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Tue Jan 26, 2016 8:00 pm

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The hell demon was within his dimension thinking about this Khalaism but the guy was really thinking about something else really this cult tried to brainwash him. For the time being, Zaine will follow order but the most part this cult won't be turning him something more of a mad demon, He won't allow it anymore. But the hell demon wanted one thing because it was only thing from his mad demon heritage which seemed useful and the hell demon wanted it all. He was thinking about the one of his former techniques when the demon had madness within his well being and then that power would be really destructive now. However, Zaine thought of one thing as his friends were bringing the dead bodies of his fallen general it was really a sad scene thinking of many regrets of his general's death. This was one thing that could be done because the hell demon wanted that damn archangel iramasha to pay for his crimes and all that murder of his demon army. He couldn't restore all of his mad demon powers but the power of the berserker eyes had their own power base. Which lived within the eyeballs of a mad demon the fact of the matter; Zaine wasn't a mad demon anymore but he wanted some of that power base back all of it. An anger based zoa koa but it will take some work however the keys of his revenge were right here and part one of his evil plans was about to begin.

This was all that was left of his demon general just two eyeballs and bunch of sand which meant the demon did something and it all went horribly wrong. But, He knew that he got that property but why didn't he just stay there and wait for reinforcements something of his foolish pride got in the way. Yet, Everything happened too quickly the hell demon thought the mad demon could handle the situation or perhaps that was what the enemy wanted. It was just wrong.....

Zaine wanted the berserker eyes as one of the hell demon returned what was left of Christopher which seemed like sands but the things of his liking the mad demon's eyeballs. This was something of an risk if he gained Chris's eyeballs there was no doubt some of Christopher's remaining power will combine back with his demon power. Still, He thought this was all that was left of his general but the hell demon was willing to risk it to regain the madness power which was weakening little by little but the former mad demon wanted options here and now. He grabbed the eyeballs of his former demon general and then finally left his dimensional home hoping to find a demon doctor to replaced them the mad demon eyes. Finally, He met up with a demon doctor within the dark reigns of the demon world which began the deadly procedure. The fallen mad demon's eyeballs were cleaned and placed within a demon machine being process and then finally the final installments were completed. Zaine sat in the chair taking a deep breath because this was going to hurt after his friend paid for the procedure and then the doctor began telling him was going to happen. His eyeballs were going to taken out and replaced with mad demon eyeballs and this was fucking going to hurt. This was the price that he was going to pay to get revenge on the iramasha clan still all his army friends were gone wanting to cry; he couldn't. Zaine needed to be strong for this as the machine managed to give him some knockout gas putting him to sleep as his oxygen levels were normal. The machine went to work as his small levels began opening his eyes wide the medicine knife slowly and scientific removed the hell demon's eyes.

The machine placed the removed eyeballs in a secure place and then began inserting the mad demon eyeballs refixing the eyeball connections to eye and eye-stem the procedure was completed as the demon doctor was finishing up. Wrapping the upper portion of Zaine with some good medical bandages allowing his new eyes to rehealed his eye senses from within. The demon doctor knew it was going to take ten days before the hell demon could even see again but his patient was asleep in bed still all good things come to do those who wait.

----The Next Day----

Zaine awoke from his but the demon felt that his eyes were removed and replaced it was going to take a while before his healing factor can repair his eye functions it maybe days before that happens. He couldn't believe it the hell demon was actually blind for now this was awkward meaning this will be a chance to use all of his other senses or get to know them. Because all the hell demon could see was darkness itself at that moment; Zaine was afraid but he wanted this after all for his revenge on the iramasha clan which will be soon...very fucking soon. He tried getting out of bed and then the hell demon fell down and then his other senses took effect which helped him leave the doctor's demon hospital all on his own. No matter if the demon couldn't see only temporary the hell demon had a task which was his powers were garbage for the time being and he needed fucking stronger ones......Blinded but focused.

Zaine wanted what the Iramasha clan and the Yuudeshi clan took from him years ago and finally now with the madness and mad power gone from his well being. He finally focused in mind and soul powers as the demon teleported back within his dimensional home and then began training for different powers this was going to be a hard training this time. He wanted different and destructive powers the ones enemies won't even survived. Guessing this was going to be extremely difficult it would have been a thought to get some phantom technology but that would lead to trouble too still no one knew where he was his zoa koa signature would be impossible. He couldn't even get death matter from the army member which that shinigami the hell demon was furious since that would have been the perfect weapon against his enemies. The muthafucka killed his best friend and he couldn't do anything the hell demon wanted the weapon to fucking destroy zanpakutos permanently. He wanted the very power which was destructive to death matter but what was it the hell demon had it but that woman Reimu Iramasha erased it from his well being.

What was more destructive than the power known as death matter???? "THAT SHINIGAMI SOUL FUCKER.....HE HAD THE PERFECT WEAPON........WHAT COULD DESTROY IT PERMANENTLY???? WHAT COULD DESTROY STUFF THE HIGHER POWER THAN DEATH MATTER I MUST FIND OUT. I WANT TO KILL THAT ARCHANGEL SONUVABITCH REMOVE HIS VERY EXISTENCE OFF OF IRAMASHA GROUNDS. I STILL HAVE NOTHING ON DEATH MATTER ITSELF NOR CAN I CREATE IT SO I NEED TO CREATE SOMETHING MORE POWERFUL THAN DEATH MATTER SOME THAT KILLS MY ENEMIES ON IMPACT NOT IN MINUTES OR HOURS BUT ON IMPACT PURE DESTRUCTION.....BUT WHAT" He said. He was thinking then he remembered something the god particle the very thing humans thought to be the moment of creation those humans actually might have done something good. Zaine thought of one thing that could actually be more destructive than death matter and these fucking humans actually created it antimatter but knowing that it was highly destructive if not contained. "Antimatter is my best bet with berserker eyes of my fallen general may that some time to unlock them and their powers. I guess I should start magically training my body to harness the antimatter and it shouldn't be that hard either to generate. My legendary demon friend Kyoji could create something that could bring out this antimatter so I start my own research but I'm blind. I want to get stronger better put my other senses." He said.

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