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 Takiya Serizawa Genji [APPROVED 2-5]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Takiya Serizawa Genji [APPROVED 2-5]   Takiya Serizawa Genji [APPROVED 2-5] EmptyFri Feb 05, 2016 1:44 pm

Takiya Serizawa Genji [APPROVED 2-5] Image3678

Takiya Serizawa Genji [APPROVED 2-5] Mikazu11

Takiya Serizawa Genji [APPROVED 2-5] Image3681-1

Name: Takiya Serizawa Genji
Taeja is the term reserved for the Crown prince. Takiya is not a crown prince to anything let alone from a line of Royal Blood. However it is a name that gradually stuck on him over the course of his life.
Gender: Male
Appearance Age: 27
Age: 573
Affiliation/Rank: Shinigami General

Appearance Description:

A Sack Short.

Takiya was born underweight as a child. He wasn't born pre-maturely but simply was born a whole kg below than the average baby should have. That being said, from his infancy to his early childhood years, he was what people would call scrawny. He always had slight sickly look about him. From his pasty skin to the circles under his eyes. His arms were stringy and his shoulder frame shouted nothing but withdrawn. The strange color of his eyes did not help his cause in this case. A paled out turquoise green of sorts.

If anything in his appearance that helped him was the rich fabric and fine care that came with him. Always dressed in the finest clothes and donned with quality jewelry. At least with the money his family had he looked only like a sickly child rather than a dying homeless child. Though sometimes he was mistaken for a girl, with his small and timid frame. If it wasn't for the short hair cut he would have surely been mistaken for household's daughter.

Daisies and Sticks.

As Takiya grew not much changed about him. He wasn't the closest kid to the ground but rather at that ambiguous height between too short or medium height. He was scrawnier still and above the layer of nobility and finery, he had bruises and cuts. It wasn't hatred, just simply picking on the weakest kid the group. It wasn't the fact that he was of noble both, really at that age only kids of similar status played with one another. History aside, Takiya was shown to be quite the timid child. Perhaps proud or even scared to admit to his household that he had been beaten.

If he was cute as but an infant child, his kiddy years did not help him. Not all the fine robes and golden ornate could hide the hideous gaping holes in his mouth. No, the kids din't beat his teeth out. He was simply changing them as children at that age do. Snot nosed brat would be the term used here. Though not quite the snot and brat.

The Teen years.

As his teens came and went, things changed for him. His teeth grew back and without the need for anything surgical device to correct his dental alignment. He became to fill out, looking like less of a sad and scarecrow short of straw and more like an actual human being. Perhaps it was the spiritual hunger that he felt that caused him to eat more. His skin no longer looked pasty like a hungry ghoul in the moonlight (albeit still on the pale side of life). As for his appeal, the boy wasn't ugly but nor was he the heart throb of every girl in the academy. He wasn't bad, something a girl could settle for.

Though it was apparent he was a boy his bodily expression still struck him as a bit of feminine guy. He was gentle, soft in his steps and careful with his hands. He began to dress less in the traditional attire of his house and more plainly liked the teens did. Simple Gi and Hakama for school and on casual days closer to that of humans. He ditched most of the jewelry save for the signature ornate piece in his hair to mark him as a Noble.

Blooming Late

His early adulthood is where he truly bloomed. Nearing his graduation year from the Academy is what made him stand out from his peers. Standing as tall as the biggest boys (187cms), Takiya had picked up a lot of mass and made an effort of cutting them into muscle (79kgs). He was no hulk mind you but a nude display of his body clearly showed a built man. He lost a lot of his pretty boy or feminine look about him as he began to look more like a man than any kind of boy.

What was previously called ghoul like was now a healthy vibrant color of a well fed young adult. His girl like dark ash grey hair finally paid off. It was great, always well kept ; long for a traditional male but short for a girl. His signature golden hair piece was still apart of his appeal. His body was more confident in its movements and what was called a timid smile was now described as a gentle or warm smile. His dull eyes were now called a big pool of Emerald Seas.

Into the Years

The more years passed in the centuries the more he became to look like a man and no longer a hairless child. Robust shoulders, long powerful arms, legs to stride him with grace and hands firm enough to hold a blade. A handsome face, a financial set household, high social standing and a warrior's body befit the high ranking Shinigami, he is a bargain and twice more as a partner.

As a fully fledged Shinigami he tossed away the traditional clothing of blue and donned the black Gi and Hakama. Sleeves cut just past his elbows and the rest of his arm geared up with dark grey arm guards. On his standard uniform he chooses to keep his lieutenants badge on wrapped on his left side on his waist. His hair piece, is a black band with gold studs along the line, two golden tassels and ending in a black knot around a golden hoop. It was marked him as a noble and the two tassels marking him as the heir of the house. This was never taken off, never in public and even in the privacy of his home it was seldom off his person.


There are always enemies stronger than yourself. Takiya has his fare share of wounds and scars. He does not like to show them nor is he proud of them. He holds scars upon his chiseled body feint on his left chest, across his abs. On his left arm where he had once sacrificed the ability to his left arm (for that fight) to avoid a fatal blow. A scar on his right thigh from an experienced fighter he was not able best. Finally a stab wound going through his lower abdomen and out his back.

Appearance Picture:

Takiya Serizawa Genji [APPROVED 2-5] FlzKBZJ


Takiya Serizawa Genji [APPROVED 2-5] Image3682-1


Timid Child

Takiya, from birth and up until his teen years, have always come off as a timid or shy child. While this partly true for his childhood it is not quite true for his late teen years. He was by no doubt a shy child, choosing to hide behind his hand maidens or mother when possible. His small frame was the subject of fun among the children and was often pushed about. This caused him to become more reclusive and and reluctant to go outside.

He preferred to stay within the Genji families Estate than risk going outside to be a target of ridicule. This caused him to become a bit of a bookworm. There wasn't much for a child to entertain himself with. As the numbers in his age increased so did the amount of books he had read and so did his curiosity for the outside world. Gradually he began to go out more and learn to cope with the teasing and bullying. In hindsight it wasn't out of hatred that the other kids had attacked him, they had no ill feelings, they were simply kids doing kid things.

One would think a young child from a noble family would be spoiled. That he was but his parents taught him humility from a young age and implored him to practice a humble life style. Naturally Takiya grew up to a soft child, gentle, sharing. However these traits could have easily translated to submissive, timid or even scared. He was withdrawn mostly to the masses, preferring a closer knit of select people. He preferred to spend his times with 1 trusted friend or 1 trusted hand maiden.

The Student

His early teen years foreshadowed who he would become. Generic as it may sound he was a diligent student. Understanding that there were times to enjoy yourself and time to bite down and get down to grinding. Though reluctant at first he switched his dedication on books towards the Shinigami arts. As easily as he had adopted the knowledge from within books, the sword quickly came to him (especially with the change in his body), learning to appreciate it and quickly becoming his most favored forte.

As his peers also became older and wiser they began to understand the social standing that each of them had. Gradually the ridicule disappeared and bonds of friendships began to form. Takiya grew out of being a timid and shy boy. Outwardly he may have still appeared to be such but really he had grown to be reserved, sparing words where it was not needed and kind in his approach to people.

He shows humble in success and humility in failure. Maturing faster into an adult than his peers Takiya soon picked up the nickname Taeja. The Crown Prince of his Generation as they quickly seem to follow him as a pseudo leader.

Life as it Stands - Present

Takiya has a mind of a tactician, his eyes dull as they appear, try their best to read the situation. He makes a mental note not to let himself become tunnel-visioned by the stress of the situation or habitual from repetitive scenarios. This situation applies not only in the field of battle during war or spars but also when it comes to simple things such as socializing with others. He tries to reserve his judgement on others and tried to select his words carefully. He is not much of a talkative person but mind you he is not the silent type. Where it is needed he will talk as much as he needed to.

Merciless, is not quite the word anyone would describe Takiya with. Death is a subject Takiya wants to debate about. As a warrior many people believe it is a crutch and will one day lead to his death. This may be true as people who hesitate to kill have often been killed during battle. However as it stands Takiya believes if he is strong he can avoid that situation. This is one of the reasons he pushes himself to be stronger than he currently is. Yet it must not be mistaken, Takiya is not a stranger to blood or killing. When his judgement upon someone's life is set he becomes unforgiving. His attacks are well calculated and layered, preying on the opponents weakness and playing to his strengths.

Takiya enjoys the simple things in life. A day with good weather, a well brewed tea or an unexpected visit from good company. He chooses a mixture of a humble life and that of a member of the Nobility. He does not spend copious amounts of money on grand luxuries but also is not a scrooge when it comes to spending. Perhaps this was the way he is born but this aspect of Takiya has to be accredited to being war-torn. In his early youth as a unseated officer he experienced the horrors that war brings. The first war was not so bad. He had only to fight against newly formed arrancar or adjuchas during the Aizen-Gotei war. Casualties had not been so severe as the second. The second war made Takiya appreciate life. This time around the war was much more violent and casualties piled up by their numbers rather than names. As a seated officer he lost many sub-ordinates and friends. Though not plagued about the acts of killing he committed Takiya is nonetheless affected by past wars.

There are things that you cannot change in a person. Takiya if he can help it wishes to avoid a few things. Getting dirty is one thing. If he can help it he will prefer not to walk down an alley way that is clearly a dump and has signs of human waste in it. On that regard, growing up in a noble house Takiya is used to good food and he does not have a fondness for food such as insects and intestinal meat or organs.

Takiya is not immune to pain, he prefers not to feel pain if it can be helped. Yet he endures it, from his youth of being beat up by kids his age or to feeling the wooden crack of a Practice blade. Over the years he has developed tolerance. He is not the beefiest or the most pain resilient person out there, yet years of being slashed with a blade, blasted with spells and owing to his natural birth as a Spirit has shaped him to be above the average person.

As a senior officer, one might have expected them to be a either a slave driver or incompetent fool. Takiya makes sure this is never the case. He believes in a structural hierarchy and though he makes sure his division runs smoothly he is not a control freak. He respects his sub-ordinates and treats them like he would treat his own family members. With that sort of attitude one would think he would have sub-ordinates who would follow him to death, strangely enough however Takiya makes a point separating work from personal invitations and avoids having a relationship outside of work with his employees.

The simple things in life.
A different infusion of tea and their brewing are a hobby of his.
Listening to musical instruments especially if they are beginners. He enjoys listening to them improve over time.
Experiencing different fighting styles to expand his library.

Inconsiderate People who have no regard what so ever for those around them.
Nobility who forget their duties towards Soul Society.
Intestinal or organ meat.

Takiya Serizawa Genji [APPROVED 2-5] Image3683-1


The Genji family are one of the lesser known noble families within Seireitei. They are in essence a branch family of the Kuchiki family. Divided long ago the Genji family no shares the blood of the Kuchiki family. However the Genji family remains loyal to the Kuchiki family. Still to this day the two noble families share a close heritage and relationship. Both are noted with signifying their Nobility through their head pieces. While the Kuchiki family holds the white and silver head pieces the Genji family takes the Black and gold head pieces.

Records are unclear as to where and how the Genji family are related to the Kuchiki clan. Yet the similar white complexions and loyalty towards the Gotei 13 are traits are hard to ignore. It is clear however the Genji family have served under the Kuchiki family, not as servants but something closer to that a younger sibling. The closest evidence shows the younger sister of an unknown generation Kuchiki head was married into the Genji family as a means of political alliance.

The Genji family has significantly decreased in both power, wealth and members in general. Over the years of war, strife and internal conflict the Genji family have been stripped of their presence. It is not uncommon for anyone to know of the Genji Family. It is to the point where most heads of the Noble families know of them only through formality. Younger family members of the Kuchiki family do not recognise the insignia of the Genji Family nor its name.

Historians are not even sure the Genji families origin or purpose. Yet theories revolving the families color do suggest a plausible role the Genji family played. As is the Moon to Sun, the black color of the Genji family is to the White color of the Main family. The Genji family played the role of the Kuchiki families darkness. In the early beginnings the Kuchiki clan had used the Genji families for more sinister and darker activities. Yet this is just a theory with more wild speculation. Especially with the current standing of the Genji family appears highly unlikely.

The Genji family are not vastly rich like the Shinhouin or Kuchiki clans. Holding less land and businesses than wealthy merchants of the Seireitei. Proud as they are, they are a humble clan, paying a lot of attention to the welfare of those around them. Civilians who live around their small estate as well as taking great care of their servants. Though they practise customs of the noble families they do not discriminate against birth and origins. However that is not so important. The story fast forwards, to one particular child. Takiya Serisawa Genji.

A child frail and underweight was born within the Genji family. His was given the name Serisawa after Seriana Kuchiki, supposedly the younger sister of the first Noble Kuchiki. However his mother and his friends called him Takiya Genji.

Born in the Genji family was great, with their moderate wealth and social standing, things were never in short. Food, medicine, clothes, good education and the likes were never in shortage. However the vague area which the family stood, proved to be a challenge for the young master of the Genji family. He was not someone whose family had enough influence to be held greatly nor was he a simple commoner. Discrimination against other Noble families were visible (without even themselves knowing), commoners would show hatred towards Takiya solely because he was better off then they were. Being small of frame and timid of heart had made matters worse.

However it would be wrong to describe his childhood filled with hatred, hardships and tragedies. He had a loving family, wealth to keep him healthy and educated. If anything it was just really the neighbourhood kids bullying him not out of contempt but just because he was a bit different. That's how kids are and its part of growing up. Takiya simply needed to grow out of it or adjust and that he did. Years passed and his peers slowly began to stop the random bullying (if you could call it that), as they grew older they began to realize the social standings. As they were faced with reality and responsibilities they began to be wary of upsetting the young master.

Takiya held no contempt for them as such was he was told him his mother. As someone born of Noble blood he was to humble and embracing. Time separated the children, some were left to become normal souls of Soul Society and others went on to work in merchant shops while the few gifted pursued the life of a Shinigami. Naturally, being born naturally as a Soul, Takiya would become a Shinigami.

As he slowly grew up, those who remained his peers began to respect him. He was kind, gentle and frankly his social standing could help them. Attending the Shinigami academy Takiya was already at an advantage. From within his family he had already been thought many things some of which was material covered within the Academy. Even with his small frame, Takiya was a better swordsman in terms of skill and experience. Academically he was by far the strongest within his year. He had prior teachings from tutors and in general finding joy within obtaining knowledge from his father's library.

His teachers called him Aeneulgun, meaning, Adult like child. He had a maturity that was a kin to something of an old man rather a child who should have been focusing on enjoying life. He was a young determined soul, who not only excelled himself to better but encouraged and brought his peers together. As the years passed, he only improved. He gained more muscle, became less timid. His strength began to match his peers and the soft child gradually faded with each birthday.

It was evident he would make a good Shinigami. He was not the strongest fighter rather falling in a category above average. However his sword style was what his Teachers called Elegant, where he lacked brute strength he had grace, where he lacked blurring speed he had precision. Takiya had an appreciation for the sword, finding joy in its dance like trance in a duel. He was good enough to be picked up by a combat related division (The Combat Division itself however did not extend their invitation). Upon graduation many divisions attempted to scout him. The Command division wanted his traits to be a thinker and natural leader. The Kidou division wanted him for his creative uses with Kidou while the internal division wanted him for the connections with the Kuchiki clan (Long standing leaders of the Internal affairs Division). It came to a disappointment to these divisions but no surprise when he joined with the Diplomatic division.

Takiya joined as a young recruit to the division while his peers left to join other divisions. There the job was dull compared to the combat related divisions. They largely focused on as the name suggests diplomatic affairs. Seeing to publicity, magazine and news writing. Takiya enjoyed such jobs, writing articles, seeing to guests outside of the Gotei13, sometimes settling minor disputes. Here the young man was buried, forgotten by the recruiters and the public. For years he resumed his life as a gentle soul out of combat situations and out of spot light. Yet, he never continued to train himself. In the privacy of his home, he would always practise his sword and kidou. From basics to constructing his own style, not a single day went past where sweat dropped down his body and onto the worn out wooden floors of the dojo. Promotions would come and go but the significance of a few a seats in a non-combat division was nothing to celebrate. He continued to live his humble life.


Takiya first experienced war in the betrayal of Aizen and the captains. As a low ranking officer he was not involved with the names that are marked down in history. He played no big role in bringing down Aizen and his lieutenants but from the attacks on the real world, to the defense of the fake Karakura town, Takiya was there and he did his fair share of combat. He did not clash blades with any of the Espada, Fraccoins or Captains but at his level fighting Adjuchas was a challenge enough. To this day he still remembers the blood that ran from his Zanpakutō. Fear, dispair, chaos and death had come into his life for the first time. Yes he had fought minor hollows when he was much younger, but it had felt different. A soul burial was ritualistic, yet drawing blood and watching the light from someone eye was different...

The memories of this war are something of broken pieces for Takiya. Not from suppressed shock or the likes. Simply the adrenaline from a real battle had only recorded parts of it. A long period of just heart throbbing small sections of lucid memories clear as day then back to blurred moments. Interesting enough, the faces of friends and colleges slowly disappeared from his memory but the more time passed the more clearer the memory of his enemies became. The bone white skins or the ridges of their spiked backs, the burning toxicity of theirs skins and the heart clenching shrieks and growls.

The aftermath of the war was so slow process of recovery. The buildings had virtually been untouched but the vacant space its occupants have left behind were visible. A walk down the halls of any barracks left behind a dust filling office. Every few months friends would clear their belongings in a box and disappear without a word. Every division was under handed, the diplomatic office saw to paper work of other divisions as well as standing watch in low priority areas. Ever so often a lurking arrancar would attack taking down 2 to 3 shinigami with him. Yet Soul Society persevered and so did Takiya Genji.

The war brought on a new zeal in Takiya Genji, though he still remained the humble nobleman, Takiya had taken a different view of the world. A flowered Diplomacy would never solve anything permanently. There were times that subjugation by the sword would be the only means of a Diplomacy. No one wanted to meet half way when they potentially had the chance to go the full length. Take away the sword, pull the teeth out, stamp out the flames, take away everything and then offer diplomacy.

Once again in silence Takiya trained. However keeping his body in shape and his senses open were not the exercise for the day. He needed the ability to cut down a man or beast in the quickest time possible. Before they could show their fangs and kill more than needed. Takiya began volunteering for real world missions, taking part in the subjugation in enemy forces arrancar or traitor alike. He spent less time in his division worrying about tea choices or the correct word to use. Instead he began to visit the combat divisions, fighting against them as they did each other. Real edged blades always under the assumption that a heated duel could lead a death with no repercussions.

He began to visit the Kidou corps, watching them and getting coached by them. Attending their sessions of kidou barrier forming and kidou duels. Slowly people began to remember him once again. Takiya Genji, he had been a gifted student. Once again many divisions looked to scout him again, yet he remained in the Diplomatic division. He required strength to be able to protect those around him, as a member of the Noble House Genji, it was one of his many duties.

Years had passed and with the years many things changed. The divisions had seen change, the numbers had grown again and Seireitei had adopted a more militaristic stance than prior to the Aizen betrayal. However some things didn't change. War. War never changed.

With the new era, would come the longest and bloodiest battle to date. The Half Century war they had called it. Death in their millions, races from all the planes and realms and clashed against each other in blood and steel to be crowned the rulers of the world. Everyday was hell personified, walking in endless streets of agony and death. There was not a day where anyone would return clean and fresh. From the highest of ranks to lowest of officers returned to their outposts baptised in fire and blood. Takiya was no exception. He had been ready.

During the time from the Aizen betrayal and the 50 year war, Takiya had trained with a vigour only seen in a select few. When the war had come Takiya had reached a new level as a Shinigami. Shikai, calling in his strength from his Zanpakutō. Armed with his new Zanpakutō, Takiya began clashing with new enemies stronger than he had ever faced before. Yet each day he returned, each day he returned with his hands no cleaner than the day before. For 50 days he clenched his teeth, losing comrade after comrade. More power.

50 years may not be much for a soul, but even for a spirit 50 years of war is too long. 3 decades of fighting everyday with virtual no rest changes a man. Takiya had lost much of his humble nature, being replaced with fatigue. His kind words had been cast out and its place came silence and where a timid child should have resided an angry soul had begun praying to the god of war. It would not have been a lie if one was to say Takiya had gained more fighting knowledge and prowess than the entire Genji family during its peace years.

Each year brought him closer to his Zanpakutō, discovering new powers and new forms. At first there had only been a teaching kind soul but war had changed him and his Zanpakutō. A strong and stubborn spirit had been born within, interested in nothing but standing firm and enduring against whatever the world threw at them. With each year came more death and eventually the man who had never found anger in his heart and found nothing but rage. All of his energy had focused into nothing but a destructive force. From the heavens Blue Lightning had slaughtered his enemies and the enemies of his friends. Taeja they had begun to call him. The crown prince of the heavens come to save them. This was not true.... he could not save any of them. If they lived through this. They would all but be dead inside. Shells filled with war and pestilence.

During war Takiya had been promoted to Lieutenant. Taking the seat of his fallen superior. Takiya lead his division members as best he could. He could not get everyone back alive from every mission and his division members knew this as well. Well... during those times there weren't really any divisions, only the Shinigami of the Gotei. Regardless... everyman knew what he had been thrown into, these were not times to be worrying about your life, if you died, it meant you left your brothers and sisters exposed. If you took down 2 or enemies down with your death you were alright in the books. Out numbered on all ends. The war. It changed people.

Fast Forward.

War was over. It felt like a lie. Takiya felt uneasy, still tense from the war. His eyes said everything. Every waking moment was painful from the wars injury, soul scarred from it all. The Aizen war seemed like an eon away. Baptised in blood and steel, Takiya was now a Man.

People are astounding. No matter how hard it is, people eventually rebuild and recover. It took many years and the scars were still fresh even then but slowly people recovered. Takiya slowly came to believe the war had been over. He needed to return to helping people. Tired of all the blood he returned to the Diplomacy office, it was badly damaged but still, the sign stood, charred and cut up but it still stood. In time Takiya began to open up for the first time. In return people began to open up to him for the first time. As his soul calmed down, the Seonbi Zanpakutō returned, offering the old warm blue flames. Flames that were not meant to destroy but to embrace.

To this day, after everything, Takiya remains the Lieutenant of the Diplomacy division. Being sent out here and there to solve matters, small and big. Tea returned back to the table, so did flowers and paintings that depicted precious life. Its the small things in life that make it worth while...

We will Rebuild.


Takiya Serizawa Genji [APPROVED 2-5] Image3684-1

Reiatsu Color: Deep Blue and White Center

In terms of Reiatsu apperance, they appear different depending on Takiya's current mood or orientation. However at most times they appear as a slow burning warm blue fire. However his reiatsu orientation changes to match that of his Zanpakutō spirit. When angered his reiatsu flares and takes upon a more lightning like appearance.

Zanpakutô Spirit Name: Tenryuubito [Celestial Dragon]

Zanpakutô Spirit Appearance:
Click Paragraph for Picture

Tenryuubito comes in 3 forms. In his docile state, he appears as a being of Blue Crystals. Lightly opaque and somewhat transparent. He takes form of a crystal Wyrm of sorts, Stretching and coiling and scaled in thousands of shards of Crystals stacked closely to its body. In this form the Spirit is chiefly stubborn and concerned mostly about itself. It refers itself in this form as an Aegis of the Heavens.:

Calmness, which is the most common and frequent form is that of the Seonbi or that of the Scholar. A young man dressed largely in light blue and groomed well. Dark Navy blue hair and gentle pearl blue eyes. Here he is caring for Takiya, almost like an older brother. He is chiefly teaching and constantly looking out for the boy. At times his body lights up in soft blue flames that are warm emotionally. :

Rage is the most uncommon form of Tenryuubito. This is the only form that does not talk to Takiya. Takiya speculates the embodiment of rage loses its reason and ration as it focuses all its energy towards an erratic lightning like energy. It appears to be a mass of blue energy as it jumps about like lightning in the form of a great Dragon. This form has been used to primarily attack Takiya. :
Inner World:

As described above the Seonbi is the most common form Tenryuubito takes. When Tenryuubito is in the scholar form the world appears in an Eastern setting. It switches from what appears to be castle grounds, libraries, dining room, luxury gardens or anywhere that appears to be the real world (Does not re-create the real world). However a common appearance in all these shifting planes are the low lying soft clouds around their feet and blue faceless laughing people that move about. Almost appearing to be that of a heaven like nature. Here the whether is always reflective of the Seonbi, calm, with a few clouds and winds that cool off any unrest or ill feelings.

In the World of a Aegis or Crystal Dragon the world is exactly the same except the fog has risen high and thick enough to restrict vision to a few meters. The world is colder at this stage making the bones stiff. At this stage the faceless populace is frozen solid where they stand and in general the setting is darker.

Whenever Tenryuubito is its erratic stage the world becomes barren, the faceless populace disappears in a moan of torment. The plants die out and the fogs disappear only to be replaced with skies filled with dark storm clouds. Lightning strikes, thunder roars and Rain pours down relentlessly.
Sealed Zanpakutô Appearance :

Takiya's Zanpakutō doesn't follow the norm. Not only is it longer than the standard Katana in terms of blade length it also holds a different balance point. It's weight mas a weight concentration on its first grip upon the hilt and then extending somewhat to the hilt guard. The blade length sits at 1 Meter classifying not as a standard sword but not quite as a Nodachi. It has a groove like most blades do. The hilt holds space for 3 hands and then some, allowing for an easy switch up of grips. The blade is notably heavier than standard blades accredited to longer blade length and its slightly thicker blade back. However Takiya is accustomed to this weight.

Even in the beginning as an Asauchi blade the blade was visibly different from others. While most sealed Zanpakutō were same in their simple design with only their hilt guards to show their difference, Takiya's Tenryuubito was ornate much like Zanpakutō's in their Shikai state. The hilt, is carved out of hard wood and decorated with Najeon Chilgi. This more or less pearl lacquer, decorating wooden crafts with the inside of an Abalone shell for its rainbow pearl like color. This is then wrapped in a fine ash black linen. The hilts guard and hilt pommel shines a of clear gold.

The hilt has a black lacquer finish giving it a light shine to its wooden material. The top and bottom of the hilt is gold plated. To finish it off, two golden flat bands of gold grips the sheathe with a fine golden rope length linking it together.

Takiya Serizawa Genji [APPROVED 2-5] Josun-10

Sealed Zanpakutô Abilities:

Though not a notable ability, the Sheathe holds the same strength as the Zanpakutō blade itself in terms of durability. (If it is naturally like that then I guess nothing? xD)

Tenryuubito surprisingly has 3 Release calls.

Form 1 : Enlighten me, Seonbi.
Form 2 : Stand Strong, Aegis.
Form 3 : Rampage, Heavens.

Shikai Description:

The Shikai doesn't undergo a lot of change. However upon its release, the black linen on the hilt turns gold as well as the sheathe. Upon the sheathe an imprint of a dragon goes down its length. Apart from this there are no physical changes to the Zanpakutō. Some say it becomes sharper but that is a common feature in most if not all Zanpakutō.

[Form 1]
Now apart from the aesthetics change in the Zanpakutō, The blade ignites in a slow burning blue flame. The blue flames don't run on the full length of the blade. Only on the later edge of the blade. Running from its 50cm mark to it's 90cm mark. This leaves the base of the blade and the pointed tip of the blade flame free.

[Form 2]
In another Stage (to be explained in the Shikai Ability) the flames die out and seem to change to little snowflake like gems that slowly fall towards the ground. The Germs are a rich fine blue. The usual blade length that would have been on fire appears to be crystallized.

[Form 3]
In this stage the blue flames gather and become erratic and rising higher than its flames. They look like a bolt of blue lightning whipping its tail around the blade.

Shikai Abilities:

The flames of Tenryuubito are unlike the conventional ones that everyone is accustomed to. It does not have a heat enough to burn anyone. It would be correct to say a candle would be hotter. It does not burn on conventional fuel sources such as wood or oils. The blue flames run solely on reishi, Reishi or otherwise.

[Form 1] - Seonbi
Now the rate at which the flames burn are not significant enough to instantly burn up a Reiatsu source or concentration of it. The fire burns slow. At its current state it does not discriminate against which Reiatsu source it burns and seems to simply just burn and eat away at everything.

Initially Takiya had no control over the flames and found it difficult to keep his shikai in check. However over the years of training both in combat on the field and control over his mind, Takiya has managed to somewhat control the flames and the rate at which it burns. (First discovery of Shikai)

The flames are warm to the touch of anyone. As it stand without a technique all the blue flames do is catch alight on Reiatsu sources and happily sit there burning slowly. However in an array of Techniques the burn rates can be sped up or used selectively to burn away a specific Reishi source or type.

In terms of damage, the flames to a small amount of damage to opponents (excluding cutting damage). Interesting enough the flames do the same amount of damage to everyone regardless of how strong they are. The flames as explained before are warm rather than hot. However everyone who has faced Seonbi as an enemy explain the flames to be uncomfortable, like there is a lack of air or breathing in a small enclosed area. This is because the reiatsu that should be going in and out (via normal presence or through use of techniques) is slowly being burnt up by the blue flames. (Discovered In early years of 50 year war)

Now without a technique the flames are not significant enough to do any more damage than explained above. However these flames do expand quickly and over every form of reiatsu. (More flames do not mean damage stacks, more exposure can mean opponents feel the light suffocating feeling over more parts of their body, but nothing more than such). However some techniques do provide for stronger or versatiles Abilities.

Some techniques focus the flames to burning away a specific Reiatsu type. Takiya can focus his flames to eat away at for example a Kidou (one kidou or cero at a time). The rate at which the flames consume reiatsu becomes rapid, dealing moderate damage on contact. In interesting cases such as condensation or concentration of energy such a kido, explosions may happen, clearly producing more burning damage to the cells. Think of how an oil barrel would explode as opposed to a pool of oil on the floor would ignite and burn quickly. (Mastery improved during 30 years into 50 year war)

Another means of using it, though less proficient as this is not an omni potent ability. The flames can be selected to burn away at a one specific reiatsu signature. With this the flames can eat away at something specific, for example; an invasive energy such as poison could be stopped from spreading across a body. However this cannot be confused with healing. Parts of the body already damaged by the poison cannot be healed by this Zanpakutō. It simply stops the spreading and continuos affects or stacks of this invasive energy. (Discovered Post 50 Year War).

[Form 2] - Hwang-ryeong
This second form is focused on defense, the flames change form and harden into a crystalline structure. Providing an array of defenses for Takiya. These Crystal structures however cannot be controlled (in the manner Toshiro controls his ice) but more of turning the existing flames into pillars or walls of hard, jagged blue crystals. Its movements are relatively slow to its third form and its path predictable. This makes it unfit for offensive purposes. (Discovered during 50 year war).

These Crystal structures are very durable. However much of this depends on how much flames were converted into crystals at the time. A thin structure of perhaps the thickness of a telephone pole will stop a sealed Zanpakutō of similar tiers to Takiya. Thicker pillars the thickness of perhaps around 60cms radiuses will be able to block shikai attacks of similar tiers to Takiya. Of course no matter what the thickness is Bankai attacks will get through (they maybe get weakened but never fully block). The defensive capabilities strongly depend on how much flames Takiya had spread and gathered.

[Form 3] - Rae-Ryeong
Form three is the offensive manifestation of Takiya's Zanpakutō. If the first form is the calm state and the second a dormant and defensive state, the third and final is a violent and hyper active state. It takes the form of a highly concentrated form of the blue flames/energy giving the blade a destructive power. It gathers all the blue flames and blue crystals into one energy of blue lightning. Its Lightning has a powerful cutting edge as well at is waves crashing in a explosive power much like a thunder bolt. Its movements are fast and unpredictable.

This destructive force by far deals the most damage out of Takiya's form. Dealing Considerable amount of damage (more than moderate), even to those of similar tiers to Takiya. Techniques arrange from Bolts of lightning to slashes of incredible cutting power (dependant on Takiya's Tier). This form gives Takiya boosts of speed in one single direction when need be without needing the movement of his body.

This form however, even if Takiya believes he has mastered all forms of his Zanpakutō is taxing on his body. It will make him become tired more quickly than his previous forms are. Like the Aegis form, the strength of this form or the availability of the techniques are highly dependant on the amount of blue flames he holds. This means Takiya will never be able to go into this form from the get-go or else he will instantly tire out from the lack of Energy available.

Zanpakutō Limits.
Takiya may only be in form at a time. Though he has become proficient enough to quickly switch between the forms there are limits. Switching to one form will mean all the forms of energy switch to that select form. All the flames will turn to crystal or all the flames will convert to its lightning form. Also Takiya may not jump forms. Lightning cannot turn to crystal and vice versa. He must first transition into flames if he wants to go to lightning from crystal and vice versa. Kidou casting becomes another problem for the user, during the activation of Shikai and specifically within Form 1, Kidou will all light up as flames, losing their binding abilities, and its characteristics such as exploding kidou. In Form 3, kidou cannot be used by Takiya at all, as all energy is focused towards its lightning state. Form 2 however is the only time Kidou can be cast.

Bankai Description: (You may fill out your Bankai Description, but unless you get staff permission, you may not use your Bankai right off the bat. There are expectations, however.)

Bankai Abilities: (You may fill out your Bankai Powers, but unless you get staff permission, you may not use your Bankai right off the bat. There are expectations, however.)


Takiya Serizawa Genji [APPROVED 2-5] Image3686-1

General Skills
  • Durability: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • General Speed: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Racial Skills
  • Hoho: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Kido: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Zanjutsu: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Hakuda: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner


Takiya Serizawa Genji [APPROVED 2-5] Image3685-1

Roleplay Sample: -Post War, in the Office of the Diplomacy Division-

"Takiya, take it slow."

Takiya shook his head, a free hand covering his face. Laughter came out of his mouth yet no joy could be heard from it. One, two, three droplets of tears. His right hand dropped the horse hair brush it held and with a clatter, the brush it landed in the ink plate. Moisture blurred the unfinished Caligraphy. The thin paper quickly becoming smudged with black ink and his gradually growing tears.

"It's okay Takiya."

Takiya was glad he was alone, weakness was something he never liked to show. Especially not now, not when everything was just fresh. The rasping stopped and so did the shudders. He needed to be strong, for his division, for the Gotei and for Seireitei. With the palm of his hands he wiped away any signs of his weakness. He sniffed getting the last of the tears out. Blood? Did he smell blood?

He quickly put his hands down and with his green eyes scanned every inch of his hand. Blood? Seeing his hands free of any blemish, save for a few feint scars, he crashed his head back into his open palms.

"It's just your imagination Takiya..."
"Yes, it's all in my head," Takiya would finally reply "but they aren't my imaginations but my memories."
"Come, let's start again..."

A man with bound wavy hair, a black mesh hat and simple blue robes, sat next to Takiya. He picked up a feintly glowing brush and made elegant curls and swishes in the air. Time, the character read. As if time was supposed to heal everything. Takiya picked up his own brush only to see it tainted black. He hesitated, looking at the previously failed attempt at caligraphy. He had managed a few strokes before he had shown weakness.

"Takiya, Takiya," his Zanpakutō cooed him, "look at my hands. See? They are Red just as yours are."

Takiya looked at his Mentor whose previously spotless hands were covered with dried blood. Every groove and dip on his palms were crusted with blood. Green eyes sought the Blue eyes. His face too was covered in blood, his fresh blue robes were darkened with blood.

"Takiya... I am fine, now look."

Tenryuubito reached for the smudged paper and with a rustling soundcast it aside. Below the old paper, there was a clean sheet of paper, white as snow.

"You can always try again, never give up." Tenryuubito said.
"But... the blood."
"Yes, I threw the paper away but its behind us. Never forget who you are and what you did but don't let it be a crutch to who you can be in the future."

Takiya moved his eyes back towards blank paper and then his hands. The blood was still there but less of it. Yes, there were people who needed his help, others who felt like him. Guilt, despair, loneliness and sometimes days on end of mindless living. He needed to help. It was his duty. Takiya's steadied his right hand, his left hand holding the sleeves. His wrists swished and flicked.

The characters read, Rebuild.

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« Application Checklist »

• Let's Get Down To Business •

  • Name [X]
  • Appropriate Age [X]
  • Gender [X]
  • Appearance Present [X]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [X]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [X]
  • 10 sentences for personality [X]
  • History is of appropriate length [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
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  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[X]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [X]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [X]

« The Willsheet Checklist »

• And Comments/Fixes •

  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced
  • Mental Deduction: Advanced
  • Pain Endurance: Adept
  • Focus: Adept

  • Comments/Notes: I've over viewed the application and I honestly don't see any problems with it. Therefore, with that being the case, I'm going to go ahead and award it a 2-5 tier.

    The reason I'm giving this is because the theme of the character seems solid, the personality is well made, the powers are balanced and the guy seems to know what he is doing when it comes to writing and I've talked with him about what he wants out of the site and I feel he'll grow into a fine character.

    If anyone has a problem with this, they can bring it up with me, otherwise, I'm approving it.

    (And, for reference, I used the character review guide to gauge his tier @ staff)

  • Tier: 2-5

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General Skills
  • Durability: Adept
  • General Speed: Adept
  • Strength: Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Advanced

Racial Skills
  • Hoho: Adept
  • Kido: Adept
  • Zanjutsu: Advanced
  • Hakuda: Beginner

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