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Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2422, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.
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Fri Jun 10, 2016 4:35 pm
Kiyah Nobachi [Approved; Host: 3-5+, Spirit: 3-1++] Image6599_zpsaa716e47

Kiyah Nobachi [Approved; Host: 3-5+, Spirit: 3-1++] Image3698-1


» Name: Kiyah Nobachi
» Titles: “Shiroken”[White Sword]
» Race: Ziamichi (Human)
» Age: 50 (appears 12).
» Gender: Male
» Affiliation/Rank: Rogue

» Appearance Picture:

Kiyah Appearance:


Kiyah Nobachi [Approved; Host: 3-5+, Spirit: 3-1++] Image3699-1

» Personality:

Why So Tense ?

Kiyah is a very calm and serene soul, and firmly believes in that if you’re working hard, you should play even harder. Thus he tries to get as much R&R in between his training sessions and battle as possible, whilst also trying to drag along anyone else with him. Though this does not mean that the boy doesn’t treat serious situations with the care they deserve, it simply means he keeps himself relaxed throughout. This usually applies to the heat of battle as well, as Kiyah’s general fighting style is a very smooth one that doesn’t run well when he allows his emotions to get out of control.

Therefore, when fighting he keeps this collected mindset to better enable control.


As a child, his parents had seen him as too emotional to handle the duties that they wanted to pass down onto him. As such, he was disciplined roughly for every tear shed, for every mistake made, and taught that he has only truly lost the fight when his mind gives way. Years of this erased the more “whiney” side of him, causing him to sometimes come across as more stoic than he means too.

“He Never Shuts Up.”

Kiyah is a very talkative and friendly person. Despite all of the rigorous training he underwent, he was able to hold conversations almost too well, not ending up socially awkward as most of his family was when they were his age. He enjoys getting to know as much about others as they’re willing to share, allowing him to connect with the others on personal levels. The downside to this trait is he can speak a bit too much, he can carry on the conversations for too long, but doesn’t mind this at all and does it on purpose to try and keep the person he’s speaking too engaged. This goes double for anyone that he enjoys the company of.


It is very strange for anyone in the Nobachi family to have a sense of mercy when they’re known for exterminating anything that could be viewed as a monster. Though Kiyah displays this trait, it is not because he’s soft. He spares his foes if he sees no reason to kill them. This can make it hard in his line of work, seeing as his laidback personality can find it hard to see the benefit in eliminating a enemy who has a possibility of returning stronger, or could retaliate against him as he walks away. If anything, his reluctance to kill is the biggest form of pity, a huge insult as he’s indirectly calling the being not worth the energy and turning his back to them.

“A True Gentlemen.”

He can easily switch from his more laid back lingo to a more refined and respectful tone. This is used to mingle with the more cultured and well respected figures, as well as if he’s trying to impress someone. That being said, he’s very picky with who he chooses to act like this for. Along with this persona, he is still a kind hearted soul that enjoys to help and assist others. Though, because of his past he has his guard up constantly regardless of who it is he’s assisting. Furthermore, is not afraid to emphasize the fact that the amount of kindness in heart does not make him a push over.

“Your Roots.”

Despite how generous and tranquil he can be, the way the male was raised is something permanently etched into his head. Too vanquish those who disturb the peace; usually being monsters but not always so. He was taught by his grandmother that a monster can be anything. That they can appear a beast, or hide in human flesh. When he gets the feeling or vibe he’s dealing with something that he does not personally classify as “human”, the instinct kicks in and his guard is raised. When battling these dehumanized creatures his alertness is on a much higher level, since he’s seen the horrors they can cause and wants to rid the world of any that do not abide by a peaceful rule. This being said, he is far from insane and will still try and pick his fights carefully when he chooses to confront one. He has to live another day in order to become strong enough to terminate them, when it’s all said and done.

“Wanna Race? “

He has a obsession with speed. Kiyah is fond of going fast, whether it’s running himself, being on a motorcycle, any form of blazing through excites him. Atop of this, the male is very competitive when he feels the need to be and actually hates to lose ( as well as failing to complete a task in general). As on guard as he can be, asking him if he’d like to race can get him sucked up into the thrill of it.

This also has to do with his obsession with sports. He follows many, but the main ones he likes are all located in America (Basketball, American Football).

“Someone Is Out There, Getting Better Than Me.”

Though relaxation is a important part of his day, this doesn’t at all imply he let’s himself get lazy. He still trains hard as he can when he can. Not just to avoid getting sloppy, but more so to get better and push his limits. This mindset was pushed onto him in his childhood, when he was forced into doing so at the early age of four. The belief that every moment someone existed who was outworking him, and this person who may or may not exist is who he thinks about whenever he feels like he’s at his limit. Whether it’s the final push up or mile, he won’t allow himself to be surpassed. Very familiar with the fact that he is indeed his own greatest enemy.


Many look at this as a very important subject of their life, however Kiyah has a somewhat distance relationship with his family and is not fond of speaking them anymore than he needs too. It’s not to say that he doesn’t care for them, though he feels his he’s more of a tool than anything else. This has not hindered his friendly soul, though it is a very touchy subject that he might try to avoid in a conversation. Especially with someone he doesn’t know.

“Music Helps Us Escape.”

Kiyah has a strong love for music, and is usually blasting it so loud he might not be able to hear when people try to get his attention. Music was one of his many escapes even throughout the vigorous training he had to undergo. He always had something to listen too, always something to calm his mind. He does not really care for genres and will listen to anything he feels is good.


Kiyah Nobachi [Approved; Host: 3-5+, Spirit: 3-1++] Image3700-1

» History:

Chapter 1 : “Emotion.”

The day Kiyah was born was one that his parents had long waited for. They would finally be gifted the heir that they needed, and not have to rely on adoption in order for someone to continue the family business. Kiyah as expected, was born with the track of large amounts of reiatsu – something that most in his family had. That being said he looked to have potential, as if when he came of age he would be able to run the clan as needed. But sadly, being relied upon so heavily had it’s pressure. His parents expectations were nothing short of strict, though his mother was a bit more easier on him than his father. At the age of four while on a trip to the zoo with his family, he lost site of them and ended up being alone for a while. Tears streamed down his eyes and eventually his parents stumbled across him. When out of public site, his father went to assert himself upside his son’s head-


A powerful slap impacted across the boy’s cheek, even making him fall to the ground as the hand imprint was left. He wanted to cry harder, but his father rose his hand in a daring manner and he simply stared at him with a blank expression.

Emotion will get him killed.”

The man bellowed, as his wife simply stared.

You will learn to rid yourself of emotion, or you will end up like she did.

With that he walked off, Kiyah’s mother staring at him for a while as he tried to hold back anymore tears. Following after his parents.

Chapter 2 : “Weakness.”

As Kiyah had finally turned six years of age, it was time for him to utilize the clan’s renowned technique and summon up his first weapon or “animal”, which ever would come first. This resulted in the birth of the two electric mice that would later be nicknamed “Schoolgirl V “ and “Schoolgirl B” . Childish nicknaming aside, his father wanted him to test the power of his new weapons right away. He informed Kiyah that he would have to fight him with the weapons in three weeks time, giving Kiyah time to prepare himself for what would be a hard fought battle.

This is when he discovered their unique ability was essentially how fast they were, very similar in nature to him. They were unable to take hits, but could dish a number of them as long as the two of them were touching. The hard part wasn’t about their ability however…

It was getting them to listen. Both of them seem to have very bothersome and troublemaking attitudes, and the exposure to media didn’t help them at all. From singing to playing pranks, these two didn’t take anything seriously. Even when practicing battle with Kiyah, as they had the mentality of anyone that couldn’t keep up with them wasn’t worth fighting them.

The day came where it was time for the both of them to fight Kiyah’s father without Kiyah’s assistance. So they took him on.

He noticed their speed right away, his strikes seemingly missing their targets several times as the weapons were easily having their way with him. That was until he got serious. A punch sent right into the ground caused it to shake, making the two stumble as they were forced to let each other go. He then separated them and proceeded to beat on them both, giving them punishing blow after punishing blow. Kiyah left to stand and watch, wanting to jump in and help. But the he remembered all those words.

Emotion is useless.

So he can’t help them, right?

Don’t show sympathy.

He’s biting his lower lip..


The sounds of them being beaten on by both the father’s hands and the case of his katana were heard by Kiyah, who had rage build up within him from looking at the abuse of his first two weapons. His first two accomplishments, his first two friends. His…

He darted at his father, showing a surprising amount of speed as a swift kick was aimed for his back. As expected, his attack was far too weak. His father didn’t even turn around, as he simply adjusted the sheath of his katana and slammed it into Kiyah’s gut, causing the boy’s hands to go straight to his stomach and knocking him away promptly after that, sending him flying across the room.

Speed is not everything. Until you polish and establish a true fighting style, you will always lose.”

The katana was unsheated, and pressed underneath the chin of one of the “weapons”.


His father’s rage was obvious, his intense gaze falling onto his son.

Don’t? Don’t? Do you not not understand what was the point of this TRAINING? It was to show you how BEHIND you truly ARE.”

His son kept staring with a blank expression.

You have no fighting style, you have no discipline. As a result, these WEAPONS have no discipline of their own.

Now, he raised his voice.



They don’t listen to you, they don’t respect you. They are weapons, yours. They will die once you do. Their only knack is –speed-. They have talent, but not the work ethic to follow up with it. Wasted talent. They just move fast but there is no true way they fight. Remind you of anyone ?


“If you truly believe that your weapons are more than that. Than grow into the man that shows me, that shows the clan. As it stands you don’t seem suited for the position of heir. You’re emotional, you’re undisciplined, and you cannot lead your OWN WEAPONS into battle. I am deeply ashamed to even call you my child. Therefore, if you don’t pick up the slack, I’ll just kill you myself.”

With that, he sheated his sword and walked off.

Kiyah was left to himself that day, with both of the “weapons” out and prodding him.

…What he thinks…it’s not right..

..Kiyah w-

Don’t. I’m fine. I just…need to compose myself. We’ll show him, we’ll show him.

Chapter 3 : “ Do I Have a Name ..?”

The nine year old Kiyah had progressed swimmingly. He had used the Reiatsu Embedding to summon more weapons, as well as training and “disciplining” his first two ones. He has never believed in the style his father forced upon him, he simply had decided to train and progress to better himself, to survive, he didn’t care about the clan at this point in time.

Though during this period in time, he had the pleasure of meeting someone different. He could never forget the thought. He woke up in the middle of some kind of circle, vision blurry. Hooded figures around and something incoherent being chanted.

He couldn’t really make out what it was. But a final word was said, and he saw a bright light blind him temporarily.

Kiyah finally had the ability to move gained back. He got himself off the floor and prepared to use one of his weapons but.. all of the figures around seemed dead. Upon further inspection, he revealed the hooded figures and could recognize all of their faces.

The people of the clan, the people who aided him, the people who helped him train, the people who helped him grow, all seem to be dead. His eyes were wide in shock, grasping his head and trying to still keep himself composed. It was at that point he heard a voice.


A feminine one, and he had no idea where it could be coming from seeing as how everyone near him was dead. you…h…ear me..?

The male couldn’t even bring himself to say yes, he’s still in shock by what in the world just happened. But even with such trauma embedded into his head, he couldn’t help but feel soothed by her voice for reasons he couldn’t understand.

I’m …here..inside…

She could be nowhere else but inside his head. He still told himself maybe a member was messing with him, but for now nothing made sense so he just nodded at her statement. And that is when the conversation had began.

She revealed herself as Hikari Hamasaki, and explained her tale to him. The time of her growing up, her death..and reminding him of the process of having a spirit sealed inside of him, as Kiyah had forgotten. He figured he wouldn’t have been chosen for something like that, and even then he was pissed that it happened at the sacrifice of so many. What use was there in fighting if he had lost so much of what he as trying to protect.

You’ll…be okay…Kiyah…

Her voice was nervous and shaky, as she was strangely enough able to understand him. Not able to even concentrate enough to summon out any of his companions to try and cheer himself up, Kiyah shook his head. He wouldn’t be okay. But he reminded himself of his goal. To defeat his father, to develop a fighting style able to do so..this alone motivated him.

Will you help me?”

She seemed to agree. Though naturally, he quickly went to rename her.

Hikari Hamisaki seems too much of a mouthful.. so from this day fourth,

your name is Mississippi Queen

Chapter 4 : “ The Road To Redemption “

Now that Kiyah had another tool to add to his set, it was all about training to figure out a unique fighting style. He’d need something bigger than just his weapons in order to take his father down, and MQ had all he could ever ask for in a woman. A spirit too.

So training sessions they had would usually be the normal thing. Him utilizing his weapons until his reiatsu was drained, resting, then going at it again. Upon the realization he had to come up with this fighting style, in a attempt to help get to know MQ a bit more he spoke to her about her past. She told him everything that had happened. The fights she had gone through, the hardships, as well as the core that was sealed in her that was dedicated to her “fusing” with other beings.

That alone gave Kiyah the idea that the two of them could attempt it, but she didn’t think such an ability would work due to her death. Kiyah was either way willing to try it against MQ protesting, but she knew the dangers he’d encounter not just facing his father, but the other challenges ahead. She agreed as time passed.

The first forms successfully created were after the sport of American football. Kiyah decided that he would attempt to keep to a theme of sports as his main usage. Both of these transformations had pros and cons. One was faster, one was better for dodging than actually attacking, the other was better for long distance but slowed him down. The forms weakness was not the reiatsu drain however :

It was “Fouls”.

Penalties, things of the like that when committed would bench the form for a number of moments. In order to remedy this he practiced the forms tirelessly in the forest, as the forms were a more flexible style of fighting as opposed to the weapons. Though the one that ended up becoming his best was one that was modeled more after a crime fighter. It was over the top, it was showy, and oozed confidence.

This form went by the name of “Stayin’ Alive”. While in it, Kiyah managed to invent his own kind of fighting style that revolved around more than just speed. On top of which, he gained a power boost while transformed this way.But the reiatsu drain was heavier than other forms, so he would need to defeat his father and other foes quickly if he wanted a chance at success.

With a refined skillset, him and MQ set off to finally face off against his father.

Chapter 5 : “ Don’t Call It A Comeback !”

Kiyah’s father waited eagerly in front of a few members of the clan as well as Kiyah’s mother for this battle that would be taking place in a dojo. It was rather wide, giving plenty of room to move around. If Kiyah could win this fight, he would finally be recognized as a “man” amongst his peers.

There was no further fanfare, he walked into the room confidently. Eyes connecting with his fathers as the usual was spoken.

I can see it in your eyes. You partially understand what I have been preaching to you.

Kiyah shrugged his shoulders, a confident grin still on his face.

Partially is right. You said find a fighting style, and I’ve got one. It just might not be one you approve of.

The older man sighed, shaking his head.

Very well. Then, come at me with everything you’ve got.

Kiyah didn’t need to be told twice. He snapped his fingers as white colored reiatsu flowed and swirled around him. Moments later-

The visage of a hulking 6 foot 2 brute was shown, a hand brought to his mask as he pointed at the opposing fighter.

Now I gotta ask ….

Can You Keep Up?

The other members of the clan were shocked as was Kiyah’s mother, feeling the energy radiate from him. Before the man could answer, his son seem to vanish and was-

Right in front of him now, delivering a flurry of punches covered in blue flames that caused the father to groan in pain. He aimed to use his katana to slice into his son, but a swift kick in the face sent him flying into the wooden floor of the dojo as he had fallen onto his back. Thus meaning that the match was over.


Kiyah reverted, pointing his finger at his father dramatically.

I want the full story. What’s your deal with “emotion”? Why did you seal MQ inside of me?!

The other members of the clan went to surround Kiyah’s father, believing his child was becoming too threatning.

I guess I’ll need to plow through all of you t-

Kiyah’s mother stopped him, standing in front of them all with her arms outstretched.

The reason… the reason…

The man brought himself to stand up, gently pushing aside the clan members as he cleared his throat.

The reason is your sister was killed by a demon two years before you were born..because she showed emotion. She spared the demon that she was ordered to kill, but like you, she inherited your mother’s sense of feeling. And the price for that was her life.

I’m…unsure what a “MQ” is, but if you’re referring to Hikari, we sealed her inside of you to increase the chances that you’ll survive.

He stared with confused eyes and simply listened.

Demons….they don’t –feel-, Kiyah. They only hurt. They’re all selfish, blood thirsty, animals who want nothing more than to see you dead. They sometimes wear the disguise of human flesh, but that’s just a wolf in sheep’s clothing. We wanted you to let go of your emotion. Because the moment you spare a demon is the moment you die.

Hikari was a product of absolute discipline. We figured with her, you would be safer. At the same time, we didn’t think she’d give you access to her abilities in only a few years. You’ve proven yourself to her.

Kiyah’s expression never changed throughout the conversation, Hikari didn’t speak either.

But you must remember, at the same time the core sealed inside of Hikari has a very dark side to it. It can envelope you, control you, and turn you into a being of instinct. So it’s partially still highly dangerous.

If you let your emotions get the better of you, you’re good as dead anyway. The being you’d transform into knows no restraint. Thus, if you aren’t careful, you will most certainly be killed.

-You sacrificed so many of the clan just to seal Hikari in me ?! You think I’m that weak?!”

No. Simply put, the competition is just that strong. With each passing generation, power becomes greater. The members of this clan were fully ready to sacrifice themselves, this was planned already. It was a ceremony we were going to give your sister, but she passed before we could do so. You two are very alike, which is why I’ve done this.

Hikari cannot protect you and make up for your own weakness. Having her doesn’t mean you can shriek duties, so be sure to keep training.

There were no other words he could say, so he left the dojo after that. Even if it made a bit of sense, he hated it.

Chapter 6 : “Your Sadness Will Become Rage .”

Years had passed after the past fight with his father, which Kiyah felt he was still holding back in. Either way, he had proven himself to his clan. He had finally shown that he could fend for his self. But his father’s warning about emotion and it controlling him, leading him down the same path as his sister..

How could he believe something like that? What made him be able to feel, be able to understand , to protect…

And his father would be proven right.

An encounter with a Oni on a mission ended up pushing him to the brink. He was supposed to protect a prince from a incoming invasion, but his family assumed that he could handle the opposing forces on his own. With the aid of his weapons, the twin “Schoolgirls” and the usage of a single form he was able to fend off the stronger adversaries.

Though he missed one, and he was left to listen to the sound of prince behind him being slaughtered in cold blood. In that brief moment something just seem to..snap. As if he suddenly felt anger, rage, hatred overtake him. Hikari unable to prevent it as she-

Was reacting the same way.

And when that was done, four glowing purple “stars” surrounded him, enveloping him in a bright light. What was revealed looked something akin to a monster, nothing he or Hikari could have dreamed up. And this monster quickly asserted itself on the stray oni. It didn’t kill It quickly, it beat it down. It blasted holes into it’s chest and stepped on it, threw it around the forest. This going on for only a minute, though to the oni it felt like a hour.

The Oni was eventually vanquished, Kiyah left to pass out shortly after.

The mission was viewed as “failed”, meaning Kiyah wouldn’t be getting the money to feed himself for a while.

Chapter 7 : Living In The Now.

Kiyah was told about the incident from a few members of his clan, sighing as he had heard about it. He couldn’t remember any of it, though Hikari confirmed that she did not tell him everything about the core and it’s abilities, and that it can come with a price. That Kiyah had to try and remain calm, as she should as well. The power that emitted from it on that night being what the core was initially put inside of her for.

He agreed to this, and to further make sure he wouldn’t be put in a stressful situation focused on building up his skills with his weapons. Leading to the summoning of “Los Awesome” and the other final pieces.

So now, the “demon hunter” resides in a apartment in Texas. The jobs he gets to slay the beings pay well, enough to live off of at that. But he most certainly is always looking to widen his horizons. Though he can’t help but ask himself..what side does he stand on? If he’s good, or he’s bad.

Only the future could tell.

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Kiyah Nobachi [Approved; Host: 3-5+, Spirit: 3-1++] Empty "It's All Natural. "

Sat Jun 18, 2016 4:06 pm
Kiyah Nobachi [Approved; Host: 3-5+, Spirit: 3-1++] 8b7e5a46-0431-487b-bb20-4f51d0d50a62_zps375f997c

Natural Attributes & Supernatural Powers

• Natural Attributes:

-“All I Know Is Speed” : It runs in his family to have abilities above what humans can do. Some specialize in sheer strength, some in defenses that refuse to flinch for anyone . Kiyah however, specializes in speed. The boy can move at a incredible paces far beyond a human that can easily surpass higher level beings such as Shinigami and Arrancar. Though he may never gain the strength and endurance that most other super powered beings have, he prides himself on being one of the fastest creatures period. His incredible running speed as well as reflexes allow him to not fear physical combat often as well unlike most with his build. His fighting style in general reflects upon dealing quick and speedy attacks that pile up against the enemy. Training his speed this way, naturally, came at the cost of being unable to gain large if any amounts of strength. Though he lacks reliable durability, Hikari and his slew of other abilities help aid in this.

-Reiatsu Gifted : He was born with a large amount of reiatsu in his being, making it easier to sustain the art that his clan teaches. He has over the years been able to successfully control said reiatsu as well, utilizing his reserves effectively to be sufficient in his clan’s art.

-Taekwondo : It would be tacky to just be fast, and he was not very keen on the clan’s fighting style. So he instead took up Taekwondo, and makes the common human fighting style look utterly deadly with how fast he can move. He often prefers to utilize kicks when facing an enemy, though he is not against throwing a few quick punches.

-Weapon Specialist : As one would imagine, the art of Reiatsu Embedding is much more useful to a user if they understand the kind of weapon they are trying to create. During his training he experimented with multiple fire arms and a smaller number of swords .

- Fountain Of Youth : Simply put, Kiyah is one of the many souls located in the small clan that show no signs of aging. It’s just one of the few blessings (or as some would view it curses) bestowed upon certain people in his clan. At the same time, Hikari’s own ability helps preserve and enhance this.

- White Lightning : Few members of his family have the ability to manipulate an element, and he is one of the few. His is the power to generate and manipulate his own form of lightning, which is colored white. This is utilized to augment his physical attacks (IE Punches / Kicks), as well as his weapons. Without the augmentation of the gloves, he can shock up to around 3,000 volts at 20 watts. The element is naturally generated from his body.

With the gloves Three Point Stance on, the voltage increases to 3,600 at 21 watts.
He cannot fling bolts at anyone.

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Kiyah Nobachi [Approved; Host: 3-5+, Spirit: 3-1++] Empty Inventory

Sat Jun 18, 2016 4:34 pm
Kiyah Nobachi [Approved; Host: 3-5+, Spirit: 3-1++] 26746


- Three Point Stance : A pair of gloves that give him a boost in the power of his white lightning element, specially made and customized for him. They increase the voltage for three posts with a one post cooldown, as he aims to paralyze the enemy that he hits with this attack for a post.


-Golden Express : A collection of golden rings that Kiyah was gifted by some clan members. They allow for him to curl up into a silver / gray colored ball whilst spinning at high speeds, able to deal slashing damage to the foe he touches. He’s able to spin like this for a max of three posts.

*5 Posts Cooldown.



- Blue Boom : A storage device that stores the reiatsu weapons as well as "essence" of them. Allowing for Kiyah to give a new weapon (if it were say a summon) memories of the summon before it. It stores his normal weapons and such as well. It works as a pocket dimension for item storage.


All I Want : A hoverboard that he uses for joy rides that is rarely if ever used for combat situations. It can move at up to Mach 3 at top speed, but of course runs out of energy the faster it's being made to go.


Thriller : The handgun he used to practice often when he was learning how to use fire arms. It was later upgraded to be able to handle the same custom rounds he uses with his reiatsu weapon, Unconsolable. Matching the same amount of ammunition, bullet speed, as well as need to reload.


Beat It : A shotgun that has also been upgraded to deal with stronger, more durable enemies. As one would expect, the rounds it fires off are usually short range and pack a powerful punch.

(Ammo Total Is Per Thread)

2x Bomber : A powerful shot fired from the gun that aims to push the enemy back, and if they have Beginner durability, to set them ablaze as well.

4x Pinball : A basketball sized ball of reiatsu is fired from the gun that, if it does not hit the enemy, can bounce off walls and come right back towards them in a "homing" type of effect. This prevents it from being set off unless the enemy blocks it, or sends a projectile it's way to intercept it. Once it designates, White Lightning being similar to Kiyah's own disperses and aims to shock and or paralyze the enemy for a single post. Kiyah is not effected by this.

-Stays on the battlefield for 3 posts.

-Only those with Beginner Durability can be stunned by this attack.

- Up to 4 shots a thread, only one can be on the battlefield at a time.

4x Power : A shot that is just utter and total pure power. Embued with his own reiatsu, these specialized rounds are strong enough to pierce Arrancar with Adapt hierro.

*After two shots are fired, he has has too reload. Once he's used up all the shots for the gun, he's done with it for the thread.


Who's Bad ? : Perhaps the fastest firing gun that Kiyah owns. WB supports the true speed style he prefers the most. Like the majority of his inventory, it was upgraded as well to handle different kinds of ammunition.

(Ammo Total Is Per Thread)

30x Bang Up Job : These bullets aren't all that strong, only matching a Zanpuhkto's in it's shikai state as far as piercing ability, but moving at bala speed allows them to utterly swarm the enemy.

* After 20 shots, he has to reload. Once he has used up all ammunition, he can no longer use the gun for the thread.

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Kiyah Nobachi [Approved; Host: 3-5+, Spirit: 3-1++] Empty Powers

Sun Jun 19, 2016 2:30 pm
• Powers:
Reiatsu Embedding : A ability that allows for the user to manifest their reiatsu in order to create weapons. These weapons rely heavily on both the users Reiatsu energy as well as control over it to be sustained. As such, if the user is KOed or low on energy, the weapons either don’t function or vanish until the user is replenished. If broken or defeated, the weapons can be repaired in a outside, none combat thread via the usage of Cupid.

The weapons can ONLY be used one at a time. In order to use another, the one before it must be dispelled or unable to be used anymore.

-He also must go through a full post in order to change weapons, not able to use the next one until the next post.

Reiatsu Embedding Weapon 1 : [ Dragon Of Pride] (Lvl.1)




The first weapon that he made with the aide of his Reiatsu Embedding. It’s a white spinning top with obvious sharp edges. Though it lacks durability, it can accelerate at very fast speeds, seemingly vanishing sometimes with how it moves. The top is always able to spin and accelerate at the same speed it's master can move at naturally. It must be fired from it’s launcher, and it’s spinning is limited to how long Kiyah can keep his Reiatsu flowing into it.

Skillset :

Rock You Like A Hurricane

The top starts to spin in a circle around the enemy, slowly creating a hurricane that attempts to lift them off the ground as well as make it hard for the enemy to see outside of it. Along with this, it delivers punishing blows aiming to tear into the enemy who is caught within it. It can spin like this for up to 4 posts, and be used for up to 2 times per thread.

*Post cooldown : 4 posts.

* Top is sharp as a zanpuhkto in base state.

Reiatsu Embedding Weapon 2: [Big Blue ](Lvl.1)

The second weapon he made with the aide of his Reiatsu Embedding. At first glance it would appear to be a small action figure, but the unique blaster operates as a gun. It fires off blue marbles at fast speeds as well, at 1,300 m/s.Fired at the power of a bala.

Reloading Ammo Charge Post :
Every 1 Reloading Post = 10 marbles.
*Can Recharge Up to 3 Times a Thread.
*Ten marbles total can be shot before reloading is needed.
*Weapon comes loaded with 20 marbles upon the initial summon.

Power Shots:
The Snipe:
Blue Sniper – This marble is launched with a blue aura of reiatsu engulfing it, making it look around the size of a baseball. On top of it’s normal speed, this attack in particular has a homing effect and follows the enemy around. The shot stays in the battle for 2 posts before it falls to the ground a harmless blue marble.

* Hits at the strength of a cero.
*Max Shots A Thread : 4
*Post Cooldown: 2


Blue Dragon Wave – This marble is launched with a 4 ft tornado coming from the top of it, as it moves at a even faster speed than Blue Sniper to home in and damage the enemy. When it hits, the enemy would feel claws scratch into them ( 4 scratches ) .

It is also the absolute fastest shot he can use.
*Max Shots A Thread : 4
*Hits at the power of a bala.
* Lasts for 2 posts before harmlessly falling to the ground.
* 5 Post Cooldown.

Reiatsu Embedded Weapon 3: [ X Ambassador]

Sword Form [Extended]:

Sword Form [Stationary]:


A sword that has a wooden handle. From this hilt a blue beam composed of his own energy is formed that functions as a sword. Though it appears to be a light saber, this is more of a cosmetic aspect. The blade is as durable and sharp as a zanpuhkto in it’s base state.

It is also doubles as a gun.

*Sword Abilities
** Gun Abilities

**[Unconsolable]- Able to fire off bullets compressed of his own “white lightning” reiatsu. The bullets themselves are not very strong, but the lightning element of them aim to paralyze the foe by firing a variety of them. And naturally, they far surpass the speed of a bullet fired from a Earthling fire arm and moves more comparable to a bala.

= Starts the thread with 10 bullets.
= Reloading is 1 post for 10 bullets.
=Able to shoot up to 10 bullets before reloading is needed.
=Able to reload gun two times a thread.

**[ Renegades] – A laser mount lined up onto the gun form. It’s true function allows for him to scatter shot the bullets flying towards the enemy, firing 3 at a time. This can be used up too two times a thread.

*[ Super Power ] – A crescent shaped shockwave fired from the blade. These usually are small, speedy projectiles fired at the enemy. Not particularly strong, but up to six of them can be fired in a instance. The power would be equal to that of a bala, and up too six of them can be used.

*[ Loveless ] – The sword is spun around in a circle, a faint blue force field surrounding him. This field’s durability is as strong a zanpuhkto in it’s shikai state. It is maintained for two posts unless torn through.

(3 Posts cool down. )

Reiatsu Embedded Summon 1 : [Schoolgirl V “ and “Schoolgirl B”]


"If you don't think we're cute, you're just ugly.":

The first Embedded Summon that he ever had, thus having a stronger bond with them than the rest. The twins are very bubbly and friendly, but at the same time can be trouble makers. They like to make jokes at the most inappropriate times and are the most influenced of Kiyah’s summons due to how much time they spend watching TV. They have childish and daring natures, and also are very protective of Kiyah.

*Though only one summon or weapon can be active at a time, both Schoolgirl V and Schoolgirl B count as a single summoning slot.

Height (Both) : 1'04
Weight (Both): 9.3 lbs.


[ Ride Or Die !] – Alone the two animals can travel at the same base speed equal to their summoner. Though when they are touching each other, they can move at a much faster rate.

[ Watch Us One Two Step ! ] – Their own variant of flash stepping, blue and red sparks seen whenever they use it.

[Light’em Up]- Their cheeks spark as three small bolts of lightning are sent at the enemy, attempting to shock and paralyze them. Generating 1,500 volts at 22 watts. They are only able to paralyze the enemy if they have beginner durability.
*Thread Limit : 6
* Post Cooldown : 3

[ Double Trouble !! ] – Able to create illusionary clones of themselves, up to 6 at a time.

*Those that have Advanced skill in either Focus or Willpower can easily detect or sense which is the real one.
*Post Cooldown : 3
*Thread limit: 4

[Final Spark !!! ] – A last ditch effort that can only be performed while they are physically touching. The both of them charge up the sparks in their cheeks as blue and red sparks dance along their bodies. Both press off the ground, at their fastest rate to plow into the enemy in a attempt to shock them. Unlike the attacks before it, this one focuses more on causing harm than paralyzing the target and has them moving at a speed exceeding the one they have while touching greatly.

*They are knocked out whether the attack hits or misses.
*Shocks at 2,300 volts at 24 Watts.

Reiastu Embedded Summon 2 : [ Los Awesome ]

Bestest Dragon:

The second Embedded Summon that he’s summoned. When it first appeared he had failed to control it due to it’s refusal to listen to him. Once he proved himself however, the dragon began to listen to him.

Height : 20’0
Weight: 700 Ibs

*Stays summoned for six posts.

[El Blanco Relámpago] – An attack fired from it’s mouth. It’s a White energy blast with streaks of lightning around it, and hits with the speed and power of a cero.
*Thread limit: 5
[ Volar ] – The beast is capable of flight.

[La Garra ] – It’s claws are as Sharp as a zanpuhkto in it’s base state.

[Neo Chispa ]- The dragon surrounds itself in White sparks and attempts to ram into the enemy. The attack isa round 300 milliamperes at 500 volts.

*Thread limit : 3

Reiatsu Embedded Summon 3 : [ Puff Mama]

Get Your Weight Up .:

Weight: 30

* Stays summoned for six posts.

[ Missin’ You ] – It possess the power to turn itself intangible for two posts. This allows it to phase into objects, through walls and floors, ect. If touching Kiyah, she can cause him to phase through with her ONLY IF being used to escape the thread. Likewise, due to being intangible, she can't attack anyone while she is phasing.

( Post Cooldown : 3 Posts )

[Can't Nobody Hold Me Down] - To make up for her short height and lack of weight, she can move at a dangerously fast rate similar to the Schoolgirls, only without the need to be touching in order to maintain such a fast speed. Though she still of course gets tired if she does not pace herself.

[Victory] – A black and red beam of energy fired from her mouth. Though weak, it fires at the speed of a bala.

*Thread Limit : 7

• Pure Abilities:

- You Better Run : His body is able to take the intense speed he can travel at (when moving at it’s fastest) with no ill drawback (his body suffering any kind of inhibiting effect ) aside from exhaustion.

- I Don’t Get Tired : An exaggeration, but he has large reserves of stamina to help aid him in keeping up his speed for a longer period of time.

-Resistant : The White Lightning he possess also makes him resilient to attacks that are composed of lightning. If a attack for example, is a shockwave with lightning surrounding it, he’s resilient to the lighting surrounding the shockwave but not the shockwave itself. Also, depending on the strength of the enemy depends on how resilient he can be to the volts as well.

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» The Spirit's Name: (Real Name) Hikari Hamasaki (Nickname) Mississippi Queen
» The Spirit's Race:Human (Specialized In Magic.)
» The Spirit's Gender: Female
» The Spirit's Age: 600

» The Spirit's Pictured Appearance:

Ref Pic 1:

Ref Pic 2:

Ref Pic 3:


» The Spirit's Personality:

Kind Hearted – Hikari was known for having a very big heart before her time of death, and spending time with Kiyah has not changed this. She was often very kind to those that didn’t even deserve it, this very easily being seen as a weakness on the battlefield that foes did abuse against her. Before the traumatic events that occurred early on in her life, this same tenderness would cause her to be reluctant to fight even when pushed. But upon seeing what kind of evils can happen if she lets such deeds go unpunished, the true combative instinct inside her is awakened and she becomes aware that she must fight in order to protect the peace. This love she shares for life in general also causes her to appear to be merciful in times where many others would consider the killing blow to be the most punishable. In truth, sometimes she prefers the enemy get to live with the agony of defeat, rather than allow them the easy way out of a fast death.

Motherly – She was known for being a bit of a nag before she died, and she carried this trait on when she eventually ended up sealed within Kiyah. Though sometimes her worry is warranted, most of the time it’s silly and her being over protective. Despite the boy’s own ability to hold his own, she’s always reminding him to keep an eye out around the corner so he is safe from harm’s way. This all stems from the treatment her own mother and grandmother gave her, which she ironically ended up not responding well too in the fashion Kiyah usually does when she gives him that same treatment. She also was never able to have a child as she always dreamed of doing, so Kiyah is like a son to her.

Level Headed – When actually met in the face of combat, she has always seem to be the type of calm fighter rather than a very heated and passionate one. She’s very analytical, trying to learn about the enemies fighting style and tendency upon their first few strikes before she goes in to actually attack herself. Though it can fall upon deaf ears, she does try to relay such information to Kiyah to further assist him when fighting.

Well Mannered- Despite nights spent coming home smelling of dried blood and constant fights against demons, Hikari herself is a very well mannered “young” woman. She speaks without using vulgar terms, refuses to use swear words, and is a stickler for etiquette. This all is added onto the fact that she treats all with respect, and at the same time will try to correct Kiyah through excessive nagging if she feels as if he’s being rude. Though after being apart of him for some time she has grown accepting to some of his behavior, she does not find the majority of it to be acceptable .

The Talent That Worked Hard – Like Kiyah, she was born with a abundance of natural talent. This meant that her training had to be accelerated and on a more advanced level than others in her age group, resulting in her going through more rigorous and over bearing task. This instilled a sense of hard work in here nonetheless, as she knew that she had to remain strong in order to protect those around her. This perseverance is one of the few traits she shares with Kiyah, and is possibly the point where they relate the most on. Though Kiyah already trains as hard and intensely as he does, she sometimes believes that he could take it a step further. Meaning he gets to be the recipient of a lot of “Back in my day..” reminiscing speeches.

The Scale Of Character – A personality quirk that can be both a asset and a weakness for people similar to her, Hikari constantly finds herself judging those around Kiyah based on every little detail about them. Their posture, the way they speak, the way they interact with others and the world around them. This is because she exhibited the same behavior back when she was living. The female found that people often give very obvious cues on what kind of person they really are, and as she grew older she had more and more events to further her suspicion that the warrior that was always on guard would get hurt the least. She is judgmental as they come, and even if someone appears good hearted, as she has learned from past battles, it doesn’t mean in the slightest sense that said person can be trusted. Kiyah doesn’t fall prey often to trickery himself, but she has a feeling that his easy going attitude might get him in trouble if he is not careful. She does, for all intents and purposes, try to see the good in people.

Demons..- More of a disdain than anything else, she has a strong dislike for demons. This is due to past events and her ex profession of essentially hunting and slaying them. As composed as she might be, demons can be her weakness. Demons can simply make her lose her mind, to the point the urge to slaughter any and all near her fills her heart. Though she might ask Kiyah to pretend to respect them, this may not matter if the demon does something, anything to trigger her tirade. Hollows and the like can fall under this category too. Though in order to trigger that more insane version of herself, the demon must do something warranting her to get that worked up. Maybe a slip of the tongue, maybe they hurt someone. But the moment it happens, Kiyah must quickly calm her down. As when she gets like this, the merciful soul that she has is lost.

Unruly Subjects – She does not react well to perverse conversation or advances, and they often make her flustered. She doesn’t take these things well and will try to tune them out, and hardly ever respond to them. If she does for some reason do so, it will either be something incoherent or her trying to quickly switch conversation topics.

Jokes Are Supposed To Make You Laugh…Correct? – Hikari has a very dry sense of humor, and the only time she is known to laugh is at outdated or strange jokes that no one else would find funny. Puns are a big plus for her. Due to this, Kiyah’s sometime more risqué type of humor only leaves her to puff her cheeks and be flustered in protest, since he seems to show no real restraint when attempting to get people to laugh.

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» The Spirit's History:

Chapter 1 : She Belongs To Us.

The Karvanot Core has finally been crafted. A weapon that would aid the soldiers in protecting their home would seem as if it had good intention, but in truth it represented greed. A thirst for power, a lust for blood, wanting nothing more than to tower over everyone just to get a taste of what it felt like to be on top and stay there. Such a weapon came at great sacrifice. Others had to be killed, donate energy tirelessly day after day in order for this monstrosity to be created. But the militia soon found that the core was surprisingly unstable, and needed a host if it were ever to function.

So they would seal it inside of someone. They needed someone with the power to handle it, who had all the traits necessary…thus began the testing. Perhaps a hundred or so bodies are added on to the body count for the greater god, as the core rejects person after person. It would cause darkness to consume them and drive them made, most killing themselves and others in the process. But the leader of the militia gets notice that a child has been born, one with great power of which the likes has never been seen before.

The leader wastes no time, the family is forced to hand their child over by decree of the king and the core is sealed within her against her will in a ceremony where all of the townspeople were present. The baby didn’t seem to die, her body only glowing faintly for a moment as she seem to sleep. Everyone rejoiced, as they were now one step closer to finding their peace. And all it would costs them is this child’s chance at ever living anything resembling a “normal” life.

Chapter 2 : For The Sake Of Your Kingdom !

Hikari was to grow up and be a weapon of war, but besides this harsh reality that should have hit her daily, the girl herself always seemed rather happy. She was helpful to others and sweet as can be. Even though most called her a weapon, she had a few friends and in her opinion that was all she could ever ask for. Above all else, she had a best friend by the name of Yumi that aided her no matter what kind of issue she might have had. Yumi would be as supportive of Hikari when possible. Even on the days that the soldiers would interrupt their training sessions or relaxing to take Hikari and use her ability to win the war.

Most would have complained, but Hikari was far too sweet. It was for the good of the people, it was so that others could see a better tomorrow, so there was no harm in it right ? She would tell her family and friends that her only regret is how tired and sick she can feel after the process is over, and how she only hopes the troops win so that they would all be in peace.

But fate can be a cruel, cruel woman. And she spares no one mercy.

Chapter 3 : History Repeats Itself.

As years passed Hikari grew, and the negative effects of the core didn’t seem to effect her as much now that her body was able to take them. Her parents and Yumi were all very happy to see her and that tranquil smile she had, even with all she’s had to go through at such a young age. Hikari now as an adult, and wasn’t just known for how nice she could be or for the weapon she carried inside of her. But her combat skills as well.

She was able to cast spells at a quicker pace than others around her, and due to her lithe build was very hard to match in terms of speed. The militia found that they could not only use her power, but combat ability on the front lines. Hikari personally did not wish to fight , as she still had a dream about wanting children and felt that if she did fight, she risks a greater chance of death. But once more, she was drafted. No big deal, she’s used to things being done against her will. It’s for the good of the country. Future generations will grow up without being oppressed, so she’s happy.

But Yumi can see through this , she knows her friend better. And when her friend absconds to join, she does too to try and look out for her. Hikari is very happy that the person who means so much to her will be right by her side now.

Chapter 4 : That Should Have Been You

The time for war was finally upon them, and the soldiers almost mindlessly scattered to the battlefield. There was no real tactic , and Hikari was left to only watch as people looked as if they were countlessly throwing their lives away. In this particular war, her power was used by the leader of the milita. Who went outside to combat the opposing forces -

And he was knocked down easily, quickly. Hikari gasping as she watched from a window. He was using her power, so he shouldn’t have lost. He was their best line of defense. She…

She had to go out there.

She quickly picked up a sword and shield and headed out, until Yumi stopped her.

“If they get the core, this country and countless others are doomed. You need to –run-, Hikari.”

The “weapon” herself blinked, shaking her head.

“N-no ! I’m not going to leave everyone ! I-I won’t leave ..y-you…”

Yumi shook her head, hearing the troops get near.

“ I know, I know you want to fight have to understand that this is bigger than us.”

The other female gripped Hikari’s hand tightly, the girl looking disheartened.

“ T-there was a monster floating above him…t-they’re all too strong..”

“If you stay here, you’ll hurt us more than you’ll help. The core inside of you is this world’s last hope. So do me a favor and just…just go. Just keep running, don’t look back.”

Tears filled the black haired female’s eyes as she stared into her friend’s, body feeling heavy at the moment.

“Y-you…you will follow me, right? You’ll catch up..r-right..?”

Yumi nodded, leaning in and planting a gentle kiss on Hikari’s cheek.

“Yes, I promise.”

She smiled nervously, her cheeks red. Hikari was..happy, she felt confident. She felt as if she’d see her friend again, soon. She believed her. Though that didn’t explain where that kiss came from, it certainly felt her heart with a warmth that couldn’t be explained.

Just like that, the female was gone. She listened with no other words spoken as she fled from the battle scene. To protect her dreams, the dreams of everyone else in the country, in the world. And Yumi would catch up, and they’d be happy together.

Chapter 5 : Wicked

Fate was a cruel, cruel woman who favored no one. Hikari was no exception. As she ran into the kingdom to warn everyone, she heard the loud scream of her friend behind her. Her heart sank, she fell to her knees and couldn’t even bring herself to move.

Yumi..Yumi was gone.

The troops neared, the sounds of houses burning and steel being pushed right through flesh. People screamed for their life, but no one could help.

She couldn’t help.

She’s certain her parents were dead by now, as she couldn’t get everyone to evacuate quick enough.

She couldn’t help.

There was nothing she could do but sit there and watch everything burn, do nothing to help. Her sword and shield were dropped, unable to defend anything she loved she felt useless as the dirt on the ground. But the troops did not think so. The enemy quickly encircled her on horseback. Swords pointed at her from all directions as the leader made his way to the front to speak.

“You..are the owner of the core, correct?”

“There is no mistaking it sir, it can be no one but her.”

The strange man walked near her, brushing a hand through her hair.

“Marvelous… I can feel the power radiating from within you. That look in your eyes, you’re broken, defeated. Well don’t you worry. Others might have been killed, can be of service to us.”

There was no response from Hikari.

Chapter 6 : Move .

“That being said, men. See to it that she is brought back to our kingdom. The king will be happy to see that we managed to uncover one of the most coveted items in existence right now.”

Hikari managed to finally speak up, her voice coming out in a gentle tone.

“Why…if it was wanted…you just..”

The general waved his hand.

“No no no. See, we didn’t to risk anything. We’re sure you would have came with, I mean we’ve had someone on the inside for a long time now. You have been stalked since that core was sealed inside of you.”


“ People may change darling. They can adapt to many different things. But weapons will always be the same. You simply cannot use one just because you want to. Do you think a child can slay a dragon because he wakes up one day and tells himself he can wield a sword?

Your kingdom made a weapon, one they did not know how to use properly. That’s why they are now dead or imprisoned. Me however, I know how to utilize your power. So you are no longer with court jesters, but someone with the knowledge and desire to wield you.”

Hikari stared up at him, eyes still watery.

“But..I am a person. Not a weapon, but a person..Yumi said..”

“ A person? No. You are a tool, a weapon who’s sole purpose is to bring mass destruction. But you have a few “feelings” I suppose.”

She gulped, shaking her head as she used her arm to dry her tears.

“…So…me and you.. we’re all the same? We blindly follow orders and do as we’re told, even if it means killing and hurting those who have done nothing?"


Chapter 7 : Time To Part .

He attempted a swift strike at Hikari’s head with the back of his hand, though she seem to dodge away from it rather easily, showing off a surprising amount of speed. He gave his soldiers a signal, telling them to not interfere as the circle around the two fighters was now widened.

“I suppose some roughing up before you go to the King will teach you manners.”

With that, a monstrous wolf demon was above him. His own body starting to match the appearance of the monster, gaining sharp claws and teeth as well as getting a bit beefier.

But this wouldn’t stop her. Something was fueling her all of a sudden. Not a will to fight, but a will to cause pain, to hurt.

To murder.

The fight was too one sided in Hikari’s favor. The being struck at a pace that most would find blinding, but to Hikari he was moving in slow motion, and every attack was predictable. When she finally started to attack back, it was as if another side of her awakened. Something brutal, the light in her heart seemingly went dim for the moment. She started to chop off his limbs one by one, causing blood to gush all over the area. He whimpered in pain, left with nothing but an arm and legs. Eyes begging for mercy, as she relentlessly drove her blade right through the general’s skull. The same sound of steel piercing flesh, the sound these troops forced her to hear. And as they all converged and tried to attack her, they were met with the same fate.

Slashing into their flesh, beheading many of them. The horses are responsible too, she she went to kill all of the animals as well. The dark glow her body had slowly seem to vanish after this genocide of the troops she ended up eliminating on her own. Staring at the blood on her hands, her sword, her shield. Before she could try to recollect all that happened, an arrow slammed into her chest, followed by others. Few stray members who were handling the houses in the kingdom seem to have gotten her, and Hikari was killed.

Like that, her life would end here. And it was all that core’s fault, the entire kingdom’s downfall was due to her. It costed her the few friends she had, her family, and the woman most closest to her heart..her Yumi.

Her vision blacked, the core within her seeming to flare up as it was over. A release was given, this would no longer be her problem.

Or so, she thought this was the end of it.

Chapter 8 : This Wish..

The moment she had awoken, she had found herself sealed inside of someone, a boy. This male went by the name of Kiyah, as she was a bit nervous at first when speaking to him, but quickly warmed up to him. They spoke daily, and as they became closer, she revealed to him the core inside of her. Not wanting Kiyah to venture off to find power and instead use her, she made sure to warn him of al the dangers and what it caused. Though she assumed he wouldn’t be hunted as the people who wanted this core’s power must have been long dead by now.

They would begin to develop new techniques, aid him in his training, and she ultimately loaned her power to him. The thing was that she was happy to see him grow, not only as a fighter, but as a person. She felt a motherly type bond to him and wanted to keep him safe. So for her sake, for Yumi’s sake, for her family and everyone else who had fallen sake.. she would protect Kiyah.

To her, he wasn’t just her host. He wasn’t a weapon. He was ..her son.
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(Hikari Form 1 : Mississippi Queen )
Form 1:

Height: 5'6
Weight: 140 Ibs
* Means cuts hard as a base zanpuhkto
** Means is as durable as a base zanpuhkto.
*** Both of the above.

The base form. Hikari was dubbed double S by her best friend Yumi, the “Speed Slayer”. She has a knack for casting spells faster than it takes most as well as being amazing at sword play. Her speed in itself is blinding, it even being rumored that no one in her era could keep up with her. Naturally, her own durability and strength were not things she was as gifted in.

***In this form she wields a black katana .

It's Lit:

Flame Over Flame : A powerful fire blast hurled at the enemy. It’s around 8 feet tall and 20 feet wide. The initial attack is as strong as a cero.

-3 Posts Cooldown.
-Thread Limit: 4

Excellca Mach 1 : A spell that increases her speed even further with a small boost (1.5) for 5 posts.
- Thread Limit : 2
-5 posts cooldown.

Her Companion !:

*Summon stays out for four posts.

**Rapido Hierro (Iron Speed ) : A 3ft tall small creature with a iron body but moves much lighter than someone would expect. Like her summoner, she moves at amazing speeds and attempts to ram her head into the enemy. This attack has the power of a bala.

*Killing Them Swiftly : Blue energy shaped stars that go flying at the enemy at fast speeds and in groups of five, which is the limit she can fire per post. The five are all (individually), fast and strong as a bala.

-3 Posts Cooldown.

(Hikari Form 2 : Detroit Rock City )
Everybody's Gonna Move Their Feet ~:

This is the form that Hikari takes on when they are fused 75 %. Her hair is short and blonde now, and her normally petit body grows notably more endowed, her cup size going from A to C. Despite the appearance change, she is able to retain her speed even in this form. She also is adorned in a armor with a white and pink scheme all around.
She has a certain “radiance” to her when like this where she glows bright with a light as much as Kiyah does. It is not uncommon to see her hovering above him a few times during battle.

If she were to battle in this form herself, she would have a speed boosts similar to Kiyah’s. In that it allows her to move at an extreme speed even faster than her speed before.

*Means cuts / durable as a shikai.

*She wields a white katana, and golden stars augment every hit she makes composed of her energy, making her attacks sting more.


*Hime : A 6 ft tall mechanical white lion that moves at speeds matching her own. It possesses sharp claws and powerful jaws.

- Hime exists for the duration of six posts and requires a 5 post cool down.

-Excellca Mach 2 : A spell that increases her speed even further with a small boost (1.9x) for 3 posts.

[5 posts cooldown]
[Thread Limit: 2 ]

- Slow It Down : A spell that decreases the enemies speed slightly for a single posts. This is a area of effect that only effects a few feet around her, and those of Advanced willpower or higher, as well as a tier above Kiyah can resist said slowing.

[Thread Limit : 2]
[ 3 posts cooldown]

- Königin Geschwindigkeit Sprengen (Queen Speed Blast ) : Holds her katana out as a ball of golden energy is concentrated at the end of it, she then releases a golden blast of energy the size of a gran ray cero.

[Thread Limit: 2]
[ 4 posts cooldown ]

Slice N' Dice:

- * Platillo De Oro ( Golden Saucer ) : She makes a circle in the air using her katana and a disc of golden energy is formed and lunged at the enemy. It has the ability to home in on them. It cuts at the level of a shikai.

[Homes for a total of 3 posts before vanishing.]
[ 4 posts cooldown ]
[Thread Limit : 2]

» Ziamichi Spirit Powers: (Put their powers here)

Kiyah Nobachi [Approved; Host: 3-5+, Spirit: 3-1++] 76edc80c-1283-44af-87a7-85e314e7bfde_zps838144d2

- Nidane : She has the ability , with Kiyah’s permission and a loan of his reiatsu, to walk outside of his body. During this period she is a human with no powers and cannot walk too far away from him. This ability is only ever used to handle chores in his house, and he has no intention of using it for combat.

- Til I Collapse : A simple passive ability that boosts Kiyah’s durability slightly (1.2x).

[Thread Limit : 3]

-Life Is A Highway : Another passive ability that ensures Kiyah’s body can travel at faster speeds with less of a drawback, reducing the exhausting strain.

-[Still Fly : The passive ability that allows flight.

-[ PASSIVE] Karvanot Core- A dark orb that was sealed inside of her as a child that tainted her energy. The core boosts the person it’s sealed within “Syneregy”, allowing this person to loan their energy to someone else and impose a transformation upon that person. Hikari’s KC was utilized to enhance soldiers and what the clan viewed as an “ally”, in the end resulting in her own death.

This ability is used in order to create alternate forms with Kiyah, and was seen as her ultimate form of trusting in him to not make her see the face of death again.

Spring Chicken – The host, in this case Kiyah, will not age or die of natural causes (sickness). Though, the host can still be killed by other means ( bleeding out, being shot, the same ways others are killed.)

- SPEED UP! : A small boost to Kiyah’s speed(1.1x) that lasts for up to 3 posts.

*Cooldown : 5 Posts

*Limit: 2 Times a thread.

- Sail [Form 1 : Running back]

A synced up ability between Kiyah and Hikari that results in a augmented transformation. Originally, Hikari told Kiyah to think of what kind of transformation and ability he would want from such a form and they trained towards it. The first form was dubbed “Running back”

Ref Pic :

In appearance, the ability is simple. He is seen donning American football gear. Complete with shoulder pads, knee pads, ect. His own skin, complexion, and muscle mass do not change however.

Ability :

Juked Him All The Way Back To Hueco Mundo:

Speedster- While in the Running Back form, his speed gets a dramatic increase compared to his base. The form truly shows off Kiyah’s quickness, nearly making him appear as a blur to the more experienced and powerful of foes. He is also far better at cutting and stopping on a dime, enabling for quick side to side dodging. It can reach up to Mach 1, and his durability increases ( 1.4x).

Gotta Be Quicker Than That:

Hit That Heisman – Kiyah is occupied with having to hold onto the football, so how does he attack the enemy? He sticks out his off hand and aims to push it into them, delivering shocks from his own white lightning straight to them.

This is done at 3,600 volts at 22 watts. It is essentially him slamming his palm into the enemy. It can paralyze those with a beginner in durability for a single post.

[Thread Limit : 5]

Likewise, he –must- hold onto the football in order to maintain the speed at which he is going. If he loses control over the football, he drops to his base speed that he moves at while not transformed. He can only create another football if the previous one is destroyed or a minimum of 200 meters away.

Kiyah "Butter Fingers" Nobachi:

If he loses the football twice in a thread, the Running Back form gets “benched” and can no longer be used in that thread.

+Running Back ups his durability slightly.
-Hikari’s passive abilities are disabled. He also has no access to his reiatsu embedding weaponry and summons

- Hall Of Fame [ Form 2 : Quarterback ]

A synced up ability between Kiyah and Hikari that results in a augmented transformation. Originally, Hikari told Kiyah to think of what kind of transformation and ability he would want from such a form and they trained towards it. The second form was dubbed “Quarterback”. And it emphasizes a focus on throwing, explosives, and spurts of agility.

He's Going Deep !:

Monday Morning QB– While in the Quarterback form, Kiyah possesses the ability to throw exploding footballs. This is the main focus of this form, as it’s the only real offensive tactic it can utilize.

Speed Boost (1.3x)
Durability Boost (1.1 x)

- Shock To The System : This football explodes when it gets close to the target in a burst of sparks. The balls shock at around 240 milliamperes at 345 volts.

(Thread Limit : 3 )
(Post Cooldown: 2)

- We Didn’t Start The Fire : This football is the only one with a homing effect, following the target around. It explodes in a a burst of flames 6 feet tall and 8 feet wide. It homes for a total of two posts before harmlessly falling too the ground as a normal football.

*Cooldown : 3 Posts.
(Thread Limit : 2)

- Let It Burn : The exception to the exploding rule, Let It Burn is a football that is instead thrown at a faster speed than the others and is surrounded in a white flame. It's thrown at the speed of a bala. The fire can burn people with a beginner in durability.

(Thread Limit : 4)

- Make It Rain : This football is thrown into the sky rather than at the person directly. It comes in two forms : fire, and lightning. The fire version makes it rain fire balls onto the enemy, while the lightning version makes lightning bolts rain on the enemy.

[Fire version and lightning version both hit with the power of a bala.]
[If the enemy has a beginner in durability, they are burned by the flaming footballs OR shocked by the lightning footballs.]

(Thread Limit : 2)

*Cooldown : 5 posts.

Elusive !:
- “ MOVING AROUND IN THE POCKET” : The speed boost in this form is smaller, namely since it’s focus is more on attacking from a distance and only needing to move out of the way if he needs too.

+Quarterback ups his durability and speed by a small margin.
-All footballs in order to be used MUST be thrown forward ( the direction he’s facing). If the ball is not, it is a “incomplete pass”. If this happens, or he ends up dropping the ball in any way shape or form 3 times, this form is “benched” and can’t be used for the rest of the thread.
- Hikari’s passive abilities are disabled. He also has no access to his reiatsu embedding weaponry and summons.
-If subbed out (switched for another form or weapon), this form is “benched” for the thread.

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Kiyah Nobachi [Approved; Host: 3-5+, Spirit: 3-1++] Empty Her Abilities (Cont, Hero and Dark Line )

Tue Jun 21, 2016 5:17 pm
>Form 1 [ Stayin’ Alive]

Ref Pic !:

The only current form they have trained referred to as “25%” sync. This is namely due to the abilities it possesses. For starters it drastically changes Kiyah’s appearance to a 6’3, 220 pound muscle and masked hero. It was developed when Kiyah’s teacher saw Road To Infamy and felt that Kiyah needed a more stable form, a pure hearted one at that. Though this form’s transformation is heavily influenced by the light in the both of their hearts, Kiyah can become more cocky and show off more when he gets into this form.

- [PASSIVE] Blaze It : His physical attacks are augmented with blue and white flames that are able to burn those with a beginner in durability.

-[PASSIVE] Fly Like An Eagle : He is capable of flight.

-[PASSIVE] Can You Keep Up? : This form’s biggest asset is by far that upon making him not only stronger, it increases his speed as dramatically as his football ones without the need to hold onto the football. Though, the drawback of all the things this form offers is that the drain is stronger while in it.

(Speed Increase : 1.6x)

-[PASSIVE] Stronger : A notable increase is given to strength allowing Kiyah to hit and lift much more than his other forms. On top of this his durability increases as well. The physical input is still not immensely capable, and is nowhere near the strength of a true berserk, so the form’s point is to still not be hit.

(Strength Increase : 1.4x)
(Durability Increase: 1.2x)

- Ballroom Blitz : From the blue orb on his chest, he can fire thin energy beams that move at speeds as fast as him. Though not powerful, the rate they move at makes them deadly. If he charges the beam for up to three posts, he will be able to fire off one akin to a gran ray cero in terms of speed and power. He can only fire off said beam if not interrupted .

(The base beam is the strength of a bala.)
(He can fire the primary, weaker beam five times a thread.)
(When the "gran ray" beam is used, he can no longer fire anymore of the beams for the remainder of the thread.)

+Ups durability , power, as well as speed. Being the only true all around form in his arsenal.
-Form can only be used one time a thread.

>Form 2 [ Be A King ]
(50 %)


This form only gives a slight boost in speed, but is much more combat oriented. It offers a variety of attacks that previous forms did not and due to the greater sync level than Stayin’ Alive, can be sustained for a longer period of time.

-[PASSIVE] Green Hell : While in this form, Kiyah has the ability to manipulate and generate green energy in a number of ways. This replaces his ability to use white lightning.

- Green Earrings : A small ball of green energy is thrown out towards the enemy. As it approaches them it gradually gets larger until it gets close enough to it’s target, then promptly slams into them . It starts out the size of a tennis ball and ends up the size of a large beach volleyball when it nears, speed never slowing down. It hits at the strength of a cero once at full size.

*If intercepted before it can reach it's full size, it hits at the power of a bala.
*Thread Limit : 3
*Cooldown: 3
*Only one can be out at a time.

- Green River : A thin beam of green energy fired in succession at the enemy that though lacks power, is very fast. (Functions at the speed of a bala.)
* Thread Limit : 5

- Turning Green : A barrier and force field design to push attacks and enemies away. It has a short range, but has the durability of a arrancar’s (Adapt) hierro. Unless smashed through, lasts for two posts.

* Post Cooldown : 4
*Thread Limit: 3

- Green Hornet: A series of small shock waves fired at the enemy at quick speeds that lack attack power, but make up for it with how quickly they can swarm and overwhelm them.

* He can fire up to three in one instance ( 1 post).
*They strike at the power of a bala.
*Thread Limit : 9

- Green Day : Utilize the golden ring, he spins in place while curled into a ball, charging himself up as green shaped stars surround his being. Once done charging, he’s able to let loose a torrent of speedy attacks, while curled into a ball and berating the enemy or enemies with many of these before being forced to slow down. The final attack in this torrent slashes into the enemy at the strength of a zanpuhkto in it’s shikai form.

*Attack can be interrupted if he's stopped from curling into said ball.
*Attempts to slash into the enemy for eight strikes before delivering the final blow.

*Thread Limit : 1
*Note : Green Day can only be used once, but he can curl into the ball and spin at the enemy for a singular attack thanks to the assistance from Golden Express.

- Green Goodnight : This attack is his own form of shunpo, a flash stepping high speed movement. Though his usually envelopes him in a green light before he starts to move around.

+Slight speed and durability boost. [ Speed = 1.4x] [Durability = 1.0x]
+Much easier to maintain without as many drawbacks as previous forms.
-Does not boost strength.
- Lowest durability boost of all the forms, making him a bigger subject to physical damage.

> Form 3 [ When You Could Be A God ? ]

( 75 %)

No Escape :

The fastest form that Kiyah might possibly ever transform into. The emphasis on pure speed is unparalleled when not just compared to his other forms. While in it he glows with a golden aura, and a trail of light constantly follows behind him when he moves.

-[PASSIVE] Fly Away : He is not only capable of flight, but flying as fast as he could run, something he lacked in other forms. This is why he’s usually seen floating in this form to begin with, as he can move around in the air without having any need to slow down. After images are rather easy to create moving at this speed as well, and he takes full advantage of this.

- [PASSIVE] The Kids Aren’t Alright : The largest speed boost he can currently muster is obtained in this form. His top speed would be Mach 1.3 .

-Can You Keep Up? REMIX : His own version of shunpo in this form. As expected he is very skilled in the usage of it.

- Sickology 101 : He curls into a ball, spinning at fast speeds and then charges right at the enemy. Though unlike before, he has four tennis balls of energy that turn into four basketball sized balls of energy when he finally impacts the enemy, all slamming into them.

*The ball he curls into is as strong as a zanpuhkto in it's shikai state. Each othe balls strike as a bala when at full size. If the enemy were to stop him from spinning, the balls will just vanish. The same is to be said if he aims to strike the enemy and misses them, as he's only able to stay in ball form for a singular post.

* Post Cooldown : 4

*Thread Limit : 2

- It’s My Time : He charges the golden energy manifesting within him , and releases it one go. A powerful green force field surrounds him, and slashes into enemies near.
*Thread Limit : 2
*The barrier is as durable as a adept arrancar's hierro.
*The barrier cuts into people with the strength of a base zanpuhkto.
*Barrier only attacks enemies who attack directly with a physical attack.
*Post Cooldown : 5

- Written In The Stars : He can still manipulate and generate the green energy from the previous form. He uses this to augment his physical attacks such as when he’s spinning, punching, or kicking. As well as to send speedy green shockwaves the enemies way and fire off the same thin energy blasts. Likewise, he can manipulate the golden energy as well. Though the attacks are notably slower, but more powerful.

* The green shockwaves are fired at the speed and power of a bala.
*Thread Limit (Green) : 5
*The yellow shockwaves are fired at the speed and power of a cero.
*Thread Limit (Yellow): 3
*The green augmented physical attacks hit with a strength boost of ( 1.0x)
*The yellow augmented physical attacks hit with a strength boost of (1.1x)

- Whistle : Two golden rings of energy only big enough to surround his being, sharp as a shikai in cutting properties. They hang around for about two posts UNLESS he attacks or is intercepted.

*Thread Limit : 2
* Post Cooldown : 6

+ Speed is at his current max output, this form is the fastest he can possibly move.
+Able to receive aid from Hikari.
-No increase to strength or durability. Hikari gives a small one to his durability to ensure he doesn’t die when he’s fighting stronger enemies, but the basics of this form is to not be hit.
- Form is suspect when it comes to hand to hand due to lack of strength.
-The drain on the form is even larger than Stayin’ Alive, as he can only maintain this form currently for a max of 11 posts. He’s also left to fight with what Reiatsu is left after he’s done using it.

- Darkness Rain Line

Refers to all transformations that are related to the KC influencing a transformation in a dark way. These forms are triggered by Kiyah and or Hikari starting to get incredibly angry, leaving a beast of instinct to be formed. The most known trigger usually involves a demon or similar being rubbing them the wrong way, and their calm personalities are left to go non existant.

> Form 1 [ Road To Infamy ]

The very first DRL that ever appeared twice. First via a training session, and secondly on a mission. In this form, Kiyah’s usual calm and serene voice is replaced with a deep and foreboding sounding one. Along with this, this creature is 6’4 and has a muscular build contrary to what Kiyah is.

-Electricity, Electricity : Light purple sparks emit from his body throughout battle, and are utilized to augment his physical attacks and give them a bigger sting. (Strength Boost by 0.8x )

- Dead Aim : A sharp pink beam of energy shot from their fingertips. It’s very thin and though slower than Purple Rain, can still move at a speed that proves challenging to dodge for the slower beings.

(Moves and hits at the speed of a cero.)
(Up too 2 can be fired in a post.)
(Thread Limit : 5)
(Post Cooldown: 2)

- Purple Rain : A scatter of purple beams of energy are fired at the enemy in succession. Each one being weak, but fast. This is the main method of attacking in this form.

(Four beams can be fired per post, moving at the speed of a bala and hitting with the strength of one.)
(Thread Limit : 6)
(Post Cooldown : 2)

- In The Cut : A purple energy is wrapped around one of his arms in the shape of a blade, and can be used to fight with. It’s as durable and sharp as a shikai..

- Can’t Be Touched : His skin is equal to a arrancar’s hierro at the adapt level in this form. He also has a boost in strength ( 1.2x + augment from Electricity, Electricity = 1.9x )

[Event Only]

Edge Of The Sun :

- On The Edge Of The Sun : RTI points their finger to the sky, and a small orange ball begins to form. As time passes, this ball starts to get bigger and bigger until it is the size of a football field. It's then launched at the enemy, heat seeping from it and aiming to cause serious burns as well as blowing them away. It's destructive power in itself is a powered up version of a gran ray cero, aand the attack moves rather slowly.


* Takes 3 posts too charge.

*If attacked before it can be launched, the energy dissipates .

+This form ups strength to 2 tons worth of lifting, while durability is that of a arrancar’s.
- Is rather slow as opposed to the traditional forms.
-The drain for this form is very large and still unnatural. Kiyah stays in it only for six posts and is on the brink of passing out prior to using it.
- The form is only awakened if Kiyah has enough reiatsu left to awaken it. Therefore, RTI cannot make an appearance in a battle where Kiyah is already exhausted for it to appear.
-Allies could be subject to being attacked.
-Hikari does not aide Kiyah in this form in anyway, as her abilities are disabled. He also cannot use any of his weapons or summons.

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Kiyah Nobachi [Approved; Host: 3-5+, Spirit: 3-1++] Empty Skill Sheet

Tue Jun 21, 2016 7:21 pm

Kiyah Nobachi [Approved; Host: 3-5+, Spirit: 3-1++] Image3702-1

NOTE: Ziamichi's will have three to four skill sheets possibly. One for general skills, one for racial skills, one for the host's skill and possibly one for the spirit's skills if they are a different race.

Click here for skill sheet
Ziamichi General

» Ziamichi Host Class: C

» Ziamichi Spirit Class: C


General Skills For Host
  • Durability: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • General Speed: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Ziamichi Skills For Host
  • Skill Of Ziamichi Powers: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Control Over Spirit: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Seal Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Sync-Rate: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Will Skills For Host
  • Willpower/Determination: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Mental Deduction: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Pain Endurance: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Focus: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner


Kiyah Nobachi [Approved; Host: 3-5+, Spirit: 3-1++] B24b111a-a2d7-4a8c-b12e-2bebc586719b_zpsfd8a5a87

General Skills For Spirit
  • Durability: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • General Speed: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Ziamichi Skills For Spirit
  • Skill Of Ziamichi Powers: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Control Over Spirit: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Seal Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Sync-Rate: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Will Skills For Spirit
  • Willpower/Determination: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Mental Deduction: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Pain Endurance: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Focus: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner


Kiyah Nobachi [Approved; Host: 3-5+, Spirit: 3-1++] Image3703-1

Role Play Sample:

“ Yooooooooo! We got mail V !~”

“Yaaaaws, everyone wants to talk to the Queens, what is it?~”

Schoolgirl B goes to open it and promptly lets out a very long and agitated sigh.

“It’s those dumb dumb sentai geeks.”

Hikari continued to make breakfast, adorned in her PJ’s and pink apron as she cracked another egg into the pan.


Schoolgirl B and V nodded, both sighing now as V went to speak.

“They want Kiyah to join their little super hero group even though we’ve told them no a dozen times.”

“Can’t hear shit with your head up your ass though.”

HIkari giggled, going to stir the yolk now as she continued to speak to the summons.

“ Well, they’re always looking for members I suppose. Though Kiyah has never seemed to me like this "rah rah" kind of hero, he’s always just been very..level headed. I just don’t believe he’s loud enough for something like that.”

Schoolgirl B nodded, already jumping up and down.

“You’re a 100% right. We should advertise his services for him, V!~”

“Yeah! We’ll call it.. the myth, the white blur..”

“The shota !”

“Kiyah “Nobuttie!”

Hikari puffed her cheeks, rolling her eyes at the mention. She personally didn’t want Kiyah to get involved in any organization that would mean more risk, she liked it where he was. Right now, he was safe. Her “son” would be harmed in this lifestyle, but not nearly as much as if he joined one of those ghastly organizations. They sounded like the guilds of her own time, and those brutes were never smart about anything they do. Given the aforementioned group that invited Kiyah looked a bit more..harmless, but she didn’t want to take any chances.

“Hey hey, he’s got a butt. With all those pies Hikari makes…~”

“MQ has a badadonkadonk too! You just really gotta be –looking-, it’s like..the fourth hole. Ya gotta believe it’s THERE. “



“Hey, you know what they say. “

“If you ain’t gonna bounce that buttie like a basketball…”

“You might as well not –SHAKE- IT AT ALLLLLLL!~”

Hikari was personally thirty two different levels of done right now. She’s constantly listening to the two summons coax her about annoying discussion topics such as this one. But she doesn’t have a good record with any of the summons.

Los Awesome fires off blasts everywhere and laughs at –every- bad joke on TV. Puff Mama is very relaxed, but at the same time is very attached to Kiyah and as such doesn’t like hanging around as much. So she’s usually left dealing with these two, who have a love for causing trouble and mischief.

“I’m trying to cook breakfast, so if you two could please…”

“You’re always saying that weird shit like, Kiyah is your son and stuff ?”

“You should think of us as your beautiful daughters.”


Hikari could never understand the two that Kiyah summoned, it never made any sense to her. They were always silly, cocky, and took very little seriously. But at the same time, she can’t give them a stern talking two. These two twins have underwent a lot these past years. From the stomping they received via Kiyah’s father, to somehow being able to materialize themselves when Kiyah went berserk into Road Of Infamy and was begged to stop and wake up.

Perhaps the truth was that they have grown up too fast. Like Kiyah, they were asked to do these kind of dangerous things upon birth without any say in the matter. Going up against tough enemies, difficult odds, and seeing the only person they were truly close too be so close to the brink of death over and over. Even if there was a way to exist without him, they wouldn’t want it. So..maybe they act like kids to slow it all down. So they can feel a bit younger, feel “normal”. So perhaps just this once, she would bend. Noticing the now sad looks on their faces and drooped down ears, she sighed.

“Here, if you both stop pouting, you can try it.”

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Finished and ready for roasting grading ! Kiyah Nobachi [Approved; Host: 3-5+, Spirit: 3-1++] 1f60e


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"Winners win, losers lose. I can't explain it any better than that.I don't know how it happens, but winners win.And if you create a culture of losing, if you keep being a victim,if you keep letting losing happen to you. If you keep letting people do you and treat you any kind of way it's gonna become a culture."
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