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And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.

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Bleach Platinum Hearts RP
Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2122, over 100 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.
Bleach Platinum Hearts RP
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Sun Nov 22, 2015 1:03 am
(I haven't written anything in forever and I suck anyways but whatever have a thing (also its 2 in the morning and i haven't eaten anything and i'm extremely tired and shit so fuck it whatever i can't help it just deal with my shittiness))

The Lorelei Sisters

Song: Another Side - Artist: Yoko Shimomura - Words:3613

Looking up, the moon was all the two sisters could see. Should their eyes wander anywhere else? Black. Complete and utter darkness surrounded the pair as they faced each other, just a few meters apart. Wearing nothing more than sweatpants and tank tops, both of them looked prepared for some kind of heavy exercise. What they had in mind though, was a lot more vigorous than just a normal "exercise" regimen. No, it would be a lot more brutal than just running a few miles or lifting weights. Both of them looked at each other, the older with a smile and the younger looking aggravated.

"Are you ready, sister?" Sang the older one as a black energy resonated around her body. It was impossible to see at this time of night, but the littler sister's eyes glowed a deep red that indicated her powers were at their most intense. The black was perfectly visible in her eyes, as was her sister. Everything was easier to see like this. Be it the trees, the grass beneath her feet, or even the clouds above her head. With her body enhancing powers, she could see more than she should be able. Even the giddiness in her sister's heart was visible to her. She could quite literally see the girl's emotional energy flitting around happily inside of her body.

"Let's just get this over with." said the younger one bitterly. There was no method or reason to her anger, just the mere fact that it was there. Everything aggravated her. The way the wind blew her bangs back into her face after she just fixed them, the way the ever so slightly damp grass felt underneath her bare feet, and even the way her sister stood there smiling about the fact they were going to get in a fight in the next few moments. It pissed the little sister off so much that she didn't think she could take it anymore. Much to her "glee", though, her sister was the one who made the first move.

Immediately bolting forth towards her sister, from her perfect standing posture to one leaned forwards with both arms loosely flowing behind her back, the older sister appeared in front of the little sister with mouth wide open and teeth aimed at the girl's neck. The sister didn't even move. Heck, she even took the bite with all its force and didn't budge an inch.

"Is that it?"

The older sister pulled away and disappeared into thin air with her sheer speed. Even with her superior speed, the littler sister knew exactly where she had went. Turning around and throwing up an arm, she attempted to catch the punch that she knew was coming. Unfortunately, she wasn't fast enough. Her hand only came up to her bellybutton, whereas the punch was aimed for her ribs. Just a tad too slow, sadly. The force was powerful enough to send the younger girl skidding backwards across the ground for several meters. If it weren't for the fact her aura was currently wrapped tightly around her body, she would have several broken ribs right now. It was also how she took a viceral bite to the neck and lived. Her sister's teeth never broke the aura, so if anything her sister probably ended up hurting herself the most with that move.

"Rachael, dearie." said a voice from above the littler sister.

"What?" said the sister named Rachael, a hand instinctively coming up to catch her sister by the ankle instead of simply letting herself get kicked in the head.

"Do me a favor..." said the older sister. Rachael looked up to see a hand with very small spheres of dark energy surrounding them. "...and die~"

The spheres formed into one medium sized ball of abyssal energy that Rachael assumed was going to be fired at herself. Channeling all of her power into her arms, she took this moment to pour all of her energy into her muscles. With a twist of the upper body and a grunt of physical strain, Rachael threw her sister as far as she could.

"Eat shit, Blaise." Called out the younger sister as she watched her sister slam into a tree headfirst. As she turned back around to her normal orientation, Rachael let her Aura flow freely around her and not focus in a single place. This was going to be terrible, as per usual, but Rachael needed to know how her sister's powers worked more than anyone else. She knew exactly what was wrong with Blaise. Her mind wasn't her own anymore, it was under the influence of that "Abyss" she kept rambling on about. It was rare that Rachael ever got to talk to her sister without the power of the Abyss corrupting her mind and tongue. Blaise wasn't Blaise anymore, and it upset Rachael more than anything else about her sister.

As the little sister watched her beloved older sibling arise slowly from the rubble of a now destroyed tree, she begun tightening up the Aura around her to create a more dense field of energy around her. It would help her react faster if it was closer to her, since she would be able to pull it towards herself faster. As long as she could react fast, it wouldn't matter how fast Blaise was. Rachael was more than capable of keeping up with-

"Is that it?"

Rachael blinked in surprise as she heard her sister utter these words. Was that it? After giving her sister a one over, she confirmed that Blaise was barely hurt. Did that not hurt her? Rachael had put all of her power into that throw, so why wasn't Blaise hurt more?

"I'll tell you now, you're more than dead..." Blaise muttered as more of her abyssal energy started surrounding her. "...if you keep using such weak, non-structured powers."

And with those words, Rachael was assaulted with many thin beams of black power. They shot out from around Blaise at speeds that Rachael could only hope to dodge. Holding out both hands in front of her, Rachael mentally commanded her aura to create a thick wall of red energy in front of her. If Rachael hadn't made it stay closer to her body, her sister's attack would have hit her long before the wall actually went up. Thankfully though, she was able to manipulate her aura into blocking the attack. The black tendrils that Blaise had shot at her sister struck the shield violently, almost breaking it upon first contact. Rachael grunted as this happened, her muscles tightening up as she felt the force of the attack ripple throughout her aura. Pouring more energy into her shield, Rachael desperately strengthened the shield in an attempt to keep the tendrils away from her.

"How sad. You can't even stop an attack this weak?" was all Rachael heard before everything went south. Several more tendrils struck the barrier as the dozen previous ones pulled away, only to come back and try to lash out at Rachael once more. The shield broke under the pressure, shattering on the spot as the original dozen tendrils struck the second time. It was here that Rachael decided that backing up and dodging would be a better bet than to try and protect herself against her sister's onslaught. Leaping backwards and pulling the shattered shield back around her, Rachael used all of whatever energy she had left to make sure she could dodge the tendrils properly.

The tendrils were faster than her, but they seemed to have a hard time turning. Blaise must be focusing all of her mental power into making them faster rather than more accurate. With a quick sidestep to her left, Rachael dodged the first one. It zoomed past her, narrowly missing her side as it crashed into the ground. With a leap back, Rachael managed to get out of the way of three that were clustered together. They pierced the ground where Rachael used to be standing and caused dirt and rock to shoot up into a cloud that would hopefully obscure her sister's view. Unfortunately, that's not what happened.

Focusing her attention back on Blaise, Rachael noted that her sister had moved places entirely. The tendrils had vanished but were quickly forming around Blaise's new position. Spinning around faster than she did before, the smaller doge girl managed to see her sister waving in her general direction, probably commanding the tendrils to attack her once more. Rachael, however, had something else in mind. With a snap of the fingers, a thin pillar of light formed in her hands which quickly expanded into the shape of a long sword. It was quite bland in appearance, but that didn't matter to Rachael. As the tendrils came towards her this time, she quickly sliced two of them to pieces and jumped out of the way of the third. It was clear at this time that Blaise had undergone a complete personality change. Being a fight and getting your adrenaline running did that to her. For some reason it caused the Abyss to take over her mind faster. The changes would revert eventually, but Rachael had to defend herself until then. Or knock her sister out. Actually, that didn't sound like such a bad idea right now.

As soon as Rachael's feet hit the ground, she leaped forwards and started sprinting towards Blaise at full speed. She wasn't quite able to shunpo like her sister, as she never learned how, but she was more than fast enough to close the distance in a few short moments. The younger sister wasn't going to let her sibling have all the fun on offense. Blaise seemed to have prepared herself as Rachael approached her, which the little sister had anticipated. In her older sister's hands was what appeared to be a pitch black rapier made of the same energies that the tendrils were previously made of.

The moment Rachael came into range, she stabbed at her older sister with as much force as she could think of. All Blaise had to do was step to the side and parry her sister's attack with one dextrous sweep of her rapier. Rachael's longsword was flung out of her hand, and Blaise took this chance to point her sword at her sister and stab at her.

"Sorry sis'." was all Blaise heard before she felt a pressure on her stomach. Looking down, Blaise found that Rachael had... kicked her? She found her sword had missed its mark by a few centimeters, and now her sister had her foot lodged in her stomach. But there was no force behind it?

"Well... not really." Rachael mumbled before jumping away. Blaise was confused, to say the least. Her gaze directed itself back at her little sister. There was something odd here. They had only been sparring for a few minutes, yet she noticed that Rachael was panting heavily. Had this all really taken that much of a toll on her? It hadn't before, when they had done this.

"You mock me, yet you're the one in the worse position." Said Blaise as she licked her lips. "I'll have fun tearing you to shreds, sister." The adrenaline rush to Blaise's head kept her from thinking like she normally did. Under better circumstances, Blaise would be a happy, caring individual. Right now, though? The power of the Abyss was corrupting her mind just from her using it. Her happy, motherly smile was replaced with a grim straight face. She didn't care that Rachael was tired, Blaise wasn't going to hold back. She agreed to this and knew full well what the consequences were, so it wasn't her fault if she was hurt or killed. Why was she so tired anyways? She hadn't done much. Maybe Rachael was just a lot weaker than Blaise had initially anticipated. Nonetheless, that didn't mean that she wouldn't kill her. Humans were prey, and despite being her little sister, Rachael was-



Blaise screamed in agony as she felt an immense pressure in her stomach make it feel like her stomach had exploded. As her mind processed the pain and let her mind pull out of the momentary shock she was placed in, Blaise noticed the smoke in front of her. Wait. Smoke? Looking down, she noted that her shirt was on fire and that the only thing still covered up was her chest. Below that, however, her shirt was destroyed. And her stomach? It was covered in intense burn marks that made Blaise wince in pain just from breathing.

"What... did you...?" the older sister started mumbling, only to get a soft chuckle out of Rachael.

"Had I figured out how to do that beforehand, entire torso would be nothing but a blood stain on the floor. Hell, I didn't even think you'd survive that explosion like you did anyways." Rachael said. Her arms were crossed underneath her chest in a matter-of-fact fashion. Blaise blinked a few times as what her sister registered in her head. She... exploded? But when did-

"You didn't mean to kick me..." Blaise said in realization, eyes wide with shock. "You... Y-You poured your aura into me, and..."

"Blew you up on command." Rachael finished, looking quite proud of herself. A smug smile graced her lips and she held out her hand, a sword forming in it in the same fashion as before. "And now that the playing field is leveled, we can-"


Rachael immediately dropped down into a proper fighting stance. Holding the hilt of her sword with both hands, she prepared herself for the worst. Blaise didn't just laugh for nothing when she was like this. She laughed when she knew that the advantage was hers. Even after taking a hit like that, she was still capable of making Rachael feel uneasy. The younger sister knew what happened when her sister laughed like this. She had seen how Blaise acted when she was having "fun". The woman was smart enough not to get cocky. Hell, Rachael had seen her sister lose an arm and still laugh her ass off afterwards. What happened to the opposition wasn't pretty. It made Rachael want to throw up on the spot.

"Hehehe... Hahahahaha!"

The laughter escalated in volume quickly, unnerving Rachael even more. The storm was coming, and Rachael didn't even have the mental capacity to be even the slightest bit ready.


Was all Rachael was able to get out before she nearly collapsed under a sudden pressure. It felt like a dozen trains were being dropped on top of her without warning. Her legs gave out underneath her almost instantly as a result of the sheer power that was being stacked on top of her.

"Now you shall see... the power I've been holding back, dear sister~"[/b] Blaise sang as she stood upright and looked Rachael straight in the eyes with a look that made the girl freeze up in fear. A sadistic smile graced the woman's lips, and her eyes were wide with excitement. [b]"I've never been so turned on by you, Rachael. You should really do this with me more often~"

"Oh shut up you filthy little-" Rachael retorted, only to get kicked in the side of the head. The raw power sent her flying hard and fast into a tree at least a few dozen feet away. The plant wasn't capable of standing upright anymore as Rachael slammed straight into it. The trunk of the tree shattered somewhere in the middle and collapsed on top of Rachael as she hit the ground. With a yelp of pain upon being crushed by the tree, the younger doge tried her best to push it off of her. Pouring all of her aura into her arms, Rachael did her best to try and lift the trunk and and drop it above her head. Her doge ears flicked around and tried to locate any sounds of Blaise, as her head hadn't recovered enough from the kick to properly sense anything right now.

"You shouldn't talk so rudely to your elders, especially your elder sister~" sang Blaise. It seemed to Rachael that her sister really liked using a sing song tone of voice when talking to her. Slowly trying to push herself upright to look at her sister, Rachael growled menacingly to Blaise, only eliciting a very sultry giggle out of her. "And you shouldn't try to act so powerful when you can't even stand up, it's so pathetic." Rachael heard her sister say. A hand grabbed her by the hair and pulled her up onto her feet. When Rachael's eyes finally focused, all she met were Blaise's own eyes looking deeply into hers in a way that made her question her sister's intentions.

"But still... You've gotten me all hot and bothered, sissy." Whispered Blaise into Rachael's ear. She noted that the pressure had lightened up enough that Rachael could stand upright again, but it was difficult. Her injuries were making her legs all wobbly. "And you seem to feel the same way too~" the older doge said with a giggle, referring to how wobbly her sister's legs were. "Or are you just too hurt to support your own weight? Come on, love, I thought you were more capable than this."

Rachael panted heavily and clutched her sides as she looked into her sister's eyes. This damn Abyss... It was fucking with her sister's head and Rachael hated it. It was making her say things that no person should ever say to their sister. Her mind desperately tried to think of a solution, some way to escape or something, but failed miserably. That kick to the side of the head hurt her a lot more than she had thought initially. All of her thoughts were scrambled, and all she had to rely on now were instincts.

"Maybe I should take advantage of you being unable to escape while I can...?" Blaise whispered into her sister's ear, leaning forwards enough to bite the tip of it like she knew Rachael liked. Rachael yelped and tried to pull away, but one of Blaise's hands kept her head from moving even a single inch. Rachael did like the tips of her ears being nibbled on, but in a much more lewd way than one would think. It was a turn on, more or less, and she hated being turned on. Especially when it was her sister doing it. On occasion, Blaise would do it to Rachael just to mess with her, but she would pull away before Rachael actually got aroused. This time though? This time the Abyss was messing with Blaise, making her mind all fuzzy and fucked up. This time, Blaise didn't seem to be stopping.

"What's the matter, Rachael my dear~?" Whispered Blaise seductively into the ear she was nibbling on. "Don't want to pull away because you want to see what I've always dreamed of doing to you?" Rachael mumbled something that sounded like a "no", but Blaise didn't seem to notice. Either that or she didn't care. "Then I guess I'll just keep going~" The next thing Rachael new, her sister's hand was slipping up her shirt. She wasn't serious right? Rachael didn't feel her sister stopping, and it was here that she drew the line. It was clear that Blaise wasn't going to stop, and the fear of something even more awful that what was already happening made Rachael act suddenly and brashly. Opening her mouth wide, Rachael bit down into the side of Blaise's neck much like a vampire. As she felt her teeth sink into her sister's neck, Rachael poured as much of her aura into the wound as possible and then, without thinking, she snapped her fingers for the second time tonight.


The following explosion would have killed both members if Rachael had known what she was doing when it came to these explosions, but she had just came up with the idea less than twenty minutes ago. All she had to do was focus her aura into a single point, transmute it into potential energy, and then proceed to release all of it at once. Maybe there was a better way, but Rachael had no clue how much she should put into a single concentrated point at a time. Had she put more into her sister then, she was sure both of them would have died. Thankfully, Rachael had a protective shield of aura around her to keep her both mostly unharmed, and conscious. Blaise though? Rachael felt Blaise collapse after a scream of both pain and... pleasure?

Her sister was a fucking masochist?

"For fucks sakes, Blaise!" Rachael yelled as she collapsed to her knees in exhaustion. That was the last thing she needed to learn about her sister. If she weren't so tired and Blaise were conscious, she'd get lippy with her sister on the spot. At the moment, however, she was far too tired for that. Getting kicked around and then blown up (by herself) was tiring. That, however, was at the back of her mind. Both of them were currently in Karakura Forest, a place that was teeming with Hollows. Well, in certain parts of it. This was not one, but that didn't mean they couldn't migrate here after hearing all of this go down. Explosions, trees getting toppled, etc. It was all extremely noisy, and Rachael was sure that there would be some Hollows here soon. With a grunt, Rachael looked down at her sister and sighed. Most of her shirt was blown off, but she didn't care. It was less than a mile to Karakura, then another few miles to their house. With the amount of Aura that Rachael had left, she was sure she could do it. Hopefully. It'd be painful and she'd probably collapse several times, but the cocky young girl was sure she was capable.


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