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 Kimura Takeshi [Approved 5-5-]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Kimura Takeshi [Approved 5-5-]   Kimura Takeshi [Approved 5-5-] EmptyThu Oct 15, 2015 2:28 pm

Kimura Takeshi [Approved 5-5-] OWsn0U6A
Kimura Takeshi
the chosen one

Full Name: kimura takeshi
Nicknames: take-chan, take, shitake
Role: victim, buttmonkey
Original Race: powerless human
Current Race: powerless human
Gender: male
Sexuality: demisexual
Age: twenty-eight
Affiliation: none
Rank: none
Alignment: true neutral
Loyalty to: himself
Status: alive
Theme: run by awolnation

smudged mirrors

Takeshi looks like a kid. Standing at a short 5'5 (165cm), he probably reaches not that far up. Luckily for him, his limbs are well suited to his smaller frame, although his legs and arms are just slightly longer, lucky bastard. That means he still has some reach, despite being bite sized. His reddish-brown hair is naturally messy and spiked, which irritates him sometimes. But on the upside, he doesn't have to do shit to it, so it's all good. It's long enough to fall over on his face a little bit, and cover his ears if he wants to. His skin is that shade in between slightly tanned and pale, and seems to be pretty smooth for the most part. It doesn't help that his face is very soft, giving him a very young look despite his age.

As for his eyes? He wears brown contacts. Otherwise, people can barely see his eyes, usually because he wears goggles, sunglasses, and what have you in the way of people staring at him. Seriously, even if one had a clear shut, his normal shape makes it pretty hard to tell as he naturally squints a lot. That and his contact to hide his eyes - nobody knows what's under them. He doesn't have any defining scars or anything, but he does have callouses from working, and a balanced muscle mass. Despite that, he still looks a bit slender, and very much childlike, which irritates him to no end. What doesn't help is that he seems to be limited in expressions most of the time, so people tend to just see a blank face more then anything.

His voice is pretty deep though, often startling people as they don't expect such a voice from this kid like adult. Add that with his loose clothing, and it's often hard to tell most definite details - and he likes it that way.

passionate solitude

Takeshi is a loner.

He doesn't really talk to people, he doesn't like interacting with them. He prefers doing shit by himself, and for himself. What's the point of dealing with people if they're just going to leave anyways? To him, others can often be seen as a crutch. He shouldn't rely on others unless he has to. Because of this, he has few acquaintances and even fewer friends. Not like he has a family to keep him grounded either, and that suits him just fine. He honestly doesn't know how to keep a friendship together, since he just doesn't care about ninety percent of the world and it's workings. Heck, if he could make a living by never leaving his apartment, he would take it. But considering how that takes work...

Takeshi can be called lazy - he doesn't like hard work all that much. Sure, he might run four jobs at a time, but if one pays attention, they're all minimal work jobs. One's just sorting some papers for a company, one's cleaning dishes, one's delivering papers and finally, there's the one hard working job which is pretty much his food delivery. He doesn't like the idea that either hard work or genius is required to get ahead in the world - he just doesn't try. That's how he deals with people - if it takes more effort then just being, then he doesn't bother. Even with his jobs, he seems to be pretty loose about it. Although he makes sure to not get fired, since he needs them, he just seems to like cutting corners when he can.

Despite the fact that he seems like an apathetic lazy bum, Takeshi does have his good sides. Like those random impulses to help someone out, typically a girl in trouble. He also can't seem to leave little kids alone. He's not a bleeding heart guy, but he might do nice things for people. Generally because it'll just bother him if he leaves it, until he goes back and do what he wants to do. He's got a good heart, he just doesn't really like people all that much. And that's to say nothing of the head on his shoulders - he's a pretty smart cookie, even though his grades wouldn't show it. He likes learning things, and he likes being smart, but he dislikes the system and he dislikes that kind of judgement either.

Takeshi is just the type of person you have to meet to see what happens.

one of the masses

'Gods do not concern themselves in the affairs of man. Therefore, man should not consider themselves valid in the affair of gods.

I am a mere man. Therefore, all this crap that the world is trying to shove in myface, is not my business. So I don't care. I'm not bothered, and someone that's suited to this - a god - will take care of it.

So can you please put my door back now?'

Takashi is a man with a cursed name - as a child, his mother and father seemed to agree to go against the normal conditioned ruled. That of a name being of a good thing, to provide for their child's existence. No, in his case, in a time of war, he was given a strong name. A deadly name so that he might survive what is to come, so that he might one day, rise above the mediocre life that they had given him into. And in a way, that wish came true, because he did survive - he survived his parents, as they died protecting him.

How sentimental.

At the age of five, he was sent to an orphanage after a horrendous attack. Not that it mattered - in the end, he didn't care. As a child, his interests were merely 'who can I play with' and 'when do I get fed?'. Children, he thought, should not concern themselves in the affair of adults. This is a way of thinking, pragmatic perhaps to most. But to him, it was a single defining point - it was the first thing he'd heard and understood fully, even as a child. It was a saying of his father and his mother, treating the world as if they couldn't change it, as if they had no impact, and this is what he remembers of them.

Perhaps, he acts this way out of a distant, resonant need to honor them. Most likely not.

At the age of seven, he was adopted. And then that pair of parents died. At nine, it was tried again. No better results. In the end, hearing of the unfortunate events surrounding him, he was no longer adopted. He was a ward of the state and even though fine scientists looked him over - he didn't know who it was, but people wanted to see if he had powers or something that caused such unfortunate accidents - but they found nothing. He was well, powerless even for a human. And it didn't bother him. They lent a sort of regular cycle to his life, that high school soon filled when they left him.

Being alone is a feeling that no longer bothers him, simply because it's always been so.

Kids wouldn't play with him; his parents would die for some reason; he had no powers to develop research further. He was just an empty shell, living day to day - a normal, bland, typical life. Actually, he thought it was quite the achievement that he had survived thus far. He had fully expected his luck to run out sooner then later. But he went through high-school without much of a care. Good grades, friendships, drama, whatever else Karakura High had, he didn't care. Oh sure, he was aware of everything - he didn't live under a rock. He had a cellphone that he watched grand battles on when broadcasted. But like he lived by - he didn't meddle into such affairs.

What was the point? Even if you changed the world, how would that make it any better?

'Everything is infinite and nothing is eternity. The world repeats on cycles - there is no past, no present, no future. Time is said to be a liquid river, but it is nothing more then a perfectly tied string. It is complete - one era ends, another begins, and the second era is just like the first. Just a wardrobe change.

I am a mere man. I do not belong in the affairs of god.'

Even now, he doesn't know the answer. All he knows, is that with his youthful face, people still think of him as in high school. That's just fine with him. He leaves others be and so they leave him be. A few people are still persistent despite that. Yet, he knows. There's a feeling in his gut, and he always hated those, because they always meant something was going to change, and change was always bad for him. He was a regular fixture, a face that nobody would look over twice - heck, if they saw him the first time, it was a small miracle.

The world was changing again, and he would simply walk the same path he had always done. Why try to fix what wasn't broken?

Then again... that was tempting fate. Dammit.

Keep your eyes closed, for it is none of your business.

Kimura Takeshi [Approved 5-5-] QiUeedts
The powers
untapped potential

Yes, Takeshi can see spirits. Doesn't mean he cares.

Takeshi seems to be pretty average, but he's got a sharp eye - his vision is nearly perfect for a human. That said, not much runs past him vision wise - and sometimes that's distracting. Have you seen something move out of the corner of your eye? He does. A lot. It's pretty much shitty when it's some stupid ghost, but otherwise he's got a pretty nice sight.

Takeshi also seems to have pretty good reflexes for an average guy - considering he can dodge a garbage can that exploded shortly after without a burn - probably because he's so used to doing tasks that require him to react more then anything. He's nothing special in a fight, but he does dodge a lot, so he's a slippery little shit.

Takeshi is the type of person that can make plans in a milisecond, using what he knows and what he sees around him. He's always a wing it man however, so that's pretty much the only time he has a plan. And often times, he just doesn't have the rest of the attributes to make it work, but he does try his best. It'd probably work better if he could think more ahead of time, rather then nearly on instinct.

He keeps a switch blade on him at all times. He's got his googles - they're actually reinforced so that they don't break, because he likes them that much. And he has a baseball bat that's seen it's fair share of swinging somewhere.

roleplay sample
proving expectations

Sometimes, he just couldn't help himself.

Tip, tap. Tip, tap.

The dripping noise would annoy most people - but honestly, Takeshi had gotten over most of whatever was 'annoying' in life. He was a mature adult with a baby face, to the point that people constantly dropped him off at the highschool without checking his ID. Honestly, you'd figure they check it, but then again fake IDs are a thing. It's not like he could fix the face thing, gift from his long gone parents. So of course nobody would believe him - why believe a baby faced guy, with a deeper voice then baby face should? Exactly, and it's easy to get pissed off about it, but he's gotten used to people not really listening. Hell, it wasn't like he did it either.

But, from his state, he knew it was one of those days.

Like for example: his left arm hurts like a bitch. So does the right side of his face, and his back. That's probably the last time he'd step in between a screaming girl and a guy with a knife. The medic was sponging the wound, and the male couldn't help but wince - what he was human - at the pain. The flashing lights around him didn't help his slowly growing headache - honestly what kind of thug throws a garbage can that explodes at you? - and just generally meant either he was in trouble, or had to stick around longer. And that usually sucked anyways, because now he'd have to call work to take time off.

Well one of the four jobs he had anyways.

Seriously, what possessed him? Usually he just breezed by things fine. But for some reason, this stupid girl made eye contact with him - and goddammit, he couldn't ignore it when she met his eyes. So he helped out. And got beat up for it. Luckily for him, he knew how to dodge. That still didn't help much, considering that was a powered human. Of course, the police or whatever, ended up stopping the stupid thing, but he, the average guy, was pretty banged up. And the girl didn't even thank him either - she just told the police her things, and ran off. Like goddamn.

Honestly this is why he didn't bother.

Shit, he thought he recognized the cop coming towards him. 'Did it have to be the old geezer?' he thought, letting out a groan.

skill sheets
actual measurements

General Skills
  • Durability: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • General Speed: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Beginner
  • Mental Deduction: Adept
  • Pain Endurance: Beginner
  • Focus: Beginner

a beckoned run away leisure
Kimura Takeshi [Approved 5-5-] 2dl9RO2v
List; Comm; Perm;Temp

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  • Willpower/Determination: Beginner
  • Mental Deduction: Adept
  • Pain Endurance: Beginner
  • Focus: Beginner

  • Comments/Notes: If there are any problems, lemme know. Otherwise, I'm approving this.

  • Tier: 5-5-

Kimura Takeshi [Approved 5-5-] WVMWLOu
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I am prideful because of the heart.
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I rage because of the heart.
Because of the heart...
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Kimura Takeshi [Approved 5-5-]
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