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 Ceal Maxwell [APPROVED, 4-3]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Ceal Maxwell [APPROVED, 4-3]   Ceal Maxwell [APPROVED, 4-3] EmptyTue Jul 26, 2016 11:34 am

Ceal Maxwell [APPROVED, 4-3] Image4373

Ceal Maxwell [APPROVED, 4-3] Image4374-1

» Name: Ceal Maxwell
» Titles: N/A
» Age: 19
» Gender: Female
» Affiliation/Rank: Shadow Fall, Second Circle.
Rank: Knight.

» Appearance Description: Ceal is a very average build, weighing in at 127lbs for a height of 5'6. She wasn't very large, like her father, but fortunately she didn't appear to be all that lanky either.
Her shoulders seem to be at just the right pitch to give her a cute portrait, complimented well by her modest curves that didn't appear over or under too far in any way. While her hands were the expected medium, her fingers could be just a tad shorter than you'd think, but not too much that you'd noticed without a hard glance.
Corn silk blonde hair that fell to frame her face in loose waves, just thick enough to add some fluff around her ears and temple. Her bangs fell just short of her eyes, glowing a luminescent green.

» Appearance Picture:
Ceal Maxwell [APPROVED, 4-3] Pbucket

Ceal Maxwell [APPROVED, 4-3] Image4376-1

» Personality: Ceal is a very mild mannered individual. She is generally hyper, always seeming to be in motion. In her early years many people saw it as unusual, seeing her fidgets and quirkiness as nervousness, despite that not being the case. In recent years though, she consciously works to tame herself, wondering if she fidgets too much, or sways too often. Sometimes she felt like it was a workout to contain all of her energy.

Ceal does her best to keep a positive outlook on things, always looking for the good in people, in life. She strays away from outside influences. Always desiring to experience things for herself. She likes to joke and find a way to make others smile. Despite being silly, she is otherwise fairly carefree as well.

Ceal is observant, doing her best to take in as many things around her as she can within reason. Primarily, this is typically seen when she interacts with people close to her. She can pick up on subtle changes in their mood, even when those try to hide it. She is terribly empathetic, perhaps even to a fault, typically more worried about the mental well-being of others over her own. It's not to say that she doesn't value her own state of mind, however, just that part of her rationale is to keep others in a healthy mind state as well. This is particularly seen with her demon friend, Raizen.

Ceal is very critical with understanding how she responds to people. At the end of the day, she usually reflects upon her interactions of the day prior. While not necessarily a mask, Ceal refrains from any powerful emotions while out in public or with friends. That is because in reality, she is very emotional, if a bit on the optimistic side of things. It doesn't take much to make her smile, or even cry, but it certainly does take a lot to truly make her sad.

Truly, it is hard, for she has been to the depths of despair, known the sound of madness. Indeed, she had been there, and for once. She had gotten mad. So mad that the very emotion itself evolved into something different, something more. It gave her additional integrity. The mind to withstand more than it could before. The term "what doesn't kill you..." rang all the more true about this certain facet of the complexity of Ceal's inner workings.

In Summary:

It is perhaps what happened in her past that pushes her to try so hard, to be a friend, to be an icon to people less fortunate, to bring light into a place where there was none. It is said that people deal with depression and trauma differently. Some may never recover from it, while some may become bitter. Her way of coping with it was to rise above it. The was the decision that came naturally to her. She refused to fall, to give up. For she, even if no one else did, believed in Hope.

» Likes: Music, Spicy foods, Cute things, Cooking for people, Making friends

» Dislikes: Liers, Sweet Foods, Insects - especially flying, Crustaceans, Spiders, Bugs, Slugs, Shrimp, Hot Weather, the color white


Ceal Maxwell [APPROVED, 4-3] Image4378-1

» Background:

(Full History is continued in a second post)

Coming from the Mid West of the United States, Ceal isn't what you'd expect from a place that used to be nothing larger than a land of corn farmers and small city goers. She found her love early on in the technological fields, loving gadgets and gizmos alike, tinkering with electronics, playing games, building computers.

Even at an early age she had shown promise in learning how the way things work, both physically, and even mentally. Ceal always tried to look beyond the surface, understanding what makes it tick, be it animate or otherwise. Naturally, this meant she ended up growing into someone both astute and understanding.

Her life wasn't too far off from the general normal. Her parents were loving, their house small but nice. Interestingly enough, Ceal did have a brother, a twin in fact, identical too, save for him being the other gender. From a picture's standpoint, they were a perfect family, rarely having fights or differences. Call it the twin phenomenon if you will, but her connection to her brother, Tryce, was about as strong as steel. Growing up together, they shared a lot of experiences, rarely ever growing apart from another. You could say their relationship was an oddity among sibling relationships in America.

Ceal had always had the potential to become a Soul Evolved Human, the same went for her brother as well. This was because when their mother was pregnant with them, the doctor she was seeing on a regular basis during her pregnancy term referred her to a program designed to somehow genetically enhance children. The program, known only as "Seraph", was intended to ensure children became 100% able to become augmented from birth, essentially becoming a new breed of human, known to few as Soul Evolved Humans.

This small series of tests and treatments were expected to be 100% safe, and completely paid for. In fact, the organization in charge of the project offered anyone who participated monetary compensation, "for there time and trouble". Under the guise that it aided them in their research.

It was because of this that Ceal had ended up developing her powers rather early in life. Oddly enough, however, her brother didn't seem to develop any specially abilities. If he did, he never shared that knowledge with her.

Chapter 0: The picture, smeared with blood

On an evening not unlike any other, Ceal was out late with friends watching E-Sports at Raizen's house. Smiling with content, she made her way back home, currently ignorant of the reality that was about to unfold for her. Even as she gazed upon the beautiful world she could now somehow see, she was soon going to see her world smeared in crimson. It was on this day that Ceal found her parents' bodies lifeless, hung in front of their house. As the sun set behind her and horror contorted her face, breaking her once calm expression, she witnessed her brother, one whom she'd shared her life with up to this point, shot in the head by a black shadow. Ceal had no time to react, a scream threatening to reach her lips before she felt a sharp part at the back of her neck, cause her to lose feeling the rest of her body and, slowly, she began to fade. She was fading into the white, a color she despised.


Ceal Maxwell [APPROVED, 4-3] Image4381-1

» Natural Attributes:

High Stamina:
Ceal appears to have more stamina than average humans. Calling her something like the "Energizer Bunny" is not too far off from the reality. She's generally very hyper, always moving, and, in turn, never seems to quit. She also tries her best to remain active.

Pain Tolerance:
Ceal is always getting hurt. When she was a kid, she was always falling down, scraping her knees or elbows. Because of this, she is no stranger to pain. While she is still very squeemish about self inflicting pain, she does a good job at tolerating higher levels of pain than average.

» Racial Powers:


» Evolution Powers:

Electric Soul


Base Power: Surge

Ceal obtained the ability to generate otherwise lethal amounts of electrical voltage without suffering from negative effects (using her soul force). This results in an increase of accidentally shocking people on touch, as well as gradually changing the way Ceal operates in real time. This is also her base power of her soul evolved human state technically present since birth. It was stated that her body can produce and discharge about 800 volts currently.

This is enough to cause fibrillation in the heart, and can fry much of the neurological system of a human body. Styles had also mentioned that as she grows and uses this power, and as her soul force becomes more mature, this voltage will steadily grow, as will her ability to affect the frequency at which she can discharge it.

Base Power (Cont.): Discharge

Just generating voltage isn't the only thing her base soul power does. She can also discharge voltages through touch or contact, sending electrical currents through facets of her body. (typically originating from the brain, the main conduit).

While it is possible for her to cast it out from her body, she does this at great risk to herself and others around her. She is unable to effectively influence the space around her without causing it to arc out violently. Previously, she had much better influence over this with the ability to see what she liked to call "road maps", which were pathways she could calculate and compile an accurate electrical strike. To differentiate it from electrocuting upon contact, it was called "Bolt".

Fortunately, she has made clever use of Discharge, determining that since she is able to control the current through things she "can" see, she makes use of this mainly with copper wiring. With some practice, she is sure that she can master the use of snaking wires around with electrical currents.

A thing to note is that while Ceal manages to develop soul force, she is unaware of how, or what it is, only that it only becomes under her control after it has been converted into electrical energies. This could possibly mean that her realization of what she is could be incomplete.


Ceal Maxwell [APPROVED, 4-3] Image4375-1

» Soul State Evolution Stage 1 Appearance:

» Soul State Evolution Stage 1 Abilities:


Passive: Stargazer

Originally, after gaining the ability, Ceal was able to "see" forces at work in the physical world not usually seen by the human eye. Forces such as electromagnetic waves, electrical fields, ionized particles came to her in spectrum ranging from green and purple, red and orange. After having realized what these meant, she was able to discharge arcs of electricity along the right wave lengths, effectively using her power from afar. This required intense mathematically calculations and understandings of elements and relativity, but through study and understanding, it could be possible. With this, "augmented sight", it was hinted that her ability to grasp control of electricity could extend even further, affecting other forces such as electromagnetic waves, even electrical fields themselves.

However, not very long after gaining stage 2, she lost it's usage upon suffering a near fatal head injury that left her comatose and legally "brain dead" (more in history). So, because of this, her ability at current is that she can send voltages through touch, the first ability she had ever gained..

This allows Ceal to control how she uses Discharge.
Using "paths of least resistance" she makes "roadways" for electricity to travel through space. This requires heightened concentration and computing skills.

Active Ability: Electromagnetic Manipulation

Actual description and execution will be updated open unlocking.

» Soul State Evolution Stage 2 Appearance: Aside from an unnatural glow from her irises, nothing.

» Soul State Evolution Stage 2 Abilities:


» Soul State Evolution Stage 3 Appearance:


» Soul State Evolution Stage 3 Abilities:



Ceal Maxwell [APPROVED, 4-3] Image4380-1

See Skill Sheet for More Information

General Skills
  • Durability:Adept
  • General Speed:Adept
  • Strength: Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Adept

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Adept
  • Mental Deduction: Advanced
  • Pain Endurance: Advanced
  • Focus: Adept

Human Skill Sheet
  • Seal of Eris Mastery: Beginner
  • Soul Sorcery: Beginner
  • Soul Dash: Adept
  • Soul Detection:Adept


Ceal Maxwell [APPROVED, 4-3] Image4379-1

» Roleplay Sample:

(This is a role play sample from another board. Ironically, the character is virtually no different than this iteration)

This was it, wasn't it? She had talked to Gavin, she had made up her mind. She had a will that could not possibly falter this time. Surely, it was the idealism she had wanted to employ all along. Even months ago, the thought crossed her mind, and with it, the build up. The thinking about it upon every single day until she couldn't take it anymore, until she felt like it was now her obligation, her duty to get this started.

What was this? The Shield of course.

The shield of Niwa citiy. The phalanx of the Vanguard. Even now, she had thought how to best employ a network that would allow her team to survey as much of the city as possible. Receiving crime reports within seconds, learn of drug deals, extortion sessions, gatherings. The whole nine yards. It wouldn't be here, in the dusk. She would have a place, somewhere, with all the technology she could need. She would, if she could, tap into any wireless media device in the entire city. She would do this for the use of protection, to nip crime where it lay. Half the battle was knowing first before you act. That was the whole plan.

However, she wasn't a genius. She needed help on how best to execute this plan, she needed a name, a cause. But she also needed the means. Coming out publicly for her would be bad, it could make her the face painted on many a dart board. Ready and willing to be picked off by the ravenous dogs of the underworld

The girl shook her head absently, she would worry about that another time. For now, it was time for every one to be here, in this room in the Dusk, reporting to Ceal.

Sometimes. It's not about age or experience. Sometimes its not even about skill. Sometimes, its about someone having the drive. The want to change the world.

I want to change the world...

The thought felt like a hunger, a need. An addiction that was slowly worsening within her. Ever since she had thought about the idea seeming enticing, the beast of temptation ate at her, destroying her will to resist. The longer she thought about it, the wider a grin on her face would span. Vengeance could taste so sweet.

Not vengeance for herself, but for others, knowing that she was executing the will of those who cried for help. That is what she wanted to do. The idea of being the embodiment of righteous fury, of Justice, made Ceal feel better, empowered.

The room she had decided for their gathering was a small vip lounge in the Dusk, away from much of the admittedly little action for the time of day. A lot of people didn't show up here at 5 in the evening. It was mostly packed towards the later part of the night. Still, she wanted to be as isolated as possible. Discretion felt like it should be important.

After Ceal had walked over to her turn table, her instrument of choice, her hands trailed lightly over the edge. She had brought her's into the room for this meeting. Ponderously, she plugged in her MP3. She hit play, the sound of her special kind of music filling the room. It wasn't very loud, but it was audible as background music.

She walked back to the middle of the room, looking at a wall facing the opposite of the wall with the door into the room. There, on a whiteboard, were the virtues. Many of the names were not yet claimed. Some would be today, and others later. She hoped everything would go according to plan. This is something that needed to work. This place, this city. It was a place where hope was fleeting, and justice was rare. It was a city of swords cutting down the meek. For them, she would be the shield. A beacon of light in the darkness.

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: History (ext.)   Ceal Maxwell [APPROVED, 4-3] EmptyThu Jul 28, 2016 3:14 pm

“Sometimes, I look at the sky in the evening and wonder... What would it be like to fly? I've always lived with a motto I got from playing an MMO game way back in the day. Twas a title you could get. “Have Wings, Will Fly” I have always wondered the meaning to that motto, simple with only 4 words, yet so complex it could mean something so different from one man to the next. “If you have the ability to do something, you should do it” I think.. that's what it always meant to me."

"...Something special happened to me a long time ago. Something terrible happened as well. But... even so, I believe that even though they're gone away, they would want me to look forward. For them.. I will, I can't let my “wings” remain broken. They will heal, and I will take to the sky once again. "

Born in the mid west of the United States, Ceal was from a family that could be unmistakably what you'd call average. A father, a mother, a brother. They were of a lower middle class, never quite struggling financially, but never quite well off either. But alas, that is not the focus of this passage.

Having an identical twin brother was pretty much the focus of much Ceal's childhood. Rarely was she seen or spoken of without her other half. They were as close as you would imagine any twin sibling relationship to be. It was typical for siblings to have almost a “bullying” scenario where she came from, so it was a refreshing sight to see something not only out of the ordinary with them being twins, but also with them being friendly toward one another.

For lack of better description , Tryce, her brother, was most everything she was not. Stoic, strong, stable. They admittedly had very many similarities that helped define them as a duo. They were both carefree, kind, even to people who treated them badly. Each strove to learn from the other, perhaps because of that, Ceal became a slight bit of a tomboy in her early years, only growing apart within the high school era. Even then, they weren't too far off from another.

However. Something to note about the twins was that, in their early years, they both developed something only describable as “extraordinary”. Starting at the age of 11, both of them began changing, undergoing a metamorphosis that no one could describe. Admittedly few people knew of this, but only their mother would know what it was. For it was her who accepted an outside source to perform “tests” on them during her pregnancy term.

Chapter 1: We as Angels

A project called “Seraph”, spear headed by her family doctor, Dr Steven Styles, was a project that offered to test on embryotic states in an effort to create a genetically enhanced human. On the face of this program, it was said to reduce the likelihood of birth defects, symptoms of frailty or the appearances of certain genetically passed down diseases and health conditions.

However, the reality, while similar was actually much different. There had been reports of humans undergoing a natural state of metamorphosis, called “soul evolution”. So far, it was not known how or why it was happening, only that it was allowing humans to come more to terms with beings of power, such as Soul Reapers, Hollows, and other powerful races. Some say it was because of this very reason that humans were evolving, adapting to increase their chances of survival against overwhelming odds.

Dr Styles realized this and were among the first to dive into the research of genetically fabricating this on human subjects. While his practices skirt the boundaries of humans rights, many believe his heart is in the right place. Wanting to take something previously thought to be random and make it a guarantee. It was likely that Ceal and Tryce were not the first tests to be ran, but Styles did note that they were the first successful patients.

It wasn't long after their 11th birthday that Styles noticed this. Upon their visit, Styles assured them and her mother that this change was to be expected, and was actually and was actually a powerful gift, should they decide to use it. Hey confirmed that their bodies were creating the catalyst soul evolved humans were known to use. While similar to “reiatsu” it was somewhat different, stemming only from their own body, from a physical development, a “gland” for a description. This “force” gradually and subtly augmented their bodies to become just that much better than average. At first it was almost unnoticeable, but after about two or three years, they were able to out perform many peers in their grade levels at athletics with minimal effort actually put in.

Athletics aside, they soon realized that this force could influence the world around them. Ceal's manifested into electrical force. Being able to hear the hum of surging electricity through power lines, affect the currents around her, generate much higher than average voltages within her own body. Tryce's manifested quite differently, despite being twins with identical genome. He was able to take moisture in the air and cause it to freeze, effectively sapping the friction (and therefor heat) from it or things he touched. Styles said himself that it wasn't that he could make things cold, he literally took the energy from the molecules, causing there motion to slow to the point of stagnating, creating a field of “absolute zero”.

Chapter 2: We as Demons

”When they came... At first it was like we were being bombed. People panicked, fending for themselves and their families. …I could understand their fear, but maybe I was just more optimistic than they were?”

In the year 2412. A terrifying race came from the very pits of hell and brutally occupied America, the birth place of Ceal and Tryce. They were merely 15 at the time, but their idealistic views on looking for the little bit of solace they could in such a changing time was all they could do not to give in to fear like many others have. Fortunately for them, their small state of Indiana was not one that very much violence had taken place. By the demon queen's own words, those who did not oppose her could live as they would, within reason.

Naturally, Ceal wanted to this this occupation was wrong, taking a country for themselves in the human world seemed wrong. But, she couldn't help but remind herself that if they really wanted to, they could have easily taken America, and killing anyone it it. Honestly, her life didn't really change that much with their occupation. Aside from the occasional demon, one could honestly forget sometimes. You could look up at the sky and it was still blue, the grass still green.

Indiana didn't have any special laws or rules of immediate government, meaning that demons, humans, and other such races could mingle together with minimal influence from shadowfall or anything thereof. In this time, it was when Ceal met the demon child Raizen. He was a transfer student at her school, directly following the stabilization of the country. He had a kind face and, surprisingly, a kind heart. Many of her peers would look down on him or make him feel unwelcome in his time there. Noticing Ceal smiling a the indifference of what race he may be, they quickly became friends. He was the prime example that, though the world saw the entirety of the demon race as evil, they were wrong. Soon even Ceal herself wondered if Shadowfall themselves were truly evil.

Chapter 3: Nightmare on Delaware Street

Soon, before she knew it, a year had passed with the demon's occupation. Slowly they saw even more influx of demons vying to live peacefully, though some merely were curious of humans and their lifestyle. Before long, the Indiana everyone knew was no more. It had evolved into something different, borders changed and the name was changed. It was a small country now, tucked deep inside the borders of the shadowfall occupation, yet isolated on a government standpoint. Now called “Metropolis”, the city began to change slowly, life mixing more of human and demon cultures into one. Even Ceal couldn't help but be affected to a degree. She began to study about the demon race's belief on life and death, coming to understand how they believe death to be merely a transcendence from their current vessel. She found all this very intriguing, often times discussing at lengths with Raizen this subject. Ceal loved to learn about things, wanting to seek the truth, no matter how deep. To be “in the know” as much as possible. She wasn't very ignorant nor did she want to be. She believed that if she was, she would be no better than the people who foolishly threw away their lives when shadowfall first began their take over. She felt for them, but she believed their ignorance to be their own undoing and hoped that they found peace in the afterlife.

By this time, Her and Tryce were getting to be quite adept at using their powers, slowly but surely developing truly amazing ideas using what they could influence with their powers. Styles kept a close eye on them for most of their lives, even so much as to greet them on a friendly level often enough to be considered a friend of the family. Even now, he was legally the childrens “godfather” swearing to care for them, should anything happened to their parents. While it was a very human thing to note, it was merely just for fun between them all, never expecting that would actually come to pass.

None of them ever expected anything.

”I remember... it was raining heavily. So hard, in fact, that I couldn't even see it. It... it was jarring. It made me hate. It made me so angry to shield the hurt.... the pain... the sudden throbbing of longing. It stabbed me in the heart to prevent the numbness that followed.”

While there had been reports. No one ever suspected it would happen here. Coming from the west, there were news articles about a terrible band of human hating demons causing abhorrent atrocities to human cities. Unsurprisingly, Shadowfall didn't bother to make any public comments on the accusations, nor did they even give reporters commenting on the matter the time of day. Frankly, their acts of vandalism and murder were merely seen as aspects of demonic culture. While the acts appeared to be rumors, confirmation of the acts were only downplayed by other demon sources, playing off the fact it was merely childish.

Walking home in a torrential rain, Ceal was coming back from Raizen's house merely around the block and down the street. However, that was the last time she would make such a venture. Raizen had been acting strange all day, as if he were on edge. While Ceal did pick up on it, he couldn't necessarily stop her from leaving his house. Oddly enough, he was frantically pleading that she stay, using their studies as a reason she mustn't go. Not yet. Raizen knew about the nightmare that was to unfold. While he was not a part of it, there was nothing he could do to stop it, short of saving just one person, the human girl that had shown him so much kindness. That same girl who was a the center of his heart, demonic or otherwise.

”I was a demon, she was a human. But....

...So what?! Before we are anything in this world, this life, this universe, we are a soul! A soul has no ties to any race or culture, gender or otherwise. Her, in all of her silly jokes, hyperactivity, and weird clothing choices, there was something far more beautiful. It was her soul, that shone like the sun that never rises in Hell. The light among the darkness. She showed me kindness where others of her race only turned up their noses. That same smile that pierced me, straight through the cold surface of my skin, breaking the ice that hold my heart still...”

Standing in the driveway, Ceal lost her balance her equilibrium suddenly giving out. Was it shock? The sudden pang of despair? She felt as though she couldn't breathe, like the world hold still, and the air being taken from her lungs. Her parents were laid out, blood smeared their clothing as they lay under the falling sky motionless, as if the rain did not affect them. Spread eagle like an execution, they were just in front of the walk way, for all to see. Though dark, Ceal could see them, multiple shadows of darkness moving, showing nothing but the lack of color save for their eyes. They glowed in the night in a stark contrast to their shadowy bodies. Perhaps Ceal's eyes were merely playing a trick on her, but one thing was certain, the person that was in the clutches of the one in the center, was Tryce. He was alive still. He was alive, yet the words that ran across his lips told her to run. He knew that, for him, it was too late. For her, whom the demons had not yet seen, it wasn't. She could run away now. At the expense of her family, of her brother, she could run away.

Except, she couldn't. Her legs wouldn't move. While the tears mixed with the rainfall, she fell to her knees. For a brief moment, she lost herself to sadness. To the overwhelming despair.

Then, the faint sound of crackling filled the air, slightly being heard over the padding of the raindrops. Eventually, that crackling became louder and louder until finally, Ceal's scream made it to her lips. Past the denial, past the shock and the fear, past every negative emotion that was rolling their her head, it was all being shielded by one emotion. That emotion manifested itself into the surging ferocity of electricity.

However, anything she would be able to do was to be cut short. With a sharp pain on the back of her neck, Ceal became stunned. Her vision of the night sky clouded by one man. Perhaps he was a demon. She didn't know, and her confusion was stopped short because at the time, the pain of her neck, of her emotions, all began to fade. With it, her sight which could see the world as vibrantly as it was all began to fade to white. Like bad reception on a television, it felt as if her existence was fading to white.

Chapter 4: Circuit Reparation

”For so long.... I could not hear... feel.... or think,”

....But then, it all came back to me,

Waking up to a bright and blurry room. It was cold and Ceal couldn't stop the ringing in her ears. No matter what she did, plugging her ears or otherwise. That ringing wouldn't go away. Once her sight cleared up, she could realize a pair of piercing blue eyes staring at her from a chair next to her bed. Those blue eyes only belonged to one person. It was Dr. Styles.

Apparently, he recovered her body from the site and was the primary reason she was able to recover. He had rushed her into the emergency room and saw to it that she was taken care of. Ceal was in a coma for 3 years. Her life had been almost given up on. The one footing the bill, Styles, would not give up on her. Part of it was his investment into the Seraph program, the other part was he did, genuinely, care for her. She eventually came to learn that while her brother was presumed dead, shot in the head, his body was not found or recovered. She had missed their funeral, 3 years ago. Though she felt like she wanted to cry upon hearing all this, the tears wouldn't come. Instead, her eyes just burned, looking around the room. Her enhanced vision, something she self named “stargazer”, was gone. Now when she looked on, it seemed like she was watching a movie through bad reception. Seeing white noise in shadows of the room, her vision flickering occasionally if she looked around too fast. Noticing the changes, she almost had a nervous break down, the pulse detector on her body going crazy.

Styles did all he could to calm her down, stating facts about what happened to her body and how much of a miracle it was that she even came back from her coma. She was declared legally brain dead a month after her injury. Apparently the demons caused supposedly irreversible damage to her nervous system. Styles point out that they would have been right, provided that she was an ordinary human. Styles studied her condition with the knowledge of the Seraph project and waited for this day. He suspected she would awake different. She would have certain conditions, but he had came prepared. Her body had adapted to the fact that parts of her nervous system were cut, severed from the others. Most notably, at her neck, the conduit for all of her bodies functions, was cut completely. In any other circumstance, they would have no salvation of any current medical science. However, miraculously, her bodies added ability to subconsciously generate voltages caused a phenomenon with arguably no name in the medical field. Her brain was sending messages to the body using this electrical current, theoretically “bypassing” the severance. The ending result was that, while she regained her bodily functions to a slightly flawed degree, her brain could no longer reserve the energy to keep her stargazer ability functioning. While she might have the voltage required, her brain capacity was limited.

Styles predicted that outside interference would end up causing problems for Ceal's “jury rigged” system and devised a tool to cancel out the noise and interference of other forms of waves the like. Ingeniously designed like a pair of over the ear headphones (fully functional too), Styles designed them to give Ceal some comfort should she suffer any splitting headaches or ear splitting noises from the waves in the air that could cause interference. They were designed to be powered off of Ceal's own natural voltage generation, came blue tooth ready, and honestly looked pretty stylish to Ceal.

So, it was then that Ceal put on the headphones, something that would symbolize her existence for a time to come.

Chapter 5: Second Chance

Now it is current day and after being in a coma for 3 years, life is starting to get back to normal for her. The past still hurts, but even though it was so traumatic, she is unable to allow it to get her down anymore, at least not until she lays her head down some nights. Styles was good on his word, with the passing of her parents and the disappearance of her brother, he never hesitated to file for adoption, legally becoming her guardian.

Even now, even though it were demons who murdered her family and crippled her for life. She could not find it within herself to hate them. No matter who they are in this world, everyone has a choice. Every individual has a choice whether they want to do good or bad. Ceal could not, would not allow that to affect her judgment on all the members of the demon race.

According to Styles, Raizen ended up losing contact with him some time last year, but never once did he let go of the fact he blamed himself. He had tried so hard, and now he's out there, somewhere probably looking for a way to fix it all. She needed to go, find him and tell him everything. That it wasn't his fault, that it never changed her views.

In this world where hope is fleeting, in the heart of darkness, she shone as brightly as ever. Her experience may have changed her a little bit, making her just a bit more reserved. A bit sensitive and tender. But the main thing it did to her, was make her strive for peace that much harder, make her “want” to be a beacon to people who have lost hope. For a moment, she felt as though the responsibility of what she was about to take on was bigger than her. Just then, though, she thought of herself and what it could have been had she been a hero, if she had a hero at that time. Would her life been changed? With that thought in mind, she steeled herself with the thought of what was to come and the thought of reuniting with her brother, and her best friend in this world.
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Application Checklist
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Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: adept
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  • Focus: Adept

Comments/Notes: After going through the application with her, we've come to an agreement on multiple things concerning things I requested to be adjusted and such. With that being said, I'll be approving it now.
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