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 Belleh Leonhardt [APPROVED 4-2]

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Coding In Template By:


Magus Template

I. Basic Information

» Name: Belleh Leonhardt
» Titles: "The Argonaut", "Lil' Rookie"
» Age: 17
» Gender/Sex: Male
» Origin: Sugiura Of Improvement
» Kingdom: Western Kingdom
» Affiliation/Rank: Not Applicable (Citizen of the West)

» True Appearance Description:

[Defining Features]

Pretty Boy: As the tag says, the perfect example to describe Belleh is that he is through and through, a pretty boy. From the soft and pale skin down to his clothing in general, Belleh seems to be fixated upon as a boy who's deemed pretty enough to beat even women in attractiveness. The boy himself has never taken it seriously but any girl, normally, that he comes across seems to have some type of extreme infatuation with his appearance and personality as a whole. He treats himself just as any boy would, cleaning himself and taking measures to simply not look "Bad", so there doesn't seem to be anything the Belleh specifically does in order to be perceived as more attractive.

Snow Flake Hair: Unlike most of the Leonhardts that have become well known throughout the years, Belleh has a soft white tone attached to his hair unlike the natural blonde most Leonhardts have. While it is true that both his mother and father had blonde hair, for some reason Belleh's turned out entirely different. When plastered against soft snow, his head is abnormal in view, almost blending in entirely with the snow's color itself. Well taken care of and quite stylish, Belleh doesn't do anything that any other guy in the world does in order to make his hair the "best". Simple cleanings and brushing of his hair has always caused what people seem to see out in public.

Crimson Eyes: Yet another feature that doesn't sit well with the Leonhardt heritage is Belleh's eye color. A crimson, almost blood like color radiates from Belleh's eyes, which is an odd combination given the fact that his parents had eye colors of Brown and Blue. Belleh's eyes were always an oddity to those that he grew up in the small village town that he lived in within the Western Kingdom. Most people around the village consisted of simple colors as their eye color, however Belleh always seemed to be the one boy out among his people, his appearance itself pushes that envelope even further.

Height: Through and through, Belleh is one of the smallest people to ever live within the Leonhardt family. Standing at a measly five foot five, Bell has always had nicknames that resonate with his height. Shorty, Little, tiny, Belleh is one of the smallest people he himself has ever came into contact with. His height could be compared to that of a woman's average height, standing smaller than most men and even women now that he has developed from childhood.

Realis Phrase Seal:

On Belleh's back resides a seal that directly correlates with his ability Realis Phrase. At the base of the Realis Phrase Seal sits a grouping of pillars accompanied by a odd looking tattoo that was carved into the boys flesh. Above the grouping of pillars and tattoo is a large flame, larger than the pillars and spanning the entire tattoo as well. The entire seal itself is devoid of color and is only line art in its entirety. No one but Belleh's mother has ever viewed the seal itself due to it being inscribed by his father before his departure.

» True Appearance Picture:

Belleh Leonhardt [APPROVED 4-2] DrygE2v

II. Personality Traits

» Personality:

Air Headed:

Belleh isn't the smartest of people around. The boy isn't necessarily dumb, but he doesnt normally get things the first time they're said. This could mean something as simple as seeing someone and them acting according to attraction towards Belleh, simple annoyance and anger can also be tossed right over his head in some instances as well. Belleh himself isn't dumb, he just doesn't see what others produce more than half the time. A good instance of this is that he hasn't ever been able to decipher feelings from girls despite his pretty boy stature. Girls are constantly attached to the boy, but in his mind its just something he "deals" with. Oblivious and air-headed are traits that his mother knew well from her son, Belleh.


One of Belleh's most influential and obvious traits is a kind heart. The boy himself has never taken advantage of others and has normally placed others before himself. Helping his mother throughout his childhood up until her death, taking beatings for those who are attacked by bullies or people travelling along roads and anything between, Belleh has been known to do. In specific situations such as being betrayed by someone he has held trust in, he still turns to do the right things. That person is never held accountable and only Belleh ever seems to retain the consequences for such actions. Some could say the trait itself is a blessing, some would also say its a curse. Belleh himself simply sees it as him.

Immensely Shy:

On the flipside to Belleh's kind heart is his shy mind. Despite going out of his ways to help others and to protect those he believes need protecting, Belleh cannot approach others in order to start conversations. Usually, this is due to Belleh's mind constantly traveling from one outcome to the next. Over and over the situations play out and the usual outcome, to him, is always that of a bad one. Rejection, humiliation and simple disrespect are things that keep Belleh from interacting with others, fear of being judged in a way that he would despise happening. This doesn't keep Belleh from making friends, however. Simply bumping into people and others coming to him lead people to understand that he's really a smart, interesting boy. That is, when it actually seems to happen.


No matter where the path may lead, Belleh is one of the most adventurous and moving people you'll ever meet. From one thing to the next, the boy is always in a constant state of movement to try to find things and to make himself better. Climbing mountains, swimming seas and going against large monsters are some of the simple things that adventurous could be connected with, but these arent the only things that could be seen as adventurous. Going to another kingdom to seek a trainer, visiting the human world and soul society in order to take in the views or simply going to a store in order to gather food for a dinner. Everything is a new adventure for Belleh, something that makes him true to his boyish charms.


The Argonaut, a hero, pure good radiates from Belleh Leonhardt. This allows him to be incorruptible, a trait that most can't honestly say they possess. No matter the situation, time or place, Belleh will always see morality in a black and white view. There's only good and evil to Belleh, something her learned from his mother when he was younger. Normally, this trait throws Belleh into hard and strenuous situations, threatening his life again and again as he makes it his mission to protect others and push himself to limits that no one ever asked him to reach.

» Likes:


» Dislikes:


III. Character Background

» History

The long summer day was coming to a quiet end as it reached Belleh's first birthday. The boy was maturing faster than both his mother and father could have ever imagined, his mind and body seeming to grow indefinitely as the days passed. Belleh's father took a long draw of air in, looking at his wife as he let it back out. The somber mood was apparent by both of the adults, looking to their son in the corner of the room. Belleh slept in a small bed pushed up against the room, a fireplace sitting near the edge of his feet. The child sighed quietly over and over, a snore from a squeaky voice sounding far more adorable than either of his parents could really believe. As the sun finally set on the household, Belleh's father stood from the table he had sat at, turning to the front door as his gruff voice rose from his throat.

"Take care of our boy, Allanah. Please"

Simple words for a simple man, the Leonhardt half of Belleh's family opened the entrance to their home and left little trace of his being in the house. Night turned to day, forcing Belleh to awaken to a mother asleep at the dining table. Moving his way to her side, he nudged her leg as she awoke, tear streaks bleeding into her rosy cheeks. Allanah picked Belleh up, stroking the top of his head as she spoke steady words of soft tones.

"Don't worry, my love. Sleep for mommy."

The morning birds chirped along to Allanah's words, Belleh's young self closing his eyes as he was soothed to sleep. The days only passed from here, years forcing their way into Belleh's life as he was left without a father, taking pride in having his mother raise him so thoroughly.

Belleh grew with the years passing, himself and his mother staying at the same home, cooking the same meals and same clothes each and every day. He was nine now, the summer air rushed in and out of the house as he stood outside, hammering away at a large stump of wood in his yard. The previous years were uneventful without a father. Belleh and Allanah were constantly together, learning anything and everything he could from his mother due to not attending some type of courses within the Western Kingdom. He became the man of the house, going to take care of errands, grabbing fresh produce from the farms that were nearby and gathering water from a small stream. They lived quietly with those nearby, something that Belleh would learn wasn't the truth all around the Sugi realm. Nevertheless, this day wasn't very special. It was yet another day of his ninth year, a summer breeze filling his nostrils as he did anything and everything he could for his mother. It seemed life was fine and dandy, a peaceful living for a boy and his mother.

Several more years passed before Belleh met his first friends. Felisia and Flora, a set of twins that had just recently moved to the farm house that was located on Belleh's family property. It was a sturdy house, one built for Belleh if he wanted to live their after he grew out of living with his parents. At least, that was the plan before his father decided to skip out on him. Nevertheless, the Sugiura family that moved into the home were meant to help with tilling the fields that his mom had constant control over due to it growing to an exuberant amount of land.

Belleh was fifteen when he first met the twins, the girls had found their way over to one of the fields that he was currently tending to. Flora was a smaller girl, brown haired and rather petite despite her... extreme features. She was the loud sister, pushing her way to do anything she wanted and always trying to have the most fun she was able to. Felisia on the other hand was the quiet sister. Taller than Belleh by three centimeters, she had long blonde hair that reached the small of her back. She was petite in all areas, her body being relatively small compared to her sister features. Her sapphire eyes were the feature that Belleh thought of each time her name was brought up. Loud but kind was the thoughts that Flora invoked on Belleh, something that he would eventually learn was wrong.

The first encounter was simple, as surprising as it would seem. Flora tripped over herself when she was walking to the boy, her sister following in suit as she remained silent. They startled Belleh at the time, making him grow red as Felisia stood aside from Flora's rampage of embarrassment. Pushing her way through the dirt piled around Belleh, she pushed herself directly into his face as she pushed her hand against his chest. A cheeky grin spread from cheek to cheek as she introduced herself and her sister. From there on out, they grew together. Going on these so called adventures, chasing each other all around the farms and generally having fun together, the three were nearly inseparable. It became so strong of a bond between the three that the twins could be found sleeping over at his house, the three of them sharing the corner bed the main room of the shackled house. It was something Belleh never experienced due to the fact that he had never had friends before in his entire life. Belleh and the twins grew close as the next year passed, until a certain incident happened near Belleh's eighteenth birthday.

The air smelled stale, a deep feeling rising from Belleh's gut as he had begun his trek towards his home once more. The deep onyx night sky was littered with bright white stars as he and Felisia walked towards the two homes that occupied their farm. The two children had been out all day at a market, looking through the wares of each stall to find a small blade for Felisia. Belleh had been teaching her "Swordplay" in the sense of using the blade his mother had given him years ago. They spent a lot of their time together training with the weapon given to her and the Sacred weapon he had received from his father at birth. He held no resentment towards his father, but that was indeed a story for another time. The two had found a weapon for her and spent the last of Belleh's money on the short blade. They were now nearly home as they moved around a tall hill. Upon reaching the road past, Belleh and Felisia's eyes filled with horror as they viewed the billowing smoke. The two raced off towards the farm as fast as they could, Belleh leaving Felisia in the distant road as he reached the farm far faster than she had.

Skidding to a stop, Belleh rushed towards his home, its wooden extremities ablaze as he bashed the door down. As he entered the burning inferno, his mother's mutilated corpse had been tacked to the back wall near the fireplace. The inferno was surrounding her barely living body as Belleh broke into tears, his body beginning to shake as he rushed towards his mom. Her breathing was shallow and she had lost a lot of her blood, there was no way Allanah would be able to return from such a state. His fingers traced her cheeks as he sobbed, the tears streaking against his soft skin as he mother simply smiled. Her voice was raspy and sparing, her words stuttering as each one came out.

"Go on, my love. You have more to life than this small hole. Please, Belleh..."

Her body fell limp against Belleh's chest, a sense of despair filling the boy as his sobbing slowly stopped. Removing her hands from the wall, he walked to the entrance of the hut engulfed in flames. The fire singed his entire outfit, burning away portions of his skin as he brought his mother's body to the grass before the home. Placing her down, the perpetrator slammed his foot into Belleh's side, sending him flying to the wooden fence that surrounded the yard. As his body slammed against the hard wood, Belleh turned to see the man. It was Flora and Felisia's father, he had pressed his foot against Allanah's skull as he smiled at Belleh. The next few moments were a blur as his body instinctively reacted.

Moving at speeds the twin's father couldn't see past, Belleh had gripped one of the farming tolls littering the yard as he charged the man. A bright light enveloped the boy as The Argonaut emerged, pulsing through his body as he sent a single slash towards the father. In an eruption of energy and fire, the man was burned to a crisp, the rest of Belleh's shirt burning entirely as cuts and burns littered his upper body. Falling back, the boy began to see dark spots littering his vision.

Hours had passed before Belleh awoke in a bed located in the twin's nearby home. His body had been bandaged and taken care of properly, Felisia watching over him the entire time he had been knocked out. Belleh came to learn that their father had attacked Allanah, while Flora watched, leading to her death as well. It was a somber day, months before his eighteenth birthday. The cold spring air only caused his depressive state to intensify. Hours followed, pushing himself from the bed to a supper downstairs. From the supper to his burnt home to collect his belongings that had survived. They were placed in a single backpack, hoisting his weapons to his being. It was the last day Belleh had seen Felisia and her mother, leaving the small community behind as he traveled to the Western Kingdom's capital.

Belleh is currently located in the capital of the Western Kingdom, hoping to gain an audience with the royalty their in order to fight for the throne that had been torn apart. Something needed to change, Belleh needed to become stronger and stronger so it would never happen again. He wouldn't allow it.

IV. Abilities & Equipment

» Natural Abilities

Realis Phrase: Realis Phrase, or simply Real Phrase, is an ability that is inheirted by Belleh due to his Sugiuran Origin, Improvement. The ability itself cannot be used due to the fact that it is always in effect. While training or simply fighting, Belleh has the ability to learn almost anything far quicker than those that work tirelessly for years on a single ability or art. This more or less means that if Belleh were to be trained in any type of martial art, fighting style, weapon wielding or simple magic he could learn at a pace thought unimaginable from those that learned it before him. The ability itself doesn't mean he learns everything instantly, as it stands whenever Belleh trains or fights he is already giving his one hundred percent power towards it meaning that he isn't doing a minimal amount of work. The ability cannot be shut off by Belleh himself, however a simple seal rests against his back that could be activated to remove the ability entirely. Belleh himself doesn't know this, however he had the seal inscribed on birth.

Short Sword "Expert": As the title states, Belleh is an "Expert" in the use of multiple short sword weapons. Some of these weapons are simple daggers while others are longer, thicker weapons such as Balesards. Belleh can use almost all of these weapons fluently during combat from the training that he has undergone throughout his upbringing. Now, the "Expert" portion refers to the fact that, he does have an exuberant amount of training in the art, however he has little to no strategy when using the weapons. Attack, and attack fast, are the only things that Belleh truly ever does during combat with these small weapons.

Quick Reflexes: Despite never training as a young child to push himself in this regard, Belleh is quite fast for both his age and skill level. Being able to react to things on the fly and move in the most flexible ways, he's known for speeding from one thing to the next. Belleh has always been able to move at high speeds despite, as said, no traditional training towards his speed. Most movements are fluid and precise, as if the person doing them was inherently a master at their craft. Agile and attentive, Belleh can usually see anything and everything and react almost instantly. Of course, he's still a youngin' so he isn't the best at fighting, the reflexes are more of a natural protection than they are a combat utility.

Simple Intellect: Belleh isn't the brightest star in the sky, nor is he the dumbest rock around. More than usual, Belleh is known for knowing simple things and traits that people should know from simple common sense. This could range to how to treat others, how to work a mechanism, a blade, how to throw something or anything in between. A natural intelligence is what could be explained as Belleh's intellect, however when truly looked at he doesn't know most complex and abnormal things that people delve in to via schooling or some type of training. He isn't dumb, but he isn't a genius. Just because he doesn't have the knowledge of more complex things doesn't mean he can't learn, given his Realis Phrase ability makes it far easier for him to memorize and learn things than those of his peers in the Western Kingdom.

Murus: Also known as The Wall, Murus is an inherent ability gained from his mother from a very young age. The premise behind the ability is that when in conflict, Belleh is able to urge anyone on his side to allow themselves to back off, leaving whatever the conflict itself is to him. A type of ability that can be seen as protection, Murus is not definite. Those with strong willpower and feelings of care and love towards Belleh can easily urge themselves against the ability, however the ability itself stems from Belleh's urge to better himself to protect those that he loves and cares for. So, normally, even those that are able to break the ability's impact usually do nothing because it can directly conflict with the ideas and choices that Belleh makes.

» Sacred Weapon

Dea Manu, or Hand Of The Goddess, is Belleh's unique Sacred Weapon. Taking the form of a knife with a blade measuring five centimeters in width and a length of eighteen centimeters, Dea Manu is quite a unique weapon compared to Belleh's entire arsenal. The weapon itself is inscribed with writings that his father had in-bedded within it when he was a child. With a black sheathe matching the onyx color of the blade, Dea Manu always resides right against the small of Belleh's back. The weapon itself has an interesting ability of being able to take on different shapes depending on the type of magic that Belleh is currently focusing into it. Another odd feature is that his Sacred Weapon acts as a talisman for a single spell, his Argonaut Ancient Magic.

»Personal Mystic Eyes: (When/if a Sugiuran achieves a Master skill in Mystic Eyes, they are capable of developing their own personal mystic eye with a unique power unto themselves. If you will not have a Master level mystic eye, strike this section.)

» Equipment

Baselard: A simple short sword with a length of thirty eight centimeters. The blade itself is shaped iron with a gold hilt and silver handle. Usually, the blade is attached to an armguard connected to Belleh's left arm. Nothing exceptional can be seen of the weapon other than Belleh's skills with it.

Smoke Grenades: In a pouch located on Belleh's right hip lies a grouping of three smoke grenades. These home made explosive devices cause a large cloud of smoke to billow out from them when thrown at the ground. The smoke cloud expands to fifteen meters wide and 6 meters tall. Thick red smoke emits from the explosives when activated, allowing Belleh some type of simple protection from prying eyes.

Deep Red Cloak: In certain situations such as cold weather and high winds, Belleh is more than likely going to be seen wearing a deep red cloak of woven fabric. The cloak itself allows him to mask his mouth, eyes and body from harsh winds and cold air in order to let him fight in almost any condition as well as travel in almost any condition. The cloak itself was woven by his late mother.

V. List of Magic Spells

    Name: Hale Particles
    Type: Modern Magic
    Subset: Speed
    Rank: D
    Effect: Hale Particles is a Speed Type Magic that turns air molecules into ice particles, and then applies acceleration at sub-sonic levels. It is a highly efficient magic, unfortunately becoming less efficient and requiring more power when used in arid conditions. This is a basic spell that almost every magician understands and can utilize

    Name: Iron Breaker
    Type: Modern Magic
    Subset: Movement
    Rank: D
    Effect: This technique doesn't view the sword to be cast from iron and steel, but identifies the "sword" itself as a concept of applied Movement Type Magic to allow the slashing motion with the aid of the Magic Sequence. The "sword" is identified as a singular concept turned into a molecular blade that can't be shattered, blunted, or broken as if it were able to cut through any resistance along the slashing axis. Consequently, using this magic the Sugiuran is capable of turning any object in to an effective slashing weapon.

    Name: Yamatsunami
    Type: Modern Magic
    Subset: Combination [Speed/Weight]
    Rank: D
    Effect: A Speed-Type/Weight-Type Magic that first minimizes the inertia of the user and the weapon while closing in on the target at high speed. Then this hidden sword technique transfers all of the stored inertia from the user and weapon movements to the point of contact with the target. This is the Sugiuran Equivalent of the Shunpo with the added effect of being specifically designed to be transitioned into an offensive strike, sacrificing some maneuverability that the Shunpo normally affords for the added devastation that comes from the Yamatsunami’s capacity for offense.

    Name: Firebolt
    Type: Ancient
    Subset: Spiritual
    Rank: E
    Effect: This Ancient spell is used to erect a column of fire to spurt from the users talisman. By focusing Belleh's Psions into the talisman and manipulating them, the column of flames that are produced shoot outward in a cylindrical shape spanning ten meters forward with a diameter 3 inches. Unlike most Ancient magics, Firebolt, a magic learned from his mother, is a spell that can be cast almost instantly with little effort. Along with that Firebolt develops as Belleh's skill level develops within Ancient Magics.

    Name: The Argonaut
    Type: Ancient Magic
    Subset: Spiritual
    Rank: E
    Effect: The Argonaut spell is a type of Ancient Magic that allows Belleh alone to amplify almost any type of attack or movement that he wishes to use the spell on. By manipulating his Psions, Belleh is able to instill the power behind The Argonaut spell into movements of a single limb, a weapon or spell of his choice. Once the spell is active, the object or limb will glow a bright white while a spell will be tinted a bright blue compared to its original color. Upon use of object, limb or spell The Argonaut will cause the spell, object or movements power to be amplified by 2.5 times its original strength. While a draining spell, it is meant for a final cast allowed by Belleh, meaning if the spell itself its used the next movement is more than likely his last for quite some time. As stated before, this spell can only be used once in any battle or encounter Belleh may find himself in. The Argonaut spell grows with Belleh's increase in Ancient Magics skill as well, so it is always growing "Stronger".

VI. Skill Sheets

(To Find Out about what these skills are for, please READ THIS THREAD before you try doing anything to it. After you have read it, do not fill your skills out until a staff member has graded your thread. The staff member checking your app will also give you Will Skills in which you can add to your app when approved.

Remove this message afterwards)

Magus Skill Sheet
  • Modern Magic: Adept
  • Ancient Magic: Beginner
  • Mystic Eyes:Adept
  • Martial Arts: Beginner

General Skills
  • Durability: Beginner
  • General Speed:Adept
  • Strength: Adept
  • Weapon Skill: Beginner

VII. Roleplay Sample

» Role Play Sample:(Show us what you got by posting a sample of how you role play. Any previous thread or new material is accepted!)



Belleh Leonhardt [APPROVED 4-2] KMyp5MzBelleh Leonhardt [APPROVED 4-2] BLADESIG_zpsllghyztx

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  • Appearance Present [X]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [X]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [X]
  • 10 sentences for personality [X]
  • History is of appropriate length [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [X]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[X]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [X]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [X]

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced
  • Mental Deduction: Beginner
  • Pain Endurance: Beginner [F rank]
  • Focus: Adept

Comments/Notes: Change your last spell to an E class.
You can also have two Adepts and two beginners.
Tier: 4-2

Belleh Leonhardt [APPROVED 4-2] Image
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Belleh Leonhardt [APPROVED 4-2]
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