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And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.

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Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2122, over 100 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.
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Thu Jan 07, 2016 5:03 pm

  • Item Name: Ben (Modified)

  • Item Type: Strictly for Ruvik, as it is intended to operate in tune with his unique powers.

  • Used For: All around application, offensive, defensive, and supportive as well as a medium for self-sustaining.

  • Item Description:
    Seen in the prior thread, Ben is a shinigami captured by Shadowfall in days long since past and broken down to a mindless soul that lives only as a puppet to Ruvik, He is a genetically modified abomination that is incapable of acting out on his own and thus has been reduced to a fairly powerful vegetable kept alive through tubes, machines and other such equipment while not in use. After its beta phase during the war for Iceland, many of the flaws and limitations of this former member of the gotei were tested and applied through battle. Through a mix of wavering resistance from Ben's zanpakto and further improvements made after the war by Rose and Ruvik himself, the man has become a much more efficient vessel for battle and a dangerous asset of the second-right throne when they decide to use it. Many features they naturally had as a Shinigami have been modified and improved to better fit a combatant of Ruvik's caliber and their ability has become more tangible to be accessed by the wicked spirit after the surge of corrupt energy in Iceland broke down a large sum of the remaining spirit's willpower. Thus, he has gained greater control over this subject and can more easily access the true powers of their soul.

    Starting with the purely technological changes, many things have been done compared to just the visor from being. Many new pieces have been added to the living corpse to make it more useful in numerous ways to the Hollow inhabiting it. This includes:

    Visor: The visor that once covered Ben's face was damaged during the battle. Using this an opportunity, the old piece was scrapped and a new, improved visor was put in its place. This new visor has all the abilities the former piece could access and more. It visually appears the same with similar functions, such as being surgically connected to the brain and unable to operate without a proper connection being made in that way. Things carried over from the previous model include:

    This sensor works to see the world through multiple layers of vision, including heat, spiritual, and three-hundred sixty degree. The piece takes the form of a head band over the eyes with a black sensor that takes information from around his entire surroundings and send its straight to the brain. It can detect changes in the spiritual half of the world to detect most forms of cloak or disguise through a different density and color in spiritual power. This is connected directly to the brain, so electric signals transfer much faster and allow for quicker reaction time. If anyone were to rip out the metallic piece, it would not function properly without being surgically modified into a new owner's head.

    Newly added to this piece is the ability to scan information on a dime. When looking through it, data will be displayed at the edge of the eye. This information contains all basic checks, such as the power of an individual using a unique measuring system, the strength behind attacks in a more accurate color coding, and the ability to bring up anything from the Shadowfall and Hueco Mundo database that isn't restricted from him. Though this only pulls on information on people directly in the holder's vision, Ruvik can call upon any other data at a thought. This data can include terrain, details on the weather and anything one could find via the Shadowfall network through most computers. It can even process the data behind more simple or common techniques and give quick info on possible weaknesses in their structure and record their data for later. This use of recording is applied to multiple other improvements that will be mentioned later.

    Nano-machines: Millions of nano-machines have been implanted in Ben's body to increase his overall efficiency biologically and allow his muscles to react in tune with data collection from the visor. The machines act as support to the internal body, regulating blood flow, serious injury, and even toxins. The body is altered to minimize internal damage through these machines, wipe out poisons, and keep the body in good working order. Stronger poisons will take longer, or even be immune to destruction via this machine, but they will still be weakened in effectiveness and most toxins or viruses will be purged completely within three posts. They can even monitor heart rate, bodily functions and watch out for odd changes taking place and record the information. All of this can be viewed via the visor. The unique property of these machines comes from how they interact with muscle tissue and reactive instincts.

    By using the visor, information can be picked up on physical techniques and fighting styles an opponent or previous adversary has used. This information can be absorbed and fed to the nanobots, which in tune adjust the muscles to react in a manner similar to some purely physical techniques and styles. This is limited however.. Most obviously it can't copy any techniques that aren't strictly physical and form, such as ones that mix in energy use with their flow to create unique effects. Secondly, the body will not be able to use them if any skill associated with the original user's use of the technique (weapon skill, hakuda, etc.) is higher than Ruvik's general skill. This can allow Ben, and thus Ruvik to use other fighting styles and techniques after information has been properly gathered. To properly gain access to a physical technique, the technique must be seen, analyzed for three posts, and seen once or twice more if it is exceptionally complex. To capture an entire fighting style would take a decent bit longer, requiring it be observed for at least five posts, followed by three posts of analysis to adjust the body and get the general flow of the style. While often not useful in the battle they are acquired in, this can increase the user's arsenal even further in the fights that follow.

    Cybernetic Augmentation: This is a modification of the entire body to work more effectively than it did prior. This is done through a series of advanced nano-machines mentioned before, various drugs, and a spiritually enriched set of cables and wires that make the body nearly classifiable as a proper cyborg. All these new various bits and parts all act together to allow Ruvik's power to take control of things on a much deeper level than usual. It means the power behind the flesh will be modified by his twisted energy when he inhabited it to the point of being able to match his own. This enables the body to operate on the same physical levels as Ruvik would, such as the areas of strength and speed and durability.

    The steel plating in place from the former version is also in place though. This gives the body a secondary defense on top of the increased durability. The metal will act like a sort of endo-hierro, not protecting the skin, but protecting everything under it. Often difficult to see due to being shrouded in tissue and blood, an attacker would feel the plating against their weapon during a slash that prevented, or greatly hindered it from going further. This metal is a composit of nano-machines, spiritually reinforced materials, and Ruvik's own power to give it a exceedingly high density and effectiveness. By using nano-machines, the materials can be altered very quickly to handle physical stress or heat and destructive force from energy techniques better and be flexible enough to not hinder the body. This does make it weaker against attacks that use both physical force and explosive or energy-oriented power together though. It can stand up against multiple master-level attacks before breaking down, potentially even stopping a single grandmaster level strike or cero before it breaks. The nano-machines can repair it once damaged, but it is a slow process, making it unable to be used for the rest of the battle, a flaw hierro and other such things lack. On the bright side, the composit material will only break in the areas it is hit. This means to destroy it in the left-arm wouldn't prevent the defense from applying to the head or torso and etc until they are also broken.

    While the cybernetic portion of the modifications is potent, there were also many alterations to the genetic and spiritual half of Ben. These mostly revolve around their natural traits as a Shinigami that Ruvik can now use as his own more effectively/

    Kido: The subject's brain has been programmed to have exceptionally refined knowledge in the arts of kido. This take's Ben's once mundane skill to a level more fitting of someone like Ruvik. It has also been changed so that this information is processed differently than normal for Ruvik himself. The data has been imprinted in such a unique manner that the Hollow can process it much like the cero and bala he is accustomed to. This allows him to use kido at the level of his current cero skill in terms of power and efficiency. Unfortunately, this uniqueness prevents him from properly analyzing the art, and thus he can not carry over that skill to future Shinigami hosts unless their own skill is on such a caliber. Whether a safety measure or not, it can be tolerated for the power this offers him when using this developed war machine in battle.

    Ruvik can access all commonly known kido in this body, accessing all of them through the data implanted in the braim. While not especially uncommon, it is worth noting. More importantly is how the visor works in tune with this. The visor can pick up data on other kido, whether they be custom, hidden away, or just rare. So long as there are not unique restrictions other than knowledge keeping the observed spell out of public circulation, the machine can process it and copy the data to Ben's brain, This will allow the Hollow to use any kido he has seen that meets that requirement three posts after observing it, furthering his arsenal and making him a continuously evolving force in yet another area.

    Shunpo: Due to Ruvik's lack of skill in sonido as a Hollow, adjusting Ben to have a proper high-speed movement technique was an essential step in Ben's redesign. The feet have been genetically altered to a shape and density perfect for flawless steps. This includes altering the muscle through nano-machines and changes to the bone density to make their foot work easier to do and more effective. Overall this will allow him to operate much more efficiently in basic shunpo, even enabling the use of the multi-step technique utsusemi. This allows the creation of after-images by taking extra steps during the technique that can even appear to take damage and have a faint spiritual signature to throw off attackers. Because of these changes, Ben can now use shunpo on a master level, but with a unique downside. As a lot of this is artificially done and shunpo is a technique demanding of precision that is foreign to Hollow kind, it can't be used as frequently. Ruvik can only access the body's full power in shunpo once per post, while any consecutive applications would only be at an advanced level. These advanced steps also may not include the use of utsusemi. To do so more than that could cause minor damage to the legs and feet and slowly wear down the effectiveness of the body from using the technique at that level.

    Shikai: Despite the events since before, not much has changed with this specimen's shikai. Ruvik has attained greater control over the spirit, dominating its mind and giving him easier access to the abilities he could already tap into, but no new techniques have been uncovered. Substantial steps have been taken to unlocking more power from Ben's zanpakto and purging the resistant spirit, but as of now this body only retains access to the same power as the last variant. This is also because this part of their being can't be controlled or altered through science or modification and can only be advanced through the Hollow's taint taking the spirit's strength into himself. The abilities present in the first release of the blade remains as follows.

    Disruption Current The shikai was simple, but effective. It maintained the form of a blade, though modified to appear more threatening. The main power it grasped in shikai was known as disruptive current. Disruptive current was an ability that allowed the blade to unleash a set amount of the user's spiritual power through the sword. When this energy is unleashed from the blade, it either produces a thin wave of energy that goes in each direction, or transfers the force directly to another object in contact with it. This influx of spiritual power has the unique effect of disrupting any other kind of power on contact.Rather than destroying it, the spiritual energy melds with the foreign energy, ripping it apart instantly from its former effects. This means that if he were to block a cero or a similar attack with the blade, the once fearsome blast would immediately disperse into a harmless red mist of spiritual energy in the air. All the power once in the attack will remain, just no longer in deadly form. This can apply to more than techniques made of raw energy. It can strip away the energy to bend solids, such as earth or ice and leave the former element to it natural state while dispersing the energy linked to it in the air. The wave form of the ability is often done by striking the ground or air and purifying a twenty foot area around the user of any effects cause by supernatural energy.

    The blade can do this to defensive techniques as well, such as hierro. When the blade touches someone with a barrier made of a type of supernatural energy; such as hierro, it will strip away the defense and disperse it in the air. This effect does take energy, though usually not as much as the negated ability itself. Often it will take at least half, more to the same level for more complex techniques that aren't as simple as a mass of energy. There is a second part to it as well to cover these costs. The blade rapidly absorbs energy from the world around it; fueling the wielder's power and restoring most of what is lost through the technique itself. This ability will drain fifty percent of the energy used from negated attacks and convert it to spiritual energy in the blade itself. This reserve can then be used to fuel the ability later on, rather than taking any energy from the user. However it is more limited than simply stopping anything it touches.. For starters, the effect can not negate anything above the user;s tier. It may still weaken them substantially, even as much as seventy percent if they were only one tier higher. This number decreases the larger the tier gap becomes, however. Secondly, the ability can only be used twice per posts, as it takes time for energy to gather in order to execute it properly. Doing so in rapid succession isn't optimal.

    Disrupting Slash:The one technique, and only other ability of the shikai is the disrupting slash. Like the above, the disrupting slash works by releasing energy through the blade. Instead of connecting with a construct effected by supernatural energy, it must cut someone. When the blade cuts through flesh, it can unleash the same current into a foes body. On the inside, this will not only reduce the amount of energy the target has by the same amount released in the slash, but will prevent them from using any energy-oriented skills for an entire post after the attack connects. If This restriction does not stack, but the amount of energy lost does. Typically each cut landed by the Disrupting Slash will drain as much energy from someone as a gran rey cero would. Its immediate fatigue and long-lasting fatigue are both substantial. However, unlike the disrupting current; energy is not drained into the blade nor is it cast into the air. It is put in a state that is unusable inside the target's body. This may be even worse, as it makes regenerating that energy extremely difficult. The stores will nit have room to replenish as they are filled with useless remains of dead energy. This can eventually be purged by filtering out the dead energy with working energy through other techniques, but is slow and will make for a much longer recovery time. Anyone with a master n willpower or focus can surpass the negation of their abilities, should they be of a higher tier.

  • Obtained From: After the war, the data collected from the battle it was involved in was taken and used to improve it overall as a weapon. Both Ruvik, potentially other scientific sources in Shadowfall and Hueco Mundo, and likely Rose spent some time altering and improving this piece after the war in Iceland concluded.

  • Yen Price: 20 million for all the upgrades, repairs, and modifications to the body.(20 million was already paid prior for the initial subject.)

  • Notes: This ties together with Ruvik's power as a parasite that controls the bodies of others. That is what allows it to be useful as a built war-machine for the Hollow to take over at appropriate times. This is a subject that needs to be prepared, and thus will not be present in all threads. It will only be used when specifically mentioned in Ruvik's debut post and must be for good reason where the use of it is understandable, such as a war or invasion.
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Sun Jan 10, 2016 9:56 am
[mod]Considering the character and how this equipment was obtained, this can all be approved without too much of a worry. Unless another member of the staff has a problem, this is approved.[/mod]

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