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 Steiner Franz [APPROVED 4-2-]

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Steiner Franz
Steiner Franz

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Steiner Franz [APPROVED 4-2-] Image6599_zpsaa716e47
Steiner Franz [APPROVED 4-2-] Image3698-1
» Name: Steiner Franz
» Titles: N/A
» Race: Human
» Age: 20
» Gender: Male
» Affiliation/Rank: Rouge
» Appearance Written:
Standing at 6'4 and weighing in at 170 pounds, Steiner is a tall and moderately built human to the untrained eye. Yet underneath his hand-me down clothes is the body of a man who keeps himself in tip-top physical condition, not because of a want to, but out of necessity to survive where he has been. His skin is slightly tanned, from his time spent in the sun as a youth, and body scarred from several years of abuse. Most notably the scars go down his back, remnant of a not so friendly childhood, and a reminder of what sort of hell he had gone through. Though regardless of his rough childhood, his aqua colored eyes remain bright and welcoming, as if defiant to the acts that were perpetrated on him growing up. Caring little for his own physical appearance, his mahogany colored hair is without thought, randomly strewn about in random directions as if he had just woken up, and decided to walk out the way he was. Yet, even though he cares little for personal appearances he does care about hygiene, and usually smells of high quality soaps and cologne.

As far as clothes go, what may appear to be flashy dress clothes is little less than hand-me downs from his adoptive parents. His adoptive father, having been a soldier, had a set of dress clothes that he lent to the young child after he was removed from his parent's "care", and Steiner grew into them. He wears them often, washing them at the end of every day to ensure that they are clean. However, this isn't the only set of clothes he owns, he has regular clothes. An assortment of cheap sneakers, shorts, long sleeve shirts, jeans, and jackets all hang inside of his closet, but that doesn't change the fact that the hand-me downs are his favorite thing to wear. The hand-me down dress suit is comprised of a white jacket with black shoulders, golden bangles, and a teal interior. The undershirt, not actually a hand-me down, but an dress shirt he owned is also teal.White pants and white shoes finish off the mostly white ensemble that Steiner usually wears. The last and newest edition to this set of clothes is an unknown sword, which Steiner has no clue how he got, or why he can't seem to get rid of it.
» Appearance Picture: Asbel Lhant from Tales of Grace Series
Steiner Franz [APPROVED 4-2-] Latest?cb=20090414001557
Steiner Franz [APPROVED 4-2-] Image3699-1
» Personality: To describe Stein's personality is to look beyond the hardships of his youth and dig into who he has become. Some would say due to the traumatic events in his life that Franz would exhibit some introversion, but it is the opposite. Steiner is an open, caring, and compassionate individual who sets himself above no one, and is willing to take the pain and hardships that comes his way to ensure that other's don't have to go through what he has gone through. He is the first to step in when a problem arrives and the last to leave when a problem is solved. As troublesome as that may sound, Stein doesn't seem to mind being the guy to step in when the going gets rough as he knows what could happen to other's if issues are not dealt with as quickly as possible. This tends to lead to quick judges in character however, as Stein quickly assess situations, and doesn't tend to read into the context of things. He mostly only sees right and wrong, however he can be persuaded to believe that there is a gray.

As such heroism seems to come naturally for the eighteen year old, though he is unsure how he could be described as "heroic" as he believes that doing the right thing and helping others is what should be natural human nature. According to him protecting people and helping people with their issues should come to a person just as easy as they would breathe. This leads to philosophical differences and a great deal of headbutting with those of different beliefs, but Stein stands true to what he believes which further adds to the "hero" title that is thrown at him. To him, however a hero is something that he isn't. To him a hero is someone with the power to make a difference and he, being someone without power in a world filled with individuals with the power to change the world, can never be someone like that. That of course doesn't stop him from dreaming of one day becoming someone like that.

Some would call Steiner calm and collected as well, as he tend to not freak out when a normal person would. Once again, the tragedies of his childhood lend into this state of being. He has gone through so much torture in his life that most things seem to just not phase the eighteen year old as much as they would a normal person. Yet, he is still haunted by nightmares of his life spent with his biological parents, and those wounds still run very deep. Which is why he tries his best to remain calm and be as collected as he can, putting on an air of being much more mature than he actually is to try, and hide his own insecurities. However, behind that very same air is an eighteen year old with a great deal of insecurities.

Those insecurities, however have helped Steiner grow a great deal as a fighter, and as a person. Never believing that he is strong enough or fast enough to deal with threats that cross his path. This has allowed to Steiner to push himself very far in terms of physical training and mental conditioning. It has also helped him mold himself into the person he is today. His kindness springs from his insecurities, as his feelings of helplessness gained from years of torture at the hands of his biological parents, has helped him learn that no one wants to be alone in this world. So, he strives to be as open, and kind as he possibly can as to have no one feel like he has and at some times still does. It is through hardship that Stein has grown into a fine young man with a strong sense of what is right and what is wrong.
Steiner Franz [APPROVED 4-2-] Image3700-1
» History: Born as Steiner Halford, Steiner was brought into this world to a family that was never really supportive nor friendly to him. He was the second child of Corman Halford and Zaila Halford, both of which had not wanted a second child, but welcomed Steiner into their family begrudgingly. From the moment Steiner could walk he was treated poorly by his parents, who favored their first child, Yve who was three years Steiner's senior, to him. Yve was always the grading stick for Steiner growing up and whenever he disappointed his drunken father or his emotionally distant mother he would be reminded of how awesome his brother was. It wasn't until his eighth birthday that things went from mental abuse to physical abuse as his father, a failed musician and the town drunk, laid into him repeatedly with blows after Steiner had messed up a simple piano recital. All the while, Steiner pleaded for his father to stop, and looked for his mother and brother for assistance, but neither did anything. This was just the start of the beatings and for three years Steiner endured this. Three years of torture at the hand of his father as he pleaded for his mother and brother to help him only to see them turn a cold shoulder to him.

It was after one particularly nasty scuffle involving a jagged beer bottle, that child services was brought into play, and Steiner, then eleven, and Yve, fourteen, were taken away from their parents. Yve, after being taken away from his parent who had adored him blamed Steiner for everything, and left his brother high and dry as he distanced himself from someone who he labeled as a loser. Steiner, feeling isolated, and completely alone spent the majority of his time moping alone in the social house. Wondering as to what he could have done differently to have his parents love him like they did his brother. For a year, Steiner was bounced from family to family, none of them sticking with him for more than a few months as none of them wanted a child who was depressed as he was and as emotionally scarred. However, after reaching the age of twelve, Steiner finally joined the Franz family. The Franz family, who had always wanted a son, welcomed Steiner into their family, and embraced him as if he were their own. It opened Steiner's eyes to the real problem and warmed his heart.

Steiner became an extremely driven child as a member of the Franz family, dropping any vestige of his past life from the time he dropped his biological families last name and instead flinging himself head first into the fire of being a "Franz". With this new found drive, Steiner studied, and trained hard. Ditching music in favor of mythology, a much more interesting subject as he always dreamed of heroes of old in his youth, and training his body as to emulate such heroes. He became the apple of his foster parent's eye and over the course of six years brightened their lives and earned their love with each passing moment he spent with them. On his eighteenth birthday, Steiner Franz decided to move out, not by force, but because of his want to continue his studies. He wanted to go to college and travel a bit, things he couldn't do underneath the Franz roof. His parents, even though they wanted him to stay, understood, and helped Franz move to Tokyo where he could continue his Ancient History and Mythology studies. It was there that his past caught up to him.

Yve Halford, his older brother met him at the train station in Tokyo, and though Steiner had his differences with his family he greeted him warmly. Yve, began talking about a dig he was on for some unknown benefactor, as he had became an archaeologist, and was mildly successful. After learning of what his brother had become, Steiner talked of what he had hoped to do, and such drew some praise from his distant blood relative. Yve offered Steiner a job to come to the dig and be one of his interns. And though Steiner wanted to say no, the promise of money, and a trip away to a place he had never been enticed the young man to come with his brother. They went to Europe, where Steiner caught eye of what exactly his brother had dug up, a stone with a rusted and worn sword plunged into it surrounded by ancient and decrepit ruins. Remembering the tales of the knights of the round table and King Arthur, Steiner was greatly intrigued by his brother's find, and began to do everything in his power to find out just what this sword's identity was.

Over time, Steiner began to realize that the sword in the stone was Excalibur, but how it had gotten there was beyond him. Steiner, excited by the prospect of one of the myths being at least half true, went to his brother, only to find him making deals with the wrong sort. Yve, his older brother was selling ancient relics to some shady man who worked fro some unknown criminal syndicate in Europe, and they had been using Steiner to dig up research on if the sword was the real deal. Steiner, dumb founded by his brother's betrayal, decided to take matters into his own hands, and confronted his brother in the middle of a meeting. Yve, laughed it off, and called Steiner naive for believing he was an archaeologist and not some rare artifact broker, and order his associate to end him right then and there. Steiner ran for his life, escaping from the site, and making his way to the stone.

However, upon making it to the stone, he was quickly surrounded by goons, and with no means to defend himself. No means, except the rusted sword. In dire need of help and with no where else to turn, Steiner pulled the blade from the stone, much like Arthur had many centuries ago, and the world went black for him. Steiner awoke in Karakura town in a hospital bed, the rusted sword laying against a seat in a scabbard, with no recollection of what had happened, or how he had ended up where he was. Steiner, once released from the hospital, tried to rid himself of the sword by giving it to a museum, yet the sword came back to him by mysterious circumstances. Eventually after the twelfth attempt of giving up the sword he gave in and decided to keep it for himself. As there was no other solution. For now, Steiner is trying to discover how he returned to Karakura, and the mysteries behind the rusty blade dubbed "Excalibur".

Little did Steiner know that he had not only acquired a sword, but also a passenger who latched on to his body, and became a part of him. That passenger was Valus, the spirit that had been sealed within Excalibur, and as such when he had made contact with the blade had saved his life. Steiner over the course of his first month in Karakura would meet some interesting individuals, not only fighting people such as Youma, but also making friends with people such as Ants, and when he successfully climbed the mountain metting Cirno for the first time. As such he learned a great deal and began to grow as a fighter and as a person. However, it became frustrating for Steiner that he remained powerless until his fight with the arrancar, Murai, and her skeletons.

It was during that voice that Valus began to speak and helped guide him to awakening his powers for the first time. It was then that Steiner knew his journey to becoming a hero was about to begin.
Steiner Franz [APPROVED 4-2-] 8b7e5a46-0431-487b-bb20-4f51d0d50a62_zps375f997c
Steiner Franz [APPROVED 4-2-] Image4292

Steiner Franz [APPROVED 4-2-] Image4361-1

» Natural Attributes:

Unbelievably Resilient
Description: Some people would lose consciousness from the sheer amount of pain of battle, but Steiner is not one of them. He has a super human resilience, an ability to keep standing up regardless of his bones or broken or his limbs are torn off and that is through pure force of will. Sure, it isn't the same idea of what Resilience really is, but Steiner forces himself to stand, forces himself to keep going regardless of how much pain he is in. It is because he is driven by a higher goal and ideology that keeps him chugging along like the little engine of justice that could. That is what makes Steiner's brand of resilience special, it isn't that of a physical resilience, but more of a spiritual form of it. And he abuses this ability more than any other and that is because of the type of person he is.

Inextinguishable Will
Description: Steiner's heroic nature and his new affinity to the realm of Justice have helped awaken his powerful natural abilities that had yet to show themselves when he didn't have that connection. One such ability is his Inextinguishable Will, a talent that allows him to ignore the effects of control, and effects that would effect his will to accomplish a goal. For example if someone needs to be rescued and an enemy would try to control Steiner's actions through fear or any other mean, Steiner can ignore those effects and continue on his path to save the innocent. Furthermore, with such a strong will, Steiner can not be effected by abilities that would have him lose control over himself. This is due to the nature of Judgement Energy and how it is based on the user's perspective of others.

If Steiner views a person as an enemy, the Judgement Energy inside of himself would not allow him to be controlled by such an enemy, and will actively negate those effects.

Natural Swordsman
Description: For a man with no formal training with a sword, Steiner is impeccably gifted in swordsmanship. When holding Excalibur it just seems to flow naturally. Though the natural gift still needs to be honed and will take some time to master. He still has taken like a fish to water in any case. As such he has even began to create his own blade style to incorporate his ideals and talents. He is improving every day, some would say his improvement is frightening because of the rate at which he is improving.

Honed Athleticism
Description: Due to the rough nature of his childhood, Steiner has trained for close to ten years to be in tip-top physical condition, and until recently it was more than enough to protect him and others from physical confrontation. But now, that isn't true anymore ever since he met people with powers that far outweigh his understanding he has began to hone his training regiments and push himself physically to become not only stronger, but faster, more able to take a hit, and to be able to keep fighting by having an impressive stamina.

With those goals in mind, Steiner has began to hone in on what he needs to do to reach the next level, and has trained hard to do it.

Way of the Tranquil Blade
Description: This sword style is something that Steiner has began to construct in his free time. It is a swordsmanship style that focuses on disarming opponents and defending one's self, it does however have a few techniques that can be used in an offensive manner. The principle behind the style is to not aim for killing blows, but to focus on maiming an opponent or disarming them so that they can no longer continue to fight.

Tranquil Blade Art: Compteur
Description: Steiner waits for the opponent to slash at him with a heavy strike and shifts himself to the side, grabbing a hold of the opponent's hand and pulling him farther forward. This may not work on stronger foes and in the event of dealing with a bigger/stronger opponent, Steiner will instead shift their weight so that they fall forward. As they are falling forward, Steiner slashes at their back.

» Racial Powers:
The Stone of Law
Steiner Franz [APPROVED 4-2-] Blue%20no%20heat%20TOP%201.42%20ct%20OV
Description: It is from this stone, a stone of pure Judgement Energy that Steiner Franz has gained the ability to channel and harness the powers of the domain of justice. The stone, placed inside of his body, is blue in color, and quite beautiful if one would be able to see it inside of him. Its powers are near infinite, but Steiner can not access all of its powers at once, not yet anyway, and has to pull tiny bits of its power out at a time as to avoid overwhelming himself with its power.

» Evolution Powers:

Pursuit of Justice
Description: By incorporating slight amounts of Judgement Energy into his Soul Dash, Steiner can gain temporary bursts of speeds of similar levels to Shunpo. However, Steiner can not constantly use it due to his stamina limitations.

Faith's Wings
Description: Some use Soul Force to speed themselves up to move at fast speeds at a constant level, but Steiner can use his Soul Force to fly if he needs to. The Soul Force when used in this manner takes on the form of wings, two angelic wings to be exact, and allow Steiner the ability to fly at his highest potential speed if necessary.

Tranquil Blade Art: Danse
Description: Steiner begins to use his Soul Dash effect in both his feet and arms at the same time, quickening his motions, and creating a flurry of blows that is hard to predict. The aim of the move is to create so many attacks that the foe is unable to react to all of them and Steiner can land a few blows and maybe anger the foe to begin making more critical mistakes. These attacks appear to look as though Steiner is dancing, hence the name which means dance in French.

Tranquil Blade Art: Représailles
Description: Steiner makes a quick slash at the opponent's hand using Soul Dash to speed up the swing. If the opponent goes to naturally defend himself against the attack, Steiner will then stop the blade before it makes contact, and rapidly approach his foe. When close enough Steiner will aim to punch them square in the face while aiming to break the opponent's nose. This move is used to stun the opponent and disorient them due to the pain caused from a broken nose.

Steiner Franz [APPROVED 4-2-] Image4296-1

» Soul State Evolution Stage 1 Appearance:
Steiner Franz [APPROVED 4-2-] 302506-crusader_by_nawol_super

Upon entering Stage One, Steiner is engulfed in a blinding white light. Inside of this light, Steiner is slowly equipped with the Armor of the Justice Bringer, an armor made in the realm of justice to fight against the forces of darkness. As the light dims, Steiner appears in all of his glory. He is wearing a mixture of gold and gray armor, remnants of his old clothes: his collar and the coat tails are visible underneath what appears to be some sort of battle armor. The armor, which appears heavy, is actually quite light, but still is strong enough to reduce incoming damage if attacked. Also, Steiner's Excalibur changes forms, becoming a more defensive oriented sword with its huge hilt guard made of a hard enough metal to block zanpakutos.

All in the all, the armor is flexible, and allows for decent movement especially around the legs which are not as armored. The face on the front of the armor is in fact a depiction of Drumagus' face and has been melded into the armor as a sign of where this armor has come from and to identify Steiner as the one chosen to be his blade in the living world.

» Soul State Evolution Stage 1 Abilities:

The Source of Power

The Energy of Judgement (Judgement Energy)

Description: There is a realm outside of the physical realm where the power of justice reigns supreme and the primary energy of that realm is Judgement Energy. Steiner, who was chosen by the God of the Realm of Justice, Drumagus, has access to the realm's energies, and thus by process of elimination can draw upon that energy at will to enhance his powers, his physical abilities, the physical abilities of his allies, and to lessen the effects and abilities of those who threaten his allies. He accesses this energy through his anima stone and can channel different levels of this energy with realitively little effort. Judgement Energy is finicky as it a power based on perspective. Judgement Energy is in fact a power of balance, meaning that it is a power based on perspective, it is an energy that does not have an alignment requirement, meaning that if Steiner is manipulated to do evil things he will not lose access to Judgement Energy.

If Steiner views someone as a threat they will gain the negative effects associated with Steiner's manipulation of energy, but if they are viewed as an ally they will be effected positively by Judgement Energy As such, Steiner at the current time views those with heroic intentions as allies, and thus will use this energy to help those that are protaganists. In that same vein that energy will be used to hinder those that are considered antagonistic or those who hurt innocent people. Though, Steiner has access to a near endless font of Judgement Energy there are limitations to have how much Steiner can take at one time without causing massive harm to himself. The energy, being from another realm, is hard to manipulate on Steiner and takes a lot of willpower to merely bend to his needs and his desires. Over time, constant use of this energy source drains him of his stamina, and can cause him to pass out over excessive usage of this energy.

As such, Steiner has to be careful as the more power he draws from the realm, the closer he becomes to losing consciousness. There is also the fact that he has barely began to channel these energies and is a novice at being able to actually use this energy properly. Meaning there is a substantial limit on how creative he can be with this energy as of currently, but this will expand as he continues to practice, much like his capacity, and the amount of stamina it will take to harness this energy.

Pacification/Defense Abilities

Divine Intervention
Description: By channeling the power of Judgement Energy from the realm of justice, Steiner can send particles of this energy out from his body, and thicken the air around him, an ally, or an enemy until a barrier of mixed (Spiritual and Judgement) energy is formed. This barrier can deflect most conventional physical attacks or lessen the damage of more powerful powerful physical attacks. This effect is weaker on allies due to the distance of the release point of the energy, but is stronger on Steiner as the point of release is literally inches away from the location of the barrier. The barrier is thicker when Steiner uses this ability on himself and thus can absorb more damage or block completely more powerful conventional attacks.

However, when this ability is used on enemies, this power can completely entrap the enemy in a containment field. The field is as tall as the enemy and as wide as the enemy, almost forming a second skin over the enemy. However, this effect can be broken out of by stronger opponents releasing a huge amount of spiritual energy, and takes a great deal more focus to keep the enemy contained inside. Steiner can not use this ability continually on himself or allies as the constant use of Judgement Energy drains stamina at a rapid pace.

Weight of Your Sins
Description: By channeling his Judgement Energy into a nearby enemy, Steiner can make the opponent feel as though he is heavier, and slow his opponent's reactions. In truth, this ability targets the motor centers of the opponent's mind, lowering the reflexes and reaction times of the oppponent. The judgement energy particles enter the opponent through ingestion through breathing through the nose or mouth. These effects are increased by how much Judgement energy Steiner is willing to channel into his foes. However, this ability has a channel time till it can take effect, but this effect can be quickly channeled by Steiner actually making physical contact with the foe. Once the energy is inside the mind it self-sustains and as such no longer needs to upkeep it and thus weaken himself. These effects can be dispelled by someone with a strong control over his own mind and can be completely nullified by someone with a stronger will than Steiner.

Penance Stare
Description: To stare into the eyes of Steiner Franz is to feel the pain of all your sins in an instant. Penance Stare is an ability that channels Judgement Energy right through Steiner's eyes directly into his opponent's eyes. The effect is almost immediate with those of a weaker will than Steiner, but takes time for those with a stronger will. The effect of this ability causes the one being effected by it to relive the pain of the past sins they have commited to others and to see things from the perspective of the one they wronged. These effects vary in power depending on alignment, for those that are protagonistic it could easily just be the time they made a mistake that they regret, while the power could effect an antagonist by making them feel the pain they have inflicted on others.

This pain is inflicted by the Judgement Energy entering in through the eyes that targets the opposing foes own energy and begins to attack these particles causing intense pain throughout the enemies body. This effects damage can be lessened by someone with a strong will, but can not be nullified. This effect can be stopped by not staring directly into Steiner's eyes when he intends to use this ability.

Will of Drumagus
Description: Steiner can channel the will of the God of the Justice Domain temporarily to create a zone of Judgement energy around himself and others. The size of this zone increases for as long as Steiner is willing to channel the Judgement Energy necessary to keep the zone active. Inside of the zone, enemies slowly begin to lose their will to fight, and also experience pain in locations where they may have cut down someone who Steiner views an innocent being or someone who Steiner viewed as an ally, this is due to the energy in the zone attacking locations that Steiner targets as locations where his allies have been injured or struck down, making them feel the pain that is felt by those who were hurt. However, allies feel uplifted, and will slowly have their wounds healed by Judgement Energy making contact with the wounds of his allies and jump starting the healing process. The radius of this technique is 20 meters and the only way an enemy can actually be effected by this aura is if Steiner actually touches the enemy. Meaning to safely avoid the negative effects of the aura for any enemy, they must avoid being touched by Steiner. (This can work either through physical touch by body parts or sword cuts)

Bulwark of Valor
Description: Steiner places his hand out flat in a direction and channels Judgement Energy to his finger tips, creating a shield of pure Judgement Energy facing the direction his hand is directed at. He can increase the width and depth of the shield by putting extra Judgement Energy. The shield acts as a barrier capable of repelling energy based attacks or elemental based attacks. Depending on the attack's strength, more energy will be consumed, and thus drain Steiner's reserves. This shield can only defend one direction.

Offensive/Movement Abilities

Judgement Burst
Description: By channeling the power of Judgement Energy in his anima stone and mixing it with some of his own Soul Force, Steiner can create an explosion of powerful energy that is centered on him with a radius of 10 meters. The main purpose of this technique is to shatter defensive barriers while also knocking his opponent's away. Those that Steiner views as allies will not be effected by this effects of this ability and will instead be covered in remnants of Judgement Energy particles which were left behind during the explosion. Those who are willing allies will receive a minor shield that can absorb light physical or energy damage before disappating.

Deemed Unworthy
Description By slashing his sword and focusing Judgement Energy into the tip of the blade, Steiner can launch a wave of this energy at his foe. Some would assume the intent of this ability would be to cause damage, however, Steiner uses this technique as a countering technique. Upon contact with another energy based attack, the Judgement Energy in the wave begins to ocelate at a high frequency, much like a chainsaw, and then cuts through it or explod if the energy attack is a volatile source of energy (eg: Cero). This technique can also cut through defensive barriers as the energy of this attack only reaches a high enough frequency to cut through energy when it is close to another energy type. Otherwise the attack is a blunt force that can knock foes back and be used to slam foes around. The range of the techinque is thirty meters and begins to dissipate as soon as it reaches that distance.

Slash De Représailles
Description: Steiner's swordmanship style is a self-crafted, self-honed, and self-taught mixing techniques that deal with disarming foes and maiming foes rather than killing them. Slash de représailles is a technique that embodies that style as a technique that aims for the hand holding the sword instead of aiming for a killing blow, however the slash itself is a feint so that Steiner can fake out the opponent's natural reflexes to defend themselves from harm so that he can close the distance and get in close. Once Steiner has got close to his opponent, he radiates with a mixture of Soul Force and Judgement Energy causing a blinding effect that momentarily stuns the opponent so that Steiner can deal a quick flurry of physical blows with pommel strikes and kicks aiming to further disorient the foe.

Steiner at times will reach for the foes weapon, trying to disarm him during this moment of disorientation, however his main intent is to wrack up hits, and frustrate his opponent. The flash from this technique can be seen from up to 50 meters, but the negative effects are only felt by enemies within 5 meters of Steiner.

Shifting Compteur
Description: Steiner's swordsmanship style follows an edict of not killing foes and aiming to neautralize them rather than kill them. Shifting Compteur follows that edict as it is a counter for slashing techniques that aims for neutralization instead of killing. As an opponent uses a heavy blade strike, Steiner can reach out, grabbing his opponent's hand on the sword, and pulling him forward. This would not work on stronger foes and in those instance Steiner will instead shift their weight causing them to go father forward. Steiner then quickly turns around launching a quick wave of Judgement Energy similar to the Deemed Unworthy technique, but instead using it as a concussive force instead of as a counter, thus making the energy more blunt than cutting while their back is turned from the abrupt breaking of their attack. Upon contact the energy explodes causing pain to the opponent and knocking them forward.

Danse Divine
Description: Steiner's sword becomes enhanced with Soul Force energy, leaving behind hypnotic afterimages of varying colors, and making this attack look almost divine, hence the name. Steiner lunges himself at the foe, attacking rapidly combining his Soul Dash technique with his sword swings to create a fast paced attack where the opponent can barely determine which attack is real and which attack is coming at them. As such, none of the attack are lethal and instead aim at injuring or maiming the opponent so that they can not continue to fight or surrender. As for the after images of the slashes, they are in fact hypnotic, disorienting the opponent, and causing minor hallucinations such as seeing two Steiners or seeing multiple swords. This effect can be neutralized by someone with a stronger will than Steiner, but to those effected they may see confusing symbols, bright flashes, and spots making it hard to defend against this technique.

Lame de la Justice
Description: Drawing his finger across the sharp edge of his blade, Steiner can directly channel the Judgement Energy through his blood into the blade enhancing the slashing effects of his swords further. This includes increasing the concussive power of Shifting Compteur's slashing wave or the range of Deemed Unworthy by 10 meters. However, the main effect of this ability is to enhance the overall swinging power of the sword to the point where he can slice through a building if need be. Furthermore, Steiner can increase the frequency of the blade's Judgement energy infused blood to cut through energy attacks, albeit risky as if the attack explodes it would blow up on Steiner.

La guérison par la foi
Description: Steiner can heal himself or others by channeling his Soul Force and Judgement Energy together at specific locations where damage has been taken by making physical contact. The Judgement Energy rejects the pain and slowly lessens the amount of pain that is felt while the Soul Force speeds up the natural healing energies of his or his target's body, sealing the wound in two posts, and eradicating the pain in one.

Hand of God
Description: When pushed to the brink and with his back against the wall there is very little that a man can do against the forces of evil except try to fight back. There is, however plenty a God can do. It is when Steiner is pushed to the brink and has no options left that the one who chose him steps in, forcing Steiner's anima stone to surge with a great deal of Judgement Energy infusing Steiner with an unbelievable amount of power. Those who can see anima stones or energy wavelengths would see violent wavelengths occelating at a rapid pace, and those who can see the anima stone would see it glow so bright that they would think it is a second sun. The immediate change to Steiner is his appearance, the veins on his muscles pulse up, and sparks of pure Judgement Energy encircle his limbs. Upon contact with these circles an enemy would feel searing pain as if they had been struck by lightning, but allies who make contact with these sparks, if willing can absorb a bit of the energy and receive healing.
Steiner's eyes glow a bright blue and his hair gains a few strands of white hair. Steiner's strength increases by close to ten times, his muscles straining with each strike, and clearly his body feeling the pain as the ligaments and bones in his body can be heard straining and sometimes cracking with each hit he lands. His speed receives similar treatment and with each use of this increased speed you can see Steiner struggling to breathe as his body tries to adjust to the power it has been infused with. Steiner can use this power to launch blasts of Judgement Energy that deal massive damage to anything in contact, disintegrating buildings, destroying forests, and much to Steiner's dismay, killing opponents. The power of all of his moves that use Judgement Energy are increased drastically and can all become lethal though Steiner does not wish it.

Steiner's body can not take long stays of this power being active, as continuous use drains tons of stamina, and does damage internally to Steiner the results can be seen as blood dripping from his eyes, nose, and mouth, but also can be shown as bones break, but due to the amount of power coursing through him he doesn't feel the pain at first. Once the ability is deactivated Steiner can not reactivate this ability immediatly, in fact it would take several days for Steiner to recover from one usage of this ability, and if he did try to reactivate again it could cause permanent and irreversable damage to his body. He can not channel Judgement Energy again without a long rest, unless if he forces a second use which the ill effects could be catastrophic. This ability only last 5 of Steiner's posts.

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Steiner Franz [APPROVED 4-2-] D140bf9b-9288-4b52-b478-eecdfaeb079d_zpsea46b39b

» The Spirit's Name: Valus
» The Spirit's Race: A Divine Spirit that was once sealed in a sword
» The Spirit's Gender: Male
» The Spirit's Age: Unknown

» The Spirit's Written Appearance: The Spirit of Excalibur was once nothing more than a glob of formless energy that had no cognitive thinking of its own. However, as the other Caliber swords were obtained across the globe, Valus awoke from his slumber and began to take shape, becoming a more humanoid being over the centuries of it being sealed. At first Valus appeared to become angelic, sprouting wings, and almost glowing a radiant white, and growing a main of golden yellow hair. However, as the other Caliber spirits died, Valus began to commune with their spirits taking portions of their spiritual energy and began turning into more of a patchwork creature than a divine being. Eventually all of the Caliber spirits had faded away as their chosen were killed off, leaving only Valus behind. By that time, Valus' form had become black with red highlights, his face almost looking like a skull with horns, his golden hair falling out.

Standing at about 7 foot tall and weighing in at somewhere over two hundred pounds, Valus looks intimidating, and daunting. Yet, Valus is a divine spirit, a creature born to help mankind in their war with the forces of darkness. This is due to the nature of his appearance as stated above, his pale white eyes, and horrifying face would remind some people of a hollow yet that is not what he is. The clawed hands do not help either as the nails extend close to 7 inches outside of his digits and the spikes on his arms look intimidating, reaching out a good foot and a half from his body. The spikes on left shoulder jut out randomly and have no purpose other than if Valus would want to plunge his shoulder blades into someone and kill them, Valus has said that they are remnants of his wings that he kept to remind him of what he once was. Valus has an average muscular appearance, however is much stronger than he appears to be due to the nature of spirit that he is.

His legs are not visible underneath his battle kilt which stretches all the way down to his clawed feet. The claws on his feet extend a good four inches outside of his toes. At any time Valus can summon a version of Excalibur that is similar to Steiner's version, however the color of the blade is black and the hilt is silver. At all times there is a bright white aura about Valus, the last remnant to show what he used to be.

» The Spirit's Pictured Appearance: Steiner Franz [APPROVED 4-2-] Astaroth_by_ymir_w-d5n5adu

Steiner Franz [APPROVED 4-2-] F88ae63d-ec75-4afd-8c41-e742928e537a_zps874f44b9

» The Spirit's Personality: Valus was once a being with no identity, a floating mass of energy inside of an endless dream that was made to keep him in stasis until his chosen one would find him. However, upon waking up from his dream, Valus began to develop a personality of his own. Valus has exhibited over his time with communication with other Caliber spirits an unbelievable amount of pride. He takes pride in the fact that he awoke on his own and without the assistance of chosen and that he had managed to obtain an angelic form on his own, though as his form changed he stopped bragging about it. This pride extends to his combat abilities, which among the Caliber spirits was considered to be one of the highest ranking as he had absorbed spiritual energy from other Caliber spirits it is quite possible that power is much higher than it was back then, which more than likely means that Valus' pride has also increased. Yet, even with pride, Valus is not blinded by it. He can accept, begrudgingly, that a being is stronger than he is, but that doesn't mean that he won't welcome the challenge of fighting someone far superior to himself.

In fact, Valus loves fighting, and values it far above most other things in life. After all, Valus and the other Caliber beings were made to fight. This trait at times can cause Valus to clash with Steiner who is more pacifistic in his approach as Valus would much rather destroy his foes than maim them or leave them unconscious for someone to find. Yet, he still obtains some thrill for helping his host defeat enemies, even if it doesn't end with their enemy being eliminated. Valus values strength and courage, as such he views Steiner in high regard even if they do butt heads on occasion, he respects that Steiner walks his own path, and values he has his own ideals even though he believes that Steiner is a "stupid kid". Valus in that same vein is quite courageous himself, not afraid of his own eventual demise now that he has found his chosen. In fact, the mission that he was tasked with, to find his chosen, and aid them in whatever quest they may be on is arguably one of the few things Valus absolutely believes in. Though he awoke by himself, he does not argue the fact that he needs a host to operate at full potential, and though his host is a "moron" he will do what he can to make him an at least acceptable fighter. Even die for him.

Valus is at times brutally honest, telling Steiner he isn't ready, or prepared for the chaos of war, and that he is much too naive. Most of the time Valus is serious and on point, the mission being his only true purpose, but due to the nature of how his current form came to be there are times when random emotional responses occur due to the portions of residual Caliber spirits remaining inside of his body.

Steiner Franz [APPROVED 4-2-] 492da373-d637-4382-aa47-5581b98dbec2_zps9709bb6e

» The Spirit's History: A long time ago, a being of immense power looked down upon the Earth, seeing for the first time a world that would one day need protection. At the time the world was defenseless, there were no super powered beings running around, and those that did have power were either not helping or were too aloof to care about the future of their world. It was in that moment that the being began to create divine weapons imbued with a fragment of his spirit, these were some of the very first Ziamichi spirits. Upon creating close to fifty of these weapons, the being smiled upon his creations that he viewed as his children, and gave them purpose: The Mission.

The mission was for these fragments of his soul, beings who were no more than masses of spiritual energy at the time, to find a person with potential, and aid them in their quests, but more importantly to prepare mankind for the coming darkness that was on the horizon. So, with sadness, as he viewed these fragments as children, he sent down these weapons which were called Calibers down to the Earth. Where they would be sealed until their "chosen" was found. At least that is how Valus remembers it, bits and pieces that are remembered by a dreaming spirit inside of a sword that was put in a stone in England.

No, Valus' real history began when he awoke alone, inside of a sword, unable to move, and unable to act as he viewed the world around him. When he first awoke, Valus found the world strange to him, he had bits and pieces of memories from a father in the sky, but had no recollection of where he was or how he had gotten there. So, as he sat inside of the sword he began to view the world around him, a forest to be exact, and began to relish the opportunity to see this beautiful place that he had come to be in. For years, Valus viewed this world minute details, and as he did he saw just how fragile the creatures of this world were. Watching as the natural cycle of life acted, he learned quickly that is was kill or be killed on this planet, and made note of that. At the same time he began to hear whispers from other beings just like him, but they were able to move, free from their sealed prison, and having found their "chosen".

Valus listened and as he did he learned things of the humans, hearing tales of the world's first religions, and learning of the world's rich cultures he began to change his form. Valus, who took on the form of an angel, began to communicate with what he viewed his brothers and sisters, mostly to hear stories of their travels, and learn from them of their experiences. Yet with every story, every experience, Valus grew more and more disheartened that his "chosen" had yet to come for him. The other spirits began to wonder how Valus had woke himself up as they had only been able to awaken upon contact with their respective "chosen". Valus himself wondered how that could have ocurred, but he kept it to himself, choosing to instead focus on the opportunity of finding his own chosen. He even bragged about it, after all it was the only thing he had over his brothers and sisters, so he milked it for what it was worth. Eventually over a period of time, Valus began to hear less and less of his brother's and sister's voices, and as those voices were silenced, Valus knew that they were dying. Due to the nature of the spirits, he felt himself grow stronger due to him absorbing some portion of his fellow Caliber spirits who had passed on.

As more and more died, Valus began to hear less, and less of his kin. Sure, he was growing in strength with every death, but that also meant that there was one less person to speak to, one less person to share experiences and tell stories with. There was also the horrible things that the extra powers were doing to his form, which without a "chosen" was not stabilized. The form morphing and becoming more and more monstrous with each passing spirit gave Valus great sorrow. Where once his golden main of hair was, now was a skull, and the wings he had once been so proud of withered to nothing more than spikes on one of his shoulders. Even his body, which once appeared mostly humanoid, had now began to change into that of a monstrous being, his skin turning black, and almost charring in a way. He grew angry at the form he was obtaining, but that anger slowly transferred to his brothers and sisters who were losing their lives in far off lands that he had never seen nor heard of.

Eventually his world went silent, the voices of his brothers and sisters quelled by unknown forces, and his world seemingly devoid of any communication or of any companionship. His body had finished morphing into some kind of beast, but yet he retained his mind, and that mind drifted to the thoughts of his "chosen" of if he ever had one to begin with. It scared him, the not knowing, and the loneliness of his prison, yet he tried to remain optimistic. Instead he focused on honing his powers, which had grown substantially through the nature of his being, and in his spare time he watched the nature of the jungle around him. Observing the natural order in all of its' splendor.

He watched as the centuries went by, his prison rusting, and the once beautiful jungle around him falling prey to the labors of the natural order as it died away. It was during that time that a group of humans came upon his prison and for the first time in many years, Valus felt excited. This was the first time that humans had ventured so close to him and the thought that he had finally found his "big break" settled in rather rapidly as he watched them all observe his cage. He watched as each man took their turn trying to pull the sword from stone and sorrowfully cried out every time one of them failed. One by one they would fail and after each one Valus would feel even more disheartened. Eventually, as all of the men in the camp failed, Valus lost all hope of finding his "chosen". He came to accept that he would be stuck in this sword till the end of time and there would be no way he would ever be able to walk the earth with his host. That is when it happened.

A boy, no older than eighteen, shambled over to his prison, and looked upon him as the very same men who had tried to lift the blade before drew guns upon him. Valus could sense the boys fear, he didn't want to die much like Valus did not wish to wither away inside of his prison, and in that moment a spiritual bond was made between the two of them. The boy reached out, tears in his eyes, and his mind becoming so easy for Valus to read. He wanted to live, for just one more day at the least, and Valus was going to help him. The boy touched the hilt of the sword and pulled. From the stone popped Valus' prison and in that moment the pact had been formed, Steiner and Valus were bound to the same body for all time.

It was then that a gun shot was heard before Valus could react, Steiner was shot. Steiner fell to a knee, feeling the bullet hole in his chest, and looking horrified by his own mortality. He passed out and in that moment, Valus took control. Forcing his will down upon his foes was easy for a being that had nothing, but time on his hands to learn how to use his powers. And Valus dispatched his foes using his powers, blasting foes with super heated steam, melting opponents, and using his ability to manipulate geothermal energy to create steam geysers from the earth to obscure his presence. Eventually the foes retreated, afraid of what Valus was doing, and it was in that time that Valus began to heal Steiner. Sealing the wound shut with super heated air, but not before removing the bullet, and then healing him by focusing his energies on healing the boy. He would not allow his chosen to die and he would not die here. So, using his ability to manipulate geothermal energy, Valus would then super heat the ground, creating an air current rushing upward that would allow Valus to fly. Valus would then seek out a place where he could take Steiner with the best possible care for a being like himself, Karakura Central.

Also, he would shield his presence from Steiner as he got used to his new surroundings, choosing to instead watch the boy, and learn more about him before making his presence known. It was when Steiner climbed a mountain and meant the Angel of Ice, Cirno that Valus could no longer hide, as the memories of the battle returned to Steiner, and thus Valus had no choice, but to reveal himself to the both of them.


Steiner Franz [APPROVED 4-2-] 76edc80c-1283-44af-87a7-85e314e7bfde_zps838144d2

» Unique Traits:
Geothermal Energy Manipulation
Description: Valus' ability to manipulate the natural energies of the earth's core can and has been handed down to Steiner. This manipulation would allow Steiner to shoot super heated air at targets, summon geysers from the earth, and eventually Steiner could be able to even make volcanoes to blast his foes with liquid magma. To do this, however Steiner has to remain on the ground as he channels the powers of the natural energy up through the ground and through his feet. Thus making his whole body a sort of vessel for the energy, allowing to expel it when he needs to.

Another way for Steiner to gain this energy is by putting his hands on the ground to channel the energy up to him much faster. However, as of right now Steiner is still a novice and the mere launching of super heated air is something that drains Steiner of his stamina at a rapid pace. Yet Steiner continues to practice his ability to manipulate the natural energies of the earth. Hoping that one day he might be able to fully use the powers that Valus is giving to him.

Steam Jet Prepoltion
Description: By holding his hands behind him or in front of him and launching super heated steam in bursts, Steiner can move around at a rapid pace allowing him to dodge attacks that he can't parry, and allowing him to initiate attacks at surprising speeds if necessary. Due to the momentum created by this it can increase the powers of the blows he makes if he chooses to use this ability to attack.

Super Heated Steam Blast
Description: While Steiner's feet are on the ground, Steiner can absorb the natural powers of the earth's core pulling forth the energy necessary to super heat the air around his hands, which he holds out facing his foe. Upon super heating that air, Steiner uses a portion of his own Soul Force to cause the air to become energized, and then launches the super heated steam at his foe. The steam, hot enough to melt flesh and steel, shoots out at rapid speed which is enhanced by Steiner's own Soul Force.

The flaw of this technique is that Steiner can only launch it in one direction at a time at the moment, as he is unable to focus the powers of the earth without focusing his own energies into it, which causes a great deal of strain. Secondly, the steam cools down after a range of thirty meters, making it less effective the longer range it is.

Heat Resistance
Description: Steiner is highly resistant to abilities that use heat due to the nature of Valus' own powers. He barely feels heat and only in situations where the heat of the attack would exceed liquid magma that he will begin to feel the heat.

Fists of Magma
Description: By covering his hands in dirt, Steiner can super heat the air around the fists to the point that they appear to be covered in liquid magma. Much like when he uses his Steam Burst ability, Steiner must have his feet planted on the ground to absorb the heat of the Earth, and focus it into heating the dirt on his hands. Steiner can then attack with these fists with the intent to burn his opponent's skin or melt his opponent's armor. However, the flaw of this technique is that Steiner can only super heat his hands at this point, limiting his ability for creativity and innovation. Secondly, Steiner can not keep this ability up for long as the magma will begin to cool rather rapidly after Steiner uses this move.

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Lava Surge
Description: By placing his hands on the ground, Steiner can channel the raw, and unbridled power of the earth's molten core. This technique requires a great deal of focus and energy and upon use cracks the earth in front of him, from this crack comes a giant wave of lava that comes at the foe. The speed of the wave, naturally slow, is enhanced by Steiner's own Soul Force, allowing it move faster. The wave, several hundred feet tall, and several hundred feet wide continues to move forward and will not change direction. Anything that comes in contact with the wave will be either melted or burned to a crisp (inanimate objects and innocent people included). However those with a high resistance to heat or enough pain tolerance can lessen the effects. The damage will still be high, but in those situations the attack's more negative features can be lessened to completely ignored. Due to the slow nature of this attack though, the wave is dodge able, and can be instantly stopped by rapidly cooling the magma until it becomes nothing more than solid rock.

Also, once Steiner removes his hands from the ground the wave will begin to subside, losing size, and speed. However, as stated before anything that touches it will be melted or instantly burnt to a crisp unless the enemy has a high enough pain tolerance or a high heat resistance.. This move requires a great deal of energy and can not be used more than once per combat.

Cauterize Wound
Description: By using a bit of super heated air, Steiner can seal wounds, and stop himself from bleeding. Strenuous movement at the location of the sealed wound can cause it to reopen though.

Tranquil Blade Art: Mirage grève
Description: By super heating the air around himself, Steiner can create a momentary double of himself using the water in the air to create an after image. Once the image is created, Steiner attacks from the side, launching a quick slash while the momentary surprise is his. This technique can also be used to dodge attacks and then used to promptly create a counter attack where Steiner can launch any of his techniques from.

Tranquil Blade Art: Slash chauffée
Description: Steiner may not fully understand his Ziamichi powers yet, but Steiner can super heat his blade if need be by channeling the powers of the earth's core.He must be standing on the ground to use this effect. This technique is little more than a slash using the super heated metal of Excalibur to cut through his opponent's limbs. Instantly cauterizing the wound and negating regeneration effects.

Novice Temperature Control
Description: Steiner has the ability to control temperature at a minor level. As such he can lower his own body temperature to avoid detection through heat and can raise his temperature to sweat out impurities. At the same time he can also heat up objects by touching them, making them searing hot, and burning foes who come into contact with them. This includes his sword Excalibur.

» Forms: None as of yet as Valus has stated that Steiner isn't ready to walk down that path.

» Drawbacks: While Valus has a high amount of energy available to give Steiner, Valus' powers effects on Steiner however are just exhausting. He can only use the powers for short periods of time as his body is still adjusting to having access to his own powers, let alone having access to Valus' powers.

» Control: 4 (For now Steiner and Valus are in an uneasy relationship. Not to say that the control can't improve over time as Valus does want to help Steiner, but is not sure Steiner would know how to use his powers if he needed to.)


Custom Iramasha Gem
Name: Clear Spirit
Type: Other
User Type: Character Exclusive

Appearance: The Gem of Clear Spirit is a gem that is aqua blue in color. The reason for this is that it resonated strongly with the color of Steiner's spirit. Hence, for that simple enough reason, the material which compromised this gem attuned itself to that rich shade and reflected it upon it's design.

Background Info: The purpose behind this gem is to otherwise lend an extension of Steiner's heart to the world around them. After searching within his spirit, there was a desire which was found that held the ambition to connect with others. After latching on to this feeling of yearning, the Faith Stone which was created by Steiner's spirit embodied those sensations into a tangible force of power. Hence, below, you will see how this gem is used with it's abilities.

Effects: The effects that The Gem Of Clear Spirit induces is stated as below:

Holy Sight: Holy Sight is the ability which allows this gem to bridge a connection to the heart and minds of those around Steiner. Trace amounts of angelic energy are released from the gem to the vicinity around him. This can extend to a range of one thousand meters. In this vicinity, Steiner would be able to mend connections to those in the environment around him.

From there, they must accept his call and open their hearts to them in order to forge a line of communication with him. This can be established with a simple telepathic request. Once that request is done, and they accept, Steiner can then begin to open up and understand the person he bonded with them. Of course, what they open up to him will be of the characters decision, but this is meant to be a means in which to deeper understand other spirits.

Additionally, a secondary effect that this ability has is that it can detect malicious auras. That is, a will with great destructive and murderous intent would be able to be sensed. However, this doesn't equate to mind-reading or anything like that. The character in question would have to be causing a major havoc of some kind in order for it to activate.

So, for instance, Steiner could possibly awaken to a sixth sense if there was a huge force of demonic energy that was destroying and killing the lives of many innocent people. However, if a demon was in front of him, and they weren't giving off obvious signals, then this ability would be as effective. It could gauge their body language and analyze the unsteadiness of their spiritual aura to give him hints of what the character's intent may be; but it isn't definite or guaranteed to be true.

Celestial Aura: This is the second power that the Gem of Clear Spirit has. Although she does not have the ability to grant souls the power to view into the future, the next best thing that Cirno could provide was this protective energy. As, sealed within this Faith Stone is a high volume of holy energy. Enough to be comparable to 1-1 character.

Therefore, with this high potency forged is a gem which has high durability and attack power. Thus, when Steiner is marked as being within danger, this gem will activate. However, it will only do so if he is staying true to his call of heroic nature and attempting to spread light, good and righteousness in the world. If he fails to uphold that, then the gem will not activate this feature and it will let him fend for himself.

With that said, the defenses of this gem could be comparable to a master level hierro and a master level kido. So, for a point of reference, it is often used to form a type of shield around Steiner in order to shield him from higher level attacks that can even range upwards of 0 tier level. However, like any shield, it will wear down after enough abuse. Thus it isn't infinite, but it can stand a fair bit of abuse.

This shield can be used in many ways as well. It can form wisp of light that protect Steiner, or it can form spheres of light around his body that serve as barriers. It can also have projectiles forge from his body in order to dispel and shield attacks with malicious intent against Steiner. As, those akin to demon, arrancar or any being with negative energy will find the effectiveness of their attacks reduced as followed:


0 Tier Purification Defenses: Celestial Aura can dispel up to ten to twenty percent of a 0 tier's negative energy.

1 Tier Purification Defenses: Celestial Aura can dispel up to thirty percent of a 1 tier's negative energy.

2 Tier Purification Defenses: Celestial Aura can dispel up to forty percent of a 2 tier's negative energy.

3 Tier Purification Defenses: Celestial Aura can dispel up to eighty percent of a 3 tier's negative energy.

4 Tier Purification Defenses: Celestial Aura can dispel up to ninety percent of a 4 tier's negative energy.

5 & 6 Tier Purification Defenses: Celestial Aura can dispel up to one hundred percent of a 5 and 6 tier's negative energy

With that said, there does come a limit. And that limit comes in the form of this ability only being able to be used for two actions a post. Additionally, each energy steadily drains it's power. And, once it is drained, it will not return until it is refueled by an external source of energy or at the start of the next thread Steiner is in.

Item Name: Excalibur, Awoken
Item Type: Sword, Steiner Exclusive
Used For: Offense, Defense, and Self-Support
Item Description: The legends of ancient and powerful blades sealed in stones has been passed down for generations. Excalibur is such a blade that has legends of a great king in medeval times finding the sword and plucking it from its' stone prison to become the next king of England. That legend however is a false-hood as Excalibur really was found by Steiner Franz and claimed the legend for himself. The blade itself, once rusted, and decrepit has seemingly been restored to its' original form by the powers coursing inside of Steiner. The blade is simple enough, made from a mysterious metal that makes it highly durable, and lightweight. It has two handle guards made for defending the hand and hilt for the sword, the tip of the blade is slightly serrated to cause serrated cuts on opponents to cause wounds to heal improperly. While Steiner holds the blade in his hands he feels more confident about his abilities and even more so, to a certain degree, feels more competent overall as a warrior.

This is due in fact to the nature of the blade, as it is a link to the soul of Valus, and as such allows Valus to soothe the fears and doubts in Steiner's mind, allowing Steiner to enter into a sort of battle trance. The trance allows for heightened combat awareness, which entails being able to read opponent's moves, and positioning to better defend himself. Likewise the bond between Steiner and Valus is heightened while the blade is in Steiner's possession, allowing for Valus to grant Steiner more of his own natural energies to enhance the physical tool set that Steiner has at his disposal: Speed, Strength, Reflexes, and Endurance. This evens out the playing field for a man who has barely studied the art of swordsmanship and is just beginning his journey into the world of angels and demons.


Steiner Franz [APPROVED 4-2-] Image3702-1

» Ziamichi Host Class: (Ranging from E to the weakest and A to the strongest; With S being a special class of Ziamichi's. Don't do anything to this section, as staff will determine how strong your Ziamichi Class is from tier once approved. And yes, the Host can sometimes be stronger then the spirit.)

» Ziamichi Spirit Class: (Ranging from E to the weakest and A to the strongest; With S being a special class of Ziamichi's. Don't do anything to this section, as staff will determine how strong your Ziamichi Class is from tier once approved.)

0 Tier is allowed 1 Master, 2 Advanced for each section
1 Tier is allowed 2 Advanced for each section
2 Tier is allowed 1 Advanced, 2 Adept for each section
3 Tier is allowed 1 Adept for each section
4 Tier and below only get beginner.

General Skills For Host
  • Durability: Adept
  • General Speed: Adept
  • Strength: Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Adept

Ziamichi Skills For Host
  • Skill Of Ziamichi Powers: Adept
  • Control Over Spirit: Beginner
  • Seal Strength: Beginner
  • Sync-Rate: Beginner

Will Skills For Host
  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced
  • Mental Deduction: Adept
  • Pain Endurance: Adept
  • Focus: Beginner

Human Skill Sheet
  • Anima Stone Strength: Adept
  • Soul Sorcery: Beginner
  • Soul Dash: Adept
  • Soul Detection: Beginner


Steiner Franz [APPROVED 4-2-] B24b111a-a2d7-4a8c-b12e-2bebc586719b_zpsfd8a5a87

General Skills For Spirit
  • Durability: Beginner
  • General Speed: Beginner
  • Strength: Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Beginner

Ziamichi Skills For Spirit
  • Skill Of Ziamichi Powers: Beginner
  • Control Over Spirit: Beginner
  • Seal Strength: Beginner
  • Sync-Rate: Beginner

Will Skills For Spirit
  • Willpower/Determination: Beginner
  • Mental Deduction: Beginner
  • Pain Endurance: Beginner
  • Focus: Beginner

Steiner Franz [APPROVED 4-2-] Image3703-1
» Role Play Sample:(Show us what you got by posting a sample of how you role play. Any previous thread or new material is accepted!)

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« Application Checklist »

• Let's Get Down To Business •

  • Name [X]
  • Appropriate Age [X]
  • Gender [X]
  • Appearance Present [X]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [X]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [X]
  • 10 sentences for personality [X]
  • History is of appropriate length [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [x]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[X]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [X]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [X]

« The Willsheet Checklist »

• And Comments/Fixes •

  • Willpower/Determination: Adept
  • Mental Deduction: Adept
  • Pain Endurance: Beginner
  • Focus: Beginner

  • Comments/Notes: N/a

  • Tier: 6-0

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The upgrade thread is here, so can I have this app moved to Ziamichi?

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[mod]This profile is being moved to Inactive! If you want to move it out and start using them again, simply leave us a beep here:

Hope you come back soon![/mod]

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