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 Katja the Puppeteer [APPROVED; 2-2++/2-2++]

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» Name: Ekaterina "Katja" Kurae
» Titles: Puppet master, Woman of one thousand souls, Qwaser of Metals
» Age: 1523
» Apparent age: 14
» Gender: Female
» Orientation: Lesbian - Polyamorous
» Birthdate: February 13th
» Blood Type: A-
» Birthdate: June 20th
» Affiliation/Rank: Rouge

» True Appearance Written: Katja is a russian puppet master and although her physical body appears incredibly young, she is very old, and has seen a lot and been through a lot, and this has taken it's toll on certain parts of her body.

From a young age, Katja knew she wanted to embody a very specific type of class and grace when it came to her aging and growing into the woman she wanted to be. She kept her face clean and well taken care of along with her hair, which she made sure to have a routine appointment to rid it of all the dead/split ends. The result of that care was incredibly lengthy, thick, and silky virgin hair. It is a light sandy blond color and she has a very typical style routine, as she keeps it tied up and out of harm's way so she can fight without it causing too much of a problem.

Katja stands at about four foot seven and has stopped growing height wise long ago. Her eyes are a brilliant, bright, crystal like blue color and in some lighting can have a more violet color to them rather than their normal royal-blue shade. Her measurements are 65cm for her bust, 40cm for her waist, and 70cm for her hip measurement. So all around, she is a rather petite woman. Despite that though she has a soft and perky c cup. She has a shorter torso and incredibly lengthy legs even though she appears to be fairly proportionate.

In terms of her skin, it is very fair, pale, and smooth except for the skin on her fingers and hands. Though she has been injured many times thanks to her incredibly fast healing scarring is incredibly rare unless damage was done with a “holy” weapon. Due to her excessive carving and woodworking her fingers are a bit calloused and rough. She does her best to keep things in control though with weekly nail/hand appointments as her looks are something that she uses to help give her manipulation that last boost it needs so that she is extremely persuasive.

Body Modifications

Katja has a number of “hidden” piercings. About five on her left ear, seven on her right, a small tongue bar, her naval is pierced as well as both of her nipples, the back of her neck, and finally, she has two long bars just under her hip bones.

Under the skin
Katja has repurposed many of her limbs and body parts to have secret compartments and tubes inserted just under her skin for a variety of tools and stealth attacks. Under her skin though, instead of having the regular skeleton her bone structure is made entirely of copper. Everything from her skull to her pelvis, all of it is copper.

In terms of her clothing choices, Katja is rarely seen out of her usual gothic themed attire. She has a prefered outfit for all occasions from fighting to fine dining to relaxing to crafting and every activity in between. Her attire usually follows a black and white color scheme with RARE touches of color from accessories.

» True Appearance Picture:
Katja the Puppeteer [APPROVED; 2-2++/2-2++] Ekaterina_vector_2_by_24h60m60s-d52kur4_zpspdrld3fk



» Personality:
Katja has always been incredibly refined. She rarely ever raises her voice or ever shows any one emotion too strongly. She aims to be classy and looked at with envy therefore, she does her best to never behave in a bratty or ungrateful manner and would rather bite her tongue and not say anything than allow her emotions to get the better of her and cause her to say something she would wind up regretting.

With Russian ethnicity and appearing to be no older than fourteen years old, Ekaterina has the beauty of a doll and as such, is admired and regarded with awe by the people around her. They often view her as nothing more than a doll, and typically fall under her spell, and wind up losing themselves to her soft and cute appearance. Fully aware of her physical attractiveness, she presents herself as an extremely shy, innocent, and child-like girl, especially while in public and among strangers. She even will address herself in the third person to further her cuteness.

Her true colors, however, are that of a domineering, arrogant, prideful, and almost malicious queen. She uses her innocent and sweet image to seduce people, particularly those a lolicon or lesbian fetish and emotionally and sexually dominates them into being her devoted servant. Katja loves teasing and driving her slaves mad with lust and even has adopted odd means of punishment in case they slip up or disobey her. She is often described as a “sexual deviant” and while she doesn’t exactly ENJOY the term she won’t deny the truth behind it. Katja loves sex and all things sexual and once she has someone she is interested in alone, and out of the public eye, she is very shameless and doesn’t hesitate to get her questions answered no matter how foul.

She has no ulterior motives other than wanting to waste time and rarely will she keep around any one servant for an extended period of time. While she will have male and female servants, in terms of actual relationships, Katja usually tend to not want to waste her time with the male populace, looking at many of them as “brainless animals”.

However, these are not her true feelings. She is actually usually very nervous around males and typically finds them to be incredibly scary or intimidating, therefore, she does her best to steer clear or make them servants so she won’t have to seriously deal with them.

Where other things like her work is concerned, Ekaterina is a lethal and serious person. She wastes no time in working to accomplish her goal and once she has begun a project will often completely throw herself in it until it’s completion. Thanks to her perfectionist nature and god complex, these tasks even the more simple ones, can take days, or weeks before being completed. Where her puppets are concerned, these tasks can take months or years.

Her biggest project, the building of her primary puppet, Anastasia, took an entire year and a half to complete and through the year, Katja had wound up passing out from exhaustion, starvation, and illness multiple times during the process as she refused to slow down or take any breaks. Her puppets are her livelihood and while she usually refuses to let her emotions get the better of her, she won't hesitate to lose herself and break down and begin crying if one of her puppets is broken beyond repair. She has even held funerals and burials for her puppets that have been lost over the years.



» History

“Why do we argue? Life's so fragile, a successful virus clinging to a speck of mud, suspended in endless nothing.”
― Alan Moore, Watchmen

In the time Ekaterina was alive on earth humanity had began one of the biggest uphill climbs in all of the time they existed. She was born to a middle class military focused family with ancestors leading back all through Europe however, eventually, her family decided to settle in Russia. Held up near the capital, her father was hardworking, dedicated, military man. Her mother stayed at home and housed many parties for the fellow aristocrats who shared the city with them. Her mother's parents were both legendary world known artists, mostly known for their incredibly workings for children's toys. However,their specialties, were dolls. The family practice and trade secrets had been passed down through the generations, each member of the family changing how people looked at and treated the art.
At home, life before being born was rocky enough. With her father's mental health constantly being ignored due to work, and the instability of the already crumbling marriage made everyone's day to day a little bit of a struggle. For many years Ekaterinas parents were convinced that they were incapable of having children. But soon enough, Katjas mom became pregnant and life began to look up for them all. Two generations after finally settling in Russia in the year 1837, on June 20th, Katja was born.

For years, especially through her youth, her family constantly poked fun at her birthdate, calling her a “queen in the making” due to her being born the same day Queen Victoria had been crowned in England. Katja although often didn’t think much of the comments, had begun to take them in, one by one, subconsciously. She became the “trophy daughter”. Her mother hired private dance instructors, private musicians and showered her with gifts (mostly to make up for her lack of actual parenting). She had been guaranteed success without ever really having to work very hard for it. When she finally had gotten walking under her belt, the inner workings of her brain, blossomed. Her grandmother encouraged her to take life by the horns and to shape her destiny and her future with her own two hands.

She began reading, writing, learning how to speak. Her tutors could barely keep up with her. Everyday she asked hundreds of questions and soaked in as much information as she could. She began to excel, requiring more and more astute teachers who could actually offer some form of challenge to her ever increasing intellect. Her dance tutors whipped her into shape. Etiquette classes, numerous evaluations, and numerous voices all trying to push her down a path Ekaterina cared little about.

From ages seven to ten Katja acted incredibly bratty, often using her “doll like features” and “endless charm” to have the servants and tutors play her games. She would skip classes, misbehave, and act out, all of which were desperate attempts at earning her parents love or maybe by some grace of god her acting out would have her parents bond… That wasn’t how life worked though, and someone had to step in. This caused her grandmother to fill the role of guardian and she began to teach her the right from the wrong, and also taught her of the complex gray area in between.

She showed her granddaughter the world of dolls, using them as examples for humanity, and explained the complexity of which each piece stood for. Katja was immediately enraptured. While she herself was simply too young to participate in crafting, she watched, and learned. With her grandmother offering positive reinforcement about life, Katja learned that her knowledge would be her power. While she devoted her time entirely to her studies and thinking about the philosophy of life and all things existing, her parents had begun a total downhill spiral.

At the age of eleven, Katja has become more and more self aware. Her parents were nothing more than a myth to her, only speaking or running into them when she “acted out”. Her father was practically never around, and this didn’t effect Katja much at all, for she had turned to her grandparents for love and support rather than the parents who were supposed to be taking care of her. One day, in the middle of summer, Katjas father had come home, a bit drunk, and furious. If you asked her now what the fight had been about she couldn’t have told you. In her opinion, her parents marriage was broken and done long before she had even ever been born.

However, during the argument, something within her father snapped, and he then shipped his parent in laws, out to some “home” and Katja never heard from them again. She never truly forgave her mother for allowing things to happen the way they did but she also was no fool to the harsh realities of domestic abuse, and therefore, she simply bit her tongue and rolled with the punches. She began to notice little things.

Every other week or month, another servant would be sent away. Her mother began to stop having her parties and began spending more and more of her days in bed, hidden from the world. Katja watched her mother wither away and doing what any good child would do, did her best to support her mother. She abandoned her excessive studying. Dancing became a hobby, and she took up other hobbies. She began working their small farm, selling small homemade goods to help make some money.

One night, in the wake of yet another fight, Katja snapped. Turning on her father, her and her mother escaped into the night with nothing more than a small bag of “essential” belongings and a little bit of food. Katjas mother grabbed as much of her jewelry as she could and would later pawn this off to get them a small house in a small village a few town over from Moscow.

There, the two of them worked together to make a life for themselves. Katjas mother began working as a seamstress, assisting tailors with their orders and Katja took up the family tradition of doll making to help make some cash on the side. For a little while, life was ok.

The time they had begun to spend together had allowed a beautiful and rare friendship to blossom. The two were mother and daughter, best friends. They supported one another and loved one another and for the first time...well, ever, the pair could go to sleep happy, at ease at least knowing they had one another. Despite the guilt Katja felt for abandoning her chance among the scholars, her mother did her best to make up for her years wasted and away from her daughter, and also did her best to remind her daughter of just how proud and thankful she was for her “limitless kindness”. The two formed an unbreakable bond, and did their best to begin a peaceful life together.

At the age of fourteen, on a chilly, crisp, and quiet evening in the middle of October, Katjas mother arrived home, frantic, short of breath, and sickly pale from panic. Ekaterina had only a small bit of time to hear what her mother was saying before about five large men broke down the door to their home, and took them both. Leading the group, was her father, and at his side, and ex tutor of Katjas. Drugging them their bodies were tossed in the back of a compact carriage and hauled off to a secret testing facility.

Locked in a small cell together they only had a small window. Meals were often skipped and the poor conditions of the cells resulted in numerous illnesses during their being captured. Katja was forced to undergo numerous physiological exams, all so people could “understand” her incredibly intelligence, and why such a trait had been put in the body of a female. Scientists used her to record a vast number of “average” things. How high she could jump, how fast she could run, the way her bones grew, they tested how easy they were to break. She was also subjected to a vast variety of torture methods so that they could see the effect they would have, and no other reason. She was shocked, stabbed, burned, poked, prodded, and suffered unspeakable acts of violence. Through it all, the only person she ever begged for was her mother. Often begging for her release or guaranteed safety. The request was obviously denied time after time.

Her mother's arrest only happened due to being in the wrong place at the wrong time. They both knew it and despite the incredible amount of pain the two shared during their time in the facility only every now again would they subject her mother to the same things Katja was forced to endure. In the beginning, she would do nothing but scream curses and insults and she also often would spit on the guards. Next, she tried testing them to see how they would respond to her causing harm to herself. Each attempt at her own life only ended in repeated humiliating failure so, she dealt.

Throughout her time spent as a prisoner her father would often demand her to make her dolls. She never saw a penny of profit. Each doll was done simply because the love for the craft could not be denied, but she didn’t have much of a choice. Punishments became easier to deal with, testing happened less, and instead of money or more beatings bother Katja and her mother were rewarded with food and water.

One evening, on a still night, mid February, Katja was astounded to realize something happening within her body felt...wrong. Her body was beginning to shut down. Slowly, but surely. The spells of dizziness, the shortness of breath, the repeated fainting. Katja was beginning to die.

Nutritionally, there is a distinct difference between organic and inorganic copper, according to whether the copper ion is bound to an organic ligand. Organic copper, like that found in food, is a beneficial micronutrient needed for good health. Inorganic metallic copper; like that found in electrical wire, plumbing pipes, etc, is a neurotoxic heavy metal linked to physical and psychiatric symptoms on par with mercury and lead.

Acute symptoms of copper poisoning by ingestion include vomiting, hematemesis (vomiting of blood), hypotension (low blood pressure, coma, jaundice (yellowish pigmentation of the skin), and gastrointestinal distress. Chronic effects of copper exposure can damage the liver and kidneys and that’s exactly what happened. It was a wonder the same disease hadn’t taken the life of her mother, but, her mother was just as tired as her daughter, and so, on that night they had made up their minds. Using a carefully rigged and rather crudely designed bomb made from the remaining scraps of materials from the dolls, the two started a fire.

They closed their eyes, bowed their heads, whispered sweet prayers for one another, cursed the people who made this death necessary. Katja made a promise with herself to do her best to walk again, and do life better had she gotten a second chance. Cradling one another, the two walked hand in hand into the sweet embrace of death.

And oh how gracious death was.

The next time Katja opened her eyes she was angry, confused and in the most unimaginable amount of pain. Alone, scared, and confused, she took her first step and first breath, and began teaching herself how to live again. It took only a small window of time for her to gain her senses and although still a bit confused (and kind of surprised) she soon found herself a place and set up shop. She got back to doing what she did best, and started making dolls.



» Dāgī Tvacā Name: Aeris Saltatricis (The Copper Ballerina)

» Dāgī Tvacā Appearance: When at rest, Katjas dāgī tvacā is barely noticeable. However, to the touch, Katjas skin feels...colder than your typical demon. The The texture is smooth yet...rough...very much like wood. When activated, loud “splintering” like noises can be heard and right before your very eyes, you watch Katja basically turn into a Ball jointed doll.

» Dāgī Tvacā Release Appearance: The texture of Ekaterinas skin becomes more and more like sanded wood. Her eyes become almost glass like, her mouth stops moving like a humans and instead resembles the mouth of a dummy. Her hair becomes incredibly soft and limp and even her nails change to resemble that of a dolls. When this ability is activated it gives her an astoundingly creepy and unnerving outward appearance.

» Dāgī Tvacā Powers:
Once Ekaterinas dāgī tvacā has been activated she becomes very unpredictable while also being lethal and precise. The familiarity of facial expressions is removed in this state and replaced with a lifeless blank stare, causing many weaker opponents to feel incredibly uneasy just being in her presence. Fighting something so...lifeless yet clearly alive causes many people to outright fear Katja and on one occasion has even caused her opponent to faint from the suffocation of fear alone. Anybody with a willpower greater than her own doesn’t feel the effects of this particular ability quite as strongly.

Dulled pain detectors
Due to her skin basically being turned to wood the way she feels pain changes drastically in this state. The consistency of the wood like skin is somewhere between the inside of a tree trunk, and normal human skin. It's thick enough in some areas (especially her joints) to completely defect more fragile blades, causing them to bounce right off. When the skin has been damaged or cut, Katja compares it to a very light sunburn, meaning to cause any true harm one would need to go for bones and the tissue underneath the skin.

Hidden Weapons
When in this state, using the weapons within her body becomes much easier. For example in case someone decides to get too close to her, Katja has two small tubes stored within the base of the palms of her hands. These tubes dig through the space between bone and skin, and allow Katja easier access to her bone structure. Meaning in some cases, she can force the metal out of her body, and have easier access to the metal within her. The tubes are also used to send thick heavy black smoke onto the battlefield, acting as a sort of shield for more stealthy attacks.



» Natural Abilities:
Blood Control
Thanks to Katjas metal alchemy knowledge, using the existing metals already in her body, she can harden her blood enough to deflect (or in some cases even break) metal weapons that meet the hardened area. For weapons with a “pulse” based attack, the blood hardening ability does not protect her. Other weapons that vibrate at incredibly fast speeds or even weapons that have certain “magical” properties can surpass the hardening of blood as it is MOSTLY used (and most efficient) when a life threatening injury has been caused, and at that point Katja will use this power to stop or at least slow down the bleeding. This ability has time limits and depending when the injury was received, Katja may not be able to use the ability in time to help herself and once the ability has been activated it usually means it's time to try and run and get out of dodge before any more injuries are caused.

Incredible Intelligence
Ekaterina is an absolute genius and always has been. Even a younger age during her time alive as a human she was always not only the top of her class but on more than one occasion had assisted with saving local businesses with fool proof planning and a more than well managed permanent business plans. It wouldn’t have earned her much praise had she been older however, Katja was only about ten years old and was already saving local businesses and assisting with a lot more than what many thought capable of a ten year old girl.

Other than her business planning endeavours she had an acute affinity for things of the numerical and mathematical sense. Capable of solving simple equations in a matter of seconds all without using any kind of paper or pencil she wowed her peers and teachers and even competed against world renowned mathematicians and earned her spot as their equal and friend. She was also incredibly talented where the sciences were concerned as well. She had a deep and complex understanding of every scientific problem she was presented with everything from physics to chemistry were nothing but a walk in the park for Katja.

Her deep understanding of human nature and the properties of the things in the world around her as well as her incredibly situational awareness can make fighting her feel like one big game as she tends to have her opponents eating right out of the palm of her hand, without them even realizing they’re doing it.

Glass Cannon
Katja makes up for her lack of strength with her speed. Much like her dolls she can move at incredibly fast speeds, often hitting a peak of about 500mph. Being so small and being able to move so fast can make her seem like nothing more than a blur, and some people have even reported not being able to see her at all when she moves at those speeds.

While her dolls all may have impressive strength and abilities the only thing about her that could be described as strong is her skeletal system (her bones have a high copper content and when looked at if skin is removed it even has a copper like property) in terms of hitting things the force of her punches is only assisted through her speed, otherwise, it would be like being gently punched by a small toddler. She also has a hard time with lifting anything that weighs more than she does, and with her tiny 80 pound stature, lifting much of anything can be a bit of a struggle for her.

Her speed also at times can leave her a bit vulnerable as if someone is able to keep up with her, then her speed doesn’t do her much of any good, as it leaves her defenses incredibly low. And while she has ways around this, is her opponent is quick enough can can hurt HER then she can easily be defeated.

Her brains best show through when she has a window of time to take a step back and form a well calculated and well thought out plan, In the heat of battle she is often able to keep on her toes and she’s excellent where improvisation is needed, her true skills show when plans are needed. She wears the tag of an expert strategist with pride and honor and most of her plans, while they can be a slight bit dishonorable, get people to victory, and that is what matters to her.

Metal Alchemist
Katja was born with the ability to manipulate metal, particularly, the atoms of metallic elements. She can control mercury, steel, and many others but her speciality is copper, seeing as how her own skeletal structure is made of the stuff. If for any reason she herself has to fight up close with someone else, she is able to use her own bones as weapons, pulling copper swords, daggers, and even throwing knives from her skin. The downside to that is that it causes an extreme amount of pain for the larger objects (swords). Things like throwing knives hurt much less, therefore she is the best at using them quickly. She is able to pull metal from the ground and in it's natural state. She may have a strong skeletal system but her skin is still liable to be injured, meaning she isn’t so brave as to reach out and manipulate or use other people's weapons for her own attacks. She looks at it as dishonorable, and doing so makes her incredibly upset.

Masterful Manipulator
While Katja excelled at mathematical things as well as scientific studies, she also has an excessive knowledge of the workings of people. The way they think, their processes, their weaknesses, what makes them [i]tick
. Even the most “mysterious” of people she can easily pick them apart. She does her best not to brag but typically, where most people are concerned, Katja can read them like books from the moment they enter into her field of vision. Even things like the way they speak and the tone of their voices are enough to paint the young girl a clear and easy to understand picture of who they are as people.

Because of this, Ekaterina never hesitates to get what she wants and uses whomever she can to get to that point. She is a master of manipulation. She strokes egos, plays the victim, uses people's vices against them. On more than one occasion she has driven people to the brink of insanity all because she played a few mind games.

There are incredibly few people who can see through this ability and more often than not it's those who have the incredibly suffocating and indifferent personalities. People who rival her in the manipulation game. If those people are very “dominate” in nature more likely than not, Katja will crumble and begin to become so flustered she can’t even speak.

Maria keeps her dolls “stored” on different scrolls that she carries around with her in coffin shaped case. When a scroll is removed, it has the dolls name written on the front and all that is needed to summon them is the prayer that was used to bind the soul to the doll in the first place. For example, Marias prayer was a short latin prayer and when spoken allowed, summons Marias coffin, and thus adds her to the battlefield. Using this method of summoning for these weapons helps Maria with traveling as fighting can happen anywhere at anytime. The only doll that does not have a typical summon is Anastasia, who is always with Katja as she is her sole protector.

Even in life Katja had an affinity for all things doll. Ball jointed, marionettes, etc. In her eyes each doll was unique, beautiful, special. This love and appreciation carried over into her rebirth as a raksasha, and she devoted her life to the creation and mastering of the art.

She uses them for a variety of things however, many of them are created for the sole purpose of battle. Her hell beast, Anastasia, was her very first creation and had taken the longest time to complete. The doll has been with her since, and over time has become an incredibly lethal and feared creation, one of the most deadly, and usually, the last one to be put on the battlefield as she is only used in dire situations. Other dolls created by her have made their way across the world from continent to continent, spirit world to spirit world. Her puppets aren’t like any other puppets though. Her dolls are never just hollow empty shells waiting to be filled by a trapped soul. They are crafted and made from the souls of those Katja has won. More often than not Katja uses her manipulation to trick people into making bets or deals with her or goes through a third party to get souls so that her dolls may be crafted and completed being whole, rather than empty husks.

Once a soul has been obtained, Katja spends the beginning of this process by studying it, and then creating a shell for it to reside in that not only best fits its personality, but also outfits it with special weapons or abilities that fit the person in their life. Katja is also not above turning people INTO dolls, and the majority of her more prized creations were in fact created from the husks of former warriors.

Katja has more than 500 different hand crafted puppets at her disposal, most of them resembling “ancient beings” however there are a few that became her most favorite and took much longer to craft. Most of these dolls were created from former living beings and their souls were simply put into the new bodies, giving them a personality and life all their own.

Among one of the first dolls crafted by Katja this doll has an incredibly amount of lore behind it's creation. Given the name “Maria”, this doll is said to be crafted from mother mary herself, or...her remains rather. Not stopping anywhere to meet her goals, Katja spent many years searching for all of the materials needed to complete this doll. Using the human remains and combining them with her particular brand of magic and craftsmanship, resulted in a ten foot tall behemoth of a doll. Dressed like a nun with detailed face paint done along the skull of this demon when in use the Doll plays the role of a shield, able to withstand blows of up to to 3 tons thanks to her thicker steel structure.

Flaming eyes and long sharpened claws and her fairly quick, rapid, and spastic movements make fighting Maria a bit of a struggle. The true benefit that Maria brings to the table, within the hollowed out compartment located on her chest, stored within is about ten pounds of metallic sand. This sand is used by Katja in battle and Maria usually only makes her presence known when fighting gets out of hand or Katja needs SOMETHING to help give her some footing.

Inhalation is the biggest problem with the metallic sand as it is capable of floating around within her opponents lungs (for up to two posts per usage with a maximum of three uses per thread), and causing internal bleeding and cuts and if not treated can remain there for long periods of time. The easiest way to combat this is by simply holding your breath when getting close to her (or having an Advanced level Durability or higher). Due to the number of particles of sand, controlling each one takes an incredible amount of effort on her part, and in a battle typically she is only able to use it to form a small “shield” around herself (durable enough to withstand a blow from a cero fired by someone of her strength) with the use of the sand. Due to the density and color of the sand it is not invisible and anyone who can move faster than a hundred miles an hour can easily out maneuver the usage of it.

In terms of breaking or rendering Maria useless fighting someone who is able to use the sand against Katja could easily use the sand to aggravate ad block up Marias joints, making fighting with her impossible. If not that, then causing enough heat to melt or break any one of Marias body parts is enough to get her put on the bench, rendering her useless for the rest of the fight.

This doll was made upon request but the buyer died before the trade could be done. Suigintou took months to build as she is a ball jointed doll and was made to be beautiful rather than battle effective. Meaning after her completion, Katja obviously went back, ripped her to pieces and rebuilt her. The update included a pair of huge black wings, being outfitted with a “battle skirt” and a special made metal bow. The feathers in the wings on her back though sharp to the touch on the tops and bottoms the sides are outfitted with “microscopic” razors. On the field, Suigintou uses these as makeshift arrows akin to those of your standard quincy, able to throw or fire up to 200 of them from her bow per thread with ease (firing off up to 50 per post). Her battle skirt has long razors hidden on the bottom of it, making her twirling or flinging it at anyone incredibly lethal to those with as low as Beginner in Durability.

Kanaria is a mobile “healing” station. Stored within every compartment Katja carefully carved out is a vial or some sort of medicine. She has everything from burn medicine, alcohol, pain killers, and a variety of surgical tools. Kanaria is usually summoned to help other people. She was built as a moving walking/talking nurse that can patch up minor wounds on allies but not on Katja herself. Beyond this, the healing power of this doll is only enough to where it could help recover wounds that are in no way limb or life threatening. Anything above the loss of a limb or destruction of an organ will require more serious medical treatment that cannot be provided on the battlefield.

Suiseiseki & Souseiseki
Twin dolls built from twin souls, they share abilities and both of them act as “generators”. In their cores they both have enormous solar powered batteries, which can be harnessed and used as giant walking electrical pods. Being a metal alchemist, Katja uses Copper along with these dolls in order to shock opponents (akin to a lightning bolt in terms of voltage and speed, delivering the destructive power of a cero up to six times each per thread, up to two times per post.)

She, much like Suigintou, was built on request. Her buyer returned her though complaining of complications. Katja made no mistakes in the process, Hinaichigo just walked away with an incredibly astounding amount of physical power. Similar to Anastacia, Hinaichigo has an immense amount of physical strength (roughly able to carry up to five or six tons), but unlike Anastacia, she’s fairly lacking in anything else. She can move at max speeds of about 20mph and has little to no expertise in anything else. Katja typically keeps her around much more for lightening the mood. Her sweet childlike behavior tends to give Katja hope.

Much like Barasuishou, her rival, Kirakisho was crafted as a master swordsman. Her white flowers contain the antidote to Barasuishous purple flowers, however, her flowers can cause things like dizziness or disorientation for about a post or two before finally wearing off. Those who suffer from mental issues prior to the use of this can instead be subject to incredibly uncomfortable, vivid hallucinations for those two posts. (None of this will apply if the opponent’s Focus or Willpower is higher than Beginner.) For some people, Katja will sell this and for those suffering the suffocating effects of madness, can plummet people even further into insanity turning them into absolute power houses. The hallucinations have been known to cause “spiritual awakenings” making already evil people, even worse. Katja made the mistake of touching one and woke up miles away from anywhere, but then proceeded to build her small army of puppets. Kirakisho is typically brought out with Barasuishou.

Built using the soul of a master swordsman, Barasuishou is a walking talking vat of toxins and a sharpened, poisoned blade. She is not very strong but traded that off for agility and speed. She’s much taller than the other dolls, standing at about four foot three, and has an incredibly lithe, slim body. She uses a basket hilted blade, the entirety of the blade is about five feet in length and is entirely coated in a toxin created from the purple flowers that grow around her wherever she walks. Katja has built up a natural immunity to the toxin over time.

When the poison enters the bloodstream it can cause numerous incredibly uncomfortable symptoms. One of which being uncontrollable muscle spasms, twitching fingers, and toes. Suffocating stomach cramping is the second symptom and it may not kill anyone but it causes extreme discomfort and can make fighting difficult for up to three or four posts (if the opponent’s Durability and Focus are under Adept)

Built as nothing more than a negotiator, Sage is often the first to run in and scout for Katja. She uses him as a “messenger” often having him to run from place to place and world to world to deliver completed projects, or send on information and receive it as well. In terms of battle ability, he has absolutely none. Because of his duties as messenger though he is generally creepy he was crafted from more plush materials, making him incredibly harmless as to allow people to let down their guard around him.

In terms of limits on these puppets all of them vanish when too much damage is taken (those of lower durability might take a cero to take down, while those built for physical combat might take more along the lines of a Gran Rey Cero or two before they’re down for good), but when “at home” they are free to move about as they please. On the field of battle they are incapable of “controlling” themselves. Once summoned, Katja must use her soul strings ability to control them, otherwise, they simply stand there. The only doll who can move on their own accord is Anastasia.

Katjas intelligence makes her an incredibly wise survivalist. She has a vast knowledge of foliage, ecosystems, and identifying evolutionary traits in food, making sure she gets the very best out of whatever materials come her way. It helps that she’s a demon with a few magical abilities but for the most part she relies solely on herself and her intelligence.

Soul Strings
This is her ability that grants her the power to control the puppets on the field. Channeling her soul into the tips of her fingers, she attaches the “soul strings” to the joints of the dolls and uses them to fight. They have a range of up to one-hundred yards, meaning typically, Katja prefers to hang back and fight with her dolls rather than get up close and personal to her enemies as the farther away she is from her puppets, the longer it takes for them to respond to her commands.


»Unique Abilities:

Intensive training and years of breaking her dolls and herself into shape have earned Katja the ability to perform a few massive attacks that have the capability to change the entirety of the battle.

The Legendary 500
A group of handmade more generic puppets Katja crafted from scratch. They are all summoned using one scroll and when Katjas Vector ability comes into play she is capable of controlling about 10 all at once. When summoned, the 500 puppets surround Katja and her opponent. About 20 head underground, and about 50 take to the sky. This allows for Katja to pull puppets from wherever she needs to and use them to fight. The puppets that she’s not using, tend to just hover, and circle, however, their teeth and the chattering of their joints as they move about is a constant sound for the entirety of the battle whether she’s using them to actually fight or not. Each different puppet can serve and do a variety of things, but these puppets all have blaring weak spots making them much easier to break. It's just about getting through all 500 with a clear head and enough strength left to take out the puppet master that’s the hard part. Each puppet should be treated as beginner in all stats.

Immunity to Metal Toxicity
Because of her cause of death, and the abilities that were granted afterwards, Katja is immune to poison from different metal elements.

Due to her needing the ability to control some of the army she summons Katja experimented on her own body, and trained herself to tap into her spiritual abilities and thus, her vector ability was born. It is a “telekinetic” ability that causes large long (typically) invisible or transparent arms to sprout from her back, on the end of each arm is a hand, and these hands also have the power to use soul strings.
This ability was bestowed upon Katja due to her need to direct and control multiple puppets. She has eight vectors in total, once summoned, only about two of them can be seen. They tend to keep themselves wrapped around her neck, which usually misleads her opponent, all while still controlling the puppets. Katja can sprout one at a time, four of the eight, or however she wants to order them in any combination. Training has proved she can push herself to sprout more but the “growing” process in order to have access to yet another vector is incredibly taxing on the body and takes time.
Regardless of how they manifest, they are mainly used as weapons, with which the user can move, bludgeon, or, most commonly, cut up any offending person or object in their way. They can destroy or repel most materials and projectiles, with such notable exceptions. Stronger bullets can typically pierce the skin of these limbs rendering them useless until the user has had adequate time to heal. If Katja’s vectors for any reason get cut off typically they can be “reattached” or regrown, but this can only be done once per arm per thread.
Depending on the individual power, they can be strong enough to bring down military helicopters. How the limbs are used depends solely on the users intentions. They can even be used just as shields. They can also be used for any mundane task, such as cleaning. They can be used to transport their owner as if they were regular limbs or by launching them through the air. Katja’s vectors total in at about 50 feet each for the eight. Each of these arms, while strong, can only take about a Cero’s worth of punishment from someone at around Katja’s own level before they have to be regrown, so they must be used sparingly. Katja’s vectors are also capable of extremely high vibrations, allowing them to slice through metal as thick as steel like butter.
This ability of course comes with a price. Attempting to push her vectors powers to the limit subjects her to incredibly physical backlash, making training with them an incredibly risky practice. Katja has wound up bedridden on multiple occasions for over using her vectors and incredibly taxing fights can result in months of bed rest and recovery. Those who push themselves too far can even spark internal organ failure, internal bruising and bleeding, collapsing of different organs, and even bone damage. Those who ignore the signs of internal damage and continue to push their bodies to the brink can cause irreversible body deterioration, and can find themselves dead within days. Despite their enormous power, vectors can be disabled entirely by inhibiting the egg-sized pineal gland in the frontal lobe of Katja’s brain.



» Naraka Jānavara name: Anastasia

» Naraka Jānavara Personality:
Anastasia is really nothing more than a soul residing in a makeshift body, outfitted with the purpose of playing defendor. Prior to being placed within the doll like shell, Anastasia was a very kind and sweet individual with incredibly shy tendencies. She was a mother, a friend, and a companion to many She had a plethora of hobbies and many things made her happy. She loved colors and nature and was a very “down to earth” individual.

Anastasia for the most part now, is an incredibly obedient hell beast. She is her own entity for she has her own feelings and thoughts however her physical body is used mostly to protect her creator and she has absolutely no issues with that. She has devoted herself to completely and totally serving her creator, and only adding her opinion or two cents to the situation when asked. She plays the role of a silent knight, a mother like figure for Katja, and she loves doing so.

Extreme patience and honor abound here and Anastasia takes her duty incredibly seriously. Where outside parties are concerned, she doesn’t care. The only living, breathing, creature she cares about is Katja and the things Katja cares about. In other words, her creator's feelings typically dictate her judgements against others. At the end of the day, she is a lethal killing machine, made to serve her master, and she does her job with precision and care, making her the best person for the job.

» Naraka Jānavara Appearance:
Anastasia stands at about nine feet tall and is made entirely from different metals. A large bust, a tight waist, and long, slender limbs grace the dolls outer appearance. At the end of her arms are a large pair of incredibly complex and detailed copper claws, each fingertip meeting into a razor sharp edge and point, making for an incredibly deadly weapon. The majority of her body though is constructed from copper.

She wears a long white veil like cloth headpiece and matching sleeve pieces. She is adorned with multiple different accessories and clothing items the majority of which either match her body or are white or black. She is often carried in a Coffin that is carried by Katja herself. At her core is the soul that inhabits the copper body.

» Merged with Rakshasa?: Yes, Anastasia is holding a small portion of Ekaterina's power. Because Anastasia is always with Katja, the two can use one another's abilities with ease.

» Naraka Jānavara Abilities:
Intense Speed
Much like many of the other dolls Katja has built, Anastasia's body was built tall, long, and aerodynamic. Because of her immense amount of power and thanks to being a doll and not having to worry about exhaustion, Anastasia can keep a constant speed of anywhere from 50mph to 120mph. The fastest she’s ever moved has been 150mph and that only happens when she absolutely needs too as that much pressure can dent her body or dull her weapons.

Intense Power
Thanks to the thickness and sturdiness of Anastasia's body she a walking powerhouse. She can crash through walls, punch trees into mere splinters, and can lift up to about five thousand pounds, which is equal to 2.5 tons. In terms of using that power to hit someone else, That is where her body can put her at a slight disadvantage. The dainty razor like fingertips she was build with makes punching anything a risky move seeing as if she packs to much of a punch it could easily break her hand. Therefore when attacking it is rare she truly goes in for a punch, and will usually stick to rapidly swinging her arms about.

Extra Hands
Tucked away neatly into Anastasia's back compartment is two extra pairs of arms. These arms are very human like, meaning they lack the long claw like fingers. In dire situations where they may be fighting more than one opponent, Anastasia will join Katja and help her control and manoeuvre her puppets in battle.

This ability is a bit of odd one. Spending the majority of the first few years of her life relearning her passion for dance she has found means of introducing these moves onto the battlefield. Using things such as ballet and jazz and interpretive dance she not only can dodge opponents but by mixing these dance moves with her knowledge of martial arts she can make the most of her abilities, using them to dodge, and attack all while keeping up her graceful and intimidating appearance.

Anastasia has the ability to levitate and fly. She can fly a little faster than she can run, and has reached speeds up to 200mph, but only when she needs to go that fast.

Metal Bending
An ability she shares with Katja, Anastasia has the ability to control metal much like her creator. She can form makeshift shields, swords, spears, and many other forms of weapons. She can even extend her own body or give herself more arms, legs, or armor. However this ability is done using alchemy and the law of equivalent exchange applies extremely heavily here, as Anastasia is unable to create matter.



» Tukaṛā Saitāna Name: Spina Pullulant

» Tukaṛā Saitāna Appearance:
Katja the Puppeteer [APPROVED; 2-2++/2-2++] Ae38d9d9-b431-463e-9c2f-9c1d862eb1fe_zpsbsiyqoit

» Tukaṛā Saitāna Powers:
Physical Ability Increase
While normally, Katja is fairly light on her feet, and her hell beast has reached rather mind boggling speeds, when combined they can move just a tiny bit faster, able to reach speeds around 250mph, moving so fast the only way to see them is by the slight “trail” they leave behind them, and more often than not when fighting them in this form it is incredibly difficult to keep up with them in fights as many people can’t even hardly keep up with them when they’re unseparated.

In terms of other abilities like weight lifting their combined total is about 3 tons, and when in this form that is also tripled as well. Meaning they can punch with about a combined total of 9 tons or, 18000 pounds of force. They can also lift this equivalent and throwing smaller objects takes little to no effort on their part. With this force applied to especially small objects like a rock they can throw it with so much force it burns up only seconds after leaving their hands.

Despite this though, it only takes about 25 pounds of pressure to cause a fracture. So if fighting an opponent with a The force it takes to break a human bone is contingent on which bone it is. However, even with the copper bits with the bone only help out the strength But even despite that with certain instances in which they can not produce enough calcium to assist with making stronger bones, making them very brittle in some cases.

Bone Growth
Able to grow multiple limbs or simply construct multiple protruding bone like structures. Meaning while in a fight they can make multiple copper/human bone structures or formations come out from their skin or form them around their bodies as a form of armor. In rare cases if they can put forth enough energy and not completely drain themselves they can form a shield about seven inches thick around them to protect them in case of an emergency.

In some instances they can also wield their own bones as weapons. Things from simple swords, daggers, and scythes can be used as well as more complex swords and hammers and other detailed weapons as long as they have a second to back up, and actually produce the amount of materials necessary without causing harm to them.

Increase in calcium production
When the form is first activated, a chemical in the brain of then newly formed body send a signal to the rest of the body to begin pumping out as much calcium as possible to support the amount of bone usage. Meaning, the beginning of the fight is the very best time for them to go all out once this form has been activated. The longer they are in this state the less calcium they will create to support their outrageous bone abilities.

Repairs broken bones or fractures
Once this form is activated it has the potential to repair any broken bones or fractures caused to Katja previous to entering this form.



колокол (Bell)
This sword was gifted to Katja from a defeated opponent soon after she was reborn as a Raksasha.

медь (Copper)
This sword was hand made by Katja is carried with her everywhere! It can be used as a back up in case Katja has no access to other metal.

Katja the Puppeteer [APPROVED; 2-2++/2-2++] Tumblr_m1wgbtIhKG1qi3w4eo1_500


To Find Out about what these skills are for, please READ THIS THREAD before you try doing anything to it. After you have read it, do not feel your skills out until a staff member has graded your thread. We will also do your will sheet for you upon grading your application.

Rakshasa Skills
  • Dāgī Tvacā Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Naraka Jānavara Control: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Astitva Ki Barhata: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Reality Warping: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Naraka Jānavara Skills
  • Demon Magic Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Rebirth Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Za Koa Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Akuma Kyōdo: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Demon Skills
  • Za Koa Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Demon Magic: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Shadow Movement: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Akuma Kyōdo: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

DE Control
  • Semi-Immortal Capacity: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Breakdown Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Necromancy Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • DE Barrier: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

General Skills
  • Durability: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • General Speed: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner



» Role Play Sample:
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Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced
  • Mental Deduction: Master
  • Pain Endurance: Master
  • Focus: Advanced

Comments/Notes: Approved
Tier: 2-2++

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