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 Slayer Energy Rework and Expansion

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Slayer Energy Rework and Expansion   Slayer Energy Rework and Expansion EmptySun Apr 24, 2016 7:25 pm

Slayer Energy Rework and Expansion QerxJ3c

» Name Of Character: N/A
» Link To Character: N/A

» Upgrading:


One Thousand Years ago where current day Greece is, their was a meeting that forever changed the life of four men. At the Vardar River opening at the sea these four men pledged to make a group of people that swore to protect this earth while embracing the nomadic nature they all had, this was known as the Macto Communion by the few people that know of their existence. These four men all had extraordinary capabilities to harvest power from the earth and elements around them along with the abilities to give this to other people, these four men had all pledged their lives to this order, this family they now had. No one quite knew how they had these powers but in the modern era it was found out it was a select gene mutation they all had and could share among people but to natural possess this was one within ten million and for four of them to meet up must have been a fated encounter.

Throughout time the true beginning of the clan has been twisted and changed with few knowing the true beginning, but the definitive beginning was learned by Erasmus from the greek coven; just as the scroll said where the beginning was would be the rebirth. The four men names where Aegeus, Aeneas, Aesop, and Ajax- these brothers of unbreakable bonds would grow close so close that they could be mistaken for blood brothers. There was a time where they all believed each brother would be willing to give their life in the blink of an eye for each and everyone one of them. For the first few years they traveled the lands around them showing their way of life to people, at times being embraced and others being rejected with ridicule till they showed their abilities which surprised people. Sadly they weren't able to turn everyone to their ways but when denied they left peacefully unless asked for demonstration or their lives were in danger. Over the time they began to develope some tenets the clan was to follow; these would dictate their lives and those of the covens.

‘Comradeship’ was the first and the most important tenet to always follow, everyone in the clan and specifically your coven was family. You loved as a unit and mourned as a family when the time called for it, such was the way of the world as they saw it. If you held no love or family what was the point of wealth or power? Corruption of the soul stemmed from lack of love in their eyes and if they could provide that missing feeling perhaps the world would not be on a path of destruction. The next tenet stimmed from the fact that not everyone could possess the supernatural abilties they had and in that guard needed ‘Protection’, the next tenet in the order. To protect your family was the ultimate act and to run or show cowardice was the ultimate failure in their eyes, failure to act is what leads to the most evil in their eyes. The next tenet is considered by many ‘Druidism’ or ‘Love of Earth’ which can be summed up as respect the earth and nature as we all stim from it and the physical body will return to it one day. The next Tenet was a odd one but it was called ‘Destruction’ that came from the need to vanish that which stands in a path of it’s members personal goals, if you wished to become a legend then destroy and obstacle before you. The final tenet and one of the most treasured is what they call ‘True Freedom’ the ability to pursue your own goals without judgement so long as they didn’t harm the clan.

These tenets are the core belief of any coven and while some adopt some extra none will ever remove those to do so would be to deny their heritage. But as the years carried on nothing good could last forever, despite the success that they held it was due to turmoil as every story has. One of the four great founders or sages as they where herald disappeared for two years, no sign or word which worried the three other men but they thought nothing of it. Every man was allowed to pursue his own interest so perhaps he was on a personal pilgrimage now that the clan was established but this was not the case for when he returned he was no longer who he once was. Aesop was completely different in mentality and appearance for when he returned he began to systematically subjugated their covens through some type of infection that left them mindless vassals to do his binding- this couldn’t be allowed so in one final climactic showdown a civil war was waged.

The three others sages mustered the remaining forces to put down the lost covens while developing a technique to meet the tremendous power of Aesop. Sadly it would take the ultimate sacrifice to do so, due to this they would record their final thoughts and the instructions to perform what they could do should this situation ever arise. They had developed a box of various sealings and binding of chi and spiritual energy to seal their former friends, but they also forged a forbidden technique the very one that Erasmus would discover in himself; The Eight Gates unlocking. Each slayered possessed eight inner gates that could be unlocked for tremendous power when needed but each one took massive strain on their body- unlocking of the eighth gates usually ends in death which sadly was a risk they three needed to take.

The final climatic battle was massive, it took place where they first met; at the Vardar River. There was little words exchange but from the accounts seen the sky was ripped open as they said, the river parted, and the earth shattered. When the dust settled the three other sages laid on the ground sapped of all energy dying but had succeeded in their mission of sealing their former friend in the box. In their final dying moments they pleaded for the covens to find peace and hide this box- to never forget their tenets. So was the death of the three first sages and great men. The box was hid in an unspecified location with the instructions to what they did sealed in another location.

For the next few centuries their numbers declined with no one knowing how to re-unlock the hidden slayer mutation in people or grant powers. But through maintaining a hidden nature they where able to survive by bringing potential users in their ranks and making new covens. It was possible for a child to be awaken with powers if both their parents held the gene active or not. So as their numbers declined they barely are around now.

What Are They:

Slayers, or Vastimians as they are now known as, are people that hold a secondary energy connected to both their physical and ethereal being. For instance, some Vastimians are shinigami, this energy is connected to their ethereal being considering they are not alive but this does not hinder their progress. This energy system that flows through the system of the holder is used as a guide path when bringing this energy into the world to bring about change in it. It is important to note while similar to Chi this energy acts entirely upon it’s own force, meaning a master in chi who acquires this energy would still be at the stage of a beginner, arguably they could have an edge in improving faster however. Overall, a unique secondary energy that allows the user to channel it into different types of uses such as augmenting one’s self or affecting the environment around them, with practice and training even augment their existing powers.

Slayers can be both born and made through small ritual that can be obtained from slayers who have opened and maintained the seventh gate of the eight releases. The Slayer gene places a genetic code within their users system to allow them to funnel their power, should a slayer not have an active gene? Then the power will sit dormant inside of them till the gene is either activated or the power ebbs out of their power slowly. Once someone gene is activated see it as a relay station, a point used to travel information from the inner world to the outer world without compromising the user, as having all this energy inside someone without a way to manage it could lead to catastrophic effects.

Each Slayer can be broken down into one of three subclasses which is a concept, material, or force (short for force of nature). Now when a Slayer is born, they have none of these but once they start training with their powers they will quickly see whichever subclass they first unlock will most likely be their primary one for the rest of their life. Subclasses themselves are broken down even smaller but we will cover that in the next section, it is worthy to note people can gain powers from other subclasses should those powers match their theme such as a Material Dirt user gaining the Force Earthquake. Someone’s first power is usually a broad ability that with training will be funneled into something more specific, these draw heavily from someone’s personality and own natural abilities outside of their Slayer Lineage. For example, a cold hard person would most likely have something involving just that a cold, firm, hard, etc power.

But near the final stage of this all when they have funneled down their powers to their main ability, this will heavily reflected them as a individual. Some people may share the same final ability but they will differ silently on appearance, a stone user that is heavily based around order and military fortitude powers may reflect protection and large constructs while a stone user who is more to them selves and personal will reflect more personal modification and smaller more precise attacks. At the end of their Slayer journey they will become ready to master the eight gate releases, a must to achieve their final form.

The eight gates are eight points of key energy locations located throughout the body, similar to the eight trigrams in that regard. Each gate becoming unlocked furthers the raw power of a Slayer but once they are unlocked and closed again they can reopen them for a small amount of time for significant boosts to their person at the cost of their health. These forms are very straining on a person and should they be maintained over the recommend time limit can easily lead to death.

Finally, once a slayer has mastered all of that they are able to obtain the true Slayer release which is simply called ‘The Embodiment.’ Whatever that main ability is they become that material, concept, or force. Now this is a very dangerous and power release as few will ever reach this just due to the raw magnitude of power it takes to achieve this. They for a short amount of time transcend their bodies to become completely in tune with their abilities as Slayers.


Concept or ideas as some refer to them are the rarest subclass of Slayers and are not seen often. They hold the concept of a idea close to hand. Now they are a little tricky to work with as it is hard to simply use emotion or concepts as a physical force making them the only out of the few not able to release direct energy attack of their power, but what they lack in that they make up for the raw power and ability to adapt. They are not to be taken lightly as a experienced concept user as many tricks and abilities up their sleeves should they dedicate this route.

Concept users typically focus on using their concept to empower them or augment their abilities and at the later level draw power from the world using them. As Hayden is a rage concept user he is able to draw his power not just from his energy but his very rage funneling it as a usable energy to augment himself and attacks. People using concepts are not solely stuck to themselves as they could draw power from people nearby at the higher levels, such as if a Concept of Willpower user suddenly felt a giant surge of willpower from someone they could feed off of that as granting them power. Though this poses a risk as with any power and ability one has the chance to ‘overdose’ on their concept which can have various side effects- similar to becoming a berserk for some while others may take on a too relaxed approach to a situation.

Being the rarest and potentially most powerful if someone wants to make a character using concept as their core power (as in their embodiment is a concept) they would need permission to do so. These characters while harder to start off with due to the precise nature of their power it is possible for concept users to evolve from one concept to another such as a concept user of emotions becoming a concept user of willpower or love towards the end of their evolution. Even as a secondary or tertiary ability these are extremely hard to gain and require the utmost focus and mastery due to the potential effects of this class.


The most common class if the Materials class, things such as dirt or titanium fall under this category. Essentially this is a raw resource in the world or refined in some cases. When an materials user evolves it’s usually into a more refined material from their classification, such as a stone user become obsidians or water user becoming liquid nitrogen. They have the most broadness of all the classes allowing for any type of abilities to be formed out of this class, such as a material user who focuses on turning their body to said material vs a material user who manipulates it in the world around them and even turns other things into it.

Material users also have another benefit that many others do not and that is the strange ability to consume their material and gain a buff. They can become more resilient to their material and depending on the type consuming or just being around it could add a buff to their personage. One could see why this is a very interesting ability to have, on the flip side someone can’t consume materials they made.

Being the most common and varied class in terms of powers this is typically what you will see in the Vastimian army or among the world as Slayers gain influence.


Forces of Nature or simply Forces as they are referred to by the generally public of Vastimian are more rare than materials but not quite as much as concepts. They are to be in short the raw forces of nature, such as earthquakes or tsunamis. They are a little more… strange than the others. Forces of Natures can be anything from raw kinetic force to something as specific as asteroids which allows for a bit of adaptability. Typically these don’t evolve as much as the others because well… how do you evolve from being able to produce earthquakes? None the less these are not to be trifled with as they somewhat combine both materials and concepts into the raw forces of nature which can lead to catastrophic should they not be able to master their powers.

They have the benefit of being able to produce their force at little cost to them, a earthquake user could slam their foot upon the ground and force it to quake by manipulating the very atoms in that way. They don’t need to even be on a surface if they can get creative with it but despite the world vibrating violent they would be able to move just fine at the higher level of their power. They are a very destructive class meant to handle many enemies and are typically handled like human artillery as one of them is enough to topple tanks and large number of enemies in the trainer hands of a soldier.

These will be allowed for the most part but one should consult Morpheus should they wish to be one of the first to make one, to help lay down the ground rules for such a class.

Eight Gate Releases:

The eight gates where central points of energy within a slayer body that allowed them to harness their energy into the physical world and their binding to the world both spiritual and physical. Their was a order to which the gates were unlocked in order for their power to be harnessed but it appeared with each unlock it seemed to put more strain on the body and by the final 8th gate the sages could only hold it for five posts without dying but suffering torn muscles and broken bones with energy reserves damn near gone and anything after brought death- the sages in their final battle holded it for a little over ten posts causing their deaths but that was pushing the limits. When a form is unlocked no matter the tier it can only be maintained for ten posts, this does not apply to the 8th gate.

The eight locations in the body are labelled in the chart below:

These locations as they are opened provide a significant boost to a individual Slayer potential allowing them more insight into their energy sources while also improving their combat capabilities. While all gates, save for the eighth, can only be maintained for the same amount of time the requirements to open each one increasingly get harder where most peak around the second gate. It is a MUST to master the eight gates to receive one Embodiment as without mastering all eight they wouldn’t accurately understand their body and energy sources. The gates are as follows:

Gate of Carnage- This gate can be unlocked through sheer will power by any slayer and unknowingly at that. When this gate is unlocked the muscle usage of the user to pushed up to 100% full utilization and synchronization causing the user to emit a stream from their body and also increase the usage of their slayer powers , the downside to this obviously by utilizing their body full capacity even without buffs will strain and stretch the muscles painfully after and during use resulting in soreness and pain after using it.. Any tier may unlock and maintain this form. Some examples of this in battle is Hayden's strength going into the higher brackets of strength, such as being able to lift tons upon tons or gaining that extra strength to break through defenses he wouldn't normally be able to. As for his slayer powers it could be a increase in their duration or even just making the potency of their attacks a bit more damage such as his Slayer Magic.

Gate of Light- The next gate requires the person to have unlocked the previous, this gate grants the user heightened senses to the point where there nose can detect the most subtle differences in the air, their sight can see the motion of attacks that normally would leave a afterimage, and finally allow the user to make predictions of where an attack will come from the slightest physical movements, now this can be useful particularly since the person has the option to toggle these extra sensory abilities on or off, but with them on it makes it easier for their senses to be overloaded. The prediction is based upon the fluctuation of a person bodies and muscle so if they don’t have to move to fire a attack or they can’t see them then the prediction can’t be made- additionally the prediction is also useless if they are to slow to react to the attack and if there focus is broken with a series of attacks they cannot predict the next attack.. Any tier can maintain this form.

Gate of Fury- This gate when unlocked increases the durability of the person by hardening the skin to a hierro like level of armor, making the skin look a bit more leathery and altering the physical looks of the person. Granted their skin becomes harder and therefore adds more cushioning and dampening to most attacks. At this point the veins in their body are protruding and to maintain this form requires a tier of at least 3-5 to unlock/maitain.

Gate of Gravity- The fourth gates is a what many considered the milestone gate and peaking point for most slayers that have obtained this level of power. The Gate of Gravity causes the user body to begin to change it’s composition at the molecular level creating extra atoms temporarily which alter the weight of the person by increasing their weight by 10x their current weight. This doesn’t appear to alter them in any way physically but the obvious benefits to this is with the increase in ’weight’ each punch thrown cause alot more damage due to the weight behind it. It’s going from getting hit by a fist going ten miles a hour to getting hit by a car going ten miles per hour by with the size of a fist (for comparison use). The tier requirement for this is 2-5 to be learned and used.

Gate of Gaia- The fifth gate is said to be the connection to the earth the slayers have and when unlocked unleashes a flow of knowledge to the person about the world around them, in reality this gate simply opens forth the willpower a person has in their mind bringing forth their most treasured items and causes obviously increasing their willpower in the midst of battle to allow them to take more of a beating, for example if someone has already used willpower once in a battle to power through an attack this ace in the hole allows them to do it once more, this at the higher tiers of will power can be manifested forth into the world to empower their allies; however the downside to this is if the person has already given up they will not receive any benefits of this gate and stalemate their progress to the next. In turn this increase their speed a whole tier, the requirement to get this from is tier 2-3.

Gate of Destruction- The sixth gate is seen as the pinnacle of raw destructive power a slayer can muster before hitting the final gate. This gate brings forth the rage in a being turning it into a physical manifestation around the person that encompasses them in a bright fiery aura that ripples with the force to cause small tremors. This aura increases the raw physical damage someone can do while also providing them a small defense to energy attacks, the aura acts as a power softener so while never taking a full on attack it will soften the impact and energy of said attack to not make it so damning to the user. The required tier is 2-1 to learn and utilize this.

Gate of Rebirth- The seventh gate grants all the previous bonuses to the person but along with a new ability. This gate is considered the ‘rebirth’ of a slayer for when they reach this level of power it is hard not to see life in a new way. The ability granted to this provides no other benefit than providing the user with the most intimate and advanced knowledge of the slayer genetic code, meaning they now understand how their abilities relating to slayer powers inside and out along with their genetics. If one was to open this gate and survive they would understand how to unlock each individual slayers powers through various training along with their connection to the world. The required tier is 1-5 to unlock this form and maintain it.

Gate of Radiance - The final gate when unlocked grants tremendous power that boosts all skills along with granted at least a tier bonus in pure reiatsu, due to releasing all latent slayer energy within them. The cost is great as one must be 1-1 and maintain the form per post will break a bone in their body despite if they move or not, they body takes on a glowing due to the amount of energy leaking from them with a flowing current of steam around then and pulsing veins. This form can only be maintained for five posts before the risk of death is gravely increased. Twelve posts of maintain this is certain death.

The Gate of Radiance is considered the pinnacle of raw slayer due to it’s ability to unleash all the latent energy potential in them creating a 100% effective body. They will know just the right amount of energy to place into a attack to make it effective while not wasting energy or how long they can exactly maintain a form without guessing; in short it’s a major overdrive to all the previous gates and it’s fullest potential is unknown as of yet but it’s most basic power is that.


There is a form beyond the eight gates releases, a form which takes the very core power of a Slayer and elevates them to a transformation beyond their ethereal or physical being. The very idea of this is rarely seen or executed but should a Slayer ever learn to fully master their energy and gain a perfect understand of the flow of their powers, the interactions between them and the world around, they will be able to ascend to this release simply known as ‘The Embodiment.’ The Embodiment is classified as a 0-3/2 transformation due to the sheer raw amount of power coursing through the being, transcending their own body. To be simply put this is the pinnacle of power for a Slayer to reach.

However, due to this transformation this replaces the natural 0-3 of any other race, meaning should they gain Slayer energy at any point whether they have achieved their final racial- this will replace it. Now even then they will not automatically unlock this, they still must work to achieve this raw pinnacle of power.

The Embodiment powers and appearance can vary from subclass to subclass and user to user due to how exact this is for the person. The reason why Concepts are labeled as some of the most dangerous is simply due to this fact: To become the Embodiment of a concept or Idea is easily a gateway to demi-god level power. Each subclass requires a different tier for this form to be unlock due to this, with materials being the easiest at 0-3 while Forces and Concepts must be the tier of 0-2 to 0-2++ due to the raw magnitude of power this can exert on the user and world around them. Embodiments have the type of influence of the world to change the physical world around them on the ethereal, physical, or multiversal scale should they become true masters of this form. Negating the laws of reality or physics is well within the range of some of the higher tier embodiment forms, this type of power is rarely seen and to wield it is extremely tasking upon a person.

These forms due to the raw magnitude can only be sustained for roughly three to five posts even for the most experience Slayer energy user and at that risk grievous harm to whoever wishes to obtain this. It’s simply to be blunt a level of demi-godhood if someone could completely master this form, meaning few will ever be seen- to have a fully mastered form would require someone to be able to maintain 0-1 reserves of energy. Anyone to achieve this form is not to be trifled with or taken like, this is a form which can just as easily kill the user from over usage- going just one post over the recommended count for your tier can lead to immediate molecular destruction a very likely outcome.

Admin permission is required to have this form.

» Why:

Seeing as the Vastime nation is expanding and becoming bigger I figured a more laid out energy system was needed for people wanting to become Slayers/Vastimians.

» Extra: [Anything extra to add?]

Slayer Energy Rework and Expansion JfH75kA
Slayer Energy Rework and Expansion H8Tyk70

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Since everything has been discussed in PC, I will go ahead and approve it under strict circumstances. YOu will be watched with this, and if it's abused, I'll promptly revoke my approval. With that said, you can add this to Hayden's app and into The Macto Family/Race Specs/Character Information if you want.

Slayer Energy Rework and Expansion WVMWLOu
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Slayer Energy Rework and Expansion
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