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Burūshainingu oni The Blue Shining Hollow Empty Burūshainingu oni The Blue Shining Hollow

Thu Oct 08, 2015 11:35 am
- Name: (Well this is what he used BEFORE death, he just goes by Burūshainingu Oni now.) Raul Mcaoul
- Titles: Burūshainingu oni The Blue Shining Hollow (Black And Blue Shining Demon *I think*)
- Gender: Male
- Age Of Death: 2295
- Appearance Age: ( Don't really get this since hes a Hollow.)
- Age: 187 (Just named it since it will take him a while to reach the Hollow that I am.)
- Affiliation/Rank: None.
- Appearance Description: He stands 7"5. His eyes are a shinning shade of Neon blue. His mask I will just so a picture of. Also his body I will just so a picture of. . He has about 1 Inces Wide Claws. But they are 5 ince long. Instead of the hole in his Chest fully black, its Shining Blue. His mask is just like as it is in the picture (Sorry, hes not that complexed so its hard saying a lot about him, expect his werid colors.) He has claws on his feet also, same size as the ones on his Hands. He has no hair, it does not look like his Mask has a nose. His voice sounds Demonic.
- Appearance Picture: ( Yeah I have two, One is the Body shape and the other one is the Mask, I couldent really edit the Body to match the colors, but just Pertend its like how I said, I cant draw.) and for the body it is (Again, imange all the things I said, this is really just the shape.)

- Personality: He often acts like he obessed with "Shining out" He often Yells, He is a very angry, psychotic personaility. He gets angry really really easily. Whoever "copies" his glow, just gets attacked and killed (I mean if hes strong enough, even if he is not he will still attack) When he is calm, he often talks about how much he likes his colors and how they shine! When hes angry he also yells, but very very much more brutal stuff. He shows no respect to any one, even if hes way out of his leaque, he does not just walk up and talk to random people much. He mostly waits for them to come to him so he can talk to them. But over all, He is a psychoic hollow that loves the word glow and how he looks, and hates people that copy, and is very brutal and violent to ones that attack him, and the other way around. Some others things is when he is when hes confused, when hes confused he might just ignore you fully and just walk away. When hes sad, he often whines. Other things he often talks about how much he want to devour more souls! Of anything and everything! He did die and become a hollow as a child, explaining most of his personaility.

- Likes: Glowing, Colors, Himself, Eatting Souls, He likes most of these since its him, or it makes him better, he loves these the most, but he does sometimes likes people that are glowing also, if they are a different color then him, and are not copying him, also he loves killing and hunting, just for fun, but mostly just for the ones that run, if they run he will most likely attack them then just walk away.
- Dislikes: He dislikes, People that "copy him" He hates people that attacks him, he hates people that glow blue, he hates high pitched sounds, makes him go enraged and attack every thing on sight. He also dislikes Cars, he thinks it is a cheaters way of getting around, people should just walk and make it easier for him!


- Hollow type: Adjuchas (I miss spelled that I think, also I picked it since close to vasto, but can make him look pretty cool.) But he has been a Adjuchas for about 7 Years now, so he has a decentudner standing of his abilities and skills and how to use them.

- Hollow Power:1st : Instead like other Ceros/ Balas/ Etc His moves are blue, these give more of a Kick and Bigger impact size, and some extra speed but not a lot of that ., 2nd:His other move is where he spits a blue Plasma like spit that melts stuff very easiliy like skin bone and etc he uses this a lot just for fun, but it can also melt wood/ metal/ steel/ etc and stuff liek that, he has the most skill in using this move since the move he used the most as his time as a hollow
- Weapons: His weapons that are not skills really are just his claws, he mostly just uses them for slicing and dicing, he uses it in a savage way that mostly goes with him whaling on them on random parts of the party just trying to slice and dice them as fast as he can. He uses them in most o his fights but mostly does nt kill the people or person or hollow that he is fighting with them, but he thinks they are jolly fun also!


- Background: ( This is gonna be during hes alive and during his death, then his time a a hollow.) When he was alive, he was born to a Dad who was a genius, who stayed at home doing studies/ etc, and a mother that often stayed home with him. They all were a decently rich family. During his Child hood and all of his life, he had a thing for glowing things. His father allways made these chemicals and etc for his son, at the time was just 4 when he played with them. His father once made one that would melt the skin and stick to some parts of the body and make it glow. He gave it to his son, not knowing what it does into later on in his life. While he often just played around with his favorite combination, Black and Blue. He was a very well behaved kid. Into one day, he saw his mother who got a loan to be able to get this house and all the things for the family, get attacked by Loan sharks. His mother was back handed and knocked out then kicked on. He poured some of his Glowing Blue acid on them, they started to melt, into there was almost bones, he watched being happy and laughing at how cool it looked. This was at the age of 6 when this happened. After some tests with the thngs he used, they never did find proof that the kid did it. His father looked up what the supstance did. He quickly ran to his son about 2 weeks after the men were killed and demanded he gave it back to him since it was not safe. HIs son lied to his father and put it in his room so his father would not find it.
_ He played with the thing more and more, putting it over ones that attacked him and people no one cared about. He came to love it more and more! Allways playing with it every day, the same colors, the same everything! He even killed a man that wanted to see it by pouring it over his head. He allways melted the bodies, enjoying it more and more every day! This kept on going into the age of 7. When he died. The loan sharks shot up his mother and father, they heard of what the acid like supstance does to people. They poured it over the kid. The kid liked it, he was glowing in some parts of him, they poured A bout 2 Gallons on him before the 7 year old kid, he was crying but enjoying it at the same time. The kid died, so did his mother and father. His mother and father passed on since to the help of a shiginami, but the child? The child did not pass on. The child seemed what he became, he loved it. He saw how he could spit his blue glowing acid over people. And the color of his skin? He loved it! He kept on devouring more and more! He loved every second of this! He allways melted the ones he took the souls of! After over 175+ Years, he became the form he is now, he loved how e colors worked! HE LOVED HOW THEY MELTED AND HOW HIS SKILLS LOOKED! (Sorry going a bit pyscho my self!) He killed many and many into this happened! Melting so many with this! He loved it every single day! He killed others that copied his glow! He liked the ones that liked to glow! But in dffrent colors! (I could add more, but I wrote a lot.)_(I am now adding more about his time As a hollow.) He often hunt ed a Mix of every thing to be honest, he mostly found shiginamis the most fun to melt, he never really sa a lot of unique races, he mostly just found the basics, he did get defeated some times, able to escape, he ate a very mixed amount of souls of every single race, but his personaility became more and more addicted to his glow, he allways loved his color, and his spit and he still used it a lot even on people that couldent be melted or beated by it._______________________________

(I don't think I post my skills.)

- Roleplay Sample: "Yes! Glow! Melt! So much fun!" *He would spit his plasma like supstance On the head of the man burning him* "Ooohhh you look so tasty! I will cook you a little!" "Don't worry! When melt you glow! When glow is fun!" "Why..did you hit me...?....NOW I KILL YOU!" "I will come back...then...I will melt you..." *He would disappear being defeated* (I dident do it a full story, but I think I need like 5 more? Just random sentences. really.) "When they burn its fun! When they get cut up! Its fun! When I eat there souls...its fun!" "Owie! You hurt me!" *He would wildly swing his claws at the downed human* "Don't worry....your soul looks tasty, you were pretty fun! But now you melt!"
Other details!: First off his Allies/ Rivals/Etc Well right now he does not really have a ally of rival, he is mostly just some one that will target anything that looks interesting to him, so that is one down, Now! other details! He does have other moves but im just listing them since those are the ones he has right now so if that's allright, so he has more but I can add more if you want since I plan on giving him more moves the longer he goes on the sight etc also I know it will take me a long long time into I can be a vasto lorde but If I do thanks for the person that did it, More details! During all of his forms his glow became Lighter, in his first form it was just blue, then it kept on glowing more and more the more he goes up so say if I get to Vasto Lorde he would be really neon and glowing, if theres any other details I need please let me know this is th most typing I did for a fourm in a long long long long long time but please just tell me if I need to add more don't just shut down the post or something k hun? Thank you for your time and for reading this! And currently I have a lot of characters, but I worked really hard on it and I hope you say yes to my long app, also my beginning app, thank you for your time.

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Sat Oct 10, 2015 3:13 am
[adm]This guy was pretty much a troll. So to avoid my staff wasting anymore time with this person, I'm moving this character into archives.[/adm]

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