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Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2416, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.
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Tue Aug 09, 2016 6:29 pm





» Name: Hanu
» Titles: Vessal Of Wrath
» Age: Seventeen
» Gender: Male
» Affiliation/Rank: The Hell Guardians (Layer Zero)

» True Appearance Picture:

Hanu Vessel Of Wrath 93YIbt6
Hanu Vessel Of Wrath AfGPjCc
Hanu Vessel Of Wrath TBiUxdP
Hanu Vessel Of Wrath QVXTrI4
Hanu Vessel Of Wrath RQ4KthA
Hanu Vessel Of Wrath QeMJH8w



» Personality:


Throughout the few years that Hanu has lived, one staying trait that has always stuck around was being able to change. Now, changing a person's personality and actions are hard, but changing a person's life style is easier for Hanu. Adjusting to a new life is something he can do on the fly, moving from one place to the next in an attempt to stay sane and within the realm of the living. Due to being born into his position as a Vessel, Hanu was never truly able to settle his long and drawn out war with his inner thoughts. Wrath was an issue that never seemed to disappear, forcing its way to the surface whenever it had wished to. In the end, life would never stay simple for long, Hanu had come to realize that quickly enough from quite a young age.


Another trait that developed through Hanu's upbringing was a lack of needing others within his life. The need for others within his life was little to none, his hell beasts being the only true main stays in his world. When others attempt to interact with him, he forces his cold nature outward in order to make them displeased. Causing others displeasure easily forces their hand in order to keep their distance. Being a "hermit" of sorts is the easiest way to live through life, especially when someone like Hanu is involved. Nevertheless, there are few that break through the thick shell of the boy. Those similar to his hell beasts have the easiest time, given his upbringing.


Due to Hanu's secluded nature, throughout his life he has grown far too attached to his Hell Beasts in comparison to others. As if younger siblings, Hanu has shown to have a complex associated with the two. Growing up with the two girls as if they were family alongside the inability to express his emotions properly has brought about his need to always have the girls attached to his hip. With this being the case, Chika and Hanako have always been the priority of Hanu's attention, save for the protection of his layer. This has caused quite a few issues for Hanu throughout his aging however, in most situations that were related to women he'd instantly become eccentric. As if a split personality was bestowed upon him, Hanu usually begins talking about the girl's and his infatuation for them, something that the two have both come to terms with despite its agitating nature.

Emotionally Unstable:

Becoming a Vessel for a Sin is relatively simple most of the time. Go through life, act as if you're a cancerous piece of shit, proceed to follow the same path until death, then upon selective treatment you become a vessel that represents one of the deadly sins. Of course, this was far from how Hanu came to be given the title of "Vessel". With such a birth would come complications, such as general anger and extreme emotions. Despite Hanu's birthright of being an "angry meat head", the boy has quite the range of emotions when it comes to interacting with others. Whether it be an inherently good or an inherently bad emotions, these emotions come to the surface ten fold compared to an average person's mentality. The small detail the seperates Hanu even further from a majority of people throughout the realm is the fact that these emotions can be sporadic and unwelcomed, a type of "Bi-Polar" if given a generic term. Episodes are random and can be nearly anything along the manic scale, causing quite the problem for Hanu and those he interacts with. Nevertheless, the boy isn't perpetually in a state of disarray. There are always lulls and breaks despite the extremes, something that can be relatively life saving in many situations.



» History[i] Three paragraph minimum of your characters history. Also include how they became a Rakshasa as it is very key to the powers and appearances they can take.



» Dāgī Tvacā Name: Tetsu no yōsai (Lit. Iron Fortress)

» Dāgī Tvacā Appearance:

As if ripped from a generic super hero within the cliched books that most read as children, Hanu's Tainted Skin's appearance is rather childish. Taking the form of Kanji, the Tainted Skin's appearance represents that of Iron, quickly relating to the title Hanu had given his Dagi Tvaca. As generic as the Kanji Symbol is, the form that this kanji takes is rather disturbing in comparison to its writing counterpart. Taking the form of freshly made burn marks, the Kanji mark spans a decent portion of his upper right shoulder, visible only if Hanu's shirt is removed. Below is an image depicting the Kanji.

Hanu Vessel Of Wrath 374

» Dāgī Tvacā Release Appearance:

Unlike the simple form that it's unactivated appearance takes, Hanu's Tainted Skin's activation brings an entirely different beast to the surface of his being. Gaining the title of Iron Fortress only made sense when Hanu activated his Dagi Tvaca, the Kanji that once spread across the upper right shoulder of the boy now covering the entirety of his body. Soon after its activation, the Kanji creates tendril-like lines that spread across the length of Hanu's body which then extends outward from his body. After extending, the lines form what could be described as a cybernetic suit of armor, the idea of "Fortress" coming to mind due to this. Many Rakshasa have far simpler forms of activation, despite this however Hanu's Release Appearance fits both his personality and powers well, only furthering himself from others. An image can be found below.

Release Armor:
Hanu Vessel Of Wrath Mgis6cO

» Dāgī Tvacā Powers:

Kyozetsu (Rejection):

Just as his personality hints at, Hanu's entire power set stems around the ability to "Reject" things. At a basic level, rejection is the easiest way to describe the powers that stem from Hanu's power of Kyozetsu. On a far more developed and explained level however, the actual rejection of objects, powers and people as a whole are based on multiple factors. Using his own demonic energy as a kickstarter, the objects, powers and people that are influenced by Kyozetsu are forced backward from its originating point, Hanu. The form that this energy takes is a simple barrier that exerts force on force that meets it in return. So, for instance, if someone were to come barreling towards Hanu, the barrier itself would attempt to reflect this force backward in a similar manner, effectively canceling the attack on both ends. Now, of course this ability isn't full proof, those that are outright stronger than Hanu or attempt to bypass the key factors the barrier takes into account can easily get past the man's attempt at defense. Measurements for the barriers extended position is directly two and a half meters from Hanu in all directions. Generally, the barrier is extended for enough to give Hanu a chance to defend himself if an attack makes it through while still giving people a chance to have their attacks land.With that being said, the key factors that are taken into account during the rejection process are as stated below.

Emotional State: The first factor that is taken into account when "rejecting" a power or person is the said being's current emotional state. As confusing as it may seem, the reaction that the barrier has to a person's emotional state is actually quite simple. Given that Hanu is the Rakshasa of Wrath, in most cases the barrier's strength is bolstered when someone attempts to attack the man with Killer intent or anger. On the flip side however, those that attack without an intent to kill or a "blank" emotional state are able to easily bypass this key factor that the barrier registers. Those who are able to fight without feeling are easily the strongest fighters when it comes to Hanu's Kyozetsu, making a large portion of its power useless. If the Emotional State factor is bypassed, the barrier then loses a portion of its strength, mainly being fueled by Hanu's own power and energy.

Energy: As the title says, the second of three factors that are taken into question during Kyozetsu is that of a person's energy. Whether that energy be Hanu's own or another beings, the barrier registers the strength of its user (In the case, Hanu) and compares it to the attack or ability used on itself. When the user's own energy level is weaker than the attack sent towards Hanu, the barrier attempts to bolster itself slightly higher than the user's own strength. For instance, if Hanu was a 3-3 and was hit by an attack equal to a 3-1's, the barrier itself would attempt to exert a power equal to two tiers above Hanu's, in this case being 3-1. This effect no longer registers once Hanu enters the 0 tier range of power, however. When/If that occurs, this portion of Kyozetsu will be altered and changed according to his powers.

Hanu's Current Mental State: The third and final main factor that is registered during the attempt to reject anything from Hanu's body is the current state that Hanu is within mentally. In most cases, Hanu is attempting his best facade in terms of being sane. With that being the case, a majority of this time is filled with either Hanu quickly losing his mind or staying entirely sane. If Hanu is currently in a state that is both coherent and stable, the barrier itself has little issue with staying active at all times. On the other side of the coin however, if Hanu is currently unstable or slowly slipping in terms of sanity, the barrier can be both sporadic and bolstered depending on the situation. In the instance that the barrier is bolstered in strength, it'll be reviewed by a Staff Member after reading the thread thats in question alongside them specifying the strength it now holds.



» Natural Abilities:

Akuma no kōto(Coat Of The Devil):

Much like his Tainted Skin, Hanu was born with the odd ability to project barriers using a stream of Demonic Energy that he can exert outwards. Akuma No Koto, compared to Kyozetsu, is far tamer however. Projecting this barrier along his limbs allows for simple interactions with other beings. Normally, the way this ability is used has Hanu coating both his arms and legs in demonic energy, solidfying to allow for physical protection. Unlike Kyozetsu, this ability is primarily used in an offensive manner. When attacking others, the barriers act much like gauntlets or other fist fighting weapons, allowing the impact of blows to be heightened through added weight and force. When these blows successfully land, the barriers themselves will break under any strenuous physical contact. This being the case, Hanu's barriers are then splintered into small forms of solid demon energy, acting like spikes when the barriers shatter These spikes are quite sharp, anyone with a poor durability rating being susceptable to being pierced by their edges. Soon after these shards form however, they will dissipate. This allows for wounds that are created using them to be opened soon after being closed by the solid mass, allowing for Hanu to attack his opponent once more through rather unfair means. The downfall to this ability is that Hanu exerts his own energy to create this barriers over and over, making it an ability that drains him quickly if used incorrectly.

"Street Fighting":

Though not any real type of martial art, Hanu has developed his "own" type of fighting style throughout his short life span. Simply know as a form of "Street-Fighting", the fighting style is without a doubt one of the silliest or poor excuses of fighting to ever grace the realm. The style is inconsistent, punches being thrown wildly and being entirely based on reaction timing. Kicks follow much of the same idea compared to punches, their lack of grace and style far more hilarious than they are powerful. Nevertheless, these punches and kicks are still being sent flying from a spiritual being, along with someone who holds quite a bit of strength compared to those around him. As lackluster and depressing as these blows have shown to be, they still intend on inflicting wounds and pain on their opponents.

Supernatural Strength:

Just like a majority of Demons within Demon World, Hamu is no stranger to being strong compared to normal humans. While he himself may not be the strongest of Demons to be born in recent years, Hanu is now slouch when it comes to physically exerting his power onto others. Punches and kicks are never meant to be pulled, the majority of his blows thrown to inflict damage upon their opponent. Of course, Hanu is far from others within the realms of hell. Many Rakshasa have shown far greater importance in the regard of strength throughout the ranks above him, or technically, below. Nevertheless, Hanu continues being a spiritual being, the main stay of many races being the fact that they're inherently stronger physically compared to basic humans.

Sub-Par Intelligence:

Idiot was not a good word to describe Hanu's level of knowledge, genius is even farther out of his league as a being. Lacking a majority of common social skills and any real urge to interact with others has caused Hanu's upbringing to leave him with the smallest of educations. He's far from ignorant of the world, let alone illiterate, but when it comes to many of the Rakshasa it seems that Hanu holds quite a poor knowledge compared to the others. While Hanu lacks any great knowledge, he excells in being able to express his common sense and thoughts with words and actions if given the chance both by himself and others. With that being the case, trivial things are extremely simple for the boy, while far more complex and thought out questions may require outside help or be left unanswered.

"Heightened Durability":

Unlike most, Hanu has the keen ability to take a beating simply for the sake of taking it. Though he isn't the strongest, the fastest nor the most well built, Hanu's body has always shown to take stress meant for those that would buckle and keel over due to it. Those that are effected by mass energy releases from far more powerful beings lacks quite an impact on Hanu, showing that his body and being are able to withstand such a force through his weak state. Alongside this, physical pressure has been shown to lack any long lasting effects on Hanu as if he were made of an abnormal source of metal. Causing Hanu to be unable to fight is easier said than done, but due to this he lacks any real ability to understand his limits, leaving him in a state that may bring him to the edge of death itself.

» Hanu-Specific Demon Magic:


One of Hanu's few signature spells is known as Nōmu, Hanu's most used and basic spell of the lot. Nōmu has only a few key factors that occur when casted, something that is relatively boring for most. By exerting Za Koa from his entire being, Hanu is able to create a thick, black fog that can dull an opponent's senses and skills. Specifically, this thick fog can cause an opponent to react and move slower due to the physical properties of Nōmu. While this may be the case for movements, the spiritual energies that are found within the fog are specifically attuned to cause a state of dysphoria in an opponent's senses. The two main senses that are attacked by these energies are both the opponent's sight and hearing. In both cases, the fog attempts to create hallucinations in order to create said Visual and Auditory Dysphoria. The main way of dispelling these effects are by both removing the fog in order to return to normal speed and focusing on the situation at hand to bypass these "Illusions". As of now, a rank of Focus equal to Hanu's is needed to bypass the illusions while the fog itself is not simply "removed". Due to its spiritual nature, odd ways of removing Nōmu rely in removing the energy that is being dispelled from it. By removing said energy, the fog will dissipate and only attempt it's spiritual attacks from there on.

Kikkake Bijon:

Though Kikkake Bijon is relatively odd in terms of a spell, it's applications are generally basic. Once this spell is active, Hanu's vision becomes altered, allowing him to see Reiatsu in its purest form. By doing so, Hanu can utilize this pure reiatsu to enhance his movements and physical based attacks. Simply put, punches and kicks are enhanced via coating the pure reiatsu along his being in order to amplify the impact that each blow places on an opponent. Though the ability is relatively simple, it lasts for a solid four rounds of posting. With this, the pure reiatsu coating allows for blows to continue to become enhanced until further into any fight Hanu finds himself in.

Ikari no Hōshū:

The third spell of Hanu's current arsenal is one of extreme pain. Ikari no Hōshū, or Wrath's Reward, is an ability that directly fuels the Sinful aspect of Hanu's being. In this case, the painstaking ability is meant to fuel bloodlust and strength in order to win over battles. By exerting a clean line of Za Koa from the left portion of his abdoman to the upper right portion of his chest, Hanu can create a half inch deep wound where said energy is being focused. By doing so, Hanu's bloodlust as a Vessel of Wrath is fueled, allowing for his sin based powers and overall strength to be enhanced. This ability can be used repeatedly at the cost of increasing the size of the wound and inflicting newer wounds across his body. Eventually, this can get out of hand of course, leading to an extreme amount of blood loss and/or death in some cases. Ikari no Hōshū is without a doubt a double edged sword, one that can easily bring Hanu to the brink of death, let alone insanity.



» Sin/Deveta/Unique Abilities:

Wrath's Hold:

A key ability that was gained through becoming a vessel for Wrath upon birth is one that's both uncontrolable and terrifying for Hanu. Unlike those that normally go through mass actions of a certain sin, Wrath's Hold is an ability that force's a state of wrath and anger upon Hanu when he reaches his limit. For Hanu, a set amount of Ikari no Hōshū causes the boy to enter the state in which he becomes near impossible to deal with through words. Amplifying his instints and senses by nature, he resembles more of a bloodthirsty animal than he does any other creature. At the moment, Hanu can only withstand eight uses of Ikari no Hōshū before Wrath's Hold takes control of his mind and body. Later on, the ability itself can be furthered and forced to require more uses of Ikari no Hōshū but will remain uncontrolable forever.

Vessel Of Wrath:

Less of an ability and more so a state, Hanu was born as a Rakshasa that holds the title of Rakshasa of Wrath. Unlike a majority of the Sin Holders, Hanu's birth was specifically meant to host the sin. Having no past life or actions that dictate the sin he hosts, Hanu's sin selection is rather odd and abnormal, making him the first Sin Based Rakshasa of his kind. As a Vessel, abilities are less learned and more forced upon him, making Sin based abilities entirely uncontrollable as of this current moment. A majority of these abilities are used by having Hanu's emotions toyed with, given Wrath is a heavily emotion based Sin. This doesn't mean Hanu is unable to learn abilities when he himself learns to control his emotions, however. The possibility of these powers being like simple switches to be used by the boy are highly likely if he were to learn.

Hoshoku Hon'nō:

The first and most basic ability gained through Hanu's nature of being the Vessel of Wrath is Hoshoku Hon'nō, or, Predatory Instinct. Just like the name may suggest, this ability is relatively basic in terms of what it does, making it one of Hanu's most powerful at the moment. By using Ikari no Hōshū as single time, Hanu is able to forcefully induce this ability. After activating Ikari no Hōshū, Hoshoku Hon'nō will begin to take effect and override Hanu's current senses. The ability itself allows his five senses to become amplified, allowing for extreme jumps in one's ability to track opponents and stay alive in battle. Much like a normal person, Hanu's senses are relatively normal without this ability active, his activation allowing for further and sharper eyesight, selective hearing to pinpoint sounds that occur around him, and faster reaction timing within battle. This ability is normally use in tandem to his spell Thick Fog in order to take a solid advantage over his opponent in most cases. Hoshoku Hon'nō lasts three posts after activation, once again being able to be reactivated through use of Ikari no Hōshū.



» Naraka Jānavara name: Chika/Hanako

» Naraka Jānavara Personality:


Though many different things could describe the pink haired girl, one of the best terms for Chika's personality would be hard. Hard could mean many different things and for someone like Chika, that was the entire point. There to entirely keep both her older sister and Hanu in check of their emotions, Chika's rough reactions and harsh words are always meant to be followed up by some sense of logic. Going out of her way to be the "smart" twin, the girl is prone to forcing herself onto the boy when need be. Keeping someone like Hanu under wraps is a feat in itself, making the pink haired demon relatively special compared to most Hell Demons.

One key feature that Chika lacks compared to her older sister Hanako is a sense of compassion. If a situation lacks any involvement with Hanako or Hanu, Chika will go out of her way to show little to no emotion towards those interacting with her. Though it could be seen as rude, its the easiest form

» Naraka Jānavara Appearance: (Does your Hell Beast take on the appearance of a wild beast of Hell, or does it take on a more humanoid form? This is up to you.)

» Merged with Rakshasa?: Currently, both Hanako and Chika contain a portion of Hanu's power.

» Naraka Jānavara Abilities: (What sort of powers can your Naraka Janavara use? These can be basics things or indepth explanations, it's up to you. Note: those who hold a portion of their Rakshasa's power are likely to have more abilities



» Tukaṛā Saitāna Name: Akireta Fōsu (An Unstoppable Force)

» Tukaṛā Saitāna Appearance:


» Tukaṛā Saitāna Personality:

Unusually, upon entering Tukaṛā Saitāna through the force of Wrath's Hold, Hanu no longer exhibits any personality traits that he did before. As if an entirely new person now resides within the boy, Hanu is completely transformed in more ways than one. Below are a few traits that the young man boasts when within his Tukaṛā Saitāna form.


Unlike his normal personality, Hanu lacks quite a bit of emotion when it comes to others. To the degree of finding joy in the misfortune in others, his lack for compassion while in Wrath's Hold is relatively terrifying for both his opponent or anyone in reality. Friend, foe, no one is exempt from Hanu's harsh and negative mannerisms when it comes to the form's personality. Watching others crumble to pieces both mentally and physically bring joy to Wrath, making him quite and interesting persona when Hanu enters the state. Nevertheless however, this specifically pertains only to when Wrath takes hold, making the personality itself unknown and frankly mysterious to most.

Murderous Intent:

Hanu hates fighting with passion when he is himself, causing violence to others just for the thrill felt sick to him. To Wrath, the coin flips entirely, revealing a side of the boy that only exists due to his Vessel status. As if built only for the thought of mass killing, Wrath's Hold brings about the trait of intent to kill whenever something even remotely agitates Hanu. Of course, there's no reason for Hanu to be within the form during normal interactions or even certain degrees of fights. Witnessing the murderous intent itself is, yet again, relatively rare and unknown to most. A majority of things are unknown when it comes to Wrath's Hold on Hanu, despite him being the Vessel for the sin.

» Tukaṛā Saitāna Powers:

Amplified Strength:

When Wrath's Hold activates and forces Hanu into his Tukara Saitana, his natural strength becomes doubled, which in most cases forces the skill to jump to its next ranking. There isn;t anything too special about this ability, the demonic energy that courses through a Rakshasa's body while within Tukara Saitana fixates on Hanu's traits as the Vessel of Wrath, making the extended strength something that's relatively expected for someone lik himself. There is no drawback to this ability due to its nature.

Sutōkā no kage:

Known as the Stalking Shadow, Sutōkā no kage is the embodiment of Wrath in the form of a shadow. When this ability is activated by Wrath's Hold Hanu, his shadow takes a sentient form, becoming fueled with Demonic Energy to force it into a physical form. By doing so, the "Shadow" is now physical in all aspects, taking a relatively bland shape in terms of appearance. The importance of this ability is to mimic each and every movement that Hanu makes, making it as if there were two of the boy at all times. When Hanu uses an ability or initiates an attack, the

» Naraka Janavara Tukaṛā Saitāna Appearance:

While it may be the case that Hanako fuses with Hanu when entering Tukara Saitana, due to the lack of Hanu's power within her, Chika takes on a new appearance and powers. These powers are all based off of their previous set of skills while the appearance may vary in multiple ways. Though they vary, they have no true effect on Chika overall, each only taking on a different appearance depending on the state of emotions Hanu represents before entering Tukara Saitana. The appearances are generally based on three states of emotion. If Hanu is primarily "Happy", "Sad" or "Angry", each majority will sport a different appearance for the Hell Beast. Below are the three appearances Chika make take, each labeled as an "Emotion".

Hanu Vessel Of Wrath MpYzb6q

Hanu Vessel Of Wrath ElVygm4

Hanu Vessel Of Wrath C2n4Kk6

» Naraka Janavara Tukaṛā Saitāna Abilities: (What abilities do your Hell Beast(s) gain during the Tukara Saitana?)


To Find Out about what these skills are for, please READ THIS THREAD before you try doing anything to it. After you have read it, do not feel your skills out until a staff member has graded your thread. We will also do your will sheet for you upon grading your application.

Rakshasa Skills
  • Dāgī Tvacā Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Naraka Jānavara Control: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Astitva Ki Barhata: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Reality Warping: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Naraka Jānavara Skills
  • Demon Magic Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Rebirth Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Za Koa Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Akuma Kyōdo: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Demon Skills
  • Za Koa Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Demon Magic: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Shadow Movement: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Akuma Kyōdo: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

DE Control
  • Semi-Immortal Capacity: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Breakdown Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Necromancy Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • DE Barrier: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

General Skills
  • Durability: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • General Speed: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner



» Role Play Sample:(Show us what you got by posting a sample of how you role play. Any previous thread or new material is accepted!)

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