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 Lilian Viore and Rosaline Bicmore

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Coding In Template By:


Symbiote Template

I. Basic Information

» Name: Lilian Viore
» Titles: Lilian of the North, The Dark Knight, Lily
» Age: 201
» Gender/Sex: Female
» Orientation: Pansexual - Demisexual - Polyamorous
» Origin: Chivalry
» Kingdom: North
» Affiliation/Rank: Rogue

» True Appearance Description:

Teen Years
In her youth, Lily was always incredibly thin, and “lengthy”. She had a smaller cupsize, and stood about a foot taller than the majority of her friends. She was about 5’5 ever since her early teens. She had very long proportions, long legs, a long torso, long neck, and long slender arms. All of that placed on a thin and slender frame made her stand out especially among her training partners.

As of now, she stands at a solid 5’ 9’’ and has stopped developing with a d cup size. She has kept her long slender frame and incredibly long proportions. She had a soft, balanced (not too long not too round) face. Large slender almond shaped eyes are home to her bright pink irises. Rosaline is taller than the vast majority of her peers (male and female). She has grown incredibly lean and strong and when she flexes all of the muscles she’s worked to earn become much more obvious. She has a very “ballerina” like build and has the agility to match.

Very clean skin, teeth, and nails, she keeps herself well groomed as her goal is to look and be her best. She has a soft natural pout and fairly large lips. A small but long nose adorns her face as well, giving her a more “youthful” appearance. Above her eyes rest her trimmed and neat eyebrows, something Lily works very hard to keep under control. Her lashes are long, thick, and very dark, giving her eyes a almost “glamorous” feel to them. Without her makeup, her face can appear to be rather tanned, but ALSO being too light to be considered “dark”. Shes got an incredibly symmetric and well proportioned face, and many consider her natural features to be very beautiful.

Her appearance is very important to her so she has worked very hard to earn the body she has, and while she will never boast her humble nature and natural grace and agility have become her, and it is very obvious from her appearance that she is a calm, but distant and complex individual. Having an almost “wise” feel to her outer appearance, she has also become this very mysterious and “cool” person and much with her

Typically, Lily keeps her makeup sharp, and professional. Never straying into incredibly detailed effect or incredibly vibrant colors. She keeps a dark lipstick on with little to no gloss. Her eyeliner is a sharp wing, accenting her incredibly long thick black lashes. Keeping her blush and other things (powder, concealer, foundation, etc) light, fluffy, and calm.

Body Modifications
Underneath the armor and typical clothing choices, all along her body, are faint light blue tattoos. Many of them are “geometrical” in nature, along with many astrological themed ones as well. On her back, she has a very detailed “flower of life” themed piece, covering her entire back, weaving in and out of the crystal formations.

Other than tattoos she also has a wide variety of facial piercings. A gauged septum, bridge and her lebret, many people tug or pull on them. Besides her facial piercings she has many along other parts of her body. Her nipples are pierced along with the nape of her neck. Her earlobes are gauged and has a small flat back piercing above that. Along the shell of her ear are a variety of piercings. One one ear, she wears a long black cross ear cuff accessory. On the other ear though she has about four piercings running along the shell of her ear along with an industrial bar. The majority of her piercings are black or silver and she rarely ever changes the colors out.

In her day to day while on “duty” she wears her typical dark knight ensemble with all of her hair pulled to one side of her head, and braided. When she isn’t working she keeps her fashion choices professional, often wearing button up shirts, ties, and nice pants. She flourishes in “glamorous” clothing and when a more “formal” event takes place, doesn't dare hold back from her natural talent of outfit planning. On more than one occasion, she has worked for others choosing outfits and playing “tailor”

» True Appearance Picture:

II. Personality Traits

» Personality:

In Lilys youth, she was a very polite and courteous child. She always gave more than she took, and was always sensitive and careful with others trust and feelings. She was best friends with everyone and those who refused to like her, she just ignored. She was never inclined to act petty, as it was not in her nature. She wasn’t jealous, or whiny, and always was incredibly well behaved. Her natural talent for training and fighting earned her praise from her peers which encourage her to do her best for herself and those who looked up to her.

She was determined, and obedient, always standing up for her beliefs but typically not resorting to violence to get her point across. She has an admiration for the logical and therefore was an incredibly astute and intelligent person. This combined with her natural empathy with her peers made her the best person to confide in.

Despite that, she was never “innocent”. When someone personally went out of their way to harm her loved ones she was always quick to step up and shut them down. Agitating those she is loyal too is an incredibly unwise decision as she will fight with every ounce of her being to get her point across. She can be violent, quick, and cold the moment it becomes necessary.

As she grew her nature just...shifted. She became a very...composed and distant mysterious figure. She moved silently, her head held high with pride, but pain is evident in the aura that surrounds her. She has mastered her emotions, and while she is not particularly “unfeeling” she just prefers to stay distant.
As she grew older though, she realized she had incredibly charisma, making her romantic advances hard to pass. She was incredibly chivalrous, always going to the ends of the earth to shower her lovers with attention and appreciation. She She loves people and people love her. She is very polite regarding romance, but typically prefers being subtle in her advances as she finds being too straightforward to be a bit rude. She takes her time, moves at the other person's pace. With more..”aggressive” lovers, she can easily lose herself to lust, and enjoys the “chase”.

In terms of the bedroom, she is a very kink inclined person. She loves experimentation and definitely enjoys the “artistic” aspect of sex. Her partners are often viewed as “works of art” to her, and she is a pro at sweet talking her lovers into submission. It is very rare that someone walks into her life where she feels as if they are in “control” of her. When those people come along into her life, she tends to get very excited and eager to experience sexual things with them, as she loves fighting for control.

She is always respectful of boundaries and typically will be the first person to make a move, but is always sure to ask if such things are ok. Her chivalry shows through especially during romantic or sexual scenarios. She takes her time and always “takes care” of her partners before she gets to work on pleasing herself as her lover's needs always come first. She is also the type to not mind halting any task if it means helping get her lover some relief.

While she has no preference where the gender of her partners are concerned she is very “strict” on her polyamorous preferences as having one monogamous relationship is just not her cup of tea. She will never force her opinions upon others and will immediately stop romantic interaction with someone if they express discomfort with her romantic choices.

At the end of the day, Rosaline is a deep, complex, pained individual who tends to keep her darkest secrets, fears, and feelings hidden deep within her mind. If she ever talks to you about her personal feelings, she considers you close and loved and treasured. Her trust is typically hard to earn, and she does not hesitate in her honesty.

» Likes: Nature, flowers, streams/rivers, grasslands, fighting, the wilderness

» Dislikes: Failure

III. Guardian Beast

» Name:Rosaline the Graceful, Rose
» Age: 523
» Gender: Female
» Origin: Honor

» Location of Resonance Marker: The location of Roses resonance marker is the large gem on her stomach.

» Appearance:

» Personality:
Rosaline, aka Rose, is an incredibly gentle soul who is usually described by others as a headstrong, brave individual who “sees the beauty in everything”. Hateful or spiteful emotions are very rarely a thing Rose is capable of as she wishes to resolve every situation peacefully or with as little injury or insult as possible.

Do not confuse her kindness for mercy though as she is an incredibly skilled and straight-faced warrior who will use any tactic necessary to achieve her goals. She is loyal, boisterous, and an incredibly happy and optimistic person. She’s also incredibly honest and open minded and straightforward. She loves debating things and hearing peoples opinions on different topics, making her incredibly fun to socialize with. She has a very different view on the world and often poorly words her comments or compliments. While to many blunting stating something about your appearance could rub you the wrong way, but to her, she is most likely pointing out features she admires, and in Roses case, she loves everyones different features.

Many describe her as a person who sees the beauty in everything. Every curve or detail of someone's body, or their home, or their favorite thing or sound, she can admire and enjoy. Her optimistic attitude is a polar opposite to Lily, but it makes the two get along even better.

» History:
In her youth, Rosaline lead a large group of female warriors. Their sole purpose was to defend and act as a group for the kings and queens to use in dire situations and who defended their code of honor, respect, and freedom. Rose served the kings and queens of her world, and was a dedicated and ferocious leader. Her tactics became feared as she fought with a ruthless and merciless mentality, eager to win and quickly end conflict. She was younger than many of her comrades and yet she survived and saw more fights, battles, and wars in her lifetime than even her oldest teacher's/masters. She was feared and adored.

She served as the group's leader for about fifty or so years, and learned of many of her comrades incredibly unique backgrounds, cultures and histories. She traveled the world with them, learned their fighting styles, worked towards the mastering of her friends weapons and why they walked and fought they way they did. She learned to appreciate and love the complexities and differences of each living entity who crossed paths with her. While her youth of being a military leader was filled with bloodshed and many brutal battles, she learned and worked to let it go, and live in the moment, and love and learn and grow. As she was nearing the hundredth year of her existence, she decided it was time to find a new path to walk as fighting had begun to take it's toll on her body, spirit, and mind.

Taking a step back once she finally decided to disband the group of warriors, she set out on teaching herself. She studied politics, ethics, law, and the art of war. As she studied and trained her mind her spiritual peace embraced her being and left her a patient and gentle person with immeasurable love/admiration/appreciation and understanding. She grew into her own, lived in the moment of her experiences and her life, worked to better herself and explore and learn.

Around age three hundred, she finally met Lily. The two immediately formed a complex and deep bond with one another. Their conversations were deep. Confusing. Emotionally draining more often than not. While Rosaline found Lily to be confusing and a bit weird, Rose admired and praised Lily for her work in her training and knighthood. Her goals and beliefs were shared by Rose and after being witness to an incident in which Lily was forced to roundup warriors and lift spirits, Rose found herself completely infatuated and obsessed with all things Lily.

Her bold and courageous nature combined with her love of intelligence and complexity and different experiences and the appreciation for similar topics and interests Lily shared with her, made the two click immediately. They often are found right by the others side, their friendship and shared love between the two forming a rare and beautiful bond between the two women.

The two now fight side by side not as guardian beast and partner, but friends.

» Flimkien Powers:

Weapon Summoning
Rose possesses the ability to summon her main weapon from her resonance marker. This action can take only a few seconds and as long as Rose is in a battle, her weapon can be summoned. She is not able to summon duplicates of her weapon due to the strength of it.

Non est Fractum Clypeum [The Unbreakable Shield]
This is Roses main weapon. It is a lightweight, transparent pink shield with rose decals on the front. It is a pink color with a light blue steel border. The shield itself is made of incredibly dense energy, explaining it's light weight and transparent appearance. The shield itself takes such an enormous force to even crack it, it has earned title of unbreakable. It doesn’t mean it’s impossible to actually shatter or crack it, Rose has never met someone who’s capable (Theoretically, the shield itself would take a cumulative force equal to roughly two direct gran rey ceros toshatter it. Once the shield has been broken, it cannot be resummoned). The shield itself is incredibly aerodynamic and operated similarly to a boomerang, always coming back to Rose once she’s thrown it.

The Quartizine Trio
The Quartizine Trio is the name given to Roses three enormous light cannons. Each cannon can be fired individually and each shot travels up to about 400mph. Although they are called light cannons they do not fire actual light. They fire large blinding beams of energy. The shots are deafening, incredibly bright and pack an insane punch, roughly the strength of a cero. Each can be fired up to twice per post, and up to eight times per thread.
When the individual cannon is fired it forms a shape much like the above. The energy travels incredibly fast but it doesn’t reach it's top speeds when the cannons are fired individually. Depending on if Rose decides to fire it determines what the shot does once fired. It can either split off into about 5 smaller chunks of energy, spin around wildly and unpredictably, or can be fired and hold it's shape until it hits the ground, flies off into space, or hits her target.
When all three cannons are fired at once the above effects happen. The beams fired circle around eachother and the blast itself can reach speeds up to 700mph. These beams are obviously a bit harder to dodge and can cause MASSIVE sized craters deep into the ground. While firing the cannon this way creates a stronger blast (akin to a Gran Rey Cero), it can only be fired in this manner three times per thread, and only one time every three posts. On top of that, firing them all at once can sap a lot of energy from Rose, making each one less effective if she has no time to recover. If she does find time to “recharge” it takes about 5 posts for her to recover. So far shes been able to fire off all of them at once about five times in a row before being unable to fire them again.

While she is still light on her feet, she doesn’t move nearly as fast as her partner. She has been able to reach up to about 80mph but what she lacks in speed she makes up for in sheer strength. Because of her training and just natural talent, Rose has been able to lift up to about three tons.

Rose spent the first portion of her existence surrounded by death, war, struggle, and battle. She was raised as a warrior and learned from her nation's greatest teachers. Her battle experience makes her an incredibly dangerous opponent as she is able to quickly work out a strategy to lead her to victory in a matter of seconds.

Also could be called “Speed of descent/ascension control” as she is able to float slowly or quickly, meaning she can also fly. This ability is performed by changing the way gravity affects her, allowing her to be able to raise and lower herself at whatever speed she chooses. This can help with taking punches as she can shift her balance and weight and keep herself locked in place or instead of flying she can simply take a hit and stand her ground, only moving a small bit.

Healing Powers
Her healing powers manifest themselves in the forms of tears. She can simply cry on your wound or use pre bottled tears to heal broken bones, deep cuts, and non-fatal injuries. Her tears can not heal mental illnesses, and the more they are used on a subject the less effective they become. They do not heal wounds in a matter of seconds. Often when used, they simply SPEED up the healing process, typically for smaller wounds (cuts/bruises, or internal bleeding) can take about three posts to heal. For more serious injuries (organ damage, or broken bones), it takes about seven posts for the healing process to complete. These tears will not work on injuries that would otherwise lead to the victim’s death, as once that threshhold has been crossed, Rose cannot bring them back from it. Typically if injuries become too grave, Rose will encourage her peers to retreat or she herself will so she can heal herself. Her tears are even less effective on herself than others who use them often, but can still be incredibly handy for the smaller wounds.

Plant Control
Rose has the ability to control the rate in which plant life grows, shaping an environment to her liking. Things like roses, moss, vines and thorn adorned plant live are her preferences as using these items as whips or traps can prove to be incredibly effective in getting an upper hand. She can only do this plants about ten feet around her at any time. She can use a plant and walk with it as she controls it to help make it appear as if she has no limitations to this ability. Causing the plant life to grow into larger versions of itself takes a bit of time (about three posts) and depending on just how big the plant grows, can cause strain on Rose’s body.

This ability is a bit odd as it is only used when Rose needs a bit of help. She has the ability to give sentient life to certain plants, vegetables, and fruits. Flowers are typically not used as they are very delicate and easily broken. She is the only one who can control the plants even though they have free will. While it's a fun trick, it typically can be somewhat useless in battle, but thanks to Rose’s experience on the battlefield, she has become a master at using these beings in her missions and battles to give her the upper hand. These will typically be extremely frail, lemming-like helpers. Good only for scouting or creating distractions as opposed to actual combat effectiveness.

Electrical Interference
Rose has shown the ability to disrupt and interfere with electrical products (radios, tvs, etc) mostly as a parlor trick.

Solar Power
The brighter the weather the more powerful and energetic Rose is as the majority of her powers are charged using the sun’s rays. She is at her full strength on a sunny day. If her opponent can control clouds or somehow block her from the sun, they can gain a small upper hand against her, reducing her overall effectiveness by about 5%

» Matul Ispiritu Appearance:

» Matul Ispiritu Powers:
A loud booming roar is performed but despite how it sounds, the roar itself vibrates at an incredibly dangerous speed as being too close to her while this move is performed has shown to cause hearing loss (temporary and relative to how close the opponent was to her). This attack takes one full post to “charge” and can only be performed in sunnier weather.

Being in the form of a lion allows her to run at speeds up to one-hundred and twenty miles per hour versus her normal eighty miles per hour. It also grants her a slight strength boost, equalling about 1.44%. She is capable of moving things up to about six thousand four hundred and twenty three pounds. In this form she also stands at about four foot two at her shoulder and when on her hind legs, shes about six foot three. This height combined with her obvious strength and speed has been known to cause intimidation in weaker opponents.

Portal-Based Traveling
Summon one-way portals that can move her a few feet from the first portal. Summoning one portal right in front of another can boost her speed up to ten times her normal speed but she can only fly through about ten portals as a time as flying through anymore than that has been shown to cause excessive strain on her body in this form. She is only able to summon a portal about a mile apart from the previous one. This is usually used as an escape method or means of travel as she cannot use this ability if she is engaged in combat. If she is in a calm environment, and has time to concentrate in peace, she can fire a singular, larger, more powerful portal that works akin to the gates used by the Shinigami, allowing her to access the Living Realm from the Sugiuran Realm, and vice versa.

IV. Character Background

» History

”Sometimes, you have to make your own luck.”

Lily has no idea who her birth parents are or were as she was raised by a small family in an incredibly small town who were introduced to her a cold night in december with no sign of anyone or explanation. The only thing with her was a small blanket with the name Lilian Viore stitched into the corner. The couple took her in with open arms and raised her as their own as they were incapable of having children of their own. They kept her name as they felt it was their way to say thank you for the blessing. The two were of a wealthier variety and were in charge of overseeing many of the small businesses in the town. This opened up doorways Lily would’ve never thought possible, and she wouldn’t have been able to use otherwise.

Raising her was nothing short of a team effort. Constantly fussy, a weakened immune system, combined with her generally tiresome schedule became exhausting for the inexperienced couple. The majority of the community found their willingness to help Lily odd, and were hesitant to lend them any help. However, one older woman who had in the past helped oversee a large amount of local births, decided to come out of retirement and quickly wiped Lily into shape.

Soon she was walking and running and playing. She developed very strong relationship with the elderly woman, taking to calling her Nanna, she often spent time with her in her childhood, listening to her stories of whimsy and adventure.

With a town population of about twenty, Lily stuck out immediately. Her tall stature and dark skin and hair made her look different than her friends, and while many of the adults found her appearance off putting, her peers adored her and she was taught self love and acceptance very early on. Her early years at school were spent excelling and being generally easier to teach than other children her age. This caught people's attention, including her family.

Being raised by the richest family in the town meant she had access to a better future, and that's all her family wanted for her. After primary school, her mother pulled her from the public education and began training her under a private tutor and the elderly woman. She was taught the art of the sword and at about age thirteen returned to the central city of the northern kingdom with her tutors where she began training under other knights, practitioners of law, and partners of her first tutor. She was welcomed with open arms and though she loved her family dearly, it was clear to her that this place was in her destiny as she had never felt such ease and comfort before.

She spent her teens training and growing, studying and working. She was loved and respected by many and was always eager to help those in need, earning her incredibly sweet titles and nicknames by her peers. She wrote to her parents often, always eager to discuss the details of her goals and accomplishments with them so they would be proud. She sent her earnings back home to thank them and saved only a small bit for herself, which went back into her studies and helping her Nanna with the rent for their small house on the outskirts of the town.

Between volunteering and studying Lily spent her time playing hero. Learning the trades of swordsmithing and how to properly assemble armor pieces. She went on small adventures and quests, growing into herself and learning more about her along with the complexities of life and good and wrong and evil and justice.

She worked hard to earn the same political standing as her teachers and was often allowed to at the very least be present during royal affairs. At the age of sixteen, she received a letter stating that her town had basically been wiped off the face of existence during a scuffle between two warriors nearby had resulted in a large number of violent and uncontrollable fires. With a heavy heart and an unfillable void left in her being, Lily set out to return home to pay her respects and find closure. While there she stayed in the remains of her house, and salvage anything she good. She received a single portrait of her parents and her, and their wedding bands, which she now wears everywhere she goes.

Once settled, that is where she for the very first time, she met Rosaline. The two formed a bond immediately. Rose was alone and tall and intimidating and beautiful, and Lily wanted her whole story from start to finish. They exchanged their opinions and beliefs and whispered secrets into the wind meant only for the others ears. They sat and talked for hours surrounded by the charred ruins of Lilys youth and she learned that night...moving one was possible. After a few months of traveling, the two decided to return to the northern kingdom once more.

Once there the two resumed their studies but vowed to work as partners, friends, and comrades forevermore.

V. Abilities & Equipment

» Natural Abilities
Because of her training she can learn to properly wield any blade in a matter of minutes and has earned mastery level use with a wide variety of swords. This ability does not affect weapons with spiritual entities attached to them.

Weapon Knowledge
While not exactly an expert, she also has a natural affinity for any weapon she happens to wield this combined with her vast intelligence and info on war and weapons over the course of many histories, she has become very familiar with very many weapons, meaning when in a battle, she is likely to be able to read the purpose of the weapons and how it “behaves” and “operates”. This ability can also be used on “spiritual” weapons and weapons withs spirits in or attached to them, however, she is likely to only get bits and pieces, instead of being able to fully understand the weapon.

Over all Lilys years of training and excessive fighting have led to her having an incredibly fit and lean physique. Often being compared to cats, Lily to this day works to improve her form.
Agility and Flexibility
From a young age Lilys trainers pushed the importance of her using her female form to her advantage. She practiced many forms of martial arts, dance, and gymnastics and trained her body to be of contortionist levels of flexibility. She can hold her balance while bent in shapes similar to a pretzel. This flexibility paired with her natural talent for “blending” and being incredibly light on her feet, fast, and silent her agility was an absolute force of nature. Specializing in incredibly dangerous to pull off physical feats was impressive to even the pros among her masters.
While her partner was gifted with incredibly strength, her physical limits are not nearly as impressive. Clocking in being able to lift up to one ton with her legs and only about seven hundred pounds with her arms, she doesn’t pack nearly as rough of a punch as her partner does.
What she lacks in strength she makes up for in incredibly speed and delicacy. Her movements are incredibly graceful despite her armor choices, she is incredibly fast. She has reported being able to move at about two hundred miles per hour. She can only run at about seventy miles per hour but when her “launch” ability is activated her lightweight body and lithe form help her take leaps and bounds and get her moving incredibly fast.

Natural 80% accuracy when firing projectile based weapons (bows, knives, kunai, etc)

Code of Honor
Bound by a contract, Lily is only able to behave within the moral limits of the codes shes sworn to uphold.

Lily has sworn to obey and uphold these laws or else she will be stripped of her knighthood. However, because she is sure with her moral alignment she has trained her mind to refuse disobeyment of these rules. Faith, charity, justice, sagacity, prudence, temperance, resolution, truth, liberality, diligence, hope, and valour are all the things she stands for and because of this, she has an unbreakable will and a determination to do good. When in battle, the blessings and powers bestowed upon Lily may not be “holy” but they grant her strength, determination, willpower, and drive to accomplish her goals.

She is also granted a slight speed and strength boost for about five posts.

Trained Eyes
Typically with humans after a certain point, their eyes are no longer able to keep up with the speed of object or people moving at speed especially the closer said things are to the person's face. This effect known as “motion blur” is about 60% less likely to happen to Lily as she has trained her eyes to move so fast she is capable of seeing past objects moving at two miles per second or 7200 mph. Meaning while many spectators may not see her opponent, Lily can keep up with and counter anyone moving below 7200 mph.

» Resonating Signal
Information Exchange
By forming a contract with Rose the two are capable of exchanging “mental maps/images/and events” all in the span of a few seconds. When this ability is activated (typically before a battle) the two share their battle knowledge, weapon masteries, abilities, and essentially a contract is formed, a “mental bond” that lasts about two to five hours and can be “reactivated” even during a fight though they rarely need too. This ability is very secret and rarely do people figure out that the ritual to form the bond is an ability and not just some odd display.Before a fight, Lily will often kneel down and take her guardian beasts hand, and Rose places a kiss upon her forehead. This action forms the mental link, and the two from then on out can communicate without speech if they wish be able to warn and alert their partner of attacks or unseen or unrecognized danger, tactics, and plans. This makes winning fights their forte especially quick matches.

There is distance limitations, if the two get out of the others “general surroundings” (about ten yards) the bond is broken. It can also be severed by outside prescents, (if someone else with mind reading abilities disturbs her thoughts, it also severs the connection).

Unbreakable Bonds
Even without the mental contract the two are in an incredible sync with one another. To the point where more often than not, if Lily or Rose is injured, the other person can tell they're in trouble. They share emotions, dreams, and reactions. For example if something were to be thrown at Lily, Rose may flinch too.

» Matul Ispritu Gifted Abilities
Will of the Warrior
Unbreakable will and determination, making them fight until they absolutely can not fight anymore.

» Sacred Weapon
Lilys primary weapon is a six feet long pair of scissors. Resting at her hip, the blades can be separated and used as individual swords. When this weapon is pulled out in a fight, Lilys mind become focused and ferocious. Each attack is struck with the intent to win, and as she glides around the battlefield when using this weapon she becomes absolutely relentless. Using one hand to block she rarely ever leaves any openings for her opponents. Her mastery of her weapon has granted her a complex and precise use of it.

»Personal Mystic Eyes:
Astral Vision (Third eye awareness)
When this ability is activated, Lily gains the ability to read people's auras, their energy, and even emotions. She can see her own aura and energy as well. Her mind essentially becomes incredibly aware and to the outside looking at her, you would assume she had the ability to read and predict your thoughts however this is not the case. Instead of reading minds, Lily gains the ability of total situational awareness combined with her ability to read and interpret someone's emotional displays accurately (things like facial expression and body language alone can be enough). This ability combined with her suddenly being able to read her opponent's aura and remaining energy levels allows her to attune her movements and attacks accordingly, allowing her the upper hand in the long run of the fight. If her opponent catches on to this ability, can manage to calm down and conceal their emotions you can in fact confuse her and mislead her. But it's rare that someone has the skills to out maneuver this Mystic eye ability.

This ability also gives her the ability to detect “spiritual impressions”. Once an entity (living or otherwise) wonders through an area they leave something that Lily dubbed a “spiritual impression”. Faint trails of aura can be detected by Lily and used to track someone, making skills such as invisibility pointless when fighting her.

» Equipment
Roses Sword & Sheath
Roses sword is about seven feet in total (seven and a half with the sheath on). It is a light pink color and does not dull when used. It has the edge of a sharpened razor and can cleanly slice through skin and bone with little effort on Roses part.

Lilys Weapons
This sword is her second weapon however in most fights, it will be used first. A very polished and taken care of this sword is a black basket hilted rapier. Lily was trained in the art of fencing when she began learning her sword style. Combining that with her agility and precision and incredibly quick movements getting close to her while she’s using this can prove to be an incredible challenge.

Kept in a small pouch located on her back, she has about a dozen small pink throwing knives. Primarily used as a distraction while she is preparing and setting up attacks. Her precision and experience with throwing knives has given her an upper hand in a majority of her battles.

VI. Maxima Sindicat

» Maxima Sindicat Appearance

» Maxima Sindicat Abilities/b] (What abilities does your Sugiuran gain, or approve in during this mode?)

VII. Skill Sheets

(To Find Out about what these skills are for, please [b]READ THIS THREAD
before you try doing anything to it. After you have read it, do not fill your skills out until a staff member has graded your thread. The staff member checking your app will also give you Will Skills in which you can add to your app when approved.

Remove this message afterwards)

Symbiotic Skill Sheet
  • Sugiura Magic: Beginner/Adept/Advanced/Master
  • Mystic Eyes: Beginner/Adept/Advanced/Master
  • Martial Arts: Beginner/Adept/Advanced/Master
  • Resonancy: Beginner/Adept/Advanced/Master

General Skills
  • Durability: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • General Speed: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner



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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Lilian Viore and Rosaline Bicmore   Lilian Viore and Rosaline Bicmore EmptyTue Aug 23, 2016 6:18 pm

Application Checklist
  • Name [X]
  • Appropriate Age [X]
  • Gender [X]
  • Appearance Present [X]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [X]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [X]
  • 10 sentences for personality [X]
  • History is of appropriate length [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [O]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [O]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[X]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [X]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [X]

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination:
  • Mental Deduction:
  • Pain Endurance:
  • Focus:


Alright, lets get started. Ill only be checking the Rose portion for this instance, when completed we'll move on.

Flight/Floating Not sure where this power comes from, but the ability to control Gravitiy's affects on her is uh... kinda weird. It doesnt talk about where it came from along with the fact that it can be hella absued. If it could be removed or at least changed to make actual sense, that'd help.

Healing Powers This is another one, it doesnt exactly pertain to the character nor does it really have much explaination behind it. Why are her tears able to heal, where di this power originate from, etcetc. It feels like its just thrown into the app because its cool/interesting, which isn't entirely bad it just doesn't make the most sense. Powers are meant to revolve around something or another, and this feels out of place.

Plant Related Abilities This seems to be the main focus for Rose. If thats the case, the other abilities stemming from her control of plants would make sense but then again, it wouldn't. Healing and Gravity control seem out of the range of these general powers so if somehow they could be changed to fit this specific theme or removed, that would really help. And if that isnt the case and the Plant related powers are like the others (nice and added), then you're gonna have to really make everything come together somehow.

Electrical Intereference Wat. This seems the most random despite its lack of importance. Can you elaborate on this power?

Solar Power This fits with the plant theme. This makes me think you're going for plant themes. I really need something to bring this all together, as I've said. Im more than willing to help, it just seems that either A. these powers won't fit or B. The Sugiura race isn't fit for her.

Tier: N/A


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[adm]Moving this to WIP since it's been over a week since Star has updated this profile. [/adm]

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What's goin on here, fam? Gonna need a status update on this in the next three days, otherwise it will be moved to the archives!

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