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And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.
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Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2416, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.

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Game's first baddie! (Murai) [APPROVED, 2-5+] I_vote_lcapGame's first baddie! (Murai) [APPROVED, 2-5+] I_voting_barGame's first baddie! (Murai) [APPROVED, 2-5+] I_vote_rcap 
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 Game's first baddie! (Murai) [APPROVED, 2-5+]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Game's first baddie! (Murai) [APPROVED, 2-5+]   Game's first baddie! (Murai) [APPROVED, 2-5+] EmptyWed Oct 14, 2015 4:52 pm

Game's first baddie! (Murai) [APPROVED, 2-5+] Image4474

Game's first baddie! (Murai) [APPROVED, 2-5+] Image4475-1

• Name: Murai
• True Age: 286
• Appearance Age: 19
• Gender: Female
• Orientation: Freelance

Game's first baddie! (Murai) [APPROVED, 2-5+] Image4482-1

• Appearance:
Game's first baddie! (Murai) [APPROVED, 2-5+] Sample_c21f1389c3e1fa9614921c82c64290fd4167d69d

• Bone Appearance: Underneath her bangs/forehead is where her remnants of the mask remain. The bone seems to be fairly rough to the touch, and pokes out from her bangs in a horn-esque fashion, ending in sharp points. These 'horns' made out of bone are not quite as stable as one would assume. To make up for this weakness, they are quite flexible and bendy despite what one may assume about bones. She is able to twist and contort them into any fashion or design she likes with no harm done to her, allowing some fairly silly and fancy designs to be made for herself.

• Hollow Hole: Murai's hallow hole is found at her sides. Specifically, where her ribs should be. A clear hole visibly seen going straight through her body. It's width is that of a baseball with a lack any other specific details. If someone stares intently through this hole, they would see a fairly odd sight. The spot going through her ribs actually seems to be covered in sharp, small bones. Pointed tips sticking outwards as throughout the hole, they seem to form a rather beautiful spiral formation throughout the length of the hole.

• Reiatsu Colour: The most easily seen color of Murai's Reiatsu seems to at the very least be periwinkle. However, it's quite different near the center of her body. When her aura is flared outwards, dark gray light almost floods out from her hollow hole as the color begins to lighten the further out it goes. By the time it's truly noticeable, people see an odd, bright color that's somewhat pink but not really. Periwinkle.

Game's first baddie! (Murai) [APPROVED, 2-5+] Image4476-1

Game's first baddie! (Murai) [APPROVED, 2-5+] Sample_1247092cd5ce28e001855e55871d77baaa941a88

Personality: Murai, for a lack of better terms, acts in a way that most people affiliated with Monsuta shouldn't. She's very out going and actually likes to communicate with others and speak with them. She generally reacts as if nothing really matters in the end and that things should just be for fun, what else is the purpose of existing? This tends to cause her to lean towards finding short term pleasure and accomplishment rather than long term plans. She rarely thinks out the long term consequences and prefers to just handle things in the moment. This lack of care for long term effects and consequences causes her to also be quite whimsical, unafraid to try anything unless it leads to having a bad time. Her interaction towards those she dislikes isn't actually full of anger, but rather one of sadistic joy. She will actively attempt to tease and toy with the person who has gotten on her bad side. This can range from starting drama to them to abusing them at every turn to trying to start a fight. Most people will not have to worry about this as she tries to be friendly with most people. This friendliness is at times, a facade, as she will not care about anyone or anything in her way when she wants something, even if it's someone who once saw her as a close friend. In a battle to the death, she will begin to show off the true sadism she hides within. Her attacks will began to vary greatly in attempts to confuse her opponents. A smile is always plastered unto her lips for every moment of the fight if possible, watching enemies dance around her ranged attacks or be battered into the ground.

Personality wise for a battle that isn't in her favor, her facade begins to crack just slightly. A smile turns into a more neutral expression as her way of fighting is much more straight forwards. What once was just simple attacks turns into acid filled bones, balas thrown towards people's joints, dirty tricks to catch them off guard. If this attacks start to hit, the sadistic pleasure comes back as she tries to toy with her now harmed targets. Forming large structures out of bones to force them to hobble through or overcome to strike at her, or even just running away and taunting them with her words... If the fight continues going south with nothing positive happening to her, something seemingly snaps deep within her when compared to her previous moods.

Smiles turn into scowls, eyes widened as her body is left straining. What was once a tormenting figure turns into one full of disparity. Desperate attempts at cheap shots are taken now as Murai keeps her distance for as long as she can. Reserccion activated if brought to this point as this is a battle she might possible lose for once. Words become much more harsh and insulting, wishes of death and existential questions asked. Murai tries her best to through off her opponents in order to end this as swiftly and brutally as she can. If being at a distance doesn't work, she will fight in a full berzerker style, trying to pulverise the target into a bloody pulp in the ground, laughing if she succeeds at how the might has fallen. And how their little attempts at being great have failed horrifically.

Game's first baddie! (Murai) [APPROVED, 2-5+] Image4477-1

Game's first baddie! (Murai) [APPROVED, 2-5+] 4b2e2659624d478ee6f36eae4f40a05b875586e4

• History: Murai was once, obviously, a human. Someone born with both a body and soul, and the ability to house all emotions within the human mind. Murai was brought into a fairly wealthy house hold and was given a pampered life. As a child, she had a large selection of friends and never once went without what she asked for. This led to her becoming quite spoiled, but instead of turning sour like most spoiled things... She turned sweet. She began to give and give what wealth she had, spending most of her time using it to give gifts to friends or getting things for everyone to play with when they came over. This of course led to people starting to abuse her and manipulate her to get more things for them, but she didn't seem to mind all that much. More and more she gave away, and more and more people came.

Soon, she started growing up as normal, turning into a rather popular teenager with everything going for them. At least, going for them until she met someone. She was only about... 19 years old when she had graduated from high school, just starting college. It was an odd change from one area to the next as she traveled rather far for this college. Due to her wealth, she naturally was able to afford a college just a bit above the rest, and that's where quite a few conceited people resided. One of those people, was the one she thought she fell in love with. It was a person who just seemed... Perfect. Not too masculine, not too feminine, and just kind enough for her to love with no worries. Things kicked off exceedingly well for her, leading to them spending a bit too much time with one another.

Responsibilities and duties were shrugged off so the two of them could lollygag about, waste money on pointless gifts for one another in a contest to see who loved the other more... Although her lover's gifts seemed to be just re-used gifts Murai had given them previously... Never the less, their love seemingly flourished to the point that Murai's decision making became obscured. Her parents began to limit her freedoms and time she could spend with him due to failing grades and worse behavior. These limitations sparked a hint of rebellion, which her lover happily abused. A classical Romeo and Juliet tale was spun in Murai's head as she was convinced to take as much money as she could from her family and run away with her lover... And sadly, it was bought. If it were not for this one point in her life happening, she would have been living a happy, joyful, pampered life with a family that cared deeply for her.

The two of them ran and ran away from home, stowing away in a motel as Murai revealed most of what she had stolen. Jewels. Credit Cards. Stacks of money. Anything worth value for them to start their new life together. As her head glanced upwards with a smile, she soon found herself lacking any feelings. Any emotions. Any form of acting with the tangible world. She was dead, eyes staring ahead as there... Was just someone holding up a gun now, who seemingly shot a woman who had offered them a large amount of money. The spirit found herself staring with great hatred towards the person. Watching as they bagged the money and left the corpse there to be found. She remained there, motionless. Watching as people soon found the body and alerted police... Family soon arriving to the scene and grieving. Everyone... Caring about her, as she was dead now. It hurt. All of it hurt the metaphorical heart she had as she simply stared the whole time, unable to truly accept the fact of her death.

Up until her chain ran out. Months upon months just remaining there, mind broken at what had just happened. The hormone ridden girl was slaughtered by the one she loved... Romeo and Juliet at least worked a little bit differently, the other asshole should have died too. As the final bits of her chain ticked away, she was gone. Everything became a blur to her... It... as it began to live it's new life in a place it didn't recognize. A place it didn't fully understand. A place that just seemed so awkward and new, but fascinating. There was always a hunt, always something to chase... Murai seemed to have a humanoid body, standing on two legs as she was 10 feet tall with an extremely long femur. She didn't quite know why she had this weapon, but she knew it made slaughtering things oh so fun.

Any prey caught by her while in this form was met with a brutal death. A clubbing to death. The hollow raising it's arms high before swinging down again and again, hard bone crashing into whatever body it was at the time. Cracking bones, tearing through important organs, splattering fluids all over the place of wherever she was. When the hollow found itself clubbing a victim to death, it simply stayed there for a good time. Hammering it into a bloody, gooey pulp with no resemblance of what it used to be. This was fun. All of this, was fun to it. But soon, game began to run thin as it had to travel quite often now. Even a few times, it was met with a dangerous force that it was able to luckily avoid due to some other poor hollow being the target.

The cycle continued until it started hating this. It felt... More powerful than before. Holding some strength that it didn't have before. And something began to itch. And itch. And scratch. And burn. Something was on her face, femur dropped as claws went to try and tear away at what was causing this discomfort. It wasn't on the mask. Each scratch at it did nothing.. It... It must have been under the mask? Something it hadn't thought of before. Something that just left it feeling... Awkward as fingers wrapped around the mask and pried it slowly off of it's form. The experience was unpleasant and generally displeasing. It felt violated, it felt as if maybe this wasn't a good idea.

Things started to change. No longer were things a blur as Murai was standing there. This felt weird and awkward... And how come she could feel and think like this again? There were so many questions, but no answers for her to perceive. What was she supposed to do now? She couldn't remember all too much other than... A deep feeling of resentment towards something? No... maybe? She wasn't all too sure, but something deep inside of her made her feel negative to everything she saw, but something else told her to be happy and play along. Those two feelings soon mixed to define her personality as she began head out to make herself known. People were met with a smile, and toyed with emotionally. The girl getting close, messing with them until... They got in her way of whatever she wanted at the time. Be it money, food, or just a kill, she killed them. Barraging them with bones from all angles until they were beaten senseless, bala's shot towards their limbs to make sure they would never be able to move normally again...

And her Zanpakutō raised, swung down again and again upon their skull. The bone cracking under pressure, shattering apart in many different directions as she kept swinging downwards. Flesh beaten down into a bloody pulp, remnants of the being's brain splattered along the ground, her weapon, her own body as she kept going. Thwack. Thwack. Thwack... Up until she couldn't even tell it used to be human anymore, licking the gore off of her weapon before going off to find whatever else she wanted at the time. This was again just simple pleasures in life now. Well, her lack of true life. Further and further her powers were trained as she lived in the realm of the humans, walking amongst them and picking off the weaker prey and tormenting them. Her ability to toy with bones increasing by the day as she could even construct small mazes to watch those she trapped scramble about in misery.

Of course, this changed when Shinigami attempted to hunt her down now. Her mazes were useless, as was most of her bones. For once, she was challenged. No longer could she just hail her target with bones and bala... Now she needed to try new tricks. Abilities were founded as her control over the bones she made became better than before, acid melting away at those weaker Shinigami that hunted her. Skeletons of past prey fighting those who only wanted to do the 'right' thing. What was so right about killing her? She only took care of those who got in her way, that was fair enough? She didn't just go out and kill everyone. They should focus on the other fish unless they wanted to get fried like one.

And soon, she was forced to do just that. For once, she had to break her own weapon. This was... All so odd, something that seemed stupid, but something inside told her to do it, so she listened. Bone snapped as everything became blurry once more, just as things had when she was a hollow. Bone snapped, flesh twisted as her form changed. The single human who thought they could challenge her was met with a frightening visage... A being that charged forwards and toe them to shreds without an ounce of mercy. Bone used to club their skull to a bloody pulp again and again until she was standing normally. Her body completely fine... With her weapon still slamming downwards. She never knew why she found this so entertaining but.. She simply did.

Fights to try and slay her broke out much more often, one in particular making her realize something she had latent within her. A burst of magical energy that would prove useful for the entire encounter. It was against a human, a race that was supposed to be weak, at least in her mind... This human was fast and powerful, each attack they launched towards her led to her body buckling from the attack, stumbling backwards, all defenses smashed through as their attacks seemed to do very little. Each bala, cero, bone, each everything she sent out either missed, or was deflected. She needed something with more power, something to help her. She was feeling weak, and already was in her most powerful form, bones that were covering her body were snapped and broken all over.

Then... Something clicked, a wicked grin coming across her lips as the ground shook. Large bones each the height of a full person shot up around her and the target who was about 10 yards away. An arena made, blocking the exit path. Who's exit path? Why the human's of course. Something just seemed so right in here, as she was finally able to stay on par with the human. Each deafening boom from a fist was... Met with a wall made of solid bone, cracking under pressure but for once not breaking. Acids spilled forth from this wall, splattering unto the human as their form of self defense was being eaten away... Barrier made of chi sapped and drained as they continued their assault. Blow after blow on Murai's defenses, some breaking through to attack her body... A mistake only made once. The human's fist slammed in the dead center of her chest, cracking through most of her bones that acted as body armor... And out came a large puff of gas. Slamming into the human's face as they took the poison deep into their lungs and already began coughing.

A foot shoved them backwards, walls forming around them as Murai kept forming more and more, adding unto the defenses until the human was trapped like an animal inside. The poison taking it's toll as she sat on top and waited... She heard each scream and felt the prison she made shook, but time and time again she simply fixed the cracks and broken areas. It was a war of attrition as soon, the poison took a life, a corpse left in the wake of a powerful fighter that wanted to 'do good'. It sickened her people would go out and do things such as that for no real reason other than for some obscure view of morality. It was humerous to her how often people died due to those believes however. The bones were tossed asides as skeletons were made to carry her away, her area now deemed The Bone Zone forced to fade away as she was carried off. She left the corpse however, as a warning. For once, not a bloody pulp that could have been anything, but a human fighter that was a part of the Vanguard that had found her. Pale skin revealed as they seemed to only be skin and bones, resting on the ground...

More and more she was tested, and more and more it because obvious that things were getting too dangerous to be by herself. She generally hated most people, so who would be interesting enough for her to meet? A search across the world began, more foes falling to her attacks. Towns and organizations visited, but declined due to their moral beliefs. The trek was long and rather boring, but eventually her target was found. A place within Brazil, something along the lines of Monsuta. It was a place that interested her. A place that promoted freedom but having some people to rely on. Sort of. Just like how she sort of liked people at times. All of it would fall together eventually as she applied for a position within this odd group of people that all aligned themselves with evil. Evil and good, evil and good, she still never understood an ounce of it. All she knew was that she wanted things. And to get them, she needed to take them by force at times. Just as she was oh so happy to take the offer of getting a chance to join the Monsuta...

Well, this offer wasn't exactly an offer to join, but more like one that told her to fuck off until she proved herself at least somewhat capable of doing anything useful with her life. It hurt, a lot, for that remark to be made towards her. She was a fully capable arrancar and could do whatever she wanted. She didn't need someone else telling her that she needed to prove herself or anything. Hell, she'll prove to herself that she doesn't even need them, shoes already clicking against the concrete of the town she found herself in. This was a fucked up place, but she didn't quite mind all too much. Her only main goal was to find something to do that would help boost her own self esteem. What -was- there to do that wouldn't ruin things all too much? And why was she so distraught over this that she didn't even bother to summon skeletons to carry her around?

These few questions swirled about within her head, but she certainly knew that she had to start doing something now. But what? What could be oh so interesting- A hand ran along her backside, eliciting a rather surprised reaction as she spun around to see a man already bolting off, something held in his hands. Her wallet! Sure, she didn't really have any money in it, but it was a perfect way to have someone snatch it and allow her to give chase. To let her hunt down someone. Plus it was always funny seeing their face when she revealed that it was empty and only had a single picture within it of Murai playing the trom-bone A faint chuckle escaping past her lips as she watched the man run, speeding up behind him. She was cautious of how quickly she ran, making it seem as if she wouldn't catch up, but always keeping just far enough behind him to see every turn her took, and every quick slide into an alleyway.

Soon, one of the turns into an alley ended up with the expected. Murai playing the role of the girl who wanted her wallet back, rushing ahead as she was 'weak' on her knees from the running, arms flailing slightly as she thought she played the weak damsel role fairly well. Falling unto her knees as men began to surround her... They weren't normal men, she could tell that. They were all emanating with massive amounts of chi. It was fair to say they definitely didn't plan on using it for good as she was surrounded by a total of five. Hands grabbed at her wrists, pulling her from side to side as her ankles were grabbed roughly. Just as they seemed ready to do something absolutely horrible and nasty, a laugh escaped Murai's lips.

The alleyway was rather quickly blocked off by large bones erupting from the ground, towering high enough that even most athletic people couldn't jump over it or even scale them. Sharp points all over to deter this as the girl yanked her limbs away from each of the men. Slipping free as her weapons of choice began to materialize all around her. Bones forming a floating shield, rotating around as the men seemed to be frightened. They only wanted a quick run and a little fun, not an actual fight. Well, they didn't want a fight, but Murai did. As a cruel trick, she turned towards the one that was already bolting towards the edges of the arena, one bone sent flying through the air and hitting them square on the back. The impact was devastating, the bone shattering as something definitely cracked within their body, bright green acids spilling forth from the hollow weapon that was now shattered. The acids tore through the male's clothing and even the faint chi aura he had, digging into flesh as it was eaten away, raw flesh exposed as was his spine... But he was long dead before that, or as close as you can get with him being paralyzed from a snapped spinal cord.

Each of the other men tried to escape now, all rushing towards the edges of the arena to try and escape, powers used as flames barraged the wall, punches slammed into it, pure spheres of energy launched. Each proved useless in the end as the most active male was soon murdered on the spot. Sharp spike made entirely of bone tearing through his skull, piercing flesh as gore spilled forth, head splitting open in a disgusting display as the man fell to the ground near his 'friends'. This only spurred them to finally turn to fight, only to see a horrific display. Murai was laughing, and carrying a large femur that radiated an odd energy to them. Riatsu. The faint, gray-ish color leaking off of her as a barrage of attacks were sent towards their limbs. Bala's and bones tearing through their legs, riddling them with holes and destroying the bones within, arms shattered and broken by the shoulder and down. Screams of horrific pain echoed out as she kept approaching, smile only growing wider.

"Don't you know it's better to take a girl out to dinner before you bone her? If you try to just take her... Well... Let's just say someone's a little boned right now~!" A giggle escaped past her lips before the weapon was swung straight towards one of the injured men. A shout of FORE! heard as the head was torn off from it's body by a strong force, soaring high over the Bone Zone's walls as it landed unto the street for someone else to deal with. The two other men left were screaming and begging for their lives, like the pitiful cowards they were that had no back bone to them. No will to keep going. No true drive to achieve what they want... Only a quick buck and a quick fuck. Fingers reached outwards to gently trace the trembling face of one before fingers looped around their mouth. Reaching inside and getting a firm grasp of their jaw, tears flowing down their cheeks as they were left muffling, trying to bite down on fingers that felt like steel to them. A foot was raised and placed unto his chest in order to keep her steady as the sound of flesh being torn through echoed out. Jaw ripped slowly off of his skull as the piece of flesh and bone was tossed asides, tongue left hanging as blood spilled all over the ground, and even Murai's leg. She kicked the now dead corpse unto the last man who was crying like a little girl.

Slowly, Murai approached and took her wallet back to show what they had just 'stolen'... A wallet with a single picture of her playing the trom-bone... With the words *You Fucked Up* written in dried blood of those who fell to her in the past. The man's end was not a pleasant one, as anyone who went into the alleyway after Murai left was faced with a disgusting sight. The man absolutely bare, lacking any clothing as large femurs were shoved into places they didn't belong. Sharp wishbones digging deep into their eyes, sharp bones that resembled sticks gouging out his eyes and tearing apart his nose as a femur was lodged deep in his throat, obviously breaking his jaw and unhinging it as another femur was shoved deep where it -didn't- belong. Murai thought that no one would really care if it was her, but someone did.

Lio did.

Game's first baddie! (Murai) [APPROVED, 2-5+] Image4478-1

Game's first baddie! (Murai) [APPROVED, 2-5+] E16a5fde5c8bc178ac0526541a1ce40b81426384

• Sealed Zanpakutô: Murai's sealed weapon doesn't quite resemble a weapon at all, but instead, an organic body part. Her Zanpakutō resembles a large femur spanning about one and a half feet long(18 inches) with the width of a small log. To her, it's very easy to hold and swing around with no issues, but to any hit with it they receive the full blunt of the blow as if it was an extremely strong club. It's durability is thankfully very high, able to withstand much more damage and pressure than a normal femur could. Despite it's appearance, it is Zanpakutō strength.

• Racial Abilities: Perquisa: Never actively trained. Rarely used.

Sonida: Rarely used. Only used when needed.

Bala: Used often. Generally chained in with her Call Of The Bonely ability to add a greater assault. Due to common use of this ability, she's grown an affinity towards it as it's strength is enhanced when compared to other people attempting to use Bala. This strength is just beneath Cero in terms of destructive force, but above Bala in terms of it's normal speed.

Cero: Used commonly. Thrown into most attacks every so often to mix things up.

Grand Ray Cero: Used rarely. Only used when needed and takes a while to prepare depending on current energy reserves.

Hierro: Used extremely often. Constantly trains it along with her Calcium Packed! ability.

• Unique Abilities: Calcium Packed!: Murai has trained her hierro to the point that it not only acts as armor for her flesh, but even seemingly acts as armor for her inner body. Her entire bone structure is made to be much stronger naturally due to this. Withstanding blows that would normally shatter them, knitting themselves together if enough time passes. This not only bolsters her ability to withstand blows and heal broken bones, but further dulls her nerves to pain she would normally feel. Her special ability also allows her to be immune to any effects her abilities may cause unto others that may be redirected to her.

Call Of The Bonely: Murai calls forth upon a certain object she has an affinity too... Bones. She can summon them from the ground of varying lengths. Creating a shack made of bones if she wishes, or small stubs to trip people. The more she creates, the larger the strain. This also allows her to create bones in the air and propel them forwards at varying speeds based on her tier. This can also affect bones that are not currently within someone's body. The distance that she can control this is generally the size of a large building/auditorium. A good reference is how large The Bone Zone is. One extra affect to the bones Murai throws forwards or shapes into a weapon, is that to make up for the fact that they are only objects being thrown, they tear away at natural defenses. Spiritual pressure or even chi used as shielding for the body are torn through if the user is weak enough in it. If they are strong, the attacks will still impact and sap strength from the shielding. If the barrier used is magical, each bone will be forced to bounce off after sapping some strength with every hit proportionate to how much is just being exerted.

Let's Deal With This To-marrow: Murai manipulates the marrow found within all bones to change properties. When it is a bone she created, she may melt the bone marrow inside to turn into either an acidic liquid, or a poisonous liquid/gas that is released when the bone is destroyed. The acid's strength varies depending on how many other bones have had this done to them. This ranges from melting through solid materials such as wood or even chewing away at metal, or weak enough to simply melt skin. The poison has the same drawback allowing it too either be strong enough to infect someone with a deadly illness that will kill with no treatment within 24 hours... Too something weak enough to simulate a flu. If the marrow belongs to a person instead, she at most can heat up the marrow to cause great amounts of pain and weaken the structure. This allows strikes against that person to lead to an easier chance of broken bones or fractures. If a bone is broken or fractured within a person, Murai may manipulate it as if it is her own to cause further damage, though this ability may work without any damage done to the bone previously if it is still visible to Murai through the owner's flesh. Wether or not the bone is damage or not, they must be exposed for her to affect them. Murai is unable to control the acid or the poison itself. The gas from the poison is able to stay around for either one post or two if at it's strongest potency, or varying up to ten if the strength is weakened greatly.

The Past's Got A Bone To Pick With You: With the most basic concept of bones learned by Murai, she has learned Necromancy!... To an extent. She may create skeletons that seem sentient and are actually capable of speech, but they only have the strength of skeletons held together by magic. A normal human could beat them in combat if there was effort put forth by them all. She can make as many as she would like, but maintaining more than two begins to put some strain upon her. While in the Bone Zone, she can create up to ten skeletons that may move about freely with no strain to her only in the Bone Zone. If a 'sentient' skeleton is made from the skeleton of a deceased person instead of out of thin air and magic, the skeleton is infused with her power and made three times stronger. They have the actual strength of a fighter and are a full tier underneath Murai, but have the durability of almost steel assisted by the strength to lift small cars.

Game's first baddie! (Murai) [APPROVED, 2-5+] Image4479-1

Game's first baddie! (Murai) [APPROVED, 2-5+] Sample_d91b71ef5adf1dc4d11be472fe17d8fd6eaa4a54

• Resereccion Name: Bad To The Bone

• Resereccion Release Phrase: Won't this rattle your bones...

• Release Actions: Murai raises her weapon out in front of her and snaps it in half in any way she can. This may also work if she does it mid-fight or while defending from an attack that will break through. If it is activated through being broken by someone else, her release instantly activates as the entire attack is tanked by her weapon. When her release is over, the weapon is recreated for her.

• Resereccion Appearance: When the bone is snapped, a loud cracking noise is heard all around as Murai's body begins to twist and distort. Her flesh is torn through as most of her body becomes covered in bones as if it were armor. The only pieces of her normal body visible would be her face, the rest of her body seemingly covered in a black, skin tight suit that's in reality the destroyed flesh underneath. Along with this weird occurrence with her body, she seems to grow in size, reaching nearly a full 6 feet tall with her general bulkiness matching a bear's.

Her visage in this form usually changes quite often as well. If she does not reinforce her body with bones upon bones to form a strong outer-armor, she resembles a rather lean figure, feet ending in sharp bones that allow her to jam her feet into any surface similar to hooks to walk up walls if wanted. If armor is added, she losses this and starts to look bulkier, similar to a standing bear, with bones covering her entire body. From there, it's her choice what she wants. If she wants spikey armor, done, if claws are needed? Done as well. It is entirely up to her what she looks like from that point on.

• Resereccion Abilities: The Bone Zone: With a large amount of concentration, Murai may create an arena all around her. The boundaries are obviously made of bones, but what happens on the inside is what's worth mentioning. While Murai is in the Bone Zone, the amount of energy needed for all of her attacks is halved, while all damage done by her attacks is doubled as well. There is, however, a limit to the Bone Zone. After about 3 posts, the Bone Zone no longer offers it's bonus for the rest of the fight. It's radius spans from roughly the size of an auditorium starting out. Or easier to say, a very large house. With training, it can grow in size. When someone attempts to leave the Bone Zone, the bones at the ends of the arena distort and attempt to shoot out to skewer the person attempting to escape. Things of a similar nature can happen, but the bones at the end of the zone attempt to stop anyone who tries to leave.

Isn't This A Little Humerus...?: Once Murai's bones have fully shifted to the outside of her body to form a sort of exo-skeleton, more will grow within her to replace the lost ones. Bones will passively replace themselves and grow similar to flesh when damaged or destroyed, and entire bones can be remade within a post or two depending on severity. This does not rejuvenate flesh or vital organs. This also ties into the ability of allowing herself to manipulate her own bones to form weapons on her body or even more armor, but too much will slow her down.

I Got A Pretty Thick Skull: While Murai is in this form, many of her already dulled nerves are made even weaker with their reception of pain. Murai gains the ability to tear through her own body with much lessened penalties pain wise when compared to others. This allows her to survive horrific blows, tear through her own flesh to access more bones to use as weapons, or even to generally survive blows that would normally slay her through having her mental state ignore the fact that there was a missing part there. If this happens, she can still bleed out and be in horrific pain, but she won't die on the spot from losing half of her body, she would die instead from losing all of her internal organs that fall out.

Game's first baddie! (Murai) [APPROVED, 2-5+] Image4480-1

Game's first baddie! (Murai) [APPROVED, 2-5+] Ed7fb6832568add377064fa22f3fa8fe616403a5

General Skills

  • Durability: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • General Speed: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Will Skills

  • Willpower/Determination: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Mental Deduction: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Pain Endurance: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Focus: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Racial Skills

  • Perquisa: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Sonido: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Cero/Bala: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Hierro: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Game's first baddie! (Murai) [APPROVED, 2-5+] Image4481-1

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Application Checklist
  • Name [X]
  • Appropriate Age [X]
  • Gender [X]
  • Appearance Present [X]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [X]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [X]
  • 10 sentences for personality [X]
  • History is of appropriate length [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [X]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[X]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [X]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [X]

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Adept
  • Mental Deduction: Beginner
  • Pain Endurance: Adept
  • Focus: Advance

Fun read

Tier: 2-5+

Game's first baddie! (Murai) [APPROVED, 2-5+] JfH75kA
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Game's first baddie! (Murai) [APPROVED, 2-5+]
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