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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Katsūmi Kazenē [Approved; 3-3]   Katsūmi Kazenē [Approved; 3-3] EmptyWed Jun 29, 2016 10:20 pm

Coding In Template By: [THEFROST]

Race Spec Here:


Enter The Shinigami

I. Basic Information

» Name: Katsūmi Kazenē
» Alias: N/A
» Age:108 years
» Gender:Male

» Association: Gotei Reformed (Stationed Soldier)

» Appearance Written:

Katsumi has wavy, jet black hair that comes down to about the middle of his neck, and is usually styled in such a way that it covers one of his eyes,usually his right. He also has bright blue eyes, that are almost never wide open, and so when he looks at people, his eyes seem to make him appear either bored, uninterested, or intently serious, which is probably a result of his personality. Katsumi keeps his face completely clean shaven, opting out of growing facial hair due to its rugged look. He has sharp facial features, and a handsome face with no odd or peculiar features worth to note.

As far as clothes go, Katsumi wears the standard Shinigami shihakusho, basic shinigami sandals, and overall doesn't wear anything peculiar. He does, however, wear black finger less gloves on each hand that extend partially down his lower arms a couple inches. Over those gloves, he wears finger less black tekkou that only cover the back of his hands, but also extend as far as his gloves. On the back of the tekkou on his right hand is the kanji for 'iron', and on the back of his left tekkou is the kanji for 'black'.

» Appearance Image:

Katsūmi Kazenē [Approved; 3-3] Uchiha13

II. Personality

» Personality:

Katsumi is usually quiet when among other shinigami, and during meetings of whatever division he happens to be in, he tends to refrain from talking much, unless, of course, he is specifically spoken to first. However, that isn't to say he is shy; Katsumi just prefers to keep his thoughts to himself than voice them for others to hear. This usually makes him seem calm and collected in many situations, which he actually is. If Soul Society were to be invaded, it is highly unlikely that Katsumi would display open surprise or shock when he hears such news. When lower-ranked officers or unseated shinigami express shock or anger, Katsumi will usually tell them to be quiet or leave, saying they have no right to be angry, sad, or upset, and should thus keep such emotions to themselves. He is also an ardent reader, and is a very intelligent individual, as well as being rather regal, and thus Katsumi dislikes barbaric behavior and rudeness.

Katsumi is intensely loyal to the thirteen court guard divisions, and has the utmost respect for the law and rules in general, though inside he may not always like obeying them. This usually results in him being torn inside, being unsure as to whether or not he should break the law if it means 'doing what's right'. When Katsumi is assigned a mission, he is willing to go to the ends of the earth to finish or complete it, even if it means entering dangerous places like the white sands of Hueco Mundo to, say, hunt down a particular Hollow or Arrancar. While this may occasionally cause trouble for him or others around him, he is unflinching when he seeks to accomplish a mission, and is willing to go against his own wishes to fulfill a mission given to him by superiors. He also usually tends to do things himself, especially when it comes to combat.

Overall, Katsumi rarely acts like anything else other than apathetic, consistently giving people the cold shoulder if he doesn't care about them or their problems, which he rarely does, and his outward appearance is that of someone who is very uninterested in what happens around him. This apathy is also expressed while Katsumi is in combat, as he almost always appears very calm, cool, and collected even in the face of more powerful or a higher amount of opponents. This also means he is willing to make tough or difficult decisions many others many not, such as sacrificing entire limbs if it means he can stay in control in the battle, though he would not willingly sacrifice subordinates if he believes they aren't up to the task, and so prefers to do things himself. However, Katsumi's indifference and apathy in and out of combat seems to make some people think he is full of himself, especially because he tends to refer to opponents as trash who aren't worthy to fight him, and very commonly tells opponents they aren't on his level. However, these claims can and are usually backed up with his high level of combat prowess.

»Likes: Night time, reading, writing, sushi, meditation

»Dislikes: Ne'er do wells, spicy foods, pranks, Muscle bound Meatheads, barbaric behavior

III. History

» History: Like all Shinigami, Katsumi has no idea how he died as a human, and only vaguely remembers what happened afterwards when he arrived in Soul Society. His first concrete memory as a plus in Rukongai was when he was adopted into a family of other spirits and quickly being assimilated into his new family. Still being just a child in both appearance and age, as far as spirits are concerned, Katsumi was still naive of how Soul Society worked, and so was kept at home where he couldn't do any harm, especially since he was raised in one of the 60's districts, which wasn't exactly the best place to raise a kid.

The oldest member of his family was his Granny, who he loved and probably got along with the most among the entire family. One day though, his entire world would be turned upside down. On one of the days when she was returning from the market, having just gotten food for the family, a strange man had come up to her. After a short confrontation involving her resisting the crazed man who was trying to steal from her, the mugger ended up stabbing her, causing her to collapse on to the ground. After waiting hours for his granny to get home, Katsumi ran out in search for her, only to stumble upon her still-bleeding out body. She ended up dying within his arms. The resulting trauma had awoken a sense of justice within little Katsumi as he vowed to become a Shinigami one day so that he would have the strength to protect those who are closest to him.

Just a few weeks later, Katsumi enrolled himself into the Spiritual Arts Academy, and passed the entry exam with flying colors, being in the top twenty members of his class. During his tenure in the academy, he specialized in and did extremely well in Shunpo and Kidō, and excelled in those two fields. He went on various missions during this time to great success, and ended up completing his education at the academy after just two years, rivalling that of the prodigy Kaien Shiba. After leaving the academy, Katsumi was immediately recruited into the Gotei 13, and was even given a seated position in Squad 5 from the get go, becoming the tenth seated officer. After a multitude of promotions and division changes over the years, Katsumi is a very young and powerful officer in the prestigious Gotei 13.

After training for quite some time, Katsumi began communicating with his Zanpakutō, and slowly grew to further understand the nature of his Zanpakutō's spirit. After completely imprinting his own spirit onto his Asauchi, his Zanpakutō finally began taking shape and developing its own differences, and then eventually even evolved into a full blown Zanpakutō. By learning the name of his Zanpakutō from Satetsu himself, he was able to unlock his Shikai, and thus grow further as both a Shinigami and a Gotei officer.

IV. Equipment

» Equipment: -

V. Racial Techniques/Abilities/Skills

» Racial Abilities:

»Keen Intellect:
Katsumi is a rather intelligent individual, and this shows while he is in combat. He possesses the capabilities to quickly figure out and understand how an opponent's abilities or powers may work, even from only seeing said abilities used but a few times, and then quickly react and adapt to fighting them. He is also able to see past many illusions or tricks an opponent may possibly come up with, as he is highly perceptive. He is also able to quickly and efficiently come up with strategies based around his strengths, such as Kidō.

»Enhanced Shunpo and Speed:
The skill that is most noteworthy among Katsumi's arsenal is his highly proficient level of skill in shunpo. Katsumi is very skilled with shunpo, being able to cross relatively long distances with a single quick burst of flash steps. Among his division, Katsumi is one of the quickest shunpo users, being able to out speed even the officer directly above him. Even without the use of flash steps Katsumi is pretty fast, being able to outrun adjuchas-class Hollows without even breaking a sweat, and has been known to stand up to high ranking officers as far as speed goes.

»High Spiritual Power:
As a former seated officer in the Gotei Thirteen, Katsumi possesses a high level of spiritual power. Despite being a Stationed Soldier, Katsumi has enough spiritual power to rival even high ranking officers in the Gotei Thirteen, and certainly enough to overpower powerful Hollows.

»Proficient Swordsmanship:
Katsumi is a rather skillful combatant when he uses his Zanpakutō, being able to deliver swift and deadly strikes before his opponent has time to react. He was capable able keeping up with many eleventh division members, and even seated officers in sword fights, and was speculated to have defeated a few.

»Proficient Kidō Skill:
Possessing both a large amount of knowledge of even high level spells and skill with which to use them, Katsumi is a dangerous and proficient user of Kidō. He has enough skill to use multiple low level spells in a row, and repeatedly, as well as combine bakudo and Hadō spells rather intelligently to capture, immobilize, and then severely injure opponents. Katsumi has been known to use low level spells to cause moderate or above injuries to many opponents, and can use many spells without incantations.

»Enhanced Durability:
Though not necessarily intimidating appearance-wise, or of possessing a large bulk, Katsumi is a very resilient combatant. Even after taking even grievous damage, and sustaining major injuries, Katsumi can continue to fight without severe detriment. Katsumi even seems to ignore physical harm, fighting on after being injured as though he isn't injured in the first place.

VI. Sealed Powers

» Zanpakutô Name: Satetsu (Iron Sand)

» Zanpakutô Appearance: In its sealed form, Satetsu takes the shape of a Japanese daitō, or in other words, a Japanese long sword. The sheathe, as well as the hilt and cross guard, are all completely black, with the hilt being the only exception as it has red markings. The cross guard has four prongs bent out to form the shape of the manji, which means 'full', which is odd considering it takes this shape while sealed.

VII. Shikai

» Shikai Release Phrase: Spread Out, Satetsu

» Shikai Appearance: When Katsumi activates his Shikai, the blade of his Zanpakutō turns to a black, iron dust starting from the blade tip and ending where it meets the cross guard, and it seems to be picked up by a breeze and spreads out. This 'dust' is actually hundreds of thousands of teeny tiny pieces of iron that is part of his Zanpakutō, and spreads out around him, surrounding him, though initially is stays on the ground, leaving only the hilt in his hand.

» Shikai Abilities: Katsumi can mentally manipulate this iron sand, and can use it for a variety of purposes due to possessing free form manipulation of it. If he is about to be attacked, he can condense some of the iron into a very durable shield to protect himself from the attack, and then spread the iron out again afterwards. Due to being pieces of metal made from his Zanpakutō, he can also send it at an opponent like a tidal wave to crush them, or even cut them with the thousands of iron dust particles. He could also form various other dense and durable physical objects with it, as well as reducing the amount of focus normally required by using his Zanpakutō hilt to manipulate it instead of just mentally.

The primary weaknesses to this ability include the fact that if an opponent can out speed the iron, they could land direct hits on Katsumi before he could form a shield. He also tends to not move while manipulating the iron sand, preferring to optimize control and stability rather than mobility. Also, due to the heaviness and density of iron sand, it is difficult to manipulate it as freely as one would wish. Complex structures and massive objects are extremely difficult to create and maintain. Doing so would quickly sap Katsumi's stamina rendering him un-able to further manipulate the iron sand. There is a limit to the amount of iron sand his Zanpakutō can produce and with the amount he can muster, it is very difficult, if not impossible, to use the sand for both offense and defense at the same time.

VIII. Bankai Powers

» Bankai Appearance: -
» Bankai Abilities: -

VIII. Skill Sheet

To Find Out about what these skills are for, please READ THIS THREAD before you try doing anything to it. After you have read it, do not feel your skills out until a staff member has graded your thread. We will also do your will sheet for you upon grading your application.

Will Skills
  • Willpower: Adept
  • Mental Deduction:Advanced
  • Pain Endurance:Adept
  • Focus: Adept

Skill Sheet

General Skills
  • Durability: Adept
  • General Speed: Adept
  • Strength: Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Adept

Racial Skills
  • Hoho: Adept
  • Kidō: Adept
  • Zanjutsu: Adept
  • Hakuda: Beginner

IX. Role Play Sample

» Roleplay Sample: [Please show us how you role play by either posting a previous post from another site or creating a new one. We do this so we know your RP skill. If you already have an accepted, you need not do another RP sample]


Katsūmi Kazenē [Approved; 3-3] RookSig_zpspqnzfuv0

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Katsūmi Kazenē [Approved; 3-3]   Katsūmi Kazenē [Approved; 3-3] EmptyThu Jun 30, 2016 9:56 am

Application Checklist
  • Name [X]
  • Appropriate Age [X]
  • Gender [X]
  • Appearance Present [X]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [X]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [X]
  • 10 sentences for personality [X]
  • History is of appropriate length [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [X]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[X]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [X]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [X]

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Adept
  • Mental Deduction: Advanced
  • Pain Endurance: Adept
  • Focus: Adept

Comments/Notes: Good to see the Village Hidden in the Sand is represented here
Tier: 3-3

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[mod]This character is being moved on over to inactive. The author of the character has not posted since the 30th of September, and by rules, the character must be moved and a notification must be left. I really hope that you're doing alright and okay, and we all hope that you can come back soon! To bring your character back, just leave staff a message here![/mod]

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