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 Thea Sifer [APPROVED 5-4]

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I. General Information

» Name: Thea Sifer
» Titles: N/A
» Age: 17
» Gender: Female
» Affiliation/Rank: Unaffiliated

» Appearance Description: The slightest hints of a tan exist on this young woman’s otherwise pale white skin. Sparkling white teeth give contrast to her deep crimson eyes. Her white hair only leading her eyes to stand out further on her face due to the unexpected amount of color. In fact, the only other bit of color on her face is a single red earring consisting of two crystals. hanging from her left ear.

Standing at five feet and six inches, with a large pointy hat, a pristine white glove and a red bow-tie, this young girl seems to be wearing the stereotypical gear of what a mage would have been believed to look like according to the media mixed with that of a waitress. A small jacket black, and orange jacket is buttoned up to just below her C-cup breasts. The other article covering up her chest is a mostly plain white shirt with a ruffled ribbon going down her chest, and into her jacket. Her legs are covered up by brown pants which have a decently sized pocket on each side, large enough to fit in at the very least a wallet. Her pants lead down to a rather unimpressive pair of older looking black flats.

» Appearance Picture: Thea Sifer [APPROVED 5-4] IJJHP4P

II. Personality

» Personality: Since the age of five Thea has had two philosophy which has guided her outlook upon life, that in this world knowledge is power, and that her purpose in life was to discover everything that existed to be discovered. This belief influence is clear on the way that she perceives morals. She is against killing for the sole reason that living things can usually give more information then the dead. However, if someone gets in the way of her information gathering she will not mind if they end up dead. She does not really care about most other crimes, or things frowned upon by the world at large, because they do not hinder her pursuit. This applies to everything from sex to theft, unless it is actively harming or helping her she does not care.

Her desire is to have every bit of knowledge possible, so she doesn’t really care what kind of knowledge she is gaining. She will look into everything from how energy works, to psychology, or historical events. If she happens to stumble across something she already knew, but from a different source she will still examine it to see if another perspective could induce a new understanding. Due to the fact that people are in general good sources of information she is fond of talking. Often finding great pleasure in interacting with others due to this fact, an almost permanent looking smile planted on her face during these interactions. This leads to her not really looking down on those who happen to have less information, as long as they can provide at least something new, or different. She is also rather likely to follow someone if she sees that they can get her a good amount of information.

She is still a human however, and with that comes the emotions that most humans feel. She still gets happy, excited, sad, and everything else that would be expected in a healthy minded human. The things that illicit happiness or other positive feelings in her is discovering something that she has not before, or coming up with a new idea about how something she has previously found may work. The things that can cause her anger boil down to anything that would stop her from making more discoveries.

» Likes: Learning, Discovery, People who are willing to talk, Being able to do new things.

» Dislikes: People, or things that commit actions which make it harder for her to learn.

III. Background Information

» Background: Born to a middle class family in a relatively secluded town on the island nation of japan, surrounded by deep forest on all sides. Throughout her entire life she has lived with just her father and mother. Her father was a local woodsman, and her mother helped organize the town for festivals, or help get money towards public work projects. She had a normal life, and seemed to be a rather average kid when she was first developing. She didn’t start walking, or talking sooner than others. In fact it wasn't until the age of five that she started to develop into the person she is today. When she was five was the first time her mother took her to their town’s library. Even in as small of a town that they had the building had a few books on how there were different types of energy in this world which were known about. This topic in general interested her enough to push her to try day and night to learn how to read.

The books weren't very simple however, and she was only age five when the passion sparked in her to start trying to read them. To simplify what she had to do she decided to just focus on trying to understand one of the books. This book was titled “Chi: A New Golden Age” and it took her three years of schooling and constant practice to even begin to understand the first chapter. The fact that the book seemed to be targeted towards an adult audience certainly didn’t help her progress, but as the years slowly flowed by she was beginning to understand the book more with each try. By the time that she had hit the age of twelve she had managed to decipher how to start actually using her chi. From that night onward she spent an hour each night meditating and trying to activating her Chi. She knew that this would be the first step to learning about the other energies in all of the other books, and knew that once she had knowledge of all of those things she could start discovering everything else this strange world she lived in had to offer her.

Over a period of five years she began to focus more and more on learning how to use Chi. She was slowly dedicating more time to meditation, skipping most of the school year when she was fourteen, and dropping out at age fifteen so that she could completely focus on what she was trying to achieve. By this point her belief that she was supposed to discover everything this world had to offer had begun to shape her personality. So that by the age of seventeen her morals had been developed completely off this idea. Her parents worried about her, but they could see that she was not going to divert from this path, she had chosen her future. At seventeen her power of chi was limited to being able to dim how much chi her body was throwing out, sensing about how much chi she was putting off, and being able to focus a small amount to her eyes which would her to faintly see the energies around her in exchange for a rather pounding headache.

About halfway through her seventeenth year of life she decided that she was tired of the rather slow progress which learning about chi by herself was bringing. She at that point made a decision which would further decide her path moving onward. She would leave her town, go out into the woods, and begin to fluctuate her chi to attract something. This might end up with her dead, but it was the only way she could think of finding someone able to sense what she was doing, and teach her how to do it better. If she couldn’t find someone then the time it would take her to learn on her own would stop her from discovering the other types of energies, and then prevent her from discovering everything else that she believed she deserved to know.

IV. Natural Abilities

» Natural Attributes:

Quick Learner: Due to an odd combination of both her passion, and the fact that she has practiced getting information from a book of which she knew a fourth of the words at first. It is fair to say that she has gained the ability to process information, and apply it well enough to at least start her down a path even with no teacher.

V. Shiyong

» Sei Abilities:

Xinfeng Start: Through her meditation she has managed to do the very basis of what Xinfeng is, opening up her nodes. Once she managed to do this she didn’t really know how to completely close them. This has left her exuding a tiny bit more chi than what would be average for someone of her energy level. She has not yet learned how to stop said chi from leaking away slowly except for shoving it somewhere else.

Yizhi Start: While she can’t close the nodes she accidently opened, she can dim them a little. She can use this to subtly cause waves in the amount of chi she is producing which someone able to sense chi may be able to pick up on.

Jiaodian Start: Her eyes are the one place that she has actually managed to focus her chi into with any success. Doing this she can faintly see the energies that exist around her, but she has only managed to do this at the very longest for half an hour. Using this also gives her a rather pounding headache

IX. Skill Sheet

Chi Skills
  • Sei: Beginner
  • Dou: Beginner
  • Buzhou: Beginner
  • Chuxian: Beginner

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Beginner
  • Mental Deduction:Adept
  • Pain Endurance: Beginner
  • Focus: Adept

X. RP sample

There are two things in our world which have almost always gone together, fear and thought. This has included everything from a fish’s fear of being eaten, to an ants fear of getting squashed. Human’s also feel fear, but they have a fear which is unique to them, the fear of nothing, or the fear of something that only exists in the confines of their own minds. This grand human fear is commonly called paranoia.

Martin Sanders was a very ordinary man. He worked an office job and at the age of twenty two he was already moving up in the world. He lived by himself in a small apartment. Every day he followed the same routine, wake up, take a shower, eat breakfast, go to work, come home, and then sleep before repeating the cycle. In his entire adult life he only diverted from this pattern once. On that day he had awoken later than usual, and was forced to skip his shower to get to his precious job on time. All day he felt that everyone was judging him silently for skipping part of his pattern. His boss even gave a promotion, which he thought should have rightfully been his, to one of his coworkers. At his lunch break he made a decision, to make up for the part of the pattern that he missed. His office was next to a river which seemed the perfect spot. Fueled by the thought of making everything right,and the fear that his life would tumble out of control if the pattern continued to be broke, he jumped into the river. Sadly a nearby power plant had a large mishap at the same time, and discharged tons of boiling water into the river. His death has since been used to instill the fear of thermal pollution into many a person.

Emily Baus was only four when her family moved into a new home. While it was indeed an older house, it had no problems when it came to integrity. In fact, the rather large house was quite beautiful, due to the picturesque landscape around it, and it’s own Victorian architecture. The only problem that either Emily or her older sister could find with the house was a small wooden door underneath a staircase to the upper floor. The felt chills whenever passing it, and began to subconsciously avoid that staircase as much as they could. One day, after eight years of living in the house, her sister was having a sleepover. At which Emily was dared to go and open the door. Not wanting to be seen as lame she agreed. She thought of stopping when she got to the door, but the teasing of the other girls pushed her forward. Discarding her fear she slowly opened the door. and gazed upon what her family had manage to avoid for so long. Five girls vanished on that day, only Emily remained. When questioned by the police in her shocked state, all she could say was to stay away from the door. The police never found the door she mentioned, but it has since become a local prank to encourage a friend to search for the door in the now abandoned house.

Andrew Less was positive that he was being stalked by someone. His fear of this stalker was so much that he hid inside of his home for weeks, not talking to anyone. Eventually one of his neighbors decided to call the police, just to check if Andrew was still alive and kicking, When the police came he refused to open the door, saying something along the lines of being worried that the tall white man from his dreams would kill him if he did. As he had also quit his job, and was unable to pay his bills, he was forcibly moved from his home to a psychiatric ward to receive proper mental help. The officer who was sent to investigate in the first place, was later found dead in his home. It seemed as if his body had been mauled to death by some kind of beast. The doctor who had been presiding over Andrew also was found dead with similar wounds inside of his home. In each case witnesses reported that they had seen some white figure standing outside of the buildings where each body was found. When asked Andrew could only mutter about the man from his dreams.

Without fear humanity would cease to exist. They need it so that they can learn what is dangerous,and avoid it. Thus to spread fear is one of the greatest causes in existence. If some people happen to survive on this paranoia of humanity then so be it. If some humans will not create fear then whose fault is it really when someone uses them to spread more in their deaths. Please remember, that only those who don’t spread fear suffer its negative effects.

END OF CHI Template

Coding and Graphic In Template By:
[THEFROST] and Lilith

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Thea Sifer [APPROVED 5-4]   Thea Sifer [APPROVED 5-4] EmptySun May 22, 2016 9:22 pm

Application Checklist
  • Name [x]
  • Appropriate Age [x]
  • Gender [x]
  • Appearance Present [x]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [x]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [x]
  • 10 sentences for personality [x]
  • History is of appropriate length [x]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [x]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [x]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [x]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[x]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [x]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [x]

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Beginner
  • Mental Deduction: Adept
  • Pain Endurance: Beginner
  • Focus: Adept

Comments/Notes: Weaksauce
Tier: 5-4

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Thea Sifer [APPROVED 5-4]
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