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Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2122, over 100 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.

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Bleach Platinum Hearts RP
Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2122, over 100 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.
Bleach Platinum Hearts RP
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Sun Nov 15, 2015 10:36 am

One, solid strike. An attack that landed with devastating force, enough to even end up damaging her own arm. The force reverberating throughout the bones contained by strained muscles rocketing towards her shoulder, forcing it to pop out of it's socket... But... Elysia didn't grunt or scream in pain, but rather, she laughed. She hit, and she could feel how horribly it hurt her, but she hit it. Moonie was damaged, he was harmed, he was knocked out of his floating state and sent downwards. Everything hurt, some things felt broken, but she prevailed and ended up on top... For as long as that victory lasted, at least.

She was grabbed, something that she actually expected with how Moonie's been fighting her all this time. Legs wrapped around her waist as she was forcibly brought against him, forced to face upwards as the two of them fell towards the ground. He was quick in the air, something she had to work on obviously, and was held rather tightly but... Complimented. Her strike was great, something that did catch praise, something that inflated her ego to a point that left her giving off a rather smug, cocky smile. Sure, he could destroy her if he wanted too, but he'd rather train her and see how much she would give up for victory... And honestly, getting praise from a being like Moonie was enough to keep her content.

They fell and fell until the impact effected her, even though Moonie took the brunt of the force. She was forced to slam roughly against his body that was already against her back, gasp of pain let out past her lips as her spine felt almost like it snapped. Soon, a faint whisper was muttered forth from Moonie's lips, already a reaction from him before Elysia could react accordingly. The woman found herself rolling away from the main, entire body aching as her shoulder made it all the more difficult. Her body was pushed up by a single arm as she soon stood standing up, body slumped over as she stared ahead, one arm handing lazily to the side as the other kept it's fist clenched tightly, cocked back and ready to strike. She was already entranced, taken deep into the heat of the moment as she stared forwards. A weapon of his own... A blade... Something that could easily kill her.

She could do it. Land another shout. One last hit... And like he said, one that would drain every bit of her energy, one that would leave her useless without anything left behind her. A shout was given out to Moonie in response to his declaration, reiatsu flaring outwards once more, surging out of her body as every last bit of power was let out all at once, entire body left even twitching. "BETTER CLENCH THOSE TEETH, EXPECT A VISIT FROM THE TOOTH FAIRY!" Heh, classy, had to go out with style. She tried to take a step forwards, but already the blade was swung against her, blunt side slamming into her legs, just about to tip her over before a hand gripped unto her jacked and tugged her upwards... Everything hurt horrifically, being tugged about like this similar to a rag doll once more, it was incredibly taxing. She was brought up and then forwards, only to be attacked straight ahead by the flat of the blade once more, hitting her stomach and forcing every last bit of air to escape her lungs, damaging them enough that blood spurted past her lips and falling unto the ground, a bit still led on her chin as... It all hurt.

But she wasn't ready to die down just yet, for every strike and every tug, she stared directly towards Moonie, pupils dilated just as much as before as the same smile as before was still plastered unto her lips, challenging him to keep going, saying that she could take anything else he wanted to through to her. And that he did, the woman left standing awkwardly on her feet, breathing heavily, panting, trying to regain her breath before fists slammed against her shoulders, trying to bring her down to the ground, to further dislocate one shoulder and damage the other horrible, to almost end her... And normally, it would end her, it would force her body to finally give in, and give up...

But she was filled with Determination.

The woman only fell upon one knee, keeping the rest of her body up entirely as she stared Moonie right in the face. This was her last attack. Her last shot... She wouldn't fall now, not at this time. His fists were only able to bring her body down slightly, challenged by her body's refusal to give in, to fall, to show weakness. Forcibly, she stood up, pushing off the ground with the knee as her entire body was still left shaking, spirit flaring outwards harsher than ever as it didn't take a genius tot ell that in a few moments, it'd all be gone... So she had one last attack. He opened himself up for her to show him what she had in store now...

And she would give it. No longer would it be some fancy fighting move she learned, or a specific strike or ability that came with the powers she had. Her fist no longer was surrounded by electricity, but rather, held something stronger. Her willpower. The same power that kept her from falling straight to the ground from the last strike. Moonie deserved it all, and that she would give. With her one good arm left, her right arm, it slowly cocked backwards, smile still upon her lips as she surged forwards. Step after step taken, pant after pant, her advance continuing.

She struck with her entire body's force, all of it's weight, all of it's momentum. The first came swinging to the left, spinning on her feet to add momentum and spin to the hook as the metal gauntlet aimed to strike Moonie's jaw with as much force as she could muster. She could see it. She could feel it. She could -taste- it. Satisfaction. All that went throughout her mind was knocking out a tooth out of Moonie's crazy smile, fist slamming against his jaw and causing the being to be knocked to the side, hell, maybe even the ground from the force. That's all she wanted, and that's all she planned to get with this attack. If it hit or not, soon, her body would keep spinning to the side, falling off balance before falling painfully unto her side. The once energetic fighter, the woman that fought Moonie with all of her strength... Had nothing left, all previous notion of being filled with Reiatsu was gone, as she seemed... Like a normal, beaten up human. Eyes stared towards Moonie as she actually coughed in pain, blood spurting out past her lips once more, staining them crimson red as she spoke. "Voi... How was that last hit? S... Seeing stars yet...?" Words came out painfully slow as... She had nothing left, as anyone could see. Mere moments after she spoke those words, her eyes shut tight as her body lay limp on the ground. The woman was knocked out, unconscious, unable to even move anymore from the stress put unto her body... But she felt as if she had won. Obtained victory. Proven she's not some pushover...

She's proven that she still holds what 'she' had said all those years ago close to her heart... And let it fuel her actions in this world for as long as she lived.

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Sun Nov 15, 2015 11:03 pm

Moonie watched as his pupil fought with every fiber of her being, trying as hard as she possible could to get back up on her feet. Voi. That's the way. The Moon Iramasha nodded, watching her face as she stared at his 'sword'. In reality, it was very little more than a rock on a stick, but it was the perfect weapon for Moonie Iramasha. Voi, what's a tooth fairy? An errant thought went through Moonie's mind, though it was soon replaced by his teeth clenching hard as he gave her a smile.

The smash into her torso left her winded and puking blood, which in Moonie's mind was definitely a good thing. She could feel that blow throughout her entire body, reverberating through her mind and soul. That smile on her face just drove him on more, forcing his soul to reach the point that would be necessary for his design… VOI, I KNEW I CHOSE RIGHT! He shouted within his own mind as he prepared the last blow, smashing both of his fists squarely into her torso as he knocked her back.

He was impressed that she was even standing at all, to be honest. His eyes flared, watching her preparing her attack, as he began to prepare his own response. Reaching deep inside, the male's skin began to shift to black, becoming as dark as the night sky… as small tips of light began to poke out from it. It was as if Moonie had been wreathed in the galaxy after twilight, his red-ringed eyes the only thing visible of his original color scheme.

Her body began to stumble, looking at him as the amount of energy that he was letting off also increased. After all, this was the Moon Iramasha's 'Final form'. One hundred percent of his power was being released, and if she had not been running off of pure determination, she would be like the trees around Moonie's body that were being crushed, smashing into the ground from the weight of his presence.

Looking into her eyes, he watched her stumbling forwards, before finally his own mouth opened wide, his hair gaining strands of blue power flowing through it as he bent his body downwards… and sixty percent of his total power formed in his right hand. The ground beneath him began to quake and shake as he brought all of that energy to the surface, before looking straight into her eyes, his arm shooting forwards as he smashed the entire fist directly into her torso. Please, SURVIVE!



Out of his fist, not Nature Energy… but Chaos Energy surged. The universal energy of chaos surged outwards, pouring into Elysia's body as it surged into her soul, the waves of power exploding outwards as Moonie's eyes widened, feeling her fist on his cheek… Yes.

Out of her fist, a massive explosion of force erupted outwards, blowing away several dozens of the trees around them as Moonie's body was forced backwards, his head going down and back as his jaw was entirely dislocated, his back hitting the ground as he was hit directly with fifty percent of his own power. He was sent positively flying, soaring across the ground even as he increased his own weight by several hundred times. Eventually, his body stopped flying outwards… until it sat in the air, spinning rapidly in circles… before slamming into the earth.

A crater emerged, pushing and pouring away from its apex as Moonie's body pushed into the earth… and pushed… and pushed… and then his descent was finally stopped, smashing through as he hit the Mantle, his body falling into the lava as he was covered in the blazing hot material, completely surrounding his body as black blood mixed with red lava…

Rising out of the lava appeared a hand. The hand was accompanied by a mouth, rising out of the ground as its owner gasped. "VOI!" The male shouted ecstatically, before thrusting both of his arms down. Around the ground near Elysia's body, the earth would begin to shift and shake… as if a tectonic movement was occurring all around the area. The violent shaking continued, until out of the ground a single figure emerged, the ground around its body crumbling away to reveal a tunnel behind it, constructed with fists that were now slowly unclenching as their owner rose out of the earth, Moonie Iramasha's body reappearing as the Moon God beheld his disciple.

"Elysia… you pass." He told her as he slowly stepped down, landing on the ground before her as he looked at her body, pressing an arm down to touch her, before a rapid electrical shot fired out, slicing one of his fingers clean off. "Voi… spicy… but calm it down, would you?" He asked her, increasing the durability of his arms as he reached down, his arms grasping her as he slowly lifted her up, feeling shots and sparks of electricity firing off into him from every angle as the new power she had just acquired had yet to completely calm down.

After all, Moonie's Chaos Energy had been codified into her body, her very soul, releasing a substantial amount of her potential and taking her to 'the next level'… though her energy was not yet under control. "Voi. I don't see stars. I only see the Moon. The same is true for you now, isn't? Cahahaha." He asked her, even though he could see that she was unconscious. "Voi… Ow." He let out, his head shifting to the side as a lightning bolt struck past, shooting up into the sky. "Come on, let's go get you patched up." He told her unconscious form, the energy in his body dispersing, sealing himself back down as the chaotic influences in his blood became sealed, the colors vanishing from his body as they returned to normal. Sensing the change, the energy that now filled her body began to relax as well, leaving the male holding the unconscious woman in his arms.

From there, Moonie would reach up one of his hands, gripping the brim of his hair as if there was a hat there. Moving his right foot upwards, he stepped down, his body leaning forwards… and yet it slid backwards. It was insane. It was as if Moonie was totally weightless, as if he were walking across the surface of the moon itself. He was Moon Walking! After another two of those steps, however……

He vanished, and she with him, as the two of them went to Argentina… to visit a good friend of Moonie's… where she'd be able to rest and recuperate...



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