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Sat Nov 14, 2015 5:46 pm

Artist: Lana Del Rey- Song: God's and Monsters - Word Count: 1,406

Mana would speak up, she seemed too always be in a carefree or cheerful mood. She’d pause as she heard the Queen speak up. Frowning as the tree would suddenly explode into flames, and just as quickly as they lit up, they would die into dark ashes. Naturally, she’d suspect a Queen too hold some sort of great strength too her, or had something in her wicked grasps that kept her top dog. Her nose would twitch at the familiar scent of burning wood would take over the area. It gave the who area a more autumn like scent, she’d admit too it. Turning too face the Queen- Okay, so she caught her attention a bit more. Typically, River just forgot names and faces, never expecting too see the person. This woman, unfortunately caught the golden eyed women’s attention.

As the Queen seemed too would slink closer too River, and the woman wouldn’t step away, or move from her. No, River would stand her ground, as she could feel woman dressed in black let her energy free. She would tilt her head too Mana, as the woman would move too rest her hand against her face. Her fingers would press tightly against the feather in her arms, as she would keep her arms crossed across her bodice. It had been so long since she had felt any sort of contact. Uneasiness would spread like wild fires at the touch, but like all flames it had been warm and comforting as if standing a little bit too close too a bon fire. She would endure the flames, quietly silently one could say she wouldn’t allow a sign of it too show through the surface.

Her gaze would slowly shift over towards the two creatures, the girl seemed too be whimpering still, but at least her tears had stopped. Her ears would twitch, at Mana’s next words. Join her kingdom? That wasn’t an option for her, at this point in her life, nor was River in the mood too be anyone’s entertainment- that was one thing for certain. Smiling too Mana at her words, she’d open her mouth too speak but pause at the introduction of the Creatures next display of power, her ears would twitch at the snarling and she’d give a soft sigh.

Her scent smelled good too Mana... River had a unique scent for a Danava she’d give it that, if she had known that her kind had been enough too form some sort of society, then... well she hadn’t have called all too her attention, her smile wouldn’t falter as the curiosity from earlier would re-emerge in her gaze. Her mind quickly thinking of everything she had never thought of before. She didn’t know why she did it, some things were better left kept out of her mind, perhaps she feared dwelling on it would drive her mad, or perhaps she thought it would awaken thoughts and habits she wanted too keep dormant. Her smile wouldn’t falter as the queen leaned in, River would raise her eyebrow too the action and then the Queen Danava would speak up.


Listening too the liquid- type creature she was sure that it’s companion would call it Phobos...her golden eyes would narrow into almost cat like slits, as the creature would shoot towards her, however, the rest of her body had been relaxed. She would let out a soft laugh at the sound of the liquid creature hitting the barrier, before glancing too the queen. ” You didn’t have too do that, and I do not find you intrusive.” she would move take a step back and move too see if the liquid creature was fine, only too hear the once whimpering girl too finally speak up too her, stopping in her tracks she’d turn her attention too the girl. After all, Mana had proved her point... if she had wanted too bend River too her will, she would have done so, or killed her. ”It’s quiet understandable, Miss Stheno, no need too apologize for his actions.” she’d tilt her head slightly too her. Madness itself would point its finger at her, and River would turn too look into Mana’s emerald orbs at the invitation.

Home world?

”I would love to see how my kind lives, after all.. you two are the first of my kind i’ve ever met...” she spoke softly, and would hold up her hand suddenly; the one with the dark feather in it, she would look too the feather. ”But, I should invite my friend, I feel as if they will get along well with you three..” she spoke softly, as she would twirl the feather between her thumb and index finger. She’d move the feather near her lips before whispering something along the fine ridges of her feather, it would suddenly shift into a small wand, a large blue orb adorned on the top of it as if some mighty crown, at the end of the wooden wand would be a sharpened blade. Mana’s green mist, would suddenly be.. almost watered down, it wouldn’t affect her ability. A white mist would enter the area, and the mist would even blanket River.

It hadn’t been a thick mist, it just had a pastel affect on the area, the trio would notice immediately that there had been a winged, short haired girl gripping at River’s hip. Deep purple eyes would be staring at Mana, a fearless- hollow glaze over them and something dark had been deep within those orbs, it had almost resonated with the feeling of a challenge too the dark queen. The girl would move suddenly, as on the small girl had a similar trait of River, lavender colored wings would cover her bodice the best it could, and move her face into River’s hip. A soft fluttering noise would be heard, as another purple haired creature would land on the ground. The fluttering would cut through whatever tension his sister’s gaze had left.

The girl sibling, would also be dressed in a purple dress, a different hue of purple, with golden and black accents through out the outfit. A small crown adorned on top of their head, and long purple hair is pulled back into two buns, flowing braids through out it. ”My Dearest friend, Scyllia..” her hand would rest on the girl’s head at her side, and then she’d point her wand towards the crowned sibling. ”Chrrybdis.” the young boy would bow, pulling at his dress, his wings would be a bit darker then his sisters, but only be a shade. Her eternal partner, sure they had been two different beings at this point in time, but River saw the two for what they were.

Cute, a demonic playdate.

River would glance between the group. ”Please, lead the way, and I hope you don’t mind ,I have a question that has been bothering me for life times.” she spoke as she would move towards Mana; Scyllia, would jump back once River got too close too the queen, appearing at her brother’s side. Chrrybdis would stare too his sister as she would stay by his side, it was normal for Scyllia too be latched on one of the two, however, he had never noticed that side of him too flee from a creature with such... glancing too the queen, so.. that had been Madness, looking over the woman. He adored the green hue too her, however too much black for his taste, looking too the other girl, her hair was adorable. His wings would twitch as he’d tilt his head too the girl who seemed under dressed for the weather.

How cute was she?

Scyllia would glance up too her brother, her wings would jerk close too her body in one quick motion, and one of her mighty wings would have smacked the boy across his head, and no doubt knock his crown off, if he hadn’t moved out of the way.

River seemed too pay no mind too the two bickering behind her, as she would stop inches from Mana, she felt this was comfortable enough too ask the question, and with the ruckus behind her she’d doubt that anyone else would be able too hear. ”How... why was I created, or was I born?” she hadn’t known, all she knew was she had merely existed.

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Sun Nov 15, 2015 3:07 pm



Phobos was clearly offended. It could be clearly seen in his childlike face and big, glistering eyes. As he hit the invisible barrier, few marble size tears fell from his cheeks and on the ground, though not like his master, the boy didn't make any noise. Drying his eyes, the boy sorrowfully stared at River, smiling shyly. Like a sad whimper, he apologized to the white Danava.
"I-I'm...Sorry..." His apology was said in a really sad persons voice tone. Then Stheno spoke up, directing his attention to her. Her Eternal Partner crossed his arms, showing that he doesn't even think to obey Dummyhead, but Nana again acted, pulling him at the Danavas side. Beaten by the circumstances, the fish creature sat down on the ground and pretended not to look at anyone. For him all the world was just one big meany.

Stheno had no interest on what her familiar was thinking. She thought the kid had time to grow up, but, because of her own antics time to time, the girl didn't feel quite sure that it would be fare in scolding the creature. In that place The Danava of Annihilation and Guard just ignored Phobos and listened to what her sister and the new addition to people she knows spoke. First, she was pleased that it hadn't been that long since her last visit. Second, Stheno had a feeling she may have interrupted something of importance and maybe she would need to leave Mana alone with the River person. All this was just a simple act of pure whim in the first place, so there was no real reason to be here in the first place.

Though those thoughts were interrupted when the before mentioned Danava spoke of her wish to visit the Demon Realm and for them to meet her friends. The pink haired girl glanced at her sister to see, if she had any idea of what River was speaking off, but there was no real way to read the embodiment of madness. Because of that Stheno just waited and observed the beautiful, white mist show the Danava performed. Phobos had also forgotten everything about his bad mood and was with big eyes observing what was happening at that moment. Soon two cute kids appeared, pulling few heartstrings of the pink haired girl. They were the cutest and while she managed to keep a collected, polite smile, her Eternal Partner shouted out what the girl was thinking.
"Beautiful...They are like...They are sooo pretty!!!" Uncertain if he was allowed to move(or more, if he even could) the creature got a bit closer to both, giving them a huge, wide spread shark teeth smile.
"Hey, hey! Hi!!! Lets be friends!" It was said as simply.

In the same time Stheno was facepalming herself, but she didn't do anything. The kid was maybe stupid, but he wasn't dangerous. So because of that she just made her cutest smile at the twins.
"Hello you two! I'm Stheno and like Phobos said, I hope we can become friends from now!" As her elf ears twitched, sound from next to her took the Asthavons attention. It was something she had heard from Anulap, the girls twin, so many times Stheno was sick of it. All this seemed just stupid for her. Why one needed to concern themselves with such questions? They had life, so they should only be living it, not more. Be themselves. But no, in that place they were asking these silly questions and wasting theirs and other people time.

Anyhow, now the girl understood this wasn't a place for her. She had interrupted Mana in some serious business and it was best for now to take her leave. Because of that the girl turned, smiled to her big sister and spoke in a cheerful tone.
"So, I will be leaving you now! As I have returned to society I will probably want to enjoy it. Sister, River, I will be going. Lets meet up in the castle, Mana! I hope we will meet each other again too! Lets go Phobos! You don't need anything from me, right?" Last question, before leaving both ladies to themselves.

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Mon Nov 16, 2015 4:26 am

Artist: The Birthday Massacre - Song: Walking With Strangers - Word Count: 1731

Behind the smile and glances, The Queen of The Mad could indeed sense the rigid stiffness of River Sage's body. The act was but a farce to her as the Twisted Maiden of Lunacy had a knack for picking up on the emotional cues of others. It's why this lil' demon was a slick-tongued devil when she wanted to be, after all. So, Mana had the simple goal of eventually making The Danava of Dysphoria eventually laugh and loosen up. As, while she was as sweet as cinnamon, this chick was becoming as stiff as cardboard. And that -- wouldn't do!

But -- damn -- she was beat to the finish!

With a smash, clash and soft laugh; The White Winged Demon uttered out a gentle chuckle at the scene of Phobos crashing straight into the little dense shield she hap-haphazardly created. At the expense of the familiar's sense of physical well being, it seemed The Royal got a cackle out of River Sage.

Therefore -- she started clapping with joy and quickly gave a hug to the fellow Danava in arms!

"Good, good. I knew ya' could laugh, s'ugah. You should keep doin' that. Makes the world vivid and more beautiful~"

As jovial as ever, the tone of Mana's voice was loud, southern and outright lively. However, there was a slight twinge of that nasty emotion known as "regret". Perhaps, MAYBE, she had been a DASH TOO harsh on the poor boy and gal!

After all, she only desired for them to stop cryin' since it was ruining the atmosphere -- and not call her an ass. Twas' just suppose to be a motherly "tap" across the ass to get the point of discipline across. The Asthavon's were made of rigid stuff, and she expected the lil' minion to be able to handle his own, afta' all.


The mind was filled with nothing but blah's, groans and sighs before The Queen gave a roll of the eyes and a motion of energy soon surged within after said point. Through a flick of her wrist, The Demoness internally pieced together a spell of magic meant to take the pools of will within her mind and have it manipulate the spirits in the world around her.

In this way, she would unleash a golden aura around Phobos that was intended to make him loose, cheerful and outright relaxed in this den of monsters and snakes. Indeed, s'ugah, this was a summoning of magic intended to help alleviate the mind and kick back a bit; which is all The Empress ever wanted for all those here~

She just had a foul way of doing it is all~ But the intentions were as pure as one could get with someone this demented and lost in the head!

"Ahahahaha, apology accepted~! ♫"

Instead of those words being uttered from the vessel of the true Mana, The Queeny played another childish game and had a shadow of herself emerge behind Phobos and squeezed him into a hug before patting his head as if he were a sick, little puppy.

Meanwhile, the flesh that was the true Mana observed and gave a happy wave of the hand at him as she seemed pleased enough that he was starting to wisen up a bit. There was less of a "crap, child, you are friggin' annoyin'" vibe as opposed to a "I LOVE EVERYONE! NOW COME MAKE FRIENDS WITH ME" atmosphere beginning to bleed from her essence like a gaping hole of fun-tastic delusions.

Indeed, with that manic and insane grin of hers growing larger by the second; those emerald green eyes of her shined just a bit brighter in the darkness of the grey twilight all around them and indicated she was beginning to become amused by this whole ordeal. Which is why she could only laugh just a smudge harder when the fellow pale-skinned Danava expressed her concerns about The Empress of Lunacy's actions being "un-needed".

Oh no. They were totally needed~ But they needed to be taken a few notches dow-- aw who the hell was she kiddin'? Mana knew not a god damn thing about self-control. She just put on a fancy lil' act to show she did. Hueheuheue.

"Well, maybe so, but it gets the point across, right s'ugah? As long as yahs' respect me, treat mes' right and loosen up; all will be fine and good~! I'll give ya' the world and you give me your hearts precious loyalty~!"

Snickering like a mad witch, The Danava of Discord then winked at Stheno and then her familiar chum to ensure they were now welcomed here.

And -- because of the fact ol' Sage here finally decided to want to venture forth into the bowels of Demon World with them.

....WHOOP! Exciting stuffs. Enough to make the Demoness give a happy "splee", jump in the air and giggle like a mad school girl. They were finally gettin' to places on all sides and it was about time to leave this lame chump dump and get to the coolest place in existence: Demon World!

"Then I'll sign yas' up for the first inter-dimensional train outta' this ratchet place, whaddya say, hmmm sweetie?"

Followin' 'dem words bein' uttered out with the utmost of glee, The Royal Demoness placed each of her hands upon her hips and leaned backwards in order to lick the air around them -- and create a tear in the fabric of reality itself. Caressing the outside of her lips with the touch of that warm tongue, The Empress savored the taste of reality and found it to have a flavor similar to a fine piece of chocolate.

None the less, the taint of her magical energies managed to bridge a gap between worlds and a vortex into The Demon King's City could be viewed from this vantage point. Twas' home sweet home, wasn't it? All the shining buildings, the blood skies, the mighty demon folk and amazing wealth of power and hell could be sensed with just this simplistic hole being forged between these two realms of existence!

Though -- Mana was gettin' a bit ahead of herself.

There was a twitch of the ear as her sense of hearing attuned itself back to the realm of reality unfolding before herself. Apparently, this was turnin' more and more into a party!~ Further guest were bound to come to the show; as explained by River Sage's desire to invite more friends to join them on their wicked boogie through worlds.

"Go on, go on~ Invite whoeva' ya want, s'ugah."

Giving approval to whatever madness would come next, The Demon Queen would then sit back, relax and enjoy the show as a cloud of pure darkness emerged behind her. In one leap backwards, The Lunatic Danava threw herself into the sphere of shadows and relaxed with a content sigh as she observed all the complex, magical ho-ha that was needed to summon these creatures into the material realm.

"'Dem is some pretty plum eyes ya got thar', toots~"

Pointing a lone index finger from her right hand at the creature who emerged staring at The Queen, Mana seemed quite amused by it and gave a hardy cackle in return. For it seems, afta' a hot second or two, a set of twins emerged from the puff of magic around them and The Empress truly paid no mind to whatever was happening to the mist around them. Though, The Green Miasma around them seemed to snarl and ascend itself back to the chain of command as the domiant presence in this area. Since, as the white fog tried its best to subdue the emerald dew, it simply would not back down and it devoured the silver drizzle.

At least -- before The Queeny groaned and retracted the moisture back into her dress.

"Shhhh. Calm down, baby. No need 'fer that here."

It seemed -- she was talkin' to her energy.

And this energy -- seemed to almost have a mind of its own.


Eh -- made sense. This was a creature of madness. To expect full sanity and balance in this being was fool hardy at best.

At any rate, the aroused eyes of The Empress of The Night fixated their sight upon the arrival of these two Eternal Partners on the field. Twins. Boy and girl. Neatly dressed. So -- cute~

In blinks, the body of the demoness mended itself through the growing darkness and moved at the speed of shade in order to hug, kiss and smother these two creatures in a quick bout of affection that may be quite hard for them to follow. It would feel as if their entire embodiment were caressed by a cold, but loving hand before The Queeny emerged back before them both while riding her cloud of satanic blackness.

"Pleasure to meet ya', sweeties~ Ya' two just looked so adorable I HAD to take a bite~"

Resting on her throne of evil, The Demoness would close her eyes, relax and drift her way through the gaping, green hole bleeding out into the world around them. Ready, willing and able to move back into the realms of Demon World. So, when River Sage muttered something about having a question pertaining to her existence, The Demoness grabbed Sage's hand, pulled The Fellow Danava on top of her and grinned

"Come with me and you'll find that out soon enough~"

She would not take NO for an answer! With her speed, strength and alluring pull; she was just oh-so-pleased to have her way. Which, even her fellow sibling in blood would feel at that point. As, with a gesture of her hand, a strong wind was meant to knock Stheno into the vortex as well.

"Ya learned yer lesson and now yah has earned the right to travel with the maddest crew around. Even if I was intendin' to head to our home -- AHAHAHAHAHAHAH~ ♪"

While roaring with demented laughter, another motion of her hand would do it's damndest to have them all sucked into the tear between worlds and send this party group into the depths of The Demon Queen's home for something far more -- intimate and -- fun~

[Aiming to transition thread into Demon World; I will make a new thread when everyone replies]

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Wed Dec 02, 2015 11:02 pm

Artist:Seven Lions - Song: Days To Come - Word Count: 760
The two would stand side too side, with nearly the same expression on each other’s face. Chrrybdis, the taller of the two seemed too be more curious, compared too his blank faced sister. An amused grin befalling his soft featured face, as the green mist would hiss at them, glancing too his “sister” in a lazy fashion, before looking back too the mist’s mistress, staring too her dark horns, and then too her eerily green eyes, that seemed too always been shining in such an off putting manner, even for himself. Scyllia, on the other hand made no look of interest, or shock at the sentient haze.

The golden gaze wouldn’t leave from the queen, after all.. what was the point of being the queen if you couldn’t be a center piece? Even if Mana hadn’t been her[i] queen, she was still one.. and it would be disrespectful too treat her as anything less, despite how corrupt River could see, the woman in front of her... too her, Mana was not only a queen.. no, she had been a black hole. Dangerous, and mysterious... and worst of all; something that would suck everything around her into the darkness in which she ruled, and in which only she could know the outcome in. The worse part of it all.. she had too rely on the information this woman would give her. She would sigh, she would have too force herself too believe this woman... but still, perhaps she gain this women’s favor. She seemed too like River, and friend’s in high places had never been a bad thing.

It wasn’t like she could kill Mana.

River would continue too watch the the darkly dressed davana, and she would run her fingers through her own hair, a bit uncomfortable, still from earlier. The woman had been touching her too much, and this was a woman who was rarely touched.. in any of her lives, she felt it was best too stay away from any humans, or human contact... well contact in general. She would have too grow use too it, no doubt. It seemed this life had been the most popular of her lives, at least thus far.

Her hand would fall down too rub her arm, as she would pause frowning as Mana would turn her attention too the twins. Oh no, as Mana would disappear too see the twins, she wouldn’t be able to stop it. Scyillia would move too disappear as she would appear from the darkness, however be a bit too slow as the Queen would get her way, which was normal too Mana -no doubt. The young girl’s wings would twitch in annoyance, like, if a person holds a cat for too long, but the cat doesn’t want too struggle; so it just sits there, with it’s ears back and it’s tail swaying left and right, each sway letting an irritated aura in the area. Scyllia’s wings had been that of the tail, each subtle twitch would shiver annoyance off of her frame.

Who did this bitch think she was tricking? Deep purple eyes would stare into her, as Scyllia would remain quiet in the woman’s grasp, however her “brother” seemed too be much calmer, of course- even in a dress he was a polite, gentlemen... one could even say: [i]Ladies Man
”How very nice it is too meet you, your Highness.” he would speak in a peaceful manner, a soft smile on his face that was all too similar too River’s own kind grin. ”I am delighted too know that you can help, my dearest River. “ he would add as the Queen would move too her throne.

River would freeze as Mana would grasp her and pull her on the throne, resting on top of the Queen. Curious eyes would glance too Mana and before she could protest, the vortex would pull the two in. She wasn’t exactly excited about the excessive touching, but she knew she had too get use too Mana being so close too her. Dark wings would try their hardest not too get in Mana’s face, move tightly against her back as the vortex would swirl around them. She was going too see her home soon, well.. the home of her kind; she had no intentions at all too stay near or with the queen in her kingdom of madness no doubt.

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