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Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2416, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.

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Monsuta Chokehold Defense Thread  I_vote_lcapMonsuta Chokehold Defense Thread  I_voting_barMonsuta Chokehold Defense Thread  I_vote_rcap 
Monsuta Chokehold Defense Thread  I_vote_lcapMonsuta Chokehold Defense Thread  I_voting_barMonsuta Chokehold Defense Thread  I_vote_rcap 
Monsuta Chokehold Defense Thread  I_vote_lcapMonsuta Chokehold Defense Thread  I_voting_barMonsuta Chokehold Defense Thread  I_vote_rcap 
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 Monsuta Chokehold Defense Thread

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Monsuta Chokehold Defense Thread  2www_zpsdlueyqab

Brazil’s Defences

Energy barrier –
This defence system though the simplest is by far the most effective. The same system that was once utilised within Sydney Australia, this system however has been advanced after its destruction under the hands of shadin yuudeshi, factoring in certain specific points to deal with such problems ever occurring again. The basis of this entire barrier is the simplistic deign created over the years by the monsuta calling upon the vast reserves of energy being generated by the generators stored beneath the surface of nearly the entire of south America, excluding of course Argentina.

This barrier simply employs the concept of using not only spiritual and naturally generated energy but now due to a design implement that was created after Australia actually siphons regulated flow energy of whatever touches the barrier. This is the main reinforcement in the way of what happened at the hands of shadin yuudeshi, to counter such actions it has been made so that within seconds of touching the barrier the energy within would begin using one’s own energy to power the mass generation grid. This ensures that if one were to come in half-cocked and simply try to overcome energy with energy it would be an effort in futility. The energy siphoned would constantly be fed straight back into the generators making it so that despite all the energy they are pouring out it would be impossible to break through it with mere force.

As before however each grid protection can be breached, one such example of how to do this would be huge amounts of force that would not be recommended, as it could still near rip apart any person willing to try. Or there is the option to disturb the grids energy supplies via either discontinuing the flow of energy into it or by taking apart the reishi infused energy (do note however taking this energy would be equivalent to touching acid, the more you try to take the more it’d burn) Although something else to not that this barrier essentially is found to be impenetrable to energy based attacks as they have been found to burn up upon touch of the barriers (this applies to quincy arrows and Ginto, such as Spregner). Below is the strength level upon activation in every city.

  • Single Grid Activated: When a single grid is activated, said city under attack will receive a layer or energy that covers the entire city, anything beyond a kilometer radius from the end of the grid is cut off from the protection. The single grid activation is capable of stopping bullets, explosions and nearly any type of fire that comes into contact with it; as well as dispelling any lightning based attacks that attempt to manipulate holes into the field. If a lower tiered character were to touch this, it could likely tear their hand open or cause them to receive intense burns on the area touched.

  • Second Grid Activated: The second activation of another grid is quite useful to both the cities that have experienced attacks or wish to further help the other city under attack. Once the second grid has been activated, the layer of defense sprouts over the second city whilst drawing energy from the other Grid, and vice versa towards the first grid activated. Either one helps sustain each other in keeping the shielding grid activated. For someone to touch the barrier whilst the second grid is activated, it would likely blow their hand apart (at a low tiered level). For higher 4 tier and higher, it could cause damage to their flesh and cause permanent markings/scaring. Although, it is breakable, with enough force.

  • Third Grid Activated: The third grid activated within a city under monsuta control begins to strengthen it even further, although once it reaches to the third grid being activated; there is much more than a defensive purpose. Once again, the defense of said grid barriers is doubled from the original second grid, although now adds an effect of attacking to it. When someone holding a trace of spiritual essence to them comes close enough, in a three kilometer radius, they will be found to have bolts of energy based and compressed currents launched through the air at them (something that could be considered similar to a laser blaster); as well as being able to become a homing beacon and track their target. At the third grid, it has shown to shoot out thin shots only. The third grid also targets any exterior electrical devices that are attempting to take down the shield or used in the assault, causing them to be shut down and stop working. This is similar to being sent out in an EMP blast, but much stronger (on some cases being able to completely shatter the device in question) which is also on a three kilometer area radius.

  • Fourth Grid Activated: The fourth grid is yet again another defensive boost in terms of breaking through into the cities around South America. Fourth Grid allows much more strength before being able to break through, although is said to amplify the size and power of said energy-based blast to track and hit their opponents. Now, they can appear to be the size of a regular car and shoot at a rate of a thousand per thirty seconds, usually being strong enough to smash through most quincy arrows if not enhanced by any means. The area in which they can shoot is also increased by one kilometre, along with the EMP blast, pushing it up to a 4 kilometre range for the lasers and electromagnetic pulse now.

  • Fifth Grid Activated: The fifth grid, when activated, has proven to be on the key area in which allows a nearly unbreakable barrier power to cities that have it activated. Basically, this is amplified to the point that it has been shown to set living area on fire because the outside of the barrier is raised to extreme temperatures, ants, plants and even humans being shown to have their skin melted right off if they didn't have any means of protection against it. Although, unlike the outside, on the inside of the grid barrier; it is completely cooled and continues at an artificially created weather program; in case citizens had to live under that protection for months on end. The second part of this fifth grid is the fact that they can create small scale explosion in a fifty metre radius from the outside of the barrier create. This works as, if there's someone right up against the barrier, a small scale explosion (at will) can be launched out in an energy based blast to knock them away or obliterate them.

  • Sixth Grid Activated: Once again, this strengthens the barrier to the point where it is nearly impenetrable. The main focus of this is to keep the all cities around South America intact, placing a massive single barrier around the nations chokehold. At this point not only do all of the grids activate fuelling the mass barrier to stop any intruders entering within its field but the linked 5 orbiting satellites also being relaying massive amounts of energy into the grid as well. Literally firing their core power down in order to offer a massive strength boost to the already massively powerful barrier. At this point even those of 0 tier coming into contact with the barrier would be near ripped apart by the sheer masses of energy, the barrier being comparable to a miniature stars own power. At this point the draining effect also becomes much more apparent now being capable of upon touch tearing through opponents reserves of energy until connection with the barrier is broken. The sixth grid. Also amplifies the barriers energy blasts that can shoot out, this time exchanging the size of the energy blasts to that of a tall building; being able to even obliterate single battalions of men in a single swipe.

  • Seventh Grid Activated: The final frontier: The seventh grid is considered the final tier for the defences of monsuta’s chokehold, allowing supreme defence over the nation’s capital Brazil. The idea of this final grid activation is that it finally causes all of the energy from other grids and the satellites scattered over South America to become drained and are added the massive generator located under the blood falls own power that is finally activated, abandoning every other city apart from brazil to its demise if the enemy were to come to this level. For the seventh Grid to activate, it would take a threat similar to what occurred within Australia and an all-out assault on Monsuta. The seventh Grid has been considered, by those who manufactured it, an impenetrable force that surrounds the blood fall, the energy so unstable that on the opposite side of it the very energy begins ripping apart those who get close, burning away bodies in mere moments, and even the draining effect kicking even at a distance of over 100 m. The inside however is said to be a nigh inescapable death trap as well, not affecting those inside sure but trying to get out when it is activated would be like attacking a brick wall with a wooden bat. This final tier of grid has been kept a secret from not just the public but to the monsuta itself to stop them from feeling betraying in the cause of a war until the final grid is activated and to stop all feeling that this level of barrier could have been at play within Australia. For the field to get a hole punctured into it, it would take unbelievable force that in itself would do almost more damage to the user ripping apart their very body in the process, or somehow going not through this barrier but instead destroying the grids bellow and the satellites above and taking most of its power away allowing someone to force entry with much more ease, or to drain the energy away from the shield, though in essence only the reishi energy could be drained without more being constantly feed via the satellites, and the reishi energy contained within this would be poisonous and difficult to drain completely. Not only this, but after absorbing all the energy from that of the other grids and the satellites, there is an equivalent of those energy blasts that can level an entire city in a single strike. Although, now, the fire rate of these is lowered to one every ten posts. The range is increased to be able to strike even countries across the ocean, as far as Antarctica. The EMP blast is now knocked up to a fifty kilometer area alongside this.

The Dead Drones –
The keepers of peace, these enhanced nightmares created by tora were made on the ideal of defence and peace keeping of the territories controlled by the monsuta. Some could compare these to the Genetic race of TCCU clones in which patrol the yuudeshis central areas, the drones however are much more than simplistic clones of toras genetics. These things where failures and martyrs for the cause, implanted with several different modifications, one such thing would be the chips imbedded into these corpses’ brains allowing them to retain ordinary systematic abilities that a brain would normally control as well as other features such as enhanced reflexes and vast processing power that enables a subtle advantage in normal circumstances. To this extent these walking zombies are equipped with the ability to continuously move regardless of broken bones, crushed limbs or heavily induced pain, all in order to fulfil their orders until the bodies hosting their chips are destroyed or the chip itself is fried. However as a precaution towards any interference with this chip, tora himself linked each of these chips to his network and his internal mainframe being the key source code for them allowing Tora utter control. This code controls, tracks and links the entirety of the drones with the monsutas main security network allowing complete knowledge of their surroundings. The bodies themselves, in order to protect these chips and the catalyst in which they are situated in, also play host to various upgrades. One such of these would be the crystallised silicate that coats the chip within their heads. This allows a certain amount of protection from any tampering or attempts to fry the said chips with conductors such as lightning, not to mention the crystalline mass also creates a very dense and difficult to penetrate casing for the chip.

The subjects bodies too where enhanced to allow a much more physical dominance than a regular soldier. Enhanced with biological engineering tora has enhanced the very cells of these soldier to the point of allowing a much greater physical performance from them, even blessing these creations with a form of enhanced conditioning not to mention removing most of their organs replacing them with mechanical parts in a bid to make things tora perceives as pointless actions like breathing irrelevant. They are capable of running and fighting at greater lengths than any normal human, capable of self-sustenance and prolonged inactivity without ever declining within their form, these soldiers are the heavy troops of the monsutas main forces. Tora has also created a much better Exo structure for these beings by coating their bones with graphene, a compound much greater but also heavier than any type of metal around. This also enacts as a strong conductor making most electrical based attacks useless even further as well as stopping people such as metal manipulators from being able to destroy these “defenders” with ease due to the substances own make up being formed from minerals much different to regular metals. Within this skeletal structure he has also enhanced the joints and most of their other systems with mechanical aid, allowing for even more power and perfection to these beings allowing them to continue fighting until their bodies are completely destroyed.

Like with most sets of soldiers however there too are ranks of these drones. Some such are even living beings enhanced with these modifications but still retaining most cognitive functions and the processing abilities of not only the new mind and network they are linked to but also their natural thoughts and emotions. Though of course this process is usually only given to the most trusted of individuals and even they would have limited control within tora’s network. This does however allow these people to make judgment decisions of their own volition and created a stable structure within their ranks allowing another person to lead in tora’s stead if need be. Most of these soldiers are also equipped with specific AI to assist with their actions, much like a sort of Zanpakutō spirit but on a different plane as it is constantly active and capable of giving advice to its supporter, as well as assisting with the usage of their equipment and needed protocol. Each trooper is specially fitted with custom armour made of the same sort of material as their very bones, the capability of such equipment allowing most energy based attacks much less effective as well as providing elite protection.

These troopers are also equipped with several different forms of weaponry, though most are welcome to carry regular weaponry of their choice they are mainly fitted with key pieces of equipment in the form of their sword, made of a titanium alloy and inlayed with several conductors allowing them to use this both in the way of stunning and cutting if need be, as well as a stunning and energy based attack power. Troopers are also equipped with primary assault cannons, capable of firing both regular ammunition as well as special ammunition such as stun and explosive rounds it offers mass fire power for them. Another key future to these guns is that if enough energy and matter is placed into the weapon, it can change into a gauss rifle. A gauss rifle uses the energy contained within the machines core, which they can externalize, as magnets to shoot projectiles of the same kind or other kinds of projectiles as long it's small enough to fit into the barrel. While the gun is changed into a Gauss rifle it can't channel abilities through it, all but creating bullets, and launching them at extremely high speeds. This weapon is very durable as well so if it were attempted to be broken it would take a lot more due to the composition of the weapon. These men are also equipped with several emp, flash and smoke grenades in order for riot control to be taken into account, not to mention certain members also have unique powers within them depending on specific cases. All of this makes these people a major policing force for the monsuta and Brazil along with most of the grunt forces of monsuta, and with the mass amounts of them their numbers alone is within the thousands making defence of their homeland a little easier.

The Nano bot’s –
These pesky little programmed micro bots are a specially designed weapon tora created to deal with most invaders or trouble makers within his lands. The nanobots themselves are programmed to enter a “patients” neural system sending small electroshocks to disrupt neural transmission to the rest of the body in order to subdue uncooperative masses. Intended originally to be inject into the blood stream of enemies these bots are standard issue for detaining officers such as the drones, small needles filled with multiple of these bots are usually injected into a subject allowing the core programming to the nano bots to go to work allowing them to move through the blood stream and literally force a small attack upon the inside of one’s inner workings even disrupting neural pathways and initiating false signals allowing not only the ability to stop those with powers from using them but also allows these bots to initiate temporary coma like state within a subject. This is done by the bots upon noting several aggressive neural patterns will begin sending out major levels of high electrode stimulation into all nerve centres within one’s body rendering them into a vegetable like state until the programming desists (usually 3 post or enough time for regular booking and charging) much like the Yuudeshis precious collars these nano bots can also be presented in another fashion such as a bracer equipped to prisoners, the programming of these enabling them to continuously render the powers of most being useless until the bracer itself is remove. This is done much the same as the injection as three small and near unnoticeable spikes lay on the inside of the bracer, upon contact with skin they immediately spike forth injecting large amounts of the nano bots into the subject these bots however have slightly different programming due to the targets this being regularly used on being of elite nature. The machines not only spark the neural waves and attempt to disable to body and all powers but it will also begin latching to the heart several machines sending multiple shocks within all organs if they persist initiating a form of cardiac arrest due to the large spike of energy within it, they are also equipped with another key code in the way that if they are unable to stop the intended target these bots are equipped with a 3 on fission bomb within them, allowing for them to latterly exploded if they cannot detain the subject. Not to mention its durable diamond inlayed titanium casing of the bracer allows no real damage to be sustained to the bracelet and its machines or offer much of an ability to tear it off once placed upon their wrists.

The Machines –
Clean up crews: The simplest form of explanation for these little nano sized machines would be a stable machine that reintegrates matter where it was once destroyed. For this reason they have been dubbed the clean-up crews due to being sent in after any damage is taken to the monsutas Turf and fixes the damage done on a physical plane to anything within their active field, a field that encompasses the entirety of the monsutas grid allowing full access to the entirety of Brazil, these machines work alongside the Monsutas workers who are the common people employed by the monsuta for tasks such as these and given both resources and housing as well as mass wages for their work, as by doing this and allowing these people their employment and the tools to make their jobs easier it keeps much of the masses suppressed and happy. These machines also have a practical use of regenerating the tissue matter that has been damaged through genetically restructure, though this takes a quite extensive amount of time it could in theory be thought of as a type of regenerative factor, one that tora himself has been using for years. These bug like robots are fitted with multiple scanners and by scanning the left over material of some things can completely remake them a new by matching the structure of the compounds they are creating and matching it to that of ither organic or inorganic constructs. This however means that there is a massive downfall to these bots in the way that they could not recreate anything that is completely obliterated to nothingness due to no compounds being there to copy and the restructure sequence unable to figure out what was once here and in the way of healing, these machines would find the problem of not being capable of engineering life or consciousness so when recreating a body if that person is already dead they wouldn’t be able to bring them back to life.

Sentinal eyes: these machines are something a bit different to the usual types of machines one would expect of vagrants like the monsuta. Simplistic fashioned eye bots this small ball like machine is a simplistic design, a sort of eye shaped robot which uses specialised thrusters powered by their internal radioactive cores, yes radioactive, allowing constant refined power enabling their function. Fitted with a 40 mega pixel camera fitted with x ray, night and heat sensors, movement and sound detectors not to mention reiatsu monitors offering the highest quality footage and secure monitoring possible, with direct link to the monsutas security network allowing a live feed of all five thousand cameras that are within the monsutas chokehold alone at one point in time. Also embedded with 200 terra bites of memory and a constant backup being created and linked to the main source feed within the blood fall it allows a full surveillance 24/7. These little robots are also fitted with a small shock inverter capable of giving out 2000 volts of electricity and stunning or attacking on a lower level these machines are created in mass numbers for the security uses of the Chokehold. Most squad leaders have remote control for these bots, in fact so does Tora himself, despite this however the protocols within them enable these bots to have set routes and functions with monitoring from a service team. Usually only a few cameras are in use at one time, however in special circumstances such as riots, raids and war the bots may be activated in the ideal of constant visuals being needed. These bots also have a self-destruct function in the cases of mass damage or the chance of tampering, upon either removal of the back plate to access its internal wiring or any massive damage to the outside shell this machines radioactive core will go into overdrive sparking a very small scale radioactive bomb, with enough pressure to rip a person’s body completely apart but confined to a very small scale in the way of a 5 meter radius this explosion is a last resort in the case of data protection.

The generation system –
This is simply put one of the biggest things apart of the monsutas entire collection of pieces when it comes to the defence of the chokehold. A system capable of powering the entirety of brazil this generation system converts mass amounts of raw unstable energy by using the principle of oxygen filtration aswell as energy conversion in order to change the molecular sturcutre of that which it takes in and converts it to raw energy, this allows a massive output as the chokehold itself contains over 12 of these generators each being capable of producing enough energy alone to generate a nucleur explosion capable of wiping out half of brazil. These generators act as the main power sorce offering power to all areas of need with maximum power output converting energy to its most stable form allowing it to be used within the safest sense to power almost all systems within the monsutas territory (excluding brazil itself which has its own generation system). This system also has a reserve back up capable of constantly feeding it power, something kept hidden from the masses completely even personel with high rank not knowing of this, the only one besides tora who knows infact are his own hand selected tech devision specified to this purposes and the co head who is privy to such information. The truth is that within these generator as a backup incase of failure is individulas capable of exhorting high energy output. These people are plugged into this machine with pipes running along their spine and skeletal strcutre to impede movement as wel as control vital signs, they are then linked to the main cicuit board of the generator through a collar that controls the ouput signal of their powers and converts it to energy to fuel these generators. These people are kept alive by tubes linked to their innards allowing control over such thing as heart rate, oxygen intake, food control, dietry needs, expulsion needs and much more is some ways they could be thought of as though they were in a vegative state being kept alive by the machines, however this is not exactly the case for tora has allowed them full cognitive function and by this has kept them actively alive and tormented by the fact they cannot escape due to the fact if they are removed from the machines it will release nano toxins into their blood stream causing painful agonizing death not to mention prying them from machine would shed every muscle of theirs and tear them to the point of utter torture, causing those with any conscious to have doubts about this and if these people were to be killed whilst still plugged into the machine it’d cause massive system failure and make it so the entire generator went into overload causing a small scale nuclear bomb to go off within the confines of the chokehold encompassing almost ¼ of south America in its wake, causing massive fatalities across the land, the only place protected from this spread with the 12 generators capable of taking out pre much all of south America apart from brazil itself due to the special distancing and configuration. Tora has also implemented 4 separate individual generators within the walls of brazil making it truly one of the most dangerous places on earth to be.

The satellites –
These satellites are the main source of all of monsuta’s connections. These satellites host the hive network across multiple mass relays connecting them to every system that it can get its hands on. The entire system is linked through the 5 satellites sitting in orbit of the earth, each almost as big as the size of an average person. These aren’t your normal average run of the mill com relays however. Imbedded into each of these 5 satellites are energy cores with power near equitable to that of a star, which due to the mass instability of such energy is constantly flowing out wards around them being slowly vented into their shield processors at all times, each of these satellites however do have a sort of solar energy retainer, meaning that it literally farms the rays of the sun to power itself refuelling its cores as soon as certain amounts of energy is lost, meaning each bit of energy drained from them would quickly rebuild back up over time.
Due to the constant flux of power these satellites are usually operating at massive levels storing, transferring and at times destroying data in seconds is capable via the microprocessor implanted within it, this allows these satellites to act as a sort of massive mainframe for the entire hive network. Though the idea of destroying a single satellite in order to stop its transmissions would be honestly futile as all the data is literally converged through all of the satellites relay it all to separate on hand terminals, one such example being tora’s own cybermind even sharing the load with a separate mainframe located within monsuta’s main base of operations, all of the system is linked through these points. So in turn by destroying all bases it is possible to temporarily shut down the hive network though all that would be needed to establish it would be a new access point, something users could link to in order to gain access once more, which in this case it should be noted the monsuta’s resources have allowed them multiple back up satellites waiting to be pushed into orbit.
The orbiting satellites however aren’t just simple pieces of metal unprotected from someone launching an attack, these machines have multiple capabilities to defend an provide extra support to users of the hive. These pieces of machinery are equipped with energy concentrators being fuelled by their massive energy reserves. These barriers created from the very energy venting from the core of the machine, this energy is relayed through 4 different focussing points converging around the satellite which then charges the energy conductors and encircles the entire piece of equipment with this, this allows a sort of force field to protect the satalite from immediate threats, be it damage to natural or physical forces. These shields however aren’t extremely durable they could be destroyed by pure force however the amount of force required is something that at such a distance from the earth to it would be near impossible, even a great hit may only knock out the force field but wouldn’t damage the highly tensile material alloy that the satellites are made from. This machine is capable of surviving huge shockwaves without any damage, though massive amounts of force or energy would probably make its way through fairly easily.
When it comes to the weapons upon these machines however it is a much different story than a subpar helper. Each of these 5 satellites is equipped with a major modification allowing for much more firepower in these little pieces of metal. These lasers harness almost half of the energy within the core of said satellites and focus it all into a single beam emitted to a target location bellow, the vents at this time will close as to avoid using power to maintain shields and focus purely on the offence. These lasers upon striking could in theory level almost two thirds of a city with a single satellite backing, with higher level of target however comes need for greater power and thus if all 5 were fired it could in essence stretch over a simple city and rip apart almost a quarter of south America, though doing something like this would render the satellites used useless for the rest of a thread if not longer, blacking out the entire hive network if all 5 were fired in conjunction for a small time till the back up under the blood fall kicked in leaving the Monsuta entirely defenceless and leaving this as a last line of defence.

The eight pronged seal -
This is one of Brazil's key defenses, matching the barrier in necessity, 8 spheres buried within the walls around Brazil all manufactured to generate a key genetic structure matching that of toras own death matter, though still being a completely artificial substance that forms out into the atmosphere surrounding the entirety of Brazil in its encompassing mass as it constantly generates mass fields of it, something to note is that this matter due to its composition can in theory be wielded by the head of the monsuta as well allowing him a near in expendable constantly generating power source whilst on home turf, however creating this for practical use within battle is impossible due to the need for the mass reserves of energy that the chokehold generates. then through the blood falls central controls and output frequencies that match toras own to copy his control, through this method Tora has made these little things that spread death matter through the entirety of Brazil into a literal manifestor of his own void control. Tora has encompassed through these means his entire main HQ into a secondary realm accessible only through singular dimensional rifts created by stabilized gate ways some may consider to be sort of mass wormholes, wormholes that are more a rift within the death matter allowing simple entry due to the fact trying to enter forcefully through are around the gate would leave them entering into the space that once held Brazil, now empty land due to the area being relocated to toras void. Three of these gates exist, allowing access into the main force of Brazil however something to note is that they are constantly guarded by employees of the monsuta, this jurisdiction being that mainly of the dead guard members. These checkpoints also have those authorized to enter the capital (mainly higher ranking members of the monsuta) fitted with a microchip implanted into the back of their neck that allows constant supervision by accessing their frontal cortex allowing them to see everything that the subject sees and also tracking their movements, these chips are also installed for the safety of those within Brazil as this could be seen as a military old area now and any who enter are subjected immediately to the other effect of this seals power. Sue to the signals being constantly sent out mass frequencies are blocked out by this chip allowing normal neural function, if one where to enter without this chip however the constant signals are on such a high frequency that they would pierce through even that of soundless area as a sort of radio wave that infects the mind and can cause mass hemorrhaging within the brain creating dizziness, bleeding from both eyes and ears, immense nausea, loss of neural signals making motor function rapidly lose control and also in the same effect sometimes may stop powers of individuals from working at all due to their minds unable to process commands correctly and if prolonged exposure continues even death. One way to stop the effects of this besides having the chip protect your neural functions is to send out a signal on the same wave length and stop the signal ever reaching your, though this may cause an even worse conundrum as this signal controls the artificial death matter in the area around them thus making it try to latch onto the signal and strike inwards attacking the source another way to avoid this promise would come from those capable of controlling their inner mind to the point of reflecting radio waves.

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