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And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.

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Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2416, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.
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Thu Sep 17, 2015 8:02 pm

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» Name: Blank | 空ろ| Utsuro
» Titles: None Aquired
» Age: While she looks like a child of a few years Blank is in fact only a few months old. She was recently born on September 18th of 2415 making her now on average; Seven Months Old. Strangely enough tis would make her a Virgo however her personality doesn't match up to her birth date; meaning that perhaps she should have been born a different time if it weren't for Sunshine's involvement.
» Gender: Female
» Affiliation/Rank: While being completely ignorant to the entire world; Blank was raised within a Kahalaist environment and grown to fully accept their ideals. This makes her not in any high ranks within the religion as in being a priest however she is fully devoted to them. She hopes to one day reach the position such as a priest (or in this case a priestess) much like her "Father".

» Shifter Appearance Written: Blank is way to young to fully understand the limits of her body, she is unaware that she could shift her appearance if she puts her mind to it. However she does have a slight change in appearance whenever her lantern flicks out, normally the burning hot demon energy leaking from in between the cracks of her tail will dissipate long with the lantern light. This proves to be nothing physically damaging to the child at all, but she is incapable of controlling her tail at that point and it breaks apart. Once the lantern is lit again with her energy, she can once again use her tail normally and it regain it's original appearance.

» True Appearance Picture:


空ろ [5-3 Approved] Image3699-1

» Personality:
    »Naive:This is mainly because of her very child-like self, she isn't older than a week and therefore doesn't know a lot of the things in the world. She doesn't understand how people work, or how flowers grow, but she knows the words to it. her Naivety is more towards life experiences, and towards that world that just seems to be changing frequently.

    »Shallow: Since the child doesn't know very much she is pretty shallow, she'll go around and view things only by what she sees. She'll only see a person by their visuals, until she gets to really really know them, which may take her a while. It's one of the main reasons why she questions the people raising her as her real parents.

    »Decaying: What a decaying personality means is that while she will seem excited and joyous in the beginning of a conversation, the more the person pressures her into talking with them; or continues to distract her from the things she enjoys she'll start to decay in mood. This mood change will slowly start to shift into more of a psychotic break if she isn't given her time to be alone anymore, and recollect herself. Signs of her personality decaying is her speak would start to shorten down into one word statements before, she'd try to stop replying all together, once she starts talking once more, her words will loosely be strung together and start to make little sense.

» Likes:Body parts, Dead people, drooling, bells, Corpses, laying down, Decay, seeing new things, shrines.

» Dislikes: Liars, being left out, misunderstandings, bugged too much.

空ろ [5-3 Approved] Image3700-1

» Fox Demon and her Spider Companion:

Born within the Capital the fox demon was raised within captivity, after years of being abused and assaulted the female begun to attack back against humans; devouring them. Within her travels she then stumbled upon the spider demon, whom she presumed was a regular human. However unlike most humans she felt strangely attracted to this person, using her body to bring in this woman to her quarters. Since she has already a twisted view on feelings and love, the fox demon though there was no problem in torturing and murdering the demon girl before devouring her body as well. "My heart is yours. In exchange I'll take your body."

The spider demon was furious that her body was being assaulted by this fox demon, and with her last dying breath left a curse on their family. Whenever one of the fox demon's children find a potential mate and bare their child they will go ahead and murder their mate. Once they have the child they will lead an unfortunate death of being tortured and beheaded just like the fox demon will befall. The curse had progressed for years, building up the deaths and pain from all the ancessorts to befell this awful tragedy.

It wasn't until a pair of twins were born that the curse went into turmoil; the children somehow viewed the curse as a "man" that was coming to kill them. Through paranoia of the demon man to come back the two girls commits many murders every night, hoping that the death and blood would keep the man at bay. Their plan didn't seem to go as they pleased when one of the sisters turned her paranoia into hatred towards the younger twin. The twin caught on, and murdered her sister out of love, and in addition to such; the younger twin's mental stability collapsed. It wasn't until under the delusion of her believing she had become both her sister and herself as one person, she couldn't seem to function again. However since she still haven't bared a child yet, and she was now bearing the curse of two people, the sister didn't know what to do other than to turn to belief.

Hoping that through prayer and good deed the curse will subside, the twin continued to spread the words of Khalaism, only to leave her broken mind even worse. The more she thought about herself the more she realised about them both, the sins she committed, and begun to lose hope. She was more than willing to commit suicide at any point in time, before turning to one of the priests. Begging for him to bring her over to Nirvana, he eventually agreed where she was finally able to pass on. Since she never bore any children the curse had finally ended, leaving behind the death and regrets, as well as the murder of everyone before them. Through this a new Danava of Necro was born.

» Equipment:

Blank's Lantern: Being depicted as a traditional paper lantern with wooden framework, Blank has always had a lantern hanging off from her tail, however it hasn't had much use. For when it was first brought to her attention she found that whenever she gets tired the glow from the lantern would dim in colour and brightness, marking it's close relationship with her energy levels. After further examination Blank had found that the Lantern stored her demonic energy within until she herself knew how to able to energy and use abilities. So when she recently received her ability of collecting partial souls, her lantern shifted it's focusing on collecting and holding souls instead. Also mentioned in the ability Blank cannot access to her souls whilst the Lantern is inactive or burned out, and that can be done a number of ways. As some examples if someone were to merely blow out the flames, or if she were to fall asleep the Lantern wouldn't be in use anymore. However she would still have access to her demonic energy; this is because the lanterns main focus isn't holding her energy as it once was, however it will still show level changes in both energy and souls based on it's brightness and flame dimming.

The Necromancer's Book and Quill: The book wouldn't look any different from any other dark leather backing to any novel. It size only being slightly larger and seeing how the leather isn't any form of brown but pure black it's still a rarity on it's down. There is no text written on it's cover nor binding and all of the edges are embed with a golden metallic platting so that it's edges wouldn't get bent or destroyed in any fashion. Perfect for a child. The papers inside look very outdated and while still can old it together to can obviously see their wear and tear; some of the pages has some blood stains from certain rituals that took place. As for the Necromancer's Quill it has the traditional tip of a regular quill, but instead of the end coming up and forming that of a regular feather; the feather is pretty torn and worn out. Most Quills were made with white feathers whoever who ever created the necromancer's quill it was that of a raven's feather due to it's dark colours. Why it was created this way, or anything special on it's appearance is unknown however it is required to be in use during the rituals. To where she found these items was when she was released from her home to travel amongst the humans; she have been very lucky to meet very special people along the way. While she never brags about who she has met to most people; one person she was very fond of was a bookseller outside of japan. While Blank was never fond of reading herself there were still many children book that Bank could read within the facility and luckily for her the bookseller had a soft spot for children (not in a sexual way). Though during her stay the bookseller would mention and old book that no-one could touch, and tales of what it could do and the adventures that people in the pas have had with it. This obviously peeked Blank's attention however the bookseller refused to tell her were it was; this is where Blank started to read parts of most of the books trying to look for this mysterious opportunity. After month of researching and very (few trips to the restricted section when the booksellers would leave) Blank had finally found her treasure. However she couldn't really understand anything that it said; everything looked like weird scribbles, circles and a couple morphed doodles here and there. Wedged in between the middle of the book was the Necromancer's quill; something that Blank wouldn't have noticed if it didn't fall out of the book from her carrying it around a lot. She knew if the bookseller would be angry if he saw her with the book so she know she'd have to take off for a while till he wouldn't be angry anymore. Leaving everything she had within her pockets which was a few hundred yen, some wrappers and pretty rocks she found on the way; Blank took off with her prize.

The Necromancer's Book can be used for all types of spells that deal or result in death, the dead, the undead, or even souls. The listing of abilities that Blank can used will be updated on what she has learned the book itself is endless of possibilities based on how the user uses the magic. While Blank is an incredible learner something that she is having difficulties mastering is the spell and enchantments within a book she had stumbled upon during her travels. While deadly to most people because of it's ability to use souls to summon anything inside; Blank is capable of using the text with ease. That is ifs he could understand any of it; it will take some time getting used to the different languages and she'd have to continuously practice any of the rituals inside blank in theory could use this book as easily as an Atma Vatou. In fact she is already capable of using one of the spells within the text already in which she likes to call "Spooky Scary Skeletons" A rather huge mouthful for whenever you are in combat, but as any child she doesn't have very good foresight.

Now as for the Necromancer's Quill, this is obviously not a normal quill; instead of using ink to write text onto paper the Necromancer's Quill instead using the amount of souls needed for a ritual and allows the user to write the ancient language upon the air. This is visible to everyone except for nonspiritual humans as for obvious reasons; the text will stay within the air until all the spells conditions have been met before it fades away. If there is a spell that is for a time limit then the text will continuously stay there until time is up.

» A Necromancer's Abilities:

Spooky Scary Skeletons: This is one and only spell that blank has learned from her Necromancer's Book; this ability sacrifices a person's soul to summon forth an undead skeleton. For Blank's case it doesn't go straight for her own soul but for the souls that she has reserved for herself something that she is very thankful for. While this spooky skeleton seems to be frightening to most children due to Blank's childish imagination the skeleton almost comes out slightly cartooned. This is perhaps because she isn't really taking an alive skeleton and bringing it to life but is using a soul to fabricate one since she uses this method the skeleton will take on any form that she imagines it too look like. As for Blank she always imagines this skeleton with a regular metal helmet, and rusted sword and leather shoes; why this is? It must because this style of skeleton is rather common in children tv shows and books especially when their eye holes are angled downwards to look angry and evil. As for the skeleton's powers it doesn't have anything fancy at all; it would attack by swinging it's sword and reform itself if it's arm fell off or something like that. The only way to kill it is much like a zombie and destroying its head and while it isn't a very weak creature by consuming the soul it mimics the natural general tier of it's creator; Blank.

» Natural Demon Traits:

Partial Souls Collection: Blank had received this ability because of the Juin being added into her; this ability is more or less of as a trade off for the Juin. Since her body is still developing the similar side effects one would have when gaining the Juin doesn't completely apply to her with that her body had to create some sort of tradeoff, and since later on her abilities will be focused more on the collection and using of souls, this is a perfect start up. Her lantern in which is constantly attached to her tail now becomes the best storing area for all the partial souls that Blank collects. The only way the souls can leave the lantern is through a transaction by having access to her Juin seal, so far only Kamui is aware of the location of her seal therefore making it nearly impossible for someone else to take them. There is a visual representation of when the number of souls that Blank collects increases which is the brightness of her lantern; as the more souls she gains the brighter hr lantern gets, the same can be said the reverse. While her lantern is inactive or essentially turned off Blank no longer has access to transitioning her souls to people, as she is now completely cut off from them, however this doesn’t mean that she loses them.

As for the ability she gains for collecting this partial souls, is more or less a passive; in which putting it bluntly is whenever she gets pregnant her body absorbs the fertilized egg thus killing the potential child and taking the partial soul. There has been a debate since the beginning of time whenever or not a fetus has a soul or yet, however since receiving this ability Blank had found that both theories are correct. Instead of receiving a whole soul, a fetus instead receives a partial soul or in other terms half of a soul, once the child is born it then can become a full soul. However since Blank is killing the fetus before it gets a full soul, she is only able to collect partial souls with each time she becomes pregnant; as an example if she wanted one whole soul worth she'd need to get pregnant twice. Each partial soul is only worth to a half soul, once she collects two partial souls her body will automatically fuse these souls together to create a full and empty slate soul. Even though right now she doesn't have any abilities aimed towards these souls as of now, she is capable of giving Kamui, the creator of her juin, one soul every two souls she gets. This transaction will automatically be completed by him physically touching her juin mark in any way shape or form and doesn't take more than a minute to complete. If he so wishes he is capable of waiting till more souls have collected up for him before decided to take his fair share.

Total Soul Count:[/be] 120
[b]Blank’s Soul Count:
Kamui’s Soul Count: 40

» Gifted Abilities:

Juin | Accelerated Learning: Due to the interactions Blank has already had with people of much stronger energy capabilities and powers; such as Kamui and Sunshine; as well as the Juin that Kamui has bestowed her with on the roof of Blank's mouth. Blank has been able to be gifted with a mutated learning system in which gives her additional influences to learning different skills and gaining higher tiers based on who she is interacting with and what she is doing. In order to increase her natural attributes, such as Strength, Speed, Demon Magic etc, most people would require to be within fighting situations or intense labor training. However in Blank’s situation since this juin ability does increases her learning capabilities, she could get the same effectiveness through situations which would be deemed more social than combative. Meaning she doesn't necessarily have to throw herself into danger as she can learn these skills with that of a much stronger person through a 'social thread'.

Due to Kamui placing the Juin within the roof of her mouth, the Juin is capable of bleeding it's abilities within her brain; which is how she gets this learning capabilities. Due to Blank being that only of a recently born infant, her body was going through changes and huge amount of growth, because of that the Juin had slightly mutated making her child sponge like mind into something much more advanced in its ability to absorb information. The now Advanced mind is capable of learning and memorizing new information within only the first couple times, so if the child would take time to repeatedly do whatever activity she wishes to learn she can easily master the skill far faster than the average person. Not only would this affect her learning, but also her ideals and understanding of the world; this could potentially be one of her greatest weapons once she gets older, but it also allows her to be easily deceived. If someone were to feed her the wrong information she'll accept it as truth until A. she figures it out herself. or B. she is told by the same person it was a lie to begin with.

To further elaborate on her learning in non combative use, if someone were to give her the simple task of folding paper, the child would be able to continuously keep learning to fold it with cleaner folds as well as learn how to get the same folds through different ways. If she was guided or learned the concept or idea of origami she could potentially use that simple idea of only folding paper to create millions of different art pieces through practice alone. She can't however learn something she doesn't know about; simply put if someone were to teach her how to make long sounds with her voice she wouldn't be able to use that to sing if she never knew that existed.

Because the Juin has been placed into her body through the most important time of her development, as well as the crucial placement of the mark. The further Blank ages and grows, the more opportunities the Juin can merge within her body all together; now making it not exclusive to her brain alone. Due to the strength of the juin and how early it was placed in her development, once the child reaches full maturity the juin should have reached it’s full capabilities in both strength and adaptations as further becomes one with her being. This would mean that the further she ages the more potent her physical learning ability becomes making Blank the perfect student in both combative prowess and everyday activities.

Currently while Blank’s body isn’t at it’s peak “learning status” she can still easily pick up concepts like muscle memory while her body is still trying to work out the simple stuff. An example of how her physical accelerated learning capabilities can be applies would be something simple like regeneration. While she herself could not understand regeneration her body would, so the more she gets injured in some shape or form, the further her body understands the situation and mutates to defend against it, in some causes that would be bettering her regeneration rate, or raising its potency. Perhaps something simple as getting injured over and over again could be that her skin becomes more durable, or her DNA start to reform itself so that the same thing wouldn’t so easily hurt her; something much more focused than something broad as overall durability. This same concept is applied to humans when they are exposed to deadly poisons, diseases and other form of situations where their immune system is compromised. That same thing would apply to blank however upon surviving whatever is thrown at her, her body further developed to defend against it however as mentioned before it sometimes focuses in on something specific than broad. For an example of this ida with her immune system someone could have injected her with snake venom, sometimes her body would only focus in on that type of snake, and that type of venom; meaning something like spider venom would have it’s same effectiveness till her body learns from it. There can be millions, or even trillions of different ways this ability can affect both her mind and body, however this should be a clear overview of common examples of this ability.

Sunshine Oil: Blank doesn't have control over her oil much like sunshine does, and with Blank’s ability she can't seem to create a whole bunch in one setting. However that doesn’t change that this oil was a huge factor in her birth, meaning that the oil continues to stay dormant within her body only multiplying whenever it’s being used. Before she gained her Juin and slightly power spike, the only way the oil would have activated within herself would be if she contributed anything towards her faith in Khalaism. Simple acts such as gathering “peace” or the organs of the dead or even involving herself in recruiting people to join her father would send this child into a frenzy of sexual feelings. As distributing this may be for any sane person, this is completely normal for the child since this has never changed since birth; based on her recent abilities and how she was raised doing sexual favors is the same as doing chores for her.

However now since she received her very own Juin, and gained that power spike, Blank can now physically create a small portion of the oil whenever she gets into one of her Khalaism moods.Since she can't create much of it and she only connects it to something sexual or 'trading' she can only produce this oil through her sexual organs. She'll continue to keep producing this oil the more the person allows her to do things under the ideals of Khalaism or keeps her pleasure in a heightened state. With that said, a person can't just try to get her sexually active and she'll produce it, she has to do something in which she deems is for Khalaism, such examples of that is when she 'collects peace' or harvest the organs of recently deceased people or if she 'spreads of the word of Khalaism' which leads to just sex. This is like this because whenever she does these simple acts 'for Khalaism' as said before the oil goes into her system and raises her libido/fertility thus making her much more susceptible towards sexual activities.

Her oil is in the same manner as Sunshine's however she can't affect their soul and body the same way he does, while he corrupts them into being that of a demon, she is unable to do that whatsoever. She is far too weak nor understands completely how her oil even works to begun to think about effecting people to that level. The reasoning for this is because while Sunshine's oil corrupts on with despair Blank doesn't have that ability at all, making it nearly impossible for her oils to do the same as his without being taught. However much like sunshine's regular oil she is capable of heightening the pleasuring sensors in their body with whatever touches this oil. With a mix of pheromones as well as converting their nervous system by affecting their brain, the oil is capable of turning a nonsexual area into a pleasure warzone. Though she hasn't reached the point of being able to send someone into a mind boggling pleasure, but it is enough to send someone off into a nice mood. However she can't even allow such a thing to even happen if the person themselves doesn't accept the oil at all. If they deem it unsafe or try to get away from it the oil will leave no effect on the host and will only just fade away.

Lastly, the oil takes on a darker colour than that of sunshine's, however has the same texture and thickness as his own. It isn't very sticky, but it does have a grip on it much like regular oil, but more resembles that of body cream/butter. Once it applies it will feel very warm before fading off into their senses, since it is a liquid the natural effects of being exposed to air will cause it to cool down. The oil will stay on the host for the full duration of five posts, but it can be reapplied to refresh this effect.

空ろ [5-3 Approved] Image5421-1

» Origin Name: Necro

» Origin Power: N/A

» Origin Abilities: N/A

空ろ [5-3 Approved] Image5425-1

» Conceptual World:

» Rilīja Attributes: N/A

» Eternal Partner Name: N/A

» Eternal Partner Appearance: N/A

» Eternal Partner Personality: N/A

» Eternal Partner Powers: N/A

空ろ [5-3 Approved] Image5423-1

» Atma Vatou Name: N/A

» Atma Vatou Appearance: N/A

» Atma Vatou Abilities: N/A


空ろ [5-3 Approved] Image5424-1

» Aliṅgana State Appearance: N/A

» Aliṅgana State Powers: N/A

» Aliṅgana State Abilities: N/A

» Unnata Release Appearance: N/A

» Unnata Release Powers: N/A

» Unnata Release Abilities: N/A

空ろ [5-3 Approved] Image3702-1

Racial Skills
  • Za Koa Skill: Beginner
  • Demon Magic: Beginner
  • Shadow Movement: Beginner
  • Akuma Kyōdo: Beginner

General Skills
  • Durability: Beginner
  • General Speed: Beginner
  • Strength: Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Beginner

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Adept
  • Mental Deduction: Adept
  • Pain Endurance: Beginner
  • Focus: Beginner


Upgrades Added: 1st upgrade
2nd upgrade
Necromancy Step One
Necromancy Step Two

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Fri Sep 18, 2015 12:26 am
Application Checklist
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  • Appearance Present [X]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [X]
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  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [X]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[X]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [X]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [X]

Will Skills
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  • Pain Endurance: Beginner
  • Focus: Beginner

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