronger.

It's worth noting that it only effects the dress itself and not any unprotected part of Nizhuan. So her face and hands would more than likely not count in this defense.

Physical Attacks

Grand Master Strength: Mìfēng Liányīqún is capable of defusing roughly 10-15% of a Grand Masters attack against Nizhuan.

Master Strength: Mìfēng Liányīqún is able to null about 20-25% of a masters strength against Nizhuan.

Elite Strength: Mìfēng Liányīqún is able to null about 26-29% of a masters strength against Nizhuan.

Advanced Strength: Mìfēng Liányīqún has the capacity to neutralize upwards of 30-45% of an advanced strength users attacks against her.

Adept Strength: 50-75% of an adept users strength can be ceased by Mìfēng Liányīqún.

Beginner Strength: 80-85% of a beginners strength can be stopped by Mìfēng Liányīqún.

Untrained Strength: 86-99% of a beginners strength can be stopped by Mìfēng Liányīqún.

Energized Attacks

These can fall under the category of attacks produced by energy, magic spells or anything supernatural fired off from a person with energy (Spiritual energy, demon energy, death energy etc) Equipment will also fall under this banner as well.

0-1: Mìfēng Liányīqún is capable of dispelling upwards of 5-10% of a 0-1's energized attacks.

0-2 through 0-3: Mìfēng Liányīqún is able to cancel out damage upwards of 10-15% from a 0-2 to 0-3's energized assault.

0-4 through 0-5: Mìfēng Liányīqún has the potential to nullify around 20-25% of damage from a 0-4 through 0-5's energy based attacks against Nizhuan.

1-1 through 1-3: Mìfēng Liányīqún can cease damage upwards of 30-35% of a 1-1 through 1-3's energy attacks.

1-4 through 1-5: Mìfēng Liányīqún can cease damage upwards of 40-43% of a 1-4 through 1-5's energy attacks.

2-2 through 2-1: Mìfēng Liányīqún can cease damage upwards of 45-50% of a 2-2 through 2-1's energy attacks.

2-5 through 2-3: Mìfēng Liányīqún can cease damage upwards of 55-60% of a 2-5 through 2-3's energy attacks.

3 Tier: Mìfēng Liányīqún can cease damage upwards of 60-70% of a 3 tier's energy attacks.

4 Tier: Mìfēng Liányīqún can cease damage upwards of 70-80% of a 4 tier's energy attacks

5 Tier:[/color] N /A

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ENTER Xuanze

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» Tukaṛā Saitāna Name: The name that Liu takes in this form is named "Xuǎnzé". It stands for "Choice" in the Chinese language and is meant to symbolize the power of selection between a soul's path down the road of liberation -- or the descent into confinement. These are two concepts which Liu and Nìzhuǎn embody on their own, but are meant to make a whole in the form of Xuǎnzé. In a way, you could almost call her "The Choice of Death".

The reason why she could be considered the Choice of Death is because every spirit has the power of choice. For it is this choice which ultimately spells a persons beginning -- and their ultimate end. From the little choices that prolong or decrease a persons life, every choice creates a full pathway into life and forges their afterlife. Even if their death is out of their control, every spirit has the choice in which die: terrified -- or accepting of it. So in this logic, the concept of Xuǎnzé materializes itself.

Will one choose to die a slave, or die free? Neither are right or wrong.

Additional Meaning

Going beyond that, though, there is other meaning associated with this form. Being that Liu and Nizhuan possess a construct of yin in their base form, and yang in their Tainted Skin, it stands to reason that the merged state of Xuǎnzé represents these two halves becoming the embodiment of Liu's spirit yin and yang. Therefore, one can also infer that Xuǎnzé is the ultimate balance of Liu. Hence her being able to harness each of their powers, alongside her own evolved and fused element.

Furthermore, there is another piece of symbolic meaning that is related to her being a Rakshasa. It is said that the name Tukaṛā Saitāna refers to "Piece of Devil" in the Hindu language. Having known that, the single wing upon Xuǎnzé's back takes reference to that. It is also meant to symbolize "The Ultimate Choice" and reference the fact that all choices lead to one road: death and decay. Thus, only a single wing is needed for this transformation.

And, on that note of The Ultimate Choice of Death, further meaning behind this form and state of being can be linked to maximum entropy and the supposed theory of the heat death of the universe. Since she is a reflection of the universe itself at this point, one can infer that even the foundations of her own existence can be rotted away and diminished into a state of non-energy. Hence, this is one of the reasons why her body loses most physical priorities internally and becomes harder to tether into our world. As Xuǎnzé, in this state, is reaching her own maximum threshold and is internally and externally reflecting the ultimate end of our universe.

Lastly, one final piece of worthwhile information is that the reason why Xuǎnzé cannot speak isn't just because most Rakshasa are unable to communicate in their Tukaṛā Saitāna. The purpose behind this deals with the element of Dao from Taoism and the fact that life is meant to be experianced, not explained. Xuǎnzé applies this concept through allowing her exchange of ideas, information and conversation to be felt through the atmosphere via her capacity to share these images of her mind through telepathy, transferred empathy and infusing her emotions into the opponent or ally of her choosing in order for them to better understand her than she ever could with words.

» Tukaṛā Saitāna Appearance: The body of Xuǎnzé takes on a steady growth when compared to the bodies of both Liu and Nizhuan. Unlike either of them, Xuǎnzé takes on a rather fleshy and grown build. She stands at five foot five, while her body frame is rather lusty. With a bigger bust, wider hips and thicker thighs; she certainly takes out the childish aspect of both Liu and Nizhuan. The form of Xuǎnzé is even a few shades paler than either of them; making her a type of albino to an extent.

Additionally, most of the color scheme on her attire and body do take trace elements of each of them into mind. The crimson in Xuǎnzé's eyes? Those are the fiery amber of Liu's flaring soul. While the purple across her directional dress represents the plum giddiness of Nizhuan's heart. And ultimately, the whites in her hair is the dying of light between these two crosses coming to a whole and bleeding the illumination of choice into their world.

Even right down to the scent, the smell of ginger can be inhaled from the aroma of Xuǎnzé's body; while the aura of warmth can be felt across her embodiment. Which makes it relatively odd why she would choose to wear a tan colored jacket over it all, but then again -- it is her choice. With her attire coming all together with a neatly tied bow with an emerald hued gem infused into the center; the appearance of Xuǎnzé comes to a full stop for the most part. Aside from her brown cuff boots, there are no other notable details to take from her bodily characteristics.

Which only leaves the supernatural. In terms of her spiritual aura, it takes on a hue of silver, scarlet and indigo to otherwise represent the three shades of Liu's spirit. It is also worth mentioning that the body of Xuǎnzé itself is relatively similar to the former Hell Demon of The Underworld: Mazabuta Hoga. In this form, it can be theorized that she is briefly brought back to life and otherwise overlooks these two halves of Liu and Nizhuan to further guide their spirit along the path of its ultimate chosen road. For it was Mazabuta's choice whom brought this reality upon them to begin with, so by consequence it is her duty, even in death, to oversee them. Bringing meaning to the one, angelic wing which extends from Xuǎnzé's when the release is complete. For Mazabuta is their demonic angel.


Tukaṛā Saitāna Personality:

Inability To Speak With Words: Due to the infusion of both Liu and Nizhuan's capacities forged into one, the mental capacity of Xuǎnzé's mind is relatively shattered and she lost the ability to communicate through words with the material world. Most spirits are often just cold, distant blurs of a lifetime of choices she cannot even begin to entirely fathom. It is as if she sees other spirits through a window; unable to fully grasp and interact with them. Therefore, to those who wish to reach out to her, Xuǎnzé establishes a means of language through her energy. If they allow her influence into their mind, heart or spirit; the feelings, sensations and pulls of Xuǎnzé's soul will be understood bit by bit by that person. What they do with that invitation is fully up to them. Reject, accept or ignore; it does not matter so long as the choice is given.

Choices, Choices, Choices: While Xuǎnzé does not have many hobbies or interest, there are moments where she is intrigued in what option a spirit may take. Given that her embodiment is the route of choice, it stands as no surprise that Xuǎnzé would hold amusement to observe what a person may do when she throws the game of selection at them. For instance, if she gave the foe a choice to become empowered through her ability: would they take that chance -- or would they reject it? If they rejected it, was it to prove a point that could ultimately spell their demise? And if they accepted, just what they do hope to get out of it? Would this lead to enlightenment, or a further acceleration towards death? One action holds the key to many doors and it's an infinite source of entertainment for Xuǎnzé.

Absence of Interest, But Not Of Heart: The exterior of Xuǎnzé comes off as disinterested, dejected and outright indifferent at times. These remarks come from the unfortunate foe whom may find themselves stared down from the gaze of a true demon reaper. However, despite the many labels other beings give her, the truth of the matter is that Xuǎnzé is quite the loving and affectionate being. This stems from the motherly instinct to protect and guide Liu and Nizhuan through the trials and tribulations of their life. Even if only subconsciously, this intent of the former Overseerer of The Underworld lives on in this way.

Hence, even if Xuǎnzé is quite apathetic towards the scenario in which Liu or Nizhuan's desires placed her in, the love Mazabuta and liberation infused into this being allows for her to act in spite of that. So even if her face is as cold as rock, Xuǎnzé considers herself as warm as the sun to those whom are deemed worthy enough of her kindness, energy and vitality. If one could accept her whole in this form, they would find themselves an ever loyal being should a pact of companion ever forge while Xuǎnzé is active.

However, on the flipside, this also means that she would stop at nothing to terminate something which Liu or Nizhuan deemed dangerous. If they were unable to make proper contact and communication with Xuǎnzé, she would not cease until her last breath was taken to eliminate that which brought them pain. That is how far her love goes. For it was her choice to become their vessel, and it is their choice to make that lethal intent; so they share the consequence of whatever event their intentions bring about in the world.

Furthermore, Xuǎnzé holds a great disinterest in others as there simply aren't many to trust. Not with the kind of heart she possesses. Therefore, it is better to slay them before they touch such a delicate thing. Few in this world are worth saving, but perhaps a minority could provide a good story or two for the accumulation of their life's result through their actions.

In fact, unlike Li or Nizhuan, Xuǎnzé is more prone to give into demonic instincts because she feels it is her choice to do so. These can range from obliterating villages, killing those whom irritate her on a whim and ceasing anything in the universe that otherwise makes her feel ill, negative or any form of sick. After all, when she begins to feel like a husk of being, there is nothing else to do but lash against the world until she feels something once more. So perhaps her motives lay within seeking something which lights her heart aflame.

Emptiness Within: So with that said, there is a definite emptiness within this being past the warmth Liu and Nizhuan's selves provided. Isolation, solitude and total desolation are what await this beings soul. There isn't much she seems to enjoy, find interest in or align herself with that isn't within the wishes of the other spirits whom comprise her entity. Instead, she feels nothing but heaviness and sickness without their passion to guide her.

Without feeling that sense of untamed mental strength, the powers within Xuǎnzé are all but useless to her and she deems her strength unusable. Even if in reality she is strong enough to change the landscape of hell itself, it means nothing if there is no reason or purpose to move those heavens. If there is no reason to act, she simply won't and will turn reclusive once again to place herself within a world of unending internal sorrow. And she is fully aware that this is her choice, but Xuǎnzé considers herself too tired of a spirit to care anymore.

Thus, with the fact of being unable to communicate with other spirits in the way in which she desires, this compounds on itself and transforms into a form of unforetold sadness that brews within the spirit of Xuǎnzé. So if one is perceptive enough, it is almost as if there is a faint sense of melancholy and glum behind the movements of The Hell Demon. Yet, it is hard to see such a thing behind such a deadend and harsh stare which fill those blood red eyes of Xuǎnzé. And in a way -- perhaps that is how it should be. Being an entity of hell, you are expected to be strong and ruthless; and being the epitome of Rakshasa kind makes this an even more rigid stance than any regular demon of this dimension.

Hence -- the sadness within is contorted and used as a numbness to fuel the tools of death behind her bloodied hands for the love of herself. A feeling never to be materialized to another spirit besides Xuǎnzé's own.

Tukaṛā Saitāna Powers:

Hù Ēndiǎn (护恩典): Hù Ēndiǎn, or Retaining Grace in English, is the most basic and simple construct of Xuǎnzé. What this means is that she has each of Liu's and Nizhuan's attributes forged into her beings. Meaning that she can perform most of their abilities, skills and powers at her whim. Furthermore, given their combined state of living, Xuǎnzé also receives a fifteen times augmentation boost in her Tukaṛā Saitāna. These represent the three halves of her spirit: Liu, Nizhuan and Xuanzé. All three of them each are worth a five times mulitple and when added on top of each other make a fifteen boost.

These buffs apply to her speed, durability, strength and overall reserves of energy. This means that both physically , and metaphysically, Xuǎnzé is at the top of her game in terms of combative potential. This enhancement also appears to be able to influence Xuǎnzé's state of mind as well. It is why she feels everything in the world revolving around in a blur because of the fact her brain reaches conclusions to such a high state in this ascended form. Problems, emotions and potential complications can all be deduced in seconds. While new concepts, training and techniques can be picked up much more efficiently while in this merged state.

However, on the flip side, this means that Xuǎnzé can only maintain this released form for a period of time equal to ten to fifteen post. And while it is possible to merge without the benefit of merged powers, this often wouldn't be practical outside of combat. If kept up longer than that in combat, instabilities could begin to occur. These can come in the form of mental break downs, headaches, vomiting, vision lost, sensory disturbances, lowering of her health and ultimately death if she doesn't diffuse, lower the amount she has multiplied her powers or ceases fighting.


Juédìng Lù: Translating into "Decision Road" in English, this power is one that is rather peculiar. The reason being is because Xuǎnzé reaps the effects of choice that she herself and her opponent invoke upon the world around them. However, in order to understand how Decision Road truly works, one has to understand the ground rules first. Hence, the first thing to comprehend is that the radius this power has is often within one thousand meters of effect. Secondly, she is limited to only using this power 2-4 times per post; occasionally being able to 5-6 if she wants to push herself to the extreme and suck up energy. Third, once activated, Juédìng Lù is described by Xuǎnzé as merging with the flow of choice in the universe. So it can be assumed that this power infuses with the space of existence around them to avoid being easily dispelled.

Having said that, one can now begin to understand the depths of Juédìng Lù in an illustrated combat scenario. So, for example, Xuǎnzé can see an attack such as a sword coming to impale her stomach. If Juédìng Lù were activated, bits of Xuǎnzé's internal energy would be taken away from her in order to summon it, and portions of her mental focus would be eaten at in order to properly control it and cause strain on her brain. After summoning this power, Xuǎnzé can then reap the outcomes of choice.

For instance, if the attack was chosen with murderous intent and hit her, Xuǎnzé could extract that decision and form it to make a similar attack that could damage the opponent. So, by replaying this choice, Xuǎnzé could produce a stabbing effect to pierce and damage the opponent as much as she was injured by the attack. Or, if the outcome resulted in her being able to dodge it, then Xuǎnzé could extract that result from the environment where Juédìng Lù was active in order to enhance her speed to evade another potential attack while this power is in place.

However, it goes far deeper than just taking an eye for an eye. If Xuǎnzé wished to press this power further, it would be possible for her to observe potential outcomes for her opponents choices and extract them from that line of causality. So, for example, there could be a reality where the sword was caught and stolen by Xuǎnzé. By attuning herself to that alternative universe, Xuǎnzé could attempt to force that reality to overlap within that one thousand meter radius in order to try and make that outcome come true in our universe.

Or, for another utility, imagine there was an ability that otherwise caused a distortion of reality around Xuǎnzé for two hundred meters. She could attempt to tap into Juédìng Lù and induce an outcome where she was able to flee from the radius of effect. This, in turn, would cause her present body to warp away from the area and appear in a safe zone. Xuǎnzé could even potentially have two universes overlap in order to negate the effect of choice. Imagine if there was an energy blast hurdling towards you, but instead of hitting you, it hit it's reverse image and canceled each other out. The same logic could apply if Xuǎnzé wished to use this ability in order to neutralize an attack from causing harm to her body.

So, as you can tell, this ability has the potential for great things. Granted, as with every great thing, there is always a cost. Hence, to repeat, this power rips apart the very fabric of existence to bend to Xuǎnzé's whim. Therefore, it goes without saying that excessive usage of this could tax her energy resources and body. This can come in the form of lowered energy, fatigue, blinding headaches, dizziness and so on.

Additionally, none of her effects are absolute and can always be altered. Since the outcome of choice is always changing, there is always an opportunity for an opponent to surprise her. For instance, Xuǎnzé could have applied Juédìng Lù in a straight line that took up five hundred meters and used it to counter a bullet shot at her. However, this would not have taken into account someone coming behind and attempting to stab her while she was busy dealing with the other threat.

Furthermore, she is limited to only being able to use this move 1-2 times a post; if she goes 3-4, she will undoubtedly tax a lot of her resources because it is being used in rapid succession. It can be used upwards of 5-6 times per post as well, but that is where the taxing repercussions are immediate and more drastic at that point. Therefore, this is an ability where Xuǎnzé must consider if it is worth using or not. The power of choice is a dangerous thing to utilize. For it can lead to unforetold riches, or unforeseen dangers that would make one regret using this move.


Guǒduàn Yǎn (果断眼): Translating roughly into "Decesive Eye" in English, while in this merged state, Xuǎnzé has the capacity to see potential choices, outcomes and realities that come from a persons decision or action. For instance, an opponent charging at her could lead to a whole cluster of outcomes. These can range from death of herself, death of her opponent, evasion of attacks, collisions of attacks, awakening of unforetold evils and things of that nature. However, since there are an infinite amount of possibilities in the universe, Xuǎnzé attempts to narrow it down to the most likely outcome and reduce the amount of "noise" she receives from lower probable realities.

This ability is often use for a variety of purpose. The first is that she may try and use it to locate a probable reality that she could overlap with ours when in association with Juédìng Lù. The other is out of pure curiosity to see what potential actions or moves a friend, foe or just a bystander nearby may enact upon the world around them, themselves or Xuǎnzé herself. She can also use it to try and get a means of counter or defense up if the attack seems probable enough from one of her perceived realities of choices. But, to re-state, since it isn't absolute, there is always a fair chance that the probabilities she views could be wrong for a variety of factor ranging from miscalculations, lack of understanding, hidden elements and things of that nature.

So it is to be used with a grain of caution in the eyes of Xuǎnzé. However -- that can be said of all choices in the universe, can it not?

Juédìng Yìshí (决定意识): Translating into "Decision Awareness", this ability is something that can benefit, or greatly dismay, ally or foe. What Juédìng Yìshí does is give the influenced person a lay out of all the possible outcomes, realities and results their decisions can have on the world around them, the people they love and even they themselves or Xuǎnzé herself. This works by building a projected vision based upon the negative and positive decisions that Liu, Nizhuan or Xuǎnzé observed from the person in question. So the longer these spirits know a person, the more accurate their outcomes are according to Xuǎnzé herself.

These can lead to many ridiculous outcomes, far-fetched realities and simply absurd universes if the decision is too far off in the future, or built on limited knowledge. However, if adjusted for the situation at hand, it can be made as a useful prediction based tool. For example, if Xuǎnzé had a lifelong friend that she observed for quite some time, the path of her projected outcomes could be put into more detail and made beneficial to her ally to help prevent or stay the path of their actions if they believe in these predictions. While, on the field of combat, Xuǎnzé can share the opponents estimated means of attack with her allies in order to see if they can come up with a cohesive means of attack in order to deal with them. This can be done by shortening the length of how far Juédìng Yìshí looked into the opponents path of decisions for a higher accuracy.

And unlike with other abilities associated with Juédìng Lù, Decision Awareness does not seem to have too big of a radius limit. The reason for this is because she can share this knowledge telepathically if the opponent or foe is open up to hearing Xuǎnzé's estimations. If not, then it can be limited to a three thousand meter radius to where she can transfer this information. There may also be slight headaches associated with the complexity of forging these outcomes, but it isn't anything Xuǎnzé believes she cannot handle.

Active Offense

Juédìng Cuìqǔ (决定萃取): Meaning "Decision Extraction" in English, this ability allows Xuǎnzé to extract various effects from the consequences of her own actions or her foes decisions. How exactly does this work? The first step is that she must give up a portion of her energy in order to invoke this effect within the universe. From there, whether it be negative, or positive, Xuǎnzé can choose to take attributes from that outcome to mend to her own desires.

For example, if Juédìng Lù was placed into effect around a one hundred meter radius, Xuǎnzé could utilize Decision Extraction in order to reap the benefits from the environment. So say the opponent decided to hurl an energy blast at her and it landed. The result of this would cause damage and injury to Xuǎnzé, so in return, an eye for an eye effect would occur on the opponent. As, in this illustration, she'd extract the painful decision the opponent made to induce injury upon her and reverse it back on them. This even has the capacity to bridge the gap between tier and durability in order to make it just as damaging on them if this reversal strike hits. So say Xuǎnzé is a one tier, while the other foe is a 0-2. If Xuǎnzé took twenty five percent to her 100% health, then this effect would be mirrored on the opponent and drain away 1/4 of their health for making the decision to go forth with such a brutal attack.

Or, in another example , Xuǎnzé could attempt to replicate the means of enhancement the foe gave themselves while within this zone of Juédìng Cuìqǔ. For making the decision to empower themselves against her, Xuǎnzé could prove to show them it was a negative choice by reaping the effects felt through the air and attempting to induce them on her own body. In turn, she could potentially match their augmentation while utilizing Juédìng Cuìqǔ.

Going further into the power, it would even be possible for her to forge different types of weapons as well in order to carry out these judgement. For example, she could forge a blade compromised of the utmost speed after reaping the effect of "accuracy" from her own decision to land a successful strike on the opponent. In turn, for a duration of post ranging from two to five, this weapon could have rather high chance of leaving a mark due to its enhanced precision and correctness.

It is even possible for Juédìng Cuìqǔ to influence the actual space around the battlefield. Imagine that the opponent has made a negative judgement call in stabbing Xuǎnzé. This choice could be replicated and forged into a storm of negativism. The rain would act as a medium in order to transfer the effect of draining the vitality, durability, health and overall energy reserves in this example just as that stab did to Xuǎnzé. And if this were a war-time situation? Well, she could augment it further by adding the additional suffering of soldiers on the field to make it fierce.

However, as with all choices, there is the good -- and bad side of them. And, to that end, Xuǎnzé must watch herself carefully. The reason for this is because she to can suffer the negative effects of her own judgement. For instance, imagine if she had replicated an augmentation a foe had -- only to find out she'd be taking an immense amount of damage to her body in performing it. There is also the fact the effects of Juédìng Lù's limitations are still in effect. So she still needs to ensure a proper balance of active abilities at once and not used them with reckless abandon.

Active Defense

Juédìng Fùyuán (决定复原): What does Juédìng Fùyuán mean? Simple: Decision Undo. If Xuǎnzé, Liu or Nizhuan deem a person, object, action or event as unsavory, it is possible for them to revert it back to it's pure state of being before the positive or negative outcome became induced. Given that Xuǎnzé appears to have some manipulation and control over choices and outcomes, it isn't entirely out of her reach to produce an effect like this.

Thus, to get started, this process takes place by Xuǎnzé departing with some form of energy in order to have the universe beckon to her call. From there, she must then direct it towards the object or person she wishes to reverse the reality upon. After that, she must then gauge if she actually has the power to reverse the effect in question. For instance, it is not probable for her to restore the line of choices that lead up to the creation of the universe; as an example of something absurd. That is out of means of power due to her tier constraints.

However, it would be possible to reverse the effect of someone who had their power siphoned off by a seal. She would need to have knowledge of the physical or spiritual mark left by the seal and then she could ultimately reverse and undo it. In turn, this transforms Juédìng Fùyuán into a form of causality erasure. What Xuǎnzé is essentially doing is erasing the effect produced by choices and decisions that lead to a certain outcome. This can ultimately lead to some intense applications of this power.

It is possible for Xuǎnzé to reverse life-threatening injuries, null ill-advised effects to her body and otherwise negate the line of actions and effects that it took for certain attacks to reach her. But, since this is a heavy power, it does not necessarily equal to being able to be abused non-stop. This ability is limited to only being able to be once per post with a two post cool down because using energy on yourself and cycling it like that typically makes effects of external abilities retrofitted for yourself less effective in a 1:1 ratio of energy use to ability efficacy. Additionally, depending on how extensive the reversal is, it can take a fair bit out of Xuǎnzé's mental energy and spiritual energy. Ultimately leading to exhaustion if she overdoes it.

Therefore, when activating this ability, Xuǎnzé tries to limit it to a small region and become as precise as possible. If she is tattered and covered in bruises, she may attempt to reverse the outcome of her poor choices and restore her body back to prime health; albeit at the cost of an energy drop. Furthermore, it is also impossible for her to bring back the long since deceased or anything utterly destroyed. The reason for this is because the universal influence she places on an area has to have some form of tangible matter to reverse. If there is nothing left of a person or object, then this ability obviously cannot work. So she can revive those on the brink of death, and even those recently deceased (upwards of 60 minutes since death); but anything outside of that is far out of her scope of her power.

Additionally, if she isn't careful with the construction and summoning of this ability, unforeseen consequences could occur. Say if she erased the line of causality that led to the injuries of a friend. If this was rushed, she could potentially risk having them lose portions of that memory. So, this could have infused important information such as the opponents weakness, means of attacks and things of that nature. Most of which can also be induced on Xuǎnzé herself if she isn't careful.

There are also unforeseen things such as negating the fundamental aspect of something which otherwise kept balance. If she were to do something such as erase the line of causality which lead to the result of a seal being forged, it would be possible to disturb the balance of her own or the other spirits body. This could lead to restoring of their energy, but damage to their body if Xuǎnzé is not precise and in control.

And, to note, the limitations of Juédìng Lù also apply to this ability.

Guǒduàn Fēngē (果断分割): The meaning behind this name translates into "Decisive Separation". So one can assume that this defensive trait will otherwise dwell into nature of separating the results of choice from influencing Xuǎnzé. Ergo, she devised this means of reflective defense in order to null the foes actions from harming her. Within a ten to one hundred meter radius, Xuǎnzé is able to reflect the reality in which she is damaged back upon the opponent. By taking away sums of her energy, Juédìng Lù is capable of pushing away the negative effects Xuǎnzé, or her allies, may suffer back on to the opponent.

So, for an illustration, picture if one were to fire a Grand Ray Cero at full power towards an area of effect where Guǒduàn Fēngē was active. If all goes as planned, then the resulting effect would be the dynamic burst of energy colliding with the field of Guǒduàn Fēngē. In turn, this would tap into an alternate reality where Xuǎnzé took the full brunt of the attack. While, at the same time, the true Xuǎnzé would have hidden herself behind said dimension and converted the abuse her body suffered into a tangible means of counter.

This ultimately allows her to make it so the attack in question could be directed against numerous targets, or siphon it for later usage and stack up the damage for a more vicious and powerful counter when the opponent least expects it. An example of stacking occurring could be if she produced one Guǒduàn Fēngē in this former illustration to consume the Grand Ray Cero, while producing a smaller Guǒduàn Fēngē to repeat the same effect upon a spamming of bala's. In this application of her ability, Xuǎnzé could combine both of these realities to forge a stronger and more guided attack to induce ill effects upon her foe(s).

However, there are a few limitations to this power. For starters, this ability's destructive potential is greatly limited to the amount of damages it is able to consume and endure. Additionally, only two active shields can be up at a time per post and they are limited to a one time usage. There is also a threshold of energy that it can contain before the reality ultimately crumbles and Xuǎnzé receives the damage or partial damage. These can be influenced by the difference in tier, the focus of Xuǎnzé's mental state and her overall health. And since most of her attacks often have some sort of white mist to them, it is possible for the opponent to simply redirect and move their attack until it dissipates. Not to mention the general limitations that the power of Juédìng Lù has on its own merits. As, despite it being a separate ability, it is still tethered by the boundaries of Juédìng Lù's limits.


Gāi Lǐpǐn De Dònglì: There are choices one must make in order to take the ascent to power, and Gāi Lǐpǐn De Dònglì is a forced choice Xuǎnzé seems to impose upon the opponent. The meaning behind this stands for "The Gift Of Power." So, from the title alone, it refers to Xuǎnzé bestowing her power of choice upon the foe.

Thus, when actuated, It comes in the form of a white mist of light that must make physical contact with the combatant or connect in some way with their bodies spiritual, or otherwise, energy. From there, Xuǎnzé gives them a massive three times buff after the mist of illumination dissipates into the air. They'll feel stronger, faster, durable and more powerful than other with most of their bodies capacities.

However, their body will also be weakening and decaying at the same time. Going back to the belief that every choice leads in death, this ability seeks to invoke that and have the foe decay while masked under the guise of power. Bones can weaken, muscles rot to atrophy, energy wastes away and the mind turns to cinder and grows dim. After a period of three to four post, while the opponent will not die, they may have as much as half of their health and stats lowered in order to make them weaker and easier to kill for Liu.

With that said, there is a one to three post cooldown before Xuǎnzé can use this ability again. Along with that, the opponent does have the option to just move out of the way because most of Xuǎnzé's abilities have some sort of aura or light given them in order to avoid it becoming some unforeseen force. And when you are fighting an opponent, it's assumed you would have enough sense not to stand there like a sitting duck. Additionally, they can expunge this, but there will be a bit of grit and fight back from this ability as it seeks to root itself and attune to the opponents energy frequency.

Other Usages

Néngyuán Cúnzài (能源存在): Néngyuán Cúnzài -- what is it? Easy: it's an energized state of being. So, in short, nothing is as important as the other. That is the basic theme of Néngyuán Cúnzài. Essentially, when Xuǎnzé ascended into her Tukaṛā Saitāna, the body of Liu and Nizhuan alters dramatically. They transcend their physiological state of being and become a creature who only needs to feast off of the energy of the universe around them in order to sustain themselves.

So while Xuǎnzé may have an external avatar that seems to be of flesh and bone, the insides are nothing more than a void of endless energy. If an opponent were able to bypass her defenses and cut her in two, that would not be enough to kill her because she has no vital organs to pierce. Cut off her head? She can put it back together. Stab her in the heart? A hole will patch up and make it like new again. It's even possible for her to replicate the portions of her body dismembered from her and use it in combat. Such as Xuǎnzé losing her hand, but then growing a new one and having each of these limbs tag team the opponent.

However, having said that, this doesn't mean she is unavailable or invincible. For starters, she still DOES feel pain whenever something associated with her being is attacked. Since, even if she was cut in two, it would still put her under a blinding amount of pain. So it is in her best interest not to take too many damning blows akin to that. Furthermore, each bit of damage done to her still lowers her overall health and energy. As, going back to the example of having her head severed, this type of attack would serve to lower her energy output quite a bit and move her further towards descending back to her base state.

Additionally, if Xuǎnzé doesn't revert back to her base form before she reaches the point of zero energy, there is a great chance she'll either die or fall into a deep coma. The reason for this is because her body thrives on energy, and without, it's akin to a human losing all the blood in their body and dying of blood lost. Therefore, Xuǎnzé often just feasts off of whatever energy she can generate or find while in this form in order to sustain it and keep herself from meeting her own end. Though, it should be noted that feeding off surrounding energy can sustain this form adequately, but taking damage and thus losing chunks of energy, in addition to the energy losses from sustaining this form, means a stagnated energy acquisition from feeding on the energies around her, or if she isn't as actively engaged and can focus more, a slower regeneration of energy reserves.

So while this ability has an extreme advantage that allows Xuǎnzé to be extremely versatility and able to endure a multitude of harsh environments and circumstances, she must also equally watch herself and ensure she does not slip up and reach zero energy. It's an ability of great potential and great downfall if not utilized in the correct manner..

Fēngē Kòngzhì (分割控制) & Shì Hébìng (事合并): Right and left. Up and down. Light and darkness. Yin and Yang. While in her Tukaṛā Saitāna state, Fēngē Kòngzhì represents the capacity to split elements and embodiments. Hence the name "Separation Control" that Fēngē Kòngzhì translates into. While, on the other end, Shì Hébìng represents the notion that much forces in the universe can find balance and harmony united. The reason why this ability manifest itself while Xuǎnzé is awake is because she represents the fused state of yin and yang within Liu's heart. And, much like Liu's Tainted Skin represented the destructive elements of yang, Xuǎnzé symbolizes the balance of those two in one being. Therefore, one can assume she'd have control over these different concepts; especially given the fact her vessel already reflects the dimension of Hell and Demon World.

Therefore, the next step to understanding Fēngē Kòngzhì and Shì Hébìng is to understand how the ability is able to function. Since Xuǎnzé is attuned to the universe itself, she is capable of grasping and understanding such complex concepts due to her transcended state of being. Therefore, Xuǎnzé has a few methods of invoking the effects of each of these abilities. The first is to harness the power of her demonic and satanic energies in order to use them as a medium. From there, Xuǎnzé is capable of infusing directions within this energy from her mind in order to influence her abilities on how they should interact the world around them. This step is where Xuǎnzé can also substitute the external energy of Za Koa, or any other supplementary source of power that she is able to get her hands on.

From there, illustrations are needed in order to further comprehend this ability. In an actual battle situation, Xuǎnzé would more than likely tap into the different elements within the environment around her for up to one thousand meters. As, with the nature of Fēngē Kòngzhì and Shì Hébìng, she cannot create; but she is able to manipulate that which already exist. Ergo, if there was a rainstorm in the area, the Fēngē Kòngzhì half of her balance could attempt to separate the are moisture and unstable air in order to negate it within that targeted region. While, with Shì Hébìng, she could infuse the element of fire and rain in order to produce a firestorm. This could be done if there was an intense battle of some kind, and there was still fire from something like an energy blast being shot off in the woods that created a tense forest fire.

Having said all that, some of the limitations also need to be understood. As stated previously, this ability has a one thousand meter radius. Furthermore, it can only have 1-4 actions per post. Once it goes above two, there will generally be some form of cooldown or strain placed on Xuǎnzé's body. So if she used it three times per post, then there would be a two post cooldown. If that was not accepted, then Xuǎnzé would begin to feel something akin to running a hard sprint, but forced purely on her mind. As, more than anything else, much of this has to do with her proper calculations done through her brain.

Which also adds an additional weakness of needing to be in total control, or else she risks this ability back firing on her. Say if her mind was distracted and she was attempting to to separate the bonds within something like an energy attack. This could result in it imploding, becoming stronger than normal and backfiring on Xuǎnzé badly. Furthermore, none of these effects are absolute and the opponent will often know something is up. As, with all of her abilities, there is usually some kind of atmospheric presence felt and a source of light in order to infer she is activating her abilities to prevent undetected abilities and abuse.

Therefore, while the applications of this power are great, so to are its drawback and potential for danger to Xuǎnzé. So it is one that must be used with great caution and care; as per all her abilities.

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ENTER Liu Xinshen

Liu Xīnshén - Overseer Of The Underworld [#2 Hell Guardian] [Approved, 0-2/0-2+; Rakshasa] [0-4++; Hell Beast] JCRrxmK


Transportation Spells

Spell Name: Shìjiè Jīng [World Warp]

Demon Spell Type: Teleport

Demon Spell Usage: This spell is exclusive to Liu.

Prayer: None needed

Effects: World Warp is essentially a simple ability in nature. All that Liu is doing with this spell is bridging the gap between worlds and sliding through them in order to venture between realms. When this spell is activated, often times a spherical cluster of white light will emerge and tear through the dimensions separating the current world Liu is located in.

From there, Liu needs to have a fair understanding of the location she is warping to in order for it to work. It can be anything from knowledge on a map, personal experience or predefined demonic runes with those coordinates inscribed into them. Once this information is accessed, the wormhole will then patch her through to the location she wishes to travel and teleport her there once she steps through the vortex.

This can work for travel within different universes, worlds, nations and cities; even right down to a persons inner world if they should allow her into them. Additionally, Liu can perform a type of astral awareness in order to discern a location in order to make this better effective. And, thanks to her many deep meditative and reclusive sessions within the 2nd layer of Hell, has she then mapped out a plethora of places to teleport herself to throughout Earth, Demon World and other surrounding dimensions.

The primary drawback is that it just cannot be used in combat. This is merely suppose to be the way Liu travels from world to world.

Notes: n/a

Miscellaneous Spells

Spell Name: Yìzhì [Suppression]

Demon Spell Type: Energy conceal

Demon Spell Usage: Only Liu knows it, but it can be taught

Prayer: N/A

Effects: Liu is capable of using her demonic magic in order to alter the volume and quantity of her energy. In this way she chooses to seal off the flow of energy coursing through her veins in order to make her presence very faint or undetected if she entirely shuts it off. For example: if she was a 0-3, she could make her energy mimic a 4-5 with this spell. The problem is that she has to actively keep control of it or it will dissipate. Additionally, some of her abilities which rely on energy will more than likely be more difficult to use while in this state as well.

Notes: N/A

Spell Name: Xīnlǐ Dádào [Mental Reach]

Demon Spell Type: Telepathy

Demon Spell Usage: Exclusive To Liu

Prayer: N/A

Effects: This is a rather basic spell which allows Lu to communicate with other conscious beings through the art of telepathy. It takes very little energy to perform, so she could be on the verge of death and still be able to utilize this form of magic. This is thanks to the fact that it only takes very miniscule amounts of her demonic energy to form small particles around her intended target. From there, the voice of Liu's own mind can be projected into the intended person she wishes to speak to in order to communicate on this telepathic level.

The range of this ability is absurdly high and can extend to cover small nations (think Cuba) if Liu should so wish to do so. So it can infer she is capable of creating her own telepathic channels to speak on if push comes to shove. As she is capable of transferring thoughts and emotions through these mental circuits in order to keep a public or private system of communication. This is rather useful when in combat or if she wants to keep her presence reduced.

Notes: It is possible to try and block out her voice, but it will often take a willpower stronger than hers to do so. And, if Liu wants, she can attempt to harass the person in question with nightmarish visions of hell in order to try and distract them during combat. It will be a battle of wills at that point, though. Most general population will often pass out when it comes to NPC's, however. As these can induce intense hallucinations that cause immense panic and can place the body into an extreme fight or flight state which causes them to lose consciousness.

Summoning Spells

Spell Name: Vicāra Sakriyaṇa (Thought Activation)

Demon Spell Type: Summoning

Demon Spell Usage: Anyone

Prayer: Awaken the shadow within me, mend them new flesh and unleash them upon the world, Za Koa!" (For this spell, prayer is not required. However, it makes the spell much stronger.)

Effects: This will most likely cost a fair bit of energy to create, but the effects generally justify the means. The first step to really activating this spell is to begin envisioning a body in your mind. Figure out what it will look like, what you can realistically summon and what is within your power to bring to life. Following this, you'll then need to set forth the energy required to bring whatever it is you are summoning to the field. Alongside that, you'll need to memorize the spell in order to create a connection to your mind and Za Koa. Proceeding this? You'll then have the needed networking required to go into Phase Two: summoning. Once the body has been constructed inside of your head and Za Koa is ready, you'll then need to begin bringing forth your creations to life.

Thus, it's worth nothing that it is wise to say the prayer before releasing them into the world, but it's not needed. Moreover, for this spell to work properly, you'll also need to know the amount or strength of monsters, clones or replications you can make based on your Demon Magic Skill and Za Koa Skill. Why is this? Well, your Za Koa skill typically determines how long you can keep this monsters on the field, how many you can conjure up and how short your cooldowns can be. Meanwhile, your overall magic skill can determine how powerful you can make these creatures with Za Koa's assistance. So, below, you'll see what each level is capable of doing.

Za Koa Skill

• Beginner: These will only be able to summon one creature from their mind with no offensive capacities and can only last one or two turns. Beginners will also typically suffer a six post drawback.

• Adept: These people will be able to summon up to five beings with this skill. They'll also be able to last upwards of four to six post's. They'll also only suffer a four post cooldown before they can respawn them.

• Advanced This is where this spell becomes much more useful. Upon reaching advanced level, this spells strength is multiplied by three times. Therefore? Most will be able to summon up to fifteen creatures, have the ability to make them last upwards of ten to fifteen post and have a five to three post cooldown.

• Master: Masters will probably see some of the greatest usage of this spell. Once again, by multiplying it by three times, they'll be able to summon upwards of 45 summoned beings to the field. On top of that, they'll also be able to make them last anywhere from ten to twenty post; sometimes a bit longer if they have the energy reserves for it. Alongside that, they'll also only suffer a five to three post cool down based on their usage.

• Grand Master: Grand Masters of this spell will truly be a force to be trifled with when using this sort of magic. For the last time, it will be multiplied by three times. Thus, when a Grand Master uses Vicāra Sakriyaṇa, they'll have the capacity to summon, at a maximum, of 135 beings. They won't see a post increase or cool down increase. However, they'll see more exhaustion if they decide to really push their energy usage or numbers with this spell.

Demon Magic Skill
• Beginner: Demon's who have beginner magic skills will only be able to make them as strong a average human or so.

• Adept: Those whom possess adept demon magic skill will be able to craft creatures that can be two to three tiers below the owners tier level. So, if you were 3-1? Then most of your spawn would be around 3-5 to 3-3.

• Advanced: Advanced users will begin to even out the playing field a bit with this spell. The first ten will probably be of the same level as adept. Meanwhile, the last five of their monsters will only be one or two tiers weaker then them. So, if one was a 2-1? They'd probably have most of their stronger flock at 2-2 to 2-2++. In addition to that, there may be one who can be equal to their level in power.

• Master: Master level users will see more usage out of this spell. More often then not, most Master levels, if their intending to use this spell in mass quantities, can make three groups the possess the same strength as the Advanced Level users. This means, in other words, they focus more on putting their crafted summon's into groups rather then separating them.

• Grand Master: Lastly, you got the Grand Master Group. These Demon's will be able to create packs of Master Level based summons, but also have the ability to summon monsters that are stronger then themselves. There will typically be one to two of these beast per each group. Meaning, that each pack will at least have one summon that is stronger then the summoner by one tier level based on Za Koa being used as an external source at this point.

With that said, you are only limited to your imagination when it comes to Vicara Sakyriyana. You can summon all copies of yourself, or summon mass flocks of demonic beast. It's possible to summon elements, or you can begin bringing forth your own subconscious. Simply put the thought in your mind, the energy needed to release it and bring all hell upon your enemy.

Notes:This spell is not recommended to be used more then 2-4 times per thread. The for this is because it'll eventually tire out the user, deplete their energy resources and overall make them rather exhausted and fatigued. Meaning, in other words, this isn't a move that is meant to be used back to back. Also, generally speaker, the higher in number you go? The more exhausted the user would be. So, for instance, a Master level user can summon 45 familiars. Yea, they can go up that high, but that doesn't always equate to strength. Generally speaking, this spell appears to weaken the more the user increases the volume. Hence why some of the strongest sources are allocated to core pack leaders by the time it gets to Grand Master. This can cause serious strain on the user and is recommended that they only use a quarter of whatever number they are able to summon.

Offensive Spells

Spell Name:
Demon Spell Type:

Demon Spell Usage:




Defensive Spells

Who Can Use it: Anyone
Type: Defensive
Prayer: "Log 'em, Za Koa" (Can be done mentally)
Effects: The effects of this spell is rather simple. It will utilize the Demon's energy, spread it out over a fifty to three hundred meter area and look for any sort of object cover it's influence in. If a subtle object is found? Then it will swap places with the users, temporarily transform the item in question to appear like the opponent and allow them to evade an attack by "logging" the intended target to hit a dummy.

Grand Master: Those who are Grand Masters in Demon Magic can take this technique to the next level and have the capacity to increase the vicinity that their energy covers to a two thousand meter reach. Additionally, they can also make use of up to ten to twenty other objects to use in order to fool the opponent. Moreover, these dummies can be spread out through the area and may disappear in one or two hits, but can allow the opponent to waste energy attacking his clones. However, they can only use once per post and will usually end up with a one to three post cooldown depending on how much energy they have to reserve.

Masters: Individuals who happen to be Masters in Demon Magic are able to spread their influence to a one thousand area and have their energy find suitable replacements within this area. They'll also be able to add up to eight to ten other objects to use when they activate this spell to further confuse the opponent. These dummies will disappear in one hit, but can be hidden across the area and are meant to be used with someone who has a brain behind their shoulders. Though, they can only use this once per post and will have a two to three post cooldown.

Advanced: Beings who happen to be Advanced in Demon Magic will have the capacity to cover their energy across a five hundred meter area and locate usable objects to swap places with inside of this area. And, unlike the rest below them, they'll be able to use up to three to five objects to switch with as well. Meaning, they can use one "logged" clone to take the damage and then spread the others out in the area to keep fooling the opponent until they run out. They'll generally be killed in one post, but can be useful in a tactical matter. They'll also only be able to use this once per post and will have a three to six post cooldown before they can use it again.



Devil Chi Style Basics: This is a personal fighting style that was developed by Liu herself. The name takes reference to the fact that demon's are indeed the yang of the universe; as opposed to their yin counter part, Angel's. Therefore, it stands to reason that most of the principles of Devil Chi Style are rooted in powerful strikes, adaptive movement and rigid defenses to go in tow with their demonic lore.

It makes even further sense when one considers that Liu herself indeed reflects the state of the world around she inhabits, and, subconsciously, this trait has manifested itself in her hand-to-hand. Therefore, in the sections below, you will find and understand this method of hand-to-hand as it seeks to combine these principles together with the demon's natural vitality and supernatural strength to make for a daunting fighting style.

Liútǐ Shìtú: Aware. Composed. Ready. These three words describe what the mindset of a demon must be in order to thrive in hell and demon world alike. Hence, Liútǐ Shìtú refers to "Fluid View" in terms of the mindset associated with Devil Chi. In their life, great riches, dismal fates and grave injury are common place. So you need to have an alert, but loose mind in order to cope and thrive in it. Which is why Liútǐ Shìtú is designed to take the inner cultivation of the mind and apply it to maintaining Liu's agile and adaptive state of mind and being. It also incorporates various elements of the Daoist Meditation known as "Guanzi" into mind as well. Specifically, Neiye Verse 24 in particular:

"When you enlarge your mind and let go of it,
When you relax your vital breath and expand it,
When your body is calm and unmoving:
And you can maintain the One and discard the myriad disturbances.
You will see profit and not be enticed by it,
You will see harm and not be frightened by it.
Relaxed and unwound, yet acutely sensitive,
In solitude you delight in your own person.
This is called "revolving the vital breath":
Your thoughts and deeds seem heavenly. (24, tr. Roth 1999:92)"

From that verse holds one of Liu's core concepts about being free flowing and fluid. So it would make sense to let go of those tensions in battle and allow herself inner peace to allow her flexibility and strength to truly shine. Without that source of heavy tensions, punches are more vibrant, energy is more fluent and movement is that much more vibrant and nimble. While Liútǐ Shìtú can be considered a meditative mindset, it serves to further loosen Liu's body and awaken her inner potential to the field of combat through it's firm, but lax point of being.

Hūxī Běnzhí: Inhale in new life and exhale old decay. That is the basic principle of breathing and a fundamental aspect of Devil Chi Style. By practicing slowed breathing, one rejects the chains of unsteadiness within and breathes in the winds of balance and tranquility. In turn, by this focused breathing, the one who practices this aspect of Devil Chi Style brings stability to their body.

In Liu's case, it allows her to become more aware of her heart rate. With a lower heart rate, the taxation of her body greatly lowered. By achieving a less-stressed state of mental and physical being, the stamina of her embodiment is increased tenfold and brought to its prime potential. From there, her perception awakened and is then slowed. In doing so, this allows The Hell Beast to take in everything at a leisurely pace that is around their environment.

For the more they attune themselves to their inner universe, the more the outer universe around them. Through the wonders of Za Koa, the spirit of demonic magic is adjusted to their souls wavelength and allows them to reach combative enlightenment. In turn, their senses are brought to the utmost of alertness and they reach a balanced state of being. This allows Liu complete understanding of her internal self to prevent misuse of her plentiful energy, while becoming greatly attentive to the outer world around her.

Sōng Cúnzài: Demon's are crafty, devious and outright tricky creatures. So it stands to reason that the fighting style of Yang Chi should reflect that. Henceforth, Song Cunzai roughly translates to "Loose Being". This further reflects the unbound and liberated soul of Liu herself in terms of her Liberation Flux ability as well.

Now, meaning aside, the body of Liu is quite agile, flexible and rather elastic and malleable at points. Therefore, she has made it a point to bend, twist and mend her body to the inhuman limits of physiology. It would almost appear as if the body of Liu lacked muscles, bone or any sort of tendons the way she moves from one motion to the next.

In this way, it makes rather difficult to injure Liu in hand to hand combat. The first reason being is because her body can be stretched to supernatural limits in order to absorb blows better and reduce the effectiveness of their damage. Liu, of course, can still feel pain even in doing so; but it's greatly diminished when compared to the alternative.

Secondly, with her evasive maneuvering, even faster foes may have a hard time keeping up with Liu because combined with her general agility and devious combative knowledge, she is always looking for an escape; much like the woman is in life. So whether it be narrowly dodging certain doom against a power punch with a twist her neck, or mending herself to fit between a rock and a hard place to evade being decapitated; the body of Liu is always churning and twisting to seek a getaway.

Bù biàn Yùndòng: Much like a raging river, a demon's fighting style must always be changing and contorting down the path of life with the utmost of brute strength. However, unlike a river, they must also have control of their direction and purpose. Hence, one most be constant in motion, but guided and balanced towards the goal in which they wish to achieve. Ergo, Bù biàn Yùndòng is simply the practice of being in frequent movement when fighting, but also being the master of your own fate. Should you take damage from a foe? Turn that pain against them and cease the opportunity to craw out a new door to victory.

Never stay stagnant, keep your movements flowing and do not cease. If your strike misses? Quickly mend your body for a counter, or correct it's stance to form into a protective state of being and evade it with a speedy defense. In this way, most techniques of Devil Chi are designed with adaptability, rapid succession and connecting actions in mind so that it is an ever changing style that is expanding and flowing much like the dimensional walls of Demon World itself.


Evasive Moves

Niǎn Yùndòng: In order to make herself as nimble as possible, the bones, muscle and other assortment of body parts and organs associated with Liu's being are capable of becoming elastic. By channeling on the different portions of herself she wishes to release, Liu can achieve dynamic and swift burst of elongation. These can range from her torso, arms, hands, legs, thighs and even neck or head. Therefore, this technique roughly translates into "Twisted Motion" because of the way Liu contorts her body to adapt to whatever circumstance it finds itself in.

This then leads to a sense of inhuman coordination that, when combined with her focus, allows her to leap, maneuver and dodge through a flurry of assaults given to her. Through her centered state of mind, Liu then allows her keen control to her a strong sense of balance, reflexes, bodily coordination and speed. As a result, this Hell Demon finds it rather easy to mend her body through a network of bala's, remain upright in even the most unsteady of surfaces and is always able to jump back on her feet swiftly and in inhuman speeds. As a combination of these factors playing into one strong card, even the fastest of foes are within Liu's grasp when combined with the prowess of Hūxī Běnzhí's discipline.

But, more than that, a further advanced application of this technique would be going as far as to even stretch her entire body to reach quick states of pure elasticity to evade certain attacks. This from her body attaining a form of impact absorption from the elasticity of her body. In turn, her body will briefly deform and absorb inelastic collisions made to her body. In this way, she'd be able to gravely reduce damage made to her body; or outright negate it in the best illustration. These can apply to punches, kicks, projectiles, explosives and so on.

With enough focus, it is even possible to use the influence of Za Koa around her in order to apply this attack externally to her skin and have assaults bounce clear off of her. So, through the art of Devil Chi, it's possible to transform it into a metaphysical capacity and apply this to spiritual attacks such as magic or supernatural moves. Although, the latter part of this ability is more taxing and requires great focus. So it's often recommended for heavy attacks heading her way. And, again, it's also worth mentioning again that it serves to reduce the amount of damage a majority of the time.


Yālì Bàoliè: Pressure Burst is a rather simple technique in nature. By punching the air, Liu is able to release multiple eruptions of pressurized force on the area. These have a range that expands upwards of one hundred to two meters and are often about as big as a bala. These are often performed in order to flood the opponent with numerous attacks in order to wear down on their defenses, cause noticeable injuries and blow most weaker foes out of the way. As this blast is capable of leveling down rows of cannon fodder with relative ease. It is limited by how much physical stamina Liu has until she gets tired of hitting the air.

Shao Shǎn: Hot Flash is what this technique roughly translates to in English. What this technique does is that it allows for Liu's demonic energy to coat her arms in order to give them an extreme layer of heat. This heat is capable of melting through supernatural constructs based on the fact her demon energy burns at a metaphysical level. In turn, this makes it difficult for the opponent to cope with the attack when Liu begins unleashing her volley of punches at them. This is because she can melt through defenses, combine the kinetic and physical strength of her strikes together and add the stinging burn in order to make the injuries pile up on the opponent.

Granted, it isn't absolute. As every battle is different, so to are the durability and defenses of the opponent. It can be guarded against with heavy barriers and shields of the sorts. Additionally, it's usually recommended to evade the attacks until it dissipates. As due to the immense heat which flows from it, Liu doesn't usually keep it activated for too long during the time that she utilizes it. And, finally, there will often be a white flare around her arms when this technique is activated to ensure the foe knows when this technique is being harnessed.

Qiān Bàgōng: Otherwise standing for "Thousand Strike", this is a rather basic, but powerful punching technique. What Liu does is she increases the offensive power of punches by transferring a high amount of demonic energy into her palms. From there, each of her hands will emit a strong red glow as numerous pulsating veins will appear across her knuckles; causing even her claws to become immensely sharpened during this period as well.

Once the initial trigger is activated, Liu will then unleash upwards of 1020 punches over a duration of sixty seconds. In this flurry of speed and offensive might, Liu's intent is to outright decimate and break throguh an opponents physical or metaphysical defenses. As with the combined might of her demonic energy, speed and body strength working to rip apart these boundaries, most opponents may find themselves facing great difficulty in dealing with this technique. It deals great damage and it is rather hard to evade once you are within Liu's grasp.

Which -- there in lies the problem. In order for this technique to be performed, Liu must be within a close proximity of the opponent. Enough to where she could touch and grapple them with ease if she were using another technique. Additionally, her arms will feel a great strain afterward because of the amount of effort being placed into this technique. Often, they will remain beat red for one or two post until her muscles cool down. If abused, it can lead to her pulling muscles and facing personal injury. Therefore, she often tends to use it when she knows she can hurt and harm a foe.

Shòu Jí zhòng: In Chinese this simply means "Beast Hit". So, as the name infers, this type of punch is suppose to be one that is heavy on the physical output. Granted, it's a rather risky move. This is because of the fact that Liu will often invest roughly ten percent of her overall demonic energy into the punch. So while it can be used multiple times in a punch, Liu often only sticks to using one or two strikes because of this heavy drain on her Devil Chi.

With that said, once it's activated, the dozens of pulsating red veins will emerge on whichever arm(s) she is launching this technique from. After that physical alteration is made, Liu will then make a nimble burst of speed towards the opponent in order to strike them in any part of their body she can grasp. For, if she is able to make a direct hit, this blow is capable of inflicting heavy damage upon a foe that can otherwise disrupt the flow of energy within themselves.

As, with this amount of heavy impact being unleashed upon them, it's quite possible for Liu to make released forms unstable if not attempt to force the opponent to power down to their base depending on where she strikes. Since, for example, Liu could potentially try and force a Shikai Released Shinigami back into base if she were to strike the dead center of their abdomen and influence their Soul Chain.

Additionally, the physical damage alone would be akin to taking a Bankai level attack head-on at full strength. Therefore, she'd seek to cause overall damage to their body with this strike and make every organ, bone and molecule of their body quake with pain and injury. As this is suppose to be a move that cripples the opponent and hopefully takes them out of the fight. Or, at the very least, make it extremely difficult for them to continue.


Fěnsuì: All this simply means is "crush" when translated to English. As this technique is one that stems from Liu's kneecaps themselves. When she is able to position herself just right, Liu can release high volumes of demonic energy into her knees and then take off at great speeds towards the opponent. As her knee(s) glow bright white, she'll often attempt to smash them against the opponent in order to crush bones, break defenses, blow through attacks or otherwise inflict noticeable damage to the target.

This is often meant to take the wind out of them, lower their health and otherwise throw around her demonic strength on the foe. It's even possible for her to use both of her kneecaps at once if she is able to align and time herself just right. This is often used in order to outright make an opponent faint because of the fact she'll usually aim straight for the base of the skull or face when using both of her kneecaps.

Wúqióng Bō: Endless Wave is the appropriate English name for this technique. Why is that? This is because once Liu is able to get one good kick in on the opponent -- chances are a thousand more will follow. Over and over again will she repeat a series of dynamic kicks at blazing speeds towards the opponent once she is able to find an opening. Once that is found, she'll often put this ability into overdrive by infusing her demonic energy into it and sucking in elements of Za Koa in order to greatly bolster it's capacity.

During this time that the technique is active, her legs will often burn bright red as she goes mad with striking frenzy. Hence, since she is faster on her feet than she is her arms, this technique is even capable of producing two thousand kicks per minute and that can end up in order to wear down a foes defenses if they are unable to swat her away or get out of the way. It is all designed in order to ensure a fair amount of damage is inflicted upon the opponent by overwhelming with her daunting speed, strength and tenacity.

Granted, she'll often have a one to three post cool down depending on how extensive her usage of this technique was during the post it was utilized. Additionally, repeated abuse of it can lead to her legs tiring out and muscles tearing. And, let's not forget the energy toll it may take when it comes to the amounts of demonic energy it siphons from her.

Zuàntóu Jiāsùqì: This move roughly translates to "Drill Smasher" in English. In order to perform it, Liu must gain a decent distance away from the opponent. Anywhere from a few feet to a few dozen feet should be acceptable; although the further away she is, the greater the damage will often become. This is because Drill Smasher feeds off the kinetic energy which is absorbed into the limb of her choosing when she is descending upon the opponent. Though, it is possible to use both of her legs at the same time in order to make this technique double effective.

Regardless, when it is activated, each of her legs will become devoured in a white and red light as she approaches the opponent. What is occurring in this moment to trigger the light is the fact that she is gathering kinetic energy from the immense speeds she is travelling, infusing high amounts of demonic energy into her limbs for added striking power and gathering external energies from Za Koa itself by drawing in demonic magic from the area around her. Together with her physical strength, all of these factors contribute towards Drill Smasher being the type of technique capable of shattering defenses, inducing critical damage to foes and helping to break transformations when the time calls.

It can only be used once per turn due to the fact she needs time to gather up these strikes, however. Additionally, it can cause strain on her legs eventually if it is repeated too much. And, needless to say, it takes away certain quantities of her demonic energy as well. Therefore, she often uses the brute strength aspect of her Devil Chi Style to otherwise break an opponent with this.


Móguǐ Chí yǒu: Devil Hold. It said that the devil's of hell hold a firm grip on the world around them, and Liu takes this into a literal sense when she uses Móguǐ Chí yǒu. This is a metaphysical form of grappling that is summoned through the power of Liu's Demonic Energy. Once enough inner energy has been summoned, she can turn it outward and have a red glow surround her body like a flame. After being produced, this energized construct will form numerous sets of hands around and behind Liu. These are primarily used in order to grapple and constrict opponents, attacks and other heavy objects in the environment.

Furthermore, it can also be used and applied to the metaphysical in order to grapple on to other energized constructs with enough durable energy. So, to give an example, imagine if a foe managed to bridge the gap between themselves and Liu by teleporting one thousand meters away. With a striking range of up to two thousand meters, it's possible drag long-range combatants back to her close-range of combat by extending her Devil Chi to that long distance. This can be done by physically grabbing them, or outright grappling the energy which exudes from their body if their powered up.

Whichever way she goes, combined with the kinetic force dropping down on them from moving at hyper-sonic speeds, the initial grapple and drag itself can be fairly damning. This is due to the fact that her demonic energy would be attempting to enhance the amount of force being induced upon their body by two times. This could result in an additional crushing move that could snap bones like twigs, rupture organs, shatter eardrums and lower the opponents overall health and durability some.

And, for additional injury, this could be supplemented if Liu used Móguǐ Chí yǒu to drag them through the earth floor or numerous types of debris if they were on a war-field of some kind. As the additional collisions from that, at those speeds, could prove to be quite catastrophic to the opponents well-being if all goes as planned.

Digressing, though, this is a move that should be associated with other techniques. As one the opponent or target is brought to Liu, she'll often couple it up with another attack of some kind. Such as if a foe was brought to her through Móguǐ Chí yǒu, she'd more than likely use Fābù Bàgōng's palm strikes to inflict heavy damage to the foe combined with her own daunting speeds adding to the final collision force.

Having said that, she is capable of producing roughly three dozen of these hands across her body and they can be used on the metaphysical defense as well. So, if an opponent shot a cero at her, and these hands were solidified enough, it would be possible to grab the energy and chuck it somewhere else as a form of advanced defense. Especially if she is able to spread these extra appendages throughout the battlefield.

Other Offensive Techniques

Lǎbā Bàgōng: This technique roughly translates into "Horn Strike". And, as one might imagine, this consists of Liu using those pretty little horns on her head for offensive use. For she is not against attempting to ram and gore someone with her horns. With each of her horns being as sharp as a spiritual weapon like a Zanpukto, it's hard not to imagine her not using them. This is because she gouge out eyeballs with them, pierce vital organs, launch abilities from them and send the opponent in for a world of hurt as the durability on these each of the horns is stronger than on any other point on Liu's body and is immensely difficult for even the mightiest of hand-to-hand users to break. Therefore, it is often recommended to dodge or build shields when dealing with these strikes.

Xuējiǎn Bàgōng: This is a simple, but dangerous move. Translating to "Slashing Strike" in English, this technique is utilized in order to send a razor sharp slash of crimson energy from Liu's arm after swinging it in a backhand motion. Once released, it will attempt to cut through energy attacks, magic based assaults, barriers and the hardest of flesh in order to lacerate all in it's path. Now, this isn't absolute, and it can be stopped with enough stopping power or durability, but it is designed to be a fearsome cutting ability. It can be unleashed from her arms or legs depending on how Liu wishes to utilize it. And she is capable of producing upwards of two dozen of these slashes at a time when she picks up her speed.

Liútǐ Fābù: Otherwise known as "Fluid Release", this technique is activated by Liu attuning herself to her special ability with internal meditation and focus. Once she is channeled into it, both of her index and middle fingers on each hands will have a white glow on them. After this glow is seen, Liu will often go into a frenzy attempting to strike any part of the opponent she can. Why is this? It's simple: while Liútǐ Fābù is active, each tap can gradually drain and release the opponent of their energy.

Each bit of physical touch she is able to make with these strikes will tire out an opponent overtime and make it feel as if they are leaking energy fast as the hits pile up. They will feel their minds becoming sluggish, bodies slowing and the production of energy within themselves lagging; if not coming to a halt in the worse case scenario. This is because her element is one of liberation and she is able to apply this construct into her hand-to-hand by freeing them of their energy in order to take the foe out of the fight.

She can choose to produce an absurd amount of demonic energy in an effort to try and quickly take the target out, but she'll have to risk it and hope that she has them figured out. This is because that would obviously tire her out and prove wasteful if her assumptions on their defenses, speed or battle plans were inaccurate. Therefore, she often apps to put subtle amounts of this into her attacks in order to wear them down at a moderate and paced digression to zero energy.

Fābù Bàgōng: Release Strike. This simple phrase describes the nature of Liu's assault. This taps into the element of liberation associated with her death aspect and serves to bring that into play with this palm strike. First, Liu must gather a fair bit of demonic energy into the palm of her hand(s). Following that, she will then charge towards the object in question and gently tap it. In this illustration, we'll use something as common place as a cero.

Once her hand has touched the energized object, it will firstly reflect the destructive energies from destroying her at first. Then, as a secondary effect, the satanic energies released from Liu's palm will go on to try and disperse the energy blast. This works by destabilizing the energized particles its structure and causing a form of disintegration. Eventually, it will attempt to dissolve the energy and heavily reduce it's destructive power, or outright negate in the best hop. It's recommended that for tougher attacks, she follow up with a series of palm strikes until it's erased if Liu intends to nullify it entirely.

In another application of this technique, this can even serve as a form of defense. Imagine if a foe were to come up to Liu with a destructive kick capable of leveling numerous city blocks. With Fabu Bagong, she'd be able to try and nullify the chaotic energies within the movement in order to either negate it or lower it's disastrous energy to strive off damage. So if she is on guard with Fābù Bàgōng, this can turn her into quite the fierce some foe until she grows tire from the stamina it takes from repetitive usage of this technique in total.

Additionally, it's worth noting that some form of reddened or white glow will emerge around her hands in order to signify this technique is in effect. This is done so that the opponent is at least aware something is up. Another thing that should be mentioned is the fact that this technique can be applied to the soles of her feet if push comes to shove. This is a sub-technique called "Fābù Tī" meant to compliment and enhance Fābù Bàgōng.

Other Defensive Techniques

Jiāodiǎn Diǎn: This move roughly translates to "Focus Point" in English. What this technique does is that it allows for Liu's demonic energy to temporarily bolster specific points of her body to heightened levels of durability. With how quick her energy can travel, Liu often uses this if she sees no other way of avoiding an opponents attacks. So say that an opponent were about to strike her in the neck with a sword strike. It would be possible for Liu to harden and intensify the skin, muscle and structure of that area in order to better endure and resist the injuring blows of the sword strike.

When Jiāodiǎn Diǎn is active, the opponent will also have a pretty fair idea of what they are dealing with. This is because when it is used the body part that Liu is fortifying will turn dark red from the strong clusters of demonic energy travelling to those regions of her body. In turn, this is suppose to make these parts that are covered in Jiāodiǎn Diǎn immensely durable and akin to a person punching a steel wall with their bare hands. Granted, this move only usually works on moves that Liu can perceive and react to in time. So it is often limited by how much energy she has to spare, how fast you can outmaneuver her and her own reflex time.

Tántiào Bèibù: Bounce Back is a fairly simple move to understand. Liu can gather high amounts of demonic energy within her legs and hands in order to form dense gatherings of inhuman strength. This type of physical prowess bridges the gap between the physical and supernatural in order to deflect energized attacks, magical spells and other lower level attacks from hitting Liu.

For instance, if Liu could perceive a cero heading towards her, she could probably tank it and deflect it away from herself because of the fact this demonic energy would almost act like a miniature barrier on her hands preventing her from taking harm and stabilizing the attack long enough to divert it away from herself. Alternatively, it also has a secondary function where it can dispel certain attacks once she charges enough demonic energy into it. So, it would be possible to negate a spell if it was feasible for her to grasp it within her hands.

Now, obviously, this is limited to what her arms could reach. As, for example, you could attempt to shoot two ceros in front of Liu, while the third would come from behind and she'd more than likely have no means to deflect it and may get hit. Additionally, it does wear down on her energy reserves over time and is something that should be used when she knows she can diffuse a situation with her bare hands or feet. Thus, Liu is rather nimble and efficient when it comes to using this technique as she'd rather not waste it showing off.

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ENTER Liu Xinshen

Liu Xīnshén - Overseer Of The Underworld [#2 Hell Guardian] [Approved, 0-2/0-2+; Rakshasa] [0-4++; Hell Beast] JCRrxmK


Yin-Yang Orbs: Liu has a pair of Yin-Yang orbs which were developed by her own demonic magic. Each of them are roughly the size of a small person, but they aren't used to bull-doze people. Instead, they act as portable wormholes which Liu utilizes across a five hundred meter radius. As long as they are within this range, she can often slip and slide through them in order to evade attacks or sneak up on opponents in some cases. She can also fire off attacks through them and make her attack range even larger with it.

Granted, they can be destroyed by the opponent if they catch on to what Liu is doing. However, they'll eventually reform either during the thread or in a new thread. This is because their energies can never be fully destroyed and it will always restore itself at some point in time. Additionally, these are only good for one or two moves per post to avoid abusing it. This is because there is a capacity limit that the orbs undergo before they can accept new matter into their being.

Móguǐ Jièzhǐ: Standing for "Devil Rings" in English, this piece of equipment is the two gold rings that are often seen around Liu's wrist. These act as stabilizers in order to better keep the harmony of her yin and yang in tact. While, at the same time, they possess high clusters of demonic energy within them. Each of the two rings have roughly 1/4 of Liu's power within them and are often meant to be used as emergency supplies if she is running low on energy.

However, if that should fail, then she may break them in order to release the seals placed on her Tainted Skin form and give into her Yang in order to make that transformation stronger without any restrictions placed on it. The problem is that Liu is more weary of that state because of the fact she can get carried away in it due to her wild nature while that form is activated. Thus, she doesn't bother with releasing the rings unless there is no alternative to be found.

As an additionally note, due to how dense they are, they can also be used as blut weapons. Since, if she were to bash a foe with it across the head, it could do noticeable damage to the point of potentially breaking bones or drawing blood. For each of them are about as durable as a Shinigami's Zanpukuto and they have the potential to even stop sword strikes entirely if angled correctly.

Jizo Doll: Should Liu ever face a lethal blow, this is essential her get out of jail free card. The reason being is because it is only able to be used once and will take the passing of one thread after it's usage before it is able to be utilized again. Therefore, with that out of the way, the Jizo doll restores the life of Liu after facing certain destruction. Whether she is obliterated, stabbed, pierced or whatever else have you; as long as the Jizo Doll is in her arsenal, it will activate upon her death and save its master.

When this doll is activated, a green light will develop Liu's body or whatever remains of her. Following that, her life force will come back to her and she will be restored back to half of her health and energy. This will then make her able to fight once more or attempt to escape the situation. And, when revived by the doll, she'll usually won't be able to transform into her Tukaṛā Saitāna. Furthermore, while she can try to user her tainted skin, it will still be only at half it's functionality. Therefore, if she decides to continue the fight, it must be done carefully.

Táoshuì Bèiké: Standing for "Evasion Shell" in English, this is a doll which appears to have neck-length hair, wears a red kimono and had a small scarlet ribbon on top of it's head. Each of it's eyes are entirely darkened and it's no bigger than any regular children's toy. However, it's effects are no childish matter. The reason for that is because it draws in attacks normally meant to harm Liu straight on to it's self.

This works because Táoshuì Bèiké has the power of attraction and it is meant to take the damage in place of it's master. There is a strong cluster of demonic energy which brews in the doll and it will naturally pull in most attacks towards it. Thus, an opponent could try and fire a cero at Liu, only to have it sucked in towards the doll. So, it's worth stating that this doll will often have one level of durability below Liu and is good for roughly one use per turn with a one post cooldown. Eventually, though, it will wear down over the fight and become unusable depending on the type of attacks it takes on.

It's also worth noting that this doll can be used to launch off some of Liu's lesser abilities that doesn't tax it. For example, basic demon spells can be invoked from it as The Doll has enough energy within it to fight on it's own accord if push comes to shove. So, one could also consider this piece of equipment a familiar of sorts.

Zhǐ Mìfēng jiàn (Paper Seals): These are considered to be highly dangerous tools in Liu's weaponry. The reason being is due to the fact that these seals are capable of changing the tides in the battle and giving Liu ample time to perform very dangerous assaults. So, to begin with, one must start with how she summons them.

Stored away in a pocket dimension is a vast quantity of demonically empowered seals that have pre-written effects inscribed within them through Liu's demon magic. These are broken up into physical, spiritual, energy and mental seals which effect most forms of combat. There are roughly five of each type of seal that can be used per thread and they will not refresh until the next thread. Additionally, she must be able to physically place the seal on something before it's abilities will be activated. Furthermore, a small bit of Liu's own energy must be used in order to unlock it as well. Lastly, these seals won't be effective against the same person for the duration of the fight. So, once the time wears off, they won't be effected for the rest of the thread and only one seal can be used on a person at a time.

Once these protocols are met, the seals will go into motion and to learn what they do it has been broken up into the following seals that she presently has access to:

  • Physical Seal: The physical seal is rather easy to describe. When Liu attaches this seal to a person, their physical strength will revert back to a beginner level. The time limit for this seal is roughly four to five post before it dissipates. Following that time, their strength will return to them and they will be unable to be effected by this seal for another four post.

  • Spiritual Seal: The spiritual seal is one that is simple to understand as well. If Liu is able to attach this seal to an opponent, then the usage of their supernatural/magic based abilities will be restricted and unable to be used for four to five post. After which, it will revert back to normal and they can proceed with fighting. They will then be unable to be effected by this seal for a period of four post afterward.

  • Energy Seal: By now, the theme should be obvious and what the energy seal does is simple: it seals off energy. If Liu is able to place this seal on someone, they will often see most of their energy be rendered useless to them and sealed off. This period will last for four to five post. After which, they will then be allowed to use their energy again and they will be unable to be influenced by the seal again for a period of four to five post.

  • Mental Seal: With the mental seal, Liu is able to render a person consciousness for a short duration of time. If she is able to place this seal on an opponent, then they will often faint for a period of one to two post before regaining consciousness. Prior to fainting, however, they will have a small window of time in order to fight back against it's effects. As, during the post, their body will begin to feel weightless, consciousness light and their vision will begin to blur; giving them the tell-tell signs to do something. Outside of that, when they gain wakefulness, will then be unable to be influenced by this seal if they are still in the fight by that point for a duration of five post.

Dòngnéng Bù (Kinetic Fabric): The kinetic fabric is a simple piece of equipment. What it does is that it enhances the speed of Liu's movements by two times so long as she is wearing it. It works by siphoning and storing vast amounts of Za Koa in the air. Then, it traps that energy within its cape and transfers it into the body of Liu. This then translates to the fact that these boost can last upwards of six post before having a two post cooldown. The primary drawback is that Liu has stated that this fabric can propel her so fast and make her so abnormally quick that it takes some adjustment to get used to in order to avoid slamming into walls and such.

Yáoyè Yǔsǎn (Swaying Umbrella): Yáoyè Yǔsǎn is a small, pink umbrella which Liu possesses and keeps in her inventory of demonic tools. What this equipment does is that it swallows and consumes other attacks, objects and, sometimes, people into a vortex. Once Liu un-pops the umbrella and gives it a good swing, it is often capable of producing a purple tear through dimensions that is five meters in every direction.

Once this tear is opened, the vortex in question is then able to drain whatever is consumed into it out of its energy and attempts to neutralize it wholly. Thus, if a cluster of energy blast happened to find themselves trapped within this vortex, it will often lose most of its striking power and be sealed within it. After it does that, this void will then close and seek to teleport the attack in question away from the battlefield and cancel out the attack.

Now, with that said, this is a rather powerful piece of equipment because of that. Hence, it's natural that it would come with limitations. One of the first is that it is only capable of performing this to one attack at a time. Additionally, it has a cool down time of two post before it can be used again. And, like any other object, it can be destroyed, but eventually it will restore itself since Liu created it with her own power. However, it will not reform in the same thread once it is destroyed. Furthermore, this attack only works with what is directly in front of Liu. So it is possible to just move and arrange your attack to go the side if at all possible.

Other things to take note is that the object is filled to the brim with demonic energy. So Liu has been noted as using it as an extension to launch her abilities as well. In fact, she has even gone as far as to it as a blunt weapon at times as it has enough destructive power sealed within it in order to level an entire city block or so. And, when combined with her speed and strength, it can make for a useful weapon in its own right even without the ability.

Cā chú Zhàdàn (Erasure Bomb): The erasure bomb is a large, circular bomb that is golden and black in color. It has a short fuse on top and when it blows it's special ability activates. It has a range of roughly twenty meters, but within this zone Liu can dispel most types of supernatural and magical phenomena. So, if an opponent were to try and produce a sealing spell around her, this bomb could potentially cancel that out once it explodes.

On top of that, the explosion itself isn't anything to scoff at either. This is because the explosive power is enough to rival an Arrancar's grand ray cero. So, if one were to be caught up in this blast, they could suffer extensive injuries as a result of the destructive eruption of fire, shock waves, high-moving debris and other such occurrences which take place during an explosion. Even the smoke itself is enough to make it difficult for attacks which rely on energy to be formed within this zone for three post.

The only reason that Liu is excluded from this is because the bomb itself was made from her power and she ensured that it would not target her own energies. Yet, even with that being the case, Liu has still noted that it takes away roughly 1/4 of her effectiveness still regardless. Additionally, she needs to make sure that she herself doesn't get caught up in the debris of the explosion and needs to place this carefully when using it. As she'll often try to trap the opponent in this zone for as long as she can help it until the duration of it's effects are over with.

Furthermore, it's also worth noting that it has a one time usage per thread and she often carries 2 to 3 of them per thread.

Jīn Xìngyùn (Gold Fortune): Luck is just apart of fighting as skill, experience, power and knowledge. Therefore, Liu utilized her demonic conjuring in order to produce a special little golden coin. This coin has one hole in the center in order for Liu to turn this into a necklace that is worn underneath her clothes. As long as she passively lets it feed on Za Koa energy around her, this gem will then activate when Liu actively wants to use it. It is triggered by a mental command and the effects that it will bring out is good fortune to Liu's battles or casual life.

To give an illustration of how this works: say that Liu had been injured in battle and an opponent was on his way to charge her with an energized blade in their hand. With Jīn Xìngyùn, an event as comical as the opponents shoe becoming untied could occur and cause them to trip. Which, in turn, would be considered good luck as she would have evaded certain injury. The same can be said in personal affairs whenever she uses this to gamble. While the odds aren't absolute, Liu will often have a higher probability of winning high stakes risk such as slot machines, guessing lotto numbers and knowing when to play the right card in something like poker by intuition.

With that said, something like this often will have drawbacks. One of the first is that the reach of this ability is often concealed within a eighty meter radius. Outside of that, this ability has no reach; though it's effects can linger for roughly a post or two. Additionally, it is often only limited to one or two actions per post before its fortune runs out. So Liu can potentially have a lethal strike miss her with this wind of good luck, only to have a critically damning strike hit her the second action. Furthermore, Liu will need at least 80% of her energy at her disposal in order for it to work. Once it dips below 20%, the equipment becomes unstable and risky to use.

Lastly, like most of Liu's equipment, it can be destroyed in the thread, but eventually it will restore itself after the battle is over.

Xiànzhì Dú (Restricting Poison): Sealed within a dozen needles are a demonic poison brewed from Nizhuan's ability of restriction and subjugation. These needles are white in color and extend out of any body part of Liu or Nizhuan. This is because they store them within their body and save them for when the time is right. The reason for this is because it gives them the element of surprise given how quickly they can form, how hard it is to view the needle and how difficult it can be in order to evade such a small object.

With that said, the poison in them often seeks to paralyze the foe in order to cease the movement of both their spiritual and physical body. Since this is created with a demonic energy, it is quite possible for it to otherwise halt the production of vital energies within an opponent in order to cripple them in combat. Additionally, when intermixed with Liu's DE Force, these needles have a secondary effect of expunging and wiping out the energy within an opponent. As, in other words, it dissolves their vital energies in order to help further bring them to the brink of passing out.

And, since these are extremely potent, the time in which this poison acts can be fairly fast if not treated soon. Therefore, a time table has been devised in order to time-track the effects of the poison.

Note: These effects CAN be increased if Liu infuses her energy into it if the difference in power between Liu and her opponent is noticeable.

Poison Effects:

Post One: Often times the opponent will feel an extreme amount of pain radiating from the spot where they hit. Additionally, 5-10% of their energy may begin to leave them at this point. They'll also begin to feel somewhat dizzy and have a somewhat hard time summoning their power.

Post Two: By the time the second post comes around, the pain will become worse and often blind the opponent in anguish. As, by this point, the poison will have spread more throughout their body and their movements will become stiff. Along with that, 20-30% of their energy would have left them by this point. And, their energy will become very unstable and immensely hard to use.

Post Three: At this point, the pain may case them to faint or pass out. Along with that, their body will have faced heavy damage and it will feel as if they are on the verge of death. Therefore, it is at this point where their entire body will feel frozen and their energy will have ceased production temporarily. By now, they'll have more than likely lost 40-50% of their energy by the time the poison had it's way with them.

Post Four: Around this time is when the the effects of post two will have come back. They'll begin to be able to move, but the energy will not return until the duration of the thread is over or they find an external source of power to draw from. The injuries on their body will be rather intense and may still make it difficult to fight.

Post Five: They are back to normal, but at this point, it is going to be rather hard to keep up the fight. They will experience trouble with summoning their attacks, their energy will have been lowered and their body will have been placed under immense strain. So it is often still recommended they seek treatment if they have not by this point.


Will Skills [Liu]
  • Willpower/Determination: MasteR
  • Mental Deduction: Master
  • Pain Endurance: Advanced
  • Focus: Master

Will Skills [Nizhuan]
  • Willpower/Determination: Master
  • Mental Deduction: Master
  • Pain Endurance: Advanced
  • Focus: Master

Rakshasa Skills [Liu]
  • Dāgī Tvacā Skill: Advanced
  • Naraka Jānavara Control: Master
  • Astitva Ki Barhata: Advanced
  • Reality Warping: Master

General Skills [Liu]
  • Durability: Advanced
  • General Speed: Master
  • Strength: Master
  • Weapon Skill: Adept

General Skills [Nizhuan]
  • Durability: Master
  • General Speed: Advanced
  • Strength: Master
  • Weapon Skill: Advanced

DE Control [Liu/Nizhuan]
  • Semi-Immortal Capacity: Master
  • Breakdown Skill: Advanced
  • Necromancy Strength: Advanced
  • DE Barrier: Master

Naraka Jānavara Skills[Nizhuan]
  • Demon Magic Skill: Master
  • Rebirth Skill: Advanced
  • Za Koa Skill: Advanced
  • Akuma Kyōdo: Master

Demon Skills [Liu]
  • Za Koa Skill: Master
  • Demon Magic: Master
  • Shadow Movement: Master
  • Akuma Kyōdo: Advanced

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Sun Oct 04, 2015 6:21 am


ENTER Nizhuan Zhouqi


» General Purpose:

Subjugation Drive: Subjugation Drive is the primal essence of Nizhuan. This form primarily comes out when she is feasting upon her element, but it can come out at will when she desires to as well. With that said, the purpose of this suppression is to otherwise keep her powers further constrained so that she may passively store and build up potent energy within herself. As you can think of Subjugation Drive as an unplugged state for Nizhuan.

When she is in her a sealed and childish form, Nizhuan can be considered as charging up her inner core. When Subjugation Drive is unleashed, it can be considered a release form of sorts and she is allowed to start using more of her potential since she is no longer constricting her persona, aura, and spirit. Her lust for subjugation is out for the world to see and she indulges within the liberation of control and submission gives.


Eye & Hair Color: One of the first notable traits of Nizhuan in her Subjugation Drive is her eyes and hair. The length of her hair extends down to her upper back; as opposed to its neck length in her constrained form. While, in terms of color, it can vary in its shades. Both her hair and eyes fluctuate between shades of light red, pink and purple dependent on her whims seemly.

Ears: Another to point out in this form is the size of Nizhuan's ears. They become pointed in appearance and seem to resemble more of a demonic look to them as opposed to her sealed form. Although, these just aren't for show. Nizhuan has told Liu that she feels her sense of hearing expands to a great degree. (explained later in abilities)

Horns: One of the most crucial things to note out of this change is the appearance of horns sticking out of Nizhuan's skull. They extend for eight inches in the air and seem to emit a high amount of demonic energy in them. The same can be said of the lavishly long tail which extends out of the base of Nizhuan's spine. This black colored appendage extends for thirty inches in length and possesses a foul cluster of energy within it.

Claws: Meanwhile, the plum-hued claws upon the tips of Nizhuan's hands and feet exudes the same aura of demonic power. All of them extend for six inches in length and are razor sharp to the touch. If Nizhuan wished, she could claw straight through steel with them without much of a second thought about it.

Wings: Occasionally, you'll even see a pair of dragon-esque wings appear from the center of Nizhuan's back. These spread for 50-70 inches in width based upon the whim of Nizhuan herself. They are drenched in a black color, but had purple spikes along the edges of each wing. It is assumed that there is more power stored within these wings when they are summoned; as most of the appearances on Nizhuan have a purpose and function to them in her mind.

Body Type: The body type of Nizhuan in her Subjugation Drive can be considered as slim and dainty. The woman doesn't seem toned in the slightest, stands at a modest five foot two and appears to relish in her rather small bosom.

Attire: Most of the time, Nizhuan in this form can be seen wearing a fluffy dress that is black and white in color. It can extend up to her thighs, but it can go as low as her ankles if she so wishes. There are purple markings which go down the front and back center portions of the garment, while she sports a pair of white boots with extended horns that stick out of the edges of them.


Former Traits: Nizhuan still retains many of her sealed forms personality traits. The major difference that one can discern is that her voice and mannerisms are often vastly different than the ones in her child state. The reason for this is because she suppresses her over the top excitement for subjugation and tries to induce a form of masochistic suppression on herself until she can't help but let this foul devil nature slip from her essence.

Passionate: One of the greater things to note is the sense of passion that radiates and brews forth from Nizhuan. While she is in this form, she has been noted to be very vocal about her philosophy, ideals and thirst for subjugation. In this unhinged state, Nizhuan considers it more than fine to indulge the world in what she truly thinks. After all: she has the power, authority and dominance to be able to get away with it. Which, in it of itself, serves to passively feed her element and begin this cycle of depravity.

Sadism: Nizhuan has quite the thirst for power while in this form. It borders on the line of sadism because he takes pleasure in seeing people struggle against the order. It is why she'll sometimes be seen with a grin, a blush of the face or having a laugh come from her lips when she views someone fighting against some form of order, law, subjugation or domination in this world because there is no escaping this form of liberation. Either you become subjugated yourself, or your power goes on to subjugate others. That is the nature of subjugation.

Masochism: At the same time, Nizhuan isn't one to shy away from pain, suffering and hurt. The reason for this is because it is the same side of the coin as subjugation. There always has to be someone who faces the hurt of domination as that is the way her element works. Henceforth, she still finds fulfilment in being forced to submit to another, having her body devoured by pain or watching her own order be broken and torn apart. As it all serves to further her hunger, fuel her preverse desire for subjugation and allows for her to grow in a world chaos and disorder. Enslave, or being enslaved; none of it matters to Nizhuan so long as this construct exists in the cosmos.

Dominating Urge: There is a deep rooted urge to dominate within the embodiment of Nizhuan. The reason for this is that she wants to further enforce the bliss of subjugation and order in the world. Therefore, she needs to grow more aggressive, assertive and to allow her power to control the world. This borders on the line of dangerous thinking, mortality and actions because of the fact she will do anything in order to ensure this construct in the universe is realized. It does not matter if she needs to perform deceit, sabotage, invade, spy or even murder; all of these methods, tools and even people themselves are nothing but tools to make the world realize this grand bliss.

However, that does not mean she will break the laws or order of any nation, world or people she is a part of. Instead, she will study the laws, understand them and then find ways to take as much liberty as possible so that she is still in accordance with her own powers. This is so that she does not get on the bad side of whatever master is she serving, while at the same time having time to feed off her element.

But, more than anything else, these tools and strategies are done so that order can have a more powerful asset at its disposal. It doesn't matter if one has a heart of gold if they have the army that can break apart with the slightest breeze of the wind. It takes something ugly, fierce and downright devilish to ensure one has the ability to rule over all. Then, when they have that power, they can go on to enforce their ideals on the world around them and show the people who they have dominated the bliss of subjugation and the need to no longer worry in the terror of liberation.

As one may also believe that this is all being done out of self-interest, but this is anything but the case for Nizhuan. She firmly believes herself to be an instrument of will for the construct of subjugation in the csomos. The more she spreads this form of liberty throughout the cosmos, the more the halls of existence itself and the spirits who live in them can find liberation through subjugation. So different parts of herself feel as if she is on a mission to spread this glory to all those who are too incomprehensible to understand it's embrace.

Submissive Desire To Enslavement: While Nizhuan is has a strong desire to dominate, in this form, she doesn't have much of a problem with being dominated herself. The reason why this personality aspect exists in this form is because subjugation will always have a master and slave in her mind. And, if she finds a cause, person or nation worth enslaving herself to; she does not mind playing the role of the slave. However, that will be her choice to decide in her mind and she is fine with voluntary enslavement if it has an overreaching goal.

More than that, it makes her embodiment feel warm, fulfilled and good that she is being used to such a great degree as it helps to feed her urges, hunger and instincts as a Hell Beast with such a potent power. It does not matter if she is the one who subjugates or becomes subjugated, all that matters is that this element exists in the universe and this construct continues to live on for all of eternity. It is the bliss of order, the ecstasy of order and the love of all things authoritarian.


Ability Benefits

Retainment Of Prior Abilities: It can be assumed that Nizhuan retains all of her former abilities while in this release state. This form is merely designed to make them further enhanced.

  • Mìfēng Liányīqún (Sealing Dress): It can also be assumed that all of the clothing which Nizhuan wears in this state still has the effects of Mìfēng Liányīqún.

Increased Attack Potency: The potency of Nizhuan's energized and physical based attacks will amplify two times in potency when she is within this state of being. This means that the damage capacity of Nizhuan's assaults doubles in strength. The reason why this occurs is because of the fact that her energy becomes enriched while within this state. It becomes in tune with her element and reaches a state of sheer destiny that is hard to easily dissolve, dispense of or negate.

An example of this would be if a non-released kido attack attempted to stop an energy attack from Nizhuan in her Subjugating Drive form. While it wouldn't automatically determine whether or not it got sealed, the odds are in Nizhuan's favor to outright blast through it because the dense quantities of potency which lay within her attack could otherwise withstand the kido with less potency infused within it. Of course, opponents could remedy this if they were to focus more of their energy into an attack or released themselves.

Cosmic Hearing - Sounds Of Enslavement: In this form, since Nizhuan's embodiment is totally unhinged and freed up, The Hell Beast has noticed the odd effect of her hearing being amplified to disturbingly high frequencies. She has told Liu that it is possible for her to hear many things throughout the cosmos -- so long as it pertains to her element.

An illustration of this power being put use would be if someone was in the process of becoming a human slave to a master. If Nizhuan desired, she could try and listen in to the struggle even from the depths of hell. Or, in another more realistic example, the possibly for her to hear the inner conflict of subjugation between Ziamichi and spirit may allow Nizhuan to hear what type of enslavement the host has placed their spirit under.

In other words, it does not allow her telepathy, but she can hear noises which indicate the type of strain being placed on the soul, the stress between the two parties and she can discern whether or not her subjugating powers could work based on the tones she hears from the universe. This can be blocked out if an opponent puts up resistance in the form of a mental barrier.

As for hearing things in other realms? Well, Nizhuan tries to avoid that if she doesn't have a precise location. The reason being is because she has explained to herself that it hurts her ears to move through a sea of so much static. Instead, she needs to tune herself in like a radio to a frequency she is aware of to get anything of use. So this requires a bit of mental focus more than anything else.

  • Astral Rush: Astral Rush is a special technique that Nizhuan uses in order to disorientate, confuse or overload the mental capacities of her opponents. Astral Rush is able to take chunks of energy away from Nizhuan and in exchange releases all of the sounds she is capable of hearing with her Cosmic Hearing in a stunning mental attack of sorts. Since Nizhuan herself has stated that it is hard for her to process all the sounds of subjugation in the universe, unleashing a bomb of this noise and understanding into a person's mind can cause their brain to overload, deafen them for a short time (one to three post), induce feelings of dizziness and otherwise disrupt the thought process of the opponent.

    It should be noted that she has to direct her energy to the opponent and make sure it directly hits them. It cannot be done remotely and there has to be a medium for her to get in. Even if it's just an energy attack that made a direct hit on the opponents body, this channel will do and the particles of energy associated with Nizhuan can potentially transfer these thoughts into the opponent. Granted, it is also capable to defend yourself from it by purging the energy out of your body or placing different types of barriers on yourself or learning how to produce mental barriers. Otherwise, it's effects are often temporary and never long-lasting.

  • Cosmic Sound Release: Cosmic Sound Release is a technique that allows Nizhuan to convert the sounds of subjugation that she is capable of hearing into a series of sound wave based attacks that produce burst of sonic booms. These attacks can vary in how much energy it takes in Nizhuan, but they are often comparable to a cero in terms of attack potency. As they are capable of taking out entire chunks of a landscape, rupturing eardrums and shattering bodies under the pressure that is released from these sounds.

    This technique can also be fired from any portion of Nizhuan's body, but she often limits herself to only using 1-4 per turn to avoid getting caught up in the carnage that her attacks produce. Furthermore, Nizhuan can also begin to feel more symptoms of physical strain if she utilizes it more than once. She has complained cluster headaches, pains in her claws and pain in her ear that otherwise makes her stick to using this two times if she can help it.

Lance Of Constraint: The Lance Of Constraint is a special weapon that is designed to yield constructs in the world it influences. It taps into this ability by siphoning off the powers of Subjugating Constriction and infusing it within a singular piece of equipment. So that means it has it's own core of energy that is separate from Nizhuan, but she can add her own energy in order to amplify it and make it last longer. Granted, it still takes mental concentration in order to direct it's powers and is not a passive application.

With that said, the practical application of The Lance Of Constraint deals with causing elements of the world and material within this metaphysical and physical realm to cease. An example of this would be if she were to summon a moderate volume of energy to the weapon, slash at an energy attack and cause it's motion to halt. This could allow her time to dodge, block or otherwise form a counter.

In another illustration of more direct usage, a strike from The Lance Of Constraint can make an opponent's body react in many different ways depending on how potent the strike was. If Nizhuan were to strike their own, it is possible to cause that movement within it to become "frozen" and make it paralyzed. Whereas, if it was more in-tune with the metaphysical, Nizhuan could induce a high energy assault in order to "yield" the flow of energy within a person in order to cause the channels of energy within them to stop surging and temporarily seal away their powers.

It should be noted that more extreme usages of this power are not permanent unless the owner wants them to for story purposes. More often than not, they can see these gains return after a few post or the next thread they enter into. However, in exchange, there will still be high amounts of damage, stamina and drain on the body from having been forced to be subjected to these strikes.

Digressing, one of the primary things to take note of with this weapon is that it'll often need direct contact in order to make it's effects come into reality. So it is not something that can be remotely used in order to keep things more fair. Additionally, Nizhuan is limited to one to two usages of this item per turn.

  • Physical Yield: Physical Yield is a technique where Nizhuan hits the opponent body parts and attempts to paralyze them. Even if they are not organic in nature, this technique still can immobilize body parts. The way this ability works is by taking the core of energy within itself, or Nizhuan's body, in order to have these act as a medium to induce the effects of The Lance Of Constraint. Of course, Nizhuan can combine both of their energies together in order to increase the potency of her attack. Especially if she strikes using her tail!

    With that said, Physical Yield can have variable ranges of time in terms of how long it's effects last. Depending on how potent the strike was, it can last anywhere from one post to the entire thread and possibly even one to two threads afterward. This will be varied based on the defenses of the opponent in question, the potency behind Nizhuan's attack and the type of story that the person controlling the other character wants. For NPC's, this is usually almost instant unless otherwise stated by those in the thread who have ways to defend them.

  • Meta Yield: What is Meta Yield? Meta Yield applies more so to external energy that is released in the forms of supernatural attacks, magic assaults and other things pertaining to metaphysical effects which are a result of a character's powers, abilities or equipment. Essentially, Nizhuan will pierce something like a reality bending attack and halt it's effects with the lance.

    In a practical application, Nizhuan could use this technique in order to stop the advance of a tsunami wave of fire from hitting her if she were to pierce the attack with her lance. In turn, this could cause the energies within the attack to come to a halt, neutralize and potentially even collapse in on itself if made potent enough. In the process of this, it's quite likely Nizhuan could evade damage and proceed to attack the opponent.

    In order for this to be more effective, Nizhuan is allowed to launch her lance with her energy. As she is known to create a goo like substance around it, sling her weapon around, pierce an attack to have it yield and then yang it back as the attack falls to pieces on itself.

    With that said, there are limitations to this. One of the first is that it MUST directly hit it. Even if she uses her energy like a rope, it still has to actually hit. Secondly, she can only use this 1-2 times per post and it's often to cease a powerful attack. And, lastly, for those with different types of defense like hierro layered on them, Nizhuan will often use a higher attack potency and more energy in order to pierce through those defenses.

  • Energy Gate Yield: Energy Gate Yield takes its roots in understanding the different energy gates that are within a person's body. With the The Lance Of Constraint, Nizhuan must be able to strike one of the twenty three energy gates that are found on a person in order to try and seal away different portions of their energy or power. Each strike is capable of sealing away 4.35% of a character's energy; but it is possible for lower tiers, damaged characters, exhausted characters or less durable characters to feel increased and accelerated effects due to how strained their bodies would be in a fight.

    However, none of these effects are often permanent. They will last the duration of a few posts to perhaps one or two threads. This is mostly dependant upon how potent the strikes were that Nizhuan dished out. It can also be expanded to last long-term depending on what kind of story the fight is trying to convey. That will be to the author to decide.

  • Mental Yield: This is more so an attack at their will. Nizhuan does have the potential to pierce them in the head with her lance and attempt to attack one of their mental attributes. This can be pain endurance, willpower, mental deduction or focus. Whichever one she picks will be put into a state of "stasis" and reset to beginner level for varied durations of time.

    Grand Master: N/A [Unless done for story, it can be extended]
    Master: One to two post
    Advanced: Three to four post
    Adept: Six to seven post

    In turn, this can make the character unsure of themselves, more open to pain, less focused or otherwise undetermined to fight Nizhuan in this state. It can also induce these effects on the same post for most NPC's and be long-lasting for them unless a PC character defends them. The purpose of this technique is more so to force the character to fight with their other mental attributes, see how far they've developed a certain trait and to otherwise give them a strong conflict.

    Furthermore, it can also be extended to different personality traits and members, but that requires owner permission. As this usage of Mental Yield would more than likely be done for story purposes only. It's effects can also last only a few posts, or a few threads depending on the plot as well.

Clusters Of Subjugation: The horns, wings, tail and claws of Nizhuan aren't merely there for show. They are the most durable aspects of her body while in this state. This is because they have been drenched within the constraint of Nizhuan's seals placed upon her body and are oozing with demonic energy. In turn, it influences them to become three times more durable than other parts of Nizhuan's body.

One can even equate them to being as durable as a Zanpukto even with how hard it is to break through their potent layers of defense. As many opponents may find their fist beginning to bleed if punching against it, swords may crack and attacks can be cut in two with a swipe of her tail if they are not potent enough to bare the brunt of her subjugating blows. With that said, though, even these effects can dull after awhile.

In terms of it being used for defensive purposes, they will usually dull in potency when it comes to tanking an excessive amount of attacks over the duration of a battle. As, like with anything, it will weaken the more you hit it. It just takes a high amount of power to really get anywhere with harming these parts of Nizhuan's body.

  • Cluster Boost: It is also worth noting that attacks launched from these areas of her body will see an additional 20-30% percent increase in potency. An example of this will be if she shot an energy attack from her horns, the area of effect could be furthered to reach a range of 120 to 130 meters depending on how much focus and effort Nizhuan puts into the attack. The same can even be applied to equipment that is actively being touched by these body parts of Nizhuan while in this form.

  • Cluster Flow [External Effects]: Due to the fact that there is such an abnormal amount of energy stored within these appendages, it is not wise to haphazardly touch them when engaged in combat. The reason for this is because the passive effects of having this much energy stored within these body parts can result in opponents being burned by the absurd temperatures of this energy, the durability of their weapons or body parts lowering and it is rather easy for her to make even high end one tiers faint and nauseous when around these body parts.

    Though, the most important part to remember is that Subjecting Constriction is often active when rays of purple or pink energy can be seen emitting from these body parts. That means that touching these portions of Nizhuan's body can result in an opponent having 1-15% of their energy sealed off per post if they attack without any means of protection. This will often vary based on tier and defenses, but it is NOT wise to touch these without any sort of guard. That cannot be emphasized enough.

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Sun Oct 04, 2015 6:30 am


Enter Liu Tounao

Liu Xīnshén - Overseer Of The Underworld [#2 Hell Guardian] [Approved, 0-2/0-2+; Rakshasa] [0-4++; Hell Beast] JCRrxmK

Song: UNKNOWN - Artist: UNKNOWN - Words: 1012

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esting the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. esting the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo.

esting the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. esting the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo.


<Center><center><div style="color: white;text-align:center;font-family: housegothic-lightfourregular; font-size:53px; background-color: #622a2b; color: white; text-shadow: 0px 0px 1px #c90800; padding:10px 0px 10px 0px; width: 490px; height: 40px; border-radius: 0.3em; box-shadow: black 0px 0px 5px; border: 3px solid white; line-height: 14px; opacity: 0.9;">
<div style="width: 460px; font-family: tahoma; font-size: 13px; line-height: 13px; text-align: justify; border-radius: 3em;  "><div style="width: 480px; height: 640px; background-image:url(''); margin-left: -10px;  border-radius: 1.5em; border: white solid 4px; box-shadow: black 0px 0px 6px;"></div>

<div style="color: #622a2b; text-shadow: black 1px 1px 1px; letter-spacing: 1px; font-size: 68px; text-transform: uppercase; font-family: housegothic-lightfourregular;">[center][b]Enter Liu tounao[/b]


<Div style="font-size: 37px; width: 600px; line-height: 30px; letter-spacing: 0px;">Song: UNKNOWN - Artist: UNKNOWN - Words: 1012</div></div></div>
<div style="font-family: calibri; word-spacing: 0px; font-size: 15px; line-height: 12px; letter-spacing: -1px; color: #622a2b; width: 510px; text-shadow: lightgrey  0px 1px 1px; text-align: JUSTIFY">Testing the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo.

esting the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. esting the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo.

esting the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. esting the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo.



Enter Liu tounao

Liu Xīnshén - Overseer Of The Underworld [#2 Hell Guardian] [Approved, 0-2/0-2+; Rakshasa] [0-4++; Hell Beast] JCRrxmK

Song: UNKNOWN - Artist: UNKNOWN - Words: 1012

Testing the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo.

esting the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. esting the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo.

esting the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. esting the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo.


<Center><center><div style="color: white;text-align:center;font-family: housegothic-lightfourregular; font-size:53px; background-color: #d83234; color: white; text-shadow: 0px 0px 1px #b61970; padding:10px 0px 10px 0px; width: 490px; height: 40px; border-radius: 0.3em; box-shadow: black 0px 0px 5px; border: 3px solid white; line-height: 14px; opacity: 0.9;">
<div style="width: 460px; font-family: tahoma; font-size: 13px; line-height: 13px; text-align: justify; border-radius: 3em;  "><div style="width: 480px; height: 530px; background-image:url(''); margin-left: -10px;  border-radius: 1.5em; border: white solid 4px; box-shadow: black 0px 0px 6px;"></div>

<div style="color: #d83234; text-shadow: black 1px 1px 1px; letter-spacing: 1px; font-size: 68px; text-transform: uppercase; font-family: housegothic-lightfourregular;">[center][b]Enter Liu tounao[/b]


<Div style="font-size: 37px; width: 600px; line-height: 30px; letter-spacing: 0px;">Song: UNKNOWN - Artist: UNKNOWN - Words: 1012</div></div></div>
<div style="font-family: calibri; word-spacing: 0px; font-size: 15px; line-height: 12px; letter-spacing: -1px; color: #d83234; width: 510px; text-shadow: lightgrey  0px 1px 1px; text-align: JUSTIFY">Testing the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo.

esting the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. esting the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo.

esting the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. esting the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo.



Enter Liu tounao

Liu Xīnshén - Overseer Of The Underworld [#2 Hell Guardian] [Approved, 0-2/0-2+; Rakshasa] [0-4++; Hell Beast] JCRrxmK

Song: UNKNOWN - Artist: UNKNOWN - Words: 1012

Testing the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo.

esting the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. esting the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo.

esting the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. esting the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo.


<Center><center><div style="color: white;text-align:center;font-family: housegothic-lightfourregular; font-size:53px; background-color: #832723; color: white; text-shadow: 0px 0px 1px #b61970; padding:10px 0px 10px 0px; width: 490px; height: 40px; border-radius: 0.3em; box-shadow: black 0px 0px 5px; border: 3px solid white; line-height: 14px; opacity: 0.9;">
<div style="width: 460px; font-family: tahoma; font-size: 13px; line-height: 13px; text-align: justify; border-radius: 3em;  "><div style="width: 480px; height: 530px; background-image:url(''); margin-left: -10px;  border-radius: 1.5em; border: white solid 4px; box-shadow: black 0px 0px 6px;"></div>

<div style="color: #7e2a2a; text-shadow: black 1px 1px 1px; letter-spacing: 1px; font-size: 68px; text-transform: uppercase; font-family: housegothic-lightfourregular;">[center][b]Enter Liu tounao[/b]


<Div style="font-size: 37px; width: 600px; line-height: 30px; letter-spacing: 0px;">Song: UNKNOWN - Artist: UNKNOWN - Words: 1012</div></div></div>
<div style="font-family: calibri; word-spacing: 0px; font-size: 15px; line-height: 12px; letter-spacing: -1px; color: #832723; width: 510px; text-shadow: lightgrey  0px 1px 1px; text-align: JUSTIFY">Testing the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo.

esting the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. esting the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo.

esting the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. esting the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo.



Enter Liu tounao

Liu Xīnshén - Overseer Of The Underworld [#2 Hell Guardian] [Approved, 0-2/0-2+; Rakshasa] [0-4++; Hell Beast] JCRrxmK

Song: UNKNOWN - Artist: UNKNOWN - Words: 1012

Testing the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo.

esting the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. esting the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo.

esting the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. esting the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo.


<Center><center><div style="color: white;text-align:center;font-family: housegothic-lightfourregular; font-size:53px; background-color: #ab3649; color: white; text-shadow: 0px 0px 1px #b61970; padding:10px 0px 10px 0px; width: 490px; height: 40px; border-radius: 0.3em; box-shadow: black 0px 0px 5px; border: 3px solid white; line-height: 14px; opacity: 0.9;">
<div style="width: 460px; font-family: tahoma; font-size: 13px; line-height: 13px; text-align: justify; border-radius: 3em;  "><div style="width: 470px; height: 690px; background-image:url(''); margin-left: -10px;  border-radius: 1.5em; border: white solid 4px; box-shadow: black 0px 0px 6px;"></div>

<div style="color: #ab3649; text-shadow: black 1px 1px 1px; letter-spacing: 1px; font-size: 68px; text-transform: uppercase; font-family: housegothic-lightfourregular;">[center][b]Enter Liu tounao[/b]


<Div style="font-size: 37px; width: 600px; line-height: 30px; letter-spacing: 0px;">Song: UNKNOWN - Artist: UNKNOWN - Words: 1012</div></div></div>
<div style="font-family: calibri; word-spacing: 0px; font-size: 15px; line-height: 12px; letter-spacing: -1px; color: #ab3649; width: 510px; text-shadow: lightgrey  0px 1px 1px; text-align: JUSTIFY">Testing the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo.

esting the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. esting the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo.

esting the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. esting the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo.


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