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 Kayta Leonhardt [APPROVED, 2-1]

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Coding In Template By:


Soldier Template

I. Basic Information

» Name: Kayta Vizidae (Leonhardt)

» Titles: The Black Hood

» Age: Physically 24 (True age 52)

» Gender/Sex: Female

» Origin: Sugiuran of Voracity

» Kingdom: Western Kingdom

» Affiliation/Rank: Currently Rogue

» True Appearance Description: Kayta at first glance is seen as a fairly beautiful woman. She stands at a height of 5'8'' with a weight of 125 backing her. Her build is neither overly buff nor overly slim, resting at a nice middle-ground of her being fit enoguh to perform physical activities with no downsides. The most noticable feature asides from her stature is her mixed hair color, majority of her hair black with a single streak within her bangs being white, followed by a single streak near the back. When fully let down, her hair just barely reaches her shoulders. Typically, it is seen tied into either a ponytail, into a bun, or simply covered by a hood.

The rest of her frame is adorned with fairly normal things. Slender arms that trail down her sides, legs coming forth from normally sized hips, approximately a D cup upon her chest. Her attire changes nearly daily, ranging from a very loose-fitting cloak that hides most of her form to tight fitting jumpsuits that show off a bit more than intended. Despite her choice of attire, she always as three earrings adorning her left ear, one at the base, and two running along the side up to the very top. They are metallic and hold no special properties other than being there for looks.

» True Appearance Picture:
Kayta Leonhardt [APPROVED, 2-1] Sample_78e42602327a5a40466a1556c866485d4e6d36f2

II. Personality Traits

» Personality: Kayta's personality is a bit of an odd one. One can call her selfish, while another may call her focused. The reason for this is that she loves and gives as much attention as she possibly can to things that interest her. This can range from her friends, her family if she had one, people that offer benefits to her, anything that would obviously bring a person's focus too attention. The flip side of this trait is that she cares very little for anything that doesn't either benefit, or involve her. This ranges from a stranger falling right besides her and scraping their knee too walking past a mugging in progress. Only things that interest her will be given the attention they deserve, which can lead to Kayta getting into very harmful situations from this single-minded thinking.

Despite the fact that she ignores whatever doesn't concern her, she may give a hint of attention if it does have the possibility of either benefiting her, or involving her in a larger scale rather than just the moment. If a person who looked fairly poor and shady was getting mugged, she would walk right on by without a single care. If this person looked entirely innocent, wealthy, or even important in some way, she'll step in to assist. The main motive for stepping in is a benefit. There's always the chance of receiving a reward for helping, and if not, there still is the fact that she would still receive gratitude and the possibility of someone seeing her 'good Samaritan' act and congratulating her on it. No matter the situation, if it is a person of her race, she will always intervene.

Her personal reasoning for always intervening if it is a fellow Sugiuran is that she has a sense of pride for her race. She remembers teachings of where they had came from, what they have done, the struggles they have faced... And how they had arrived within this multiverse filled with many different groups of people and races. With all of this information within her mind, she began to take an excessive amount of worry to the lively hood of her race with the threat of Tig-Ani always lurking. This pride translates to loyalty for her race, always rising above all others issues. This is the reasoning as to why some could call her selfish and others may call her focused.

When regarding to others in social situations, she tends to remain neutral unless provoked. This leads to a rather laid-back personality that's focused on simply relaxing without much happening. Teasing, taunting remarks may be given to incite a reaction; for her, it's all in good fun. These remarks and such could be made to complete strangers or friends, no one is exempt from them. If something escalates past simple bantering, she would hold back from wrestling with the other person as playfully as possible to get the frustration out. When dealing with someone a bit closer than a new friend or stranger, she is a lot more caring than one would expect. Remarks are present, but if agitation is seen, a quick apology will be given along with a smile. Actions become much more gentle and questions about a person's well-being is given. Overall, she could be seen as a sassy sister in social situations. Ready to give crude remarks and wrestle, but still caring when the time calls for it.

In a serious scenario, her attitude changes slightly. She will stay relaxed and calm, but will remain silent unless directly spoken too or hearing something that just needs her input. A serious conversation will lead to Kayta hanging out in the back, only listening and observing. If a crude remark is given or something involving her race is said, she will begin to speak out as quickly with as much sass as possible before shutting right back up. If none of this happens, it wouldn't be impossible for people to just forget that she was present due to the silence.

Kayta changes just a bit more in battle, taking the teasing aspect of her character to a whole new level. She takes fighting almost like a show, spinning and diving through the air an as many ways as possible. This leads to a rather agile fighter being seen within her, followed with an arsenal of magic to use for her victory. She prefers to remain at about mid-range, keeping away while shouting out to her target to hold a conversation mid-combat. Words can range from congratulating them on doing something that was visually amazing, to scolding them and berating them over a mistake they made, or a fault within their logic or thinking. Despite her range preference, she is still fine with close-range combat and will get even greater in terms of verbal aggression. Words will become harsher as teasing gestures will be made if possible. Combat will be taken lightly until it is brought to a point of endangering her life, or a life of someone she cares about.

When a battle turns dire, Kayta takes up the silence she normally shows within serious situations. No more teasing remarks or insults will be given out unless she is directly spoken too and she finds it worth it too speak. Her view and actions on things within this time are much harsher than before, a lack of care if inhumane methods need to be taken in order to win the fight. While in this state of mind, the possibility of harming a loved one of the enemy will be considered by her, leading to any chance at victory being taken. Even if it is horrible in terms of morality or harming to herself.

» Likes: Suigurans, allies, friends, luxuries, interesting things/people, action, attention, chocolate lava cake

» Dislikes: Tig-Ani, enemies of Suigurans, annoying people, scams, plain muffins

III. Character Background

» History Kayta's story doesn't exactly start with her, but rather, her mother. Her mother was born of the Leonhardt bloodline, being an offspring of the original children that had seemingly disappeared without a trace. The mother's name was Velia Leonhardt, and hadn't really made any real impact in history. She strived for the opposite, preferring to instead live a completely plain, boring, yet peaceful life away from the separated kingdoms of the Sugiuran people. Velia had found a lover, a male Sugiuran by the name of Jaiz Vizidae. The two of them shared similar ideas, and went out to live a life of hiding far away from the kingdoms, residing amongst the residents of Karakura. Life was devoid of any real action or threats asides from the typical paying of bills and worrying about normal things, at least for Velia. Velia's job was being a simple receptionist, leading to long hours away from home. This normally wouldn't be an issue of Jaiz wasn't one to keep secrets.

In reality, Jaiz was actually against the disappearance of the Leonhardt family. He thought that it only ruined things and made constructing the Sugiuran society all the more difficult without set leaders. With this belief, he did two things that would have broke Velia's heart if she had found out. The first was that he was a soldier still, part of the Western Kingdom and working hard to continue his training and prepare for the coming of Tig-Ani. The second was to not force her to return, but to rather train their eventual child to step up to take the throne.

It wasn't very hard to formulate the conception of Kayta, all it took was a few sweet words, a gentle kiss upon his wife's neck, and a nice bed to rest in. The love that was made that night would mean so much more than a simple not together, it would pave way for what Jaiz hoped was the future of the Sugiuran race. The future that would hopefully spur it into becoming as great as he once remembered it to be... Months passed, and Velia's pregnancy became apparent to everyone. More and more had Jaiz left the home for long periods of time without warning, coming back home to a harsh scolding each time.

Every trip out of the house was him preparing his child's birth. Plans already being created with a select few, secretive friends of his to not only get a safe, hidden place for her training, but a way to map out a profession. They needed a profession that would help give Kayta what she needed in order to strive within the Western Kingdom, to use her heritage in order to help empower the nation to return to it's height of power and be able to not only take on the Tig-Ani, but to take on any threat that would dare challenge them once more. This sense of pride and nationalism would be what would shape Kayta's life forever... And help her cope with something that would force her to stay on this path with no objections.

Months later, a life was born while another was taken. Velia had passed away while giving birth, life fading as Kayta's own had begun to shine brightly. The loss of his lover but the birth of his future had left Jaiz emotionally unstable. He had loved Velia, despite his ploys to use her for a child that would enact his plans. This death would also lead to something good for him... He had to no longer hide his plans, and didn't need to secretly train Kayta. With no caring, doting mother to ensure Kayta's lively hood, her childhood would soon be robbed of her for something that would benefit many others further away into the future.

Kayta only had peace for her first few years of existence, being cared for by a single father with the occasional help of his friends. For a small child such as her, they all imprinted upon her as a group of caretakers, each one being as equally as important to her as her father. Each one came by to take care for her at times, each having their own ways of making sure she was fed and clean. It was something that led to many arguments within day cares that each one of her 'dads' could beat up another kid's dad.

Her youthful, teasing years could only last so long, as she was never admitted into actual schooling. Her father took that over instead, quickly rushing her through a large amount of the basics that a child needed to know. Counting, learning to read, speaking properly, all of that was rushed through with the use of personalized, custom Sugi magic. Kayta never did quite understand what all of it was, but she knew in the end that she learned stuff that she needed to for life, and her mind remained as oblivious as possible to the eventual tasks that would come about to her.

With basic concepts understood, training already started. The young girl was only about 5 before she felt real pain for the first time in her life. One of the men she considered a father had kicked her right in the stomach, watching as the small child fell to the ground, struggling to regain the breath that had just been kicked out of them while holding back tears. The figure above her only leaned down and said that a kick like that will be everyday life for her, and that it was time for her real lessons. A child at the age of 5 obviously wouldn't understand that, but she didn't need too, she just needed to nod her head and bite through the tears.

The man brought Kayta back to her actual father, Jaiz. The man stared down at her injured daughter and instead of helping her or harming his friend that had caused her pain... He waited patiently until she stopped. The purpose was to already try to get her to become independent, not to run to her family whenever she was hurt or needed something. It worked well, for after about an hour of her being beat upon as Jaiz stood and watched, she eventually stopped crying out for him and only cried to stop.

Nothing was ever really right with Jaiz from the start, before falling in love with Velia. He was a soldier, and fought for the betterment of the Sugiurans. His current fight was making Kayta leader material, or at least general material. She had to grow up to be strong and powerful, along with being a beacon of hope for every person within the Western Kingdom. She had to be the central point for everyone's morale, to keep them going strong without hesitation and doubt within their minds. There was no time for him to be loving or doting, there was only enough time for her training. Any longer and one day, she might be too late to make a difference within the Sugiuran race, or even help anyone within this wide world.

The first step of training was completed, letting her know that crying for daddy to help won't mean anything in this world. This was good progress, this is what they needed. The moment Kayta stopped her tears, a large book was thrown in front of her, her father standing above her once more. Screams and shouts of why he didn't help were let out, small fists starting to wail upon the man's legs as a small chuckle was let loose. "You need to help yourself. I'm not your father, not anymore. You have no mother, and you have no father. You have the Sugiurans. They are what you are, and you are what they are. As a Sugiuran, you need to be strong, and you need to be able to be there for any Sugiuran in need. Do not refer to me as father, but as teacher. Those who have cared for you will now be your co-workers. This is a lot to take in, but you are part of a greater plan, you are a Vizidae, and soon, a Leonhardt."

The words confused Kayta, she didn't understand any of it. Her last name was Vizidae, not Leonhardt, so what was the point? The question would never be answered as everyone had left the room, leaving the poor child alone to read the large book thrust before her. With nothing to do, and no way to leave as the door was locked, she opened the book. Inside the text were many large words that she had trouble understanding. Even with the enhanced understanding of basic concepts through her father- no, her teacher's magic, she couldn't understand what simply wasn't basic. Hours were taken trying to read through this book, only a few pages deciphered as it was the history of the Sugiurans.

It started out with how they all started, proud people who were at the top of the food chain. Powerful, respected, beautiful. Everything that everyone should stride to be. It was simple enough... She was supposed to be as big and powerful as these people, and then dad would treat her like a dad again and make her lunches and hug her and tell her stories, right? That lie is what Kayta had started to believe in, but Jaiz had much different plans. He had already thrown away the persona of being a caring father. He had loved Velia with all of his heart, but he never wanted a child, and never wanted to have another being so attached to him after his previous wife's death. He never loved Kayta, only acting just long enough for her to feel enough of a bond to do as he said. It was manipulative, but for a good cause. She had Leonhardt blood in her, and this was her punishment for her family running away from the responsibility of reclaiming their rightful place within Sugiuran society.

The man's drive was purely for the Sugiuran race, believing that they needed a Leonhardt in order to strive and to become as powerful as they once were as a militaristic force. He was fine with being wiped from the minds of all, all he wanted was for Kayta to be the one to help everything fall back into place. To be fair, things were running fine without her... But a man like Jaiz had been alive for a long time, incredibly long. He still had older beliefs that this is what was needed, and that this is what would help.

The small, tired Kayta was soon found asleep on the book, Jaiz having to place her within bed and send her to a well-deserved rest. She would need it for when her training would start officially, the first being a history lesson on Sugiurans. The rest of her life would proceed such as this. Training, working, learning, all for the Sugiuran race's benefit. She would lose something that many people valued for the betterment of others, she would lose a childhood and choice to decide her own beliefs due to Jaiz's manipulative ways. This girl had no mother, and now no real father, left only with a person she hoped that would treat her the same as the past. That day would never come.

Her younger days were spent learning more and more about the culture and the history of the Sugiurans, told of great stories of wars, their magic, their technology, all of the great feats they had within their own world. All of it... Until the Tig-Ani forced them to run and land within this dimension. With a new location, a lot of panic was had considering a massive number of the Sugiurans had ran, leaving a Leonhardt as someone who people could look up too. Soon enough, the rest of the family line had run away, but soon led to the birth of Kayta. The thought of the girl being actual royalty of course led her to believe that she would get to be a princess like in the stories she's heard, but all of those thoughts were quickly put to rest.

She was told of how she had to prepare to become a leader within the Western Kingdom, that she would be a nobody claiming that she was of the bloodline, that she would have to deal with the rest of the Sugiurans vying for power. It was a lot on her plate... But even she began to understand a bit more and even began to adopt her teacher's way of thinking. She had to become great and powerful to help all of the Sugiurans so that they could all live happily again! If she were an adult, perhaps a bit more would be needed... But as a child? Imprinting was easy to do, leading to a being that was easily molded for Jaiz's needs. More and more lessons were given until Kayta had known almost a library's worth of Sugiuran history by the age of 12.

With the coming of puberty, came the growth of her body... And it's ability to fight. Her Sacred Weapons were finally presented to her at this moment, Hope and Despair. Jaiz seemed overly happy to be during this, but all Kayta could think about was how heavy they were. Over the past few years, Jaiz had become a bit kinder as the girl was all the more receptive to things and actually took over her mother's laid back personality despite never meeting her. Despite being quite relaxed often, she never was lazy or unable to work, leading to someone that Jaiz would actually be proud of. Of course, this also lead to something that would put more work upon Kayta's young shoulders.

Her training had already started the moment her weapons were picked up, a swift foot to the chest forcing her to stumble backwards, arms flailing as she tried to regain her balance. Her teacher was already speaking, explaining the meaning to the name. They were to cause Hope for the Sugiuran people, to bring a reason to exist and to keep fighting while also bringing despair to not only those that challenged the Sugiuran... But the Tig-Ani should they ever return. It was another lesson, but Kayta was fairly receptive. She definitely had the nerdy look down to sport the ability to learn, hair done up in long pigtails, white streak left to fall down as the only strand in her face as the one in the back had a similar situation.

Once the lesson was over... Kayta was taught the basics of her new weapons. They came with their own set of abilities, allowing Kayta a lot of features. The first was the variable effect to it. She was taught of all different types of bullets, the damage they did, the different customization one could make on a bullet, and even the fact that she can pour her energy into it. It was all so great, even with the ability to store this weapon, or the fact that the moment it touched her hands, it could never leave her grasp without permission. All of this was really cool to her, even getting to fire them at a few cans. Of course, she missed most of her shot, but soon she was put to work practicing for an entire year. Most of her time was forcibly put towards the firing range up until she reached 13. With so much time poured into gun play, she could hit any target she wished too with any caliber, even energy shots.

With her ability in gun play being so well, she was put to work in training her physical capabilities... The first lesson being to fight her teacher. This of course, went horribly, already pinned against the ground with her arm twisted behind her back painfully. She couldn't just lose here, no... She was royalty! She had to get through this man's stupid teachings and stupid lessons to get to the throne and finally help the Sugiuran race get back to where it belonged! A violent surge of energy caused her body to push against his hold roughly, a struggle... Hope. It was something that only spurred Jaiz further, leading to him forcing his daughter to work just as hard each and every day.

His fighting style was soon picked up over the years, and as Kayta began to reach an age where she wasn't in the awkward jump to teenage years, her body began to develop in a stronger way. She was 15, her hair longer and let down fully to her back. Along with this, she was starting to shape out quite nicely with the gift of beauty her mother most likely had... She could never tell if that was the case since she never saw pictures of her, or even heard any stories about her. Despite all of these thoughts and new look, she actually did begin to focus on fighting to the point where she began to outmaneuver a trained fighter. Her body began to change, to adapt to a point where it could react to his blows and holds, sliding away from him and applying a fist straight to his kidney every time a jab was given, her body slipping away quickly to slip underneath his grasp and lead a shoulder right underneath his ribs, and many more moves soon learned.

This was the profit to taking away a child's chance at freedom, at removing their childhood. It brought them power, and the chance to grow much faster than those who had to balance the two. Years continued to pass as Kayta soon came to be a young adult, reaching 20 with her full look finally coming to fruition and most likely staying that way. Her hair had been cut to end up shorter, body able to nicely fill most articles of clothing as she actually preferred to show a bit of skin over the years. No matter the case, she was starting to surpass her teacher in terms of both martial arts and gun play, able to keep up with each of his strikes and even out-shoot him at the range.

The girl of the Leonhardt line was starting to feel better, starting to feel stronger... Like she really could change the Sugiuran race for the better. Just as she begean to feel ready, she was told she only had two more lessons to be taught. The first being that she had to learn Sugiuran magic, something she happily accepted... And the second being that she needed real life experience in terms of combat. Before questions could be asked, another book was thrown at her as the girl was regrettably forced to start reading. It reminded of her her much younger years, pouring over a history book to learn... Only now, this book gave her strength rather than knowledge.

Many more years of her life was spent to learning magic, learning how to manipulate Psions within the air and changing Eidos to match her needs. With instructions from both the book and her teacher, she began to learn. Instead of trying to spread herself out too broad, she only learned the magic that she knew she would use, leading to abilities that could work well with the usage of both guns and martial arts. Every piece of magic learned by her was adapted just slightly to suit her needs better, some being made to activate quicker at a weakened pride, or even being made into a move that mainly worked if she had set up a person for a trap.

Each magic took a long while to learn... And her teacher even taught her a basic level ancient magic. A shielding type of magic. It was all going well for her, she began to feel powerful, powerful enough to even fight her teacher head on. Of course, that wasn't the lesson, not yet. A large list was soon tossed to Kayta once she finished her magical training, listing off both names and locations. A inquisitive glance was given towards her teacher, and the response of her work was given. The group that him and his friends had made over the years was a mercenary group, once that could not only bring in money for their services, but give Kayta the experience she needed. She was never given the name of the group, but only one missions that all of his friends, his co-workers had perished attempting. To slay an arrancar that had been causing havoc in many places, harming both Sugiuran and the other races.

How could Kayta allow this? Hell, she could probably take on most of these so-called workers, so how could this arrancar challenge her? Sure... It hurt that people who were fighting for the greater good had perished, but honestly, her memories of them were filled with them being utter dicks to her. She didn't quite feel bad enough to start crying, but she felt bad enough that she only took a day of preparing before heading out to where the arrancar was supposed to be.

She was equipped with her weapons, her magic, and her wits. What more could she need against an arrancar? A lot more... Something she would have learned the hard way. A bit of tracking was used, following the trail of recent crimes and where they were going, locations of each murder all moving down certain streets within the outskirts of Karakura. Soon enough, she was brought to Karakura forest, met with a ghastly sight. It was a male arrancar, body entirely covered in different pieces of flesh from his victims. It was a gruesome sight, but one that Kayta couldn't falter at. Both of her weapons were aimed towards the creatures head as she began to fire away.

The fight between the two of them was long and tedious, many shots being taken towards the arrancar, only for them to either be avoided or blocked through the ground rupturing to form a shield. Many of her magics had little effect, mines only knocking the beast back as even her strongest attacks left just dents within his body. It all seemed... Almost hopeless. What was she going to do? She was being out classed, and running out of energy- With the thought filling her mind, she was already attacked, the arrancar's claw tearing through her cheek and splattering the ground with blood, deep wounds covering her face as she yelped in pain, body recoiling back as she stared on ahead... It hurt... A lot, she was only used to being kicked and punched... Never cut.

Instead of buckling down... She instead used the pain to fuel her, eyes widening as she stood tall once more, guns pointed straight forwards as the battle continued, each shot echoing out within t he forest as every scream and grunt from both forces were heard. The field where they fought was ruined, ground left with craters and burnt holes from their attacks going on throughout the day. Each one refused to back down, Kayta's assault only continuing as the arrancar's absolute defense continued to trump her. She was losing, she was going to die if she didn't think of something... Every barrage of bullets she let out was met with a wall of rock, which was soon thrown at her just too quickly for her to avoid.

Each blow against her body led to immense pain, bruises, and even sharp edges tearing through her flesh to leave her a bleeding mess, barely standing at this point. Many spots on her body were purple, with wounds surrounding them, all leaking her crimson life force. She was going to die... She had come so far, she had trained all of her life, learned as much as she could, but still... No, she couldn't die. The one thing that ever resonated within her mind echoed out. If she died here... How would she be able to fight for the Sugiurans? How would she be able to help against the Tig-Ani, against the enemies of her race, against those that only sought to bring pain against a group of people who have had enough?

Determination began to well up within her as something changed... Before she knew it, her outfit had forcibly changed, leading to her body almost being covered with an odd energy. It was... Invigorating, inspiring. One leg was garbed in regular fabric as the other seemed to have a skin-tight material made of her own energy. The insides of her clothing were even coated with it as she felt... Harder, Better, Faster, and Stronger. She wasn't sure what it was, but hey, it had to help. She was going to die if she didn't try, so why not go all out?

Before she knew it, the beast in front of her was littered with bullets, new found speed able to strike before a shield could be brought up, powers that she didn't even know existed activated. Phantom Barrages going off without her ever knowing she activated them... By the time the moon was high above her, the arrancar was underneath her foot, dead. Her release had faded as... She didn't fall, no, she couldn't. A foot slammed against the ground as she was forced to crouch down, blood spurting past her lips as she was coughing. She was weak but... She couldn't die now, no, she had to get home. The woman pulled herself up and slowly dragged herself back to what she had to call -home-...

When she arrived, she was tended too and put to rest for a good while... That good while only being long enough for her to heal, her training only further enforced as the woman was soon put to work again and again, for the rest of her life until she was thought of as ready. Many others had fallen underneath her feet, her power further attuned to her own personal usage as she began to understand their origin and inner workings. She was learning... She was also learning how much of a dick her teacher was.

By the time she reached the 50s in terms of age, she had grown vastly in power. She had slain many of those she was signed to do so, and even earned a name for herself. The Black Hood. It sounded a bit edgy in her mind, but hey, it was something... Something that would hopefully help her in the near future. Extremely near. A quick message from her teacher led to her being forced out of her home, and told that it was time to go reclaim her rightful place as a Leonhardt within the Western Kingdom. They needed someone to take over, someone to show their strength, and now had to be the best time possible for her to do so.

And so, Kayta left, cloak wrapped around her body as she headed towards the Eastern Kingdom. She had trained all her life for this moment, for her to declare that she was ready to take her place as on top, to be the one to help those below her to train for not only Tig-Ani, but for any threat that dared to stand in the way of the Sugiuran people. Sure, there was the fact that she could maybe live out her dreams of being a pretty princess with no work... But that wasn't as important as doing what she was sure her mother would have wanted. That's all that Jaiz had ever said whenever she asked about mom, that this is what she would have wanted. This is what everyone wanted... A leader to arrive and bring them to victory, and Kayta was ready to do just that.

It was time.

IV. Abilities & Equipment

» Natural Abilities Desire Sense: Due to Kayta's origin, she can always have a natural sense of what she desires and it's general direction. It works similar to how Jack Sparrow's compass functioned, pointing only in the direction of what she wanted. Sometimes, it goes for the greatest desire in her hear that even she wasn't aware that she wanted. As a side-effect, she can sense the desires of a person who is lower than her in Mental Deduction without them noticing. If they are equal or higher, they can feel her almost 'pinging' their mind trying to wheedle inside to learn more. This can easily be declined or accepted by the target of this ability. The downside worth noting to this ability is that it doesn't work for specific things. If Kayta or a person desired wealth, they could be pointed to a bounty board holding a wanted poster for a large amount of cash. If they wanted a specific weapon that is a one-of-a-kind, the desire will be ignored and the next reasonable desire will be sensed.

Acrobatic Combat Ability: Kayta's ability to perform acrobatic moves within combat is much greater than those who have trained an equal amount of time. The main reasoning for her being able to perform great feats such as this is due to her fighting style. With being reliant on mobility and running laps around her opponent, she needed a way to avoid damage while still advancing. This led to her training for a long amount of time in acrobatics, allowing her to perform many feats that would impress even those who are professional in parkour. This includes hurdling over objects, scaling walls many times larger than her, performing flips and spins mid-air to avoid ranged attacks. As an added bonus, it gives her an edge in speed when facing someone of a similar level. Her reaction time is just a bit better than someone who has an equal level of speed, letting her move just a bit before someone of the same strength would, leading to the possibility of avoiding damage that another would take, or lessening the wound through getting partially out of the way.

Thirst for Power: As part of her origin, Kayta is naturally greedy. This greed has led to a feat that is quite amazing. The general application of this ability is that any ability unlocked in one of her releases can be used freely in a higher-leveled release. This isn't very special, but it is worth noting. As an added bonus, while in her base form, she can access -one- ability from each of her releases. This can only be done once per thread for each release she uses a power from. When Thirst for Power is used for an ability from a release, it drains a large amount of energy from kayta depending on the release. If it is her first release, she will lose 1/16th of her current stores. If it is her second, she will lose 1/8th of her stores. If it is her final and most powerful, just using one power from it in her base form will lead to losing 1/4th of all of her energy. This ability is only used when there is not enough time for her to activate her release, leading to a dire need of a strong ability at a moment's notice.

Name: Mirror Cage
Type: Modern
Subset: Combination: [Convergence/Absorbtion]
Rank: D
Effect: is an area of effect spell that utilizes Convergence Type and Absorption Type magic. Mirror Cage works by setting a target as the origin, causing every light source within a five meter radius to be reversed, so that no outside light can penetrate the area surrounding the target, which results in a pitch black prison.

It should be noted that the way Kayta uses this ability is purely offensive. When hunting a target that she has the ability of surprising, she will open up with this ability to cause panic to the target while also blocking view of her, allowing her to jump into the fray with less worry of a counter-attack. She can of course use this ability in other situations, but her primary usage would be through combat situations to help cover an advance.

Name: Oscillation Mine
Type: Modern
Subset: Oscillation
Rank: D
Effect: Oscillation Mine is an Oscillation Type magic that liquefies the ground with oscillation magic in order to solidify it by evaporating the moisture. The rapid transition between condensed hydrogen gas to expanding hydrogen gas leads to an unstable compound beneath the ground, causing anyone who applies pressure to the location to cause the ground beneath themselves to explode, violently.

Kayta's usage of this ability causes it to be a bit weaker than those who put full attention to this type of magic. When using this ability, she typically uses it while running, creating this mine behind her when having a target chase her. These mines arm almost instantly, making them deadly the moment Kayta creates them and runs off. When the target or any being steps on the spot, an explosion bursts outwards equal to the level of her Sugiuran Magic, making this ability extremely fatal to some, or weak to others. The effects could range from simply knocking a person with high resistences back, or blowing off limbs up to incinerating a target if they manage to lack any good defense at all to an explosion. 99% of the time, the worst a target will suffer is missing limbs, with the best being kinetic force trying to push them back. The drain of this ability is somewhat minor, enough that it forces her to use it only one every other post however. This cooldown is shared with the aerial version of this ability.

Name: Phantom Blow
Type: Modern
Subset: Oscillating
Rank: D
Effect: Phantom Blow is a flashy but intangible attack that can incapacitate the opponent by causing concussive-like symptoms using a single Psion shock-wave. Usually triggered through a snap of the fingers or a swing of a Sacred Weapon, the magician can send this spell toward an opponent like a projectile, roughly equivalent to the speed of a bala.

This ability is rarely used by Kayta, only activated when she needs to take a target out peacefully. This means that almost all of her attacks will be used with this ability, aiming to knock out the being rather than kill them or riddle them with bullets. Typically, she dislikes fighting like this because it puts her at a major risk and is not as powerful as going all-out.

Name: Active Air Mine
Type: Modern
Subset: Oscillating
Rank: C
Effect: This spell manipulates the Eidos around a target zone of space up to twenty meters away from the caster. The user will then set up a ten meter cube as a spatial zone and then the Activation Sequence sets another cube within this which is five meters on each side, with the vertices and the center, nine points in total, being designated as epicenters. Active Air Mine enables the user to tag all solids that enter the Magic Activation Zone with magical vibratory waves. By generating compression waves inside the target zone, it undergoes repeated partial expansion and contraction. The rapid heating and cooling is repeated and hence, even solid rock weakens and collapses, allowing the user to generate repeated concussive and degradating blows to targets inside the target zone, akin to being repeatedly punched.
The user can either consciously trigger each blow inside the zone, or he can use it in a more automatic, trap-like capacity. This magic sets numerous epicenters within the area where the targets are present, which generates virtual waves that give rise to vibratory waves within the targets. Instead of directly applying the waves to the targets with magic, the user sets up an area which causes the phenomena of applying such waves to the targets. The moment the waves from the epicenter come into contact with such a target, the virtual waves become real waves within the target and affect it in reality.

Kayta's usage of this ability is mostly through using it similar to a trap. If a target is chasing her while air-borne, she will typically use this ability similar to her other mine ability, only in the air. It has the same effects as before, and ranges in destructive capabilities equally.

Name: Phonon Maser
Type: Modern
Subset: Oscillating
Rank: C
Effect: Phonon Maser is an Oscillation Type magic that raises the number of supersonic oscillations, to form a quantum heat ray, effectively generating a laser of pure super concentrated heat at a target. This is a Sugiuran Energy Beam Attack roughly equivalent to a Cero..

The usage of this ability is similar to a bunker buster. Kayta will only use this ability if she needs to tear through a defense that would normally block her bullets, leading her to hold both Hope and Despair together to fire the beam at a target. Her version of it however involves it being a ray that continues until she stops feeding energy into it. This will damage all defenses if kept up, though as much lessened rates the more powerful the defense is. It can burn through defenses equal to her level if given roughly a full post or two. Stronger defenses can range from many more posts to even 50 if she really is outclassed... Which basically means she won't be burning through. The initial usage of this ability takes a small amount of energy, but the longer she pours energy, the quicker it drains her. A single post will barely drain her stores, but the next post will double the drain, and the next will double the drain once more, then the next will do the same. As an added bonus, for every post that this ability remains active, it ramps up in power 1.5x for every post.
1 Post = 1x Drain + 1x Power
2 Posts = 2x Drain + 1.5x Power
3 Posts = 4x Drain + 3x Power
4 Posts = 8x Drain + 4.5x Power
And so on and so on.

Name: Air Armor
Type: Modern
Subset: Combination [Movement/Convergence]
Rank: B
Effect: The Air Armor, despite its name, is a more supplementary movement skill than it is a defensive technique. By setting three to five centimeters of air around his body as the target, the user is able to render the surface of his skin smoother, and lower the angle of physical penetration, effectively improving the body’s aerodynamic capabilities and accelerating their movement through the air. With this magic, the user is able to effectively elevate the tier of their speed parameter by one, however there is only so much improved Aerodynamic capability is...capable of consequently this spell cannot ascend one to Grandmaster territory.

The importance of this ability is phenomenal for someone such as Kayta, who focuses on speed and damage. This ability allows her to enhance all of her movement capabilities to a point where she may react to opposing fire and twist her way out of sticky situations. An example may be her getting fired upon by enemy forces. Normally, she might only be able to twist her way out of the bullets through ducking behind cover as quick as she could. With this ability activated, it gives her the speed needs to twist in any way needed to combat the barrage, even if it involves her jumping in the air and turning sideways with one leg stuck straight out to slip between the shots, she would be able to do it and fire upon the foe, as long as that was the only barrage sent forth with nothing else to follow up. This will not be the case for every ranged attack, but only those that move on a normal speed she can react too. The drain of this ability is enough to force her to limit her usage on it when compared to other abilities. She may only activate this once per thread, and it lasts for three posts. When the ability runs out, she returns to her base speed.

Name: Surrounding Shield
Type: Ancient Magic
Subset: Spiritual
Rank: D
Effect: The user creates a shield of solidified light from their palm that splits apart energy attacks as they make contact with the shields surface, causing the energy to dissipate, it's a technique, that can be utilized in a similar manner to the Rho aiuas, Spell. This is one of the easier spells to learn doesn't take as long to learn.takes a longer time.

Kayta's usage of this ability is actually rather simple. She decides to pour a small amount of energy to this spell, leading to it only being able to form a small barrier about the size of a trash can lid. This smaller barrier can be held by Kayta or any person she gives it too. What also may happen is that a single gun or both can sprout forth these shields from the barrels to act as a defense. The downside is that they can not fire while in this state until Kayta begins to train this ability to the point that she can shift the barrier around the ending point of each barrel, which she doesn't care enough to do at the moment.

» Sacred Weapon Hope and Despair: Hope and Despair are a set of guns that resemble Uzi's. These weapons are in tuned heavily with Kayta. They possess the spiritual endurance of most spiritual weapons that comes with a race, allowing them to take abuse if one were to target them. Instead of granting Kayta abilities personally, they instead have their own set of abilities that may only be used by her.

Weapon Abilities Variable: One of the most notable features of Hope and Despair is that they can accept nearly any type of ammunition. The only limitation is that it can not be bigger than a .223 Remington caliber bullet. This can lead to custom made bullets that hold either magical effects or stronger power can be loaded into the weapons, each of the two guns holding up to 50 of any size bullet within their clips.

No matter the size of the bullet, it will always be shot out at an impressive speed with great force behind it, the weakest caliber bullet still being able to tear through a normal human's skeleton with higher being able to punch through steel with no augmentations.

Spiritually Tied: Hope and Despair can not only affect the physical realm, but the spiritual and all others in between that can be interacted with by Kayta. If she chooses to do so, she may fill each clip with psions in order to cause more damage to beings on a spiritual level when compared to the physical realm. The first noticeable difference is the inability to damage physical objects with these shots, but causing great harm to living beings such as punching holes through them and damaging their spirit. The second thing to note with this ability is that each shot is locked to a specific power level until she further bonds with this weapon, meaning that pumping more psions will not modify the weapon any further. For ever two clips she has to refill , it takes about a 1/12th of her current energy to do so, not total energy. The power of each of these shots is the capability of sapping a tenth of the targets energy reserves with every barrage that hits, meaning that one shot will take away just as much as every shot hitting. This includes being skimmed by the shot.

Not only will it sap energy, but still apply physical wounds unto a living being with 1.5x power added unto it (If the target is immune to physical damage, it can then be calculated to as if she were using strong balas/weak ceros with their level being equal to her weapon skill). The downside to this barraging assault via. firearms is that anyone a full tier higher (such as her being 3-1, the target has to be 2-1) will receive greatly reduced effects to about 25% power, leading each shot to feel like a BB gun is firing upon them. The same applies to anything higher tiered, two tiers above leading to 10%, and anything higher only receives 5%.

Lock and Load: With a flick o' da wrist, Kayta is able to reload this weapons without ever having to remove the clip. When this ability is used, both firearms must be swung to her sides and pointed away from her target in order to be reloaded. The process of this is through the clip shining brightly with her aura, phasing any ammunition on her body into it, or filling it with psions. This process takes as long as her simply swinging her arms to the side and right back in front of her, allowing her to keep her assault going with minimal penalties.

Magically Tuned: Due to this weapon's strong tie with Kayta, she can use it as a catalyst for her magic, casting directly from it rather than needing to use her hands. At it's current level, it is only able to use Sugiuran magic, but if Kayta were to bond with this weapon further and truly master the weapon, the ability to use other magics through this would be possible. This ability essentially allows her to summon magic through it, such as firing a piercing light through the barrel of one like a bullet shot, or using one to create a shield in front of her, allowing her to never let go of either weapon.

Soul-bound: Since this weapon is Kayta's Sacred Weapon, it ended up becoming soul-bound to her. What this means is that this weapon can not leave her grasp or possession unless a person was able to fully and entirely sever the bond between the weapons and herself. The only way a person may use this without severing the bond is with permission and by staying within 20 yards.

Self-Storage: When this weapon is not held by Kayta or when she chooses too, Hope and Despair can be teleported to their own personal dimension to prevent tampering and so that Kayta would not need to hold them all the time. The process is almost instant, leading to a quick flash of light marking their arrival or disappearance.

Weapon Morph - With great concentration and devotion put into her craft, Kayta has managed to access a new ability with her weapons. This allows her to change the shape of her weapons for a single post depending on the ability used, allowing her to create anything from a rifle to a shotgun. Each ability that uses Weapon Morph will have a 3 post cooldown, though quite the punch to make up for it.

Weapon Morph: Hell Shot - The user of this ability combines their two firearms to create something akin to a handheld cannon, taking aim at a target and firing a blast of pure, destructive energy that eats away at anything it strikes. This projectile moves slower than normal bullets, but faster than an arrow, allowing ti to possibly strike. It has the same size as a watermelon and on contact erupts, exploding before imploding in on itself to eat away at a target's defenses, physical form, and spiritual form all at once. Any active defense the target has will have to deal with a powerful blast equal to the target's weapon skill, needing to overcome it rather than just match it with the skill correlated to their defense. If it is unable to do so, the defense is eaten away entirely before Hell Shot progresses to the next stage. If the target is at least two minor tiers above the user they will be able to defend against the blast. If unable too overcome it, they will have a sixth of their energy drained, while Hell Shot progresses to the last step, the physical form. If the user's Durability is unable to overcome the user's weapon skill, their body is painfully burned and eaten away at, having effects ranging from having one's flesh eaten away to entire portions of their body being burned up. The one downside to this ability is that if it gets blocked at any point, it is unable to progress to the next tier. Using this ability requires the user to remain stationary and have their only offensive action be this ability.

»Personal Mystic Eyes: (When/if a Sugiuran achieves a Master skill in Mystic Eyes, they are capable of developing their own personal mystic eye with a unique power unto themselves. If you will not have a Master level mystic eye, strike this section.)

» Equipment Ammunition: At any time, Kayta has two clips of 9mm, two clips of .357, two clips of .223 Remington, and two clips of custom taser rounds. Each of these clips are held on her belt, strapped unto it securely as to prevent them from being swiped or falling off.

Weapons: The only other weapons worth noting on Kayta's body are two steel combat knives held on the sides of her legs, allowing easy access to them for her to grasp at when needed and too use. Each one has it's own sheathe to prevent her from cutting herself while moving about.

V. Joushou (上昇, Ascending)

» Joushou Appearance Kayta Leonhardt [APPROVED, 2-1] Sample_73e3ec50f6f20747b3f27efbd929b4155104d08b

» Joushou Abilities Warp: Kayta's first ability within this release is a movement ability. When moving in a single direction, she may use a short-range teleport in that same direction. The limitations of this ability are fairly simple, the first being that she needs to be moving in the direction she wishes to move in. The second being that she can only teleport about 50 feet at her current level. The third being that she can not be snared by any abilities, but being slowed will still allow her to use Warp. It takes little energy for her to perform, an ability that she can actually use quite frequently with no issues.

Phantom Barrage: An ability using a mix of Sugi magic and actual ability. When either using a physical attack, magical attack, or ranged attack, Kayta has the option when striking to leave an after-image. This after-image is made of condensed Psions, an energy native to the Sugiuran race. After a set amount of time, a single post, this after-image will activate and repeat Kayta's attack at full power. Using this ability does drain her of a fair amount of energy, equal to the energy required for the first attack with a bit extra, forcing her to only use this ability once every other post.

Warning Shot: Warning Shot is an activated ability that can be only used once per thread. This ability fires a condensed bullet of energy that flies much faster than any other shot normally fired forth from Hope and Despair. When this shot strikes a target, it does not deal damage. Instead, it weakens all of their spiritual or magical defenses, including those made of ki or other energies. The effectiveness of these defenses drop a single tier, unable to go below beginner. The effect of Warning Shot lasts for up to five posts, and cannot effect physical defenses. For example, a hierro would be effected, but someone's metal shield or natural durability will remain the same. If a person has multiple spiritual defenses, every defense that is not purely physical will be dropped a single tier.

Enhanced Awareness: This ability is one that is always active in every form available to Kayta, having an added bonus depending on the level of release. At the current level this ability is in, it is only capable of two feats. The first being that Kayta can sense all types of energy. This sensing does not allow her to understand what type of energy it is, or how it works. It simply allows her to perceive that a type of energy is being used, such as a blast filled with demonic magic heading towards her. This also works for any type of cloaking magic, leading to her knowing that a large concentration of energy is being used, but being unaware that it's cloaking something. The second application is boosting her reflexes and speed tremendously. Her speed increases to the point of rising a tier, excluding Grandmaster. With this new found speed, her reflexes adjust to match it accurately. This allows her to avoid many types of attacks at a much quicker rate, allowing her to even dodge gunfire with ease unless they are specifically crafted to move as speed levels faster than she can currently move.

VI. Zenou (前王, Before the King)

» Zenou Appearance (What does your Sugiuran look like during Zenou Release?)

» Zenou Abilities (What abilities does your Sugiuran gain, or approve in during this Release?)

VII. Kyuu Kyou (仇供; lit. Pledged Revenge)

(You must have at least have Advance in your Release Skill before gaining this release state. If not leave this striked out or remove this section all together)
» Kyuu Kyou Appearance (What does your Sugiuran look like during Kyuu Kyou Release?)

» Kyuu Kyou Abilities (What abilities does your Sugiuran gain, or approve in during this release?)

VIII. Skill Sheets

(To Find Out about what these skills are for, please READ THIS THREAD before you try doing anything to it. After you have read it, do not fill your skills out until a staff member has graded your thread. The staff member checking your app will also give you Will Skills in which you can add to your app when approved.
Remove this message afterwards)
Soldier Skill Sheet
  • Sugiura Magic: Beginner/Adept/Advanced/Master
  • Mystic Eyes: Beginner/Adept/Advanced/Master
  • Martial Arts: Beginner/Adept/Advanced/Master
  • Release Control: Beginner/Adept/Advanced/Master

General Skills
  • Durability: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • General Speed: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced
  • Mental Deduction: Advanced
  • Pain Endurance: Adept
  • Focus: Advanced

IX. Roleplay Sample

» Role Play Sample:Previous thread on-site I guess?

Kayta Leonhardt [APPROVED, 2-1] QYEibkj
Kayta Leonhardt [APPROVED, 2-1] F2mrTYb

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Will Skills
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  • Focus: Advanced

Comments/Notes: I was stuck between 2-2, or 2-3, but I felt that 2-3 because on the description was the best choice ;o;.
Tier: 2-3

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